Quantum entanglement squared. The only genuine Rife machine on planet Earth.

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Spooky2 Hardware

Spooky2 Hardware: Start your Spooky2 system with at least:
3 generators; 3 spooky boosts; 2 spooky remotes (bn); 1 spooky tens contact kit; 1 spooky tens cable; 1 spooky pulse; 1 powered USB hub; 1 quad power supply and 1 tape.  You might might also want to get a pemf coil; and, if so, another generator and spooky boost to run it (or you can share it with your contact generator).
Spooky2 Hardware Course; Setup Guide; Connecting Spooky2 Accessories, 1/16/16; Installing Spooky Central and Spooky2 Generators, 7/6/16; How to Connect Spooky Central Accessories, 12/16/16; How to load drivers and perform signal test, 1/8/17; What order to power things on and off?, 7/5/17; New Accessories Released: Spooky Remote v2.0 and Spooky Boost v3.1, 9/13/17; Introduction to New Spooky Remote v2. 0 and Spooky Boost v3. 1, 9/15/17; Spooky G-scope & Spooky Large Tens Pad Released, 4/12/18; Spooky2 Setup Guide, 4/19/18; Spooky2 Setuspooky_central_and_Phanotron_Plasma_Tubep Guide, 12/14/18
Spooky Central: Spooky Central Instructions; Connecting Spooky Central; Connecting Spooky Central, 1/6/16; Using Spooky Central; Using Spooky Central, 1/16/16; Running Spooky Central, 1/21/16; A Top 10 best Invention ever, Spooky Central Rife Machine, 1/25/16; What are the Advantages of Spooky Central?, 2/7/17; What are the Advantages of Spooky Central, 2/9/17; Spooky Central User's Guide, 3/17/17; Why are the lights flashing on the front of Central machine?, 3/26/17; Notes for Using Spooky Central, 4/25/17: 1. Make sure the white high voltage wires, plasma tube and Spooky Central are as far from the generator and its power supply as possible. If either the high voltage cable of the tube or the tube itself is close to the power supply (or power supply wires) of the generator, the generator may easily lock up.
2. The most important is to have the power cable of the Central/Plasma unit plugged into a different house circuit from your computer and generators. This may mean running an extension cord from another room into your treatment room, and only plugging the Central/Plasma into that extension cord. The cable from the 5v power adapter acts as an aerial, picking up the signals from Spooky Central. Please ensure the adapter is plugged into a different mains socket outlet.
3. Use the special USB and BNC filter cables provided with your Spooky Central. It helps to have the USB cable that has the green donut in the wire on each Generator.
4. A lot of powered USB hubs have very bad power supplies. And it can cause problems.
5, With Plasma, you shouldn't have any of the leads in the top of each other or touching, like the 2 leads with the doughnuts in them, as they are in your picture. There is a lot of discussion in the search section of this group about this issue and how people have resolved it. The issue is the energy from the Plasma affecting the computer and/or generator because the way you have it set up is probably causing energy to feed backward. Don't have any of the cables to do with the Plasma touching other equipment or each other. And when it locks up as you describe, sometimes you need to stop the generator and software, unplug everything for a few minutes (15 min?) to release the buildup of energy in the equipment and cables, and then reconnect and restart everything.
How to Set Up Both Hardware and Software to Use Spooky Central, 5/19/17; What Is the Difference Between Spooky Central and Other Rife Machine?, 6/5/17; SAMA Episode 16: Spooky Central and Q&A, 6/22/17; Complementary 4 Modes of Spooky Central, 7/3/17; What is the difference between Spooky2 central and others?, 7/31/17; Is the frequency of plasma output the same as that of Central contact output? Can we use all of the outputs from the Central simultaneously?, 10/6/18; Can Spooky Central Emit Multiple Simultaneous Frequencies?, 10/7/17; Can we use all of the outputs from the Central simultaneously?, 10/6/18; Are all accessories working all the time they are plugged in with Spooky2 Central?, 12/17/18; Are there suggestions for Spooky2 software freezing?, 8/22/19
Spooky Plasma: What's the Difference Between Spooky Plasma and Spooky Central, 1/23/18; Spooky Plasma User's Guide, 1/24/18; For program whose frequencies are all 100 kHz and greater, use the Advanced shell. For programs that contain frequencies all lower than 100 kHz, use the Entrainment and Healing shell, 8/13/19; Why is the Plasma Tube still blinking even though I turn the generator off?, 12/3/19
Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic helps with frequencies flowing to the spot.
PEMF: PEMF assists the cell in opening up.
Contact: Contact and Plasma assist in pushing the frequency into the cell to kill it.
Generator(s): Heart of Spooky2. Generally, use only one accessory per generator output.
Don’t adjust the generator front panel controls. The Spooky2 Rife System is designed to be totally controlled by the software.
How to Set Up Multiple Generators; Why Two Rife Machines Are Better Than One; Why Multiple Generators Are Suggested for Certain Diseases; Using the Spooky2 Frequency Generator with the PA3 or the SPA4 Amplifier; Spooky2-XM generator communication board installation, 12/26/14; Take off and Plug in Jumpers in Spooky2-XM Generator Communication Board, 11/8/15; Fix for the USB comms board issue, 2/4/16; How to Manually Change Com Port for Each Generator, 2/23/16; Remote LEDs don't light up, 3/25/16; My white remote LED won't light, 7/17/16; How to Test Generator's Output Using Spooky Remote, 9/1/16; What Would Happen to Your Generators When Encountering Power Outage, 10/31/16; I want to turn off and unplug only one of the generators I have going. Do I have to turn off the software for that?, 11/8/16; I've 8 generators. Yet the software only finds 4 generators, the other four are not detected. How can I add port quantity in Spooky2 software?, 11/10/16; Spooky Central Dedication Settings, 11/22/16; An Example of a Spooky2 5 Generator Rig Setup, 12/1/16; Four generators but only three are recognized, 12/21/17; Spooky 2 RIFE Machine, DEDICATED Generator and LAPTOP, 1/17/17; I touched control buttons(dial) on my Spooky2 5M generator. Will the generator reset after turning off?, 2/13/17; How long can a generator run?, 3/8/17; Frequency Shown On XM Doesn't Change With Program [forum], 3/10/17; What do you do with multiple generators? Just run the same programs on all but with different contact points?, 3/14/17; Turning generators on & off on the power strip, 3/20/17; Can I run 6 generators with the same program via Remote 5 mins apart?, 3/23/17; Must I power down XM before switching accessories?, 4/12/17; How to Set Up Multiple Generators, 5/8/17; Spooky2 generator default, 7/2/17; How to Add New Generators to the Running Software, 7/24/17; How do I determine if my generator is actually working?, 7/30/17; How do you know which generator is which in the software?, 9/10/17; How to Identify Generators, 11/7/17; The display on the generator is different to the factory settings, 1/19/18; Spooky2 Frequency Generator, 6/29/18; [Spooky2 Q&A Live] Episode 4: Differences Between Spooky2 XM Generator And Spooky2 GeneratorX, 11/28/18; What Are the Differences Between XM Generator and GeneratorX, 1/29/19; Do I Still Need XM Generators If I Have a GeneratorX, 1/30/19; How to Test Generator’s Output using Spooky Remote, 4/24/19
Spooky-Boost-v3.0 Spooky Boost v3.0: Increases generator power and connects accessories. It provides safe contact sessions and can make colloidal silver. Connecting Spooky Boost v3.0; What's the Difference Between High Power Port and Colloidal Silver Port?, 8/30/17; What's the advantage of the new Spooky Boost V3.1?, 9/13/17; LEDs on the boost v3.1 operate the same as the remote's LEDs, 11/7/17; Spooky Remote V.2.0 can connect to old Spooky Boost (V 2.0) and old Spooky Remote v 1.1 can connect to new Spooky Boost 3.1, 3/12/18
Radionics: Spooky Radionics - Berkana Labs; Spooky² Radionics v1.1 Operation Manual 2nd Edition; How to copy information from matter to matter, 10/23/15; How it works, 3/16/17; SETTING XM FOR RADIONIC OUTPUT 1 & 2, 5/15/17; Radionics Terminology, 1/27/18; Brief History of Radionics, 1/27/18; Pendulum Dowsing, 1/28/18; Radionic Rates, 1/27/18; Rate Reduction, 4/24/18; Balance Rate, 4/25/18; Zero Rate, 4/26/18; Spooky Radionics Origin, 7/18/18; Radionics Seed Imprinting, 7/22/18; Passive Radionic Operation, 8/5/18; Radionic Field Broadcasting, 8/19/18; Radionic Analysis with Spooky2, 8/26/18; Radionic Substance Copier, 9/2/18; Berkana 3-Dial Setup help, 2/24/19
Spooky Audio: How to Connect Spooky Audio with Generator, 12/26/16
Spooky2 Scalar: [SAMA] Episode 61: Spooky2 Scalar, 7/26/18; again, 7/27/18; New to Scalar? Start Here!, 7/27/18; Spooky2 Scalar to Be Released on August 2nd, 7/27/18; Is the Heart the Scalar Reciever in our body?, 8/8/18; Physics Behind A Scalar System Like Spooky2 Scalar, 8/10/18
G-Scope: Spooky2 G-scope is a metal disk surrounded by a comfortable rubber holder which enables one to view microscopic organisms which are in or on your eye. Is it safe to look at the sun with G-Scope?, 4/16/18
MiraMate Flash: MiraMate; [SAMA] Episode 125: MiraMate New Product Release , 10/21/19; MiraMate Flash, 10/22/19; MiraMate Flash which helps resolve skin conditons including skin cancer is just released, 10/22/19; Flash Lab Experiment on Skin Cancer, 102/8/19


GeneratorX: Since GeneratorX reaches higher frequencies, Wave Cycle Multipliers are not needed. Wobble such as +-.02% feathering is a good choice for killing with GeneratorX.
GeneratorX User Guide, 2/18; Spooky2-XM gets a big brother; GeneratorX, 1/26/18; SAMA Episode 37: Introducing GeneratorX, 1/29/18; again; Episode 38: GeneratorX: Redefining Frequency Treatments, 2/4/18; What is the significance that GeneratorX will go up to 40 kHz?, 2/5/18; What's the Difference Between GeneratorX (GX) and the XM Generator?, 2/7/18; Hardware Connection and Software Installation of GeneratorX, 2/8/18; How to Load Presets into GeneratorX, 2/9/18; How to Copy and Paste Programs with GeneratorX, 2/9/18; Can I Use GeneratorX Without a Computer, 2/9/18; Spooky boost and all the other transmission accessories can be used with GeneratorX, 2/11/18; Does the GX have EMI shielding so that it does not lock up the USB or whatever happens to the gens when running Spooky Central?, 2/11/18; A wobble such as +-.02% feathering is a good choice for killing with GeneratorX, 2/11/18; Since GeneratorX reaches higher frequencies, do not we need WCM (Wave Cycle Multipliers), 2/11/18; How to loading programs into GeneratorX?, 2/11/18; If you load a chained preset, for example Terrain R - BY, into a slot, will all the chained presets be available offline, or only the first one (in this case : 1. Remove Metals)?, 2/11/18; Will GeneratorX come with programs installed?, 2/11/18; All XM presets, including the Shell presets, can be used with GeneratorX, 2/11/18; Are the two outputs of GeneratorX electrically isolated (no common Ground as the XM generator)?, 2/11/18; How to Load Programs into GeneratorX, 2/18/18; What are the restrictions or limitations of running GeneratorX stand-alone?, 2/24/18; If you want to use programs from presets (or programs you put yourself in a shell) in the GeneratorX, it will only be good for the chosen mode (remote OR contact OR plasma) and not for the other ones, 2/24/18; Changing GeneratorX(GX) Driver, 3/6/18; Windows XP not seeing the gen X, 3/11/18; GenX runs warm, 3/11/18; Spooky2 GeneratorX Q&A, 3/14/18; Which kinds of programs and settings can’t be loaded into GeneratorX?, 3/19/18; GeneratorX vs XM-Generator, Why Both Have Value in Your Arsenal, 3/20/18; Generator x octave relevance, 5/31/18; Is there any benefit to using the Wave Cycle Multiplier when using GeneratorX?, 6/4/18; Generator x- best instructions, 10/18/18; How to Identify Two Generators in Your GeneratorX, 2/20/19
GenX Biofeedback Tips and Q&A: GeneratorX measures the current and phase angle of a signal instead of heart beat. Instead of listening to the body’s response, GeneratorX directly monitors the signal passing through the body. One doesn't have to lie still.
Scan results can be run on an XM generator. If the frequencies are very high, the XM generator may not be able to reach them. The GeneratorX biofeedback scan goes up to 17 MHz. The XM generator can reach this frequency, but needs to use a Wave Cycle Multiplier, which can affect the accuracy of the signal. On the settings tab, change the WCM value from 1 to 4 for the waveform used on Out 1. The alternative is to use the Square H Bomb with 20v to apply.
How to Do Biofeedback Scan with GeneratorX, 2/9/18; How to Analyse Scan Results After Doing Biofeedback Scan with GeneratorX, 2/9/18; How to improving biofeedback scan results?, 2/11/18; GeneratorX Biofeedback Threshold, 2/12/18; GeneratorX - Redefining Biofeedback, 2/15/18; Suggestions for the GenX that indicates where to place the pads for different programs, 2/22/18; Tips on GeneratorX Biofeedback, 2/23/18; If one doesn't have a specific area of a problem on the body, where does one put the tens pads to capture the over all picture?, 2/23/18; Where do you place tens pads for biofeedback if the problem lies in the brain or the neck?, 2/23/18; Why it is not a good idea to place TENS pads at the right wrist and left ankle for a scan using GeneratorX?, 2/23/18; Can biofeedbacks be done in remote mode too?, 2/24/18; How does GeneratorX perform biofeedbacks?, 2/24/18; After a GeneratorX biofeedback scan, can we then run the scan results on the XM generator, and which waveform multipliers (if any) should we use?, 2/24/18; What values do we set up GX's scan range to cover only the cancer band?, 3/2/18; Tip of the Day: GX Biofeedback scan getting started quick tips, 3/4/18; Why GeneratorX Biofeedback "Reverse Lookup" May Give Few Results?, 3/5/18; How to Place TENS Pads While Doing Biofeedback Using GeneratorX, 3/7/18; GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan Getting Started Quick Tips, 3/9/18; Why GX Scan Range is a breakthrough, 3/9/18; Is it possible to still do a Graded Scan with the new GX software up grade?, 3/12/18; What is the best way to do a Full body scan using GX?, 3/12/18; When doing a BFB scan with Genx, which is the recommended mode, 3/12/18; Combining Biofeedback Current and Angle into a Single Program, 3/12/18; GenX bfb scan, 3/12/18; How to Place TENS Pads While Doing Biofeedback Using GeneratorX, 3/13/18; Difference between selecting Angle + Current and performing the Current and Angle, 3/19/18; Tens pads locations, 3/19/18; Transferring scan results to another computer, 3/20/18; How to Do GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan, 3/20/18; Improving Biofeedback Scan Results, 4/4/18; How to Combine Biofeedback Current and Angle into a Single Program, 4/10/18; GX Scan Range, Why This Is A Breakthrough, 4/16/18; GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan Q&A, 5/11/18; [SAMA] Episode 51: GeneratorX Q&A and Announcing A New Biofeedback Accessory, 5/16/18; What Are the Differences Between Pulse Scan and GX Scan?, 7/18/18; There is no remote scan for the GX current/angle biofeedback method, 7/30/18; How to Do GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan, 9/15/18; Scan and Run Preset VS Hunt and Kill Preset, 9/17/18; Can I place 2 sets of Tens Pads for treatment on the Gen X?, 11/19/18; Database Sets, Scan Results or Spectrum Sweeps?, 11/30/18; How to Do GX TENS Scan, 12/7/18; Performing Extremely Accurate Biofeedback Scan Using Baseline, 1/24/19; Baseline GX, 2/10/19; Is it possible to scan the head using the GenX?, 2/14/19; How to Do GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan, 4/22/19; How to Use Baseline Feature in Spooky2 Software, 7/6/19; How to Do GeneratorX (GX) Grade Scan, 7/19/19; BFBTool: A Preset Builder for Biofeedback Scan Results, 8/30/19; Biofeedback - An Accidental Discovery, 10/27/19; Improving the Accuracy of Your Biofeedback Results, 11/1/19; Improving the Accuracy of Your Biofeedback Results, 11/22/19; How to Perform a Biofeedback Scan Immediately After Creating a Baseline, 11/22/19
BFB Scan Results: Is there an easy way to edit a biofeedback program once it's saved and appearing under the programs tab as a BFB program?, 5/21/18; How to remove old programs that we created from the BFB?, 7/2/18; How do you delete old and unwanted BFB scan results?, 7/2/18; How to clean up biofeedback scan data?, 7/17/18; BFB scans are now saved in the BFB_frequencies csv file, 7/23/19; What Are the Differences Between “Analyse” and “Analyse+” Button?, 9/4/19; How to Filter Your Scan Results, 11/1/19
Analyzing Scan Results: What does the result number in brackets (xx) mean?, 2/24/18; Biofeedback Recurrence Analysis Tool, 11/28/18; What Are the Differences Between Analyse and Analyse+ Button?, 1/16/19; GeneratorX biofeedback reverse lookup?, 2/22/19; Tolerance reverse lookup Gen X, 3/9/19; Reverse Lookup Advice, 4/22/19; How to Do a Reverse Lookup, 5/7/19
The number in brackets (xx) shows which hits were strongest. If a single scan is performed, such as the GX scan preset, this number is the percentage value above the running average. If a refinement scan has taken place, this value is the raw value. The larger the number, the stronger the hit.
Maximum tolerance recommended for a Reverse Lookup is 0.25%.
Transferring Scan Results: How to Transfer Biofeedback Scan Results from One Computer to Another, 9/21/18; again; Copying Bioscan to another computer, 1/24/19; How can I send CUST-programs by Mail and upload to GenX, 7/18/19; How to transfer files with scan or program data from one laptop to another?, 7/20/19
Tissue Analysis: Tissue analysis- what kind of things can we analyse through the biofeedback as a new feature?, 2/24/18; Mucous from a cough can be analyzed to see what pathogens are present. If a tissue sample is not possible, TENS pads can be placed directly across the problem area.
GX Hunt and Kill preset: In the notes about the Hunt and Kill preset, it says that pathogens mutate and therefore we need to change the frequency slightly each time, 8/13/18
Sample Digitizer: The two slides need to be less than the thickness of paper apart. How to Use Spooky Sample Digitizer, 5/22/18; Spooky Sample Digitizer Introduction, 5/22/18; Special Offer for A New Accessory Launch, 5/24/18; Special Offer for A New Accessory Launch, 5/25/18; New Arrival & SHOP NOW for Spooky2 Sample Digitizer and Replacement Slides, 5/29/18; again, 5/29/18; GX Sample Digitizer Instruction, 5/31/18; GX Biological Samples, 6/1/18; How much material do I need for biofeedback if i have a sample of the cancer cells from the biopsy?, 6/3/18; Best way to get a biologic sample would be, and how long would the sample be viable?, 6/4/18; Is there a specific spot where you have to put your samples on the replacement slides?, 6/4/18; Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Q&A, 6/6/18; How to Set Up Both Hardware and Software to Use Spooky2 Sample Digitizer, 6/7/18; How can we dilute/moisture a dry sample material?, 6/11/18; What solvent for a dry sample can we use in order to test in the sample digitizer?, 6/11/18; Sample Digitizer - what medium to use?, 6/13/18; What Are the Differences Between Spooky2 Sample Digitizer and Spooky2 Remote?, 6/25/18; Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Guidelines, 7/4/18; Use enough of your sample to cover the “E, 7/10/18; How do you know when the sample digitizer plates need changing?, 8/8/18; Sample Digitizer slides got stuck. Can the be used again?, 9/6/18; [Spooky2 Q&A Live] Episode 2: GX Sample Digitizer Scan, 11/18/18; [SAMA] Episode 80: Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer Q&A, 12/6/18; When the Sample Digitizer is scanning a sample all of its “energy” is going into the sample only?, 12/20/18; How to do biofeedback scan step by step with sample digitizer?, 12/20/18; How to Run Sample Digitizer Scan and Run Preset Using Remote, 12/21/18; Introduction of Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Scan Presets, 12/25/18; How to Clean Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Replacement Slides, 1/4/19; When the Sample Digitizer Slides Need to Be Changed, 1/9/19; How to Run Sample Digitizer Hunt and Kill Preset Using Remote, 1/12/19; Pause Remote Treatment While Doing Sample Digitizer Scan, 1/14/19; How to Run Sample Digitizer Scan and Run Preset Using Remote, 1/15/19; Does Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Really Work?, 1/16/19; How Long Can Samples Be Used for Sample Digitizer Scan, 1/23/19; Why is sample digitizer scan stopping all my other generators, 2/17/19; How to Run Sample Digitizer Hunt and Kill Preset Using Remote, 4/16/19; How to Run Sample Digitizer Scan and Run Preset Using Remote, 4/17/19; How to Set Up Both Hardware and Software to Use Spooky2 Sample Digitizer, 4/19/19; Sample Digitizer biofeedback scans, 5/4/19; How to Use Baseline Feature in Spooky2 Software, 7/6/19; Why did I get 0 hits when I did sample digitizer scan?, 9/9/19; Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Instruction, 10/12/19

Spooky2 Biofeedback Scanning

Three Types of Scans: Tip of the Day: All about the 4 biofeedback modes and the two methods to do biofeedback with, 3/6/18; SAMA Episode 43: Spooky2 Biofeedback, 3/26/18; 3 Modes of Biofeedback Scans, 2/14/19
1. Sweep: Generator sends user-defined frequency sweep to the body and finds which frequencies invoke the largest biological response. Frequency range and steps can be set to any value.
2. Refine: Refine means to optimize a scan (Grade Program Unchecked). which increases the accuracy of programs by scanning either side of the progran frequency. Scan +- 1 Hz the frequencies loaded and return the best result for each frequency. Optimize is useful for frequencies below 4000 Hz, and not necessary for frequencies above.
3. Grade: Grade Program Scans (Grade Program Checked) allow ineffective frequencies to be removed. Generally, they are very fast, so accuracy can be further increased by setting a Samples Per Step value of 6 or more.

finger-clip ear-clip Spooky2 Pulse: Plugs directly into a computer port, not a USB hub. Reveals which frequencies are most beneficial within a personal program. Spooky Pulse can detect early cancer. Make sure Step size is very low when scanning via remote.
Resting Heart Rate: the slower the better, 5/11/17
Muscle Testing: Just click on the Graph When Doing Muscle Testing or Lie Detecting, 8/16/17, How to test whether ones body needs a substance?, 8/21/17
How to be ready for a biofeedback scan: Preparing for a biofeedback scan, 7/11/17: Be ready to take a break when doing your scan. Everything in your universe during the course of the scan (sensations, thoughts and corresponding emotions, etc.) affects the scan. Concerns and worries and even just hearing a distant siren subtly race the heart a bit. Every movement at least slightly blemishes the scan results. We’re striving for comfortable emotions and relaxed and still body & mind for up to 1-1/2 hours. So, before the scan, pee and drink a little water so you’re not thirsty during the scan; and, it’s best not to have eaten for a couple of hours. Get squirming, itching, coughing, etc. out of your system as much as you can.
Practice being still & silent before, during and after the scan, always and forever. Listen to the sounds. A soft white noise audio will be playing. Allow your body and its parts to rest how and where they want. Feel your breathing and watch your breath with intention to allow thoughts to come and go as you witness them from a distance. Relax. Sleep if you can and want to. Enjoy. Savor the silence.
This is how we will get the best scan results. The body doesn’t lie and it is going to speak to us.
And: As long as it doesn't involve the rattling of the cable or some other mechanical anomaly, all successfully completed scans are perfect and are what they are - Nature taking Her course. These may be the frequencies needed for the next couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter that a siren wails or one wakes with a start or that the cot is knocked in the cramped space. It’s what is fated and necessary right now. Maybe the knocked cot triggered a deep resentment that needs to be healed.
The top 20 frequencies are what they are - something like a living experiential astrological transit chart.
How to be prepared for a biofeedback scan; Procedure for doing a Biofeedback Scan, 7/20/17
Manuals: Spooky2 Pulse Manual
Spooky Pulse Tips and Q&A: Spooky Pulse Training, 12/15/15; Database Sets, Pulse Results or Spectrum Sweeps?, 4/21/16; New Biofeedback Presets Explained, 10/19/16; Spooky Pulse Q&A, 11/1/16; Spooky2 Biofeedback Explained, 11/5/16; 3 Modes of Biofeedback Scans, 11/8/16; Scans 2x per week, 11/17/16; Tips for the Personal Biofeedback Scanning, 11/22/16; Biofeedback Scan Tips, 11/30/16; Biofeedback Using BPM and HRV Values, 12/19/16; How often and how long should I run a biofeedback scan?, 3/7/17; When I do ALL Biofeedback Scan - DB, it doesn't automatically stop, 3/8/17; Running Biofeed scan results remotely, 3/31/17; SAMA Episode 05: Biofeedback and Q&A, 4/8/17; Creating Healing Frequencies via Biofeedback, 4/12/17; A biofeedback scan when put back in to run on a white remote I should run for 120 repeats?, 4/26/17; Why new Biofeedback (Top 300) on the April 1 version need more time (now 5+ hours) to run?, 5/3/17; Biofeedback scans what to do with them, 5/31/17; What do We Do After We Get Results From Biofeedback Scan Using Spooky Pulse, 7/7/17; What Is Biofeedback Scan And How do You Use the Spooky Sensors?, 7/12/17; What Happens If A Biofeedback Scan Is Interrupted?, 7/17/17; Why Is It Recommended to Repeat the Scans?, 7/20/17; How to Set up A Step Size, 7/20/17; How to reduce the time of biofeedback scan?, 7/23/17; Limits can now be altered during a scan, 7/26/17; Biofeedback Problem Resolved, 8/4/17; Spooky2 Software: Biofeedback Improvements, 8/8/17; Why can’t I find the double HRV in the latest software?, 8/8/17; What is the best range of frequencies to test yourself for when doing biofeedback scan?, 8/9/17; Scanning when you have injuries, 9/28/17; How to Calculate Initial Step Size to Avoid Having Holes in Your Scan, 10/9/17; Full system, zcancer, and high frequency cancer. What are the differences among them?, 10/27/17; Loading Biofeedback Scans Into Intensive Care Tutorial, 11/25/17; Pulse based biofeedbak scans are faster with Release 20180208, 2/10/18; Does the new software increase the speed of the pulse based scans?, 2/13/18; BFB scans are now saved in the BFB_frequencies csv file, and under the BFB database category, 3/5/18; Compare resulting scans to ave BPM?, 3/19/18; Understanding Biofeedback Scans, 5/17/18; How Does Biofeedback Work, 5/18/18; Is there an easy way to edit a biofeedback program once it's saved and appearing under the programs tab as a BFB program?, 5/23/18; Spooky2 Pulse BFB Scans – Why & How, 10/9/18; Suggestions for Pulse Biofeedback Scan with Irregular Heartbeat, 11/26/18; Database Sets, Scan Results or Spectrum Sweeps?, 11/30/18; Spooky2 Pulse Instruction, 1/30/19
Scan Troubleshooting: No result of biofeedback scan, 3/11/16; Scan with pulse works sometimes, but not everytime, 4/10/17; After pressing "scan" we waited for several minutes and then stopped it numerous times because nothing ever happened, 4/12/17; Spooky pulse works 10% of the time - why?, 7/7/17; Couldn't complete a biofeedback scan, only went from 75,000 to 85,000 in an hour and a half, 7/11/17; Spooky pulse blinking BPM skips on scan, 9/8/17
Full System Scan: An approximately 64 minute whole body scan (to find stress spikes while being treated by the 3,800 frequencies in the sweep), which will produce a list of the top 20 frequencies that our individual bodies most need right now to heal. That 64 minutes can extend longer than that if the person being scanned has a low heart beat rate or high HRV (Heart Rate Variability) or for other reasons perhaps as well. Might it be useful to change the All Full System Scan to cover the range of 76,000 - 300,000hz or to create a second scan to cover 152,000-300,000hz?, 4/6/17; Do We Need to Grade and Optimize the Results of the “ALL Full System Scan – DB” Preset?, 9/6/17; All pathogen frequencies above 152khz are hit with harmonics, 1/4/18
Pulse Tests: Spooky Pulse Test, 1/26/17; How to Test Spooky Pulse, 1/31/17; How To Test Pulse, 2/9/17
Scan Results: Run a Saved Biofeedback Scan Results Program using Max BPM Setting, 12/1/16; How to Filter Your Scan Results, 2/9/17; How to Reload Scan Results, 2/23/17; How to Reload Scan Results, 2/24/17; How to reload scan results?, 3/1/17; Biofeedback Results [forum], 3/16/17; Regarding the 'Hits' value when doing biofeedback scans, how is the 'Hits' value calculated?, 3/21/17; What's the Meaning of the Number in Brackets Following the Scan Results?, 5/4/17; How do I see what I have and need to be treating?, 5/18/17; How Is the Hits Value of Biofeedback Scans Calculate, 8/7/17; Database Sets, Scan Results or Spectrum Sweeps?, 11/30/18
Transferring Scan Results: Copy Computer A\ C:\Spooky2\custom.csv then Paste to Computer B\ C:\Spooky2\ How to Transfer Your Scan Results from One Computer to Another, 12/29/16; How to Transfer Biofeedback Scan Results from One Computer to Another, 12/30/16; How can I transfer my scan results from one computer/laptop to another computer/PC?, 1/19/17; How can I add the contents of the Custom file to another computer's Custom file?, 4/17/17; Can someone help me with saving scan results to a flash drive so that I can transfer to my other computer, 5/13/18; Copying BFB scan results, 6/17/18
Grade Program Scan: How to Perform a Quick Scan Grade Program, 11/21/16; How to Do A Grade Program Scan, 3/6/17; Can you use Grade & Optimize preset/scans for Programs/Freqs in the Spooky DB?, 3/16/17; Biofeedback with specific programs, 4/5/17; What's better run grade program as first, and then optimise scans, or vice versa?, 4/25/17; Species Self Test, 5/2/17; Biofeedback: optimise scan program query, 5/7/17; What's the difference between Optimize scan and Graded scan?, 7/5/17; What's the Difference between Optimize Scan and Grade Scan?, 9/4/17
Optimize Scan: How to Do An Optimize Scan, 3/3/17; How to Do an Optimize Scan, 3/6/17; Scan, then optimize those 20 frequencies, 5/22/17
Reverse Lookup: How to Perform a Reverse Lookup, 11/21/16; What is Reverse Lookup for, 11/22/16; How to Do a Reverse Lookup?, 4/20/17; Reverse look-up comes more into its own, when you want to find out if something has gone, 5/15/17; Spooky2 Reverse Lookup, 7/11/17; What Is Reverse Lookup?, 7/21/17; How to analyze biofeedback scan reverse lookup?, 1/23/18; Understanding Reverse Lookup, 5/22/18; I would like to do a reverse lookup on a previous BFB scan. Is there a way to do that?, 11/14/19


Spooky2 Software

Spooky2 Guides: Spooky2 Software Course; Beginners Guide; Spooky2 FAQ; Installing a Spooky2 for idiots like me, 2/11/17; A personal Startup Guide for the Spooky2; Spooky2 Ask Me Anything, 3/2/17; Spooky2 Software: Groundbreaking New Features, 1/18/19; Spooky2 User’s Guide 7 July 2019 Released, 7/23/19; Spooky2 20190805 Released, 8/5/19

Spooky2 Software: Brain of Spooky2. Software and documents downloads; Amend/delete a custom program, 1/23/19; How to Create Audio Files Using Spooky2, 3/1/19; Needing to Re-install drivers to operate Spooky2, 3/17/19; Spooky2 20190903 Released, 9/3/19; Episode 119: Spooky2 Software Explained, 9/9/19
Windows: Recommended Windows Settings for Spooky2, 9/1/16; Modify the Power Settings and Windows Update Settings, 11/18/16; Screenshot Feature and Post to FB, 11/22/16; Save on Power Bill with Windows7 (Laptops only), 1/26/18; What can we do if the latest Windows Defender Virus Updates flag spooky.exe as containing malware?, 9/5/18
Tabs: Introduction to Tabs in Spooky2 Software, 4/20/17; Presets tab, 4/10/17; Programs tab, 4/12/17; Settings tab, 4/18/17; Control tab, 4/11/17; System tab, 4/7/17; Internet tab, 4/19/17; Error tab, 3/20/17
Keywords: How to Choose Keywords when Searching in Spooky2 Software; How to Choose Keywords When Searching in Spooky2 Software, 11/25/16; How to Choose Keywords When Searching in Spooky2 Software, 10/8/18
Chain Editor: How to Install Chain Editor, 1/19/17; How To Use Chain Editor, 1/19/17; How To Use Preset Chain, 1/21/17; How to add programs into a preset?, 3/22/19; Downloading the new version of Chain Editor, 1/23/19
File Menu: What is in File Menu?, 4/7/17
Utils Menu: What is in Utils Menu?, 3/27/17

Presets: How to Make Your Own Presets Out of Shell Presets - 1, 9/19/16; How to Build Your Own Preset from a Shell Empty Preset, 11/21/16; Understanding Presets Factory, Shell and User, 11/22/16; How to Run A Preset Program, 11/23/16; How to Create Easy Access to Your Favorite Presets, 12/11/16; Golden Ratio Presets Explained, 2/27/17; Can you chain 2 or 3 presets and they repeat infinity?, 3/29/17; Hulda Clarke Contact Preset will cause burns if the running time is over 7 mins, 6/6/17; How to Edit Intensive Care Presets?, 7/12/17; 3 Empty Presets, 9/17/17; 3 Empty Presets with a special waveform and setting, 9/18/17; Presets vs Programs, 9/5/17; Preset database & User setup-Feedback, 10/7/17; Spooky2 Software Preset List, 10/18/17; Disintegration Factor Preset Warning, 5/3/18; 4 Reasons Why We Don't Use Disintegration Factor, 5/4/18; A Smart Tool for Adding Scan Results into Spooky2 Morgellons Lyme and Cancer Protocols, 5/14/18; How to schedule your presets using preset chain?, 7/2/18; How to Set Preset Chain in Three Different Scenarios, 7/11/18; I have many presets without shell (heal or kill) preset from my early period with Spooky2. How can I pack a chain in a shell (empty) preset? Only by each program with its own shell? How to re-shell a chain?, 8/23/18; How to Create a Preset Chain?, 10/15/18; Preset for Meridian Clock, 11/7/18; Why Do We Need to Use Preset Chains, 11/6/18; Can I add frequencies to a Preset?, 11/29/18; How to Choose Programs Before Presets, 12/26/18; How to add programs into a preset?, 3/22/19; BFBTool: A Preset Builder for Biofeedback Scan Results, 8/30/19

Spooky2 Frequencies

Frequency: Rife Frequency Table Master List; Cross Reference List of Rife Frequencies; Frequency Cross Reference; Cross Reference List of Rife Frequencies; Royal Rife Frequencies; Spooky2 Rife Frequency audios; Spooky2 Rife Frequency List, 9/22/15; Frequency list not in Spooky2, 8/4/16; Frequencies: Top 100!, 9/14/16; Which frequencies "In all our available databases" are utilized the most often, 11/17/16; text; Rife Frequency Sources, 2/14/17; A Simple Question on Spooky2 Software Frequency [forum], 2/25/17; High frequency numbers different on generator [forum], 3/3/17; How do I set up a 3.3MHz carrier [forum], 3/5/17; Why Do We Use Low Frequencies And Not High Ones?, 4/12/17; Marijuana, 4/9/17; Understanding How Frequencies Are Embedded In A Carrier Wave, 5/18/17; Spooky2 Search Facility, 5/31/17; Best Practices for Frequency Ordering, 6/16/17; Should Treatments be setup to run from highest to lowest frequencies?, 6/19/17; Color Therapy frequencies, different approach for Detoxing with Spooky2, 6/27/17; Feathering, Harmonic Wobble, H. C. Harmonics, 6/28/17; Global Scaling Theory Compendium, 7/15/17; How to Use Very High Frequencies in Spooky2 Software, 7/17/17; How to Use Harmonics in Spooky2 Software, 7/26/17; Frequency chart with lot's of healing frequencies, 7/26/17; How to Use Harmonic in Spooky2 Software, 8/10/17; Do Not Sort Frequencies in the drop down menu, 8/14/17; Carrier Frequencies, 9/15/17; N-acetyl-l-Tryptophan rescues neuronal cell death, 12/3/17; Frequencies for Elements and Brainwaves, 12/4/17; same on forum page; Using Spooky2 Meridian Frequencies, 12/26/17; Why Do We Use Low Frequencies for Treatment and Not High Ones?, 4/18/18; Fascinating! Quantum researchers discover 12 healing frequenices pulled from 500 scientific studies, 9/10/18 Mathematical Structure for Electromagnetic Frequencies that May Reflect Pilot Waves of Bohm’s Implicate Order, 4/11/18; Healing via Frequencies? - A Custom Program for your Spooky2 / Rife Generator, 10/31/18; Why Are There So Many Frequencies for Each Program?, 11/6/18; All about frequencies, 12/2/18; An Improved Method of Applying Frequencies, 2/23/19; Public database of energetic frequencies, 3/2/19; Rife Frequency List, 4/12/19; Rife Frequency Sources, 5/23/17
Dwell time: How to Change the Dwell Time of Frequencies, 8/17/18; How to Change the Dwell Time of Frequencies, 8/9/19
Frequency Sets: Is there a danger if I use a bad frequencies set?, 3/16/16; A Frequency Set Editor for Beginners, 5/10/16; Create Customized Frequency Set, 11/22/16; How to Create a Customized Frequency Set, 8/22/18
Frequency Wobbles: What treatments benefit from enabling Amplitude Wobble and Frequency Wobble?, 5/10/16; General Rules on Frequency Wobbles and Feathering, 10/12/16; Frequency Wobbles, 12/1/16; How to Prevent Pathogens Becoming Adapted to the Treatment, 8/4/17; To wobble or not to wobble?, 9/23/17; It is Safe to Use Frequency Wobble with Plasma, 10/7/17; Tweaking Frequency Wobble, 11/13/17
Waveforms: Physics for Kids - Types of Electromagnetic Waves; Which Waveform to Use in Rife?; What is the Square H Bomb?, 2/13/17; LILLY WAVE, 4/18/17; LILLY WAVE - Electrical Stimulation of the BraIn; Which Waveform to Use in Rife?, 6/18/17
Harmonic Types: Pitch and Frequency and Harmonics; What are the differences between Golden Ratio and Fibonacci in Harmonic Type, 6/2/17

Databases: The effectiveness of database sets depends on the accuracy of diagnosis. It’s possible that a different strain or a mutation of the pathogen is involved. Either way, if no results after 2–3 days, try another database set. Database Sets, Pulse Results or Spectrum Sweeps?, 4/21/16; How to Install A Database, 11/3/16; Again, 11/21/16; Rife Frequency Sources, 2/14/17; Spooky2 Database Upgrade 20170403, 4/3/17; CAFL vs XTRA, 5/11/17; Write Database Text, 6/15/17; How to Delete a Custom Database, 7/31/17; New Database Release, 9/21/17; How to merge 2 custom databases together?, 12/22/17; How to merge 2 custom databases together?, 12/25/17; How to Merge 2 Custom Databases Together, 1/5/18; Why Can't I Find the Program Used Before?, 10/2/18; Database Sets, Scan Results or Spectrum Sweeps?, 11/30/18; Is there a public database of energetic frequencies?, 3/28/19; How to Merge 2 Custom Databases Together, 10/2/19
ALT: Programs based on Ayurvedic knowledge and practise, solfeggios, and planetary frequencies.
BIO/VEGA: Based on excellent Russian frequency research.
BP [Base Pair]: 10,000+ programs for human, animal and plant pathogens based on their base pair values. How to Use the Base Pair Database, 2/10/17; BP frequency questions [forum], 2/20/17; Base Pair Frequencies - very positive results [forum], 3/25/17; Tweaking BP frequencies settings [forum], 3/31/17; Unable to save BP or MW database entries [forum], 4/2/17; How to Use Base Pair Database, 5/9/17; How to choose and use BP database, 1/22/18; Spooky databases question, 6/2/18
BP-NH [NonHuman]:
CAFL [Consolidated Annotated Frequency List]: CAFL; Amassed from the experience of Rife experimenters over years.
CUST: Programs added by Spooky team members, plus those in one's own personal database.
DH Frequencies: DH Frequencies, 3/12/19
ETDFL: Programs researched in Bioresonance Clinics in Germany. ETDFL 2017-2018, 7/23/18
HC [Hulda Clark]: Use with HC or KHZ (R) – JK preset.
KHZ: Collection of higher frequencies from Dr. Hulda Clark. Use with a square or inverse sawtooth wave, 100% positive Offset, and Amplitude of 9.5. Use with HC or KHZ (R) – JK preset.
MW [Molecular Weight]: ~8,000 programs for drugs, supplements, and molecules important to health. Important Notice for MW Database Experimenters, 8/29/16; Install the Molecular Weight Database, 11/18/16; How to Run Molecular Weight Frequencies in the Spooky2 Database, 12/12/16; How to run Molecular weight programs with other programs in one generator, 1/12/17; How to Convert Molecular Weight to Frequency and Run it in Spooky2 Software, 1/22/17; Molecular Weight Frequencies, 1/30/17; How long should I run the experimental Molecular weight frequencies (vitamins, minerals) everyday to be effective?, 2/27/17; A Few Cautions on Running Vitamin Molecular Weight Programs, 3/10/17; Dosage for Molecular weight, 3/28/17; What is the best option for me to select to apply the MW frequency?, 3/30/17; Unable to save BP or MW database entries [forum], 4/2/17; Molecular Weight mass, 4/13/17; What is ~ and also what is M in front of the frequencies?, 8/23/17; Inherent flaws and possible dangers of the MWS drug database, 9/4/17; Important Notice for MW Database Experimenters, 10/20/17; Molecular Weight Q&A, 10/25/17; How to Apply Spooky2 Molecular Weight Frequencies, 11/9/17; Molecular Weight preset is not in the menu Miscellanous preset. Is it ok to use the substance MM preset for the molecular weight frequencies from the database?, 1/21/18; What Are Vitamins and Minerals?, 6/12/18; How to Convert Molecular Weight to Frequency and Run it in Spooky2 Software (video), 9/7/18; How to Convert Molecular Weight to Frequency and Run it in Spooky2 Software, 9/10/18; Preset for Multi-vitamins and Minerals, 10/8/18; How to Run Spooky2 Molecular Weight Frequencies, 2/26/19; Molecular Weight durations using Spooky Remote, 3/8/19; Important Notice for MW Database Experimenters, 3/15/19; Molecular Weight Frequencies, 3/20/19; How to Run Spooky2 Molecular Weight Frequencies, 3/20/19
PROV: Has produced consistent results.
RIFE: Collection of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s original frequencies.
XTRA: Collection of programs from various sources, all chosen for their reputation for effectiveness.

Spooky2 Sessions

Spooky2 Sessions: For serious conditions, one plasma or contact session daily, another generator(s) running continuously in Remote Mode. Spooky2 Rife Frequency audios; Treating babies and children, 2/23/16; Golden Rule of Rifing; How long does it take to treat diseases using Spooky2?, 7/14/16; Can I increase the amplitude to be more effective?, 9/13/16; Is it just as effective to use .33 as dwell multiplier on Spooky Central for plasma treatments?, 9/19/16; Importance of Drinking Lemon Water; Is there any way to restart/resume the program in the middle if it gets interrupted?, 11/1/16; Fasting for treating [forum], 2/24/17; When a program only works for a few days [forum}, 2/27/17; Anatomy of Spooky2 Rife System, 3/10/17; Hacking the Matrix, Rife Way [forum], 3/11/17; When I choose the program, is it the same program for the contact and the tube?, 3/30/17; Increasing program run times?, 4/4/17; Charged Water, 4/8/17; When running a program, how do you get it to run only once, instead of 'eternally'?, 4/12/17; Do you load every program listed for your illness? If not, why not?, 4/20/17; SAMA Episode 12: Practical and Feasible Ways of Regaining Health, 5/30/17; SAMA Episode 17: Holographic Universe, Energetics and Health, 7/22/17; Treating illness in others, chemtrail and American Laws, 7/23/17; How Rife Therapy Works, 7/31/17; Episode 23: Scalar Quantum Healing and Octahedral Matrix, 9/15/17; Using Spooky2 Rife Machine to Preform Frequency Healing, 6/8/18; How to Show Program Total Run Time, 10/30/18; Daniel Dunphy: [SAMA] Episode 81: Your Self Healing Body – The Holography of Healing, 12/12/18; Using Spooky2 Rife Machine to Perform Frequency Healing, 3/12/19
How much & how often?: Plasma once per day; Contact 1-2x/ day; Remote: 24/7. Is there any added benefit to contact treatments twice a day vs. Once?, 2/22/16; Limits to how many generators can be used on one person at a time, 3/7/17; Maximum Program run time 3-4 hours or less, 3/11/16; How much time? How many days?, 3/14/16; How many days I can use the frequencies set and how many days I must let the body to rest?, 9/12/16; Is there a limit to how many generators you can run on a person at a time?, 3/7/17; How often should you run a program when dealing chronic issues?, 4/17/17
Herx reaction (healing crisis): Not Everyone Feels Worse At the Start of Treatments, But If You Do...; Herxheimer Reaction - Feeling worse before feeling better; Systematically sick when I use my Spooky?, 2/15/17; What can I do to reduce herx reaction?, 3/3/17; If you overdid a specific program, keep your detox program running, and maybe add a Herx reaction and or pain program to another generator or two, 3/7/17; Herx helper 1 and 2, 4/12/17; How to Reduce Herx Reaction?, 5/15/17
Healing & Killing: How to Distinguish Healing and Killing Frequency; What is the Difference between Healing and Killing?; Choosing Healing or Killing [forum], 2/20/17; Can Healing and Killing Programs Be Run at the Same Time for Pathogens?, 8/14/17; How to run a killing program and detox on one generator, 9/22/17; Plasma is basically a killing mode - Entrainment or other healing programs are best done using either spooky remote or contact mode, 9/28/17; Is the healing frequency working the same way with how a pathogen is killed?, 9/28/17; I must run a list of programs for a person but some are for healing and some other are for killing. So how can I select different wave settings for this list?, 10/17/17; How to Distinguish Healing and Killing Frequency, 1/20/18; Do the Spooky2 Databases Kill or Heal?, 1/22/18; Is there a suggested killing/healing preset to use when you are treating after your first scan?, 1/26/18; Healing or Healing & Killing setting also?, 4/15/18; Killing and Healing Presets Demystified, 5/2/18; What is the Difference between Healing and Killing?, 8/13/18
Killing preset: For any ailment due to an organism. Diagnoses ending in “-itis” usually mean inflammation caused by infection with a pathogen, so kill first, then heal the inflammation. Golden Kill Presets, 8/17/16
Healing preset: For detox and all non-pathogenic illnesses. Healing generally involves normalising or stimulating an errant organ or body system. Is there some reason to limit the use of healing frequencies?, 3/21/16; Are There Any Limits in Using Healing Frequencies?, 5/20/16; How to Optimize the Settings for Entrainment Healing, 12/7/17

Spooky2 Modes

Modes: Plasma is like the Sun; Contact is like the Earth; Remote is like the Moon. Differences between Remote, Contact and Plasma Modes, 9/1/16; Using PLASMA & CONTACT mode together, 1/10/17; One Plasma session is equivalent to 5-10 Contact sessions - one contact sessions is equivalent to a day's worth of remote, 2/7/17; Is it the same program for the contact and the tube?, 3/30/17; I use plasma for killing and the remotes for detox, 4/12/17; Complementary 4 Modes of Spooky Central, 7/3/17; Plasma energy passes through everything so is more thorough than Contact current taking the path of least resistance, 7/24/17; Is there like a mathematical equation on the difference in time that contact takes compared to remote?, 9/29/17



Remote: Gentle scaler quantum entanglement scanner transmission and its association through distance. Frequencies applied to the DNA sample (human, animal, plant) are mirrored in the body it came from. The generator and the remote do not read the DNA, they just "hit" that DNA sample with a frequency. The DNA is a transmitter (and receiver) which sends that frequency to the matching DNA (you).
Remote is electric, scalar and magnetic in that order.
Remote Treatment; Proof that Spooky REMOTE Rife Works, 5/5/14; Important Consideration when using Remote Rife Spooky2, 10/20/14; Theory on Frequency Fatigue/Poisoning and Spooky Remotes, 6/1/16; My white remote LED won't light, 7/17/16; Troubleshooting: Spooky Remote, 11/11/16; Set Up for Remote Mode Transmission, 12/2/16; Remote Mode Software Instruction, 2/28/17; Spooky Remote is Suitable for All People, 4/24/17; Spooky Remote and more power - what do you think?, 5/5/17; How to Use Spooky Remote?, 5/8/17; Double Remote Efficiency, 5/15/17; If you have a sample of affected skin for the remote what is the best way to treat the issue, 5/17/17; Shouldn't the spooky remote work as good or better than the plasma or contact modes (possibly instantly) since there should be no limitations?, 5/31/17; What's the advantage of the new Spooky Remote v2.0?, 9/13/17; Spooky Remote v2.0 Instruction, 9/20/17; Spooky Remote v2.0 Q&A, 9/22/17; Here are the details of what changed with the new Remote v2.0, 9/24/17; Details of What Changed with the New Remote v2.0, 9/28/17; Why is the new remote silent when it is running?, 9/29/17; Only one red led on my remote?, 10/29/17; How to optimize the settings for entrainment, ie, amp, wave form, cycle, etc., for use with a remote?, 12/6/17; Working Theory of Spooky2 Remote, 4/18/18; Spooky2 Remote Quantum Healing, 6/15/18; Running 2 remotes on one generator, 7/9/18; What changes do I have to make in order for the XMs to be able to produce the high frequency hits of GX and Sample Digitizer?, 7/16/18; Create a Pulsed Scalar Field Using Two Remotes, 10/10/18; Can I line a cardboard box with foam or polystyrene and upend it over the Remote(s) or Generator?, 1/7/19
Remote-v1.1-BN-(Bio-North) White Remote (BN): Will kill pathogens and faster for healing, repair and regeneration than the black remote and can be used continuously.
Remote-v1.1MN-(Magnetic-North) Black Remote (MN): Will kill slightly faster than a white remote, but is not to be used non-stop for longer than 4-5 days because it can produce unpleasant side effects such as irritation, mood swings, and even a return of symptoms. It should never be used for pest or mould eradication.
Convert black remote to white: Unstick" the magnet without damage to the board and mark the magnet before removing the black foam so you know which way to flip the magnet over and put it back on.
Don't use White Remote and Black Remote at same Time on same Generator, 5/23/16; What can I use the black remote for?, 5/17/17
Remote 2.0: On my 2 GeneratorX when the frequencies go above kHz to MHz the led lights go out on the spooky boost and remote. Is that normal?, 2/24/18; With Remote 2.0, we don't need MN output port of the Boost anymore?, 2/27/18

DNA: Suitable DNA samples can be tiny and include: fingernail clipping (30 days certainly and forever subtly no doubt), saliva (dried on paper), blood or diseased or infected part, secured in tape, each person separately, named and dated. What Source of DNA for Remote Rife and How Long It Lasts, 9/6/15; Can I put my parrots DNA and mine in one remote?, 11/10/16; A few days ago I put my sister's DNA in my remote and 3 days later I got really sick, 12/22/16; How to Put DNA Samples in the Spooky Remote; How to Insert DNA Sample into Spooky2 Remotes, 2/28/17; Use the nuclear DNA from nail beds?, 3/29/17; Remote DNA Placement Template, 4/4/17; How can I do a DNA nail scan? And can I do a treatment on the results?, 4/18/17; As many DNA samples can go in one remote as will fit, 4/21/17; When Using Multiple DNA Samples in One Remote do They Have the Same Effect?, 5/7/17; What Amount of Fingernails do I Need to Put in Remote?, 5/8/17; How to fit 23 nail samples under one remote?, 7/31/17; How to use the new DNA frequency?, 8/28/17; Can fingernail DNA samples be preserved for long time?, 8/29/17; Best DNA Source?, 9/4/17; Is medical paper tape ok to use for fingernail clippings?, 9/8/17; Best way to use blood in remote?, 9/11/17; Best way to use blood as DNA, 9/18/17; Plain paper is fine, 9/18/17; How to make a homemade dna holder?, 9/28/17; Nail clippings and other DNA samples for Remote, 12/18/17; What Are the Sources of DNA for Remote Rife and How Long Do They Last?, 4/18/18

Spectrum Sweeps: Spectrum and overnight carrier sweeps are intended for use only in the absence of a reliable diagnosis, not as a general panacea. These sweeps will kill almost all bacteria – pathogenic and beneficial. In no case other than an emergency should any of these sweeps be used continuously for more than a week except for environmental use.
Many frequencies simultaneously. For killing, the Carrier and Spectrum Sweeps are convenient and very powerful. Best to adjunct or alternate with targeted database sets. Spooky Spectrum Sweep, 3/11/14; Using Spectrum Sweeps, 2/29/16; How to create a Spectrum Sweep for 1-15000 Hz/180sec., 3/2/16; Database Sets, Pulse Results, or Spectrum Sweeps?, 4/21/16; Huge Difference after One Spectrum Sweep, 9/9/16; Remote Frequency Sweeps [forum], 2/24/17; How to Create a Spectrum Sweep, 3/31/17; Have a sample of affected skin for the remote what is the best way to treat the issue, 5/17/17; How to Kill Pathogens, Pests and Molds Using Spectrum Sweep, 4/18/18; Database Sets, Scan Results or Spectrum Sweeps?, 11/30/18
Converge Sweeps: Convergent Spectrum Sweep, 3/16/14; How to- Spooky Rife Converge & Spectrum Sweeps, 5/6/14; Difference between Converge & Spectrum Sweeps, 8/26/16; What’s the difference between a Spooky Spectrum Sweep and a Spooky Converge Sweep?, 8/30/16


061817g42 080517d42 spooky_central_kit_with_phanotron_plasma_tube Plasma (Helium Phanotron Tube): Raw plasma power is the quickest and most powerful way to apply a broad range of frequencies and produce beneficial effects especially in killing pathogens. Plasma introduces harmonics to the frequencies. Near field is within a foot and most effective. Far field can treat multiple people and eradicate mold.
Contact mode, PEMF (both fixed frequencies of 100Hz) and Ultrasound (harmonic of the Plasma frequency) all work with the Plasma making the Plasma more effective.
Spooky Phanotron Tube Instructions; How Spooky Plasma works, 1/14/16; Spooky2 NEW Menu, Healing, Killing Microbes with Rife Plasma, 8/22/16; Spooky2 PLASMA, the Magic of Sideband Frequencies, 9/15/16; Difference between the phanotron tube and the straight plasma tube, 12/16/16; How Can I Use Phanotron or Plasma Tube Overnight?, 3/3/17; Can Phanotron Tube Be Used for the Whole Body?, 3/13/17; Maximum Frequency Range for Plasma Mode, 3/18/17; Phanotron Tube Blink Rate, 3/19/17; Plasma Far Field vs Remote [forum], 3/24/17; Lots of positive results with the Plasma generator, 3/28/17; Plasma is basically a killing mode, but it heals too, 4/17/17; Notes for Using Spooky Central, 4/25/17; Spooky2 Central Phanatron Tube, 5/8/17; Plasma activated Water, 5/29/17; Using far field and scalar energy of Plasma tube, 6/7/17; Can the spooky central run the plasma and pemf at the same time for two different people?, 7/20/17; Plasma energy passes through everything, so it is most thorough mode, 7/24/17; Does Phanotron Tube Produce Harmonic Frequencies?, 8/16/17; When I plugged it back in and started it back up, the plasma bulb was still lit, 9/8/17; When Should I Use Contact Mode, PEMF and Ultrasound with Plasma?, 9/21/17; Are All Four Frequency Transmission Methods in Spooky Central Applied at the Same Frequency?, 9/22/17; Is the Plasma Tube Powerful Enough to Treat All the Body or Just Parts?, 9/25/17; Plasma is not affected by sunlight, 9/28/17; Plasma Can Be Used to Imprint Testing Vials or Water, 10/10/17; What Are the Advantages of Spooky2 Plasma?, 7/6/18; Plasma Washing Machine!, 7/17/18; When I do a BFB with the GX then I get high frequencies. If I want to apply this to SC with plasma, it always give only low harmonics, so with the 5M as with the GX as control generator. Does it make sense that the GX can handle 40 MHz?, 12/5/18; Should We Run Plasma with GX Instead of the XM Generator 2/19/19; Do we need to change settings when using Plasma? 2/20/19; Reason for distance between Spooky Plasma and Generator?, 3/2/19; Why can’t the generator be detected anymore? Why does Spooky2 generator freeze when use Plasma?, 3/6/19; Powerful Changes in Spooky2 Plasma Presets, 3/8/19; What is the Effective Distance of Plasma?, 3/12/19; Any notes on using Plasma?, 3/20/19; Phanotron Tube Instructions, 5/4/19
Troubleshooting: Tube does not light, how do I check whether it is the tube or machine problem?, 9/2/16; Troubleshooting: Plasma Tube Does Not Light Up, 11/16/16; Spooky Plasma Q&A, 3/22/18

Carrier Sweeps: Spectrum and overnight carrier sweeps are intended for use only in the absence of a reliable diagnosis, not as a general panacea. These sweeps will kill almost all bacteria – pathogenic and beneficial. In no case other than an emergency should any of these sweeps be used continuously for more than a week except for environmental use.
Many frequencies simultaneously. For killing, the Carrier and Spectrum Sweeps are convenient and very powerful. It’s best to adjunct or alternate with targeted database sets. Carrier sweep to run my plasma tube with all known kill frequencies for all pathogens simultaneously, 4/10/16; How to Create a Carrier Sweep, 3/31/17


hand-cylinders Contact: Uses a dynamic carrier for speed and power. Not to be used with pacemakers. Contact Mode Instructions; Is there any added benefit to contact treatments twice a day vs. Once?, 2/22/16; How to Add A Dynamic Carrier for Contact Mode, 12/8/16; Using Spooky Central Contact Mode Only, Very Easy, 1/16/17; Spooky Central CONTACT Mode, Experience and Testimonial, 1/18/17; What is the difference between silver gloves, silver socks, sandals and hand cylinders?, 2/22/17; People with metal in their body should not use contacts, 3/7/17; Best not to run contact through the High Power port on spooky boost and PEMF from Colloidal Silver port at the same time, 3/13/17; Do you use Contact with one generator or is it possible to use it with two? [forum], 4/2/17; How to Connect Spooky2 Contact Accessories, 4/28/17; Would Sock and Gloves be Safer than Tens Pads during over Night Treatment?, 5/7/17; Can we deliver frequency by Spooky2 through Electro Acupuncture? What preset might be in use?, 5/8/17; Is It Okay to Wear Rings during Contact Session?, 5/22/17; How to discomfort in contact mode, 6/16/17; Contact mode placement, 9/3/17
Hand Cylinders: What is the Recommended Way of Holding Hand Cylinders?, 5/8/17; Do the frequencies still travel throughout the body when using the hand cylinders?, 9/4/17
Socks, Gloves & Wristband: Generally speaking, we do left foot, right hand, 3/23/17; What is proper way to wear gloves, socks and wristband for contact sessions?, 3/27/17; Are the sock and glove as effective as tens pads for overnight treatment?, 4/4/17; Is It Safe to Wash the Textile Electrodes in the Spooky2 Contact Kit and How?, 5/19/17; Can the gloves, socks and bands be washed?, 7/5/17
tens-pads tens-cable Tens Pads: Apply where there is little hair but some muscle tissue and always below the neck. Pad placement is always left foot and right hand to keep as much current away from the heart area as possible. Fleshy areas are best. Tens Pads Placement, 12/18/16; Spooky Tens Internal Electrode Instructions, 2/16/17; Why shouldn't I put the tens pads above the shoulders?, 3/1/17; How many times I can reuse TENS pads? Can the TENS pads be reused?, 4/4/17


ultrasonic Ultrasonic: Best to use in conjunction with the plasma. Can be used with pacemakers. Spooky Ultrasonic Instructions; Destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves, 3/29/17; Scientists Have Discovered a Way to Destroy Cancer Tumors Using Nothing but Sound Waves, 4/3/17; On the Central, there is a flip switch "slow/fast" for the ultrasonic, 5/3/17; Is It Ok to Hold the Ultrasonic Transducer Against the Skin for a Long Time?, 10/23/17; Why Are the Slow and Fast Modes in Ultrasonic Needed?, 10/24/17
Ultrasonic (general): Therapeutic ultrasound wikipedia; Scientists have discovered a way to destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves, 5/11/18


pemf-coil Pulsed EMF Coil: Designed to be used with plasma. Can be used with both Spooky Central and a Spooky XM generator (best through Spooky boost). Not to be used with pacemakers. PEMF coil is a gentle, low power frequency source and can be used overnight or for extended periods of time. It can be used for as long a duration as desired for pain management, reduce inflammation, sleep disorders, entrainment, depression and anxiety, bone healing, etc.
Can Restructure Water; PEMF Coil; Spooky Coil Instructions, 4/11/16; Spooky Central PEMF Coil Instructions; Using Spooky2 as a Frequency Meter; Spooky2 Generator Coil Hardware Connection and Software Operation, 11/17/16; SAMA Episode 02: PEMF Coil, Cold Laser and Q&A, 3/17/17; Spooky PEMF Coil Q&A, 3/21/17; same, with list; Using Spooky boost 3.0 with PEMF [forum], 3/28/17; What is the PEMF Coil Used For, 4/5/17; Is It OK to Use Two PEMF Coils at the Same Time?, 5/19/17; What are the Differences between Using PEMF Coil with Spooky Central and Spooky2-xm Generator?, 5/19/17; Checking Spooky pemf coil, 5/27/17; Cannot feel any sensation at all and it does not get hot like my other PEMF device, 5/31/17; PEMF Research, 6/4/17; Specific coil settings, 6/15/17; Cold Laser and Coil for Hypertension, 6/22/17; PEMF for common problems, 6/30/17; Presets of PEMF for common problems and back pain, 7/5/17; Can the spooky central run the plasma and pemf at the same time for two different people?, 7/20/17; PEMF coil is helpful to increase circulation in joints, 7/24/17; Does it matter which side of the PEMF coil is touching the skin?, 8/7/17; SAMA Episode 20: Colloidal Silver and PEMF Therapy, 8/18/17; PEMF above the shoulders is fine, 9/22/17; PEMF General Questions, 9/23/17; Rife & PEMF, 9/23/17; Can PEMF be used above the shoulders?, 10/10/17; Can I Use Two PEMF Coils at the Same Time?, 10/23/17; Lower frequencies are the best, say under 30 hz, even better are those around 10hz, 8/13/18; Spooky2 PEMF Coil Hardware Connection and Software Operation, 11/9/18
Pulsed EMF Coil articles: Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy wikipedia; PEMF Discovery 100 years! Nikola Tesla! Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Discovery Of The Century!, 11/5/14; Ultra-quick electric pulses KILLING cancer cells – Time for the world to pay close attention, 7/5/18

Cold Laser

cold-laser-wrist cold-laser-twin Spooky2 Cold Laser: Safe, gentle way to apply slow pulse stimulating healing photons. 30 minutes or less is optimum. Use eye protection. Pacemakers and other implants are OK., but not to be pointed at them or at the thyroid or a cancer.
Not to be used from a boosted port. Using the Spooky Cold Laser Preset, you can wire your Cold Laser to Out 1, and the PEMF Coil to Out 2 and deliver frequencies using both methods at the same time. Can also be used along with contact mode.
Great for a recent cut, dental issues, tinnitus (can treat the brain through the ear), carpal tunnel, injured rotator cuff, tendonitis and other joint maladies.
Shine directly to imprint frequencies to water.
Spooky Cold Laser Instructions; How A Simple Laser Pointer Can Heal You Faster And More Effectively Than Most Medications, 11/15/14; Cool Laser Beat Therapy, 8/24/16; Spooky2 Cold Laser for ENERGY Boost, 9/12/16; Determining the program for the laser [forum], 2/14/17; Can I use the Cold Laser and PEMF Coil at the same time in one generator?, 2/15/17; Can you use Spooky cold laser through your clothing?, 3/29/17; Can I Use Two Cold Lasers at the Same Time on One Generator?, 4/21/17; Plug cold laser to boost Out 1?, 4/22/17; Extend cold laser using a BNC cable and coupler, or a 1/8" mono audio extension cable, 5/8/17; How to Use Spooky Cold Laser?, 5/12/17; What Is Spooky2 Cold Laser?, 5/25/17; How Do Cold Lasers Work?, 5/25/17; How Long Should I Use Cold Laser Products per Time and How Many Times Should I Use per Day?, 5/25/17; Can I Use Spooky Cold Laser Wrist with Frequencies to Kill Certain Bacteria?, 5/25/17; How Can I Use Spooky Cold Laser Wrist with Generator?, 5/26/17; Can I Use Cold Lasers Instead of Hand Cylinders?, 5/26/17; What’s the Difference Between the Cold Laser Twin and the Cold Laser Wrist?, 5/26/17; Eye Protection is Required during Laser Treatment, 5/26/17; One can use Cold Laser for Dental Problems, 5/27/17; How to Add the Wrist Extension Strap, 6/2/17; How Deep the Laser Penetrates the Skin, 6/2/17; How Long Can the Cold Laser Be Used for in A Treatment?, 6/16/17; Cold Laser for Burns, 6/19/17; Cold Laser for Knee Pain and Carpal Tunnel, 6/19/17; Cold Laser and Coil for Hypertension, 6/22/17; Cold Laser to Run Molecular Drug Program, 6/20/17; Cold Laser for Chakra, 6/22/17; Can Spooky2 cold laser reach the brain through the nose?, 7/5/17; Cold laser first with no added frequencies,7/5/17; Laser/light applied through ear cavities, 7/7/18
Cold Laser (general): Low level laser therapy wikipedia; Cold Laser Therapy Pain Management Treatment; Types of Conditions Treated by Cold Lasers; History of Cold Laser Therapy; Cold Laser Therapy Advantages and Disadvantages

Spooky2 Protocols

Spooky2 Protocols: Generally, best way to proceed is to try each program by itself for 3-4 days non-stop in Remote Mode, or once daily in Contact or Plasma Modes for three days. If you see no improvement, move on to the next one. Stop when you're happy that the condition is resolved. Spooky2 Programs A to Z; Spooky2 Program List; Detox & Frequency Fatigue (Energy Medicine), 5/12/14; Light Therapy with Spooky2?, 3/19/16; ; Treat Info Program by Johann Stegmann, 5/12/16; Any good program suggestion to use when you aren't sure and can't use the biofeedback scan?, 3/2/17; Frequency database [forum], 3/11/17; How does one choose from the different programs?, 4/12/17; Do you load every program listed for your illness? If not, why not?, 4/21/17; When I combine several programs into one, and save it under a new name, is there any way to go back and see what programs were combined to make up the new one?, 5/10/17; Spooky2 Search Facility, 5/31/17; How to Create a Program, 6/20/17; List of Chronic Human Diseases Linked to Infectious Pathogens, 7/13/17; again

5G: How to neutralize 5G, 6/20/19: 375 kHz gated at 7.5Hz will help. (Earth atmosphere resonance gated by crystal earth resonance).
Addiction: Opiate addiction, 6/5/16
Stopping Smoking: Success for stopping smoking for 6 hours, 10/27/16

Allergies: My son suffers from allergies, dust mites, change of season, hay fever, 8/5/16

Antibiotic: How Does the Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Preset Work?, 3/28/17

Back & Neck and Spine: Symptoms and Signs of Atlas Subluxation, 6/30/11; Spooky2 preset for Kundalini, including Chakra 2 Chain and customized ordering of the Songs of the Spine, 4/13/16; My neck constantly cracks, crunches and grinds, 7/14/16; Are there also frequencies for readjustments? Like when your neck is out?, 7/20/16; Lower back pain, 8/5/16; Back problems, 2/14/17; Back Pain Relief [forum], 3/1/17; Why Can't I Find the Program Used Before?, 3/14/17; User preset for Spinal injury and back pain, 7/19/17

Borrelia: Borrelia, 8/27/17; Presets for Borrelia, 8/28/17

Bowels: Blocked Colon [forum], 2/16/17; Treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, 3/7/17

Breath: Echo Lee: [Coffee Time] Episode 6: Embryonic Breathing (Tai Xi or Tai Hsi), 12/12/18

C60: C60; Health Benefits of C60, 7/16/18

Cancer: Electrical Properties of Cancer Cells; Cancer Protocol Using 4 Frequency Generators; Spooky2 using 2 Generators For Cancers v1.0 By David Bourke The Problem With Cancer, Lyme, Morgellon, 4/19/15; Cancer Protocol Using 4 Frequency Generators, 9/11/15; Cancer My Experience With Spooky2 by Johann Stegmann (cancer, chemo, lyme, morgellons. cold, flu), 6/10/16; Cancer Full Presets, 9/8/16; pdf; Cancer Full Presets, 9/21/16; How to Edit Your Cancer Preset in Cancer Protocol, 12/26/16; How to Run DB Cancer Protocol in Plasma Mode, 1/5/17; How to Run DB Cancer Protocol in Contact Mode, 1/8/17; How to Run DB Cancer Protocol, 1/14/17; Is Your Biological Clock A Factor in Progression of Cancer?, 2/28/17; Rife cancer cure [forum], 3/24/17; Destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves, 3/29/17; Rife cancer frequencies, 4/24/17; Mechanisms and therapeutic effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in oncology, 4/27/17; Treating cancer on one remote, 5/12/17; 1604 is the frequency of cancer, 6/8/17; Nagalase is an enzyme created by all cancer cells that suppresses the immune system, 7/5/17; SAMA Episode 24: Treating Cancer and Other Illnesses Naturally, 9/18/17; SAMA Episode 28: Accompanying Pathogens in Cancer Patients - Why the Tumor Frequency is Not Enough, 11/1/17; SAMA Episode 41: Understanding Cancer Causation & Parasite Connection, 3/13/18; 3 Recommendations for Cancer Treatment, 7/5/18; Essence of Natural Cancer, 7/13/18; Quantum researcher has Identified 12 anti cancer frequencies, 9/10/18; Leonard Coldwell: Only Answer to Cancer: Defeating the Root Cause of All Diseases, 10/12/18, 10/7/18; Leonard Coldwell: Only Answer to Cancer: Defeating the Root Cause of All Diseases, 10/12/18; Rife Frequencies for Cancer, 1/8/19; How Did Rife Machines Work for Cancer, 3/11/19; CancerTool: Automating the Cancer Protocol, 8/28/19; CancerTool – A Cancer Protocol Preset Builder, 9/17/19
Brain Cancer: Glioblastoma, 12/11/16
Breast Cancer: In Spooky2 there are 6 different Breast Cancer programs, 2/15/17; Breast cancer protocol, 6/12/17
Ovarian Cancer: Ovarian cancer can be confusing, 11/19/17
Prostate Cancer: Hacking Prostate Cancer with Spooky2, 9/5/17
Skin Cancer: There are three main types of skin cancers: basal-cell skin cancer (BCC), squamous-cell skin cancer (SCC) and melanoma. Red blotch behind and below my right ear, 5/30/16; Guidance for frequencies to use for skin cancer, 8/4/16; I'm using the phanotron and remote for a Basal cell carcinoma, I use the phanotron at night. Is there anything else I can do to heal this stubborn BCC that is on the side of my nose?, 3/21/17

Cannabis: Has anyone else used the Cannibidiol CBD frequency?, 3/27/17

Cat ailments: Experimental Flea Death Ray, 4/7/14; Novel Way to get rid of Fleas on your Cat, 3/8/15; Spooky Rife Healing for Cats (and Dogs) by Spooky remote?, 5/6/16; Follicular mite on lower eyelid of cat, 6/13/16; 18 year old cats that I would like to treat, 7/14/16; Alleviation of inflammation and pain in chronic musculo-skeletal disorders in cats, 7/27/16; What frequency do you use on a cat that has crystals in bladder?, 1/5/17; My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes, 4/19/17; Spooky2 Rife Therapy for Pets, 2/26/18; Cat Fight Injury, 7/11/19

Chakras: Chakra Chart; Diseases and Associated Chakras Chart, 4/4/19

Cold/ Flu: What's the most effective sweep frequency range and settings to deal with cough /bronchitis sinusitis /swollen throat?, 2/23/17

COPD: [Natural Health Secrets] Episode 53: What Is COPD And How Does It Affect Us?, 12/20/18; [Natural Health Secrets] Episode 54: COPD: Symptoms, Risk Factors & Root Causes 12/28/18; [Natural Health Secrets] Episode 55: COPD: Natural Therapies And Home Remedies, 1/3/19; How to Help with COPD Using Spooky2, 1/10/19

Cramps: Leg and foot cramping, 10/20/16

Dehydration: Any suggestions for dehydration, and absorption of water, 2/16/17

Dental: Dental & Jawbone Infections Spooky2 Testimonial, 4/27/15; Any idea for dental abscess? , 2/25/16; Suggested settings for dental health, 6/11/16; I have tooth abscess, 7/24/16; Upper molar tooth developed cavities, 9/28/16; Preset For RL - Teeth and Mouth [forum], 3/14/17; Cavitation of the jaw bone due to root canal or tooth extraction - looking to destroy the anaerobic bacteria, 3/15/17; Paresthesia program, 4/12/17; Am experiencing a lot of pain today in my jaw and teeth. Could this be as a result of the treatment program?, 4/12/17; Extracted infected Root Canal at a biological dentist 5 min ago. What do I run & on what (plasma, cold laser, etc.)?, 10/2/17; Using plasma close to head, with dental / teeth program?, 10/19/17; Gum Infection, 10/26/17; Flareup of gum/tooth abscess, 11/17/17; Tooth Infection Discovery with Spooky2, 1/17/18; Are there any suggestions for intense, incessant pain/dental pain?, 1/23/18; Overall Dental Health?, 6/4/18; Preset for Overall Dental Health, 12/5/18; Biofeedback Dental Infections and Dental Cavitations, 2/2/19; A Well-being Revolution of Oral Health, 9/19/19

Detox: Terrain; Best detox protocol to use for cancer is Detox Toxins Elimination 2 XTRA, 5/12/17; Color Therapy frequencies, different approach for Detoxing with Spooky2, 6/27/17; Best Detox Time for Your Main Organs, 8/11/17; Presets For Toxins - Part 1, 9/3/17; Part 2, 9/3/17; Part 2, 9/3/17; 5 Natural Ways to Detox Your Body, 8/18/17; Detox/support when running scan results?, 2/4/18
Terrain: Entire terrain protocol in one preset, 4/8/16; First Preset To Run, 8/3/16; What is terrain protocol?, 8/26/16; Terrain Protocol Presets, 9/6/16; Terrain Protocol Presets, 9/19/16; Using Terrain Protocol, 11/21/16; How to Resume Terrain Protocol, 11/21/16; Time Lapse of Remote Mode Terrain Protocol, 11/22/16; Does anyone run terrain more than once?, 12/7/16; Am I supposed to feel anything when running the terrain protocol?, 2/28/17; How to Run Terrain Protocol BY in Remote Mode Using One Generator, 3/15/17; What is Terrain Protocol, 3/16/17; How to Run Terrain Protocol BY Using One Generator, 3/16/17; How to Run Terrain Protocol Using Two Generators, 3/16/17; How to Run Terrain Protocol BY, 3/17/17; Treatment periods/hours Remote Detoxing [forum], 3/29/17; How to get back to day 2, 4/12/17; When would you use the 70-day Terrain Single Step presets?, 8/9/17; Terrain Protocol Explained, 6/4/18
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Vaccines: Is there a specific preset or program to remove negative effects of vaccinations including the ones we received from childhood?, 3/23/17

DMSO: Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Ears: Ear infection and Hearing Loss, 5/22/16; Middle ear infection (otitis media), 7/3/16; Pains inside left ear and throat on the left at the level of thyroid (eustachian tube), 7/6/16; Chronic ear infection, 8/30/16; Presets for Ear Infection, 11/15/18
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EMF: Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): How To Avoid The Dangers, 7/8/19

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Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV): Dealing with Chronic Fatigue, Depression/ Anxiety, Insomnia, discovering that Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) may cause this, 4/6/17

Eyesight: Treatment for Eyesight Problems, 8/27/15; Eyesight Rife Frequencies, 9/27/16; Positive experience with eye floaters?, 1/5/17; Preset for eyesight to Improve, 1/20/17; Presets For Eye Floaters, 8/21/17

Fatigue: Is anyone having success treating CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)?, 7/7/16

Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia symptoms, 11/8/16; Episode 61: Common Fibromyalgia Symptoms & Causes, 2/14/19

Fungus & Mold: See also: Fungus & Mold and Pests and Mold; Fungal nail infection, 3/7/17; Musty odors vanquished in hours!, 7/12/17
Athlete's Foot: Anybody have any good experiences with the athlete foot programs?, 7/16/16
Candida: Candida Cure Protocol, 4/21/16; What we can do to help killing candidas?, 12/22/16; [Natural Health Secrets] Episode 37: The Truth About Candida You Need to Know, 8/23/18

Graves disease: Anyone with experience in handling Graves disease?, 2/24/17

Herpes: Removing genital herpes from the body with the new Spooky Central, 11/17/16; Presets for Human Herpesvirus 1, 8/9/17

High blood pressure: Blood pressure Hypertension settings, 1/7/16; Advise regarding settings for high blood pressure, 11/10/16

HPV: Does anybody have any info about effectiveness of HPV (human papillomavirus) frequencies?, 3/8/17

Inflammation: SAMA Episode 36: Fighting Inflammation and Fibrosis, the Keys to Combating Disease and Increasing Longevity, 1/18/18

Intensive Care: How to Run Intensive Care Protocol, 7/14/17; Where can users find the New Cancer/ICU protocol?, 7/19/17; Advice for Intensive Care Protocol, 8/9/17; Intensive Care How To?, 8/14/17

Elbow: Tennis elbow, 10/4/16
Shoulder: Has anyone used Spooky successfully for a rotator cuff injury?, 9/22/16; I have Shoulder Impingement, what would be the ideal programs?, 3/21/17; Presets for Frozen Shoulder, 10/25/18
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Ketamine: Ketamine trials for Treatment Resistant Depression, 10/31/17

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Parkinsons: Creutzfeldt–Jakob / Prions disease, 6/8/14; Parkinson's Tremor Relief Miracle, 5/6/16; Parkinson's disease, 7/5/16; Significant improvement in brain function within days through the detoxification of gold, 5/22/17

Pests and Mold: The black remote should never be used for pest or mold eradication. See also: Protocol; Pests and Mold Protocols for Spooky2 Home Care Kit, 6/6/16; What is original rife machine's frequency range, moulds, bacteria, mites?, 8/2/16; How do I get rid of insect pests?, 8/10/16; Can remote kill for example fleas and ticks all around earth?, 3/30/17; Dust sweepings as DNA remote material, 3/30/17; What do I do if I have mold illness, my house test positive per dust samples, but I can't see any to use in remote. Wouldn't dust also contain dust mites, skin cells etc?, 3/30/17; How to Kill Pathogens, Pests and Molds Using Spectrum Sweep, 4/18/18
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Pregnancy: Are there any protocols we can run for pregnancies to help the babies growth / development or to help my wife and her health with the pregnancy?, 5/31/17; Detoxing while pregnant puts the feotus at greater risk as it abzorbs toxins and heavy metals, 6/2/17

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Pulsed EMF Coil: Can imprint frequencies to water (best from generator) in a glass on top of the PEMF coil and run healing programs with a total frequency count of less than around 8. High frequencies should restructure the water in one or two hours and very low frequencies like Schumman Resonance may take a day or two.
Sometimes the glass blocks the signal, so it is better to turn the magnet over and put it over the open top to imprint the substance inside the glass container. PEMF without a Spooky central, 1/6/17; xm PEMF FOR IMPRINTING +, 1/11/17; Imprinting water with PEMF coil, 1/14/17; Can the coil imprint molecular weight frequencies and base pair frequencies into water?, 8/31/17
Cold Laser: Shine directly to imprint frequencies to water.
Re: COLD LASER 2, 7/22/16; When we imprint frequencies into water using cold laser, don't repeat the sequence, 8/31/17
Radionics: How to copy information from matter to matter, 10/28/15; Solid electrical, magnetic and holographic principles, 4/21/17; Radionics Rates for Imprinting water, 4/22/17
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Silver: Case For Silver Spoons, 6/25/11; Many Medical Uses of Silver Throughout History, 4/2/13; Silver solution to shingles, 4/9/13; Research on Antibiotics Reveals Silver Acts as a Booster, While Mixing Certain Antibiotics With Statins Can Be Devastating, 7/5/13; After years of suppression, scientists finally admit copper destroys norovirus (and so does silver), 10/15/13; Healing Power of Gold and Silver, 4/27/17; [SAMA] Episode 09: Silver: Treasure They Tried to Bury, 5/10/17; SAMA Episode 20: Colloidal Silver and PEMF Therapy, 8/18/17

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Working with Frequency: Frequency; Sound; Light; Brainwaves; Quantum entanglement; Radionics; Hulda Clark; Royal Rife; Rife machine; Rife Frequencies Spooky2: Spooky2; John White; Spooky2 Guides; Spooky2 Hardware; Spooky2 Software; Spooky2 Frequencies & Databases; Spooky2 Pulse; Spooky2 Rife Treatment; Remote, Plasma, Ultrasonic, PEMF Coil, Cold Laser, Contact; Spooky2 Rife Treatment Protocols; Spooky2 colloidal silver


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