Sentient Beings 2

Sentience; Animals; Primates; Bats; Bears; Cats; Cetaceans; Cows; Deer/ Elk; Dogs; Elephants; Foxes; Giraffes; Horses; Pigs; Wolves; Birds; Crows; Hummingbirds; Owls; Parrots; Reptiles; Dinosaurs; Amphibians; Fish; Rays; Sharks; Invertebrates; Life; Cephalopods; Bugs; Ants; Bees; Spiders; Tardigrades; Friends; Enemies; Aliens


122213-01 080913-10 cham1 030214g 062314v 101614k 021614j 111814m 020115i
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071416p 060916z 100716k 012016s 051516e59 052116m50 092814e44 082116x42 080114d40 021315h39 042815n38 021617e31 040316k31 Alligators & Crocodiles: A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue. Man swims with 17 foot Crocodile, 8/17/9; Man and croc the best of friends, 1/21/11; Man's Best Friend... A 17ft Long Pet Crocodile, 6/12/11; Giant crocodile captured alive in Philippines, 9/6/11; Diving with Crocodiles, 10/3/11; Jumping Crocodiles in Slow Motion, 1/13/14

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072217w 110317l 111917g 091713f 100516c69 063016e54 120616x52 071016i49 071615g42 040615e40 031716k39 Snakes: King Cobras, the largest venomous snakes; Leviathan 'Yacumama' Anaconda Found in Peruvian Jungle; X-rays reveal hidden leg of an ancient snake, 2/7/11; 10 Most Venomous Snakes, 3/30/11; sssynchronicity, 6/1/12; Virgin births discovered in wild snakes, 9/12/12; Cleaning the cobra pit

082613j 122213-40-56 030715n56 011414-84-49 092013j 071513b-15 053015p45
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013016u71 123015z66 063016a62 080416u58 101513-37 110514q32 Turtles: Turtles can breathe through their butts. World's oldest creature living healthy life at 183 years old thanks to nutritious diet, 1/17/16

mkhd3hJSsQ1 062715o 111414w 062015o 012315m 111815o 010615b58 060615b54 031016p52 090315m50 mbvwusM4ri1 071416u49 102414r49 mmiuk8a9qX1 Dinosaurs: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals^; Found alive - Two dinosaur species in Papua New Guinea; Pterosaur type creature; It's a girl! ... pterodactyl, that is, 1/20/11; Live baby dinosaur discovered in New Zealand; Dinosaurs survived 700 millennia after asteroid impact; again; How Dinosaurs Got So Huge, 4/13/11; Rise of the flying reptiles, 7/18/11; T-Rex of the sea unearthed in Manitoba, 7/19/11; Fossil 'suggests plesiosaurs did not lay eggs', 8/11/11; 'Dinosaur eggs' discovered in Chechnya, 4/19/12; Newly discovered dinosaur implies greater prevalence of feathers, 7/2/12; Canadian researchers discover fossils of first feathered dinosaurs from North America, 10/31/12; New "Sauron" Dinosaur Found, Big as T. Rex, 11/6/12; Early Dinosaur Embryos Found in China, 4/10/13; Many species of ancient Canada’s plant-eating dinosaurs survived because they ‘divvied up’ veggies, 7/11/13; T. Rex Was Ferocious Predator, Not Scavenger, 7/15/13; Scientists unearth a big-nosed, long-horned dinosaur -- Nasutoceratops titusi -- in southern Utah, 7/17/13; Dinosaurs had teeth to spare -- lots of them, 7/18/13; Rare full dinosaur tail unearthed in northern Mexico, 7/23/13; Pterosaur Survey, 10/7/13; Dinosaurs Were Mostly Scaly, 1/3/14; Not all dinosaurs went extinct - In fact, there are nearly twice as many species of dinosaurs as mammals to this day, 3/25/14; Amazingly Vivid Dino Illustrations Reveal a Brutal Prehistoric World, 4/22/14; Bizarre Dinosaur Had 4 'Wings,' Long Tail Feathers, 7/15/14; University Silences Scientist After Dinosaur Discovery, 7/24/14; Tyrannosaurus Rex Just Got Scarier - They hunted in packs, 7/26/14; Scientist fired from university after discovering shocking dinosaur bones believed to be only 4,000 years old, 8/5/14; ‘Biggest land animal’ ever? Huge 60-ton dino’s bones unearthed in Argentina, 9/5/14; Scientists Proves Dinosaurs Only Thousands of Years Old!, 9/6/14; Dinosaurs were likely warm-blooded, 5/28/15; 10 facts you didn’t know about dinosaurs, 6/12/15; Seventy-Ton Titanosaur Unveiled At Museum Of Natural History, 1/15/16; Possible Pterosaur Recently Sighted Over Alaska, 2/17/17; Biggest Dinosaur footprint found in Australia, 3/27/17


mnhrxn9ao31s7 121313b 032614d 032015e 031014d 052815m 081513b 071815s 053115j

062316b 011616g 071617n 062316r 070416b62 081616w49 041815e49 101616k49 120414g42 120514h31 Frogs: Ultra-tiny frogs discovered living like faeries inside pitcher plants, 8/25/10

Toads: Scientists could use toads to predict earthquakes, 12/6/11


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082417m 102316n73 112616w59 122216v49 091414v34 072216w32 030517i31 Fish: Flying Silver Carp on the Wabash River; Flamboyant Cuttlefish, A Rare Color-Changing Creature, 11/20/11; How the puffer fish gets you high, zombifies you, and kills you, 1/27/12; Video Reveals Bizarre Deep-Sea Oarfish, 6/10/13; There Are 10 Times More Fish In The Sea Than We Thought, 3/5/14; Coho salmon in Idaho: Back from the dead, 10/20/14; Have Scientists Found the World’s Deepest Fish?, 9/11/15; 'Living Fossil' Fish Has Lungs , 9/15/15; Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds, 3/25/17

Catfish: Scientists document rare catfish climbing a near-vertical cave wall to reach food, 5/15/15

Eels: Blood-sucking eels rain from the sky in Alaska, 6/20/15

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022216a66 030615k59 051916x49 103014a49 050314l49 030916b42 120513c Rays: This kid knows more about stingrays than you!; Absurd Creature of the Week: The Half-Ton Giant Freshwater Stingray With a 15-Inch Poison Barb, 9/27/13

Sea Lampreys: One Less Blood-Sucking Parasite in New Jersey, 2/15/13

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141DA7DD7B94 070915n59 021015b50 Seahorses: Sea Horses mate for life and when they swim around, they'll hold onto their mate's tail. (Oh, and the males actually get pregnant). Seahorses are cunning predators, new study shows, 11/28/13

081314r 051115s 070713-05 072713e 020215u 021115j 071513b-07 082415e 103015g
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122515q 121915q 080917f 021716o73 102817v 110616a54 051916w52 042216k49 061714j46 062715b42 091816j42 100914i42 Sharks: A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes. 100,000 sharks mass off Florida's beaches, 2/2/11; Nina Salerosa; 'Otherworldly' shark caught off La Paz, Mexico, baffles scientists, 6/27/11; 2000-Pound Shark Caught Off Mexico Coast Could Be Longest Great White Spotted, 4/23/12; Pacific Reef Sharks Vanishing Near Populated Islands, 4/27/12; Amazing Video Shows Shark Attacks In Slow Motion, 8/2/12; Shark 'Rescues' Man Lost At Sea For 15 Weeks, 9/17/12; Great white is gobbled by an EVEN BIGGER shark as it's hauled into fisherman's boat, 12/29/12; Freediver Jumps Into The Ocean With A Great White Shark, 2/19/13; Chompy the shark, 4/10/13; Florida teen goes for wild ride on back of 30-foot whale shark, 6/18/13; Watch thresher shark stun prey with whip-like tail, 7/11/13; Absurd Creature of the Week: Elusive Goblin Shark Has World’s Most Terrifying Jaws, 10/18/13; Great white sharks found to have extreme longevity, 1/22/14; New Fossil Takes A Bite Out Of Theory That Sharks Barely Evolved, 4/17/14; Giant species 15-ton shark, thought to be extinct, caught off coast of Pakistan, 9/23/14; Fatal shark attack reported off coast of Hawaiian island of Maui, 4/30/15; Great White Sharks Surround Paddleboarders in California, 7/1/15; Pro Surfer Attacked By Shark On Live TV, 7/19/15; Here’s Why We’ve Never Been Able to Tame the Great White Shark, 1/10/16; Meet the shark born before George Washington, 8/11/16


111515f 071216i 021614c 042216g 031716o 041415c 121815y 091316i 013117k
120716l60 101513-32 020116a52 052715h49 062414h49

032617k 051616i71 103016l48 090216i42 072214i42 020517r41 Invertebrates: Alien or Jellyfreak? Deep-sea monster vid whips up storm, 5/12/12

042915l59 Clams: Scientists Confirm World's Oldest Creature...But Kill it Determining Its Age, 11/14/13; World's oldest animal was 507 years old, until scientists killed it, 1/25/14

112713-21 060114e 060114g 062014a 111413i 071513b-10 021214n m6v04exg 060414e 062914c
082414a 122014v 070214b 071814a 101614w 101014y 100614h 072315d 061616n
081016k 072716l 100516v 073016x 101716y 010917c 072217m 102817d 111217b
021015b50 102414w49 082216m49 111316w49 021214zc-48 082816x47

061016e60 121714t56 022715q56 110413j 122616d41 041914zz-35 Jellyfish

Leeches: Leeches Can Survive A 24-Hour Submersion in Liquid Nitrogen, 1/28/14

Shrimp: The sound of every shrimp snapping their claws at once would reach 246 decibels, potentially making shrimp the loudest animal in the ocean.

081013-28 020915t55 112013j 072115i49 041815k49 011414-78-49 050915z49

mg6ob7mAuH1rgrk0b 111915a 112915u 021714d 022715i 101815h66 121316e64 032115h62 052216a49 031815u46 Snails: A snail can sleep for three years. Giant snails potentially carrying meningitis make their way into Texas, 5/18/13; Attack of the killer African snails that can give you meningitis, 6/8/13

Sponges: Meet the Animal That Lives for 11,000 Years, 7/23/16

Worms: Worms from Hell? Deepest Multicellular Life Found, 6/1/11; Worms regrow their decapitated heads, along with the memories inside, 7/10/13; Sensor to detect Earth’s magnetic field discovered in an animal for very first time, 6/17/15; Defrosted Nematode worms come back to life after 42,000 years and are oldest living creatures, 7/28/18

011514s Cephalopods

Cephalopods: Cephalopod intelligence; Intelligent Cephalopods: Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish, 12/15/9; In spite of their seemingly 'simple' nervous systems, squid and octopuses possess complex intelligence, 3/18/14

mnd59s9hjA 070814c m1gm16Nw 060114j 111814g 072514u 092914s 062015p 120515c
092713-28 octopus 010615o49 mn53rfpV 122213-50-49 021214w-49 102914w49
011616i 122616w 021816c 110916f 032017x 102316k 101416a 080916p
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052216z49 080316y49 030115i47 090414d42 020314h5-42

110417f 052416w70 050116x32 Octopi: Octopuses are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates - Scientific studies are increasingly confirming that they are sentient creatures ; Shapeshifting Octopus, 7/17/8; Octopuses caught using tools, 12/14/9; Clever Octopus Builds a Mobile Home, 12/14/9; Deep inside the mind of the octopus, 11/6/11; Octopus crawls out of water and walks on dry land, 11/23/11; Octopus Hitches Ride on Dolphin's Genitals, 6/18/12; An Octopus Hatches Fully Formed, Then Walks Away, 6/29/13; Giant Pacific Octopus Wrestles with Divers for Camera, 2/15/14; Tiny Octopus Is So Cute Scientists Might Name It ‘Adorabilis’, 6/16/15; Mind-blowing facts about this alien-looking creature that's one of the hardest to study in the wild, 8/11/15; Inky the octopus escapes New Zealand aquarium, makes it to ocean, 4/14/16; Octopuses Get Strangely Cuddly On The Mood Drug Ecstasy, 9/20/18

Squid: Giant squid wikipedia; Smart squid may unlock the secret of how animals and people learn, 3/22/00; Giant Squid Brain, 10/18/10; Just How Big Are The Eyes Of A Giant Squid?, 3/15/12; Giant Squid's Basketball-Size Eyes Have Sperm Whale Vision, 3/15/12; Japanese Scientists Film Legendary Squid In Pacific Depths, 1/7/13; Giant Squid Filmed in Ocean Depths for 1st Time, 1/9/13; Monster from the deep hits the surface, 3/20/13; Elusive giant squid washes up on Spanish beach, 10/5/13; A Squid Takes Down A Much Bigger Fish By Severing Its Spinal Cord, 1/14/14; Squid Communicate With a Secret, Skin-Powered Alphabet, 2/7/17


082313k 040415p53 010715z50 121614s49 112414b49 111914h49 111214g49
052916m 082914f 110514a 042116w 031616d 021315y 111313-10 121316q

031616j63 011316x56 112913l 032115b49 021216p49 100416j48 Bugs: Extreme close-ups of the creepy crawlies that infest our homes, 8/3/10; Pill Bugs" remove heavy metals from soil, stabilizing growing conditions, protecting groundwater, 3/31/15

120716d50 031416c45 Insects: Would dew believe it: The stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in water droplets, 3/31/10; Japanese Giant Hornets: World's most dangerous insect?; Secret world of insects revealed in fascinating science photos, 8/24/13; Scientists Just Found The First Ever Example Of Mechanical Gears In Nature, 9/13/13; Strange galloping dung beetle is a mystery to scientists, 10/22/13; When Did Insects Evolve?, 11/6/14; In the insect world, populations are enslaved by sugary snacks to alter brain chemistry and make them OBEY, 8/28/15

022414p-56 072713t 063016b53 122213-45-50 122014d49 092414v49 IGUMNOV-2101228

021714c 100714e mdx8beFx5M1q 022214z5-60 Ants: The combined weight of all ants on Earth is about the same as the combined weight of all humans. Fire Ant Secret: How They Create Life-Saving Rafts in Floods, 4/25/11; Things Fire Ants Behave Like: Gore-Tex, a Liquid, a Woven Material, and a Waterproof Raft, 4/26/11; Deadly super ants invade Australia, 8/28/11; Hairy, crazy ants invade from Texas to Miss., 10/3/11; When passing by another, an ant will bow it's head in greeting. A Biologist Tracks Ants With Teeny Radio Tags, 2/6/13; Ants detect earthquakes 24 hours before they occur, 4/17/13; What Do Ants Know That We Don’t?, 7/6/13; Abandoned Ant Colony Cast with 10 Tons of Cement, 1/12/14; Massive ant swarm marching toward Houston, 4/2/14; Absurd Creature of the Week: World’s Most Badass Ant Skydives, Uses Own Head as a Shield, 4/18/14; Venomous ‘rocket ant’ with jaws like a beartrap that is invading the US, 6/23/14; Impossibility of Ants: A Deep Study, 6/22/15; Incredible teamworking skills of Ants, 7/29/15; Ants self-medicate by changing their diet - and you can too!, 9/7/15; Fire Ants Stick Together to Survive Flood, 10/8/15

122313g 091315j 010315h 102414m 081714h 030416p 052216f 052116n

072716e 092116t 102013k 082816s68 010613k-60 041214l-58 111514v58 011816u56 010416t44 110514h40 Bees: Maurice Maeterlinck: Life of the Bee^; pdf; again; Teenage bee keeper on a mission to save the bees from colony collapse disorder, 1/14/12; Water supplement for bees is claimed to prevent Colony Collapse Disorder, 7/29/12; Bee study lifts lid on hive habits, 9/16/12; Arias, Arpeggios, and Apiculture: The Paris Opera House Is Home to the Most Elegant Bees In All of France, 11/29/12; How It Works: Honeybee Society, 4/10/13; 10 Spectacular Bees Native To The U.S., 6/19/13; Queen of the sun - what are the bees telling us, 6/26/13; Story of honeybees and their importance in sustaining life, 7/14/13; Follow A Queen Bee On Her Maiden Mating Flight, 9/10/13; In China, giant hornets kill 28 and injure hundreds more, 10/5/13; Bees underwent massive extinction when dinosaurs did, 10/28/13; An Open-Source Hive To Save The Bees, 11/13/13; Mushrooms Extend Bee Life, Provide Bioshield Against Collapse, 1/20/15; A thrilling look at the first 21 days of a bee’s life, 3/15; 8 Best Ways To Attract Bees To Your Garden; US Beekeepers Report That Honeybee Populations Are Growing Again!, 7/28/15

081213-19 120513-12 070913-08 011514q 021614b 090514a 100814d 021015h 022214r-71
012214g-56 030615q56 071313-16 0628146954 102814w49 072414k49 062115k49
051015k 052615q 031715u 100814m 031315y 102814n 062115a 070415h 070915m
100515i55 013116f51 103115i49 030916m45 041014f-42 083013k 040415m42
083015c 022216j 021816r 091315e 080615w 011511g 011516g 031616a 042816x
061016v 090216e 092216a 100316i 061616o 042016p 080516g 080316f 120116x 041717f
100915p57 050716g56 012216g56 022216g56 050216j55

052217m 071016r 112616y49 052014za28 Butterflies: Butterflies taste with their feet. Monarch butterflies use medicinal plants to treat diseases in their offspring, 10/21/10; Watch a Caterpillar Morph Into a Butterfly in 3-D, 5/15/13; Mysterious cloud on radar is only butterflies, 9/23/14; 19 Amazing Caterpillar Transformations

061115t 101714j 031414a 112713-01 052715m 060916s 082816d 011417f

081414g56 080115b49 082816h49 071515y49 Dragonflies: A dragonfly has a life span of 24 hours.

Fireflies: Tennessee synchronous fireflies: A summertime light show, 7/13/14

012717s 081314o 011811p 070416d52 102414b50 122813-25-49 050316k45 Flies: Even fruit flies think before they act: first evidence of consciousness fragments in insects, 11/8/14; This 30-million-year-old cave in New Zealand has a beautiful phenomenon that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world, 8/26/15

072315y 042816o49 120113g Ladybugs

101114a 061215m 101315o 052615i 072713g 042814g 061514j 070413_25 091816u

070717j 020817k 121115k56 120114o51 122216y49 070914a49 Mantises

Mosquitos: Malarial Mosquitoes Are Evolving Into New Species, 10/27/10; Meet the Gallinippers: Huge Mosquitoes Spotted in Florida, 6/13/13; Determining What Makes Us Appealing As A Mosquito Meal, 7/15/13

102414p69 012915q52 111615o49 111313-31 011615t30 Moths

031817w Scorpions

111914i53 060814i50 111614d50 120314s49 032115g49 012514s-49 121714p49
061215b49 070315y49 032115c49 122914b46 100314q43 091014j41 0628148641
011814i 111814j 072714s 121914v 083013e 081314f 073016s 070717u

010317r59 051816m56 062716z56 060516b50 101716p49 092216v49 090915x40 Spiders: Possibility of the existence of the Congolese giant spider; Meet the crafty spider that rolls like a wheel to escape predators, 6/4/12; Amazon spider discovered making decoys of itself to ward off predators, 12/19/12; Spiders May Have Personalities, and Some Are Bolder Than Others, 7/30/13; Why You Need Not Fear the Poor, Misunderstood Brown Recluse Spider, 11/15/13; Cities Spiders Grow Bigger and Multiply Faster, 8/20/14; 10 Ways Spiders Are Just Misunderstood, 10/10/14; 10 Creepy Spiders We’ve Recently Discovered, 6/14/15; Spiders spin unique phononic material, 7/25/16

062615s42 Wasps: Angry Wasps Capture Intruding Ants, Fly Away, Airdrop Them, 3/29/11

111915l46 Tardigrades: wikipedia; Tardigrade Facts; Most extreme animal on our planet, 3/26/10; Adorable Extremophiles, 1/11/12; Meet the toughest animal on the planet: The water bear that can survive being frozen or boiled, float around in space and live for 200 years, 2/17/13 If Earth Were Hosting An Alien Species, This Is What It Would Look Like, 3/7/13; First animal to survive in space, 8/21/14; Animal brought back to life after spending 30 years frozen, 1/15/16

Special Traits: The World's Only Immortal Animal; Itsy Bitsy Spider's Web 10 Times Stronger Than Kevlar, 9/24/10
Speedy Creatures: Sheila Patek clocks the fastest animals; Fastest Animals On Earth In Slow Motion; Fastest Creature on Earth , 3/9/10


clintnewsham-2240095 ATT0000111 KenG-2151179 my_favorite_day lu89w1x 080913-05 071713l 081513c  
091713h 091013a 070713b-11 skippyjohnjones 080913-22 081013-33 081013-37
081013-36 081013-31 073113-31 zz118579 091713p 091713n 091713o
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072214h49 071014d47 021614n-46 082613r 030514h-42 071914e42 070214g41
092214a46 051214h41 081414w37 020414i-36 062414u34 122213-59-33 041014g-31
122813-17 101013e 011414-24 012714f 040214c 072514t 090314e 090814g 091414e
020115g52 052515e52 021715w50 111614g49 031815z49 021615f49 012315r49
091414b 120914d 011715b 121514p 102914l 032115e 041215b 070415o 112515q
012415x68 092814f61 013116w58 072215k57 012315t56 071815r56 052915t55
121915h55 051415b55 060715t54 062015a49 012315l46 030115y42 021915t42
061016z 012617h 013016f 020516g 010416d 120817h
041516n51 031516q49 031116j49 081016s46

100716f67 111416a61 052916n56 020116m55 073016n42 Friends: Friends Forever; Gregory Colbert: Bliss Here; Dog & Duck; Monkey & Pigeon; Leopard & Baby Baboon; again; Dolphin & Humpback; Polar Bear & Sled Dog; Crow & Kitten; What happens when you take a cat to a dog show; Cat Adopts Baby Squirrels, 2/6/9; Suriya & Roscoe; Doug Seus and Little Bart, 10/3/9; Orangutan & the Hound Dog; Orangutan & Dog; Face to Face with Leopard Seal; Dog Falls For Cat; Man & Hippo; Man & Crocodile; How to cuddle with an elephant seal; Odd Couple at Tennessee Sanctuary; Pigeon & Bunnies; Swoozie the monkey stuns zoo visitors by making friends with a toad... and carrying him around for a whole day, 8/3/10; Dog And Human Baby; Porcupine who thinks he is a puppy!; Dog Swims Daily with a Dolphin, 8/28/10; Dog saved by Dolphin; Labrador & Dolphin; Why Can’t We Be Friends? Top 10 Interspecies BFF Videos, 10/4/10; Guy and baby hummingbird friend; Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig); Dolphins save Doberman Pinscher stranded on sandbar, 3/3/11; Cat On Boat Plays With Dolphins, 4/11/11; Cat and owl playing; Pitbull vs kitten; Sloth and cat / Gato com preguiça / Sloth Prince and her best friend Daisy, 4/14/13; Cat + Owl = BFFs?, 5/2/13; Dolphins filmed having fun with a blue whale, 8/30/13; Family Cat has a New Squirrel Friend; Elephant & Dog Swimming Buddies; Dog & Magpie; Cat & Ducklings; Cat & the Ducklings (Animal Odd Couples), 11/21/13; A goat named Mr. G and, a donkey named Jellybean, 5/27/14; A Deer Walked Up To This House One Day, 7/30/14

042514g57 090814y55 030614f-53 062115f53 122814h49 093014q49 090313j

051616q 021515u 070415s 120216z 061514l 011216b 121714s 070115w61 110915c49 perfectanimalshots 041415o42 020116f42 110813l 091214r34 062716d33 Enemies: [See also: Friends]; Couger vs. Bear; Battle at Kruger, 5/3/7; Top 10 Worst Man Eaters In History, 10/16/14; again (Jean-Jacques Annaud); Zebra beats Lion; Lion, Buffalo & Crocodile; Lion Intimidates Crocodile, 4/29/11; Dear Hunting with Golden Eagle; Eagle & Goat; Collaboration of Dolphins, Sharks and Birds; Cat chases off bear' Kill Thrill: Watch Animals Capture Their Prey in Slow-Mo, 3/6/13; Eagle vs. deer: Death from above, 9/24/13; Squirrel escapes Hawk; again; Suicidal crickets, zombie roaches and other mind controlling parasite tales, 3/14

Mysterious Creatures

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Mysterious Creatures: Loch Ness Monster of Alaska?, 7/19/11; Lair of the Beasts: Monster Hot-Spots, 10/1/11; 'Monster' washes up on New York beach, 7/26/12; Top 10 Mysterious Monsters of Today, 9/21/12; Reports Surface Of Monster Lurking In Russian Lake, 2/5/13; Unicorn Skull Discovered in Cave?, 5/31/13; Ebu Gogo - the Flores Hobbit, 7/6/13; Icelandic Commission Confirms That Video Of Mythical Sea Monster Lagarfljótsormur Is Actually Real, 10/1/14; Top 22 Scariest SCPS, 12/16/14; Top 24 Scariest SCPS II, 6/2/15; More Humanoid Encounters, 11/5/16; 3 Dangerous Creatures Secretly Being Held in Captivity | SCP (Special Containment Procedures) Foundation, 11/10/16

Bigfoot/ Yeti: Observed at Fort Stewart, 10/9/10; Lair of the Beasts: Seeking the Indian Bigfoot, 10/23/10; India Bigfoot, 10/26/10; Sasquatch: The Best Evidence; Yeti, a severed finger spirited from Nepal, and a famous film star. DNA tests will finally solve a truly bizarre mystery, 12/27/11; Idaho prof approaches Bigfoot hunt as academic pursuit, 9/3/12; Voice of Bigfoot, 11/16/12; Melba Ketcham's Official Announcement: ‘BIGFOOT’ DNA SEQUENCED, 11/24/12; Bigfoot DNA Tests Prove Hairy Creature Exists, Genetic Researcher Says, 11/28/12; Statements From Igor Burtsev Regarding Rejection of Ketchum's Paper By U.S. Peer Review Journals, 12/6/12; Bigfoot DNA Discovered? Not So Fast, 2/14/13; Is this the first sighting of a baby Yeti?, 3/28/13; Mysterious Deaths Of College Students Blamed On 'Russian Yeti', 5/29/14; Very Compelling Footage of Skunkape/Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida , 1/26/15; Truck Driver Describes Bigfoot Sightings, 12/16/15

Chupacabras:Chupacabra and Mangy Coyotes, 11/6/10
062016u47 Dragons: Real Dragon Over Truro, England on Oct. 11, 2013; Dragon Caught on Tape in China?, 5/2/17
'Kraken' Sea Monster: Lair of Ancient 'Kraken' Sea Monster Possibly Discovered, 10/10/11; again, 10/12/11
Loch Ness Monster: Debate over Loch Ness monster authenticity flares up; Is the Loch Ness monster on Google Earth?, 8/26/9; Loch Ness Monster FOUND at last? Astonishing new photo of Nessie, 9/18/16
Sea Serpents: Lair of the Beasts Sea Serpent Files, 12/25/10; Leviathan sea monster fossil found in ancient Peruvian seabed, 2/15/11

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