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030916a42 Apes: Amazing photos of Kanzi the bonobo lighting a fire and cooking a meal; Kanzi, the ape who HAS learned the secret of man's red fire and loves nothing more than a good fry-up, 12/30/11; Real King Kong may have been brought down by fruit, 1/14/14; Amazing apes: Great apes can “read minds” to help people out, 4/11/17

073113-5 mohv7vYGud Baboons: Baboons will occasionally adopt feral puppies and raise them as pets. I Want to Believe This Surprised Baboon Gets What Magic Is, 3/22/16

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030416n60 012016n59 081616x41 Chimpanzees: Chimp vs. Human Memory Test; Chimps use cleavers and anvils as tools, 12/24/9; Chimps deal with death like humans do, researchers say, 4/26/10; Chimps 'mourn their dead infants', 1/31/11; Chimpanzees found to give birth in much the same way as humans, 6/10/11; Cheetah the chimp from 1930s Tarzan flicks dies, 12/28/11; Chimp genius, 2/8/12; Stone-Throwing Chimp Thinks Ahead, 5/10/12; Genius female chimpanzee found to be smarter than U.S. high school students, 8/28/12; Chimps, Orangutans Have Human-Like Memories, 7/19/13; Chimps call out audible alarms in tactical context, just like humans, 10/29/13; New York lawsuit seeks 'legal personhood' for chimpanzees, 12/3/13; How Dolphins and Chimps See the World Compared To Humans, 1/16/14; Like soldiers on patrol, chimps use hand signals to communicate during food hunts, 1/23/14; Chimps beat humans in strategic computer game test, 6/21/14; African Militia Arm Chimp With AK-47, 6/30/14; Researchers decoding mysteries of chimpanzee sign language, 7/4/14; Bonobo Chimp And Their Intelligent Adoption Of The Non-Aggression Axiom, 7/21/14; Male Chimpanzees treat Females aggressively to Father More Babies, 11/14/14; Judge gives chimpanzees human rights for the first time, 4/21/15; Why chimpanzees and sentient animals deserve 'nonhuman rights', 4/29/15; Chimps chow down on clay to detox and improve their health - here's why you should too!, 9/6/15; Should Chimps Have Legal Rights?, 3/23/17; Chimpanzees observed by scientists are changing their hunting behavior because they know they’re being watched, 6/27/17; Chimpanzees found to accumulate and transfer cultural knowledge from one generation to the next, 7/29/17

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011814g 060814b One_Gorilla__s_Opinion 062314i 031415y mnd6twkmn 101315n 121015k 121515u
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032915k49 021615w43 Gorillas: Reunion after 5 years between Human & Gorilla; Koko: A Talking Gorilla, 9/8/9; Gorilla Reunion; Face to face with gorillas, 1/2/12; World's oldest gorilla fossil challenges evolutionary beliefs, 10/6/12; Gorilla destroys property, blames the cat - Are all primates liars?, 1/19/13; Gorilla Twins, 6/13/13; Silverback Gorilla and family; 44 year-old Koko the gorilla delivers a news years message, 1/14; Animal behavior expert says Harambe the gorilla was simply investigating boy that fell into enclosure and knew he was 'defenseless', 6/20/16

Macaques: In Japan, Macaques search for lost coins, as they learned to use vending machines. What’s a Monkey to Do in Tampa?, 8/22/12

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121915w 060114a 110514e42 Monkeys: Monkey angrily rejects unequal pay, 8/21/12; Monkeys can do math, 5/5/14; 30,000 Monkeys Have Taken A City By Storm Unruly Monkeys Stealing, Breaking Into Cars, Biting & Killing Citizens in India’s Capital, 7/22/14; Monkeys are more rational, economic shoppers than humans, study finds, 12/10/14; 30 Monkeys Freed From Puerto Rico Primate Research Center, 6/28/15; Monkeys discovered to use complex grammatical structures in their language, 1/15/16

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091713i Orangutangs: Orangutans' Intelligence; Intelligence of Orangutans in Berlin Zoo, 7/11/12; Tree-loving orang-utans hang out on the forest floor, 7/3/13; Chimps, Orangutans Have Human-Like Memories, 7/19/13; Orangutans discovered to be herbal medicine geniuses who manufacture their own healing ointments using forest plants, 1/17/18; Orangutan defends forest home from giant excavator ripping down trees, 6/11/18; We only THINK we’re smarter: Scientists shocked when orangutans were filmed making their OWN MEDICINE for sore limbs, 7/19/18