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120116n 100+ Legal Sites to Download Literature; 25,000 Free Books; Bartleby; Project Gutenberg; Many Books; ebook3000; Planet pdf ; pdf Bibliotheek; pdfDatabase; World Public Library; Internet Archive; Decrypted Matrix: Truth Seekers pdf Archive; Full Books; LibraVox; American Libraries; Calibre; Free Poetry Ebooks; ezine articles; Panhala; Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music & more; 100 Must-Read Books: The Essential Man's Library, 5/14/8; America’s new ‘digital public library’ brings millions of documents online, 4/14/13; 50 best cult books, 11/7/13; Great novels can change your life...and your brain, 1/6/14; 10 Great Books That Were Not Appreciated During Their Time, 1/11/15; 10 Wildly Successful Books Authors Wish They Hadn’t Written, 2/8/15; 30 of the Best Parents in Literature; Orwell's Triumph: How Novels Tell the Truth of Surveillance, 6/28/15; 10 Books That Greatly Influenced Famous And Successful People, 8/30/15; 10 Books That Are Nothing Like the Film Adaptation, 9/16/15; There are just SIX plots in every film, book and TV show ever made: Researchers reveal the 'building blocks' of storytelling, 7/8/16

120616d Quotes: Brainy Quote; Quotations Page; Winston Churchill; 10 Brilliant Quotes, 9/16/7; Top 100 Inspirational Quotes, 5/28/13

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What's In a Name?, 5/11/13

Ancient Literature

Ancient Literature: wikipedia; 20 Oldest Books of All Time, 9/5/11; 10 Of The Most Ancient Pieces Of Literature We’ve Found, 4/30/15; What is the oldest known piece of literature?, 12/18/15; 3 Ancient Texts That Completely SHATTER History As We Know It, 4/26/17
500 BC: Tao Te Ching: Chinese. wikipedia
800 BC: Homer's writings: wikipedia; Classical Antiquity
1000 - 600 BC: Avesta: Zoroastrianism religious texts. wikipedia: "Surviving texts of the Avesta, as they exist today, derive from a single master copy produced by Sasanian Empire-era (224–651 CE) collation and recension". Zend-Avesta [Max Muller, ed. 1880]
1185 BC: Tale Of Two Brothers: Egyptian. wikipedia
1200 BC: I Ching: Chinese. wikipedia (1000–750 BC)
1700-1100 BC: Vedas: wikipedia
1780 BC: Code of Hammurabi: Akkadian. wikipedia
2250 - 2000 BC: Epic of Gilgamesh: Sumerian earliest stories in the Akkadian 1900 BC Epic of Gilgamesh; wikipedia
2270 BC: Enheduanna's Hymns: Sumerian. wikipedia
2350 BC: Maxims of Ptahhotep: Egyptian. wikipedia
2400-1550 BC: Egyptian Book of the Dead: wikipedia; Pyramid Texts
3500 BC: Earliest writing on pottery in Pakistan
28000+ BC: Chauvet Cave art in France

Classic Of Poetry: Chinese. wikipedia
Book of Enoch: wikipedia
Book of Giants: wikipedia
Hebrew Bible: wikipedia: "Oldest texts seem to come from the 11th or 10th centuries BCE, whilst most of the other texts are somewhat later".
Kolbrin Bible: 3,600 years old. wikipedia


Edward Abbey: Desert Solitaire
Douglas Adams: Ultimate-Hitchhikers-Guide; Works^; Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy^
Richard Adams: Watership Down^
Aravind Adiga: White Tiger^
James Agee: Death in the Family

W. Harrison Ainsworth: Constable of the Tower^; Leaguer of Lathom^; Preston Fight^

Louisa May Alcott: Little Men^; Little Women^; Poems^
Lloyd Alexander: Fortune-Tellers
Dante Alighieri: Divine Comedy^; Poems^

081516y 050916j56 Hans Christian Anderson: Fairy Tales^; Poems^; Emperor's New Clothes: Backlash, the Lost Chapter, 6/18/13

Poul Anderson: Works^
Sherwood Anderson: Winesburg, Ohio^
Maya Angelou: I know why the caged bird sings^
frogdot2 Piers Anthony: Works^
Jon Appleby: Skate

Isaac Asimov: Citizen of the Galaxy; Complete Stories v1^; Foundation Trilogy^; Human Brain^; Nightfall^; Complete Works^; Asimov nailed 2014 predictions in 1964, 1/3/14

Margaret Atwood: Alias Grace^; Cat's Eye^; Dancing Girls and Other Stories^; Handmaid's Tale^; Moral Disorder^; Oryx and Crake^; Penelopiad^; Robber Bride^

Jean Auel: Clan of the Cave Bear^; Mammoth Hunters^; Valley of Horses^; Plains of Passage^; Shelters of Stone^

Jane Austen: Emma^; Mansfield Park^; Pride & Prejudice^; Sense & Sensibility^; Persuasion^; Poems^

Richard Bach: Illusions^; Jonathan Livingston Seagull^

James Baldwin: Devil Finds Work; Go Tell It On The Mountain, 1953; Sonny's Blues^

J.G. Ballard: Empire of the Sun

092713-01 071413-03 011216i 070913-01 James Matthew Barrie: Peter Pan^

John Barth: Chimera^; Sot-Weed Factor^

Charles Baudelaire: 88 Poems; 18 Poems ; Anthology I; Anthology II

090316p 012015k 040214o-55 L. Frank Baum: Wonderful Wizard of Oz^; WIZARD OF OZ Modern Day Parable; Wizard and Illuminati Mind Control; Mike Rogers: If I Only Had a Brain, 2/2/11; Here's The Real, Forgotten Meaning Of 'The Wizard Of Oz', 5/30/14; Here's The Real, Forgotten Meaning Of 'The Wizard Of Oz', 9/14/14; Here's the real, forgotten meaning of 'The Wizard Of Oz', 4/19/15; Human Destiny Revealed at the End of the Yellow Brick Road, 5/20/18

Peter Benchley: Jaws^

Saul Bellow: Adventures of Augie March^; Collected Stories^; Henderson the Rain King; Herzog; Humboldt's Gift^

Ambroce Bierce: The Devil's Dictionary, 1811^; Poems^

111113-43 William Blake: archive; On the Web; Complete Poetry & Prose^

William Blatty: Exorcist^

Jorge Luis Borges: Poems^
Ray Bradbury: Works^
Marion Zimmer Bradley: Mists of Avalon^

Richard Brautigan: In Watermelon Sugar^; Trout Fishing in America^; Poems^

Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre^
Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights^; Poems^

Dan Brown: Angels & Demons^; Da Vinci Code^; Deception Point^; Digital Fortress^

John Buchan: 39 Steps^
Pearl Buck: Good Earth

050116b zoomtree Charles Bukowski: South of No North; Poems^

John Bunyan: Pilgrims's Progress^

Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange^; Earthly Powers^; Malayan Trilogy^

Frances Hodgson Burnett: Secret Garden^

Edgar Rice Burroughs: Works^; Tarzan of the Apes^

William S. Burroughs: Birds and Poets^; Electronic Revolution^; Junky^; Naked Lunch^; audio reading by author^; Nova Trilogy; William S. Burroughs lecture,writing class,June 25,1986,on paranormal,synchronicity,dreams, 1/26/13

Sir Richard Burton: Arabian Nights^
Samuel Butler: Erewhon^; Way of All Flesh^
James Cain: Postman Always Rings Twice^
Erskine Caldwell: Tobacco Road
Joseph Caldwell: Earth is God's Dime Novel^
Albert Camus: Fall^; Myth Of Sisyphus^; Plague^; Stranger^
Orson Scott Card: Alvin Maker^; Ender's Saga^; Homecoming^

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071215l69 103115z65 moef6tgSdY1ss 090313l 111915o42 Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland^; AAW; Through the Looking Glass^; Poems^; 10 Everyday Phrases 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' Made Popular, 10/9/15

Rachel Carson: Silent Spring, 1962^

Willa Cather: Death Comes to the Archbishop; My Antonia^; O Pioneers^; Troll Garden^

Raymond Chandler: Big Sleep; Farewell My Lovely^
Arthur C. Clarke: Works^
Marcus Clarke: For the Term of His Natural Life^

James Clavell: Shogun^; Tai-Pan^; King Rat^; Noble House^; Whirlwind^; Gai-Jin^

bridge 080115e Paulo Coelho: quotes; Alchemist^; Brida^; By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept^; Devil & Miss Prym^; Eleven Minutes^; Maktub^; Manual of the Warrior of Light^; Warrior of the Light, v1; v2; v3; Way of the Bow; Winner Stands Alone; Witch of Portobello; Zahir; Short Stories, v1^; v2^; Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren^; Way of the Bow^; Winner Stands Alone^; Zahir^; blog

Leonard Cohen: Leonard Cohen Reading List: I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, 6/6/17; Songs of Leonard Cohen are not his Primary Legacy, 11/27/16
Love Itself, 1/11/12; Here It Is, 5/13/14; If It Be Your Will, 1/24/15; That don't make it junk, 7/14/17

Suzanne Collins: Hunger Games Trilogy Discussion Guide; Is the 'Hunger Games' Trilogy a Libertarian Manifesto?, 4/12/12; movie

Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness^; Lord Jim^; Nostromo^; Secret Agent^
James Fenimore Cooper: Last of the Mohicans^
Hart Crane: Poems^
Stephen Crane: Blue Hotel^; Red Badge of Courage^; Poems^

Honore de Balzac: Adieu; Human Comedy, 1893, Vol. 1^, Vol. 2^, Vol. 3^; Greatest Novelist of Them All?

090716y 35g30xfo 082415j58 Jean de Brunhoff: Babar
Babar's 11s

don-quixote mm24ymP4DD1 010916h53 Miguel de Cervantes: Don Quixote^

Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe^; again^; Further Adventures; Poems^

Marquis de Sade: 120 Days of Sodom^; Philosophy in the Bedroom^

Antoine de Saint-Exupery: Little Prince^
de Santillana & von Dechend: Hamlet's Mill

Philip K. Dick: Works^; A Scanner Darkly^; Philip K. Dick: The Other Side; Greg Rickman: Philip K. Dick: The Last Testament; Did Philip K. Dick Disclose the Real "Matrix" in 1977?, 6/26/10; A Libertarian Look at Philip K. Dick, 5/4/11; Man Who Remembered the Future, 12/27/13

Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol^; David Copperfield^; Great Expectations^; Hard Times^; Mystery of Edwin Drood^; Old Curiosity Shop^; Oliver Twist^; Pickwick Papers^; A Tale of Two Cities^; Case for Ebeneezer, 12/13/4

James Dickey: Deliverance^
Isak Dinesen: Out of Africa
E.L. Doctorow: Ragtime
J.P. Donleavy: Ginger Man
John Dos Passos: Three Soldiers^; USA^

Fyodor Dostoevsky: Brothers Karamazov^; Crime & Punishment^; Idiot^; Notes from the Underground^; Dostoyevsky on the Jews, 11/14/11

Clayton R. Douglas: Deadly Flashes of Silver^
Arthur Conan Doyle: Hound of the Baskervilles; Lost World

Theodore Dreiser: An American Tragedy; Financier^; Sister Carrie^; Twelve Men^

Alexandre Dumas: Count of Monte Cristo^; 3 Musketeers^
Daphne du Maurier: Rebecca^
Lawrence Durrell: Alexandria Quartet
Umberto Eco: Foucault's Pendulum^

frogdot3 George Eliot: Adam Bede; Middlemarch^; Silas Marner^

Harlan Ellison: Works^

Ralph Ellison: Invisible Man^

Philip Jose Farmer: Works^

William Faulkner: Absalom, Absalom!^; As I Lay Dying^; Light in August^; Sound & the Fury^

James T. Farrell: Studs Lonigan
Henry Fielding: Tom Jones^

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Great Gatsby^; Tales of the Jazz Age^; Tender is the Night^; This Side of Paradise^

Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary^

Ian Fleming: Casino Royale^; Live and Let Die^; Moonraker^; Diamonds Are Forever^; From Russia With Love^; Dr. No^; Goldfinger^; For Your Eyes Only^; Thunderball^; Spy Who Loved Me^; On Her Majesty's Secret Service^; You Only Live Twice^; Octopussy^

E.M. Forster: A Room with a View^; Howard's End^; Passage to India^; Where Angels Fear to Tread^

John Fowles: French Lieutenant's Woman; Magus^

031715r 100215q 080817x 053015a51 mfyzn3kCLn1ral Kahlil Gibran: Broken Wings^; Garden of the Prophet^; Jesus the Son of Man^; Prophet^; words

William Gibson: All Tomorrow's Parties^; Bridge Trilogy^; Burning Chrome^; Count Zero^; Idoru^; Mona Lisa Overdrive^; Neuromancer^; Pattern Recognition^; Spook Country^; Virtual Light^; WG says the future is right here, right now, 10/12/10

061315w49 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust^; Poems^
William Golding: Lord of the Flies^
William Goldman: Princess Bride^
Kenneth Grahame: Wind in the Willows^

Günter Grass: Tin Drum^; Art of Resistance – a comment on Günter Grass, 4/5/12; Stephen Lendman: Gunter Grass Addresses Israel's Nuclear Threat, 4/6/12; Israel bans German author Guenter Grass of controversial poem, 4/8/12; Israelis can be angry with Gunter Grass, but they must listen to him, 4/8/12; If even a Nobel laureate isn't allowed to speak out, then who is?, 4/11/12; Stephen Lendman: Scoundrels Attack Gunter Grass Truths - Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous, 4/11/12; Israel Declares War on Gunter Grass, 4/13/12; Famed German Author Gunter Grass Dies at Age 87, 4/13/15; Gunter Grass warned of ‘sleepwalking’ into world war in final interview, 4/15/15

Robert Graves: I, Claudius
Graham Greene: End of the Affair; Heart of the Matter^
Sara Gruen: Water for Elephants^
Alex Haley: Roots
Mark Haddon: Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time^

Thomas Hardy: Far From the Madding Crowd^; Jude the Obscure^; Mayor of Casterbridge^; Return of the Native^; Tess of the d'Urbervilles^; Poems^

Donald Harington: site; Some Other Place, the Right Place
Jaroslav Hasek: Good Soldier Svejk
Nathaniel Hawthorne: House of Seven Gables^; Scarlett Letter^

111516n Robert Heinlein: Works^; Puppet Masters; Stranger in a Strange Land; Time Enough for Love

nikitamelnikov Joseph Heller: Catch-22^

010917e 062514w Ernest Hemingway: A Farewell to Arms^; For Whom The Bell Tolls^; Islands in the Stream^; Nick Adams Stories; Old Man and the Sea^; Sun Also Rises^; again; Cat fight pits government against Hemingway museum, 12/11/12

O. Henry: Gift of the Magi^
Frank Herbert: Works^; Dune^

031016m73 Hermann Hesse: Glass Bead Game^; Siddhartha^; Steppenwolf

James Hilton: Lost Horizen^
Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan^
Victor Hugo: Hunchback of Notre Dame^; Les Miserables^; Poems^

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World^; again; Doors of Perception^; Gioconda Smile^; Island^; Perennial Philosophy^; Mike Wallace Interview, 5/18/58; ‘Brave New World’ the third most censored book in America, librarians say, 4/12/11; Aldous Huxley 1958 interviewed by Mike Wallace, 9/28/11; 1984 v. Brave New World, 3/6/12; How Darwin, Huxley, and the Esalen Institute launched the 2012 and psychedelic revolutions – and began one of the largest mind control operations in history, 8/28/12; Huxleys, Gordon Wasson, Terence McKenna, Esalen, Psychedelics, 2012 & Mind Control, 10/9/12; Prisons of Pleasure Or Pain: Huxley’s “Brave New World” vs. Orwell’s “1984”, 4/23/17

John Irving: Fourth Hand^; World According to Garp^
Washington Irving: Legend of Sleepy Hollow^; Rip van Winkle^
Harold Jaffe: Sex for the Millenium

Henry James: Ambassadors^; Daisy Miller^; Portrait of a Lady^; Turn of the Screw^; Wings of the Dove^

Crockett Johnson: Harold & the Purple Crayon
James Jones: From Here to Eternity
Erica Jong: Fear of Flying^; Poems^
James Joyce: Dubliners^; Finnegans Wake; Finnegans Wake^; Ulysses^; Poems^; James Joyce Reads From Finnegans Wake, 9/27/9; Robert Anton Wilson on Finnegans Wake & Joseph Campbell, 9/7/12; “Finnegans Wake” Breakdown, 7/16/14

052215j51 Franz Kafka: Metamorphosis^; Lawyers open cache of unpublished Kafka manuscripts, 7/19/10

larrycarlson Jack Kerouac: Dharma Bums^; On the Road^; Orpheus Emerged^; Poems^

122814a Ken Kesey: One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest^; Sometimes a Great Notion

Daniel Keyes: Flowers for Algernon^

Barbara Kingsolver: Animal Dreams, Bean Trees

Rudyard Kipling: Works^; Indian Tales^; Jungle Book^; Kim^; Phantom Rickshaw^; Poems^; Gods of the Copybook Headings

Joann Klusmeyer: Sign of the Fish^
John Knowles: A Separate Peace
Jerzy Kosinski: Being There
William Kotzwinkle: Amphora Project^; Fan Man; Magician^
Stanley Kubrick: A Clockwork Orange screenplay

D.H. Lawrence: Aaron's Rod; Lady Chatterly's Lover^; Rainbow^; Sons & Lovers^; Women In Love^; Poems^

Edward Lear: Book of Nonsense
Harper Lee: To Kill a Mockingbird^
Ursula K. Le Guin: Lathe Of Heaven^; Left Hand of Darkness^

Doris Lessing: 5th Child^; Four Gated City; Golden Notebook^; Martha Quest; On Cats^; Sirian Experiments^; wikipedia

082613f C.S. Lewis: Chronicles of Narnia^; Prophetic C.S. Lewis, 12/12/11; Gary North: C. S. Lewis Warned Against the New World Order, 3/2/12

Sinclair Lewis: Arrowsmith^; Babbitt^; Cass Timberlane^; Elmer Gantry^; Main Street^

Mario Vargas Llosa: Conversation in the Cathedral; Green House
John Locke: Self publishing writer becomes million seller, 6/21/11
Jack London: Call of the Wild^; Sea Wolf^; White Fang^
Anita Loos: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

pleasant H P Lovecraft: Complete Works^; Collected Works; 48 Stories; Necronomicon; Lovecraft on Mastermind, 10/30/6

Nicolo Machiavalli: The Prince^

Ben Mack: Poker Without Cards

Norman Mailer: Naked & the Dead

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Hundred Years of Solitude^
Yann Martel^: Life of Pi
W. Somerset Maugham: Of Human Bondage^; Razor's Edge^
Mary McCarthy: Group
Colleen McCullough: Thorn Birds^
Larry McMurtry: All My Friends are going to be Strangers; Lonesome Dove^
Herman Melville: Billy Budd^; Moby Dick^; Poems^
Thomas Merton: Reader, 1962^; Seven Storey Mountain
Stephenie Meyer: Eclipse^
James Michener: Centennial, Hawaii
Henry Miller: Tropic of Cancer^; Tropic of Capricorn

101513-03 031516m my_favorite_day 072316q 022716w 081213-24 102814q46 121316d41 A.A. Milne: Winnie the Pooh^; Poems^

John Milton: Paradise Lost^; Poems^

Margaret Mitchell: Gone with the Wind^
Thomas More: Utopia^
Toni Morrison: Beloved^; Song of Solomon
Vladimir Nabokov: Lolita^; Pale Fire^; Complete Short Stories^

072115a54 Friedrich Nietzche: Antichrist; Beyond Good & Evil

081213-32 Anais Nin:

Scott O’Dell: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Baroness Orczy: Scarlet Pimpernel^

041115u35 George Orwell: 1984^; again; again; Masterpiece that killed G.O.; Animal Farm^; Down And Out In London & Paris^; Homage to Catalonia^; Critical Essays^; Politics & the English Language; 1984 v. Brave New World, 3/6/12; I suggested that my daughter read Animal Farm - A few days later I found this on my desk, 9/21/13; 1984 Was an Instruction Manual, 12/4/13; Happy Birthday, George Orwell, 6/13/14; 10 George Orwell Quotes that Predicted Life in 2014 America, 8/27/14; Orwell’s ‘1984’ Is Coming True, 9/4/14; Final Warning, 11/15/14; 30 Years Later, America Truly Is Becoming a ‘1984’ Society, 11/30/14; Orwell's Triumph: How Novels Tell the Truth of Surveillance, 6/28/15; Prisons of Pleasure Or Pain: Huxley’s “Brave New World” vs. Orwell’s “1984”, 4/23/17; 10 Things You Never Knew About Orwell's 1984, 7/13/17

Boris Pasternak: Dr. Zhivago^; Poems^
Sylvia Plath: Bell Jar

080715m 011915h 080913-15 073113-4 041915t 052014s56 012014l-49 Edgar Allen Poe: Works^; Complete Poems^; 3 moments that might convince you Edgar Allan Poe was a time traveler, 7/20/16

Alexander Pope: Rape of the Lock^

Eleanor Porter: Pollyanna^

Chaim Potok: Chosen, My Name is Asher Lev, Promise
Beatrix Potter: Tales of Peter Rabbit^

Ezra Pound: ABC of Reading; What did he really say?; European Misunion, and a sermon from Ezra Pound, 11/26/11

sethgarland Eleanor Porter: Pollyanna^
Terry Pratchett: Discworld^
Mario Puzo: Dark Arena^; Fools Die^; Fourth K^; Godfather^; Sicilian^

Thomas Pynchon: wikipedia; Crying of Lot 49^; again; Gravity's Rainbow^; again; Gravity's Rainbow reviwed; V^; Intro to Orwell's 1984; Uncollected Works^; Sex, Drugs and the Postal Service: Thomas Pynchon, A Beginner's Guide, 12/16/14

Howard Pyle: Merry Adventures of Robin Hood^
Sir Walter Raleigh: Poems^

T. Lobsang Rampa: As I Was (1976)^; Beyond Tenth^; Candlelight (1973)^; Cave of the Ancients (1963)^; Chapters of Life (1967)^; Doctor From Lhasa (1959); Feeding the Flame (1971)^; Hermit (1971)^; I Believe (1977)^; Living with the Lama (1964)^; Rampa Story (1960)^; Saffron Robe (1966)^; Third Eye (1956)^; Thirteenth Candle (1972)^; Three Lives (1977)^; Tibetan Sage (1980)^; Twilight (1975)^; Wisdom of the Ancients (1965)^; You Forever (1965)^

Jean Raspail: Camp of the Saints, 1973; Camp of the Saints seen mirrored in Pope's message, 9/24/15

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: Yearling
Erich Marie Remarque: All Quiet on the Western Front^
H.A. Rey: Curious George^
Anne Rice: Works^
Rainer Maria Rilke: Letters to a Young Poet^; Poems^

huenersch Gregory David Roberts: Shantaram^; Shantaram Home Page; Shantaram video, 9/14/6; Architecture of the Novel

Tom Robbins: quotes; Another Roadside Attraction; Even Cowgirls Get the Blues^; Jitterbug Perfume^

Edmond Rostand: Cyrano De Bergerac^
Philip Roth: Human Stain^; Portnoy’s Complaint^
J.K. Rowling: 7 Harry Potter books^
062917e 091715d60 Arundhati Roy: God of Small Things^

111113-31 072913f 011615z 111114g mnaahaXji2 060515r 041915s 081715g 050115b73
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020416p61 100814o57 072614m53 032416j52

101017b 082116q 091916m 110417l 121316y 090716f71 013116l49 123015c44 020516i42 042815r37 Rumi: words; Selected Poems; Words of Paradise; F. Hadland Davis; E. H. Whinfield

Salman Rushdie: Enchantress of Florence; V.2; Luka and the Fire of Life; Midnight Children^; again; Satanic Verses^; again; again

J.D.Salinger: Catcher in the Rye^; Franny & Zooey^
Sir Walter Scott: Ivanhoe^
Erich Segal: Love Story^
Maurice Sendak: Where the Wild Things Are

120716j 021814b 080416n 122014k Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs & Ham^; Dr. Seuss Books Banned by Liberal School Librarian, 10/2/17

Anna Sewell: Black Beauty^

042815d 111616x 072816o 070215v69 William Shakespeare: Complete Works^; Comprehensive Guide to Everything Shakespeare; Something Is Rotten - what the state and the left have done to Shakespeare, 10/24/15; William Shakespeare 400th anniversary: 60 everyday words and phrases you never knew came from the Bard, 4/8/16; Happy Birthday, “Shakespeare”!, 4/20/16

Robin S. Sharma: Monk Who Sold His Ferrari^
052815o56 Mary Shelley: Frankenstein^
Robert Silverberg: Works^
Shel Silverstein: Giving Tree
Charles Simic: Aunt Lettuce, I Want to Peek Under Your Skirt
Upton Sinclair: Jungle^; Moneychangers^
Betty Smith: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Gulag Archipelago, Bk. 1; One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich^; Voice of Freedom^

Johanna Spyri: Heidi^
Wallace Stegner: Angle of Repose
Gertrude Stein: Three Lives^; Selected Writings^; Poems^

waystation John Steinbeck: Cannery Row; East of Eden^; Grapes of Wrath^; Of Mice and Men^; Pearl^; Tortilla Flat; Travels with Charley; A Literary Reference to His Life & Work^

Robert Louis Stevenson: A Child's Garden of Verses^; Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde^; Kidnapped^; Treasure Island^

Bram Stoker: Dracula^; Dracula's Guest^
Irving Stone: Agony & the Ecstasy^
Theodore Sturgeon: Dreaming Jewels^; More Than Human^
William Styron: Sophie’s Choice
Vin Suprynowicz: A Drug War Resistance Fantasy, 1/18/16
Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels^; books; Poems^
100215f64 Rabindranath Tagore: wikipedia; Unending Love
Amy Tan: Bonesetter's Daughter^; Joy Luck Club

William Makepeace Thackeray: Vanity Fair^; Poems^

071217u 030316b 122214f 080313o Hunter S. Thompson: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas^; Great Shark Hunt^; Flashback: Hunter S. Thompson and Conan O’Brien Get Drunk at a Shooting Range, 2/13/13; Better Life End At Your Hand Than Theirs: R.I.P. Hunter, 2/23/13; 10 Bizarre Exploits Of Hunter S. Thompson, 1/25/14; Too Good For The War Junkies - R.I.P. Hunter S. Thompson, 2/20/15; High Times and Hunter S. Thompson, 8/30/15

Henry David Thoreau: Thoreau Knew that Freedom Is Love, 9/16/17

J.R.R. Tolkien: Hobbit^; Lord of the Rings^; Silmarillion Illustrated^; J.R.R. Tolkien Reveals TRUE Meaning Of 'The Lord Of The Rings' In Unearthed Audio Recording, 5/22/14; Ring of Impunity - Tolkien, Plato, and the State, 9/15/14

032416e71 092116a46 Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina^; Kingdom of God is Within You^; War & Peace^; Tolstoy on War and State, 12/12/11; Tolstoy’s Letters to Gandhi on Love, Violence, and the Truth of the Human Spirit, 12/30/14; Thomas Edison’s Recordings of Leo Tolstoy: Hear the Voice of Russia’s Greatest Novelist, 9/13/15

Anthony Trollope: An Eye for an Eye^
Dalton Trumbo: Johnny Got His Gun^; A Stunning Anti-War Polemic, 11/12/15

072215l 030316q m5ro16iam 062614s56 122114r46 111015l41 Mark Twain: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court^; Huckleberry Finn^; HF; Tom Sawyer^; TS; My Platonic Sweetheart^; Prince & the Pauper^; Pudd'nhead Wilson^; Collected Works^; War Prayer; Uncensored: American Troops are "Our Uniformed Assassins", 7/10/10; Mark Twain: Not an American But the American, 10/30/10; New edition of Huckleberry Finn replaces n-word with ‘slave’, 1/4/11; A Few Words In Defense of the N-Word, in the Novels of Mark Twain, 1/6/11; Would Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn be diagnosed mentally ill and drugged?, 9/1/11; Mark Twain's Recommended Reading for Young People, 3/11/14

John Updike: Rabbit Run^; Rabbit at Rest^
Leon Uris: Exodus, Trinity

120515k Jules Verne: Works^; Around the World in 80 Days; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Voltaire: Candide^

082116u kurt-vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: Bluebird^; Breakfast of Champions^; Cat's Cradle^; Deadeye Dick^; God Bless You Mr Rosewater^; Harrison Bergeron; Hocus Pocus^; Jailbird^; Mother Night^; Player Piano^; Sirens of Titan^; Slapstick^; Slaughterhouse Five^; How Slaughterhouse 5 was born; Timequake^; Biographer discusses the life of Kurt Vonnegut, 'a disenchanted American', 11/10/11

Alice Walker: Color Purple; Smearing Alice Walker, 6/26/13

mermaid-2147702 Lew Wallace: Ben-Hur^
Robert Penn Warren: All the King’s Men
Evelyn Waugh: Brideshead Revisited^

H.G. Wells: Complete Works^; Invisible Man^; Island of Doctor Moreau^; New Machiavelli, 1910^; Time Machine^; War of the Worlds^

Eudora Welty: Collected Stories, Curtain of Green
Edith Wharton: Age of Innocence^; Ethan Frome^; Roman Fever^
E.B. White: Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little
T.H. White: Once and Future King
Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass

122915d 080316l 071416j46 Oscar Wilde: Importance of Being Earnest^; Picture of Dorian Gray^; Poems^

Laura Ingalls Wilder: Little House on the Prairie; Laura Ingalls, Revisited, 7/4/12; Little House on the Orwellian Prairie, 6/29/18

Thornton Wilder: Bridge of San Luis Rey

010317g 041915x56 041214m-55 Robert Anton Wilson: Becoming What We Are^; Book of the Breast^; Coincidance^; Cosmic Trigger 1^; 2; 3; some texts; Celine's Laws; Dreams of Flying^; 8 Basic Scripts; Illuminati Papers^; Leary's Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness; Masks of the Illuminati^; Natural Law^; Octave of Energy; RAW Principia Discordia^: Prometheus Rising^; Quantum Psychology^; Sex Magicians^; Schrodingers Cat Trilogy^; TSOG - Thing That Ate the Constitution^; Wilhelm Reich in Hell^; Franklin: 23 Questions; Intro to Sex & Rockets; Masks of the Illuminati; articles; Aleister Crowley, 10/11/11; Robert Anton Wilson on Finnegans Wake & Joseph Campbell, 9/7/12; On Psychedelics, 1/10/13; Long Live Anarchy: An Interview with Robert Anton Wilson (Part 1), 10/8/16
Wilson & Shea: Illuminatus! Trilogy^; Wilson and Kell: MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Science (1999)^

Tom Wolfe: Bonfire of the Vanities; Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test^; Thoughts about it; Look Homeward Angel; Radical Chic; Right Stuff^

Virginia Woolf: I Love You, Alice B. Toklas; Mrs. Dalloway^; To the Lighthouse^

Herman Wouk: Caine Mutiny
081013-24 Richard Wright: Native Son
Johann Wyss: Swiss Family Robinson^; SFR
Roger Zelazny: Works^


012316y 112715b73 092314t 020315w56 Poetry: Conrad Potter Aiken^; Louisa May Alcott^; Dante Alighieri^; Hans Christian Anderson^; W.H. Auden^; Jane Austen^; Stephen Matsuo Basho^; Charles Baudelaire^; Vincent Benet^; John Berryman^; Ambroce Bierce^; William Blake^; Robert Bly^; Jorge Luis Borges^; Richard Brautigan^; Emily Bronte^; Gwendolyn Brooks^; Charles Bukowski^; Robert Burns^; Lord Byron^; Lewis Carroll^; Geoffrey Chaucer^; Samuel Taylor Coleridge^; Gregory Corso^; William Cowper^; Hart Crane^; Stephen Crane^; edward estlin cummings^; Daniel Defoe^; Walter de la Mare^; Emily Dickinson^; John Donne^; John Dryden^; Thomas Stearns Eliot^; Eugene Field^; Stephen C. Foster^; Robert Frost^; Allen Ginsberg^; Robert Graves^; Edgar Albert Guest^; Hafiz^; Thomas Hardy^; Nick Herbert^; Gerard Manley Hopkins^; Langston Hughes^; Ted Hughes^; Victor Hugo^; Robinson Jeffers^; Erica Jong^; James Joyce^; Kabir^; John Keats^; Jack Kerouac^; Omar Khayyam^; Joyce Kilmer^; Philip Larkin^; Emma Lazarus^; Edward Lear^; Denise Levertov^; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow^; Frederico Garcia Lorca^; Robert Lowell^; James Clerk Maxwell^; Herman Melville^; A.A. Milne^; John Milton^; Edwin Muir^; Ogden Nash^; Pablo Neruda^; Anais Nin^; Boris Pasternak^; Sylvia Plath^; Edgar Allen Poe^; Ezra Pound^; Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin^; Sir Walter Raleigh^; John Crowe Ransom^; Rainer Maria Rilke^; Edwin Arlington Robinson^; poetry Theodore Roethke^; Rumi^; Edna St. Vincent Millay^; Carl Sandburg^; Sappho^; Robert W. Service^; Anne Sexton^; Percy Bysshe Shelley^; Edmund Spenser^; Gertrude Stein^; Wallace Stevens^; Jonathan Swift^; Algernon Charles Swinburne^; Rabindranath Tagore^; Alfred Lord Tennyson^; William Makepeace Thackeray^; Dylan Thomas^; Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy^; Virgil^; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe^; Walt Whitman^; Oscar Wilde^; William Carlos Williams^; William Wordsworth^; James Wright^; William Butler Yeats^

Mystery, Horror, Suspense

ronelar 1497711 081013-10 Mystery, Horror, Suspense: Complete or Near Complete Works or as listed: Jerry Ahern^; Stephen Ambrose^; David Baldacci^; Mark Bowden: Blackhawk Down^; Rachel Caine^; Lee Child^; Agatha Christie^; Tom Clancy^; James Clavell^; Glen Cook^; Robin Cook^; Bernard Cornwell^; Patricia Cornwell^; Arthur Conan Doyle^; James Ellroy^; Janet Evanovich^; Ken Follett^; Frederick Forsyth^; Sue Grafton^; John Grisham^; Dashiel Hammett^; Charlaine Harris^; Thomas Harris^; Carl Hiaason^; Jack Higgins^; Iris Johansen^; Jonathon Kellerman^; Stephen King^: Stephen King hits out at 'closed minds' who oppose US gun control laws, 6/19/15; ; Dean Koontz^; John LaCarre^; Marianne LaCroix^; Edward Lerner^; Robert Ludlum^; Ross MacDonald^; Annmarie McKenna^; Chuck Palahnuik: Fight Club^; James Patterson^; Nora Roberts^; Joel C. Rosenberg: Last Jihad^; Sidney Sheldon^; William Mark Simmons^; Lemony Snicket^; Scott Turow: Personal Injuries^; David Weber: Apocalypse Troll^

Additional Fantasy and/or Science Fiction

083015d55 112715e55 122214v50 072215c50 031415a49 021015k49 121814v48
022815o 010715w 100214b 022815q 051315w 052615o 060515t 060615h 120915u
011716s 010816j 021716q 011916o 021716c 043016r 052816g 123015s
063016f 062316q 042316j 052016b 053016d 061016l 071416s 090216w 120716t 012717g
010115b70 112815x67 121114z66 012216k63 122815r56 012216t56 081616h56

100517k 022217c 082417c 021017x 101017g 080917c 111516b68 120216b56 010917g54 011716b49 011316m41 091816g41 030815q40 062716a31 Additional Fantasy and/or Science Fiction (very partial list): Complete or Near Complete Works: 8gb+ Fantasy & Science Fiction books^; 10 Great Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novels, 2/12/9; What The Future Will Look Like, According To Famous Science Fiction [Infographic], 11/26/12
Douglas Adams^; Richard Adams^; Poul Anderson^; Piers Anthony^; Isaac Asimov^; J.G. Ballard^; Ray Bradbury^; Edgar Rice Burroughs^; Arthur C. Clarke^; Michael Crichton^; L. Sprague De Camp^; Philip K. Dick^; Philip Jose Farmer^; Robert Heinlein^; Frank Herbert^; L. Ron Hubbard^; Madeline L' Engle^; Ursula K. Le Guin^; Stanislaw Lem^; H.P. Lovecraft^; Anne McCaffrey^; Larry Niven^; Frederik Pohl^; Terry Pratchett^; Anne Rice^; Fred Saberhagen^; Ron-Francis-Sleepy-Hollow Richard S. Shaver^; Robert Silverberg^; Olaf Stapledon^; Whitley Strieber^; A. E. Van Vogt^; Jules Verne^; H.G. Wells^; T. H. White^

121815t Fairies: 3D Mind-Blowing Photos! Is this the photographic proof that fairies are REAL?, 4/3/14; Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany, 5/16/15

Additional Children's

030214c 111113-14 022414e 051014c 030214s 062514p 062514s 072214d 072414b
0628145658 062414e57 061714h56 111713r 111114e55 0628146254 011414-76-49
120714s 111614y 080215u 102415c 061116d 062316n 101416r 071116w73
120515h49 030214n-49 101815j49 120515r48 102713l 121615j42

012416a66 111114d42 020914zz2-40 Additional Children's: Complete or Near Complete Works or as listed: Aesop's Fables^; L. Frank Baum^; Thornton Burgess^; Roald Dahl^; Grimms Fairy Tales^; Alice C. Hegen: Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch^; Gladys Malvern^; Eleanor Porter: Pollyanna^; Felix Salten: Bambi^; Stewart Edward White: Silent Places^; Global Elite Are Using Children’s Authors to Promote An Inevitable Agenda 21 Future, 8/9/14; Our Top 20 Works of Fabulous Fiction to Inspire Self-Reliant, Liberty-Loving Children and Teens, 12/20/14

Comics & Cartoons

060516y59 081715n59 103016k58 120713-40 121816j55 030216o55
051516n 052216m 120116e 061616l 062715m 070616h 061215i 112216o
100815w70 111915v69 012416s

042316c48 052216p46 Comics & Cartoons: Pinky and the Brain prove why old cartoons are better; Oktapodi (2007) - Oscar 2009 Animated Short Film, 2/24/9; 12 Things You May Not Know About Mad Magazine, 6/22/15; When the FBI Went After Mad Magazine, 7/8/15; 10 Yet to Happen Simpson Predictions: Sex Robots, Cashless Society, Trump, Human Hybrid, 4/30/16

Scott Adams: Dilbert; Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Presents His 10 Favorite Strips, 10/9/13; Dilbert Economics, 4/12/15; Dilbert creator Scott Adams causes liberal heads to explode with comic that hilariously exposes climate change “forecasting”, 6/1/17
Berke Breathed: Bloom County

073114f 080715w 062715t69 061616u 042216j 052216t 042116z 052215k
072716x58 021816w57 122216e56 121816y56 110816r55 082013k 062816e49

050316p70 051616b49 mmg1svKvz71r Walt Disney

080115g57 061516t56 052216u56 081715o56 092414d54

012617k 062015t 080615h42 Matt Groening: Trump Deception, 2/22/17; 2004 SIMPSONS PREDICT WALMART FEMA RE-EDUCATION CENTERS, 9/8/17

070415u 040415g 120414a 111515h 021316v

091713k 120513-29 092715y27 Kane & Finger

051415h 041415n56 110815p56 062614t55 041516d54 040415z42 Looney Tunes:

122715e 072315z62 071215p47 Mad Magazine

120717b 110916g 102315r55 Charles Schultz

090415u 111015e Elsie Segar

030715o 062514j 011815h 080313g 070115d56 111316z56 Siegel & Shuster:
Garry Trudeau: Doonesbury; Pro-Choice 'Doonesbury' Too Much for Many US Papers, 3/12/12

122515r 080715g mehlm6ecI81rs852 052815y
050417h26 080715o25 041715v24 080215q24

111715g66 022815b65 071414s57 Bill Watterson: Calvin & Hobbes^; Calvin & Hobbes; Letter from Past Self

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