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Human Behavior and Relating

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Self Worth

062417a Self-esteem promises more than it delivers. Self worth delivers more than it promises.

The artificial, unquenchable craving for self-esteem is both a cause and effect of (habitually) promising more than delivering – to others, to one’s self, to life, to the universe and to God. It is based on a mistaken presumption of lack (and victimhood) and can never satisfy.

041417b49 Self worth, on the other hand, manifests immediately when the decision is made and acted upon to reverse that paradigm and make it the sincere intention to from now on deliver always more whatever and before whenever one promises.

So simple; and, so easy.

All one needs to do is stop promising so much, knowing that all promisees (and promisors) are doubly disappointed by unkept promises, while all are doubly pleased every time value is greater than expected and emptiness of mind and fullness of heart is evident in the process.

The quest for self-esteem entails breaking glass and scattering it on the path ahead of you you are walking barefoot upon, attending anxiously and narcissistically in your mind to what you think others think about you, rather than whatever actually is your humble integrity of being. Self-esteem is the addiction to the apparent safety of the shallow and unsubstantive and flat and false, which is always expensive, of high maintenance, low quality and absolutely unnecessary.

The quest for self worth is not a quest. It is simply the choice to honor and value our precious moments and interactions and be a responsible caretaker of them while they are in our care.

Self worth is the core of our consciousness and fulfillment is ours as soon as we make our actions match or better our words. It is naturally respectful and respected.

041417j In a manner of speaking, it is handed over to us in full the moment we opt for it. Once we realize that we already have it, there is freedom from judgment of ourselves based on what we imagine we see through other people’s eyes. We know that whatever they see matters not, because we are already fulfilled. We are positively in charge of our lives and we know what our priorities are so we experience our paths smoother and easier and calmer when we are no longer wasting and messes are no longer being made. We touch everyone with our love and our magic and it feels good.


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Love & Marriage

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