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Heart Health

091816f 060916v 112716z67 110515u56 082313l 050316j43 Heart Health: How to Stop a Heart Attack in 30 seconds; Selenium Defies FDA Mandate by Preventing and Curing Heart Failure, 7/20/10; Change diet and lower risk of heart disease by over 80%, 12/30/10; Make yourself heart attack proof; Stop Heart Disease - it is preventable, 3/10/11; Heart rejuvenation - The secret ingredient, 4/4/11; High-fiber diet significantly lowers risk of future heart disease, 4/22/11; After a heart attack - A healthy heart starts with great nutrition, 5/18/11; Improve heart health naturally with hawthorn, 9/14/11; Olive oil and nuts in diet control heart disease better than dangerous drug therapies, 9/27/11; 12 powerful natural items bring better heart health, 11/8/11; Nuts may fend off heart disease, 11/18/11; 12 top food choices for a healthy heart, 2/14/12; World renowned heart surgeon renounces mainstream heart health practice, 3/13/12; Heart surgeon openly admits low-fat diets recommended for years by mainstream medicine actually cause heart disease, 3/20/12; Heart defibrillators not as safe as your doctor says they are: Study shows multiple deaths caused by faulty wires, 4/5/12; Protect your heart with Turmeric, 4/19/12; Folic acid supplementation improves arterial elasticity to lower heart attack risk, 6/20/12; Get more sleep and significantly lower your risk of stroke and heart disease, 8/28/12; How to stop heart attacks and irregular heart beats in their tracks, 9/5/12; Short-term aromatherapy with essential oils may prevent heart disease, 12/1/12; Consuming pomegranate juice regularly improves heart health, 12/4/12; Flavonoids from strawberries and blueberries cut heart attack risk in women by one-third, 1/18/13; Heart disease: Causes and cures, 1/18/13; Berries dramatically slash heart attack risk, 1/21/13; Magnesium and Atrial Fibrillation, 1/31/13; Pretty, red Hawthorn berries boost cardiac health, 2/6/13; Low magnesium levels predict heart disease risk and increase mortality by 50%, 3/10/13; Heart rejuvenation - two simple practices, 4/27/13; Eating walnuts and walnut oils slashes heart disease risk by improving multiple biometrics, 5/21/13; Walnuts found to boost heart health, 5/26/13; Protect your heart with CoQ10 and vitamin B6, 5/29/13; A Simple DIY Therapy that Could Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, 6/10/13; Top heart-smart foods for cleaning arteries, supporting healthy circulation and building cardio, 6/26/13; Cardiovascular disease - how to beat it by reversing 'inflammatory living', 7/1/13; Reduce your heart disease risk with kiwi, 7/6/13; Supplements, herbs, and foods that support a healthier heart, 7/16/13; World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease, 8/3/13; Avocado helps mediate the inflammatory effect of grilled meats to lower risk of heart disease, 8/21/13; Dodging heart diseases: Five essential tips for better health, 8/24/13; 10 Best Foods for Heart Health, 8/23/13; 8 best foods for your heart health, 9/14/13; Diet dramatically effects progression of heart failure, 9/29/13; Heart is Not a Pump – Blood Moves the Heart, not Vice Versa, 10/17/13; Chiropractic adjustments shown to reverse heart disease, 12/15/13; Seeking a low-cost solution to cardiovascular troubles? Hibiscus may be the answer, 1/3/14; 7 Heart-Healthy Alternatives, 3/21/14; Hawthorn berries are very helpful for many heart related conditions, 4/9/14; What your ear can tell you about your heart health, 6/27/14; VAP test for cardiovascular health, 7/2/14; heartd How To Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death: Cholesterol Pills Won’t Do, 1/27/15; Top 10 Natural Supplements for Heart Health, 3/3/15; Sauna Use May Cut Your Risk of Cardiac Related Death, 3/27/15; Supplements for Coronary Artery Disease, 4/25/15; Early warning signs of a heart attack you shouldn't ignore, 8/13/15; How old is YOUR heart? Take this test to find out... as scientists warn most of us have hearts OLDER than our actual age, 9/3/15; Regular sauna sessions decrease risk of deadly heart disease by over half, 10/31/15; 6 surprising signs of heart disease you should NEVER ignore, 2/8/16; Hawthorn Berry for Your Heart, 10/27/16; Thomas Cowan, MD Author of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease, 1/12/17; When Your Heart Skips a Beat, 3/7/17; Resting Heart Rate: the slower the better, 5/11/17; Science CONFIRMS the link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular health — keep your mouth clean to protect your heart, 7/19/18

M.G. Khan: Encyclopedia of Heart Diseases^; Parker: Heart Disease - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Guide to Internet References^

Cardiac Arrest: Continuous Chest Compression CPR; Longer Resuscitation After Cardiac Arrest May Be Warranted, Study Suggests, 9/4/12; Sound sleep habits and healthy lifestyle reduces risk of fatal heart attack by nearly eighty percent, 7/22/13; Heart Attacks: Researchers Finally Find 'Big Piece of the Missing Puzzle', 1/31/17

Cardiovascular System: wikipedia; Dark chocolate, olive oil combination found to protect the cardiovascular system, 9/2/17

CPR: Sarver Heart Center's Continuous Chest Compression CPR; Continuous Chest Compression CPR

Pacemakers: Can the Heart be Hacked? Experts find 8,000 security flaws in pacemaker software, 5/29/17

Happiness & Fulfillment

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120716y 120116g 112716o 062417a 110616v73 082714t34 Listen to this first: Osho: What is Happiness?; then: Seven Tips - Naturally bring happiness into your life, 12/11/10; Find happiness with four little known mood boosters, 11/11/11; Nutrition is the basis for happiness, 7/18/13; 10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science, 8/6/13; Pharrell Williams - Happy, 11/21/13; 9 Quick Tips You Can Do to Get Happy in the Next 30 Minutes, 4/16/16; Science of Happiness — You’ll Thank Me Later, 1/17/17; 5 Thimgs You Can Do to Cheer up Quickly, According to Neuroscience, 1/20/17; This Wise Monk Shares a Simple Secret to Being Happy

120915z 082216b73 Acceptance: 16 Moving Quotes Teaching You How To Let Go, 6/28/15

090716g 021015l 120116f 092215u 102116u 102814i 011811e56 061315w49 020215l41 Accomplishment: 10 Overlooked Truths About Taking Action, 5/19/14; Power of Checklists, 12/8/14; Rules of Success to Adopt by Age 13, 6/20/15

Charisma: 5 Ways to Build Your Personal Magnetism, 7/12/16

091416h72 Compassion & Kindness: Compassion & Kindness; We really need more people like him in this world, 5/30/16

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111914d 022716j 020215p69 082313w Confidence: Everything you need to know about self-confidence, 11/10/12; Five essential elements of natural self-confidence, 5/29/13; Malcolm Gladwell Shares The Single Most Important Factor Of A Person's Success, 10/8/14

061516l 101416l 092216g69 092715t49 100716d42 Courage

020315v Generosity: Homeless Guy Given $100; You’ll Be Surprised What He Spends it On, 12/23/14; In Just Three Days, The Internet Showered This Homeless Man With Over $100,000, 12/26/14

052217b 111516j 123115l57 060414n56 052215d56 Gratitude: Gratitude Moving Art, 10/14/11; again; David Steindl-Rast: Want to be happy? Be grateful, 11/29/13; Research says gratitude can reverse aging, stress and ill health, 10/17/14

092215s 122513a 011414-40-71 100915m68 Hope: A Lot of Hope is Dangerous, 12/9/13

071815c46 Integrity: Follow Your Virtue, 7/13/14

Motivation: Seven causes, seven cures for lack of motivation, 11/3/13

022216n 102316x 122915q 122815h65 032616z63 110716n59 031616p58 010416e56 041516m49 062016j42 Peace

073113-24 090313f 092713-17 051914l 011414-22 120513-14 anianiani-2450176 Willpower: Willpower Part I: Force of Greatness, 1/1/12; Willpower Part II: How Your Willpower Is Depleted, 1/8/12; Willpower Part III: How to Strengthen Your Willpower and 20 Ways to Conserve It, 1/15/12; What It Takes To Become An Expert At Anything, 8/27/12; Lack self-control? You can build it like a muscle, 2/1/13; Can you train yourself to have more willpower?, 2/27/13; How to Resist Temptation and Stick to Your Goals, 3/23/13; Seven really effective ways to get unstuck, 4/26/13; Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit, 5/29/13; Once you decide to change your life, what next? The six keys to world-class follow through, 8/30/13; You May Be Strong . . . But Are You Tough?, 10/3/13; Dig Deep: You’re Stronger Than You Think, 11/4/13; 10 Epic Tales Of Survival Against All Odds, 7/8/14; Dave Asprey: How To Become Bulletproof: The Surprising Neuroscience of Willpower, 3/21/15


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082317b 101017a 120717v 080517o 082417w 051516h42 063016z42 042815r37 052514f31 Love: I Choose Love; Wave; Wave 11:11 One love brings peace; We Are All Connected; Matt Kahn: Love Revolution, 4/2/14; Hope This Video Makes You Smile, 10/23/14; Only Love Can Defeat the New World Order, 11/9/16


020416k 082914e 012717a 010215j 06281452 110815u 100915p57 Forgiveness/ Ho'oponopono: Foundation of I; What Is?; wikipedia; Danrich; Create health, wealth and happiness in just a few minutes per day with an ancient Hawaiian healing technique, 1/27/13; Deep Meditation w/ Ho'oponopono ~ Theta Binaural Beats+, 8/19/13; Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness, 1/13/14; Three Major Keys for Your Ascension to the 5th Dimension, 3/4/15
Mabel Katz: Interview^; Ihaleakala Hew Len: Who's in charge^; Joe Vitale: Zero Limits notes^
I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
I love you...


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