Holistic Health Teachers & Healers

Ken Adachi: Forbidden Cures
Olof Alexandersson: Living Water: Viktor Schauberger & Secrets of Natural Energy

Mike Adams: How to End Cruelty to Animals, People & Nature^; Chlorella & Spirulina: Superfoods for Optimum Health; Modern Medicine Hoax: 7 Facts You Need to Know; Jonathan Wright Censored Health Secrets; Medicine From Fish; Secret Sources of Natural Medicine; Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption; Heirloom cacao is ancient treasure of chocolate from the Ecuadorian rainforest, 9/1/10; Dr Oz colon polyps raises question of "spontaneous disease" without cause, 9/3/10; Why I'm thankful for Whole Foods Market stores, 10/26/10; Top 10 superfoods I'm eating every day, 11/22/10; Why focus on health freedom? Because our future is worth protecting, 12/30/10; Health Ranger's predictions for 2011 - 2012; an era of self reliance and human awakening, 1/3/11; If given a fair choice, most consumers would choose alternative medicine over conventional health care, 1/5/11; NaturalNews launches large collection of audio, video content delivering natural cures, nutritional healing and disease reversal, 6/15/11; Natural News Store launched, offering discounts on superfoods like Acai, Spirulina, Astaxanthin, Turmeric, Mangosteen, Goji and more, 10/1/12; Organic preparedness storable food now available at the Natural news Store, 10/2/12; 3 imminent victories for humanity: the fall of marijuana prohibition, mandatory GMO labeling and mercury-free vaccines, 2/1/14; In health and nutrition, what's old is suddenly new again, 3/14/14


Heal Yourself in 15 Days:
1 Remove barriers to healing; 2 Unleash your inner healing potential; 3 You are what you absorb; 4 Transform your health by making new blood; 5 Experience the healing potential of living plant juices; 6 Accelerate your healing with a 24-hour fast; 7 Improve your health by rejecting the (mainstream) crowd; 8 Stop making disease; 9 Heal yourself by correcting a "Nature deficiency"; 10 Heal yourself by cleaning up your skin exposure; 11 Heal yourself by eating MORE (not less); 12 Heal yourself with the attitude of gratitude; 13 Social healing; 14 How to have more fun with exercise

Ahmad, Aqil, Owais: Modern Phytomedicine^
Jane Anderson: A Mother & Daughter's Guide to Menstruation^
H.K. Bakhru: A Complete Handbook of Nature Cures^
Barefoot Herbalist: Self-Applied Prevention
Batmanghelidj: Healing Power of Water^; Water Cure: An interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj
Russell Blaylock: On Fluoride, Aspartame, MSG, Vaccines and other Toxins
Bragg: Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System^; Build Powerful Nerve Force^
Madison Cavanaugh: One Minute Cure^
"Dynamo Jack" Chang: Shoots Flames from His Hands
W.T. Councilman: Disease & Its Causes
Nicholas Culpeper: Index of Herbs, 1652
Florence Daniel: Food Remedies, 1908
Wendy DeWitt: Food Storage Seminar (9 parts)
Dossey, Keegan, Guzzetta: Holistic Nursing Handbook^
Margaret Durst: 9 Practical Tips for a Healthier Life, 4/14/12; New Year’s Resolutions – Be Healthy for Years to Come!, 12/29/12
Carol & Melvin Ember: Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology^
Dave Evans: Healing Language & Colour Imagery^
Warren Felt Evans: Mental Cure^
Paul Fassa: Why the Amish are healthier than most Americans, 3/22/11
Hesh Goldstein: Health Talk Hawaii; Nutrition 101: Part 1 - Overview, 3/24/12; Nutrition 101: Part 2 - Macro & Micro Nutrients, 3/24/12; Nutrition 101: Part 3 - Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats, 3/24/12; Nutrition 101: Part 4 - Vitamins, 3/24/12; Nutrition 101: Part 5 - Minerals, 3/24/12; Nutrition 101: Part 6 - The Spiritual Side, 3/24/12; How To Take Down A Giant, Pt.1; Pt.2; Pt.3, 9/3/11; Pt.4, 9/30/11; Pt.5, 10/31/11; Pt.6, 12/3/11; Pt.6, 12/29/11; Essence of disease, 1/5/13
Gabrielle Hatfield: Encyclopedia of Folk Medicine^
David Hawkins: Healing & Recovery
Jerry Lee Hoover: Natural Medicine^
Alvin Hopkinson: Holistic Alternative Medicine 101^
Ross Horne: Health & Survival in the 21st Century
Jim Humble: Breakthrough - the Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century^
Joao de Deus (John of God): Forceps up the nose , 5/2/8; Interview with John of God with Susie Verde , 7/27/8; My Operation in Brazil, 3/5/9; MY OWN VISIBLE SURGERY, 2/19/11
Jonas & Levin: Essentials of Complementary & Alternative Medicine^
Shriniwas Kashalikar: Holistic Medicine for Total Stree Management^
Monika Koch: Homa Therapy, Agnihotra Ash medicine^
PF Louis: What to do if alternative health choices and supplements become more limited, 12/13/11
Henry Lindlahr: Nature Cure^
Larry Malerba: Bioenergetic basis of illness, 10/3/11
Brigitte Mars: Natural First Aid^
Harry Massey: Living Matrix, 3/11/13
GONZALO-VILLAR-2146508 Joseph Mercola: 12 Medical Myths Even Most Doctors Believe, 9/20/10; How to Solve Nearly Any Illness – Without Drugs, 1/12/11; These 7 Foods are a MASSIVE Waste of Your Money, 3/31/11; Skip the Doctor – Use 'Grandma's Home Remedies' for These 7 Ailments, 4/2/11; 8 Spots Germs Love to Lurk in Your Home, 4/7/11; How Western Diets Are Making the World Sick, 4/12/11; American Medical System, 11/17/11; Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Huber about GMO, Pt.1, 12/2/11; Pt.2, 12/2/11; Why we Yawn, 4/20/12; Why Does Going Barefoot Feel So Good?, 4/30/12; 6 'Grow Younger' Nutrients I Take Every Day, 5/10/12; New Evidence Against GMO Foods and the Massive Cover-Up Effort, 6/11/12; Top Ten Reasons To Avoid Your Doctor, 7/26/12; 13 Tips for Living Happy, Wild, and Free, 6/7/13; Are You Exhausted All the Time?, 8/12/13
Michael Moore: Herbal Materia Medica; Herb Formulas; Herbal/ Medical Contraindications
Andreas Moritz: Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation^
Moser & Solomon: How & When to Be Your Own Doctor
Tova Navarra: Encyclopedia of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Bradley Nelson: Emotion Code
Barry Oken: Complementary Therapies in Neurology^
Tim O’Shea: Sanctity of Human Blood
Louis Pasteur: Changes His Mind
Barbara Peterson: William Rudolph: Barefoot Sun Walking Heals the Body and Prevents Disease, 7/10/10
Saul Pressman: Owner's Manual for the Human Body^
M.S. Raju: Food & Thought^; Health is Happiness^
Royal Rife: Forgotten Story
William Lee Rand: Reiki Touch
Len Saputo: Health care reform: Revolution or evolution - What did we get from the affordable care act?, 5/29/11, Pt. 1; Pt. 2; Pt. 3
Philippe Sauvage: CATHARSIS: Awakening Humanity's Full Potential – Philippe Sauvage PROOF SDI, 3/12/14
Richard Schultz: DIY Super Tonic, 8/29/13; DIY supernatural cold, flu and even plague tonic elixir, 11/1/13
Richard Schulze: Health is Freedom; Patient Handbook
Dr. Sebi: He Claims To Have ‘Found The Cure For All Diseases,’ And Has The Supreme Court Ruling To Prove It!, 8/30/15
Mark A. Sircus: Natural Infection Control, 9/17/11; Spiritual Medicine, 1/16/12
Mark Sisson: Listening to Your Body, 9/15/11; 21 Days Away From Dumping the Federal Food Pyramid, 10/19/11
Randy Smith: Diagnosis Unknown^
Choa Kok Sui: Pranic Healing
Kevin Trudeau: Handbook of Natural Cures^; Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About^
Stephen Tvedten: Non-Pesticide Pest Control Encyclopedia - 2,800 safe & effective alternatives to pesticides^
Andrew Wakefield: Interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield about vaccines and autism, 1/17/11
Julian Whitaker: Secrets to Fast Healing
James Whorton: Nature Cures^
Jonathan Wright: Censored Health Secrets^

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