The 20th day of May, The Year of our Lord 1976 A.D.

His Especial Sovereign Doth deign to sendeth greeting to: A Vile Creature

Greetings, XXXX X XXXXX, bloodsucker, fool & thief:

Read now, the words of Anthony L. Hargis, thy legal & moral superior (without doubt) & Especial Sovereign, one who earneth his living & approves not of bloodsuckerism, foolishness or thievism. He approves not, that is, of thee.

It hath cometh to His Especial Sovereign's attention that thou aret up to no good; viz., that thou art a dunderhead for this false process can do thee no good; for, upon its face, it doth not bear the mark of a judge, nor doth it show the name of a private person who doth complaine of a wrong, nor also, doth it complaine of a wrong, nor, alas, doth it complaine of the commission of a crime - unless refusal to support a society of beasts, brutes & vile creatures be a crime. These faults, either of them, do make thy process false & therefore, whatsoever information is gained by it, can, in no way appear in any court proceedings.

It is thus that His Especial Sovereign supports His charge that thou art a fool, that thou behavior art worthy of a monkey. And since thou art a fool, His Especial Sovereign is greatly confident thou wilt cause court action in which He may prove, beyond a scintilla of doubt, His other two contentions: that thou art a bloodsucker & thief.

Let thee be advised, therefore, that deep within the bosom of His Especial Sovereign, there doth lurk feelings of great animosity toward these ego substitutes of putrid creatures; & they can be purged not without the destruction of those that thrive & prosper upon bloodshed, stupidity & sores. Farewell, XXXX X XXXXX, v.c.

From the Quill of Anthony L. Hargis, H.E.S.