EMF Protection

Biomagnetic-Research-50Years Having used their wonderful products for 30 years, 3wisemenessentials is very pleased to be an outlet for Biomagnetic Research. Theirs were the first products of their kind on the market. They're affordable and they work and they never wear out and they all come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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Personal EMF Protection: section
[BR1] Crystal Catalyst® Bead:                               $15.50
[BR2a-g] Crystal Catalyst® EMF Pendants:           $33 ea.
[BR3] Pocket Resonator:                                        $83
Spot-Clearing Resonators: section                      $15.50 ea.
[BR4] Electronic Smog Buster Tab:                         $15.50
[BR5] Cell Phone Tab:                                            $15.50
[BR6] 3-Hole Resonator:                                        $15.50
[BR7] Star 3-Hole Resonator:                                 $15.50
Space-Clearing Directional Resonators: section $47 ea.
[BR8] Tri-Pak:                                                        $47
[BR9] Star Tri-Pak:                                                 $47
Room & Whole House Clearing Devices: section
[BR10] Room Energy Harmonizer:                          $56
[BR11] Clearfield Plate:                                         $308

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Personal EMF Protection

Personal EMF Protection: Crystal Catalyst ® technology has a unique composition and structure which allows it to absorb and then rebroadcast harmful electromagnetic radiations in a cleaner form. These cleaner frequencies are beneficial to the body and tests shows that Crystal Catalyst® resonators increase the body’s vitality and enhance whole brainwave function.

Beads and pendants are to be worn or carried for personal EMF protection from the harmful nature of electromagnetic fields emanating from all electrical devices, including: office machines, fluorescent lights, television screens, computers, laptops, so-called smart meters, cordless phones, cell phones and other wireless communications and microwave devices.

Crystal-Catalyst-Bead [BR1] Crystal Catalyst® Bead:  $15.50.   Crystal Catalyst® Resonators contain a proprietary advanced ceramic material capable of neutralizing harmful electromagnetic frequencies. The material is an organic blend of quartz crystal and various clays and rare earths, which are all natural radiation filters. The beads are all made by hand and have been since 1986.

The bead can be worn on a chain or chord as part of a bracelet or necklace and it can also be carried in a pocket. It provides overall personal EMF protection for adults, kids and pets from electromagnetic radiation (wired and wireless) and it enhances energy. More...

[BR2_] Crystal Catalyst® EMF Pendants:  $33 each. Beautiful and powerful, each is comprised of a specific gemstone combination to address specific concerns and uniquely enhance the body, mind and spirit, along with a Crystal Catalyst® Bead to provide continuous protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation. All of the gemstones are authentic and of high grade (and, yes, even the turquoise are real).

Physical-Chakra-Balancer-Energy-Pendant    [BR2a] Physical Chakra Balancer Energy Pendant:  $33. Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise Crystal Catalyst® Bead, Malachite, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Turquoise Crystal Catalyst® Bead.
Provides EMF Protection and enhances energy, stamina and personal power.

Emotional-Chakra-Balancer-Pendan    [BR2b] Emotional Chakra Balancer Energy Pendant:  $33. Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Green Jade, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Turquoise Crystal Catalyst® Bead.
Provides EMF Protection and enhances emotional well being.

Personal-Protective-Pendant    [BR2c] Protective Energy Pendant:  $33. Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, Cobalt Crystal Catalyst® Bead, Jet, Green Jade.
Provides EMF Protection and a feeling of being centered and balanced and relatively immune against negativity.

Serenity-Pendant    [BR2d] Serenity Pendant:  $33. Aventurine, Moss Agate, Quartz Crystal, Turquoise Crystal Catalyst® Bead, Rose Quartz, Amethyst.
Provides EMF Protection and induces calm.

Prosperity-Pendant    [BR2e] Prosperity Pendant:  $33. Aventurine, Green Jade, Malachite, Aventurine, Turquoise Crystal Catalyst® Bead, Quartz Crystal.
Provides EMF Protection and enhances gratitude and positive expectation.

Breathe-Easy-Pendan    [BR2f] Breathe Easy Pendant:  $33. Carnelian, Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise Crystal Catalyst® Bead, Carnelian Agate, Red Jasper.
Provides EMF Protection and eases cardiopulmonary insufficiencies.

Feng-Shui-Pendant    [BR2g] Feng Shui Universal Harmony Energy Pendant:  $33. Jet, Turquoise Crystal Catalyst® Bead, Malachite, Tiger Eye, Jasper, Howlite.
Provides EMF Protection and radiates a balanced harmonic field for the wearer wherever he or she is.

Pocket-Resonato [BR3] Pocket Resonator:  $83. Major clearing & grounding EMF Protection, especially for when in high-tech offices or around a lot of machinery or in heavy EMF environments, generally. It can powerfully remedy jetlag and ease other ill effects of air travel.

1-1/2" in diameter and 1/2" thick, it can be worn in a shirt, coat or pants pocket, placed in a pouch and then pinned to clothing or hung as a necklace, with the base of the resonator facing into the body.

Spot-Clearing Resonators

Spot-Clearing Resonators:  $15.50 each. Devices to attach to gadgets to clear their EMF fields.

Electronic-Smog-Buster-Tab [BR4] Electronic Smog Buster Tab:  $15.50. A ceramic tab with an adhesive pad about the size of a dime, it is an inexpensive way to help neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation emanating from computers, TVs, the earpieces of corded telephones and most other electrical devices. It greatly improves sleep in a bedroom filled with electronic gadgets and has been shown to help with energy flow in the body to assist with healing.

Cellular-Phone-Tab [BR5] Cell Phone Tab:  $15.50. A ceramic dielectric resonator tab with an adhesive pad about the size of a dime, it clears wireless frequencies and can be adhered to any type of cell phone or wireless mobile device, including on each earpiece of wireless headphones. It will never wear out or require recharging.

Generally, it is best to stick this tab on the back of the phone near or over the (hidden) antenna; or, on the back of an iPhone, in the center. The tab can also be placed on to a phone case rather then a phone itself, without diminishing EMF protection. Anywhere the tab can fit is fine for Bluetooth/Wireless Headsets.

Regular-3-Hole-Resonator [BR6] 3-Hole Resonator:  $15.50. A ceramic tab about the size of a quarter, it clears wired frequencies and can be placed on any plugged in or battery powered gadget or appliance, such as: TVs, electric alarm clocks, refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioners, corded phones, electrical outlets (especially those near head of bed), stereo units, speakers and desktop computers and laptops not connected to Wi-Fi.

Star-3-Hole-Resonator [BR7] Star 3-Hole Resonator:  $15.50. A ceramic tab about the size of a quarter, it clears wireless frequencies. Perfect for car dashboards, microwave ovens, wireless routers, smart meters, iPads and other tablets, as well as any computer or laptop that hooks up to wifi and any device that uses Bluetooth.

Space-Clearing Directional Resonators

Space-Clearing Directional Resonators:  $47 each. Devices for clearing incoming EMFs from outside sources.

Regular-Tri-Pak-Resonator [BR8] Tri-Pak:  $47. About 4 inches long and containing Crystal Catalyst® ceramic material inside, it emits a clearing field for wired frequencies from neighboring power lines, transfomer boxes, electrical substations, fuse boxes, flourescent light banks and car motors and batteries.

Star-Tri-Pak-Resonator [BR9] Star Tri-Pak:  $47. About 4 inches long and containing Crystal Catalyst® ceramic material inside, it emits a clearing field for wireless frequencies from cell towers, neighboring wifi and smart meters.

Room & Whole House Clearing Devices

Room & Whole House Clearing Devices: Devices for clearing EMF pollution from an entire room or house.

Energy-Harmonizer [BR10] Room Energy Harmonizer:  $56. About 3" in size, it will clear one medium to large size room of all wired and wireless EMFs and geopathic stress zones. Hung on a wall above a desk or bed, it create harmony and can improve work and sleep.

Clear-Field-Plate [BR11] Clearfield Plate:  $308. About the size of an average dinner plate, placed in a multi-level house, it will clear the entire home of wired and wireless frequencies, as well as all geopathic stress zones. It broadcasts a healing resonance that enhances peace and harmony in the entire environment and is beneficial for all humans, animals and plants in it.

Biomagnetic Research

biomagnetic-research Biomagnetic Research Inc., a family business with 64 years in the ceramic industry, has been manufacturing the Crystal Catalyst® electromagnetic protection products since 1983.

They do not have a website, and they do not retail their products directly to the public.

Biomagnetic Research, Inc.’s products are used internationally by chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, feng shui specialists and energy healers and their patients and other people who who have become aware of their electronic pollution sensitivity and, with these products, have found their physical and emotional stress easily, affordably and greatly relieved. Each product is personally produced and individually tested; and, dowsing for effectiveness is one of several assessments routinely made.

Robert McKusick, who passed away in June of 2016, was the creator of Crystal Catalyst® technology. He was a frequency genius, similar somewhat to Nikola Tesla or Royal Rife. Utilizing his expertise in subtle energy, combined with his extensive work with crystals and gemstones and studies on magnetism, he created the advanced ceramic material which alters harmful energies and rebroadcasts them beneficially, making it a powerful immune strengthener and EMF protector.

He is the modern discoverer of the battery effect of crystals, which earned him a listing in the Who’s Who of American Scientists. He was considered a pioneer in the fields of biofeedback and kirlian photography and taught college courses in parapsychology. He authored several booklets on dowsing and lectured internationally about subtle energy for over three decades. He was a member of the prestigious American Society of Dowsers Registry. He spent ten years serving as the Regional Vice-President of the American Society of Dowsers and served as President of the Globe Dowsers; and, his dowsing skills were much in demand by police, who often hired him to help locate missing persons.

Charmion McKusick is an archeologist renowned for her ability to identify bones by dowsing, which she was taught by her father when she was just 4 years old. She has also worked as a psychic healer for over 30 years and is the author of two booklets on dowsing. She is still active, along with her daughter and son-in-law, in running Biomagnetic Research, Inc.