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$3 billion Human Genome Project was supposed to find the root causes of all diseases, but turned out to be a scientific boondoggle, 9/12/12; Genomes project publishes inventory of human genetic variation, 10/31/12; Genetics have little influence over health, top stem cell biologist asserts, 4/17/13; 'Jaw-dropping' breakthrough hailed as landmark in fight against hereditary diseases as Crispr technique heralds genetic revolution, 11/7/13; I tried 23andMe's new genetics test — and now I know why the company caused such a stir, 12/23/15; 52 genes associated with intelligence discovered, 5/22/17; Scientists admit they really have no idea what 75% of human genetic code is actually used for, 8/6/17
Illumina: Illumina, the Google of Genetic Testing, Has Plans for World Domination, 2/26/16


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DNA Harvesting & Scanners

DNA Harvesting & Scanners: The government has your baby's DNA, 2/4/10; Homeland Security To Scan DNA, 2/27/11; DNA "Genetic Patdown" Introduced to Airports by DHS, 2/27/11; TSA now wants to scan and harvest your DNA, 2/28/11; DHS plans on scanning DNA at checkpoints, 2/28/11; US government caught in fake vaccination program harvesting DNA from civilians to target terrorists, 7/12/11; ‘Digital DNA’ May Soon Be Required To Take SAT And ACT Exams, 1/23/12; New York State Set to Add All Convict DNA to Its Database, 3/13/12; Rapid DNA analyzers coming to every police station and TSA checkpoint in America, 1/10/13; Scientists Discover How to Identify People From ‘Anonymous’ Genomes, 1/17/13; Supreme Court weighs DNA ‘fingerprinting’, 2/26/13; Explosive report: 98% of newborn babies are genetically screened, 2/27/13; Supreme Court says Police can collect DNA from arrestees, 6/3/13; Supreme Court rules in favor of national DNA database, allowing police to forcibly seize DNA without a warrant, 6/11/13; Police set up roadblocks to 'voluntarily' collect DNA, blood samples from innocent Americans, 6/12/13; Supreme Court rules cops can collect your DNA if they arrest you, 6/29/13; Spread of DNA databases sparks ethical concerns, 7/12/13; Police Will Soon Be Able To Test DNA In The Field In Just 90 Minutes, 1/28/14; Feds want to track your DNA like a license plate, 2/15/14; Vampire State Draws Blood, 7/2/14; The government owns your DNA. What are they doing with it?, 7/28/14; New Cop Tech: Portable DNA Scanners That Upload to National DNA Database, 9/24/14; Cops have a new scanner that decodes DNA in 90 minutes — and they can’t wait to use it on you, 11/20/14' Your DNA is everywhere. Can the police analyze it?, 2/20/15; Ancestry.com Is Now Sharing Your DNA With the Police, 5/6/15; Ancestry.com colludes with police to share your genetic information in violation of privacy rights, 5/14/15; Leuren Moret Google And The Push To Control Your DNA, 7/23/15; California's statist government maintains DNA database of every person born since 1983 - and profits by selling genetic information to corporations, 11/20/15; CIA Teaming Up with Skincare Line That Collects DNA In Unconventional Way, 4/9/16; Genetic Screening in the New World Order, 3/19/17
US Gov't Fake Vaccine Program: White House Admits Fake Vaccine Program, 5/13/14; White House: We Faked Vaccination Programs to Take DNA Samples, 5/28/14