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Science; Fringe Science; Cosmology; Big Bang; Holographic Universe; Astronomy; Black Holes; Dark Matter; Buckyballs; Milky Way; Stars; Exo-Planets; Comets; Sun; Solar System; Asteroids; Meteors & Meteorites; Planets   Pluto   Neptune; Uranus; Saturn; Jupiter; Mars; Venus; Mercury; Moon; Full Moons; Eclipses; Earth; NASA; Technocracy

Solar System

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050417p 062614c73 072215t72 092414f65 041015b62 072316m59 092414b56 080913-25 020115y34 Solar System: Sun; Encyclopedia of the Solar System^; List of Solar System objects by size; Celebrating a Flurry of Activity, NASA Dubs Next 23 Months the "Year Of the Solar System", 10/8/10; Kuiper Belt Of Many Colors, 10/28/10; Largest planet in the solar system could be about to be discovered - and it's up to four times the size of Jupiter, 2/14/11; A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System, 6/9/11; Strange Propeller-Like Object Discovered in the Outer Reaches of the Kuiper Belt, 10/4/11; Electric Universe: Voyager 1 Enters New Region of Space, Encounters "Magnetic Highway", 12/4/12; Voyager 1 Discovers Bizarre and Baffling Region at Edge of Solar System, 6/27/13; NASA Spacecraft Maps the Solar System's Tail, 7/10/13; Solar system has a tail shaped like a four-leaf clover, 7/11/13; A major event is set to occur worldwide in August 2013, 8/3/13; 5 Most Mysterious Objects in the Solar System, 11/26/13; 10 Confounding Mysteries Of Our Solar System, 5/2/14; Hubble Begins Search Beyond Pluto For Potential Flyby Targets, 6/17/14; Solar system inside a searing gas bubble, 8/28/14; Cosmological discoveries lend support for legendary Great Year, 9/25/14; Roscosmos video replaces our Sun and Moon with well known stars and planets, 1/28/15; Why It's So Hard (and So Important) to Track the Trash We Leave in Space, 5/4/15; This Summer Is Hot One For Space Exploration, 6/24/15
John Martineau: A Little Book of Coincidence^

050216f 120214g47 042815u31 Asteroids: Near Earth Asteroid Fly_By Captured by Observatory; For Second Time, Ice Found Aboard Asteroid, Suggesting Water in Orbit Could Be Common, 10/7/10; Asteroid the Size of the Titanic Rocked Jupiter, 1/28/11; Some Astronomers now predict killer asteroid will hit Earth in 2036; Will Apophis Hit Earth in 2036? NASA Rejects Russian Report, 2/4/11; Russian Astronomers Note 2036 Asteroid Impact Possible, 2/10/11; 'Doomsday' asteroid could slam into the Earth on April 13, 2036... but don't worry, we'll have seven years' warning, 2/14/11; U.S., Russia fight over asteroid that could destroy Earth, 6/23/11; Asteroid to Pass Extremely Close By Earth On Monday, 6/24/11; When minor planets Ceres and Vesta rock the Earth into chaos, 7/18/11; Huge Asteroid to Creep Near Earth on Nov. 8, 10/27/11; Richard C. Hoagland - Asteroid YU-55 To Hit The Moon On Nov 9th!, 10/30/11; Huge asteroid headed for close encounter with Earth, 11/4/11; NASA Releases Video of Giant Asteroid Heading Toward Earth, 11/9/11; Newly Discovered Space Rock Is Headed Toward Earth, Estimated Time of Arrival 2040, 2/27/12; Does Asteroid Mining Violate Space Law?, 4/23/12; Dark, massive asteroid to fly by Earth on May 31, 5/17/13; First American Mission To Sample An Asteroid Gets Green Light, 5/17/13; Asteroid 9 Times Size of Ocean Liner Approaches Earth, 5/23/13; Huge Earth-Passing Asteroid an 'Entirely New Beast', 6/15/13; All Of The Asteroids That Could Potentially End The World, 8/5/13; 'Weird' OBJECT, PROPELLED by its OWN JETS, spotted beyond Mars orbit by Hubble, 11/8/13; Heavy metal asteroid is a spacecraft magnet, 12/20/13; Asteroid passing Earth will be closer than moon, 3/4/14; Astronomers Surprised to Find Asteroid With Rings, 3/26/14; Proof that Earth is bombarded by 10 times more asteroids than previously thought, 5/2/14; Alien Pyramid Found On Asteroid RQ36, 7/2/14; Alien Structure Found on Asteroid – New Video – Stereoscopic Comparative Analysis, 7/6/14; An Asteroid Discovered Just Days Ago Is Zipping By The Earth This Weekend, 9/5/14; Most of Earth's Water Came from Asteroids, Not Comets, 12/10/14; Asteroid that Flew by Earth Yesterday Had a Moon, 1/27/15; Isaac Newton's September 23, 2015 prophecy; September 24, 2015- "100% PROBABILITY" of Asteroid, 4/3/15; Homeland Security confirms incoming Asteroid, 8/9/15; Mass Extinctions Occur Every 62 Million Years -- Flashes of Light, Mutilated Deer & Descending Stars -- Prehistoric 'Unicorn', 3/24/16
Ceres: NASA Finds Mysterious Bright Spot on Dwarf Planet Ceres: What Is It?, 1/23/15; Strange lights on dwarf planet Ceres have scientists perplexed, 2/26/15; Space probe ‘Dawn’ enters orbit of dwarf planet Ceres, 3/6/15; NASA spies 3-mile-tall 'pyramid,' more bright spots on Ceres, 6/18/15; Giant Pyramid on Ceres and Secret Spy Plane on the Moon, 6/20/15; 'Great Pyramid' spotted on Ceres by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, 6/21/15; Ceres Gets Weirder With More Bright Spots and Unexplained Pyramid, 6/22/15; NASA Observes 3-Mile-High 'Pyramid' On Ceres, But Bright Spots Remain A Mystery, 6/22/15; 'Pyramid' spotted on Ceres: Mysterious lone mountain discovered towering over the surface of the dwarf planet, 6/22/15; Dwarf planet Ceres reveals pyramid-shaped mystery, 6/23/15; NASA's Dawn spacecraft spots pyramid-shaped peak on Ceres, 6/24/15; Astronomers discovered unexpected activity on Ceres that could point to something huge, 3/16/16
Vesta: Vesta--Is it Really an Asteroid?, 3/29/11; Close-up of Vesta poses puzzle, 8/12/11; Vesta an asteroid full of surprises, 9/19/11; New NASA Dawn Visuals Show Vesta's 'Color Palette', 12/5/11; Asteroid Impact That Killed the Dinosaurs: New Evidence, 2/7/13; Vesta - Pyramid on dwarf planet, 2/14/15
Asteroid RQ36k: Alien Pyramid Found On Asteroid RQ36, June 2014, 7/2/14; Alien Pyramid Found On Asteroid RQ36k Reports UFO Hunter, 7/3/14; Mummy, Is There a Pyramid on That Asteroid?, 7/8/14
Asteroid 2016 HO3: Earth picks up asteroid traveling companion, 6/16/16; NASA Has Confirmed That Earth Now Has A Second Moon That’s Here To Stay, 6/29/16
Bennu: Nasa to launch Osiris Rex probe to investigate 'Armageddon' asteroid, 7/31/16

Oumuamua: Mysterious interstellar asteroid 'Oumuamua could be a giant solar sail 'sent from another civilization to look for signs of life,' claim astronomers, 11/2/18; Oumuamua mission value versus New Horizon Pluto and Europa Clipper, 11/9/18

Cruithne: 3753 Cruithne is a Q-type, Aten asteroid in orbit around the Sun in 1:1 orbital resonance with Earth, making it a co-orbital object. It is an asteroid that, relative to Earth, orbits in a bean-shaped orbit that ultimately effectively describes a horseshoe, and that can transition into a quasi-satellite orbit. It has been incorrectly called "Earth's second moon". Cruithne does not orbit Earth and at times it is on the other side of the Sun. Its orbit takes it inside the orbit of Mercury and outside the orbit of Mars.[ Cruithne orbits the Sun in about 1 year but it takes 770 years for the series to complete a horseshoe-shaped movement around the Earth.
The name Cruithne is from Old Irish and refers to the early Picts (Irish: Cruthin) in the Annals of Ulster and their eponymous king ("Cruidne, son of Cinge") in the Pictish Chronicle. 3753 Cruithne wikipedia; Mysteries of Earth's 'Other' Moon, 2/28/15; These are the best pictures we have of Earth's 'second moon', 3/3/15; Cruithne is not Earth's second moon, 3/3/15

102313a 092715x 070913-09 122713c-49 040615d42 112713-41 Meteors & Meteorites: 14-year-old hit by 30,000 mph space meteorite, 2/14/11; NASA Scientist Claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite, 3/5/11; Ancient meteorites showered Earth with gold, 9/10/11; New Meteorite Crater Discovered South of Haiti, 11/1/12; New Buried Asteroid Impact Crater Discovered in Canada, 12/4/12; Rock solid proof of alien life? Scientists claim fossilized algae inside meteorite, 1/19/13; Meteorite hits Russia lighting sky, shattering windows, 2/14/13; Meteorite hits Russian Urals: Fireball explosion wreaks havoc, 2/15/13; Meteorite Shower Hits Russia Injuring Over 900, 2/15/13; Did UFO ‘hit’ Russian meteorite blasting it to smithereens? Conspiracy theorists’ extraordinary claim after new footage emerges, 2/28/13; Green Meteorite May Be from Mercury, a First, 3/29/13; Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Peaking Now, 4/21/13; Orionid Meteor Shower Tuesday Morning, 10/20/14; Chelyabinsk Meteor: Wake-Up Call for Earth, 8/2/16


012416z 112915f 122615f 051315i59 071815k54 122713d-49 070915i48 102415g46 020914zz1-45 053015c38 120114v37 maflmjok5e1 Planets: Most Incredible Pictures Of Every Planet In Our Solar System, 3/25/13; Weather on the Outer Planets of Uranus and Neptune: The Limits of Extreme Winds, 5/16/13; 'At least two more planets' beyond Pluto, 1/18/15; Majestic, uncanny images show what planets would look like if they replaced our Moon, 2/13/15; New Planets Discovered at the Edge of Solar System, 12/10/15; All Five Visible Planets are About to Align - 'Fab Five' Make Rare Appearance Before Dawn, 1/16/16; Starting Today: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn to align in night sky, 1/20/16; solar_system_pdp Researchers find evidence of ninth planet in solar system, 1/20/16; Search For The Real Planet X, 1/20/16; Astronomers just discovered a 9th planet in our solar system for the first time in nearly 170 years, 1/20/16; How Astronomers Will Actually Image the Solar System's Ninth Planet, 1/24/16; 10 Amazing Facts About The New Ninth Planet, 2/18/16; Mysterious Planet #9, 3/27/16; Newfound Dwarf Planet 'The Goblin' May Lead to Mysterious Planet Nine, 10/2/18
052615y 012415j Moons: Moons in our Solar System
Cole & Woolfson: Planetary Science^

2012 VP113: Major new dwarf planet discovered, 3/26/14; A new object at the edge of our Solar System discovered, 3/26/14


042816j42 Makemake (2005): Astronomers get their first close look at dwarf planet Makemake, 11/22/12; Hubble discovers new moon in our Solar System, 4/27/16

2014 MU69: Planetoid a billion miles beyond Pluto selected as New Horizons' next destination, 8/30/15

Pluto: Pluto hasn't completed a full orbit since its discovery and won't until March 23, 2178. The surface area of Pluto is slightly smaller than the surface area of Russia. New Views; New Views of Pluto Reveal Weird Bright Spot, 2/4/10; NASA's Hubble Discovers Another Moon Around Pluto, 7/20/11; Meet the man who killed Pluto, 6/13/14; Spacecraft Bound for Pluto Prepares for Its Close Encounter, 12/1/14; Pluto may have ice cap at pole, 4/30/15; Scientists pinning their hope on New Horizons to estimate the mass of Pluto and its moons, 6/28/15; Pluto shows its spots to Nasa probe, 7/2/15; On Pluto's Doorstep: Latest Photos by New Horizons Probe, 7/8/15; Clearest photos ever taken of Pluto were just combined to make this amazing video, 7/14/15; 7 Fascinating Facts We Just Learned About Pluto, 7/14/15; Here's All the Pluto Science From New Horizons So Far, 7/17/15; First Mars, Now NASA Announces Water On Pluto, 10/9/15; Massive Alien Structures & Cigar UFOs Found On Pluto!, 3/25/16

2015 RR245: New dwarf planet discovered beyond Neptune, 7/12/16

Neptune: Neptune has barely completed one orbit since it was discovered in 1846. Hubble Telescope Finds New Moon for Neptune, 7/15/13

112614b 042815d Uranus

050816l 043115x 060416k51 122713g-42 Saturn: Saturn, Satan, and 666, 10/5/10; Saturn Moon Rhea's Surprise: Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere, 11/25/10; Super Storm on Saturn, 5/19/11; Monstrous Eye at Saturn’s North Pole, 11/28/12; Incredible Images Show Huge Saturn Storm Destroy Itself by Eating Its Own Tail, 1/31/13; Mysterious NASA video of Saturn reveals impossible hexagon-shaped cloud pattern larger than planet Earth, 7/27/13
Enceladus: Saturn’s moon Enceladus holds promise of alien life, 7/29/12; Saturn's Moon Enceladus Is Now A Top Candidate For Life, 4/3/14; Saturnian moon may have deep-ocean vents that harbor life, 3/13/15; Spacecraft Will Sniff Enceladus's Underground Ocean On Wednesday, 10/26/15; Cassini completes plunge through Enceladus' icy plume, 10/29/15; NASA scientists quietly announce that Enceladus, a Saturn moon, can support life, 4/27/16
Iapetus: wikipedia; Moon with a View: Or, What Did Arthur Know … and When Did He Know it?, Pt. 1; Moon with a View: Or, What Did Arthur Know … and When Did He Know it?, Pt. 2; Moon with a View: Or, What Did Arthur Know … and When Did He Know it?, Pt. 3; Iapetus-was it a spaceship??, 6/18/07; Incredible Iapetus, 6/30/7; Incredible Iapetus; Is saturn moon artificial?, 9/7/11
Titan: Water Ocean on Titan, 5/6/11; Scientists: Gigantic ocean of water may lie beneath Titan's surface, 5/12/11; Bouncing On Titan: Strange Pyramid Shapes And Other Finds By Huygens Probe, 10/11/12; Alien Moon Base Captured By Cassini On Saturn Moon Titan, 5/12/14; Two Alien Bases On Saturn Moon Titan, 5/12/14; Mystery object in lake on Saturn’s moon Titan intrigues scientists, 6/24/14; Mystery object in lake on Saturn's moon, 7/16/14

Lucifer Project: Vatican Observatory launches LUCIFER Telescope | PROJECT LUCIFER and the Vatican’s astonishing exo-theological plan for the arrival of an alien savior, 3/20/13; "The Lucifer Project" - NASA's Secret Plan to Create a Second Sun in Our Solar System?, 1/19/14; again; Project Lucifer, The Strangest Conspiracy Involving NASA, July 23, 2015

052116q 053015r 041516r49 122615b37 Jupiter: This Image Of Jupiter Is So Detailed It Seems Fake, 1/22/13; Jupiter Gets An Eye In Its Storm, 10/28/14; Something is going to happen on June 30th that hasn’t happened in over 2,000 years, 6/28/15; Jupiter, Venus June 30 Conjunction: Similar Event Occurred 2,000 Years Ago — Star Of Bethlehem?, 6/29/15; You Can See Venus and Jupiter Come Very Close Together Tuesday Night, 6/30/15; See Jupiter's Psychedelic Auroras Like Never Before, 6/30/16; 7 Astounding Facts About Jupiter, 6/30/17
Europa: Possibility of life on Europa greatly increases, 11/19/11; Jupiter's Europa moon 'likeliest to have life', 2/16/13; 200-Kilometer-High Jets of Water Discovered Shooting From Europa, 12/12/13; Europa Is the Prize for Exploration, 2/8/15; NASA’s next giant leap: Probing Europa’s ice for life, 6/23/15
Ganymede: Amateur Astronomer Maps Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede in Impressive Detail, 9/26/12; Ganymede May Have Multi-Layered, 'Sandwich'-Like Oceans, 5/2/14; Ganymede Has A Saltwater Ocean, 3/12/15

052416m Mars: Mars Anomalies; Mars Anomaly Research; Most Mysterious Anomalies of Mars; Cydonia (wikipedia); Proof the face is artificial; Face and Nearby Objects on Mars; Glass Tubes on Mars; There's Life on Mars: Famous scientist accuses NASA of hiding data; Tubes on Mars, 10/30/2; Colossal ice walls that show another side of the Red Planet, 3/22/10; 7th-Graders Discover Mysterious Cave on Mars, 6/21/10; Water Flowed on Mars More Recently Than Thought, 6/24/10; "We have never been alone": Evidence of Life on Moon and Mars; Giant Mars Pits Revealed in Sharp Detail, 12/21/10; Astrophysicist: Giant spaceships are orbiting Mars, 4/6/11; Pt. 2; Armchair astronaut discovers Mars 'space station' using Google earth, 6/6/11; Estação em Marte?, 6/6/11; NASA: "Bio-Station Alpha and Face on Mars are not artificial structures", 6/7/11; A Mars Close-up photo; New NASA images show what appears to be liquid water on Mars, 8/13/11; Ancient "Riverbeds" of Mars - Formed by Water or Lava?, 8/22/11; Life Prospects on Mars, 8/25/11; Life Detected on Mars, 9/20/11; Scientists Charge: NASA Killed Evidence of Life on Mars, 9/27/11; NASA Rover Finds Convincing Evidence of Water on Ancient Mars, 12/7/11; ANDREW D. BASIAGO - THE MARS FINDINGS, 6/14/12; Mars Might Have a Lot More Water Than We Knew, 6/22/12; Curious Hole on Mars. 7/18/12; Latest Pictures of Mars Look Exactly Like Something From Earth, 8/27/12; Curiosity rover’s Mars landing site was once covered with fast-moving water, 9/27/12; Curiosity Finds Old Streambed on Mars, 9/27/12; Curiosity Rover Takes Best Self-Portrait Ever, 10/31/12; Shadow Ops Pilot - The Mars Project, 11/8/12; New Google Mars Images Are Even Sharper Than Google's View Of Our Own Planet, 11/13/12; Mars Rover Scientists Say They're Sitting on a Discovery for the 'History Books', 11/20/12; Curiosity Rover’s Secret Historic Breakthrough? Speculation Centers on Organic Molecules, 11/20/12; Mars Cave-Exploration Mission Entices Scientists, 11/25/12; Gary North: Martian Boondoggles, 12/1/12; Mars rover Curiosity finds organic compounds, not life, 12/3/12; Curiosity Rover Finds Simple Organics, But Long Path Remains to Determine Life, 12/3/12; Mars Rover Finds Puzzling Organic Traces in First Soil Sample, 12/4/12; Mars Rodent, 12/12; Martian rock from Sahara desert, 1/3/13; NASA’s Curiosity rover finds ‘flower’ on surface of Mars, 1/4/13; Curiosity Is Blazing A Trail Across Mars That Is Visible From Orbit, 1/17/13; 'Strongest evidence yet to there being life on Mars', 1/20/13; Stand on Mars Next to the Curiosity Rover With This Incredible Panorama, 2/11/13; 4-Billion-Pixel Panorama Lets You Explore Mars As If You Were Standing Next To Curiosity, 3/29/13; Seen From Space: Curiosity’s Abandoned Parachute Still Flapping in the Wind on Mars, 4/3/13; More Evidence That Ancient Mars Could Support Life Found by Old Rover, 5/22/13; Has Curiosity discovered rats on Mars?, 5/30/13; Return trips to Mars pose unacceptable radiation risk, 5/30/13; Mars rover Opportunity finds traces of 'drinkable' water, 6/8/13; Mars Rover Curiosity Captures Video of Martian Moonrise, 7/3/13; Evidence of Martian ocean grows, 7/21/13; Atmosphere of Mars was destroyed by 'catastrophic event' four billion years ago, 7/25/13; Andrew D. Basiago - Project Pegasus & The Mars Project, 11/12/13; Two Witnesses Saw Barack Obama on CIA Mars Visitation Program in 1983, 11/13/13; One Astronomer’s Quest to Expose the Alien-Built Canals of Mars, 5/21/14; 5 Most Mysterious Photos From Mars, 6/7/14; Secret Mars Colony, 6/24/14; Google Just Added Maps For Mars And The Moon, And The Level Of Detail Is Stunning, 8/6/14; Mars Viking Caller Regarding Men on Mars in 1979, 9/4/14; Scientists shocked to find cell-like structures within Martian meteorite, 9/15/14; Now we are eight: India's Mars Orbiter Mission reaches Mars, 9/23/14; Curiosity Finds a Weird 'Ball' on Mars, 9/24/14; Woman Claiming To Be Former NASA Employee Says She Saw Humans Walking On Mars In 1979, 11/26/14; Stonework & Boxes/ Coffin Collecting Dust On The Surface Of Mars, 12/27/14; photo; Strange show spotted high above Mars’ surface remains mysterious, 2/16/15; DARPA Wants to Turn Mars into Earth with Designer Organisms, 6/26/15; NASA probe spots mysterious spaceship like object on Mars, 8/24/15; Billionaires Wanted to Fund Private Mars Colony, 8/25/15; See A Glorious New Image Of Mars' South Pole, 9/10/15; ESA's Mars Express orbiter captures stunning image of Martian landscape, 9/11/15; United States Major General Blows The Whistle On What They Really Found On Mars, 9/23/15; Stonehenge-style rocks spotted on MARS: Bizarre circular stone formation on the red planet resembles the iconic Pagan site, 9/24/15; Is This Marshenge? Stonehenge-Like Formation Seen On Mars, 9/25/15; NASA to announce a ‘major science finding’ about Mars in anticipated press conference Monday, 9/26/15; Astronaut Says NASA Could Be Announcing Alien Life on Mars This Week, 9/28/15; Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars, 9/28/15; NASA ends cover-up and finally admits water flows on Mars... but still won't admit to proof of life on the red planet, known as a fact since 1976, 9/28/15; NASA BUSTED- "CURIOSITY" NOT ON "MARS" BUT, GREENLAND!, 9/30/15; Alien waves on ancient shores, 10/13/15; NASA Has Discovered A Buddha Statue On Mars, 10/23/15; German Secret Societies Nuked Martians & Built Slave Colonies with U.S. Corporations, 11/27/15; Mysterious weather clouds appear on Mars: What is NASA not telling us?, 12/5/15; Huge Underground Base Entrances Found On Mars In Google Earth, 12/5/15; Ancient civilizations on Mars, 5/21/16; Planet Mars Has Something Moving Under Its Surface, 6/18/16; Mars Has a Kind of Dune We've Never Seen Before, 6/30/16; Trees on Mars, 7/2/16; What's Going On? Sudden Plan To Get Humans To Mars Ramps Up!, 7/2/16; Mind Blowing Mars Alien Footage. NASA & ESA Probes Filmed Alien Life & Mars Bases, 11/4/16; HUGE Artificial Formation On Mars?, 4/15/17; A Base on Google Mars, 7/12/17
Martian Pyramids: Cydonia Pyramids & Sphinx; Pyramids of Egypt & Mars; Tesla and the Pyramids on Mars; MARS-EARTH CONNECTION, 2002; Pyramids & Face of Mars?, 8/19/6; Pyramids On Mars, 9/24/9; Cities and Pyramids on the Moon, Mars and other Planets, 9/24/11; Detailed Deconstruction of the “Face” and Pyramids on Mars Claims, 6/2/14; NASA Curiosity Rover photographs pyramid on Mars, 6/20/15; Pyramid Found On Mars?, 6/20/15; Martian Pyramid Captured By NASA Mars Curiosity Rover In Incredible Image, 6/21/15; Is 'PYRAMID' found in NASA Mars video 'proof of alien civilisation on Red Planet?', 6/22/15; New Pyramid Found on Mars Joins a Growing List, 6/24/15
Phobos & Deimos: Richard C. Hoagland: Phobos, the inner Moon of Mars, is an ancient, artificially hollow spaceship, Pt. 1; Phobos & Deimos as Habitats, 9/26/11; European Space Agency claims that Martian Moon Phobos is Artificial, 2/4/13; Is Phobos a Mined Asteroid? A Sitchinite’s Take on the Hollow Object, 3/11/13; Secret Break Away Civilization You're Not Supposed To Know About, 5/16/15
Gale Crater: Gale Crater is a city!, 11/28/11
Crater Hale in perspective, looking west: Mars Civilization: Evidence By European Space Agency, 2/1/8; Mars Express Facts, 7/14/11; Mars Express Images; Crater Hale in perspective, looking west; Hi-res
Mike Bara: Ancient Aliens on Mars; In Ancient Aliens on Mars II
Andrew D. Basiago: See: Basiago; Letter to the National Geographic Society, 12/12/08^; Discovery of Life on Mars, 12/12/08^; About the Discovery, 12/28/8; Time Traveler, Andrew Basiago at Gettysburg 1863 and 9/11, 3/20/12; Andrew Basiago - 2016: Police State, 8/13/13; Time Travel and Teleportation - Andy Basiago's disclosure, 12/3/13; Andrew Basiago - Pegasus: Obama on Mars Time Travel, 2/2/14
John E. Brandenburg: Life & Death on Mars
Stephanie Relfe: Mars Records; Mars Records^; Marks Records, Book 2^; Mars Force^; Mars Force, Pt.2^; Mars Records by Stephanie Relfe, B.Sc. Vols I and II (Michael Relfe's Memoirs of 20 years at the U.S. secret base on Mars), 6/13/11
Alfred Lambremont Webre: Basiago and Eisenhower reveal "Marsgate" and make case for "Alternative 4", 3/28/10; Mars active industrial site located by remote viewing, JPL photos, corroborating Mars whistleblowers, 7/28/10; Mars visitors Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars, 11/23/11; Obama, Mars, and the Matrix, 2/5/12

053015r 073114b Venus: Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise; and, it has the most circular orbit in the Solar System. Astrology of the June 5th & 6th, 2012 Transit of Venus; An astronomical rarity: Venus moving across the sun in May, 4/29/12; One of the Rarest Events in Space is Occurring this June 5th and 6th: Everything you need to know about the Transit of Venus, 6/2/12; Transit of Venus FAQ, 6/2/12; Mysterious Arc of Venus, 6/4/12; Once-in-a-lifetime solar voyage, 6/6/12; Something is going to happen on June 30th that hasn’t happened in over 2,000 years, 6/28/15; Jupiter, Venus June 30 Conjunction: Similar Event Occurred 2,000 Years Ago — Star Of Bethlehem?, 6/29/15; You Can See Venus and Jupiter Come Very Close Together Tuesday Night, 6/30/15; Alien Bases & Pyramids On Venus Discovered?, 4/25/16

042815e 122713f-42 Mercury: One Mercury day is exactly two of it's years. Next Week Messenger Probe Will Become First Craft To Orbit Mercury, 3/11/11; MESSENGER becomes first spacecraft to orbit Mercury, 3/18/11; Mysterious planet-sized object spotted near Mercury, 12/11/11; Mercury Has a Liquid Core, and Other New Surprises From the Innermost Planet, 3/22/12; 3.4 Mile Doorway Into Planet Mercury Discovered, 11/20/12; Mercury has lots of Ice, 11/29/12; Mercury's hidden water-ice revealed, 10/16/14; Spacecraft captures one of the closest photos of Mercury we’ve ever seen, 2/13/15

Moon; Full Moons; Eclipses, Blood Moons


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