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notapiece 082313j Playing the Commerce Game: List of Consumer Reporting Agencies; Commerce Game Exposed; Wicked Game: Pawns and Passion, 1/21/12; Commerce: the Permanent Rebellion, 7/18/13; Value of Your Life to the Government, 11/6/13

Trusts: Uniform Trust Code; Alfred D. Chandler: Express Trusts Under the Common Law^; Thomas Lewin - A Practical Treatise on the Law of Trusts, 1888; Rudall & Grieg: Law of Trusts & Trustees, 1898^; Augustus Peabody: A Trustee's Handbook, 1898^; A Trustee's Handbook, 1907; Austin Wakeman Scott: Law of Trusts, 1919^; Weiss's: Concise Trustee Handbook^; Hague Convention on Law Applicable to Trusts; CoT, Minn.; Truth About Trusts; Dual Trusts; Dual Trusts; Bogert: Handbook of the Law of Trusts^; Do-it-yourself UBO; Gilbert Law Summaries^; Shilling V; Trustee in Commerce; Vessel Assist; Basics of Trusts, 2/14/11; Trust Law, your Rights and how to enforce them, 7/4/12; Breaking the invisible chains, 2/26/14; Trust Basics, 4/6/14

Common Law Irrevocable Pure Trust Organizations (PTOs): Common Law Trusts; Pure CL Trusts; Pure Trust

Dejure Foreign Situs: Defacto CESTUI QUE: wikipedia; Cestui Que Vie Trust; Social Security Trust, 3/4/11

Cestui que Vie Act 1666: Understanding Cestui que Vie Act 1666 - Existence of Life; Canons of Positive Law; MUST SEE Cestui que Vie Act 1666 the act that declared us all dead thus making us all corporations!, 1/18/14; Crown Estate, 4/5/14

WHFIT: WHFIT; Bannatukku Republic; comprehensive

Employment: See: Employment

Licenses: See Government Permits; Driver's License; Underworld Death Dealing Practices Of The Elite | Birth, Marriage and Death Estate Are Seized and Traded By The Government, 4/1/15; Marriage isn't the only license SCOTUS ruling forces states to accept: chiropractic, acupuncture, electrical licenses and more must be accepted in ALL states, 7/2/15

Marriage: There are 3 parties to a marriage contract, the husband, the wife, and the state, 7/14/14; Gay marriage paradox: Begging the government for a license to marry isn't freedom; it's enslavement to Big Brother, 6/28/15; Married Under God or Licensed Marriage, 7/17/15

Redemption & Emancipation: Executive Order confirming humans are capital; US citizens are government property - NOTE: United States Department of the Treasury 1789 is the Secured Party and the Federal Reserve is the Debtor; Redemption Manual 4.5 Edition; SS Trust Indenture; TCollins - White Paper on State Citizenship; Sovereign Solutions; United Nations of Turtle Island; Extortion System of the Ruling Elite; Paper Prison; How to Create a New Identity; Sovereign Immunity; UCC Redemption, 10/28/3; What are you?; Ecclesiastical Deed Poll; Affidavit & Assertion of a Foreign Neutral, Pt.1, 12/25/11; Pt.2, 12/29/11; Declaration of Independence – Latter Day Declarant, 4/28/12; Affidavit Of Natural Identity And Caveat, 8/4/12; Affidavit of Abatement (No Such Corporation), 8/12/12; IN ITINERE Notice And Caveat, 9/1/12; In Itinere Cover Sheet and Caveat, 9/7/12; Initinere, 9/13/12; People’s Relationship With Government Is Greatly Misunderstood, 9/26/15

Redemption Manual: Redemption Manual 4.5 Edition; Redemption Manual- A Step by Step Guide to Redeeming Your Personal Freedom; again

Claim of Right: Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right; Notice of Understanding pdf; Style Manual of the Government Printing Office (1923); Memorandum Asserting Rights, 4/23/12

Birth Certificate & Bond: Birth Certificate; Lose the Name; Lose the Name Basic Edition; Truth about your birth certificate; Babylon Is Fallen; pdf; Babylon Is Fallen for Dummies pdf; BIF ‘caution’ brochure pdf; BIF ‘i love you’ brochure pdf; Truth FAQ; pdf; Dead Men Walking Series; "The Act of 1871"- HELP SPREAD THIS TRUTH ALL AMERICA MUST KNOW, 9/19/12; Non Negotiable Private Bond For Set Off (Birth Certificate Bond), 7/9/13; Summary of the fraud and your enslavement - CROWN COPYRIGHT SOURCE DOC OWNERSHIP, 10/24/14; Crown Copyright in the Information Age pdf; Did You Know You Also Have a Uniform Birth Number?, 10/5/15; BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD; CLAUSULA REBIS SIC STANTIBUS, 10/8/15; United Nations plans require biometric identification and birth registration for all humans on Earth, 11/22/15; Explained: Natural Born Citizen & Naturalized Citizen, 3/1/16; Long Form Birth Certificate Question - Who are you?, 3/17/16

Social Security Number: Drivers License and Social Security Number, Please, 12/9/15

041214a 021915i64 Fictions/ "Persons"/ STRAWMEN: Meet Your Strawman; Official STATE office known as "person"; Eddie Izzard: Do you have a flag?, 10/3/11; Henry Maine: Legal Fictions, 1862^; Office of the Person; Person & Individual; People or Citizens; Ficticious Legal Entity Called "a Person", 2/14/10; Freeman and Strawman Explained; Meet Your Strawman!, 6/14/10; again; Legalities of All-Capital-Letters Names; Strawman Illusion; It's all in the NAME; Not A Person or Citizen, 3/8/11; Fictional Straw Family Debuts on YouTube Courtesy of Ontario Government, 8/5/11; What is ‘corporate personhood’ and why does it matter?, 8/16/11; Noam Chomsky on Corporate Personhood; Los Angeles votes to end corporate personhood, 12/6/11; Vote That Changed The World! - End Corporate Rule, 12/8/11; Man uses HOV lane with Corporation Papers!, 1/6/13; Accessing your 'Strawman' Account - Filing a UCC1 Financing Statement, 8/8/13; Meet Your Strawman, 5/17/14; Dialogue with a Judge about the Birth Certificate, 7/4/14; More dialogue about it, 7/4/14; Strawman - Nature of the Cage, 7/30/15; STRAW MAN "Explained", 9/13/17; Riveting New Documentary Exposes Scheme To Enslave Masses, 11/8/17

14th Amendment Citizenship: Citizen or citizen?; Importance of state Citizenship; Story of Burt, a Free Person, 4/25/11; CITIZENSHIP (American Citizen v. U.S. Citizen Under Collective Entity Rule, 3/6/12; Citizenship – The American Citizenship Question, 3/13/12; Real reason for the 14th Amendment, 7/13/12

Security of Identity: Stop Check Fraud with Uni-Ball 207; Citibank exposes 600,000 customers' Social Security numbers, 3/9/10; 10 Things You Shouldn't Keep in Your Wallet or Purse, 7/28/11

Security Agreement: basic template

Secured Party Creditor: How to Become One, 5/7/10

Copyright Trademark Name: Claim; Bill Clinton

Power of Attorney: POA; RPOA

Letter of Marque: Letter of Marque; explained; Letter of Captain Marque & Reprisal; Enforcement: Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty

Wills: Will and Testament, 10/10/11; Self reliance - How to write a simple DIY Last Will and Testament - inexpensively and without a lawyer, 10/2/12

Commerce & the UCC: UCC and You; § 9-607. COLLECTION AND ENFORCEMENT BY SECURED PARTY; Uniform Commercial Code Locator, 3/15/4; Commercial Law & the UCC; Uniform Commercial Code; Affidavit of Corporate Denial; Maxims of Commerce; Mastering the UCC; UCC Study Guide; again; Buhtz: UCC Investigative Report, 5/26/03; UNIDROIT; Uniform Commercial Code (The Application of Commercial Law) Pt.1, 6/12/12; Pt.2, 6/16/12; Pt.3, 6/20/12; UCC Connection - How the Uniform Commercial Code 'secretly took over' the world, 7/31/13; Basics of Creation and Perfection of Security Interests under Article 9 of the UCC; UCC Connection – How The Uniform Commercial Code ‘Secretly Took Over’ The World, 8/1/13; Dangers of Disregarding the Uniform Commercial Code, 8/4/16

UCC 1-308/207: Reserves Common Law Rights; UCC 1-308 now; again

UCC Filings: Why the UCC Filing; again; IRS Lien on America; earlier IRS Lien on America; Fed Filing on Dept. of Treasury; Without Prejudice

ACH: Green Book ACH Payment Guide^; wikipedia; EFT

Banking: Be the Bank; Banker's Manifesto of 1892; again; again; Modern Money Mechanics; Modern Money Mechanics & other Federal Reserve Publications Explained; Federal Reserve Bank: Two Faces of Debt; How the Federal Reserve works; Top Secret Banker's Manual; Secret Banker's Manual; Mullineaux, Murinde: Handbook of International Banking; Durland: Theories; Primer On Money; Gouge: Principles of the Banking System, 1833; Bank Officers Handbook of Commercial Banking Law 1982; Bank Officers Handbook of Commercial Banking Law in USA (6th Ed.); Walker Todd Affidavit; Introduction to Mathematically Perfected Economy; Banking; ABA #s; Bank Routing #s; Fed Financial Services; Federal Reserve E-Payments Routing Directory; Wikipedia Routing transit number; Selected Bibliography on Banking and Public Investment; FRB Freedom of Information Office; FRB manuals & forms; Bank Privacy... Not!, 1/24/11; War on Money, 4/12/11; Don't Trust Banks or Credit Card Companies - Protect Your Financial Privacy, 4/18/12; “Structuring”: who can get away with it, and who can’t, 4/20/12

Bank Holding Company Supervision Manual^; Bank Officers Handbook of Commercial Banking Law in USA^; Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - Modern Money Mechanics^; Mullineux & Murinde - Handbook of International Banking (2003)^; Secret Banker's Manual^; FRB Manuals and Forms; Federal Reserve Account Management Guide^; Opening Bank Accounts Without SSNs; Currency Transaction Reporting; FRB Manuals & Forms; Money transfers could face anti-terrorism scrutiny, 9/27/10; Modern Hawala, 12/11/10

Accounting: Free Accounting Course for Non-Accountants

CPN: CPN number review and update 2016 Get tradleines and funding up to 75k including free credit repair, 3/2/16

CUSIP: wikipedia; Identification; downloads; John Stuart: Something Strange Is Starting To Make Sense; The CUSIP Numbers, 12/2/10; again; Pt.2; Pt.3

DTC: Participant Accounts; Rules; Counterfeit Fraud Alert

EIN: Finder; FEINSearch

HJR-192: text; Kevin Hines: Was HJR-192 Repealed?; How can you get a copy of HJR 192 from 1933 without commentary?; HJR 192 6/5/33; again

Declaration of Separate & Equal Station: 2/21/92; 10/27/12

Public Notice: GetNotice.Info; National Republic Registry; America's Public Record; California Recorder's Manual; Oregon Recording Procedures

Public Policy/ Corporate Codes: UCC; U.S. Code; Search the U.S. Code; U.S. Code Search Help; Fed. Rules of Civil Procedure; Code of Federal Regulations; U.S. Statutes at Large

Public Records/ Information: NATIONAL REPUBLIC REGISTRY; SEC Information; FDIC Search; Free ERISA EIN Search; KNOWX - Public Records & EIN Search; How to Look Up Free Drivers License Records Online; Run a Background Information Check on Anyone With This Easy Online Background Search

SEC: Enforcement Complaint Form

UNCITRAL: 1988 UN Convention on IBoEs and IPNs; 1992 Model Law on International Credit Transfers; 1995 United Nations Convention on Independent Guarantees & Stand-by Letters of Credit

Forms:; GSA Forms Library; Your Name Here;; U.S. Courts Forms; UncleFed's Tax Board; f4419; f1455 E; f1455; f1071 E; 31 CFR Part 306; Reference Agreements and Deal Intelligence for Business Professionals and Lawyers; Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE)
Will Form 56 make the SPC process work?, 11/29/10

Glossaries: Banking terms by; Hypertextual Finance Glossary; Freddie Mac: About Home Ownership; Understanding Fannie Mae Debt; Common Foreclosure Terminology; U.S. Courts

Reference: USA

strebeck-bar-code Consumerism: Product Downsizing; Take Your Money Back; JibJab - Big Box Mart; Buy, Buy American Pie; On Selling Your Old Car, 5/30/11; Extreme Couponing: Desperate Economic Times Call for Desperate Measures, 6/2/11; Holiday shopping online rockets in U.S., 12/28/11; 5 Stupid Things We Do With Your Money and How to Fix Them, 3/12/12; Price Versus Cost, 5/13/13

E-Commerce: This Incredibly Intricate Graphic Shows Everything You Need To Know About E-Commerce, 8/28/12; Next Billion-Dollar Startup Opportunity: Ordering Something Online And Getting It Hours Later, 9/6/12

041214d Barcodes: First product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum. All About UPC Barcode; Digital Watermark: Bar Code Celebrates Birthday, Is It Evil?, 10/8/9; Determining Product Origins; Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute Engineer Novel DNA Barcode, 9/24/12; Remembering Joe Woodland, the Man Who Invented the Bar Code, 12/21/12; Ticker Clocks the Billions of Bar Codes Scanned Each Day, 4/12/13

Sales Tax: Oregon Governor wants a mileage tax, 12/27/8; Democrats push for new Internet sales taxes, 7/2/10

Economics: A Biographical Dictionary of Dissenting Economists 2nd ed^; American Economy A Historical Encyclopedia^; An Eponymous Dictionary of Economics^; Freeman Book^; Lawrence Boland: Principles of Economics - Some Lies My Teachers Told Me^; Tony Cleaver: Economics - Basics, 2004^; Anthony Culyer: Dictionary of Health Economics^; Douglas Dowd: Capitalism and Its Economics A Critical History^; Dunn & Mutti: International Economics, 6th ed^; Randy Epping: A Beginner's Guide to the World Economy^; Tom Gorman: Complete Idiot's Guide to MBA Basics^; Andy Kessler: How We Got Here^; Adam Smith: Wealth of Nations^; Mark Thornton, ed.: Quotable Mises^; Mathematically Perfected Economy, 3/17/9; Get your hands on the government’s playbook, 7/4/11

Austrian Economics: Learn Austrian Economics, 12/20/11; Mises Institute: What is Austrian Economics?; Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.: Why Austrian Economics Matters; Economics in Ten Short Lessons, 9/4/13
An Introduction to Economic Reasoning: Faustino Ballve: Essentials of Economics; Henry Hazlitt: Economics in One Lesson; companion video series; Robert P. Murphy: Lessons for the Young Economist; Peter Schiff: How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes; Thomas C. Taylor: An Introduction to Austrian Economics
Additional Introductory Reading in Economics: Jim Cox: Concise Guide to Economics; Bettina Bien Greaves: Free Market Economics: A Reader; Bettina Bien Greaves: Free Market Economics: A Syllabus; Richard J. Maybury: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?; Robert P. Murphy: Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism; Ron Paul: Revolution: A Manifesto; Murray N. Rothbard: Making Economic Sense; Thomas E. Woods, Jr.: Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy
Money: Thomas J. DiLorenzo: Myth of the 'Independent' Fed; Jörg Guido Hülsmann: Ethics of Money Production; Ron Paul: End the Fed; Ron Paul: Gold, Peace, and Prosperity; mp3; Ron Paul: Revolution: A Manifesto; Paul and Lehrman: Case for Gold; George Reisman: Economics of Inflation; George Reisman: Path to Sound Money; Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: Gold Standard: Perspectives in the Austrian School; Murray N. Rothbard: A History of Money and Banking in the United States; Murray N. Rothbard: Case Against the Fed; audio; Murray N. Rothbard: What Has Government Done to Our Money? and the Case for a 100% Gold Dollar; Joseph T. Salerno: Did Greenspan Deserve Support for Another Term?; mp3; Joseph T. Salerno: Money: Sound and Unsound; mp3s; Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve
Business Cycle: John P. Cochran: Sound Money and the Business Cycle; Roger W. Garrison: Time and Money: Macroeconomics of Capital Structure; Robert P. Murphy: My Reply to Krugman on Austrian Business Cycle Theory; Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: Business Cycle Primer; Murray N. Rothbard: America's Great Depression, 5th ed.; Joseph T. Salerno: Banking and the Business Cycle; Mark Thornton: Mises vs. Fisher on Money, Method and Prediction: The Case of the Great Depression; Mark Thornton: Predicting Booms and Busts; Mark Thornton: Who Predicted the Bubble? Who Predicted the Crash?; Thomas E. Woods, Jr.: Meltdown; Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle and Other Essays
Deflation: Jörg Guido Hülsmann: Deflation and Liberty; Jörg Guido Hülsmann: Economics of Deflation; Joseph T. Salerno: An Austrian Taxonomy of Deflation – With Applications to the U.S.; Joseph T. Salerno: Deflation and Depression: Where's the Link?; Joseph T. Salerno: Gold Standard in Theory and Myth; Joseph T. Salerno: On Deflation; Mark Thornton: Apoplithorismosphobia
Advanced Texts in Austrian Economics: Jesús Huerta de Soto: Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles; Murray N. Rothbard: Man, Economy, and State: A Treatise on Economic Principles; study guide; Ludwig von Mises: Human Action: A Treatise on Economics; study guide
Foreign Aid and Development Economics: Peter Bauer: Equality, the Third World, and Economic Delusion; Peter Bauer: From Subsistence to Exchange and Other Essays; Tyler Cowen: Marshall Plan: Myths and Realities; William Easterly: The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists' Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics; Thomas E. Woods, Jr.: History of Foreign Aid Programs
Additional Readings in Austrian Economics: Hans-Hermann Hoppe: A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism; Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Economic Science and the Austrian Method; Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Economics and Ethics of Private Property; George Selgin: Praxeology and Understanding: An Analysis of the Controversy in Austrian Economics
Joseph Salerno: Introduction to Austrian Economic Analysis: A Ten-Lecture Course; Lecture 1: Scarcity, Choice, and Value audio; video; Lecture 2: Exchange and Demand audio; video; Lecture 3: The Determination of Prices audio; video; Lecture 4: Price Controls: Case Studies audio; video; Lecture 5: Profit, Loss, and the Entrepreneur audio; video; Lecture 6: Pricing of the Factors of Production and the Labor Market audio; Lecture 7: Capital, Interest and the Structure of Production audio; Lecture 8: Competition and Monopoly audio; Lecture 9: Money and Prices audio; Lecture 10: Banking and the Business Cycle audio

Business & Finance: Encyclopedia of Business & Finance^; Encyclopedia of e-commerce, E-government & Mobile Commerce^; Encyclopedia of Finance^; Springer Encyclopedia of Finance^; Perfect Business, 2/12/11; Most Important Finance Books Ever Written, 1/1/13

Asset Protection: 508; What My Mom Taught Me About Asset Protection, 11/6/13

Property & Title: Not-so-safe Deposit Boxes; Feds grant eminant domain as collateral to China for U.S. debts; Why Do A Land Title Search (Abstract); Cleansing Land Titles With Ellen Brown, 1/20/12; How to Fill Out a Grant Deed Form

Property Rights: Intellectual Property Rights; Floating Dollar as a Threat to Property Rights, 7/18/11; Miss. eminent domain initiative in court, 7/25/11; Eric Peters: Private Property? What Private Property?, 3/15/12; Without property rights, no other rights are possible, 9/2/12; Agenda 21: A Sustained Attack On Property Rights, 9/21/12; Your right to sell your stuff, 10/6/12; Supreme Court To Rule On Your Right To "Resell" Personal Property, 10/7/12; Securing Property Rights in the Absence of a State, 10/9/12; Is SCOTUS Putting An End To "Personal" Property?, 10/10/12; Supreme Court To Decide “First Sale Doctrine", 10/14/12; Pay $150,000 to exercise property rights?, 1/15/13; End of Private Property in the Era of the American Police State, 12/10/13; Air Force Is Preparing to Steal the Land of Millions of Americans, 12/10/13; End of Private Property in the Era of the American Police State, 12/13/13; Ending Property Rights: What "Add the Words" Really Means, 3/12/14; Employer-Provided Health Care Is Not a Religious Issue - It's about Property Rights, 7/16/14; Property Rights and Property Taxes—and Countries That Don’t Have Them, 9/16/14; "Land Of The Free" Ranks 36th In The World For Respecting Property Rights, 10/8/14; “Government Wants to Control Your Car” and Prevent You From ‘Tinkering’ Under DMCA Copyright, 5/8/15; Parking Spaces and Property Rights, 1/10/17; Three Stages of Ownership, 7/6/17; Did the Indians Understand the Concept of Private Property?, 10/12/17

Lieber Code: All property resides with the State, 3/1/9

Home Ownership: Do you own your Land?, 4/8/10;Want to Get Audited? Apply for Homebuyer Credit, 4/15/10; Conservation Easements (CEs)*:Read the fine print before you sign, 12/18/10; Think You Own Your House? Check the Deed, 8/27/11

H.R. 2454 - Cap & Trade: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009; Cap and trade is a license to cheat and steal, 5/19/9; Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home; again, 11/19/9; Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home; McConnell Charges That ‘Major Part’ of Democrats’ Cap-Trade Bill ‘Essentially Written by BP’, 6/9/10; Obama’s Land Grab Nightmare, 7/29/10; Obama Administration Secretly Implements Cap   Trade Rules, 9/7/10; Cap and Trade License for Your House, 9/9/10

Obamacare: Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it?, 9/24/10; Obamacare

Allodial Title/ Land Patent: Land Titles, Patents & Deeds; Ownerships Highest Proof; What Is?; Land Patent image; Allodial Freehold; Straight Talk; Whistle Blowing on Land Patents; Final Solution to Property Tax; Understanding how Land Patents work; Land Trust University

Vehicle Registration: The Tyranny of Vehicle Registration, 8/14/11; Don't be fooled by government; Your Car Isn’t, 9/4/14

Car Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin: Do You Know Who Owns Your Car?; Forum

Security Agreement: Jack Rabbit Patriot; True Bill

Off-shore Assets: Taxes; America Now Enforces Capital Controls, 3/28/10; No 'Right to Silence' To Avoid Disclosing Information About Offshore Accounts, 8/31/11; Credit Suisse will disclose names of U.S. clients, 11/7/11; A Simple Plan to Keep Your Assets Safe From an Out-of-Control Government, 12/23/11; How To Avoid Living in a Police State, 12/27/11

Corporation Sole: One Corporation With Sole; Modern Corporation Sole; Corporation Sole and the Encounter of Law and Church; U.S. vs. Fitzgerald, et. al., 9/24/12

Liens: Jonathan C. Lipson: End of Notice - Secrets and Liens^; Michael E. Vaughn: Businessman's Guide to Maritime Liens^; Commercial Liens: A Most Potent Weapon; Maritime Liens; Commercial & Maritime Liens; American Lien Depot
Levies: docs

Government: Government; Style Manual of the Government Printing Office, 1922^; Mark Bevir: Encyclopedia of Governance^; Gerald Brown: Cooperative Federalism^; Barry Explains What Federal Means, 5/18/11; 30 Little Known Facts about America; Becraft: Gross Errors, Packs of Lies; A Treatise on The Current System of Control in America, 7/6/11; All Public Officers are Trustees, 2/27/12; Location of Debtor (District of Columbia), 5/28/12; Orders to Public Servants; Important Filings; There Is No "State", 7/30/12; Buck Act – Jurisdiction Of The Land, 9/20/12

CT CORP SYSTEM owns all the courts

120314v 090415n 081516b Government is Corporate: § 9-307 United States is located in the District of Columbia; Articles of Incorporation – UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY (1925); Corporate America Reduced; pdf; uSA v. USA; U.S. is a Corporation; Lisa Guliani - The U.S. is a Corporation; US is a Corporation, not a Country. Got a problem with that?; Paul Andrew Mitchell; Internal Revenue Service corporate charter (1933); Wall Street's Ownership of Government, 4/4/9; Federal Government is NOT the United States, 9/24/9; Clearfield Doctrine; Where is that illusive US Treasury? Can you say Puerto Rico?, 4/28/10; us-corp D&B Office of U.S. President; Corporation Nation; U.S. Corporation and the Maritime Flag, 2/8/11; Defining the “United States”, 2/26/11; U.S. Treasury: Where is that illusive US Treasury? Can you say Puerto Rico??, 4/28/11; Right To Ignore The [Corporate] State, 10/17/11; America – 'Stateless' Society, 10/12/12; Judge says USA INC is just a corporate franchise network, 4/27/13; CT CORP SYSTEM owns all the courts

Government is Bankrupt: Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House, 1/19/11; pdf, 3/17/93; Bankruptcy and Emergency Powers in Perpetuity, 10/12/11

Oath of Office: Fear and Oath-ing in D.C., 1/27/13; Minnesota high court to consider judge's oath, 3/3/14

Expatriation: Deed Poll – Expatriation, Pt.1, 10/27/11; Pt.2, 10/26/11

Post Office/UPU: USPS Domestic Mail Manual 7/15?7^; Establishing the Seat of Government; W.C. Updegrave: Explanation of ZIP Code Address Purpose^; POSTAL POWER; United Postal Union (UPU); No Zip Codes; Domestic Mail Manual, 7/15/7; Posting rule; USPS Address Change A; B; audios & docs; 1-dollar Red Fox stamp; RPost Registered email; A Kingdom Within Us; Post Office and one of the world’s most powerful organizations: the International Postal Union, 8/13/11, Pt.1; Pt.2

Canada: Berryman: Remedies: Cases & Materials; Public Service Questionnaire; Natural-Person; Peace Bond; Think Free, Be Free; Canada Court Watch; Thirst for Justice; Land of Smaller Government, 8/9/10

Australia: Project Debtless Society; Mark McMurtrie: Lessons in Law; An Australian Sovereign - British Legal Scam

EXODUS - Movement of the People - CLAIM YOUR SOVEREIGN RIGHT – PROCESS [Australia, NZ]: Step 1. Introduction to Exodus from the System; Step 1a. Understanding Cestui que Vie Act 1666 - Existence of Life; Step 1b – Biggest Scam in the History of Banking; Step 2. Obtaining your Source Document and Print Out; Step 3. Depositing your Birth Certificate; Step 4. Educational Related Videos; Step 5. Freedom and Right to Travel; Step 6. How does a Sovereign [de jure] Walk and Talk; Step 7. Unplugging from the Matrix; Step 8. Invoicing an Insuborinate Gov Agent; Step 10. Sovereign [de jure] taken into Custody by Police NZ; Step 11. Exodus Checklist; Resources – Download; Crown is not the Queen!; Tribal Sovereign Nations of the Earth; What is a PERSON?; Who and What are the Assembled Owners; UCC-1 Financing Statement; Exodus for other countries other than Australia, New Zealand and Fiji


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