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122916c39 Cetaceans: Dolphins and whales squeal with delight: High-pitched whistles signal happiness of marine mammals, 8/13/14; Joy!, 11/19/14; Cetacean Brain and Hominid Perceptions of Cetacean Intelligence, 8/28/17; Whales and dolphins engage in social talk just like humans, and much more, 8/22/18

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031916u 031616k 072316r 090217c 062916c 061914k69 090316d65 100915x56 080215r56 100716m52 031516n49 011716v49 092916p49 032516k30 Dolphins: Dolphins as Persons, 1/7/10; Learn to 'walk on water', 10/22/10; Researchers seek to communicate with dolphins using new language, 5/13/11; Dolphins offer insight into fast wound healing, 7/27/11; New Study Suggests Dolphins 'Talk' Like Humans, 9/7/11; Dolphins indulge in elite societies and cliques just like humans do, 8/4/12; Watch As Dozens of Dolphins Swarm a Fishing Boat in the Cayman Islands, 8/31/12; What dolphins can teach us about high quality diets, 12/5/12; Stricken dolphin who 'asked' Hawaii diver for help: Moment mammal stuck on fishing line pushed itself into scuba instructor and waited patiently to be freed, 1/22/13; 7-Mile 'Super Mega-Pod' Of Dolphin Recorded Off California, 2/18/13; Can we speak the language of dolphins?, 6/7/13; Dolphin Intimacy and Other Tales of Human-Animal Interactions, 6/25/13; Animal intelligence irrefutable: Bottlenose dolphins call each other by name, 8/1/13; Friendly dolphin dives down and catches 10lb cod before giving it to family for their dinner, 8/6/13; Dolphins granted personhood by government of India, 8/9/13; Dolphins Get High by Sucking on Puffer Fish, 12/31/13; dolphinese How Dolphins and Chimps See The World Compared To Humans, 1/16/14; New River Dolphin Species Found in Brazil, First Since 1918, 1/23/14; Dolphin-Squeak-To-English Translator Works In Real Time, 3/28/14; New discovery indicates that dolphins are getting high on toxic fish, 6/28/14; Surf’s Up for Dolphins in Australia, 4/6/15; Dolphins often seem to want to befriend us - do they know something we don't?, 9/9/15; Dolphin Sounds Generate Images, Research Team Discovers, 1/9/16; Dolphins recorded having a conversation 'just like two people' for first time, 9/11/16; What Swimming With Dolphins Is Actually Like For The Dolphins, 10/21/16; Dolphins held in captivity escape from Japanese tourist attraction, 1/5/17; Dolphins get high by chewing on pufferfish and passing them around, 3/30/17; New study examines complexity of dolphin culture; researchers determine that brain size correlates with “human-like” behaviors and societies, 10/18/17

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081917s 111217h 090716k 020314g6-54 040117n40 102514b37 030416u30 Whales: Closer than you thought, 6/23/10; Giant predatory whale named for 'Moby Dick' author, 6/30/10; Saving Valentina, 6/13/11; Whales' signals reveal retreat from ill-fated oil rig, 4/6/12; US scientists report whale making human voice sounds, 10/22/12; Whale learned to mimic human speech; demonstrating free will among intelligent animals, 11/3/12; New Whale Species Unearthed in California Highway Dig, 2/18/13; ; Whales almost swallow divers, 7/22/13; Whales tan too, basking in the big blue, 8/30/13; Whale spotting from space is fun, efficient and accurate, 2/17/14; Conservationists using space technology to monitor world's whale population, 2/22/14; Whales had sonar 32 million years before the U.S. Navy, 3/25/14; Drone Captures Most Captivating Whale/Paddle Boarder Experience Ever, 2/23/16
082414z61 030216k49 Beluga Whales: Beluga whale saved a stricken diver's life by pushing her to the surface; Princess of whales: How a naked female scientist tries to tame belugas in the freezing Arctic, 6/16/11
091113e Blue Whales: A Blue Whale's heart is the size of a VW Bug and it's aorta is large enough for a human to crawl through. It is probably the largest animal ever to have lived.
Bowhead Whales: Understanding DNA Repair and Cancer Resistance Genes from Bowhead Whales May Enable 200 year Livespans in Humans, 1/22/15
Finback Whales: Massive finback whale beached in New York City, 12/26/12
Grey Whales: Mother Gray Whale Lifts Her Calf Out of the Water!, 3/14/12

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071117p 021116s 080316a56 102316d43 miforjEdVC1qh 072115k37 052815i31 112414y31 101815v30 Humpbacks: The low frequency call of the humpback whale is the loudest noise made by a living creature and can be heard from 500 miles away. Humpback Whale Puts On Show For Men Who Saved Her, 7/14/11; This Drone Video of Whales Swimming is Mesmerizing, 5/2/14; Whale Song Explained Humpbacks synchronize their music across oceans, and there’s sheet music to prove it, 10/10/14
Narwhals: Narwhals can 'see' unlike any other animal on Earth, 11/11/16
062514h 071813d 070717a 122014s 043017m 071113c 053015y56 022414v-52 110313r 050115x42 Orcas: Orcas, not sharks, the dominant predator off Vancouver Island coast, 9/4/11; Adult Killer Whales Need Their Mamas, Too, 9/14/12; Killer whales survive beaching off Australian coast, 7/13/13; Japanese Whaling Crew Eaten Alive By Killer Whales, 7/28/14
Pilot Whales: Pilot whales cuddle in the abyss, 6/21/13
032616v 041014d-52 Sperm Whales: Sperm Whale Sighting, 6/11/11; A Sperm Whale Encounter, 3/29/12; Incredible Video: Curious Whale Inspects Underwater Robot, 4/15/15