Sentience; Animals; Primates; Bats; Bears; Cats; Cetaceans; Cows; Deer/ Elk; Dogs; Elephants; Foxes; Giraffes; Horses; Pigs; Wolves; Birds; Crows; Hummingbirds; Owls; Parrots; Reptiles; Dinosaurs; Amphibians; Fish; Rays; Sharks; Invertebrates; Life; Cephalopods; Bugs; Ants; Bees; Spiders; Tardigrades; Friends; Enemies; Aliens

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020314b5 061115x 072216u 092616h 070115l56 013016w49 082313q 072215e42 Cheetahs: Cheetah Sets New Land Speed Record, Beats Bolt by 4 Seconds, 8/3/12

060615k 070814d 032916d56 011414-51-55 Cougers

090816s56 021116x49 121414v29 Jaguars: Camera captured jaguar SE of Tucson,10/12/12

051215j 061116e 071815v72 061616x 080715z66 120914i55 062714e46 mjk30kVMUv1 091013k 091916i42 110115k42 081014s41 081616c33 Leopards : Incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit - Anna Breytenbach, "animal communicator", 11/19/13

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101017o 080817r 120817a 020417x 032217j 073017h 050316p70 080416v70 021715u66 022716o59 040816j42 031716q42 Lions: Ethiopian girl reportedly guarded by lions, 6/21/5; Lion Whisperer; Lioness and a man with her newborn cubs; Man Tries to Hug a Wild Lion, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!, 2/5/14; Hug of the Century, 7/14/14; Unbelievable shot shows lion milliseconds from attacking photographer, 4/10/15; 70 people were injured while filming this movie with 100 untamed lions, 4/18/15
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112515j42 Panthers: Soul Touching Story Of An Angry Panther Who Talked To A Human, 1/24/14

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071117k 070416i 091416k 102817a 052016r53 012516a53 062115e49 092214c42 112913o 062815s41 052316b37 012416b29 Tigers: Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur. Siberian tiger rolls giant snowballs at Russian zoo, 1/27/15; Powerful Facts About the Powerful Tiger, 5/16/15