Sentience; Animals; Primates; Bats; Bears; Cats; Cetaceans; Cows; Deer/ Elk; Dogs; Elephants; Foxes; Giraffes; Horses; Pigs; Wolves; Birds; Crows; Hummingbirds; Owls; Parrots; Reptiles; Dinosaurs; Amphibians; Fish; Rays; Sharks; Invertebrates; Life; Cephalopods; Bugs; Ants; Bees; Spiders; Tardigrades; Friends; Enemies; Aliens

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072817n 071717f 070717g 051117l 062917g 061717m 071717q 082317z 082317g

091817n 090217b 022717l 102216n72 120216g68 111316q63 062716t48 103016i43 010917u42 120716b42 010415e19 Birds: For Bird Lovers from Berkshire, NY; Too Many; Parahawking Over Nepal; Goshawk Flies Through Tiny Spaces in Slo-Mo, 5/5/11; Gigantic Birds Walked the Earth During Dinosaur Age, 8/10/11; Primitive birds shared dinosaur fate, 9/21/11; Birds smarter than seven year old kids, 7/27/12; Watch This Bird Dive 150 Feet To Hang Out On The Bottom Of The Ocean, 8/1/12; Birds hold 'funerals' for dead, 9/1/12; New Zealand’s man-eating bird was real, 6/3/13; Important Scientific Mystery Solved: How Birds Lose Their Penises, 6/6/13; New Noisy Bird Discovered in Busy City, 6/26/13; Computer Vision Reveals the Remarkable Secret of Flocking, 7/31/13; Which Birds Are Built For Long-Distance Travel?, 10/30/13; How Our World Would Look If You Were A Bird, 12/22/13; Why Birds Fly In A V-Formation, 1/15/14; Corvids could save forests from the effects of climate change, 2/8/16; Birds use grammatical structures in their vocalizations; the first recorded use of sentence syntax in non-human species, 4/4/16; Smallest Bird You Have Ever Seen, 2/9/18

Birds of Paradise: Birds of Paradise project

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073016q59 021915v56 060414p54 090816f49 011417p49 102816i42 042815v36 121314g28 Buzzards

090813e 031315w 050716n57 120214l49 120415r42 Cardinals

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121214i62 NINA-PIATROUSKAYA-882022 112913j

020517s44 070415r40 110716z39 Chickens: Private Life of Chickens, 2/9/13; 10 Fascinating Facts About Chickens, 5/19/14

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080517q 120415c 111815s 020117b 101017m 062815p70 110616u66 021015n60 091816h60 100516x49 101516a49 081016m31 120814s31 Crows, Ravens: Crows are such rascals that they play pranks on each other, just for fun. Watch this crow work out the puzzle; Crowboarding: Russian roof-surfin' bird caught on tape, 1/12/12; again, 1/16/12; A Vending Machine for Crows?, 3/16/13; Crow Effortlessly Solve an 8-Step, Complex Puzzle, 2/10/14; This Crow Is The Smartest Bird You Have Ever Seen; Crows are more capable of learning than human 6-year-olds, 8/25/14; Crows are 'left-beaked' or 'right-beaked': Birds have a preference when it comes to holding tools - just like humans, 12/4/14; Crows exhibit advanced rational thinking on par with humans, apes and monkeys, 1/2/15; 8-Year-Old Girl Gets Hundreds of Gifts from Crows She’s Been Feeding for Years, 6/15/17; Crows vs. Ravens: A Numbers Game, 7/5/18

042414e56 mlusg1tHWA1r 111113-60 050215i49 050314m46 060515c42 053115o41

mkizzjqWlw 080113d 052116j 011416o 062916x 081314n 012116y59 092616k40 092314s40 Ducks: A duck's quack doesn't echo and it is not known why.

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101513-15 072913g 101513-15 111113-21 032214e 121114h 050915f 031316g 060516t 080516b

010317l 031917r 121514o69 121015i56 110313t 112116k42 0628148742 041516p31 Eagles: Hornby Island Eagle cam; Eagle with Sony Action Cam flies off top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, 3/14/15

c21d487f4 Falcons

052916h 042716j 100316v 071815q mm14z7PJ4G1rn63i 071216u64 081116u56 021015o49 111815z43 020315o40 100114d37 Flamingos

Frigate birds: Frigate birds can sleep during flight, 8/4/16

mn9u6ljQ1I1r 103115y 110915r 121714d68 091414n59 mlf4w0Y5rf1 111114a53 110213q 112715p49 030214r-49 Geese: Goose Named Maria, 2/28/11

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012415m 121914y 012516w 111715h 101414l 06281443 090216q 091416n

120116w72 040316a68 043015y66 070115f61 103016n49 mn4k97proy Hawks: Science Graphic of the Week: Raptor’s-Eye View of the Hunt, 1/22/15

122313e 071513b-21 062015z 103015d 021815o 051415q 062316x 031616r 050316s
020314f3-68 081014j68 010115q59 110514u58 042815a56 010316v55

091916l 021017a 060416f m5tk8zaI111 051816y37 Hummingbirds: A Man, a Dog and a Hummingbird; Hummingbird high speed camera; High-Speed Video Shows How Hummingbirds Really Drink, 5/2/11; Hand Feeding; Rare Albino Hummingbird; Watch a Hummingbird's Tongue in Action, 6/18/13; First-Ever Super-Slow-Motion Video Of Hummingbirds Hovering, 7/3/13; ANCIENT PERCEPTIONS ON HUMMINGBIRDS, 3/28/15

Lyrebirds: Lyrebird; This Is One Sexy, Sassy Songbird, 5/21/4

Osprey: Original Seahawks

090217z 051616f 090716u 121515w 021816z55 Ostrich: An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

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092314n 011315n 082714e 011315a 092214p 010115w 071814o 081014m 122214i 121214a
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032115q46 050215w43 031715w42 080114c40 061215d40 111914a32 071513b-26
030615t 041715k 051015h 102414g 052615x 020315k 062615h 080215y 101815s
080715k53 051015w52 081715t49 053015i49 041815s49 100915q48 011216u44
110815u 031416a 051916p 062216e 042916v 063016r 091816d 100616v 102216z 112116u
121316v 122916t 072817l 062417b 122616j 011417d
020516i42 071215j42 060916m42 122915g42

072316c49 010217r49 111616m49 112216d46 043115q31 Owls: Eagleowl, 6/16/9; again; Albuquerque residents claim giant owls are eating their pets, 11/7/11; Tale of the 4ft Owl, 10/1/14; Owl Can’t Stop Hugging The Man Who Saved Her After Car Accident, 6/11/16

kuschelirmel-5daff rio_by_titusboy25 091214c 110213c 120713-08 122313m 122213-22 111214a 022715s 032115w
051215p59 061315g59 mnyspjw0 112915z57 frogdot-2168526 012014n-49 022514x-49
012216p 010916e 081715l 050115g 011816j 011511d 010316s 062015x 012116m
081516m50 031416t49 081616z49 072816l49 110213n 111815q45
020116g 042716o 050316d 062816h 080516i 082216l 090316t 092616a 091416q 102816z
011417h 071217f 062317e 090917w 010417v 043017q 062417m 011317w 100517d

012016m72 021716b61 042815z42 013116q42 092414l35 Parrots: Poncho Prays, 7/2/12; Watch This Parrot Drive A Parrot-Sized Robot Car, 12/7/12

111413b 040316l 080714o 121715o 072116j 062914u 06281418 122215w 043016m 052116p

080916v 103016u 073016m 111416o52 012216b49 031514n-49 041815t49 112616y49 010615j46 Peacocks

010513h 111917u mn87jkN9j 041015i56 100716t49 021715v49 112616o44 100314r41 022514zd-29 Penguins: Flying Penguins, 3/31/8; Penguin Goes Shopping

122515p 061315n Dove-blue-book-cover 100914h 072713b 020116s 012714h 031414n
111214f61 mjtqacpggK 113114j58 010416e56 090313i 012015f56 040316j53

121316w 110817v 090716v 072215c50 052014n50 mkq3fcTS4G1r Pigeons & Doves: Magnetic sense: Scientists discover why pigeons' have innate homing abilities, 4/28/12; Passenger pigeon could return, century after extinction, 6/18/14; Pigeons Can Detect Cancerous Tissue On X-Rays, 11/20/15; Homing pigeons share our human ability to build knowledge across generations, 4/18/17; Pigeons found to have startling ability to “build knowledge” almost like humans, 5/10/17; Researchers found that pigeons are better at multitasking than humans, 10/17/17

Prairie Chickens: A GPS-Tracked Prairie Chicken Has Wandered 1,180 Miles Since April, 9/6/13

041915t 052014s56 Ravens: A raven knows exactly what it's doing

Robins: Robin family

092914k 022214g 010916v 090113b 053115t 022214z4 071413-09 091316c 093017o

062614o56 080115x56 071215v49 070814w49 062716d33 Seagulls

Starlings: 10 million Starlings create the most astonishing aerial display in nature; Murmuration of Starlings; Starlings form a flipping amazing dolphin in the dusky sky... being chased by an open-mouthed killer whale, 11/19/11; Dylan Winter and Starling Murmurations

928a0c 092114r46 070315o39 Storks and Cranes

012116j69 041915h65 050215e62 080115r58 090313h 020115s56 110916e56

051716h 061215l 062115p 110716a b254128af1314d 040316q 110915j mkwbkpkj791 070413_39 062015v45 Swans

083015o 082816f 011611d 011316u 021216r 011814q-46 Toucans

080516t 120415z 052216x49 Turkeys