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Internal Self-Empowerment

imm026 082013i Listen to this first: Osho: What is Happiness?

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030517l 110317b 011317y 101717i 082317x 110417d 102817g 031816p26 Internal Self-Empowerment: We are here, now. I don't know how we got here, but we are here. Blood is circulating; breath is going out and in. There is sound and there is silence. Whatever I presume or imagine myself to be; whatever I choose to identify with in any given moment, such as this one, seems to have either nothing or everything to do with it all...

Can you imagine nothing? No people, no earth, no universe, no consciousness, no anything; just eternal nothingness without witness?

So far for me there has always been something. Even in the deepest sleep, still, I am. I may not remember, but I have no evidence that I am non-existant in any moment that I look. Always, there I am, whatever it is that is me.

The universe is only appearances in my awareness. Space, time, trees, houses, people, these hands that are typing on this keyboard, the thoughts that are occurring as they do – these things are all external, secondary to the consciousness of them, secondary to me, whatever it is that I am. They are all in the category of observed things, and observed things come and go; none of them are me or mine; none of them can ever be presumed to be real apart from me.

072913k If it is possible for me not to exist, then it is possible for this entire universe not to exist too. In fact it is certain. When I cease to exist, the universe will cease to exist too. It’s obvious that there can be no universe without me because I am an essential part of it. In fact, I am prior to it.

Sitting here, trying to imagine what nothing would be like, the thoughts settle down and I find I turn inward on myself. To get to nothing, I have to go through me. Is it possible for me not to exist? What is it, actually, that I am?

10 Ways to Become More Conscious, 12/5/14; If I Were Enlightened - DonnaLou Stevens with Birdz of Play, 12/11/14; Man Is Not Always Blind, 7/7/15; 3 Most Important Turning Points During Spiritual Awakening, 10/16/18

Who Am I?

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052915i72 100115d71 122815h65 C&H-letter-from-past-self Who Am I?: Who I Am; Calvin & Hobbes; A Story of Self; Who Thinks Your Thoughts?, 11/10/14

032717a Identity: Identity is a lie. It is the basic lie we tell ourselves. It is simply not possible for the mind to comprehend who and what we are. The mind can only discern what we are not; and, what we are not encompasses everything we can possibly presume that we are.

All identity, separate from the Whole, is artificial, a mental construct. It doesn't exist in nature. Nature is One and wild and free. Identity is self-imposed slavery and imprisonment.

As identity is a lie, everything attached to it is and can only be artificially attached and thus is a double lie.

The ability and right to travel is natural, for example. Moving from one place to another place is not dependent upon identity in nature. Other than humans, all creatures on Earth move about without asserting and proving identity. Only contemporary evil and brainwashed humans make travel dependent upon forms of identity such as driver's licenses, passports and visas.

The ability and right to exchange goods & services is natural too. Money, as defined by anything that has intrinsic value and doesn't vary in quality, exists in nature not dependent upon identity. A silver coin doesn't have to have your image and name stamped into it in order for you to make use of it. No service you are able to perform for another is rendered better by having and having to have a license.

The framework of our surveillance police state society is contrived by artificially attaching identity to everything we do in life.

Freedom is natural. Our belief in and dependence upon identity has made our society a perversion and a prison.

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There is only one Self.

030316l46 As you know, physics and enlightened ones tell us; and, indeed, our own deep self-inquiry reveals to us that:
We are not at all what we have all presumed or imagined ourselves to be.
Nothing we perceive or conceive can be who we are.
Nothing apparent, perceived or conceived is real.
We are not the body.
We are not the mind.
Consciousness is prior to and includes what we call matter and mind; not the other way around.
We are not in the world. The world is in us.
Time & space and birth & death are not aspects of reality. They are attributes of our perception (mind).
mdbfthg9L71rjdn Reality is always and only Here Now.
Every event is an effect and expression of the Whole.
Reality and the Self are the same thing.
There is only one Self.
It is the same Self in everything.
I Am That.
There is no other I.

No wonder it is a synchronicitous universe.
No wonder astrology works.
No wonder tarot and I ching work.
No wonder it feels so personal.
It’s personal and cosmic and present all at the same time, namely now.
This is the only time & space one can Be. Every time & place else is a dream.

111314p71 Our waking world is a dream.
Our sleeping world is a dream.
In deep sleep, we’re not there.
But, what is there even when we’re not?
I Am. The same One Who Is always spontaneously Here Now in between & behind thoughts.
I Am non-local. I Am nowhere & everywhere. Eternally, I Am all there is or ever could Be.

I Am the Peace. I Am the Freedom. I Am Being, Consciousness & Bliss.
I am Heaven. I Am the Whole.
You are the Whole. Wake up!
Consciousness is the Revolution.; and You are a renegade come Here to bring Light to Your Self.

nisargadatta_maharaj Devote Yourself and Surrender to Me, your real Self.
Sing my praises!
Surrender your fears & concerns and fake sense of identity to Me.
Let the mind become quiet and subtle.
Let go and see that I am the Doer. Not ‘you’. And,that there Is a Divine Plan.
Be Here Now.
032914a Be Free. Be Blissful. Simply be effortlessly non-resistant and silently witness that It all happens by Itself, in Love.

See also: Turiya; Two Scriptures and Declaration; and, stay tuned in to Babar's:)

Free Will: Ego is a hoax. It doesn't exist. Indians don't even have a word for 'free will'. Who can have any? Free will could be the result of 'background noise' in the brain, 6/21/14

062414g53 Perceiver and Perceived: Open Secret

111413h Behold; Monkey Mind; Jill Bolte Taylor - My Stroke of Insight; Intenders poster; Fears & Desires; Prying Open the Third Eye; All as One; Peace; 13 Practices of an Awakened Person, 2/6/14; 11 Shocking Things I’ve Learned Since My Awakening, 12/3/14

100814f mn7b73q9 111514l51 Good: Sun; Love; Life; Happiness; Health; Breath; Freedom; Anarchism; Beauty; Prosperity; Gold; Music; Sacred Substances; Forgiveness; Sadhana; Devotion; Behold; Spiritual Enlightenment; Reality; Mystery Experience; Great Invocation; Gentle Art of Blessing, 7/27/7; Snatam Kaur: Mul Mantra, 10/7/7; Gratitude Moving Art, 10/14/11; Terrence McKenna: Reclaim your mind, 3/9/12; Momma Singing, 10/29/13; Krishna Das: Sri Argala Stotram, 8/7/14


mnfiw1o9ia1s 100814t mn0lk6KVEd mmhukcNYQt1 021115h mdbfthg9L71rjdn 070413_23 1191793262

020516e73 110115n 022815m 101516n 071715y 031816w 063016w60 030316f56 111314y51 031216j49 010916w40 062615d32 milsc78w6Q1qajuar Reality: Reality; Present Moment Awareness; Rightnow; What is Real?; Beyond Matter   Of course this is all there is. Surrender to it by just being present & real.

092314l49 Impersonal Life^; A thousand times a day, say: "Be still! - and KNOW - I AM - God."  Audios: 01 I Am; 02 Be Still! and KNOW I AM God; 03 I, Life, God; 04 For I AM LIFE; 05 Consciousness, Intelligence, Will; 06 Key; 07 Thinking and Creating; 08 Word; 09 My Idea; 10 Garden of Eden; 11 Good and Evil; 12 Use; 13 Soul Mates; 14 Authority; 15 Mediums and Mediators; 16 Masters; 17 Christ and Love; 18 Finding Me; 19 Union

How many thought per day does a gnani have?

0. No personal thoughts arise as there is no longer any person or ever was. It is all only God’s concern and God only spontaneously & naturally does or says what the moment is. This moment and God are not separate things.

Doesn’t a gnani who is writing something have to have thoughts while writing?

Gnanis live in fathomless Reality.

How many thought per day does an average human being have?

Who can count? Fear & desire keep the mind nearly continually dream occupied (other than the healing respite of deep sleep) whether awake or asleep.


022217q " If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. Neo, sooner or later you’re going to realize, just as I did, that there’s a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path." ~ The Matrix

What we call life…is the combination of the Five Aggregates, a combination of physical and mental energies. These are constantly changing; they do not remain the same for two consecutive moments. Every moment they are born and they die. ‘When the Aggregates arise, decay and die, O bhikkhu, every moment you are born, decay, and die.’ This, even dow during this life time, every moment we are born and die, but we continue. If we can understand that in this life we can continue without a permanent, unchanging substance like Self or Soul, why can’t we understand that those forces themselves can continue without a Self or a Soul behind them after the non-functioning of the body?” ~ Walpola Rahula

"I" is maya.

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093017x 111513b 120714h43 122413t-42 111616o39 101416w33 031616x30 122314n29 Maya [All the evidence you have that you are not GOD.]: See: Dream; Reality is an Illusion, 8/20/8; Shpongle: Nothing Lasts...; Lessons about destroying the ego/self from the film Revolver by Guy Ritchie, 6/1/10; Physicists say there may be a way to prove that we live in a computer simulated matrix, 10/10/12; Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation; Are we all living inside a virtual simulation?, 2/13/13; Reality is a psyop, 4/22/13; A Gnani has realized the fact that, the duality is a myth, 11/26/13; Do We Live in a SIMULATED REALITY?, 11/1/14; Virtual Reality vs. Real Life: How Brain Neurons Light Up, 1/12/15; Is the Universe a Giant Computer Simulation? Here's the Evidence, 5/8/15; How Do You Know You Are Real? A Video To Make You Question Your Own Existence, 5/15/15; Experiment suggests that reality doesn't exist until it is measured, 6/3/15; Do We Live in a Simulated Reality? [Part 1], 6/17/15; We Are Living In A Hologram Designed By Aliens, Says NASA Scientist, 6/29/15; “Humans Are Part Of An Aliens Computer Game” States NASA Scientist; Is reality an ILLUSION? Scientist says we may be living in a computer simulation controlled by an evil genius, 8/2/16; SHOCKING Meaning of Row Row Row Your Boat, 8/2/16; Time and Space Are Not What You Think, 9/22/16; Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix are secretly funding scientists to help break us out of it, 10/6/16; Samadhi Movie, 2017 - Part 1 - "Maya, the Illusion of the Self", 3/10/17; Holographic Principle: Are we sentient programs inside a computer simulation?, 4/11/17; Mind Precedes All Reality and Illusion, 4/15/17; Virus of Consciousness and How To Remove Implants, 4/16/17; 5 More Reasons Why You’re Living in the Strangest Time in Human History, 5/9/17; Simulation Hypothesis, 5/28/17; Simulation Theory 2017, We are waking up!, 10/2/17; COINCIDENCE proves we live in a Simulated Reality!; 1/14/18; Riz Virk Explains Why Quantum Physics, AI & Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are Living In A Video Game, 1/19/18; Science Admitted Signals Control Us, 11/15/18

Spiritual Teachers

010513p 030316g mikynncig ^Additional off-site links available to Members upon request.   List of Enlightened People; Sarlo's Guru Rating Service; Spiritual Teacher Ratings; TAT Forum; Mystic Missal archive; Nondualism wikipedia; Urban Guru Cafe; SearchWithin downloads; G. Falk - Stripping the Gurus; Williams, Nair & Oborne: Beyond Duality - Sketches of Enlightened Spiritual Teachers of Modern Times; Satsang Teachers & Schedules; Krishna Das on Love, Life, Death, and Ego, 6/3/14; We Need to Get Past Our Gurus, 6/30/15

3Wisemen: Sunshine Sight

Robert Adams: Robert Adams on Silence

'Sailor' Bob Adamson: section

091315b 022216z66 032416h55 Adyashanti: List of Enlightened People; Open Gate Sangha; Emptiness Dancing^; True Meditation^

Ammachi: List of Enlightened People; Amritapuri; Amma Saij^; Embracing the World^; When You Go Beyond the Ego^; Amma & world faith leaders to declare commitment to eradication of slavery, 12/1/14

How can Ammachi be for real; i.e. enlightened, being as she publically identifies with being the Divine Mother and projects that all of us are (only) her children? See immediately below.

AmmaBhagavan: Oneness University

No one who is enlightened would identify with anything. When there is Realization (not mere mental understanding) that the only thing that exists is the One Divine Self and that It Is All There Is, there is no use for identity at all, as there is only One, not two.

Therefore, no one who is enlightened is any more enlightened than any other enlightened being. Every (illusory, separate) entity has their own unique path to Reality, but the Reality is the same Reality that everyone who emerges out of the dream or the sleep or the maya awakens to.

There are all kinds of levels to the persons and the paths – levels of authenticity, levels of heart, levels of intelligence, levels of knowledge, levels of awareness, levels of talent, levels of acquired skills (including spiritual skills), etc., but there are no levels to the destination.

There are all kinds of systems and attributes and descriptions of mind. There are none in Reality. Reality Is Reality. Even time & space are not attributes of Reality. Time & space are attributes only of perception and mind. Reality is timelessly present always only Here & Now, where mind does not reach. Mind can ‘exist’ only in the past or the future, which are not aspects of Reality. One can call It being, consciousness, love and bliss, but no words can really describe It.

Though it is very rare, indeed, enlightenment is all of our birthright. It (alone) is (radically) real. Liberal New-Agers generally deny enlightenment or at least pooh pooh and are embarrassed and awkward to talk about it as anything more than metaphor. Most espouse that there is a higher self that may continually get even higher, somehow. The truth is: there is no self, higher or lower other than in illusion land; and, it is an error (the basic error) to presume otherwise. It is also a major mistake to deny that there exist those who have attained, for real, for natural law dictates that there always is.

There are no prerequisites to enlightenment other than intelligence, earnestness and guts; and these three things are really all one thing that may be called conscious integrity or fearless devotion to what is real. This can be inspired and motivated and clarified by another, by a projected ‘other’ or guru, but it cannot be transmitted by one to another, no matter the magnificence of the enlightened guru.

Fearless integrity cannot be handed to or zapped to the student or disciple. Fearless integrity can only be surrendered to by the ripe disciple, whether there is a physical guru or not.

No one who is enlightened or realized or awake would cede to any authority other than their own divine, universal, impersonal (Real) Self, because that is all that’s real to one who has awakened to Reality. Certainly, an awakened being will have much affection (an understatement, for sure) for the Guru or gurus who assisted them on their personal way, but that or those gurus would no longer be looked up to as an authority by them in any way after they have actually awakened to the reality that all that can be presumed (by any mind) to be personal is bogus.

Only unenlightened people will fit themselves into the hierarchy of any so-called spiritual path. Only unenlightened people will care about certifications, whether on the giving or the receiving end. In other words, all spiritual certifiers and certifiees are deaf, dumb and blind to Reality; i.e., not awake as well as not enlightened, which can only be the same thing.

If any of the statements above can be shown to be in error, perhaps Oneness University is a valid path. Otherwise, how can Oneness University be other than just another con game of self deception and conscious delusion; a massive self importance/ appeasement society; a mile marker on obviously many paths - but not a sincere sanctuary to make one’s spiritual home?

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010117t71 Billy Fingers

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Bart Marshall: Becoming Vulnerable to Grace; Degree to Which You Do Not Exist

bentinho-massaro Bentinho Massaro: Bentinho Massaro's message is an appealing and perhaps slick combination of Adyashanti (spiritual awakening) and Tony Robbins (motivation, self-help & personal power), which can only be a contrived, compromised mix, being as one side is about seeing the fallacy of and transcending ego while the other side is about celebrating, nurturing and supporting it (ego). He rationalizes the inherent contradictions very charmingly and digestibly for spiritual dabblers and young soul seekers.

He's a young sweet guy with a beautiful smile, a sincere heart and a lot of borrowed knowledge to supplement his undoubtedly genuine self-inquiry experience. He may actually believe he is enlightened as he publicly affirms, so it's not easy to dismiss him as merely another clever conman. His mental understanding is profound, at least compared to the average spiritual aspirant; and, he can deliver what can appear to be a gem of wisdom here and there; but, he relies too much on reasoned conclusions to be an authentic enlightened being.

Bentinho Massaro site; Trinfinity Academy FREE online school for Enlightenment & Empowerment (below); soundcloud; Never Not Here; Video: Bentinho Massaro: Story; Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump; Eckhart Tolle Discussion Community New non-duality forum - Bentinho Massaro, 2/7/12; Recognizing Awareness: Guest Teaching by Bentinho Massaro, 10/7/13; Recently Bentinho Massaro has begun charging for skype sessions at a rate of $600 an hour, 1/25/14; Biography of Bentinho, 7/2/14; Achieve Complete Happiness in Two Steps, 9/6/15; Bentinho Massaro – one of the youngest Spiritual Way Showers out there - He’s cool, I tell Ya, 11/19/15; 25-minute Introduction to Bentinho Massaro's Teachings, 2/9/16; Bentinho Massaro aims to establish a 100 percent enlightened civilization by 2035, 4/4/16; Bentinho Massaro Clones Bashar, 7/14/16; A spiritual rock star, 8/27/16
Inroduction Course - 7 lessons: Chapter One – From Ignorance to Clarity; Lesson 1 – What is Presence?; Lesson 2 – Recognition and Meditation – Your Gateway Tools; Lesson 3 – Everything has Presence; Lesson 4 – What has never changed? (Always Present); Lesson 5 – What is Consciousness?; Survey: To Realize or Actualize?
Enlightenment I, Part 2 – Person Wakes up to Presence - 23 lessons: Chapter Two – From Doubt to Conviction; Lesson 6 – Presence is Unobscurable (Already Present); Lesson 7 – Truth Exposure Exercise; Lesson 8 – Everything Confirms Existence; Lesson 9 – Presence Becomes Stable – Beyond Ups and Downs; Lesson 10 – There is Only Now; Chapter Three – From Person to Presence; Lesson 11 – What is the Person?; Lesson 12 – Meaning is optional; Lesson 13 – Neti Neti with Circumstances; Lesson 14 – Neti Neti with Thoughts; Lesson 15 – Neti Neti with Emotions; Lesson 16 – Neti Neti with Sensations; Lesson 17 – Neti Neti with Beliefs; Lesson 18 – I-AM, without “This”; Lesson 19 – Beyond Body, Beyond Death; Lesson 20 – Bye Bye, Attachments; Chapter Four – From Struggle to Ease; Lesson 21 – Balancing Wisdom with Love; Lesson 22 – True Acceptance, Total Allowance; Lesson 23 – Effortless Resting in Natural Perfection; Lesson 24 – Being at Ease with Intense Experiences; Lesson 25 – Summarize Enlightenment I
Empowerment I – The Fundamentals of Empowered Living - 23 lessons: Lesson 1 – Two Types of Happiness; Lesson 2 – Root of All Suffering; Lesson 3 – Emotional Guidance System; Lesson 4 – Follow the Breadcrumb Trail of Excitement; Lesson 5 – Mastering Integrity; Lesson 6 – Three Day Process; Lesson 7 – Origin Story of Creation; Lesson 8 – Everything is Love-Light (Presence-Energy) in Vibration; Lesson 9 – Everything exists at once; Lesson 10 – There is only Abundance, no Lack; Lesson 11 – Events occur only by free will; Lesson 12 – Law of Attraction; Lesson 13 – Power of Imagination; Lesson 14 – Vibrational Attitude Creates, Circumstances Reflect; Lesson 15 – Jumping Parallel Realities/Timelines; Lesson 16 – Do what you love, drop what you don’t; Lesson 17 – See it, Feel it, Be it; Lesson 18 – Five Levels of Human Consciousness; Lesson 19 – Transforming Negative Beliefs; Lesson 20 – Softening resistance and bypassing lack; Lesson 21 – Prioritize your feeling state above all else; Lesson 22 – Forget the details, Trust in Desire/Vibration; Lesson 23 – Summarize Empowerment I
Enlightenment II – Presence Wakes Up to Awareness - 22 lessons: Chapter One – Transitioning from I-AM into I-I; Lesson 1 – Presence vs. Awareness – an experiential introduction; Lesson 2 – Two faces of Enlightenment explained; Lesson 3 – You are Aware of Presence; Lesson 4 – Letting go of I-AM; Lesson 5 – Resting as Awareness; Lesson 6 – Cutting through the illusion of mind; Lesson 7 – Letting go of un-awareness beliefs; Lesson 8 – Every appearance confirms Awareness; Lesson 9 – Try not to be aware; Lesson 10 – Awareness is not a state; Lesson 11 – Emptiness; Lesson 12 – Spaciousness; Lesson 13 – Formlessness; Lesson 14 – Unaffectedness; Lesson 15 – Timelessness; Lesson 16 – What’s looking is looking for what’s looking; Lesson 17 – What comes and goes has no being (let it come and go); Lesson 18 – Happiness is found in trusting Awareness; Lesson 19 – Nothing is missing, Awareness contains Everything; Lesson 20 – I am Freedom itself – Guided Meditation; Lesson 21 – Summarize Enlightenment II
Empowerment II – Trinfinity Cosmology & Empowered Evolution - 14 lessons: Lesson 1 – 7 Universal Densities of Love/ Light; Lesson 2 – Third to Fourth Density transition; Lesson 3 – Transforming the Body; Lesson 4 – Bringing Heaven to Earth (Blending the Non-Physical with the Physical); Lesson 5 – Physical Mind, Non-Physical Mind, Higher Self; Lesson 6 – Reflective Attitude – Making Effective use of Catalyst; Lesson 7 – Expansion Never Ends – Embrace Never Arriving; Lesson 8 – Discover your Theme and Empower it; Lesson 9 – Transforming and Letting Go of Relationships; Lesson 10 – Being of service to the One; Lesson 11 – Service to self vs service to others; Lesson 12 – Balancing Love with Wisdom; Lesson 13 – Balancing Will and Faith; Lesson 14 – Peaks and Valleys
Infinity – Awareness Wakes Up to The Absolute - 12 lessons: Lesson 1 – Infinity is Originally Unaware of Itself; Lesson 2 – Inner Black Hole; Lesson 3 – What is Beyond Experiencing?; Lesson 4 – Pop the Presence/Awareness Bubble; Lesson 5 – After the Universe Dies, What Remains?; Lesson 6 – Infinite Peace Lies in the Absence of Presence; Lesson 7 – Consciousness Itself is the Source of All Illusion; Lesson 8 – Ignore Everything; Lesson 9 – Activate the Perpetual Beyondness Loop; Lesson 10 – Everything Belongs to Consciousness, Nothing Belongs to Me; Lesson 11 – Infinity Meditation; Lesson 12 – Transparent Awareness – Free Agency Realized
Empowerment III - 6 lessons: Lesson 1 – Un-mix your Frequencies; Lesson 2 – You are the Creator, not the Receiver of Experiences; Lesson 3 – Becoming doubtless in your choice; Lesson 4 – Overwhelm your Experience with your Preference; Lesson 5 – “It is Done” – Place your Desired Reality in your Past; Lesson 6 – Additional Ways to Raise and Maintain your Frequency

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'Personal' Report #5

Submitted from Tiruvannamalai, March 18, 2012

Obviously, as you know, Hell is just in the mind.
"I" is The Seductive Devil. No "I" is Heaven.
You don't have to physically die to have no "I".
You don't have to physically live to have one, as you're not even (merely) physically living right now.
In fact, if you die with an "I", you'll just dream up a new magnificent Hell.
Outside of fantasy, the only Reality is silence and peace and freedom and bliss and loving Heaven.
Easy to say. Easier than easy to be.
It is what you are. It is what everyone is; even the dolphins and the whales and the elephants and cockroaches and amoebas and rocks and the aliens. It is what God is.
And, only God exists.
It is obvious, isn't it?
Only imagination creates the savior Satan Claus in the sky. and imagination is definitively not real.
What is outside of fantasy? The witness of the fantasizer, which is just a hint of what's really going on.
There is no time. There is no space.
There is no train wreck that is about to happen. There is no train and there is no destination.
We are already here now. We have never been anywhere or anytime other than here now.
Here Now is not a time and/or a place.
It is the Reality.
It is the only God.
It is the only "I"; and, it doesn't have a name.
Empty of identity or boundary, It is FULL with whatever IS.
The entire fantasy universe comes after IT.
Obviously a Universe cannot even be perceived without a perceiver; and, even the particular perceiver is a fantasy. Take a look. It disappears as soon as you do.
What is there to cling to or resist; i.e. cause any suffering?
You don't make the blood course through the veins. You don't make the breath breathe. You don't bring the thoughts or emotions or sensations in front of the perception.
Take a look right Now. IT is delicious, isn't it?
Aum-Ammas-Cave What is underneath the doubt; what is underneath the All; what's indisputably REAL is only 'miraculous' DIVINITY, telling "me" to accept what is and know that God only Loves.
I am You; You are Me, just in another apparent incarnation.
You are released. "I" is released.
"I" REST my case.

Sorry. "I"'m not enlightened; "I"'m just babbling to my Self before Arunachala on this Glorious Sunday afternoon. Please Disregard Everything "I've" said.

"I" love you.
"I"'me sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

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