Venus in Pisces

Venus in all the water signs tends to be non-judgmental, but it is especially so in Pisces. Someone with this placement has a tremendous capacity for compassion and selfless, devoted love. More than the other water signs, these people lack discrimination and can have their feelings easily played upon. Believing the best of others, they lay themselves open to hurt, felt all the more keenly because of their sensitivity. When hurt, they act like a wounded creature and retreat a long way away. They can then be very hard to reach; someone with Venus in Pisces can become 'lost' to his or her partner.

People with Venus in Pisces will be romantic and idealistic. They will yearn for a perfect love, which they may not find. Because they expect so much, they are easily disappointed and disillusioned in relationships. As a consequence, they may spend long periods not involved with anyone, not wanting to settle for less than the perfect love they dream of. They may hold on to the memory of one brief ecstatic liaison and treasure that forever in their heart, content not to have any current involvement. They may live with a fantasy of an unrealized love, projected either onto a real acquaintance or onto someone with whom they have no actual contact, such as a film star or an imaginary character. Whether in reality or in the imagination, someone with Venus in Pisces can love a partner in an undying way. These people promise eternal love; and this is what they long for. This is the stuff that fairytales are made of.

When their capacity for selfless devotion is misdirected, Venus in Pisces people can confuse sacrifice and martyrdom with love. They can allow themselves to become a doormat in their relationships. They wield a convoluted power as a hard-done-by victim over their loved ones, playing on their partner's guild. This is by far the most extreme and distorted face of Venus in Pisces.

Someone with Venus in Pisces may have spiritual beliefs, or may simply long for a sense of a spiritual connection to someone he / she loves. The love he / she offers can be more akin to that of a spiritual devotee for a Master, which when offered to a mere mortal is bound to end in pain. Nevertheless, at its best Venus in Pisces is capable of a love that has a spiritual component, which transcends the more mundane level of life and unites them through another level on a higher plane.

Venus in Pisces: You might lose your sense of self-worth if you withhold sharing your compassion with others. Fears of inadequacy may suppress potential psychic healing ability. The result may be a feeling of helplessness to alleviate the discomforts that affect others.

When you allow other people to take advantage of your gentle, sympathetic manner and you absorb their ills, you might experience a depletion of energy. Indiscriminately indulging in the Pisces romantic ideal of serving and helping others may diminish your self-worth.

You have a natural gift for relating to others on the level of unconditional love. Your compassion can overcome any social disharmony that arises.

When you see beyond the rules and regulations to the spiritual purpose of relationships, your compassionate understanding and willingness to fully participate can automatically heal the situation. You are able to establish a firm sense of self-worth through sharing with others your ability to respond with compassion to both the seen and the unseen sources of disharmony.

Venus in Pisces: You have a wonderful imagination and a keen sensitivity to color, tone and rhythm; and you might possess great artistic ability. You hear the music of the spheres; and your inner world is full of visions of exquisite beauty or horror. This position can be indicative of the creative genius or the madman. Your imagination sometimes overwhelms you; and your hypersensitivity can make it difficult for you to deal with the harsh and ugly side of life.

Though you might have plenty of talent, you tend to be lazy about developing it. Being an artist requires discipline and effort; but you'd rather dream about your creations than work to bring them to fruition. You could benefit from the influence of a strong, pragmatic manager or partner, someone who will push you to do your best.

In relationships, you are inclined to be overly idealistic. You are looking for the perfect lover; and nothing less than Apollo or Aphrodite will do. As a result, you usually end up disappointed by mere mortals. You might reject all possible lovers' flaws because none meets your unrealistic standards. Or, you may deny your partner's flaws and see him / her in the light of your romantic fantasies, just as Don Quixote imagined the prostitute Aldonza Lorenzo was the virtuous lady Dulcinea. Your capacity to delude yourself is infinite; and your unwillingness to look at your partner's true character can cause you to get involved with people who aren't right for you or who take advantage of you. Even if you end up in a relationship that is happy and enduring, you probably have a good many false illusions about your lover and the partnership in general.

Extremely emotional and romantic, you want to be able to share your deep, intense feelings with your lover and to relate to him / her on an intuitive level. So sensitive and attuned are you to your partner that you seem to be linked psychically. Ideally, you'd like to erase the physical boundaries between you and become totally enmeshed in each other. What you are looking for - a soul-mage, a spiritual union - is hard to find on the Earth plane.

A sucker for a hard-luck story, you have a soft, forgiving and gullible heart. You want to help those who are less fortunate than yourself, and thus may fall for someone who seems to need you, someone you can 'save'. For instance, a person who has a substance abuse problem or some other emotional or physical disability awakens your compassionate feelings and your desire to be needed. You often mistake pity for love. In relationships, you tend to see yourself as the savoir/ martyr, sacrificing your own best interests for your partner; and doing so makes you feel virtuous. However, this is a subtle form of manipulation, for in reality you are attempting to make over your lover, and you might be surprised to find that she/ he resents you for it. You appear to be meek and passive in the relationship, but you actually have a great deal of hidden power.

Venus in Pisces: Venus in the sign Pisces is in its exaltation. Here, the love principle reaches its highest evolutionary development; the natives marry for love, no other considerations being of any consequence. Venus in this sign manifests deep compassion and sympathy verging on spirituality - the understanding of and unity with all life. The universality of Venus in Aquarius, combined with the empathy and emotional depth of Pisces - which is ruled by Neptune - produces an emotional rapport with the life of all creatures in the universe. The individual sees the Eternal Life principle flowing through all manifestation, uniting the soul with all life. These people have a high capacity to understand the feelings of others; they know what it is like to be in another person's shoes. The experience of having been through all the signs of the Zodiac gives the soul the ability to identify with all types of humanity.

People with this position of Venus are romantic and sensitive. Unless they receive clear demonstrations of love and affection from others, they feel lonely and disappointed. Sometimes, the disappointment leads to a feeling of martyrdom, which may be sublimated into religious expressions. Or it may lead to neurotic tendencies or mental illness. The Neptunian rulership of Pisces gives intuitive inspiration to Venus, making these people capable of drawing on higher dimensions for resources in artistic, poetic, and musical creation; many great composers, artists and poets have Venus in Pisces. This Venus position probably has more innate ability for inspired artistic creativity than other placements.

Because the natives are highly sensitive to the suffering of others, people may take advantage of their sympathies unless their discrimination is well-developed. Their extreme emotional sensitivity means they are often afraid of being hurt through rejection; thus, they hesitate to express their feelings, suffering the pangs of love in silence. Sometimes they miss romantic opportunities. They are inclined to become emotionally dependent on others or have others become emotionally dependent on them. If Venus is afflicted in Pisces, there can be excessive sentimentality, lack of discrimination in choosing love objects, laziness, hypersensitivity, and overdependence on others. Strong emotions can stand in the way of objective perception of reality.

Venus in Pisces: Your response to emotional stimuli is a good deal deeper than you are able to get across to those you love. What you feel is difficult for you to express; and frequently you are misunderstood and imposed on because of this. Your muscles react to emotional stimuli ¬your impulse is to do something for the loved one, to run errands and to give presents; and you get genuine joy from the giving. Your judgment of people isn't too good; this is because your deepest interest is in your emotions for their own sake, and secondarily in the person on whom they are fixed. As a result, they frequently fix on someone not especially interested in you, and you may lavish a lot of emotion and attention before you find that your love is not reciprocated. Your own responses are true and fine; you expect the same of others, and must learn to estimate others better in order to get back from the world some fair return for all the devotion you give to it.

Venus in Pisces: Venus rules personal affection and Neptune rules divine compassion. Venus in Neptune's home, Pisces, symbolizes the love that is willing to sacrifice and is not afraid of suffering. It is wounded often by its understanding of love. It is exalted in the sign Pisces because it has come to understand that only through love can we know the freedom of the spirit. Aphrodite, rising out of the foam of the ocean (ruled by Neptune), symbolizes the love that rises out of the sea of emotions and finds herself free in the upper air (symbol of spirit). Highly emotional and supersensitive, she suffers through love. Through suffering she goes free. Poetical and musical. Extremely psychic. Attracted to the underdog and those less fortunate. Needs to learn discrimination where love of a personal nature is concerned. Softness and tenderness is part of her nature, with a great capacity for self-sacrifice and devotion. An extremely romantic nature. In the younger soul a strength of character is missing. When disappointment and disillusion come, there is a retreat rather than a facing up to difficulties. With Venus in Pisces one must love for love's sake. Personal love must be lost in divine compassion.

Freedom in Pisces can only come through spiritual growth and understanding.

Venus in Pisces: The emotional level is greatly increased, and the individual is entirely swayed by emotion in all spheres of life. The subject can all too easily be taken advantage of, and as a result usually learns the hard way, often tending to make the same mistakes (especially emotional ones) time and time again. Look for other indications of a practical approach and rational outlook - Mercury in Capricorn or Aquarius will help. The need to express love and affection is powerful and sincere, albeit sentimental at times. Care is needed that self-deception or a tendency not to face facts is countered. Parents of a child with this placing must firmly encourage truthfulness. Taking the easy way out of difficult situations is common, especially in relationships. Self-confidence may be undermined, especially with regard to the powers of attraction. Charity can become a fault, leading to cash flow problems. This is a tender and caring friend.

Venus in Pisces: In Pisces, Venus feels a great need for self-expression, but often finds it difficult to get his point across. The native is subject to being misunderstood, though generally he is kind, sympathetic, and easily impressed. He is philanthropic, and attracted to work in connection with institutions; he helps the underdog, has friends among those who are weak or afflicted with emotional or physical difficulties. He gains pleasure through secret affairs of the heart, is attracted to the occult, and tends to resign himself to his fate - he is not always fortunate in affairs of the heart.

The astrologer must help the native overcome a tendency to be more indolent, satisfied merely with existing instead of living life to its fullest. He is more vital in helping others than in aiding himself. He must become less modest, more direct, and a bit more determined to better his own position. His greatest need: more ambition, and greater appreciation for the material things in life.

Venus in Pisces: You are a compassionate, though potentially deluded, lover. Love for you is something that is all-encompassing and unconditional, extending to all forms of life, not just the human. You are thereby able to tune into the very soul of Other, inspiring and releasing talents and relieving pain and longing. However, you can be taken down to levels of acute suffering by such self-sacrificing devotion or addiction for it may indicate little love for yourself, and as such is delusory to the point of sheer fact.

You attract with a pervasive charm that evokes in Other romantic feelings and soulful longings; with creative or healing talents that enchant Other, making him or her fan, follower or slave; and with a compassionate and seemingly selfless sensitivity that tunes into exactly what Other wants or needs at the time.

You repel with a seductiveness that works overtime to meet unrealistic and fanciful expectations; with a switching back and forth between total submission and wanton evasiveness; and with an almost insane idealizing of Other, or preoccupation with him / her, that eventually makes him / her (want to) run away from you.

You are attracted to glamorous, wayward, otherworldly Others who weave a spell; to an Other who is unavailable because you are into dreaming rather than having; and to losers and sad cases, because they appeal to your compassionate soul.

You are repelled by harsh, brassy, over-confident Others who are only into material things; by a dream that is in danger of coming true, because then you'll have to live up to it; and by Others who take advantage of you - or at least, you should be!

When you are alone, it is because it's Nature's way of giving you an emotional cold turkey. You are so prone to becoming addicted to Other, or rather your idea of him / her, that isolating you and denying you a 'fix' is the only realistic way of getting you to face the music and own up to the facts. Until you realize and appreciate that you are being victim to some notion or feeling that has more to do with your own soul or past hurts than with Other, then you will be forcibly and unavoidably 'on the wagon'. An alternative to this, or possibly a stage or so further on from it, is that you are learning to 'suffer nobly', which means that you are having to turn the other cheek for the overall good, whatever that might mean to you. For instance, your suffering may be the only way that Other can learn a lesson that he / she has long been avoiding.

Venus in Pisces: You most enjoy the attentions of a lover who gives the utmost in love and devotion and holds nothing back from you. Under such conditions, you can achieve a total communion in love that is matched by nothing else. Sex in itself is not so alluring to you; but with the right lover, it can be a powerful vehicle for deep communication.

Because you prefer not to be too verbal about your needs, you appreciate a lover who can intuitively plumb your feelings and discern your most intimate desires without asking. But that is a lot to expect of anyone all the time, so try to meet your partner halfway and help him or her get to know you well.

Your sexuality may become mixed with religious feelings, and to that extent may elude physical manifestation entirely for periods of time. There is some advantage to being able to attach the power of sexuality to higher spiritual goals; but unless you are careful, this tendency can degenerate into sexual confusion or religiosity without transcendence. Doing this successfully requires considerable self-awareness, and you should think very carefully before turning your sexual energies in this direction; it takes great strength of mind to make abstinence pay off spiritually and not simply end up as frustration.

Venus in Pisces: Keynote: Devotion is expressed through sacrificial service. Symbol: A nurse massages a patient's feet.

Pisces brings out the best in Venus. It elevates and refines the sentiments and gives a capacity for humble, self-abnegating co-operation. People born with this combination are endowed with a profound appreciation of beauty; but the art most valued is the art of loving. Less voluptuous than the earthy Venusians of Taurus, and less contriving than the socially ambitious Venusians of Libra, they have tender and solicitous emotions. They are more vulnerable to hurt; but the suffering they endure is often a purifying force in their lives and may be transmuted into sympathetic understanding of the woes of others. Their willingness to be helpful is seldom confined to family and friends, but diffuses into a general compassion for all who are in distress.

Venusian Pisceans are particularly fond of music. Even when they do not produce it themselves, they are strongly affected by the moods music creates. They also have a fondness for art, poetry, and dancing, especially the ballet.

If a capacity for discipline is not shown elsewhere in the chart, this proclivity to be emotionally swayed may give way to maudlin sentimentality, as though the Piscean waters were melting the practicality of Venus into a shapeless slush. In matters of love, such individuals may be too easygoing and submissive, yielding to inveiglement when a firm stand would be better for all concerned. Venus in Neptune's sign would never be deliberately hurtful, but it can be meddlesome owing to deviousness and an inability to face facts.

People with Venus in Pisces believe that marriages are made in heaven, and idealize their partners. They cannot live for themselves alone, but want to share their pleasures with an appreciative companion from whose reactions they derive a vicarious satisfaction. Their eagerness to merge their personality with that of their loved one in a romanticized relationship may induce them to sacrifice their own best interests for an insubstantial dream.

There may be times when these tenderhearted people should be prodded into standing up for their rights, even if it involves saying 'no' to a friend, relative, or spouse. Otherwise, an unconscious resentment against those who draw unduly upon their time and resources may build up beneath a façade of charity or devotion and lead to a vicious cycle of guilt and atonement. Although there is always a possibility of neurotic self-denial, Venus is sufficiently well-placed in Pisces to confer a genuine desire to be of assistance.

From a metaphysical viewpoint, the exaltation of Venus in Pisces shows that love is the final goal of the evolutionary process. The journey of Venus through the zodiac gives a marvelous symbolic picture of the soul's circuitous passage through the signs, as it endeavors first to engross itself in the material world and then to extricate itself.

In Pisces, Venus is exalted. The work of Saturn has ended, and there supervenes the sacrificial (or sacred) love of Neptune, planet of transcendence.

The Venusian Piscean is completing one stage of his earthly journey. He may have other rounds to travel, but at this point he should be capable of experiencing some measure of the reverence for life which is the seed of the divine compassion by whose grace Matter is redeemed and made to shine from within.

Venus in Pisces: You need a very emotional, sympathetic, affectionate mate, preferably one who's not too moody; as you may have a tendency to absorb negativity and let it get you down. You need love to be expressed constantly, consistently, and gently in order to be happy. Sex is probably less important than kisses and cuddles. If you have a belief in a specific religion or a branch or metaphysics or astrology or whatever, this needs to be respected as well. If these convictions are belittled or interfered with, you can become very mixed up and may feel you have to make a choice between your mate / lover and your beliefs. Sacrificing either for the other is apt to cause pain.

Venus in Pisces: A dreamy and fanciful person, you like books that appeal to your romantic sense of adventure, and stories set in weird fairylands with beautiful princesses and dashing heroes. Often your private fantasies seem much more interesting and beautiful than reality, but you will have to learn to deal with the real world, too. While you are young, you should develop enough discipline to stay in touch with reality when your dreams are more appealing. The positive side of this is that you have a very creative imagination, which would be very useful in any kind of artistic work or design. If you can learn to communicate the visions in your mind to other people, you may become a creative artist or writer.

You are very unselfish toward the people you like. You want what is best for them, and will give of yourself whenever a friend needs help, for helping others makes you feel much better about yourself. Your sensitivity may limit you to friends who are rather quiet or who do not attack your beliefs. However, you can genuinely love people, and others will respect this in you. Your only problem is that you may pour out a great deal of energy and attention on people who are not really worth it. That through never seems to cross your mind, but it would be good to be a little more careful about choosing your friends and those whom you work hard to help.

Venus in Pisces: Keywords: self-sacrificing, compassionate, reclusive, sensitive, escapist, deceptive.

One of the most compassionate placements in the entire zodiac, Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces - a position that nurtures the planet's most beneficial qualities. The empathy and unselfishness that guides the behavior of people with Venus in Pisces is so enormous that they will literally give you 'the shirt off their backs'. In fact, the difficulties confronting these individuals stem from a willingness to give and to sacrifice and an inability to say 'no'.

Just as Venus in Aquarius people feed their egos by participating in idealistic and inspiring group activities and causes (usually political or social), Venus in Pisces will, if humanly possible, offer financial or emotional support to anyone in need. If they have bettered the life of even one individual they are fulfilled. Yet they often confuse sympathy with love; and the belief that emotional strength and / or financial assistance is the means to attract others can be a fatal flaw leading them away from developing a strong sense of self.

Although this is a truly benevolent and compassionate placement, these individuals are oft-times compelled to sacrifice their own agendas to win love and affection. Due to misplaced sympathy they attract needy people, thus forming co-dependent relationships and preventing their true creative strength from shining through. Should their partner recover or become too strong, the relationship often disintegrates since it has been based not on love but rather on the need to help and support. It is important for these sensitive, sensual, creative and loving individuals to believe that someone will love them for who they are and not for what they have to give. If they exercise professions or volunteer for work where they can help others, they will have an outlet for their compassion so they will not feel a duty to be caretakers at home.

Incredibly kind, gentle, affable and liked by everyone they meet, these sensual individuals are usually motivated in everything they do by the sheer need to feel good. Since they simply want to love and be loved, feeling good can mean being paid attention to, sexual enjoyment, or the elation that comes when they feel they are helping someone get back on his / her feet. Like Pygmalion, the sculptor in Ovid's myth, people with Venus in Pisces have a strong fantasy life and are quite often unable to cope with life's harsh realities. While romanticism is a wonderful attribute by which a relationship may be kept alive, it is imperative that they view partners with a discerning eye rather than with fanciful expectations. They can misread the object of their affections.

It is not recommended that individuals with this placement follow Pygmalion's lead, falling in love with someone whose image they wish to make over completely; more positive, however, are the sculptor's highly creative and imaginative aspects. Accordingly, Venus in Pisces is found in the charts of romantic writers, dancers, musicians and painters. It is to the world of the imagination that these people often run when they wish to re-establish their self-worth and discover their hidden voice.

Due to the ability to project an image (Venus) of illusion (Pisces), this placement as well as Venus Neptune aspects frequently appears in the charts of politicians, movie stars, artists and religious figures. What each group has in common is the ability to instill fantasy, hope and / or compassion into the lives of those who need to believe in something beyond their reach. The danger arises when these people, capable of lifting others' spirits, forget the border between fantasy and reality and, at its most extreme, believe in the illusions they have created.

Venus in Pisces has an idealistic, visionary, humanitarian and 'dreamy' quality. Venus in Pisces people can be obsessed with being loved.

Venus in Pisces: With this placement, the individual is learning the lessons of divine love. His sensitive, compassionate and charitable nature has a strong ability to express true feeling, while his imaginative sense of romance and his sacrificial nature make him one of the most beautiful souls in the zodiac.

Venus here can be like the love of a monk or a nun, as the individual identifying with the eternal giving stream of God's love finds that his unselfish character is easily moved in sympathy with the needs of others. He responds to human suffering, always favoring the underdog, the disadvantaged and the weak or poor. He encourages others, and regardless of any weakness in himself can be a supportive influence and a source of inspirational strength to any who ask for his love.

From his ability to absorb nature's aesthetic environment, he feels the flow of life on a deeply mystical, artistic and intuitive level. As a result, he has an enchanting sense of love which is at the same time both intriguing and powerfully motivating. Yet, his fragile imagination can make him overly impressionable and vulnerable to negative psychic feelings. He can misinterpret not only the good intentions of others, but also lose his own identity in a myriad of self-imposed illusions that overtake his sensibilities. When this occurs, he can make himself forlorn and depressed, often finding martyr-like excuses to debase himself in a sea of sorrow where he hides from reason in the confusing mist of muddled thinking and emotional despair.

Thus, there are important lessons that he must learn if he is to see through his own vulnerability and realize the great beauty of the Venus in Pisces placement.

The Yod to this Venus is formed by the inconjuncts from Leo and Libra; and it is from the lessons of these signs that he begins to realize his true identification with divine love.

The inconjunct from Leo gives the individual the boldness to let his love pour forth, without fear of ridicule or embarrassment. As he learns to gather the strength and willpower which helps him to surface the depths of his feelings, he begins to overcome defeatism, triumph over a subconscious sense of failure, and surmount life's obstacles through spiritual love. In this way, he rises above the psychic undertow of an insecure imagination, and setting his feet firmly on the strength of his beliefs learns how to overpower his shy and withdrawn feelings. Thus, from the Leo inconjunct, he gets the strength, the moral sense of honor, upstanding virtue, and noble worthiness which he must feel before he can experience the true essence of divine love.

The inconjunct from Libra awakens the individual to the lessons of harmony and balance. He learns about the proportional symmetry to life; and from this he develops a sense of cosmic fairness, which helps him to deal with his highly sensitive emotional nature. The overly-sympathetic feelings of Pisces which often lead him to personally suffer for others become balanced with a Libra-like sense of impersonal empathy. The individual learns that he can fully understand the feelings of another without having to personally experience the emotional drain which occurs from absorbing their sorrow.

Libra symbolizes lightness of feelings, happiness through love, and balanced relationships built on sensible fairness. From this, the Venus in Pisces individual must learn how to lighten his martyr-like emotional nature, and seek instead the true fulfillment of joyous love.

The sextile from Leo to Libra teaches him how to activate his love, bring it to the surface of his conscious life, and make it the very center of all his activities. Libra is the center of the zodiac; and Leo (ruled by the Sun) symbolizes the center of the solar system. From these two signs, the individual must realize that the great inherent beauty of love is not to be hidden in silent inner appreciation, but rather used, as the center of strength and creativity from which the flow of one's life must come.

Venus finds its exaltation in Pisces, and, once the lessons of the Venus Yod are learned, can manifest as the creative pouring of a live actively centered in the expression of divine beauty. The individual learns that rather than waiting for life, he has the power through love to meet it, create it, and thereby emulate the beauty of his Creator.

Some with this placement express their divine sense of union through the arts, music and the aesthetic creations which help to put more beauty in the world. Others find their true nature of love unfolding through charity and a compassionate sense of responsibility through which they help to create better lives for the needy, the underprivileged and the poor. Yet, whatever the individual chooses to do with his life, it is always the active expression of inner beauty creatively expressed towards a world which needs it so badly that brings out his very special Gift of Love - his ability to see the beauty of God in all things.

Venus in Pisces: As a pre-existing pattern, the Venus in Pisces people have been learning to embrace, on an archetypal level, a transcendent value system in order to create a sense of ultimate meaning in their lives. The evolutionary process leading to this need has been a series of lifetimes in which the individual has experienced a tremendous amount of personal and social disillusionment. This has created a sense of total meaninglessness associated with temporal values. Many individuals with Venus in Pisces have not consciously conceptualized or realized the archetypal intent, which is to embrace a transcendent, spiritual value system. This is important to understand because until they do, they will not have a clear and solid sense of who they are, and the experience of disillusionment will continue to occur.

For these individuals, the inner world is more or less like a giant movie in which a diversity of images, plots, scenarios, and possible realities swirls around in different combinations. Within this inner world, the Venus in Pisces person instinctively imagines him- or herself in these different roles, like an actor who assumes the identity of a specific character. By imagining and 'trying on' these different images and identities, like different parts in a movie, the Venus in Pisces person tries to relate to the ones that feel most like him- or herself. An additional cause that creates this need is rooted in a deep inner feeling of impurity, and the guilt that this implies. The guilt ignites an instinctual reaction of denial at an unconscious level. Thus, the individual will have a nebulous negative feeling about him- or herself. These feelings are then compensated for through the Piscean imagination - by creating false identities linked with the move-like nature of their inner world. This creates the psychological dynamic of 'illusion as reality'.

These inner dynamics are very problematic because the Venus in Pisces people know at a core level that these different images and identities are not who they really are. Nevertheless, they will try to make them real, by acting them out through external manifestation, just like an actor in a play or movie. They will manifest the appropriate clothes, hair styles, home environment, types of possessions, and other factors that are symbolic of whatever the imagined identity is. Many individuals with Venus in Pisces actually succeed in convincing themselves that the artifact they have created is real. By externally manifesting the persona and the circumstances that reflect the inner imagination, it now seems tangible. They can point their finger to it and convince themselves and others because it obviously appears to exist.

Venus in Pisces: You love tenderly and compassionately. You are a peace-maker at heart, and your sensors are so strong that you pick up as much as possible, and perhaps more, from your partner. You have a sense of humor in love, although you have your shares of ups and downs, as you are a very sensitive person. Harshness bothers you. Wistfulness is almost as natural to you as breathing when it comes to love. No matter how you approach other areas of your life, there is a romantic side of you. You crave making a connection with a person—many would call it a deep connection, but spiritual is a better word, as your ideal love rises above rather than plunges below the mundane world.

You can be devastatingly attractive to some people, and your charm is of a tender and soft quality. Others sense your warmth, but also some elusiveness. As much as you want to connect and share with another person, you also resist being pinned down. You prefer to enjoy a certain amount of freedom to act on your feelings, rather than through schedules or impositions. Sometimes you attach yourself to people because you have a hard time saying "no". However, you also have a hard time pretending for any length of time. Your exit from a relationship may not always be direct and quick. You are not always comfortable with being direct, simply because you don't like hurting people's feelings.

You can sometimes seem like a chameleon in your relationships. People who share time with you, if they were to exchange notes about you, would likely have a very different impression of you. You can seem like a completely different person with different people--not because you have a weak character. Because you are an emotional sponge, you pick up the needs of those around you. Your adaptability comes from a lack of personal boundaries in matters of the heart. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and it carries with it each and every sign. This explains, to a degree, your ability to slip into anyone's shoes without so much as a blink. So, with Venus, the planet of love and relationship, in Pisces, it is easy for you to pick up the needs of your partner and even adopt those needs as your own. Where do your needs start and end? It can be hard for you to distinguish what it is that you want because you very spontaneously and naturally soak in the needs and wants of a partner.

You have an amazing capacity to understand people and to forgive. Just as you resist being pinned down to an absolute, a schedule, or a concrete definition, you also have a hard time drawing boundaries. In the process, however, you open yourself up to challenging situations and relationships. It is difficult for you to pass judgment on anyone in an absolute sense, as you have compassion for human failings, but sometimes it is the only way to close yourself off from a bad situation. Don't let others take advantage of your hospitality and empathy. Anyone who sees these traits as signs of weakness is likely preying on them! The right lover for you will recognize your kindness and your willingness to slip into someone's shoes as signs of strength! When that special someone has touched your heart, they are rewarded with a funny, sometimes kooky, and always tender-hearted lover. The right person for you will find you absolutely delightful, intriguingly changeable, and a treasure indeed.

See also: Venus in Pisces;

Venus in Pisces, Sun in Capricorn: If the Sun sign is Capricorn, this Venus placing warms the Capricorn heart and softens the attitude towards partners. Social climbing is less pronounced; and time will be spent enjoying relationships and children, rather than worrying about material matters. Capricorn characteristics will counter the gullible emotion of Pisces, adding common sense to the extreme fluidity of the Piscean emotion. Here is a practical and sympathetic friend. In financial affairs, and particularly investment, the intuition should be followed.

Venus in Pisces and Sun in Capricorn: Martin Luther King, Jr., LucSr

Venus in Pisces, Sun in Aquarius: If the Sun sign is Aquarius, this placing adds to the kind, humanitarian and charitable qualities of Aquarius and warms the emotions, making the subject more responsive and less distant. Emotional involvement is increased, yet Piscean emotion will blend with Aquarian independence. This is an understanding and sympathetic friend. Money may be handled badly - advise professional help.

Venus in Pisces and Sun in Aquarius: Thomas Edison, Jack Nicklaus, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Babe Ruth, Bram, Raga

Venus in Pisces, Sun in Pisces: If the Sun sign is Pisces, there is a great deal that is beautiful about this placing, but the individual must realize that his or her emotions can dominate all too easily. Too much kindness and sympathy may exist, plus a tendency to become a doormat. Sacrifices may be made to the considerable detriment of the subject. All indications described for Venus in Pisces generally (above) will apply very strongly. Financial problems can occur through excessive generosity.

Venus in Pisces and Sun in Pisces: Ursula Andress, George Harrison, Vaslav Nijinsky, Joanne Woodward, Judin, LouG, MarieBr, Merrill, TomW

Venus in Pisces, Sun in Aries: If the Sun sign is Aries, here the Fire and Water emotions are combined, but the fire of Aries gives a natural assertiveness so that inner strength will be added to the warmth, kindness and passion. The placing softens the selfishness of Aries, and adds understanding and sympathy. There is great sexual exuberance, making for an enthusiastic partner. Both partners and friends will be given positive encouragement. Money-making ideas can sometimes be harmed by an overly enterprising spirit. Look for other indications of practical common sense.

Venus in Pisces and Sun in Aries: Hugh Hefner, Vincent van Gogh, GaryCl, Joy, LouG, LucJr, Robert, RoyO, ScottS, Suzanne, Zeno

Venus in Pisces, Sun in Taurus: If the Sun sign is Taurus, this is a delightful combination, giving a gentle but nonetheless deep and meaningful expression of feelings. Taurean possessiveness is less likely to be a stumbling block, but emotional security is important. The emotion of Venus is controlled, creating an individual who is a very caring, passionate and sensual lover. Too much money can be spent on creature comforts.

Venus in Pisces and Sun in Taurus: Queen Elizabeth II, Shirley McLaine, JonathanG

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Aries: Ursula Andress, Jack Nicklaus, Suzanne

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Taurus: Shirley McLaine, Babe Ruth, LucJr, TomW

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Gemini: Martin Luther King, Jr., Judin, LucSr, RoyO

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Cancer: MarieBr

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Leo: ScottS

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Virgo: GaryCl, JonathanG

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Libra:

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio: Ayn Rand, Zeno

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius: Vaslav Nijinsky

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn: Thomas Edison, George Harrison, Ronald Reagan, Bram, Raga

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Aquarius: Queen Elizabeth II, Hugh Hefner, Joanne Woodward, Merrill, Robert

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Pisces: Vincent van Gogh, Joy

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Aries: The attraction can be intense at first, but your inherent differences in matters of the heart might get the better of your relationship in the long run. With understanding and patience, however, this partnership can be very rewarding. Your partner is more than likely the one to take the lead in this relationship. You can be somewhat shy and unsure with someone new, but very charming indeed. You possess a dreamy quality that can be very enticing to your Venus in Aries partner. But this very quality that hooks his or her interest in you in the first place, might get your partner impatient once the novelty fades away! Your elusiveness and downright evasiveness at times stands in stark contrast to your partner's style of expressing love—so much so that it could seem completely alien to you both. Your lover is direct and forthright in love, and usually appreciates the same in others. You don't come across in quite so clear terms, and this can confuse your partner. If the love is there, all that is needed is the understanding that you and your partner express love in distinctly different ways. As well, you enjoy understatement in romance, and your partner should understand and respect this quality. His or her bluntness may be appreciated by less sensitive souls, but you may sometimes be put off by a manner that seems far too brusque than necessary. In turn, you should learn to appreciate knowing exactly where you stand with your partner! It might bite sometimes, but it's honest. You have much to offer each other once you get past the matter of differing love "styles".

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Taurus: Although you have your differences in the way you express love, this is a fertile and creative combination. Your partner is strong and dependable in relationships—perhaps exactly what you need, at least most of the time! You don't always feel strong, simply because you are a sensitive soul who can be quite impressionable. A solid and steady partner such as your Venus in Taurus lover will help ground you. You are certainly more changeable and flexible when it comes to relationships, and you may view your lover's dependability as both positive and negative at different times, depending on your mood. Sometimes, you might find your lover too be a bit too set in his or her ways. Other times, you will appreciate the predictability and simplicity of your lover's needs in partnership. You can lean on your partner when you feel the need, and that is comforting indeed. Both of you appreciate art, although your tastes can be quite different. Your partner might sometimes complain that you are indecisive or too changeable—moody, perhaps. But if he or she recognizes that your tenderness (something that your lover is sure to value) is an absolute constant, your partner is sure to "overlook" your seemingly inconsistent states of mind. You can complement each other very well.

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Gemini: Different needs in romance and partnership can be a source of fascinated attraction, and can also cause plenty of conflicts! Your partner's desire for communication is strong, and you, too, want to connect with a partner. However, your lover places more value on mental stimulation while you value the power of understatement in romance. While your partner delights in having everything defined, you have a hard time making definite statements when it comes to matters of the heart. Both of you are kind, live-and-let-live sorts, and this quality will certainly help the partnership. You also share a certain measure of inconsistency and changeability when it comes to love. The main difference here is your needs in love. You rely on intuition, preferring to keep love on an emotional level. Cornering you for answers, definitions, or analyses of your partnership won't get your lover very far—perhaps only frustrated! Your partner's energy sometimes leaves you unsettled, while your elusiveness can be difficult for him or her to understand. Your partner's playfulness may, at times, unnerve you, as you can be somewhat sensitive, although quite forgiving. What makes sense is to focus on the positive in your pairing—both of you are flexible, intelligent people who are capable of meeting each other's needs as long as love and tolerance are in place.

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Cancer: This can be a highly rewarding partnership featuring plenty of devotion and dreamy attachment. Mutual respect is likely, and some similar goals in partnership and romance are sure to strengthen the bond. Both of you value understatement and innocence in romance, and an emotional attachment is important to you both. Your partner wants to take care of the people he or she loves, offering them security along with love, and you are particularly receptive to this nurturing style. The biggest problem that might arise between you is the following fundamental difference between your love natures: your partner is more clannish, specific, and personal in his or her affections, while you incline toward universal love. The sensitivity you express doesn't always make your lover feel special, as he or she sometimes may feel that you are in love with mankind in general, not just him or her! You may find that your partner tries to redirect your love into more focused channels. You may easily fall for the underdog, and your partner may feel that you are in need of a little directing in this respect. Your partner is also attracted to the needy, but he or she has met, in you, a soul who seems to be easily led astray, and he or she may spend some time trying to capture and tame this elusiveness that leaves him or her feeling a little disconcerted! If in fact you learn to understand and accept this basic difference in style, this partnership can certainly be a powerful one. It's an especially warm, devoted, and nurturing combination, and the ties you make with each other are sure to be unforgettable.

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Leo: We are mixing Fire with Water with this combination. Your Venus in Leo partner is very direct and generous with his or her affections. You are probably just as generous, but your manner of expressing love is markedly different than that of your partner! The challenge here is to accept these different styles of love, something that Venus in Leo has difficulty doing (Leo is a fixed sign, and flexibility in the love department doesn't come easily to them). Both of you are incurable romantics. Your partner's style, however, is personal, while your loving nature is less specific. You cannot quite call it impersonal, but "universal" may be the best term for your love nature. Your partner appreciates your warmth, but there is something about your approach, which is somewhat indirect and evasive, that seems a little threatening to your partner's ego. To your lover, you seem to be so warm and affectionate, but they can't help but sense that you love everyone that way, not just him or her. Your partner, more than anything, needs to feel special and unique in love, and it can be difficult to pin you down and get that specific attention that he or she craves (or demands!). You two probably share a love of drama, music, and the arts. Your partner is likely to be quite flattered by your sentimentality and dependency. However, when your lover is unhappy with you, he or she can easily become theatrical. You may even interpret your lover's dramas as abusive, which can shock your partner because your lover considers his or her displays as honest and passionate. This apparent incompatibility is basically a difference in your styles of loving, as both of you are good-hearted. You are very sensitive in love, and can pick up all the subtleties of your partner's emotions in a flash. Your partner prefers you to be direct and to the point with your wants. This relationship can be simultaneously fascinating and frustrating! As Leo and Pisces are two markedly different signs, conscious efforts to understand each other and to make adjustments are necessary in order for this relationship to be harmonious.

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Virgo: This is a case of "opposites attract", except that when signs are literally opposite in Astrology, they share a common thread that can bind them together. This is a magnetic combination. You sense in each other a common sensitivity, but you express your love in different ways altogether. The truth is that you have much to learn from each other. Relationships become challenging when the very qualities that attract you to one another in the first place become a source of friction later. Always remind yourself that your partner is just that—your partner, not an enemy. Your partner will appreciate your gentleness and sympathy, although he or she is apt to find you somewhat evasive at times. This is because while your partner is happy to define love, you prefer to leave some things unspoken. (You find it more romantic that way). Faith in love is something you can teach your Venus in Virgo partner, if he or she is open to it. Your partner can help ground you, reminding you that order in a partnership is helpful for establishing a sense of purpose, when done in moderation. Moderation, in fact, is the answer to establishing balance in your relationship, and with love and compassion, you will find it easier than most couples to work toward that goal.

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Libra: This is one of the combinations of signs that requires a fair share of adjustment, simply because the love natures are quite different. However, both of you are gentle, caring folk in love and these qualities certainly give your relationship a boost. Although both of you are generally willing to adjust for, and accommodate, your partner, the sign of your partner's love planet (Venus) is an Air sign, while yours is a Water sign. While your partner approaches relationship problems with an intellectual and reasonable attitude, you instinctively respond to problems emotionally. You are motivated most by feelings in relationships, and your partner is motivated most by thought. You need some space and solitude in order to work things out inside, while your partner's first instinct is to talk things through. These kinds of issues are not insurmountable, however, especially when you are aware of each other's unique set of values and needs. Although you will probably find that adjustments are necessary rather frequently, love and understanding can certainly make this partnership work.

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Scorpio: The two of you have different Venus signs, but they both are Water signs. This suggests an overall understanding for each other. You sense in each other a similar kind of depth in your approach to relationships, which can be an instant bond in and of itself. You love intuitively and emotionally—you don't use your mind to judge whether a person is good for you or not. You need to feel the connection. The same goes for your Venus in Scorpio partner. Your partner is more focused on an intimate and exclusive bond than you are. You love deeply and with your heart, but your partner might wonder just how exclusive your feelings are towards him or her. Your lover wants to get under your skin, and is not always thrilled to share you with the rest of the world, so when you are expressing your compassion for pretty much everyone that comes into your world, he or she may feel a tad threatened. Your partner needs to understand your love of mankind in general. He or she might worry that you stray too easily—and it's not about you having an affair. It's more a concern that you are too impressionable. Why worry about the rest of the world when you have him or her? That's the kind of attitude you might expect from your partner, and this is probably your relationship's biggest issue. Otherwise, the two of you find much in common. You will appreciate your partner's intensity and depth of feeling.

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Sagittarius: Both of you are inclined to look for the best in your partner, and this idealism can strengthen your bond. Your styles in love, however, can be radically different at times. While your partner is generally very direct about his or her needs in love, you don't always know what your needs are! And, if you do, they can be hard to define. You are compassionate and intuitive, and need to "feel right" about issues in and surrounding love. Your partner's emotions in love move much more quickly, and he or she may at times be impatient with his or her partner as a result. Your feelings in love are easily hurt, but your lover can have an attitude that truth and directness is the only way to go, and as a result, he or she may want you to toughen up. Both of you can be somewhat restless in love. This can express itself as a certain divine discontent on one end of the spectrum, or outright dissatisfaction on the other. Try to focus on the "here and now" with each other, and avoid the tendency to look beyond the partnership to fill up the holes in your relationship. Even better, accept that you cannot possibly fulfill each other's every need, but at the same time, appreciate what each of you has to offer each other—and that is a lot!

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Capricorn: You might be very drawn to your Venus in Capricorn partner's aura of strength and conviction. Your partner exudes an air that he or she "has it together", and this is very attractive to you, as you are not regimented in your feelings for others. Your partner, in turn, is likely to be intrigued with your kind and hospitable nature. You actually listen to what he or she has to say, and your willingness to adapt and accept can be extremely attractive to your more disciplined partner. If the both of you can appreciate each other's differences in expressing love, this union can amount to a mutual admiration society. However, when the chips are down, these differences might cause challenges. You might find your partner too rigid in his or her expectations from your partnership, and your lover might easily find your dreamy love nature too ethereal. This combination is a mix of Water (Pisces) and Earth (Capricorn), which can be very fertile. You will be more able than most people to tap into Capricorn's heart, seeing the warmth underneath the somewhat cool exterior. Your partner will appreciate your adaptability and your acceptance of his or her commitments to the partnership and to other areas of life as well.

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner with Venus in Aquarius: This is an unusual combination. You might find that you both share a universal love of mankind, and that you are both very idealistic people. Your partner loves to brainstorm with a close friend and lover, and in you, he or she has found a completely fascinating brain to "pick". At times, however, you might pull yourself from under the microscope, as you are certainly more sensitive and moody than your partner is when it comes to relationships. You will gladly go along with your lover's wonderful visions and ideals, but you look for a connection that runs very deep. Although you will happily engage in conversation, and thoroughly enjoy your partner's enthusiasm and vision, you value tender intimacy more than intellectual debate. Your partner might find you to be a tad too sensitive. You are more likely than most to be able to infuse your partner's creative, inventive mind with just enough emotion, inspiration, and imagination to really take him or her places. Your lover, in turn, can help you tap into your own creative wells and do something real with what is pulled out. The two of you can make a very productive pair as long as you can effectively combine the worlds of thought and feelings. Neither of you wants to waste time arguing about petty things, and both of you want to see the best in each other. These attitudes will help smooth your relationship.

How Venus in Pisces Relates to a Partner who also has Venus in Pisces: This is such a dreamy combination! You share Venus signs in the compassionate and tender sign of Pisces. No matter how different your personalities are, this Venus connection suggests similar needs from, and views of, partnership. Both of you are willing to adapt to the person you love, and offer each other tender affection. Both the strengths and the challenges lie in this underlying similarity. Each of you tends to need a partner who will do a little "directing" and "defining" in the relationship. Where are the boundaries? This is probably the main problem you will have with each other. You are both intuitive and not particularly practical when it comes to who, where, what, when, and how in love. You both thrive on a spiritual connection with your partner. You are likely to find it in each other, but you should also be mindful of some practicalities and realities in your partnership, or you may not be heading anywhere at all! However, this is a dreamy, romantic, and sweet union of two like-minded individuals. Ideally, elsewhere in your chart comparison, there are more stimulating and grounding connections between the two of you.

Venus in Pisces Woman: Maybe you're psychic. At any rate, you're sensitive to the point of being psychic. You know what “transcendence” means, and you can sometimes almost read minds. What you do is just flow into feelings, your own and others’, and this gives you information that isn’t available through regular channels. It’s scary sometimes how fluid you can be, merging with others even if they don’t know it. Your ideals are the highest, and you feel that your life is meant to be an evolutionary development of your soul to higher states of being. You're extremely compassionate and sympathetic because you understand the universality of life - that we are all one with each other. Some people of a coarser nature think that is silly, but you know because it’s what you actually experience within myself.

Call you a romantic; you won’t hurt your feelings! You like romance and you believe in true love. In fact, for you there is only one kind of love - the true, forever-after kind. You’d never marry for money or because a guy was Mr. Pecs. He could be a chimney sweep covered in soot and if we truly loved, it wouldn’t matter. You don’t care what he does for a living, though if he’s a poet or a musician it would be nice. Whatever he is, he has to understand your love of all the earth’s creatures and not make fun of your sympathy for the animals, the birds, even the fish. You're one of those who works to save the whales and the dolphins. You feel that if it’s a living creature we should respect its right to live.

Your idea of the perfect man is someone who is sensitive and understands that there is an eternal life flowing through everything. Your problem is that you can confuse myself in your desire for this, thinking that someone who just gets high and talks a good line is the real thing. You have to be careful because you're so easily taken over by your empathy that you can become self-sacrificing for love. Intimacy is very important to you also, and you can’t deal with coldness or distancing. You have to feel close and be close to the man you love. At the same time, you have to be allowed to be your own shifting and changing self, to have your moods and altered states of consciousness. When you love, you give yourself totally.

Venus in Pisces Woman: Women with this planetary placing can seem almost ethereal. Your idea of femininity is being gentle, delicate, graceful and helpful. It may be hard for you to assert yourself because, to you, it's 'unladylike' to go after what you want or to stand up for yourself. You may even feel that you don't deserve to get what you want, and that it's better to give than to receive. Therefore, you might let yourself be pushed around by your partners (unless your Sun is in Aries or Aquarius). Because you don't have a very clear image of who you are and tend to undervalue yourself, you are easily influenced by others, and try to become what you believe others want you to be.

Your love of beauty, color, texture, etc., might inspire an interest in fashion. Even as an adult, you enjoy playing dress-up, creating different illusions with costumes and make-up; and you may be quite photogenic.

Venus in Pisces Man: For you, there is only one possible reason for marrying or getting seriously involved with someone, and that is love. Not your sentimental, gooey, simplistic version of it - the kind that is really just kids’ play - but the Real Thing. Transcendent. Spiritual. Two souls joined as one. All the things you’ve heard about and maybe thought weren’t possible. They are, and you know. You have a deep understanding of the unity of life. You connect with this. And You know how to connect with it through love. Your romantic nature has a flowing aspect, and you're idealistic in your approach, but this isn’t pie in the sky. It comes from a deep knowing of inner matters, from your empathy with others and even with the creatures of the earth. You can talk to the birds and the flowers because you see life in the universe as all-encompassing, fluid, merging. It is all One and you are in touch with that One. That may sound a little silly, but it’s true nonetheless. You don’t always express your feelings like this, but they are always there.

You're a romantic at heart, sensitive to others and their needs, sometimes to the point of being self-sacrificing. People’s needs can really get to you. You can’t shut them out. And then you forget yourself and who you are and what’s good for you. You can get so caught up in them. Objectivity isn’t one of your good points, but sympathy is. Sometimes your own sympathy for someone in need overflows and you become that person.

You're drawn to sensitive, empathic, quiet women with psychic sensibilities, who go with the flow, so to speak. Your ideal woman is the one you fall for totally. You don’t care what size or color she is, what her background or education is, if she works or doesn’t work - as long as she touches your heartstrings and our love is complete and sincere. Then you're an erotic and tender lover, imaginative to the point of being psychic. So long as she allows you your shifting moods and feelings, you will make beautiful music together.

Venus in Pisces Man: Men with Venus in Pisces are attracted to women who are passive, fragile, sensitive and pretty in a delicate, china-doll way. You tend to put women on a pedestal, and are looking for a fairy princess rather than a human being. Your ideal women is Cinderella. Strong-willed, outspoken or independent women don't interest you much. Nor do you find earthy or sensual women very appealing. Both types are too threatening. You want someone who needs you, is completely devoted to you, and professes her undying love in poetry and song; but you almost prefer to worship her from afar because touching her would destroy the fantasy.

Venus in Pisces: Ursula Andress, Thomas Edison, Queen Elizabeth II, George Harrison, Hugh Hefner, Martin Luther King, Jr,. Shirley McLaine, Jack Nicklaus, Vaslav Nijinsky, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Babe Ruth, Vincent van Gogh, Joanne Woodward, Bram, GaryCl, JonathanG, Joy, Judin, LouG, LucJr, LucSr, MarieBr, Merrill, Raga, Robert, RoyO, ScottS, Suzanne, TomW, Zeno