Venus in the 1st House

The first house describes our approach to life and the way we come across to others, as well as our physical body. People with Venus in the first house will usually be found physically attractive by others. Even if not conventionally attractive, they will radiate a beauty that draws others to them. This is someone who approaches all social situations and individuals in a friendly way, always seeking to find the common ground between themselves and others. They tend to be popular, with a surface ease in social situations that may belie what goes on at a deeper level. Having Venus in the first house is like having a very attractive hat to put on whenever you have to interact with others. It works well but does not portray its wearer's entire personality.

These people can be over-accommodating, bending over backwards for others and finding it difficult to say 'no'. They are at all times concerned with union; their whole approach to life, people and situations is one which seeks to find the common denominator. They dislike conflict, and try to keep the peace at all times. They put others first, and may neglect their own needs in their attempt to create harmony and make everything all right. They will then get what they want indirectly, through subtle forms of manipulation. To this end, they may use their attractiveness to seduce others, which will ultimately undermine their sense of self-worth. They can be so concerned with being pleasant and never causing offence that no-one gets to know who they really are or what goes on inside them beneath the surface.

People with Venus in the first house may come from a background where harmony had to be maintained at all costs. Any discord would thus be highly threatening to them. Their childhood home may have sustained an illusion of everyone in the family getting on well together. In later life, it would be distressing for them to discover the discordant currents beneath the apparent calm.

They can become known as easy-going people; and others may come to expect and demand this good-naturedness of them. They can easily become a prisoner of their own good nature; and their lives will then lack genuine intimacy.

People with Venus in the first house is likely to be drawn to someone who is also considered highly attractive, with polished social skills. They will be reassured by their partner's popularity and enjoy being associated with someone others like - someone also known for their good-naturedness. If all this begins to sound like a recipe for disaster to deeper relating, it can be, depending on how psychologically damaged the person is in the first place. If this facility with 'the gloss' comes to be something the person relies on too heavily, then life can become a superficial social circus. Someone with a fairly healthy psyche, however, can gain a lot from this placement: a great deal of tact and diplomacy, charm, a gracious bearing and genuine consideration for others.

The first house rules physical appearance, and we have already mentioned that the individuals with Venus in the first will be attractive. They are also likely to be concerned and preoccupied with their own attractiveness. If Venus is well-aspected, they will be happy with themselves and their body, but if Venus is in difficulties then their attractiveness may cause them insecurity and unhappiness. Part of their reason for wanting a physically attractive partner may be to bolster their own self-image. This would indicate a lack of separation between them and their partner, as they are then identifying themselves with their partner's good looks.

These people need to develop the art of fulfilling their own needs and not compromising themselves, while maintaining their ability to connect with others in agreeable ways.

Venus in 1st House: Keywords: Affable, charming, attractive, well-liked, manipulative.

Because it is the sign appearing on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, the ascendant, or rising sign, marks the beginning of the first house and symbolizes one's initial contact with the external world. Setting the mood for the entire horoscope, the first house determines one's personality, physical appearance and general constitution. Representing the first breath we inhale, the ascendant and the first house reflect inherited traits rather than learned habits and patterns. Whereas the Midheaven signifies the way we consciously wish to be viewed and how we strive towards achieving that image, the ascendant represents the way others take us into account based on our mannerisms, choice of clothing, hairstyle or any other external attribute which becomes an identifying feature. It is the characteristics of the ascendant and planets situated in the first house that color all our activities, ranging from the clothes we wear to our facial expressions to our social skills.

Because the ascendant describes inherited and often unconscious personality traits, it reveals the type of life's journey we will embark on, how we view the world and how we are, in return, viewed by others. The placement of Venus in the first house - especially if it is conjunct the ascendant - transforms an individual into a 'Venus-tinted window' whose poise, passion, conviviality and seductive charm are sources of strength and confidence. Like the agrarian fertility Goddess, those with Venus in the first house know that by pleasing others they will, in return, be offered loyalty, support, prosperity and love.

Because the first house represents one's appearance and outward behavior, the influence of Venus in this region of the horoscope reveals the enormous value people with Venus in the first house place on being well-liked. Convinced they are being judged by first impressions (since they view others this way), individuals with Venus in the first house are often preoccupied with the way they look, dress and behave. While not always classically beautiful, those with Venus in the first house, ruling the first hour, or aspecting the ascendant possess both attractiveness and great charisma - that indefinable something that endears them to families, friends and colleagues. Like a magnet, these sensual and exciting people attract those who wish to absorb their infections energy simply by being around them. Confidence that they can call upon their immense sex appeal, charming personality and beautiful appearance to 'open doors' gives them the incentive to embark upon endeavors that others might find intimidating. (Success will depend on whether Venus is positively or negatively aspected.)

Overly enthusiastic and extremely impetuous when positioned in the dominant first house, Venus wields enough charm, magnetism and charisma to attract supporters and attain certain goals. An overwhelming sensuality and the desire for self-aggrandizement can be so powerful at times that lust is often mistaken for love, precipitating ill-fated romances founded on physical attraction rather than deep commitment. Like Aphrodite, these people are admired for their attractiveness, independence and affability, yet disdained for their indulgences, provocation, overt sexuality and egocentricity.

The planet's position in the first house also offers a sense of self-importance that, at its most extreme, allows individuals to use their allure to manipulate others and, as a result, get what they want. If positively aspected, Venus in the first house will, like the beloved agrarian fertility Goddess, attempt to grant prosperity and pleasure with the stipulation that she receives loyalty, respect, sexual fulfillment and / or love. If afflicted, the planet will manifest the worst facets of Aphrodite and behave like a spoiled child. People with an afflicted Venus in the first house may be insecure and self-indulgent, and may have difficulty being tactful and diplomatic. They may indulge in lies, manipulation or emotional blackmail to satisfy their own whims and attain a false sense of power. Their quest for constant approval will lead these people to employ their Venus-tinted window to project a loving, beautiful, charming and compassionate image - sincere if Venus is well aspected, but a façade if the planet is afflicted.

Although traditionally this placement has been interpreted as captivating, soft-spoken, friendly and having an affinity for the creative arts, it is just as responsible for indulgent behavior, laziness and complete self-absorption. Because it is prominent in the horoscopes of individuals drawn to the creative arts, cosmetics, modeling, design, clothing, sales or any friend that utilizes seductive charm, this placement was once considered difficult for men who were not 'one of the boys' or who did not actively participate in sports - the outlets for so-called traditional male bonding.

Venus in 1st House: With this placement, the love nature becomes the most important part of the individual's personality. It leads him, like a carrot in front of a donkey, as he seeks the sensual pleasures and the fondness and acceptance of others.

His physical features are softened, and his manner can appear outwardly gentle. Yet, if the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are not realized, this can be a particularly difficult placement. Rather than perceiving love through his experiences, he tries to reach for the outward appearance of beauty. By doing this, he tends to attract to himself exactly those individuals whose ability to love is superficially physical. As a result, the care and attention he pays to himself in personal grooming, attractive clothing, and all that helps to create a sensual outer image, eventually leads him disappointed as he experiences the external attractions of brief flirtations and momentary interests, without the deep inner sense of love's power for safeness, security and lasting fulfillment.

Without knowing what love is, he is anxious to experience it. He will initiate encounters with others, start romances that have little eventual meaning to him, and usually experience a general sense of discontent at the way his life is turning out. Always, his error is the same. If he has not learned the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign, he seeks vanity rather than love and he is controlled by his own narcissism rather than true beauty. His sexuality has the undertones of exhibitionism, for his life tends to be something of a show which he must keep generating enough energy to maintain.

When he begins to live the consciousness of the Venus Yod, vanity changes to virtue. Rather than reaching for the external appreciation of others, he begins to discover the true beauty in himself. He learns, often through difficult experiences, that he alone is the keeper of his conscience; for only be the achievement of refinement and sincerity does he begin to reach the standards of excellence which bring out the true beauty of his life experience.

Again and again he finds his ethical standards being put to the test, for he must discover the difference between self-indulgence and self-love. When he begins to understand this difference, he realizes that happiness is not a passing impulse, or a momentary excitement, but rather a lifestyle; a continuous identification with person and moral beauty, spiritual virtue and the peace of knowing a clear conscience. Instead of dissipating his energy in the fruitless seeking of momentary gratification, he begins to experience the rapture that only comes through self-mastery. From this, he starts to feel the treasured source of his own real worth. And, as he does, his external experiences become fulfilling, for they are feeding not the momentary impulses of his desires, but rather the consciousness of love to which his being is awakening.

This awakening to true self-love puts the individual in touch with his potential for happiness; for he learns that rather than seeking fulfillment through the approval of others, he is the source of all his feelings. It is from this that he discovers the personal esteem that lifts his spirit to the golden-fibred oneness of divine harmony.

In essence, his Gift of Love is his ability to find the virtue of human decency for himself, exemplify it for others, and plant the seeds in society of a moral conscience, clearly directed towards finding the true beauty of mankind's potential for personal dignity.

Venus in 1st House: If we understand the 1st house to describe the way in which we best realize our own special and unique identity, then Venus here suggests that life should be met with open arms. A natural urge to relate to others with sensitivity, refinement and goodwill is indicated. although they find themselves by being harmonious and accommodating, there is a danger that in attempting to be all things to all people they actually lose themselves. Venus in the 1st suggests that we should love and respect our own selves as well.

In fact, a feeling of self-worth and self-esteem is crucial to loving and seeing other people more clearly. If we appreciate our own worth, then we can appreciate the worth of other people. If we accept ourselves, then we can more easily accept others. If those with Venus in this house don't learn to love and accept themselves first, they may manipulate other people to do so in order to fill the gap. Like the proverbial coquette, they are out to get as much flattery and attention as possible to prove their value and worth. Some people with Venus in the 1st never take Aphrodite's girdle off: they display an obvious seductiveness which can be used for their own benefit. They may even be downright treacherous.

Venus in the 1st often exhibits physical beauty or a 'certain something' which draws others to them. They may literally embody the best qualities of the sign in which the 1st house Venus is placed. Even without traditional good looks, an appreciative and admiring disposition will make them attractive and appealing.

In the 1st house, we need to make our presence known. Venus's sweet dalliance can be very charming, but taken too far borders on laziness - someone who sits and waits for things to come to them. If well-aspected, this placement is an indication of a harmonious early upbringing which endows the person with a positive sense of self and optimistic outlook on life.

Venus in 1st House: A rising Venus gives beauty and charisma, and the power to attract whatever and whomever is desired. The closer Venus is to the Ascendant, the greater is this power. This placement indicates at least one great love experience in the life, although the nature of that experience, whether happy or sad, short or long-lived, will be told by the sign Venus occupies, its relationship to its dispositor, and aspects from other planets.

These people have a great capacity to give love freely, unless Venus is in Capricorn, Aquarius, or Virgo, in which cases they are more reserved. Even so, their warmth comes through as interest in others, and may be intensified and refined by the restraint of these signs into a dispassionate love of humanity in general. In the first three signs, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, Venus rising shows a great deal of self-love, though not necessarily the selfish kind that can't include love for others as well.

There is a strong potential for creativity with a rising Venus, but it requires other factors to put it to work. Usually, it shows more in the art of living than in works. These people are more apt to be great appreciators of the works of others, inspiring them with their enthusiasm and praise, by their beauty and style or, if they are well set financially, by their patronage and financial assistance.

Their good looks generally remain within them throughout life; and if Venus is in Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius, their looks often improve with age.

There is generally a good deal of sensuality with a rising Venus, that will be intensified or moderated by the sign Venus is in, by aspects from other planets, etc.. The love of beauty extends to a love of sensual luxury, of satins and velvets, furs, delicious fragrances, perfumes, and jewelry. Companions may be chosen more for their physical beauty than the beauty of their souls. The closer Venus is to the second cusp, the more pronounced the sensuality. If Venus is closely aspected by Uranus, Mars, or Pluto, has hard aspects and no easy ones, or is located in the twelfth house within ten degrees of the Ascendant, sensuality may bring sorrow. There may be scandal or grief in connection with love affairs or sex.

While the lives of those with a rising Venus may seem exciting and full of pleasure and variety to others, to themselves there is never enough. They are restless and eager for ever more varied and pleasurable excitement. They have a great capacity for happiness, and seek its source with unflagging energy, at least in youth, though the nature of the sources they seek will be different for each. There is always the danger of debauchery with a powerful angular Venus; and in the search for happiness, they may have some degrading experiences. Neptune or Jupiter in square or opposition will show an inclination for too much partying. Nevertheless, Venus has the power to lead its followers out of any trouble it gets them into, and a rising Venus is a strong testimony to the ability to conquer problems like alcoholism or drug addiction. The urge towards happiness is so powerful that it can lead up as well as down.

If Venus is conjoined with other planets, the love nature will be modified accordingly. With Mars, there is a love of action or sports, with the passivity diminished. With Mercury, there is a love of motion or flight and an attraction toward younger people. With Jupiter, the love of good times, parties, elegant clothes and surroundings, beautiful people, and sensuality is intensified. Saturn here may exact too great a restraint unless there are compensating factors. With Uranus, expressions of love, beauty, and passion are alternately intensified and turned off, or sometimes intellectualized. With the Moon, a love of self, of women, and of sensuality is increased. With Neptune, theatre, music and dance are emphasized, and, although sensuality is modified by romanticism, drugs and liquor are a real danger. With Pluto, danger is possible from sexual or romantic episodes.

A rising Venus indicates a great love of children and young people, particularly of girls.

Venus in 1st House: Self-expression: As with the Moon, Venus in the 1st house presents a picture of 'active receptivity'. Grace, beauty, aesthetics, and a basic appreciation for social interaction shape your spontaneous radiance of self. There is 'femaleness' here, a wish to project yourself as womanly. This by no means indicates a tendency toward the effeminate, but rather it infers the promise of true receptivity. As with all astrological interpretations, however, whether or not that promise is fulfilled, as well as how it is fulfilled, depend upon a myriad of other factors. The pitfall lies in overeager surrender to outer stimulus; not taking a stand may result in your having no position at all, except that defined by others. The challenge is to be definite about who you are while remaining co-operative about interacting with others.

Natural persona: The face shown to the world is pliant and focused on the imagery surrounding love and sharing. There is the promise of acceptance, the lure of romance.

Your name-tag says, 'I will love you if you allow, but more importantly, I will let you love me if you wish, for I am the personification of beauty and grace'.

Self-awareness: You can naturally plug into your inner self whenever you project personal love, interpersonal harmony, or aesthetic beauty. The more lovingly you behave, the more consciousness you gain. The better you manage social harmony, the more self-aware you become. And finally, the more beautifully you project yourself, the more you find awareness of your true inner nature, whatever that may be.

Boundaries: Social poise, harmony, and the projection of physical grace allow maximum interaction between your inner and outer environments. Disagreement, conflict, or chaos in expression close the lens and alienate the environments, as does excess aggression or unconscious anger. On the other hand, too much romance, seductive receptivity, or purely sensory pleasure merges the two worlds in false union, provoking a surprising and abrupt end to relatedness. The challenge is to provide clear, warm receptivity without falling 'in love with love'.

Vitality: At every level of living, harmony supports your life force. Excess love of sensual pleasures, oversensitivity to conflict, and a distaste for hard work reduce the efficiency of your long-term well-being. You need to learn the value of exercise and sustained effort, not with grave discipline, but as part of bringing everything into proper balance, for balance is the key concept in maintaining your smooth vitality. Remember: moderation in all things.

Venus in 1st House: Your affectionate nature and willingness to compromise endear you to everyone. You cleverly allow others to think they can win over you, but really you are biding your time until you are more sure of your position. Hating disharmony, you concede to others' demands unless they are completely unfair. You know that the best way to handle people is to understand their motivations. You eagerly seek an education to improve your chances for success. You choose your associates for their intellectual accomplishments and savoir-faire, which can be assets in your profession. You keep the lines of communication open to associates and competitors alike, so you are always abreast of what's happening. Wanting the very best for your children, you encourage them to take advantage of opportunities to develop their creative potentials. But do not neglect your own creative talents in favor of self-indulgent pleasures.

You know that the best way to satisfy your need for material security is to put your ideas to work. If you implement your plans successfully, you won't need to worry about financial security. You know how to win the support of close friends in reaching your objectives, and you make a sincere attempt to show concern for theirs. These warm ties will be rewarding to you in the future, when you may need friends more than you do now. You get your superiors to approve your ideas, especially when you show them how your ideas will benefit them.

You will benefit from being more aggressive when you are challenged. You cannot be the peacemaker all the time; and making concessions to those who are wrong will establish your weakness and limit your success. Luckily, you attract people who are open and frank. Be cautious about revealing all your plans, so that you can maintain some advantage over others. You should accept responsibility for extending yourself in your career, and learn to overcome the fear of competition as you strive to reach your objectives. You may worry that you will never live up to your parents' expectations; but your only obligation is to live up to your own potentials. You must define your goals and decide how you will reach them, according to your own capabilities. You must be self-sustaining as soon as possible, so you can make your own mistakes and benefit from your own successes. If you settle for less, you will get less.

You can relieve your guilt about not living up to your potentials by making some important contribution toward meeting the needs of other people, including your associates, your partner and those who cannot help themselves. You will earn their gratitude forever if you make some sacrifices to help them in their moments of needs. You are usually willing to do this, but you want your efforts to be appreciated. Knowing the weaknesses of your competitors gives you a distinct advantage over them.

You feel uplifted when you help people who are burdened with problems; but also you are afraid of being rejected. You try to be generous toward those who need attention and care; but be wary of people who make excessive demands. You only need to prove to yourself that you have warm, human qualities and enduring values, and that your preoccupation with financial security has not made you insensitive. Your public image is charming.

See also: Venus in the 1st House;

Venus in the 1st House: Sri Aurobindo, Ingrid Bergman, G.W. Bush, Johnny Cash, Bill Clinton, George Clooney, Ty Cobb, John Dillinger, Isadora Duncan, Queen Elizabeth II, Mahatma Gandhi, Judy Garland, Uri Geller, William Randolph Hearst, Alfred Hitchcock, Aldous Huxley, Donovan Leitch, Groucho Marx, Paul McCartney, Meher Baba, Paul Newman, Nisargadatta, OmNi, Ramana Maharshi, Edouard de Rothschild, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Bram, Dheeraj, DJenkins, Farmer, JerGar, Judin, Jyothi, Keith, Lorraine, Mick, Pankaj, Pete, RoyO, VinCal

Venus in the 2nd House

The second house is to do with our innate talents, and shows the skills we might develop. It describes what we value and our attitude to our possessions and money. People with Venus in the second house generally value the things money can give them. They often have a knack of drawing comfortable conditions to themselves. They are not necessarily materialistic, unless Venus is also in an Earth sign; but they certainly appreciate material beauty and will usually find the money they need to surround themselves with beautiful objects and stylish decor, and with attractive and comfortable furnishings.

They may benefit from a talent for finance and business. They may earn money from some artistic pursuit, either as artists themselves, or as dealers in art or décor. They could be gifted in interior design. They may earn money through beauty, perhaps selling beauty products or taking advantage of their own beauty - for example by modeling. They could earn a living as a fashion designer.

Their lifestyle is likely to be comfortable, bordering on the luxurious; and they will either earn the money to sustain it themselves or draw it to themselves through a partner.

They are likely to be both possessive and jealous within a relationship. They will value love, and, if they love someone, they are likely to want to hold onto them. In fact they will not easily let go of anything they value. Alternatively, they might attract a possessive and jealous partner. A partner can easily be seen as an extension of themselves, so they may have very real difficulties in recognizing a partner as a separate and autonomous individual. They may act towards their partners as if they owned them.

Where there is a shared financial arrangement, one or the other partner may feel bought, and may feel he / she has sold him- / herself for financial security, and that his / her autonomy is compromised. Venus in the second is not beyond marrying for money or believing that he / she can buy love. A more positive understanding of this placement, however, is that the people affected need tangible proof of love from their partners, and that they, in turn, will be generous in tangible ways to those they love.

People with Venus in the second may take special pleasure in buying things with their partner. This could be collecting objects of some sort, either something they find beautiful or something that is valuable. One woman I know collected beautiful plates, and liked to spend her leisure time browsing in antique shops and markets. Part of her pleasure lay in having a partner who also enjoyed spending time in this way. There can also be enjoyment in simply going out shopping and spending money, even on more ordinary commodities.

Shared values will be an important part of feeling close and secure with a partner. People with this placement will need someone who not only appreciates the things they value (such as the plates), but also understands and respects their feelings. Perhaps more than anything, it is how they feel about the things they value that matters to them. They are likely to value their own feelings highly. They need to be valued by their partner, for their worth to be appreciated and acknowledged.

Venus in the 2nd House: Keywords: Materialistic, possessive, jealous, aesthetic, practical, devoted, indulgent.

Because Venus is the natural ruler of the second house, this placement brings out the best and worst qualities of the planet, ranging from practicality, prosperity, sensuality and an eye for beauty to laziness, indulgence, jealousy and greed. The second house is indicative not only of material security, but also of the personal resources - talents, skills, and assets - with which we attain our goals and maintain control over our lives. Planets in the second house describe precisely which types of resources (for example Venusian, Martian, Jupiterian) are readily accessible. As a result, the traditional interpretation of Venus in the second house has always been 'making money (second house) through love, beauty and creativity (Venus)'. While this description is still applicable, the definition must be expanded to include the utilization of social skills, diplomacy and inner confidence to attain economic well-being and its accompanying stability.

Because the second house has traditionally been an indicator of how income is acquired, this placement may indeed foster visual and performing artists, interior designers, clothing manufacturers, cosmeticians, models, salespeople and politicians - all Venusian professions. Like Venus-ruled Taurus, the second house corresponds to the throat, making this placement common in the horoscopes of singers.

Frequently consumed with financial security, these people favor long-term investments such as mutual funds, real estate or art collecting. Due to their powers of persuasion and innate understanding of economics, they can also be successful financial advisers, stock brokers, investment bankers, or in any profession in which one assists others in making money. If these people are unable to achieve monetary success on their own, it will be likely to be pursued through a relationship, thus confirming the position's traditional interpretation. While this placement does indeed indicate a conscious search for affluence, strength and stability in the choice of partner, those with this placement must be cautioned not to regard the partner as another business associate, 'acquisition' or financial conquest, and must never take him or her for granted. Since for these people financial and emotional security are completely intertwined, they often become jealous and possessive about what they could lose (companionship, money and property) should the relationship ever dissolve.

Because self-esteem is based on economic and / or creative success, a positively aspected Venus may ensure financial acumen, prudent monetary planning and wise investment skills. An afflicted Venus, on the other hand, can encourage indulgent, wasteful spending to satisfy opulent tastes and, if the level of material prosperity to which these people aspire is not attained, it will be sought through personal and professional relationships. Due to the desire to maintain an affluent lifestyle, ordinarily good business sense can be transformed into manipulative, ruthless and unethical practices, including the use of sex to get what they want.

These fair-minded, stubborn people are not only proud of their own accomplishments and procurements, but also eager to support artists and charities by providing subsidies, loans and employment opportunities whenever possible. Very rarely are they generous, however, unless a personal benefit can be derived. Should they feel betrayed or not afforded the respect and / or gratitude they deem was earned, their benevolence can turn into resentment and hostility - typical of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and houses (second, fifth, eighth and eleventh). While they can be amazingly devoted, responsible and committed partners and parents, their insecurity, possessiveness and / or jealousy thwart their ability to command respect.

While the Libran-influenced Venus is known for co-operation and diplomacy, the Taurus-inspired Venus (descriptive of this particular placement) cannot accept any challenge to its authority. Loving, proud, magnanimous and extremely sensual, these people must (as employers, partners and parents) learn to delegate responsibility and trust the decisions of others - otherwise, they run the risk of becoming complete workaholics bent on control. Because their self-esteem is based on economic and / or creative success, they are wary of being taken advantage of, and can recognize instinctively ambitious social climbers.

If the second house (as it is in Hindu [Vedic] astrology) is defined as an indicator of one's early education, the planet occupying this region signifies how our learning habits provide the skills and talents that enable us to earn a living and pursue our goals. For people with Venus in the second house, there may be great artistic talent; and they tend to learn creatively rather than intellectually. If Venus is afflicted, this placement may contribute to laziness, poor learning habits and an inability to concentrate.

Most important, the placement of this fruitful and sensual planet in its own house bestows the unique ability to create, nurture and finalize goals. In fact, the acquisition of property, the accumulation of profits or the conception of a child often occurs during transits and progressions to the second house cusp, its occupying planet or planetary ruler.

Venus in the 2nd House: Here Venus is in its rulership, giving the individual a great capacity to feel life's natural resources. He has an instinctive attunement to nature and is especially sensitive to feelings that come from the physical qualities of life. He can perceive the love of finely-crafted objects, the beauty and symmetry of all that man creates from raw materials, and the possibilities of how to use all that nature has to offer. There is a natural earthiness to his character which keeps his feelings on a very basic level. A sense of practical ease makes him fortunate with money, while his natural tendency to live a constructively creative lifestyle helps his fortunes to build. Yet, until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, he has much to realize before he can awaken to his true love nature.

Sometimes he can be obsessed with a false sense of values, building his security on his ability to amass objects. Many with this placement can be equally as possessive of people, sometimes making the mistake of trying to own another's feelings. Thus, there is a tendency to cling to objects and people through which the individual tends to insulate his life. In this way, he often builds a fortress around his feelings, sealing himself off from the true wealth of material beauty that he can experience.

One of the greatest difficulties here is a sense of jealousy for the possessions of others. The individual can get so attached to the things he feels he needs that he can overlook the true qualities of all that he has. And, because the Second House is in the unconscious hemisphere of the chart, his jealousies are often just below his threshold of awareness. Nevertheless, he can find himself so attracted to the values of others that he can even build his life around the substance of someone whose wealth, stature and security he idolizes.

Yet, the material plane is the effect of what one understands about love rather than the origin of feeling from which love begins. What a man achieves in the world of material possessions is an incomplete view of his real feeling for life. In fact, most people rarely own the things they truly love, and hardly recognize the love for the things they own.

When the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, however, the individual begins to seek true value and enduring worth as his real possessions. He learns to overcome excessive tendencies that can be wastefully indulgent, and instead begins to realize the importance of what Jesus meant when he said, 'Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and then all things shall be added unto you'. From this, he learns how to bring into his life the feeling of quality from which real value manifests. Thus, he may express his love through physical objects, but the essence of love is in himself - how objects symbolize what life means to him, and how they reflect his feeling for man's ability to creatively use his resources.

Thus, as he learns to center himself through an appreciative outlook, his consciousness begins to sing with the gentle beauty of gratitude that is his true soul nature. His very special Gift of Love is his ability to feel the essence of real possessions; those things, objects, people and feelings which can never be taken from him because their 'forever' quality is the true substance of love's constancy.

Venus in the 2nd House: This is a powerful and secure location for Venus, because here it is in its native sector, sextile the Ascendant, and trine the Midheaven. Here it is able to govern the magnetic forces of the chart, and gives the power to attract whatever is most desired: in Earth signs, material things; in Fire, thrills; in Water, love and romance; and in Air, friendships, contacts, and mental adventures.

A second-house Venus does not necessarily show wealth; but without depressing factors, usually provides the resources to do whatever is desired at any given time. For those individuals who cannot provide for themselves for whatever reason, there will always be someone to turn to for help. In fact, this can indicate an overly-relaxed attitude towards finances ('the world owes me a living'), dulling the sense of need that spurs most people into gainful activity.

There is a strong sex drive that will pull them into one situation after another until it is satisfied. In Capricorn or Scorpio, there is a tendency toward homosexuality, or at least some homosexual experiences in the search for emotional fulfillment. In Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces, or Sagittarius, there is a tendency towards bisexuality or a lack of traditional sexual boundaries.

In Aries, there may be passionate sexual-romantic affairs, intense but short-lived. In Taurus, there will be life-long love relationships, with romantic beginnings and a strong sexual element. In Gemini, there may be friendships that turn into romances, and vice versa, with companionship always a big factor in any sexual relationship. In Cancer, deep emotional commitment is very important; there is also a passionate desire for children; the need for a partner to be parent to children is as important as or more important than the romantic element. A Cancer Venus here can't bear competition or jealousy, and (particularly in a man's chart) may need mothering as much as sex, at least at the beginning. In Leo, this Venus is intensely passionate; they need sex for release, and tend to be faithful to one partner, but if the sexual relationship dies away they will find another somewhere else. In Virgo, Venus is faithful and shy, and works hard to establish a good relationship; they need partners who will build their confidence, because they tend to be nervous, and may need to practice relaxation techniques to fully enjoy sex.

Venus in the 2nd House: With Venus in Libra, the attractiveness of the partner is extremely important; they tend to be faithful, but can be enticed from time to time by passing romantic attractions. Venus in Scorpio is passionate and jealous, with periodic upheavals in the sex life due to jealousy. In Sagittarius, Venus is more interested in novelty and change, or in the personality, importance, or exotic qualities of their partners than in the quality of the sex relationship. Venus in Aquarius in the second house is a strong testimony for homosexual (or asexual) relationships, the desire being more for intellectual companionship, with less concern for sexual compatibility, and sometimes even a dislike of physical sex. In Pisces, there is a great need for tenderness and emotional rapport; without this, the sex life will not develop but will remain on a fantasy level.

Venus in the 2nd House: Obviously, Venus in this house has a love of money, not just for the security it brings but because it allows them to purchase all those things they find beautiful and worthwhile. A sense of well-being is attained by surrounding themselves with that which they consider stylish and tasteful. They have an eye for beauty in the physical and material world. Some may shun anything considered ugly or inharmonious, while a more finely developed 2nd house Venus has the insight to perceive beauty, reason and purpose in those things which others might scorn.

Their innate resources include a sense of fairness and diplomatic tact. They have a knack for attracting what they need or value; so money, unless extravagantly spent, should not be too great a problem. An income could be earned though 'Venusian' professions: artistic endeavors, modeling, the selling or marketing of beauty or beauty-products, the diplomatic service, etc..

Venus in the 2nd House: Self-worth: In the 2nd house, Venus indicates that personal value is assessed through the success or failure of personal love. The experience of beauty or pleasure makes you feel good, especially as those qualities can be directly related to the self. The prima donna syndrome is a pitfall to be avoided, for the challenge is to understand that personal worth is your birthright only when you allow feelings of true generosity, receptivity, and sincere caring to flow through you.

Possession: Venus tends toward pronounced physicality when occupying the 2nd. Beautiful or expensive possessions are considered proof of your personal beauty; and ownership in general must enhance your sense of aesthetic grace. You want to be surrounded by loveliness - objects d'art,. so to speak. The pitfall lies in confusing objects of beauty with the beauty contained within yourself, feeling that the objects themselves are the beauty. The challenge is to see possessions as a symbolic but concrete extension of your inner grace, to make tangible the personal beauty of the soul.

Money: Money is also a symbol of pleasure or beauty. Financial resources are seen as a road to aesthetic fulfillment or interpersonal sharing; and frequently money is linked with the fundamental ability to feel and express personal love - you could conceivably marry to secure wealth. With this placement, money can indeed buy happiness, and the challenge is to focus on that positive aspect, for the pitfall is to assume the opposite, that not enough money produces unhappiness.

Self-exertion: The style of exerting effort is primarily smooth. You are more dancer than worker, more aesthete than athlete. Tasks that involve the creation of beauty or harmony are attractive. Hard manual labor is usually rejected. However, you are a very consistent, steady worker once in the flow of effort. Work is better shared than alone. The challenge is to put into effect the 'Tom Sawyer stratagem', to make even difficult work look so enjoyable that others want to share it, for the endeavors of social process are preferable to the effort of manual labor.

Sensuality: Physical pleasure for its own sake reaches an unequalled peak here. Pure enjoyment is paramount, for touch is a form of appreciation, and bodies, especially your own, are a living source of aesthetic satisfaction. Sensation is luxurious, a song of harmony; and physical stimulation is a delight. The emotional experience of love merges with physicality; and you use touch both to express love that already exists and to encourage love that could blossom. The pitfall is excessive self-involvement, a tendency to drown in personal pleasure, forgetting the relatedness that is the truest source of interpersonal love. The challenge is to manifest love as physically as possible, to feel the natural receptivity of the body, and to enjoy touch in a way that beautifies the essence of self.

Venus in the 2nd House: You are concerned with security, and you will apply yourself to earn the many comforts you want. A stable and responsible person, you know how to gain important positions by impressing the right people with your fine qualities. Once established in your profession, you slowly increase your effectiveness by taking on additional duties that will result in the tenure you want. Your professional contacts give you opportunities to gain the comforts that make your life pleasurable and mean so much to you. you consider yourself competent to take your place beside the people you admire, and you know how to conduct yourself to win their respect in return. You like living 'in style'; and the pleasure you get from social activities allows you to be quite content with your general circumstances.

You want to be free from material dependence on others, and you don't want anyone to depend on you. Your parental conditioning made you determined to pay your own way and become independent. You appreciate what you learned early in life, and you know your parents are happy that you benefitted from their influence. An opportunist, you maintain a safe distance from friends who might make demands. Because you are apprehensive about achieving your goal of complete security, you always make certain that you have assets that can be converted to cash if circumstances require it.

You are easily intimidated by people who make a showy display of their assets, but you envy their Midas touch. You will form ties with persons who may prove beneficial to you in the long run. In making investments, you proceed cautiously, hoping to avoid unnecessary losses. You like to devise schemes that will improve your financial picture and allow you to give your family extra advantages. you have high expectations that your children will take advantage of your expertise and make the best use of their available resources. You tend to limit your romantic attentions to persons who have a talent for earning a comfortable living.

Your ability to compromise emerges when you want to cultivate partnership interests; and in such instances you make greater sacrifices than usual. You are willing to help your mate achieve greater financial leverage in his or her endeavors, but you don't want to help on a permanent basis. Even so, you consider the time you contributed a wise investment. It might prove beneficial to invest time and money in further education to improve yourself. This will augment your ability to meet social obligations and enhance your status. You have an aversion to purely mental pursuits, but you should make the effort just the same.

Avoid the inclination to be self-centered in your interests. Other people want life's comforts nearly as much as you do, but you make an issue of it. Don't neglect your human and social values, for they may enhance your position with others far more than a display of possessions. Being is as important as having. In this regard, pay attention to how others round out their lives with varied interests. Be sociable even when you know you won't gain materially from it. By associating with people who have broad interests, you will become better informed and learn of many new ways to enjoy yourself.

See also: Venus in the 2nd House;

Venus in the 2nd House: Woody Allen, Milton William Cooper, John Dee, Sally Field, Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Ramakrishna, Wilhelm Reich, Karl Renz, David Rockefeller, Peter Sellers, Sting, Mark Twain, Robert Anton Wilson, Oprah Winfrey, Joanne Woodward, Paramahansa Yogananda, BenT, Carolyn, Collon, Dunja, Flickinger, Flossie, Gabriela, JRosh, Leif, Marie, Mark, Olof, Ralph, Shiloh, Steve, Tom, Travis, Victoria, Virginia

Venus in the 3rd House

The third house rules all kinds of communication, links and connections. It rules siblings and neighbors as well as our neighborhood. Someone with Venus in the third house will be able to communicate easily and harmoniously with others. This will be someone with a persuasive and charming way with words who enjoys communicating.

These people's delight with words may be intellectual or academic, and there could be a love of literature; but equally this could be someone who gets pleasure from casual conversation about everyday affairs. This can be someone who enjoys exchanging the odd few words in the newsagent's or with a neighbor, and who recognizes the value of the community and enjoys feeling part of it. The TV program 'Neighbours' demonstrates one level of a third house Venus; and perhaps its popularity is to do with an unfulfilled longing in many people to be part of a close-knit community.

Not only will people with Venus in the third house enjoy participating, on some level, in their neighborhood, but they will want a partner who is equally interested in their everyday world. It will be important to them to have a partner with whom they can discuss topics of mutual interest as well as the day's events.

They may enjoy sharing doing the crossword, or playing word games with loved ones, or watching TV together, in which case they will also enjoy talking about the program they have watched afterwards. They will want a partner with a lively mind who is gifted with words, and who enjoys playing with ideas and concepts.

They may also want to talk about their relationship, and need things stated. They rely a lot on things being clearly said.

They will value the friends they have within their neighborhood and appreciate being able to have frequent contact with them. They will also want to keep in touch with any friends living further away; and they may write or telephone a lot. They often develop letter-writing to a fine art. This will be an important means of conveying their feelings to those they love.

They may have a close bond with a sibling. This may be a sibling living nearby, with whom they have a lot of everyday involvement, or simply a sibling for whom they feel a lot. Where such a bond exists, any partner will have to be prepared to accept its importance.

Venus in 3rd House: Keywords: creative (particularly with regard to writing), media-orientated, detached, talkative, eager to share ideas, desiring freedom in love.

When Venus occupies the intellectual and communicative third house, there is an enormous passion for learning that is usually satisfied though travelling, devouring books, magazines and newspapers, attending media events (theatre, film, concerts, lectures) and, most significantly, by observing and conversing with others. Empowered by constant intellectual exchanges and the wealth of information amassed therefrom, people with Venus in the third house revel in the creativity and productivity that these interchanges stimulate. Particularly suited for professions that encompass communications (oral and / or written) and the media arts, these individuals are drawn to writing, journalism, film work, public relations and advertising - third house fields that may provide the artistic fulfillment and potential economic stability craved by Venus. Possessing eloquent speaking voices and powers of persuasion, they are as comfortable with the sales and marketing end of these professions as they are with the creative facets. Influenced by the versatility intrinsic to the third house, such individuals also have an enthusiasm and willingness to share ideas and work towards a common goal, making them adept as team players where communication and co-operation are of the essence - for example on the editorial staff of a magazine, as a member of a film crew, etc..

Because their self-confidence hinges on peer approval, these individuals, unwilling to fight adversity, usually form friendships and partnerships with those who can provide intellectual stimulation and instruction as well as encouragement and support. Due to an innate restlessness, they often choose vocations that do not require being chained to a desk, and partners who share their passion for mobility and are willing to travel or even relocate should the opportunity arise. By the same token, partners of these people need not share their interests; it must merely be recognized that a wide circle of friends and range of interests is necessary to their well-being and, as a result, to their ability to love.

Most important, the partners of people with Venus in the third house must never feel that they can be all people to their mates. It is important to recognize that while the placement of Venus in the airy third house requires that verbal communication and / or spiritual contact be the essence of a committed relationship, the detachment of this position can just as easily lend itself to short-term liaisons with no obligation. The dispassionate quality of a sensual planet (Venus) placed in a house that thrives on human connection (third house) is often found in individuals who do not place high value on monogamy, since they sometimes view sex as a means of communication and not necessarily as an expression of love or a testament to devotion.

Their short attention span, need for constant mental stimulation and never-ending appetite for travel usually impede long-term domestic planning. If Venus is conjunct the I.C. (the cusp of the fourth house), however, restlessness will be abated in favor of a proclivity towards the establishment of a home and family.

If Venus is positively aspected, these individuals bring an inspirational presence and originality into relationships, which will never suffer from boredom. While a well¬ aspected Venus indicates that these people have integrated, or attempted to integrate, their need for freedom with their desire for love, an afflicted Venus often creates an emotional detachment that desensitizes them to the feelings of others. Individuals with Venus in the third house (to whom personal and professional freedom are imperative) must recognize that perpetual stimulation and mobility are not necessarily synonymous with independence or the fulfillment of artistic expression. With the realization that freedom is, in actuality, a state of mind, the constant search for new horizons may be abandoned in favor of challenges closer to home, such as the rejuvenation of long-term relationships, jobs and / or creative projects that may have grown stale.

Because Venus is indicative of the desire to proliferate, its occupancy of the house representing communications and restlessness challenges the ability to maintain a committed relationship amid a variety of other activities (work, hobbies, friendships). Because the need for constant stimulation can present seemingly insurmountable obstacles, it is important to open the lines of communication with any romantic partners. Through rational and logical discussion, it may be discovered that it is indeed possible to nurture a family without surrendering personal freedom - the biggest fear confronting those with Venus in the third house. If Venus in the third house is conjunct the I.C., these people will be more inclined to balance their desire for outside stimulation with a need for a loving relationship. Furthermore, they may be writers, authors, musicians, artists, interior designers, real estate salespeople or involved in any profession in which they can earn a living by using their creative communication skills and affable personalities.

Venus in 3rd House: With this placement, the love nature is focused towards the experiencing of harmonious communication. The individual seeks to share and exchange the beauty of ideas in all of his relationships. Through a poised and graceful manner, he finds popularity, success in public relations, and the ability to experience a sense of pleasant co-operation with others.

Venus here gives a refined sense of social ease, a natural warmth to the character, and a 'joining' instinct which helps the individual to feel a sense of belonging to all that is going on around him. There is an affinity for the beauty of language and the achievement of culture through the media. The individual finds the need to experience the smooth-flowing activities through which man communicates the beauty of his feelings. He sees life through a lyrical poetic quality which helps him balance the yin and yang of ideas that are always flowing through his consciousness. Many with this placement experience a natural sense of co-ordination which manifests as talent in artistic expression. Yet, until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, it can be extremely difficult for the individual to balance his love nature.

Sometimes gullible, often naive, and almost always carelessly casual, he can have a lackadaisical or frivolous outlook which makes his relationships too superficial to be fulfilling. He can dissipate his feelings in idle chatter, entertaining ideas that have little purpose or meaning; or his life can lack substance, and little that he says or hears can bring him the fulfillment of beauty that his soul is seeking to experience. Some with this placement dissipate their energies by trying to please everybody. This eventually leads to an imitative lifestyle through which the mind can become lazy. Thus, the individual experiences a tendency to follow or be pushed by others, rather than realizing the beauty of his own harmonious intellect. Instead of following the thought currents of others, simply because it is easy to do, it is important for him to reach the love through which he can center his lower mind. From this, he begins to teach himself how to transcend wasteful thought; eventually to realize what Buddha meant when he said, 'You are what you think, having become what you thought'.

Once the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, there is a change in the individual's level of consciousness. His interest in petty gossip or idle chit-chat becomes a genuine devotion towards expressing love in human relationships. He sees the value of his words, and begins to consider the social effect he has on others. This teaches him how to experience the refined beauty of thought, from which he begins to establish a meaningful sense of harmony in his mind. From this, he learns how to filter out the momentary attractions of fads and fancy which could scatter him, reaching instead for the timeless beauty of knowledge and wisdom which helps him to play an active role in the evolution of human ideas. Thus, he often finds himself using the beauty of his intellect to harmonize the uncentered thoughts of others. As he does this, he begins to attract to him the teachers, the mentors and the disseminators of information who form the integrated network through which humanity is able to respond to meaningful thought. He develops a love of reading, and begins to explore the libraries, cultural centers and museums which help him to experience the beauty of man's knowledge. And, the more he learns, the greater his love for learning becomes. Thus, his life experience becomes one of gradual enfoldment as he opens the portals of knowledge and wisdom.

His very special Gift of Love comes from his ability to experience and share the lyrical beauty of humanity as it unfolds through ideas, stories, literature and artistic media, forever bringing man into the flow of harmonious communication which brings him to enlightenment.

Venus in 3rd House: This placement of Venus gives the ability to communicate ideas through a variety of means and forms. It gives a love of ideas for their own sake and, with Mars contacts, a willingness to argue or fight for them.

The love of ideas may interfere with the ability to fully experience love itself. This mental aspect to the Ascendant (sixty degrees) isn't really the perfect spot for the true nature of Venus to manifest at its best. Venus's power is to relax tension so that beauty and happiness can be experienced fully. The vibratory level isn't right at this angle, so these people often let their thoughts and ideas get in the way of the comfortable intimacy and long-term love relationships that are the promise of Venus at her best. There is almost always a certain amount of frustration involved in love relationships with this position, and it is a partial testimony against marriage. This is just as well, for when they marry they often do so for the wrong reasons, so the marriage won't last or isn't happy.

These people are usually extremely creative and, given more testimonies, should concern themselves more with establishing a career than with marriage and family. Once they are well on their way to making a name for themselves in their chosen field, it will become evident whether or not marriage and children will fit into their way of life. The offspring they will leave to posterity are very often 'brain children'; works of art and ideas that are very difficult to produce along with the flesh and blood article. They are usually fond of children, but are often quite content to play the role of uncle, aunt, godparent, and so on to the children of their relatives and friends. They need affection just as much as anyone, but what they don't need is the constant pressure of demands on time and emotion that drains them of the energy and time they need to get things - their things - accomplished. Usually, there is a strong lifelong relationship with one or more siblings, neighbors, or friends, and it is often through sharing these lives from the sidelines that this position achieves its riches emotional fulfillment. Venus at this angle is very susceptible to difficulties from tension-producing aspects, and, where this is true, there may be a good deal of suffering connected with these relationships.

They usually love speed and vehicles that can give them the thrill of rapid motion. They may also love horses and riding. If Venus is squared or opposed by Mars or Uranus, there may be the possibility of accidents (if squared and / or opposed by the rulers of both the eighth and the first houses, potentially fatal).

These people are usually attractive to others, but often present a cool or unconcerned exterior, one that is not openly warm or inviting. They may be rather abrupt or disconcerting in their mode of speech or behavior towards those who don't know them well.

The Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche illustrates the difficulties of the planet of love in this mental house. The curiosity (intellect) of Psyche (the subconscious mind) overcomes her vow to her husband Cupid, the god of love, who always comes to her under cover of darkness, that she will not look at him or try to discover his real name; and so she loses him. This myth illustrates what happens when the mind oversteps its natural boundaries and becomes too concerned with the sources and mechanisms of passion.

Venus in 3rd House: Outreach: This is a somewhat paradoxical placement, for although Venus shows what is loved or appreciated, and thus indicates an appreciation for movement, in the 3rd house Venus is sometimes drawn more toward the mental or emotional realms of experience. The appropriate image here is one of dance, of flowing movement within and through an environment. Daily activity and the immediate environment must reflect beauty and harmony to be satisfying to you. The challenge is to represent grace in motion, to develop an aesthetic appreciation of the kinetic relationships that form and flow through any environment.

Concrete mind: You derive immense pleasure from the workings of mind. There is an almost geometrical aesthetic in mentality, an appreciation of the music of thought processes with their individual fact melodies and overriding chord patterns. Thinking becomes here more artistry than reason, more warm sensuality than cold logic. The pitfall can appear through an unwillingness to acknowledge any information that is perceived as ugly, confusing the content of mentality with its form, while the challenge is first to experience and then to express the natural beauty of logical associations, to enhance appreciation and the joy of mind itself.

Curiosity: You are not so much curious as you are appreciative. Additionally, things do not interest you nearly so much as people, so you tend toward interview rather than inquiry. You may be less interested in a person's essence than you are fascinated by all the details of his / her living, the infinity of small facts that contribute to an overall impression of personality. In this regard, you may occasionally succumb to the pitfalls of superficiality or gossip, but the challenge is to develop your ability to pinpoint the heart of a person by composing these individually unimportant factors into a relevant matrix.

Basic education: Although arts are more pronounced than sciences with Venus, the general sense of learning as an enjoyable activity is paramount. The sheer pleasure of education can be emphasized, so the child regards learning with positive feelings of anticipation. Later, this person will love to be in the flow of new information, especially when the information comes from someone seen as intelligent. A good teacher is very similar to a good lover, and romance blossoms around the exchange of information.

Communication: Unless there are other planetary positions or modifying aspects to the contrary, you probably have a very pleasing, even beautiful speaking voice, and a charming manner of presentation. There is smoothness, a rounded and soothing quality to the words, sometimes extending into the word choice itself. You love beauty in conversation, and strive to reach the ideal of a perfect aesthetic in speech and writing. The content is not nearly so important to you; and because tact is of such fundamental importance, we can extend the statement to say that truth is not nearly so important as interpersonal harmony.

Venus in 3rd House: Most people are comfortable with you because of your charming manner and your willingness to compromise. You enjoy the company of refined persons like yourself who can express themselves easily with groups and individuals. You bring out the best in people, which helps in realizing your objectives. You make many concessions to others, especially your partner, in order to win approval. You want to always have the respect of your mate, because you feel that is important in making your relationship endure. You aren't too worried about your future security, because you have planned for any conditions that may arise. You are more concerned about keeping compatible ties with your close friends who share your desire for the comfortable circumstances that you so thoroughly enjoy. The chances are that you can always count on the favors that life seems to bestow on you.

Generally easy to get along with, you try to cultivate the most favorable relations with everyone in your immediate environment. You feel that it is especially important to avoid conflict at all costs because you are so disoriented by lack of harmony. You usually include your children in your plans; and as they grow up, they will have fond memories of their formative years. You keep the lines of communication open so that they will always share with you their fortunate experiences as well as their problems. They know you will help them with their burdens, just as you naturally apply psychology in relating to your partner.

You always endeavor to improve yourself, thereby adding to the essential values that you bring to the people with whom you are personally or socially involved. Basically an ethical person, you cringe when others expect you to take liberties with your high standards. In such instances, you must assert yourself as protection from those who would take advantage of you. Your gentleness gives the impression that you would not resist. It is painful for you to listen to people who constantly berate others and never have a kind word to say about anyone. You may encounter this among the people you work with. But they will serve as a stimulus to improve your skills so that you may choose a better work environment.

Your aversion to manual labor leads you to seek an occupation that deals largely with the public in a social environment. You handle your responsibilities thoroughly, as your supervisors know; but it is essential to determine just what your duties are. Otherwise you will find yourself taking on more than you should. You work best in personal contact with your patrons, because your willingness to make concessions in serving their needs endears you to them.

You will get the greatest yield from your creative resources by putting your best foot forward. You generally display your most advantageous qualities so that people will approve of you and of what you are trying to accomplish with your skills. Your admirable values help you win the co-operation you need in order to earn a comfortable living. It wasn't always this way, however, for you remember that your parents or guardians did not always approve of your decisions. They probably disagreed with your chosen partner as well as your other friends. But it was up to you to decide on your most important priority.

Venus in 3rd House: Those with this placement have the ability to communicate in an easy, fluent and non¬threatening manner if Venus is not hampered by difficult aspects. They are sensitive to the needs of those around them, although some may try a little too hard to speak only what they think will please others. People generally find it easy to communicate and 'open up' to someone with Venus in the 3rd, as if they sense the atmosphere of loving receptivity this placement bestows. There is usually a fondness and appreciation of brothers and sisters, and there are usually benefits through them, although certain aspects to Venus (from Pluto for instance) suggest an intense sibling rivalry or incestuous urges. Unless Venus is difficulty aspected, the educational experience should be fairly enjoyable. There is often a love of words, knowledge and languages, or the capacity to express the self through some form of artistic medium. Weekend jaunts here and there are likely to give pleasure; and these people normally fit easily into different situations and environments.

See also: Venus in the 3rd House;

Venus in the 3rd House: Lucille Ball, Jim Carrey, Robert De Niro, Bill Hicks, Elton John, John Malkovich, Karl Marx, Benjamin Netanyahu, Jack Nicklaus, Pablo Picasso, Ronald Reagan, Will Rogers, Albert Schweitzer, Frank Sinatra, Gloria Steinem (end), Nikola Tesla, Ludwig van Beethoven, Tiger Woods, Cynthia, Donny, Eva, Geoff, Jamie, Johanna, Raga, Ricardo, Suji, Zoë

Venus in the 4th House

The fourth house describes our home, our family background and our inner private life. People with Venus in the fourth house will want to find happiness in their home. They will enjoy spending time pottering about at home, doing nothing in particular. It will be important to their sense of well-being to have time to themselves to do as they wish.

Their home is likely to have a warm and comfortable atmosphere, one that others will find welcoming. They will enjoy friends coming round and being a part of the ambience. Their home is very much a place where others can 'hang out' with no pressure to leave and no need to do anything special. Friends are welcome to come and just be there, and in the meantime life goes on. At other times, people with Venus in the fourth will lavish attention on friends. They enjoy entertaining, and they have a gift for making others feel at home.

At times this can go too far, and their home can resemble a refugee camp, with too many hangers-on soaking up the wonderful atmosphere, eating them out of house and home, with the Venus-in-the-fourth person unable to oust them and reclaim their space for fear of creating a disturbance.

Here we have someone who will bend over backwards to avoid offending others, even when he or she is clearly being exploited. These people will often delude themselves as to the reality of the situation in order to avoid any unpleasantness. They may over-identify with their guests' position, imagining how they might feel in their place, while not recognizing that it is not a position they ever occupy themselves. They tend to be the host.

The people with Venus in the fourth can, however, learn to avoid over-extending themselves in this way. A more positive expression of this placement is found in the people who create a home that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, with an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, that functions as a nurturing environment for themselves.

They may be talented in interior decoration, although Venus in the fourth may find that all a bit too energetic; they will certainly have good taste. They may enjoy artistic pursuits at home; painting, photography, music or craft hobbies. They could be keen gardeners too, perhaps enjoying growing flowers; any contact they have with nature will benefit and replenish them.

In relationships, people with Venus in the fourth house will want to spend time at home with their partner; they will enjoy cozy evenings at home together. They may appreciate the arts together and spend time relaxing listening to music, for instance. Whatever, they will enjoy spending quiet times alone with their loved ones. They may even want a partner who values being at home with them more than anything else.

Depending on how Venus is aspected, these people generally derive happiness from their family background, and have happy memories of their childhood. They usually find pleasure in being a part of their extended family network, although they could have a fear of causing disharmony within the family, and the situation where everyone descends on them could apply to their family too. People with Venus in the fourth house will certainly want an ideal happy background, and have difficulties in reconciling themselves to anything less. They will generally focus on what was good and hold on to that. Relationships will be the main arena in which they rework their early childhood. The past is an ever-present influence in their relationships, for better or for worse.

They may have idealized one of their parents, most likely their father. This can create problems later in their relating, when a partner is less than their idealized parent and hence a disappointment. Untangling this dynamic will take considerable introspection as it will operate at an unconscious level. They need to become reconciled to the reality of the relationship with this parent in order to give themselves a chance with future partners.

This is someone whose love nature is essentially very private. They need to have contact at a deep level to satisfy their relating needs. They need boundless intimacy in their relationship, and an ongoing sharing of themselves with another. They do not let anyone into the depths of their private world very easily, despite their hospitable nature, so should you cross their threshold you are in privileged territory.

Venus in 4th House: Keywords: Domestic, loving tranquility, family-oriented, needing harmonious surrounds.

The fourth house represents the emotional relationship we had with our parents which, in turn, affects how as adults we approach family, home and emotional commitment. Self-worth, therefore, is frequently measured in proportion to the strength of family ties. When Venus is placed in this sphere, it encourages a relationship or creative outlet that accommodates the intense desire for the steadfastness of home, family and community. Just as the fertility Goddesses prevented economic disaster by replenishing the earth, these fiercely protective individuals will stop at nothing to preserve and safeguard the stability of their immediate environment.

Because the fourth house represents the emotional nourishment received from the parents, the placement of a well-aspected Venus may indicate a childhood replete with material comforts and parental affection. Empowered by a sound, supportive background, these people can, in turn, bestow boundless strength, creativity and unconditional love onto their own partners and children. Not only can they provide a strong emotional foundation on which not only families but also companies, communities and organizations are built, but also their sense of preservation extends to participating actively in the protection of the environment and the beautification of their communities.

If, however, Venus is afflicted in the fourth house, the search for emotional nourishment may lead to hastily formed and potentially destructive relationships. Parental models may have been indulgent, wasteful and / or irresponsible - behavior patterns that these individuals do not wish to repeat - or they may have simply changed residences and schools several times during childhood. Lacking a harmonious family life or what they perceive represents a stable upbringing, these individuals may seek out partners whom they believe will provide what they have lacked; instead, their choices often eerily mirror their mothers and / or fathers, thus re-enacting turbulent parental relationships. Their instabilities and insecurities can result in possessive attitudes towards partners or unrealistic expectations of obtaining the devotion and attention withheld during their youth. It is vital that people with Venus in the fourth house go beyond childhood traumas so that these events are not re-enacted with their own partners or children, to whom they may look for undying devotion.

While a positively aspected Venus enables these individuals to become loving partners who are hopelessly romantic and extremely loyal, the emotional or economic insecurity generated by an afflicted Venus in the fourth house may instead cause them to become jealous, possessive lovers and / or controlling, overprotective parents. Ironically, this stifling behavior may further alienate their families and threaten the secure home base that they were attempting to build and maintain. Another manifestation is the desire to confine themselves and retreat into a cocoon-like existence devoid of social obligations. Retaining creative hobbies and engaging in activities outside the home will lessen the risk of living in their partner's shadow and decrease the likelihood that they will project unfulfilled ambitions onto their children - both courses ultimately detrimental.

In addition to representing the basis of the emotions and familial relationships, the fourth house symbolizes the physical abode a person inhabits (as child and adult) which serves as an extension of the self. Hospitable and magnanimous, people with Venus in the fourth house take enormous pride in their homes, which are usually tastefully and comfortably decorated - reminiscent of or in reaction to the comforts and security of their own harmonious youth (or lack thereof). With creative, productive and loving Venus affecting one's domicile, these individuals truly enjoy activities that revolve around their homes, ranging from cooking and decorating to entertaining friends and family. They will also encourage their children to be equally hospitable hosts and hostesses.

The financial rewards of Venus in the fourth house emanate from occupations that involve either creative expression in the privacy of a home office (self-employed artists and writers, for example) or working in the areas of real estate, interior decorating, art collecting, gardening or cooking. Because Venus is a materialistic planet, idealistic and impractical pursuits are often sacrificed in favor of professions that provide financial stability and material comforts.

For those with Venus conjunct the I.C., the cusp of the fourth house and part of the parental axis, their parents will have displayed Venusian characteristics. If this conjunction is well aspected, one or both may have been loving, creative, prosperous and a source of strength. If afflicted, one or both may have been lazy, indulgent, manipulative or distant.

Venus in 4th House: With this placement, the individual's feelings are found in the ethnic folksy familiarity of his roots and the love he has for his formative origins. He is the embodiment of family warmth and security, the nostalgia of past memories and the sentimentality of emotional ties. Keepsakes, mementos and all the symbols of treasured moments create for him the womb of comfort from which his feelings are born. And, from this, his natural sensitivity towards nurturing the needs of others can manifest in the providing of a warm and cozy atmosphere for those he loves. Yet, many with this placement have a tendency to allow an exaggerated need for security to overtake the natural quality of their genuine feelings. Thus, until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, overly strong personal attachments to objects, places and people can emotionally stifle the individual, making it difficult for him to openly share a flow of feeling - which is the very essence of love.

Sometimes, there is a clinging to one or both parents; a clutching at the comforts of childhood long into adult life. When this occurs, the individual can find himself emotionally lagging behind his mature needs. He experiences difficulty trusting new people, for he fears situations and circumstances which might be foreign to what he already knows.

When the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, however, he experiences a great change in his consciousness. His attachment to home and family grows into an expression of deep inner love rather than need. He awakens to the value of unselfish devotion as he begins to feel the sincerity of those close to him without childishly demanding it. Thus, he learns to appreciate the beauty in his family and experience the natural love flowing through his ancestral lineage upon which his life is built. This love gives him the strength from which his feelings expand to a supportive understanding of others.

He begins to see beyond the narrow circle of childlike emotions; and, coming out of the cocoon-like incubation period of his earlier years, starts, to experience the harmonious warmth of all whose lives he touches. He learns that although the love in his childhood may have been comfortable, he must nevertheless go through the emotional weaning process from which he will be able to build his own family, freely express the warmth and goodness that is uniquely his own, and find the home within himself which gives him the security to meet life's new experiences. From this, he becomes concerned with the harmonious strength of his community, the security of his religion and the roots of love upon which a meaningful humanity is founded and nourished.

The more he identifies with this feeling of nourishment, the closer he comes to the precious beauty of the Divine Mother of creation - for nourishment is the way of nature from which her blessings of love pour through every fiber of life.

It is from this that he realizes his very special Gift of Love - his unique sensitivity to build, from the very roots of life, the encouraging spirit of harmony and co-operation which is the natural source of love at the birth of all feeling.

Venus in 4th House: The 4th house indicates qualities deeply embedded within the person. Those with Venus here basically value and desire peace and harmony in their surroundings. They cannot easily live in an atmosphere of strife, tension or discord, and in the end will do all that they can to reconcile problems or smooth over differences. Satisfaction and fulfillment can be found in making a home and in such domestic pursuits as cooking, decorating and gardening. If not too badly aspected, Venus in the 4th suggests a comfortable situation in the later years of life.

Venus carries with it the image of the beloved and all that is beautiful. One possible interpretation of this planet in the 4th is that the father (or 'hidden parent') catches the projection - he is made into the beautiful one. The boy-child may feel some rivalry or jealousy. How can he ever be as good as Daddy, who has all the charm and grace, and Mummy as well? The little girl may fall in love with such an enchanting father, in which case the mother becomes the rival. Nonetheless, Venus in the 4th suggests a positive family inheritance, both psychological and material. Sometimes good taste runs in the family or there has been an artistic influence in the early upbringing. Often, there is an interest in exploring the genealogy or family tree.

Venus in 4th House: With good aspects, this is a good place for Venus. There will be great pleasure in the home, much love and sharing. There is a love of family and of family tradition, an interest in roots and heritage, which may include history, wealth, nobility, things in which we can take pride. The father is usually handsome, charming, easy-going, or fun-loving. It is a partial testimony to daughters, sisters, and female relatives, usually attractive, fun-loving and artistic.

The home environment is very important to these people, who will be inclined to spend a large portion of the money available to them on it, painting, cleaning, restoring, adding on, and renewing. They are more inclined to enjoy staying home or entertaining at home than going out. They may even have a business in their home or a workshop, or work out of their home in some way. It is a partial testimony to success in real estate, landscaping, gardening, or inn-keeping.

Without stress aspects, it indicates a happy childhood with indulgent parents and a peaceful, happy old age.

With difficult aspects, however, this house is not such a good place for Venus. The angularity is intense, so that difficulties are magnified. The early environment may be pleasurable or exciting in some way, but too hectic, confused, or unstable. The father may be not only indulgent, but self-indulgent as well, and get into financial difficulties. He may be too fun-loving, drink, or have affairs. Either the childhood home or the father (or both) may be lost, leaving a bittersweet memory of a time and place that is gone forever. A self-indulgent mother may dominate the home environment.

In any case, whatever problems this angular Venus may bring with hard aspects, it generally forces them to rebuild their personal set of values from the ground up. Something is wrong with the value system inherited from the family, and they must re¬examine everything in light of personal experience and study in order to re-evaluate goals, lifestyle, and basic attitudes. A stressed fourth house Venus forces one to grow and keep growing throughout life. At first there may be some unfortunate experiences; but, as they live and learn, they pass through many stages and come at last to a much better understanding of life. It is a strong testimony for wisdom in old age, however painful or pleasant the means of acquiring it, and for the contentment that wisdom brings.

Venus in the 4th House: Microcosm: Venus in the 4th indicates that personal love is ultimately very personal indeed. Love constitutes the essence of your private self. Your most personal levels center around comfort, pleasure, and aesthetic appreciation. The pitfalls lie in seeming closed or self-centered emotionally, while the challenge is to safeguard your feelings of care by expressing them warmly to the people who are loved, in exquisite private moments of tangible sharing.

Personal security: Your home is a place of beauty. No expense is spared to make your domain comfortable and aesthetically charming. Style is important, and the emphasis moves from the surface inward: if your surroundings are effectively restful, then surely your relationships will become peaceful also. The pitfall is that you often rely too heavily on the home for pleasurable experience, gradually withdrawing into a narrow and constricted sense of family. The challenge is to make your home a haven for sharing with all loved ones.

Emotional imprints: Your imprints originated largely from pleasure / pain impulses. That which represented love or pleasure was absorbed; that which represented discomfort or denial was avoided. Like the Moon, but less intensely, Venus indicated that maternal or feminine influences formed the major imprints. Harmony or its absence was an important conditioning factor. You felt yourself to be an object of beauty within your family; and you learned very early that you would be judged on the basis of certain feminine qualities in your expression, qualities such as receptivity and the willingness to maintain peace and promote harmony in social situations.

'Inner-link' parent: Your mother was a model for beauty and pleasure, the person who taught you what being a woman meant. This could have been positive, or negative, or, more probably, a blend of both. Later in life, you'll tend to use that inner model in any situation involving your private life, such as the style of your home or the way you approach love. This doesn't necessarily mean that as an adult you'll be 'just like her', although that's possible. It means that you'll either strive to create your style from her modeling, or strive to avoid what she symbolized for you. Alternately, you could use the same approach in finding a person with whom to form family, looking either for someone like her or for someone opposite from her.

Private intuition: Private intuition occupies the realm of 'good feelings'. Inner guides are experienced not so much as effective, real-life advisors, since they are not likely to give information. Instead, messages from the Higher Self function to remind you of the beauty of life. They perform the function of relief, offering a respite from the trials and tribulations of pragmatic, external living. Your guides bring you loveliness. They open your eyes, pointing the way toward truer beauty, renewing your sense of lovingness, revitalizing the appreciation of both your own life and life around you.

Venus in 4th House: Your fond memories of the early years at home have made you appreciate those who indulged you. Because of this conditioning, you are conciliatory and you often display your thanks for the benefits you received. You enjoy the finer things in life, and you want a good home embellished with every refinement. You feel a spiritual obligation to help those in need; and even if you are unable to provide material assistance, you find ways to show that you are sincerely concerned. You usually say the right thing at the right time to encourage others to think well of you; and people are impressed with your willingness to lend a hand. You are guarded, though, about making a commitment until you are sure that the other person isn't trying to take advantage of you.

You are preoccupied with having every possible comfort; and you try to devise ways to get them without having to invest more than is absolutely necessary. Security is very important to you, but you should not have too much difficulty in fulfilling your needs if you use your ideas imaginatively to that end. If forced by conditions beyond your control, you will compromise your immediate desire to implement your long-range plans for future security.

You should look for a career that will allow you to fulfill your creative potential and to learn whether you can accept competition. You may choose a career in which the risks are minimal and the gains equally modest, because you abhor tension and the disharmony of competition. Unless you stand firm in your goals, others may try to gain control over you. It would be a great help if someone dear to you would give you the stimulus you need to succeed. Not wanting to alienate the people you deal with in your daily affairs, you are inclined to make unnecessary concessions. your mate could give you the support you need; and his or her advice could be most helpful when you feel overwhelmed by increasing tension.

Though you don't make demands on your friends, they will be very likely to help you plan your future if you ask. You must accept the fact that any security you hope to gain will have to come from your own efforts. Getting an education will allow you to reach your goals. In fact, your goals can't be realized unless you invest in an education, which is the bottom rung of your ladder of achievement. People like you because you are never too busy to listen to their problems, and they feel you understand them better than anyone else. You have a talent for showing people how they can make the best of their own skills and become self-reliant.

Learn to rely on your ability to solve problems, for your solutions are as valid as other people's. It's all right to disagree with those who have different opinions, for dissension is healthy. Your creative talents deserve to be fully exploited; failing to develop them is only shortchanging yourself. If you assume that you are not desirable to the opposite sex, you will delay the time when you can have a warm, affectionate relationship with someone whom you find attractive. The chances are good that you will eventually marry someone you have known a long time who has only recently emerged as a potential partner.

See also: Venus in the 4th House;

Venus in the 4th House: Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple Black, Helena Blavatsky, Prince Charles, Aleister Crowley, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Georges Gurdjieff, L.Ron Hubbard, Howard Hughes, Mick Jagger, Steve Jobs, Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Paul Simon, Jesse Ventura, Dewitt, JJ, JT, Kay, Lori, Maureen, Michelle, Nirvesh, PapayaJ, Prabhuta (end), Zeno

Venus in the 5th House

The fifth house is to do with our creative self-expression and play, things we do for sheer pleasure. People with Venus in the fifth house will want their relationship to act as a vehicle for their self-expression. They may invest a lot of their creativity in their love life. Their relationship then becomes the centre of their life, around which everything else revolves. This means they expect a lot back; they give their all and expect this in return. Hence their relationships are often dramatic and passionate. This is someone who gambles with love, and may take huge emotional risks. These people's relationships may not last, but will always be exciting and often leave strong marks (or scars) on both parties.

Romance is important for these people. They enjoy the grand romantic gestures of love: red roses, candlelit dinners. The advertisement where a man goes through incredibly hazardous ordeals to deliver a box of chocolates describes a more spectacular Venus in the fifth house. They are often in love with romance, and may as a consequence have a lot of love affairs and romantic liaisons.

People with Venus in the fifth will want a lot of fun in a relationship. They will enjoy socializing, going to parties, and having good times; and they will want a colorful and outgoing partner who will join in - someone who is self-confident and full of joie de vivre.

They may enjoy artistic and cultural activities such as visits to art galleries, concerts, the theatre, cinema, the ballet or opera, and want a partner to share in these pursuits. They may be talented artistically themselves, or drawn to someone who is. They may want to work creatively with a partner, or they may become romantically involved with someone with whom they are working creatively. Either way, relationships and creative projects combine; and relationships may only last as long as the project with which they are engaged.

The fifth house also rules children, as the creative act par excellence. For people with Venus in the fifth, having a child with their partner may be the most fulfilling expression of their love, bringing them their greatest happiness. They would want a partner who similarly enjoyed the children, someone who wanted a share in their day-to-day activities. Children would be a source of mutual pleasure in their relationship, a continuing joy that is shared with the partner.

People with Venus in the fifth might invest a lot of their creativity in their children, and offer them a tremendous amount of creative stimulation. They would have the facility to enter the child's world, and would find pleasure in the seemingly purposeless activity of play. Quite simply, their children bring them happiness, and are the icing on the cake in a happy relationship.

Venus in 5th House: Keywords: Demonstrative, romantic, passionate, self-centered, creative. Corresponding to the fixed Fire sign Leo, the fifth house has traditionally been associated with love affairs, children, sports, entertainment, drama, gambling and creative / pleasurable pursuits - in other words, any activity or hobby that fulfils the need for self-expression. Contrary to the opposing eleventh house that is concerned with group activities, the operative word for the fifth house is 'self' and its gratification through the admiration and approval of others. To this end, those with Venus placed in the fifth house are able to inject passion, enthusiasm and a unique individuality into their relationships and the lives of their children. While these people may often be accrued of being self-serving, egotistical, overdramatic and, at times, too overbearing, these are the very qualities that make them forceful, effective, tireless workers and advocates of causes for which they feel enormous conviction and passion.

If Venus is well-aspected, these individuals are magnanimous, passionate, exuberant and compelling partners whose ability to co-operate goes hand-in-hand with a need for recognition. If, however, Venus is poorly aspected, these people may be insecure about their physical appearance, their capacity for love and / or their ability to share. This can lead to a search for these qualities within a relationship; and while they may, indeed, be attracted to charismatic people who can provide what they themselves lack, they must discover their own sense of worth by learning to strike a balance between self-gratification and co-operation.

Represented by the fifth house, the enthusiasm that they bring into their love affairs does not necessarily result in marriage or long-term commitment. In fact, these people are so enamored of themselves and the excitement of new conquests that they often have many flings prior to settling down. If they do settle down, it is important that they become involved with challenging an enjoyable activities outside the home, such as through the performing arts, exercise, sport or socializing; if they do not, there is a potential for all their excitable energy to manifest as demanding, childlike and domineering behavior.

Although the second house represents the actual act of conception, the fifth house symbolizes the result of procreative effort and the pride it evokes - whether it be a completed work of art, a blossoming romance or a child. While usually loving, attentive and encouraging parents, people with Venus in this house can also be overbearing, dominant, and extremely resistant to change. Exceedingly individualistic and, at times, dictatorial, they will extend freedom of expression to others if it serves their self-interest. Frequently lacking true compassion and empathy, they can become so engrossed in the quest for self-glorification that friendships and relationships with partners and children ultimately suffer. It is vital for these individuals to utilize the power of Venus by cultivating a truly unselfish interest in their friends, colleagues, partners and children rather than simply using them as support networks.

In addition to affirming self-worth through creative and innovative accomplishments, people with this placement are often highly competitive and continually in pursuit of superiority and recognition for their talents. Because of an incessant, almost obsessive need to feel 'good', activities such as shopping, physical exercise, sex, sport and gambling can be extremely enticing; and, if Venus is poorly aspected, these outlets become compulsive and potentially dangerous.

Because the fifth house is classified as fixed, the propensity for self-control of people with Venus in this placement is extraordinary; and though they may be somewhat hedonistic, their indulgences will be short-lived - especially if these interfere with creative, romantic or financial goals. The tremendous need for sensual pleasure may find a positive outlet in dancing, dramatic arts, skiing or tennis - all of which produce feelings of exhilaration and a sense of physical well-being.

Although the fifth house has a reputation for endowing occupying and ruling planets with overbearing, self-centered traits, the desire for centre-stage and the quest for uniqueness transforms Venus into a symbol of innovative self-expression and boundless inspiration. At social gatherings (which they love hosting), individuals with Venus in the fifth house are easily recognized by their conspicuous, sometimes ostentatious clothing and / or flirtatious, gregarious manner. Fanatical about their own importance, individuals with this placement prefer self-employment or a job that offers creative control rather than to be a cog in the anonymous corporate wheel or to participate in group endeavors which could compromise their ideals.

Fostering self-expression, the fifth house exemplifies one's attitudes towards children - the arena in which we truly recreate and, therefore, perpetuate ourselves. While it is understandable how the fifth house symbolizes the procreative act of childbearing, it is just as comprehensible that, due to its self-involvement, the corresponding fifth sign of Leo, like all Fire signs, is designated (by classical Hindu[Vedic] astrology) a barren, childless sign. This same system also states, however, that - as the Lesser Benefic - Venus brings emotional and financial rewards through offspring when it appears in the fifth house. When Venus or Jupiter transits or progresses through the fifth house, or the planet ruling or occupying the fifth house, the time is ripe for childbirth (according to both Eastern and Western astrology). If Venus, Jupiter or the natal Moon, three beneficent planets (according to Hindu [Vedic] astrology), are situated in or rule the fifth house, the transit or progression of these planets will be even more effective.

Understandably, people with Venus in the fifth house often postpone or swear off having children due to their own self-involvement. When they learn to share, they make excellent parents because of the seriousness and commitment they bring to all their undertakings. Not surprisingly, when they and / or their friends become parents, their interest in children's issues soars and they may even change their profession to one concerning the education, health, entertainment and / or the welfare of youngsters - concerns unimaginable to them when they were young adults.

I clearly remember the horoscope of a female client who was a yoga instructor in her early thirties at the time I drew up her chart. The placement of Venus in her fifth house indicated to me that it would be beneficial if she were to become involved with children on a creative level, as either a parent or a teacher. She insisted, however, that she had no affinity with this. By sheer coincidence, we met several years later, and I learned that after having had two children she had refocused her career and was teaching yoga to expectant mothers - linking her personal and professional life.

Venus in 5th House: With this placement, the love nature is found in the creative arena of life's romantic experiences. The individual has a vivid sense of dramatic amusement, an attraction to speculation and investment, a sensitivity to music, colors and the arts, and a flair for enjoyment, children and the personal pleasures which bring joy into one's life. Yet, until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, the individual tends to power the empty pretence of fun rather than experience the enduring power of love.

He has a need for attention and applause which often outshines his deep feelings. As a result, he becomes attuned to the expressive demonstrative displays for the popularity and acclaim he can feel from others, rather than their sincerity. Thus, he can experience the external pretence of life as he finds himself attracting tricksters, con-artists, gamblers, all who bring him to the flashy dramatic showmanship of momentary empty fun. As a result, his need to express his vivid thirst for life often manifests like the innocence of Pinocchio, creating the very situations and relationships which lead him astray.

Many with this placement feel as if life is a play in which they are acting out one vignette after another. The characters change, but the kind of hurt that this individual experiences is usually the same - for again and again, his prideful need to impress another, or compete for affection and attention, leads him to seek the very situations in which he must put on airs through impressive over-displays of feeling until he confuses appearances for love.

Once the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, however, he experiences a great change in his lifestyle. He begins to perceive the difference between the dramatic appearance of happiness and the deep sustaining love whose fullness is the inspiring creative substance of life. He is able to overcome the need to conquer along with the inconstant lure of adventure which is always taking him from his center, and instead begins to tap his true creative potential.

As he starts to love life from its source, rather than its surface appearance, he learns the difference between the real and the unreal. Thus, he begins to 'dwell on... the fruit and not on the flower'.

He realizes that the fruit always follows the flower, and that rather than leaving his love in the vivid dramatic appearances of plays, theatres, carnivals and all that dazzles his senses, he learns instead how to glean from them the rich colors of feeling which he will creatively apply to his life.

His very special Gift of Love becomes realized when he begins to seek the everlasting quality of creative beauty. As such, he gains a great deal of happiness through the love he gives to children, the people who are children in his consciousness, or the beauty he puts into any of his creations, all of which are, in essence, his offspring!

When he can do this, his own instinctive power to love becomes attuned to the very essence of creation: the center of fertile beauty which is forever recreating itself. And, from this center, he begins to shine with the brilliance, integrity and character which is love's finest majesty.

Venus in 5th House: With Venus in the 5th, there is a natural urge to express the self in a creative or artistic fashion. Even if a career in the arts is not pursued, some sort of creative outlet brings greater personal fulfillment and well-being. In times of stress, picking up a paintbrush or sitting down to write something may restore a sense of equilibrium and balance. The motto of those with Venus in the 5th might be 'If it's worth doing, it's worth doing in style'. Unless Venus here is very difficultly aspected by the outer planets, the personal style and flair is usually of a type which most people will find pleasing and endearing.

Those with this placement are often 'in love with love'; and romantic pursuits will be high on the list of priorities. Some will only feel alive if they are in the throes of a great romance with (of course) the most divine creature on earth. Hobbits, recreational activities and trips to the theatre, cinema or art gallery help to 'round out' the personality. In short, they love to play.

If Venus is well-aspected, children are likely to be a source of pleasure and fulfillment. Parents with this placement will usually encourage any sign of their children's budding creativity - especially if their own artistic promise was stifled when they were young. Taken to an extreme, the child may be shuffled off to dancing school on Monday, acting class on Wednesday and piano lessons on Friday whether the poor kid wants to or not. Parents with Venus in the 5th need to be careful about unconsciously setting up situations of competition or rivalry between children or between themselves and their children in an attempt to find out just who is the fairest or most talented of them all.

Venus in 5th House: This is an excellent location for Venus. Almost always with this location there is a great outpouring of creative energy throughout the life. It takes a barricade of terrible aspects to block the glow of life-giving and life-loving energy maintained by this angle of Venus, 120 degrees from both Ascendant and Midheaven. These people find it easy to express themselves without restraint by whatever means are at hand. The worst stress aspects only seem to increase their powers.

This is a good position for an athlete, because it is highly competitive and eager for contest and victory, though it is not so good for a team player as they aren't willing to take a secondary position for long. It is also a good position for teachers, the creative drive here being used to catch the imagination of the students.

Romance is very important to these people; they will marry only for love. Romantic love is a god to them; and they will want to sacrifice much for it at one time or another, though they may refrain out of loyalty to the emotional status quo, which is also very strong. They know their own creative strength comes from the loving approval of those around them, and so do not want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

They are kind, thoughtful, and considerate when Venus is in an Air sign; passionate when it is in a Fire sign; sentimental when it is in a Water sign; and unshakable when it is in an Earth sign. They are extremely generous of self and goods, unless their passion goes elsewhere, though loyalty will maintain a dribble until the end.

They are good farmers and gardeners; their creative energy gives them a green thumb, and plants seem to spring up in their presence. They are eager to be parents, but if fate blocks this somehow, they will usually find some way to work with children as their instinct is so strong; or, if not children, animals.

They are very hard workers at what they enjoy, but lazy about doing anything else, feeling no tremors of insecurity as they wait for their luck to come along, which it always does. They have a tremendous amount of physical energy at their disposal, which helps in a career of sports or dance (or anything, really). This gives the energy to embark upon a career, but often diminishes the follow-through, as these people must follow their own growth, and so often make mid-life changes that can hurt a lifetime career thrust. Usually, they are more interested in doing whatever excites them at the moment than in maintaining any kind of long-term career commitment, although if tenth house planets and other factors testify to a career, this will certainly strengthen it.

They are usually enthusiastic about food, cooking and eating, and are good cooks, often combining gardening and cooking into a search for the perfect dining experience.

Venus in 5th House: Conscious persona: In the 5th house, Venus indicates a role formed around images of personal beauty and grace. You want to be seen as loving. Psychologically, you're more a dancer or a model than an actor. The conscious ego presentation is socially tactful, with an emphasis on magnetic receptivity. The pitfall surrounds confusion between subject and object, between entertaining and being entertained, while the challenge is to make your personal beauty shine forth for all to see and enjoy.

Romance, giving love: You tend to fall in love with love. This is the ingénue placement; and as with the other receptive planets, the Moon and Neptune, there is an inversion of ordinary fifth house modes. You give love by receiving it. Put another way, you characteristically attract others through the presentation of personal 'loveliness' - the method is magnetic and receptive rather than assertive. Seduction and insincerity become possible pitfalls, along with confusion between giving and receiving affection. The challenge is to love with great poise, as well as beauty; to turn the risk of courtship into a smooth dance where the beloved feels charmed rather than pushed. The importance of beautiful images reaches a peak with Venus.

Sexual performance: Lovemaking is an aesthetic art, a display of grace and beauty. The 'woman' energy is strong within you, regardless of biology; and centripetal charisma is your natural form of self-expression - drawing the beloved further and further into the current of your personal beauty. As with the Moon, this placement indicates an active expression of self that is reactive in form; but unlike the Moon, there is receptivity here rather than responsiveness. You receive so graciously that others are charmed. Sometimes you succumb to the pitfall of vanity - 'mirror, mirror, on the wall...' - but Venus is so smooth that even this indignity rarely provokes protest from your lovers, at least not at first. Your challenge is to become beauty personified in the act of lovemaking, to bring heaven to earth.

Personal creativity: Artistic creativity is emphasized, of course, but in a way that blends in rather than standing out. You have a broad appreciation of aesthetics; and often your body and personality are the canvasses upon which you paint your loveliest pictures. The pitfall lies in becoming narcissistically sensitized to your own ego, falling in love with your image in the mirror. The challenge is to make every creative process seem a natural extension of self, and to make your gracious acceptance of applause truly sincere.

Competition: By its nature, Venus wants to minimize any discord, so competition is not attractive to you, except insofar as you compete around beauty. The ordinary connotation is altered; here it becomes the ability to achieve harmonious interaction in the face of conflict. You'll 'fight' inside to maintain balanced self-presentation in a social setting. It's not 'winning over others', but rather 'winning them over' to your side - winning their affection, friendship, and affirmation. The pitfall involves shrinking from any competition, while the challenge is to make every risk seem a flowing, effortless dance.

Venus in 5th House: Your warm and kindly disposition attracts others. Knowing that people seek your friendship if you seem willing to compromise, you make every effort to be on your best behavior. You know how to effectively win friends and influence people with charm and warmth. Being somewhat artistic, you try to surround yourself with the finer things in life. You have an appreciation of good music, good food and pleasurable activities; and you thoroughly enjoy them. Young people are drawn to you mainly because you are conciliatory and don't make impossible demands on them. You prefer the company of people who share your refined interests. But you must be careful not to become too wishy-washy. Have the courage to stand firm when you are right, for it's fine to be all 'heart', as long as you don't lack backbone. 'Make love, not war' may be your motto, but you are vulnerable to those who will take advantage of your passivity to win your submission.

Generally you are on good speaking terms with all your acquaintances. You like people and enjoy the interchange of ideas. You find it hard to be angry with anyone for very long. Your interest in the people you deal with is genuine; and they understand this instinctively. People tend to be open with you about their private lives, because they feel you really care. An enthusiastic conversationalist, you bring some dramatic display into any dialogue.

You must focus your attention more on your future goals and learn to conserve some of your assets and resources for a rainy day. You disregard common sense by indulging your desire for the many comforts that money can buy. People looking for a generous patron will find you an easy victim. You hate to ignore anyone's cry for help, even when you cannot afford it. You may win friends this way, but your financial situation could also become embarrassing, to say the least. Your primary concern should be to plan for your future financial security and independence.

You overreact to the expectations of those who have authority over you. You resent the sacrifices that your superiors expect you to make to stay in their good graces. But you realize that you must concede to rank, and you do what is required, even though it is painful. You underestimate your creative talent, which would enrich you if it were developed. Take care not to mix business with pleasure, or you might discover that you have sacrificed an opportunity to fulfill your destiny without binding ties.

You benefitted from your parents' generosity in your early years, but it may have taken away your desire to live according to your own potentials. The worst thing you could do is live 'off' someone and justify it to yourself by claiming that the person needs you. It is extremely important to develop your skills so you can sustain yourself without being obligated to anyone. Don't deceive yourself that those you love have no negative qualities. You should try to understand their failings and be willing to help resolve them if you can. You usually seek your parents' approval of anyone to whom you feel romantically attracted. Because they are not emotionally involved, it is unlikely that they will share your view, but they might give you good advice because they are detached and therefore more objective.

See also: Venus the 5th House;

Venus in the 5th House: Wilt Chamberlain, Dick Cheney, Princess Diana, Walt Disney, Art Garfunkel, Melanie Griffith, Tenzin Gyatso, George Harrison, J. Krishnamurti, Vaslav Nijinsky, Barack Obama, Dolly Parton, John D. Rockefeller, Bruce Springsteen, Swami Vivekananda, Malcolm X, ChrisC, Dipesh, DonW, Fergus, Jeff, JonathanG, JudyPl, Leen, Leigh, Marybeth, PaulS, Prabhuta (cusp), Roberto, Yarrow

Venus in the 6th House

The sixth house is to do with our everyday routines in life and our work. Someone with Venus in the sixth house will want to find pleasure in the commonplace necessities of life. These are people who look to find pleasure in their daily routines and will attempt to make them as enjoyable as possible.

Venus in the sixth may also describe someone who enjoys physical fitness and health. Someone with Venus in this house is not likely to be too rigorous, and could be positively slothful and over-indulgent; but a general well-being and happiness may be enjoyed through attention to diet and health in general. You may find people taking part in an exercise program or having a regular massage or beauty routine that makes them feel good, and being drawn to people who also value their body and keep to a health and beauty routine and exercise schedule. One can imagine a partnership where both participants go jogging together.

Venus in the sixth shows someone who co-operates and gets along easily with colleagues. People with this placement derive well-being from this co-operative effort, and will generally enhance the working atmosphere with their presence. Their main priority is to be happy and content within their everyday working environment, so they are not particularly hard-working and could be positively lazy. Their value lies in keeping things running smoothly and easing tensions. They are good at lending a sympathetic ear to other people's troubles. They do also enjoy being useful and feeling they are of service, in which case they will contribute more directly to the work effort.

Their relationships within the work setting matter a lot to them. They may find a romantic relationship within their workplace. They would enjoy a combined working and romantic partnership. They may equally well set up a business with their romantic partner.

Alternatively, particularly where individuals are self-employed or very motivated, they may be in love with their work. This may be an area of life that gives them tremendous pleasure, perhaps even more than they get from a relationship.

Venus in the sixth house could also signify someone who works in an artistic way or in an artistic environment, or it could describe people who are sensitive to the aesthetic ambience of their place of work.

Within a relationship, these people may show their affection by being useful and of service to you in practical ways - hence their penchant for working partnerships. These are people who find happiness in being useful and find it an easy way to express their love. They may expect the same of a partner and find it difficult to believe that they are really loved if the partner does not want to reciprocate. There is then great scope for mutual misunderstanding.

Venus in 6th House: Keywords: Health-conscious, amiable, possessing enormous creative discipline, desiring harmonious working conditions.

With Venus in the sixth house (which corresponds to the mutable Earth sign of Virgo), enormous value is placed on being of service and approaching work with a meticulous and analytical eye. Not particularly gifted with leadership abilities (the domain of the fifth sign / house), individuals with a well-aspected Venus in the sixth house bring to their personal and professional relationships a sense of loyalty, attention to detail, and a flair for sustained productivity from which they garner self-validation. Due to the time and energy they expend working and / or volunteering their services, the classic description of Venus in the sixth house - 'falling in love (Venus) with a co-worker (sixth house)' - is likely to apply.

If the planet is afflicted, however, these sometimes shy or self-conscious individuals often question their own abilities. They may be attracted to people who are also extremely hard workers but who may not be able to offer the encouragement needed. Overly particular about and judgmental of colleagues, friends and lovers, they are, in actuality, most critical of themselves. For this reason they deny themselves the sensual pleasure that Venus so willingly offers; instead it is sublimated through their work and drive towards self-improvement.

To attain perfection, they may become fanatic about diet, exercise and health fads. While individuals with a well-situated Venus approach their bodies sensibly and with moderation, individuals with an ill-placed Venus may follow one of two extremes: 1) become obsessive about their exercise regimen, or 2) become slovenly, careless and indulgent - leading, at its most extreme, to poor work habits, an inability to keep a job, and poor health.

Advocates of excellence through hard work, good nutrition, physical exercise and service to others (sixth house), these prudent individuals often become committed social workers, counselors, dieticians, health care practitioners, physical therapists or secretaries. Consummate professionals, their social skills, capacity for teamwork, noble dedication and efficiency enable them to bypass the frustrations of bureaucratic 'red tape' and become effective workers. They may also be attracted to craftwork, interior design, sculpture or architecture, which combine artistry with the meticulousness of the sixth house.

Dutiful workers concerned with the happiness and welfare of others - to the detriment of their own enjoyment - these individuals often feel guilty if they partake in frivolity and / or sensual pleasure. While it is, indeed, advisable that these tense workaholics learn to relax and 'let go', there is no doubt that even the slightest excess may adversely affect their sensitive constitutions and may even produce food allergies. The Venus-ruled throat, kidneys and skin may even present chronic problems that are likely to flare up during an allergic reaction or at times of emotional stress.

Moreover, an obsession with health and fitness often lends itself to vegetarianism (or some other special diet), yoga, meditation or regular physical exercise as part of a daily routine. Due to the practicality of the sixth house, people with Venus in this placement will make choices in their personal and professional lives that bring contentment, harmony and a comfortable income which will enable them to live healthy, fit and, thus, enjoyable lives.

Because Mercury, a symbol of intelligence and communications, is the natural ruler of the sixth house (corresponding to the Sixth sign of Virgo), romantic liaisons are based not merely on passion but on mutual respect and support. Since those with Venus in the sixth house have a propensity for working long hours working or volunteering their services, it is essential that they find partners whose professions and / or interests are equally fulfilling and who understand that gratifying work contributes greatly to their mental well-being.

If Venus is conjunct the Descendant, individuals are less reserved, and the issues that concern them are what make them attractive to others. Their approach to work, service and health is intertwined with their choice of partner, who is either a colleague or deeply involved in the same lifestyle, causes or goals.

The sense of accomplishment and artistic perfection that they achieve through the methodical 'fine-tuning' of their talents, skills and abilities is great.

Venus in 6th House: This is the last of the personal Houses. With Venus here, the individual's love nature culminates in the experiences which teach him how to achieve harmony with his body so that it will serve him efficiently as he externalizes his love through service to humanity. He can be kind and thoughtful of others, with a healthy outlook towards his work, tasks and chores, which can make most of what he does labors of love. He seeks peace through the harmony of order and experiences a delicate attunement to the beauty of efficiency in people, ideas and the society his love helps to form. Yet, because Venus is in its fall in the Sixth House, this can be an extremely difficult placement until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned.

The individual can be excessive, allowing himself to become preoccupied with the trivial details which he believes bring him pleasure instead of the essence of what brings him harmony. He can become so over concerned with trying to balance small details or seeking perfection in the lives of those close to him that instead of letting his feelings flow, he is unconsciously putting demands and stipulations upon the circumstances he needs to express love. Thus, he feels an obligation, sometimes even a compulsion, to harmonize the minutest negative thoughts and feelings within himself and those close to him, which often has the reverse effect of stimulating disharmony. Because he keeps his consciousness on a finite level, he often misses the contour of the whole. As a result, his feelings have a tendency to be structured within what his mind is dwelling on rather than what his being actually experiences.

This makes it difficult for him to relax and realize the love that can carry him through all of his burdens.

Many with this placement can find themselves excessively involved in doing favors for others, either out of feelings of obligation, or out of a need for acceptance, rather than the sincerity of love. Instead of viewing life through an obligatory consciousness, which often separates the individual from his true feelings, it is important that he understands the harmonic union which brings the different facets of things into the oneness through which the all of something can be perceived.

Once the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, the individual experiences a great change in his consciousness. He begins to see life through the natural order of the Golden Mean, realizing that the symmetry he perceives in himself and the world around him comes from a greater natural order within which his life is contained.

As he begins to experience this order of beauty, rather than trying to order beauty, he starts to relax in the realization of knowing that all is as it should be. And, because that order exists along the path of moderation, he learns that by avoiding extremes and excesses, he gives his body and his feelings the chance to experience harmony.

For many, this can bring favorable health. Yet, the one most outstanding influence which brings the individual's body, mind and spirit into a wholesome consciousness is marriage! From this, he begins to understand that his health, his work and his ability to serve a useful function to humanity come not only from the quality of love that exists in his consciousness, but also from the beauty of harmonious feelings with which he approaches the day-to-day chores of life. It is from this that he establishes a rapport with the true order of the universe; for the more he serves man's need to experience the beauty of love in mundane life, the greater he becomes like a branch connected to a tree of goodness, bearing the fruits of worthwhile deeds and actions which become the proof of his existence.

His very special Gift of Love is in his cherished essence of humility which enables him to fit the radiant quality of beauty and love into the common medium of life.

Venus in 6th House: These people love to work, and work at love. Frequently, a romantic attraction tempts them into a job situation, or they are attracted to a field of endeavor more by the practitioners than by the work itself. Throughout life they are prone to on-the-job romances, and may marry someone they meet on the job. They may become involved in the theater, films, photography, modeling, magazines, or any of the so-called glamour industries (advertising, TV, radio, etc.).

They will rarely last long on a job they don't like, and will soon find the kind of work that makes them happy. They are capable of giving their all to a job they do like, and frequently do not get the recognition they deserve since seeing the job well done is their primary interest. The only danger here is that they do not always examine the long-term or overall effects of their efforts.

This Venus is a difficult position for romance; and most with Venus here will have at least one major heartbreak in their lives. Sometimes their workaholic attitude is a substitute for the true love they think they cannot attract, a means of getting the praise and response they think they can't get from lovers.(The closer Venus is to the descendant, the less likely this is to be an issue.)

They may be very attractive, but unfortunately never as attractive as they'd like to be. If there are bad aspects to the Moon, they may have skin trouble or difficulties with the endocrine or lymph systems, all of it emotional in origin. Anyone with a sixth-house Venus needs some kind of daily physical regimen to stay healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. Usually, though, they are quite health-minded and take good care of their bodies.

This is a good placement for a doctor or a nurse, or anyone working in the health care sector. It's also good for musicians, or athletes, those who must drive themselves towards perfect performance through a daily practice of skills.

Venus in 6th House: By house, Venus indicates those things we care about, are attracted to and appreciate. The 6th house is concerned with the running of everyday affairs, issues of work and service, and attending to the proper functioning of the body. Combining Venus with this house, we come up with someone who actually enjoys vacuuming the sitting room, has a tendency to fall in love with co-workers, and derives great satisfaction from the daily rituals of mundane life. Even brushing the teeth can be done with style.

Frivolity aside, Venus in the 6th people take pleasure in developing and fine-tuning their talents, skills and abilities. It's not good enough to just do a job; it must be done beautifully. I have done quite a few charts for people with Venus in the 6th who have careers in the field of health, beauty and fitness, and many others who put their artistic talent to practical use as designers and draughtsmen. One in particular was concerned with designing kitchen products which were both functional and beautiful. More generally, there is the desire for a harmonious work atmosphere and the capacity to bring good feelings into this area.

Normally, the person feels the importance of developing a good relationship with the body. If health problems arise, these could be due to over-indulgence or some imbalance in the diet or life in general that needs consideration.

While Venus in the 6th enjoys the more mundane and everyday tasks of life, some may become obsessive about things. They are usually able to apply themselves to work involving precision and detail. The image of the beloved (Venus) might be projected onto servants, co-workers, milkmen, telephone repairmen, dental hygienists, and even pets. (I did a chart for a woman with Venus in the 6th who took her poodle to the hairdresser every third Friday.)

Venus in 6th House: Disease and healing: Disease is associated with physical or psychological pressures. Too much gratification can be every bit as harmful as too little. As with the Moon and Jupiter, diet has high significance, for there is a tendency toward intemperance in the pursuit of 'sweetness', a longing for substances that may be too rich for the body to absorb. You have anxiety about personal beauty, leading to unfavorable comparisons with others. Personal love may be psychologically misunderstood or misdirected. Your challenge is to recognize both the ineffable and the tangible beauty you possess, to experience pleasure directly, rather than reaching outside yourself for beauty or pleasure. Disease is often the result of failed or incomplete love; and healing is a restoration of personal grace.

Unequal relationships: You have a pronounced sensitivity to the social graces. You love the rituals of formal supplication, the courtship of authority, and the privileges of position. In spite of outward appearance, you like the submissive role in love relationships, for you're enamored with the subtlety of quiet magnetism. The pitfall lies in confusing love and power. The challenge is to experience the attraction that all human beings feel for other human beings, and to see that relationships can be loving only when you infuse your affections with dignity and self-respect.

Duty and service: Loving and healing are almost identical, which is to say the urge to create personal love is very similar to the urge to help others have more harmonious lives. So strong is this merging of 'love' and 'therapy' that you may focus all your romantic energy on damaged individuals. This pitfall could be given many names: Stray Dog Syndrome, Wounded Bird Theory, Florence Nightingale Effect. Whatever we choose to call it, you must be certain of two things: first, that your receptivity is not directed toward individuals who cannot return love in at least relatively healthy ways, and second, that you are not making your beloved sick in order to validate your healing powers. The challenge is to heal yourself through the conscious gift to others of grace, harmony, and pleasure. Remember: for love to flower, you need good seeds and good soil.

Technical mind: Mental analysis is linked with personal care. This has, naturally enough, a 'cooling' effect on romance. But the mind is most warmly appreciative of logical beauty. Mental discipline is not a forced purgatory, but a fine garden lovingly tended. You relish digging into any situation with your mental spade. Clearing the dense underbrush and fostering a sense of productive order makes you glow with satisfaction. However, keep in mind that relationships have their own indefatigable eccentricities; too much organization - too much taming - can kill the intangible beauty of sharing. The challenge is to enjoy the quest for mental perfection, and to appreciate emotions even as you analyze them.

Discipline and routines: You appreciate regularity in your lifestyle, enjoying the pleasant experience of organized habits. Routines may be oriented toward ordinary goals; but here there is an added social dimension: you need interpersonal contact in your routines to feel the full benefits, for people are more important to you than products. Work and aesthetics are linked; you want to fill your day with work aimed toward the creation of beauty.

Venus in 6th House: A naturally compromising person in your daily affairs, you strive for harmonious relations with everyone. You are willing to make concessions if that seems to be the only way to avoid conflict with others. Even though you know that someone else is wrong, you sometimes unwittingly take the blame for them. In spite of this, you have a productive and useful life, seeking all the comforts and luxuries you want through hard work and effective use of your resources. You will choose a vocation that gives you the greatest possible return for your efforts. Money means a lot to you, and you apply yourself with some ingenuity to get as much as you need for a comfortable lifestyle. Your superiors appreciate your efforts in their behalf, knowing they can trust you to put in an honest day's work for what you are paid. You don't expect any special considerations unless you know you deserve them. You take more abuse than necessary from your contemporaries, and sometimes 'hate' yourself for letting people use you as a doormat. You tend to indulge in food that is overly rich.

You continue to have a good relationship with your parents, who gave you the self-confidence to make your own way without depending on their support. You were impressed by the domestic harmony you enjoyed while growing up, and hope to raise your own family in a similarly fine environment. You need to be appreciated by those you serve, including your partner, who may take you for granted. You will attract as a mate someone who has certain deficiencies for which you must compensate. As long as you are assured that your partner is grateful for your unselfish devotion, you are happy.

It would probably be a good idea to choose a vocation that brings you in close contact with people who have more than their share of problems. Your understanding and compassion go a long way in giving them relief from their anxieties. Get the necessary formal training to deal competently with the variety of problems you're sure to encounter. You work best in an environment of refinement, manners and good taste. Guard against people who try to intimidate you when your opinion differs from theirs, and take a firm stand when you know you are right.

With your conciliatory manner and your desire for good relations with everyone, you give people the impression that they can take advantage of you. This is especially true with fellow workers, who may abuse you with excessive demands. But they can't do this unless you allow it. While it is admirable to help others, you must think about your own future needs as well.

You want everything for your children and loved ones, so you have worked hard to develop your skills. This has helped to improve your image with others and made them appreciate your efforts in their behalf. Be more discriminating in forming ties with people about whom you know little, or you could regret it later. Drop those friends who expect you to continually make concessions. Fair is far, and you should not allow anyone to make demands on you unless you know they are willing to meet you halfway in other matters.

See also: Venus in the 6th House;

Venus in the 6th House: William Blake, Marlon Brando, Bob Dylan, Sigmund Freud, Robert Hand, Hugh Hefner, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Jackson, Carl Jung, John Lennon, Shirley McLaine, Jack Parsons, Robert Redford, Stevie Wonder, DavMcC, Gina, J, JBLight, JerryGr, Phylissa

Venus in the 7th House

For someone with Venus in the seventh house, a love relationship will be of paramount importance, as it is within a partnership that they expect to find happiness. They will prioritize love relationships within their life, and will offer a lot to a potential partner. Their well-being depends on finding happiness and affection within a relationship. They will go to considerable lengths to secure this for themselves, using the maxim 'What you give, so you receive'.

With friends as well as lovers, they tend to give a tremendous amount. The well-being and happiness of others affects their own, so they need those around them to feel good so that they can feel good themselves. This can make them overly dependent on how others feel, and very vulnerable to other people's inconsistencies.

They need peace and harmony in all their relating with others, and may find it hard to deal with conflict or to make a stand when necessary. They will do well when an issue can be resolved through negotiation. While diplomacy is their strength, confrontation is something in which they are weak. Relationships may flounder when confrontation is called for, as they seek a peaceful solution which cannot always be applied. This is very much a pacifist.

They have strong needs for companionship. There is an emphasis in all their relating on establishing common ground - their similarities and what is shared. They are good at getting on with others.

They will usually benefit through their social connections, and they can use their links with others to get on in life. Friends may provide them with useful contacts. They may be very aware of this level of life, and may cultivate useful friends. They may also receive more direct financial benefit from friendships, and in a partnership they might expect this.

While they enjoy friendships, they expect the main source of their happiness to be found in a love union. Provided Venus does not receive difficult aspects, they will be drawn to affectionate and loving types. These are people who have a strong romantic side to their nature. They will want a partner who also appreciates romance and can participate in romantic exchanges.

This is a classic significator of someone who 'marries well', simply because these people expect to find their greatest happiness in a personal relationship. They may form a partnership where they do everything together. The people with Venus in the seventh may want a partner who is involved in all areas of their life. They may not want their partner to do anything without them, and find it difficult to have any separate activities of their own. They will want to share everything in their world with their partner - they will pull him or her into their personal arena.

For someone occupying a public position, this placement can indicate popularity, with a gift for attracting love from others. This can be someone onto whom others often project love. Within a profession that relies on public popularity, this would be beneficial, but in their personal relationships this could be a source of difficulty, particularly if they valued their public love more than the personal love they received.

They have the gift of making others feel attractive and at their best; as a result, others can easily misinterpret their intentions. This may be wishful thinking on the part of others. People with Venus in the seventh will find it easy to solicit love, so could collect a few broken hearts along the way. However, they can be out-and-out flirts. These are people with considerable charm, and this placement could describe people who use their charm to exploit others. This is a rather negative manifestation of a placement that usually indicates someone who is genuinely kind and brings considerable happiness to others.

Venus in 7th House: Keywords: Relationship-orientated, co-operative, diplomatic, objective, dependent.

Traditionally signifying marriage, partnership, contracts and lawsuits, the seventh house reveals the social self - namely, how we behave in a close personal or professional relationship. Because the descendant, which commences the seventh house, is directly opposed to the ascendant, the qualities inherent in this region of the chart - as defined by its occupying and / or ruling planet(s) - are not necessarily advantageous for developing an ability to function autonomously. Corresponding to the seventh sign of Libra, the seven house represents any situation or circumstance - marriage being an example ¬where diplomacy, sharing and co-operation must apply.

While the planet occupying or ruling the seventh house describes our behavior towards a personal and / or professional partner, it also demonstrates how we relate one-on-one as opposed to within a group or the community at large. Towards this end, Venus in its natural seventh house, especially if it is conjunct the descendant, accentuates the necessity for teamwork - that is, the belief that it is only through another person ¬whether it be friendship, business or marriage - that best efforts can be made. Possessing objectivity, or the ability to view the self through another's eyes, those with Venus in the seventh house are keenly aware that individuals or situations will elicit their best qualities and / or supply them with the kind of lifestyle they lack and may not be able to achieve themselves. Given their Venusian charm, beauty, sensuality and ability to co¬operate, listen and even manipulate others, they know how to win other people over and achieve the union they so desire.

The placement of Venus in the seventh house emphasizes the planet's cerebral qualities and confers an approach to life dominated by the need for harmony, romance and social acceptance. Because the self-esteem of those with this placement depends almost entirely upon the adulation of others, these individuals have carefully cultivated poised, charming personalities, agreeable dispositions and pleasing, stylish demeanors. Frequently espousing ideas that endear them to others, these beguiling and seductive individuals are loving, supportive and sexually desirable partners whose devotional strength and loyalty are the key factors in the success of any relationship.

In the professional sphere, those born with Venus in the seventh house have creative vision, diplomatic skills and keen marketing abilities - all qualities that make them desirable colleagues. Completely attuned to the needs of others, they are well-suited for careers in sales, public relations or advertising, and have an affinity for supportive roles such as receptionist, secretary or administrative assistant. Intent listeners, they also possess the potential, like Librans, to become excellent mediators, therapists, counselors and psychologists or, if their charts display a powerful Martian influence, attorneys with commanding presence and persuasive abilities. (Although people with seventh house emphases are fascinated with legal principles, it is a strongly placed Mars that makes them eminently suitable for the courtroom arena.) Rather than ambitiously pursue a career of their own, these individuals may simply choose to enable their spouse or partner to fulfill his or her professional obligations by providing a supporting but none the less vital role. For these individuals, the accolades and monetary rewards epitomize the success of their collaboration.

If Venus is well-aspected, these people strive toward interdependence, and know instinctively how to be supportive without compromising their own needs. Individuals with an afflicted Venus in the seventh house, however, may be motivated by their insecurity and craving for companionship to seek partners who are then given the impossible task of elevating their self-esteem. Such relationships are inevitably one-sided, dependent and unhealthy, based only on passion, sexual attraction or financial gain ¬activated during transits and progressions through the seventh house. It is during these stressful times that these individuals must, as the quintessential Libran Venus, focus on healing and transforming the self in order to recapture the spirit of interdependence (rather than dependence) that makes for a healthy relationship.

Although the position of Venus in its natural house has traditionally been considered propitious in creating a loving, prosperous family life, it often produces a relentless obsession with wealth and glamour rather than with strength of character. While those with this placement may find that their relationships are not necessarily philosophically or intellectually motivated (as when the outer planets appear in the seventh house), these individuals crave a loving, creative and nurturing partnership, and will stop at nothing to preserve their union. Because they are, at times, consumed with social standing and public image, Venus in the seventh house people strive to present a picture of marital bliss and contentment even during times of emotional and / or financial stress and obvious discord. If Venus is conjunct the descendant, sensuality, co-operation, sharing ideas and friendliness are especially evident in the way these people relate to others.

The positive application of this relationship-orientated Venus is perfectly exemplified by my creative and well-educated client Mara, who has four planets (including Venus) situated in the seventh house. She confided to me that her greatest self-fulfillment was derived not from the attainment of professional goals but from her marriage to a loving, successful doctor. In fact, she could not even imagine actively pursuing a career without a partner to support her efforts and share her success. Not only did domestic happiness far outweigh professional aspirations, but also she was convinced that her financial goals would not have been met had she been left to her own devices. In her opinion, mutual co¬operation is often mistakenly viewed by many goal-orientated people as dependency. She was not living her husband's dreams but fulfilling her own. Moreover, she defines a committed relationship as a source of strength - not a sign of weakness.

Venus in 7th House: In this house, Venus finds its rulership. Through the experiences of this placement, the individual's higher cosmic self finds its first initiation into the light. The love nature is centered in the non-egoic part of man which is devoted to sharing life's beauty with another through partnership, close association and marriage. As such, the individual finds that all of his true feelings come from his ability to open himself to others, through which he fulfills a harmonious 'we' identity. Yet, in his most intimate relationship with life, his ability to feel himself, he is dependent upon another for the confirmation of his beliefs and the balancing of his judgment. It is exactly for this reason that until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, the individual tends to experience difficulty balancing his own love nature.

He gives much of himself through a helpful, altruistic and often sacrificial manner. Nevertheless, his tendency to be in love with love makes him a difficult person to understand; for his feelings are usually linked to a noble yet unrealistic aspiration that only he seems to be in touch with, rather than the true circumstances in his life. Thus, he can put his partner on a pedestal woven from fantasies which are in harmony with his dreams while avoiding the intimacy of relating to another on an equal level. When he does this, he experiences the idealization of love in his mind and the frustration of being unable to personalize its true beauty.

Many with this placement experience an early marriage. For some it is an escape from parental disharmony. There is a tendency for the individual to wrap his life around his partner. He can be so devoted, so giving and yet so overwhelmed by his blissful fantasies that unless he picks a mate who is going to bring out his higher essence, he can easily lose himself in a dissipating partnership.

Due to a basic insecure nature, his affections can be hidden by an aloof exterior when his partner appears insensitive to his spiritual aspirations.

If the individual marries before learning the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign, he tends to experience an unfulfilling partnership, fraught with false security, superficial flattery, avoidance, and a lazy outlook towards life which drains his energies. There can be difficulty making decisions or establishing priorities; and the marriage can suffer from wasteful indulgence. Usually, the partner does not realize how much the individual with Venus in the Seventh House depends upon a co-operative and fruitful union to provide the very core of all of his or her feelings towards life.

One the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, however, this individual begins to reap the full benefits of this ruling Venus placement. He overcomes his sense of incompleteness by realizing that instead of having to imagine his relationships or marriage as being the way he would like, he has only to feel the real beauty in others. From this he learns how to see beyond the fantasy images, insecurities and feelings of self-doubt into the cherished treasure of sharing one's life with another.

In essence, he discovers how the fantastic power of love conquers all things. Thus, he is able to set aside lesser thoughts as he begins to speak and act only from what he feels in his heart. When he learns this, his relationships prosper, for he is opening himself to the higher cosmic forces, so that he is as a vessel through which the beauty of love is being poured into the world.

Thus, he becomes conscious of love's awakened essence, realizing that his selflessness is the source of all goodness that manifests in his life. And, it is this realization coupled with his sincere instinct for humility that brings to him the true beauty of fulfillment.

His very special Gift of Love comes from a selfless willingness to be the source of harmony for others, through his ability to tolerate, compromise, and mediate without judgment or comparison, from the beautiful quality of cosmically balanced fairness which is the very center of his being.

See also: Venus in the 7th House;

Venus in the 7th House: Muhammad Ali, Charlie Chaplin, Bette Davis, Adolf Hitler, Ken Kesey, Charles Manson, George Patton, Susanna Arundhati Roy, Bertrand Russell, Suzanne Somers, Elizabeth Taylor, AbbieJ, Arrow, Duane, Ellen, Ivy, Joze, Ju, LucJr, Nancee, Paulo, Robert, Shakura, TomW

Venus in the 8th House

People with Venus in the eighth house seek a deep emotional and sexual contact with a partner - nothing short of a soul union. They want depth and intensity; and, depending on the aspects to Venus, this may involve a certain amount of anguish. These people cannot bear things to be static or staid in relationships; their need is for something intense, and they prefer to move through the extremes of joy and ecstasy to the pits of misery and despair than to feel their emotional life is drab. They need the extremes to feel they are really alive; and anything everyday and comfortable can feel mediocre to them, as if some essential component is missing.

They thrive on crisis; and if it is not there they will create it. Their love life can be like an emotional roller-coaster. Love is continually going through transformations with Venus in the eighth house, dying and being reborn. With each death, they are never sure whether it has died for good this time. A treadmill of pain pursues, deepening the love bond. After visiting some very dark places with a partner, they become inextricably bound up with him or her. To some extent, they will be testing their love and the love of their partner. There is a need for this to be regularly reaffirmed; and there is nothing like an emotional crisis for achieving this. This is not likely to be a conscious choice; and people with Venus in the eighth may be in considerable pain and feel this dynamic is completely out of their control.

They will be looking for someone who can offer them the emotional depth they crave. They are often possessive and jealous themselves, or else they will choose someone who is. Fundamentally it is the strong feelings they desire; and jealousy and possessiveness tend to go with passion. They will choose those who are emotionally complicated - who do not offer them a smooth relationship. Whether consciously or not, they will choose someone who will shake them up and change them in some way. Their partners will plunge them into crises if the relationship is at all meaningful for them.

They may also get pleasure from the possibility of throwing their partner into an emotional turmoil, enjoying the power they have to affect another. Knowing they can have this effect, and that they can bring about change in another, may be a source of satisfaction for them. It may be a kind of revenge for them, in response to their having been hurt (albeit inadvertently), and give them great delight.

In a relationship, they will enjoy sharing any moving experience together. Sexual and emotional intimacy and the sharing of deep feelings is where their greatest happiness lies. It is when things are going wrong in these areas that they draw to themselves the rather more traumatic circumstances already described. Occasionally, people with Venus in the eighth house may stay out of a relationship fearing the depths that they will be taken to and crave. They can then experience periods of intense loneliness.

Venus in 8th House: Keywords: Jealous, intense, charismatic, financially and sexually manipulative.

While the seventh house describes the types of partnerships to which one gravitates as well as the ability to co-operate and share, the eighth house (second from the seventh) depicts the financial assets and liabilities acquired through marriage, business partnerships or family relationships, ranging from money, stocks and real estate to legacies, lawsuits and insurance benefits. Corresponding to the fixed Water sign of Scorpio, the eighth house also symbolizes emotional, psychological, sexual and financial attitudes that color personal and professional relationships - especially the use and misuse of power.

Just as Inanna and Dumuzi represented the convergence of sex, money and power, individuals with Venus in the eighth house seek the same type of adrenaline rush from their financial conquests, intimate and / or professional relationships. When the Goddess was sexually fulfilled, she was injected with a sense of potency that stimulated the prosperous growing season and, ultimately, empowered her people. Similarly, the self-worth of individuals with Venus in the eighth house is directly connected with sexual prowess, the ability to acquire money and / or the need to be in control.

Because the eighth house relates to emotional and sexual intensity, these individuals are aware that, in order to satisfy their complex needs and sustain their interests, relationships must have an element of challenge and excitement that quenches their sexual appetite and thirst for money and / or power. If Venus is well-aspected these people are charismatic, attractive and filled with confidence, magnetism and a boundless sense of power and control over their lives, which attracts equally magnetic, commanding and financially successful personal and business partnerships. Although these relationships may also be volatile and, in some instances, sexually motivated, there is the capacity for striking the balance between emotional compatibility and physical attraction.

If Venus is harmoniously aspected, however (especially by Mars or Pluto), these people may seek someone who provides the kind of excitement they feel incapable of attaining through their own talents. The overriding passion and sexual power may become so overpowering that these emotions will be exceedingly difficult to control. While they may be physically attracted to and enticed by those who match their level of intensity, these unions are more often than not compulsive and ill-fated, often evoking jealousy, uncontrollable passion and destructive power games. Unless they learn to trust others and relinquish their inordinate need for control, their personal and professional relationships will always be threatened.

Rather than strive towards equality and / or develop the seventh house capacity for co¬operation, these individuals thrive on the struggle for supremacy and often utilize their seductive charm and / or sexual prowess to achieve their goals by enticing others with promised rewards of sex, money and / or power. In fact, the difficulties incurred during relationships arise out of their egotism and the desire for constant self-gratification. With their self-esteem in question, they frequently seek adulating partners, friends and associates whom they can manipulate or dominate emotionally, psychologically and / or sexually.

While the placement of fertile, beneficent Venus in the amazingly creative but potentially destructive eighth house tests one's capacity to sustain a long-term partnership, the key lies in the ability to maintain a balance of power while constantly revitalizing a partnership so it remains exciting and challenging. If their aggression, thrill-seeking and high level of energy are channeled through the performing arts (drama and dance), strenuous physical activities or competitive ventures that are creative and financially rewarding, individuals with Venus in the eighth house are less likely to express hostility towards their partners and might even learn to relax.

While their inexhaustible enthusiasm fuels successful and profitable business pursuits, it may also be their downfall should they succumb to negative emotions such as jealousy, combativeness, lust and greed. If Venus is poorly aspected, therefore, their ability for healthy competition may become as tenuous, ruthless and potentially destructive as it could have been prosperous. Because there is an affinity for speculation, investment or using their powers of persuasion to market a product, an idea or even themselves, these individuals will be attracted to the performing arts, politics or finance either as an avocation or, if Venus rules the second, sixth or tenth 'work' houses, as a vocation.

Fascination with the dark side of the psyche or underside of life also draws them to undercover / investigative work, occult research, psychology and astrology, often for the sheer excitement these areas evoke and not necessarily as a career. In fact, their love of intricate game-playing and risk-taking draws them into business dealings where speculation, investments and / or psychological challenges are at the forefront. Although they may profit wildly from these ventures, they are just as likely to incur devastating losses during difficult transits when their judgment is clouded by greed and the desire for instant gratification - one of Venus's most problematic characteristics.

Venus in 8th House: With this placement, the love nature is experienced through the mystique of sexuality, the beauty of the unconscious, the wonders of the occult and a fond attraction for all that exists in the hidden and secretive mystical side of life. The individual can regenerate feeling through his deeply passionate nature which seeks to know the very core of all. Thus, he feels the unconscious currents of hidden forces, and has a strong ability to effectively create smooth endings to the influences which he outgrows. Yet, until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, he can experience much difficulty in finding the profound depths of insight and wisdom which his love can bring him to realize.

Instead, he can linger in darkness, living in the shadow of others almost jealously spying on them, while refusing to see any light in himself. Some with this placement will inherit; but others can tend to sponge off the goodness, finances and resources of a partner or mate as their primary means of support. There can be a tendency to take advantage of others through a secretively smooth and suave manner, whose subtle undercurrents are not consciously visible.

In this House, Venus opposes its rulership in the Second House. Thus, if the individual hides himself in dishonest feelings, or goes against accepted values, he can lose out on experiencing the depth and beauty of love that Venus promises.

In many instances, the love nature is dissipated through sexual preoccupation, and the individual, rather than raising his love to the heart chakra, finds himself struggling with internal fixations which impede his moral, emotional and mental enfoldment. He has a tendency to inhibit what could be easy relationships with others, because of an attachment to a secretive lifestyle which makes him feel separated from the goodness and warmth of society that he truly needs.

Once the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, however, the individual experiences a complete transformation in his consciousness. He realizes that sexual love is more than lust of the body, coming instead from the inner depths of one's being. Thus, rather than hiding his sexual nature behind a façade of complexes which keep him from his true feelings, he begins to confront the regenerative kind of sexual love that brings his unconscious into harmony with his conscious life. In this way, the secrets of dishonesty become transformed into a sacred love which guides the mystical truths that surface from within. Thus, he becomes sensitive to his unconscious as well as the hidden feelings of others close to him. When this occurs, the individual is afforded the blessings of having other people's resources made open to him, not because he selfishly wants them, but because he is capable of understanding the great hidden mysteries of God's love that exists just below the threshold of human awareness.

He can be the strongest emotional healer in the zodiac, for he can see love manifesting where others have not even thought to look. And, it is through his very special brand of courage and willingness to serve a master higher than himself that he begins to experience the great depth and beauty of regenerative love, the redemption of the Phoenix and its transformation into the birth of spiritual power. Thus, more than any other House placement in the zodiac, he earns his treasure through spiritual tests which bring him to transcend the limitations of the lower self as he overcomes temptations.

His very special Gift of Love is his ability to transform and regenerate the destructiveness of his lower passions into the reformed beauty of new life, filled with the eternal mystery of wonder at the silent sounds of God's love whispering through the quiet stillness of darkness, and changing it into light.

Venus in 8th House: Venus in the 8th 'cares about' what happens between people, and wants to ensure that anything which is shared or exchanged is beautiful, appropriate, beneficial and valuable. It favors business partnerships and the accruing of money and possessions through marriage or inheritance.

In the bedroom, Aphrodite's magic girdle transforms into a provocative corselet (possibly black leather if Venus is aspected to Pluto). Her seductive charms find no better mode of expression than in the intimate whispers and caresses of love. Venus in the 8th people have a way of receiving and responding to others which relaxes them, making partners feel secure enough to loosen inhibitions and restraints. In this sense, those with Venus in Scorpio's natural house, whether innocently or not, entice others to give in to them. Hearts open, secrets are exposed, and bank accounts are put in their name.

There is also a love for that which is mysterious or esoteric, and a desire to probe for anything hidden or subtle as if what is found on that level will make them more complete. (Séance parlors are probably filled with people with Venus in the 8th contacting their dear and departed, wherever they may be.)

Venus in 8th House: Here, Venus gives a charisma that outshines any physical imperfections, attracting others in a singular manner that is hard to define. There will be a great test of loyalty at some time during the life, requiring some kind of sacrifice. If there are oppositions or inconjuncts to Venus, this may be a great sacrifice, such as the physical relationship with the beloved.

Love is always bound up with death, loyalty, and sacrifice in some way. It is likely that they will suffer the death or permanent loss of someone beloved, someone beautiful and good. This loss, and its inherent threat of further loss, permanently affects their outlook on life. If the Sun is also in the eighth house, their entire life may be bound up in a drama of love, loyalty, and sacrifice, with death as the last act. This is an extremely self-sacrificial position.

These people take themselves very seriously. They don't wear their hearts on their sleeves, and are very cautious about giving their affections, because any mistake in this area will leave them shattered. They suffer so much from unrequited love that they are extremely cautious, and will wait for a long time before declaring themselves, but once they give their hearts it is usually forever.

They love stories of romantic courage, loyalty, and sacrifice. If they are artists, their works have the same appeal that their personalities have, a sort of pathos, tenderness, and idealism at the heart of a bitter and ironic realism. They are both idealist and cynic, romantic and realist; and the excitement of their personality comes from a constant tension between these extremes.

This position testifies to one whose feelings were persistently ignored or badly hurt in childhood, so that they remain cautious throughout life. If they attain power, they may be cold or cruel to others who they imagine might be cold or cruel to them, though they are usually extremely sensitive and tender toward children, the disabled, animals, or anyone who is clearly vulnerable and from whom they can feel no potential threat.

They are very sexual, and love to make love, but are capable of great restraint. They tend to be jealous, but if forgiveness is asked they will give it freely.

Venus in 8th House: Union: you enjoy being close to another. You appreciate the experience of surrendering to love. But first make sure that love is indeed present before you surrender, and second, be certain that the other person is also in the flow of the same love. Do not seduce another into union; this leads to the pitfalls of inevitable betrayal and loss of harmony. Instead, take advantage of every good feeling to promote shared intimacy. The challenge is to understand that even personal love is a presence between two individuals, something that does not originate in their separate lives, but is instead created out of the harmony that arises from togetherness.

Transformation: Venus loves ritual in all forms, even the extreme rituals of ego-transcendence. The possibility of rebirth offers its own aesthetic, so you willingly participate. You're receptive to psychological change, since you embrace more than you currently embody. The pitfall surrounds the belief that you'll be able to keep all your existing value systems after you've changed. It's as if you look forward to a future self that is the same as your present self, only better able to enjoy the fruits of life. Though this can work to your benefit in some ways, it's still a carrot-and-donkey approach to growth. The challenge is to understand that ego-death means completely giving up old ways of understanding pleasure in favor of new values, and, happily, new pleasures.

Sexual merging: The chemistry of sexual union is a powerful aphrodisiac, a perfume of lovely and delicate scent, a very magical potion. For you, it's the icing on the cake of life. Feminine qualities are emphasized here: enfolding, softening, receiving. Whether you are male or female, it's your beauty that draws others toward union with you. You know how to offer yourself to your beloved in total openness, but there are pitfalls. You can also be seductive, presenting an alluring mask of receptivity to entrap those you wish to snare. You can even seduce yourself into believing you're open when you're not. Remember that sexual vanity is your enemy, not your ally. The challenge is to understand that the aesthetic and physical pleasures of union are truly worthwhile when they occur with the right person, at the right time, in the right setting. Under those conditions, the joy of full release invites self-renewal.

Focused intuition: Your intuitive capabilities have a special purpose, to tap into the vibration of personal love. You also appreciate psychic sensitivity in others. Finding it in someone fills you with pleasure, making your inner world resonate more harmoniously. The pitfall involves using these sensitivities in a purely self-serving manner, rather than with mutuality, to benefit both yourself and others. The challenge is to open yourself to the invisible worlds that exist all around us, worlds of ineffable beauty.

Shared assets: It may be that you stand to inherit money, or marry someone wealthy. In any case, the struggle for money is something you may not understand. Even if you don't have any money, you imagine yourself deserving of it, since you feel it to be the birthright of your superior station. Whether you're correct or deluded, it's a consideration in all your decisions. The pitfall lies in this attitude of complacent superiority, the tendency to overlook real suffering and deprivation in the world.

Nonchalance could inspire enmity in others. The challenge is to use all resources to further expression of love and beauty. This may be limited to family or friends, but it should keep expanding until you've filled the world with love. You can be the shepherd of the open heart, whether or not you have a dime.

Venus in 8th House: You are attracted to warm and sociable persons who are as eager as you are for a meaningful relationship. You have a compelling need to satisfy your strong physical desires, but you are usually on your best behavior, hoping to attract the kind of person who will indulge you in your desires. You are greatly influenced by physically attractive persons who have the same needs as you but who also have qualities you admire. You enjoy doing favors for people, because you know that this increases the likelihood of making the right kinds of social contacts. At first you tend to underestimate your ability to satisfy people's expectations, because you make unfair comparisons between your qualifications and theirs. When you realize that everyone has fears and anxieties, you will be more comfortable with yourself. You don't want to offend others, which is admirable, but it doesn't allow others to know that you also bring something of value to a relationship.

You are willing to make concessions to others and to tolerate their negative qualities because you truly want to understand them and their problems. You tend to regard their positive traits as sufficient compensation for their less desirable qualities. The people you help will remember you; and later in life you should derive some satisfaction from the knowledge that your efforts were appreciated.

You must make many adjustments before you can satisfactorily indulge your personal desires. Obligations to your loved ones must take precedence over personal pleasures. You also have an obligation to fully exploit your creative talents to fulfill the demands of your career. This will improve your image before others and let them know that you share some of their material and personal advantages and that you aren't intimidated by them. Choose a career that requires you to deal with people's problems, because that is probably where you are most effective.

You are generally successful in dealing with people, because you make the concessions that allow for a continuing relationship. They enjoy talking with you, and they know that your interest in them is sincere. You definitely need people to be a sounding board for your intellectual development and to verify that your actions in their behalf have yielded satisfactory results. You must figure out exactly why you are interested in people and what your motivations are for becoming involved with them. There are two possible reasons. On one hand, you may be driven by envy to gain control over their resources, but on the other hand, you may be sincerely concerned for their well-being and want to do what you can to make them happy. You may be tempted by both motives and vacillate between them before making a commitment.

Make certain that you understand every implication of the preceding paragraph. Ideally, your actions will be directed by a strong spiritual desire to make sacrifices in helping those who lack your deep perception in handling problems. While it may often be desirable to make concessions to others, you must not allow them to gain complete control over you so that you cannot fulfill your own destiny.

See also: Venus in the 8th House;

Venus in the 8th House: Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, Alex Jones, Helen Keller, John F. Kennedy, Cathy O’Brien, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Osho, Robert Plant, Joseph Ratzinger, James Taylor, Mother Teresa, Jon Voight, Mark Zuckerberg, Abbe, Andrew, Ashira, David, Erika, George, JulieD, Q, Silas, Sugeet

Venus in the 9th House

The ninth house rules all consciousness-expanding activities. People with this placement will want a relationship to be like a voyage of discovery. They set sail when they become romantically involved. They may be people who enjoy the journey and are less concerned about the destination; this is the point of disembarking. They need a partner to be challenging and stimulating. They enjoy new people, and may be happier single. Their need is for freedom in their relating, to be constantly exploring new territory.

Within a relationship, the sharing of beliefs and philosophies will be important to these people. They will not necessarily be great intellectuals, but they will enjoy intellectual exchanges and have a love of abstract ideas. Discovering knowledge and expanding the mind is a source of pleasure for them. They may enjoy courses that stretch their minds, and will gain happiness from the closeness and rapport they can have with fellow students.

They will want their partner to be interested in their studies, and may well meet a partner in a study situation. This will be something they will want to share. They will feel depleted if their partners do not stimulate them to think. They may want someone with whom they can discuss fundamental issues regarding the nature of the universe and the purpose of life.

These people can make good teachers, being in love with their subject and able to inspire the same in their students. They are able to get on with their students well and to create a happy learning atmosphere. They could fall in love with a student, or equally, as a student themselves, fall in love with their teacher.

They may be drawn to topics like religion, or anything that encompasses the major questions regarding life and the universe. If drawn to subjects of a more limited scope, they will infuse them with a philosophical dimension.

They may also find happiness through travel, another mind-expanding activity. As travelers, they will easily make harmonious contact with others, and are likely to receive generous hospitality from those they meet. They may find a love partner abroad, and possibly remain in a foreign land. Their outlook on life would then be continually stimulated by their partner's different cultural background.

They may choose a partner through whom they come into contact with a different religious framework, which is similar to choosing someone from a different culture. Through such a relationship, they will re-evaluate their own beliefs. Any of these possible scenarios will become more fraught if Venus receives difficult aspects. This could be a placement where people have a guru to whom they offer a very pure love. They are looking for someone noble to love. Love and religious and philosophical aspirations are intertwined for someone with Venus in the ninth.

Venus in 9th House: Keywords: Interested in publishing, creative thinking, living abroad, marriage to someone exotic.

Corresponding to the mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius, the ninth house has traditionally been associated with foreign travel, higher education, philosophy, religion, publishing and the law. Most significantly, each of these concerns reflects a preoccupation with the exploration of profound social, philosophical and religious values that reach beyond the attainment of financial rewards and romantic / sensual gratification. Whereas the diametrically opposed third house concerns learning - the accumulation of ideas - the ninth house represents teaching - the assemblage of those concepts into a system that can be transmitted to others. While the third house individual may, for instance, perform or write as a means of communicating ideas, the ninth house personality aspires to direct or publish in order to oversee, instruct, cultivate and guide the development of others' skills and talents in keeping with his / her overall vision.

Individuals with Venus in the ninth house rely on the knowledge obtained from independent research, academic studies or an in-depth understanding of philosophical, religious and legal principles to gain admiration and deference, resulting in their attainment of self-respect (Fire house). To elevate their self-esteem even further, they tend to inundate themselves (often to the point of fanaticism) with as much worldly experience (for example foreign travel, attending conferences, participating in cultural events) as possible in order to impress others. Since relationships are not usually fulfilling for them unless there is constant growth and something they are continually learning, many people with this placement marry either their students or their teachers. It is important to remember that, as with Venus in Sagittarius, a relationship in which the roles of student and teacher are being enacted will often end once the student catches up with the teacher. If the relationship is to endure, it is necessary to transform it into one of equals.

Because the ninth house symbolizes the search for freedom of expression, it is not unusual for this position to promote people with highly individual, creative and even flamboyant behavior that is reflected in their wardrobe, hairstyles, cultural interests and friends. By the same token, personal and professional relationships require independence, the exploration of broader horizons, and a need for constant intellectual stimulation. It is not uncommon for these people to marry foreigners and relocate to their spouse's homeland either temporarily or permanently, since this breeds a situation in which the two are continually teaching each other about their respective cultures.

Although Venus enjoys luxury and economic prosperity, its position in the ninth house is one of the planet's least materialistic locations. In their search for love and creative self-expression, those with Venus in this house are not motivated by personal gain, but seek an outlet for their knowledge and fervent convictions. Extremely passionate, arrogant and, at times, fanatical in their need to instruct others and share their points of view, these people often feel compelled to convert others to their religious, political or philosophical beliefs. Their magnetism and judiciousness make them excellent spokespeople, advocates and lobbyists - positions that demand the patience, determination and diplomacy of Venus as well as the brutal honesty, directness and idealism for which the ninth house and its corresponding sign, Sagittarius, are best known.

Blessed with an incredible lust for life and authentic love of people, these restless individuals enjoy travelling, socializing and attending cultural and media events. An almost obsessive need to explore new avenues of thought, however, makes it extremely difficult for them to forego their independent and stimulating lifestyles. To maintain their arrogance, sense of authority and need to be right, Venus in the ninth house produces an attraction to partners who either share their 'wanderlust' or encourage the pursuit of new ideas, studies and projects. Not unlike individuals with Venus in the third house, those with Venus in the ninth house will avoid intimacy unless they are convinced that intellectual stimulation, excitement and freedom can still be maintained.

Emblematic of their quest for knowledge and spiritual truth through higher education, foreign travel and intellectual exchanges, the ninth house is affiliated with researchers, academicians, teachers, attorneys, writers (especially journalists), politicians, publishers or translators. If Venus is conjunct the Midheaven, it is even more important for these people to be recognized for their knowledge, which they feel compelled to share through one of the aforementioned professions. This often results in the formation of creative collaborations (actor / director, writer / editor) or professional partnerships (law firm, joint research) through which their strong convictions or philosophy of life may be expressed. If these particular fields of interest are not further developed or utilized, they may simply search for a partner who either practices one of the aforementioned professions or is passionate and opinionated about the very subjects of which these individuals wish to know more.

While individuals with Venus placed in this area of the horoscope may indeed be passionate about ninth house issues such as philosophy, religion, law and politics, they refuse to teach or practice professionally unless they can inject creativity into areas that may otherwise be dry and dull. While the ninth house is long on theory and devoid of practicality, Venus provides these people with diplomacy, a sense of ethics, the powers of persuasion and the facility for expressing their strong opinions and points of view both passionately and convincingly.

If Venus is positively aspected, these people derive their validation from opinions, travel and worldly knowledge - this is part of what makes them attractive to others. If Venus is poorly situated, however, the need to be right prevents compromise and being able to see another person's point of view - both of which are vital for any successful relationship.

An inability to balance romantic idealism with the practicalities of everyday life may be manifest.

Venus in 9th House: With this placement, the love nature is raised to a higher consciousness as the individual's life symbolizes a spiritual journey into light. Through learning, literature, travel and foreigners, he discovers the expansive feelings for a philosophy or religion through which he will experience his place in humanity.

Venus here creates an affinity for the outdoor settings whose great peace and natural harmony helps to bring out this individual's spirit for life. From this instinctive sensitivity to environmental beauty comes his romantic and often inspirational feeling for the changing scenic wonders of nature. Thus, through an adventurous spirit, always yearning to feel, experience and know the distant horizons that transcend man's limits, he reaches to feel the broad expansive wonder of life which fills him with an overwhelming sense of awe for the natural beauty of the universe. Yet, because his life is a quest, often reaching for what he is not yet ready to attain, he can have great difficulty getting in touch with his true feelings.

His sense of exaggeration often puts his feelings out of perspective. He can become distant from himself through a philosophical sense of wandering, as if he were considering some vague human abstraction rather than the true current of his own personal life. Thus, he may see the expansive overview of humanity while at the same time feeling a vague uncertainty as to his role within it.

Many with this placement experience a sense of frustration and restlessness, which, instead of allowing them to feel appreciation for all they are, often makes them scatter their energies into one superficial area after another. In all areas of feeling, there tends to be a running away from involvement, commitment and the lasting constancy, which is the true beauty of love.

The Ninth House is symbolically ruled by Sagittarius (the archer-centaur) - half man and half horse. Thus, the experiences of Venus in this House are leading the individual to make peace with the wildness of his animal nature; for it is only through a sincere love for the beauty of human wisdom in tune with divine law that he can learn how to raise his consciousness above the restless 'horse of desire'.

Once the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, a great change in consciousness occurs. Rather than his scattering his feelings indiscriminately, there is an appreciation by him of a higher truth, which the individual will follow for the rest of his days. In whatever he does, or whoever he shares his feelings with, this devotion to truth and the correctness of life in accordance perhaps with a great Master, or religious principle, or even the truth he learns naturally from life, becomes the discipline without chains which lights his path and illuminates his heart.

He may spend years travelling and roaming, appearing to others as if he is unsettled. Yet, he never roams from his devotion to the truth, for he is a disciple of the spirit of divine law made manifest through man's love for the collective consciousness of humanity. Thus, he enlightens others through the literacy and wisdom he manages to acquire. He breathes the vivid spark of truth into the hearts of others, and he teaches the vision of love's optimism, hope and open sincerity to all who are fortunate enough to understand the prophetic wisdom he finds.

His very special Gift of Love comes from his ability to expansively enrich the minds of others, joyously lighting their way with the loving candle of abundant hope, glistening in the flame of truth!

Venus in 9th House: For many of us, sitting down to contemplate the meaning and purpose of existence results in a headache. but rather than just struggling endlessly with religious and philosophical issues, those with Venus in the 9th usually derive greater happiness, peace and well¬being from their belief systems. Somehow it wouldn’t be right for a 9th house Venus to project anything too nasty onto God: in Venus's eyes, only that which is fair, just and equitable deserves to be worshipped. Whether their God manages to live up to these high expectations will be shown by the aspects to Venus and other placements in the 9th.

There is usually a love of travel and adventure, and the promise of beneficial and pleasurable experiences to be had through them. Possessing a natural appreciation and fascination for the diversity of life expressed in the customs of different cultures, they might fall in love with a country other than their own, emulating its taste and style. Some may even marry someone foreign or a person met on holiday or abroad. This is also a good placement for teachers and educators who will be able to communicate the love of their subject to their students. Venus in the 9th easily and graciously enthuses about those things which they find valuable. Writers and artists with this placement invariably share their philosophy of life through their creations.

On a lighter note, relationships with in-laws are usually favored if Venus is well¬ aspected in the 9th. If we understand a planet in a house to indicate the way in which we should meet the affairs of that house, then Venus here suggests that in-laws can be handled with tact and diplomacy.

Venus in 9th House: Conceptual frameworks: In the 9th, Venus reveals the pleasures of mentality. You love philosophy and formal concepts. You love knowing what the rules are, and searching for more aesthetic ways of understanding. Not necessarily a great intellect yourself, you are drawn to the charismatic personalities of great thinkers. You love to be in the flow of mentality, to have it wash over you like a cascading waterfall. This is not the love of conversation, nor mere mental cleverness; you quickly tire of those. No, this is the love of ideas, of understanding based on sweeping patterns of creative thought. The pitfall lies in the difference between simply learning philosophy, and the more disciplined effort of living a truly ethical life. The challenge is to fill your world with aesthetic ideas, to make it sing with the beauty of an expanded mind, and to share those pleasures with everyone.

Cultural perspective: The immediate environment is less attractive than what exists over the horizon. Travel is a luxury, a lovely adventure. Being relationship-oriented, you cultivate personal relationships with individuals from cultural backgrounds different from your own. This may mean that you are drawn to foreigners in a literal sense. It may also be that you're attracted to people with enlarged and perhaps exotic perspectives on human experience. The pitfall involves becoming so enamored with your longing for travel and increased cultural perspective that you overlook the satisfactions existing in ordinary surroundings. Keep in mind that love, happiness and enjoyment are ubiquitous and can be discovered anywhere on the Earth, not just over the next hill. Your challenge is to promote the appreciation of the world and all its diverse cultures.

Higher education: Higher education is a continuing source of pleasure. You're very receptive to learning; and little in your world brings greater satisfaction than the flow of knowledge. With Mercury, active dialogue is necessary. However, you are much more comfortable when in the receiving position. It's not so much that you wish to be wise, but instead that you truly love surrounding yourself with ideas. Thus. you could be quite happy sitting at home reading a book on art or philosophy; and you're even happier attending a lecture, being in the actual living presence of a master. There is no innate sense of inferiority, however - just a love of the pure, unmitigated luxury of education.

The search for truth: For you, truth must not be ugly. A good-looking lie is more attractive than a homely truth. You want to warm it, to polish it until it shines, to bring out the beauty inherent in any truth. The challenge is to reveal the aesthetic goodness in what is true, to show yourself and us the way to appreciate the truth. Telling the truth must reflect this task. Communicate with grace, and you move toward greater harmony with nature and the universe. Truth is beauty; truth is love.

Ideal society: You believe that love should fill the world, that people should be nicer to one another. In your perfect society, failure to love would be a cardinal sin. This society would be a romantic culture, in soft-focus and pastel colors. You believe in art and high style. The world would be filled with lovely objects and beautiful people; ugliness would be impossible to conceive. There would be no upsets, no crises, no embarrassing social scenes. Everyone would display graceful manners and seemly behavior. As Ruler of the World, you would be the paragon of

Venus in 9th House: Being accepted in the social mainstream is most important to you. Though it annoys you to concede to others when you know they're wrong, you feel that it is politically advisable, and that doing otherwise might jeopardize your chances of being accepted. Once you are established, however, you won't make such concessions, because you consider it unbecoming. You prefer honesty, and you are perfectly willing to tell people you like them if they seem pleasant and attractive. You enjoy your children as they enjoy you, and you know how to cultivate their desire to live up to their own creative potentials. You try to be understanding of your partner's needs; and you are always willing to discuss any problems that come up. If the lines of communication are kept open at all times, you feel that most difficulties can be resolved. You know how to adapt to any circumstances that allow you to fully exploit your creative potentials.

People are attracted to you because you know how to make them feel important. Even with people you've just met, you tactfully let them believe that you share their views and that you find them pleasing because you have 'always been attracted to people who have a keen sense of values'. Your mate finds you delightful because of your poise and skill in dealing with people, even those who are socially undesirable. Never satisfied with your accomplishments, you constantly set new goals to reach. Though you accept favors from friends, you usually reciprocate when they need help from you.

You find repetitive jobs tedious and boring. You are drawn to occupations in which there is a minimum of routine and you are free to deal with the public. You also want opportunities to grow and to demonstrate your competence as your skills increase and you are ready for greater responsibility. You are somewhat turned off by people who lack polish and sophistication; but it is through them that you can show what you can accomplish in your career. Your position might allow you to intercede with those in high places who can help people in need. You will grow as long as you realize that you need to know a great deal to earn the respect of those whom you serve in your profession.

You should pursue your goals with the same determination you showed when your early conditioning taught you that nothing in life is free. Fulfill your family obligations first, and then you can devote yourself to exploiting your creative potentials in your career. Any sacrifice you made to gain a formal education was the most worthwhile investment of your life.

The worst thing you could do is to imagine that others' needs are less important than yours. If you let yourself think that they only want to get something out of you, you will miss a great opportunity to achieve your goals, because others will doubt that you deserve to achieve them. On the other hand, conceding to the needs of others enriches you more than it does them. After all, aren't they giving you the chance to prove yourself? Plan your moves carefully so that you don't unknowingly undermine those who helped you when you were starting out.

Venus in 9th or 10th House: Here we see the power of love versus the love of power. Venus at the top of the chart gives good looks and, frequently, real beauty, but in any case there is always the ability to command attention.

Many monarchs, politicians, and statesmen have Venus near the Midheaven. It is a particularly good position for those interested in a career in the arts, though it is good for any career as it attracts favorable attention. If they become public figures, the public is inclined to love them and to forgive all faults. The public will be very interested in their love lives because they will always appear to be surrounded by romantic intrigue. The public is inclined to make them into icons or institutions in later life, and enshrine them after death as symbols of something. This will be true to a lesser extent even for those who never reach beyond smaller circles, since they will still be known by name by more people than they know personally, and their lives and loves will be discussed and wondered at by the community at large.

They are excellent salesmen; but their most important product is themselves. They are usually extremely adventurous and love travel and motion, finding it very hard to stay put for any length of time. If career or family demands keep them in one place, they will take vacations to distant places.

They are fascinated by faraway places and far-out ideas, yet usually remain attracted to conservative values and to the friends and scenes of their youth. They may suffer stress from being torn between new ideas and their promoters and the old tried and true, never really able to give up the latter. For some reason, Venus at the Midheaven gives tremendous physical stamina and courage, and the urge to conquer the heights, literally ¬manifested in a love of mountains and the grandeur of nature.

With Venus in the ninth on the cusp of the tenth, they tend to back causes; in the tenth, their big cause is themselves. In the ninth, this is an achiever who never stops trying, with a love of philosophy and travel; in the tenth, there is tremendous personal authority. Many generals have Venus in the tenth. In either house, they are great intriguers, diplomats, and manipulators.

They are inclined to be narcissistic, more interested in themselves and their own ideas and needs than in those of others; but they are so attractive that no-one minds. They are inclined to go their own way; and others can follow if they choose, which they usually do. They are extremely adept at getting their own way.

If there are bad aspects to Venus, there may be a weight problem, emotional in origin. A fear of sex could be the root cause of this, particularly with women, who may overeat to fill a hunger for love. They may also turn gray early in life. They may experience difficulties having children; love affairs or children may be destructive or tormenting. With bad aspects to Venus at the Midheaven, there is always danger of a sex scandal at some time in the life.

They are inclined toward luxury; and they love to surround themselves with objects of beauty, both animate and inanimate. They have a great appetite for grandeur, and will go to it (the mountains) or build it around themselves.

See also: Venus in the 9th House; Venus in the 9th House;

Venus in the 9th House: Ursula Andress, Al Capone, George Carlin, Deepak Chopra, Sean Connery, James Dean, Robert Downey, Jr., Michael Jordan, Marilyn Monroe, Friedrich Nietzche, Ezra Pound, Ayn Rand, Babe Ruth, H.G. Wells, Al, AlexP, Andrea, Antonio, BenSt, Cate, Cesar (end), Elijah, Jason, JerryH, Joy, Lance, Lina, Patrice, Samp, Sarik, Suzanne, Tammy, Tyler

Venus in the 10th House

These are people who want to be noted for their beauty, style, charm and grace. The tenth house is their public image, and this means they will want to look their best and may feel 'on show' as far as their looks are concerned. They may be very fashion-conscious, or possess a very attractive style. They have a good sense of how to present themselves to their advantage. They will be very aware of the social niceties, never putting a foot wrong or making a social gaffe.

They will be drawn to others who have a combination of style and status, beauty, dignity and bearing. They will want someone who does them credit and enhances their status in some way. This could be based on their partner's looks, fashion-consciousness, creative achievements, or connections in 'arty' or literary circles. They are looking for a person who is popular and attractive to a lot of people.

They may meet a partner associated with their career. They may want a relationship that involves working together, perhaps a shared business venture. They might want a partner with whom they share an ambition. What will be important here is the feeling of identification with and support for each other's goals.

Love and ambition become intertwined for people with Venus in the tenth. They could channel their own ambitions through a partner. Their partner's success would then offer them a kind of reflected glory. Or, their ambition could be to have a particular type of partner. They can be social climbers. Yet again, their main ambition in life may be to achieve a conventionally happy relationship, and this may be the yardstick against which they judge their success. They want to be known to the world as part of a couple. A rather gross example of this is seen in the cars with 'Kevin and Sharon' emblazoned over their windscreens. More positively, people with Venus in the tenth could make their goal in life a relationship with the person they love.

People with this placement may work in a creative field and be drawn to others who share this interest. They may be involved in the entertainment industry and want to share a rather glamorous and high-profile existence with a partner. They may enjoy being one half of a 'beautiful couple' and having others admire them.

This could describe someone who has an empty, show relationship with no real substance behind the image. It can easily be a placement where love is expedient, for a variety of reasons. This could describe someone who knows he or she is homosexual or lesbian but marries in order to appear normal and fit into society. Or it could described someone who marries the boss's son or daughter - someone who makes a relationship that gives her or him considerable advantages.

For those occupying a public position, this placement can describe a love relationship with the public, where the adulation they receive may be more important to them than a personal relationship. One also sometimes finds celebrities in ostentatious relationships that are more about media hype and image than about genuine love and affection. On a more everyday level, this might be someone who was overly concerned with what the neighbors thought. Alternatively, this placement could signify a popular local figure.

These are likely to be people who believe the world is a happy place, and who expect things to be easy and comfortable for them. They may well as a result draw very favorable conditions to themselves; but in so far as they do not, they could mind a lot and be very unhappy.

This can be a placement where the mother has been pretentious. The tenth house will describe the mother's ambitions for her child, often unconscious ones, that a child will take on. for a woman, there might have been pressure to be elegant and graceful as a child. For example, she might have been forced to take piano lessons and ballet classes and, if from the middle or upper classes, sent to finishing school. She may have been brought up to be ladylike and expected to marry well. A man may have been brought up to be chivalrous, charming and exceptionally polite. This can be a man who has been made to have manners. The mother is often very aware of how a combination of these attributes in her offspring, together with good social connections, can help them get on in life. At worst, someone with Venus in the tenth grows up to value all that is superficial and empty at the expense of deeper and more genuine relating. While this might be a mother who values social polish highly, she may equally have been fostering her child's creative and artistic talents too. Whatever the actual background of people with Venus in the tenth, their relating patterns will be particularly heavily influenced by their mother.

Venus in 10th House: Keywords: Creative goals; projecting beauty, glamour and illusion; harmonious or creative father figure.

Commencing the tenth house, the Midheaven is the horoscope's most elevated point, and aptly describes the highest professional achievements for which we consciously strive.

While the ascendant, which defines our immediate impression upon our environment, is, like breathing, automatic and unconscious, the Midheaven and, ultimately, the tenth house describes how we wish to be perceived and whether that image has been successfully achieved. Because the tenth house has always represented the conscious choices we make and the position in life to which we aspire, it is defined as the sphere of professional achievements, recognition, public service and fame.

Just as the fourth house has traditionally been the house of the mother or the provider of emotional nourishment, the tenth house represents the father or the goal-setter and authority figure. Due to the interchangeability of parental role models, the two houses can be viewed as the parental axis, the fourth house signifying the more nurturing parent and the tenth house typifying the professional role model and the attributes he or she inspires. With Venus in the tenth house, the most admired parent has instilled - by example or instruction - the importance of diplomacy, salesmanship and popularity in attaining one's goals. On the negative side, people with Venus in this house have learned to associate success with a beautiful, friendly and good-tempered personality at such an early age that their public image often becomes confused with their private feelings. With so many children presently raised in single-parent households, it is not necessarily the father who is the career-orientated parent; and, as a result, the tenth house also represents how we are viewed publicly, while the fourth house denotes what we are really like in the sanctity of our own home. If the tenth house, its ruler and / or occupying planet are harmonious, this image is, for the most part, successfully conveyed. If they are afflicted, there will indeed be a conflict between the private and public image. There may also be too much dependence on the approval of others; or ambitions may be lived out through a successful partner - which ultimately leads to a sense of frustration.

In light of this, individuals with Venus in the tenth house wish to be recognized for their boundless creativity, compassion, determination, and, most obviously, their beauty. While this placement commonly appears in the charts of actors, models and other luminaries whose charismatic charm, beauty and / or artistry have been carefully nurtured and thrust upon the public, the idolatry that they generate also satisfies their need for acknowledgement. While it is certainly not easy to second-guess the public or methodically to cultivate an attractive and infectious image, it is this unique ability to connect with the masses that makes these individuals excellent actors and politicians. While their 'people skills', social concern and facility to mediate tense situations make them well-suited for careers in public office, it is their ability to project a likable image that attracts voters and gets them elected. Other professions which employ the aesthetics, diplomacy and prosperity of Venus include singing, architecture, interior design, banking and law.

Not merely satisfied with excelling artistically, those with this placement demand that the fruits of their labor be respected, acknowledged professionally and rewarded financially. Due to their practicality, sobriety and vast ambition (tenth house), people with Venus in the tenth house take their relationships quite seriously and are unlikely to indulge in a frivolous sexual union or even to contemplate a relationship unless there are indications of permanence. Fiercely loyal and devoted mates, they are usually attracted to accomplished, prosperous partners who may not strike a passionate chord but who can be counted on to support their quest for artistic and / or financial success. If their approach to life includes the desire to have children, this will usually be impeded until economic stability is assured; and, if they do opt to steer their lives in that direction, parenthood is undertaken with the same commitment and seriousness as any other project or relationship.

Venus in 10th House: With this placement, the individual's love nature is focused on his career, the acceptance he can achieve with his peers and his community, and his ability to express through matter and form the lasting beauty from which society establishes its permanence. He feels a keen sensitivity to the beauty of tradition, the classic hallmarks of standards which last through the ages, and the harmony of mature wisdom. Thus, he seeks to feel the stature of man in his glory, who through the beauty of upright character and refined dignity is fit to be the master of his destiny, the protective head of his household and the ruler who exemplifies through his love for society the enduring quality of human goodness.

Yet, with all of his efforts, he can experience great difficulty in actually feeling love until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are completed.

His need for personal appreciation while preserving his sense of dignity can make him reluctant to show his feelings. Thus, he creates walls between himself and others, which inhibits the flow of his spontaneity. As a result, his feelings can become rigid, patterned and over structured by admiring a prestigious lifestyle which makes pretentious lifestyle which makes pretentious demands upon the naturalness of his feelings.

Some with this placement can form lasting relationships and partnerships or even marry, not for love, but for the feel of status, the accumulation of wealth, or the formation of what seems to be an otherwise practical or convenient union. If the individual does this, he tends to lose his human quality and instead fills his life with untouchable treasures and unreachable worth, hidden by his inability to recognize his real feelings and tap his own resources. Thus, although the individual can have a strong sense of quality, his preoccupation with what he defines as established comfort, or with the level in life's station that he seeks, can make it extremely difficult for him to experience the beauty of his sincere feelings.

Once the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, however, the individual experiences a new outlook on life. He begins to cast off his false sense of established dignity, lowering the drawbridge of the fortress which gets in the way of his feelings, and instead recognizes his ability to experience real meaning.

From this, he learns that the only true authority an individual can have comes not from a need to feel comfortably above others, or even from trying to control their feelings, but rather from the very gentle loving care and moral wisdom which every great Sage and Master knew as the secret of true protective 'fatherly love'.

Thus, he learns how to honor the love of his father, father-like figures, mentors, teachers, and the Holy Father who is at every moment filling him with the love to realize the permanent beauty of his honest achievements. And, it is from this ability that he learns how to be a builder of society, functioning within the safe and secure guidelines of expressing man's higher values.

His life stands as a praiseworthy example of the realized man who puts love into all he does. He begins to devote himself to the establishment of principles, structures, projects or masterpieces, whose enduring truthful beauty is so powerful that they will far outlast him. Thus, he becomes dedicated to seeking the harmony that will withstand the test of time.

His very special Gift of Love unfolds through his feeling for sincere commitments, fair rules and the propriety and stability of lasting ethics which become the very foundation of society's ability to master and preserve its enduring goodness.

Venus in 10th House: If we understand the 10th house to be how we wish to appear to others, then Venus here is not likely to go out of the house looking too disheveled (or without her trusty girdle on). Those with this placement want to be seen for their beauty, taste, grace or style. Professions are sought which afford them the opportunity to look beautiful or exhibit these traits: the artistic field, the fashion world, etc.. Regardless of the chosen career, Venus in the 10th people need and desire a harmonious working situation doing a job they value with people they like. Aspects to Venus may show other parts of the character which render fulfilling this aim more difficult.

Venus in the 10th suggests a warm, close tie with the mother, although certain difficulties may present themselves. If Venus is projected onto the mother, then she is experienced as the one with a monopoly on sexual power, taste and style. The little girl with this placement may feel inept or awkward next to such a mother, or turn her into a rival with whom she competes for attention. The boy-child may be as receptive to the mother's sexuality as he is to her maternal qualities. Mother then carries the image of the beloved, and other women will have to compete with her.

Venus in 10th House: Collective responsibility: Responsibility is a source of true enjoyment. The pitfall is that you so enjoy both the rigors and the rewards of collective responsibility that too much of your urge for pleasure is focused into work. Do not become a workaholic. On the other hand, guard against the tendency to expect your work to be more pleasant than the work required of others. If there is to be élite status, especially at the spiritual level, you must earn it with a display of grace under pressure. The challenge is to foster the art of love and enjoyment, to show that growing up and taking part in the collective life around us can be, and indeed should be, a beautiful experience.

Professional ambition: Your most prized possession is your social image; and you love nothing better than polishing it. You're happiest when you're working, or in the public sector, dealing with the world at large. You know how to present yourself, how to show your best side to the camera. One might presume that linking Venus to the 10th house might correspond to a lack of ambition, but this is not usually the case. There is, however, greater flow in ambition; more pleasure than effort. You work better in tandem than alone; and your business partnerships often have a basis in affection. You're drawn to careers involving art, beauty, aesthetics, or luxury. You can be your own product, an actor or model, or you could market products designed for entertainment or leisure. Whatever profession you choose, it should bring you pleasure in doing it, or you should try something else. At the most symbolic level, your career is love, and you need to love your career.

Missions and messages: It is your female qualities that stand out in our eyes. Through your living, we remember the importance of active receptivity and the power of personal magnetism. You have a radiance that puts us in touch with our sensitivity to beauty, the flow of graceful living. More than anything else, we learn about personal love from the example of your own life. You may or may not be fulfilled in love; you may or may not be beautiful; but either way, we are sparked to consider these qualities through your efforts at expressing them.

'Outer-link' parent: Placement of a feminine symbol in this traditionally masculine area can indicate that the father's impact was suspended, or his power superseded by the mother, although that possibility is greater with the Moon or Neptune here than with Venus. But strong or weak, present or absent, your affection for your father is enduring. You learned to link love and work through him. his appreciation of the world was a source of inspiration for you, and you adopted that orientation for yourself. There was a reliance on keeping up appearances, putting on a face to show the world. Even if there was conflict, you imprinted on that same sense of hospitality the ambition to be a good host or hostess.

Authority: Your regard for authority is based not as much on pure respect for structure as it is on love of prestige and those who have it. Even if you're chafing at the bit of oppression, something in you still loves the contact with power. Your own authority is based on affection rather than power; on harmony rather than impact. You do not command, but instead draw people's attention magnetically. A sense of social tact and gentle order are keystones of your leadership. You understand better than most people the principle that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar; and it's appropriate that you cultivate these talents into a high art form.

Venus in 10th House: You learn how to use your good qualities to achieve the best results. Not wanting to incur anyone's displeasure, you make any necessary concessions to gain the public's attention and still satisfy your ambitions. When a dispute threatens, you generally maintain harmony by giving the other person the benefit of the doubt. Although you may be unhappy with conditions on the job, you adapt to them without complaining so that no-one suspects you are displeased. You love to have the comforts that money can buy, which is why you want to be successful in your career. You won't resort to underhanded methods to get what you want out of life, knowing how easy it would be to lose everything you have gained. You take pride in your ethical behavior. When you know that others are taking liberties with the law, you are upset, for you know you are powerless to do anything about it.

People enjoy being around you because you know how to make them feel comfortable. You don't make demands; and they can express their opinions freely with you. Not that you don't have opinions of your own, but you feel that you can achieve your ultimate purposes best by cultivating as many friendly relationships as possible. You look ahead to the day when you will no longer have to be occupied with your career and you can turn your attention to pleasurable vocational pursuits.

You don't find domestic life particularly appealing, although you may be a good parent just the same. You can usually find a way to fulfill the demands of family life while devoting most of your energy to your career. You need to prove that you can be successful in your career, even though it is not what your parents would have chosen for you. It is easy for you to put your best foot forward with finesse. You understand that if you are reticent, someone else will get the promotion.

You find it difficult to decide whether your love relationships or your career should have priority. Each of these areas seems to constantly intrude on the other. You may be concerned about your ability to satisfy your family's needs and give them every advantage and opportunity to become successful. You similarly use every chance you get to demonstrate your abilities and further exploit your creative potentials. But you don't mind waiting for the appropriate moment to set forth your ideas in planning for your future. You know how to keep your opinions to yourself when it will enhance your position before the world and in your career.

The most negative thing you can do is to doubt your ability to do what you want with your future or believe that you are any less qualified than others. If you develop a feeling of responsibility for those who are influenced by you and realize how much they depend on you, you will be increasingly aware that you are needed. You know how to capitalize on your training to get attention from people in important positions. Your superiors have confidence in you, and are impressed with your growth potential.

Venus in 9th or 10th House: Here we see the power of love versus the love of power. Venus at the top of the chart gives good looks and, frequently, real beauty, but in any case there is always the ability to command attention.

Many monarchs, politicians, and statesmen have Venus near the Midheaven. It is a particularly good position for those interested in a career in the arts, though it is good for any career as it attracts favorable attention. If they become public figures, the public is inclined to love them and to forgive all faults. The public will be very interested in their love lives because they will always appear to be surrounded by romantic intrigue. The public is inclined to make them into icons or institutions in later life, and enshrine them after death as symbols of something. This will be true to a lesser extent even for those who never reach beyond smaller circles, since they will still be known by name by more people than they know personally, and their lives and loves will be discussed and wondered at by the community at large.

They are excellent salesmen; but their most important product is themselves. They are usually extremely adventurous and love travel and motion, finding it very hard to stay put for any length of time. If career or family demands keep them in one place, they will take vacations to distant places.

They are fascinated by faraway places and far-out ideas, yet usually remain attracted to conservative values and to the friends and scenes of their youth. They may suffer stress from being torn between new ideas and their promoters and the old tried and true, never really able to give up the latter. For some reason, Venus at the Midheaven gives tremendous physical stamina and courage, and the urge to conquer the heights, literally ¬manifested in a love of mountains and the grandeur of nature.

With Venus in the ninth on the cusp of the tenth, they tend to back causes; in the tenth, their big cause is themselves. In the ninth, this is an achiever who never stops trying, with a love of philosophy and travel; in the tenth, there is tremendous personal authority. Many generals have Venus in the tenth. In either house, they are great intriguers, diplomats, and manipulators.

They are inclined to be narcissistic, more interested in themselves and their own ideas and needs than in those of others; but they are so attractive that no-one minds. They are inclined to go their own way; and others can follow if they choose, which they usually do. They are extremely adept at getting their own way.

If there are bad aspects to Venus, there may be a weight problem, emotional in origin. A fear of sex could be the root cause of this, particularly with women, who may overeat to fill a hunger for love. They may also turn gray early in life. They may experience difficulties having children; love affairs or children may be destructive or tormenting. With bad aspects to Venus at the Midheaven, there is always danger of a sex scandal at some time in the life.

They are inclined toward luxury; and they love to surround themselves with objects of beauty, both animate and inanimate. They have a great appetite for grandeur, and will go to it (the mountains) or build it around themselves.

See also: Venus in the 10th House;

Venus in the 10th House: Ammachi, Kim Basinger, Warren Buffett, Carlos Castaneda, Tom Cruise, Salvadore Dali, Johnny Depp, Albert Einstein, Bobby Fischer, J.Paul Getty, Nicole Kidman, Carl Lewis, Maharaj Ji, Willie Nelson Jack Nicholson, Mitt Romney, Vincent van Gogh, Cesar (cusp), Cheri, ChrisTr, Clark, Jean, Komala, LouG, Merrill, MFor, Molly, Nicole, Tara

Venus in the 11th House

People with Venus in the eleventh house will derive pleasure and happiness from a large circle of friends and acquaintances. They may be a part of several different social networks, as they are capable of interacting with a wide variety of people.

Friends will be a high priority for people with Venus in the eleventh; and they will spend a lot of time maintaining friendships. Their happiness is very dependent on their circle of friends. Discord between others can adversely affect them; they want everyone to like and get on with everyone else.

People with this placement who have not developed their own friendships may expect their partner to provide them with a circle of friends. They may come to see their partner's friends as theirs, not recognizing that they only know these people through their partner, and that they do not have their own friends.

They are likely to find a partner through their social activities. If they do have their own circle of friends, they will want to draw their partner into their social sphere, and will similarly move in on their partner's social life. These are not likely to be individuals who have separate friends.

In a relationship, shared hopes and wishes will also matter to them. They will want their partner to enter into their dreams for the future, and will want to be involved in and share in their partner's vision of their future. This, more than anything, will be what binds them to another.

They may be people who get a lot of their relating needs met through their participation in an organization. This could be an ideologically based group such as Friends of the Earth or a political party; or one representing something else they feel strongly about. They will derive well-being from involvement in group activities, and they enjoy the camaraderie offered by a shared ideal. They may find a love relationship with someone they meet in this setting. Whether in this context or not, they may be drawn to someone who displays strong convictions.

They enjoy and perform well in any group situation where co-operation is required. They do well when working as part of a team. They tend to thrive in co-operative ventures. They may enjoy group holidays. This is a very sociable person who has a high degree of tolerance and acceptance for each individual within a group. People with this placement are able to act as a mediator between others in order to achieve group cohesion, and contribute immensely to the smooth running of any organization.

These are people who may place their friends and involvement in groups above any romantic involvement. Platonic love may matter as much to them; and anyone they become intimately involved with will have to be capable of being their best friend too.

Venus in 11th House: Keywords: Enjoying group activities and friendships, having high ideals and hopes.

Just as the placement of Venus in the third and seventh Air houses focuses on the ease with which individuals form interpersonal relationships, its position in the airy eleventh house encourages group activities that accommodate creative ideas, love, and the need to be associated with a unit. Because the eleventh sign/ house represents an attempt to align with a force greater than the self, that is, the 'limiting' sphere of home and family, those with Venus in this house only value themselves if they can identify with a particular group - whether it be their circle of friends, the community, the nation or their belief system - political, philosophical or religious. In fact, the placement of Venus in this area of the chart almost guarantees that part of the reason one attracts or is attracted to a particular partner lies in shared political, social, cultural and/ or artistic ideals.

Passionate, diplomatic, charming and well-spoken, those with Venus in the eleventh house are often called upon to mediate or be spokespeople for an organization, idea or product. Dedicated to the improvement of their social, political and cultural milieu, they often devote more time to community activism than to their own families, whom they are often accused of neglecting. or this reason, it is vital for them to select socially concerned partners, who either share or, at least, respect their ideological points of view. Most important, their partners must provide the friendship, intellectual stimulation and freedom of expression that go beyond the sensual enjoyment and monetary security so important to other placements of Venus. (The need for a spouse or partner who is valued as a friend is particularly acute of Venus is the ruler or the descendant - that is, if Taurus or Libra is on the seventh house cusp.)

While Aquarius (the eleventh sign) and the eleventh house are often promulgated as representing social, political and religious values, the placement of Venus describes the precise relationship formed within the group, community or organization espousing those ideals. Because Venus is directed towards harmony, artistry and beautification, individuals with this planet in the eleventh house are attracted to creative arts organizations or troupes whose vision may also extend to the social and political arenas. Their functions within the group structure may range from being observers to being a vital part of the group's artistic or public relations staff - each role utilizes their powers of persuasion.

While traditional astrological texts infer that one's friendships (eleventh house) are primarily with women (Venus), it is more appropriate to describe Venus in the eleventh house as the ability to maintain long-lasting friendships (eleventh house) with individuals (regardless of sex) who are creative, passionate and loyal (Venus). This position also suggests that the ideal situation is one in which the spouse or love interest is also a friend and/ or colleague - because people with Venus in this house tend to spend a fair amount of time away from home.

Since the eleventh house is categorized as one of Air, the placement of Venus there epitomizes the ethereal, cerebral Goddess who assigns more importance to platonic love than to physical love. Since the eleventh house signifies one's hopes and dreams, those with Venus in this house have extremely high and often unrealistic expectations for their partners, whom they expect to live up to the ethical standards of the organizations to which they belong - an almost impossible task. It is very important that these individuals separate everyday reality from their exaggerated idealism without relinquishing their dedication and activism. On the other hand, an afflicted Venus may cause such devotion to causes or even to friends that elements of insecurity and jealousy may enter their relationships, thus jeopardizing otherwise meaningful associations in both the personal and the professional sphere.

The impracticality of those with Venus in this house may also result in a misuse or neglect of their finances, which can simply be overlooked in favor of indulging (Venus) their social activism (eleventh house). On the other hand, they may just be donating their earnings to their favorite charitable causes. It may be advisable for these individuals to choose efficient, level-headed partners to handle their practical affairs and balance out their idealism.

As the second house (finances) from the tenth house (profession), the eleventh house represents, according to Hindu (Vedic) astrology, that which we have earned. With Venus placed in the eleventh house, there is not only the ability to profit from the fruits of one's labor, but also a tendency to squander it just as easily. Because the eleventh house is impractical, these people will probably not amass possessions but will contributed to charitable causes or support worthwhile organizations.

Because self-affirmation is often measured by the group with whom we identify or 'belong', individuals with this placement of Venus are often hesitant to take on family responsibilities for fear these will complicate or interfere with their social, political and/ or religious obligations. While there may be an innate conflict and even trepidation about settling down into domesticity, the eleventh house has, according to ancient tradition, long been regarded (along with the fifth house) as an indicator of fertility and the timing of childbirth. To this end, if a well-aspected Venus or Jupiter is situated in the eleventh house, circumstances revolving around the birth of a child should be beneficial. By the same token, if the aforementioned planets transit the eleventh house, the time is ripe for planning a pregnancy.

Venus in 11th House: With this placement, the love nature is found in the idealistic wonder of man's cosmic spirit, the beauty of his universal resourcefulness, and the lofty aspirations which elevate his consciousness to a progressive visionary understanding of life. He admires the beauty of individual differences while at the same time being capable of realizing the aspirations of group consciousness. Thus, through a liberal and humanitarian outlook on life, he makes friendships easily, while contributing the beauty of his universal ideas towards groups, associations or philosophies which harmoniously unfold through social change. He seeks the kind of love which is forever evolving towards a hopeful future. Yet, until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are realized, he has much to learn about how his impersonal values affect his ability to feel love on a personal level.

He can chase for years the obtuse fantasies of a personal need for freedom, finding it easier to relate to others casually than intimately. Thus, he can allow his feelings to get somewhat remote through a tendency to ease himself out of the center of warmth and affection through which his true beauty comes.

Many with this placement prefer to isolate themselves from established values, living instead through an idle nature by which they seek to experience the easy pleasure of life. With this attitude, the individual can easily lose himself in strange or curious pursuits whose unconventional directions tend to warp his outlook. Thus, in searching for harmony with himself, he can be incredibly naive about his own personal relationship with life.

If his friendships, acquaintances and group affiliations are anything less than idealistically founded in the higher concepts of humanity, he can easily dissipate himself in wasteful philosophies or subcultures whose libertine values contribute little to human need. Thus, more than any other placement in the zodiac, it is important for this individual to choose friends who are in harmony with the uplifting ideals through which humanity reaches universal goodness.

Once the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, however, the individual begins to realize the true essence of universal love. He becomes attracted to culturally progressive thinkers, artists, poets, musicians - the givers of beauty and the lifters of society, whose special sense of caring helps him to feel the harmony of human idealism as it unfolds towards an enlightened future. From this sense of cosmic harmony, he learns how to blend his hopes and dreams into the fiber of universal love, which becomes the foundation of all he will give to others. Being especially sensitive to social injustice, or the 'underdog', his sincere feelings for mankind seek to balance human equality.

Thus, he sees how love fosters the evolution of his race. He learns how to devote himself to the furtherance of worthy causes which bring out man's humanity to man. Many with this placement direct their lives towards expressing a message of humanitarian love, for the individual is capable of feeling how everything in the universe is in harmony with everything else. As a result, he realizes the beauty of individual freedom, yet at the same time sees the common thread through which all is connected to the whole.

His very special Gift of Love is his ability to realize man's individual awakening to the essence of cosmic beauty, through which he helps to discover a veritable renaissance of social change as it unfolds through the Golden Rule of equality which makes each man his brother.

Venus in 11th House: A planet's house position instructs how the person can best approach life in that area. Those with Venus in the 11th, then, should encourage and develop a natural inclination to unite and co-operate with others in friendship and group situations.

They have the capacity to bring positive influences into any group they join and receive the same back in return, although aspects to Venus will show if other things get in the way of this happening. Usually there will be a fondness for social life and cultural openings. If Venus is difficulty aspected by Jupiter or Neptune, too much energy may be dissipated in social situations, and greater discrimination is required.

The image of the beloved and that which is beautiful might be projected onto a friend or a group. Some people with Venus in the 11th only feel beautiful if they are seen with and accepted by the 'right' group or crowd. There may be an eye to personal social advancement through choosing groups or friends who are helpful in achieving their goals and objectives in life. Unlike Neptune, Venus doesn't always put on her girdle for nothing back in return.

For others, however, there is an interest in those groups or organizations which propose to better or improve life in some way. Venus in the 11th gives and expects quite a high standard of friendship or group involvement, and may be disappointed if others don't share or live up to these ideals. Sometimes, issues of rivalry and competitiveness may surface with friends or in group situations.

Venus in 11th House: People with Venus in the eleventh house are dreamers, weavers of fantasies, eloquent speakers, and good storytellers. They have elegant manners, and move through the crowd with cheerful authority. They exude confidence in speech and manner, and act as though born to the purple, with an air of casual elegance that others seek to emulate. Frequently they are inheritors of wealth and position; but, if not, they have the opportunity to observe those who are, and learn their style and manner.

They are extremely inventive; and their active imaginations are put to use inventing anything from get-rich-quick schemes to science fiction to more or less useful and lucrative inventions.

They have pleasant, mellow voices, and are usually good singers, able to accompany themselves on a piano or guitar and to amuse themselves and their companions without a whole lot of effort or training. They love to party and hang out, which, with other party-hearty placements, can get to be too much of a good thing.

This is a good position in any chart, because it assures a certain amount of success in almost any endeavor and the granting of at least one major wish. However, without an iron will (strong Sun, Mars, Saturn or Pluto aspects), there is the danger of resting too long on the laurels, of drifting with pleasing circumstance with little effort beyond what is necessary just to keep floating along. A strong Mars is needed, and a well-placed Saturn or Uranus, for these people to mobilize their energies, from merely enhancing the passing moment, into something more permanent. Without pressure aspects, they have a tendency to live in their dreams and imaginations while doing their best to steer clear of cold, hard reality. It is too bad if they do, because any effort on their part will bring results unusually quickly.

This position of Venus doesn't modify stronger and more ambitious aspects and locations, but it adds a veneer of bonhomie, of good fellowship and charm, that can hide an iron will, if it is there, and create the illusion that the climb to the top has been without effort.

They always benefit greatly from the admiration and assistance of women and young people of wealth and position. As for a career, these people can benefit more from a round of parties than most can from months or even years of hard work.

Venus in 11th House: Group participation: You love the whole experience of socialization; and very little in life is more pleasing to you than group involvement. You fit in easily, naturally, comfortably. Mediation is your natural posture in groups. But accept the inevitability of some conflict, since egos clash in even the smoothest organizations. The challenge is to lubricate the gears of social organizations with grace and charm, but without compromising personal values.

Appropriate behavior: You enjoy the rituals of social existence, and you look forward to opportunities to demonstrate your sense of class, your flair for high society. You're especially suited to formal gatherings with elaborate rules of order, for the 'politics of the court' (whether serious or soap opera) are a source of joy. You're sensitive to what others seem to want you to be, since you want to please, but avoid the pitfall of artificiality. The challenge is to be both charming and sincere.

Friendship, social circle: Friendship is linked with personal affection. There is a greater-than-average likelihood of romances growing out of friendships, or vice versa. You may be drawn to artistic types; and physical beauty is very compelling, as are those devoted to beauty. Appreciation of social ritual is important. There is a sweetness to your friendships, a gentle delicacy. You want your friends to be pleased with you all the time, and pleasing to you as well. The challenge is to make your social circle a source and an outlet for the love and beauty in your life.

Shared creativity: Shared creativity is a high priority and a great satisfaction. Your talent is polishing the ideas and structures other group members provide. Being sensitive to harmony, you operate in a way that smoothes over rough edges, soothes ego conflicts, and alerts the group to the necessity of allowing creativity to happen rather than straining to create it. Your creative role is to provide beautiful forms for the group's expression.

Receiving love: You feel loved when your beauty is recognized, when you're showered with affection or gifts. You may require that you be placed on a pedestal, although you're much too sophisticated to overtly express such egotism. The question is sincerity. You love being charmed, and you're certainly charming in response. Being the beloved is a role you relish. But do your suitors really love you, or are they too merely acting the part? Are you in their hearts, or simply in the script? It may not make any difference at all, though this varies according to Venus's sign and aspects. The challenge is to experience the archetypes of courtier and beloved in all their glory, but then to go beyond your infatuation with the rites of loving, to feel the flesh-and-blood human beings who can make love more than a dance. Finally, love is a sacrament.

Venus in 11th House: You focus strongly on achieving a comfortable and abundant lifestyle, enriched by a rewarding career and good friends. In order to fit into the social environment you aspire to, you may have to overspend to acquire the right social image. Being accepted is very important to you. But you fit quite naturally into the mainstream of society; and because of your easygoing manner and flair for communication, you generally qualify for the groups you want to join. You know how to make people feel comfortable, which endears you to them. You enhance your partner's social position; and he or she shares your dreams for the future. When given the opportunity, you prove that you can promote your ideas to achieve the goals you've established. You are especially skilled in dealing with people in your personal and professional affairs.

In your struggle to achieve your goals, it is important to recognize your limitations so that you don't waste your time and energy in unrewarding enterprises. You know what you want out of life, and you have a feel for how to go about getting it. You know that a formal education will further qualify you to accept a responsible and rewarding position. You are willing to make any necessary adjustments in your plans to get the training you need to satisfy your objectives.

You are attracted to persons who seem destined to succeed in their endeavors, and you will probably select your partner from this group. It is important to you that you and your partner have equal opportunities to demonstrate individual talents in your respective careers. You look for situations in which you can promote your creative talents to the maximum. You may have to curtail your plans to satisfy your family's more immediate needs. In time, you will find a way to achieve your long-range plans. You must be content to build slowly and consistently, expanding as your resources allow. much of your desire for financial independence and a rewarding lifestyle comes from observing those around you who have arrived at those goals. You may get many helpful suggestions from your associates.

You don't generally discuss your writings and early environment, for you consider those matters private and privileged. Nevertheless, your early environment stimulated you to improve the quality of your life. You may have had to put up with some obligations to your family, which indicates how strong your parents' influence was. You will accept and endure routine physical tasks if they give you a chance to improve your skills. Though you are generous in helping others, you resent it when people demand that you help them.

Don't underestimate your qualifications for helping improve the quality of life of others. The people you help will remember you fondly for your efforts; and being appreciated does wonders for your self-image. You would prefer a career that gives you social status and allows you to mingle with people who have distinguished themselves by their accomplishments. Don't forget those who helped you in your struggle to achieve your goals; remember, you could meet them again on the way down. You will undoubtedly acquire the finer things in life, for which you have a deep appreciation.

See also: Venus in the 11th House;

Venus in the 11th House: George Bush, Sr., Madonna Ciccone, Jane Fonda, Lady Gaga, Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King, Jr,.Henry Kissinger, U.G. Krishnamurti, Bruce Lee, Mickey Mantle, George Orwell, Al Pacino, Arnold Palmer, O.J. Simpson, Patti Smith, Donald Trump, Orson Welles, Robin Williams, Arine, BarryKl, Beth, BPoe, Doug, Fisher, Jane, JerryP, Jude, Judi, LucSr, Marcy, Medwick (end), Mikael, Miriam, Prabhukar, River, ScottS, Seligma, SFor, Supr, TonyC, VinCar

Venus in the 12th House

For someone with Venus in the twelfth house, love and sacrifice become intertwined. These people are capable of caring for others in a selfless and compassionate way. Their own needs may not be apparent to them, let alone to others, so they can easily be overlooked. This will inevitably lead to complicated scenarios. Their fulfillment can came from an undemanding devotion to someone else. They may experience a vicarious happiness through suffering, and may find pleasure in being a victim of martyr in love.

They can try to be all things to all people, which gets them into considerable confusion in their relationships. As they lack clarity, they frequently find themselves enmeshed in tangled emotional situations. This is an externalization, a making actual, of their own inner muddle. They do not properly understand their own needs; hence this leads them into complicated scenarios.

They can therefore have very unhappy love lives that involve a lot of personal sacrifice. They may want someone who will make sacrifices from them too. They may love someone to whom they can never declare their love - someone unavailable for one reason or another, whom they can only ever love in secret. This could be someone they know, who is in their life in some way but has no idea of how they feel, or someone they have never actually met, someone famous perhaps, a remote fantasy figure.

They are also susceptible to having affairs - usually clandestine because of others involved who must not find out. They may be people who would, anyway, want to keep their love feelings private. They may be naturally undemonstrative except in totally private situations.

They may choose to remain uninvolved. This might be a conscious choice to be celibate. They may long for a 'pure' spiritual or mystical love experience. Or they may prefer to be alone with a fantasy rather than to be in any real relationship. While this can be a lonely option, their fantasies around love can remain ideal; unhinged by reality, they can create the perfect love in their mind.

They lack discrimination in love, and can have their feelings played on. They are often extremely sympathetic and compassionate people, and can be drawn into loving out of pity.

Happiness might come from being a part of an institution which involves a sacrifice of personal love and comfort for a wider and selfless good.

They can also be people who enjoy their privacy and spending time by themselves. These could be people who take the phone off the hook and have long, lazy, scented baths and generally find pleasure in pampering themselves. Someone with Venus in the twelfth could be extremely self-indulgent, capable of creating a self-sufficient world of pleasure.

Venus in 12th House: Keywords: compassionate, secretive, indulgent, reclusive.

Like Venus in the twelfth sign of Pisces, its exalted position, the planet's appearance in the twelfth house endows its recipients with a gentle, loving and sympathetic nature ¬recalling the more tender qualities of the Love and Fertility Goddesses. Because individuals with this placement possess an abundance of warmth, soft-heartedness and compassion, they often feel compelled to sacrifice their own desires and give of themselves in order to feel validated and worthy of love The need to give and receive love is, at times, so overpowering that their affection is bestowed upon undeserving recipients. Deriving their self-worth from helping those in emotional and / or financial need, these tireless workers and selfless volunteers must learn to preserve their own mental health by leaving work at the office.

While their willingness to help others is certainly a virtue, the insecurity and fragility associated with the twelfth house often produce in them a compulsion to befriend and even romance unstable or addictive personalities in order to reaffirm their own self worth. While there is a genuine wish to see partners improve or recover, they often become 'enablers' who unintentionally maintain, rather than curb, their partners' illnesses. Should their companions improve and their role as helpmate no longer be required, the optimism and overwhelming creative instincts supplied by Venus in the twelfth house must be utilized to redirect the course of the relationship.

Extremely compassionate and highly imaginative, these individuals are attracted to the emotionally demanding professions of social work, nursing and medicine, as well as to the creative fields of the visual and performing arts (such as film, dance and drama). In order to succeed, however, they must put aside their personal dilemmas and channel their emotions into their work. (This is more likely to occur if the chart also displays either a preponderance of Earth and Fire signs or a strongly aspected Sun, Mars and / or Saturn.)

A lack of confidence and fear of criticism inherent in people with Venus in the twelfth house frequently prevent their imaginative ideas from finding a productive, creative outlet; instead, these ideas are dissipated by escapist behavior. They have also been known to conceal or repress their emotions, which can result in clandestine, ill-fated love affairs or, at its most extreme, a reclusive lifestyle.

These people may have been awkward, bashful or lonely as children; and their adult behavior patterns often stem from these deep-seated insecurities. Due to the sense of alienation that lies at the very core of people with this placement, they do not understand the meaning of sharing - regarding it as something that is being taken away from them. While they often look to a relationship to bring them out of their shell, it is important for their partners to recognize that their need for privacy and solitude must nevertheless be respected.

If Venus is well-aspected, the hidden quality of personality may involve meditation, creativity or helping others who are either lonely, hospitalized, institutionalized or imprisoned. If Venus is poorly aspected, there is an accompanying inability to open up to others and, at its worst extreme, a failure to form close relationships at all. Ironically, however, it is this alienation that aids in the quest to help others in favor of confronting the complexities of interpersonal relationships.

While the twelfth house is the domain of physical or emotional confinement, this area of the chart, according to Hindu (Vedic) astrology, also governs expenditure and spending habits. The placement of Venus in this house accentuates the planet's affinity with opulence, resulting in the purchase of beautiful, costly and often frivolous items. If Venus is poorly aspected, however, these individuals will measure their self-esteem by their earning power and will try to impress others with their expensive possessions, resulting in extravagant, wasteful spending, borrowing and, if taken to the utmost degree, perpetual debt.

Venus in 12th House: Here, in the last House of the zodiac, where Venus is in its exaltation, man becomes aware of his ability to perceive the natural flow of inner beauty whose essence is filling his life with divine love. The individual seeks the finer meaning of harmony as he learns how the pureness of love's infinite healing power is capable of transcending the finite limitations of mundane life. Thus, his feelings are sensitive to the subtle nuances in nature, the timelessness of eternity and the vast inner regions of ethereal beauty. He is deeply compassionate, richly creative and soulfully inspired. Yet, until the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, he can have many confused feelings which make it difficult for him to express himself.

Much of what he perceives is just below the threshold of his conscious awareness. As a result of this, he often has to imagine his feelings instead of being clearly in touch with them. If the focus of his life is not inspired by the Divine creative source of all beauty, then his inner vision can become clouded by the murky waters of self-doubt. He can imagine himself to be unloved or unwanted, creating negative fantasies, while drifting in unrealistic dreams and illusions, all coming from a weak opinion of his own worth. Thus, he can easily lose himself in a sea of despair, hopelessly suffering from self-pity while lazily wallowing in his own ineffectiveness.

He can become so hurt by the ease with which others impose upon him, taking advantage of his kind and gentle nature, that it forces him to seek solitude, withdrawing into seclusion. In essence, he becomes protective of his feelings, defensively hiding within his dream of love's eternal beauty. he can dissipate himself through the mystique of hidden love affairs, confuse himself in mysteriously vague and superstitious beliefs, or even scare himself through the intriguing allure of occult or psychic phenomena. Yet, in each of these, it is his search for hidden value, eternal meaning and cosmic worth that is behind all of his feelings. Nevertheless, it is important if the individual is to find this inner worth that he achieve a sense of psychic balance first.

Once the lessons of the Venus Yod in the Sign are learned, the individual has a great awakening. Instead of hiding his inner being, he awakens to the power of God's holy river of love pouring through him in everything he does. Many with this placement are so sensitive to nature's harmony and so attuned to the wonder of inner aesthetic beauty that their lives become a special cosmic devotion manifesting love's blessings through richly artistic or creative expression. There is a deep sense of compassion to those he considers less fortunate then himself. Thus, the individual begins to feel a sense of mission through which he brings harmony, peace and love to those who cannot find it for themselves.

He receives his nourishment from an inner source. In fact, for many with this placement, the inner source is a past life love carried deep within them, whose special sense of caring guides the individual in all he feels in the current life.

The Twelfth House symbolizes the completion of past karma. With Venus here, the individual has earned the love he will experience in the current life. As this love becomes one with his inner partner, he discovers the true ethereal beauty of how man's feelings can transcend both time and space. From this, he finds the infinite cosmic flow which makes all lifetimes one.

His very special Gift of Love is his ability to realize his personal covenant with God, through which love's divine blessings are feeding him the balanced harmony of inner value and worth which helps him to put more beauty into the world.

Venus in 12th House: According to Greek myth, Aphrodite had a rather unusual beginning to her life. Saturn castrated his father Uranus and cast into the sea the dismembered phallus, which floated on the waters and produced a white foam from which Aphrodite rose. At first it seems strange that the goddess of love and beauty is born as a result of such a ghastly and despicable conflict; but it is this side of Venus which is often evinced in the 12th. Sometimes it is through pain, wounding, suffering and loss that we grow more beautiful, tender, poised and loving.

Also rippling through the 12th house is the urge to transcend separateness and merge with something greater than the self. Venus in this house suggests a love of letting go, of abandoning the self to something numinous, unbounded and divine. (Plato once said that 'Love is the pursuit of the whole.') In the 12th, Venus thirsts for an indefinable and immeasurable kind of beauty, something which offers total fulfillment, or perhaps a remembrance of a bliss long past.

Trying to quench this thirst by looking for this kind of love and beauty with another person, those with Venus in the 12th yearn to give themselves to a lover as one would to a god or goddess. Besides being a lot to ask of anybody, something deep inside still nags that adoration of just one person is not enough. With Venus in the 12th, a love that knows no boundaries is needed. Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, once said something which might help Venus in the 12th out of her predicament: 'If you appreciate everything, you remain free'. In that case, if you lose a person or it is not opportune to have the thing you love, there is always something else you can enjoy. Perhaps this is the task of Venus in the natural house of Neptune and Pisces - to love everything.

Venus in the 12th also suggests the love of anything subtle, hidden, intangible or hard to grasp. Spend a rainy afternoon listening to Debussy, and you will glimpse something of the nature of this placement. Some may literally fall in love with a person who isn't free, and in true 12th house fashion the relationship may have to be kept hidden, lived within restrictions, or ultimately given up. (In the 12th, Venus loves to make sacrifices for love.) Venus in the 12th also denotes the love of what other people reject; the love of the downtrodden, the underdog, the criminal who really has a heart of gold, the person nobody else understands, etc..

On a more mundane level, Venus in this house favors associations with institutions. Some may work in art galleries or museums, while others administer to those less fortunate in hospitals. In two instances or Venusian the 12th I have seen, one worked as a drama therapist and the other as an art therapist helping people to recover after severe breakdowns. In another case, I did the chart of a woman with Venus in the 12th who said her three years recuperating in a mental home were some of the happiest in her life. Sometimes it is within the confines of prison walls that people discover a talent for painting, writing or sculpting. Venus in the 12th can also work behind-the-scenes designing sets or costumes, or putting on the star's make-up.

Venus in 12th House: Here matters ruled by Venus will bring sorrow in some form. Those benefits brought by the other houses are either denied or overdone, depending on the aspects to Venus (oppositions and inconjuncts deny, everything else overdoes). The search for love and pleasure can go to extremes, bringing scandal, sorrow, health problems, and, if Mars or Uranus is aspected, violence and trouble with the law.

People with this location of Venus must learn to approach love, sex, and partying with extreme caution, because these pleasures have a way of turning around on them, causing a great deal of grief and trouble. Their hearts will be broken by sad love affairs, or a secret love must remain hidden for many years, or there will be something that gives them an excuse to give way to drinking out of self-pity. They are inclined to get involved with the wrong people or give their affections to someone who is bad for them. Location in the sexually oriented signs with bad aspects to Saturn, Pluto and Uranus could indicate promiscuity, sadomasochism, venereal disease, or sexual abuse in childhood or youth. This is frequently the sign of the abused or neglected child, still seeking compensation in adult life for what was lacking in childhood, and, with bad aspects, wreaking vengeance on a world felt to be cold, cruel, and rejecting.

With strong supportive aspects and a generally well-balanced chart, these difficulties may manifest chiefly in youth, maturity bringing self-knowledge, inner healing, and wisdom. Even so, matters of the heart will always be problematic. The best use of Venus in the twelfth is to direct the love nature towards helping those less fortunate, although healing society at large cannot truly compensate for a lack of healing within.

This is an excellent position for fiction writers, as writing fiction can provide a harmless outlet for these turbulent energies, perhaps even a means of harnessing them for profit.

The closer Venus is to the ascendant, the more attractive they will be, and the more frequently, intense, and outward the romantic and sexual events of the life will be; but as long as Venus is in the twelfth, it will bring problems.

Venus in 12th House: Imagination: Venus in the 12th reveals that fantasy is a continuing source of pleasure for you. It may be too pleasurable, so that you prefer fantasy to reality. Dreams revolve around personal love and ideal femaleness. In real life, love has many pitfalls. You fall in love with undeveloped beauty, or you're seduced by comely but cosmetic images. Others are seduced by your invisible radiance. Don't become a fantasy object for individuals whose love is damaged. The challenge is to allow your fantasies without undue indulgence, and to communicate to the world the importance of devoted care. In shepherding this dream without succumbing to its siren lures, you add to our understanding of love.

Unfocused intuition: In order for your intuition to operate effectively, you 'fall in love' with whatever (or whomever) you tune into. This is not forced; it's the natural way you work. But be in love with the source of intuitive messages only while you're receiving information, then disconnect and move on to the next 'romance'. The pitfall involves fixating on the object of the transmission. You become so enamored with some intuitive messengers that you attempt to create relationships with them. This is not to your advantage, and often ends in disappointment. The challenge is to let your love move with the flows of your intuition, like a bee skipping from flower to flower, cross-pollinating the world.

Withdrawal or isolation: You withdraw to experience satisfaction, and you've learned to enjoy your own company for long stretches. Since love comes to you not from within the world, but from beyond it, there are separations in personal relationships. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as does time spent alone with your beloved. The pitfall involves the sense of being cut off from life; and when isolation or separation surrounds the issue of love, suffering becomes more private and poignant. The challenge is to use your withdrawals not as escapes, but as forays or explorations. Hunt for feminine receptivity in the transparency of isolation; and when you find it, bring her lovingness out into the world.

Selfless giving: Personal love is subordinate to universal love - giving with no thought of return. You wish to love more than be loved; and you're more devotional than your personality may reveal. Universal love flows from higher concentrations to lower. As a conduit for this flow, you're directed toward those who lack love. If you insist on operating through attached or 'chemical' love, you still have romances, but these relationships result in great pain once the purpose is fulfilled and you've been disconnected from the object of your affections. In that case, you learn about grief. The challenge is to love openly, fully, but lightly, with grace and style. The love you feel is real; but don't cling to specific people. Trust that your beauty will be recognized not merely by one, but by all.

'Past lives': Your relationships with women are karmic, as are the issues of care and affection. Receptivity and pleasure are not yet understood. Your own femaleness is influenced by past lives; and when women are your love objects, they are beings with whom you've had significant past life contacts. Examine your images and expectations about womanhood. Is it the source of all joy, all pleasure, all aesthetic beauty? If it is, then you're fixated, and asking for trouble. Is love subject to recurring patterns of failure through seduction and betrayal? Your challenge is to recognize and release karmic rhythms in love or receptivity, letting them be healed, cleansed, and grounded.

Venus in 12th House: You are sensitive to other people's needs, and always ready to offer assistance, which means that some people will try to take advantage of your generosity. You are imaginative and confident of your ability to make a worthwhile life for yourself once you've established a solid foundation. Then all you need is the opportunity to grow and expand as your needs indicate. Luckily, your parents probably understood your need to go about your business in your own way. Once free to seek your destiny, you may turn your attention to satisfying your personal desires in a relationship. You want to be a good companion as well as a lover to your partner, but you are turned off by pressure to commit yourself in a binding alliance.

Your temperament is well-suited to dealing with people in your daily affairs, both in your profession and in personal relationships. You are willing to make concessions to succeed; and the people you are competing with usually co-operate. You work quietly until you feel confident that your plans for the future are working. In this way, you are more sure of reaching your goals and having the means to buy all the finer things in life. The people you've helped won't forget you; and you don't forget those who helped you when you were struggling to succeed.

You realize how important it is to be well-informed about many subjects; and this will improve your chance of achieving lasting success. You deplore the fact that some people bend the law to reach their goals, for you know this can jeopardize the gains that have been made. You reach your goals by carefully implementing your ideas without letting your plans intimidate those around you. Your skill in getting the co-operation you need attests to your communicative ability. Also you are effective in dealing with disharmony among the people who are working with or for you, restoring order so that your daily affairs run smoothly.

You attract people who expect favors from you; and you may feel that everyone with severe problems comes to you. The fact is, you are a comfort to others when the going gets rough, and anything you can do for them will be helpful. This can be trying; but even your competitors are impressed with your ability to solve most of your problems. You don't mind indulging someone to whom you are romantically attracted, because you know the investment may bring about a happy relationship. You invested just as much time and energy to develop your creative talents, which will enable you to derive the results you want for the future.

You want to be secure enough to retire early if you decide to, but the chances are you won't. You never assume that you have extended yourself enough, either in quantity or in quality of effort, and you keep trying to reach your maximum output. You hope that others will be enriched by your accomplishments; and it is highly likely that they will be. However, it would be senseless to make yourself the victim by following a course that nourishes others while leaving you with psychological malnutrition and social starvation. That would make you useless to the world and to yourself. It's simply a matter of exercising thoughtful restraint, knowing when to share and when to insist that others make a genuine effort to help themselves.

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