Venus conjunct Saturn

The conjunction of Venus and Saturn indicates that you feel you must make concessions to others to get what you want. You are always the one who is expected to adjust to the demands of others in order to have a satisfactory relationship. As a result, you are often dissatisfied with the contacts you make, either because they are not fulfilling enough, or because you feel you are being used. You may become resigned to making the best of a relationship in which you give more than the other person does. On the positive side, however, this shows that you take the relationship seriously. You are loyal and sincere in your affections, but tend to be inhibited in demonstrating them, because you are afraid that others will take advantage of you.

You have reasonably good judgment, which is reflected in your material affairs. You are self-disciplined in handling money, and prudent enough to always save something regardless of your income. Such prudence is a way to compensate for the disappointments you may have in personal relationships, and you consider it a reasonable substitute. Saving money also gives you security and allows you some material comforts.

You are temperamentally suited to occupations in which success depends on adhering to rules and regulations. Finance, banking, building trades, insurance, law, real estate, sales, and designing are some endeavors in which you can successfully apply yourself. Ideally, you should have a position that allows you to function independently. You are dutiful and responsible, and would accomplish more without a supervisor breathing down your neck. You are certainly able to work with others, but you prefer working in privacy.

Your romantic interests are stimulated by individuals who are serious, sincere, honest. You need a person you can respect and who will respect you too. A mature individual represents security to you, in addition to providing social status. Your lover must be tactful and polished, and have a strong and admirable character. You are repulsed by vulgarity and disturbed by disorder. Your objectives are well-defined, and you will expect your mate to co-operate in reaching mutual goals. Because of your deep concern for the integrity of the family, you will unhesitatingly withdraw from any external situation that threatens your family.

It is important that you look at the bright and positive side of life; negative attitudes can bring about negative effects. Problems in the throat glands may have a similar origin. You can improve your general well-being by adopting a more cheerful outlook, but the optimism must be genuine.

Venus conjunct Saturn: The need for warmth and love, for security and harmony, is a weak and sensitive spot in all Saturnian aspects to Venus (and most of all in the conjunction). We find it hard to let our warmth show and are often so prickly that we erect a wall around ourselves and seem very cool, impassive and formal. Nobody sees that inside we are crying out for a little friendliness and warmth to give us a sense of personal worth and that it is through sheer inability to handle relationships that we are shutting them out. Therefore the Venus / Saturn aspects are regarded as fraught with problems, and classical astrology promises little joy in life and many emotional upsets to those who have them.

Nevertheless, with this aspect we can become very fond of a person and we have the potential to build up a lasting stable relationship; that is the other side of Saturn. There is more faithfulness with these aspects than there is with aspects between Venus and Jupiter. But before we give ourselves to another, we have to know that other through and through and completely trust this person, because Saturn will only bet on certainties. Of course, this can consume time and effort. In fact, we need to guard against letting the security factor predominate: we should resist the temptation to look for a fatherly or motherly partner, as they would not be close enough to be a true companion.

With all this uncertainty and vulnerability, suspicion can creep in. We are so anxious to keep our loved one that we hedge him or her in on all sides and make the relationship difficult or even impossible. At times, our attitude can be most subservient: we slave away to do everything to our partner's liking, but are still very constrained. If, as is quite likely, they seem to be ungrateful, then we must realize it is because the partner is put off by our air of taut worry.

Learning self-confidence and self-acceptance is a must if we are to settle down. Once we accept that we are not cut out to be one of the world's revelers, but are solid, reliable citizens in need of security, and once we bring ourselves to reveal our weak side, we can enjoy a strong, enduring marriage or friendship.

Venus conjunct Saturn: When Venus and Saturn are conjunct, it indicates that the mother and father of this individual presented a united front that placed certain restrictions and limitations upon his psyche during his formative years. Venus indicates the effect of the mother's attitudes regarding her femininity, and these images will help form the concept of womanhood, the feminine function and the concept of love in later life. Saturn represents the area of restriction; it also shows how the father influenced the psyche. The combination of these planets indicates a strong tie to the mythic Mother and Father image - these archetypal images can easily be confused with the physical parents.

The aspects between the Sun and Moon indicate the parents in a physical sense; and how they responded to their lives when the personality of the individual was forming. The Saturn-Venus placement affects the concept of giving and crystallization in the psyche and is a more difficult concept to comprehend. The conjunction of Venus and Saturn implies that the individual was restricted or restrained from having what he wanted during the first three years of life. This may not mean that he was abused (although I would not entirely dismiss the thought), but that he may have lost his favorite toy or blanket; or he may have been fed according to some scientific theory rather than when he was hungry. This person grew up to view affection as something that is coupled with loss. He may be a pessimist in love relationships and may be apprehensive of romance. He may marry out of common sense: in other words, he doesn't marry someone he loves, he marries someone who will logically make a 'good' partner. Or he falls in love with someone, and ends the relationship after the first argument because he feels the relationship is over. Or he withdraws into years of hurt feelings and never trusts the loved one again.

People with this aspect are extremely interested in guarantees - one must constantly prove to the Saturn-Venus types that one loves them. Ironically, they don't offer the same guarantees. They can be takers and have great trouble giving. They don't know how to give because they did not see their parents giving to each other; when children don't see this during their formative years, they have to make a conscious attempt to learn how to do it as adults. These people also think the grass is greener on the other side and often wonder whether they might do better in another relationship - so, sometimes, they can be seen as flirts.

When the individual becomes aware of this aspect, it's a good idea to start practicing how to give - not how to buy someone, but to give. Learning how to give a part of the self is the hardest thing for this person to do. Because the parents' marriage was not a model of a healthy relationship, it is hard for this individual to learn how to have one. My suggestion would be that any activity in a relationship that is inspire by the memory of 'that's what Mom and Dad would have done' is probably not what needs to be done. Sometimes we learn what we want by beginning to understand what we don't want.

Venus conjunct Saturn: This conjunction is extremely powerful, and partakes of the character of both good and evil contacts, the life, on its affectional side, being completely dominated by the sense of duty; duty and happiness become identified. Except for its great power, it is in no wise different from the inharmonious contact (the square or opposition, q.v.).

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Venus conjunct Saturn: Pankaj 0, Bill Gates 2, Donald Trump 2, Nancee 2, Tenzin Gyatso 3, Alan Arkin 4, Gloria Steinem 4, Fisher 4, Thomas Edison 5, H.G. Wells 5, MFor 5, Al Capone 6, Judi 6, PaulS 6, Pete 6, BPoe 7, Jim Carrey 8, Gore Vidal 8

Venus sextile Saturn

The sextile between Venus and Saturn shows that you know what you want and are willing to endure privation to get it. No sacrifice is too great if you know you can obtain your wishes thereby. Realizing that little is ever gained by wishing on a star, you accept your responsibilities as an investment in the future. You quietly go about your business, knowing that the benefits you gain will be worth the adjustments or concessions made earlier.

Your early conditioning prepared you to accept public and private responsibilities. Even among your friends, you can be depended upon to fill any obligation you've taken on. Reliable, sincere, honest, and fair, you have the respect of casual acquaintances as well as those closest to you. You are willing to earn your way and you refuse to become obligated to others by allowing them to do favors for you. Knowing you can succeed on your own merits, you pursue your goals independently and without assistance, if necessary. You are willing to meet people halfway, but no more. You like everything to be in order, and plan your affairs very carefully, trusting nothing to chance.

You have exceptionally good judgment and understanding. When you communicate your ideas, other people know precisely what you mean. You are also a good listener who is willing to learn from those who have greater experience. These qualities lend themselves well to occupations in the fields of finance and banking, building trades, insurance, law, real estate, sales, or design. You are reasonably easy to get along with because of your patience and ability to meet others halfway.

You don't volunteer your feelings about a person until you are quite sure the feeling is mutual. You may even be considered shy and withdrawn, but the truth is that you make overtures only to those who mean something to you. You have social grace and polish and unfailingly conduct yourself with refinement and good taste. You dislike vulgarity, preferring to direct your attention to more cultural interests.

Your brother and / or sisters probably look to you for help in their problems because of your mature outlook on life and dependable judgment.

You are reasonably optimistic about the future, knowing you will meet the 'right' person with whom you can share a rich and fulfilling life. The many good qualities you bring to a relationship can help assure its permanence.

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Venus sextile Saturn: Steve Jobs 0, Albert Schweitzer 0, Paul Newman 1, Jen 1, JulieD 1, Nirvesh 1, Bette Davis 2, Sigmund Freud 2, Bruce Springsteen 2, BenSt 2, U.G. Krishnamurti 3, Ronald Reagan 3, Joanne Woodward 4, JerryGr 4, Tammy 4

Venus square Saturn

The square from Venus to Saturn indicates that you have difficulty relating to others. As a result, you may feel left out of the mainstream of social relationships. You are basically unwilling to accept the responsibility that is established when two individuals meet in a more than casual way. You tend to be on the defensive, as if you feared that the other person would make impossible demands of you. Perhaps in your early life you felt rejected by someone you really cared for, even a parent. As you grew, you sheltered yourself more and more from outside communication, always afraid of rejection. This conditioning may have produced the feeling you have that you are not destined for happiness in your relationships. If you accept others for themselves, realizing that everyone has to make concessions and adjustments to others, then happiness can surely be yours. Remember that even people who seem happy have difficult moments in relating to others; your predicament is not at all unique.

Perhaps your most significant lessons will be learned in relationships with others. If you will meet people halfway, you'll find that most of them will do the same. If you are attracted to someone whom you can admire and respect, isn't it worth adjusting to that person's peculiarities? You will find your own identity by being willing to identify with others in mutual responsiveness.

Before you can hope to succeed in any occupational capacity, you will have to solve your problem in relating to people. Otherwise you will create a difficult environment in which to work. Most people will not tolerate someone who is cantankerous or difficult to please. You have the talent to achieve rewarding and satisfying goals, once you learn to meet people halfway.

You could find satisfaction in banking, finance, law, insurance, real estate, buying and selling, or designing. Your sense of order and balanced judgment could prove useful to you in any of these fields. But it is essential that you recognize your self-worth before you implement your talents. You must gain the recognition of your employers for your honesty, integrity, and good judgment because these are the good qualities that will help you achieve success.

Try to become more optimistic and give yourself a greater chance for happiness. Feeling melancholy and sorry for yourself stimulates some physical problems, such as high blood pressure caused by tension and anxiety. Learn to relax and let go. Life is too short to let it become unnecessarily burdened by unimportant matters. Try giving instead of complaining about what others demand of you.

Venus square Saturn: Here the mother and father present an influence to the individual during his formative years that makes it difficult to develop any sense of self-worth. In order for an androgynous personality to develop - a personality with the masculine and feminine principles in balance - the parents must offer an image that can help build the concept. A feeling of self-worth is created by the constructive union of the masculine and feminine principles. The square aspect indicates that the images are at odds.

Venus indicates the effect of the mother and Saturn that of the father on the person's developing psyche. When these two planets are in a square aspect, the parents are at odds with each other and the effect on the person during childhood is a weighty one. People with this aspect don't know how they feel about men or women, warmth and affection (Venus), or authority and the ability to execute a personal sense of order in the live (Saturn). 'Is love frivolous?' they ask. 'Or, are men against women and vice versa?' This person carries an unconscious memory of Mom and Dad against each other, and this puts a feeling of apprehension in every relationship. Many internal or even subconscious apprehensions may occur because the parents didn't express affection in a healthy manner. These people often get into role-playing marriages; they merely live with the partner but don't really share emotionally.

The aspect can cause a lonely feeling; pessimistic thoughts about love are similar to the Venus-Saturn conjunction. Here again, we see the person who was deprived of the kind of love he needed, or one who was deprived of possessions that his parents didn't understand his attachment to. These people do not enter into relationships easily; nor do they work well or co-operatively when relationship compromises must be handled.

When attempting to break the power of this aspect, the individual has to stop looking for guarantees; he must learn to give confidence to his partner as well as look for it from the partner. More comes from a relationship when the 'insurance policy' ideas are abandoned. Any personal behavior that seems to be motivated by 'my parents handled life this way' should be questioned because it may be an imitation of an unhealthy family pattern that will also create the same problems in the children he parents.

The person born with this configuration comes from a bleak childhood. He didn't have a chance to learn how to give or how to receive, for it wasn't done by the parents. The aspect can be overcome by deciding to learn how to give, how to appreciate, how to cake a chance in a love relationship, how to work through a compromise without a feeling of loss. When these things are learned, then the hardness of the aspect goes. It is much like taking a course in French or German: you start at the beginning and learn the subject.

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Venus square Saturn: Dustin Hoffman 0, Oprah Winfrey 0, JRosh 0, Muhammad Ali 1, Bob Marley 1, SFor 1, Bram 2, Lance 2, Sugeet 2, Johnny Depp 3, Joni Mitchell 3, Mother Teresa 3, Andrew 3, Robert De Niro 4, Adolf Hitler 4, Charles Manson 4, Willie Nelson 4, Benjamin Netanyahu 4, John D. Rockefeller 4, Seligma 4, Charlie Chaplin 5, Arrow 5, Clark 5, Fergus 5, J 5, Michael 5, Carlos Castaneda 6, Hillary Rodham Clinton 6, George 7

Venus trine Saturn

The trine from Venus to Saturn shows that you have good judgment about people, and you always know who to turn to when you need help. You are optimistic, understanding, and responsible in your dealings with people. However, you hesitate to project yourself toward others unless you know you will be welcomed. You know that even the best relationships require mutual adjustment.

Your early years helped to prepare you to accept self-discipline as a necessary factor in achieving success. You are tolerant of the needs and desires of others, and offer assistance when they require it. You are not necessarily generous, but you certainly will give if you know it will be beneficial.

You have artistic potentials, although you may not actually pursue them, and a deep appreciation for all kinds of art. Music, writing, poetry, painting, sculpture, and the graphic arts can enrich your life and surround it with comfort. You could also achieve success in any occupation that requires balance, order, design and utility. Fields such as banking, law, real estate, insurance, finance, buying and selling, and architecture could provide you with suitable expression.

Your vocational interests could be with children or young people. Teaching crafts and art appreciation would give you much enjoyment and provide release from the inner tensions that might develop in your business. You could also find release for your creativity in pleasurable activities such as dancing or working in social organizations and clubs.

You are moderately enthusiastic in your romantic pursuits. If attracted to someone, you evaluate that person cautiously, examining all good qualities and noting liabilities in temperament to which you will have to adjust. Above all, there must be mutual respect. You are loyal in your affections and can anticipate a durable relationship.

You will make a good parent because you understand that every individual needs to develop within the guidelines of discipline and respect for others. You truly want what is best for your children, and know how to help them develop and express their individual potentials. Your later years will be satisfying, because your children will continue to show their appreciation for the role you have played in their lives.

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Venus trine Saturn: Ralph 0, Arnold Palmer 1, Cheri 1, ChrisTr 1, Meher Baba 2, Kyle 2, Lina 2, Mark 2, Raga 2, Michael Jackson 3, Nicole Kidman 3, Tiger Woods 3, Farmer 3, Ray 3, Lucille Ball 4, Shirley Temple Black 4, Princess Diana 4, Carl Lewis 4, Babe Ruth 4, Lori 4, Aleister Crowley 5, J. Krishnamurti 5, Jyothi 5, Fred Astaire 6, Jason 6, Michelle 6, Ricardo 6

Venus quincunx Saturn

The inconjunct between Venus and Saturn indicates that you feel burdened by excessive responsibilities. You feel that other people always want you to do something for them, and you resent it. Actually, you overreact, assuming they want more from you than they do. It would be unfair to criticize them for this. You really want everyone to approve of you, so you try to buy approval by offering yourself.

You must carefully evaluate your priorities for yourself and for others. Your greatest problem is that you don't like yourself enough, so you feel that you really deserve to be used by others. If you think about it, all you owe anybody else is tolerance and respect. You owe yourself much more than this - for instance, to be free from intimidation, to know your own worth, and to be burdened only by matters that serve your interests. When you have achieved some satisfaction of your own needs, it will be time enough to do it for others.

If you improve your opinion of yourself, you can accomplish many things in your career. The same intensity you directed towards others can be used to develop your natural talents. You have enormous potential for success. You are serious and responsible about doing your work well; in fact, you probably work harder than your co-workers or competitors. There are many fields in which you could find satisfaction and reasonable success, including public relations, interior design, horticulture, real estate, and sales. You are sufficiently flexible to fit into many categories of occupational interests.

Your love interests may be burdensome unless you stand firm and refuse to let your lover consider you as anything less than an equal. You should be suspicious if you are constantly kept waiting, or if your partner always strays over to others at a gathering, leaving you alone. These are signs that interest is waning or that you are considered an object that can be put aside when something more interesting comes along.

If you occasionally find yourself alone, try not to grow depressed and conclude that no-one wants you. Use the opportunity to learn new skills or develop those you already have. You have every chance of being greatly admired if you will simply mobilize your efforts toward specific goals. Depression is your worst enemy, for it interferes with good digestion and assimilation.

Venus quincunx Saturn: You will have to learn the difference between having self-control and discipline, on the one hand, and totally denying yourself any self-expression, on the other. This aspect can mean that you feel extremely unworthy, which undermines your self-confidence and makes it hard to face obstacles in life with confidence and determination.

You may even feel that persons, forces or circumstances are conspiring to prevent you from doing what you want. You may be limited by fear or by the belief that you don't deserve to get what you want. With this aspect there is a danger that your frustrated energies will turn into physical ailments that further limit your freedom of action.

Sometimes you may be afraid to get the freedom to do what you want, for the rigid structure and rules that you are forced to live under seem to give you a feeling of security. At the same time, however, part of you does want to be free.

You will always require structure in your life, and you will always be happier with some kind of discipline. But you should also try out new kinds of experiences, do new and different things and expand the structure of your life. Instead of always staying home, go out and see new places, meet new people. This is the only way that you can learn to overcome your shyness and lack of confidence. And occasionally you must let yourself go and express your real wishes and desires, no matter how immature, wild or crazy they seem. You are still a young person, which is a fact that you and those around you must keep in mind. You can't be expected to grow up too quickly.

Venus quincunx Saturn: The trouble with the inconjunct is that it makes it difficult to pinpoint the source of our sensitivity. Also we are seized with an indefinable anxiety whenever we want to give warmth and love; we are aware of being inhibited and of there being a chasm over which we have to leap to reach the object of our affections. Or else we have such a sense of responsibility that we hold ourselves in check. We unconsciously look for a partner on whom we can lavish care (a disabled person for example): someone for whom we can do everything, so that there is more of a parent-child than a romantic relationship. At the same time, we often feel unworthy or are plagued by an inferiority complex, and slave all the harder to stay in favor. Yet this is the very thing that alienates us from partners or friends, leaving us still more isolated.

The negative spiral can continue for a long time and, if we do not take care, we shall develop the sort of behavior which sends out 'I am not worth loving' signals - and that is a barricade that may prove impassable. Once again, the way can be cleared by self-acceptance and by the realization that others suffer from weaknesses too, and that our own weaknesses, though different, are also on a par with theirs. The resultant increase in self-confidence gives greater balance. Although warmth and security will always be very important to us, we can become much more settled.

Venus quincunx Saturn: This aspect symbolizes a strain or mild struggle between the 'I want' part of the personality and the 'I take seriously' or 'I fear' part. This energy serves to inhibit in the sense that it becomes difficult to manifest an appreciation of love, to pursue the 'druthers' because the restrictive effect of the father serves to inhibit emotional concepts. The signs involved should be examined for they will give the key to overcoming the energy block. This individual's parents weren't actively standing in each other's way, but they tripped each other occasionally.

The father did not approve of the mother's interests, and, therefore, authorities will not approve of your Venus interests, or men won't or your partner won't - or, conversely, your partner won't appreciate or understand what you fear, or won't understand the aspect of life that you regard with caution. If this quincunx sits in the money houses, your partner may not take your financial problems seriously and may spend money that you aren't making. It can manifest on petty mundane levels as well as the bigger psychological ones.

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Venus quincunx Saturn: DJenkins 0, Erika 1, Marlon Brando 2, Vaslav Nijinsky 2, Phylissa 2, Supr 2, Alex Jones 3, Ellen 3, LaurieSw 3, Zeno 3

Venus opposite Saturn

With Venus opposition to Saturn, you are inclined to regard your experiences as being almost useless. With this aspect, you will always be challenged by competitors until you realize how important you really are. You must stop underestimating your self-worth. Remind yourself continually that you can match your competitors, and don't give others more credit than they deserve. If you will examine your good qualities carefully, you will see that they compare very favorably to those of others. Stop hiding the truth from yourself. Perhaps when you were very young, you were led to believe that you were less talented than others in every way, and you still act on that belief. You need competition to prove how capable you are; if you reject competition, you will never truly know your capabilities.

Throughout your life, you will have to make concessions to others without knowing whether or not they are worth the effort. In time, however, you will be able to judge people without having to endure the painful experience of submission. As your judgment becomes sharper, you will become very skilled in solving problems for yourself and others.

You may suffer emotional frustrations during the early years, but as you become more mature you will understand that no-one gets everything when he or she wants it. You may compensate for privations that you experience in your personal life by becoming successful in your profession. Real estate, law, insurance, designing, sales, and buying are suitable fields. All of them require responsibility, attention to detail, integrity, and honesty if you are to be proud of your accomplishments. It is advised that you work alone or at least be able to set your own pace. Working with others in an intimate atmosphere would not be advisable because you would arouse their criticism. You have talent, but your employer may refuse to recognize it in order to avoid paying you more.

Don't anticipate an early marriage unless you are prepared to make enormous concessions to keep it together. Better to postpone a binding partnership until you can be more selective in choosing a mate. If you marry for security it may last, but it will be little more than a corporate merger with little emotional satisfaction. If your upbringing was austere and you saw privation and financial difficulties in your parents' lives, there is even more reason to wait for financial independence before taking a mate.

Venus opposite Saturn: Here the energy is similar to the conjunction and the square, but there is an additional feeling of compromise or loss (or both). Venus symbolizes the effect of the mother and Saturn represents the effect of the father on the individual, and the images are confused. One parent may leave when the person is a child; but even if the loss of a parent doesn't occur, the person feels like a victim between the two parents who are each throwing a different vibration into his developing psyche. What is a man? What is a woman? How does one treat men and women? How does one feel about oneself and one's relationships with members of the opposite sex?

This often represents an individual who has losses in love because the psyche is programmed to lose; this individual may fall in love with someone who is unavailable or with someone who dies or who makes him intensely miserable. The parents removed the objects that the person was attached to during his formative years. The 'love object' may have been a favorite toy or a security blanket, or the affection of one or both of the parents. One parent may have been harsh to the other; one parent may have suppressed the other; the child saw the parents disliking each other in some way. So the image in the psyche carries a message that men and women are against each other - each must make the other compromise in some way.

The ability to love is harshened or lessened, and frequently authority is resented. When Saturn opposes Venus, the father is harsh with the mother because Saturn is a stronger planet than Venus. It makes the person suspicious of his own desires, unnecessarily hard on himself, willing to give up pleasure, and ready to turn away from love.

The mother didn't value herself, and this person will absorb her feelings: women have little value; love can hurt or love can be a harsh experience. This individual grows up to be very cautious about developing relationships, and it is this feeling that makes him look for the love insurance policies that are unattainable. This is the type of personality that doesn't give of itself or gives only of the material self, or one who unconsciously picks someone to love who is taken from him. It seems possible that the psyche of unconscious self of a person with this aspect may not think that he or she deserves to have a long-lasting, good relationship.

It's important to understand that there are no bad aspects or awful destinies in astrology, but rather that we tend to seek what we have been programmed for even though the program is unconscious. The psyche is powerful; the power of the subconscious is far stronger than that of the conscious mind. There is no argument going on between the subconscious and the conscious. Once we are able to diagnose an unhealthy program, we can begin to change the way we use the energy and rid ourselves of the negative influence of any energy source that we call an 'aspect'.

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Venus opposite Saturn: Shakura 0, Tyler 1, Jimi Hendrix 2, Clint Eastwood 3, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 3, George Patton  3, Frank Sinatra 3, Mark Zuckerberg 3, Ivy 3, JudyPl 3, Ken Kesey 4, Alicia 4, Cate 5, Nicole 5, Olof 5, John Dillinger 6, Dolly Parton 6, Paul Simon 6, Travis 6, OmNi 7, Mitt Romney 7, Wilt Chamberlain 8, Bruce Lee 9