Venus conjunct Pluto

Your intimate personal relationships will be extremely important in your life, creating a sphere of experience which can take you to both the heights and the depths of emotional intensity, and will be a focus for energies of transformation which will influence the direction of your life.

What you are searching for is 'the ultimate physical / emotional affair', a consuming passionate involvement with your ideal partner; and this desire will play a prominent role in your choices of partner for relationship. Unfortunately, what you are chasing is more of an illusion rather than a reality, a dream figure projected from your own psyche that you look to find in the objective world the anima and animus images of Jungian psychology. As real life has a habit of shattering illusions, you will often be frustrated in your relationships, which could lead you to experiment with a variety of partners, none of whom seems to fit your inner picture of 'perfection'.

Emotionally, you can be difficult to satisfy, as you tend to believe that there is always a greater intensity and experience that has so far eluded you, but which would be within your reach if only you could find the right partner. Inevitably, your emotional life will be full of highs and lows; and the likelihood is that you will either break up promising relationships or allow them to fall apart by withdrawing your commitment, because you are already casting your net for a more suitable mate. It can be difficult for someone who is emotionally attached to you, as you tend to 'blow hot and cold', fire, passion and intensity, and ice, distance and disinterest, as your partner displays his or her more frail human face. Only a 'god or a goddess' will do for you!

The point is that you are externalizing your inner ideal partner; and what is required is that you realize that you have to evoke these qualities from within your own nature, to become more complete and self-sufficient in yourself, rather than look for another to bear the strain of expressing them, and upon whom you lean. You have to reabsorb your own fantasy projection, stop expecting another to live up to your ideal, and learn how to embody it yourself. It is a step in moving towards the inner androgynous state of being, where the physical male integrates his anima, allowing 'traditional feminine qualities' of sensitivity, intuitiveness, nurturing and caring to enrich his life, and the physical woman integrates her animus, releasing qualities of action, intellect and assertiveness to enrich her life; an inner balance.

Until you begin to make progress in this inner psychological necessity, then it is likely that you will continue to find an underlying dissatisfaction in your relationships, a feeling that there must be more somewhere. You need to change in order to create an opportunity for your relationships to stand a chance of working; you need to accept the real nature of people, their weaknesses and strengths, and learn to love real flesh and blood people. Potentially, your capacity for the intensity of love can stimulate considerable transformation in yourself and partners, acting as a healing and development catalyst; the process of rebirth in your life will come via your emotions, but be prepared to suffer the 'death of the heart' first.

Your vitality and energy can give you an artistic temperament and ability, coupled with a style of dramatic self-expression; and people will rarely respond to you in a lukewarm manner, finding themselves either strongly attracted to the consuming flame or repulsed as the intensity is too much for them. Transformation, perhaps through the reorientation of your excess vital emotional energy towards a spiritual or social cause, could help regeneration, offering equal intensity but from a stabilized inner balance.

Venus conjunct Pluto: With Venus conjunct Pluto, you will encounter recurring crises as your romantic nature seeks emotional fulfillment. You pursue the ultimate in physical and emotional release, and because of your ardent love needs, you will be attracted to a wide variety of partners. You are possessive of your current love interest, but you easily turn your attention to someone else who seems able to provide you with a deeper relationship.

You often demand tangible love tokens from those with whom you become emotionally involved. Since you are willing to make enormous commitments to the one you love, you feel it is only fair that your partner should make some material sacrifice to demonstrate genuine interest. In this way, you are reassured that the relationship is more than merely a physical attraction, and there is a possibility of a permanent bond between you. You are always hoping for that total partnership in which you enjoy all levels of companionship ¬physical, emotional, and spiritual.

You arouse deep responses in people, even those you contact casually. Your nature stimulates both positive and negative reactions; some individuals will find you irresistible and enticing, while others will be fearful of becoming trapped by your pervasive charm. In time, you will be freed from your physical preoccupation with sex, and you will be more able to enjoy all kinds of human contacts.

You attract others to you like a magnet. They may be interested in your dramatic sense or your artistic leanings, or they may be fascinated by your fearless involvement in deep and sometimes dangerous alliances.

Unable to accept social injustices, you feel strongly that something must be done about them. You are amazed at the indifference of public officials to such inhuman conditions. Once a program has been started to correct the situation, you may be willing to work for it, if it will serve those in greatest need. You may feel that no sacrifice is too great, if even a small improvement is made. You will enjoy working in fund-raising campaigns, where your deep respect for human dignity could be constructively demonstrated. You know how to use pressure tactics, especially with your more well-to-do associates, to gain their support for your goals.

Venus conjunct Pluto: The all-or-nothing attitude of Pluto is united here with the Venusian search for harmony, a combination that produces a rare blend of outward charm and a strong, dark power of attraction. Pluto delves but is never satisfied. Although the native has much to give, the Plutonian influence on Venus means that he or she may demand everything in love and friendship. The exactingness comes from the unconscious depths of the psyche, which is always whispering that there is something more; therefore, he or she is determined to have more. This person seeks an intense emotional involvement with a partner, and carries it to extremes. By being over-eager, he or she stands to lose everything.

Pluto's hunger for power manifests itself here quite affably, because Venus has a refining effect. The native can captivate someone with a sweet smile - and then manipulate that person to make him or her fall into line. Needless to say, the conjunction (and the same is true of the other Venus / Pluto aspects) does produce power struggles within relationships.

The intensity of Pluto can make the native jealous and bitter in love and friendship; forceful, too. On the other hand, he himself may attract strong-minded friends, or a dominant partner. Since Pluto's appetite is endless, there is seldom any satisfaction or fulfillment in a relationship. Excessive demands by either party can prove destructive, and then Pluto, in keeping with another side of its nature, confronts the individual with separation and loneliness. Yet this can offer the chance to examine the fundamental causes of the break-up and can lay the basis for transformation and regeneration. With a Venus / Pluto conjunction, relationships help the native sound his or her own depths and to discover weaknesses and problems.

Venus conjunct Pluto: Venus represents the psychological effect of the mother on the individual, the ability to appreciate love, as well as the intellectual concept of what a love relationship is. These feelings will be altered in some way by the presence of Pluto. It seems that during the individual's formative years the mother was convinced that she had to control her universe through her 'womanhood'. In some way, she was able to overwhelm this native on a psychological level, and the resultant adult is a person who has to protect himself from the unseen influence, the devouring mother. The mother is an overwhelming influence. This produces a male who feels he has to control his relationships with the female, and perhaps even subconsciously he will be attempting to control any relationship that he forms. He may obsess over relationships or obsess over his desires, but the most harmful part of the aspect in the subconscious is a fear of the power of woman. It means that rather than relating he must manage everyone; and that does not make a relationship smooth or happy.

The female with this aspect was taught early in her childhood that in order to survive as a female one must control all relationships. One must know where one stands in any relationship that is formed, or it may be lost. This woman will attempt to have a 'grip' on everything around her; otherwise she thinks she will lose her position. Often the aspect works subconsciously. She may be vaguely aware that she needs to determine edges, for rarely is a hard Pluto aspect really conscious of the maneuvering it does. She may pick men that she can manage and then resent them for being manageable. She may want to end relationships when this conjunction is being transited by other planets, for the energy may bring her insecurity into focus. She may be afraid of her mother or resent her mother from childhood on into adulthood.

The aspect can indicate a person who has obsessive desires. Additional configurations in the chart may indicate how much so and what area of life is affected by the aspect. If Pluto represents transformation, or if it represents the collective unconscious of humanity, then the tie between Pluto and Venus is a 'biggie' in terms of human growth potential. If Venus represents our appreciation of art, culture and beauty, then the conjunction will intensify that appreciation and enable the owner to transform the art world, or to gain understanding of potential art forms. Because Pluto symbolizes the archetypes of the collective unconscious, personal transformation and / or insights can be developed when the lower manifestations of the aspect are comprehended.

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Venus conjunct Pluto: Beth 1, ChrisTr 5, Komala 5, J 5, Lynn Forester de Rothschild 6, Andrew 6, George Bush, Sr. 7, Cheri 7, Erika 7, Bertrand Russell 8, PaulS 8, Seligma 8, VinCar 8, BillH 9

Venus sextile Pluto

The sextile aspect is an easier one to experience than the conjunction or the challenging square and opposition. The state of a more harmonious inner balance is easier to find; and there is a more realistic appreciation and understanding of the nature of human love and relationships.

The experience of your feelings and emotions will be strong, but will be able to be absorbed into a personal integration rather than be a compulsive dominating energy driving your life. This means that you should be able to gain some perspective upon the patterns of your emotional life, to see the rhythmic cycle, and to apply common sense, logic, and rationality to moderate any obsessive tendencies emanating from that level.

Understanding is a key for you; and you have an insight into the potentially transformative and beneficial power of love in a human life. To you, having a successful intimate relationship is a high priority, although you will tend to be very careful in your choice of partners. What you require is a partner who is capable of developing with you, as the relationship matures and changes over time, where there is a natural love and respect for each other, with mutual or compatible interests, and where both will benefit from each other's company. Running through the partnership will be a thread of purpose and meaning, perhaps a joint life direction to be aimed towards, which is nourished by a high degree of real communication and sharing. Your ideals are high, but are achievable in real life; the key to success lies in right mutual choice; and this can come about through a series of events that could imply that the partnership is 'fated' to occur. Feeling this way can give a strength and inner commitment to the relationship at those times when mutual adjustment and personal change are required for the relationship to progress and deepen over the years.

Sexuality will be important to you, but not compulsively so, as you will see it as a natural, enjoyable aspect of adult life, and are unlikely to have any damaging feelings of unease about physical expressions of love and affection. Talents in the arts or music are at least latent in you; and if you draw these out strongly enough, you may discover that you have quite an original creative ability to display.

Venus sextile Pluto: The sextile of Venus to Pluto gives you an understanding of the power of love. You recognize that an emotional contact always requires both parties to adjust somewhat if the relationship is to be meaningful. You consider harmony an important factor, for it allows intense physical expression to endure. Consequently, you try to establish a good level of communication with your lover before making any commitment. You may find that you are attracted to certain people because of their appearance; however, when you get to know them, you are completely turned off by their superficial attitudes.

Generally, you are able to accurately perceive and evaluate people's motives in their dealings with you. You still adhere to the strong opinions about love that you formed early in life. Perhaps you feel that superficial relationships are such a waste of time and effort that you will defer any permanent tie. You intend to make sure that this relationship is broadly based on mutual interests. In other words, you don't want and will not accept just anybody.

You respond to individuals who want to develop their potential and themselves to ever higher levels of accomplishment. You relate best to those who have more than mere physical assets to offer and who are willing to compromise and make adjustments to other people's desires.

In the broad spectrum of society, you are impatient with insensitive public servants who fail to respond to the most basic human needs. In fact, you are temperamentally capable of going to extremes in exposing those who are guilty. Singlehandedly, you may launch a campaign to uncover the most damaging evidence and then enlist the support of the media to publicize it. You are especially keen on exposing the misuse of public funds. To you, this is just as bad as being personally robbed, and you refuse to look the other way.

You would be suited to such positions as company treasurer, financial advisor, insurance agent, or lawyer in the field of wills and trusts. Any of these can bring you rewarding creative expression and the opportunity to enrich others.

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Venus sextile Pluto: Prince Charles 0, Bill Clinton 1, BobG 1, Karl Marx 2, Lorraine 2, Pete 2, Prabhukar 2, Ralph 2, Fred Astaire 3, Ingrid Bergman 3, George Orwell 3, BenT 3, MFor 3, VinCal 3, Henry Kissinger 4, Donovan Leitch 4, DJenkins 4, Gina 4

Venus square Pluto

Pluto introduces an element of fate into your emotional affairs, which are likely to be a source of problems in your life. Your intense emotions are liable to dictate the nature of your choices, and you may experience difficulties through being unable to control your desires and passions. This can involve you in relationships that may be basically unsuitable, and which serve to stimulate aspects of your character that may not be to your own or your partner's benefit. At an extreme, such relationships could become mutually destructive and life-spoiling, or degenerate into debasement of character.

Social and materialistic conditions will tend to influence your potential fulfillment; and you are likely to be attracted towards those who seem to offer money, possessions and social status as well as a personal relationship. This is partly because of your need for a sense of security; and it can play a deciding factor in your affairs or marriage. Conversely, in the inebriation of passion, you may find that you are committed to someone who has none of these additional 'assets', and that the lack of them eventually has a negative effect on the relationship. You are probably too self-centered in relationship, eagerly taking but giving less in return, and yet discovering that you are still not experiencing the peaks of emotional and sexual intensity that you imagine are there; this builds a feeling of frustration over time, which dissipates much of your ability to enjoy and causes you to begin a process of withdrawal from your commitment and responsibility, mentally, emotionally and physically.

A conflict that you encounter is that of chasing your desires, or chasing your needs. You may need to spend some time actually deciding what your real needs actually are, as opposed to desires - which are much less essential to your well-being. Experience should show you that there is usually a cost for everything, and that the fulfillment of genuine needs tends to bring in its wake far fewer negatives than does the compulsion to satisfy desires. One can imagine an infinite number of desires; but in general only a handful of needs demands to be met in order for one to enjoy life. It is your choice towards which you direct your energy. chasing desires often encourages you to attempt to manipulate others through some form of personal domination.

Crises associated with relationship and emotions are likely, providing you with the possibility of transformation and understanding of the energies of love, emotion and sex within yourself. This can break down your self-preoccupation, making you able to give and compromise more with your partner, to resolve the dangers of negative relationship and to have more conscious control over your strong impulsive drives and desires. One way to channel this energy is in artistic expression, as you should discover that you possess some talent in that area which may be lying latent. You should try to avoid any tendency towards entering secret love affairs, which, whilst they may stoke the fires of passion, also stimulate your more negative characteristics of not always being trustworthy and not always fulfilling your obligations.

Venus square Pluto: As a result of Venus square Pluto, you may find that your emotional life brings you more problems than satisfaction. You are deeply aware that any benefits you receive are always accompanied by some negative effects. What you want is often not what you need, so that as you strive to satisfy your desires you also have to endure suffering in some way. These desires cast you into relationships that eventually frustrate your real need for a permanent and serene partnership.

You tend to give of yourself in order to get what you want, and may even profess love for someone in order to marry. You could be obsessed with using sex as a device to obtain financial security or material comforts. It may also be that you really love someone who is already attached, or that your lover may be taken from you by a new interest in someone else.

There will be a major upheaval or serious crisis in your life, which could easily transform your preoccupation with personal, physical relationships to a broader love that includes spiritual and intellectual companionship as well.

You can be sure that if problems persist in your domestic and professional relationships, you have not successfully resolved your personal conflicts. To demonstrate your worth, you must learn to fulfill your responsibilities. Don't wait until you are sure you will benefit from a particular course before you start, or you never will accomplish what you want. Make sure that your behavior is above reproach so you can attract people for what you are. This will also encourage the kinds of circumstances you can deal with, at home and on the job.

You need to change your attitudes in order to significantly improve people's feelings about you. Patronizing people is a poor substitute for being honest with them. Friends thus gained will never respect you, and you won't respect them, either. Don't make promises unless you intend to keep them. People will think you are a poor loser or that you make gestures of compromise only when there is something you want. You are inclined to take when you should give, to make accusations without thinking and to feel offended when your sincerity is challenged. All these qualities make others behave offensively to you. Try to develop warmth, sincerity, and compassion. The revised image will miraculously transform your personal and social affairs to your benefit.

You may experience some malfunction of the generative organs. Periodic physical examinations are recommended.

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Venus square Pluto: Shirley Temple Black 0, Antonio 1, Hillary Rodham Clinton 2, Jack Nicholson 2, Eva 2, PapayaJ 2, Travis 2, Warren Buffett 3, Bruce Lee 3, Elizabeth Taylor 3, Joze 3, Ju 3, Johnny Cash 4, Sean Connery 4, Bill Hicks 4, Jack 4, JerryP 4, Woody Allen 5, Lucille Ball 5, Nirvesh 5, TonyC 5, Carolyn 6, Jane 6, Bruce Springsteen 7, George Carlin 8

Venus trine Pluto

The trine aspect gives similar indications to the sextile, where the possibility of personal transformation is likely to occur through emotional experiences of a higher and intense kind.

You will have a fundamental faith in life, an innate optimism that all will work out well in the end. This belief in the goodness of life can be 'contagious'; and you may feel attracted towards sharing with others your personal approach or philosophy of life, so that they too can experience how trust, faith and love can enrich and guide a life. You feel that higher values are essential in interpersonal relationships; and you try to embody these in your own life. You see that the bedrock of a partnership - apart from mutual love and affection - lies in qualities of commitment, honesty, integrity, responsibility to mutual obligations, and allowing each other the space to express his or her own unique nature and to continue to unfold the personality in a developmental way. Generally, you have a belief that the lives of others could be greatly improved if certain adjustments were made in their attitudes; and you are probably correct in assuming so. You may, however, have to avoid a tendency to interfere in the choices that others make. They have to find their own way, although you have the potential to help others do this, perhaps by encouraging them to examine themselves and their options.

You should have a sense of life direction to follow, a meaningful path which may appear in hindsight to have an element of inevitability about it. Similarly, your intimate love life may feel preordained, and you may find that you are waiting for that special partner to enter your life, into feeling quite right with any previous relationships or fully able to commit yourself to them. It could be that you experience the right partner in the traditional sense of 'love at first sight', an intuitive feeling of 'rightness'.

Whether immediately obvious or not, your life will be strongly directed and influenced by your emotions; your choices will always be conditioned by your emotional responses to people and situations, even though you may overlay your 'gut reaction' by intellectual reasons or logic. Fortunately, your choices tend to turn out right for you, unlike the choices made by those with the Venus-Pluto square or opposition, where following emotional impulses leads towards considerable difficulties and frustrations. It may be that some of the higher appreciation and qualities that potentially are yours to experience may remain latent until they are triggered into conscious activity through the transformative action of love upon you; meeting your 'fated partner' could be the stimulus for this process. This does not necessarily imply that the relationship will succeed and survive, but could indicate a crisis and turning-point in your life centered within your emotions, which - whatever the result - will lead to enhanced understanding and inner change.

Venus trine Pluto: Your Venus trine Pluto enables you to enjoy the highest creative experiences that love can bring. You derive spiritual benefits from personal contacts, and you stimulate others to emulate your attitude about love, which benefits them too.

You will control your ardent love nature until your intuition signals that you have found a suitable partner for creative expression of your passion. You may have love interests, which can be more romantic than real love, but when you meet the one special individual, you will respond with undeniable persuasiveness. The chances are good that the feeling will be mutual. There is a quality of fate in the chance encounter that defies all logic; this love will grow until you both feel as one.

You can be extremely effective in teaching others about moral and spiritual values and how to enrich their lives by adhering to the highest ethical standards. Young people especially will relate to you; you can teach them to stand on their own feet, secure in their values and commitments and in their eagerness to be loving in spite of adversity.

Any profession that you follow, you will be dedicated to. You are honest and would probably quite your job if you had to bend your ethics in performing it. Some fields that are especially suited to your capabilities include investment, insurance, financial management, and sales. Selling would be especially rewarding because your sincerity would encourage customers to buy your product. You could also function well as an analyst because you can focus on people's needs. You are understanding, sympathetic, and yet strong enough to persuade people to accept your suggestions for their own good.

You have a quality that is essential to success - you believe in yourself and in the potentials of others. Your basic integrity is solidly founded. You could make a substantial contribution to society through government service or political activity, probably in the financial management of someone in office or seeking it. You could also find satisfaction in working for the Internal Revenue Service or as a private citizen conducting your own tax service. It would be difficult for anyone to pull the wool over your eyes because you are keenly perceptive of dishonesty.

Whatever course you follow in your private and your professional life, you will be amply rewarded for your efforts. The love principle you project to all has the peripheral effect of bringing abundance into your life. This aspect usually means you will inherit something, and it is almost a certainty that you will be named in someone's will because of your unselfish contribution.

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Venus trine Pluto: Jimi Hendrix 0, Queen Elizabeth II 2, Michael Jordan 2, Ray 2, Shakura 2, Paul Simon 3, CharlesS 3, Will Rogers 4, Ted Turner 4, Cate 4, Bob Marley 5, Shirley McLaine 5, Joanne Woodward 5, Gabriela 5, Benjamin Netanyahu 6, Babe Ruth 6, Gore Vidal 6, Jon Voight 6, Mark 6, LouG 7

Venus quincunx Pluto

With Venus inconjunct Pluto, you may overburden yourself by giving to excess in your emotional relationships. You need to be more moderate in your contacts with others. There is always an element of stress associated with your feelings for the opposite sex. You tend to fall for the sob-story and find yourself making commitments to people who don't mean that much to you. It is your desire for acceptance and approval that makes you overextend your efforts for others.

In your personal, romantic pursuits, you may be misled in believing in the profuse affection shown by your current love interest. You are likely to be disappointed in the end. Be particularly wary of anyone who asks you to prove your love by demonstrating it physically. You are susceptible to such alliances, and you can suffer enormous problems unless you are aware of it and try to protect yourself. Physical problems involving the generative organs are a distinct possibility and may result in permanent damage to the reproductive system.

You can derive much benefit from working for enterprises of a social nature, such as medical research, nutrition and diet, and welfare programs. In any job, it is best if you are assigned a specific task to perform.

Seek professional advice before you make an agreement with anyone. Your decisions are often made under emotional stress when you cannot reason logically, and these are the times when you need help. Realize that people will try to take advantage of you, which can sometimes be costly.

All kinds of negative elements seem to creep into your affairs. In your job, for instance, you might be involved in preparations for a social function for fellow employees. In the confusion of the proceedings, you may find yourself paying for things out of your own pocket because someone insists his contribution was paid, and you are left holding the bag. This is not terribly important by itself, to be sure, but the constant repetition of such incidents becomes irritating. So the first thing to remember is this: don't volunteer either your time or your money. It is enough for you to simply make your contribution.

Venus quincunx Pluto: Uncertainty dogs friendship and love; and this person has a strong desire to prove himself or herself, or to take a firm hold on situations. He or she can appear very forceful. At the same time, he or she conceals personal emotions, because he or she is afraid to let him- or herself go - which would mean losing a grip on things. Without knowing it, this person wears an impersonal, forbidding mask: thinking all the while that he or she is pleasant, friendly and ready to compromise (Venus), he or she is impersonal and off-putting. The tense reactions of others puzzle the native, even though he or she is the cause.

Also, this person is inclined to attract difficult or cantankerous people with whom he or she can engage in an unconscious power struggle. He or she is aware that they are trying to get the better of him / her, but unaware that he or she is actually trying to do the same to them. With an inconjunct, this person even makes a show of following the partner's lead and of doing everything the partner wants, but on the tacit understanding that the native is always the centre of attention. Alternatively, this person may fall victim to someone who plays this trick on him or her. The aspect often goes hand in hand with confused relationships in which unconscious processes play a part.

However, this person can be an outstanding marriage guidance (or similar) counselor, once he or she has penetrated to the core of the personal problem. An insight into what causes this behavior can make him a good adviser to those with similar problems, for he knows the tensions and difficulties all too well.

Venus quincunx Pluto: The influence of the mother is strained by an unconscious control pattern that this individual absorbs from her. The concept of love may be marred by a subliminal feeling of doubt regarding decisions in this area. The Pluto placement can indicate a sensitivity on a subconscious level that may elicit a reaction to love that involves retaliation or control.

The energy can be understood by examining the signs involved as well as the house placement of the planets, so that the areas of life implicated in the aspect can be determined.

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Venus quincunx Pluto: Leen 0, Q 0, Maharaj Ji 1, Alan Arkin 2, Aleister Crowley 2, Robert Downey, Jr. 2, Georges Gurdjieff 2, Jack Nicklaus 2, Gloria Steinem 2, Ty Cobb 3, George Patton 3, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 3, Bram 3, Raga 3, Alford 4

Venus opposite Pluto

The challenging aspects of square and opposition invariably display the dark face of the distorted Pluto energy, and require considerable individual transformation and self-understanding to mitigate the potentially negative impact on life that they will otherwise influence a person to experience. It is important to remember that this influence to confront the darker side of the psyche is inherently positive and creatively beneficial if it is used to reorient the inner life, and that this is the hidden purpose of the Pluto impulses.

It is likely that you will experience a repetitive pattern of sexual love and emotional affairs which either do not seem to satisfy and fulfill you, or collapse into failure, acrimony and suffering. This can lead to a jaded, cynical attitude founded upon a frustrated, demoralized emotionally battered perception of love.

Your emotional intensity and passion is likely to cause difficulties for you, as it often seems to run away out of your control, and can take you into situations and encounters which from a clearer perspective you would consider to be undesirable. Certainly you are looking for something; but your sexual and emotional desires can be too strong, creating distortions of inner energy and leading to compulsive behavior on your part - followed by an attempt at justification in the vein of 'I couldn't help myself...'. Either you will feel driven to experiment in various relationships on a continuous basis, or, as a reaction, you may attempt to avoid entering any emotional affair as you are afraid of experiencing the old established pattern again.

Problems can arise in your intimate relationships due to your tendency to introduce the element of domination. You tend to demand your own way or assume a dominating role, sometimes played out in potentially damaging sexual and emotional contexts, sometimes obvious, sometimes more subtle. Even if you assume a submissive role, it is only as a hidden way to manipulate and achieve your intentions through a subtle route; it is not your natural approach. Usually, you want your partners to change to suit you, and you can put intense pressure upon them, especially sexually and emotionally.

You will need to learn the necessity for mutual compromise in relationships, to understand your inner underlying desires and impulses which are conditioning and controlling you from the depths of your unconscious. It may be appropriate to study humanistic psychology, or take part in a course or therapy designed to bring about safe release of hidden impulses into the light of conscious awareness. Such impulses, and unconscious inner fantasy lives, are present to some degree in everyone; but with this aspect they will stimulate problems for you, which are resolvable if you are willing to confront them in an act of personal reintegration and transformation. This will also serve to balance out your erratic flow of emotional desires, which often seems to confuse you and your partner, as you appear to 'blow very hot and very cold' in your responses to them; this is when your inner impulses arise and fall in some hidden rhythmic cycle, leading to uncontrollable emotional and sexual needs and intensity, or to a lack of response and to coldness.

Always, the choice is yours; potentially you can defuse many of the difficulties that usually face you in relationships, or you can continue hoping that they will lift of their own accord. Pluto is influencing you to take the positive approach, by facing you with the results of being passive to the inner forces and by remaining unconscious of their hidden promptings.

Venus opposite Pluto: With Venus opposition Pluto, your intense emotional nature may create many problems for you, as you strive to force your demands on others. On the other hand, you may avoid involvement with others, fearing the responsibility of an emotional attachment. In either case, you will alienate yourself from those who may be dearest to you.

In any permanent relationship, money is often seen as the cause of disharmony. The real problem, however, is usually the excessive demands you make of your partner, or your partner's possessive attitude toward you. You must appraise your feelings realistically to see if the two of you have simply grown apart, or if you have tried to remake your partner to fit your ideal image.

Before making any contractual commitment to someone, you should try to examine your prospective mate's potentials carefully. This means realistically evaluating his or her capacity to fulfill your needs, both as a partner and as a parent of your children. The best physical mate does not necessarily make a good parent. There may be an inability to accept the responsibility of a family and the restraints to personal freedom and mobility.

Any problems you may have, however, can be resolved if you are willing to compromise. The freedom you can enjoy together may be greater than any freedom you could have separately.

Early in your professional career, as you are trying to become established, you will encounter certain difficulties. Some individuals may try to take advantage of your naivety to create trouble between you and your superiors. You are sure to encounter severe competition from your co-workers, who will feel threatened by you.

Avoid forming a close alliance with anyone until you are sure that person can be trusted with your confidences. This is especially true of your boss. Being friendly with him may give you job security, but it will certainly disrupt comfortable working conditions with your fellow employees, and these are the people you have to live with each day.

To be truly effective, try to maintain a purely social attitude in your professional endeavors. Any emotional involvement will unnecessarily complicate your goals. It is easy to be victimized by a person for whom you feel an emotional attachment because it is so difficult to say 'no', even to excessive demands. If you allow yourself to be used, you will increase the chances of being abused.

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Venus opposite Pluto: Al Capone 0, H.G. Wells 0, ScottS 1, Mahatma Gandhi 2, Howard Hughes 2, TomW 2, Paul Newman 3, Mitt Romney 3, Michael 3, Ramana Maharshi 4, Merrill 4, John Dee 5, Elvis Presley 5, Kay 5, Helena Blavatsky 7, JRosh 7