Venus in Aquarius

The person with Venus in Aquarius tends to want relationships to be on a very cool and rational basis. Even more than the other Air signs, Aquarius feels uncomfortable dealing with intense emotions. Intimacy feels like alien territory to those with Venus in Aquarius; and their fear of getting close to people can make them very cool and distant. They feel much more comfortable with friendships than with one-to-one relationships.

These people cannot bear possessiveness, and will be appalled by displays of jealousy in others. It is difficult for them to accept their own darker emotions like jealousy and anger, so they often simply cut off when they feel hurt.

It is very important to them that those they associate with share the same ideals and political views; and they find it quite hard to relate to those with a different standpoint. They tend to have a belief in their absolute rightness, which can make it difficult for them to empathize with anyone who holds a different view. They will tend to draw their friends and lovers from the particular ideological groups to which they belong, and will enjoy sharing these activities with their partner.

Aquarius has strong beliefs about equality and fair play; and people with Venus here have definite principles and ideals about relationships. They believe in openness and honesty, and cannot tolerate any form of underhand behavior. There is a strong sense of loyalty; and this person is a true friend to those he / she loves.

Venus in Aquarius: You might withhold your gift of objective understanding and loving acceptance because of a desire to create more excitement. If so, you may experience a series of shallow, chaotic and scattered encounters. You might use the pretext of universal love for mankind as an excuse for neglecting to establish personal relationships. Eventually, you may undergo the haunting realization that this detachment is simply feeling an inability and unwillingness to relate to anyone on a personal level.

Venus in Aquarius: You experience the joy and exhilaration of coming into contact with others when you are willing to share openly your unique gift of loving in an impartial way. No matter how intimate or personal a relationship may be, you have the ability to retain your sense of individual freedom.

If you do not abuse your freedom through eccentric behavior in an attempt to guarantee your independence, you can attract people who are willing to be your equal. In doing so, you eliminate the possibility of your dependency through their independence. A firm sense of your self-worth can be established when you allow a deep personal pledge to develop within your intimate relationships.

Venus in Aquarius: The Renaissance may have been the pinnacle of artistic achievement, but as far as you're concerned only the most modern and innovative art forms are worth considering. You might be interested in computer graphics, neon sculpture, holographs, electronic music or experimental theatre. Or, you could choose to express your creativity and inventiveness through aerospace or automotive design. Anything new, different, untried or unorthodox appeals to you. Your willingness to go where others haven't and your lack of concern for what the critics think enable you to break new ground.

In relationships, you have little regard for what society, your family or peers think. Your partner's religion, race, age, background or status isn't important to you. In fact, you enjoy pairing up with someone who is totally unlike yourself. "Vive la difference" might be your motto. You are eager to experience people and things that are new and unusual. But you also get much satisfaction from shocking more traditional people with your unorthodox behavior, and actually thrive on negative feedback. You want to do whatever 'isn't done'.

You insist on having lots of space and independence in your relationships, and can't bear possessiveness or jealousy. An open-ended arrangement that allows you to experiment freely would be more satisfactory than a conventional, monogamous partnership. You are easily bored and need plenty of excitement, stimulation and change in your love life.

Fairness and equality are most important in your relationships. Both partners must have equal say and contribute fairly to the partnership. You won't last long in a love affair with someone who is either too domineering or too submissive.

You're looking for a lover who is also a friend, someone with whom you can share ideas and experiences. Not especially romantic or affectionate, you can seem detached, unloving and overly cerebral. Often you'd rather debate an intellectual concept than make love. You enjoy a good argument with your partner from time to time - for you, conflict adds spice to the relationship, and you grow bored if things between you are peaceful for long.

Venus in Aquarius: Venus in the sign Aquarius is reacting against the materialism and cold propriety of Venus in Capricorn. It indicates an impersonal but friendly emotional outlook. The natives want to be friendly with everyone, but not necessarily on a personal basis. They are popular and well-liked, and they generally have many friends. There is a sparkling, effervescent, unusual quality in their personal manner.

The attitudes of these people toward social and sexual morality may be unusual, departing from the standard rules laid down by society. It is not that they are devoid of principles. Rather, they have their own interpretation of what is just and meaningful. As with Venus in Gemini and in Libra, they find crude behavior unattractive although they themselves do not always observe traditional concepts of social behavior.

Romantic attractions are often sudden and casual, not necessarily stable or lasting. The individual finds intellectual stimulation important in romance and marriage, and is attracted to ingenious or eccentric types, as well as to those who will help him expand his social outlets. The romantic partner or spouse must be a friend as well as lover, and must understand that he requires variety and mental stimulation, and dislikes boring routine. These people also dislike jealousy and possessiveness, and will shy away from romantic partners who seek to curtail their social freedom. Therefore, if one wants to remain close to Venus in Aquarius people, it is necessary to allow them freedom in their relationships with others.

The eclecticism of Venus in Aquarius inclines the natives toward unusual tastes. They are attracted to art forms that are extremely modern or extremely ancient. There is a liking for electronic forms of art, because of the Uranus rulership of Aquarius. Intuition about people's social, emotional and personal disposition can be highly developed, verging on mental telepathy of the emotional states of others.

If Venus is afflicted in Aquarius, sexual habits can be eccentric and promiscuous. These people sincerely intend to remain constant in their affections, but their emotional outlook is subject to sudden radical changes, which can result in their breaking old relationships or creating new ones - and without any apparent reason. The hidden motivation often lies in their desire for greater personal freedom or new experience. They may be unable to work within the confines of marriage or other lasting relationships. They may have stubborn emotional attitudes and so refuse to see other points of view. Because Aquarius is a fixed sign, if Venus is well aspected there can be sustained loyalty to someone they truly love and respect.

Venus in Aquarius: Venus in this sign is cool, calm, collected and detached. How can the personal Venus feel happy in the impersonal, aloof sign of Aquarius? She isn't! She can function well in friendships, with acquaintances, and in groups. But when it comes to the personal equation she does not do very well. Venus in Aquarius often finds it very difficult to understand the emotionally oriented, for she strains her feelings through her mind stuff. She has a clear-cut mind, but icy and cold emotions. Often has a background of an early life where demonstrations of lovingness were missing. If Venus in this sign is afflicted by Saturn, Uranus, or Mars, the love life will be unfortunate until a true sense of love is inculcated. There would be a debt from a past life where love is concerned. Until that debt is paid by willing sacrifice and with love that asks nothing in return, the individuals would not have the love in their lives they would like. A person with Venus in Aquarius could be righteous, ethical and correct but lacking in lovingness and understanding.

Venus in Aquarius: In traditional astrology, this could be keyworded as 'unusual romantic needs'. These could lead to involvement with eccentrics of both positive (genius) and negative (drifter) types. It could lead to a need to remain single, or it could lead to a sudden commitment that lasts forever. On the other hand, the ruler of Aquarius being Uranus, the planet of divorce, there could be multiple marriages. The one thing any planet in Aquarius says is that anything (just about) is possible! Though it's hard to generalize on this placing, you do have some needs that must be fulfilled if you're to be happy. First of all, your mate / lover must be mentally stimulating. Secondly, he / she must allow you to keep the door to the future open. As soon as you feel trapped or locked in, romance stands a good chance of going out of the window. You need to feel there's still more to uncover in your relationship, more truths to learn, more places to go together.

Venus in Aquarius: You are friendly with people, but sometimes find it difficult to form close relationships. You are afraid that you will lose your freedom if you become too closely attached to others. You prefer friends who are somehow exciting and different; and, especially as you get older, you may become involved with people who are considered odd by the rest of society.

You enjoy being popular, as long as you don't have to give up being yourself; and you work well with other people in group projects and team efforts. You understand immediately what is good for the group, and can adjust your own goals to fit. But if your goals are too different from the group's, you will join another group.

As you get older and become involved with the opposite sex, you will look for interesting or unusual partners. You will seek out free, non-binding relationships that may be quite unusual, although not very stable. When a relationship loses its excitement, you are likely to look elsewhere.

Venus in Aquarius: This placing contributes more magnetic, film star glamour than any other. Admiration will be thoroughly enjoyed, but conflict can arise between the need for a relationship and the sacrifices that must be made accordingly. At times, these may seem too great, and sometimes a partnership is desired but a partner isn't. Conversely, there is plenty of enjoyable romance here. The individual who uses other areas of his or her chart (Sun, Moon and Ascending signs in particular) and resolves the complexities of this placing will be able to love with idealism and fidelity. Nevertheless, the feelings are coolly expressed and the emotional level must be finally judged by other planetary influences. If there is an aspect between Venus and Mars, sexual expression and enjoyment may be increased. Here is a very kind and helpful friend. He or she is usually good with money; but too much may be spent on glitzy, expensive clothes and items for the home.

Venus in Aquarius: Your emotional responses are frank and heartfelt, even when they are directed toward generalizations and groups, as they often are, or toward art in some form. Your emotions serve your aesthetic sense; you are capable of a detached and spiritual form of personal love which you relate to beauty rather than to passion. You worship beauty concretely and in the abstract; and can want nothing more than to look upon the beautiful face of your beloved (who must have a beautiful face) or upon a beautiful body, which you want to do without fear of being betrayed or thought immodest. You are sensuous, but not sensual; your emotions feed on the stimuli of eye, ear and the olfactory senses; less on touch. You belong to the perpetually pure of heart, and because of this your emotional responses to individuals are high-minded and beautiful in the extreme, and can be transmuted into the pure gold of universalized love by the alchemy of your spiritual strength.

Venus in Aquarius: Venus in Aquarius tends toward generalities rather than specifics. This include the native's response to love, romance, emotions and inner drives. He must be taught to be an individual; he should learn to demand something in return for his efforts, affection and trust. Otherwise, his tendency is to attract those who demand sacrifice but would not think of giving anything in return.

He attracts artistic friends and is attracted to beauty, but must learn that beauty is only skin-deep.

Venus in Aquarius: You are a liberated, though potentially indifferent, lover. Love for you is something that should never tie you down. Other has to be a friend to you just as much as anything else, be that lover, spouse, etc.. What all this amounts to is that you see love in terms of ideals and principles rather than needs or passions, although at times it can be quite confusing as to what is really motivating you. Freedom and honesty are your bywords, but they could become an excuse to say and do what you fancy.

You attract with a package of the unusual, unique and friendly that makes a light go on inside Other that he / she didn't even know was there; with an easy-going and non-possessive attitude which is like a breath of fresh air; and with a socially progressive attitude that is open to new ideas and values.

You repel with an aloofness and lack of personal feeling towards other that in time will attract the same from Other - in earnest; with a complete disregard for loyalty towards Other, when it suits you; and with an odd and / or theoretical, as opposed to realistic, version of how one should relate.

You are attracted to Others who are people in their own right and maybe stand out from the crowd; to freedom-loving Others who have their own specially devised rules for living; and to unusual, experimental or open relationship set-ups.

You are repelled by being but into a set category or expected to behave according to the norm; but Others who toe the party line and cannot think for themselves; and by an inability to share thoughts, feelings, and even bodies.

When you are alone, it is because your insistence on the freedom to do as you or Other chooses eventually causes relationships to become dysfunctional or non-starters. Relationships run on a fuel called human emotion, whatever else you may think they ought to run on. In the name of doing what you think is your own thing, you have probably overlooked what really is. So, sooner or later, you are made to feel what it is like to be without anyone to feel for you, or you are alone with someone who is no longer able to feel that much for you. In the second case, Other probably changes , there for his / her own unique reasons, while you hang in there because a feeling is keeping you there despite what you think. Apart from this, your free and experimental style of relating is bound to experience periodic gaps, rather like being short of guinea pigs!

Venus in Aquarius: You seek special styles and unusual varieties of love; and you look for partners with similar interests. This may be a mental exercise as much as a physical one; that is, the appearance of the unusual may be sufficient without having to explore it in depth physically.

You need a lot of action in order to be mentally stimulated in a relationship, so your affairs may become quite complicated and multifaceted. This may be very interesting and exciting, but try to avoid too much complexity, because that can lead to shallowness in some other area of the relationship.

Similarly, you may be tempted to get involved in several relationships at once. This can be a stimulating, even head-spinning experience, but it could prevent you from becoming involved with any one partner in a truly deep and lasting relationship. In any case, you should avoid jealous lovers who cramp your style or try to impose limits.

If you can overcome and rise above the problems of cross-conflicts and jealousies, however, you have the capability of openly and honestly sharing your love among several partners, which will enrich and enlarge the experience for all.

Venus in Aquarius: Keynote: Attachments are idealistic and impersonal. Symbol: A group of young people admires a statue of Aphrodite in a museum.

Venus in Aquarius bestows a love of the ideal and a tendency to idealize love. The person with this combination may find that ordinary marital relationships fail to satisfy his desire for romantic excitement, and he begins to cast about for something more exotic. Aquarius brings out the mental rather than the sentimental side of Venus, and stimulates a craving for novelty which often gives rise to unusual relationship.

Venusian Aquarians make better friends than lovers. Frequently, they want their lover to be a friend who understands their intellectual interests and who can provide pleasant company. Their sympathies are usually expressed in broad humanitarian terms rather than through devotion to specific individuals. Feelings are seldom passionate; but there is a need to exchange ideas with others and to participate in a community of congenial personalities.

Venus in Aquarius: The person with Venus in Aquarius may embrace the cause of free love; but his attitude grows out of a wish to feel unfettered rather than out of the conviction that this is an intrinsically better way of life. Like all Aquarians, his concern for the needs of unique individuals causes him to look beyond the roles designated by the arbiters of convention. His own interests are so universal that he prefers not to be fettered by compelling personal attachments and responsibilities. This 'love them and leave them' attitude does not imply immorality as much as a certain amorality, stemming mainly from the desire to remain autonomous. Aquarians sincerely want to gather their rosebuds while they may, and will leave others free to pick their way along the thorn-strewn path of romance if they will extend the same courtesy in return.

A Venusian Aquarian is generally as non-possessive about things as he is about people. He appreciates beauty but would as soon enjoy a lovely object in someone else's home as to have to dust and look after it himself. He respects money mainly because it provides him with the means to do as he pleases, and especially because it releases him from the restriction of a routine job and allows him to be his own boss. He enjoys getting around, whether by plane or as a hitchhiking hobo. He can be charming, happy, and original - as long as he feels untrammeled and free.

Venus in Aquarius: Keywords: charitable, sociable, detached, needing to be part of a creative group.

The need to be affiliated with political, social and / or religious groups or causes that reflect one's ideals is one of the hallmarks of the fixed Air sign of Aquarius. When Venus is placed in this social, eccentric and often highly-strung sign, individuals crave the excitement and creative stimulation that cannot be obtained from romantic or even sexual love alone. Their self-esteem and thus their ability to contribute to a personal and professional relationship are derived from participation in group activities, from which they develop a uniquely personal and oft-time non-traditional outlook on life.

Although they place an enormous emphasis on creative self-expression, it must always be in pursuit of a cause, even if that cause is self-promoting. A long-time client with Venus in Aquarius viewed her photography not simply as an expression of her artistic talent but as a means to penetrate the minds of people she admired in different walks of life. Once she became a well-known photographer, she lent her services to many women's groups and other organizations whose political beliefs were either similar to or sympathetic with her own. In addition, she found that because so much time was spent away from the home on shoots or at exhibits, it was important to involve her spouse in her work either as the subject of some of her photos or as manager of her finances. In the end, her husband knew that his wife, though away quite often, was more content and loving and, by far, more interesting and exciting to be with than anyone else.

Some people with Venus in Aquarius prefer to make statements not through their creativity but through their lifestyle choices, which are sometimes non-traditional and even what might be called radical. Any choices they do make, however, whether conformist or non-conformist, are made only if they feel that they are backed up by a support system of friends, an organization, political party, etc.. Whereas the individualism of Leo comes straight from the heart, the uniqueness of Aquarius is never expressed in isolation and can take the form of artistic group collaborations, communal living or sexual experimentation.

Like Venus in each Air sign, these people wish to be respected, and, to maintain a long-lasting personal relationship, should be encouraged to participate in group activities outside their home, since the more outside stimulation they have, the more they will be able to give to the relationship. In fact, people with Venus in Aquarius are often accused of being detached when it comes to their romantic and sexual relationships; though quite verbal in their political and social beliefs, they are hopelessly unable to tap into and ultimately share their feelings. Often accused by their partners of being insensitive to their needs, those with Venus in Aquarius simply retort that their partners' needs are trivial compared to those of the community at large.

Because Aquarius is the sign representing groups and friendships, these people ultimately offer themselves to their partners, first and foremost, as friends, and seek out relationships with people who share their point of view. While Uranus-ruled Aquarius is an eccentric sign vacillating between wishing to be alone and yearning for the crowd, its co-ruler Saturn accentuates the need for structure. Although individuals with Venus in this fixed Airs sign wish to be free, they also wish to have a reliable home to which they can return to share their accomplishments with a chosen mate.

The detachment, social idealism and individuality of this placement is strong.

Venus in Aquarius: With this placement, the individual is learning the lessons of universal love. He is kind and charitable, with a generous, outgoing nature. Thus, he forms friendships easily, as he follows a humanitarian path of life. Freedom of expression and a strong sense of personal independence leads his curious nature to be attracted to all of the new and unconventional things which make up his lifestyle. He has a unique feeling for the adventure of romance and the cosmic oneness of love. Yet, he has difficulty making the discriminative choices which keep his life balanced.

His desire for friendship can lead to unconventional relationships, often with the waifs and strays of society. His fondness for original intellectual and artistic pursuits often results in his choosing offbeat, eccentric paths, and forming strange associations, far from the mainstream of established tradition.

Venus in Aquarius is in the sign opposing the Sun's rulership of Leo. Thus, the individual experiences a cool unemotional detachment to life. His love nature can be dispassionately sensible; and his outlook is somewhat eccentric. He sees things differently from how others do, through a casual independent quality and sometimes an erratic and irresponsible attitude which can cause difficulties in his personal relationships.

He tends to break rules, often seeking the rebellious untrodden path as a means of finding his unique sense of originality. His eclectic tastes glean from here and there, with loyalty towards the purpose of man's humanity to man, but having difficulty focusing his devotion in any specific area with true personal loyalty towards one specific individual. In fact, it is easier for him to love humanity as an abstract ideal than to apply the same standards of fairness, equality and kindness to another in a one-to-one relationship.

The Yod to this Venus placement is formed by the inconjuncts from Cancer and Virgo; and it is from these two signs that the individual learns his greatest lessons about love.

The inconjunct from Cancer teaches him how to contact his sensitive and sympathetic feelings for others. As he learns to be openly responsive to the emotional needs of those around him, he grows closer to others and begins to realize the kind and good-hearted feelings from which his beautiful love for humanity as a world family will unfold.

Many with the Venus in Aquarius placement have difficulty accepting their need to learn emotional responsibility. Yet, the Cancerian lessons of loyalty, devotion and faithfulness are the very cornerstones of human decency. In essence, they provide the emotional basics of care and nourishment upon which the individual's feeling of universal love is built.

The inconjunct from Virgo teaches him how to order his life. He must learn how to discriminate between passing whims, or kinky, offbeat irregular impulses, and that which truly represents the humane, kind and charitable feelings through which man serves himself and others. These lessons of differentiation and discrimination help him to establish the priorities in his life so that his natural humanitarian instincts are not wasted. Rather than dissipating his love in idealistic dreams, distant causes or remote crusades, he learns through Virgo to recognize the ordered standards of society so that his sincere feelings for humanity can find their fertile channel in acceptable form.

The sextile from Cancer to Virgo shows how the individual can achieve the emotional refinement which helps him to understand humanity's true need. Thus, he develops a sensitive conscience through which he becomes attuned to the real human brotherhood of man.

Once the lessons of the Venus Yod are learned, the individual discovers that he has a remarkable understanding of human nature along with a great need to put his ideals into useful function. Sometimes, he reaches out singlehandedly to help enlighten a friend or acquaintance, liberating him / her from the emotional burden of spiritual darkness. Sometimes, he devotes himself to working for worthy charities, or useful organizations, or to joining sincere clubs and groups through which he participates in the social progress of mankind. Yet, whatever he does, it is always his ability to rise to the active moving flow of awakening consciousness which is forever creating man's future, through which he finds his true center of beauty.

His unique Gift of Love is for the very essence of human fulfillment - not for himself, but for the unselfish enfoldment and enlightenment of the ever-becoming nature of mankind.

Venus in Aquarius: As a pre-existing pattern, Venus in Aquarius individuals are and have been rebelling against, or liberating themselves from, common value systems and relationship forms as defined by the consensus of the society in which they live. The causal factor that generates this rebellion is an emphasized feeling within the psychology of Venus in Aquarius people of being different - a sense of cultural alienation or estrangement. As a result of this archetype, these individuals learn about the nature of their individuality, the feeling of being different, through a process of elimination - an awareness of what they are not that precedes an ongoing awareness of who and what they are.

A perfect example on a collective level that illustrates this archetype was in the 1960s when Uranus was in Libra (naturally Venus-ruled). At that time there was a massive rebellion among young people against the prevailing consensus social value system and the ways that society expected intimate or marriage-type relationships to be defined ¬namely, as role-specific. The rebellion at a collective level created the slogan 'free love' in which many of the young people began to experiment (Uranus) with different forms of relationship specifically, and a radical reformation of social, political and economic values generally. This radical rebellion among the young people over time began to be integrated among the prevailing status quo of society in such a way that society itself began to change at a mainstream level.

Even though the archetypal intent of Venus in Aquarius is to rebel against the prevailing consensus of the existing society, there are three reactions to this intention as reflected in the people who have it in their birth chart. The first reaction is one wherein there is an absolute rebellion against everything that the consensus symbolizes. This reaction will correlate to individuals who feel totally disconnected not only from the existing society and their parents, but also from their prevailing peer group. As a result, these individuals will stand as a group of one if necessary rather than conform to any expectation from any source. The second reaction will correlate to individuals who are also rebelling against the prevailing consensus, yet will form relationships to other individuals within the existing peer group who also feel just as alienated as they do. In this way, they join forces with this group of people who now stand apart from the consensus as a group. This estranged group now has a collective impact on the prevailing society in such a way as to change it in one way or another. Beyond the example cited above, Uranus moving through Libra in the 1960s, the 'punk rockers' of the 1980s illustrates this point. The third reaction is a paradoxical one (Uranus directly correlates with the dynamic of paradoxes). In this reaction, these individuals rebel against not only the prevailing consensus, but also against their own peer group. This rebellion takes the form of trying to resurrect value systems, and ways of being in relationship, that come from some other time in the collective past. A current example of this phenomenon, as of this writing (c. 1996) now that Saturn has transited Aquarius, is the movement among some young people of rebellion against having sex with anyone until marriage.

The causal factor that generates the necessary rebellion or liberation from the prevailing consensus of social values and the expectations that these values create in general, and the ways of being in relationship specifically, is detachment. Archetypically speaking, the evolutionary intention within the sign Aquarius is to objectify, in a non-emotional way, the nature of reality at any level on which one focuses. In order to objectify anything, the ego within consciousness must separate itself from its own subjective reality. For this to happen, detachment becomes necessary. When consciousness is in a detached and objectified state from its own egocentric reality, it is then able to understand the overall nature and structure of any dynamic in its totality: how the nature and structure of any dynamic came to be the way it is, and what is necessary for it to grow or evolve. This archetypal function within consciousness is necessary. If it did not exist, growth would not be possible. A state of absolute crystallization would occur.

The three possible ways that the Venus in Aquarius individual can react to the archetypal intent of liberation or rebellion from the prevailing consensus of social values and expectations, and the ways of being in relationship, will determine specific value associations and the meaning they generate. The specific value associations will thus determine or create the vibrational magnetism of attraction (Venus) that correlates to the types of people that the Venus in Aquarius person attracts into his / her life. This is the principle of like attracting like which leads to social groups of people.

For Venus in Aquarius to have a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, it becomes necessary for them to form relationships with people of like mind. The commonality of shared values that this creates sustains their own individual values. In many ways, then, the Venus in Aquarius person is dependent on the commonality of shared values within specific social groups of people, to have any individual sense of purpose and meaning. To be able to inwardly relate to oneself as an individual, to have individual meaning, is to be part of a larger social group. It is from this larger social group of shared values, and the meaning that these values create, that the Venus in Aquarius person will choose with whom to be in intimate relationships.

The type of Venus in Aquarius person who is in absolute rebellion against the consensus, including the peer group, will not be able to relate (Venus) to any existing groups of people. These Venus in Aquarians will only be able to relate to other people on an individual basis - other people who are as socially alienated and as iconoclastic as themselves. If they are able to relate to any kind of social group, it is to the extreme radical edge whose values are aimed at completely overthrowing the existing system, including the consensus of their immediate peer group. The vibration of rebellion is extremely intense in these people, and this vibration will permeate their entire way of being -how they dress, appear, think, and relate themselves to others. The intensity of this vibration will naturally create an insecure and defensive reaction in all other people who are not like themselves. This occurs because the vibration and values of rebellion naturally challenge the security of all others who are aligned with social groups of one kind or another, the security dynamic being linked with others of like mind. This reaction is analogous to a group of yuppies sitting around a cocktail party table becoming happily drunk and, from stage left, someone throwing a tarantula onto the cocktail party table. This type of Venus in Aquarius person is the tarantula.

This type will typically appear arrogant, superior, righteous, angry, iconoclastic, and intellectual. They will express themselves through some kind of radical or revolutionary mental constitution of one sort or another. They stand apart from all others and project, overtly or covertly, critical atom bombs at anyone or anything that supports identifying with 'the system' at any level, in any way. The very sense of meaning and value that they give to themselves is dependent on, and linked with, this almost absolute detachment from the social system. They can form friendships or alliances with other individuals who reflect this same psychological orientation to social reality. These friendships or alliances typically occur on a sporadic, moment-to-moment basis. And from this small amount of like-minded people, they can choose or form intimate connections that may be just as sporadic and short-lived as their overall pattern linked with others at a friendship or alliance level.

Such a person is intimately attracted to those that are radically different. The sense or experience of passion is linked with intimacy being ignited because of the fact of being different, which ignites the natural curiosity of Venus in Aquarius. Because Aquarius as an archetype desires to know how the whole systems are structured and put together, the curiosity function thus creates a Venus desire to know how the individual system of someone to whom they are intimately attracted is put together in such a way as to make that person different. Inwardly resonating together in their individual differences born of rebellion thus stimulates this type of Venus in Aquarius passion for individual intimate relationships. Once the curiosity function has been satisfied, the passion may dissipate almost overnight. Thus, this type of Venus in Aquarius person typically goes through various intimate relationships that can only be sustained for small lengths of time. This type desires a fundamental freedom to explore and experiment with life as she or he sees fit. There is a rebellion against the idea of commitment in a relationship, which leads to a rebellion against the values associated with monogamy.

The second type of Venus in Aquarius people mentioned above is not quite so absolutist and isolated. They will relate to their immediate social peer group who are rebelling against the existing society, and the prevailing social values and ways of being in relationship that are expected by that society. A simple example of this dynamic, again, is the 'punk rockers' of the 1980s. From mainstream society's point of view, these individuals will appear to be social misfits - irresponsible, narcissistic, immature, and the causal factor in what used to be called the 'generation gap'. The group itself will be perceived by society as hurling the atom bombs of criticism, and the group will have the effect of creating insecurity within the consensus because of the challenge to the existing social values of the times.

Those within this group will perceive society at large as irrelevant and without meaning. Detaching from mainstream society, and the values that it promotes, thus creates a psychological perch on which this type of Venus in Aquarius person can also appear self-righteous, arrogant, superior, iconoclastic, rebellious, alienated, and angry. Yet this type needs and desires to be part of the immediacy of the peer group who, as a social grouping, is rebelling against mainstream society. Their sense of meaning and purpose is dependent on belonging to this type of social group. Each individual within the group can represent the group as an individual, yet that 'individual' is a function and reflection of the group. What this means is that the individual who appears to be so different as perceived from the point of view of the consensus would not even exist unless there was a social grouping of these 'individuals' in the first place. This is because their individual 'rebellion' is dependent on other people who are also rebelling. If not for their supportive peer group, this type of Venus in Aquarius person would not have the inner courage to stand as a group of one if necessary (unlike the first type described above).

This is a very critical point to understand - that so many who identify in this way with their immediate peer group do not embody or reflect the archetype of rebellion or liberation in the sense that it actually defines their Souls as individuals. It can and does reflect their Souls on an immediate social grouping level relative to their peers. This type of social group at a peer level has occurred throughout time in all social systems, and is always embodied in the youth of the generation. And necessarily so, because this social grouping has the effect of changing, in some way, the existing consensus. In this sense, it is an evolutionary determinant that is part of the overall Creation from an intrinsic or natural point of view, operating from generation to generation. Because the majority of these individuals are not defined at an individual Soul level through the desire of individual liberation or rebellion from the consensus, this social group becomes assimilated or absorbed into the mainstream as they become older. The social causes or issues that were reflected in their youthful rebellion also become assimilated by the consensus. Inevitably, some change in the consensus occurs because of it. Thus, as this group becomes older, they begin to rebel against their own rebellion! Another Uranian paradox. A modern example of this point is reflected in the 'hippies' of the 1960s and early 1970s who became 'yuppies' in the 1980s. Only a small few in this original group sustained the original rebellion reflected in the hippies as a whole.

This point is important to grasp for another reason, one that concerns the nature of the friendships that we form, and the values we define that create how we are in our intimate relationships. All of us go through the initial rebellion of youth in one way or another; rebelling against our parents' reality, and through extension the larger society in which we are born. Uranus changes signs every eight years. Each sign that Uranus is in correlates to what, why, and how each generation of youth rebels. For those who have Venus in Aquarius, this peer group bonding is especially emphasized, important, and necessary.

This is because they have an essential evolutionary lesson that concerns the nature of friendship, and the need to define their own sense of meaning and purpose. Through extension, this correlates to the need to define their own unique way of being in an intimate relationship. Thus, as this type of Venus in Aquarius becomes older, and begins to assimilate into the existing social system, they effectively rebel against the very rebellion that motivated them in youth as an extension of their immediate peer group. The friendships that were formed through the shared values of youth not become rebelled against unless those friends also begin to assimilate into the existing society. And the ones that do not rebel against the initial rebellion will rebel against those who do. The lesson of friendship is thus learned through what can be called 'situational values'. If the values (and the meaning associated with those values) are relatively the same, then friendships are formed. Once they change, for whatever reasons, the existing friendships can be lost or broken in some way. The real issue here, and the lesson, becomes this: a true friend will always be a friend no matter what, and everyone else is an acquaintance.

By experiencing the disillusionment of broken or lost friendships, and by rebelling against the initial rebellion of youth defined through peer group association, this type of Venus in Aquarius person is learning to define their own unique value system, which is a function of their individual sense of meaning and purpose in life. They will learn to define their intimate relationship requirements, their essential needs, as a reflection of their overall sense of purpose and meaning in life. At best, this will create a relationship dynamic in which both individuals reflect an attitude of uniquely defining the relationship as an extension of each of their individualities.

The third type of Venus in Aquarius person mentioned above is also very much a rebel, in the sense of rebelling against not only their peer group, but all people who live a contemporary lifestyle. They identify with value systems associated with another time ¬the past. They will appear very conservative, traditional, and iconoclastic as a result of this, and will only form social or intimate relationships with those of like mind. This type is dependent on forming these small social alliances in order to have any individual sense of meaning, value or purpose. Thus, they will form a relatively small sub-stratum within their own generation, and an even smaller one within the existing society. They will also advocate social causes or revolution linked with challenging the existing value system of society at large. They can seem or appear just as superior, arrogant, judgmental, and angry as the other two types of Venus in Aquarius people. The value system that they orientate to is generally very limited and rigid, and their attitude is typically one of a righteous authoritarian who has the self-created right to impose those values on all others.

In their intimate relationships, the Venus in Aquarius people are generally good friends above all else. Most have the intrinsic ability to understand objectively the reality and individuality of their partner - to understand how and why their partner is the way that he / she is. As a result, they typically understand what their partner needs for his / her life to keep growing and evolving. And most can give their partner what he / she needs in this sense. They are good listeners, and can reflect back to their partner exactly what they are hearing as the partner intends it. Thus, they can be exceptional at keeping the conversation moving forward in an ever-evolving way that leads to sudden insights and resolutions. They can also be very adept at posing questions, and leaving it at a question level in such a way that the one receiving the question creates a gestation within his / her own consciousness leading to the answer from within him/ herself.

By nature, the Venus in Aquarius person is not monogamous. As stated before, these people need a basic freedom in order to manifest their cyclic or perpetual changes. There is an inherent rebellion against restriction in any form. Restrictions imply conditions. In love, the Venus in Aquarius person rebels against conditions that will restrict love and its expression. It can be just as easy for these people to find deep, sudden, and intense love with someone overnight as with someone for a lifetime. Thus, their attraction function (Venus) can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Again, they are attracted to that which stirs their curiosity, to that which appears different and unique. Others who vibrate in this way will stimulate the Venus in Aquarius individuals. This can create real problems in their relationships if they are not honest about this, and if their partner cannot live in this way. The Venus in Aquarius person needs freedom to engage and create many different kinds of social networks with different kinds of people.

Because of this, the Venus in Aquarius people need a partner who is very secure within him- / herself. They require a partner who is willing to challenge the existing consensus of what life means in general, and how to be in relationships specifically. They need a partner who is willing to cyclically change the dynamics in the relationship, or to change as necessary. They require a partner who is intellectually sophisticated, and who can match or keep up with their own thinking process. This thinking process is typically eclectic in some way, and fast-moving.

Venus in Aquarius: You don't want to follow all the "rules" in love, preferring to love in your own way, unfettered by convention or what is "supposed" to be, or usually, done. You are future-minded, a tad unconventional (in love, anyhow) and there's an unmistakable "free spirit" in you that shows up most obviously in matters of the heart. This is not to say you cannot—or will not—fall in love. Infatuations happen easily, but true love can be a little elusive for you. When you do make a commitment, you are generally able to stick to it. The commitment you make generally has to be a little different in order to be tolerable to you, and you are proud of that difference. Following the beaten track simply doesn't sit well with you.

You have an aloof air about you that others find attractive. If they are looking for a commitment from you at a later date, however, what was once considered charismatic might become annoying! It is easy for you to feel claustrophobic in relationships that are too close, too needy, or too demanding of your time. If you have the space to breathe a little, all the better. This is when you are at your best.

You are a curious person and enjoy intellectual stimulation in your relationships. Although you are not someone who would be considered flighty, you do not tolerate stagnation very well. You need to feel like your relationship is heading somewhere. Your ability to detach yourself from a situation, take a step back, and look at it from a unique perspective is a tremendous strength. As willing as you are to stir things up if you are in the mood to enforce change, there is a wonderful calm surrounding you that can be most appealing to others. You are ahead of your time in matters of the heart, and you will be best off finding a partner who values your insight.

See also: Venus in Aquarius;

Venus in Aquarius, Sun in Sagittarius: If the Sun sign is Sagittarius, this Venus placement considerably increases the Sagittarian love of independence, yet cools the ardent passions of that sign. However, there is increased fidelity once the subject is committed emotionally. The Sagittarian love of the chase and its challenge is carefully disguised. This placing can also glamorize the usually very casual Sagittarian image. This is a rewarding, warm-hearted friend who will give plenty of positive encouragement. Financial risks may be enjoyed and taken erratically, without due thought.

Venus in Aquarius and Sun in Sagittarius: Tenzin Gyatso, Maharaj Ji

Venus in Aquarius, Sun in Capricorn: If the Sun sign is Capricorn, this Venus placing can make the aspiring Capricorn type seem rather haughty. Budding relationships may be damaged because the subject feels that no prospective partner is good enough. This may be an excuse to delay commitment and the full expression of emotion, which can be difficult. (The Moon's influence may help.) Here is a faithful and helpful, yet unpredictable, friend. Financially, caution may clash with a desire to live it up.

Venus in Aquarius and Sun in Capricorn: Muhammad Ali, Carlos Castaneda, Georges Gurdjieff, Edouard de Rothschild, Robert Anton Wilson, Dewitt, Gabriela, JBLight, JJ, Roy, Steve, Sugeet

Venus in Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius: If the Sun sign is Aquarius, the subject has dynamic and magnetic powers of attraction, but may be very difficult to know really well. Independence is necessary, but love and admiration are also needed. All the traits descried for Venus in Aquarius apply. Expensive items may be hard to resist.

Venus in Aquarius and Sun in Aquarius: Oprah Winfrey, Alford, Erin, Pankaj, Suzie, Tom

Venus in Aquarius, Sun in Pisces: If the Sun sign is Pisces, Piscean emotion is controlled here, and there is also a good ability to distance the self from the feeling, with the individual relying on intuition. Look, too, for indications of practical common sense. The image is spiced with originality - and too much sparkle at times. Great kindness and charity often result in personal sacrifices. This is a superb, if occasionally forgetful, friend. Professional financial advice is recommended unless business ability is shown elsewhere.

Venus in Aquarius and Sun in Pisces: Meher Baba, Mitt Romney, Jeff, Kay, Q, Suji, Zoë

Venus in Aquarius, Sun in Aries: If the Sun sign is Aries, the fiery Arian passion is quenched by the cool detachment of Venus, but the Arian need for independence will be complementary. The desire for a permanent relationship may clash with the wish to be fancy-free. A compromise must be reached, helped by a sympathetic partner. Here is a very lively friend who is enthusiastic about joint interests. Financial flair may be present, but hastiness when investing could cause problems.

Venus in Aquarius and Sun in Aries: Alan Arkin, Elton John, Gloria Steinem, Farmer

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Aries: Alan Arkin, Gloria Steinem, Jeff, Sugeet, Tom, Zoë

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus: Muhammad Ali

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini: Farmer, Kay

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Cancer:

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Leo:

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Virgo: JBLight

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Libra: Suji

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio: Carlos Castaneda, Maharaj Ji, Oprah Winfrey, Steve

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Sagittarius: Edouard de Rothschild, Erin, Gabriela, JJ

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Capricorn: Tenzin Gyatso, Meher Baba, Alford, Pankaj, Q

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Aquarius: Georges Gurdjieff, Robert Anton Wilson, Dewitt

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Pisces: Elton John, Mitt Romney, Roy, Suzie

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Aries: In most cases, this combination inspires mutual respect and appreciation. Both of you are generally positive in matters of the heart, so optimism is likely the general theme when you are together. You are somewhat unpredictable when it comes to expressions of love, and your partner is more likely to appreciate this "quirkiness" than most Venusian signs, simply because he or she enjoys challenges and the feeling that a relationship is "alive". Furthermore, your unconventionality can be quite attractive to your Venus in Aries partner. While others might complain that you are a little too aloof, your lover is more apt to see that trait as a challenge—and rise to it! The only difficulty with all of this is that your partner's desires in love are quite variable, and when they're turned on, he or she wants love and wants it right now. If you happen to be off on a tangent, seemingly in another world, your partner can quickly become impatient. However, both of you will give the other enough space to breathe, probably because you each need some independence. With your Venus signs in a sextile with one another, you are likely to appreciate and respect each other, off-moods aside.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Taurus: Both of you are strong individuals with rather fervent ideas of what you want in a partnership, and those ideas clash in many ways! Your partner is more traditional than you are in his or her view of partnerships. Your lover values constancy and dependability in his or her relationships. On the other hand, you resist doing things that are tried and true, preferring to forge out a new path rather than traveling along the " beaten track". Your partner wants his or her love life to be uncomplicated, sensual, and comfortable. You know how to stick with things, as does your partner, and you aren't especially attracted to complications as well. However, you don't find comfort in a partnership that stays the same and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Your partner, on the other hand, seems to be quite content as long as his or her basic needs are met, and sometimes can even seem complacent. Ideally, the two of you will find a common ground, although it is difficult to predict who is going to budge, as you both can be somewhat stubborn! The only option is to try to learn from each other. Your quirkiness can be fun and even electric. Your lover can remind you how wonderful simple pleasures can be. With effort, your partnership can certainly work.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Gemini: This combination is definitely one of the easier pairings. Certainly, you stimulate each other, enjoy being together, and find plenty of common interests. Both of you love to talk, finding a partnership that is growth-oriented and mentally stimulating a plus. You, more than most people, understand your lover's tendency to be a bit inconstant. Others might call it flightiness, but you appreciate his or her changeability, seeing it as really quite natural. However, you are more stubborn than your partner. Your partner's moods change quickly, and while you can hardly be labeled predictable, you are not as flexible as your partner is. This can cause a few problems, although if love is strong between you, your partner is most inclined to be the one to make adjustments when needed. Each of you understands that partners need a little space to grow on their own, and the minimal amount of possessiveness and jealousy in your partnership will be appreciated on both sides. Liveliness, cheerfulness, and plenty of activity characterize your partnership. This is a creative combination, and while your lover works on keeping things fresh, you will help steady your partner. Mutual admiration is a rare quality, and it is more than likely that you have it.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Cancer: This combination can be a challenging one, simply because your styles and needs in love tend to be at odds with one another. Your partner craves a relationship that is very personal and committed, while you are more inclined to look for a classic friendship in any love relationship! The powerful initial attraction you may feel to each other is likely due to the fascination with the differences between you. There's a bit of quirkiness in you both, although yours is a direct and offbeat sort of charm, while your partner's charm is softer and more intimate. Your partner might find your behavior unsettling at times, simply because he or she is looking for a certain measure of security in partnership. You are a freedom-lover, and your love may seem universal and impersonal—the style doesn't hold the kind of intimacy and attachment that your partner craves. Your partner's tendency to wrap himself or herself around a partner is soothing and nurturing for some, and is probably attractive and fascinating to you, but can cause a problem if you begin to interpret it as stifling or restricting. Each of you can learn a lot from each other, as long as you are tolerant of each other's needs. Love can make it work, although plenty of adjustments are necessary to keep this union moving in healthy directions.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Leo: This is the case of "opposites attract". Because Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs of the zodiac, you can be intrigued with one another, and really quite frustrated as well! In astrology, opposite signs can actually be easier to deal with than side-by-side signs because they work under a similar overall vibration. You, with your Venus in Aquarius, are most concerned with the greater group process, while Leo places great emphasis on personal and creative expression of the self. You express your feelings of love in a detached manner, and this can certainly frustrate your partner. Your partner has a fight or flight reaction—either he or she sees this as a challenge or runs in the opposite direction! You are largely objective, while your partner is subjective. Both of you like to be special and "different", but your partner wants to be special, where "special" means "the best" in a lover's eyes. You want to be valued for your uniqueness in terms of the group. Your partner is personal, involved, and intense in his or her romantic dealings; you are more impersonal and rather detached, able to see the bigger picture. So why, pray tell, do people say opposites attract? Because opposite signs fascinate each other. Each of you expresses a different loving style that holds some answers to what you may be overdoing in your own life. The promise of balance is there, somewhere, and both you and your partner may sense this "shadow" personality in the other.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Virgo: You get off on visions, possibilities, and opportunities. Your partner, on the other hand, is most concerned with making a relationship work. Mentally, you and your partner might have much to share. Both of you enjoy having meaningful conversations with the people you love. What you prefer to talk about may not be compatible, however! Your partner believes his or her needs are simple, and in many ways they are, although you might consider these needs unnecessarily complicated. Your lover responds best to practical displays of affection, and because his or her Venus is in an Earth sign, your partner most values your physical presence and attention. A partner who is always running off to see friends, for example, could make your lover feel somewhat insecure and decidedly unloved. You value exactly that freedom, so this is an area in your relationship that you both will need to work on. Your partner's need for appreciation is paramount. Otherwise, your lover is prone to feeling like he or she has done something wrong. You reveal your love in different ways, and the independence you need, if misunderstood, can lead to a fair share of worrying on your lover's part. Make sure your partner knows that if he or she feels comfortable enough to loosen up and be himself or herself, you will appreciate him or her all the more. Misunderstanding of each other's unique and different love natures is what is most likely to divide you. This relationship can be a little more challenging than some, but compassion and understanding can most certainly make it work.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Libra: Each of you places a high value on sharing ideas with your partner, which can be a major source of common ground in your relationship. Communication will be flowing between the two of you! There may be some issues surrounding the definition of your relationship. Whereas your partner values partnerships more than anything, you are more inclined to place the highest value on the friendship first, before the partnership. Both of you are cooperative souls in relationships, and this fact adds tremendous strength to the opportunity for a flowing and respectful relationship. You can sometimes frustrate love interests with an air of indifference, but your partner is more apt to understand this quality and appreciate it than others. You value peace and not only believe in equality, you treat people with equality in practice. This is something that is especially appealing to your partner. Both of you are reasonable people, and this can be a very reasonable union as a result. Conflicts, of course, will occur, but your ability to reason things through (and your partner's responsiveness in this department) can help smooth over rough edges.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Scorpio: This is one of the more challenging combinations! With love, of course, it can work, but acceptance and understanding are especially vital. You are likely to be intrigued with your partner's love nature. It's intense and personal, and very passionate. While you are able to take a step back from many emotional issues in your partnership, if only to gain perspective and understanding, your partner has the hardest time doing just that. This can be complementary at times, but can also be intensely frustrating. It may not be very easy for your partner to "get" why you are capable of detaching yourself, and he or she may find it threatening to the basic love bond between you. You may be quite baffled by your partner's passionate reactions to you, as you tend to feel that getting too emotionally tangled up in problems is counterproductive. You value objectivity and pride yourself on your ability to reason things through. You may be inclined to react to your partner's more emotionally intense moments by giving him or her space. This is likely to frustrate your partner more, as he or she interprets your "stepping aside" as walking away—or, even worse, lack of concern for your relationship. This relationship can be rather tempestuous at times, but exciting nevertheless. At the very least, you will admire each other's strength of character.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Sagittarius: Both of you value freedom, growth, and independence in love relationships. As a result, you are unlikely to be a "joined-at-the-hip" type of couple. Each of you appreciates the need for individuality, and neither of you believes that a partnership should act to stifle this basic need. Your partner's approach to love, however, may be a little more impulsive and emotional than yours, as you tend to be much more calm and less excitable. When your partner gets excited about something, forging ahead with gusto, your collected demeanor may feel a bit like rain on his or her parade. If your partner remembers and accepts that he or she tends to be more expressive than you, and that his or her reactions to most things are immediate and emotionally-charged, things will run more smoothly between the two of you. You are more apt to analyze a situation before letting yourself feel the energy of the moment. If you can get beyond this minor incompatibility, and treat it as an opportunity to grow, your partnership has much potential to work well. Both of you are moving forward, disinclined to stifle one another or fall into the ruts that many couples do, and this basic compatibility will most likely lay the ground for a solid yet exciting relationship foundation.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Capricorn: This is a somewhat odd combination, as your Venus sign position is in a next-door-neighbor sign to your partner's Venus. In astrology, next-door-neighbor signs generally have a difficult time finding common ground. However, there can be quite a bit of intrigue between the two of you. Each of you has a certain aloof quality about you when it comes to romance and love. However, your partner's manner hides an earthy sensuality and attachment to the person he or she loves. Your aloofness, on the other hand, isn't hiding much of anything! You are genuinely somewhat detached when it comes to relationships, and commitment is not your primary goal. You enjoy making friends and sharing social activities with your mate, while your partner is usually content to spend more private time with you than spreading themselves around in a social sense. Your partner tends to be more possessive of his or her partner as well. Certainly, you will give your partner plenty of space to be him- or herself, and that is a true gift. However, your partner might be looking for something more substantial. You have a gift of being able to step back from a problem in order to find ways to solve it. Your ability to reason is something most people appreciate, as long as they aren't threatened by that ability to detach yourself. With love and understanding, this partnership can work. It simply might require more adjustments than either of you may desire.

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner who also has Venus in Aquarius: No matter how different your personalities are, you share similar ideas and styles when it comes to relationships. Both of you value a partnership in which there is mental and social interaction. You are not impressed with relationships that are overly traditional or restrictive. As such, you are likely to give each other quite a bit of freedom. Whenever two people with the same Venus signs come together, the strengths lie in seeing eye to eye, and weaknesses stem from a lack of balance. In the case of Aquarius, intimacy may be wanting, as both of you are naturally inclined to live partnerships in the world of intellect. In the absence of a partner who works on creating emotional bonding and intimacy, you two may re-define partnership altogether. This could suit both of you just fine. Your union could be markedly free and different, perhaps considered unusual by some from the outside looking in. As both of you can be rather stubborn in love, there can be an imbalance. Even though you are both inclined to give the other freedom of movement and expression, neither of you is especially adaptable in terms of habits and mindsets. Although you are creative individuals, your interactions may eventually lack spunk or seem a little dry. As long as you both work on the intimate side of partnership, you will find that your relationship is progressive and exciting—and decidedly unique!

How Venus in Aquarius Relates to a Partner with Venus in Pisces: This is an unusual combination. You might find that you both share a universal love of mankind, and that you are both very idealistic people. You love to brainstorm with your partner, and in Venus in Pisces, you have found a completely fascinating brain to "pick". At times, however, your partner might try to back off from the microscope, as he or she is certainly more sensitive and moody than you are when it comes to relationships. He or she will gladly go along with your wonderful visions and ideals, but your partner looks for a connection that runs very deep. Although he or she will happily engage in conversation, and thoroughly enjoys your enthusiasm and your visions, your partner values tender intimacy more than intellectual debate. You might find your partner a tad too sensitive. If you are receptive, your partner is more likely than most to be able to infuse your creative, inventive mind with just enough emotion, inspiration, and imagination to really take you places. You can help your partner tap into his or her own creative wells and do something real with what is pulled out. The two of you can make a very productive pair as long as you can effectively combine the worlds of thought and feelings. Neither of you wants to waste time arguing about petty things, and both of you want to see the best in each other. These attitudes will help smooth your relationship.

Venus in Aquarius Woman: You're an eclectic personality and you put yourself together from many different sources, from the antique to the futuristic. No one combines things in a more unusual way and gets away with it. You might wear black lace one day and medical scrubs the next. And on the following day you'll mix them together. Whatever's different is your bag, in clothes or in people. The unusual fascinates you, and even if it's really foreign to you you'll be open to it. You're totally unprejudiced. Race, religion, culture, land of origin, social status, and the like aren't issues for you. You have many friends of all sorts, and you're one of the best friends you know. All kinds of relationships interest you, at least in theory. You don't think there's any one way to be or live. Monogamy's fine but it isn't natural. Jealousy isn't something you indulge yourself in. You just don't believe in it. Maybe that's why you're a bit shy of intimacy. Too much room there for all kinds of messy and hurtful feelings. They get in the way of our personal growth. Being rational is the only answer.

Freedom is your key word. To most people, love means being tied down, possessed and possessing, but you have a horror of that. It generally degenerates into boredom and you can't stand being bored. Let you fly! You need your space. You're always onto the next level of experience, and you'll choose the riskier relationship that will give you room over a more stable, conservative one every time. You can't be restricted. You've got to be able to pursue your interests and see your friends.

Your man has to be your friend, first and foremost. He can discuss feelings rationally. You've got a lot of the masculine in you, and you want a man who's got a strong feminine side. He doesn't have to be macho to be a real male. Mostly, you find intelligence to be the sexiest quality in any person, male or female. Nice bodies are fine, but a good mind will win out with you. That and openness to new experiences and new ways of doing anything, whether it's sex or dinner. And he gives you space and isn't jealous of your freedom or your friends. Chances are, he's a bit weird. A musician or an artist. You can wear each other's clothes, which are usually unisex anyway.

Venus in Aquarius Woman: Women with Venus in Aquarius value their individuality highly, and have no intentions of letting a man tell them what to do. You consider yourself everyone's equal, and are probably a supporter of women's rights. As far as you're concerned, a woman's place is anywhere but the home. You want to be respected for your intelligence, and use your mind rather than your looks to attract others. Being independent, outspoken and avant-garde, even a little outlandish at times, reinforces your sense of yourself as a woman. You 'march to a different drummer' and love to provoke traditionalists with your progressive ideas, behavior, dress and lifestyle.

Venus in Aquarius Woman: In the case of females, Venus in Aquarius extends the emotional scope so that the creative energies may be directed into communal and charitable endeavors. Although they may experiment with love, their romances are characterized by expediency more than by impulse. Such women have too strong a desire for physical and mental freedom to trade their freewheeling bachelor-girl existence for the life of a housewife, at least without thinking twice. Once they are married and tied down to the care of small children, however, they begin wondering how they can emancipate themselves.

Venus in Aquarius Man: You take pride in your special outlook on life. You're willing to experiment with all kinds of relationships. You give people freedom to be who they are and you expect the same in return. You can champion monogamy while realizing it isn’t the only way to have a sexual relationship. Lots of people in different cultures over time have found other ways that worked for them. We’re human, and in humanity there is diversity. Whatever your choice of love style, you rarely get jealous. Jealousy is against your principles and you won’t inflict it upon a woman if you can help it. You use your gift of reason to avoid negative feelings by discussing things rationally. You make an effort to live up to ideals of brotherhood.

You hate emotions running all over the place. They make objectivity hard to come by and difficult to maintain, so you avoid the overtly emotional. That makes intimacy something of a problem for you. It’s often easier for you to fall in love with an ideology than a real person. You never compromise your principles, and you need someone who can deal with that. You're accused of being cold and unfeeling, but you don’t much relate to that. You work hard at your objectivity - maybe it gets in the way. You’d rather be friends with the woman in your life.

You value friendship above all else. It’s stimulating to the mind, and the more and different friends of both sexes you have, the better. You often fall for an unusual woman far from your own roots.

Your ideal woman can love you and let you be free. She’s independent, an original type, and it makes no difference if she’s from another social class or ethnic group. You like a woman with a strong male side, and you appreciate intelligence, even a scientific bent or radical streak. However, if you break up, you're always willing to stay friends. That’s what’s really important!

Venus in Aquarius Man: Men with this planetary position find intelligent, free-spirited, unorthodox women most attractive. You are looking for someone who is different, unpredictable and eccentric, and who stands out in a crowd. No cookie-cutter beauty queens for you - your feminine ideal is definitely one-of-a-kind, and not necessarily good-looking in the usual sense. You also like women who stand up for themselves, speak their minds and refuse to let you overpower them. In short, you enjoy a bit of a challenge and a strong partner you can consider your equal.

Venus in Aquarius Man: In men, this blending of Earth and Air elements encourages unconventional love affairs and also attracts them to independent types of women. Such partners may be exciting and provocative, but they are likely to have careers and ideas of their own which militate against the establishment of permanent relationships. This may be all right with the Venusian-Aquarian male who likes to think of himself as a jet-set type with a girl in every airport.

Venus in Aquarius: Muhammad Ali, Alan Arkin, Carlos Castaneda, Georges Gurdjieff, Tenzin Gyatso, Elton John, Maharaj Ji, Meher Baba, Mitt Romney, Edouard de Rothschild, Gloria Steinem, Robert Anton Wilson, Oprah Winfrey, Alford, Dewitt, Erin, Farmer, Gabriela, JBLight, Jeff, JJ, Kay, Pankaj, Q, Roy, Steve, Sugeet, Suji, Suzie, Tom, Zoë