Uranus in Aries

Uranus and Aries are both direct and overt. The keyword for this placement is 'action'; and little thought may be given to the consequences thereof. Sudden changes are made, or revolutions precipitated, not because God says you should nor because society demands it, not for reasons of fairness, equality and justice, but rather because 'I' say it's right. There is the attitude of 'what's in it for me?' or 'if it's right for me, it's right for everyone'.

The optimistic, risk-taking quality ascribed to this combination, especially in the sign of Aries, can help to explain the attitude and conditions that led to the depression. You need look no further for astrological reasons or excuses for the marginal buying that contributed to the Stock Market crash in 1929.

We can add to our definition of Uranus in Aries the adventurous, pioneering spirit that those who have this placement can exhibit in their revolutionary activities and their search for freedom and individuality.

Uranus in Aries: Those born in the generation having Uranus in Aries have the ability to intuitively receive from the planetary mind a new direction for mankind. They will have individualistic ideas of how to pioneer new ways. Disruption occurs only when a path of leadership that is not in accord with the good of society as a whole is sought.

Uranus in Aries: Uranus was in Aries last century from April to October 1927, again from January 1928 until May 1934, and from October 1934 to March 1935. Aries is the sign of individuality and the self as separate from society; therefore, those of you who have Uranus in this sign in your birth charts will experience and be involved with changes that affect the individual's role in society. Aries also is associated with war, the military, and all forms of conflict and competition, including sports, so your Uranus-group might be responsible for bringing about changes in these areas, too.

Much of the world was in turmoil during Uranus's most recent trip through Aries. The United States and Europe were in the midst of economic chaos. In China, the warlords who had held control since the end of the Empire were overthrown, and the country was embroiled in civil war. Militaristic régimes were increasing their power in Germany, Italy and Japan. Japan and China were at war; and conflicts and unrest that would lead to World War II were building up around the globe.

Those of you who were born during this explosive time are yourselves explosive, assertive, impulsive, antagonistic, reckless, outspoken, even violent. You also are daring, courageous and adventurous, and eager to confront challenges and danger ¬on the battlefield, in the sports arena or in the boardroom. Not easily intimidated, you have the single mindedness and strength of character to go after what you want aggressively, no matter what the odds against you are, and may see yourself as a modern-day David fighting Goliath. This is the stuff of which heroes and heroines are made. This fearlessness, aggressiveness and love of adventure can lead some Uranus in-Aries people to endanger others or even to engage in lives of crime.

Issues of individual rights and expression versus society's rules and conventions often arise for people with this Uranus placement. Those of you with Uranus in Aries insist on complete freedom to do as you please, and see the individual as being more important than society. Perhaps you believe society interferes too much with personal freedoms, and you might embrace a civil libertarian viewpoint or work to do away with government regulations and restrictions. In the pursuit of your own desires, however, you can be reckless and irresponsible, and sometimes show total disregard for others.

During the mid-nineteenth century, when Uranus was also in Aries, many of the great industrialists, interested only in their own purposes, exhibited a lack of concern for the health and safety of their workers as well as for the environment. This same 'rugged individualism' and willingness to push ahead without considering the consequences, however, was what made the Industrial Revolution possible in the United States and Europe. Uranus in Aries signifies the self-made men and women whose pioneering spirit, energy, independence and vision result in major breakthroughs in science, technology and industry.

Those of you born while Uranus was in Aries in the twentieth century have been responsible for the development of computers, aerospace technology, sophisticated military hardware, medical techniques and equipment, and many other scientific advances. You are interested in discovering new things and new ways to accomplish your aims, and are inventive and original in your thinking and methodology.

Uranus in Aries: Uranus in the sign Aries indicates people whose mission it is to blaze new trails in science and social reform. Freedom to act in their own way is of paramount importance to them. They have courage, daring, initiative and resourcefulness. When Uranus is afflicted in Aries, however, they can be explosively impulsive, politically fanatic, violent, and indiscriminate in their rejection of the past.

This sign position makes its natives blunt and outspoken. As a generation, they demand change and refuse to live in the style of their parents or preceding generations. Their spirit of adventure is strong, and they need constant new experiences in order to remain happy.

Impulsiveness and temper are the pitfalls of this sign position. Natives must learn to develop more consideration for others and a greater ability to co-operate. When individualism is carried to extremes, it blinds people to the social structure upon which large endeavors depend.

Many people who were born in the late 1920s or early 1930s have Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cancer. Their lives and destinies were torn apart by World War II.

Uranus in Aries: If your Jupiter is also in Aries, read that paragraph carefully and link it with this one. Uranus in Aries causes you to express your genius directly and openly to the world. You have around you a cheerful forthrightness that can make for great honesty, simplicity and charm. You are protected from sensitiveness by having a good, solid sense of your own worth and a willingness to believe that other people accept you for what you are. You can be blunt and tactless, and you have to look out that independence of spirit does not make you a lone wolf. Mentally, you are quick, apt, facile, able to grasp mechanical details readily and to apply them practically. You are aggressive and are rarely afraid to think your own thoughts or to express them. You care a great deal about 'being understood' and will go out of your way to explain yourself if you think you are being misinterpreted. You love action, both physical and mental, and are rarely found idle. Laziness is not for you; your mind at least is always working, no matter what your body may be doing. Concentration is the thing you have to learn in order to put your pioneering intellect to best use.

Uranus in Aries: This is a powerful and positive placing, with the energy and assertiveness of Aries complementing the forthright, nervous energy of Uranus. Unless negatively aspected, Uranus should endow plenty of originality and the motivation to use it in positive ways. There will be erratic tendencies, however, and patience is not enhanced; look elsewhere in the chart to see if this and more cautionary qualities are present.

In a chart showing creative potential, the influence will strengthen originality and often gives a lively color sense. The pioneering spirit of Aries also complements the search for what is new, out-of-the-ordinary and different - all-powerful Uranian traits. The placing also heightens self-confidence and reinforces the individual's powers of leadership. However, possible fool-hardiness must be checked, since it can surface in an extremely eccentric way with the individual becoming involved in silly and daredevil feats (if often with good intentions, such as raising money for charity). As always with this placing, caution must be developed. If Uranus is negatively aspected, especially by Mars, these daring tendencies will be increased. If Uranus is generally negatively aspected, its characteristic nervous and emotional tension will be particularly noticeable.

Uranus in Aries: Along with others in your age group, you are inclined toward sexual discovery through active commitment and involvement. Instead of just letting events take their own course, you prefer to shape them, finding special personal enrichment in relationships that you instigate yourself.

This attitude results in part from a belief, shared by your peers, in taking fate into your own hands and shaping it by the force of your will. You have an inner drive to be self-sufficient or willfully self-reliant.

It would be wise to question this generational attitude, particularly if you find that it does not suit your own personality. Any attempts to aggressively change or control your environment, especially a love relationship, should be done cautiously with special concern for adverse effects on your partner.

If you find that change comes easily to you in affairs of the heart, your relationships may become stepping stones to growth. Though these liaisons are often fairly simple and well-defined, they represent an increasingly complex pattern of personal growth that is the result of continually taking matters into your own hands.

You may find that your style and philosophy change radically over the years. You will retain your sincerity and commitment while becoming increasingly aware and respectful of other people's differences.

Uranus in Aries: This position will be repeated in the 21st century, beginning about 2011. It seems to indicate a generation of individuals who have an unusually strong drive for self-expression and who may have quite a bit of trouble conforming to society's norms. Certainly, for this generation, intense personal concern with individual freedom is stronger than concern with freedom as an abstract social issue. In other words, these people prefer to seek freedom for themselves on a day-to-day practical level rather than fight for freedom as a social principle. In fact, they might be rather apolitical except about issues that affect them personally.

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Uranus in Aries: Alan Arkin, Shirley Temple Black, Warren Buffett, Johnny Cash, Sean Connery, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Thomas Edison, Tenzin Gyatso, Martin Luther King, Jr,.Charles Manson, Mickey Mantle, Shirley McLaine, Willie Nelson, Friedrich Nietzche, OmNi, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Osho, Arnold Palmer, Elvis Presley, Joseph Ratzinger, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Gloria Steinem, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Anton Wilson, Joanne Woodward, AbbieJ, Alford, CharlesS, Leen, LucSr, Suzie

Uranus in Taurus

As Uranus moves into Taurus, planning and practical results are requirements of actions taken in the name of freedom or individuality. The need for tangible reasons and visible rewards for revolutionary acts is a quality shared by Uranus in all of the Earth signs, as has been shown with Uranus in Capricorn and will be seen again with Uranus in Virgo. The specific goals, however, are different.

The sign of Taurus shares with Aries the idea of self-interest, but replaces Aries impatience and lack of planning with plodding practicality. Acts of war were perpetrated while Uranus was in Aries, but it was not until Uranus moved into Taurus that it seemed to be fully acknowledged or even needed to be labeled. The United States did not officially enter World War II until Uranus was in the last few degrees of Taurus, reinforcing the slow-moving quality associated with the sign.

If you have Uranus in Taurus, you have probably noticed that you do not usually take drastic action without consideration of alternatives and possible results. You may look at others who are more spontaneous either with envy because you think you would like to be that way, or with amazement, wondering how they could be so foolhardy. It is not that you are incapable of revolutionary action. You just want to make sure that it is worth your while. Once you have decided to embark on a course of action, you will usually follow through. After you have determined your goal, you can move unrelentingly toward it. When your mind is made up, you will rarely be influenced by the opinion of others.

Although you would expect the originality of Uranus to be squelched in Taurus, it is still possible to use ingenuity and take unorthodox routes to attain your goals. It is only the end result that must be practical and tangible. So if you have Uranus in Taurus in your natal chart, you should first ascertain your practical goals. Then consider your course of action. You may discover that you have original ideas and that you are freer and more creative than you ever thought you were.

Uranus in Taurus: Those born in this generation have the ability to intuitively receive from the planetary mind timely ideas for materially implementing the new directions that are being taken on the planet. They will receive insights about ways to structure the new directions, to establish innovative energies in a practical, essential way. Disruption occurs only through holding on to old value systems that are not in harmony with the new direction of society as a whole.

Uranus in Taurus: Uranus was in Taurus during the 20th century from June to September 1934, then again from April 1935 until May 1942. Taurus is associated with material and earthly resources of all kinds - money, movable property, physical stamina and sexual energy - therefore, these are the areas in which your 'mini-generation' will experience and effect changes.

Those of you with Uranus in this sign were born during a time of unparalleled economic turmoil and sudden, dramatic ups and downs that wreaked havoc with people's sense of security and stability. In the United States, millions first saw the Depression wipe out their savings and jobs almost overnight - and often their self-worth as well - then found themselves catapulted into a war that profoundly altered the country's economic and strategic position in the world. Germany first experienced rampant inflation and economic chaos, then the infamous reign of Adolf Hitler. Europe was ravished by a war that not only destroyed the lives of millions, but also overturned powerful monarchies and reorganized entire nations. Communist and socialist ideologies, which espoused a more equitable distribution of wealth and power, were popular in many parts of the world; and new socially conscious economic programs, such as the American Social Security system, were established.

The people born into this period of economic crisis and upheaval encapsulate the essence of the time. To some extent, your own financial situation and your attitudes toward money, material stability and values continue to be influenced by the unrest that was your birthright. In addition, your sense of self-worth and your need for stability are affected by Uranus's placement in Taurus.

Perhaps your personal earnings - and your attitudes toward money - have fluctuated greatly over the years. Even if your own finances are stable, you might fear sudden loss, and stockpile material wealth in an attempt to provide yourself with a sense of security. Or, you may believe in freeing up the world's resources and dispersing them more evenly among all people. Another possibility is that members of your Uranus-group might strive to change financial policies and institutes and make them more open and fair.

Sex also is associated with Taurus. One of the people who was responsible for bringing sex out of hiding and opening up discussion about sexual problems and taboos was Sigmund Freud, who was born during the last passage of Uranus in Taurus. As the 20th Century's Uranus-in-Taurus people reached adulthood, the birth control pill became available and some countries began instituting family planning programs. Yours was the first mini-generation to enjoy the sexual freedom that accompanied new methods of contraception and new attitudes toward sex and reproduction.

Uranus in Taurus: Uranus in the sign Taurus indicates a generation with new ideas concerning the use of money and resources. These people are likely to seek reforms in business and the economy, in which areas they desire the application of humanitarian principles. They wish to be practical, in a unique and original way. They can have tremendous determination and fixity of purpose; but if Uranus is afflicted, there can be unyielding stubbornness.

Uranus is in its fall in the sign Taurus; therefore, the urge to freedom and the expression of intuitive ideas are limited by an attachment to material objects, or by difficulties incurred in the attempt to change material conditions too quickly. Attachment to home and family can also dampen individual expression. Spiritual impulses, too, may be frustrated by subservience to conservative institutions in business and government that reflect the materialism of the prevailing social order.

Uranus in Taurus can give unusual artistic and musical talents if it is well aspected. Natives are often interested in using modern electronics techniques in management, accounting, and other businesses.

Uranus in Taurus: This is a 'property' position, and favors wealth if other things in the vitasphere don't upset the promise. Uranus in Taurus tends toward individualism in property matters. At worst this makes a selfish and self-seeking person; at best a socially conscious and highly effective crusader for security (Taurus) for all (Uranus). This position adds glamour to the nature; a steady fire burns within, drawing from the world and from individuals the love which is so important when the warm-hearted Taurus is illumined by the brilliance of Uranus.

Uranus in Taurus: Here the stubborn area of the Uranian influence makes its presence felt. It will definitely strengthen any lack of flexibility of opinion; and if other fixed signs are prominent the subject may proudly say 'Once I've made up my mind I don't change it'. If so, he or she should be encouraged to develop a more flexible outlook. However, if the chart tends towards indecision, with a powerful emphasis on Libra or perhaps Pisces, this is a good placing, since it gives a combination of stability and Uranian originality.

Stubbornness is common; but again, if it is really damaging it will also appear in other areas of the chart, or be emphasized by Uranus's house position and aspects. Sometimes there is a clash between taking conventional action (Taurus) and being unconventional or slightly out on a limb (Uranus). If a balance is achieved, we often find an original and practical individual, which is when Uranus in Taurus is at its best. There may be an attraction to collecting unusual possessions, and the attitude to money may also be slightly eccentric. Perhaps he or she can be extravagant, spending much on glamorous evenings out but then pulling back and living rather frugally.

Uranus in Taurus: You may find that your patterns of learning and self-discovery within a relationship are nonverbal and direct, related to physical rather than intellectual experience. You probably picked up this trait from others of your age group who take quite a direct approach to problem-solving, preferring to use sheer force of personality instead of intellectual persuasion. For many people, this can be a most rewarding path to self-discovery; it may or may not be an appropriate or profitable style for you. Your ability to use this approach successfully depends on other facets of your personality; but because it is familiar to you, it may be the easiest direction for you and your partner to follow.

You may find it easier to express your sexuality effectively in an earthy and physical fashion, with few words spoken. To be effective, this kind of communication requires natural style and talent; body language is not easily learned, but develops from within. For you, love is best when it comes naturally, with enough time for your talents to unfold, instead of actively creating the learning experience.

Uranus in Taurus: This position will happen again in the 21st century, about 2018. Presumably it has two different effects. Some individuals in this generation might try to rid themselves of concern with material considerations, to become free of property and the duties involved in managing it. Others, however, might become quite concerned with building up a stable financial base in their lives, because they feel insecure about their material resources. They don't feel sure that they will always have whatever they need. Taurus is an earthy, practical sign, very concerned with stability and order, and it does not fit very well with the radical and revolutionary nature of Uranus. One can expect considerable tension in children for whom this placement is prominent.

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Uranus in Taurus: Muhammad Ali, Woody Allen, Ursula Andress, Warren Beatty, George Carlin, Wilt Chamberlain, Dick Cheney, Bob Dylan, Jane Fonda, Sigmund Freud, Art Garfunkel, Dustin Hoffman, Ken Kesey, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Jack Nicholson, Jack Nicklaus, Al Pacino, Robert Redford, Paul Simon, Nikola Tesla, Ted Turner, Ludwig van Beethoven, Vincent van Gogh, Jon Voight, Al, Clark, Dheeraj, Flossie, Jack, JerryH, JRosh, LouG, Mick, Ray, RoyO, Seligma, Supr, Sugeet, Tom

Uranus in Gemini

Uranus was in Gemini during the American Revolution, the Civil War in the United States and World War II. Since Gemini is an Air sign, we would expect some form of communication to lead to dramatic Uranian changes; and at least one important document stood out during each war to support this premise. The Declaration of Independence, signed in 1776, set the stage for the United States becoming an independent nation. The Emancipation Proclamation presented by Lincoln to his cabinet in 1862 had a great impact on the Civil War, and ultimately resulted in the freeing of the slaves. And the Charter of the United Nations created in 1945, it is to be hoped, will eventually lead to the freedom of all nations and worldwide co¬operation. There were also outstanding orators connected with each war.

As we focus specifically on the period in the twentieth century in which Uranus was in Gemini, another Gemini quality becomes evident in connection with revolutionary matters. Communications played an important role in our attitude toward World War II. The movies and books of that era were filled with messages to evoke patriotism. It was as though we had to be convinced that the actions of our country were the right ones in order to stay on that path. And the propaganda continued throughout the war.

Another Uranus in Gemini characteristic that was obvious in mundane events of that period was speed. When Uranus was in Taurus, we seemed to be heading unrelentingly in the direction of a worldwide conflagration, but the movement was slow and steady. Once Uranus transited into Gemini, the pace accelerated. There seemed to be more skirmishes and isolated battles. This was particularly clear as the war spread to the area of the Pacific Ocean. Battles took place on islands, and thus there were interruptions in the action as the troops moved from place to place. In Europe, however (where the war began with Uranus in Taurus), soldiers traveled uninterruptedly across land.

So if you have Uranus in Gemini, you will feel quite comfortable with the spontaneity associated with Uranus. You might not stay with a revolution or cause for an extended period of time, but you can react and become involved quickly. Then, of course, you can drop these activities just as suddenly. Because you want to remain as unencumbered as possible, you will probably not get too close to the people involved or too deeply attached to the activities. In this way, you can easily flit to some new cause. If you are too interdependent with the other participants or at the hub of activity, it is more difficult to remove yourself and you could feel trapped.

You really are not looking for deep-seated commitment in terms of revolutionary activities. If you become interested in a cause, you probably want to make your contribution quickly and go on to something new before you become bored. You could be chosen as spokesperson for the group or do writing in connection with the project. Your objectivity and ability to reach people on their own level would help you explain issues clearly.

When you are dealing with matters of change, freedom and originality in your own life, you could find that talking about possibilities before you take action is helpful and perhaps even essential. Then once you think you have made up your mind, you might make quick, but small changes. You could ultimately make drastic changes, but you should do this in stages. In fact, you will probably be most comfortable taking a number of actions simultaneously, in different direction. In other words, if you are experiencing a Uranian period - one in which you are restless and have an urge to be freer or to do things differently - you might examine various parts of your life and make small moves in several of them. For example, you might rearrange the furniture in your home, reorganize your routine at work, and in your social life go to a new place or take out a new person.

Such changes are not drastic, and if they do not work out well you can return to the way things were. Or, if any of them work out well, you can then make a further change in that area. Changes will occur suddenly but sporadically. Although it may seem that a great deal of action is taking place, meaningful progress may be slow. Eventually you may end up in a very different place from where you began, but you will do it gradually. This is because you might take one small situation that needs to be redirected. In other words, you are always active, but sometimes you may move in circles instead of a straight line. Compare this to Uranus in Taurus, where movement can be so slow as to seem non-existent. Yet important changes will probably materialize at the same rate of speed that they will with Uranus in Gemini.

If you were to concentrate on only one segment of your life that seemed unsatisfactory and immediately make radical changes, you could feel restricted and anxious instead of freer. For instance, if, instead of rearranging your furniture, you packed up your belongings and moved to a new location with the first twinge of restlessness, you could regret what you had done. You might miss your old home and decide that you want to go back. Then you would spend a great amount of time and effort retracing your steps in order to return to your starting point. Whereas, if you take small steps forward without closing doors behind you, you might eventually move, but you would know by then that it was right for you. In other words, individuals with Uranus in Gemini are always ready for action, but the focus is more on movement than on sweeping change.

Uranus in Gemini: Those born in this generation have the ability to receive from the planetary mind new forms of communication to reach people with the message of the times. They will have fresh insights into how to verbalize and promote the new directions that have been established. Disruption occurs only when attempts are made to stay on a logical, rational level with their messages instead of expanding the mind to a more intuitive form of communication.

Uranus in Gemini: Uranus was in Gemini last century in August and September 1941, and again from May 1942 to early June 1949. Those of you born with this Uranus placement have experienced and been responsible for changes in the education system, changes that resulted in more openness, individuality and equality. Most of you with this planetary placement attended state-run school systems that were authoritarian, unimaginative and stultifying. In an attempt to change this limited system, many of you chose to pursue careers in education and were responsible for breaking away from the traditional methods of teaching. Open classrooms, alternative study programs, greater freedom of expression and more emphasis on students' rights were initiated by members of your Uranus-group. Those of you who went to school in the southern United States were the first to experience the integration of the public schools, a change designed to create more equitable opportunities for all children.

Gemini is also the sign of communication, and the most notable and significant changes effected by your 'mini-generation' are in this area. Those of you with Uranus in Gemini have been responsible for revolutionary technological advances in the way we communicate. Although earlier generations may have designed the first computers, it was your Uranus-group who improved and expanded the technology and made it available to a broad audience. Under the leadership of people with Uranus in Gemini, all sorts of sophisticated electronics and communications systems that not long ago would have seemed like science fiction have proliferated and become part of our daily lives. As a result of your inventiveness, worldwide communication has been opened up, accelerated and made easier than most people would have dreamed possible.

As children, you were the first group to grow up with television - another major breakthrough in communication. Suddenly the world was opened up and laid bare for all to see. With the invention of the television, the way people received information changed radically, and that information could be conveyed instantaneously from any spot on the globe - even from outer space. Those of you with Uranus in Gemini saw the world from a different perspective relative to those of earlier generations.

Another 'first' for your Uranus-group was the development of electronic music as a form of communication. Rock-and-roll, and its many variations, burst on the scene with your mini-generation; and many of the bards of this musical language had / have Uranus in Gemini. Along with this new music came revolutionary changes in musical equipment. The invention of stereo systems and other technology related to the electronic music field irrevocably altered the way people listened to and produced music.

Uranus in Gemini: Uranus in the sign Gemini indicates a generation of people who are destined to be the progenitors of a new way of thinking. They have brilliant, original, intuitive minds; they will pioneer new concepts in science, literature, education, electronics, and communications media.

People with this position have a tendency toward extreme restlessness, which can make it difficult for them to follow an idea through to completion; they need to exert self-discipline in order to bring their ideas to fruition. Because of their restlessness, they generally travel about a great deal, seeking new social contacts and an exposure to new ideas. This position indicates great freedom in thinking and - since we create our destinies with our minds - gives the ability to break habitual living patterns as a result of the awareness of alternative modes of activity.

If Uranus is afflicted in Gemini, the thinking can be disjointed, eccentric, and impractical. There can be confusion and the danger of accidents while travelling, as well as unreliable relationships with brothers, sisters, and neighbors.

Uranus in Gemini: This position of Gemini represents the genius of America in all its phases. It was in force when the Declaration of Independence was signed, and again during the Civil War it brought the Emancipation Proclamation. It stands for freedom, liberty, independence of action and of conscience. It makes you mentally alert and is one of the indexes of genius. It gives quickness of perception, and an exalted mental approach to all problems, whether personal or social. You think things through quickly and logically, appearing because of this to have intuition (which is probably in your case a super-rapid working of logical processes). You love freedom, and one way or another will have it. At the same time, you respect the rights of others, and will fight for abstract principles even more effectively than for your own individual rights. Mental training is what you need to rise to your best. Without training and a conscious effort to concentrate, your great mental energies are likely to scatter. You can be a dilettante, covering many fields swiftly; or a creator of importance if you stress one field and stick to it.

Uranus in Gemini: This is an excellent, very dynamic and lively placing, endowing originality, quick thinking and often brilliant ideas which the subject should be encouraged to think through carefully and eventually develop to the full. Here is excellent potential. If the chart veers towards the intellectual, with Mercury and Jupiter well placed by sign as well as aspect, this influence will blend in, adding spiciness, a sharp attitude and quick responses, especially in argument and debate. It is also good for the subject who works in the media or follows any sort of literary or academic career. The technical areas of communications will also be of interest.

The restless, nervous side of Gemini and the tension of Uranus can cause problems. See if these are indicated elsewhere in the chart, if Uranus receives squares or oppositions from the Sun, Moon or Mercury, or if it is in negative aspect to the Ascendant. If so, such an aspect, plus this sign placing, will be a potential source of tension and sometimes distress, since the individual will become very worried when finding it difficult to relax, sleep properly or put problems to one side; a relaxation technique or yoga may help. If Mars is involved, there may be migraines, or nasty headaches at the very least. However, on the whole Uranus is in an excellent mood here.

Uranus in Gemini: This position marks those who were born between 1942 and 1949, who approach sexual experimentation in a deliberate and intellectual way. This group introduced 'swinging' as a lifestyle, which emphasizes planned sexual experiences rather than those that happen spontaneously. The head leads the heart and body, rather than the other way round.

Not everyone in this age group is a soulless swinger, by any means, but this generation does tend to over intellectualize new sexual experiences, which sometimes stifles the benefits.

On the other hand, this attitude enables many who might otherwise be restricted by oppressive and archaic sexual mores to relate to new partners and techniques. Being able to reduce sexual hang-ups and accept or reject them rationally is the touchstone of sexual liberation. This generation has been able to let the sexual taboos and repression of generations out of the closet and into the light of day.

Because of the intellectual interest in sexual discovery, people with this placement enjoy all kinds of lighthearted fetishism. Unfortunately, individuals from other age groups simply cannot related to these head trips.

Uranus in Gemini: Children born with this sign position can be expected to have very unusual ideas and be interested in new methods of communicating. They would be strongly inclined to think in abstractions, so it might be hard to get them to deal with the practical necessities of life. Nevertheless, a strongly placed Uranus in Gemini indicates considerable cleverness and innovative ability, and possibly good understanding of the design of machines and electronic apparatus. Such people would be strongly attracted to revolutionary ideas and new approaches to life.

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Uranus in Gemini: G.W. Bush, Prince Charles, Cher, Deepak Chopra, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Milton William Cooper, Robert De Niro, John Dee, Sally Field, Bobby Fischer, Uri Geller, Robert Hand, George Harrison, William Randolph Hearst, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Donovan Leitch, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Terence McKenna, Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton, Robert Plant, Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, O.J. Simpson, Patti Smith, Suzanne Somers, James Taylor, Donald Trump, Swami Vivekananda, Brian Wilson, AndySc, Arine, BarryKl, BenSt, Bram, Carolyn, ChrisC, Collon, David, Donny, Ellen, Flickinger, JBLight, Joy, JJ, Judi, JudyPl, Kay, Medwick, Nirvesh, PapayaJ, Paulo, PaulS, Phylissa, Ricardo, SFor, Shakura, TonyC, VinCal, Virginia

Uranus in Cancer

With Uranus in the sign Cancer, we are linking the freedom-oriented and revolutionary qualities associated with Uranus to the nurturing, security- and home-oriented sign of Cancer. This seems an unlikely combination, and one might expect discomfort with this placing. But there are always ways in which factors can be positively combined. And certain issues that were important in the US and the world from 1948 until the mid-fifties illustrate this. They also explain how people with this placement are likely to behave when Uranian matters are prominent in their lives.

Harry Truman became President in 1945. World War II was in progress, and international matters took precedence over domestic issues. Shortly after Truman took office, the war ended and he began to develop his own policy. His policy was called 'The Fair Deal' and focused on domestic reform. It included such matters as the minimum wage, low income housing and Social Security benefits, all of which are clearly connected to security and taking care of one's own.

The war of the Uranus in Cancer period was the Korean War, which had parental overtones. The United Nations forces were sent to protect South Korea (which represented the helpless child) against North Korea (the aggressor). In World War II, countries were defending their own territories, evoking the idea of self-preservation. In the Korean War, the United Nations forces were protecting land which was not theirs - similar to a father or mother fighting his or her child's battles.

Another Uranian phenomenon of this period was the crusade launched by Senator Joseph McCarthy against what he viewed as domestic corruption in the form of Communism. In the early 1950s, as chairman of a subcommittee in Congress, he investigated more than 150 individuals from various walks of life to expose their controversial activities. They included people in government service, educational institutions, and the field of entertainment. Hysteria, fuelled by the desire to protect the US on the home front, resulted in unfounded character assassination and a great deal of damage done to the lives of many people.

In 1954, he charged that Communists had infiltrated the Army. The Army-McCarthy hearings were televised and the tide of public opinion turned against Senator Joseph McCarthy. He fell from grace, was censured by the Senate within the next year, and left the public scene. All this occurred as Uranus was in the last degrees of Cancer, and moving into Leo.

One more example that came to the fore during this period, and is appropriate for Uranus in Cancer, involved native Americans. In 1950, Dillon S. Myer was made commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He began removing federal assistance from the tribes and started selling Indian land. Forty percent of the Indians became city dwellers, and preservation of the Indian culture suffered as a result. Although there was strong objection to what he was doing, his policies remained in effect for the rest of the decade. And only after the Democrats came into power in 1960 were they changed.

This example shows that one's roots or ancestry, which are associated with the sign of Cancer, can be focal points in Uranian issues. It therefore provides some insight into factors that might be considered when someone with Uranus in Cancer is dealing with issues of freedom, individuality and revolutionary change. The impact of both Myer and McCarthy on society during the 1950s illustrates another point as well. Emotions formed the basis of action, and public response catapulted these men into prominence. Whether this prominence was fame or infamy depends on your personal viewpoint.

Because Cancer is a Water sign, it makes sense that emotions trigger Uranian activities. Joseph McCarthy was able to rise to power by capitalizing on the public's fear of Communism. He tapped into the emotional climate in the country, and evoked and fed on hysteria. People with Uranus in Cancer have the potential to react in the same manner as the general populace did when they were born. However, hysteria is not inevitable. With Uranus in Cancer, it is only a certainty that matters involving freedom, individuality and revolutionary changes trigger your emotions. And you will probably use your feelings and instincts in resolving such issues. You need not, however, be frantic or out of control in your response.

Even if you are an extremely down-to-earth person according to your horoscope and your behavior, with Uranus in Cancer you will be most likely not to need specific examples in forming decisions connected with Uranian matters, and nor will you be likely to respond to the common sense approach. Your feelings will guide you, and it is through appeal to your emotions that others can reach you.

If you understand and accept what needs to be considered when you are dealing with Uranian issues, you might be able to respond faster and thereby avoid the impatience and restlessness that can be connected with Uranus. The self-centered quality of Uranus will be modified by the desire to nurture and protect others. Don't waste your time wondering why you are not thinking of yourself first. It is not enough for you to say 'I want it' or 'I need it'. It is easiest to express your individuality if you are convinced that it is in the best interests of other people. And you can use unusual means to move in new directions if the welfare and security of someone else is involved.

You will probably align yourself with unusual people whom you consider to need nurturing. They may look or act in a manner that does not bring out sympathy in other people; but they touch your mothering instincts, so you begin to take care of them. But you do not want to help them forever. If they hang around for too long, you become impatient. You may begin to feel trapped and want to rid yourself of them. And it is possible that your feelings keep building until one day you suddenly end the relationship with a display of emotions. You can probably avoid this occurring if you set a time frame (preferably a rather short one) for tending to these individuals. If you have not nurtured enough when the deadline arrives, you can always extend it. But, you will feel less trapped if you know the end is in sight.

Since Uranus is also a planet of creativity, your emotions need to be aroused for you to be inventive or to execute something artistic. You will also use your intuition to guide you. The results of your efforts could come in the form of ideas, but you might also produce something quite tangible and practical. It is only the procedure that is based on feelings.

Uranus in Cancer: Those born in the generation having Uranus in Cancer have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind new emotional states that cause trauma or transformation on a very personal level. The insights received about the potential of these new emotional states can be upsetting to the home life and traditional roots of personal security. Disruption occurs through being attached to or relying upon the traditional forms of security, such as home and family on a private, uncollective level.

Uranus in Cancer: Uranus was in Cancer this century from September to November 1948, again between June 1949 and August 1955, and from February until June 1956. Those of you born during this period are responsible for making changes in the family structure; and these changes have provided greater freedom, openness and equality in this area.

Many of you in this 'mini-generation' were raised in families with a rigid and unquestioned hierarchy. Father was the breadwinner and head of the household, mother was the nurturer, and the children (usually three or more) were the possessions of their parents. It seemed to you that there was very little diversity or flexibility in this well-established order - especially if you were white and middle¬class. Nor was there much in the way of equality in the family unit. Father, as wage-earned, had decision-making power; mother was expected to acquiesce to him; and the children had virtually no say over their lives.

You found this condition limiting, even stifling, and questioned its validity. Out of curiosity as much as rebellion, you began experimenting with all sorts of 'alternative' lifestyles, breaking through the walls of tradition and shocking the more conservative older generations with your ideas and behavior.

As your Uranus-group became a significant force in society, you destroyed the old patterns and attitudes about what constituted a 'family' and replaced the traditional model with a variety of options that had been inconceivable before: single parents, blended families, homosexual couples, unmarried men and women living together openly, interracial marriages, househusbands, career mothers, and many others.

Most notable among the changes you effected was creating new and broader roles for women. Though this revolution was begun by members of earlier Uranus-groups, the Uranus-in-Cancer people were the first to live these changes on a wide scale and to be comfortable with these new concepts. Along with the changes in women's roles came greater equity in the family structure, for as women became wage-earners their independence grew - and so did their power. No longer totally dependent on men to support them, the Uranus-in-Cancer women have demanded more egalitarian relationships.

Children of Uranus-in-Cancer people are seen as unique individuals with rights and options, too, rather than simply being the property of their parents. You and your Uranus-group tend to be more open with your children and less authoritarian, and you allow your children greater autonomy, freedom and choices. You are more likely to consult your children before making decisions that will affect their lives, and give them a voice in the daily operation of the family, rather than leaving all power in the hands of the Father.

However, you may be a bit lax when it comes to discipline, and probably expect your children to be more independent than they are capable of being. Perhaps you feel confined by the demands and restrictions of parenthood, and refuse to sacrifice your individual goals and desires for the benefit of your children. Or, you might decide not to have children at all because you feel they would tie you down. Women in this Uranus-group spend more time apart from their children - working or pursuing other activities - than their mothers did, so that the children must become self-sufficient and self-determining at an earlier age.

People with Uranus in Cancer are more likely than previous generations to break away from the lifestyles, ideas and expectations of their own parents. You pursue the career directions, friendships and behaviors that please you, rather than succumbing to parental pressures to 'follow in their footsteps' or to fulfill their dreams. Thus your relationship with your parents might be somewhat tense, or you may distance yourself from your parents and other family members. Instead of viewing blood relatives as your family, you could feel a greater kinship with your friends and relate to them as your 'family'.

Uranus in Cancer: Uranus in the sign Cancer indicates a generation of people who seek freedom and excitement through emotional expression. They will have untraditional ideas about home and family life, and they seek independence and freedom from a too strict parental authority; they prefer to be friends with their parents. However, when they leave home they make certain that they can return if the new territory they are exploring is untenable. Most of the people today born between June 1949 and June 1956, with Uranus in Cancer, have been known to leave their homes in order to have more freedom than family life allows.

Those with Uranus in Cancer run their homes in an unusual way. They have a taste for modern architecture or uniquely styled buildings, and they will fill their homes with electronic gadgets and striking décor. They like to use their homes as meeting places for friends and group activities. They may also be interested in communal living or in other family arrangements besides the traditional nuclear family. In many cases, their friends become members of the family. There is considerable psychic sensitivity with Uranus in Cancer. Occult activities are likely to be part of the domestic scene.

If Uranus is afflicted in Cancer, there can be an erratic temperament and sudden changes in mood.

Uranus in Cancer: Your genius is exerted along lines of material expansion. Inventions increase your comforts of living, and the wonder of new things influences you greatly. Your originality finds its most characteristic expression in seeking security in change and improvement; you are restless, a pioneer eager to move your home (literally or figuratively onward to new frontiers), never so happy as when you are applying your individualism to an upheaval of some sort, as a result of which you see living conditions bettered. Plenty of unsettlement has accompanied your life as a result of this urge to go upward and onward. However, the adventurous spirit has been yours, and even if your impatient genius has upset your world, you wouldn't live your life any other way.

Uranus in Cancer: The changeable moodiness of Cancer, combined with the unpredictability of Uranus, may at times cause problems. While, of course, planets in more powerful positions will hold sway over this generation sign influence, when Uranus is contacted by transit the influence of its natal position may emerge, and perhaps at times the subject will be a little confused at some of his or her quirky and even uncharacteristic behavior patterns. However, if Cancer is a prominent sign or Uranus a personal planet, these indications will definitely make their mark, and must be controlled if the individual is not to heap problems on herself because loved ones and colleagues never know where they stand with her. At its best, however, this placing enhances the imagination, which will have a wonderfully original slant. In a creative chart, it is definitely an asset, while more generally the trait is useful.

Uranus is a cold, unemotional planet, always encouraging logical, clear-cut action, while Cancer is all intuition and very emotional. Unless Uranus is personalized or Cancer is the Sun, Moon or Ascending sign, this dilemma is unlikely to surface. However, when Uranus is a personal planet it can be quite a source of tension, with the individual not knowing which area to develop. It is obvious that she should let one complement the other, but because they are such opposing forces this will be difficult, and there may be persistent conflict. She should decide whether her emotions and intuitions overrule logic or vice versa, and allow the stronger to take precedent.

Uranus in Cancer: Like many others in this generation, you probably seek to express your love through the stalwart and traditional values of home and family. You tend to be less than adventurous in forming love relationships.

A secure home and family-style love relationship can be very rewarding and enjoyable. But that may not be the most profitable direction for your particular personality. At any rate, you will profit from understanding these motivations. Probably your own self-discoveries result from personal and private experience rather than from larger group situations.

Your growth will be heightened by creating a very special, intimate world for yourself and your partner, protected from other people's thoughts or influences. You may find that sharing your inner feelings with others diffuses them, thus slowing their development.

On the other hand, by keeping your personal life very private, you can take all the credit and rightful pride in the emotional relationships that you develop. Their success or failure will be the major factor in how you develop or change the patterns of your emotional expression.

Uranus in Cancer: Children born with this placement generally need less security at home and want to be free of old ideas and traditions. But even though they require less emotional support than other children, they may suffer from a home environment that is too unstable to provide a secure sense of well-being. The parents of these children cannot cling to them or be possessive; but they cannot ignore them either. They still need love and attention. When they grow up, they will want to be free of entangling relationships.

See also: Uranus in Cancer;

Uranus in Cancer: Ammachi, Kim Basinger, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, John Malkovich, Benjamin Netanyahu, Karl Renz, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Bertrand Russell, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Meryl Streep, Jesse Ventura, H.G. Wells, Robin Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Stevie Wonder, AlexP, Alicia, Arrow, Ashira, Bernie, Bobbie, BPoe, Cate, Cynthia, DonW, Doug, Duane, Dunja, GaryCl, Ivy, Jamie, Jane, Jean, JonathanG, Ju, Jude, Jyothi, Keith, Komala, LaurieSw, LucJr, Maitreyi, Marcy, Marybeth, MFor, Miriam, Nancee, Olof, Pete, Prabhuta, Ralph, River, Roberto, Samp, Silas, Suji, VinCar, VinG, Zeno

Uranus in Leo

An appropriate keyword for Uranus in Leo is 'dramatic'. The chances are that even the most covert actions will not remain hidden for long. Evidence for this in the mundane world can be seen by the way in which John F. Kennedy, who was President of the United States during part of this period, dealt with Uranian issues during his term of office. Another example of this is Martin Luther King, Jr. and his part in the Civil Rights Movement.

Kennedy was also considered a 'Media President'. He used television, radio and the press extensively during his presidency. Two excellent illustrations of his use of the media were his handling of the Bay of Pigs and the Russian missile crisis in Cuba. In both cases he came before the public through television. He shouldered blame for the failed invasion in the first example, and publicly threatened the Russians in the second.

King, too, was not shy when it came to publicity. His nonviolent approach to the Civil Rights Movement had a great deal of coverage in all facets of the media. In fact, the media were an integral part of the movement, and played an important role in achieving some of the improvements in race relations that we see today. There is still more to be accomplished, but without the exposure of racial injustice through the mass media, blacks might still be sitting in the back of buses in the south, and denied entrance to some restaurants and other places of business in many parts of the country.

Besides making use of publicity and seeming to enjoy the limelight, these two men shared another quality that we can associate with Uranus in Leo - idealism. Kennedy had an optimism that was contagious. Even the most dangerous step he took in the Cuban missile crisis was not condemned by the public. Although there were those who were opposed to his taking this step, the attitude held by a large segment of the general population was that it was the right thing to do, and would work. King's idealism was evident in the cause with which he aligned himself and in many of his speeches. Probably the best remembered of these is the 'I had a dream' speech.

Both men were talented performers and used their abilities to gain the support necessary to achieve their foals. Although each had some success in their causes, neither lived to see his dreams come to total fruition. It was as though they set the scene while Uranus was in Leo. They dramatically presented the issues that were important to them and the reforms they wanted to effect. But it was not until Uranus moved into Virgo that serious, tangible results were evident. As in the beginning of the century, injustice was exposed when Uranus was in a Fire sign, but it was not until the planet moved into an Earth sign that meaningful change took place.

Kennedy and King both died when Uranus was in Virgo. And it may be that their deaths (which were unusual and unexpected, and therefore could be considered Uranian) partly led to the ultimate accomplishment of their goals. Perhaps their dramatic exits were the harkings back to Uranus in Leo, even though they took place after the planet had moved into Virgo. Kennedy's demise, added to Lyndon Johnson's ability to practically negotiate, may have helped Johnson to get some of Kennedy's 'New Frontier' programs through Congress. (Even the title 'New Frontier' sounds like Uranus in Leo.) And King's assassination, which made him a martyr for his cause, is still a stimulus for the Civil Rights Movement.

If you have Uranus in Leo, you probably aren't subtle in regard to revolutionary issues or matters of individuality and freedom. Even if your Uranus is in the twelfth house, your revolutionary tendencies will frequently erupt externally. You might try to be covert, but, as with the failed invasion at the Bay of Pigs, your actions usually somehow become public knowledge. This should not disturb you too much, because you want to let the world know of your intentions. It is a way to get support and recognition from others. So you might not be the best choice in highly secretive, undercover work. You can, however, achieve your goal with your open approach. You can stand on stage and dramatize your cause so that others are stirred into action.

The reasoning behind your revolutionary actions and expression of individuality is based on idealism. You will probably not rebel unless you believe your cause is just. And once you have taken your stand, you may be surprised if everyone does not agree with you. Disagreement may occur because you have not worked out the practical details to accomplish your goals. It is the end result that is most important; and it may not always be easy to convert your dreams into reality.

Since you expect everyone to agree with your views, you initially believe that your ideas will gain momentum and succeed without effort. However, when you meet with resistance, you not only are surprised, but also could feel thwarted. Having contingency plans, just in case, may be helpful. But there are other choices as well. You could keep talking about your plans, in hopes that you can still rally needed support, which is a definite possibility with your ability to be a motivator. Or you might bottle up your feelings and suffer (an unlikely possibility when the sign of Leo is involved). Or, you may ally yourself with people who have Uranus in Virgo (or have Earth signs strongly emphasized in other ways in their horoscopes) and, thus, can help to make your dreams materialize!

The modern technology that was in the foreground during the period when Uranus was in Leo can give insights into the inventiveness and creativity of individuals with this placement. Nuclear energy was highly emphasized. Two atomic energy plants to supply electrical energy were approved to be built. Nuclear submarines were being used, and underground nuclear testing was begun in Nevada. This was also a time when the Advanced Research Projects Agency was set up by the Defense Department to promote space exploration.

There is nothing subtle about nuclear energy. Even underground explosions are not easy to cover up. Similarly, creative projects that individuals with Uranus in Leo undertake need to be dramatic, or at least noticeable. There is little excitement about being involved with creativity that is behind the scenes; and creative juices will flow as long as the enthusiasm is maintained.

The promotion of space exploration adds the possibility of another quality that is necessary in Leonine creativity - expansion. This combines challenge with the desire for drama and explains why the 'nuts and bolts' type of creativity would be avoided. It is interesting to not, however, that humans did not step onto the Moon until Uranus was in Virgo.

Uranus in Leo: Those born in the generation having Uranus in Leo have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind new ways of creatively expressing their emotions and talents. The ego can experience intense disruption by taking one's creativity too personally. Confusion occurs through demanding personal recognition for creative or artistic expression.

Uranus in Leo: Uranus was in Leo during the last century between August 1955 and January 1956, from June 1956 to October 1961, and from January until August 1962. Leo is associated with self-expression in all its forms: artistic creativity, the entertainment industry, childbearing, romance, and egotism. Those of you who have this Uranus position in your birth charts will experience and be responsible for making change that provide greater freedom, individuality and openness in these areas.

Uranus's entrance into Leo signaled an end to the U.S. government's 'black-listing' of artists and entertainers for their political ideologies. Those of you who have this Uranus placement in your birth charts encapsulate the energy of this time; and you insist upon creative freedom and the right to express yourselves without censorship. You believe that restrictions of any kind interfere with the creative process; and you want to be able to do and say what you please, to try new things, and to be uninhibited by social conventions or government regulations.

Sometimes you go to extremes to assert your individuality; you enjoy being outrageous and provocative in expressing yourself, and like to project the image of the eccentric free spirit. You also can be extremely willful, egotistical, selfish and stubborn in your beliefs and behavior. At the very least, you are outspoken and / or unconventional in your creative expression. You reject traditions; and your creations often display boldness, self-assurance, ingenuity and originality.

Uranus's most recent passage through Leo also heralded major changes in the entertainment industry, particularly in the music field. The first rock 'n' roll stars began performing during this period, and electronic music was born. Members of your 'mini-generation' have been involved in the development of rock music, electronic equipment and audio technology, music videos, and a multi-billion-dollar industry that did not exist before you were born. You also are among the first to use computer graphics technology in artistic ways.

Leo also is connected with romantic love - the self-centered, idyllic, fun-filled early stages of romance, not the committed, day-to-day, 'in sickness and in health' love of long-term partnerships. The Uranus-in-Leo group came of age in a time of relatively unrestricted romantic and sexual expression, after the legalization of abortion and before the discovery of AIDS; and therefore you were more free to experiment with all sorts of romantic relationships than earlier generations had been. 'Love' became more casual, easy and open than at any other time.

You seek excitement, change, new experiences and independence in love affairs, and find the responsibilities and limitations of deeper attachments less attractive. The attitudes of your 'mini-generation' toward love, sex and romance are less inhibited and more egalitarian than those of other Uranus-groups. You may be more willing to experiment with unconventional or alternative relationships, and are less pejorative about other people's love lives and sexual expression.

Uranus in Leo: Uranus in the sign Leo indicates a generation of people who seek freedom in love and romance. Their ideas about courtship and sex may depart from traditional moral standards, and they are likely to believe in free love.

Uranus in Leo can give strong willpower and creativity in the arts and sciences, as well as the potential for original kinds of leadership. People with this position seek to create a unique type of expression in order to be outstanding in their endeavors. They can develop new concepts in art, music and the theatre. Rather than conform to the standards of the society they live in, they prefer to create their own standards. However, there is danger of egotism with this position, as Uranus is in its detriment in Leo; hence they should get involved in matters of social or universal - rather than personal - concern.

These people can be stubborn, and they have difficulty compromising or co-operating with others. If Uranus is afflicted in this sign, they will insist on having their own way, to the extent that they will completely refuse to co-operate.

Uranus in Leo: This position represents an extraordinary confidence in the dramatization of the total personality. Because of Uranus's position in the self-conscious and dramatic Leo, you are impressionable to the prowess of Great People. A kind of hero worship is natural to you; and the individualistic creative expression which will suit you best is the sort which will allow you to stand in the limelight and hear applause for your originality, your daring, your cleverness, your genius. The aim of your mental, creative originality is recognition, acclaim, applause; and you exert your deepest originality in its most characteristic form and to its best advantage when this goal is in sight.

Uranus in Leo: There is increased energy here, and a dynamic driving force. Sometimes, too, some autocracy and a liking for power are present. If the latter can be positively expressed, the talent for leadership will be such that others will gladly follow. Nonetheless, don't forget that Leo is a fixed sign, and since Uranus increases stubbornness, the subject may well become an immovable object. Leo is also a warm, enthusiastic Fire sign, while Uranus, albeit friendly, likes to keep its distance and is cool, calculating and unemotional. However, conflict will only emerge if Uranus is a personal planet, or if it is negatively aspected by the Sun.

Self-confidence is certainly boosted, especially in a chart in which this tends to be lacking. It is a lively, colorful placing, and will give a rather glitzy glamour if Uranus is aspected by the Moon or Venus. There may also be a sense of the dramatic which is used to excellent effect. This will be apparent if, for instance, Uranus is in the fifth house, and it would be combined with a need for power and a desire to influence the masses if Uranus were high in the sky in the tenth house.

Since Leo is a creative sign, there is often creative flair which may be developed through a hobby, thus encouraging the personal potential. This would be an excellent form of original expression in someone who is perhaps rather shy and apprehensive, lacking in self-confidence. However, if we reverse the coin, all the overwhelming, power-loving, showy tendencies of this planet may have to be countered.

Uranus in Leo: You will probably get the most out of a relationship that has plenty of room for growth, one that does not complete its development or define its direction too precisely or too quickly.

Many people in your age group prefer wide-open, ever-changing relationships that cover a lot of emotional territory. This style may or may not suit you personally, but it is important for you to understand it and participate in it to some extent.

This does not mean that you have to continually change your attitude or your partner; but probably you will be happier with an unrestricted, open-ended relationship. The larger the canvas upon which you paint your life, the more rewarding and actively creative your love relationships will be.

Naturally you risk some emotional injury by being so open-handed, but the more scope there is for you and your partner, the warmer and more beautiful the relationship will become. Arranging particular channels of growth in advance tends to be counterproductive; if you allow the relationship to develop naturally, it will eventually bear the fairest flowers and the richest fruit. Your best expression will come from freely nurturing its growth, rather than directing it.

Uranus in Leo: These children will find new ways to express themselves and make an impression on the world. In many ways they may be rather eccentric, which makes it difficult for them to fit easily into groups because they are so individualistic. But as a group they should be relatively honest and want others to be honest too. They value individual self-expression far more than self-discipline. In fact it may be quite hard to pin them down to fulfilling commitments, obligations and responsibilities.

See also: Uranus in Leo;

Uranus in Leo: Sri Aurobindo, Jim Carrey, Madonna Ciccone, George Clooney, Aleister Crowley, Tom Cruise, Princess Diana, Isadora Duncan, Bill Gates, Melanie Griffith, Michael Jackson, Carl Jung, Carl Lewis, Maharaj Ji, Barack Obama, Cathy O’Brien, Edouard de Rothschild, Albert Schweitzer, AndyF, BobG, Cheri, ChrisTr, DavMcC, Dipesh, DJenkins, Erin, Fergus, J, Jason, JerGar, JerryGr, JerryP, Johanna, JT, Judin, Leif, Lori, Marie, Mark, Maureen, Merrill, Pankaj, Prabhukar, Q, Robert, Sky, Steve, Tara, TomW, TonyO

Uranus in Virgo

As with all the Earth signs, you would expect the revolutionary and creative activities of Uranus in Virgo to deal with practical issues and involve tangible, concrete results. With the sign of Virgo specifically, there should be attention to detail; and the pace of progress would be slow in spite of the sudden and erratic qualities usually associated with the planet Uranus. Yet, when results materialize, changes may seem sweeping and abrupt. Once action is taken, all of the necessary ground work and analyzing will probably fade into the background.

For example, in the month following Kennedy's assassination a large number of laws was passed to wage war on poverty. Kennedy was in office from January, 1961 until November, 1963. Early in his administration he declared a 'war on poverty'. He had numerous ideas in regard to changing U.S. policies, but it was only after his death that many of these ideas were enacted into law. This may be attributed partially to the martyrdom of Kennedy, but also the 'wheeler-dealer' capabilities of Lyndon Johnson. With Uranus in Virgo, preparation to make changes may have taken time, but the ultimate results were sweeping and seemed sudden.

The revolutionary changes in the laws that were passed in the month following Kennedy's assassination are the type to be expected with Uranus in an Earth sign. They included protecting the voting and housing rights of Blacks, the establishment of medical care for the elderly, and programs for the financially disadvantaged. There was also emphasis on improving education. All of these issues are down-to-earth; and health matters are particularly appropriate for the sign of Virgo.

Even with the legislation passed, however, more work had to be done. The battle for Black civil rights is an excellent example of progress being slow in Earth signs (and slowest of all in Virgo). The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964. Schools were supposed to be desegregated. Housing and employment opportunities were supposed to be open and equal. But the new laws were not always followed, and protests began.

In 1963, 200,000 people marched in Detroit to protest discrimination. After that, half the Black children in Chicago boycotted the schools to point up the fact that desegregation was not being implemented. Then the protests began to take on a more violent tone. In 1964 there was a riot in Harlem; in 1965 there was one in Los Angeles; and in 1967 a series of race riots erupted across the country. After Martin Luther King's assassination in 1968, another series of riots ensued.

Even though Uranus is the planet of revolution, you would not expect a great deal of violence when that planet is in Virgo. This may be explained by the fact that Pluto was conjoining Uranus in Virgo from 1963 to 1968. Comparing Uranian events from 1961 to 1963 and in 1969 with those that occurred during the years of the Pluto-Uranus conjunction might suggest possible differences between these two groups of people born during those respective years.

First and foremost, all the riots took place while the Pluto-Uranus conjunction was in range, supporting the idea that there was more volatility during that time than the rest of the period in which Uranus was in Virgo. But even with the conjunction, violence was not the immediate response. Although the riots seemed to erupt suddenly, they occurred only after peaceful protests were tried and failed to have an impact.

Anyone with Uranus in Virgo wants to take the most practical and efficient path in order to make tangible changes. They will usually work out the step-by-step plans before they launch their first attack. And, as evidenced by the timing of the riots, even with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction, action was not taken quickly.

The desire to investigate and get to the bottom of a situation which we connect with Pluto combined easily with the slow-moving thoroughness of the sign of Virgo. The potential volatility of Pluto was temporarily delayed by the need of the Earth signs to take the practical approach - the one that will work. And Virgo also modified the erratic and impatient qualities we associate with Uranus. At first glance, you might expect individuals with Pluto conjunct Uranus always to be ready for a good revolution in which the old régime would be ousted simply for the sake of transformation. But this really is not the case. With these planets being in Virgo, there need to be sound, practical reasons for a revolution. So those with the conjunction, as well as those with Uranus in Virgo but not conjunct Pluto, would tend to bide their time and investigate the various alternatives for change available to them. Both groups would probably try the most conventional or safest paths first. However, if either group finally resorts to a revolution, those with the conjunction are likely to take the more drastic actions and make the more sweeping changes.

The Vietnam War, the major war of the Uranus in Virgo era, also exemplifies characteristics connected with the sign of Virgo. It was, without doubt, the most unpopular war in U.S. history. The United States' involvement in Vietnam began during Truman's presidency; but it was not until 1964 (during the Pluto-Uranus conjunction) after a North Vietnamese attack on two American ships that large numbers of American troops were sent there. The war escalated over the next few years, and it became less and less popular.

What was particularly offensive to the American public were stories about the killing of civilians in routine bombings and tales of corruption and drug use among the American military. It was considered an immoral war; and morality is an important keyword for the sign of Virgo. Applied to the individual with Uranus in Virgo, this adds the need to examine the morality of one's stand before revolutionary action can be taken. This further explains why individuals with this sign placement of Uranus (even those who have Uranus conjunct Pluto) do not take action more quickly.

Let us now look at the modern technology of the Uranus in Virgo period to get information about the creativity of those born during this time. One advancement that seems to epitomize Uranus in Virgo stands out. This is the development of the microchip.

Although the microchip made its first appearance in 1958, while Uranus was in the sign of Leo, it was not until 1962, when Uranus was firmly entrenched in Virgo, that it was mass-produced. But, aside from making this valuable discovery available to more and more people, there was another quality that reflected Virgo. We know that Virgo pays a great deal of attention to minute details; and throughout the 1960s the microchip became more efficient and more compact. 'In 1964, for example, a chip a tenth of an inch square contained a total of 10 transistors and other components. By 1970, no fewer than 1000 components were crammed into the same-sized chip, at approximately the same cost as before.' In this quotation, both the painstaking patience and attention to detail are easily ascribed to Virgo.

Therefore, in terms of creativity, individuals with Uranus in Virgo should look for projects that may take patience, but can also produce useful results. Cost may be a consideration, but this factor needs to be weighed against the worth of the product. The more practical and useful its application, the less likely that expenditures will be a concern.

Uranus in Virgo: Those born in this generation have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind new ways of cleaning up the social environment on both physical and mental levels. Disruption occurs when new ways of serving society are misunderstood and taken too literally.

Uranus in Virgo: Uranus was in Virgo during this century from November 1961 to January 1962, then again from August 1962 to September 1968, and briefly in May and June of 1969. Virgo is the sign of work, service and physical health; therefore, those of you who were born with this Uranus position in your birth charts will experience and be involved in changes in these areas.

Uranus's trip through Virgo prompted large-scale concern for the needy peoples of the world. In the United States, government programs like the Peace Corps and VISTA were established to help the poor at home and abroad learn to help themselves; and young people from the wealthy and middle classes chose to work in these programs. Others pursued teaching careers, especially in 'special education' areas designed to help children with mental or physical handicaps, as a way of serving their fellow humans. Social consciousness was at an all-time high during this period; helping others and doing socially useful work was considered more important by many people than wealth, fame or prestige.

Those of you who have Uranus positioned in Virgo might be responsible for stirring up public awareness about social and economic inequities in the world. You want to find ways to assist those who are less fortunate than yourselves to become self-supporting and independent, and may work to bring this about.

Physical health also is associated with Virgo; and as Uranus moved through it aroused public interest in health issues. Concerns about environmental pollution and adulterated food, and how these affect health, were brought to the fore during this period. As a result, natural foods, vegetarianism, vitamin supplements and alternative health care options proliferated, and millions of people changed their diets because of increased awareness about health. Public outcries against environmental contamination brought about the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. Uranus-in-Virgo health-consciousness also produced changes in work-related health, and led to the formation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States in 1970. Uranus's passage through this sign triggered Virgoan concern for the health and well-being of all life-forms; and during this transit the Endangered Species Acts were created to protect animals, birds and marine life.

Those of you who have Uranus in Virgo in your birth charts are interested in health issues; and your Uranus-group might be responsible for establishing national medical insurance and progressive public health care programs. Or, you could be involved in improving the design and use of health-related products and / or therapies. Perhaps you are a proponent of alternative health care and unconventional medical practices, and might help bring new techniques, practices or ideas into public awareness. You may consider traditional medicine and the medical establishment too restrictive, conservative, authoritarian and inhuman, and may strive to instigate changes in the health care industry that provide more openness and rights for patients. Because of your interest in the connection between mind and body, you might find ways to use 'mind over matter' to treat illnesses, or discover cures for diseases that are related to attitude and lifestyle.

Uranus in Virgo: Uranus in the sign Virgo indicates people who have original yet practical ideas in regard to work methods, especially in such fields as health, science, and technology.

While Uranus was in Virgo - the sign ruled by Mercury, the mental, scientific planet ¬many electronic inventions were produced, including the computers that have revolutionized business and industry. The same time period has brought about the development of miniature solid state circuitry (Virgo is an Earth sign) in the form of transistors and similar devices.

The generation having Uranus in Virgo will display unique and ingenious approaches to industry, science, technology, labor relations, ecology, and health care. Children born between 1964 and 1968, having Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo, will be of especially revolutionary influence in these fields. That generation will bear the brunt of the practical hard work needed to regenerate human civilization in preparation for the new Aquarian age ruled by Uranus.

These people have an unusual talent for business and a tremendous practical resourcefulness in work. However, they are likely to suffer many changes and disruptions in employment.

Uranus afflicted here can cause erratic health problems. Natives may be interested in the healing effects of correct diet, and in mental control of the bodily functions.

Uranus in Virgo: Your originality is most likely to assert itself along lines of organization, routine, or social welfare. If you work along your most characteristic lines, it will be to make some contribution to social or business systems. You can be an efficiency expert in the service of capitalist industry and make your genius valuable along that line. Or your desire to serve may take a broader and more humanitarian form, and you may become a leader of social thought, applying your systematic genius to large problems of labor and social welfare. Your most characteristic expression will be found in connection with work, its methods and its efficiency; or in connection with social service and progress. You are more likely than not to be on the side of social change aiming at division of labor and the general good of society, and probably feel at home with changes and even turbulence.

Uranus in Virgo: This is a potential source of tension, especially if the subject is rather nervous or apprehensive, or if tension is evident in other areas of the chart. These energies can be put to good use as they will inject the mind with the ability to analyze and research, and will also encourage a certain originality of approach to any problem or project that is under consideration. Since Virgo is an Earth sign, it tends to be conventional - the familiar and well-tried is preferred, yet Uranus's influence is quite the reverse, encouraging original thought and actions, and often unconventional behavior.

People who have Uranus in Virgo will also have Pluto in that sign, and many have the strikingly powerful Uranus / Pluto conjunction. Check this possibility, as it could be very revealing and, because of these additional influences, it is difficult to divorce the effect from that of Pluto. However, while Virgo is generally anything but power-loving, the energy force of this placing, plus Pluto's intervention, have endowed this particular generation with some dynamic, forceful qualities. They have what it takes to make world-shattering changes; but refer to the aspect interpretation for a fuller explanation of the conjunction. To put this on a personal level, the individual may be a seeker and questioner, unable to rest content, and with the ability to scrutinize every aspect of a situation. If these attributes can be positively used, and are supported elsewhere in the chart, he or she may have a considerable talent for investigative or research work that is often medical. Scientific flair is possible, but the subject must accept his originality since there may sometimes be an inclination to suppress it.

Uranus in Virgo: Probably you will learn much from trying out a variety of detailed expressions of love. You treasure affection not so much for its principle and motivation but for the actual forms it takes.

Certainly that is the basic orientation of people in your age group, who seem to emphasize the whats and hows of love rather than the whys. This may also be the most rewarding path for you personally, in which case you may comfortably rely on those around you to provide direction in pursuing this path.

But if this direction does not come naturally, don't force yourself to take it. If your love expression differs from that of your peers, do not curb your own inclinations unnaturally. The accepted expressions of love and affection may not have the same meaning for you, so feel free to develop your own.

In order to know what to accept and what to reject, you should become familiar with the contemporary procedures of love and courting. You may find that you can transmit real affection by attending to the special details and mannerisms that particularly please your lover. Pursuing that goal can significantly heighten the intensity and creativity of a relationship.

Uranus in Virgo: The conflict here is similar to the problem between Taurus and Uranus - that is, the conflict between the earthy nature of the sign and the eccentric and airy nature of the planet. However, Virgo is more flexible and less rigid than Taurus. These children have some difficulty dealing with matters of duty and responsibility, but they find new ways to get their work done. They are not very good at following a routine, however, unless they have set it up for themselves. At any rate, whatever innovations they come up with will be practical ones that can be used in everyday life.

See also: Uranus in Virgo;

Uranus in Virgo: Johnny Depp, Robert Downey, Jr., Albert Einstein, Bill Hicks, Michael Jordan, Helen Keller, Nicole Kidman, Pablo Picasso, Brad Pitt, Ramana Maharshi, Will Rogers, Susanna Arundhati Roy, Antonio, Beth, Dewitt, Erika, George, Jeff, JulieD, Lance, Leigh, Lina, Molly, Patrice, ScottS, Tammy

Uranus in Libra

Since Libra is the sign of peace and fairness, it would be expected that Uranus in that sign would be concerned with these matters. If any kind of revolution were to occur, injustice would be the grounds. During the Uranus in Libra period, the war was ended in Vietnam. There was no winner of this war, but then that wouldn't be the point with this placement. The desire of Libra is peace, not necessarily victory. The Uranian change in this case was the cessation of violence.

This does not mean that there was no violence during this time period. There were the incidents at Kent State and Mississippi State in which people were killed. But usually in occurrences such as these, peace and justice were the bases for the uprisings. If the cause is justified, any means are allowable. Even a worthwhile goal can trigger brutality.

Protests, however, need not always be violent or generate violence. There was a turning point in August of 1969 (with Uranus just entering Libra) when protestors became more nonconfrontational. The event that took place at this time was a three-day rock concert called 'Woodstock'. More than 300,000 young people attended. Food was in short supply, and sanitary conditions were inadequate, but the emphasis at Woodstock was on peace and love. Violence was expected, but did not occur. Woodstock became the symbol of the counterculture movement.

It is interesting, too, that Libra is the sign associated with the arts, and it was music that characterized Woodstock the most. This does not necessarily mean that individuals with Uranus in Libra must use the arts in connection with revolutionary action, but it is possible. And if you have this placement you might want to consider incorporating the arts in some way when you are making changes.

On the political scene during this period, the emphasis was on peace and diplomacy. The cessation of the Vietnam War exemplified the focus on peace. In regard to diplomacy, President Nixon took a 12-day trip around the world in August of 1969 (with Uranus in the early degrees of Libra) and let it be known that he was willing to negotiate with Communist nations. While in Romania during this trip, he said 'nations can have widely different internal orders and live in peace'. In 1972 he paid an historic visit to Communist China. He described it as a 'journey for peace'. This trip led to a cultural exchange and diplomatic relations between the two countries.

During the Uranus in Libra period, another event occurred which is far different from the overt diplomatic overtures for peace. This event was the Watergate break-in. Five men were arrested in an attempt to steal political material at Democratic National Headquarters. The purpose was to have influence over the Democratic Party's selection of candidates. The break-in ultimately led to Nixon's resignation, when it was proven that he was aware of this covert action. The Watergate incident points up another Libran tactic that is often overlooked - covert strategy.

The desire to keep the peace could be stated as the reason for avoiding direct confrontation. Libra is a sign that prefers not to be involved in unpleasantness. The Uranus in Libra person may have the revolutionary ideas; but rebellious activities are usually left to others. Therefore, with Uranus in Libra, the key to successfully making dramatic changes or starting a revolution is to subtly convince someone else to carry out your plans. This is done partly to maintain the image of the peacemaker, but also because it is easier to create ideas than it is to take physical action.

If you have Uranus in Libra, a comfortable way to proceed should be obvious from the preceding paragraphs. When contemplating change or expressing your individuality, you would first want to think about it. Next you might consider an amiable way to get things started. If this fails, then you should figure out how to motivate someone else to take the initiative to reach your goal or help you express your individuality.

You will not have to look far if you have a partner with whom you regularly share your revolutionary thoughts as well as someone to take action for you. With Uranus in Libra, you need not stand alone fighting for a cause. It is much more satisfying to have company on such a project. You also need not be the leader of the group because equality is better than being either the superior or the subordinate. Even in your search for personal freedom, it is probably more gratifying to share the quest with someone else.

In terms of creativity, it was already mentioned that the arts might be used in connection with revolutionary action or protests against the establishment, as was illustrated with the Woodstock rock concert. It is one way in which you can voice objections to the establishment and express your revolutionary ideas without violence.

The placement of Uranus in Libra could also mean that you have a unique, nonconforming approach to the arts or perhaps you use modern technology to express your artistic talents. If you are artistically inclined, what you produce may be considered ahead of its time, or at least not in step with present standards. In this age of computers, I am not surprised that a number of my clients who were born with Uranus in Libra are drawn to the graphic arts to express their creativity. At this writing they are still relatively young. Therefore, it is too soon to know what impact they will have in the world. But if we look at the preceding period of Uranus transiting Libra (1884-1890), one excellent example of someone who both displayed originality and used modern technology was Charlie Chaplin.

Uranus in Libra: Those born in this generation have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind innovative ways of relating to people and handling the area of personal relationships from a new level of understanding. Disruption occurs from outmoded ideals about the marriage relationship, and in the arena of partnership agreements in general.

Uranus in Libra: Uranus was in Libra last century from October 1968 until November 1974, and from April until September 1975. Libra is the sign of partnerships - in love and business ¬and of art, women, peace, and legal matters. Therefore, these are the areas in which people with this planetary placement will experience changes that produce greater freedom, equality and openness.

During the time that Uranus was in Libra, relationships and attitudes about love, marriage, sex and commitment were shaken to their foundations. This was the era of 'free love' and the 'sexual revolution'; and the men and women who became adults during this period had decidedly different ideas about relationships and raising families without getting married; homosexuality became more open. Extended families, interracial relationships, group living situations, casual sex, 'wife-swapping' and other relationship alternatives proliferated.

The Women's Movement of the early 1970s irrevocably altered women's perception of themselves and their place in the world. Suddenly, women began to think of themselves as equal partners, and demanded more balance, fairness, individuality and rights in their relationships. Many women rebelled against the traditional concept of the 'woman's place', and rather than accepting without question the role of housewife and mother they opted for careers in the business world. Some decided to postpone marriage and children until they had established themselves professionally; others wanted to be career women and mothers both; still others chose to stay single or childless. Uranus in Libra inspired women to claim greater independence for themselves and make new choices in their love relationships.

The legalization of abortion in the U.S. in 1973 was, perhaps, the most significant liberating factor for American women last century - and it occurred when Uranus was in Libra. Without the burden of unwanted pregnancy, women were free to make their own decisions in life.

The destabilization and turbulence that are Uranus's trademark focused on relationships during the planet's passage through Libra. Divorce rates soared, and new laws were enacted to make divorce faster and easier. People entered into partnerships without making lifetime commitments, and left when things got tough. However, as divorce became common, it also lost its stigma, and people who had stayed together unhappily for years finally were able to break free and begin new lives.

Children who were born during this time often experienced a home life and parental relationships that were altogether different from those of earlier generations. The home in which the child was raised was probably less structured than those of previous generations. Perhaps there was more equality between mother and father. Both parents may have worked outside the home, so the child developed autonomy at a young age. All sorts of unconventional living arrangements could have been part of the Uranus-in-Libra child's upbringing. Perhaps the parents were separated or divorced, so that the child experienced some sort of upset or destabilization in the home.

Everyone is the encapsulation of the time in which he or she was born, and those of you born with Uranus in Libra are more likely than other Uranus-groups to be concerned with equitable, open or avant-garde relationships that allow for independence and individuality within them. Probably you will always insist on a great deal of freedom, change and excitement in your relationships, and it could be difficult for you to settle down with one person for long. You might change partners frequently, or maintain relationships with more than one person at a time.

Perhaps you will be responsible for creating legislation that provides true equality for women. Or, you simply may live your beliefs and, as your 'mini-generation' gains influence in the world, your independent lifestyle and attitudes toward relationships will create greater openness for all.

Libra is also the sign of peace and harmony, but with Uranus positioned here you may not experience much tranquility. Instead, you might have to deal with frequent upsets, turmoil or chaotic situations. Perhaps you find peace and quiet dull, and prefer to have excitement and change in your life.

Uranus in Libra: Uranus in Libra indicates a generation of people with new ideas about marriage, partnerships, and social conduct. They seek freedom in the marriage relationship, and regard the relationship as more important than the legal contract. With Uranus in Libra, there is likely to be experimentation with new living arrangements, such as communal living, as well as with other forms of social innovation. People of this generation will in the future enact laws that will make it difficult to get married and easy to get divorced. In general, they will have new concepts of justice and will seek to change and modernize the existing legal codes.

These people will have keen insight into all kinds of human relationships, which will take the form of intuitive or telepathic knowledge of other people's motivations.

Uranus in Libra is also likely to produce new and unusual forms of music, probably incorporating electronic techniques.

If Uranus is afflicted in this sign, natives may have difficulty getting along in marriage or partnerships, and they may be unreliable in relationships requiring mutual responsibility.

Uranus in Libra: Yours is a peculiar hidden genius, for you tend to identify yourself with large groups and interests and to 'lose yourself in order to find yourself'. You can be a great leader (if your expression of originality works outward to the rest of the world) or a dreadful eccentric (if it works inward). If you identify yourself with others on the positive and aggressive side, you make definite contributions to your group or to society as a whole, having an uncanny knack for unifying divergent groups and factions into a co¬operative whole. If you identify yourself against others (the negative expression of the characteristic urge to co-operation), you may think the hand of the world is against you and become a lone wolf, antisocial and quarrelsome. Your best and truest expression of originality will come in connection with co-operative ventures, for when you learn to work with others there is no end to the organizational genius which you can bring to bear on your progress and the general welfare of others.

Uranus in Libra: Although Uranus shines in a glamorous way from this sign, and often gives increased powers of attraction and a sneakingly romantic streak, its independence can cause difficulties when fighting Libra's compulsive need to relate. In most cases, a thread of independence, and perhaps occasional coolness, will emerge in the attitude toward the partner; but if either Venus or Uranus is a personal planet, or if they are in aspect to each other, these very contrasting indications will have a considerable effect on the relationship as a whole. If Aquarius is the Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign, the subject will have to admit that he or she may want a partnership but not a partner. It is obviously important to come to terms with this attitude if the partner is not to be adversely affected.

Here is an excellent, caring and helpful friend, who will give much time and energy when called upon to do so and who will be sympathetic and kind - traits that should be developed by the subject if she has the above-mentioned negative attitude to her intimate relationships. Even so, this placing will help to stabilize and rationalize the emotions, and can therefore be constructive and positive for someone with a very high emotional level.

Uranus in Libra: You will probably find that personal self-discovery lies in understanding and becoming involved in other people's lives, either directly or indirectly.

That is quite evidently the direction taken by many others of your age, at any rate. In general, relationships tend to be quite volatile and not very private, resulting in less stability than might be desired.

You must decide whether you want to go along with this view of life and how much of yourself will be on view or open for change by others. Your contemporaries are likely to be somewhat active and changeable in love, which may not fit your personality.

But whether or not it does, you should explore and understand this view of life, so that a lover's changeableness or curiosity will not be seen as fickle or prying, necessarily. Conversely, you will find it particularly rewarding to try out various social and sexual roles in relation to your lover. You can gain considerable insight from learning about your partner's personality and motivations in detail.

Indeed, it may be important for your development to understand that an emotional situation can have many facets. Learning to stand aside and see yourself as others see you can be most beneficial.

Uranus in Libra: These children deal with their relationships differently from others. They do not accept traditional patterns; and when they are grown up they will find entirely new kinds of relationships, both sexual and otherwise. They are likely to have rather unusual aesthetic tastes as well, and they may establish new artistic and cultural patterns. As a rules, these children require a great deal of freedom in relationships, and do not want to be pinned down to emotional commitments. Their relationships will probably be made and broken at an astonishing rate of speed.

See also: Uranus in Libra (scroll down);

Uranus in Libra: Charlie Chaplin, Ty Cobb, Georges Gurdjieff, Adolf Hitler, Angelina Jolie, Alex Jones, Groucho Marx, Vaslav Nijinsky, George Patton, Ezra Pound, Andrea, Farmer, Geoff, Gina, Sarik, Victoria

Uranus in Scorpio

As Uranus moved into Scorpio, the focus was no longer on making peace. The last of the U.S. troops were evacuated from Vietnam at the end of April 1975 but this was just as retrograde Uranus was about to re-enter Libra for the last time. Then other issues came into the foreground. The most prominent of these involved covert activities.

One such matter was concern about the role the CIA might have played in the death of former Chilean President Salvador Allende Gossens and the overthrow of his government. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee ordered an investigation into these allegations. Another incident was the seizure of a US cargo vessel by the Cambodian government with accusations that the ship was part of a United States spying operation against Cambodia. Still other examples were the establishment of a Commission to examine charges of domestic spying by the CIA, and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence activities looking into heretofore concealed questionable activities by the FBI, IRS, and the US Army, as well as the CIA. All of these investigations dealt with spying and ferreting out hidden information - appropriate concepts for the sign of Scorpio.

Two other newsworthy items that occurred during that period and were appropriate for the meaning of Uranus in Scorpio were the Iran Hostage situation and the case of Patricia Hearst. On November 4, 1979, a group of Iranian students stormed the U.S. embassy in Teheran and captured 66 Americans. The students were protesting the Shah of Iran having been allowed to enter the United States for an operation. They wanted the Shah returned to Iran to face trial. In retaliation for the hostage situation, US President Jimmy Carter deported Iranian students who were illegally in the United States and froze Iranian assets that were in American banks.

Although these measures failed to produce the return of the hostages, both the action and the response of the President illustrate ways in which people might act with Uranus in Scorpio. The captors did not openly remove the Shah from the hospital. Instead they took the circuitous route and tried to manipulate the Americans into returning the Shah. The response of the President was one of 'I'll show you'. The freezing of other people's money also seemed appropriate for the 'getting even' attitude of Scorpio.

The other excellent example of Uranus in Scorpio mentioned above was the story of Patty Hearst. The events that occurred in her life during this time speak for themselves. Without elaborating, they evoke keywords for Uranus in Scorpio. She, like the hostages in Iran, was abducted. Her kidnappers called themselves the Symbionese Liberation Movement. She was allegedly raped, and kept in a dark closet, and eventually was brainwashed into joining the group. She was transformed. She took on a new identity and even looked different from how she had done before. If someone were asked to create a work of fiction that would epitomize Uranus in Scorpio, they could probably not do better.

This does not mean that everyone with this placement will behave as Patty Hearst's captors did. This example is rather meant to point out that there are two general routes the revolutionary with Uranus in Scorpio would be likely to follow. The first would be to convince, and / or perhaps manipulate others to join in their revolution. This route would also include the covert behavior such as the type alluded to, not only in the Patty Hearst story, but in several of the other examples. The second route is the more overt one associated with the volcanic eruption quality of Scorpio. You take visible action on a large scale. This is illustrated by Patty Hearst's alleged involvement in bank robberies with her kidnappers, the assassination of the Chilean President and overthrow of his government, and the Iranian seizure of the American embassy in Teheran.

These two routes need not be exclusive of each other. In fact, although they may seem diametrically opposed, the second path may follow the first, and is probably the most comfortable procedure for a Uranus in Scorpio person to follow in order to make changes and/ or express individuality. If you have Uranus in Scorpio, you might initially investigate the changes you want to make quietly, without fanfare. You can elicit support in any manner appropriate as long as you do not publicly announce it. Once you know that others are on your side, you will feel secure enough to take drastic, definitive action.

Uranus in Scorpio: Those born in the generation having Uranus in Scorpio have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind new ways to substantially transform the society as it is presently operating, especially on a worldly and sexual level. Disruption occurs by holding on to outworn sexual standards and outmoded ideas about material partnerships.

Uranus in Scorpio: During the last century, Uranus was in Scorpio from December 1974 to April 1975, then again from September 1975 until November 1981. Scorpio is associated with all things that are hidden - occult knowledge, unseen worlds, the unconscious, secret activities and organizations, hidden resources, sexuality - therefore, these are the areas that your Uranus-group will change in order to provide more openness and freedom.

During the years when Uranus was in Scorpio, more and more people underwent some form of therapy to open up the hidden recesses of their psyches. New types of therapy were developed, and psychoanalysis lost its stigma. Many individuals also began delving into occult fields and the ancient mysteries; and publications that revealed long-secret knowledge proliferated. Those of you who have this planetary placement in your charts might be interested in probing these hidden realms.

Space exploration during this period exposed new information about the mysterious worlds beyond our own planet. Your Uranus-group could be responsible for even greater discoveries in our Universe, or for inventing the technology that will allow us to travel through space in the future.

Uranus in Scorpio also brought the secret activities of the government and powerful organizations out into the open. In the United States, the most notable of these exposures was Watergate, which changed the public's attitude toward government behavior and policies, and brought about a new desire for openness in politics. The CIA's role in the destabilization of other countries also began coming to light, as did some of the hidden horrors of the Viet Nam War and its effects on the veterans who fought there. Those of you with Uranus in Scorpio might be involved in uncovering the surreptitious operations of big business, multinational banks, government or other powerful institutions and in forcing them to be more equitable and truthful.

Hidden behavior and taboo subjects, particularly sex, also are in Scorpio's domain, and during the most recent passage of Uranus through this sign sex became more open and free than ever before. Frank depictions of sexual activity became popular in movies; and sex was an open topic for television, advertising, and books like The Joy of Sex. This new attitude of sexual freedom brought about a more relaxed approach to sexual activity. Greater numbers of people were engaging in casual sexual encounters and experimenting with unconventional sexual practices. Homosexuality came out of the closet, and gay rights movements gained momentum.

Those of you with Uranus in Scorpio are probably quite open-minded about sex, and your Uranus-group might be responsible for initiating new attitudes toward sexual liberation and openness. You also might enjoy experimenting with a variety of sexual practices and partners, and are uninhibited in your sexual behavior (unless other factors in your chart suggest otherwise).

Uranus in Scorpio: Uranus in the sign Scorpio is in its exaltation. As Uranus is the planet of drastic change, it is most potent in Scorpio, the sign of death and regeneration. Those born with this Uranus position must learn to adjust to the destruction during their lifetime of old forms of civilization, which is the necessary prerequisite to the birth of a new form of civilization. A previous generation of Uranus in Scorpio lived through World War I in youth - a war that brought the Victorian era to a drastic end and initiated a time of rapid change.

The last period of Uranus in Scorpio, which started in 1975, marked the beginning of the final destruction of the Piscean age in preparation for the Aquarian age. People born during this period will experience the greatest upheaval of human civilization in recorded history.

Those with Uranus in Scorpio have powerfully charged emotions. They believe in decisive action and cannot tolerate inactivity or laziness in any form. If Uranus is afflicted in Scorpio, they are likely to have violent tempers and a fierce determination to bring about change, no matter how destructive.

These people can be highly resourceful; they can possess great mechanical and scientific ingenuity. They can have strong occult tendencies, with knowledge of the afterlife and an awareness of the supraphysical dimensions of energy.

Uranus in Scorpio: If Saturn is also in Scorpio in your Vitasphere, read that paragraph carefully and link it with this one. Uranus in Scorpio causes your genius to work through deep wells of the subconscious, and makes for tremendous power for good or bad. You are angel or devil - or, at different times, both. Your personal magnetism is powerful, and you seek from your originality a personal tribute from the world or from individuals. You can be content with the worship (or fear) of a small circle and can, because of this, be capable of limiting the scope of your great powers. Love, or sex, is important to you; you rule others if you control yourself; and if you don't, you are the slave of others, or to your own instincts, which are very powerful. You are capable of gratifying your need for power by identifying yourself with machinery, and are often successful in mechanical or engineering fields, where you are able to feel your own strength in the strength of the machine you make or operate. You love speed, and feel at home when moving swiftly. If self-controlled, you are a powerful executive requiring absolute military obedience. Your deep need for self-control is manifest in your worship of method, system, efficiency and obedience. You should learn the law of obedience in the abstract, allow your great magnetism to express itself freely without mastering you, and thus have the world at your feet.

Uranus in Scorpio: Here Uranus is perhaps at its most weighty and complex. Remember that the planet's influence is increased since it is exalted in this sign; the dynamic force of Uranus, added to the emotional intensity of Scorpio, gives considerable extra power to the subject. He or she is brave and daring, but tends to avoid showing the emotions and may even try to reject them. As a result, he will appear calm while much is boiling up on deeper levels of his personality. He must accept that the gradual release of emotional tension and energy is good, and when channeled they can be used positively and rewardingly so that inner satisfaction accompanies achievement.

A need for power is sometimes present. People with this placing will have been born between 1975 and 1981. If older generations do not give them careful, sound guidance, they will waste some powerful potential and energy. The influence will be at its most dynamic if the Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign is Scorpio, or if that sign and Uranus were on or near the Midheaven. These youngsters need to feel they are in a powerful position - often to help the world or to make it think in the same way that they do. If their parents realize they have potential and give firm guidance, they will do well; but association with the seamier sides of life may drag them down.

Uranus in Scorpio: Direct and sometimes adventurous sexual experiences are probably a key to your emotional and personality development. Indeed, you may take some risks to obtain the clarity and understanding the come with first-hand experience. Admittedly, you can get hurt, both personally and socially, by searching for this knowledge too actively or indiscreetly; but the rewards of this search surely outweigh the perils.

In this respect, you will be encouraged by your peers, many of whom are similarly motivated to explore the sometimes mysterious depths of human sexuality. On the other hand, if you are not personally inclined to take this direction, you may feel that others are pressuring you to try experiences that you do not want or are not ready for. Take the responsibility of knowing your own mind and having control of your heart in order to avoid such difficulties.

In any case, you will learn a great deal through pursuing the deeper currents of your consciousness, particularly in respect to love and personal relationships. If you are willing to honestly confront and explore your inner feelings, no matter what their nature, your social and sexual experiences will be most rewarding.

Uranus in Scorpio: This generation of children may exhibit rather difficult moods and, according to adult standards, seem to act compulsively. It is rather difficult to get them to talk about their feelings, which they can't easily express in words. However, as they get older they will want to make sweeping changes in the world around them. As a generation, they aren't likely to do things halfway, and the changes they work for will be extremely important. When they are older, they may develop new techniques of therapy and healing for both mind and body. They encounter human needs at a very intimate and feeling level, and try very hard to implement whatever measures seem necessary.

See also: Uranus in Scorpio;

Uranus in Scorpio: J.Paul Getty, Aldous Huxley, J. Krishnamurti, Meher Baba, Nisargadatta, Wilhelm Reich, Babe Ruth, Tiger Woods, Paramahansa Yogananda, Abbe, Andrew, Cesar, Elroy, Fisher, Gabriela, Jen, Joze, Mikael, Raga, Suzanne, Travis, Yarrow

Uranus in Sagittarius

Uranus was already in Sagittarius as we entered the year 1900. In 1899, the US asked for an 'open door' policy with China by which all countries would be treated equally in terms of trade with China. In 1900, Russia, Germany, France, England, Italy and Japan agreed. Just the words 'open door' imply the Uranian idea of freedom; and the Sagittarian connection is inferred because fairness was an issue and foreign countries were involved.

Another example of Uranus in Sagittarius occurred in China with the Boxer Rebellion. The revolution was to protest foreign domination. The revolutionaries called themselves 'righteous harmony fists'. Property owned by foreign powers was destroyed and, after the rebellion, compensation was paid to the countries involved. In 1908 (when Uranus was firmly entrenched in Capricorn), the United States returned some of its settlement to China for practical purposes of education.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries also coincided with the time of the robber barons of industry. These men were expanding (a Sagittarian keyword) their corporations and forming monopolies, in defiance of the Sherman Anti-trust Law. They considered themselves above the law. By February 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt was waging war on the monopolies in order that the government might exercise more control over them. His first step was to bring suit against the Northern Securities Company. This case was not settled until two years later - the year in which Uranus moved into Capricorn.

Exploitation of their employees was also part of the lack of concern of these captains of industry. Although deplorable conditions existed long before 1904, it was not until that year, with Uranus moving into the Earth sign of Capricorn, that something concrete was done about it. Textile workers in Fall River, Massachusetts waged a long and bitter strike. This brought to light the mistreatment of employees, including children, which led to a Child Labor Committee being formed in Congress and, eventually, to the protection of all children through Child Labor Laws.

In the area of modern technology, the first cable was laid between San Francisco and the Philippines in 1902, and the Wright Brothers made their first flight in 1903. Both of these occurrences are clearly Sagittarian examples. The cable stretched beyond our domestic borders and the airplane is not only connected with distant travel, but this invention is also responsible for bringing the world closer together in terms of time.

During the next period of Uranus moving through Sagittarius (1981-88), technological developments were centered on space travel and computers ¬emphasizing the revolutionary broadening of our horizons in true Sagittarian fashion. The idea of 'trust-busting' came before the public again with the suit brought against the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, after which AT&T had to relinquish rights to local phone companies. Revolutions included the fall of the government in Haiti in 1986 and US intervention in Grenada. Human rights were important in both cases, and correlate with Sagittarian idealism.

If we look at the overview of the mundane affairs mentioned above, we find two contradictory themes. On the one hand, we have the robber barons expanding and developing without thought of the welfare of others - making their own laws or seeming to feel above the law. On the other hand, we see the emphasis on fairness, justice and benefits for humankind in the improvement of conditions of workers and the motivation behind the revolutions.

Both these themes can be evident in individuals with Uranus in Sagittarius as well. There may be a disregard for others if one's own freedom is in question or if people are interfering with one's expansion or development. But there is also an idealistic quality that is prevalent when others are being mistreated and one is not personally involved.

If you have Uranus in Sagittarius, you may be a visionary or an idealist in terms of your philosophy regarding freedom and individualism, but actions do not always follow or accompany the words. Moral consciousness may be an issue in your evaluation of world conditions, but in your own life, your urge for progress may override your own conscience. You could espouse ideas of justice and equality for all and discuss changing world conditions. But when you are exhilarated by challenge, and you are using your ingenuity in broadening your own horizons, the matter of right or wrong might not be considered. So, although your enthusiasm may cause you to ignore your righteous philosophy, the philosophy is still there. And once you are conscious of your actions not always reflecting your belief system, you can correct the situation. You should still try to be innovative and move ahead, but keep your philosophy in mind as you are personally trying to develop. Not only should this keep you within acceptable boundaries; but also, by applying your moral viewpoint to yourself as well as to the world around you, you cannot help but improve both your position and that of those with whom you come into contact.

The theoretical side of freedom and justice may seem more obvious than tangible results stemming from actions taken. It is easier to philosophize than it is to work toward specific, concrete ends. This is clear in terms of the mundane data given above. The deplorable labor conditions in factories were exposed while Uranus was in Sagittarius. And the anti-trust suit against the Northern Securities Company was started during that period as well. But it was not until Uranus moved into Capricorn that labor laws were passed and the government won its suit.

In terms of creativity, if you have Uranus in Sagittarius you will probably find anything that fits this category will have as its purpose the betterment of humanity or the broadening of personal horizons. This latter can include bringing the world closer together (as illustrated by the invention of the airplane) while you are expanding yourself. So if you have Uranus in Sagittarius and are having difficulty being creative, focus on your motivation. This might help to get you started.

Uranus in Sagittarius: Those born in this generation have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind new philosophical directions and new horizons for society's moral behavior. Disruption occurs in hanging on to belief systems and moral attitudes that justify old social behaviors.

Uranus in Sagittarius: Uranus was in Sagittarius when the 20th Century began, and remained there until December 1904. In November 1981, Uranus again entered this sign, and remained there until February 1988, returning again briefly from May 1988 until November 1988. Sagittarius is associated with expanding horizons; anything that helps us grow or increases our understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live is related to this sign. Higher education, religion, philosophy and long-distance travel all help broaden our knowledge. Therefore, those of you who were born with Uranus in Sagittarius will experience and bring about changes in these areas.

Around the turn of the century, when Uranus was previously in Sagittarius, unconventional religions whose belief systems diverged from the prevailing Judeo-Christian attitudes of the Western world became popular, and many people explored mysticism, ancient religions and secret spiritual societies. During Uranus's most recent passage through Sagittarius, huge numbers of people once again were rejecting orthodox religions and turning to other belief systems - Eastern philosophy, astrology, witchcraft, Native American teachings, ancient religions - and literature that reveals formerly hidden knowledge became widely available.

Those of you who have Uranus in Sagittarius in your birth charts might be interested in unconventional religions or have spiritual beliefs that are avant-garde or radically different from those of the general public.

Uranus in Sagittarius also signifies major changes and breakthroughs in travel. In 1903, for example, the Wright brothers made their famous flight at Kitty Hawk and introduced the world to air travel. The automobile had its real beginning at this time, too, with the founding of the Ford Motor Company in 1903. During the more recent Uranus-in-Sagittarius period, the Voyager space probe journeyed to the outer planets for the first time, increasing our understanding of the solar system. Those of you who have this planetary placement in your charts may be interested in or responsible for new developments in the travel field. Perhaps the first people to journey to other planets will be members of this Uranus group.

This planetary position also is responsible for changes in education. When Uranus was last in Sagittarius, the progressive education movement in the United States, influenced by the philosophies of Rousseau, Froebel and others, introduced industrial, social and agricultural subjects into the school curriculum. Changes in the education system during the most recent transit of Uranus through Sagittarius include a marked increase in the number of students attending private primary and secondary schools rather than public institutions, and enormous increases in the price of higher education. Computers, both as a field of study and as a tool to aid study, have revolutionized educational programs at all levels. Sagittarius is associated with religion; and while Uranus has been in this sign, church-operated schools in the United States have proliferated. The debate over the church's role in public education has intensified, and attention has been focused on such issues as the teaching of evolution, school prayer and censorship of textbooks.

Those of you who have Uranus in Sagittarius in your birth charts are interested in and might be involved with creating, developing or promoting new methods and fields of study. Perhaps you feel there is a need for greater freedom and individuality in education, and will work to bring this about. Or, having been born during a time when quality education seems to be beyond the reach of all but the wealthy, you may attempt to make learning more accessible to all who want it. You could rebel against the influence of religion in the schools or go to the opposite extreme and strive to strengthen the connection between church and state in terms of the public education system. Whatever path you take, you are sure to be involved in changes that affect what and how we learn.

Uranus in Sagittarius: Uranus in the sign Sagittarius brings about new concepts in religion, philosophy, and education. Natives of this position of Uranus can pioneer new religious and educational forms. They have a strong desire to incorporate into religion the principles of science and the occult, such as reincarnation, astrology, and mental telepathy.

If Uranus is afflicted in Sagittarius, there can be dogmatic adherence to eccentric religions and social philosophies, or a desire to negate all religious concepts, producing skeptics and agnostics.

Uranus in Sagittarius gives natives a great deal of curiosity about foreign cultures. They will travel suddenly, taking long journeys out of the spirit of adventure. They will have many unique experiences in foreign countries or with foreigners, and they tend to adopt foreign religions and philosophies.

Uranus in Sagittarius: Your originality requires scope and proceeds from vision. You generalize readily, feeling yourself most at home, and in the sphere of your greatest mental efficiency, when dealing in large terms, ideas, symbols. This can make you a great artist or thinker or philosopher or preacher - or it can make you just a fuzzy thinker, never getting down to case. You should learn the worship of facts, and you need never worry about getting stodgy, for facts will always be to you the stones to build generalizations from and will never make you a groundling. You have a kind of fear and contempt for the earthbound, feeling that your true genius takes you out of the class of mere bookworms and grubbers into a higher atmosphere of the spirit. No idea is too lofty for you to grasp - or so you think. And by being willing to grasp facts first and build the ideas from them, you can be really as high and profound as you imagine yourself to be. When you learn the value of knowledge (as insurance for your ideas), you can be a real intellectual force; and it is in this role that you find your truest expression.

Uranus in Sagittarius: Here, Uranus is in lively, dynamic spirit, giving an original slant to the intellect and opening up the mind. The Sagittarian need for challenge is complemented by an attraction to all things new and unusual. Uranus travelled through Sagittarius between 1981 and 1988; and Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, made a transit of that sign in 1983 - a delightful joint influence, adding liveliness, an attractive sense of humor and very good brain to those born under it.

Generally speaking, the splendid influence of this placing alone will make these children intellectually and physically adventurous. They will be humanitarian and be able to contribute fully to the greening of the Earth, for they will be entirely aware of world ecological problems yet have a very different approach from those of the previous generation of Uranus in Scorpio. Parents of children with this placing should try to always increase their awareness of the beauty of the world. These traits will be particularly pronounced if Sagittarius is prominent or Uranus is personalized.

Uranus in Sagittarius: You may be able to convert your sexual energy into very active physical expression, particularly when pursuing adventure or a challenging new experience. Similarly, exciting new situations often stimulate your sexual and emotional drives, which may be rather sluggish when things are slow.

Others in your age group are likely to have a particularly simple and romanticized view of love that may or may not fit in with your own. If you share their idealized concept of love, you will be most content with lovers in your own close age range. If your view of love is more complex or realistic, you may be happier with a partner who is either quite a bit older or much younger.

You should understand your generation's attitude toward relationships, even if it differs a bit from your own. There is much beauty in an honest, energetic approach to love; and the qualities of earnestness and ingenuousness are well suited to pure love untainted by baser motivations. If you can sustain a relationship on this level, tremendous fulfillment is possible, but often such success is easier to achieve in a movie script than in real life. However, this general direction is worth the effort; tempered with realism, it can be most rewarding. Certainly this is one of the most sought-after styles of loving.

Uranus in Sagittarius: These people are strongly attracted to new philosophies, and will question all accepted traditions and ideals. They are interested in new and innovative ideas rather than the tried and true, feeling that the past has outlived its usefulness. They have a strong drive to be free, and may be quite eccentric. If the current interest in new religious sects and cults continues, these people are likely to be very much involved with them, and will change them tremendously.

See also: Uranus in Sagittarius;

Uranus in Sagittarius: Fred Astaire, Al Capone, Salvadore Dali, John Dillinger, Walt Disney, Lady Gaga, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Karl Marx, George Orwell, Mark Zuckerberg, BenT, Kyle, Lorraine, Michelle, Nicole

Uranus in Capricorn

Although Uranus in Capricorn may not be as free or flexible as it is in Sagittarius, its impact is clearer and more tangible, not only in the examples given in the Uranus in Sagittarius section, but also in a number of other mundane events. The devastating San Francisco earthquakes of 1906 and 1989 both had Uranus in Capricorn; and at the time of each quake Uranus was also conjunct the San Francisco Midheaven (MC). But San Francisco is not the only place where earthquakes have occurred. There were an inordinate number of major earthquakes all around the world over the years of Uranus's tenancy of Capricorn from 1988 to 1996.

Another type of Uranus in Capricorn activity evident during the earlier Uranus in Capricorn period (1904-1912) was that the unions gained power through protection of the labor force. Strikes by workers - in protest of conditions - were becoming more frequent because of the strength of the unions. This fits well with the concept of authority associated with Capricorn. And with Uranus in Capricorn you would expect that it is easier to rebel if you have a group representing some form of authority supporting you and giving you a sense of security.

The idea of authority was also obvious in the American political arena. Theodore Roosevelt, in his first annual message to Congress, announced that in accordance with the Monroe Doctrine, the United States would deal with any problems which foreign counties had with countries in the Western Hemisphere. In his words, 'Chronic wrongdoing... may force the United States... to the exercise of international police power'. In 1905, he was called upon to fulfill his promise when the US government began to supervise the Dominican Republic's payment of national and international debts.

Again in 1906, the United States assumed the role of authority in another country in the western hemisphere when the Cuban president asked the United States for assistance in quelling a rebellion. William Howard Taft was sent to head a provisional government; and the United States dominated Cuba for three years. It is interesting to note that in the late 1980s, relations with Central American countries and the degree of the United States intervention there came again in the foreground of American politics as Uranus repeated its transit through Capricorn.

There are other mundane examples of Uranus in Capricorn that could be mentioned, but the flavor of this placement should be clear from the illustrations already given. In fact, the earthquakes alone project an image that epitomizes the essence of Uranus in Capricorn. The earth literally split apart suddenly, indicating that the revolutionary qualities associated with Uranus can produce visible results in the sign of Capricorn. However, although the occurrence itself was abrupt, the conditions of the earth had to build over many, many years to a point of the eruption. Therefore, we lived with the knowledge that an earthquake could take place at any time, but the exact moment was unpredictable, and the devastating results a shock.

Applied to the individual, if you have Uranus in Capricorn, you probably live with the knowledge that if you start a revolution you can make a difference. The question will be 'Is it worth your time and effort?' Therefore, your spontaneity is tempered by the need to evaluate and plan. You will probably rehearse and memorize your actions before you 'suddenly' move. And, when you do take action, it will probably be noticed.

Not only are your 'spontaneous' acts most probably planned, but the route you take to reach your goal is probably not original. You will find it easier to rebel if there is precedence to follow. It may not be difficult to run the world with Uranus in Capricorn, but, before you start the revolution, you want to know that you have the capability of overthrowing the present régime. Secondly, you want to make sure that you have subjects who will follow you when you do take over.

In other words, with Uranus in Capricorn, drastic action will rarely be taken without investigation and having precedents to refer to, which facilitates you making decisions in terms of revolutionary action. While the motivation for rebelling with Uranus in Sagittarius is usually fairness and justice, the reasons for such movement with Uranus in Capricorn are law and order, and paternalism. Roosevelt's announcement that we will police our own indicates the stern father approach, and the unions watching over and protecting the workers reiterates this idea.

Both these examples seem to have law and order as a factor. Roosevelt's attitude was to keep the Dominican Republic and Cuba in line; the unions wanted laws passed to protect the workers. But there is another example which is even more impressive. In 1910, as Uranus was coming to the end of Capricorn, a revolution broke out in Mexico. The reason for the uprising was that Mexican dictator Perfidio Diaz and his friends were becoming rich by robbing the poor. When Taft investigated, he ignored the mistreatment of the poor. Instead he praised Diaz for his ability to maintain 'law and order'. He also stated that backing up the dictator was necessary to protect the large amount of capital that the United States had invested in the country. Support of the ruthless government of Mexico continued until 1914 when Uranus was in the sign of Aquarius.

Uranus in Capricorn: Those born in the generation having Uranus in Capricorn have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind ways to establish a new social order. Experiences include insights of innovative ways to organize society in a collective whole. Disruption occurs by hanging on to old forms of society's governmental structures.

Uranus in Capricorn: In the last century, Uranus was in Capricorn from December 1904 to January 1912, and from September to November 1912. In February 1988, Uranus once again entered this sign, and stayed there until January 1996.

Capricorn is the sign of structures, traditions, big business, the established order, patriarchal authority, the physical world and its boundaries, and responsibilities, controls and limitations. These things, therefore, are what your 'mini-generation' will be involved with changing, in order to bring about more openness and equality. During Uranus's previous passage through Capricorn, for example, Albert Einstein introduced his theory of relativity (1905), which changed our concept of matter and the structure of the universe.

Your Uranus-group probably will be concerned with the influence big business has on the democratic system, and could witness or be involved with breaking up its control over individual lives and world freedom. The practices and policies or large, multinational corporations came under attack during this period, and the public insisted that banks and other powerful institutions disclose their activities. This was a chaotic time, as monetary systems and the institutions that control the world's financial structures were upset. The stock market crash of 1987 and the corresponding fluctuations in world currencies were a precursor to the changes Uranus brought.

In these years, we saw a loosening of the rigid structure of the status quo so that it became easier for more people - especially women and minorities - to obtain a 'piece of the pie'. Conflicts between the 'haves' and 'have nots' were likely, and countries where the disparity between rich and poor is great experienced severe disturbances. The struggle raging in South Africa was a good example. There were even revolutions or attempts to overthrow the ruling authorities in some parts of the world, or at least movements to revise the established order. Whether the changes were accomplished easily or through violence and turmoil depended on how willing those in authority were to relinquish some of their control. As those of you who were born with Uranus in Capricorn reach adulthood, you might bring about greater equality and openness, in both business and politics.

During the previous passage of Uranus through Capricorn, there were wars and disputes throughout Europe, Russia, Turkey and Japan, and the conflicts that eventually escalated into World War I began boiling. These wars not only toppled old ruling powers, but also resulted in the realignment of national borders.

Capricorn is also the sign of traditions and conservative beliefs; and as Uranus travelled through this sign again recently it upset and reordered many of the traditions and attitudes that had held sway in the past. Conservative religious and social ideologies came under attack. Even the foundations on which societies are established were subject to being altered significantly. Those of you with this planetary position in your birth charts may believe in destroying all traditions and structures, and might embrace anarchy. You believe that the individual is more important than society, and are an advocate of personal rights and freedoms. In the extreme, you could rebel against all types of social responsibility and duty.

Uranus in Capricorn: Uranus in Capricorn indicates a generation of people who will effect important changes in the governmental and business power structures. They wish to change the status quo in order to ensure greater security for the future, but they must be careful to do so in a practical way, building the new on the foundations of the old. They seek constructive change, yet are reluctant to release the past completely.

These people have strong ambitions and a desire to succeed. They have original ideas in science and business, which they use to advance their careers or improve their status. They are also able to develop old ideas in new or unusual ways.

If Uranus in Capricorn is afflicted, they are likely to be overambitious, and tend to overextend themselves in pursuit of professional advancement.

Uranus in Capricorn: Capricorn is the so-called World sign, and it is natural that the genius Uranus therein should produce people that will upset old traditions. With this position, you are likely to feel that you are giving expression to your truest genius in rebellion against things as they are, or as they were, for you will always remember the revolt against conventions that occupy your youth, when to be part of the general iconoclasm is considered personally daring. Mass individualism is the product of Uranus in Capricorn. To progress from the conventional unconventionality to truly finding yourself and your individual expression is quite a task. When you find it, you will discover that your great contribution must be along lines of social progress, probably quite conservative in aim, even if unusual in method. You seek not to destroy the law and the prophets, but to fulfill them with all vigor and individualism.

Uranus in Capricorn: Here Uranus will give a rational, cool outlook and the ability to put problems into a coherent and logical perspective. However, Capricorn is the sign most sympathetic to conventional behavior and to doing 'the right and proper thing', and Uranus is exactly the opposite, often encouraging shock tactics and perverse and unpredictable actions. Conflict will be the result. In most cases, it is to be hoped, there will be a weighing up of the contrasting possibilities when the occasion demands, and the subject will take the sensible line of action, neither causing embarrassment nor cramping his or her style. This is a generation influence, so these traits will not be strongly emphasized in everyone born over a seven-year period. Nevertheless, if someone of this generation consults you for astrological advice in a few years' time, and you mention something along these lines, he or she will understand and perhaps may be able to add some additional and incisive comments.

A certain hardness is present, but the humanitarian side of Uranus will emerge in a very practical, down-to-earth way, and this generation will continue to improve the environment and cope with the problems of its time. Study the power of the Uranian influence in the child's chart to see if she will be a leader of her generation. You should also refer to both Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn, and to the Saturn / Uranus conjunction. All these planets' positions, and possibly the above-mentioned conjunction, could be present in the chart on which you are working.

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Uranus in Capricorn: Lucille Ball, Bette Davis, L.Ron Hubbard, Howard Hughes, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Mother Teresa, Michael, Roy, Tyler

Uranus in Aquarius

The shift in attitude toward the Mexican government that took place in 1914 concerned matters of principle rather than finance. The incident that triggered the change was the arrest of several sailors and officers from the American barge Dolphin in Tampico. The men were released, but Admiral Henry Mayo demanded an apology and a 'salute to the American flag'. The Mexican dictator, Victoriano Huerta, refused, and broke off diplomatic relations with the United States.

European countries with vested financial interests in Mexico urged US President Woodrow Wilson to recognize Huerta, stating that he was strong enough to keep the status quo in this country where rebels were again threatening to challenge the government. Instead, the usually peace-oriented Wilson asked for and received permission from Congress to send troops to control the city of Veracruz. The reason given for this action was that Germany was sending arms to Huerta through this port. The incident might have triggered a war had not Argentina, Brazil and Chile entered the picture as mediators. By the shipment of supplies being stopped, however, Huerta's power diminished; and eventually he resigned and left the country.

This series of events points up two important differences between Uranus in Capricorn and Uranus in Aquarius. The first is that financial and other material considerations that are foremost in the minds of people with Uranus in Capricorn fade into the background when freedom and individuality are threatened. With Uranus in Aquarius, the words 'personal dignity' or 'personal integrity' are mentioned as being an essential ingredient in one's personal make-up and a prime reason to rebel.

The mediation that took place illustrates the second difference. The dictatorial, paternalistic approach of Capricorn is replaced by the objectivity of Aquarius. There is no longer the necessity of being the authority figure. We are dealing with the sign of equality, where opinions and alternatives can be discussed. With Uranus in Aquarius, you will believe that you have an open mind when it comes to change and freedom, and you are capable of adjusting. You just may not do it as quickly as you think you can (or do). But at least compromise is possible. And what others have to say regarding Uranian matters can eventually be accepted if the arguments make sense and humanitarian reasons are offered.

Capricorn is a black-and-white sign. Things are right or wrong, and tangible actions must be taken to reinforce what is right and eliminate what is wrong. There is usually 'one way' to resolve issues, and this is dependent upon who is in charge.

With Uranus in Aquarius, the approach to Uranian issues is more abstract. 'Principles' outweigh specifics. There is an awareness of the possibility of choice, and recognition that there are alternative courses of action. Decisions are based on intellect, not on feelings of concrete facts. And if you try to influence a Uranus in Aquarius person with a sad story or fifty practical reasons for starting a revolution, you will probably experience a cool response. When emotions or too much practicality are brought into the picture, the Uranus in Aquarius person has the ability to detach from the situation and withdraw. The best way to reach the Uranus in Aquarius person is to be impersonal and objective.

An excellent example of the difference between the two signs was evidenced at the time of the passage of Uranus from Capricorn to Aquarius in 1912. That was the year in which Woodrow Wilson was elected president in a landslide victory over both Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. The events that took place in each of their terms of office which were mentioned earlier illustrate clearly the mood of the country during those times; and a look at the general character of the three men reaffirms the information - but most particularly the contrast between Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, as Taft worked under Roosevelt and really rose from his shadow.

Roosevelt's motto was 'speak softly but carry a big stick'. This evokes the image of the stern father whose authority is felt without it being spoken. It was time to make concrete changes materialize with Uranus in Capricorn. Therefore, a man with the character of Roosevelt would appeal to the populace during that period.

When Uranus moved into Aquarius, different types of changes were desired. The people wanted to work toward their hopes and wishes - to aspire more highly - and perhaps improve conditions for all of mankind. Using physical force was no longer enough. The mind needed to be exercised as well. Therefore, it is not surprising that Woodrow Wilson, a former professor and president of Princeton University, would be elected President of the United States. Nor is it surprising that he would be considered a visionary and noted for his intellect.

Although these years of Uranus in Aquarius (1912-1920) coincided with using the mind to institute change and to work toward higher ideals, it also included World War I (1914-1918), thus demonstrating that the intellect alone may not be enough to alter conditions. In fact, it suggests that if the mind cannot make the difference, any feasible means can be used. With Uranus in the sign of its rulership, we have a principle associated with both the planet and the sign Aquarius, strongly expressed through World War I. With this Air combination, neither feelings nor practicality plays an essential role in actions taken to bring about change or freedom. The end justifies the means - no matter how unorthodox or, in this case, how bloody - it may be.

This example can add more information to our interpretation of Uranus in Aquarius for the individual. If you have this placement, you may view alternatives for change first through the intellect. Yet, you may be willing to defend your own right to freedom and equality in any way that is expedient. The same holds true if you become involved in a humanitarian cause that does not involve you personally. You would probably join such a cause for idealistic reasons. There need be no close connection between you and others defending or affected by the project. In fact, you can probably start and continue revolutionary activities in an impersonal, detached manner. It is easier to embrace principles than people; and sentimentality is probably not a consideration in Uranian matters.

Uranus in Aquarius: Those born in the generation having this placement have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind new ideas to link humanity beyond the level of traditional social order into an integrated whole that is in alignment with humanitarian ideals and standards for relating. A creative form of disorder occurs when Uranus in Aquarius operates on its highest, most inventive and original level. A form of disruption occurs through the awareness of obsolete social systems.

Uranus in Aquarius: Uranus was in Aquarius last century from February 1912 until March 1919, and again from August 1919 until January 1920. In April 1995, it entered Aquarius again, and will remain there until January 2003. In its own sign, Uranus's energy is amplified, so that such periods usually are racked with turmoil, sudden and explosive change, revolts and conflicts that involve issues of independence and equality. Both Uranus and Aquarius are associated with progressive social change, freedom, human rights, unconventional attitudes and behavior, new and revolutionary discoveries and ideas, modern technology and scientific advances; therefore, your Uranus-group will be involved with and instrumental in effecting changes and upsets in these areas.

World War I took place during Uranus's last passage through Aquarius. For the first time in history, aircraft - ruled by Aquarius and Uranus - played an important role in warfare. Authoritarian governments around the globe toppled, and new political systems were established. The Russian Revolution, which overthrew the ruling czars and set up a government of the people, occurred during this period. In China, the Ch'ing dynasty, which had been in power since 1644, was ousted, and a republic was set up in its place.

Other social equalizing forces were also at work during this period. In the United States, the women's suffrage movement was gaining strength; and in Great Britain women achieved limited voting rights. New York health care worker and social activist Margaret Sanger began her birth control decade, which was intended to give women greater independence. Workman's Compensation, the first social insurance program in the U.S., was established in some states, and the American income tax system was made law by the 16th amendment to the Constitution.

Those of you who have this Uranus placement in your birth charts have a strong sense of independence, individual rights and social equality. You could be involved in implementing social reforms or making breakthroughs in the established order that create more equitable situations.

You also are curious, inventive, unconventional, perhaps a little eccentric, and willing to try anything new or different. Perhaps you will be responsible for important discoveries or changes in scientific fields, as was true of physician / scientist Jonas Salk, who developed a polio vaccine; his Uranus was in Aquarius. Or, your curiosity and desire for excitement could lead you to discover new worlds. The new 'mini¬-generation' of Uranus-in-Aquarius people will experience and be involved with significant, revolutionary changes in the areas of human rights, technology and science, as well as New Age thought. Perhaps they will even travel to other Universes of establish contact with other-world beings.

Uranus in Aquarius: Uranus in Aquarius is in its own sign and is therefore very powerful. People with this position have a penetrating, intuitive insight into scientific and occult truth. In highly developed types, there is the capacity to understand spiritual energies and religious concepts in a scientific context. These people have great scientific and inventive talents.

This position of Uranus gives strong will and mental independence. Natives insist on making their own decisions and drawing their own conclusions. Their independent, intellectual minds are bent on discovering the impartial truth; they will discard yesterday's ideas and methods if they cannot be proved scientifically or if they fail to conform to fact. Direct experience is their final test for determining the truth of any matter. Their capacity for direct experience and observation can be extended in higher dimensions through the unfolding of their clairvoyant faculties.

They are concerned with what is good for humanity as a whole; they believe in human brotherhood and the dignity of man. Their openness to new ideas is a manifestation of their humanitarian tendencies. They seek to reform society, and they like to work through groups and organizations.

If Uranus is afflicted in Aquarius, there can be license instead of freedom, producing unreasoning stubbornness and impractical eccentricity. Uranus heavily afflicted here can make the native unwilling to follow any system of routine or discipline.

Uranus in Aquarius: You know instinctively that your individual genius requires a mass expression, that there is no personal freedom for anyone till everyone is free, and that no individual can be happier than the sum total of his society is happy. You are the lamplighters of the new birth of freedom in the hour of the world's darkness. In the depths of your spirits, you know that there is no individualism, no personal genius, no true expression possible to any one human being till all of mankind has found the level at which it can live securely together. This is the great message of the Aquarian age of which you and those of your generation are acolytes.

Uranus in Aquarius: Here Uranus is in the sign that it rules, giving these people a certain Aquarian air. They are friendly, kind and humanitarian, usually with an independent streak, and may be rather private. As they get older, they must be encouraged to keep their independence, and will probably want to. However, Uranian unpredictability and intractability will surely emerge, so the rest of the chart should be examined to find the best solution to such deadlocks. If Air signs are emphasized, this placement's influence will be somewhat increased.

There is considerable inventiveness and originality, and a certain flair in whichever area of self-expression is most fulfilling. Many will look glamorous well into the later years of their lives, but poor circulation and stiffness or arthritic conditions in the joints is likely - exercise should be encouraged.

Kindness and the Aquarian/ Uranian humanitarian traits are usually present. Here is someone who likes to raise money for charity, or at least ease suffering in a practical way. As Uranus is in its own sign here, its influence is enhanced, and will be even more potent if it is also a personal planet.

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Uranus in Aquarius: Ingrid Bergman, Helena Blavatsky, John F. Kennedy, U.G. Krishnamurti, Jack Parsons, David Rockefeller, Frank Sinatra, Mark Twain, Orson Welles, Elijah, MarieBr, Shiloh, Zoë

Uranus in Pisces

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