Sun in Virgo

(The Sun is in Virgo from approximately August 21 to September 20, depending on the year).

It is rare to find the stereotypical nitpicky, exacting, "clean freak" in modern-day Virgos. Although the sign of Virgo has evolved with the times, there are some unmistakable traits that remain. Virgo people are generally respectable, hard-working individuals who have a love of knowledge and know-how.

Virgo's symbol, the Virgin, shows itself in the lives of Virgos through a love of all that is "natural" and a certain purity of spirit that keeps Virgos self-sufficient and self-contained, at least on the surface. Virgos are sensitive to their surroundings, and they tend to embarrass easily. They are generally reticent when faced with anything or anyone new. However, once they feel comfortable, they can talk up a storm. Many Virgo Suns are not too comfortable in the limelight. These types are just fine living in the background, as long as they feel useful and appreciated. Solar Virgos have a strong sense of responsibility. Even when they've convinced themselves to be irresponsible about something or the other, they worry about it.

Not all Virgos are workaholics. However, when Solar Virgos are not involved in some kind of project, there is generally a vague feeling of discontent. Even when their lives are filled up with work, they are restless and somewhat nervous creatures. The fear of under-performing is often strong. Virgos want to do things well. Some are exacting and thorough, and those Virgos who have convinced themselves to do a less-than-perfect job will generally feel incomplete.

Virgo, as an Earth sign, has a notable connection to the body. Solar Virgos are generally very body-aware. In some cases, this shows up as some form of hypochondria, but, for the most part, Virgo is simply quite concerned with health matters and nutrition. Virgo is attracted to all that is natural and pure, but is generally unafraid to explore all that is not. In fact, Virgo is an intensely curious sign. Still, there is a strong desire to remain pure on some level, despite all of Virgo's curiosity and drive to know things. Those Virgos that find a true interest or "calling" easily become connoisseurs--their attention to details and enormous observation powers give them the ability to learn all of the ins and outs of any subject. These people love to do research, in addition to analytic or detail work. They'll happily pick apart practically anything, although they are less adept at putting things back together, and often have trouble grasping the big picture.

Virgo Suns who are stuck in the practical, material world may learn a lot about themselves if they are brave enough to try placing their lives on automatic pilot once in a while. Letting some things go will do wonders for their spirit. Virgos tend to be too hard on themselves. They worry about their health, their performance at work, all the things they haven't done, and the emails that might be waiting for them while they are away from their computer. When they're not feeling well, they can be overly critical and nervous. They fuss around, have a whole slew of assorted little complaints, and throw small tantrums.

Solar Virgos are perfectionists--there's simply no escaping it. They dream of mastery; they long to do something really well. Some Virgos are so scared of their own perfectionist qualities that they tell themselves they don't care. Others will forever dabble into one thing or another, leaving a string of incomplete projects behind them. However, the happiest Virgos accept their need to get things right, without overdoing it. Probably the best advice for Sun in Virgo people is to find something that interests them--however small or large--and master it.

Most Virgos can be rather private and fussy about their work, or their personal workspace. They get nervous when others look at their unfinished work, and they are quite protective of their methods of doing things. Despite an overall lack of confidence, Virgos can be mighty proud--even arrogant--when it comes to their work, routines, or hobbies. Secretly, they think their methods of doing things are the best. Often, they are! They do take pride in the little things they do, even though, in a broader sense, Virgos can be rather self-effacing and self-critical.

Solar Virgos often confuse people when their curiosity is mistaken for passion. The surprising part is that Virgo, although knowledgeable, doesn't always get its hands dirty. Their willingness to explore is often kept at the intellectual level. However, Virgos are often well-respected and valued in their circles for their loyalty, research skills, willingness to lend a hand, and their excellent powers of observation. They are generally kind and helpful souls who, when appreciated, do everything to make things work.

There's an odd combination of the intellectual and the practical in Virgo that is sometimes mistaken for coolness. In fact, Virgos are often self-effacing and shy. They'll brush off your compliments quickly and, sometimes, critically; but don't let that fool you. They need your respect and appreciation. In fact, the happiest Virgos are the ones who feel appreciated and useful. Add plenty of worthwhile projects to keep them busy, and Virgos can be some of the sweetest, kindest people around. Sun in Virgo: The Virgo child enters a mother-dominated environment. The Sun is in a feminine polarity, which indicates that the father is a passive figure. There is a different expression of the earth element in the Virgo, since the childhood environment stresses education and mental development.

For centuries, Virgos have been told that they are too critical, too intellectual, too rational, too involved with education, too involved with finding fault in others; and that they emphasize petty details rather than concentrating on main issues. It seems to be true - these qualities are often a part of a Virgo's character. But how are these character traits developed?

Virgo is born into a family where Mom is quite put out with Dad. In many instances, Virgo is born when the mother decides to have a much-wanted child. She then goes through the crisis of having to stay at home from work to take care of the kid. The work environment offered office relationships that were enjoyable; the office offered a chance to exchange information with others that is usually lost when a woman stays at home to take care of a child's needs. This mother begins to resent her husband, for after the child is born she can't afford baby sitters since the family has just lost her income.

Or, the Virgo child is born into a family where one more child is another financial responsibility that is added to an already heavy burden. The mother resents her position, and begins to question her husband's ability to support his family. She not only criticizes her husband, but doubtless criticizes her own mother, her in-laws and the whole neighborhood. It isn't too long before she gets around to criticizing the little Virgo as well. Because the mother is such a dominant force, the criticism that she offers is taken quite seriously by the child.

In general, Virgos have a serious need to be appreciated and needed as they reach adulthood. They choose occupations which are necessary, which provide service for different groups; or they tend to become involved in occupations where they are overworked and underpaid. They are an employer's delight because they often give more time to a job than they are being paid for. Their problems begin when they start to find fault with everything and everybody around them. The motive is simple: 'If I can find fault with you before you find fault with me, then everything is ok.' Children raised by highly critical parents are going to grow up to be critical adults. We pick up our basic patterns of behavior from our parents. The attitudes we encounter are deposited in our subconscious very early in life. As we get older and look inside ourselves, we sometimes notice with amazement that we have become a carbon copy of our parents!

The mother may instill in her child values that will also discourage Virgo from feeling comfortable in certain adult aspects of relationships. Often, the mother of a Virgo goes through an anti-sexual period during the kid's infancy. She worries a lot about hygiene, and the normal functions of the body are often regarded with distaste. Mothers of Virgo infants have been observed to have extremely negative reactions to the job of changing dirty diapers. All children wear diapers, and all humans eliminate body waste.

However, when a child's diaper is changed with disgust, and the child is only two or three months old, he begins to feel that the disgust relates to some unsatisfactory behavior on his part. If one shows disgust or disdain to a dog while it's in the training process, it can be trained not to eat! A child exposed to this response will develop guilts about natural functions, including sexuality. Most Virgos feel guilty about their sex life, and handle sex with embarrassment, or not at all. However, Virgo is an earth sign. We often use the word 'earthy' to indicate someone who is practical and sensual and a part of the earth. Virgo children have trouble compromising between their sexual desires and their sexual attitudes.

Sun in Virgo: If Virgos want to form real relationships, they need to sincerely dedicate themselves to the art of relating. It's something they need to learn because when they were children they didn't see relating between their parents. Their parents essentially play 'Mr. and Mrs.' roles; the man-woman factor in the relationship was impersonal. Virgos have to figure out for themselves what a relationship is, how to do it, and whether or not they feel they can take a chance with it.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to understand about Virgos is that it's normal for them to criticize people they are fond of - they criticize when they care enough to criticize at their very best! However, they don't accept criticism very well, because they're already a self-critical group; so they don't want to hear any suggestions from a partner. When they realize that they need to share their mind and their emotions with someone they care for; when they begin to care enough to care about how their partner feels; when they can give up being self-defensive every time a serious discussion takes place, then they are on the road to having a good relationship.

Sun in Virgo: The Virgo personality is usually careful, efficient and methodical, deriving great pleasure in creating order from confusion and chaos. You will like to put things straight and tidy, to organize your environment and also any people that happen to be there.... You have a high degree of common sense, and can be an active thinker who has to put thoughts into practice. You are efficient at handling and working with details in life, and are able to learn new things quickly and easily.

You may find it difficult to feel content with life, yet have difficulty distinguishing which aspects should be changed to improve it. There can be anxiety undercurrents, and through excessive worry your nervous system can be affected, creating ill-health. You may need to be careful that excessive work does not place too much strain on your health, as you tend to be one of the consistent and reliable workers of the zodiac.

Your life-attitudes are fundamentally conservative and traditional, and you are cautious and protective regarding your interests. You tend to seek perfection in people and the world (which you will never find), and can tend to point out faults to others; sometimes, these comments can be too sharp and upsetting, even if your perceptions are generally accurate. Yet when you consciously choose to be, you can reveal a tactful and diplomatic style of expression. You may not always judge yourself to quite the high degree that you expect from others though.... Your attitudes, beliefs and opinions can become too fixed and inflexible, which can make change and development difficult to achieve, as well as leading to conflicts with others.

You can be an efficient financial manager and organizer of your domestic life, needing this to feel secure. You are very conscious of the value and importance of ensuring that the family unit remains cohesive, and are willing to expend considerable effort in that direction. There will be a strong sense of morality - reflecting traditional values - and your life will probably move along socially acceptable routes; you prefer this, as you are a bit restrained and choose to stay on secure 'well-trodden paths'.

You probably hold back your emotions, feeling less comfortable with them, because they represent elements of chaos and unpredictability which you feel you are opposing in the world. You will rarely be openly demonstrative about your feelings, which can lead to greater inner strains and tensions until they need to be periodically or explosively released. You need a partner who appreciates your efforts and sympathetically understands the challenges of your nature. You may display philosophic resignation and attempt to 'soldier on' when difficulties arise; you tend to subdue your desires in order to maintain a working relationship, but you may have to beware of becoming resentful of your sacrifice and frustration of needs. There may be some inhibition with sexuality, perhaps a self-consciousness and unease with your sexual desires and feelings, until you can overcome deep fears of losing self-control to those powerful energies.

You are domestically oriented, enjoying home life, and are not too keen on travelling far unless it is with your family. You are orthodox and conventional regarding most things in life, but your main criterion and test is for practicality and applicability in life; and if that is met, then it is acceptable. You can serve as a valued adviser, organizing behind the scenes, and be a performer of thankless tasks due to that self-sacrificial Virgo quality.

Sun in Virgo: People who have their Suns in Virgo are usually hard-working, conscientious, meticulous and well-organized. You pride yourself on your efficiency and your dedication to duty, and you can always be depended upon to get the job done. What you lack in creativity you make up for with effort. You express yourself in practical ways and want to see the results of your work. Modest and unpretentious, you consider yourself an 'ordinary guy' and identify with the common people rather than the élite.

Methodical and analytical, you have an eye for detail that could serve you well in careers that require precision and accuracy, such as accounting, tailoring, watch making, dentistry, drafting, microbiology, engraving or finish carpentry. You patiently and diligently work to hone your skills, always striving for perfection.

However, you need to guard against carrying your perfectionism to extremes. Your focus on individual details often causes you to miss the larger picture. The expression 'can't see the forest for the trees' certainly describes you. You expect yourself and everyone around you to be perfect, but because your expectations are impossibly high, you set yourself up for disappointment. Your outlook is often rather negative, and you can be overly critical and 'picky', finding fault with things that others don't even notice.

You see your 'role' in life as serving others, and frequently prefer to remain in the background, in a support position, rather than grabbing the spotlight. Timid, shy and self-effacing, you tend to undervalue yourself, and, as a result, often allow yourself to be taken advantage of by others. You rarely seek rewards or recognition for what you do. When others take you for granted, however, you become bitter, complaining and resentful; yet you still might not stand up for yourself.

Exceptionally neat and orderly, you can be a bit neurotic about cleanliness. You may wash your hands every fifteen minutes and brush your teeth after every cup of herb tea, and wouldn't think of wearing the same shirt twice without washing it. Your desk is the epitome of organization; your checkbook is always balanced; and unless your Moon is in Pisces, Scorpio or Aquarius, your home probably looks a bit like an operating room.

Also fastidious about your health, you worry excessively about germs, take your vitamins and are fussy about what you eat. Sensitive, nervous and not particularly vital or energetic, you might experience a variety of stress-related illnesses. When you're upset, you are more likely than other people to suffer from problems with the digestive system. Your interest in health and nutrition might lead you to pursue a career in a medical or dietary field - which also would satisfy your desire to serve and help others.

Sun in Virgo: Virgoans are not usually good at dealing with strangers. They are shy, suspicious and unsure of how to act or react. They convey this discomfort to others and may, therefore, present a hostile or even surly front upon first acquaintance. Some Virgoans learn how to present themselves in a pleasant and welcoming manner, but the coolness and suspicion are still there just below the surface, hidden from the masses, but easily detectable to those with sensitive antennae. Once they have established that the stranger is not going to borrow money from them, laugh at them or bore them to tears, Virgos can become excellent and very animated company.

Virgoans are kind, and can be a soft touch to less scrupulous types. They want to be liked, and, even more importantly, to be respected. They are very sensitive, easily hurt, and easily defeated or turned from their purpose. This tendency is, thankfully, often modified by the presence of planets in stronger, more determined signs. They are the specialists of the zodiac, possessing a great deal of knowledge about their own particular subject, but are fascinated by all forms of knowledge, and they take an interest in everything around them. Virgoans are modest and retiring, so they don't care to blow their own trumpets or to push themselves to the forefront. However, they won't tolerate being made to look foolish. Being clever and articulate, they can react in a very spiteful manner when their feelings are hurt. Many Virgoans have a great deal in common with Geminians because the planet Mercury rules both of these signs. Virgos can be as adept in the business of communicating information as Geminis, but the difference is that Virgos will usually keep within their own subject when doing so. Therefore, Virgos make excellent teachers, specialist broadcasters, and sports, business or fashion reporters. These people like to help others, and love to feel that their contribution to the betterment of the lives of others really makes a difference; thus, many Virgoans choose to work in the field of medicine, social work or politics.

The chances are that the Virgoan's childhood was nothing to write home about. It seems that whenever this sign is prominent in a chart, the parents probably went through the motions of caring for the child but didn't really love him or imbue him with much self-confidence or self-respect. The parents may have been repressive or over-disciplinarian, with far too much emphasis on keeping up at school, keeping clothes and shoes clean, and being seen and not heard. Virgoan children don't need much discipline because they respond very quickly to love and also to reasoned argument, and they want their parents to love them and to approve of them. Unfortunately, they find themselves spending too much time staring at their shoes in shame while being berated for some totally unimportant minor infringement of parental rules. In childhood at least, this sign seems to have an extremely difficult karma.

Virgoans are modest and retiring, and they don't like to make a display of themselves in front of others, so they are easily embarrassed. They frequently have specialized knowledge and skills which are highly developed because they concentrate on their chosen subjects and take a deeply professional and responsible attitude to all that they do. It sometimes takes a while before this knowledge and ability becomes apparent to others because they tend to hide their light under a bushel. Work is important to Virgoans, and they need a measure of status within their job and also need to be acknowledged as experts within their field. If they have this status and they feel secure in their work, then they are happy and comfortable; but when uncertainty strikes or when they have to fight for their rights, they lose confidence and become dejected. Whatever task a Virgoan tackles, he does it in the best way possible and likes to think that he is fulfilling his duties to the best of his abilities. He is quick, intelligent and thorough, and deserves to have his efforts recognized by his superiors. The fact is that the opposite often happens, and he is made use of, taken for granted, and not accorded the respect which he deserves. This can turn him very sour, and make him extremely tetchy and difficult.

It is all too easy for Virgos to be sarcastic and hurtful to others and to undervalue their efforts in much the same way as they feel that their own efforts have been undervalued. Indeed, many Virgos have quite hard exteriors, but the prevailing Virgo nature is to be kindly and thoughtful to others, and to have impeccable manners.

Virgos often have quite good hair and, in common with the other earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, males tend to keep most of it until well into old age. Virgoans look old for their age when young, but they seem to stop ageing somewhere in their mid-forties and remain much the same for the next thirty years or so. Most astrology books talk about a protruding tummy and, although usually slim, they often do have a slightly bulging stomach.

Virgos have an intelligent and lively look about them which becomes very animated when they are talking on their favorite subjects. The two most common Virgo features are a strong jaw bone with a rather protruding chin and also a widow's peak. Some Virgos suffer from acne when young, but most have excellent skin and a very good bone structure which makes them highly photogenic.

Weak spots for health are the nervous system, bowels and skin. Virgos can suffer from allergies such as hay fever, eczema, asthma, and stomach ailments such as colitis and ulcers. These subjects are usually very health-conscious, and strive to look after themselves. However, Virgos should try not to over-analyze their problems, and they should treat themselves to some gentle but regular exercise.

Virgos like to be of service, both to the community in general and to their superiors at work, but they need to be appreciated in order to be happy in their work. They are probably better off as part of a team than as the boss of any organization. As a boss, they can be pernickety and demanding towards those under them. Virgos have an aptitude for any kind of communications work, and, therefore, can be found in the media, as secretaries, telephonists and drivers. These subjects like to help humanity, and they also love to teach, so many of them take up teaching either as a main career or as a hobby.

Anything which involves sorting or analyzing is right up most Virgoans' street; therefore, accountancy, systems analysis, computing or record-keeping, and even marketing jobs, will suit them. Many Virgoans are attracted to the world of medicine in all its forms, and thus can be found working in hospitals, as alternative health practitioners, or as therapists of all kinds. Their sympathy, kindness and ability to listen carefully make them excellent counselors and advisors. Many Virgoans like to follow an unchanging routine in an organization which has a well-defined structure.

Other Virgos are attracted to jobs which give them a bit of variety and a chance to express themselves. The sign of Virgo is associated with the harvest, so the idea of growing and preparing food, especially nutritious food, appeals to them. Virgos like travelling, and will often turn their experiences to good advantage by writing about both their travels and the people they meet along the way. One profession which is peculiarly Virgoan is that of acting. It seems that Virgos can shake off their shyness and inhibitions as soon as they don the mask of another character, and they seem to have a real knack of making their portrayals realistic.

There is a fairly large segment of the Virgo community who seem to defy the usual interpretations of this sign's nature. For one thing, these people can be extremely untidy in some or all areas of their lives. Some are tidy at home but keep their papers in a muddle, while others do the reverse. Some appear to live in apple-pie order but shove all the mess into cupboards where it cannot be seen. Others are simply completely disorganized. The reason for this phenomenon is the theory of 'polarity' in which the very characteristic for which a sign is known is polarized so that the person displays completely opposite traits and habits.

Another Virgoan polarization is laziness. There are many Virgos who, while having very active minds, don't actually get down to doing much of anything. Yet another anomaly is the type of Virgo who is attracted to big business and who may be a tough, heartless go-getter who neglects his family and makes everyone else's life a misery. In fact, this last one is not such an anomaly because obsessional workaholism is a very Virgo trait, although it is unusual for a Virgoan to have the confidence or the strength of character to become a mogul or a tycoon. The motivation behind the go-getter Virgo is a sneaking feeling of worthlessness or a fear of losing what they have gained.

Typical spare-time activities might include helping out in a café, making cakes for pleasure, running a small library or acting as secretary to a committee. Many Virgoans are keen on sports, either as a spectator or as a participant, and they will follow their team's progress with great dedication. A quick round-up of those Virgoans whom I know reveals a famous broadcaster who was once a top actor, a top chef, an accountant, a teacher and a vet.

Virgos are fairly careful types who don't like spending money unnecessarily. They are quite fussy, however, and don't care to live in dirty, cramped or run-down circumstances. Virgoans are very clever at making and mending, and will repair or renovate whenever they can. These subjects don't seek an ostentatious or glamorous lifestyle, but they may be more interested in the quality of life than the quantity of it. Being neither high earners nor big spenders, Virgos are thrifty, modest in their requirements and sensible. Being an earth sign, they often enjoy having a bit of land or a garden to work in, and they will grow good things to eat whenever possible. Many Virgos work from home, either on a part-time basis or as part of their normal job, so a study or room where they can think is much appreciated. Virgos are sensible with money, making sure that they have enough behind them for times of trouble or to help their families out if they need it. They don't throw money around and, although charitable, don't give it away unnecessarily either.

Virgo is a mercurial sign, which suggests that they can be restless and that they need a decent and reliable vehicle at hand. Many Virgos own subsidiary vehicles such as a small van or a bicycle in addition to a car. Some Virgos enjoy travelling, especially when this offers an opportunity to gain new knowledge. Virgos spend money on books, magazines, newspapers, computers, television and radio equipment, and then more books. Some Virgoans are keen on gadgetry and collect the kinds of tools and equipment associated with craft work or even office work. They enjoy visiting the local cinema and theatre, the ballet or opera, or local sporting events. Some are avid followers of sports, while others are involved with local dramatics and dancing or exercise classes. Some Virgos spend a good deal of money on special kinds of foodstuffs or alternative remedies.

Virgoans, in general, look forward to retirement as an opportunity to cultivate and develop the hobbies with which they have always filled their spare time. These will almost certainly include gardening, for they are natural and enthusiastic gardeners. Any diminution of income, provided it is not massive, will be greeted with equanimity; careful with money, they are not devoted to it. Lack of self-confidence can make changes at work rather difficult to cope with. The threat of being fired is frightening; out of work, they are peerless in their effort to find a new job; and, willing and hard workers, they should do so more easily than most.

It is essential for Virgoans to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and, if possible, in the country. Children of nature, their spirits are revived by long walks and cycle rides. This is also a sign much related to whole food diets and vegetarianism. The Virgoan diet must contain plenty of fiber: this Sun sign rules the bowels, and constipation can cause problems, usually because of an unbalanced diet.

Medically administered drugs don't suit many Virgoans, and they should always watch carefully for any allergy. Holistic and homeopathic treatments are often favored, with excellent results. Balance is the best answer to Virgoan health problems, plus exercise and fresh air; it is a mistake to sacrifice these for family or work. These people also benefit considerably from relaxation techniques such as yoga; meditation is especially good if they are prone to worry, although resulting introspection may exacerbate the problem.

As a result of worries (perhaps about their career or family), Virgoans are often vulnerable to severe headaches or even migraines. A change of diet may help more than they realize, so they should seek medical advice if they do have painful headaches.

Virgos can be fairly good family members, but they can also be very difficult to live with. The two main problems are their lack of confidence and their fussiness. Unless the Virgo can find a partner who is prepared to help them get over their doubts and fears and who can also go along with their 'fiddle-faddling', they may end up out on their ear. Virgoans are very house proud, good cooks, and wonderful friends. They are very responsible family members, taking care of their partners and their children even if the relationship breaks up. Many Virgos marry more than once, possibly because it takes the experience of a couple of serious relationships before they can relax enough to become livable with. Many Virgoans make better friends than marriage partners because they cannot take too much of the day-in, day-out demands of a serious and committed relationship, and they can be far too critical.

Virgos are kind, and this kindness seems to lead them to attract a fairly demanding type of partner. Their constant attempts to fulfill these demands can wear them out in the same way that a sparrow can be worn out by an adopted cuckoo. These subjects are quite easily bored by those with whom they have to live, and, in many respects, are happier when working than when trying to deal with relationship matters. Most Virgos are hard workers who define themselves by what they do rather than what they are. Some of these subjects duck out of the family or relationship problems by trying to make themselves indispensible at work. Many Virgoans are so genuinely devoted to their work that this puts an unbearable strain on their relationships. Some Virgos can be intellectual snobs, choosing their friends from among those who reflect their cultural or intellectual status. Others may choose to 'marry beneath them' so that they can look down contemptuously on their partners. Virgoans don't leave jobs half-done, and they are not sloppy in their approach, so their partners can be sure of good meals and a well-kept home and garden. Some Virgoans are highly intellectual and fairly incompetent at 'hands-on' household jobs; while others are highly dexterous, incredibly practical and capable around the home, and far less tense, intellectual and difficult to live with.

Virgos can be surprisingly untidy, and they may not like their own particular corner of the house or their personal papers to be cleared up or disturbed. A Virgoan household may be filled with interesting friends and relatives, because they love nothing better than to chat. Virgoans are wizard at helping others or giving excellent advice; however, they don't like people to overstay their welcome. These subjects are not vain or especially demanding, but they like to have things 'just so', and can make a terrible fuss about trivial matters. Virgoans can be quite irritable, partly because they find it difficult to stand up to people. This means that they may bring their work problems home and thus become quite tetchy to live with. They can be perfectionists who expect too much of themselves and far too much of everyone around them too.

Virgo is an earth sign, which gives them common sense, practicality and a love of the good things of life. Although fairly careful with money, they are not mean, and they will do all that they can for their families. Virgo men are very supportive of working wives, and they are often happy to occupy themselves with some of the housework. This is partly due to a reasonable attitude, and partly due to their hatred of sitting still and doing nothing. These subjects can be seen at their best when one of their loved-ones is ill, because they make excellent nurses. However, when they themselves are ill, they can be quite demanding, and some Virgoans are permanent hypochondriacs. Not all Virgoans bother with relationships; after experiencing an early failure, many of them go on to live alone and look after themselves.

Virgos are surprisingly strongly sexed, probably because this is an earth sign. They are also curious, and may get into sexual experimentation fairly early in life. If they miss out on this, they are likely to go in for 'adventures' later in life, either after a long-standing partnership breaks up or even while it is still in operation. Virgoans of both sexes quite like to be shown what to do in bed because they sometimes find it difficult to take responsibility for their own sexuality. The rulership of their sign by the planet Mercury suggests that they are willing to live out their fantasies; and, being kind and fair-minded, they will help their lovers to live out their fantasies too. Virgos don't like making love with unwashed people or in dirty places, because their sensuality demands a certain amount of comfort. They have an almost theatrical sense of 'scene', which suggests that they enjoy love-making in a pleasant, perhaps even specially arranged and decorated, area. Virgoans are fussy about their partner's looks, and don't much care for someone who is obese or who doesn't look after him- or herself. Virgos find sex easy, but affectionate behavior quite difficult, probably due to the lack of cuddling or play in their own childhood.

Being very dutiful, Virgos will try their best to do the right thing by a whole variety of family members. However, they can't take too much of a good thing, and, therefore, prefer to keep their visits to or from relatives very short. However, these subjects love to entertain and will happily provide food and drink on a special occasion, and then more happily say goodbye to them at the end of the visit. Virgoans will help out their sisters and brothers when necessary, and will strive to keep in touch with them over the long periods of time and over great distances. They also tend to keep in touch with friends, even those who move out of the country. Their favorite relationships are probably the ones which they can conduct on the telephone; but, surprisingly enough, they are not good letter-writers.

As children, Virgos are shy and diffident, and easily hurt. They are easily shamed, and seem to carry the burden of the guilt of the whole world on their shoulders. They may suffer quite a bit at school, and can be bullied by other pupils or teachers, or both. They seem to make a very bad karmic choice of parents, having fathers whom they love but who are distant and rather demanding. Their mothers may be far more interested in keeping up appearances and fussing about silly things than loving and caring for the Virgo child. Some Virgoans have mothers who are so incapable of looking after their children that they find ways of opting out of motherhood altogether. These children are expected to excel, but their fears, phobias and lack of self-esteem makes it hard for them to do so, while other children and even the parents of other children may be jealous of their obvious intelligence. Many Virgoan children grow up with a sense of abandonment.

As parents, Virgoans try not to recreate the mistakes of their own childhood. however, because they were not shown much real affection themselves, they find it hard to relate properly to their own children, and may, therefore, pass on the silly demands for scholastic performance and perfect behavior which made their own childhood so intolerable. If the Virgoan finds his children difficult to understand or to deal with, or if his marriage breaks up, he may physically distance himself from them.

Sun in Virgo: You are very careful in everything you do, and you put a high value on neatness. When you aren't neat, you lose respect for yourself, because you have very high standards in that as well as in other areas, which you want to come up to as much as possible. You expect others to live up to those same high standards, and you are easily disappointed if they do not. When you see something is wrong in someone or something, you don't hesitate to point it out. But you will have to learn to be considerate when you do this, because criticizing others creates bad feelings.

You are very interested in learning as much as possible about the world, particularly about how to use various kinds of tools. Since you want to learn practical skills, it would be a very good idea to have a hobby in which you use your hands. In whatever you make or do, you apply the same standards of perfection that you want other people to live up to. As a consequence, your work is far more careful than other people's. If you know you can't do something right, you won't do it at all.

You tend to worry about your health, but you don't need to. Your health is as good as anyone else's; you are just more concerned about it. Probably you will follow good rules of health.

You like to help others, because being useful makes you feel good. You are able to put off what you want for yourself in order to help someone you love do what he or she wants. Others will respect you for this.

Sun in Virgo: For those born under the Earth sign of Virgo, the hub of the universe is work. Since Mercury rules Virgos, they are forever seeking knowledge, which will bring matter under the control of the mind. Through this seeking, they learn that the mind of man is a good servant but a bad master, especially when the mind usurps the sovereignty of the spirit. Virgos have to learn that although the body must serve the mind, ultimately the mind must serve the spirit.

Virgos are meticulous in their work, paying a great deal of attention to detail, and doing things carefully and efficiently. They like to bring order out of confusion. Because they value work and have a great deal of respect for it, they will go to great lengths to help a friend find employment, but will seldom raise a finger to help someone who gets into difficulties because he refuses to work. To Virgos, the only true aristocracy is the aristocracy of the worker.

Virgos, however, are much too practical and intelligent to allow anyone to make martyrs of them. When the demands made on them become excessive and unreasonable, they say 'no', with conviction.

In its best form, this sign makes for efficiency and a brilliant performance of duty. At times, however, it bestows a narrowness of outlook: the individuals may be unable to talk about anything except their work, and they lack interest in anything that is not related to work.

Virgos subject their world to a microscopic analysis. Occasionally, they are engrossed with trivialities to the extent of becoming blind to the significance of the issue as a whole. Eventually, developed Virgos learn discrimination between the essential and the trivial. Once this power of making distinctions evolves, Virgos are able to become great scholars, constructive critics, excellent editors - all exacting perfection. The key phrase for Virgo is 'I analyze'.

However, Virgos should not mistake brilliant intellect, with its accompanying faculty of criticism, for heavenly wisdom. They must learn to be absolutely dispassionate in evaluating both their own performance and the performance of others.

They function at the height of their powers in careers that are related somehow to service. They are capable of great self-denial if they think their work is worthy of it.

Virgo also rules health. In this phase of their evolution, therefore, Virgos must learn that wise men do not exhaust their body energies by worrying, fretting, or overworking. Foolish fears and apprehensions can lead to semi-invalidism. Nevertheless, this sign has a marvelous physical resistance to disease, once the mind develops discipline. If Virgos can keep out of the clutches of disease, they become effective healing agents, exercising a splendid influence on the sick. Virgo bodies reject all artificial food or medicine. Food is quite harmful to them when they are angry or in extreme anguish.

Because Virgo is an Earth sign, Virgos admire material progress. They like good food and are fond of comfort and good clothes. Many people born under this sign are leaders in fashion. Virgos will inspect the labels on clothing to determine whether the article was manufactured by a reputable firm. No shoddy workmanship is passable for Virgos! However, they must learn to refrain from gossip and chattering about people who do not seem to approach their own particular standard of good appearance.

It is difficult for Virgos to accumulate large sums of money because of their excessive expenditures. They need to develop a system whereby they can avoid unnecessary expense, for while they are able to go on saving 'sprees', the saving never lasts.

They are impressed by eloquent words strung together like pearls. These sounds are music to their ears, and they prefer them to less subtle expressions of affection.

Many Virgo people are indifferent to love adventures, and often remain voluntarily unmarried; no-one measures up to their standards of perfection.

Married women of this sign possess a greater executive capacity than their partners. They place themselves as the real family heads, governing husband and everyone around, and taking the responsibility for their homes and families.

Sun in Virgo: You have a helpful though critical heart. You have the will to use generously your sense of precision - without developing it into pedantry. Your life should be led in a spirit of service and modesty - as opposed to one of drudge and self-doubt. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is thoughtful and attentive, and / or too exacting or lax.

You have an aura of authenticity that acts as an example to Other that it is possible to improve his / her life and to be true to him- / herself. You generate a sense of industriousness that encourages Other to become more efficient at his / her life tasks, as well as your showing him / her better techniques for doing so. You also have an air of self-control or inner restraint. You can alienate Other with a pat or know-it-all attitude that invites Other to leave you with only your apparent self-righteousness for company. You can also alienate with a workaholic life-style which misses the point that true efficiency leaves time for rest and recreation; and with an inhibited nature that smacks of being afraid of life beyond your idea of it.

You overemphasize your need to be seen and heard to be right - which could be wrong in itself! You also overemphasize the importance of the practical at the expense of the natural or to the detriment of emotional priorities. And you stress your insistence on purity and correctness in Other, while overlooking the fact that rough edges and imperfections are a fact of life.

You can feel weak when you have no answer, reason or solution for something - and when you have to allow Other to help him- / herself. You can also feel weak when your efforts appear not to be producing an obvious result; or when Other reflects personally on you as not being the 'perfect person' that you like to think you are but obviously are not.

When you are alone, it is hardly surprising because Virgo is the sign of the hermit. The reason behind such withdrawal will be a feeling that you or Other is not good enough. When deliberate, such a retreat would be for reasons of 'getting your act together' or to become more sure of yourself as an individual before letting anyone else too close. In the case of involuntary isolation, it could be for the same reasons - but you just don't know it. But it is just as likely to be because you have still not removed the fly from your own ointment. This means that you continue to have, or rather believe you have, a dimension to your being that is too delicate and private to share. If so, you will be alone until you accept that this is a judgment you have made upon yourself (or Other), in order to avoid making any real changes in yourself.

Sun in Virgo: To discover the motivating drive in the life of any Virgoan, it is necessary to look at the work he is doing; for so deep is Virgo's utilitarian sense that he identifies himself with his work and is quite willing to lose himself in it. His personality and character development depend, to a peculiar extent, on the nature of the work he has set himself, for he will be as big or as small as his job or mission. He is capable of becoming single-tracked, absorbed and narrow over whatever he happens to fall into. He is capable of making work his god, and thus going high and far in a chosen direction. He is capable of expanding his spirit by selecting a career somehow related to service. He is capable of the extremes of self-denial if he thinks his work calls him to that. And he is also capable of feeling that his work requires self-immolation, self-limitation and self-sacrifice to an inordinate degree. However you figure it, the puzzle of his nature will be solved if you find his attitude toward the hub of his universe, his work. So true is this that when you run across an unemployed Virgoan you have the most woe-be gone and incomplete personality in the world. In losing his work, Virgo loses his whole reason for being. In its best forms, this makes for efficiency and brilliance in the performance of duty, and it may take the sense of duty into very humane realms of selflessness. In its worst form, it makes for narrowness of outlook, great inability to talk anything but shop, and lack of interest in anything not related to work. So engrossed does Virgo become in his job (task, mission, message, or whatever he calls it) that he sometimes seems intent on destroying all the rest of his personality that doesn't belong to his work. He loses interest in extracurricular activities, so that his life is one long routine of keeping the nose to the grindstone; and he is unhappy when for some reason or other the grindstone stops or his nose gets away from it. To fix the aim high, to select a job that requires diverse talents and wide knowledge, is Virgo's best bet for a well-rounded life. If he has the misfortune to be able to find progress and security in a rut, he is likely to see only the progress and not realize it is a rut. He needs activities, companions, fun, diversions, hobbies to broaden his life, and should seek these along constructive lines lest his overtaxed body and brain force him to seek them in undesirable forms of escapism, brooding and introversion.

Sun in Virgo: Of all the Sun signs, Virgo is the most adept at the care and feeding of a lover. You will go to great lengths to find out and provide whatever pleases your partner. You also put a high value on a lover who is aware of what pleases you. You must, however, make a particular attempt to let your lover know just what makes you happy, because other people are not likely to be as observant as you. What you consider neglect may just be an oversight. Don't wait for your lover to stumble accidentally on your favorite turn-on; let your tastes be known from the beginning.

You will do well to find a lover who is very meticulous about being physically loyal to you. Carrying on more than one affair at a time would be difficult for you, because you want to give each one such detailed attention. Therefore you are more comfortable with a long-term affair that gives you plenty of time to structure the relationship. For you, a partnership is like a house - the more careful the craftsmanship that goes into building it, the more enjoyable and rewarding it is to live in.

Giving and receiving gifts, particularly hand-made presents, may be a very potent expression of love for you. But do not be disappointed if your loved does not appreciate your gifts as much as you do, for not everyone is the same. Instead, find out what kind of communication your partner prefers, and direct your love energies there.

Sun in Virgo: Virgoans are in constant motion due to their abundant nervous energy. It is vital that this energy finds a positive outlet; otherwise it will be frittered away in restless twitchiness. Virgoans should also learn to center themselves and achieve inner calm. If they don't, tension can be a severe problem and, mixed with the almost inevitable Virgoan worry, will lead to nervous upsets. Worry is at the root of most personal problems for these individuals, and is best countered by their analytical, critical and practical qualities.

Most Virgoans are practical, but those who aren't can all too easily become bogged down in the small details of problems. This, indeed, is one of their chief difficulties: that their critical acumen can be over applied, both to themselves and to other people, causing problems in personal relationships. Relentless, carping criticism is their worst fault.

What is needed is a positive synthesis of these qualities, producing people who are hard¬working and practical; who will stand no nonsense, and deal sensibly with problems (their own, or other people's); and who are most likely to realize their full potential.

Virgoans are talkative and lively in argument; and, like their Mercury-ruled cousins Geminians, they enjoy communicating their ideas, which are usually without frills, and clearly and economically expressed. Here again, however, a penchant for detail can trap them into over elaboration; they must learn to see the broader outline of things.

Self-denigration can often get in the way when a Virgoan is thinking of deepening a personal relationship: 'What does he / she see in me? - I'm not good enough for him / her.' This can be genuine modesty, which (especially in a young person in love for the first time) can be charming - but more often the problem is deeper, and Virgoans should strive for the self-confidence which will allow them to accept compliments gracefully, and (most important) to believe them. They are kind and willing to do anything for their partners, but their natural modesty can stop them fully expressing both their physical and their emotional love. They must learn to relax, and if (in some cases) they have taught themselves to regard sex with suspicion, learn to see it as a happy expression of that emotional devotion which they should allow themselves to show to a partner. The other most inhibiting factor is their tendency to nag, which they must curb.

The Virgo child is neat, clean, and a very willing worker at school. Exercise books will be totally devoid of dirty smudges, and the handwriting will be clear and legible. Willing workers who truly enjoy being given things to do, these children can earn a reputation as teachers' pets; this is not the case. They simply like being kept busy. Rather shy, so that the playground can seem threatening, they may be seen as standoffish. Parents should do everything possible to help them develop self-confidence, especially at examination time. The Virgoan tendency to worry will otherwise be overwhelming, and mysterious illnesses will appear.

Virgoans will work from dawn to dusk to build and maintain their family home in a way that satisfies their own highly critical standards. Career women will make time for domestic work, but mustn't spend so much time cleaning and polishing that they never enjoy the environment they so lovingly create. If a partner accuses them of an obsession with spit and polish, they should take note! Similarly, both sexes should try to avoid bringing work home; otherwise they'll never have time for their family.

To work at their very best, Virgoans probably need supervision. Not only is it often difficult for them to see what should be done, but even if they can do so they may be apprehensive about taking matters into their own hands, fearing themselves incompetent or wondering how other people will receive their efforts. But given an instruction they will follow it to the very best of their abilities. They make excellent personal assistants and here, too, are the natural formal critics of the zodiac. As writers, they have a sharp, incisive style which is of great advantage if they are working in the media. Many make excellent teachers, and others do well in the medical profession, both in conventional and in complementary medicine.

Virgoans are not frantically ambitious; in top jobs, they must watch their tendency to carp if they want to be popular as well as efficient. A high salary will be carefully managed, but they should try to enjoy spending money as well as investing it.

Sun in Virgo: Keynote: The power of individuality manifests through selective analysis. Symbol: Chemists in a laboratory test the purity of various drugs.

People with the Sun in Virgo have a consuming desire for perfection, especially with regard to their work. This is not an easy placement because the work of nature is still far from perfected and the Earth itself is only slowly evolving toward an ideal state. Therefore, the Virgoan is frequently frustrated in his efforts to tidy up his small corner of the universe. Yet he toils without much visible reward and, gradually, the results of his labors become evident.

Virgoans accomplish much of the drudgery of the world. They are essentially practical, not because they disbelieve the metaphysical verities, but because they already have more than enough to busy their hands and minds. They are like the industrious Martha in the Bible, who was too preoccupied with household tasks to attend to the words of the Master. Their philosophy maintains that the kingdom of heaven is won through selfless service, and their efforts are directed toward making life more tolerable for people here on Earth. They believe that cleanliness is next to godliness - or is the first step in that direction. As a result, they are more often to be found scrubbing than praying.

The Virgoan mind is acute, discriminating, and methodical. With nimble Mercury held down by a concrete Earth sign, this person is more of a plodder than a sprinter. His efficiency may be impaired by a tendency to fret over trifles that other less-conscientious souls would dismiss or fail to notice. In consequence, he is accused of 'missing the forest for the trees'. He needs to make a special effort to gather up the details he so readily analyzes and to resynthesize them into a comprehensive whole.

Too often the Virgoan belittles when he ought to be big. This hypercritical attitude is hardly conducive to romance, and may delay marriage - sometimes permanently - while the search for the perfect mate continues. Once the choice is made and the knot is tied, however, the chastity for which the sign is renowned makes the Virgoan a faithful spouse, who expects the same of his mate.

The meticulousness of this sign finds an appropriate outlet in matters relating to diet, hygiene, and sanitation. A competent Virgoan nurse in an immaculate white uniform, keeping an eye on things, is a reassuring sight to a bedridden sufferer.

Virgoans are often accused of being fussy, but these servers of the race are welcome to be as exacting as they please when their attention is centered on the selection and preparation of food and medicine, or the maintenance of sanitary conditions. They are especially suited to the medical professions since their discriminating minds are directed by a genuine impulse to be of practical assistance to people in need. Many are capable dieticians, nurses, pathologists, pharmacists, and laboratory technicians. A drugstore is a typically Virgoan institution because it dispenses medicines and handles a multitude of small necessities. Many Virgoans assume that 'where there's an ill, there's a pill', and they like to be able to count on their doctor to spot something wrong with them.

Virgo people are invaluable in business as accountants and secretaries. Other congenial professions are teaching, writing, and research. As editors and proofreaders, they are unexcelled. Seldom assertive, they manage in a reserved way to make themselves indispensable to whatever organization they are serving. Their predilection for order and routine may lead to a career in one of the military services. Women of this sign are such that they are often called upon to work outside the home.

The Virgoan's vices are his virtues carried to excess. He can be factual to the point of tedium. Attention to minutiae may degenerate into hairsplitting; and his insistence on keeping everything in its proper place can fray the nerves. He is prone to hypochondria but generally leads a long and healthy life because he pampers himself. He regards his body as an instrument to be maintained in the best possible condition, and he expects it to give him faithful service in return.

Virgo rules both work and health. For many members of this sign, the conditions of their employment, and the satisfaction or dissatisfaction they feel in the performance of necessary duties, are intimately connected with their physical and mental well-being. It is, therefore, supremely important for the Virgoan to find his proper niche in life. If his job is not in some appropriate field, he will be at odds with himself and will suffer in body and mind. He can maintain a steady routine and work in unassuming ways, like a small jewel in a complicated watch, and should take special care to select an occupation where his critical attention to detail can be put to practical use and his reliability appreciated.

Sun in Virgo: Sun in Virgo individuals may feel they have the right to be right; to discriminate, to criticize and analyze themselves and others; and to be acknowledged for their righteousness.

When you focus on wanting others to recognize your righteousness and purity, you may unconsciously behave in Virgo ways that are stuffy, prudish, puritanical, compulsively ordered, and haughty. To be acknowledged, you might elicit judgment on right and wrong, and use your analytical ability to appear important and set apart from others. In proving your ultimate rightness, you may use your finely honed critical talents to point out your own flaws. This backfires by resulting in a basic lack of confidence in your own spontaneity. Additionally, you may attempt to appear more righteous by pointing out the flaws in others, in accordance with your value system of rigid rules and regulations for perfect behavior. When others don't appreciate or understand your good intentions, you are surprised.

Indulging in the Virgo tendency to compulsive self-righteousness can scatter and deplete your energies. This indulgence may disrupt the focus and self-confidence that are needed to act.

You can focus your attention on uplifting others through your talents and abilities for creating order. Then you notice the ways in which you can truly serve others without having to feel right about it. Recognizing the inherent worth of others gives you trust in your vision of their perfection. This frees you to contribute in a way that effectively supports them. Your desire to serve is appreciated when you expose others to your perception of their inherent value. This reinforces mutual self-worth. By being aware of others' personal desires, you can motivate them successfully through assisting them in reaching what they want. The resultant success increases their vitality and sense of well¬being. When you place serving others above your judgment about whether or not it is the right thing to do, you can abandon rules and regulations. This results in self-trust, allowing you to act spontaneously in a way that automatically works to facilitate any situation. If you are aware that your intentions are truly pure, your sense of acting rightly is fulfilled.

Sun in Virgo: Virgo is represented by 'the harvest time', the gleaming of the wheat and the fruits of the earth'. The keyword is 'I analyze'. It rules the assimilative system in the physical body.

Virgo's symbol is depicted as the Virgin, holding a sheaf of wheat. This symbol indicates the gathering in of material needs, just as the Virgo people collect, digest and correlate facts for their mental values. The Virgin denote purity and perfection. Virgos' desire is to reach the highest possible perfection, not only for themselves but for those around them. They have a greater sense of power than they are able to express, resulting in an inferiority complex. An inferiority complex is a superiority complex turned in on itself. Virgo is constantly learning the lesson of humble service and patience. These people find their fullest expression through service to others, being willing to do it quietly but thoroughly. Taking care of endless details and routine jobs is where they function best. There is a cautiousness and oftimes a selfishness in Virgo that is often unrecognized by the person born in this sign. It is difficult for the person to communicate and articulate where their inner thoughts and feelings are concerned. Their home is extremely important to them, for they feel more secure there than in any other surrounding. They are not gregarious because of their shyness. Their state of mind has a direct bearing on their health. They can become hypochondriacs if they become too self-centered and anxious about their health. Nervous tension is the person in the body giving the body a hard time.

The Virgo individuals' greatest fault is being too critical. Their analyzing mind can cause them to degenerate into faultfinding, criticism and irritability. Virgos' real satisfaction lies in the realm of work and service. They are one of the best workers in the zodiac. They are practical and down-to-earth in their approach to life. They are good in the field of accounting and bookkeeping. Virgo women make excellent nurses and there is a strong purity and fastidiousness in them. They dislike anything crude or coarse. There is a sweetness and a lack of aggressiveness in this sign that gives a great attractiveness to those born in this sign. Virgo people make few enemies and have many friends due to their quiet, gentle manner.

Because of their own inner feelings of inadequacy, they can be very demanding where their loved ones are concerned. Their need is to learn to be less critical and more loving. Venus, the love principle, is unhappy in an area where the lower mind operates. Love withers in a critical atmosphere. We related to others through the heart, never through the head. We recognize this fact subconsciously when we use the term 'Never mind'.

In the universal scheme of things, Virgo stands for the 'womb of time' wherein God's plan is being worked out through pain, struggle and conflict. These are the things that set the consciousness free from being earthbound. Virgo represents the sign of the hidden Christ in every man; the seed planted in earth, that must root in the darkness, and through struggle break its sheath and struggle towards the Light. Virgo is the last of the personal or involving signs, and is the threshold of the birth of the inner man. The personality is developed from Aries to Virgo; the soul is developed from Virgo to Pisces.

Sun in Virgo: Virgo people are happy in careers that demand technical or analytical skill or that affords the opportunity for service - often in a subordinate capacity. Some of the careers are medicine, chemists, craftsmen, administrators, accountants, secretaries, teachers, and photographers.

Five positive key words are: analytical, industrious, systematic, considerate, and reliable. Five negative keywords are: aloof, skeptical, finicky, critical, and self-centered. The key phrase is 'I analyze'. The key word is 'service'. Their basic nature is 'the critic or craftsman'.

In mythology, Virgo was the goddess of justice. She was the daughter of Jupiter and Themis. Her reign was during the Golden Age of Leo. When humanity defied her rule in the Age of Cancer, she returned to the heavens in disgust.

Virgoans have inquiring minds, with keen analysis and remarkable memories. They enjoy analyzing problems. This is a major reason for their wanting to know how, why, when, and where.

They are hard workers who are practical, with a flair for detailed work. Their nervous energy causes them to become involved with a lot of activity. However, this nervous energy also causes them difficulties, for they find it hard to relax.

They can, usually, rise above defeats. Their ever-active mind seeks new ways to find success.

A Virgoan can generally be depended upon to fulfill a promise. They have a flair for organization, and enjoy setting up schedules. There is an inborn love of order and harmony.

They are always subconsciously seeking perfection in whatever they attempt. Because they push themselves so hard to be perfect, they have a tendency to look for perfection in others. If they find it lacking, they can become critical and fault-finding.

As a general rule, Virgoans dislike anything crude or coarse. They prefer satire over smutty jokes.

They do not enter friendships lightly, but have a sincere interest and a loyalty to those they make their friends. A buddy-buddy relationship on first meeting is not for them. This may make them appear to be standoffish. In actual fact, they are very reserved, shy people who find it difficult to talk about their inner thoughts and feelings with comparative strangers. They have very few enemies because of their quiet, gentle manner.

Like Gemini, Virgo is a sign of worry. This tension can affect their health, causing intestinal disorders, skin eruptions, and ulcers. They need to develop a positive outlook on life, as this has a direct effect on their health. If they become too anxious about life, they can become hypochondriacs.

They are generally healthy and are always looking for new ways to take care of themselves. Whether young or old, all Virgoans need a quiet period each day in order to rest their active minds.

Their rulership over the sixth house causes them to feel that service to others is imperative. They do this willingly, thoroughly, and without fanfare.

In love, a Virgoan has difficulty in expressing himself as ardently as he desires. Although they may appear to be self-sufficient, they are really happier when they have someone to love and who loves them.

A Virgoan can be a difficult parent if allowing his / her love of neatness and tidiness to become all-important. These people must, also, watch their tendency to be over-critical. However, they are extremely helpful when it comes to assisting their children with homework or handiwork of any type. Because of their inability to express their affections easily, they must actively cultivate and project warmth to their children.

As a rule, Virgoan children are conscientious students. They enjoy the routine and discipline of school. They do, however, like to know 'why' a certain procedure or routine is required. If the answer is acceptable, they willingly comply. Out of school, they enjoy working with their hands. The girls have a flair for sewing, and the boys enjoy tinkering with bicycles, wood products, and construction kits. They must be encouraged, however, not to be too tidy or fussy.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Aries: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces some degree of conflict in your nature because of vast differences between these signs. The common qualities are hardness and a true strength of purpose. Real emotions are not likely to be common to your nature. The variance of these to signs suggests a personality that is high-spirited, combative, and critical. Sociability is not second nature to you, and you seem to hold on to friends and lovers in spite of, not because of, the way you project yourself. You are demanding and exacting; always such a perfectionist. You have much less self-confidence than most perceive. You express yourself in a dynamic and executive way that makes you a strong, but probably not always the most popular manager. Mentally, you are both thoughtful and accurate, having piercing insights into people and situations. Being not at all disinclined to voice your dissatisfaction with others, many will view you as an exceptionally demanding leader. You may have difficulty seeing yourself objectively as a sense of detachment and the lack of emotional involvement retards self appraisal. You may express emotions when you feel this would serve your purpose, but sentimentality and gushy emotions are viewed by you as character weaknesses to be avoided. You are repelled by others that openly demonstrate such traits.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Aries: Ingrid Bergman, Arnold Palmer, Seligma

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Taurus: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a very solid, dependable and salt of the earth type personality. This is usually a materially fortunate position. Though you may have a natural tendency to worry, you may have little to worry about. You have a sharp mind and an affable personality that endows success with little difficulty. You are strongly rooted in security and appear to others to be a most stable type. Though nerves may sometimes flare up, when you are given time to think things through, they are easily brought back into control. You can get a little flighty, sometimes a bit extreme, even eccentric, or at least unconventional in your habits and general behavior. Ambition is not strongly marked in your nature because you never seem to need it as things just naturally seem to flow your way. You have the capacity to stick with any job until it is done and done right. Yet you may never be the one to initiate the big project, scheme or dream. You excel at overseeing and keeping the troops in line. You have a way with people because you don’t “beat around the bush” and play games. Straightforward and constant, you manage with integrity and purpose. If you weren’t born into a fortunate environment, you know how to create one. Common sense and a wise practical bent will lead to success in business and in personal relationships alike.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Taurus: Peter Sellers, Mother Teresa, TonyO

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs makes mind power your greatest strength. Quick, brilliant reasoning is the hallmark of this configuration. You are rational, capable of figuring things out analytically, and of grasping details and intricacies. Because you are so inclined to live by reason, the emotional side of your nature is not nearly so responsive. It isn’t that you’re not sympathetic or emotional, but cold logic sometimes gives that appearance. You can detect underlying motives and feeling with ease, thanks to your careful perceptions. Your responses to what you have perceived may not be particularly emotional or sympathetic, as it is difficult for you to mix or integrate your logic and your feeling. You are a natural student with a thirst for knowledge, and you do almost equally well with definite, detailed work and abstract, philosophical thought. In a sense you may appear fickle and too changeable because of the variety of mental interests that appeal to you. Physically, you may have a tendency to “go to pot” if you don’t make a special effort to keep in shape. You’ll never be fat as nervous energy burns the necessary calories, but your muscle tone may deteriorate, and you may grow pale and wan from lack of exercise. In your youth, active sports were important to you, but as you mature there is too much of a tendency to become sedentary. You’re inclined to take to a good book or to any number of hobbies that are passive in nature. Exercise is the best medicine for the enormous amounts of nervous energy associated with this configuration.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini: Ken Kesey, ChrisTr

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Cancer: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows a sensitive, but harmonious personality; one that can think and feel very deeply. The intelligence, analytical insight, and discrimination of Virgo, blends well with the emotional sensitivity of Cancer. You have a receptive temperament often deeply influenced by outside conditions or other people with whom you come in contact. Inwardly you are practical and discriminating, but outwardly you seem changeable. The combination of practical intelligence with feeling and a vivid imagination, can support success with relative ease. An intuitive insight into facts and details allows you to often “feel” the truth of an issue. Your have a good sense of values and find it easy to know what things are worth. Your intuitive knowledge of human psychology, and of the things people are interested in or will buy, supports progress and opportunity in business. Security means a good deal to you, and to some extent you can emphasize protective and defensive instincts in your affairs and activities. You form close attachments to those people who are near you, but you’re ever shy around those you don’t know so well. Reserved and perhaps even a little timid, you project a conservative attitude. You are attached to traditions, convention, and habit, with change being a concept that you accept slowly.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Cancer: Fergus

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Leo: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a very earnest, if contradictory personality. The pairing blends the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo, with the vitality, confidence and authoritativeness of Leo. There is much internal indecision in your nature, but the Virgo personality is sure to rule. You do what you should, instead of what you would. You are naturally conscientious, revealing great working capacity or devotion to duty. You have a very confident and positive personality, often proving assertive, sometimes aggressive. Your assertive impulses may cause you to spend some time worrying when you later take the time to reflect and analyze what you have said or done. You feel better when you can hold back until you have that inner confidence that the direction you’re headed is correct. You’re a person of very high character and strong principles. You rely on individual worth and expect others to recognize your sincerity, and they usually do. You have a practical individuality and a discriminating nature. Your strengths of character and high principles should help you attain your potentials in life.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Leo: Al, Prabhuta

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Virgo: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows that you are dominated and motivated by your intellectual interests. You are very loyal and sympathetic, but never very romantic. When you marry, it will be for intellectual affinity as much as anything else. A high sense of discrimination restricts you from getting involved with anyone with an inferior mind. You are very finicky in your tastes in matters of people, dress, food, and even household furnishings. This sense of discrimination keeps you pretty conventional. You have an innate dislike for anything radical or daring, keeping you and the object of your interests very much on the straight and narrow. You are very secure in your practicality. Flightiness, insincerity, and frivolity, heavy emotions or half-thought-out ideas have no place in your life. Since you think matters through so carefully, you are not likely to be gullible or easily convinced. You are a very socially oriented person. You believe in preserving the law and order, and when issues need changing, you want the improvements to occur in an orderly and gradual way, according to the rules of the game. The revolutionary spirit is not strong in your nature. Peace is so important to you. Nothing is worth fighting for except in a polite and well-bred way. While you are one to hold rigidly to your well conceived ideas, you have no difficulty fully understanding and appreciating the ideas of others. At times, this makes a firm and decisive course of action hard to plan and execute. When a direction is decided, your creations are marked by care and precision and a flawlessness that is amazing. You are the perfectionist, always placing many demands on yourself.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Virgo: Sean Connery, MFor

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Libra: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is discriminating, intellectual, and peace-loving. This position blends the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo, with the emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra. You are friendly and know how to make a good impression, but you can remain detached and impersonal in relationships. You have a sense of restraint and diplomacy in your nature that prevents you from ever coming on very strong. You may not even voice your opinion unless you feel you really have something of value to offer. Mental stimulation and study keep your quiet and observant personality occupied and content. You enjoy companionship and in having a good time, but excesses and extremes are not your style. The critical aspect of Virgo is softened by the Libra Moon, creating a fine and precise balance. The elements of discrimination and criticism blend to make you very selective in associations, and contained or restrained in the saying or doing of anything that might hurt or offend others. Your reaction to coarseness is avoidance. While perhaps a lover of humanity in general, your tendency to examine individuals closely before you accept them in any social sense, leads others to view you as highly aloof and particular. You have a way of eluding the issue and being thought of hard to get to know. You practice a quiet and unassuming approach to life, having a live and let live creed. The social aspects of Libra make you inclined to enjoy friendships, but not the deep, intimate relationships associated with romance. You have an intellectual curiosity and love to experiment, to muse over what you have learned. Mental analysis and impartial judgment are the major strengths of this combination.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Libra: Collon, Maitreyi, Pete

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Scorpio: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces one that looks and acts like an intellectual, but with an emotional nature that is truly the driving force. This is perhaps the most emotional of the quiet Virgo breed. The quick mind and common sense that is so notable in all with Virgo Sun, is charged with an intense rashness and impulsiveness common to Scorpio. Your ability to reason and rationalize is well developed, but you often seem almost incapable of believing what is foreign to your internal emotional bias. Thus, you become very partisan in whatever causes or ideas light you fire. These you may rationalize and try to give intellectual status, but you usually color judgments with intuition rather than logic. You are facile at thinking up reasons why your ideas are right and always persuasive at putting them across. At times you appear near genius, and at other times, way off base. You are often to be found among the theoretical and radical thinkers, able to prove nearly anything on paper with diagrams to show how it should work. Whether it really will or not in real life may be another thing. Your intellectual powers are strong, but you’re often less than realistic. You have a certain zeal that makes it hard for you to remain still and listen to what others have to say, and you can be dominating in your approach to group endeavors. Underneath, you have a somewhat brooding personality that is forever probing, turning over stones and delving for ideas with which you can either feel affinity or enmity. In business you are likely to be successful and valuable to your employer because you do possess powerful leadership qualities. In this environment you seem to become more objective and less emotional. Nonetheless, learning to restrain the natural tendencies of this configuration will make life and relationships much easier.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Scorpio:

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Sagittarius: The combination of your Sun in Virgo and Moon in Sagittarius in many respects produces a dreamer that thinks in large broad terms; a Virgo who consistently belies the nature of the sign. You are capable of doing things that you probably disapprove of, for the sake of adventure, romance, and excitement. The puritan nature, commonly the hallmark of Virgo, may have to look the other way while you accumulate a few experiences. You are definitely not a classic Virgo possessing a narrow and focused mind. Many of the thoughts that run though your head bear little connection to everyday life. You are surprisingly philosophic and somewhat introspective, but instead of looking inside yourself, you seem to hold preconceived notions of what you are or would like to be. You can be so idealistic at times that it will be hard for anyone to meet your expectations. You can spend a good part of your life just daydreaming, though you do possess a practical analytical nature allowing you to be a very creative person when you decide you want to be. Your challenge will always be to control your restlessness and concentrate on things that have true relevancy. You can be very dramatic in all your actions, and you likely have a good talent for acting. Your use of body language and gestures can clearly communicate. You must be especially careful in this sometimes, and be aware of a tendency toward bluntness in dealing with other people. Often they will take a tactless comment much more personally that you intended it. Human sensitivities are something that you will have some difficulty understanding.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Sagittarius: Warren Buffett, Jean

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Capricorn: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a well-integrated personality with a fine mind, but one who is on the critical, rather than the creative side. The intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo blends well with the realism, conservatism and deep ambition of Capricorn. You are your own source of strength, moral support, and ambition. There are few who can claim such self-sufficiency as can you. This is one of the most practical Sun/Moon combinations in the Zodiac, endowing you with splendid abilities, business shrewdness, a calculating and realistic mind, and the ability to place emphasis squarely on material values. Your healthy ambition wants wealth and power. Your ability to organize and systematize your knowledge of business facts assures success and sound enterprise. Your mind can exclude trivial issues and concentrate on the important matters. You are committed to personal integrity and people recognize this and trust you. A quiet determination and dedication to purpose describes your resolute demeanor as you uphold convention and follow routine. You are independent or you dislike the restraint or control of others. Public recognition or executive position means much to you, and you need a high objective on which to focus your energies for major accomplishments.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Capricorn: Fisher

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Aquarius: The combination of your Virgo Sun and Aquarius Moon produces one who, in part, is very earth bound and practical, while another part is somewhere above the horizon searching for truth, understanding, and knowledge. You strive to be aloof from the mundane elements of everyday life, as this is not a combination featuring much human emotion and passion. Periodic moods of emotionalism and romanticism notwithstanding, you’re inclined to be cool and self-sufficient at heart. You can be insensitive in the way you handle people. You tell them what you think rather than what they want to hear, expecting them to be big enough to handle it; supreme objectivity, it might be called. You are a sympathetic person, but it’s more because of your totally objective way of looking at things, rather than just a bleeding heart. You can use sympathy and understanding without letting your judgment get too clouded with emotion. In romance, the intellectual connection and perhaps romantic idealism, is more important to you than the emotional and physical side of love. You can become absorbed and occupied with an idea or a plan, a true mental explorer, dreaming, scheming and trying to satisfy an endless curiosity. You are a somewhat suspicious person, critical and judicial. Your mind may often be unconventional, but you are usually guided by a sound analytical and intuitive sense.

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Sun in Virgo and Moon in Aquarius: H.G. Wells, Eva

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces insight, an understanding mind, a profound personality. You are both intellectual and intuitive, can reason things out by cold logic, learn facts, and absorb figures, while your hunches are actively at work. Born wise, you know a lot without being told. The combination blends the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo with the emotional sensitivity and intuitive understanding of Pisces. Born during a full Moon, you express a profundity of mind, studious inclination, and deep understanding that sets you apart from most people. Success in business or a profession is aided by a keen intellect and sound retentive memory. However, the strong blending of the intellectual and the intuitive may steer you toward more contemplative inclination of mind and away from the practical. Perhaps you are interested in the arts, music, or the metaphysical. You can easily balance practical interests and the theoretical. The vast differences in your individuality and your conditioned responses can cause a good deal of restlessness in your nature. Thought and feeling, logic and intuition, observation and impression, all are balanced well in this configuration. Understanding, but critical, you are highly respected for your ability to listen and advise with trustworthy discretion. While not being very ambitious and perhaps not the best executive, you are willing to shoulder a good deal of responsibility. You really don’t want to be in the spotlight, yet you are very popular and people seem to just naturally rely on you.

See also: Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces: Michael Jackson, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Jen, VinCar

Sun in Virgo Woman: Virgo women are discriminating, often regal, very often tiresome in their pursuit of cleanliness; and, more often than not, aware of the details of any project you might be considering. This woman appreciates money in the bank, and is not at all averse to seeing the ring on her finger. Promises are fine; she will appreciate the fact that you are well-meaning. But she does demand results. In so doing, she is capable of bringing out the best in you. She is mercurial, earthy, energetic, full of plans; she is ambitious, not only for herself but also for you.

One of the best hints is this: do not underestimate her. She knows what she is about. She can set a goal and overcome the most tremendous odds. She is an invaluable ally; she will not let you down if you take her into your confidence.

If you are seeking some kind of half-relationship, she is not the woman for you. But if you are serious; willing to go all the way for her, and accept her as a full partner; then she can be a wonderful asset.

Virgo women want to know where they stand. It doesn't help to beat around the bush with them. If you are kidding, or if your purpose is a night of fun, come out and state the case. That way, the Virgo woman respects you and you'll probably have more fun than would otherwise be the case.

These women have a genuine interest in serving the public; they are dedicated workers, and seldom know the meaning of fear or defeat. They are natural fighters, and their goal is truth. It doesn't matter what traditions fall before them in their quest; the important thing is to reach the goal.

You had better look elsewhere if it is a 'Betty-Bop' girl you want. However, if it is a woman who is intelligent, loyal, frank, discriminating, thorough, and wryly humorous, you have picked the correct one in Virgo.

One more hint: confide in her, and you will assure her that you are sincere. Keep things from her, and she will suspect the entire framework of your character and your motives.

Sun in Virgo Woman: The Virgo female grows up in an environment in which she is close to her mother, but this closeness may be of either the love or the hate polarity. She feels criticized and unsure of herself. She doesn't have a lot of confidence in her ability to handle life experience, since her childhood was full of admonitions and criticisms. As she progresses into her teens, her body starts making demands and inquiries into her sexuality. Many young Virgo girls have early sexual experiences because they are looking for 'a port in the storm'. They also want to understand how it feels to be a woman. Some Virgos marry for the first time in order to get away from home and mother. But as time goes by, the Virgo begins to feel guilty because the power of the subconscious pulls on her rational mind. She may even grow to resent her sexual needs.

She often goes back to college after marriage to get her degree so that she can go back to work in a professional capacity. At that time, she begins to treat her husband much as her mother treated her father, and disappointments begin to happen in the relationship - they begin to grow apart.

Sun in Virgo Woman: You shy away from anything obtrusive. Modesty, kindness, intelligence, and service are what you value. Anything flashy or loud puts you off. You're not afraid of work. You willingly do everyday tasks. In fact, you enjoy the details - those little effects that put the finishing touch on things. You confess it’s hard for you to live up to your own standards. You can drive yourself crazy with your quest for perfection, which first focuses on yourself and then on others and things. You can fall into the you - don’t - want - to - be - a - member - of - club - that - wants - you - to - be - a - member syndrome. You get into relationships where you don’t want those who want you.

A natural editor and critic, you like to organize. You may have dustballs, but your books and drawers will be orderly, your reports meticulously prepared. You can’t turn off your critical ability, but you do try to be helpful with your observations. Abstract, theoretical discussions aren’t for you. You make distinctions between things by using examples. Bring it down to earth, you say.

Sometimes people see you as prim and proper, a bit old-fashioned, and it’s true you value etiquette and manners. You am drawn to purity of line, whether in high tech or handcrafted work. You respect excellence, quality, and simplicity. You believe in being thorough and taking the time to do it right.

You're naturally health conscious, and you take care of myself both physically and mentally. Taking care is your joy, from making the perfect cup of tea to buying a perfect gift. You need private time for your special rituals.

Appearances to the contrary, you are really not a prude. You enjoy being risqué. You just don’t broadcast this, for you appreciate subtlety. Often you get into relationships and find you don’t want the person who wants you. But when he cools off, it’s another story! You start wanting him all over again. Your ideal man doesn’t let you get into this. He’s intelligent, sensitive, honest, kind, and modest. And excellent at what he does. He keeps you interested, knows you really understand the specialness of the moment and the magic of everyday life. You long to share this for the ordinary experiences of living are the most profound. You live by the proposition that what is small can be great!

Sun in Virgo Man: The Virgo male has a more difficult time of it. He is a mother-dominated child in an atmosphere where his father is criticized and rejected. As he grows up, he's quite angry that his father is so incompetent. He feels that if his father were a better provider, his mother (the centre of his universe) wouldn't be so unhappy. Consequently, the Virgo often works too hard on a job in order to prove he isn't the 'no-good' that Daddy was, and he gets very angry when his work is not appreciated.

He gets the same dose of bacteria phobia and disgust that his sister did from his mother, and he enters adulthood with a bit of a sexual double standard. He wants to be sexually involved, yet he thinks sex is a little vulgar. The Virgo male can carry a great deal of resentment towards his mother. If she is really overpowering, and if she is intensely critical of him and his dad, the boy may not want to have any involvement with women at all; for every time he sees a woman he sees the characteristics of his mother.

Men born into feminine signs have more trouble dealing with women than do their masculine sign counterparts. Because Mother ran the household, and seemed to be the ruler of the universe, it is more difficult for these men to converse freely with women; subconsciously, they think that women have 'the power'. When they learn that 'the power' is really related to the concept of the feminine principle, and that this power is in them and can be used in a material sense for building something in the material universe - whether the building is intellectual or physical - then they are free to see men and women as human beings. Until they reach an understanding of the masculine and feminine principles operating in the universe, they will over-listen to women. It's difficult for them to have a disagreement with a woman; they can't easily handle opinions from a woman, and they overreact to what she says. A woman may have no idea that the Virgo male is reacting to her in this way. She just notices that he's too detailed, too involved in statistics, too involved in proving his points by quoting passages from all the books he's read; and she can't get a straightforward conversation out of him. If it happens to be a positive-sign woman (who wasn’t to be respected in her own right by men in general) encountering a Virgo male, these two can engage in a most interesting argument, all based on the subconscious drives within them!

Sun in Virgo Man: The Virgo man is demanding; he asks that you prove yourself, that you be willing to sacrifice when necessary. He is not apt to be a 'sugar-daddy'. He knows the meaning of work and the value of money. He is discriminating; not easy to fool; he is the kind of man a woman can depend upon for security. But if you are not willing to give as well as receive, then it would be best for you to forget the Virgo man.

This man likes to feel he is worthy; integrity is a key word. He applies his own standards to others, including you. He will not tolerate deception.

His mind is quick; he is mercurial and earthy. He usually says what he means, and he usually means well. This, however, is not always apparent. At times, he may appear hypersensitive and over-critical. These are things you should know if you are interested in a Virgo man.

He is practical, honest, fair; he is also basically shy - it is difficult for him to express his true feelings. he is not the kind of happy-go-lucky fellow that others immediately accept. This is one of his problems. Learn to read between the lines; try to understand that sentiment is something he has trouble expressing. This man is conservative in the way he expresses himself; there is plenty of reserve in his make-up. You will have to be patient and loyal.

This is not a pretentious man; often you will have to help him build confidence. He needs a woman who has faith in him; who can appreciate his patience and willingness to work toward and achieve important goals.

In all, the Virgo man often proves his value; he is a good bet for a long, solid relationship. If you are looking for lots of laughs and little permanence, this is not the man for you. But if you want to build for the future, you've found your man.

Sun in Virgo Man: You are discriminating. You value modesty, kindness, intelligence, and service to others. You don't trust what is loud or flashy. The subtleties are more your style. You don't blow your own horn. You'd rather be useful than in the limelight. Your actions speak for themselves, and you're not afraid of hard work. Routine doesn't bother you as it does some people. In fact, you rather enjoy the little details of getting things right. You're a very thorough person with a good memory, and you pay attention to the sequence of things. This makes you a good editor and critic, for you like to organize.

Your house may not be the cleanest, but it's always well organized even if there is dust on the floor. You like to make lists of what needs to be done, and you're analytical if there's something concrete to be gained by it. You don't speculate or get involved with vague abstractions. Be specific, you say, give examples, and then you can get the job done, whatever it is.

People call you a perfectionist, but you don't see anything wrong with wanting things to be right. And, for you, you always know when it's right, even if your standards are sometimes difficult for you to live up to. You have your rituals about health, and you like to be personally clean and organized. It keeps you sane in this mad world.

You're a sucker for people who need your brain and analytical talents to get them out of their fog, and you can fall for the wounded-bird types who need your help. But generally you like people who are hard workers and competent at what they do. And you like sincerity. The woman who is your ideal is also sincere and doesn't need a lot of show. She's practical and likes making an effort with those little touches, like the perfect cup of tea, that make all the difference. You're not unromantic; you understand the magic of everyday life, when it's right.

Sun in Virgo: Ingrid Bergman, Warren Buffett, Sean Connery, Michael Jackson, Ken Kesey, Arnold Palmer, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Peter Sellers, Mother Teresa, H.G. Wells, Al, ChrisTr, Eva, Fergus, Fisher, Jean, Jen, Maitreyi, MFor, Pete, Prabhuta, Seligma, TonyO, VinCar