Sun in Libra

(The Sun is in Scorpio from approximately September 21 to October 23, depending on the year.)

Libra natives are generally thought to be sociable, somewhat intellectual souls. They have an almost innocent way about them that makes them very approachable. Generally quite eager to cooperate, Librans spend a lot of their time trying not to rock the boat.

In theory, Libras are peace-loving. In practice, they can quietly stir up all sorts of trouble with their ways. Because Libra enjoys balance in their lives, they seek the middle ground. In the process, they may end up trying to be everything to everyone. This is where their reputation for untruthfulness comes from. Generally, their untruths spring from a true desire for peace and fairness--although they may not be comfortable with direct and malicious trickery, they feel totally justified when they lie in order to avoid making waves. Peace at any price! In this sense, they seem harmless. But, what can result is quite a ruckus! People involved with Libras may crib about their lack of directness and their apparent inability to take a stand. Librans are experts at avoiding being the one to blame. When confronted, they'll (calmly and reasonably) say, "What, me? No, I just want peace."

"On the fence", "middle ground", "middle road" -- these are all expressions that we can safely associate with Libra.

Some more powerful signs may consider Libra a little on the weak side. This is all a matter of opinion, however! Without Libra, life simply wouldn't be as fair.

Librans are known for comparing and thinking in relative terms, instead of in absolutes. This weekend is not just a good weekend, it's better than last weekend. These people are always looking for the "best" way or the "right" way to live. Harmony is the ultimate goal, but their idealism and high expectations can mean plenty of discontent. Since life presents all of us with an extraordinary amount of choices, if Libra doesn't learn to live in the moment at least some of the time, they'll be in a constant state of unrest.

Society needs rules, and these rules attempt to bring justice, equality, and fairness. On an individual level, Libra represents these laws of civilization. Libra comes across as very civilized and rather refined.

Sun in Libra: Libra is the second of the Air signs and is more intellectual and less personal than Gemini. The family situation for Libra is one of dissention between the mother and father. Often, Libran children are born at a critical time in the marriage relationship: the parents may be staying together 'for the sake of the children'. When children hear parents discussing these reasons for the marriage staying together, they feel excessively beholden to the parents; this can cause deep-rooted resentments. Because of the tense family situation, Librans develop a sense of diplomacy; they try to soothe the troubled waters and to smooth over rough situations between the parents. The habit gets so ingrained that it becomes difficult for Libran children to voice their real feelings or real angers or real disagreements with those around them. Because their feelings and ideas are not easily expressed, this holding-in turns into rage that is directed inward upon the body. Often, the 'idea' that they support is more important than their 'personal feelings'. Their diplomatic actions seldom soothe their own troubled personalities. Words don't make the emotional Libran feel any better; and often they have strange and mysterious diseases that need medical attention. Hypochondria results when there is no other outlet for emotional needs.

Because their parents stayed together for appearance's sake, Librans find it important to create a good social image. The danger is that they may only create a social image and never get a real and honest life-style going for themselves. Their relationships may be more socially acceptable than meaningful, and they may stay in emotionally damaging relationships because they need the image. They either have marriages that give them social support, or they may be so afraid of marriage that they never enter into it. Many unmarried Librans are reacting to their early childhood environment: they saw so much dissention and disharmony between their parents that they feel all marriages are like that.

We all bring into our relationships what we saw happening in our early childhood environment unless we make a conscious effort to change. Unconscious Librans recreate their childhood circumstances and enter into a relationship with wonderful expectations but turn it into the inevitable cold war of their youth. They seldom say what they mean; and when their feelings are hurt, they will wait for some appropriate time to intellectually attack the partner. This is done with well-chosen words designed to cut the other person to the quick. The partner either stays and suffers, or leaves.

The Air sign curiosity manifests differently in Librans from in Geminis, for they are interested in social acceptance rather than the controversial positions in the world. Librans pursue education, end enjoy being known as mediators in the universe. The rest of us love to have them solve our problems, for they have the ability to bring diverse people together in a spirit of co-operation. They often go into the learned professions: doctor, lawyer, psychologist, or corporate management. When they are not interested in pursuing a diplomatic or political career, they enjoy pursuing anything that brings beauty into the life. Because their childhood circumstances were not pleasant, they are drawn to any occupation that brings pleasure, beauty, or harmony into the life of another. Librans pursue interior decoration, antiques, and the fashion or cosmetic industry The tension in the childhood brings Librans into the pursuit of classical forms of entertainment. Classical music is soothing to the troubled brow; the dance is a work of art. This group of people can be involved in creating new art forms for the general public.

Since Librans seldom like to look too far below the surface, their personal problems are very difficult to solve. As soon as they begin therapy or any related type of treatment, they become upset. They don't want to look at the years of suppressed anger. First of all, most people do not want to seriously admit that they are angry with their parents, and they don't want to admit that hostility lingers within due to having had so much difficulty in expressing real emotions. People who have close contact with Librans are sometimes surprised at the anger and hostility beneath the surface of the personality. We are taught that the Venus-ruled signs of Taurus and Libra are warm, loving, easygoing and placid people. They are not. They are merely fantastic actors and diplomats!

In considering the concept of beauty and our ability to appreciate beauty and love, we encounter the various forms of maya projection. Maya is the Hindu goddess who represents the world of illusion and beauty. This symbol is meant to teach that beauty is an illusion. We must look beneath the surface to find the truth. When we look at the beauty of Libran people, we don't often see the pain inside, but it is there. And it needs to be understood so that they can let it go.

Air signs are meant to bring new ideas into formation or new ideas into acceptance by the present-day consciousness. The analytical Virgo sorts through all the chaff and sifts out the valuable grain. The Libran takes the grain, the ideas that Virgo has left, and lifts them one step higher in consciousness. Libra asks, 'How can we take these ideas and make them work? Where do we go from here?' And after Virgo has stripped each idea of its protective covering and harvested the crop, Libra tries to make it all lovely and beautiful. As Libra works on these new ideas, they are picked up by Scorpio and transformed. Every Air sign increases awareness.

Sun in Libra: The Libran personality seeks order, balance and harmony. You will be pleasant and an agreeable companion, looking for peace in life, but can often be emotionally quick to anger, especially within your intimate relationships. You will try to please everyone by using diplomatic skills, but can create situations where you are indecisive for fear of upsetting someone. Making decisions can be often difficult for Libra, and you would prefer to satisfy all options, not knowing what direction and decision to take. You are temperamentally more suited to waiting for things to happen to you, or decisions to be made for you, rather than initiating them yourself. However, this tendency can be modified by a strong willful Ascendant.

You enjoy socializing; and your grace, charm and congeniality will be appreciated by others. Your favorite companions often display an artistic temperament which reflects your love of beauty, as found in nature, art, music and literature, as well as asserting free individuality and a dramatic presence which you would like to create as your self-image.

You can be idealistic and mentally adaptable, having an intuitive perception which should be used for life-guidance. However, you will also be very impressionable; and this can lead towards romantic fantasizing; sometimes a distaste for actual reality; impracticality; plus a distinct changeability to your temperament.

Your social attitudes are humanitarian and sympathetic, although sometimes diminished by self-preoccupation; and you are often attracted towards the 'high-society' type of life with its elegance and money. You will be ambitious, but this is more directed towards creating a certain quality of life where harmonious balance is achieved.

It is quite important to you to keep your life ordered, controlled, efficient and organized. You are usually very patient and tolerant regarding house and family, and you require a sense of domestic security in a home of which you feel proud. You are especially sympathetic to the needs of children, and are usually good with them. You have an interest in tradition and previous expressions of style and culture, and this can be reflected in your home, where you create a homely atmosphere which attempts to reflect qualities of beauty and harmony for you. You may need to become periodically reclusive, so that you can restore your energy and your 'social mask'; and this can also be reflected in periodic changes in your choice of appearance. In romance, you are often guided more by your head than your heart, as you lack total trust in your ability to be emotionally realistic, and can often be shocked at the power of your feelings which shake your inner balance too much. You can lose emotional control in love affairs which produce dramatic changes in you, and often your romances can become stormy. You are more able to apply your harmonizing energies and talents for the benefit of others than in your own passionate relationships. Often, while attempting to maintain your inner balance, by following idiosyncratic needs and desires, you succeed in stimulating imbalance and aggression in your partner, who feels either ignored or dominated. You tend to have an idealistic and often unrealistic vision of the perfect relationship, so it is little wonder that your partners do not compare favorably. There is a dissatisfaction with unharmonious relationships which conflicts with your needs for harmony, stability, and the continuity of relationship; this is a sphere of your life that requires more clarity.

You can enjoy involvement with group endeavors, especially with those groups reflecting beneficial social aims and ideals, as you can become a natural fighter for the rights of others. As you mature, you tend to develop a personal philosophy which you try to apply in daily life, and can enjoy study and intellectual interests, being able to translate abstract ideas into more accessible forms of communication to others. Physical or mundane work rarely appeals to you.

Sun in Libra: Sun in Libra individuals feel they have the right to develop harmonious relationships; the right to know what others want; and the right to be treated fairly.

When you focus on wanting to be recognized as a fair and harmonious person, you may behave in ways that are compromising and manipulative. You may act like 'Mr. or Ms. Nice Person' and naively expect others to respond in the same way. When you use good manners to get your way, your manipulations create only an artificial harmony. If your attention is on achieving a positive image for yourself, you may indulge in the Libran tendency to play tit-for-tat games. This puts you in situations where your integrity can be manipulated merely by being convinced that you are being treated fairly and are getting an equal portion. When you allow yourself to become lost in the realm of co-operatively sharing ideas, you may not realize that whatever you do to control others, others can also do it to you.

When your attention focuses on uplifting others through sharing of talents, you can enliven social situations by contributing to the inherent harmony. You can do this by adding the missing ingredient of your independent point of view. By trusting the overall picture, you intuitively perceive that you are able to interject your ideas of justice and fair play into situations. This occurs in a spontaneous way that brings about a higher level of co-operation but does not offend. Recognition of your abilities to bring a larger truth into a situation enables you to contribute your ideas of justice, fairness, and harmony. This sharing increases your level of vitality and well-being.

You can create true harmony in relationships through your willingness to communicate the full truth of what you're experiencing. Through this integrity, a higher harmony may establish itself. Thus, rather than trying to manipulate others into a state of false harmony, you learn to establish good relationships by facing the existing harmonies and disharmonies with acceptance and objectivity. This frees you to share your intuitive sense of fair play with others.

Sun in Libra: Libra is the sign of balance and harmony, and you see your 'role' in life as that of the peacemaker. So vital are peace and tranquility to you that the least sign of discord upsets you. You can't bear anger, hostility or conflict of any kind; nor can you stand to have anyone mad at you. You strive for peace at any cost, and often fail to speak your mind for fear of starting an argument or alienating someone. Always ready to compromise in order to keep the peace, you may let others take advantage of you, or back down when you should take a stand. As a result, you sometimes seem wishy-washy or unreliable.

You are the one called in to mediate family disputes or on-the-job squabbles. Because you can see both sides of any issue and remain a detached and impartial judge, you are well-suited to this task and may even put this skill to work for you professionally.

Your ability to see merit in all sides of any issue, however, causes you to have difficulty making decisions about even simple things in life, such as which movie to see or what to have for dinner. When faced with larger decisions, you might vacillate indefinitely.

Tactful, refined, diplomatic and socially adept, you are concerned with saying and doing the 'right things'. You want to make a good impression and to have everyone like you. Your personal appearance is neat and attractive; your manners are impeccable; and you value such things as etiquette and social graces as ways to set you apart from the hoi polloi. You share Virgo's love of cleanliness and order, and want everything to be 'nice' at all times.

Because you are intent on maintaining balance and harmony at all times, you shun strong emotion of any kind. Emotions are too unpredictable, messy and even dangerous, and you prefer to remain detached. Although you are superficially pleasant and friendly, you can be a bit bloodless. Your dispassionate nature, however, allows you to see things in a detached, rational manner; and you might be a master strategist. At the very least, you are good at laying plans, organizing people, and objectively analyzing situations.

Your love of balance and harmony incline you to appreciate music, art and all beautiful things. Even if you don't have any special talent yourself, you probably enjoy most art forms and might be a patron of the arts. You have good taste, though you tend to be overly traditional and not very imaginative.

Libra also is the sign of relationships, and relationships of all kinds are important to you. Unless you are involved in a partnership, you don't quite feel whole, and you'll settle for a relationship that is less than ideal just to have someone around. You think of yourself as half a couple instead of as an individual; and will hold on to an unsatisfactory marriage for decades rather than have to face yourself alone. Always willing to put your partner's needs and desires ahead of your own, you may have trouble even deciding what you really want, since you are so intent on trying to figure out what your partner wants.

You take great joy in your partner's happiness, and bask in the reflected glory of his / her successes. Supportive and dedicated to helping your mate achieve his / her goals, you may be content with being thought of only as your partner's 'other half'. Or, you may achieve success or recognition through your partner.

Although you invest much time and energy in relationships, you don't invest much feeling or passion. Formalized partnerships appeal to you more than torrid love affairs, and you'd really like to return to the days of courtly romance, chivalry and idealized love. For you, love exists more in the head than in the heart.

Librans are good workers and are fair to their families where money is concerned. They have a reputation for being spendthrifts, but I don't think this is justified: they are usually sensible where money is concerned, and they don't let their credit cards run away with them. They are always youthful and optimistic in outlook, and like to keep themselves up¬ to date in every way.

These Librans are not afraid of new technology, new ideas or new terminology, and they never become fossilized in their thinking. The very best thing about these people is that they like to do everything in conjunction with their partners and they don't abandon their other halves in favor of their own interests. Their worst faults are their need for everyone and everything around them to look good; and they worry about what the neighbors might think. Their inability to make a decision is quite frustrating to live with because they often miss opportunities as a result of shilly-shallying.

There is a third type of Libran who is usually, but not always, male, and who is pretty much impossible to live with. These Librans are highly ambitious, and their jobs frequently come well before their relationships. So, for that matter, do their entertainments, holidays, cars and other lovers. When caught out by a furious partner, these fascinating Librans turn on the charm and behave like the proverbial two-year-old who knows that he has been naughty but now wants to be forgiven. Acquisitive, greedy and selfish, these subjects are very successful in their chosen fields; and their families will enjoy a good deal of wealth and status. Most Librans have considerable charm, but this type uses it to manipulate everybody in order to get his own way. These subjects can argue the hind leg off a donkey, and will break up a relationship altogether rather than concede a point. These Librans talk at people rather than with them, and they need a sycophantic audience. Many of these subjects are bare-faced liars who are chronically unfaithful. They seem to need a stream of admiring females in their lives in order to prove to themselves that their charming, suave, fascinating image is in proper working order. Vain, domineering, jealous, demanding and selfish, these Librans live a double, triple or multiple life, doing everything to excess and moving between jobs, debts, lovers and ex-spouses with the speed of light. These Librans, after trying a relationship or two, end up happily living alone. They never feel lonely because they have many interests and can make friends so easily.

All Librans seem to have a problem dealing with reality. It is as if the material world is too much to cope with, and a measure of self-delusion is necessary in order for them to handle it. If they decide that black is white, they will be able to convince themselves of this despite all the evidence to the contrary!

The dirty, lazy negative Libran doesn't connect with anyone long enough to get into bed in the first place; but all the others make the most wonderful lovers. It is probably this talent which allows them to get away with so much and encourages their partners to forgive their excesses. Being ruled by Venus, Librans are sensual and very generous lovers. They take their time over love-making, and they go to a lot of trouble to ensure that their partner's requirements are met. These subjects are experimental, possibly even somewhat clinical in their approach at times; but are unlikely to demand behavior which their partner would find embarrassing or unacceptable. Librans can be critical of a partner who gains weight easily or who allows his or her looks to deteriorate; and they can quite easily leave a lover on these grounds. Some Libran men confuse love with sex, and can only cuddle or express love in a sexual way.

Being pleasant, sociable and eager for the good opinion of others, Librans usually get on well with other members of the family. They will flirt with father-or mother-in-law, listen to aunty's grumbles, laugh at uncle's jokes, and play, for a little while at least, with grandson. Some Librans genuinely like their relatives, while others are simply accommodating. Most of these subjects welcome visitors and like visiting, but their nerves are quite delicate and they can't take unpleasantness. If a family member insists on being offensive or difficult, the Libran will either give him / her an unexpectedly hard time, or simply escape from the situation until the offending relative has left. These subjects are very sociable, and love to chat and to listen to others; but they tend to dominate a conversation.

As children, they get away with a good deal due to their charm and good looks; and they are both clever enough and wise enough to achieve the required standard. These children make sure that they have the latest in clothing and equipment, and are happily accepted as part of the 'in crowd'. They don't stand out in any way, and they don't cause trouble, but they can usually stand up for themselves if the need arises. Librans are either well-understood and well-loved by their parents, or at something of a distance from them. The father is often a rather detached or distant figure, while the mother may be somewhat ineffective, stupid or snobbish. If they don't like their families, they manage to slide away from them by becoming involved with school friends and outside interests. As parents, Librans are kind, cool and considerate, but not always terribly involved with their children. They may not be able to relate to their children on a deep and understanding level. Libran parents really need to employ a good nanny who will deal with the reality of small children, leaving them free to stroll round the shops picking up a pretty outfit and a classy bottle of wine for their next dinner party.

Sun in Libra: The scales, the symbol of this sign, have a deeply symbolic meaning for Sun sign Librans, since the need for balance and harmony in their lives is paramount. They need a harmonious background, free of undue pressure and argument, in order to be happy. They will sometimes even make sacrifices for the sake of peace and quiet, giving in too easily to pressure from others; and when confronted with a problem they will sit on the fence until the problem goes away, rather than commit themselves to one side or the other.

Decision-making, or supporting one side of an argument, often involves taking one person's side against another, and Librans have a deep dislike for hurting other people. Indecision is the worst Libran fault.

Librans find it more difficult to cope with loneliness than any other sign of the zodiac. Complete happiness for them means sharing their lives, although when they are alone, other areas of their birth charts may show qualities which enable them to come to terms with this problem.

Laziness and relaxation are often associated with this sign, but that is not entirely fair. While Librans may not enjoy dirty, heavy jobs, they certainly don't lack physical energy, especially if the work has a creative element; indeed, recent research has shown that those born within the first five or six degrees of Libra may seem relaxed because they make time to listen to friends' problems and sympathize in sorrow or share joy, but actually they are very active and anything but time-wasters.

The most important sphere of a Libran life, whether Libra is the Sun sign or Ascendant, is the one-to-one relationship. Librans are not psychologically whole until this has been successfully achieved, and their usual indecision may well take a back seat when it comes to romantic commitment. Sun sign Librans are pure romantics, and will be starry-eyed for months when planning their wedding, without, perhaps, giving sufficient thought to what comes after the ceremony.

Although usually peace-loving, Librans sometimes provoke arguments (even quite serious ones) with their partners to test their affections and reassure themselves that the partnership is really loving. They should be aware of this tendency; repeatedly upsetting the boat just in order to be rescued can be irritating to others. Librans can be extremely generous, but should recognize the moment when their motives become not the giving of pleasure but the purchase of affection.

The Libran child is charming and eager to please. Parents should watch for any tendency to procrastination or laziness, which can develop into serious problems later in life. It is essential that the child is encouraged to be decisive; given a choice, Libran children will often ask 'What would you choose, Mommy?' Don't give in to this ploy! Point out the various options, and do all you can to make young Librans have the confidence to think for themselves.

Happiness at school is important for all children, but a Libran child treated unfairly ('It's not fair!' is a common complaint) will magnify the injustice to such an extent that it will interfere with the teaching process, and upset the child for much longer than might be expected. Creative potential should be recognized and encouraged; there is often real talent here, but if left to itself it may not develop as quickly as with some other Sun signs.

Libran parents are kind, loving and gentle, but must beware of being outwitted by a quicker-minded child playing on the Libran tendency to give in rather than insist on the course they know to be best. It is too easy to spoil a child for the sake of peace and quiet, especially by offering bribes! It is also all too easy to allow oneself to be worn down by a child's pleas for an expensive toy or piece of equipment; don't give in too quickly (if at all), especially if fashion is involved. A Libran parent's indecision can infuriate his or her children: decisions should not be shelved or handed over to the partner ('Wait until Daddy comes home').

Librans enjoy luxury and a comfortable lifestyle, so they need to earn plenty of money. They can also be overly generous, which can act as a spur to often impressive careers. Their working environment is not of great importance to them, but their colleagues are ¬they dislike fussy people, slave drivers and employers who won't allow them to work at their own pace. Their need for harmony is shown here: like-minded colleagues are a boon.

Any profession calling for tact and diplomacy offers them great opportunities. The luxury trades (fashion, beauty, cosmetics) are popular, while the qualities of their polar sign, Aries, sometimes attract them to the armed services, where they may attain rank. They are ambitious, but should think carefully before taking a lonely top job: isolation does not agree with them.

Moving from one district to another will be very disturbing to a Libran, so changes of this kind should be minimized unless the individual is certain of their many benefits. The idea of approaching retirement will be blissful - in theory, nothing is more attractive than the thought of not having to rise early, go to work, or cope with the petty problems of a working life. However, without a compelling interest in life, retirement will be less fulfilling than these people imagine, and they may even find themselves aging quickly. New and enjoyable hobbies or activities will release fresh areas of potential.

It is all too easy for Librans to dismiss the idea of regular exercise, but they really do need it. Indeed, it should be an integral part of their life. It is excellent for them to join a health club that offers a good social life and a pleasant ambience, so they can not only work out but also meet congenial people. The exercise itself should be steady rather than spasmodically energetic. The Libran liking for rich, sweet food should be resisted whenever possible; a lighter diet is best, and inaction can encourage weight gain. The kidneys are the Libran organs, and tension or worry can provoke headaches. If these persist, medical advice is needed.

Sun in Libra: Librans are ruled by the planet Venus, which gives them charm and grace in expression, combined with a desire for popularity and the approval of others. The highly evolved natives of this sign will never compromise principle in order to gain approbation, because experience has taught them that ultimate humiliation is the result of such expediency.

Because Libra is a cardinal sign, Libras are concerned with the present and will initiate activities. But they usually seek the co-operation of others rather than continuing alone.

Libras have a special need for companionship in order to be fulfilled. However, they need to maintain their own individuality within the framework of their relationships. Marriage and partnerships are a primary concern of Libras.

Typical activities involve social relations and contact with the public. They can include the legal profession, public relations, art, the performing arts, music, and partnerships that require close co-operation.

Libras have a strong sense of justice and fair play, hence Saturn's exaltation in this sign. Thus they demand that their partners work as hard as they do. Contrary to what has often been said by astrologers, Libras are anything but lazy. The more highly evolved the individual, the more likely he is to be hard-working.

Since Libra is an Air sign, those born under it are intellectual and actively seek knowledge, new ideas, and mental stimulation. They are especially adept at analyzing what is occurring in the society around them. All matters pertaining to psychology and human relationships are of deep interest to them. For this reason, they make good counselors and often seek to help people with their personal problems. They frequently play the role of peacemaker. The key phrase for Libra is 'I balance'.

These Venus-ruled natives rarely express anger, but when they do it is as though a tornado has gone through a room - they leave nothing unsaid. They will tell you exactly what you said fifty years before and under what circumstances you said it. Yet, like the tornado, their anger soon spends itself, leaving them shaken and ill.

Sun in Libra: You have a graceful, though potentially superficial, heart. You have the will to use generously your sense of justice - without it devolving into indecision. Your life should be led in a spirit of radiating harmony and beauty - as opposed to merely being 'nice'. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is fair and diplomatic, and / or sitting on the fence.

You have an aura of pleasantness that gives Other the feeling of being worth something. You create an impression of social ease, and of knowing the right faces and places as well possibly. You have an air of aesthetic awareness or social harmony, and may display artistic ability.

You can alienate Other with a gloss of niceness that is purely for effect, and is in great need of sincerity; with your dependence on others (rather than Other) to maintain your own feeling of being of any social worth and desirability; and by treating everything and everyone but Other with grace and consideration.

You overemphasize your looks and / or style rather than emotional commitment - which amounts to using superficial means for superficial ends. You also overstress your tactfulness and willingness to compromise, to the point of becoming a nonentity; and you overemphasize the 'nice' or glamorous side of life at the expense of being real or substantial.

You can feel weak with respect to the value or attractiveness of your inner being; you should know that exposing it will strengthen it. You can also feel weak when having to risk being disliked or disapproved of by Other; you should be true to yourself - then, so eventually will Other. You can also feel weak when your 'muck' is raked up.

When you are alone, it is most probably for one of two reasons. The first reason is that you are having to discover yourself as an independent individual rather than an 'Other to or for Other' - which is like being a two-dimensional being, a human mirror and nothing else. In order to do this, you will have to bring to the surface what appear to be some quite anti-social feelings and ideas. But this is okay as long as you stick with it and fashion such crude steel ore into fine steel. The second reason could be that you hold the belief that you are too odd or unacceptable to be in a relationship. This is as may be, but being locked into such an incestuous and subjective relationship with yourself would prevent you from noticing that everyone, including a potential Other, is 'weird' too and has something to hide that they want discovered or uncovered by and with love.

Sun in Libra: Libra's aim is to identify himself with as much of the rest of the world as suits the demands of his very eclectic and elegant taste. Despite a gentle and firm sort of independence, he does not put too much stock in 'being himself', for he values other people a great deal; and, if no principle is involved, he will please others before thinking of what he wants. In a deep sense, what he wants is what makes others happy. In some this makes weakness. The woman who 'made love only to her friends and didn't have an enemy in the world' was very probably a Libran. But so also is the person whose charm is so great and whose interest is so eager that he or she holds another's attention without yielding to that person's carnal passions. And many who have tried to force the apparently unyielding Libran along a path counter to his principles have felt the iron hand in the velvet glove. Libra's willingness to lose his identity in others - in society, in marriage - makes Librans ideal companions, or mates, for those who understand the curious need they have for independence that accompanies their selflessness. They merge with others, but they retain their identity, and will withdraw completely if their identity is attacked or endangered. They are democratic in spirit, but since they identify themselves with elegance, will not allow themselves to be forced into contact with things or people that offend their very strong sense of good taste. Thus they are often thought aristocrats or snobs, when in reality they have the deepest kind of respect, sympathy and understanding for all sorts and conditions of men.

They also have a great deal of respect, sympathy and understanding for themselves, and see no reason why they should ever give this up. They are the living embodiment of the co-operative spirit; they will work with you till they drop, but rarely for you. By the same token, if they are executives (and they often are) they treat their subordinates as partners, not as servants. Much is expected of the man who works for a Libra boss, who in return pays him well and treats him as an equal. The person who does housework for a Libran must keep the place spotless, but must be treated with respect, as a fellow mortal whose human dignity must never be violated or imposed on. Libra finds deepest satisfaction in harmonious union with those around him, and with the whole world, which is not too much to be taken in by his warm and tolerant spirit.

Sun in Libra: What you most desire in a relationship is continual growth and development. If the modes of communication and expression between you and your lover do not change and evolve fairly continuously, you are likely to become bored with the relationship. Or you may decide to take steps to alter it yourself.

Therefore you should avoid a lover who wants to settle into a warm, comfy, secure relationship. Your desire for change will just upset such a person, and he or she will seem like a stick-in-the-mud to you. Seek a more adventurous person who is always looking for new ways to make your affair more spicy to keep it in motion.

Do not be disappointed if a few relationships break up because of this urge for change ¬that's just part of the game. The true test of a happy relationship is whether each of you can steer the right course between evolution and stability.

If you can steer that course, you will indeed be an explorer in the realm of emotions and interpersonal communication; and you will learn a lot more than most people about what makes a relationship good or bad. Because of this knowledge, you may be able to guide your partner through the areas you understand so well. In that case, you must take particular care to be subtle in your approach, especially if your lover is not one who responds easily to direction.

If you and your lover are creative and mutually responsive within your relationship, your love will be a continuously exciting adventure.

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Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality not easily tied down, fenced in, and one that doesn’t like obligation, duty, or possessiveness. Routine, responsibility, and details depress you. You enjoy practical jokes and catching people off guard. Erratic and impulsive, you enjoy life most when it is exciting and full of surprises. This combination blends the emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra with the confidence, assertiveness and enthusiasm of Aries. Born under a full Moon, you are extroverted and open. You are likely to appear more assertive or forceful than you are, as despite personal impulsiveness you strive to maintain equilibrium and peace; but from time to time you cannot help displaying a devil may care attitude. You like to support the underdog and in many ways you are a true soldier for justice. Enthusiasm carries you along and your interest is maintained while your enthusiasm lasts, but you can be inconsistent at times and not finish what you start. You influence people with the intensity of your thinking and the positive emphasis of your personality. Self-sufficient and mentally independent, your ability to control your emotions and feelings increases your authority or influence over others. An innate refinement, courtesy, kindness, and need for justice in all things, definitely favors success.

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Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries: Gore Vidal, Beth

Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a charming personality with plenty of independence and purpose. Personality is your greatest asset; with Venus ruling both the Sun and the Moon, personal charm and attractiveness become the keynote. A friendly personality and the ability to put your personality across makes people like you very much. The emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra blends well with the stability, firmness, determination, and set purpose of Taurus. You are naturally easygoing, even slow in getting started along lines of major activity, yet you possess ability for sound judgment that assures practical results. You’ll look for shortcuts and efficient ways of doing things to avoid wasting energy. Despite looking for that easier way, you have a strong determination to get the job done. In business, your personality is a great asset as you know how to get along with people. You avoid doing the wrong thing since you have control over emotional impulses. The tactful handling of business contacts, associates and partners attracts opportunities for you. There is much sentiment or romanticism in your nature. Happiness may depend upon assuring firm or lasting romantic associations. Aesthetic inclinations are strongly marked, giving you deep interest in art or music. You appreciate the finer things in life and may succeed in a cultural direction. You have a good sense of balance or equilibrium, and possess a deep understanding of the major principles of life. Good judgment, with practical talent and patient effort, can carry your far. Your capacity for mental and emotional balance assures peace and success in life.

See also: Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus

Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus: Ammachi, Shiloh

Sun in Libra and Moon in Gemini: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a very airy and magnetic personality, voluble, expressive, talkative, with an ability to hold an audience. Dramatics are your specialty and you know how to get your point across with flair. This combination blends the emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra with the intellectual cleverness, flexibility and adaptability of Gemini. Success is gained through a wide array of intellectual interest and self-expression. You don’t dive deeply into any subjects, but you have a sharp mind that penetrates quickly and accurate. You may work your mind overtime, but otherwise you don’t believe much in hard work. You can be hard to pin down and draw out of the clouds. Glibness and social poise attach to this position. You don’t like to take on responsibility and you don’t work well under pressure. Restless and nervous, you need to be kept busy and occupied. You can see both sides of any question and at time you have some difficult making up your mind. You definitely belong to the intellectual group and you may feel that there should be no limit to the amount of education one obtains. You have a sense of balance or equilibrium, tending to keep affairs harmonious and pleasant.

See also: Sun in Libra and Moon in Gemini

Sun in Libra and Moon in Gemini: Groucho Marx, Duane

Sun in Libra and Moon in Cancer: The combination of your Libra Sun and Cancer Moon produces an idealist bent on finding romantic adventure. You are a deep feeling and understanding person. The emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra blends well with the depth of feeling, sensitivity and tenacity of Cancer. There often may be some confusion in your life because what you think and what you “feel” may be at odds. It’s very difficult for you to decide what to do. Reality and unreality constantly battle for your attention. Very much the idealistic dreamer, you hold yourself somewhat removed from the rest of society. Yet you do like people. You want and need human contact, and you are so consonant that there is some danger people with take advantage of your malleable manner. You understand the feelings and moods of others, so you’re very skilled at avoiding conflicts and clashes of temperament. This position personifies the ideals of any peace movement as you are a true lover of freedom, justice, equality, and independence. By nature so peaceful and tactful, you will avoid argument and strife if you possibly can. You are exceedingly adaptable, taking on the color of your surroundings. You mind your own business and don’t impose on the rights of others. You aren’t likely to become a fighter for social justice or the rights of the masses because you are not a very assertive person. Your philosophies are pretty much centered in yourself, a live and let live attitude. Refined tastes and a strong aesthetic sense encourage interest in the artistic things in life.

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Sun in Libra and Moon in Cancer: Paul Simon, Suzanne Somers, JerGar, Sarik

Sun in Libra and Moon in Leo: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a very romantic personality. You may make a career of love affairs and no matter how dull the rest of your life may be, matters of the heart will never be routine or boring for you. While you are refined, devoted, and discreet, a wild love affair is well within your capacity. Your ideals are your guiding stars, and you stick with them no matter what. You go after an ideal with the greatest of enthusiasm and dedication. You seem to have a tendency toward extreme excesses in much that you do. There’s a streak of pride in your nature that restricts you from ever stepping below your natural position or station in life. In certain ways this combination can result in a passive nature as far as ambitions are concerned. In your career or professional life you seem held in low gear by a force working like the law of inertia. Both Libra and Leo are signs of pleasantry, love of luxury, and sociability. These traits lessen motivation and to increase complacency. You like and enjoy people, and when someone crosses you or takes advantage of you, you’re a little bewildered.

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Sun in Libra and Moon in Leo: Mahatma Gandhi

Sun in Libra and Moon in Virgo: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is very self-sufficient, analytical, and critical. You reason things out and are not likely to be swept off your feet by anything emotional that doesn’t fit your needs. There is little that escapes your perceptive and meticulous attention. You seem to have absolutely no reluctance to get things off your chest, and at times you can be a little vocal in expressing your views. You seem reasonable in arguments, but usually you merely do exactly what you want, no matter what is decided in the discussion. When you do get really upset, which is not very often, you never hold a grudge. Things are always very cut and dried to you, and it’s hard for you to understand how anyone could rationally see things differently than you do. It’s so easy for you to be objective since emotions have little impact on any of your decisions. Because you do have a very significant sympathetic side can make you seem more warmhearted than you really are. You’re a good listener when someone has problems to unload, but your counsel may lack the human touch and you oversimplify your resolution of the problem. You’re always ready for a good time or a social gathering. You have an attachment to old friends, but not much emotional attachment to past events. You’re not very emotional about anything. Most or your assessments and pronouncements have a “matter of fact” tone to them.

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Sun in Libra and Moon in Virgo: Deepak Chopra

Sun in Libra and Moon in Libra: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a highly romantic personality and a somewhat mystic faith in other people. You are perhaps a bit gullible and easily influenced because of a tendency to be too trusting. You thrive on love, attention, and dreams, and often you seem to live in a dream world. You are an optimist that refuses to look on the dark side of any issue. This combination shows a very harmonious nature, rarely holding to any extreme position. You are naturally very refined, highly artistic, intuitive and peaceful. Slow to make decisions, you like to justify things in your mind before you commit yourself to others. You like to get balance and harmony in all things. Your strength lies in an ability to make adjustments or to compromise. You can easily see the other persons view of an issue and make an impartial judgment. Inconstancy and vacillation is something you may have to deal with, and you should try to establish and hold to goals and objectives in your life or business endeavors. You are a very friendly person, and you can get far in life with an attitude that is ever polite and amiable. Your good taste and sense for the artistic also will take you far in many fields in which these traits are important. Your natural impulses and feelings about things keep you on the right track, and you instinctively say and do the right things. With these attributes, it not necessary for you to be too active or to aggressive, and you aren’t.

See also: Sun in Libra and Moon in Libra

Sun in Libra and Moon in Libra: Benjamin Netanyahu, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, AlexP

Sun in Libra and Moon in Scorpio: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign denotes a nature that is independent of mind and action, thought and expression. You are both mentally quick and penetrating, with an absorbing curiosity. Thus, you are a ready student, precocious, and wanting to make rapid strides in the world. Your superb logic and analytical abilities are wrapped in a wave of emotionalism. You have a detective approach to things. Sneaking up on a question, figuring out what it is you want to achieve, and pouncing on it with full force. This is not a vague and undecided Libra. There is spice in your nature, excess and extremes in your actions. You have a strong sense of justice, and you can fly off the handle when you feel you have been treated unfairly. On the surface you can seem docile and amiable, but underneath you’ll fight at the drop of a hat. You are a born idealist and rebel, a radical, always on the side of change, progress and novelty. You are an enthusiast in all matters, and have little time for people that pussy foot around and seem to lack conviction. Your interests are broad and sweeping…ideas, philosophies, the arts. So you’re inclined more to the professions or the artistic, instead of a business career.

See also: Sun in Libra and Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Libra and Moon in Scorpio:

Sun in Libra and Moon in Sagittarius: The combination of the Sun and the Moon in your chart forms a nature that is aspiring and expansive. You are highly adventurous and apt to move about and seek a variety of experiences. You are open and accepting of others, and to you, people are people. No one is more openhearted and unbiased than you. You have a positive spirit and the feeling that your ideals are workable, and you hold to them until they are absolutely proved not to be. This extends to very much to people as you believe that everyone is essentially good, that good will triumph over evil, that dogs can live with cats, and so on. You expect happy endings as you’re an incurable optimist. You are outgoing and eager to meet people, but often you give them the sense that you haven’t much time for them. There is little that is stable or secure about you, and you seem so much on the go that roots are never sunk deeply in anyone or even in any social issue. You achieve success through charm and positive efforts, but being abstract in your thinking, you become visionary and impractical in business and personal affairs.

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Sun in Libra and Moon in Sagittarius: Friedrich Nietzche, J

Sun in Libra and Moon in Capricorn: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a basic makeup that possesses a good deal of self-esteem. Recognition and admiration are very important to you, and you are willing to work hard to achieve your just rewards in this regard. The tendencies of these two signs are contradictory to one another as Libra is outgoing and unrestrained, while Capricorn, the great taskmaster, is restrictive and shows a good deal of seriousness. When the two are combined, there is a lesser tendency to direct oneself outwardly and a greater inclination toward self-discipline. For one born under the placid sign of Libra, you may seem hard, cold, and a bit like a machine; less than typical of the Libra social animal. Even when you reflect your natural genial nature, there is a core of strength lying beneath the surface, producing a very warm and reliable personality. You come across well, though not particularly extroverted. Capricorn seems to give Libra a high degree of drive, purpose, and a more reliable direction. Common sense and good judgment make you well suited for a serious approach to business and commerce. You know how to maneuver people, not in a malicious way, but nonetheless in a fashion allowing you to achieve your purposes. Accordingly, you make an excellent manager. Committed neither to materialism or humanitarianism, your drive is more likely directed to status and a shining reputation.

See also: Sun in Libra and Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Libra and Moon in Capricorn: Miriam

Sun in Libra and Moon in Aquarius: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is a delight in any social circle. You have much to offer because you are so extroverted and outgoing. Not a particularly deep person, you are sought out and popular for your sympathy and warm, yet detached, understanding. Never one to get really deeply involved with other people and their problems, you are, nonetheless, unselfish and don’t dwell on personal matters either. This combination blends the emotional balance, courtesy, and friendliness of Libra with a healthy portion of originality, ingenuity, and independence brought from Aquarius. You have splendid foresight, natural refinement, and an inspirational outlook; a happy and optimistic personality. High ideals and good taste in all things enable you to develop a very fine type of mentality, with a strong and broad social sense. Yours is a great ability to judge human character and a keen insight into human nature. You are alert to original or ingenious ideas and can use these to considerable advantage in your work, profession, or business. Sociability, as an important aspect of your nature, can aid in your advancement and opportunity in life. This is never a superficial sociability; you are sincere and open in your approach to other people, revealing kindliness of heart and genuine interest in others. You possess strong and sincere urges to be of service to others. You also possess a good aesthetic sense, and a possible flair for creative expression. Keen intellect, with a strong sense of proportion or balance, assures that you will be successful in life. Your sincere friendliness and sociability encourage willingness to serve the public and to deal in a friendly and pleasant way, even with strangers.

See also: Sun in Libra and Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Libra and Moon in Aquarius: Timothy Leary, John Lennon, Mickey Mantle

Sun in Libra and Moon in Pisces: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality with much breadth and scope. In your quiet, pensive way, you are always watching, staring, observing, and mulling over in your mind what you have seen. You are extremely sensitive, and there is much more to you than ever really meets the eye. Pisces is highly receptive and deep. You are quite timid for social Libra, and most will consider you one who stands off and is aloof or distant. As suggested, the Libra influence pulls against this tendency because it is the most sociable of signs. These contradictory pulls in your nature make you very difficult for others to understand. Reserve and shyness seem your main strengths. You are not a social hermit only because a core of strength within you that urges you to become involved in life instead of sitting on the sidelines. In group situations, unlike many Libra types, you don’t overwhelm others with your polite charm and outgoing personality. Instead you express a quiet, reserved manner that seems to take no effort on your part no matter how much activity is going on around you. You have a genuine concern for others and you can convey this to them. You are a superb listener. You are an idea person, but not necessarily an idealist. You get along with moderate effort, relying on your good sense. Perhaps a sixth sense helps you in many of your endeavors as you can grasp abstractions and intricacies, both mentally and emotionally. You are good at guesses and always a good detective.

See also: Sun in Libra and Moon in Pisces

Sun in Libra and Moon in Pisces: Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, DavMcC

Sun in Libra Woman: These women possess charm. In fact, it is very likely they can charm you into anything! They are generally intellectual, idealistic, 'airy' in nature, sensitive, and greatly aware of beauty. Being beautiful is of the utmost importance to this lady; she is Venusian, has natural finesse, is desirable, and makes a delightful hostess. If you want to win this lady, avoid coarseness. Appeal to her sense of justice, of good, of beauty. If you are blunt; if you rush things; if your language or your manners are not up to par - then you'd better wait. You simply are not ready for the Libra woman.

She needs affection and love. She must have faith in you and your motives. Her principles are paramount in her life - she is not likely to compromise. There is a tendency for her to withdraw; if she has been hurt emotionally, she isn't likely to stick out her chin. Thus, patience on your part, mingled with understanding, is essential.

This woman balances one thing against the other: she appreciates money and luxury, but compares those advantages to character and stability. She is creative, and appreciates that quality in others. She doesn't enter a relationship with the idea that it might end tomorrow. She looks to the future - and you now have fair warning. Do not become involved with this woman unless your intentions are serious. Living, for her, is an art. As a companion, she is most desirable. When she gives you her heart, you will realize you have something to treasure. She is liberal, and graceful, and possesses a sense of freedom.

Love is as important as food for this lady. Her surroundings are important. Carelessness in taste is one way to lose her. She has her faults, and one of them is being affected to an extreme by where she is, by manners, etc.. Often she is apt to bypass something or someone worthwhile because she insists so highly on manners. Her keys are romance, partnership, marriage, independence, beauty. Her moods can be all the way up or all the way down; she exhibits a tendency to say 'show me', while neglecting to prove her own abilities and motives.

She is worth winning, but expect evasive action - and never push too hard for direct answers. There is no black and white with her; there are shades of good and bad, and you may as well get used to that idea.

Sun in Libra Woman: The Libran woman has more difficulties making it in the universe than the Libran man since she's a female born into a masculine polarity. Because the masculine principle is strong within her, she wants to be known as a professional, as a woman with meaningful ideas, and as a rational human being. She looks very feminine and usually is very attractive, but she doesn't really believe in being feminine for she wants the status and rank that is often given to males. She enters into marital relationships with hostility because she doesn't want to be known as a 'housewife'. She wants an intellectual relationship, but often she is so pretty that she is seen merely as a lovely object. When she's continually treated like a lovely plaything, she becomes angry and will attack her partner. Because she wants to enhance her social position, Libra will often get into relationships that can be defined as masochistic. She will allow herself to be emotionally abused while her need for a social image is being satisfied. Because her parents argued so much during childhood, and because there was so much tension between them, it doesn't seem abnormal to her to live in the same environment when she reaches adulthood.

Sun in Libra Woman: You value relationships. Not just the romantic ones, either. Relationships interest you in the abstract, like harmony in art or music. You seek the perfect balance in all things, first swinging one way and then the other in your quest to achieve it. You are always open to another’s point of view and wishes, and you comply if possible. You like to get a proper give and take established early on for living in a civilized and gentle way, with grace and refinement, is important to you, as is beauty, which is harmony made visible. You're offended by ugliness or coarseness. Even if you're not upper-class by birth, you're naturally charming, classy, and refined. You try to be considerate and socially appropriate at all times because scenes distress you, especially in public. You can smell strife in the making, and you quickly act to mediate or defuse a potentially difficult situation.

Though you're exquisitely tuned to other people, it takes you a long time to tune into yourself. Since you're essentially mental, you rationalize, denying your own needs and feelings. As a result, you may let someone down or kill them with kindness. When you do get in touch with your anger, you dredge up everything the person has ever done that annoyed you, but that you were too civil to mention. When balance is restored, you revert to your natural diplomacy. Look, you’d always rather discuss things rationally and compromise. It’s easier to get bees with honey than with vinegar, isn’t it? Things can be worked out if you listen objectively to both sides.

You're smart and independent, but you want a man who treats you like a lady. You have a soft spot for the rugged types with gentle ways - cowboys who wash their hands. Sometimes you want a sensitive, artistic man. Other times you're attracted to the hard-driving businessman type. Whichever he is, nothing means more to you than a relationship and you sometimes stay in unequal situations just to be in one. Fairness and balance are crucial issues for you, and you are always searching for your perfect complement. You can even go for a man with whom you have nothing in common, just because you feel he balances you - especially if he’s good-looking.

Sun in Libra Man: The Libran male can be more in control of his circumstances than Libra women because males are generally bigger and stronger. He, too, gets into a tense marriage in which he feels that he has to soothe the relationship rather than express his feelings. This results in open hostility later on. He becomes angry and hostile due to the fact that it is difficult for him to express his feelings or his needs. He may spend more money than he makes, or feel that he has to keep up with the 'Joneses' in order to keep his image in the community. If he is immature and abuses his credit cards in order to keep up his image, this can create lots of tension when he has to face all his creditors. The Libran male is also quite physically attractive, and his partner often doesn't understand his internal tensions because he looks so good on the outside. She may misinterpret his moods and feel that when he is depressed he is really unhappy with her, when in reality it's himself he's unhappy with. He rarely gets the understanding and affection he needs. Until he learns to ask for what he needs directly, and until he learns to express how he feels honestly instead of placating others, he will be lonely.

Sun in Libra Man: This man is considered high strung. In reality, however, it is not so much his nerves, but his sense of awareness, his keen convictions, his drive for justice and independence. He likes proportion in all things, and is very apt to notice bulges in the wrong places! He isn't the easiest man in the world to live with, but he is appreciative, and seldom asks the impossible - he just requires that you strive toward that goal!

He needs to be told how good he is; flattery is a necessity. This does not mean he is egotistical; it does mean that he requires someone to share in his triumphs; someone who appreciates him. He has more of a sense of humor than you might first realize; his natural bent is toward intellectual subjects - he is nobody's fool, though at times he may act like one.

It is important for you to avoid irritability; the Libra man adores a woman with an even temper, one who can laugh in the face of adversity. He is appreciative of talent, art, literature, and music: he will encourage hobbies, even if such encouragement costs him money. This man demands refinement; he is a man to whom culture is important. He is a good catch, but it takes quite a run before the chase is over. He is apt to demand perfection, but will settle for less - provided you 'understand' him. Convince him you are on his side, and the world is yours for the asking!

Any breach of good taste is offensive to this man. He is a social being, demanding manners, grace, charm and dignity. And don't be shocked if, despite his demands upon you, he himself breaks every rule by arguing with guests, challenging their ideas, and causing them to look at him goggle-eyed as he presents what may appear to be outlandish theories. The Libra man is an individual, if nothing else!

His key word is challenge. He loves expressions of originality; and when he argues, it is for the sake of bringing out the best in the thinking of others. He is not always easy to understand, but he would never knowingly hurt you.

Sun in Libra Man: You need to balance relations among all components. You always see both sides of every issue and you deal fairly and justly in all situations. You're forever trying to reconcile opposite points of view in others and in yourself in order to find and maintain the pivot point. This shows in different ways. You like debate, the law, socializing, and art. Indecision and argumentativeness both come naturally to you. Two things are clear. One, you see both sides of any issue and, two, you have an artistry about whatever you do. You're a gentleman with natural charm, grace and class. You're fine-tuned to society and you enjoy intimate social gatherings with good conversation. As a social animal, you are very quick to spot discord brewing and you always try to smooth over the rough spots to avoid ugliness or strife, which offend you. You want your environment to look good and contain civilized behavior. Conventional prettiness is fine with you. Nothing should be exaggerated.

Harmony is important to you, and for this reason you are often overly solicitous of others' needs, ignoring your own. This attitude of yours can cause the imbalance that so much upsets you, and then you recall everything the other person has ever done to offend you, which you were too polite to call to attention at the time. You set yourself up by being such a nice guy. To be fair, you put such store in relationships that you focus almost totally on the other person at first. You like to get things off on a felicitous start.

You're happiest in a relationship because it's hard for you to be alone. You're always searching for the right woman, your perfect complement with whom to share your life. But you vacillate. You like sweet, feminine, pretty women and sharp, smart women as well. Whichever she is she must have social graces. Nothing turns you off faster than crudeness.

Once you're involved, you're not into heavy emotional scenes. you'll discuss anything as long as it's calm, rational conversation. You need harmony and when your relationships are appropriately balanced, life is beautiful!

Sun in Libra: Ammachi, Deepak Chopra, Aleister Crowley, Mahatma Gandhi, Timothy Leary, John Lennon, Mickey Mantle, Groucho Marx, Benjamin Netanyahu, Friedrich Nietzche, Jack Parsons, Paul Simon, Suzanne Somers, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Gore Vidal, AlexP, Beth, DavMcC, Duane, J, JerGar, Miriam, Sarik, Shiloh