Sun in the 1st House

This placing is vitally important for the Sun. Because the subject will have been born very near sunrise, it is extremely likely that the Sun and rising signs will be the same. Such people are known as 'double Cancerians', 'double Librans', and so on, for the Sun sign and Ascendant sign characteristics and motivations will be those of the same sign. The whole chart will be dominated by the influence of the Sun, and the effects of the planet ruling the Sun and Ascending signs will also be considerably increased.

Self-absorption may be a result of this emphasis on the first house, and the individual should be aware of any tendencies toward selfishness, trying to counter them whenever possible.

Consider the health not only in relation to the sign that the Sun occupies, but also to the aspects it receives. For instances, there may be a tendency to nervous strain and tension (square aspect to Uranus), exuberant physical energy (trine to Mars), digestive problems or biliousness (squares or oppositions to the Moon or Jupiter respectively), and so on.

A certain Leonine coloring is given to the personality when the Sun is in the first house. The bearing will be regal, and the back and heart will need the special attention that is advisable for those who have Leo prominent in their birth charts. Equally, because this is the Aries house, the subject will be motivated to win, to be first, and will have the necessary competitive spirit.

Sun in 1st House: Gives honor and success. A proud disposition; frank, outspoken, generous; despising cliques and coteries; independent and firm. It also gives a love of display and publicity, accompanied by high motives.

Sun in 1st House: In the first house this energy should illumine and sustain the search for identity and the intuitive perception of who one really is, or of one's self-image. The person with the Sun about to rise may experience an inner enthusiasm, a freshness of viewpoint, or simply a robust health that will enable him to radiate what he is in a distinct and compelling manner. It is in such a search for identity and in all deeds requiring personal self-assertion and emotional intensity that the Sun function will be called upon to operate most successfully. The negative aspect of this position may be pride and insolence.

Sun in 1st House: The Sun, traditionally speaking, tells of a native with a 'sunny disposition'.

Sun in 1st House: Keynote: to be. As the first house is the outward reach for experience, and the Sun represents the drive for significance, this is a good placement for the Sun. They are the executive types with leadership qualities, and they are happiest when they are in a position of dominance. They want the freedom of being on their own. There is courage, enthusiasm, dignity and nobility if the Sun is not heavily afflicted. If it is afflicted, especially by Mars or Saturn, then arrogance and ego have to be overcome if these individuals would be a success in life. Too much of the Martian force in their magnetic field will drive people away from them rather than draw them to them. An attracting personality draws through the power of Venus, and an unattractive personality repels through the force of Mars. Back of any planets in the first house is the energy of Mars, for Mars is the natural ruler of the first house. The Sun is the most powerful force in the universe. It can warm or it can scorch and burn. Let the person with a first house Sun learn to use it wisely and well.

Sun in 1st House: The Sun in the first house, especially if it is conjunct the Ascendant, indicates a strong will, abundant vitality, and intense self-awareness. This position carries with it great initiative and powers of leadership. People with this position are not easily swayed by the opinions or desires of others; they manifest a strong determination to choose their own course in life. They have a clear view of what they want and are extremely individualistic. They have abundant energy and strong recuperative powers that help them overcome physical ailments and afflictions of every nature.

Their energy makes them ambitious for success; and they will work long and hard to achieve personal distinction and esteem in the eyes of the world. It is a paramount necessity for them to feel that they are persons of importance and distinction.

If the Sun is afflicted in the first house, there can be excessive pride, egotism, compulsiveness, false ambition, and the desire to rule others.

Sun in 1st House: A strong sense of identity. This confident, spontaneous, and outgoing individual is determined to make something of himself. He rises to a position of eminence by his own enthusiastic efforts and through an inherent conviction that he has the freedom to bend destiny to his will. There is considerable love of power and often a desire to be appreciated 'for oneself alone', rather than for one's background, wealth, or prestige. Good health is based upon a robust constitution which can stand up under strain. When well aspected, a first-house Sun shows a happy childhood and success derived from being in on the start of new enterprises.

Sun in 1st House: Those born with the Sun in the 1st are born just before sunrise when the creative forces of day and light are gaining supremacy over the darkness of night. As the Sun edges its way over the horizon, the planet wakes up - hidden things become visible, greater activity commences, and people drag themselves out of bed and into the world. The Sun in this position has an obvious stimulating effect on life; and those born at this time should have a similar impact. These people are meant to influence and catch the attention of others, to radiate their power in such a way that others are attracted to their energy and warmth. They should meet life with vigor, enthusiasm and the determination to make something of themselves. Rather than relying on the family background to feel important and gain a sense of identity, they need to forge their own 'place in the Sun' and be appreciated and respected for what they themselves can do, create or make happen. These people should not go unnoticed. They require a position in life which exercises their natural authority and fulfils their desire for recognition.

The constitution should be strong if Sun is in the 1st, although this will very much depend on the sign it is in and aspects to it. When the Sun and the Ascendant are in the same sign, astrologers say that the person is a double Aries, double Taurus, etc.. In this case, they usually clearly exemplify and embody the qualities of that sign.

If the Sun is well-aspected in the 1st, the influence of the early environment is likely to be supportive of the person's desire to express his or her individuality. Usually their birth will draw much attention, as if to corroborate their need to feel important. A negative expression of the Sun in the 1st may be an overbearing personality, extreme egocentricity, and excessive pride. Those who do not manage to express or develop a healthy outlet for their power and authority may turn bitter and cynical. Rather than being resentful if their worth is not acknowledged unquestioningly, they should recognize that admiration and appreciation from others must be earned first.

Sun in 1st House: Expresses the right to be acknowledged as a leader and the ability to bring this about by asserting one's independence.

Sun in 1st House: You have a strong personality that immediately makes an impression on other people. When you enter the room, everyone knows it. You are very strong-willed and energetic. The problem with this is that you may not let the people around you be themselves. Your own energies are so strong that you try to impress your will upon others, and you are very impatient when people try to assert themselves with you. Nevertheless, they have the right to assert themselves, and you should give them the chance, even though you may find it irritating.

Your high level of self-confidence can be very useful, as long as you know your limitations and avoid being cocksure. Don't try to do more than you can; and when you are unable to do something, don't take it as a personal defeat. It's hard for you to realize that no-one can do everything.

You are physically strong and should enjoy good health. If you can learn to accept your limitations and control your energy properly, you will be able to do a great deal. People with the Sun in this house who learn how to get along with others and let them have their way now and then are very well liked. But if you do not learn these lessons, you will not be liked.

This position indicates that you are a person who stands out in a crowd. At any social gathering, you have the first choice of potential partners. Because of this outstanding quality, you don't need to strive to make a stronger impression when you encounter someone who is attractive to you. In fact, that might work against you, because you would probably seem rather overwhelming. Better to relax and let your naturally magnetic presence do the work for you.

You tend to be quite direct and honest in your approach to people, and you don't bother to beat about the bush with a potential lover. Elaborate courting is not your game. Because of your honesty, your love affairs begin and end quite abruptly, as you have no desire to continue a relationship that is no longer working well.

You tend to dominate your partner, simply because you're the first one to make a move in most situations. Here you must be particularly careful of your lover's feelings, for you may cause emotional harm without intending to; you must make an extra effort to see that you both have equal expression within the relationship.

The main advantage of this position is that it indicates a strong, forceful personality. But you must use that power carefully in your love relationships.

Sun in 1st House: This is a powerful location for the Sun. It gives great strength, a strong ego, and physical stamina. People with a rising Sun are inclined to be self-indulgent. They go after what they want without a second thought, and usually get it. They tend to be autocratic with children, employees, and hangers-on, but are also generous in a patriarchal way. They are usually attractive, with an air of aristocratic authority or dignity. Their strong egos make enemies, whom they generally ignore. If Mars, Uranus, Saturn, or Pluto are conjunct or square the Sun, they can be cruel, but usually they are kind, generous, and paternalistic to others. That is, unless their anger is aroused or their status is threatened, when they can become extremely dangerous to any they perceive as a threat. When they fight, it is animalistic, no holds barred - and they usually win.

They may be lazy, unless they are working toward something they really want or care about, in which case their strength and energy are double that of anyone else. They rarely pursue anyone; usually they don't have to, as they attract others easily and will take their pick of friends and lovers from among those who come to them. When friends become disenchanted by their lack of interest in anyone but themselves, they do not suffer over the loss but simply turn to someone new. It is a good position for leaders who must pull others with them, such as politicians, performers, and statesmen, because the charisma here extends well beyond their immediate circle to those who know nothing of their personal lives.

The Sun rising gives great strength and vitality, but takes away sensitivity and insight into others. Even if the Sun is in a Water or Air sign, everything must be related to the self before it can be accepted. This is a powerful position, but inclined to be narrow in perception. Other aspects can broaden the perspective, but nothing can mitigate the intense egoism of this position. They can be incredible liars, but their lies are the truth to them. They structure reality to suit their needs, rather than the other way around. They can usually make a fairly convincing case for black being white, and vice versa.

It is a difficult placement for marriage for a woman. She may appear passive in the beginning, but her need to dominate will surface sooner or later, and then, husband beware! She needs her own arena in which to become important, or she will try to take over his.

The rising Sun gives a strong constitution which can take a lot of punishment in every way and come back for more. They are usually extremely healthy, though there is a danger of fevers and accidents, especially in youth, and sometimes heart trouble later in life.

Sun in 1st House: The Sun in the house of identity will encourage you to be self-assertive, intent on making your mark on the world. You will be attracted towards a 'search to become someone' noticed, respected and acknowledged by others, and by choosing such a life path you will have the opportunity to develop your latent talents and potential which can become the main channels for your unique self-expression. It is this desire and ambition for success that begins to focus your will and application into specific directions. The major challenge facing you is crossing the gap between your dreams or belief in being special and important and the real level of your actual achievements.

You are likely to have an eager, enthusiastic temperament, with abundant self-confidence and physical vitality, generally possessing an optimistic spirit which enables you to pass through times of adversity without allowing depression to occur. There is a positivity about your nature which helps to create an attractive personality capable of radiating a warm, friendly atmosphere to others, and coupled with an enjoyment of life this can make you a stimulating and entertaining companion.

Underlying this, though, is an impulse which prefers to be dominating, attracted towards roles of authority and positions of power, which tends to reflect an attitude that to become influential in society you have to aspire towards leadership positions, perhaps through management or business endeavors. You dislike having to take any secondary and subservient roles, as these fail to match your self-image. This trait could be your Achilles' heel, if you assume the role of authoritative leader too strongly, and through the force of your self-assertion start to impinge on family members, fellow workers or employees. If an egocentric attitude becomes prominent, then your sensitivity to others may correspondingly diminish, and instead of being a bearer of a positive stimulating energy you may display characteristics which inhibit the self-expression of others, or which cause interpersonal conflict of wills.

It seems essential that you take the responsibility to unfold your life path, through determining what you want from life and then pursuing this vision with persistence and determination. Without knowing your destination, which path will you take, and which signpost will you follow? Clarifying this route has to become a priority for you, and this can only be successfully achieved through knowing yourself, so that you can choose a path that has meaning, fulfillment and purpose, one that resonates within your being as 'right'. Your way becomes an individualistic journey, where you learn to listen to those subtle messages and inner whispers so you do not lose your way. This can be a solitary path, even within a family environment; and while the opinions and contributions of others should never be dismissed and ignored, you need to give most focus to your inner promptings and take the initiative in following them. There may be a realization that merely pursuing power and influence is not sufficient to satisfy, and that the real goal attracting you is the need to reflect an inner image of manifested potential, to become that special person by your state of being.

Aspects to the Sun (conjunction, sextile, trine) can indicate that your childhood was favorable to later development, and that your parents' contribution and early environment helped to form a stable identity. More challenging aspects (square, opposition) may indicate conflicts that require a deeper resolution; and attempts to impose yourself on the world may be frustrated until adjustments in attitude have been achieved. Much will depend on the influence of your father in the development of your identity centre; and certain keys to your ease of self-assertion may lie in the relationship with him.

Sun in 1st House: Self Expression: The placement of the Sun in the 1st house indicates that your life-purpose centers around spontaneous self-expression. Everything else is secondary to self-discovery. You are not necessarily selfish, although that pitfall exists, but you are a self-motivated and self-generating individual. What you express is certainly meaningful, for it conditions the feedback you get from others and from the environment. but expression itself is the single most crucial factor. Inhibit or block expression, and you cut yourself off from life-energy. The challenge is to radiate outward, letting yourself flow into behavior. Fill your spirit with vibrant life.

Natural persona: Ordinarily, the 1st house masks the inner essence. In your life, however, we see your essence projected directly through spontaneous outer personality. When the ascending and Sun signs are the same, there is a basic naiveté toward life, expressed along lines of the zodiacal sign. However, much depends on whether the Sun's support planets, Mercury and Venus, are located in the 12th, 1st, or 2nd. When the ascending and Sun signs are different, personality still retains the 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' tonality, but there is greater complexity in self-expression. However, any conflicts are open for all to see. The pitfall lies in assuming that others are put together in the same way, and can be understood directly through their actions. This is definitely not the case - most people are constructed differently from you. The challenge is to be yourself.

Your name-tag says, 'I am exactly who you see'; and you believe that, even though finally it can hardly be true.

Self-awareness: You are constantly 'birthing' self-awareness through activity; and when that activity stops, your awareness subtly begins to fade. The sign placement of the Sun determines what 'activity' is. For Fire signs like Aries or Sagittarius, it often implies literal physical movement - you have to do something. For Water signs like Cancer or Pisces, activity may mean emotional radiance - the expression of feeling. Your challenge is to awaken the awareness that you exist as a separate individual. You live for the here and now experience of discovering yourself, over and over and over...

Boundaries: What is usually a means to an end is for you an end in itself. The Sun represents the inner essence; and ordinarily we create a bridge to connect with the outer world. For you, the bridge is the same as the essence. The 'lens' and the essence looking through it are identical. Any self-expression not true to your core self damages the lens, making real interaction impossible; and purely egoistic excess blurs the distinction between the self's inner world and the outer environment, causing social blindness, flawed perceptions, and the recurring experience of rejection. The challenge is to express yourself fully while recognizing that others have the same rights of self-expression.

Vitality: The condition of the Sun by sign and aspect is crucial to understanding your health; but in general you are vital and strong, with the ability to recover from otherwise devastating setbacks, both psychologically and medically. You are pushing into life, determined to 'get born', willing to thrust through any and all obstacles, including the personal vulnerability to disease or breakdown. Your strength is not 'conscious', but instead reflects a fundamental will to survive at a very basic level.

Sun in 1st House: You are optimistic and have faith in your ability to succeed. People easily let you exert your influence, so you have little difficulty in promoting your plans. You are aggressive, outgoing and personable. If you persist, your talents will be recognized, which is very important to you. Getting some formal training will help you achieve your ambitious objectives and refine your creative talents. Even your competitors will admire you, for you try to be the best in whatever you undertake. It is heartwarming to know that the public appreciates you, as do those close to you. You enjoy travelling, and when possible you try to mix business and pleasure. You learn all you can about your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, but you also try to stay on good terms with them.

You want a lot out of life, so you use your creative ideas to reach your future goals. A self-made person, you would rather not depend on others for assistance, but you will help anyone who deserves it. You enjoy a broad social circle and are quite influential with friends and close associates, so there is always someone who will do favors for you. You plan for long-range goals rather than immediate results. You've learned much from your parents' failures and successes; and this knowledge guides you as you pursue your goals.

Though you appear to be in complete command of every situation, you are more easily intimidated than you would care to admit. You feel most threatened by people who are your equal in creative talent, because you hate to admit that you can't always compete successfully. By improving your skills, you can avoid this problem in the future. It isn't easy for you to distinguish between people who are just trying to win you over and those, actually your staunchest allies, who offer constructive criticism. Your childhood has left scars, and you tend to look for conflicts where none exist. But you are determined to improve on your early circumstances. The frustrations of that time produced some anxiety about your ability to rise above the conflicts that come up in inter-human relationships. You want to live up to your parents' expectations, but you also want to pursue your own destiny without guilt. You are basically loyal, but you know that you must rise to your fullest potential.

Your dilemma is to choose between indulging yourself and making some meaningful contribution to improve other people's lives. This is a powerful problem, because you are not inclined to make concessions to others. If you give the matter more thought, however, you will understand that your public stature will increase only if you contribute your vast creative talent where it will be appreciated. Also, this will improve your self-image. You can motivate people and teach them to use their own resources.

You work hard to promote your talents because you are afraid that otherwise you won't be recognized. Your temperament is suited to handling demanding responsibilities. Your self-esteem if tied to the value that the public places on you for your services. You don't like to be without funds, but human values are more important to you than acquiring great material wealth. To neglect character development is to waste your potential and place a low value on your worth.

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Sun in the 1st House: Sri Aurobindo, Ingrid Bergman, Ty Cobb, Milton William Cooper, Sally Field, Alfred Hitchcock, Benjamin Netanyahu, Paul Newman, OmNi, Brad Pitt, Ramakrishna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Sellers, Patti Smith, Mark Twain, Robert Anton Wilson, Beth, BPoe, Bram, Gabriela, GaryCl, Johanna, JRosh, Judin, Maitreyi, Mark, Medwick, Michael, Olof, Pankaj, Seligma, Sky, Steve, Travis, Virginia

Sun in the 2nd House

The Sun in the Second House indicates natives who must learn the lesson of stewardship in the correct use of material resources. This will be in relation to the affairs ruled by the sign the Sun is in. They must learn to use money and property constructively, in ways beneficial to life, and not merely for their personal satisfaction.

The sign position gives an important clue to the way the person will acquire and utilize wealth. For instance, if the Sun is in Gemini in the Second House, the native is likely to earn money and spend it through intellectual pursuits; if the Sun is in Leo in the Second House, the native might earn money in a managerial capacity and spend it in pursuit of theater arts and romantic or social endeavors. In any event, these natives will want to earn money since they have a strong will to attain financial independence.

If the Sun is afflicted in the Second House, the natives may believe they can achieve prestige merely through wealth. They also tend to impose their will on others for purposes of material self-aggrandizement. In addition, they may squander money on expensive luxuries for purposes of display and ego gratification.

Sun in 2nd House: Gain by superiors and association with persons of rank and title. The native is inclined to extravagance and luxury. Gains by high offices and affairs of government.

Sun in 2nd House: In the second house, the Sun tends to stimulate the production of inner or outer wealth - that is, the outpouring of collective, ancestral, or social energies into the personality; the result may be that these collective energies - which may manifest as money - will overpower the person's individuality, that they will use him instead of being used by him. Vitality can become possessiveness; 'having' may overcome 'being'. On the other hand, the person may become an eminently successful manager of wealth and fulfill his individual destiny in this way.

Sun in 2nd House: The Sun in this position is quite favorable. The personality is integrated where needs are concerned. The native is able to distinguish between desire and actual requirements. This position often 'attracts' money.

Sun in 2nd House: Here the desire for power is concerned with resources, values and material success. With the Sun in the second house there is the power to attract finances and gratitudes. Desire for material success is strong, and desire is potent. There is a strong stubbornness, and with it a stability and a persistence. If they want something, they never give up until it is attained. Because energy, backed by action, is extremely powerful, they usually attain what they want. Where the first house Sun wants recognition on the personality level, the second house Sun is interested in material values. If the Sun is unafflicted, there is security where resources are concerned. If the Sun is afflicted, there is ability to attract money; but often there is no happiness with it.

Sun in 2nd House: Concern with values and possessions. The Sun in the second house gives a facility for handling money and an appreciation of the comforts it can buy. There is a tendency to accumulate status symbols, to lavish care and attention upon them, and to adorn the body in ways that indicate refinement and an individualistic sense of style. The person with a second-house Sun can be generous to the point of extravagance, but he likes his good works to be recognized. A great deal of energy goes into making money solely for the sake of spending it again. Benefits are often obtained through the father and through the patronage of superiors.

Sun in 2nd House: Pinpoints the right to establish personal values and the ability to attract monetary success.

Sun in 2nd House: You love security, which for you means being surrounded by comfortable and familiar objects. You like to own things - toys, books, whatever - because it makes you feel good. The only problem is that you may try to own more things than you really need, so that your life is cluttered with material possessions. You are likely to be a collector of some sort; and since you have an excellent sense of value, your collection will probably be quite valuable, as long as you are systematic. Otherwise you will be surrounded with vast quantities of junk.

It is difficult for you to part with your possessions; and you may find it difficult to share, but if you want to have good friendships, you will have to learn how. You are even possessive of your friends, and don't like to share them with anyone else. If a friend pays too much attention to someone else while you are together, you are likely to feel jealous. But you have to learn to share that person with others. Your friend can like someone else and still like you.

As you get older, you will have a strong sense of values, which you will not compromise. Just be sure that your values go beyond material objects and that what you value is worthwhile. You have the ability to preserve a strong sense of integrity and security in this changing world.

Sun in 2nd House: Your style of loving is very concrete, and you go out of your way to give your lover tangible evidence of your affections. A few words of love are not enough without a gift to back them up. You also particularly treasure any tokens of love that your partner gives you, for they represent an assurance that the relationship is thriving.

Similarly, the highest values you seek in a lover are faithfulness and loyalty, qualities you are most willing to demonstrate once you have chosen the person you feel is just right for you.

But you don't take a lover hastily; in fact, it takes you quite a while to really settle into a relationship. Once that is done, you are a model of steadfastness and often are the main source of stability in the union. Remember, however, that your partner may not be quite so settled and may require more freedom while still remaining true to you. Therefore, you should try to be more tolerant with your love than you would be with yourself and avoid letting feelings of jealousy hurt your relationship.

Sun in 2nd House: The acquisition of possessions is extremely important to the subject, who will feel a great sense of pride in showing these off on every possible occasion. He or she will not simply want to gloat over an ever-increasing bank balance or folio of stocks and shares, but rather will want the world to know of such success.

Generosity is usual unless it is mitigated by other influences (a 'careful' Sun sign, for instance). In some cases, the acquisitive powers can extend into the personal life, with the partner becoming yet another possession. The Taurean tendency is to own; and when the Sun is in the second house the attitude is 'Look - this is mine!' If this happens, problems can arise since the subject is insensitively bulldozing over the real needs of his partner.

Pleasure is important to the individual, such as a concentration on enjoyment of expensive, rich food in glamorous surroundings. All of these tendencies will be encouraged by positive aspects between the Sun and Jupiter, while either an opposition or a square may make the subject go overboard in second house matters.

Venus will not be very far away if the Sun is in the second house - and do not forget that Venus rules this house. If there is an aspect between the Sun and Venus, the influence of the Sun's house position will be increased, especially in relation to the overall influence of Venus itself.

Hard work will always be undertaken to achieve the subject's ever-increasing materialistic needs - his solar vitality will be powered by the material results of his efforts, and he will bask in the light of any glory that comes his way.

Sun in 2nd House: If the Sun is in the second house, this area of life should be met with vitality and forcefulness: there is a pressing need to develop personal skills, values and resources to achieve a sense of individuality. They need to find and define what constitutes security for them, rather than relying on other people to provide safety, money or resources. A sense of power and self-worth can be gained through acquiring money and possessions and through the ability to manage and organize the material world. Some may incline towards status-seeking, showiness and extravagance to prove their value and enhance an insecure internal identity. They can be generous with money and possessions, but usually expect some sort of recognition in return. Wherever the Sun is, is where the personal ego is seeking acknowledgement. The impeccable, internationally loved singer and actor Maurice Chevalier had the Sun in Virgo in the 2nd: he was born in a slum and died a millionaire.

The nature of whatever planet is in the 2nd house is valued because those qualities offer us security. Therefore, with the Sun in the 2nd, security comes through developing and possessing such attributes as strength, nobility, authority, a sense of specialness, and courage. People with this placement will feel safer in life if they foster these traits, regardless of how much money is in the bank.

Sun in 2nd House: With the Sun here there is instinctive good taste, with a feeling for the basic worth of things and the ability to translate this awareness into dollars and cents. There is a need to be surrounded by beauty and quality. These people are strongly attracted to those who can provide them with the environment they seek. Generally 'handy', they are able to create attractive environments, so this is a good position for architects, builders, carpenters, landscapers, and interior decorators, as well as fashion designers, dressmakers, hairstylists, jewelers, perfume and cosmetics manufacturers, and all those who are adept at enhancing the environment or the body.

Very sensual, they have a powerful sexual charisma that enables them to attract others easily. They are usually quite successful at establishing sexual relationships with those they desire. If other aspects frustrate this, it can be a source of great physical and emotional suffering because the desire nature is so powerful. It is very important that there be sufficient love from both parents in infancy and childhood. Otherwise, the need for it may manifest later in agonizing desires and abnormal sex relationships. The stability of a dependable on-going sexual relationship is a real need. They will work hard at a marriage because of this. Separation and divorce only occur when the sexual aspect of the relationship fails.

The desire to be independent of others is a powerful motivating force that can result in success. It can also create difficulties by keeping them from joining partnerships, groups, companies, staffs, or other organizations that are necessary to establish any kind of work / career position in the community. most women, and some men, with this Sun position are into body culture in some way, frequently dancing, or, if the Sun is in a water sign, swimming.

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Sun in the 2nd House: Alan Arkin, Lucille Ball, Helena Blavatsky, George Clooney, Robert De Niro, Isadora Duncan, Queen Elizabeth II, Uri Geller, Karl Marx, Meher Baba, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, Wilhelm Reich, Karl Renz, Paul Simon, Frank Sinatra, Ludwig van Beethoven, Jesse Ventura, Brian Wilson, Oprah Winfrey, Joanne Woodward, BenT, Bobbie, Collon, Dheeraj, Donny, Eva, Flossie, Keith, Leif, Lorraine, Ricardo, Shiloh, Tom, TonyO, Victoria, VinCal

Sun in the 3rd House

Your path to unfold life potential will lie in the cultivation of your mind, intellect and communicative abilities. This is an especially important area of experience for you, and will help to shape your identity and life direction, and be the channel for your specific type of self-expression.

You will enjoy learning; and a spirit of curiosity encourages the examination and exploration of many varied and fascinating avenues of human knowledge. In such a rich world as ours, there is no real excuse ever to feel bored with life, as even the most active of individuals can only touch a miniscule fraction of its treasures. This curiosity may be strongest in those areas of life symbolized by your Sun-sign.

Your mind may be biased towards the external reality, exhibiting a more scientific attitude towards exploration, although the stimulus for this is often a less recognized need to understand the nature of the universal life process. As your mind tends to display an analytical tendency and intellectual clarity, life appreciation is often found in matters of mental interest; and it is important to continue simulating this as it vitalizes you. However, if you elevate the accumulation of information and knowledge into a reason for life, then you may be making a mistake; it is understanding and synthesis that is the real key to applying knowledge. Intelligence is displayed through your whole life, not just in the reflection of a specialized area of knowledge, and also involves adaptation to your environment and the creation of a fulfilling lifestyle.

One of your major assets is that enquiring nature; and this can be directed towards an intellectual search in either the outer or the inner worlds. You may find that a redirection of questioning inwards to explore yourself proves to be highly rewarding and illuminating. It is important to follow your light, having faith and trust in the validity of your beliefs, values, attitudes and feelings, rather than needing to rely on others to provide you with your worldview. Obviously, social conditioning imposes its perspective on everybody while maturing towards adulthood - and many continue to reflect the mass mind all of their lives - but this is not inevitable, and you can break free to discover your own perspective if you are willing to make the effort to build a truly unique and personal view. If you can achieve this, then greater energy and vitality will begin to flow through your intellect, making deeper insights and revelations possible, as well as enhancing your sense of identity and self-esteem. Passive absorption of social attitudes, values, beliefs and traditions effectively diminishes individual identity, reducing it back into the mass mind and so restricting opportunities and freedom.

You will derive considerable enjoyment and stimulation from communicating with others, and the exchange of ideas and personal perspectives will prove to be highly valuable. This opens you to the multifaceted ways of looking at life and the world, pointing towards different areas of interest of which you had previously been unaware. A tolerance of other points of view can develop; but you may tend at times to become intellectually arrogant and too self-assured in the rightness of your views.

In relationships, you may need to open to the variety of others' individual expressions, and to share whatever you feel might be of some use to them, such as your information, knowledge or understanding. This can minimize any tendency to force your worldview on people, or those projections of power and authority that can distort your relationships if mishandled, and which derive from those needs to be assertive within your sphere of influence. Be wary of adopting an intellectually dilettantish approach, that of the 'accumulatory magpie', where information and knowledge is expressed in a style designed to gain admiration and social approval, and yet is inherently superficial and unintegrated. If aspects to your Sun are challenging (square, opposition), then you may have experienced some difficulty in absorbing information properly, perhaps an interrupted school life or an inability to know what to do with your knowledge or a struggle to convey this to others. More application on gaining intellectual clarity and articulacy may be necessary prior to your potential progress. The prospect is that your identity becomes defined and assured through deepened communication with others, and that by living from your light you are able to help others to develop their unique perception of the varied world in which we live.

Sun in 3rd House: The Sun at this communicative angle is an excellent position for teachers, writers, actors, performers of any kind, or for any position in television, film, advertising, publishing, or communications. They have a facility for transmitting information, ideas, and new ways of looking at things.

Good companions, they usually have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. They usually have at least one brother who is important to them. If not, establishing a permanent brotherly relationship with a male friend is very necessary. They are good neighbors (unless there are afflictions) and usually work to keep up relationships with friends, family, and neighbors, organizing get-togethers, relaying news, and so on. If they get into politics, it is usually more because some group needs a spokesman than because of their own hunger for power or the spotlight.

They don't like to be stuck in one place, and will go from job to job until they find one that offers a lot of mobility; for instance, where they must drive a lot or can travel. If their job won't let them do this, they will save up for vacations in far-away places.

They usually enjoy school - particularly the social aspect - and continue the study of one thing after another all their lives, though the credit aspect, degrees, etc., is usually of little interest (unless the Sun or its dispositor is in Capricorn). They generally relate well to children and have a way with them. They maintain a youthful, eager approach to life, and rarely get overweight or out of shape.

Sun in 3rd House: Rather than just absorbing and reflecting attitudes and influences from the environment, these people should develop and honor their own thoughts, views and perspective on things. A sense of value, worth and power comes through strengthening the intellect and communication abilities. Often they feel the most alive when they are learning something, or when they can be sharing and exchanging their ideas and knowledge with others. Those with the Sun in the 3rd need to feel heard and to be noticed in the immediate environment. Consequently, rivalry with siblings and competitiveness among peers could be issues worth investigating. Some may project their own need for power and authority onto a brother or sister. Or knowledge itself is worshipped like the Sun. Difficult aspects to the Sun in the 3rd could indicate problems with early schooling. These will need to be examined if learning is to proceed unfettered. No matter how clever or articulate the 3rd house Sun appears to others, those with this placement normally feel that they could still know more or communicate better.

Sun in 3rd House: Outreach: With the Sun in the 3rd house, you are fascinated with the stimulus provided by any natural or human environment. Quality is less important than quantity, content less important than form, for in your life it is the sheer kinetics of activity at the surface that provides the essential energy for all other life processes. Depth has less meaning than breadth. Additionally, simple day-to-day activity is crucial. Where there is no kinetic movement, there is no vitality. The central challenge of your life is to discover the infinite variety of that which is not-self, to fuel yourself from that diversity, and to move energetically through the environment.

Concrete mind: This level is the core of 3rd house meaning, and with the Sun it indicates that the essence of your life-purpose is in the evolution of concrete mentality. The development and use of rational intelligence become paramount. Pride is directly tied to the development and expression of your intellect, as is its negative shadow, shame. The view that all experiences in life should be seen as learning experiences is in some ways true for us all, but it is specifically true for 3rd house Sun individuals. For you, learning is at the center of all things; and logic, rationality, and categorization are all ways life-energy is absorbed and transformed for personal use.

Curiosity: Curiosity may or may not be a strong trait in your apparent personality. You could conceivable seem calm and self-absorbed. What is overtly visible to us depends on many other factors. But however you appear, you're likely to experience curiosity as a fundamental source of motivation. It gets you up, gets you going; and even when life is too much, as sometimes it can be, curiosity will renew you, lifting your spirits.

Basic education: Basic education is central to the fulfillment of your life. It is not simply one of a number of equally important phases of growth, but rather it is the touchstone from which everything else will later blossom. If the experience of primary education is a positive one, then the child's life unfolds with vibrancy. On the other hand, if the experience is stultifying, much of what comes later will be a struggle. In either case, the emphasis usually returns to the fundamental concepts of basic education: reading, writing, and speaking. A significant part of life's essence is education, and with this placement especially, learning is built on the cornerstone of communication.

Communication: You depend more than others on the ability to communicate with words, since development and use of the nervous system's rational capabilities are so strongly indicated as a key to life-purpose. You want to shine through your words. As usual with the Sun, the sign and aspects reveal the tonal quality of communication and speech patterns. But whatever the sign, whatever the interplanetary connections, the issue of communication is central. Anything that can't be understood through thinking or speaking has lowered value in the evolution of self. Communication is a battery change, filling the tank of life-energy.

Sun in 3rd House: Your affable disposition is the result of having so many interests and wanting to say in the mainstream of social activity. Your ability to express yourself dramatically attracts people's attention. Your views are reasonably well-informed, but you are willing to change them as you gain new information. You are eager to get on with achieving your goals; and your optimism about the future helps you get through difficult situations. You do learn from past mistakes, which helps you plan more carefully for the goals you aspire to reach. If you put your ideas into action you are very likely to get what you want out of life. Luckily, your easy way with words convinces people to give you the necessary co-operation for success in your endeavors. A formal education will enhance your natural talents and give you greater finesse and polish. Public relations, education, writing or a related profession would give you the stage you need to express your creative potentials.

Because you express yourself freely, everyone knows exactly where you stand. Your self-promotion yields significant results, for you realize that your innovative mind is useful only when you apply it and spread your ideas around. You are optimistic that your children will fare as well, and you hope their success will justify the energy and effort you've expended on them. You are a friend to your children, and should enjoy good relations with them throughout your life.

It is urgent that you acquire as much training as possible in order to deal successfully with competitors. With education, your ability to meet challenges will improve so much that no-one will be able to intimidate you with claims of great competence. You must be as determined to find answers as you are to ask questions, or you will be poorly equipped for open competition. Be sure that you don't overstate your abilities, because making claims about your qualifications that you cannot possibly live up to will certainly ruin your image. You might be tempted to do this because you are repelled by the idea of being forced into an obscure position. But this need never happen if you use your natural talent for learning. If you develop great expertise in your career, your credentials will certainly be recognized.

More important than merely talking about what you hope to achieve is the need to physically apply yourself to that objective. It will mean hard work; but few alternatives will give you the same yield. You will have no difficulty convincing superiors of your capabilities, and your chances for improving your position on the job are better than most other people's. You may have to make some sacrifices on your way up the ladder, but such an investment will pay handsome dividends. Don't be afraid to help someone who is in a similar position, for that can be an investment also. Those you help will reciprocate with favors when you need help in the future.

If you want to derive the utmost benefit from your natural talents, you must establish your independence as early in life as possible. The longer you delay making your own decisions, the more opportunities you will miss. It is especially important that your decisions be based strictly on your own beliefs rather than on your parents' ideas. Thinking for yourself is the first step toward building an identity that is exclusively your own.

See also: Sun in the 3rd House

Sun in the 3rd House: Jim Carrey, Walt Disney, Tenzin Gyatso, Bill Hicks, L.Ron Hubbard, Aldous Huxley, Mick Jagger, Elton John, J. Krishnamurti, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Jack Nicklaus, Ramana Maharshi, David Rockefeller, Sting, Paramahansa Yogananda, Carolyn, ChrisC, Cynthia, Dewitt, Dipesh, Farmer, JerGar, JJ, Jyothi, Nirvesh, Prabhuta, Raga, RoyO

Sun in the 4th House

The search for the path of development lies in 'your roots', which can include family heritage, ancestral patterns, social traditions, the collective mind and your home life, both as a child and as an adult. These roots represent individual identity and security; and it appears as though part of you has been submerged and requires a conscious raising to the light through an inner investigation and integration of the creative roots that have been influential in forming your nature.

Look towards your early home life, childhood environment, social conditioning and relationship with parents, especially your father. These may hold clues as to the later development of your personality tendencies. Try and evaluate if you have succeeded in asserting your identity by now, or do you still reflect childhood conditioning and live a life formed by powerful social traditions or family attitudes? Do your choices have to conform to parental or social pressures, or do you feel free (and guiltless) when you follow your path? Is your father figure a symbol of social authority, or a supporting parent who encourages the unfolding of your potential and identity, and who never condemns if you take wrong turnings? Can you stand free and alone from the shadow of your parent's presence? How do you perceive your father, as a source of strength and power, or as an absence in your inner life? What are your attitudes towards social traditions? Do you accept their validity, and conform accordingly to their directives; or do you challenge and question them, eventually creating your own response and way of living, irrespective of issues of conformity and social approval?

While you may look externally for roots, their real anchoring point is within your nature. Creating a beautiful, secure and safe home environment may be certainly an advantage, but unless those inner roots are secured will still remain unsatisfying. Family life will prove necessary for you, providing that you do not depend on it for your sense of life meaning and purpose. Otherwise, changes in family composition and relationships will have great effects on your state of well-being, especially at times when children mature and leave home, or teenage friction with parents may be rife.

It may be during the later part of your life that you begin to shake off the influences of earlier conditioning, or find the path which redefines your sense of identity. Probably the earlier part of your adult life will be spent in following socially acceptable life-tracks with relatively little questioning. A reorientation towards inner enfoldment may be required, so that your attention is less focused on attaining security, stability and roots only in the outer world.

The point to be realized is that childhood foundations are present only to build the adult life upon successfully, so that individuality can flourish. Most adults fail to build upon their foundations, taking those patterns as boundaries and directions that they have to conform to for fear of losing parental approval; and so they fail to become free and independent. Through integrating those roots firmly in the ground of your being, you create the opportunity to grow and become self-assertive, confident in your nature, responsibilities and individual expression. As self-belief matures, a sense of inner security begins to form and a renewed degree of vitality flows, enriching your life again. You will feel that finally you have arrived home, and that your past is now fused and integrated correctly into your present.

Sun in 4th House: Deeply concerned with basic values, these people generally have a philosophy of life that makes them uncomfortable with mere surface show. They crave to live righteously, to be a meaningful part of a healthy society. They will work hard to own their own home or a piece of land. If they grow up in comfortable surroundings, they may find it hard to leave. They usually stay near their childhood roots, maintaining the family and neighbor relationships they have known since childhood. If life forces them out and they must live far from 'home', they will miss it, sentimentalize it, and yearn for it.

They gravitate toward the kind of work they can do at home; if they must have an office or place of business away from home, they will usually contrive to do their creative thinking at home. Politically they seek a just society, with equal opportunity for all. To this end, they will work hard, usually on the thankless, organizing, detail end. They tend to shun the limelight and, when they must step forward, are known for their modesty and concern for issues rather than ego.

They tend to be shy and undemonstrative (unless other aspects contradict), but their feelings are deep and active, and they never forget love or kindness. They have great endurance, usually work into old age, and, if forced to retire, soon find something useful to keep them active.

Sun in 4th House: Those with the Sun in the 4th need to delve deep inside to find themselves. What is achieved in the outer world is perhaps less important than what is accomplished in terms of soul-growth and inner spiritual development.

The struggle to define the self rages on the home front. They need to distinguish their own individual identity as distinct from the family background, without denying that they are also part of the family. On one side, the danger is deriving the identity too much from the ancestry and becoming just a replica of what it represents or how it has shaped them. On the other side, however, there is the danger of totally rejecting the background altogether as a means of freeing themselves from its imposition. The first instance denies their own uniqueness and originality; the second denies their 'fate' - their biological and psychological roots. The task at hand is somehow combining the two: acknowledging their heredity and links with the family of origin, and yet at the same time developing an identity in their own right. They may carry something of the tradition of the family, and yet do it in their own way.

If the 4th house is taken to be the father, energies here may be experienced through the father or projected onto him. Those with the Sun in this house might have experienced the father as so powerful and authoritative that they subsequently cannot surmount a crippling sense of their own smallness or inferiority. They may have to do battle with the father to sever the hold he has on them. In other cases, the father may have been physically or psychologically absent. For the boy-child this could mean that there wasn't a clear sense of a father upon which to model his own masculine qualities. These would have to be found from within the self. For the girl child, the experience of the absent father could entail a lifetime search for the lost father. She, too, would ultimately need to 'find' father qualities inside.

There is a strong need to own their own homes where they can exercise authority and influence. Sometimes there is a prolonged search for the right place to root.

The Sun in the 4th suggests that they come more into their own in the second half of life. A renewed sense of creative potency, vitality, and the joys of self-expression are potentially available in the later years.

The nature of the Sun in the 4th is similar to Leo on the IC. A deep need to express their own unique and special identity is the foundation upon which much of the life is built.

Sun in 4th House: Microcosm: A 4th house Sun indicates that you have come to the Earth to realize that you are ultimately the center of all things in life. This is the essence of the life-purpose, to experience fulfilled self-centeredness in as personal a way as possible. You're decidedly modest where overt expression is concerned, as the 4th is not only conservative, but private; and the Sun's placement here shows that you plug into life energy by maintaining essential privacy, as a way of guarding your importance. The challenge is to protect your sense of divine centeredness without denying others their own subjective experience of Godliness.

Personal security: Home, family, and the traditional values that form our cultural sense of personal security are at your core. Your life goal is to achieve and maintain security, to define what family means, and to experience the fulfillment of total safety for yourself and complete acceptance by those you emotionally value. At any given moment, you may or may not feel secure, but you inevitably return to the search for the perfect nest. The sign and aspects of the Sun reveal the type of family security most suited to your particular evolutionary dance. In a crisis, you will sacrifice everything else to protect your family.

Emotional imprints: Emotional imprints and the conditioning of early family life form the center from which everything grows. Though the matrix of family systems is important to each of us, regardless of the Sun's placement, for you it is the hub of existence. You experienced an early sense of self-importance in your family system, but curiously, what was even more critical was your reception by the world outside your family. This is likely to have been either a triumph of confirmation or a trauma of contradiction. Insofar as the imprints were positive, your life unfolds in a kind of perpetual, happy sentimentality; and where they were negative, your life becomes a long and painful ambition to dig up, reveal, and free yourself through understanding and acceptance.

'Inner-link' parent: One or both of your parents had extraordinary importance in your development, even more than we would normally expect. You were very attached to nourishment, since you needed more emotional warmth than other individuals. This attachment occurs whether your experience was positive or negative. Whether the inner-link was your mother or your father, you tend to 'maternalize' the memories. What you learned from and about your own parents has direct and powerful relevance to the way you understand the central role of parenting as an adult, since your life-purpose revolves around the issues of protection and security. It is often helpful with this placement to unearth your parents' backgrounds, to separate myth from fact, for your challenge is to amplify what was best about them while improving on their flaws.

Private intuition: Private intuition is a natural method of rejuvenation, something too important to be overlooked or taken for granted. The radar of inner guidance is often more compelling than the rationalities of ordinary life. You seek to contact the deepest, most personal inner sanctum of selfhood. Every time you truly feel your inner self, life-energy rushes into your whole being. It is a 'coming home' to oneself, a life built around private answers to the question, 'What do I need to feel whole, safe and secure?'

Sun in 4th House: You have strong family ties, and you need to have the security of familiar surroundings in order to feel at ease. Because of this need, you would be more comfortable working in an environment where you know most of the people you deal with. To win approval for your accomplishments, you must first understand what people need and then get the right kind of training to satisfy that need. Indulging in daydreams about your future accomplishments is futile unless you accept the responsibilities that go along with success. If you are somewhat apathetic and content with only a modest level of achievement, it is highly unlikely that you will ever gain public recognition for your efforts. With proper motivation, however, and by using the resources of your creative imagination, you could make a substantial contribution to fulfill your social obligations.

You are afraid that you cannot earn enough to feel secure; but this anxiety will diminish as you start putting your ideas to work and more confidently assert your right to think for yourself. The value of your ability to solve problems can be determined only when you apply when you know. You will become independent and free from obligation to others according to the amount of effort you put into developing your creative talents and resources.

The public at large will provide every opportunity you need to achieve distinction in your career. When you live up to society's expectations, you also live up to your potential. Fearing failure, however, you tend to withdraw from a challenging opportunity when you feel intimidated by competitors. If you can resolve your self-doubt and fear, you will soon have proof of your capabilities. You will become more aggressive and determined to reach your goals as soon as you realize that setbacks and reversals are normal for most people who are pursuing an objective. Someone you love, perhaps your partner, will give you the stimulus you need to exploit your talents. This will win that person's respect and also improve your own self-image and feeling of self-respect.

The future is yours to shape and mold. You can make it comfortable and secure or dreary and dull, depending on how ambitious you are. You must slowly pull away from depending on others or allowing them to depend on you. Then you can begin to lay the foundation on which to build your future. The best motivation for this is education and training. Start by turning a deaf ear to people who try to make you feel guilty for refusing to help them when you know they can help themselves.

You will progress more rapidly and become more self-reliant if you live apart from your family. You must learn the joy of being truly independent and realize that you are competent to make the most of your mental assets and resources. Only then can you be sure enough of your talents to dismiss anyone, including a member of your family, who says you can't do this or that.

See also: Sun in the 4th House

Sun in the 4th House: Woody Allen, Marlon Brando, Wilt Chamberlain, Prince Charles, Aleister Crowley, Thomas Edison, Art Garfunkel, Bill Gates, Melanie Griffith, Georges Gurdjieff, Howard Hughes, John Malkovich, Joni Mitchell, Vaslav Nijinsky, Pablo Picasso, John D. Rockefeller, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Albert Schweitzer, Bruce Springsteen, Nikola Tesla, Tiger Woods, Dunja, Lori, Marie, PapayaJ, PaulS, Ralph, Suji, Zoë

Sun in the 5th House

In this house, the natural tendency of the Sun is towards more egocentric, hedonistic pleasures in life, which may be associated with the releasing of a creative artistic spirit. It is a search for enjoyment that becomes a path of development, although care may be necessary to moderate any innate selfish traits that rise to the surface and demand satisfaction. An underlying attitude is likely to be a self-centered naive innocence, which may sometimes fail to be consistently conscious of the reactions and feelings of others.

This can be displayed in attractions towards romances and love affairs which initially often appear so enticing and exciting, and yet can bring considerable confusion and emotional suffering in their wake when the spark of love or lust extinguishes itself. You may notice that while the flame of love burns brightly as passions are ignited, your intensity of feeling is more short-lived, and your interest wanes. Maintaining permanent relationships may prove problematic for you; and attractions to pleasure may sometimes prove detrimental. You will enjoy children, however, feeling great pride in your creative prowess, and will happily spend many happy hours playing with them or performing dramatic theatrical roles for their entertainment.

Your attitude is that life should be fun; and you intend to pursue this theory and prove that it is right. Your vitality is increased by spending as much time as possible devoted only to doing things which are generally enjoyable. 'Why waste time in activities that are not enjoyable?' you wonder. Ideally, you want to transform your whole life into one of pleasure and interest; and it is through your endeavors to achieve this that your direction unfolds with a sense of purpose and meaning. The search for personal satisfaction motivates you; and if this diminishes in your life, then so does your level of vitality, as the two are interwoven and affect both your psychological and physiological states of well-being. Expansive desires could become distractions for you, as you may feel that you have to chase every object, person or interest that activates your curiosity. You may express a childlike one-pointed focus of desire towards whatever promises you pleasure, and this could have compulsive qualities. You may be like a child standing in a toyshop, who looks round and says 'I want' to everything.

Developing your artistic creativity could prove important to release self-expression and a channel for some of your overflowing energies. Such creativity is likely to have a passionate emotional content, a dramatic or theatrical intensity and joy which adds increased color to life, lifting it above the grays of mundane superficial existence. Perceiving yourself as a creative artist in some sphere offers an alternative self-image and a social role to perform to increase your influence in the world. You enjoy attracting attention, and this helps to vitalize your sense of identity, as you hope that you stand out from the crowd; being anonymous and invisible is not to your taste, and you prefer to be noticed and appreciated by others.

You may over project yourself at times through sheer ebullience, and you may need to keep a wary eye on any adoption of roles, so that you do not begin losing your full nature through the performance of selected facets. You can be over-confident, taking unnecessary risks or adventures, or through unwise speculation may jeopardize your position or family security. Sometimes, a pause for reflection and thought may be appropriate before you leap into action.

Sun in 5th House: Those with Sun in the fifth possess a strong sense of self, a natural pride and dignity, and exhibit great creativity and originality in everything they do. They can be self-centered, so inner-directed that they may lose sight of others; but once reminded, are usually quick and generous in their response. They like being left alone to do things their own way, though, as soon as they feel the need for companionship, it is easy for them to find, as they are charming and entertaining companions.

They are usually healthy, strong, and very courageous - physically in Earth, mentally in Air, emotionally in Water; and apt to be reckless in Fire, taking risks without paying much attention to danger.

They are very inclined toward love affairs and romance all their lives, which can be a problem; other placements will show how much of a problem. Affairs are brief, intense, and sexual in Aries; they are sexual and enduring in Taurus, and liable to become marriages or as enduring as marriages. In Gemini, affairs will be sentimental or mostly mental; they may involve two partners at once, or a relative, neighbor, or childhood companion. In Cancer, love affairs are very emotional; in Leo, very sexual; in Virgo, cautious but enduring; in Libra, marriage, sometimes several, sometimes a refusal to marry anyone; in Sagittarius, intense but brief; in Capricorn, slow to develop but enduring; in Aquarius, either sudden and unique, or similar to Capricorn; in Pisces, sentimental first, then sexual.

There is a danger with this fifth-house Sun of withdrawing from life to too great an extent, shutting out the world and its confusing demands, protecting a privacy that becomes all-engulfing, particularly later in life. Here are mavericks, eccentrics, loners; those who go their own way, no matter what. There is the danger of ignoring the attitudes of society to too great an extent, ignoring public opinion.

These people are hard workers, able to keep at the job longer than others. They like to work hard and relax thoroughly. Physically, they are healthy and strong. They generally like competitive sports, especially in Earth and Water signs, and like to play hard to use up their abundance of physical energy. The competitive nature of the fifth house is not so apparent with the Sun in it; it seems to scorn competition. The true competition here is with the self, to outdo oneself, to be better each time than the time before. Self-development is generally more important than a single steady career effort.

Frequently, the family pet in childhood, the apple of the parents' eyes, these individuals have been given such a strong sense of their own innate worth and importance that they feel no need to prove themselves to anyone but themselves.

Sun in 5th House: Conscious persona: With the Sun in the 5th house you are truly the 'star' of your own life-movie. Persona, and the paradox of controlled yet spontaneous behavior that accompanies it, is crucial. You have come to the Earth to develop more awareness of the self's radiant power, and to use that power as an actor would, fuelling a consciously-chosen ego-role. Every time you see your name in lights on the marquee, every time you occupy center-stage successfully, you absorb basic life-energy, which is then transformed for use in other areas of the psyche. The pitfall involves becoming so self-centered, so enamored of your ego presentation that others are alienated. Pomposity is not becoming to your essential dignity. The challenge is to develop a consciously powerful personal charisma that retains its sensitivity both to the audience and to other performers.

Romance, giving love: Life is a continual romantic adventure. You are the courtier who loves nothing better than the pursuit of a possible beloved. The very center of your life-purpose lies in loving, in the risks, the excitement, the sheer thrill of personal impact through the game of courtship. The aspect of performance in loving is part of your core; one way life-energy is absorbed from the cosmos. If you stop the creative flow of the risk to love for a short time, energy intake is reduced sharply, allowing any backlog to radiate outward, thus re-establishing homeostasis. But if the risk to love is curtailed for any prolonged period, your life-energy can be endangered. Love alone is not enough; you must have powerful impact on others for love to be fulfilled. First generate charisma; then learn to use it well.

Sexual performance: Sexual performance is an important part of your life-purpose. You are charged by the impetus toward being 'the world's greatest lover'. Directing energy into another person, having the thrill of seeing, sensing, and feeling the result of that psychic - and physical - penetration is an experience that goes right to your core. Naturally, the Sun's sign and interplanetary aspects strongly highlight your natural approach to lovemaking; but with any condition, what's important is the concrete experience of self-validation through the successful expression of sexual ardor. You love the idea of having children. However, whether you love the sustained effort of raising them is another matter entirely.

Personal creativity: You are creative by nature, and it is a significant part of what you intend to develop and express in this life. You may choose an obviously artistic path, but it is more likely that you will choose your niche in the world based on other considerations, then attempt to use that niche as the outlet and arena for your creative impulses. Whether or not your creativity ever fully fleshes itself out, and whether or not it is considered successful, depends on a myriad of factors beyond the condition of the Sun, factors that go beyond even the symbolic indications of astrology in general, qualities such as 'heart', depth of character, and, especially, flexibility in the face of criticism.

Competition: Life is a gamble, a game to be won or lost; and no-one appreciates this more than you. Every time a risk is chosen, every time competition is accepted, life-energy flows into you. The very essence of your life involves the paradoxical dance between confidence and risk. Winning or losing is not the crucial issue. The challenge is to play the game fully, with all the consciousness you can muster. Go for the gusto.

Sun in 5th House: Your ability to develop your creative potentials gives you many options for self-expression. You are generally a charming person who looks at life optimistically, knowing you will reach your objectives. People who are close to you find you delightful, and you enjoy their attention. You should take advantage of your creative gifts, or the chances of achieving your ambitions will be greatly diminished. You have lots of talent, but it may be obscured by your preoccupations with pleasure; and you may not have enough time to reach your goals. You cannot afford to take that chance. It's fine to believe in your eventual success, but until you can demonstrate your effectiveness in real situations, you haven't achieved anything. The future is not a vague abstraction; it is every tomorrow of your life. Your magnetism and dramatic flair for communication are your best assets, which you should use to distinguish yourself. People like you and you like them, so you could work most effectively with the public. Once you get started, you will be filled with enthusiasm, and every success will be a catalyst for greater achievements.

You know how to communicate with people, and they respond to you. You capture the public's imagination and win their confidence that you will fulfill your promises. You know how to generate enthusiasm, for which people are very grateful. Your partner will be loyal and dedicated to your causes. You may have more to choose from than most people, so your decisions may be more difficult.

Pattern your growth after the lives of your successful associates; learn how they establish and realize their goals. You need substantial financial resources for the lifestyle you want, and you must accept responsibility for devising ways to increase your income. Even people who are less talented are able to do well financially, but you could do at least as well as they, if not better. You can easily resolve these developing anxieties about your worth by applying yourself. Before you do anything, however, you must define your goals and objectives and glow with the expectation that you will achieve them. By developing self-discipline, you can sustain yourself solely on your merits. This investment means sacrificing certain pleasures, but you will have established your priorities, which can guide you.

You will have to give up some of your self-indulgent ways to make a personal investment that will provide long-term dividends. If you start at the bottom, you can learn how not to fall flat on your face; and if you suffer some setbacks, only a few people will know. Put your vanity on the shelf, and do your best to earn the position you want. If you bring all your creative resources to the surface, you will attract the attention of important people, who can help you move up the ladder of success.

Your early conditioning has give you a good base on which to build your life. But don't think that you can coast along, letting your family take care of your needs. Your heritage should be the bottom rung of the tall ladder you will climb in fulfilling your destiny. Creative talent has no value unless you develop it. It's what you do with your creativity that determines how successful you will be. You may not enjoy hard work, but you, especially, have to accept its reality in your life. To escape from it is to escape to nowhere.

The Sun is strongly placed in the 5th, its natural domain. For those with this placement, a sense of identity, power and purpose in life is found through wholeheartedly engaging in activities which make them feel good about being alive. The need to give expression to the self is vital to physical and psychological health; and people become ill and depressed if they have nothing to live for. Of course, they also fall sick if they are trying to pack too much in. It is not a case of how much the 5th house Sun can do, but rather the quality of the involvement and the degree of satisfaction which is obtained from it.

Some form of artistic expression is advised - not necessarily in order to be another Mozart or Matisse, but more for the sake of freeing the spirit, releasing emotions and feelings, and having the opportunity to create from inside the self. The richness of life is also enhanced through hobbies, sporting events, recreational pursuits, trips to the theatre, art galleries, etc..

The 'playful child' is alive and well in someone with a 5th house Sun, and struggling to be free. No matter how creative people with this placement may appear to others, they usually feel they could be better at whatever it is they do. The Sun by nature is expansive; and in the 5th it seeks to express itself more and more and continually increase its territory of influence.

For those with the Sun in the 5th, love affairs and romance heighten their sense of participation in life as well as embellishing their feelings of specialness. Producing children is another way they can bolster their sense of identity as well as extending their power and influence. There is a danger, though, that a parent with this placement could attempt to 'live out' his or her life too much through a child, projecting unfulfilled needs for fame and glory onto the offspring. The child might be exhibited like a work of art in the hopes that what has been 'produced' will be praised.

The need to be the centre of attention is very strong with the Sun in the 5th; and these people may be unable to tolerate situations in which all eyes are not focused on them. A difficultly aspected Sun in this house could resort to devious, manipulative or exaggerated ways of gaining attention: even negative 'strokes' are better than no 'strokes' at all.

See also: Sun the 5th House

Sun in the 5th House: Shirley Temple Black, William Blake, Bette Davis, George Harrison, Jack Parsons, Dolly Parton, Will Rogers, Gloria Steinem, Elizabeth Taylor, Swami Vivekananda, Malcolm X, DonW, Fergus, Geoff, Jamie, JBLight, JerryGr, Kay, Leigh, Marybeth, Michelle, Zeno

Sun in the 6th House

Your life direction and sense of fulfillment can be discovered through involvement in the areas of work, health and service; and applying your attention to these spheres will help to define your sense of unique identity and offer channels for your path of development.

The organization of life, both within domestic routines and through a working environment, is especially important, and provides a focus for your abilities, efficiency and practical skills. Being capable of functioning well in the material world is probably one of your assets, especially if there are harmonious aspects made to your Sun; and this is also a source of competence that adds to your self-esteem.

You tend to develop regular routines or private 'habitual rituals' as an ordering pattern to your life; and providing that these do not become compulsive and you do not feel that these routines are inviolable, then they can serve as a positive structuring to your days. Retain some flexibility of action and choice within these routines. Associated with this habit-forming tendency is a willingness to accept the boundaries of your situation. This may be a pragmatic acquiescence to circumstances that you feel cannot be changed, or it can be a fear of actually stretching beyond your present limitations, in which case it can become restrictive. A point to be remembered is that if you choose, you can change anything in your life that fails to satisfy, once you decide to do so.

Part of your self-definition is derived from your work, and you are normally a hard-worker and concentrated on your tasks, hoping to achieve due recognition from your efforts, either from an employer or by the success of your own business. You feel that such acknowledgement is necessary, and can become disheartened whenever you fail to receive this for your wholehearted efforts. You may need to be wary of any tendencies to be a hard taskmaster as an employer, and need to recognize that not everyone has your capacity and dedication for work.

If your Sun has more challenging aspects (square, opposition), then you may discover hindrances within your working life, perhaps requiring additional education and training to open new paths for development, or there may be difficulties in settling into suitable employment. As your identity can be associated with your work, this can have a detrimental effect on your well-being, so you may need to ensure that self-esteem is disassociated from your working status, or else it may become permanently diminished.

Health may become a focus of attention, especially the relationship between body¬emotions-mind and psychosomatic links. Challenging aspects may imply physical weakness or liability to illness and lack of vitality, perhaps through a sensitivity to types of food and diet. Taking care of body needs and your level of physical vigor may be required, so listening to the promptings from your body is important, and exercise may also be necessary. The concept of body-mind wholeness may appeal, and you may choose to pursue studies in the complementary therapies or allopathic medicine. Herbalism and the medicinal use of plants may attract, especially once you have received benefits from any herbal remedies, or homoeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology and the various types of body massage and energy alignment, such as Rolfing or polarity therapy. You should not forget the importance of your emotions and mental attitudes if you become involved in body preoccupations: the three are interwoven, affecting each level; and harmony and balance need to exist between all of them.

This could become the sphere of service to a broader community for you, perhaps through helping to heal others or to show them ways to attain satisfactory health and well-being. You feel that it is important to be of value to the community and to contribute in some way for the benefit of society; and this could be a path that you eventually take. The ideal of service is one that can inspire your energies, creating a focus and a dedication to your self-created tasks. Your skills of practical efficiency can be valuably employed wherever you choose; and seeing their results will help to heighten your sense of self-worth.

Sun in 6th House: This can be an awkward placement for the Sun unless it is supported by strong aspects from other planets. This is a 'Saturday's child' who must work for a living. Generally not the family pet, they were loved, perhaps, but not enough. They must get away from the home environment in order to discover their worth among strangers. At home, they may crave the love of a parent, particularly the father, and see all of it go to a brother or sister instead.

Away from home, they still have a hard time fitting in, and often feel somewhat out of place or misunderstood. Their egos are not strong with the Sun at this 150 degree angle of sacrifice; and they need a good deal of stroking by those who love them, though they will rarely ask. They are hard workers, very demanding of themselves and of others who may work for them. They yearn for the perfect work situation, with a boss who behaves like a good father - demanding, yet understanding and appreciative - though few find it.

Disgust over bad work situations often drives them to work on their own; yet this is not the answer, either. There is loneliness here, a feeling of being off to one side, unrecognized. They do best in the helping professions, as doctors, nurses, veterinarians, social workers, healers, special education teachers, or working with the underprivileged or handicapped. They can identify with those they serve, to some extent; and their need to lose themselves in work goes for a clearly recognized cause and is of obvious value. Their need for love and appreciation, if unrecognized or unfulfilled, can manifest physically as a variety of illnesses or psychological problems.

If the Sun is trine the Midheaven, or if another important planet is in the tenth house, there may be an opportunity to rise past all difficulties by means of a successful career effort.

Sun in 6th House: With the Sun in the 6th, the experiences needed to develop a solid ego-identity revolve around health, daily ritual and work. Without becoming unduly obsessive, those with this placement should pay particular attention to matters of self-improvement. Physical and psychological weaknesses and imperfections are often highlighted in some way so that necessary adjustments can be made.

First and foremost, they need to form a good relationship to the body - respecting the physical vehicle is a lesson they sooner or later must learn. Unfortunately for some, the recognition of the importance of caring for the body only registers when the consequences of neglect and ill-treatment have gone too far and manifested in illness. And yet, even if difficulties do arise in this area, the quest back to health and wholeness will serve the larger process of individuation more appropriately than other paths. They also have the ability to enlighten and illumine other people about better ways to participate in maintaining good health.

Those with the Sun in the 6th house strive to develop skills and abilities which secure them a useful place in the employment market. A sense of personal worth, value, and distinction is obtained in this way. They 'find themselves' through being of service to others.

There is a need to organize effective daily rituals and routines which ensure a smoother running of the life. Learning to function efficiently in practical matters strengthens the sense of identity. This is not the placement of someone who should just sit and meditate all day. It is surprising what poignant realizations can dawn scrubbing the kitchen flaw or washing your socks. With the Sun in the 6th, accepting boundaries and routines empowers a person to perfect and refine the art of living. The end results of this attitude are not necessarily glaring, but show ever so subtly and tastefully in all the person does, recalling a Zen saying: 'Before enlightenment carry water; after enlightenment carry water'.

Sun in 6th House: Disease and healing: Disease and the careful restoration of health are at the center of life-purpose. You've come to the Earth to explore and correct anything that prevents fulfillment in wholeness, both for yourself and others. Even when you are healthy, disease is still a presence in your life; it will touch you in some significant way. Often this takes form through a professional interest in health and healing. Pride and dignity are usually involved in any significant disorders. The pitfall is succumbing ¬quite literally, surrendering to diseases of the body or neurotic attitudes. The challenge is to re-energize through a persistent focus on wellness, to learn and practice a wide range of healing techniques.

Unequal relationships: You have great sensitivity to the protocol surrounding exchanges between persons of unequal stature. Fulfillment depends upon how well you conduct yourself when relating to superiors of inferiors. The pitfall is confusion about authority. When we defer to a judge, a policeman, counselor, lawyer, or doctor, even a priest, we do so out of respect of the position, not the human being. A person's inherent quality is not necessarily reflected in the social role he or she portrays. Your challenge is to treat each person in a manner appropriate to the cultural role, while striving to honor the essential equality of our spiritual dances. Curiously, you have a much easier time when in the inferior position; it's the superior role that gives you fits.

Duty and service: Being helpful is nothing short of essential; if you don't demonstrate a sincere interest in aiding others, you unplug from the source of cosmic energy that fuels your being. But that likelihood is remote, and passes quickly if it happens, for you can feel your life-energy beginning to ebb. Of greater danger is the possibility that you feel too flawed to be helpful to others. It's crucial to be proud of the services you offer. The worst pitfall lies in exaggerated subservience - false humility that's actually self-denigration masquerading as devotion. True humility needs to be focused in service, in the action of helping. Remember, however, that compensation or payment is also crucial to your life-purpose. Receiving gratitude is as important a challenge as offering competent aid.

Technical mind: One aspect of your life-purpose is to develop analysis into an artful lifestyle. When you use your mind to organize and understand sequences or logical processes, you plug into a source of universal energy, and your fuel tanks begin to fill. As discrimination develops into careful reasoning, you draw purer energy. Let your mind move toward significance, even when it begins with trivia. The challenge is to observe and interact with anything that catches your interest, to learn how it works, and to empathically understand why it exists, what function it fulfills in the larger scheme of things.

Discipline and routines: The experience of regularity is essential for you. A life without discipline is no life at all. You are on the Earth to understand efficiency, to promote steady productivity in your pragmatic and spiritual goals. The actual regularity of your living depends on other factors, such as the Sun's sign and aspects; but remember that you can enhance your access to life-energy through consistency. The pitfall is losing the forest for the trees, while the challenge is to organize the layers of self into shining effectiveness.

Sun in 6th House: You try to make the most of your everyday circumstances by setting up a plan for developing your creative skills. As a result, you have little difficulty finding suitable employment that allows you to increase your skills in diversified fields. You know how to use your resources efficiently and imaginatively to earn a comfortable living and have a feeling of accomplishment. Although money is important to you, the way you earn it and the skill required in your work are equally important. You believe in yourself, and you know that your dedication in carrying out your career responsibilities will one day bring you deserved recognition and satisfaction in making the most of your creative potentials.

You are grateful for what you learned from your parents, and you know that their training was instrumental in preparing you for the responsibilities of making a life for yourself. Because you appreciate their efforts, you won't forget them in later years, and you will be increasingly able to provide for them, if necessary. You look forward to a time when you can help people in general with their problems; and you hope that with their assistance they will become more self-reliant in using their resources.

If you are willing to work behind the scenes, there is much you can do to help improve social conditions. Your understanding of how to convert people's basic resources into worthwhile tools can be of inestimable value to those who are untrained and therefore unskilled. You know how valuable your education was in making you ready for any opportunity, and you want to use that talent as an educator to give others a similar chance for success. You've learned to think for yourself and use your ideas to get ahead, although at first you were uncertain that you could do this.

You know that it takes a lot of hard work to succeed in reaching your goals; but you consider this an investment in your future, and you are right. But it is important not to overextend yourself and neglect getting enough rest and relaxation. Don't feel obligated to lend your friends a hand unless you are sure they are making a reasonable effort to help themselves. People who have succeeded on their own will motivate you to achieve your goals as they have. At work, you should be cautious about doing more than your share, and learn to say 'no' when others ask you to compensate for their incompetence.

You work hard to provide for your family, and you hope that your children will benefit from your example by making full use of the material advantages and training you've given them. Knowing that you are loved and that your efforts are appreciated gives you much inner satisfaction and contentment. You are devoted to your partner; and in return he or she helps you in your pursuits, so you both benefit. Your mate supports you when you are down and rejoices with you in your successes; and that's a winning combination.

See also: Sun in the 6th House

Sun in the 6th House: Muhammad Ali, Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin, Dick Cheney, Bob Dylan, Robert Hand, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Barack Obama, Cathy O’Brien, George Patton, Robert Redford, Suzanne Somers, DavMcC, Ivy, Jeff, JonathanG, JT, JudyPl, Leen, Maureen, Roberto, Yarrow

Sun in the 7th House

The sphere of social relationships will assume a high priority and importance in your life; and your path of self-development will be interwoven with experiences within partnerships and relationships.

There is a need to reforge your identity so that you can follow the way indicated by your light, rather than acquiesce to paths imposed by social traditions, or parental or peer-group pressures. By your redefining your self-understanding and taking responsibility for your actions and choices, there will be a corresponding shift in social and intimate relationships. A new perception of the interaction between yourself and the outer world can begin to emerge, and a new type of relationship may be discovered.

Until this shift occurs, you may display dependency tendencies, allowing a reliance on others for a sense of security and life direction, lacking real confidence in your strengths and capabilities. Your solar power may have been projected into the world, so that others are perceived as expressing a quality of power which is actually latent within your own nature. Failing to acknowledge its presence within, you search for its reflection by others and become involved in a variety of relationships. This is not a power that should be dominating, but a power emanating from inner light and personality integration; yet through outer projection and reflection, you misconceive its presence as existing only within others.

The dangers of such a projection are that you are left vulnerable to any tendencies of emotional manipulation and domination by others who may be less sympathetic or even unscrupulous. If you allow a passivity to rise in your relationships, then partners may take advantage of you, until you begin to assert your own strengths.

Issues of domination are often associated with challenging aspects to the Sun in this house. An alternative expression of this Sun position is to be too assertive, lacking sensitivity to others, and adopting a more self-centered attitude which can ignore the needs and desires of partners. The lesson that requires understanding in this case is the development of a co-operative spirit which recognizes the validity of differing styles of self-expression, and a corresponding inclination of that impulse to dominate. Sometimes there are needs to attain social prestige or community authority, so that a mark on society is made. The search for 'power' is again externalized into society; and evidence of personal potency is gained from the range of social influence, rather than unfolding the inner solar strength.

You will probably rediscover someone who serves as an inspirational role model to emulate; or you may observe qualities in associates that you would like to express. Part of your enfoldment will come through a process of personality modeling, although this should be only a preparatory phase to convince you of the mutability of the personality and the potential for a conscious reshaping. Later you can begin to work with the totality of your nature, revealing those innate strengths and qualities through your social interaction.

This stage may develop after experiences of relationship conflicts and disappointments have served to awaken you to your independent nature, transforming the nature of your social relationships. It is through participation with others that your new identity will be shaped, and you can discover a renewed sense of power, meaning and direction within your intimate relationships. As insight deepens, self-motivation expands and your life path becomes more illuminated. While external success may not form until after you have created a more successful partnership, inner changes will certainly compensate you for any earlier difficulties. There may be a potential to share your insights about the nature of relationships and the need for individual integration and partnership balance, through some sort of communication to others, perhaps through counseling or writing. But this is a later stage of your possible life path; and unless those earlier and necessary personal modifications are made, you may still be confronted by relationship challenges and disillusionments.

Sun in 7th House: 'Always true to you, dear, in my fashion; always true to you, darling, in my way.'

This is a strong position for the Sun, bringing all the qualities that come with an angular Sun; strong sense of self, strong constitution, powerful will, but at this 180 degree angle, these people always need partners in order to put their tremendous capabilities to work. Until they have found the appropriate partner, they will seem to drift from one thing to another. This is true of love partners as well as business or professional partners. Those with the Sun in a fixed sign, no other planets in the seventh house, and no unrelieved afflictions, will probably take their time about finding a partner and then remain with the same person for life. Such people are inclined to be somewhat emotionally dependent and, if the partner breaks off the relationship, leaves, or dies, may feel that their lives are shattered.

Those with the Sun in cardinal or mutable signs, or with other planets in the seventh, are not likely to remain with one partner; and some will change partners regularly throughout long, lusty lives, perhaps even maintaining several long-term relationships at once. Their need for a partner usually finds them married at a very early age and, as an angular Sun is a sign of life-long growth and development, they often outgrow these early relationships and move on to greater challenges in their love lives as their capacities grow. They usually have a philosophy of life that suits their style and needs, and so will be advocates of free love, open marriage, or something of the sort - privately if not publicly.

As long as they have a dependable nature, these people can support whole tribes of admirers, dependents, employees, and such, standing gladly at the center of movements, special interest groups, cults, etc., as a father or mother figure. They have a great sense of purpose and make good leaders, but whether for good or evil must be indicated by other factors, as their sense of being right is so strong that they can take large numbers of their fellows a long way down the wrong path.

Although this is a strong location for the Sun, it is not so good for a career, as they are so strongly inclined to follow their own private star wherever it may lead. The path of personal development will carry them far from a single career track, and they may end up a long way from where they began.

Sun in 7th House: Mirrored Awareness: In the 7th house, the Sun indicates that you've come to the Earth to discover yourself through the contact you make with other human beings. This mirroring is crucial, for it's the way you plug into Cosmic Central. Every time you relate to someone, every time you even consider relating, you energize yourself. The pitfall lies in believing that the other person is the energy source. The challenge is to maintain the self-awareness you create through relationship, so that your awareness continues even when relatedness isn't present. In that way, each new encounter, whether with the same or a different person, builds on a previous foundation, the comprehension of who you truly are.

Equal partnerships: The face that you tap into power through relationships doesn't mean you need to be with a partner twenty-four hours a day. In fact, it is essential that once you have established a significant relationship, you then use the energy it generates to further your own singular pursuits. Thus, the pitfall is the tendency to become overly dependent on your partners, to feel incomplete without them, and, as a result, to diminish your sense of self. The challenge is to create partnerships that are mutually supportive to the unique life-paths of both partners. Do not become One with another, but instead stay in the dynamic, unresolved polarity of twoness.

Contracts, commitments: Commitment is life-affirming; non-commitment is life-denying. Honoring promises furthers life-purpose; breaking promises damages it.

That much is simple. What is not so simple are the intricacies of distinguishing a good commitment from a bad one. Relationships manifest the extraordinary paradoxes of being alone and being together; and it is easy to lose our bearings. Partnership is a two-way street, involving mutuality by two individuals, yet each of us alone must decide for ourselves what we want and are willing to promise. To not commit to someone else, for that surrenders your essence. Instead, commit to the willingness to share yourself with another.

Co-operation: If, for any reason, you experience confrontation rather than negotiation, defiance rather than compromise, or opposition rather than co-operation, your life-purpose falters. The more you are able to see and understand the other's point of view - without giving up your own - the more vital your life becomes. Back away from relatedness when compromise is temporarily impossible. See the ebb and flow as natural, not as winning or losing. Anything can be negotiated between partners if there is sufficient time, interest, and good faith. So look for partners who will negotiate with you, partners who understand that compromise does not - and should not - require winners and losers.

Natural partner or partnership: Your natural partner embodies essential power and visible dignity. This person’s life-purpose should affect you deeply; you feel yourself responding, moved by the sense of meaning in your partner's journey. Your mate must have a stronger-than-average will, a central core with real power. There's a radiance that others besides you can see.

A natural partnership stimulates your pride, not the false glory of ego-centered vanity, but the pride that results from recognition of your essential wholeness, and from the increasing ability to express yourself in open and fulfilling ways. It should clarify your life; and though it cannot hold the limelight - that is for the self alone - it must occupy a position near center-stage in your existence. The image is dawn, with the sun breaking through the clouds, rising to warm the earth and evaporate the mists.

Sun in 7th House: You must depend largely on others for opportunities to exploit your creative talents. Through the people you meet and deal with, you will achieve recognition for your accomplishments. Once you get the approval that you need to be reassured of your capabilities, you can use your authority to achieve your goals and objectives. You need to gain public support for the programs you initiate, so you must find a way to win converts among your competitors. You are easily intimidated by people who question your motives, and you resent having to explain your actions to anyone. Still, if you try to be understanding of others' motivations, you will have every chance to justify your position on issues and your reasons for acting as you must. Your sweeping command of language will be an asset when you are challenged, for few can resist the persuasiveness of your delivery. With a formal education, you can win over the most unyielding adversaries. You need to be fully informed at all times so that you don't have to take second place to anyone.

You have a way of convincing people that you are important to them and to their dreams for the future. Your flair for communicating dramatically what people need to know about your skills is formidable, to say the least. No press agent or public relations person could match your ability to promote yourself. You feel that the public needs and wants your product; and your effective salesmanship wins you their patronage. Public relations and sales are two areas in which you could excel. You truly believe in yourself and your ability to serve the public with dedication.

Your most persistent opponent is yourself. Even the slightest doubt about your ability to win in competition can be devastating to your self-image. You unconsciously create situations and foes that stimulate you to prove that you could win in spite of the odds against it. When you were young, you might have had some difficulty in accepting this responsibility, because your training caused you to doubt your ability to compete successfully. With experience, this attitude could change. You will grow more self-confident and learn to roll with the public criticism that is often leveled at people in authority. On the other hand, the public admires and respects those who distinguish themselves by their achievements.

You should accept the fact that you will earn your living mainly from the services you offer the public. Don't consider this demeaning, for services include a wide variety of products or skills. Instead, consider it an opportunity to exploit your talents and derive much satisfaction and fulfillment in doing so. You don't have to make huge sacrifices to win public recognition for your efforts. Stop comparing your position to other people's; and be grateful for the privilege of utilizing your skills in ways that bring you the greatest benefits.

The public needs your skills much more than you know. Once you realize this, you will be inspired in finding ways to give people what they want and earn a comfortable living at the same time. As long as your partner doesn't threaten your self-image, the relationship will go along well. Don't choose someone who needs you to compensate for his or her deficiencies. You cannot afford to be less qualified than your opponents in any endeavor, or you risk being relegated to insignificance.

Sun in 7th House: When the philosopher Martin Buber wrote that 'Man becomes an I through a You', he could have been referring to those with the Sun in the 7th. Almost paradoxically, a sense of their own power, purpose and individuality is found through partnership and relationship. Participating in joint activities raises issues which enable them to define who they are more clearly. Through the ups and downs and entanglements encountered in the attempt to form vital, honest and life-supporting alliances, the identity is shaped and strengthened. It is a fact of life that something exists more clearly if it can be seen in relation to something else; likewise, a personality has more meaning when seen in relation to other personalities. When the Sun shines in Libra's house, the 'I' needs a 'Thou'.

However, it doesn't always work this way. In some cases, those with the Sun in the 7th may try to abscond with another person's identity by finding someone who will be big and strong for them or who will tell them what to do with their lives. Or they may be preoccupied with gaining prestige and authority through aligning themselves with an important or influential figure, or by looking for a hero or heroine they can serve, worship and forever adore. In a man or woman's chart, the Sun here can indicate a search for a 'daddy' figure. In short, an attempt is made to 'live out' the solar principle through projecting it onto the partner. This is different to discovering the self via the help of another. It is also less productive, and often doesn't succeed for very long.

The 7th house also depicts how we interact with society in general. For the sake of the individuation process, those with the Sun in the 7th need to be involved with people. Some may even find a vocation which deals with the issues of interpersonal relationships - marriage guidance counseling, for instance, or work which requires skill in arbitration and diplomacy. Leo on the Descendant is similar in meaning to the Sun in the 7th.

See also: Sun in the 7th House

Sun in the 7th House: Warren Beatty, Princess Diana, Clint Eastwood, Sigmund Freud, Hugh Hefner, Adolf Hitler, Dustin Hoffman, Carl Jung, Ken Kesey, Charles Manson, Osho, Ezra Pound, Ayn Rand, Joseph Ratzinger, Bertrand Russell, James Taylor, AbbieJ, Ellen, Erika, J, Ju, Paulo, Shakura, Sugeet

Sun in the 8th House

One important tendency in the psyche is the deep impulse to move beyond existing boundaries, barriers, limitations and restrictions. It is an expansionary drive that seeks the experience of an intense union which dissolves the parameters and constraints of the separate self.

This impulse can be disconcerting and disruptive, agitating within your personality, manifesting as an undefined inner pressure striving for release, and often displaying its presence through compulsive fascinations, unconscious motivations and an ambivalent reaction to life; there can be a simultaneous desire to taste life as deeply as possible or to withdraw from external life involvement.

Underlying this is a need for reconnection, to touch a deeper centre of your nature that is magnetically attracting you. Your emotional and feeling nature is especially responsive, and due to inner conflict may become a battlefield that is opening you to experience greater life intensity. This may not be easy, as it is probably your relationships that become the source of contention; and as those inner pressures increase, they will strip away the veneers of control and self-image previously imposed upon these relationships. In the stark light of emotional anguish, you may become aware of unresolved areas of your nature, negative emotional patterns and unconscious tendencies that require cleansing, releasing and healing. Yet it is through such experiences that your lighted path can be discovered. By these unconscious patterns rising to the surface of your life and consciousness, you have the opportunity to use painful experiences in a positive and transformative manner, even though one result may be a phase of difficult relationships. If this has occurred, then the message is pointing you towards personal change, and such experiences are serving as catalysts for an expansion beyond your present limits.

You may become interested in deeper self-understanding, and through your need for this begin to search in the realms of psychology, religion and occultism and commence your spiritual quest to discover your holistic centre. This attraction to the mysteries of life is associated with the 8th house; and your solar path of development will lead towards such realms. Areas of social taboo can particularly fascinate; and you may become interested in techniques that require the application of a focused will, such as magic or creative visualization.

The exploration of your sexuality may assume a high profile, as that is one way to gain experiences of emotional and physical intensity. Much will depend on your reactions to the issue of life intensity, whether you wholeheartedly embrace its potential or whether you feel afraid of exalted and heightened feelings and senses. If fear dominates, through unease about moving beyond existing boundaries, then you may choose to resist deeper life intimacy and reject the potential transformation. however, if you persevere in daring to explore the scope of life, your inner experience can become enriched and those pressures dissolved through conscious self-expression. Relationships may then become less a battlefield and more a foundation for progressive growth and enjoyment of life, as you succeed in transforming your need for union into positive life enhancement, instead of passively allowing yourself to be dominated by the consequences of inner storms.

Another sphere within this 8th house dimension is related to investments, legacies, law and resources. Your path may be helped or hindered by family relationships, especially through the potential of legacies and personal partnerships. If the Sun has challenging aspects (square, opposition), then there may be more difficulties occurring, which can frustrate and restrict you, so care may be needed in respect of marital and legal disputes. If the Sun has harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile, trine), they you may have better fortunes if involved in family legacies, business, partnerships, financial transactions and speculation; but be cautious if you feel the impulse for greater expansion, and ensure that you carefully investigate and evaluate your plans and options to assess their viability. Fortune may arise from utilizing your personal contacts, and through the sharing of resources in joint endeavors. Ideally, you could use any financial success to increase your potential for greater life intensity and inner abundance, rather than allowing money or possessions to act as a substitute for a life meaning and purpose.

Sun in 8th House: Here the Sun gives strength, independence, endurance, and great potential power, which can show forth in the outside world as success in business, politics, the arts, or in any arena. There is the ability to sense what will work and the courage to act on it. There is also an ability to manage others with skill, though that skill may sometimes appear somewhat Machiavellian.

Unfortunately, along with these powerful gifts this position also brings emotional isolation in some form. In youth, they were usually socially isolated in some way, the ego undergoing difficult tests of the loss of love, death of loved ones, undue restriction, social ostracism, possibly even institutionalization, or a combination of these, at an early age, and often alone, without loving counsel. Rather than destroy the ego, this usually works to crystallize it, strengthen it, forcing it to feed on ideas, fantasies, on religious truths, or plans for the future, giving it great potential for the adult years of power.

These people seem complete unto themselves, cool, self-reliant, and secure within their own abilities; but they will always be vulnerable, deeply craving affection and commitment, and more or less terrified that they will never find it. In their own isolation, it is hard for them to see the need and vulnerability of others; and they may be capable of terrible coldness, and even cruelty, to those who need them, They may latch onto one person who they hope will give them all they crave in the way of emotional sustenance and commitment; but this can be neurotic in intensity and lead to an agonizing breakup. There may be a number of such relationships.

Death, imprisonment, and / or exile may mark the life; if not directly, possibly through someone else. In a group, they tend to stand apart in some way, isolated from the rest by fate or by choice. In their isolation, they are vulnerable to the intrigues or enmity of groups, and can be made into scapegoats or patsies, suffering condemnation, ostracism or worse for doing the same things that others do with impunity.

Sun in 8th House: Union: An 8th house Sun indicates that the question of personal worth through partnership is central. The experience of being with someone - not just interacting with the person, but truly merging - is an experience so important that everything else pales in comparison. You plug into life-energy through trusting relationships. Faith in your partner parallels belief in yourself; choose the wrong partners and you short-circuit your growth. The 'right' partner will work with you to achieve a state of union. The surrender is not to each other, but to something mutual, and more profound than either ego. You'll know you're on the right track when togetherness is accompanied by the feeling that you are more and more your true self. The challenge is to be productively connected - not dependent, yet not separate; linked in trust while still honoring your own path.

Transformation: Approach transformation with your whole self. It's not a process you can flirt with, for when you undertake this path, the essence of your life-direction changes. It's like a solar eclipse. The lights of your universe temporarily go out - not something to be undertaken lightly. If you can't die well, you can't live well. You didn't come to the Earth to live one life; you came to live many, in sequence, each built from the ashes of the one preceding, and all within a single lifetime, within a single body. An ordinary life is not for you, so don't try to create one - it can result only in the suffocation of being buried alive. You need to live in the flow of the extraordinary. Forget normalcy; go for the gusto.

Sexual merging: The psychological release of sexual union is central. Orgasm opens the door to the cosmos, especially that achieved by a steady increase in emotional and physical stimulation, one where you momentarily lose track of who is penetrating whom, where maleness and femaleness lose their distinctions, where lover and beloved merge together into a different sort of creature, something more than human. It's a release that may be fuelled by biology, but is consummated in spirit. Needless to say, this is most effective when your heart opens, when you are with a partner you truly love. During sex, focus on the center of your being, and flood yourself with warm, inner light.

Focused intuition: Intuition brings out your divinity. The tools exist innately within yourself; they merely need to be brought into play. You can see into anyone you're willing to focus on, for your radar is strong. The pitfall is your tendency to be overwhelmed by what you pick up. You may have difficulty distinguishing between your subtle perceptions of others and your own experience; and this can be confusing. The challenge is to act on what you sense, without concern for its origin. Check out your hunches. Push for full clarity. The benefits will be heartwarming.

Shared assets: One level of your life-purpose involves the management, responsibilities, and benefits of money, property and possessions. There is no clear way to tell from the Sun's placement alone what your monetary circumstances are, not what your characteristic reaction will be; the sign and interplanetary aspects must be considered for that. What we can know is that your circumstances and reactions directly influence essential fulfillment. You may have power you apparently didn't ask for, or you may lack power you desperately want; but in either case, the power of shared resources will eventually be yours. The pitfall is failing to see how many people you affect. The challenge is to own this powerfully. Use it consciously, however you choose to 'spend' it.

Sun in 8th House: Fulfilling your destiny requires participating in public affairs and serving the needs of others, even though it means making sacrifices. If you turn your strong desire nature to providing dependable public services, you will be amply rewarded for your efforts. A career in medicine, psychology, research, crime detection, insurance or financial guidance might be suitable; and you can earn a comfortable living in these areas if you accept the responsibilities. Your parents will encourage and support you until you are established in your career. Examine your moral and ethical standards, for nothing erodes your gains so quickly as taking liberties with legal guidelines. Misrepresenting your ability to perform the services that your career requires will undermine your credibility. When you agree to provide a service for someone, you are in that person's debt until the service is rendered.

Your position is unique because you are so sensitive to people's failings and needs. You also understand that you have a need responsibility to others, because they tell you their problems, knowing that you can help them, and of course you can. Make certain that your profession allows room to grow and expand the services you give to those who need them. As you grow and develop, your earnings will increase and bring you financial independence.

Romantic affairs and self-indulgent activities may divert you from getting established in your career. On the other hand, your desire for pleasure and freedom to enjoy yourself with your loved one and children may be so intense that you will make the necessary sacrifices in your early years. Such a sacrifice would indicate that you are willing to accept the challenges of responsibility. Contact with well-to-do people may motivate you to rise to the highest degree of competence in your field. If you give the best service, you can charge accordingly. Your friends may provide opportunities during your training period; but they may demand favors when you reach your goal. Money is very important to you, but you enjoy knowing that you are making a worthwhile contribution to the people who depend on your services.

An effective salesperson, you easily convince people of the value of your services. They are impressed by your ability to carry out your promises; and they learn to depend on you. Be wary when you are asked to give away your talents, as often happens in a social gathering when people assume that it's all right to ask favors of you. You may have to steer the conversation elsewhere or suggest that they contact you in a different setting. In your desire to serve others, you sometimes do more than you should, which doesn't allow them to solve their own problems. You should serve in an advisory capacity and help people when they truly need you, but you should not take on their responsibilities. Be alert to the danger of becoming so greedy that you accept jobs for which you aren't qualified, simply because of the money you can make.

You demonstrate your best qualities when you stimulate people to capitalize on their own resources. This gives you an opportunity to repay any debts you feel you owe society for the benefits you've gained in serving the public. This applies to your partner, who values your talents and supports you in your endeavors. Your mate must share your desires. If you maintain high ethical standards, you can't lose.

Sun in 8th House Woman: A woman with this position tends to choose a partner whose need is even greater than hers. Often, though, she will eventually come to resent her partner's dependency, not realizing that it was her own need to be needed that prompted her to form the relationship in the first place.

Sun in 8th House Man: A man with this position will yearn for a partner who seems to be emotionally secure, often someone with more money or social position, one with a powerful or well-to-do father, or who is older and more successful in her career; or the well-kept mate or lover of a successful man, whom he will woo with all his power. These relationships usually have a hard time in reality. He may dedicate much time and effort to winning her (or him), then back out at the last minute out of fear of the emotional or financial demands of the relationship. Should the object of his dreams actually turn to him and begin to reveal an ordinary neediness of her own, he may even begin to hate her.

See also: Sun in the 8th House

Sun in the 8th House: Deepak Chopra, Sean Connery, Helen Keller, John F. Kennedy, Nicole Kidman, Maharaj Ji, Shirley McLaine, Susanna Arundhati Roy, H.G. Wells, Stevie Wonder, Abbe, Arrow, Ashira, Cesar, Duane, Gina, Jason, JerryH, Joze, Nancee, Phylissa, Silas, Tara, TomW, Tyler

Sun in the 9th House

This indicates that your self-development path lies in the realm of the higher mind, which can include a spiritual search, creativity and imagination, philosophy, law, culture and foreign travel. This involves an impulse to move beyond existing boundaries through a broadening of life interests and experiences, so that your mental worldview gains an expanded perspective and the world is enriched by your intellectual curiosity and studies, becoming a perpetually interesting and stimulating environment for your exploration.

The motivation to pursue such a path may be present from birth, unfolding a natural curiosity, or may be awakened by an awareness of your life's lack of meaning or direction. You are likely to look for an underlying order to life, a structure that both explains and illuminates the questions about life that begin to preoccupy you. You may have an intuitive sense that a deeper meaning is present within life, and following such promptings you will begin to focus your explorations to discover this golden unifying thread. You want either actual knowledge or a suitable belief structure to create inner stability, and can be attracted to religious doctrines, moral and ethical philosophies, humanitarian principles or political ideologies, believing that these hold the key that you seek.

It is the issue of relationship between the individual and society that perplexes you; and you need to arrive at an understanding of this interaction, which can form a dynamic and positive connection serving to inspire the creation of a more utopian vision of the world. It is a resolving and reconciliatory impulse acting within you, seeking to reconnect you to a deeper centre, that joins the individual in conscious relationship to the collective group, and begins to integrate the whole individual.

Through your ongoing exploration of varying approaches to this key issue in the world, you will eventually develop your own unique perspective and worldview which could be useful to others through shared communication. Your path could be highly influenced by foreign lands, people, culture and traditions; and this may imply a resonance and attraction towards the spiritual paths of the East at some stage.

You see your search as a lifelong quest, perpetually assembling new pieces of the cosmic jigsaw puzzle, recognizing that there are many paths and viewpoints on the mystery of life, and that all could be valid and true from certain perspectives. A picture is assembled, a picture is disassembled; the mental search can be never-ending.

However, there may also be a tendency towards fixed attitudes, especially if your Sun is placed in a fixed sign. Under the influence of certain religious, moral and doctrinal teachings, the assumption of certitude can be made, especially as there can be an underlying pattern of desiring to be authoritative, and to assert or impose personal views as being the only correct ones. Ultimately, taking such a stance proves to be restrictive and self-limiting, closing perceptions and options down to only those which are 'allowable', and thus distorting individual understanding and perspective. Taking moralistic attitudes often corresponds with assuming critical and judgmental positions, which only fuels the separation of people within society rather than connecting them more strongly. Take care not to fall into any trap of viewing others through moralistic filters; allow them freedom to live their lives in their way. Why should they conform to your precepts? Do you intend to conform to theirs? Moving towards that higher path always takes you closer towards inadvertently assuming condescending and hypocritical positions; and those who take that road need to remain on their guard against their own separative inner patterns reasserting their presence in more subtle ways.

By your discovering the foundational patterns of life, your vision will expand due to the insights revealed by lighting your inner flame. Mental intuition will be amplified, and you may feel inspired to offer your direction to others who are still searching in their own darkness, those who are trying to discover their path. Whatever you have found useful can be shared, and it is hoped will be of value to people too. The dissemination of knowledge, insight and information is probably one of your skills, and may be expressed through the spheres of teaching and writing as your vision becomes more widely influential in the world. The content of this is likely to include the themes of inspiration, relationships within society, the potential for individual development and integration, and the visionary pointing towards future trends. For those who become channels for insight, one of the greatest tests is for them to embody the wisdom themselves, rather than just perform the role of offering it for the benefit of others.

Sun in 9th House: These people are dreamers who are also doers. Courageous, pioneering, adventurous, and very demanding of themselves, they compare themselves with ideal models, heroes of history or fiction, rather than with ordinary people known to them. They tend to settle far from native roots. They are often very career-minded and will sacrifice home ties and stretch bonds of affection to the breaking point to achieve what they desire. Their search for meaning may cause them to change careers or, at least, to contemplate such a change. At any rate, they are always intent on achieving great things in some area (the location of the Sun's dispositor can give a clue to which area).

They are usually attractive, with a charisma that outshines any physical imperfection they may have an attracts others to them, a popularity they do not seek as they are intensely private and protect their inner selves by becoming distant or polite at moments of potential intimacy. They are inclined to be truly intimate with very few. They may change their inner circle from time to time, but rarely seek to widen it.

Frequently exceedingly gifted in their field of interest, they seem to have a source of knowledge, inspiration, vision and insight that puts them above everyone else, causing legends to form around them. Often, they are creators of new ways of thinking, of new forms, higher standards, and newer, higher goals. Iconoclasts, they destroy the old ways of seeing and doing in order to find new ones. Willing to take risks for what they believe, they will sometimes risk everything (including their lives) in pursuit of impossible goals.

Although the ninth house is the political angle par excellence, for some reason the Sun here makes them somewhat politically vulnerable. They have strong political ideas and objectives, but tend to lack the finesse and diplomacy necessary for successful political maneuvering and the caution necessary for political survival. Therefore, although the Sun in the ninth gives them the necessary upward thrust to achieve high office, they will need trines to outer planets in the first or fifth houses, or planets in the tenth house, in order to remain in power.

Sun in 9th House: Conceptual frameworks: If the Sun is linked with the 9th house, the essence of life-purpose involves opening the mind to new realms. You've come to the Earth to pursue fresh mental perspectives; to develop, explore, and find a philosophy of life. Whenever you open mentally, you plug into the cosmos. By living at the highest ethical level you can achieve, you expand the life-energy available to you. It isn't sufficient that you adopt an existing philosophy; you must synthesize all you learn into an original understanding, a personal philosophy, one that you can live by. The pitfalls lie in having your head so completely in the clouds of abstraction that you lose touch with the grounded reality of one living on the Earth. Understanding the secrets of the universe has little point if you can't remember your zip code. The challenge is to merge the delight of pure thought with the discipline of a moral life, and to convey this wisdom wherever it can uplift others' spirits.

Cultural perspective: Reading about faraway places, thinking about them, and travelling to explore them are a natural way of life for you. The sense of exploration is fundamental, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. The more you can learn about other cultures, especially by direct experience, the more you fulfill your central life-purpose. You are more yourself when you're on the go, moving through foreign territory. This includes not only far-off locales, but the infinite varieties of experience right in your own backyard. Your challenge is to assimilate the broadest views of humanity, to act as a networker of the one human world.

Higher education: You keep yourself charged by the stimulation of learning. Whether or not your early education reflected this basic enthusiasm, there is little question that you will develop into a perpetual student as your life goes on. Especially as an adult, you are an eager student of the more conceptual fields of study. While you are certainly permitted to undertake these studies on your own, there's a great deal to be said for using the formal structures of cultured education, since credentialing is a relevant concern. Learn everything you can, then teach by example.

The search for truth: Here, more than with the other 9th house planetary placements, there is little distinction between profound and pragmatic truths. What is important is the absence of untruth. And there are two kinds of untruths. The first is active lying, which is to say believing or communicating something which is objectively false. That experience is clearly negative for you. It disconnects you from your divinity. But equally important is the experience of passive lying, either by withholding the truth when it is known, or by substituting a lesser truth for the one in question. These diminish your essence - a very serious pitfall. It is of paramount importance that you search for the highest truths you can discover, and communicate the highest truth you know relative to any circumstance. It's not necessary that you be able to express it perfectly, nor that others totally comprehend. But it is your challenge to strive for honesty, integrity, and illumination. Truth is life.

Ideal society: Your perfect society would be Olympian in scope. Humans would become like the Gods of ancient myths, with honor and wisdom sparking an unceasing flow of creativity. The consensus of opinion on any subject would reflect your own most basic beliefs. As Ruler of the World, you would be authoritative but generous, powerful yet benevolent, noble and dignified but always accessible to your loyal subjects.

Sun in 9th House: Because you believe in yourself, you will probably succeed in your endeavors. Not one to avoid any opportunity to demonstrate your talents, you eagerly rise to every occasion that offers a chance to prove yourself. At times you are willing to take risks because you are so confident. Once involved in a project, you grow increasingly enthusiastic and sure that it will succeed, but your patience may wear thin if there are delays beyond your control. You want to know that your efforts have influenced others; and when they appreciate what you are trying to accomplish, you are even more inspired. Your children are especially aware of your ability to inspire others, and they hope to do the same and live up to your expectations. You offer your children every opportunity to exploit their potentials, and you let them make mistakes, knowing it is the only way that they will take full responsibility for their actions.

You know you must have training to achieve your goals, so you strive to get the formal education that will enhance your natural talent for creative self-expression. You get involved only in enterprises in which you can visualize success. You know how to cultivate the right contacts through friends and associates to help achieve your plans. You prefer a professional career that will bring you into close contact with people, for you understand their problems. They look to you for insight to find solutions to their difficulties. The partner you choose will be most helpful in your affairs and will share your enthusiasm for the goals you seek.

You will go far if you don't assume that you know everything there is to know. Your sustained interest in acquiring knowledge will assure you a permanent place in the public eye and eliminate the necessity of having to work at routine tasks. Many occupations would be too boring and tedious for you, since you need considerable mobility and freedom to express yourself. You should be self-employed if possible, or at least have a career that allows you some self-determination. You can serve people by helping them understand their predicaments and thus arrive at solutions. You have much to contribute to society, and you will not live up to your greatest potentials unless this objective is part of your career.

Your accomplishments may have little relation to your parents' lifestyle, for they may not have helped you get established. The chances are you had to work hard to prepare a base on which to build your own life. It is also possible that family obligations delayed the time when you could utilize your talents for personal objectives. Any sacrifices you made to get an education were worth it, for that is the best investment you could make in the security you want for your later years.

Your major obligation is to help people whose lack of education or skills has denied them some of the privileges you enjoy. You can derive much satisfaction from knowing that you've been instrumental in improving the quality of their lives. Your own growth is intimately tied to your ability to handle this responsibility. You might have to accept some obscurity during your developmental years until you are competent enough to fulfill the public's expectations in the career you've chosen.

See also: Sun in the 9th House

Sun in the 9th House: Warren Buffett, Carlos Castaneda, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey, Jr., Bobby Fischer, Alex Jones, Martin Luther King, Jr,.Willie Nelson, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Robert Plant, Babe Ruth, Mother Teresa, Robin Williams, Mark Zuckerberg, AlexP, Andrew, Antonio, BenSt, Cheri, Joy, JulieD, Komala, LucJr, Merrill, Robert, Samp, Sarik, Supr

Sun in the 10th House

The focus of attention is towards the outer world and the assertion of your nature and qualities through social status and acknowledgement. Your motivation will come from a desire to become socially influential, aspiring towards public recognition and the satisfaction of needs for power and the attainment of your ambitions. This will attract you into striving for career or social progression, so that you can rise to positions of authority and responsibility, and others can easily recognize your success and achievements. You want to rise above the crowd through expressing your abilities, to become a leader directing others rather than be a passive follower.

This reflects a need for egoic assertion; and your experience of self-worth and esteem will be directly related to your degree of visible success in the community. Entering socially respected professions may be the direction you choose; and your self-image will be closely connected with and modeled upon the ideals of your profession or type of employment, especially if you are at supervisory or management levels.

As success is so important in your chosen direction, you should have the ability to focus your will, consistently and powerfully applying it to amplify self-discipline and perseverance so that some degree of attainment is achieved. However, by rigidly pursuing this path you may simultaneously restrict your freedom and options in life, as certain ways may be considered to be unsuitable as they fail to fit into the idealized image that you are projecting. The danger may lie in the possibility that even if you do reach your aims, the apex fails to fulfill and you are confronted with the question of 'what next?'. At some point you will reach your apex, which can become a limiting plateau and may have a dispiriting effect on your well-being and identity.

While you have to strive for your ambitions to activate your path of development and purpose, try not to narrow those goals but instead expand them so that they become more inclusive, touching all areas of your life and nature. This will lead to a greater sense of satisfaction, and will unify disparate aspects of your life. Otherwise, by following the star of the glorious career to the exclusion of other spheres of life, you may be creating your downfall in your private and domestic life, having a negative effect on marriage or family relationships. Conflicts may rise between career and home, especially with any challenging aspects of square and opposition to your Sun; and a balance may need to be established for personal security and stability.

Your Sun's ideal is to help you become centered, expressing your strengths and qualities; this is what can make you impressive to others and a source of inspiration and influence, rather than the positions of prominence that may glitter as the summation of your dreams. Displacing your sense of identity into a professional community role or position of social status is often unwise, because at the end of a career (through retirement, ill-health or redundancy, or perhaps through some career reversal or disagreement), there is always the possibility that some external agency can be destructive to both your aims and your stability of identity. You may fall prey to temptations which surround positions of influence, and your morality and integrity can be challenged or impugned; few rise to the 'top' without having upset others along the way. If your Sun has challenging aspects (square, opposition), then you may display dictatorial traits, a love of power and tendencies to be less than scrupulous in chasing your aims, or fail to realize how power can 'turn the head' through an egocentric misapplication. Your need for personal and social power is likely to be directed through the Sun-sign associations.

It may be beneficial to consider parental influences upon your life path and career needs. The 10th house is associated with the importance of parental conditioning, particularly that of the mother; and evaluating their impact on your attitudes, values, motivations and aims may be illuminating. You may be striving to achieve so that they fully acknowledge your worth and abilities; you may have come from a high-achievement family, and so need to match an unspoken level of success; you may be living out parental desires, rather than fulfilling your needs, as they may have encouraged you to take a certain life path and you surrendered to their pressure.

A need to be seen by others as being an achiever can emanate from a hidden insecurity; but the right use of your Sun potency would heal any such tendency, giving you a stable, deeper centre to live your life from, transforming your style of personal assertiveness from any predisposition to exploit power over others into a co¬operative attempt at mutual benefit for all.

Sun in 10th House: This is one of the strongest testimonies of career success. Negative aspects in the chart must be extremely severe to counteract its effect. It gives a proud, calm, dignified bearing, with an air of authority and a charismatic quality that others admire and respect, though they are usually quiet and undemanding in attitude. They appear to rise to high position through little or no effort of their own, just by being in the right place at the right time.

At the same time, there is a loneliness here; events of early life operate in some way to set them apart from others so that their qualities of character and mind develop in solitude. They are gratified by the admiration they attract, but would gladly exchange it for the rollicking freedom of a close-knit group of life-long buddies with whom they can be totally at ease and let down their defenses - something they may imitate, or experience in passing, but rarely find for real, or for long.

Family relationships are extremely precious to them, and they may cling to their family ties and early-life relationships, sometimes to too great an extent (particularly women), thus blocking their own natural growth and development away from the family into broader and more effective spheres.

There is great power in this location of the Sun, but they are often unaware of it, or unwilling to use it, fearing the loneliness that comes with it. If they try and fail, it is always due to their lack of belief in themselves or their willingness to continue always to see themselves as the folks at home see them. They must learn to let go of the advice and opinions of others and make decisions on their own. Once they can do this, their rise will be rapid. The earlier they are on their own, the better, as the habit of making their own decisions and taking immediate action will carry them forward. They should steer clear of closely binding business partnerships at the outset, as these will often come to hamper them later. The warmth and trust they seek will come later from people who trust them and are supported by their strength and self-confidence: their employees, students, constituents, or own children.

Sun in 10th House: Collective responsibility: Your life-energy comes from the awareness of collective culture, life in the visible world. There's 'guru-consciousness' operating here. It may be profound and powerful, or subtle and almost unfelt; but others recognize the potent divinity that flows through you. Your task is to make expression of that energy as complete and correct as you can, for you are on the Earth for a purpose larger than personal fulfillment. Every time you're responsible, every time you succeed in right action, you absorb life-energy. In order to live, you must address your place in the world. The challenge is to carve out a niche where you make as significant a contribution as your potential allows.

Professional ambition: Depending on other factors in the chart, you may be conservative, a three-piece suit-and-tie person, formal and cautious, or you might be quite the opposite, someone who rises out of the crowd to assert his own opinion. In any event, you're sensitive to the issue of cultural power, and are drawn to acquire as much as you can, whether you earn it, inherit it, borrow it, or steal it. Your life-machinery gets basic energy from career considerations; and whenever you need to energize yourself, juicing your profession is a natural way to do it. The Sun is too broad to indicate specific career choices. It does show that whatever you do for a living must have core importance in your life, that you must do it with great dignity, and that you want impact on the world. Your challenge is to achieve broad social respect. Remember - be authoritative, not authoritarian.

Missions and messages: Your personal purpose and your mission are the same, although you may not experience them as the same. There is often conflict between living for yourself, and consecration to a larger purpose. You are certainly self-involved, and you may have at least a slight God complex. It's not that you see yourself as more important than others, but you are very egocentric in expression of your message. You are the message. In observing your life, we're reminded how important it is to maintain our dignity, and we remember the relevance of personal integrity. The Sun's sign and aspects reveal the tone of what's coming through you, so look to those factors to fine-tune your message.

'Outer-link' parent: In either obvious or subtle ways, your father embodied strength; and you've assimilated many of his attitudes and traits. His importance in your life cannot be underestimated. If he was clearly present during your childhood, then his imprint is profound and enduring. The similarities between you grow as you age. If he was physically or psychologically absent, you'll flounder until a surrogate authority figure can be found, someone who takes the missing father's role, or until you take it for yourself.

Authority: Authority may be your great strength or your Achilles heel. It all depends on your maturity, on how well you've reconciled the paradoxes surrounding pride. If your inner growth has gone well, you may be a model of responsible power. On the other hand, you could be ambivalent in your behavior, opposing any external authority wielded over you by others while commanding total authority in your own dealings with others. This pitfall is the 'pot calling the kettle black', and results in others eventually opposing or undermining your power. The challenge is to understand the gentle strength of true fathering, to develop and release the authority that resides within you, in a way that is honorable, respectful to others and yourself.

Sun in 10th House: To realize your ambitions, you utilize every opportunity that arises. You are determined to gain recognition, but in your own way. Having a position that requires responsible leadership will help you feel important, because others will depend on your skill and good judgment in fulfilling their needs. Your enterprising ability enables you to achieve many objectives with ordinary creative talents. For the most part, you truly like your work, and you energize others who are involved in your goals. You understand the value of money and can use it effectively to buy the talents you need. You avoid being obligated to others, because you want to keep control of your own destiny.

You generally know what people want; and you offer yourself as the person most qualified to provide it. You aren't afraid to promote yourself, and you are convincing enough to win people's confidence. You realize that you must plan ahead so that you will be prepared when an opportunity comes along. Don't form secret alliances with so-called friends who may be using you to satisfy their own objectives. Being well-informed at all times should prevent this. Try to be specific about what you hope to achieve in life, and don't be misled by well-meaning friends. You can accomplish almost anything if you are willing to sacrifice some immediate pleasures. And you will gain the resources you need for security in your later years.

Your domestic relationships may be strained if you become so obsessed with satisfying personal goals that you neglect to spend time with your family. You could be trying to live up to the expectations of your parents, who may have unwittingly programmed you that way. Your need to assert yourself and win over your competitors could alienate you from your loved ones. You must expect some loss of personal freedom and privacy when you are in the public spotlight, so be prepared to live with it. One of your best assets is knowing how to promote yourself, which will bring you many gains. You probably want a partner who supports you in your objectives. Your mate's sympathetic understanding of your needs will give you additional strength.

Probably your children have a high priority in your life and will serve as the catalyst to your success. You hope they will benefit from your experience, and you give them training so that they can achieve according to their individual needs. Your preoccupation with a career may not leave enough time or energy to fulfill your responsibilities to your loved one. Admitting you are wrong takes courage, but it also gives you the opportunity to correct your errors. Your many valuable ideas need development, but you will gain a great deal if you decide to invest in them.

If you assume you can do whatever you want without acquiring the necessary skills, you are deluding yourself, as you are if you feel you can work outside the law or ethical guidelines. Because you are better informed than most people, you can be held more accountable for your actions. Don't assume that everything will work out favorably in the end unless you have planned carefully to make it so. If you treat your friends kindly, they will help you when you need it. You should derive much satisfaction from working to improve social conditions. The chances are good that you will also gain the security you need for retirement.

With the Sun in the 10th, the identity is bound up with career and professional achievements. The 10th house describes the qualities in ourselves which we wish others to notice: in this case, the Sun strives to be seen as emanating power, strength and authority in respect to the sign in which it is placed. The Sun in Gemini there, for instance, wants the power of its intellect acknowledged; the Sun in Pisces craves recognition for its power to heal, enchant, or inspire, etc.

The Sun in the 10th has a deep urge to be admired as a 'Somebody'. Some degree of ambition should be 'owned' and satisfied if they are to fulfill their life-purpose. Women with this placement who do not satisfy their own need to achieve through a career may be drawn to prestigious or successful men as partners (the 'Hollywood wives' syndrome). For either sex, conflicts between the home and personal life versus achieving publicly and professionally are shown by oppositions from the 4th house to the 10th house Sun. The kind of self-exertion, dedication and perseverance required to ascend the ladder of success often limits the freedom and spontaneity to move in other directions. Another danger with this placement is that the sense of identity or worth could rely too much on their title or position in the world. Should that be lost, they are left totally bereft and annihilated.

If the 10th house is taken to be the mother, then the Sun in this position makes her very important. The child with the Sun here could project his or her own identity and power onto the mother: her needs and wants become the child's needs and wants. Conversely, this placement sometimes indicates a child with a mother who requires that the child mirror her, imposing her own individuality onto the offspring, as in the classic example of the 'stage mother'. ('I'm a frustrated actress, so my child is going to learn to act.') Usually there is a collusion here: the child worships and adores the mother and offers the self up to her - 'You want be as your showpiece and I want to be that for you'. At some point, those with the Sun in the 10th must examine how much they are doing something for themselves, and how much it is being done to win Mother's love.

See also: Sun in the 10th House

Sun in the 10th House: Ursula Andress, Kim Basinger, George Bush, Sr., George Carlin, Albert Einstein, Lady Gaga, Michael Jordan, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Friedrich Nietzche, George Orwell, Donald Trump, Vincent van Gogh. Jon Voight, Al, Andrea, Cate, David, Doug, George, Jean, Jen, Judi, Lance, Lina, LouG, LucSr, MFor, Patrice, Q, Suzanne, Tammy, VinG

Sun in the 11th House

This house placement indicates that your path of development is directed towards group participation in the ongoing search for social and cultural progress. Idealism and dreams of a better future are vitalizing energies; and you may become a channel for new perceptions, insights, knowledge and understanding of society, and a living example of how such abilities serve as a transformative potency which generates periodic social reform or revolution in varying ways.

You will probably have a developed group or social awareness, conscious of the interplay between the individual and the collective, and an awakened heart to the often unnecessary suffering that man often inflicts on his fellow men, animals and nature unknowingly. This will lead you eventually to become more active in joining with others to propose creative solutions to minimize group pain and discomfort through the creation of greater public awareness and alternative policies that can be applied to resolve conflict situations.

Such group endeavors can include those of the ecology and environmental causes, civil liberty and community welfare groups, or those dedicated to providing spiritual, religious or psychological techniques designed to integrate the individual and awaken him / her to his / her power within society. As you are more future-orientated, you will feel less bound by the weight of existing traditional attitudes, and may enter into adversarial or conflicting relationships with those who stand firmly behind older viewpoints. You may be considered to be radical in attitude; and this can always make those who prefer the maintenance of the status quo feel uncomfortable.

Following your sense of universal fellowship, you may become a staunch advocate of human rights and liberation, and through integration with the collective favor a vision of universal guiding principles. This can involve you with activities related to political and social humanitarian development, and provide you with an ideological foundation in life and a defined meaning and purpose. Enlivened by such group participation, you may need to be aware of the nature of your self-expression, so that you remain open to other points of view too and do not become blinkered by the particular focus and worldview of any particular group. The persuasive powers of a group cause and belief structure are often extremely powerful, and liable to overshadow individual attitudes; by choosing to remain a group participant, many lose the ability for free thinking due to having to conform to the dominant group perception, and they lose sight of everything except the group viewpoint. This is the main danger of the group potency and should be avoided through understanding.

Certainly the potential for your path of development lies within group activity, and increasingly your sense of identity will be associated with group affinities. If your Sun aspects are harmonious (conjunction, sextile, trine), then your relationships with groups should run relatively smoothly, positively and co-operatively; if they are challenging (square, opposition) then more friction and disputes may occur.

Through asserting your solar potency, you could rise to positions of spokesperson for such groups, and gain recognition for your social contributions and progressive innovations which help to regenerate and revitalize society. Public involvement and organizational abilities are likely, although you may need to ensure that your grand designs and schemes for social betterment are capable of being applied and are actually tested in the fires of daily life. It is through becoming a solar crusader for a better quality of world life that your identity is reformed into one of purpose and power. Releasing your inner light through affinitive group activity and kindling the collective light is the ideal direction for your Sun expression, and one to which you should pay the most attention.

Sun in 11th House: This location of the Sun gives a strong and unshakable sense of self from early childhood on. They seem to know who they are and what they want from the beginning. Generally attractive, they can be intensely charismatic, in some cases projecting an almost godlike quality of higher knowledge, inner strength, or supernatural wisdom. Many kings, queens, emperors, heroes, and actors who portray heroes have the Sun here, as well as many great innovators, those who set new styles or start new ways of thinking and doing things. They attract others to them, and they enjoy the company and the good times, but they also think nothing of pulling up stakes and setting forth on their own, leaving old friends behind forever. They feel confident in their ability to form new relationships when they need them.

They are charming and can project great warmth toward others, but are not at all sentimental, and rarely create needs out of habit. Those who are close to them may come to be very angry at them for this cold streak. They are exceedingly class-conscious; and, though they may appear to be completely democratic in their treatment of others, in truth they will usually jettison one set of friends for another group higher on the social ladder, one that is closer to the glory land of big names, easy living, and classy surroundings.

They are capable of working along their own lines for years without compromising their integrity, believing that their way will win out in the end or not really giving a damn, more interested in doing it their own way than in any eventual success. However, if and when success does come, it usually comes as much from their being adept at social manipulation as from the quality of their efforts.

Sun in 11th House: Those with the Sun in the 11th establish a more cogent sense of identity through social, humanitarian or political activities. The phrase 'no man is an island' is commonplace; but it still has particular significance for this placement.

In some way, the identity should be linked to a larger unit than the individual self. Personal recognition could be gained through group involvement, and it is not unusual for someone with the Sun here to rise to a position of prominence or wield influence within various kinds of organizations. The nature of the experiences encountered through group situations - how easily a person functions or adjusts in this sphere - can be seen by aspects to the Sun in this house. The person may be a channel through which new currents or trends entering the collective could manifest.

There is a danger that the identity could be bought wholesale by alignment of the self with a group, belief system or cause. In this instance, it's not a case of you are what you eat, but you are what the group feeds you. Those with the Sun in the 11th need to distinguish carefully between what they believe and what the group tells them they ought to believe.

Friendships are important to the full development of the Sun in this house. Those with this placement could have a marked impact on close friends and conversely friends could open new vistas and be helpful in the achievement of goals and objectives. As with groups and belief systems, taken to an extreme, some sort of divine potency could be projected onto friends.

It is wise for people with the Sun in the 11th to make a conscious effort to set themselves feasible goals towards which to aim. Somehow, their efforts to realize these will contribute towards the formation of a more solid and concrete sense of identity, purpose and power. One of the most vital ingredients in the self-healing process is having a reason to live.

Sun in 11th House: Group participation: Groups are where you shine. Exercise diplomacy, however, for you may throw your weight around a little too freely, assuming a dominant or superior pose. Be equally careful to avoid identifying so strongly with a group that you create a psychological clique, an in-group / out-group, 'us-versus-them' reality. These pitfalls may initially offer you more stability, security, and confidence; but in the long run they could sap your energy and threaten your life purpose. Remember that everyone on the planet is a member of the same group: humanity. Your challenge is to ground yourself in social reality, using groups to help define and express the most important themes of your life.

Appropriate behavior: You're a very social animal; you don't set your own standards, but instead absorb a sense of appropriate behavior from the milieu of those around you. As your social group changes, your sense of correctness changes with it. As always, the sign and aspects of the Sun can dramatically alter your attitudes; but in any condition, you will be aware of others' expectations. What is constant is the emphasis on dignity. The major pitfalls involve inordinate pride surrounding your 'perfect' behavior, as well as haughtiness in reaction to criticism. The challenge is to find a way to merge your inner self with the best outer behavior, so that each supports the other.

Friendship, social circle: You absorb life-energy through your friendships. The support of true friends is a crucial requirement in your life-purpose. No friends, no life. Your social circle is large and diverse. One or two friends are not enough to feed your demand for contact. Equally, if all your friends are of the same general mind or orientation, you limit the scope of fulfillment. It may seem that you're building a wonderful world, but you'll later discover that you've limited the potential of your own Godliness. Loyalty is essential, but there could be conflicts around dignity and power. Don't let pride get in the way. Be the best friend you know how, then watch as others are drawn to you.

Shared creativity: Your power increases when you work creatively in a group setting, and this energy is then available not only for you, but for the others in your group. And though this process is, by definition, shared, you want to lead, to call the shots. Temper your ambitions with humility. Your creative role is to provide basic fuel for the group's expression, to give it both power and purpose.

Receiving love: Being loved means being treated with respect. It also means having another's attention; if people say they love you, but then ignore you, you don't feel loved, even if you're deeply in their hearts. Expressions of care must be powerful and total, to penetrate your own power center. Curiously, to feel loved, you must love. You cannot conceive of being loved by anyone for whom you don't feel love. Equally paradoxical is the fact that you are not receptive to courtship unless you've already chosen the courtier as your beloved. Yes, you are susceptible to flattery (sometimes too much...), but unless you actively love the individual already, compliments are interpreted as simple friendship. Those who love you need to know that their love is safe with you. The challenge is first to be loving, then to let the love that comes in return fill your center until you glow.

Sun in 11th House: Your life circumstances are such that you seek opportunities to freely exploit your talents. Because you want to be free from financial burdens in the future, you willingly work at your career to get the greatest yield from your efforts. You look for opportunities to promote your ideas, for you know you can satisfy the demands of your job and have some assurance of tenure as well. Your partner must support you in your endeavors and show appreciation for your accomplishments.

Reaching your goals will benefit both your partner and yourself. Your income will allow you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while you are employed, and will assure you of security in retirement. The public you serve is generally pleased with your efforts, because you know how to serve them. You are very skilled in communication, which is reflected in your success in dealing with people.

You take great pride in being able to reach your objectives without having to resort to questionable practices. You are sure of what you know; and you aren't afraid to communicate that fact to your superiors. Your ability to satisfy your employer's needs and objectives makes you a valuable employee. You enjoy the friendship of your personal and professional associates, on whom you can depend for support if you need it. As you realize each goal, you immediately set yourself a new one, ever widening your sphere of influence among your colleagues and in general.

The one factor that may frustrate your desires is being overburdened by family obligations so that you are forced to accept an inferior job that will provide an immediate return. Even with this predicament, you can still strive to reach your goals if you plan carefully. You want the best for your children so that they can better exploit their potentials according to their dreams for the future. As long as you don't try to tell them what to do with their lives, they should appreciate what you have done for them. You may have to make some sacrifices as you invest in your personal development, and you and your partner may have to curtail your spending for a time, but the eventual returns will more than offset your present discomfort. You have the necessary potential for growth and development, so you don't ever need to fear that you won't achieve financial security.

You can guarantee your future by being willing to work at refining your skills. If you plan carefully, you won't jeopardize your health while pursuing your objectives. Be sure to set aside time for simply indulging in personal pleasures. The need to satisfy your family obligations makes you push yourself beyond safe limits, but you should avoid doing that. As long as their needs are being met and you have sufficient opportunities to expand your area of responsibility, you should feel all right about yourself.

You have all the resources you need to satisfy your material requirements and achieve fulfillment. With a reasonable amount of self-discipline, you can achieve your goals. You are lucky to be so aware of the social problems around you, because you have the talent to do something about them. It can be rewarding to know that you have stimulated the people around you to improve the quality of their lives.

See also: Sun in the 11th House

Sun in the 11th House: Ammachi, Al Capone, Cher, Bill Clinton, Salvadore Dali, James Dean, Johnny Depp, John Dillinger, Jane Fonda, Ernest Hemingway, Jimi Hendrix, Angelina Jolie, Timothy Leary, Carl Lewis, Mickey Mantle, Groucho Marx, Mitt Romney, Edouard de Rothschild, O.J. Simpson, Meryl Streep, Gore Vidal, AndyF, Arine, ChrisTr, Clark, Elijah, Jane, Jude, LaurieSw, Molly, Nicole, Prabhukar, SFor

Sun in the 12th House

This suggests an emphasis away from the outer world towards an inner direction, in an attempt to shine the Sun's light into those darker recesses of the emotions, mind and psyche. Your conscious identity needs to be redefined in a way which takes account of your whole nature, and has the healing quality of inclusiveness rather than tending towards a separatist exclusive bias which has consequences of inner alienation and personality splitting.

The 12th house has deep associations with the collective unconscious mind, the personal subconscious, and the past; and it is the psychic content of these that interferes with and influences your present life experience. Residues from the past and the constraints of 'unfinished business' may still litter your psyche, and you may need a phase of releasing energies and blocked emotions from your nature by experiencing a healing and liberating inner cleansing. If you suffer from feelings of guilt, irrational worries, or a sense of unease, then it is likely to be patterns agitating within your unconscious mind, which if left unresolved could begin to form neurotic complexes or inhibit your capacity to form satisfactory social relationships.

You may be highly self-aware, and this can be restrictive, especially as you may register empathic vibrations from people around you which could become uncomfortable or even distressing, particularly if you fail to identify that you are being receptive to others' feelings and pain, and that they are not necessarily your own.

Your unconscious mind is demanding access into your life; and a confrontation with those inner ghosts is essential to begin resolving certain conflicts. These unlived or repressed aspects of your nature plus any absorbed psychic accretions from your environment have to emerge into the light, or else they will unbalance your identity and personal stability. You may sometimes feel as if you are struggling to maintain barriers, fearing that those inner dam walls will crack and those stormy waters will break through, tearing down all attempts at control and limitation. One of your strategies is often denial; but this is sowing seeds of later problems, as energies are repressed and personality splits amplified by such an approach; or you try to established fixed habit patterns and worldviews which you hope will support security and stability in life, ignoring and disregarding anything that fails to fit the constrictive boundaries that you have established around yourself for protection.

Your path of development has to be two-fold: an inner healing is required which purifies and liberates any blockages, and offers a transformative attitude of self-acceptance as its foundation; and the next stage is then to begin opening the parameters of your self-circumscribed barriers against life, so that a new and more inclusive identity can slowly form and be more suited to deal with life.

This can involve a fusion of your conscious and unconscious mind, of your ego and higher self, and requires a greater flexibility of your personality than you have previously allowed or believed possible. This step may not be easy to take; and you may feel that everything is falling apart, but it is a phase of dissolution prior to a new re-assembly of the psyche, and is a transformation of state similar to the phases of the new creation in the alchemist's crucible. A reunification of the separated components of your nature is required; this is your solar quest and task, and when achieved will open a whole new dimension for you to enjoy, as your inner life takes on a new vitality and cohesiveness.

It is unlikely that you will discover this path early in life, but you may find it later once you have undergone certain experiences. You have to heal yourself, and may need periods of relative privacy or seclusion to generate the healing silence. You will probably feel uneasy about intimate relationships during youth and early adulthood, and may choose to withdraw from deeper human contacts.

Transcending any feelings of inferiority and insecurity may take you several years of effort, but will be worth your attempts to change. Mundane life may seem to lack a vital spark with you, and you may not be at your best in dealing with the demands of everyday reality; it is not your favored dimension, and you prefer the inner life, even when it is not so pleasant. Discovering a life purpose, meaning and direction is likely to be difficult until you re-orientate your inner life.

There may be artistic and creative talents present; and these should be consciously developed as a medium for self-expression and as a channel through which to release blocked energies. Dance, music and art may be specific areas, and there will be a latent psychic ability which could be exploited for both your own and others' benefit. Mediumistic tendencies may lie close to the surface of your nature, and through your sensitivity healing powers may also be contacted; but until you rebalance your nature and have healed your dilemmas and conflicts it may be wiser to leave such types of expression alone. Similarly, prophecy and visionary tendencies may also be present, emanating from that close connection to the collective unconscious mind. Esoteric and occult work may appeal, especially the type of inner meditative service that invokes spiritual energies and potencies into fertilizing, influencing and overshadowing the collective mind of humanity, and which inspires the global vision of interdependence. Participation in this service is an act that all can join.

Your potential is considerable, but it is imperative that you redefine your identity in more inclusive ways, so that you expand beyond the walls of your self-imprisonment, achieving this through an inner redemptive healing. Then your social contribution and desires for service can become more effective. Refusing to take such actions is liable to intensify your discomfort as inner pressures are amplified and become more insistent, breaking those dam walls which cannot remain intact for ever as the 'water level' rises. The preferable alternative is that through your using healing and creative 'valves' the pressure can be regulated and directed into positive channels.

Sun in 12th house: Here the ego is under great pressure. They have the same powerful ego thrust as those with the Sun rising, but are met by so much opposition in youth that the ego either swells to immense proportions to crush out all opposition, or retreats from battle altogether. In youth, they are so determinedly and uncompromisingly themselves that they attract the opposition of family members, schoolmates, friends, and neighbors, who never cease to give them a hard time.

They will learn to live with others the hard way. Some truly learn to compromise, and some to dissemble and intrigue, pretending to compromise while pulling strings and making secret deals to get what they want; while some retreat from all confrontation, if they can. Those who attempt to retreat often find that life has a way of coming after them and forcing confrontations that they would rather avoid. Some become monsters of egotism, seeing enemies everywhere and crushing all who stand in their path. Anyone not with them will be considered against them, and even their friends may be suspected of being enemies in disguise. Still others will go the opposite way and come to suspect their own egos, and ego itself, as a negative, selfish force. These people will be inclined to champion the voiceless underdogs of the world and give endlessly of themselves to others.

Most people with this position have an intensely private side that they keep hidden from all but their most intimate friends. On the other hand, there are those who go to the opposite extreme and live only for the spotlight and, as their close associates know, have absolutely no private life at all. They have an instinct for the public mind and can capitalize on (or even create) popular trends, though there is always a strong streak of the purely individual in everything they do that brands it theirs.

They are usually quiet on the surface and become talkative only with those closest to them, though even this can go to the opposite extreme, in which case they can be compulsive talkers, pouring out a continual stream of egotistical self-applause.

They are usually involved with an institution for a while, whether as a patient in a hospital, as a student in reform school, in an orphanage, as an inmate of a prison, or as a worker in one of these facilities.

Given to working for causes, they can even create a cause in order to give themselves something to work for.

The overall truism about the twelfth-house Sun is that it tends to go to extremes; what sort of extremes will be indicated by the aspects to the Sun and its dispositor. Often, these people will go to one extreme in youth, then overcompensate at mid-life by swinging to the opposite extreme, coming finally late in life to more perspective and a more comfortable position near the middle of the road.

Those who rise to power have a tendency to misuse it. The tendency to go to extremes and to vacillate from one extreme to another can have terrible consequences, both for them and for their constituents. Those who become successful in other fields often carry a reputation for misbehavior or suffering; for instance, actors or writers may prefer to portray martyrs, villains, or underdogs, than more upbeat types. In almost any field they may have a reputation for being hard to get along with.

Sun in 12th house: Imagination: Fantasy is central to your life-purpose. No dreams, no life-energy, it's that simple. Fantasies are constructed around two sets of images: monumental self-importance where the whole universe is commanded by your particular essence, or total surrender, the release of self as you dissolve into the cosmos. The difference is that one image expands ego while the other evaporates it, but the end-result is identical: reunion with everything. The pitfall is losing the distinction between what is real and what is only possible, what's actually happening and what you imagine to be happening. Don't get lost in the Twilight Zone; you could go crazy. The challenge is to offer no resistance to either realm. Allow dreaming to influence and be influenced by real life; and let fantasies gently guide your development rather than blinding you to what is true.

Unfocused intuition: Give intuitive receptivity high priority in your life, without controlling the specifics of what you receive, and your life sings with vibrant energy. Shut down your intuition, and you close off access to cosmic juice. Don't strain to figure out why you pick up flows of imagery and feeling, bits of information and insight. Don't strive to figure out what they mean nor what you should do with them. Your task is to remain radiantly quiet, vibrantly still, pregnantly calm. The pitfall is misinterpretation, creating sophisticated forms while missing the truth. The challenge is to become a clear channel for the universe to speak through, a prism for otherwise invisible light.

Withdrawal or isolation: You require frequent periods of isolation from ordinary life. You need time away to recharge. It is when you are most isolated that your purpose is revealed. This propels you back into the world with renewed enthusiasm. You are everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, both a real person and yet a mere vessel for greater divinity. Your power comes from balancing the paradox, allowing both poles to exist simultaneously. Meditation in some form is an essential.

Selfless giving: When you give of yourself with total compassion, you plug directly into your Godliness. When you act with forgiveness, you absorb life-force. When you give of yourself, you fulfill your destiny. Giving does not mean martyring yourself. Don't give yourself away. Instead, give the understanding that we're all in the same boat. Don't strive for sainthood, for too often that course boomerangs back toward egotism. Let your life respond to a power beyond that of mere selfhood. 'Not my will, but Thine.'

'Past lives': Your past lives are pressing in, trying to be felt and understood. You're at the end of a life-series; it demands integration through this current life if the whole evolutionary pattern is to be made spiritually meaningful. The precise nature of the lives in question cannot be seen from the Sun's placement alone. We can suggest, however, that they focused on developing personal effectiveness through the integrity of individual power. In addition, your relationships to your father or to other authority figures have karmic rhythms. Naturally enough, the pitfall lies in replaying the mistakes of the past without letting go of the attachment that cause such patterns to exist in the first place. The challenge is to see in every action the signature of prior momentum, and to adjust your understanding accordingly. Eventually you can achieve true spontaneity rather than be undermined by repetitive cycles of unconscious reaction.

Sun in 12th house: You can achieve significance and successfully exploit your creative potentials if you use your skills for some cause that improves the quality of life for others. You may have to maintain a low profile, but that should afford you privacy to come and go freely according to the demands of your work. You need to go your own way in your career, so you can grow into increasing opportunities to demonstrate your skills. You invest your resources as necessary, and you expect a favorable return. An imaginative and creative person, you realize you can't do everything yourself, so you obtain the services you need from people who are qualified in their fields. It is important to establish your own roots to prove to yourself that you can achieve on your own. You keep your private life separate from your professional affairs, rarely allowing one to interfere with the other.

Your career allows you to utilize your ideas in a program designed to satisfy your need for personal security. You need to know that you are independent and that you can extend your field of influence when the opportunity comes up. You see what goals can be achieved by capitalizing on your resources, and you have the focus and determination to pursue your objectives with consistent effort. Your ability to improve your financial condition is unlimited, and you have the imagination required to succeed where others fail. Success inspires you to even greater achievements.

You will always be challenged to find worthwhile ways to use your skills creatively to get the results you want. You will have to be very discriminating in handling challenging situations, which may occur often in your career. This may cause some problems if your partner resents the time and attention you give to your professional interest. Getting an education will enable you to define your goals and objectives and decide on what training you need to pursue them. You have always known that you have the potential for success; and you spend much time formulating plans for making the most of your creative ideas. Success depends on paying attention to all the details of a project, so that you know the results in advance.

You must invest in your creative potentials if you want to derive any benefits from them, and you should establish priorities in your professional and personal objectives. It's simply a matter of deciding which is more urgent. Your career may have to take precedence over personal considerations, for that requires the greatest co¬ordination of your skills. Succeeding in the marketplace also satisfies your need for gainful employment and security. Ideally, your partner should get involved in your career; but he or she should also realize that you need some time to be alone with your thoughts. A sympathetic mate will stimulate you to greater achievements.

Failure to recognize your potentials can be a serious liability. You can succeed if you promote your skills aggressively. Obscurity in your developing years doesn't matter if you know your efforts are appreciated by those who benefit from them. You might prefer to keep a low profile so that you can have a private life away from the public eye. At the same time, you will know you've made a significant contribution to improving the quality of life for other people. You can satisfy your own needs when you work to serve others.

Sun in 12th house: There is a basic archetypal discrepancy between the solar principle and the essence of the 12th house. The Sun's task is to establish, clarify and perpetuate a separate identity, while the 12th house dispatches forces which threaten to dissolve, undermine, de-structure and overwhelm the boundaries of the individual ego. Resolving the conflict requires that the person's sense of 'I' extends in scope beyond the more normal or usual reaches of consciousness. With the Sun in the 12th, the ego must play its part as a servant of the soul.

Those with the Sun in the 12th need to learn how to straddle the borders between personal and universal, conscious and unconscious, individual ego and collective self. This is challenging: the personal ego needs to be flexible enough to allow entry to these elements and yet not so weak that it is overwhelmed by them.

In the effort to maintain a solid and firm identity, the person may reject the existence of a personal or collective unconscious altogether. In the name of clarity and reason, barriers are erected to prohibit the entry of anything fuzzy, vague, irrational, mystical or transpersonal. The daytime border patrol follows the orders of the ego with the utmost alertness and alacrity, but the night watchmen are notoriously inefficient. As soon as they fall asleep on the job, what has been hidden or kept out of consciousness slips through and invades. The next morning the day patrol is back at work and the intruders are driven out once more. And so it goes on - vast reserves of psychic energy are spent keeping one part of ourselves away from another part. Alienated from aspects of our own make-up, it is not surprising that we suffer so much conflict and disease, not to mention the feeling of being cut off from other people. The Sun in the 12th, however, is given the opportunity to join the two sides of the self - personal and universal, conscious and unconscious - in an attempt to help these make friends with one another.

The coalition between the forces of the ego and the hidden, deeper realm of the psyche is potentially very fruitful. Those with the Sun in this house can act as channels or mediums for the expression of mythic or archetypal images in the collective unconscious, whether it is through art, poetry, dance, music or some form of psychic work. Their sensitivity and openness to that which is beyond the requirements of the personal self make them effective servants and healers who respond to the needs of others. They may be used as vessels for invoking chances on the level of the collective. In some way the personal identity meets and incorporates something larger and more universal.

In line with traditional 12th house associations, those with the Sun here may need to spend a good deal of time on their own. So receptive to others, they continually absorb influences from the environment. Periods of withdrawal and retreat help them to shed what they have 'picked up' and regain a sense of their own boundaries again. Sometimes, crisis and confinement precede an experience of awakening and illumination. Others may be so confused and undermined by unconscious forces or outside elements that leading an ordinary day-to-day existence is severely hampered.

Various forms of institutions may play a part in their lives. The vocation could involve work in hospitals, prisons, museums, libraries, etc.. Certain astrological texts suggest that those with the Sun in the 12th have used their will-power too selfishly in a previous lifetime. Now they must employ their power for the sake of other people, or have the experience of being at the mercy of somebody else's authority. Hidden pride and arrogance or the unconscious belief that the world owes them a living and should without question recognize them as special could cause problems.

The Sun is a 'male principle'; and in the nebulous 12th it could mean some confusion around the father or other males in the life, or sacrifices to be made regarding them. Sometimes, there is a strong psychic link with the father.

See also: Sun in the 12th House

Sun in the 12th House: G.W. Bush, Johnny Cash, Madonna Ciccone, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Dee, Mahatma Gandhi, Judy Garland, J.Paul Getty, William Randolph Hearst, Henry Kissinger, U.G. Krishnamurti, Bruce Lee, Donovan Leitch, Terence McKenna, Nisargadatta, Arnold Palmer, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Ted Turner, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Orson Welles, AndySc, BarryKl, DJenkins, Erin, Fisher, Flickinger, JerryP, Kyle, Marcy, Mick, Mikael, Miriam, Pete, River, ScottS, TonyC, VinCar