Sun in Cancer

(The Sun is in Cancer from June 21-22 to July 22-23, depending on the year).

Sun in Cancer natives have a strong survival instinct. They are protective of those they care about, and of themselves too. They are often quite reticent about sharing their inner selves to the rest of the world, and are often caught up in reminisce. Cancers have a reputation for moodiness, although this trait is most evident when the Moon is in Cancer. Cancer needs roots. They resist change to an extent, and concern themselves about being secure and safe in most everything they do.

Cancers can be quite intrigued by objects with history attached to them — antiques, photos, souvenirs, and the like. Cancer is a very sensitive sign, and they don't always appreciate it when you are blunt with them. Their reactions to hurt will depend on how thick a shell they have developed. Most Cancers react by withdrawing or retreating. Some have developed an ability to manipulate others to get what they want. They avoid direct confrontations almost as a rule.

Cancers are, in fact, quite yielding and soft when you have them in the right mood. They are one of the more hospitable signs of the zodiac. Sure, they can be touchy and indirect, but they are also very dependable, caring souls.

Sun in Cancer: Cancer is the most personal of the water signs. Because Cancerian children respond to their environment so intensely, they are among the most sensitive in the universe. The ruling planet of this sign is the Moon; and the Moon rules the tides and symbolizes the 'great mood-changer'. This sign is not an easy one to live out, for the emotional tensions and sensitivities create great inner turmoil in these individuals. It is for this reason that many people don't recognize the power of the Cancerian types. This is a cardinal sign, full of energy and possessing a great ambition to do something in the world. Yet, this driving ambition is difficult to see because of the emotional tensions.

It has been said that Cancerians are the orphans of the zodiac; that more Cancerian children than any other sign have lost a father or mother. (This also happens when the Moon is in Cancer or when Cancer is the Ascendant.) It has also been said that when Cancerians are lucky enough to have kept both parents, they nevertheless feel emotionally orphaned or emotionally deprived.

Cancer arrives in a mother-dominated world. The mother rules the marriage at the time of the child's birth. Sometimes it seems to Cancer that mother rules the universe because the father is missing. The father can be absent for many good reasons: he may be in the military, he may be travelling, etc.. The child doesn't know why he's absent, or even that he exists - Cancer only knows that mothers do everything. And the mother seems to be a particular type of person: she's highly manipulative; she controls the people around her by never showing her personality as woman; she handles people by acting the role of mother surrogate or by acting the role of helpless little girl. The child sees this kind of behavior, and grows up to act just like Mom. The Cancerian girl plays Big Momma or Helpless Little Girl; the Cancerian boy plays Big Daddy or Helpless (and cute) Little Boy. Everyone plays roles at one time or another, but Cancerian types have little experience in how to play the role of adult men and women. They control their relationships by being a parent or child; and sometimes this behavior causes difficulties in the career and relationships.

Sun in Cancer: Mother-dominated signs (with Cancer at the top of the list) have little respect for male authority figures. They are emotional and moody, and don't often care about father-approval, so they can be controversial and rebellious in the traditional business setting. They need freedom on the job, and they need to be interested in what they are doing or they won't fit into the business atmosphere.

Cancer is the sign that indicates nurturing and growth. Both the males and the females have the capacity to teach and train; to encourage and help others. This is a good indication that they will do well in the helping professions; that they make good teachers and that they can be helpful to people in general. They can also use this nurturing ability to develop a business that plays on the 'fad' consciousness of the public. There's no better horse trader in the zodiac.

Cancerians are moody and intuitive. They function much better when they listen to their intuition rather than their intellect. Because no-one paid attention to what Cancerian children said at home, it sometimes becomes very important for them to get a college education, for the 'grades' prove to the world that they really are as smart as everyone else. They are often put down as children since they have emotional reactions to what goes on around them as opposed to 'rational' reactions. However, the emotional reaction is the start of the intuitive process, and the rest of the signs have to take courses to reopen the channels of the intuitive process! Cancerians respond better to feelings than to words. If you want them to respond to you or to a situation, ask them how they feel about it rather than what they think. When Cancerians reject their intuitive energy, they become very stiff and over rational. It's usually a cover for a wonderful intuitive self they haven't learned to value. It needs to come out.

Sun in Cancer: The Cancer personality is predominantly involved with emotions, feelings and sensitivity to life, which often stimulates changeable moods and fluctuating emotions. This can create situations where you often feel hurt by others - intentionally or not - and you feel extremely vulnerable and defensive. You will have a strong concern for family well-being, and will be very emotional and sentimental towards them, with a very private attachment to your mother. You often look back towards your childhood, feeling that it holds an important set of memories for you. You can be fearful of what the future holds, and usually you will avoid looking too hard in that direction.

You may tend to be quite talkative at times, despite tendencies towards a more retiring and reserved nature; and this can sometimes be a 'defense' from confronting yourself by joining in with others, rather than retreating into your own private world. You are a sympathetic listener, unless it coincides with a period in which there are problems with your own sensitivity, in which case you are too preoccupied with your needs to be much use to others.

You have an active imagination - perhaps too active sometimes, as it can lead to brooding and worrying; and you tend to feel first and think last. This means that you can emotionally react quickly to situations, excessively so at times, whereas a more thoughtful response may have been more appropriate to avoid exacerbating any problems. You can tend to resist confronting problems, preferring to run away from pressures whenever possible. While you may give an impression of self-confidence and an ability to cope, you are only able to do so for a limited period, and then you need to retire into privacy and isolation to get yourself together again.

There can be a tendency to exaggerate personal problems - especially health - and this can cause illness through excessive worry. It is likely that you will become interested in health-giving foods and dietary concerns.

Home will be extremely important to you, both as a retreat from the world (your 'shell') and as your 'centre point' in life. You will try to maintain harmony and peace, hating any signs of discord. You prefer to live in style, and can become a knowledgeable collector of some type, enjoying the display of these interests in your home. You are fond of material possessions, and these often form your sense of material security. You enjoy and appreciate beauty in any form, and try to surround yourself with a pleasing environment, which can be enjoyed even more by opening your psychic sensitivity while at home. You need to feel that your family appreciates and thinks well of you, and will feel most uncomfortable if you think that you are being criticized or ridiculed.

You prefer traditional attitudes and values, despite any superficial appearance of contemporary style; and can sometimes find it hard to understand the complexity of the modern world. There may be an artistic talent present - perhaps a craftsperson in some way - but any artistic originality can be blocked by tendencies towards emotional repression, which is one of the major Cancer challenges to resolve. When you are feeling emotionally upset and imbalanced, your food intake will be affected, by way of your either eating to excess as 'compensation' or reducing food until the mood has passed.

You consider marriage is important, although you need to ensure a wise choice. Your emotional needs for love and nurturing may make you dependent on a strong partner, or attract a weaker personality to you, depending on whether your dominant pattern is for giving or receiving love. You can be highly supportive in helping a partner achieve his or her aims. You may become a day-dreamer, indulging in regrets or wishful thinking. Your inner life has an ebb-and-flow action like a rhythmic motion, emphasizing your indrawn nature and then your instinctive outgoing social urge, leading often to moodiness and contradictions. The phases of the Moon may affect you more than you realize.

Sun in Cancer: Sun in Cancer individuals feel they have the right to be emotionally self-centered; to be pampered by others; to be motherly to a fault; and to demand that others respect their sensitivity.

When your attention is on yourself, you might expect others to react in such a way that your sensitivities are never injured. This leads you to appear as hypersensitive, moody, and self-protective. When you yearn to be recognized for your sensitivity, you may demand that others respond by being constantly perceptive to every mood. You may require that any intimacy centre around your feelings. This leads to others feeling alienated since they cannot share themselves for fear of a potential defensive reaction. You might be so dedicated to protecting your sense of vulnerability that the slightest input can cause you to withdraw into your shell.

When your attention is directed toward sharing your talents for emotional perception with others, you can care for and assist them. This results in your becoming more objective and contented with your feelings. You can use your natural sensitivity to recognize the hidden emotional pains of others. This recognition enables you to inspire them and also yourself through your sympathetic understanding of their distress. You can give others center stage in the expression of their feelings and vulnerabilities. As you empathize with their suffering, your vitality increases, and others can appreciate you for your intuitive and loving nature. In the process of expressing your gifts for emotional participation in a way that serves others, you come to realize that your best security rests in caring for those outside yourself.

Sun in Cancer: People who have the Sun in Cancer are highly sensitive and emotional. Because you are emotionally tuned into the moods and feelings of others, you are quite intuitive and sometimes seem to be psychic. You may choose to express your sensitivity by being caring and compassionate toward others, or through some artistic medium. If, however, you believe that sensitivity is a sign of weakness, you might try instead to hide behind a mask of bravado; and some men who have their Suns in Cancer affect a macho attitude as an overcompensation.

You place great importance on the home and family. Your family is at the centre of your life; and whether or not your experiences with family members are positive, your ties to them are strong. Your family provides you with a sense of security and belonging. It is hard for you to see yourself as an independent entity, for your role within the family structure is integral to your self-image and usually overshadows your sense of individuality. Even as an adult, you may have difficulty breaking away from your parents and their expectations, or living a lifestyle which is different from theirs.

The sign Cancer also is associated with mother and motherhood; and both men and women with this Sun sign are strongly attached to their mothers. At their best, men tend to be caring, respectful, protective and devoted to their mothers; at worst, they are neurotically dependent 'mama's boys', who never untie the apron strings and expect all women to be substitute mothers. Women see their roles as mothers as all-important, and often think of themselves as mothers first, people second. Whether your feelings toward your own mother are fond and loving, or hostile and resentful, you probably have trouble severing the umbilical cord.

You love children, and if you don't have any offspring of your own, you are probably an adoring aunt / uncle, godparent, or teacher, or are working with children in some way.

You respect the image of the traditional, nuclear family, and see it as a microcosm of society. You consider your friends, co-workers, neighbors and fellow-citizens as part of your extended family. Alternative lifestyles and attitudes are threatening to you. You believe that someone is either with you or against you. To those whom you define as being 'in your camp', you are protective and supportive. However, anyone who is too 'difficult' is potentially dangerous and must be cast out of the group. Differences might destroy the structures and securities you've established so carefully.

You are affectionate and generous toward those you love, and enjoy doing things for them. You especially like cooking for your family and friends, and are fond of having people come to your home for dinner, particularly on holidays. The 'Jewish Mother' cliché fits you perfectly. A warm and gracious host, you make guests feel welcome, and no-one goes away from your home hungry. You might choose to use your talent for cooking professionally, as a chef, baker or restaurateur, or in another area of food service. Your hospitality also could make you the ideal innkeeper.

Hard-working and ambitious, you are the perfect employee, for you are loyal, dedicated and respectful of authority, and you rarely question company policy. As a boss, you are supportive and protective, almost maternal, toward employees who agree with you, but intolerant of anyone you view as contradictory. You tend to surround yourself with 'yes-men' who reinforce your delusions. Always a bit unsure of yourself, you try to insulate yourself from those who question your actions or motives.

The caring professions attract, including teaching, particularly of young children. Nursing and gynecology are also popular. It is also good for them to develop and express their vivid imaginations. Any work involving the past - such as the antiques business or museum work - will appeal to them. Cancerians are also natural cooks.

Fulfillment is more important to them than ambition, but they are keen to make money; and sometimes the Cancerian hoarding instinct can mean they are reluctant to part with it.

Changes of mood are very much part of the Cancerian make-up, but these people are much less ready to change their lifestyles - usually because of the disruption involved. Nevertheless, when faced with the prospect of retirement they will consider moving to another area, but should think carefully about this: they may be parted from their family, and if they buy a smaller property it may not be large enough for everyone to come and stay. Retirement will allow them to enjoy a new rhythm of life, and they will enjoy following their many spare-time interests, which may include a specialized collection of some kind.

Losing a job is hard to accept; a Cancerian's determination to find a new job should be supported to the hilt, so that the effort eclipses the worry of being out of work (which may demolish the self-confidence).

Keeping the sensitive Cancerian system in good order requires regular, rhythmical exercise. Swimming (from as early an age as possible) is strongly recommended, as is dancing.

The digestion will almost certainly suffer from time to time - especially when the individual is at all worried. A diet rich in fish and dairy produce (provided the cholesterol level is not too high) is usually beneficial, and will help stabilize the system. The sign Cancer, it must be emphasized, has nothing to do with the disease of the same name. However, because Cancer rules the breasts, women of this sign should ensure they regularly examine them and have periodic check-ups with their doctors. Cancerian men should not ignore any minor ailment, if only to prevent undue worry.

Sun in Cancer: You are an emotional person who is sensitive to the subtle ways that people communicate with each other. If there are bad feelings in the air, you know it.

You very much need to have emotional support and to know that your loved ones love you, especially your mother. It is important to know that you will be taken care of and that no matter what happens, you will always have a secure place to come home to. When these needs are fulfilled, you are a very generous and giving person. You like to take care of people and give them the love and comfort that you need so much. You like to know that others feel free to come to you for help and reassurance at any time.

However, if your own basic needs are not provided for, you will withdraw into yourself and act very insecure, as if there were only a limited quantity of love and attention in the world and you were afraid of losing your share. An insecure Cancer can be very selfish, just as a secure one can be very generous. You are attached to the old, familiar things that you have had since earliest childhood. You may keep an old toy long after you have stopped playing with such things. You probably have a secret, quiet place that is all your own, where you can go and be alone with your thoughts. Wherever you go in life, one of your first objectives in new surroundings will be to find such a place for yourself.

Your home and family will always be important to you, both the home you are growing up in and the one you will have later on. It is important to you that both of these be secure.

Sun in Cancer: Cancers were born under the sign of emotional security. The key phrase for Cancers is 'I feel'. This is the strongest of the water signs, favoring women more than men, since Cancer, of all the signs of the zodiac, is most strongly linked to domesticity and homemaking.

Cancers possess highly-developed protective and defensive instincts, which are aimed at material and domestic security. They are extraordinarily sensitive and fearful of ridicule. The crab shell, Cancer's symbol, represents the crust of armor which hides extreme sensitivity and shyness, as well as physical and psychological vulnerability. Cancers protect themselves from the possibility of emotional hurt by withdrawing and finding their security in solitude. This tendency is unfortunate because of their powerful need for home and children. Completion is not a reality for them until they are able to lavish their protectiveness on the family.

Because of their strong need for security, they will do whatever is needed to establish and serve that security. They seldom gamble unless they have safely put away their 'rainy day money'. Even then, gambling is rarely a means of livelihood, since they are reluctant to jeopardize their security. However, if their future stability depends upon taking a risk, they will take the risk - if possible, with someone else's money. But in that case Cancers would take great care to watch over the investment; they pay their debts, and expect others to do the same.

These people are very complex; at certain times, they appear to have the strength of a giant, and at other times they display the weakness of a child. This variability is due to the reversal of the Sun's direction in this sign: it stops in the northern skies and starts its trek southward.

As a rule, Cancers are well-intentioned, but because of their inconstant Moon they are at one moment sweet and charmingly outgoing (especially when they have some objective in mind) and at the next melancholic, introverted, and distant.

They are noted for their diplomacy, and seldom fail to achieve their goals. However, when they are hurt, they may behave in a nonsensical manner, being unable to collaborate with others. At times, they can behave extremely childishly and stubbornly - and this is one of the major flaws they must work to overcome.

Although they appear gentle and tranquil, their inner thoughts are difficult to fathom. Since few people every really comprehend how Cancers feel, they rarely get the necessary understanding from others.

Cancer children are by nature very tender, sweet and loving, willing to be helpful. Cancer mothers and fathers warm those who are lucky enough to be in their proximity. A word of caution: all Cancers should guard against bearing a smothering love.

Cancers desire the absolute possession of their beloved. It can be said of people under this sign that once a love is begun, it is never stopped. Resentment may make them cruel enemies, but they never stop loving. Theirs is the maternal love which brings out some of the complexities of this zodiacal sign. It is that of a mother who continues to love her sons even though she receives ill-treatment at their hands, so great is the maternal and paternal instinct of the sign. Cancers tend to be very much aware of their family trees. They are patriotic and have good memories for historical events.

They seek to avoid at all costs any mental or physical discomfort. Since neatness and cleanliness are conspicuous with this sign, it follows that they also dislike activities which prevent absolute cleanliness. They prefer a refined atmosphere.

Because of their powerful imaginations, it is imperative for Cancers to avoid all thoughts of illness. They must also cultivate the courage to say 'yes' or 'no' at the appropriate moment. They need to control their tendencies to moodiness, intolerance, timidity, and excessive emotionality.

Cancers will not joke about themselves. They are inclined toward self-satisfaction, and can be quite egotistical. On the other hand, they can be equally helpless in their determined, silent way. They have a great deal of personal vanity and like clothing and frivolities, which they use as tools to keep up appearances.

Cancers are masters of the art of passive resistance. This is a powerful weapon which, when wielded, makes the individual unapproachable. With kindness, Cancers can be directed easily, since they are basically understanding. If they are forced, they become immovable.

They are averse to being told how to do things; they must complete tasks on their own, since the ideas of others confuse them. At times, they shun responsibility. However, if they work on an enterprise that promotes or requires it, they are punctual, exact, and efficient, willing to guide things through to a successful conclusion.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs gives you a quick mind and a remarkable memory. You are a person with much self-respect and determination. Yet this never seems to make you at all self-centered or insensitive to others. In fact, you are very sensitive to everyone, and you live by the code “Do unto others as you would. . .” There is no great complexity about your emotions. They are just near the surface, and as a rule, do become easily aroused. If offended, you often reply with a quick and ever so intense emotional reaction. But there is not much depth to this temper, and you become quickly cooled and back to normal. Emotions are quick and changeable. Sometimes you say things before thinking that you later regret. This is unfortunate, because your intentions are usually sterling. Although you mean the best and you’ll go into battles for your friends, you’re not so good at respecting their ideas. You may dismiss such ideas and principles before really giving them any thought. You are anything but a naive person, and about the only way you can be fooled is by playing to your emotions. Your nature is a little on the suspicious side. You seem to succeed much more readily working in some humanistic profession or artistic endeavor, rather than in a business. People and ideas appeal more than money.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries:

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus: The combination of your Sun and your Moon sign produces a very accommodating and gracious personality. Though you have a core of determination and purpose, you come across as a very charming, sensitive and adaptable individual. You aren’t one to take yourself too seriously, and you are always honest and considerate. Thus, it is to be expected that you have little difficulty being very popular and well-liked by most people. You seem able to handle people in a frank and straightforward manner, but always in a tactful and acceptable way. There is a modesty and unassuming way about you, and you’re likewise impressed with other that display this trait; perhaps a little put off by those who don’t. So you may share your inner feeling with few. Not necessarily being over secretive and isolated, but merely selective and careful in your relationships. Sincerity and loyalty are two traits that you seem to possess and likewise, you require these traits of those closest to you. You know what you want and you can be very objective by nature. In many ways you are introspective and seem to know yourself very well. You are impressionable, but have a good sense of balance and perspective; a well organized and controlled person. There is a strong material side to your nature and money may seem attracted to you naturally. You know how to accumulate wealth and make wise investments. Some born under this combination even become miserly, though the appreciation and enjoyment of the finer things in life usually will forestall this tendency.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus: Meryl Streep

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Gemini: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a highly sensitive and intuitive personality. Flexibility and adaptability are your strengths and sometimes your weakness, as well. You are tuned in to your world and always eager to please. You are essentially a warm and feeling person, and little escapes your impressionable mind. You are a trusting sort, but after too many disappointments and discouraging experiences, you have a tendency to withdraw into yourself. You enjoy social events and really hate feeling that you have been left out of any group. You have a strong curiosity, and don’t mind experimenting. Yet if things don’t turn out well on your first effort, you are quick to give up and go back to tried ways. Sticking with an endeavor is not one of your strong points. Your feelings are easily hurt, and until you learn not to let it happen, you’ll find yourself in a fuming turmoil most of the time. You’re highly flexible and adaptable, but indecision may be a lifelong problem. Even if you don’t let it show, internally, you’re never very sure of yourself.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Gemini: John D. Rockefeller

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Cancer: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign, a double dose of Cancer, intensifies the natural traits of the sign and produces an added depth of feelings. You are an extremely emotional and timid person. There is an aloofness about your nature, as though you were waiting in the background for someone to make the first move to establish a relationship. Since most people are caught up in their own problems and often fail to understand this nature, you may feel that you are being ignored and snubbed. It’s hard for you to come out of yourself and meet people halfway. It’s not that you are self-centered, but you may give the impression that you are by not coming across positively. You are so self-protective and seem to have a shell that you crawl into periodically, or even permanently, as a defense against the intrusions of the world. You are touchy with a keen sense of injury and hurt at real or imagined offenses. You can be very suspicious of people and their motives that can make you unapproachable to many. It takes a long time for someone to win your confidence. Though you are extremely domestic and a very protective parent, you’re not likely to marry early and your basic nature can make it hard to achieve a stable and concrete relationship. But when you finally put aside this self-protective shell, you are exceptionally warm and genial, a true old-fashioned romantic. You have a deep sense and sympathy and a need for the same. A clever diplomat, your style is to work around an issue, rarely becoming confrontational and direct.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Cancer: U.G. Krishnamurti, George Orwell, Kyle

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a Cancer that is a good deal less shy and demure than is normally expected. In personality, you are positive and confident, emphasizing pride, dignity and self-respect. You appear open-hearted, amiable and outgoing. You always strive to make a good first impression because you are a proud person, and you care a good deal about what people think of you. You expect and enjoy having a broad base of support and respect from those whom you come in contact. Your security is knowing others like you and you seem to crave attention and respect. You attract this with your warm, sunny personality, but somehow you manage to keep most people at a distance and never get really close with very many individuals. You distrust people, but you tolerate their shortcomings and feel that you can control most individuals and circumstances. You meet unexpected situations and do the right thing at the right time. Your style is always neat and organized and you don’t like to be around sloppy people or disorganized situations. You take yourself seriously, perhaps even to the degree of being a little pompous and self-righteous at times. You know how to get your way while making others feel that they are the winners, and that you are the one who is compromising. Under a rather gentle exterior is a core of independence and determination that others rarely see or realize.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo: Tom Cruise, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Nicole

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign suggests a strengthening of the common traits between these two, such as conventionality, caution, and unpretentiousness. The blend focuses the emotional sensitivity of Cancer with the discrimination and practicality of Virgo. You appeal to people because you seem to have such solid control on matters; expressing the ability to reason out with particular emotional concern and caring. You try hard to appear sure of yourself, and manage your affairs with a cool, calm and practical head. You don’t make decisions until you have had a chance to reflect on the situation and make certain you make the right choice. Early on you may have been especially shy and prudent in your behavior; seemingly unsure of yourself. Confidence increases as you mature because of an innate desire to absorb knowledge and master details of all sorts. You rationalize and analyze things very well. This talent notwithstanding, your snap judgments and hunches often miss the mark, especially when you are judging people. Yet when you give yourself time, you are especially skilled at sensing the needs of other people. You have a natural inclination to serving the needs of the public in some way. You handle authority well, because you respect principles, codes, laws and traditions.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo:

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Libra: The combination of your Cancer Sun and Libra Moon creates a curious blending of independence and dependence, an entwined network of contradictions. The Cancer side of you wants to withdraw and become emotional; the Libra reaches and can remain detached and analytical. There is a constant pull between sheer objectivity and intense emotionalism. You want, and in fact need, companionship. Nonetheless, it’s hard for you to give much of yourself, being sensitive and a trifle introverted. You do seem to absorb other people with a charm that makes them readily respond to you. Socially, you are always a winner, but more so in a large gathering than in twosomes or small groups. In many ways, you are a romantic. You like to have people around you, and you like to receive your fair share of attention and notice for what you do. Yet you may have some difficulty responding in kind. There is a strong self-protective mechanism between you and others, and you seem to keep everyone at arms length with a certain suspicion and analytical cleverness. You have an innate ability to see all the strengths and flaws in those around you, and unless you find few or no weaknesses in a person, it will be very difficult for them to penetrate the barrier and get very close to you.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Libra: G.W. Bush, Nikola Tesla, JulieD, Marie

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio: The combination of the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio produces a forceful and temperamental personality. Your emotions are so near the surface that it takes more than the ordinary amount of understanding to reach you. You are intense and somewhat dramatic in your actions. Though not necessarily the life of the party, you do have a certain magnetic appeal and commanding demeanor. This draws people to you in the political, educational, or social arena of life. You are not so popular as you are impelling. When your feelings stay out of your way, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. But when the sensitive side of your nature does come into play, you can be equally destructive. You can show extremes of concentration on a purpose and a very dedicated devotion to duty. You are never the type to be unkind or mean. You have a deep sense of protectiveness, most for your family or for those friends to whom you are particularly close. You are not the idealist, but rather are attracted to the practical dollars and cents issues and personal worldly ambitions. The romantic side of your nature is ardent, demonstrative and lavish in affections, but apt to be extremely jealous if given a cause. Defensive behavior is strongly marked in your nature, and you seem to have your feelers out for threatening vibrations almost all the time.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio: AndyF

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius: The combination of the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius blends the contradictory elements of caution, tenacity, and a need for security, with the much more outgoing Sagittarius tendency to be outgoing and independent. This pairing gives you a more sociable and progressive demeanor. You can relate to generalities and ideals, but on a more real and practical basis. You can inspire confidence in people. In your relations with others you demand absolute honesty. When you detect falsity and insincerity in your dealings with people, the sensitive and defensive side of your nature quickly appears. Petty jealousies and trite behavior repels you. You live more or less by your own set of rules, often trying to live up to some ideal or idol you have set up as a goal or inspiration. You are innately the philosopher in the way that you look at life and consider those around you. In many ways, you are a true “free spirit.” While you are extremely polite and tactful, you seem to have no difficulty being firm and definite. Communication is frank, open, and no one has to wonder where you stand on an issue. Weakness or timidity is rarely a problem with this placement.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius: Jesse Ventura, Michael, Michelle

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a good deal of ambition and determination in your personality. Yet this is well disguised in a mask of congeniality and understanding. The Cancer Sun is naturally understanding and affectionate, lessening the normal coldness of the Capricorn Moon. This lends good insight and a penetrating look at human nature. You are well equipped for a role in some type of public or official responsibility, and apt to gain recognition for your work in this regard. Prestige and status are likely to flow your way if you make any effort to achieve before the public. You have a reassuring way as you always seem willing to assume responsibilities, and work hard to reach goals. You expect things of value to require a good deal of effort. Unassuming and unpretentious, you are ever willing to tow your share of the load. You appreciate the value of a dollar, but you’re not likely to spare cost when it comes to obtaining quality for your investment. A high degree of self-discipline allows you to save or even hoard money for that rainy day. You have a shrewdness that produces a genial and warm manner, but your purpose remains steely and determined. This nice blend of the personal and the sincere, with the calculating business core, allows you to accomplish much without hurting anyone’s feelings. It permits you to muster and retain many friends along the way. You know how to drive a hard bargain with a smile on your face, and you have a keen sense for understanding people and instinctively sensing their motives.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn: Ernest Hemingway, Mikael, Tyler

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces the kind of personality that can transmit an excellent understanding of yourself to others around you. You relate well to people and are likely to have the reputation for being one who is understanding and sympathetic. Yet you have a rather objective intellect that always seems to hold a large viewpoint. Your appeal may be to large groups of people more than to individuals as your aloofness and detachment draws people to you rather than drawing you toward others. You often appear preoccupied, as though you were caught up in many thoughts at the same time. You are critical of people, but always in a well-intentioned way. You have a good deal of pride and you’re not one to bare your soul to those around you. There is little that is petty about you, and you have little time for pettiness in others. You have a way of achieving power over people, and you seem to spend little time or effort making friends. Nonetheless, you are well accepted for your general concern for people. With an aristocracy of bearing, you raise people to your level, rarely stooping to theirs.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius: Princess Diana, Carl Lewis, Clark

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a highly fluid nature with much emotional depth. You store a constant flow of impressions and your instincts and hunches are usually very accurate. Your polarity reveals that your personality blends harmoniously with your individuality, but also accentuates your emotional nature, making you mentally receptive and impressionable. You have a very peaceable and amenable personality, and is agreeable and rarely on the wrong side of an argument; agreeable, friendly and diplomatic. Not a fighter, you are so affable and pleasant that is sometimes hard to tell where you stand or how long you are going to stand there. This is not to say you don’t have ideas, but you keep them to yourself rather than produce conflict and turmoil. Your practical or political sense is so clear and your ability to apply tact to most situations usually assure you success in most endeavors, but you may have to develop your self-confidence and be a little more willing to act on your hunches and highly accurate intuition. You’re suspicious of others, and you may keep many secrets locked inside. In fact, you are self-protective, a bit defensive, and some would say too cautious, a good deal of the time; but because of this, very able to protect yourself from designing people. Never easy to fool, you have good business sense and the ability to drive a good bargain. You can be popular in a large broad way with groups of people, though in personal contacts you are likely to remain a little suspicious and overly careful.

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces: Helen Keller, O.J. Simpson, Robin Williams, Arrow

Sun in Cancer Woman: Cancer women are lovely and often lonely; they reach out for love and affection. Often, when their desires for security are not fulfilled, they stray. They seek and experiment. However, if you can give this woman love, if you are willing to make a home for her, she will usually prove faithful, loyal, warm and exciting. Besides, she is a good cook!

This woman likes to aid loved ones. Here is a good hint: ask her for advice! Don't always follow it - but ask, anyway. Include her 'in'. To shut a Cancer woman out is to invite trouble.

If you are interested in keeping your Cancer woman - pay attention to the home. Domesticity becomes a key word, along with bigger and better household furnishings. But don't think she is satisfied merely to be kept busy around and in the house. She wants to share your life, not merely wait on you.

She is highly emotional, being of the Water element. Her intuition is highly developed. She can usually perceive when something of importance is about to occur. She has a tendency to brood and worry; she requires constant assurance and reassurance in love, and is not satisfied with a peck on the cheek. She wants sincerity and plenty of affection.

Don't try to fool this woman. Place your cards face up and then let her make up her own mind. If she loves you, she will fight in your corner. This is true no matter what the odds. She is a valuable ally. She can make life worth living as long as you are loyal. Once you are not, you begin a chain of events that could boomerang.

If you are looking for a woman who can make a home for you, she is for you. But never take her for granted!

Sun in Cancer Woman: The Cancerian female presents herself as a helpless little thing who needs protection. She marries a man who will save her from her environment. But, she develops into a very strong woman, for she is mother-dominated. And since she is female, it's easy for her to imitate her mother. She usually has no idea of her strength until she reaches thirty. She felt left out when she was an infant; her mother's love was not apparent. Consequently, she wants security as an adult. So, when she feels uncomfortable in a relationship, she'll use her wiles to regain control: either by playing helpless so that her partner will have to take care of her, or by being insecure, which usually manifest in wonderful jealousies. When there is insecurity, there is a tendency to over-compensate, so she may be jealous of her husband's friends or even of his business. She may be the type who calls him at his office twenty times a day; or she may pull scenes if he arrives home late from the office because he stopped to talk with someone after work. She may become a parasite, looking for constant reassurance of his love and affection. The irony here is that although she needs love and affection, she may have difficulty giving it in return because she never saw her mother give it. She learned through observing her mom that one must control men, manipulate them gently, in order to get what one wants. She learns what her mom teaches so well that she tends to have a lot of 'gimme' in her personality until she matures out of it. If she wants a role-playing relationship, these traits are fine. But if she's looking for a meaningful adult relationship with another person, these traits will stand in the way of its development.

Because her mother was so competent, the Cancerian female becomes quite aggressive in the career areas. She wants to make money so she can spend it. She wants to have a nice home to return to when she gets tired of the world. The Cancerian type is not the homebody we hear about; she prefers to have a nice home available to her, but she has to be out in the world exploring and feeling with the masses of people. (The Moon rules the general public.) She does well in her career once she settles into something that interests her. Many Cancerian women have jobs that include travel. She looks for executive power, for that is one way to use the Great Mother energy in a constructive sense.

Sun in Cancer Woman: You are sensitive. Many people don't know this when they first meet you, because you protect yourself well. If you were total mush inside, would you let everyone in as soon as you meet them? You take everything personally because you feel so deeply. You're never detached or cold. Sometimes you believe your life purpose is to feel for the whole world. As soon as you care for someone, you start to take care of someone. You baby, and you like to be babied.

You're made for motherhood. Even if you don't have children, if you're a career woman, you'll be a mother hen to your employees or co-workers. You'll make your office a homey environment, or feed everyone. Often you keep a snack dish full. You can be cranky and moody because you're emotional and take things personally. It's hard for you to detach and leave your work at the office, and it can be hard for you to keep your feelings to yourself. You've got a long memory and don't forget anyone who has been good to you, or bad. Once you've attached yourself to someone or something you don't give up easily. You hang on.

Security is high on your list of priorities. You want a home, food in the larder, and money saved. You need a solid base beneath you a, a fertile garden outside. With that, you make everyone feel at home, and your loony humor, imagination, and psychic sensitivity come out. You're devoted to those you love, to the point of smothering them. Sometimes you try to make up for the lack of love in your childhood. You can feel deprived easily, and if these feelings get kicked up too much, you get bitter.

You're sentimental and old-fashioned at heart and you like men who are traditional. You appreciate a gentleman, a man who is kind and courtly, even if he's macho or parental. It's important to you that a man be good father material. You crave security. You can't raise children properly without money you know. You need someone who at least is trying to establish himself financially, but as you also go for the sensitive types (you respond to the little boy in all men), your men don't always have money. Money or not, once you fall in love and commit to a relationship, you'll stick with it. Your tenacity keeps you hanging in there.

Sun in Cancer Man: The Cancerian male has more trouble getting free of his early childhood environment. He's raised in a mother-dominated atmosphere. He realizes that women are strong and powerful, and adopts his mother's mannerisms and attitudes. He may either be too emotionally close to his mother - a momma's boy - or really dislike her and later make the women in his life pay the dues for his mother hatred. In any event, he usually prefers the company of women; they are easier for him to talk with, they are more familiar. He enters relationships playing the role of Big Daddy or Little Boy. Whichever role he begins with, once the relationship is established, it is not surprising to see the Cancerian male playing Little Boy, for he thinks this will get him what he wants. He, too, is looking for emotional fulfillment and affection, but usually something akin to 'mother love' is more important than a sexual relationship. Sometimes he establishes sexual relationships outside his marriage; he doesn't want one with his wife since she's playing the role of mother for him.

He needs lots of attention; and when he can't get it, he tries to make his wife angry. This is usually the time the Cancerian male starts playing around. But, he plays around to get caught. Getting caught arouses his wife's ire, and this signifies to him that she still cares. However, this is a dangerous way to secure his wife's attention. It may be the beginning of the end of the relationship! He is looking for a love that he is seldom able to return. His mother was not a giver; he didn't learn how to give as a child, so giving becomes something that is learned in his adult life. The Cancerian type holds on to what he has and keeps asking for more, all the while giving little in return.

The Cancerian man may not be quite as interested in a career as the Cancerian woman. He may have ambition or not - usually the motivation for accomplishment comes from impetus elsewhere in the chart. He can do well in a job situation is he so desires, for he can play father surrogate and be Big Daddy to all the people in his office, or he can play Little Boy and sell products better than anyone else in the zodiac. A Cancerian salesman makes lots of sales because he adopts the Little Boy role, which doesn't threaten the security of his customers. Cancer walks home with nice commissions over the years! If he has problems holding a job, it's usually because he's too much of a rebel.

Sun in Cancer Man: Be sympathetic with the Cancer man - but don't spoil him! He is more emotional than the average man; he is sensitive to his surroundings and to your moods. And he has plenty of moods of his own, too. It is said that most Cancer men love the home and good food. but the truth of the matter, most likely, is that he appreciates homemaking efforts, including the talents that make up a skillful chef. He does not require a palace or a queen, but he insists upon undivided loyalty. With this insistence, there is a lurking suspicion that all could not be as good as it looks; he feels someone, somewhere, is doing something he or she should not be doing. This makes him unhappy!

This is not the easiest man to love. He is an idealist; he expects to make mistakes himself but he is astonished when a loved one slips in any manner. His standards are high; he is patriotic, loyal; he doesn't mind fighting with members of his own family. he enjoys a good family quarrel: it clears the air! But let an outsider say something about a person he loves - then he fights.

He is a moody man and the best hint is this: recognize that his moods are expressions, nuances of his feelings, character, hopes, dreams. Don't try to pull him out of his thoughts. His ambitions are based on ideas. He realizes that fulfillment of dreams depends upon his ability to outmaneuver or outthink competitors. once this man declares his love for you, he is apt to be pretty serious about it.

Avoid sniping at him. Keep your head - give and take - don't ask for special favors or privileges. This man appreciates honesty and frankness; he cannot tolerate whining. Remember, he is the one who seeks sympathy - to ask him to give you too much is to make him think that maybe he's with the wrong woman!

This man appreciates women and the finer things in life. The better he has it, the more discriminating he becomes. He fears ridicule, and the quickest way to lose him is to laugh at him.

Sun in Cancer Man: You may seem to have a tough, strong exterior, but inside you're mushy and sentimental- even a little loony. You're an old-fashioned type - you like your home, children, family, traditions. You admit to being overly sensitive emotionally, even though you usually hide it. Your sensitivity makes you shy, and you prefer the indirect approach, crabwise so to speak. You like to sense the climate, tune into different levels of energy, especially people's feelings. You like to take care of and be taken care of. The Moon fascinates and inspires you - you're something of a visionary, interested in the unseen. You have your own way of perceiving things.

You're a worrywart. You tend to be fearful and do not trust what's unfamiliar. You're protective of yourself and those you love. When you must travel, you stay attuned to your home atmosphere, creating a homey environment wherever you are. Maybe it's a few pictures you carry with yourself and put up wherever you are or a dish of candy on your desk. It's your nesting instinct.

Your insecurity adds drive to your ambition. You want to get ahead, be successful, become a community leader. You get attached to things, especially your work, and you do best when you can use your abilities to promote growth of some kind.

Nurturing others comes naturally to you, and you tend to mother everyone around you, like a hen with a brood of chicks. Food is one of the ways that you comfort yourself and others. Sometimes you eat too much and gain weight, or you forget entirely about eating and lose weight. You have a basic conviction that a good meal will cure what ails you.

You like a woman with a sense of continuity, who is attached to her past history and likes intimacy. If she's a good cook, all the better! Once you get attached, you don't let go easily, for you're tenacious. You have staying power. you'll go through a lot of ups and downs before you let go or give up.

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