Sun conjunct Saturn

Your potential success is dependent on personal qualities of perseverance, self-discipline, organization and your ability to maximize the effectiveness of all your available resources. Ambition is likely to be a powerful motivating force within your personality, and, once your aims have been clarified, careful planning and application can help you to achieve them. Persistence and hard work may be the keys to later success, and it is unlikely that progress will be swift or aims realized at an early age. As Saturn implies limitations and barriers, it is probable that even when following your solar path there will be obstacles and frustrations confronting you, and there may be periods when you begin to feel the inhibitions of your nature and path acutely.

You can lack sufficient confidence, adopting a self-deprecating attitude as justifying any lack of progress. Temperamentally, you are serious and reserved, often taciturn in expression, controlled and disciplined and viewing life with an uneasy attitude. To you, life demands effort and application, and nothing comes easy or free. So you believe that to become materially comfortable you may have to deny certain feelings or needs in order to concentrate and focus on your aims. Unfortunately, through self-denial and austere attitudes, you may repress self-expression, creating inner imbalances which have later negative side-effects. These could become more predominant if you enter a phase of frustrations, where disappointments generate tensions, stresses, angry thoughts and emotional attitudes. Disorders of the digestive system may be associated with this, and you may need to increase relaxation in your life, perhaps by consciously dismantling any fixity of lifestyle and daily habit patterns that may be unconsciously erected around yourself as a form of protective barrier.

The house position of the conjunction is a sphere of opportunity and of limitation for you, depending on the inner changes that you can consciously make. Success can result from applying your strengths, which are likely to be in areas of organization, self-reliance, discipline, persistence and determined application. The theme of consolidation and building is associated with this aspect, where existing resources are used in ways which take greater advantage of their potential, expanding from a secure foundation but not overly risky or speculative. Careers in management, politics, law, scientific research, teaching, local government may be attractive, especially if you are able to use an ability to assume responsibility within your employment.

Your earlier childhood development will have been influenced by the relationship to your father. Look at the attitudes towards life that your parents expressed, and see if these have become your dominating attitudes and values too. You may have received a highly ordered and strict parental discipline, encouraging conformity to parental desires and codes of conduct; moralistic or religious attitudes may have conditioned your worldview. There may have been a lack of parental approval or response to your unique childhood nature, perhaps a lack of emotional affinity (perceived or actual) which made you feel more isolated and independent; certainly you would have experienced an early inner maturation process. Have you become what your parents wanted you to be? And is this in accordance with your desires and dreams? You may need to break free from these earlier psychological programs that are still operating in you, so that you can move in new directions or transcend those restrictions in life that are acting as barriers to fulfillment and success.

You have much of value to share with the world, but this may need greater releasing. For instance, you may feel that everyone makes their own destiny (and certainly, to some degree this is correct), but this should not stop you being generous if you have financial abundance in your life; you could help others to help themselves. There may be a belief that there is a lesson or message within every life experience, but this should never stop feelings of love and friendliness flowing out naturally from you to others. Acknowledging others in a different way may be necessary, so that you are more aware of their needs and qualities, and this can divert you from your self-preoccupations. Certainly you will require a compatible intimate partner who recognizes your need for achievement, and who is willing to support your endeavors; but equally, you should not forget that your partner also has their own life path to follow, and you should not forget their needs either. Mutual aid is the ideal approach. Loosen the chains of your self-imposed limitations, and you may be surprised by how your life can favorably change.

Sun conjunct Saturn: The conjunction of your Sun and Saturn shows that you are serious and perhaps profoundly moved by everything that gains your attention. Every experience teaches you a lesson. You are more capable of handling responsibility than most people, but you may resent it if others always expect you to be the one to take the burden. You may feel that your struggle to gain mastery over material circumstances seems more harsh than what others must face.

You matured rather early and probably were disciplined more strictly than other children. You may have encountered restriction from either or both parents in your formative years. No-one ever gave you anything, and now you don't expect anyone to, in your driving ambition to realize your goals. Austerity is a familiar way of life to you, which probably helped you learn to stand on your own feet as you developed. You have depended for success on your ability to effectively mobilize your personal resources.

You don't generally express your opinion unless there is a reason for doing so. Although you are not quick to assert your will, when you do you expect others to listen. You don't indulge in idle conversation, and you don't put up with it from others, unless they have something worthwhile to discuss.

You must be careful not to feel sorry for yourself if achieving your goals seems to be a laborious and painful process. Self-denial is easier for you, since it is consistent with your early training. Once you realize your objectives, they will be permanently secure because you have made such a tremendous investment in them. You will tenaciously hold on to the benefits brought by reaching your goals. It is not easy for you to be generous; you've worked too hard to get what you want, and you can't forget the lean years.

Your success results from your ability to efficiently consolidate your resources in order to exploit them to full advantage. Many fields need talent such as yours, including industrial management, teaching, politics, science and research, mathematics, and law. Each is a very demanding occupation; the only ones who survive are those who can discipline themselves and who are not afraid of responsibility.

You will choose a partner who has self-respect, for you consider this an important quality. Your mate must be willing to share your determination to rise above past or present circumstances. He or she must have humility and sincerity and be able to accept temporary limitations in anticipation of future growth and success.

Your greatest problem is that you react negatively to setbacks and become bitter. Some physical problems can develop, such as digestive ailments and ulcers, unless you maintain an attitude of hope and high expectation for the future. Try to establish goals that can be realized in the near future. It is also very important that you occasionally get away from familiar routines and indulge yourself a little. Wasting time once in a while will allow you to return to your responsibilities with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Don't get into a rut - this limits you, so that challenges no longer seem exciting.

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Sun conjunct Saturn: Al Pacino 1, Pankaj 1, Maharaj Ji 2, Robert Plant 2, Robert Anton Wilson 2, Jean2, Joze 2, Flickinger 3, Cathy O’Brien 4, Jim Carrey 5, Arnold Schwarzenegger 6, Ju 6, Miriam 9

Sun sextile Saturn

This indicates that you will have a conservative attitude to life, preferring order and discipline linked to traditional values and social life paths. You will naturally follow a mainstream course through life, which also offers established routes towards achieving 'success'.

The sextile is especially effective within your mental nature, helping you to deepen your understanding and extend your communicative skills. Your thought processes are likely to have a natural logic, organization, clarity and perception that can be exploited through several careers. Mental precision is valued in management roles, scientific research, law, politics, teaching, business, and this backed by leadership ability and practical, methodical abilities should enable you to attain your ambitions.

Work can become extremely important, offering a purpose and life direction, as well as being the sphere where many of your major personal assets are applied. While success highly motivates you, there may be a distastes for assuming a 'high profile' that draws personal attention, as you prefer to remain quietly working in the background. You can feel uncomfortable at personality extroversion, and in some situations this can work to your detriment, and you are overlooked or misvalued. Opportunities could be lost and progress halted. If this does occur, then you are faced with two alternatives. You either adopt a higher personality profile, or consider different routes to your ambitions, perhaps a change of job or career. Doors never close for ever, unless you refuse to open them; there are always alternatives and different options available to those who refuse to limit themselves.

You may find your life path in the sphere of communication and teaching, mainly through your ability to explain and express your knowledge in an accessible and meaningful way. You realize the essentials of a subject and ensure that these are grasped, so that a good foundation of knowledge is transmitted. Social concerns may become more predominant in your life as you grow older, and political issues may attract your attention. You may become involved with community or social activities, or look for power and responsibility linked to political ambitions. While you favor traditional attitudes and values, you also acknowledge the need for development and progress, so you try to act as a 'bridge' between the past-present-future, carefully retaining the value of the past with an awareness of what is required tomorrow.

In social and intimate relationships, you prefer the company of like-minded individuals, those who have a similar or compatible perception, and whose attitudes do not openly challenge or disturb your implicit assumptions about life and yourself. Domestically, you will follow established social lifestyles, rarely considering any radical deviations or choosing to step outside conventional patterns. While you are aware of your own limits - but less so of those self-imposed ones - you may not always take advantage of your whole potential, and can create subtle demarcation lines of personal restrictions formed by your unconscious attitudes. Perhaps a greater tolerance of those who feel less need to conform may open you more to the potential and possibilities of life; not everyone has to follow the same road, and there are more ways open for you than have been consciously realized.

Sun sextile Saturn: The sextile from the Sun to Saturn indicates that you have great depth of understanding and the capacity to help others understand what you have learned. You are modest in assessing your self-worth and are aware of your limitations, but you also know how to make the most of your potentials. You have a respect for authority and competence. Because you rarely voice your opinion unless asked, your views are considered authoritative and sincere. Usually you prefer to remain in the background and let others with greater needs gain the attention. You don't need anyone's approval for your actions because you generally observe the rules of good behavior.

Although you have a driving ambition to succeed, you methodically plan each step toward your goals, quietly and without fanfare. You have a distinct rapport with your professional superiors because you carefully avoid threatening them with your ambition. You always extract important lessons from your experiences.

You are suited for such occupations as teaching, research and development, industrial management, politics, or law. In any of these professions you would very probably rise to a management position. You take your work seriously and always strive to maintain your position by staying abreast of new developments in your field. It would be difficult for anyone to remove you from your position, because you have gained it by demonstrating competence, efficiency, integrity, and sincerity. In other words, you've earned everything you've gained.

You relate well to anyone who upholds the virtues mentioned above. Your mate probably shares your high regard for tradition and orderliness. Together you plan for a future made secure by your efforts.

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Sun sextile Saturn: Robin Williams 0, Robert De Niro 1, Meryl Streep 1, Donovan Leitch 2, Joanne Woodward 2, Arrow 2, Dewitt 2, Eva 2, Flossie 2, Karl Marx 3, Mahatma Gandhi 4, JerGar 4, Keith 4, SFor 4

Sun square Saturn

The square indicates that restrictions and limitations derived from your own inner psychological attitudes, values, beliefs and image are likely to confront you, and that these often emerge from a lack of self-esteem and personal insecurities.

The power of your solar energy is being held in check - almost imprisoned - by Saturn, until you succeed in 'learning certain lessons', 'recognizing inner messages', and manage to transform those constraining attitudes that can cause the failure of your dreams through attracting obstacles along the path.

Part of this may have been influenced by your early childhood environment, where conflicts with parents (especially your father) or with authority figures have left you feeling defeated and psychologically wounded. Possibly attempts at being childishly self-assertive were unsympathetically crushed and rejected by strict and disciplinarian adults, or your efforts at self-expression and communication of feelings were dismissed and ignored. Whatever circumstances were experienced, the result was a diminution of a developing personality and loss of confidence and self-esteem.

You are likely to hold psychologically defensive attitudes towards life, not able to trust in the beneficence of the universe or people around you, often expecting that rejection and failure will be the only results that will come to you. With such expectations, the mirroring by the universe will bring such results. A transformation in your worldview is required to alter this pattern.

The operative effects of such a pattern are as follows: a fear of 'superiors' and authority figures, and the forming of negative comparisons between yourself and others; an underestimation of or failure to recognize your latent potential, qualities and strengths; a lack of personal assertion, and a tendency to be passive, fatalistic, pessimistic, rigid and insecure; a lack of self-confidence, and a belief that you are unlovable and will never taste success; health may be affected, with a loss of physical vitality and vigor, or psychosomatic ailments may periodically erupt. Looking out at life, you may imagine a constant frustration at your efforts, a life of hard toil for little result, and a scattering around you of unrealized dreams.

But if this is the case, then it is within you to transform the inner attitudes that generate such a reality; your life can always be changed for the better. This is the challenge and test facing you, to rise beyond those apparent inner limitations and restrictions that to some degree you are choosing to impose on yourself. Specific areas of oppression may be those associated with the sign and house positions of Sun and Saturn, and resolving the lessons implied in those spheres may hold a key to open the rest of your life to a more favorable future.

In failure and rejection lie the seeds of possible success, providing that you recognize the lessons and messages that are contained within such experiences. A new approach to self-evaluation is required, one that is not depreciating and negative in prior assumption, but values your strengths and qualities and sees them as assets that can be successfully employed. You may need to review all those traditional attitudes and worldviews that you have acquired in life, and see if they are restrictive or can positively serve you. When life presents obstacles in your path, you have two fundamental choices; defeat or discover a way of moving beyond. The first is a path of self-limitation and stagnation, the second is the path of self-development and evolutionary growth, and that is the assertion of the solar power and of a higher self. This second path is the one that beckons to you.

While success may never be easy, and you have to work hard for every step forward, changing your conditioning attitudes is the transformative key. Your character can be strengthened and amplified by attitudes of optimism and positive cheerfulness; begin to trust in the universe and yourself, and you will succeed in restoring your self-image to a positive perception. The aim is to re-empower yourself. One of the most effective ways to do this is through techniques of creative visualization, which can aid in the psychological reprogramming of all inner attitudes, replacing them by beliefs and worldviews that become positively attractive to the good experience of life. Take the time to explore such techniques.

Relationships could be similarly transformed. If you have been holding a negative self-image, it is always difficult to believe that anyone could love or be interested in you, so relationships may have been unsatisfactory, uneasy and lacking development. If you transform any unsuitable self-images, then relationships can assume a new light and vitality. Partners may appear who understand and value you for what you are, and have a faith and trust in your latent potential being actualized. Love is a great transforming power, and you will develop under such a gaze from another. Through consolidating and recognizing your power, your solar will can be applied to attain your ambitions. Through sharing with a partner, you can gain a renewed perspective, healing and resolving conflicts which may have been previously detrimental. This squares' tendency for negativity is not inviolable; it can be the spur to change, provided you choose to take the future into your hands, and to recreate it into a positive pattern. This is the Saturn lesson and test that is really confronting you; a demand to assert your unique solar power.

Sun square Saturn: Because of the square of the Sun to Saturn, you have had to resolve conflicts about your self-worth during your early years and even into adulthood. You are naturally defensive and fear rejection by people you think of as superior. Success will not come easily because you underestimate your potential and don't assert yourself when you should. You must be willing to suffer the pain of rejection and the frustration of not reaching your goals. From these experiences you will learn, and your judgment will be sharpened so that you can make decisive plans for success. You just may have to fail in order to succeed.

Your qualifications show that you are suited to make achievements in teaching, philosophy, industrial management, conservation, or any occupation that requires methodical application of knowledge and experience. You must expect to begin at the bottom in your chosen field and plan your rise to prominence one step at a time. You must also learn to like yourself so that you can successfully meet competition as you continue to grow.

Your present lack of confidence can become self-assurance later. And this applies to your personal relationships as well. In your early years, you tended to assume that others would not welcome your company, perhaps because you were not as aggressive and compulsive as they were. But then you realized that not everyone admires people who come on strong and that you could relate to many people after all. You will undoubtedly choose a partner who can accept you as you are. Your mate will recognize that your potential is much greater than you know and will believe in you.

Try to maintain a positive outlook on life. By talking to those you admire, you'll discover that they too have apprehensions and fears, and you are not alone.

Sun square Saturn: The child is born into an atmosphere in which the father does not like himself. The Sun represents 'I am'; it also indicates the type of physical father. Saturn indicates where repression comes from. It also indicates the psychological influence of the father on the child. It can also be used to indicate how the father's father was - for when Saturn squares the Sun, it indicates that the grandfather was influential in developing the behavior pattern of the father, who in turn influences the child.

Saturn runs in seven-year cycles, and the Bible is full of references to heredity and the sins of the fathers being visited on the sons. This metaphor can be interpreted as the influence of a parental behavior pattern on the children born into a family. When this aspect occurs it can mean that the father is feeling sorry for himself when the child is born, or he resents his fatherhood, his career, his life style, his responsibilities, his neighborhood, etc.. The child born at this time will inherit or learn Daddy's behavior pattern. The learning process is an unconscious one; the parent may not even be aware that he can influence his child in this manner.

The life pattern that the child develops will be described by the signs that the Sun and Saturn are in. Again, the child born into a positive sign may be anti-tradition, anti-father, anti-men, anti-organization. This energy can be used for accomplishing either good or bad, for world changers go against tradition but so do rabble-rousers. How one wishes to use this energy is a personal decision.

When the child is mother-dominated, the Saturn affliction may affect him / her differently. The male child has to garner a sense of self-worth in a world he feels is balanced against him. Mothers rule the universe, he thinks; men have no value, he doesn't care for his father, and eventually he may manifest symptoms of not caring for himself. If the child is a girl, this aspect will affect her relationships with men, for she will have to work through her dislike of them. Here is the set-up for the homosexual woman, or for women who marry in order to disempower men, or for women who become passive and select men who destroy them, for what else do men do?

Often the Saturn square Sun children have a father who leaves them. This is particularly important for girls, for some of them subconsciously expect any man they love to leave them since Daddy did. One never knows how the energy of the early environment affects the mind; but we can begin to understand when we listen to a client's problem and begin to tie it into the chart. Because we don't remember our early childhood impression, sometimes the only way to unearth them is by trying to understand the language of the symbolism contained in astrology.

Sun square Saturn people carry with them an aura of resentment toward any authority figure, including the boss. People in management dislike people with this aspect, for although the employee does his job he often does it with an 'attitude'. These people are sometimes better off self-employed or working at the management level, for they don't work well with others. In order to get into management, however, one has to do some time on the obedience level. Once a job is well learned, or if we have a talent to offer, we can advance our status. It's important that these people receive the training necessary to free them from subordinate positions.

The aspect also doesn't make for enthusiasm in the school system, for teachers represent a form of authority too. Young people with this aspect need to learn to work with the Saturn energy long enough to turn it into a friend. Once the energy is disciplined, they can be world changers, for they methodically plod through reams of ideas and can decide which ones will be most productive. They have energy that allows them to stick to a commitment long enough to complete it.

On the self-awareness level, since the father negatively influences these children on a psychological level, and this influence is rarely conscious, they need to develop feelings of self-worth. They have to convince themselves that they have a right to invest time in themselves, to build a sense of self. When one has no sense of self-worth, one even feels guilty about asking for help, so it's difficult to go into therapy.

These individuals may project all their problems onto others - it's the world's fault they aren't successful - and they may sound rather paranoid. A relationship that doesn't go well is the partner's fault; and all the ills in life happen because of other people. However, they aren't able to put much into a relationship until they like themselves, so healthy people may leave them. Understanding the attitude alleviates the problem. Learning that we all have a right to do something to help ourselves can lead these individuals into the right path. When we are on the right path for ourselves, we can feel it in our guts. We begin to feel good.

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Sun square Saturn: Salvadore Dali 0, George Harrison 0, Oprah Winfrey 0, Leigh 0, Marcy 0, Jane Fonda 1, Mark 1, Nirvesh 1, Charles Manson 2, Ramana Maharshi 2, ChrisTr 2, Dick Cheney 3, Arnold Palmer 3, Jason 3, Komala 3, MarieBr 3, Patrice 3, TomW 3, Paramahansa Yogananda 4, DavMcC 4, Michelle 4, Sally Field 5, Jon Voight 5, Tammy 5, Virginia 5, Woody Allen 6, Willie Nelson 6, Bobbie 6, Cesar 6, Lucille Ball 7, Jack Parsons 7, Ricardo 7

Sun trine Saturn

The trine helps to reconcile these two planetary energies more successfully, and there is less evidence of any underlying Saturnian tendency to restrict and limit. The positive qualities and abilities of Sun-Saturn contacts are present; responsibility, self-discipline, practicality, patience, organization, reliability, concentration, determination, persistence and honesty. These can all be used to further your ambitions, although you may need to be wary of innate Saturn tendencies towards caution which may prevent you taking advantage of all opportunities.

Determining your solar purpose and tapping into that power will be most important in applying these energies and qualities, and gaining insight into your life direction may be a necessary first step to achieve before this trine can be used positively. As you can move through life smoothly without facing obstructive challenges, you may not always feel the need to draw upon your full potential. You are attracted towards having a 'comfortable life', and with your self-confidence and creativity expect that this will naturally come to pass.

You should be able to use personal qualities and resources effectively, especially to produce an intended practical result, and you probably have a sense of appropriate timing which ensures that your actions are successful. This can be used in a variety of employments and careers, especially management, law, politics, conservation, financial services and organizational posts. You will enjoy assuming any positions of responsibility, but you may experience inner resistances in any environment that is undergoing rapid change due to social or technological progress, as this can clash with your innate conservatism and preference for the familiar.

Your lifestyle is likely to reflect mainstream social attitudes, and you will try to develop it in a moderate and balanced manner, looking to create solid foundations and financial security. You prefer life to feel stable and almost predictable, and will take each step onwards with a patient attitude, usually rejecting any chances that may lead to speedier progress yet which also may lead to failure. A personal philosophy and value system will be established, and once you feel comfortable with your unique worldview you may evade situations which offer valid alternatives to your chosen perspective. In this context, the Saturnian rigidity may act as a limitation, but as your conformity is grounded within established social values, this should not work against you in achieving your ambitions.

Choosing a right partner is important, as he / she needs to be similar in nature to yourself, either wholeheartedly supporting your aims, or alternatively pursuing his / her own ambitions. Career and social involvement is the probable sphere of mutual endeavor, and personal honesty and integrity are qualities that are expected, as is stability and responsibility in your partnership. Balance and moderation are two keynotes that will apply across your whole nature and lifestyle, and this will be reflected in your good health and sense of well-being. Feeling respected and loved by others, and acknowledging your own talents, will amplify your self-worth so that you can move confidently onwards on your solar path.

Sun trine Saturn: The trine between your Sun and Saturn shows that your drive to achieve success will be easier than for most others because you do not find it difficult to accept responsibility. There is no need to struggle for mastery over the circumstances of your life because you inherently know how to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Almost without effort you can mobilize your talents creatively to gain your objectives. You know you are loved, and you know you have talent. Because you are reasonably sure of yourself, there are few impediments to your rise to success.

There are a great many occupations in which you can express your creative potentials and become successful while making an important contribution. Conservation, law, politics, industrial management, architecture, market speculation, land development, or park and recreational management - these are just a few of the fields to which your talents could be applied. You are only moderately ambitious, but you can climb to important positions as long as you know that your abilities are needed.

You may not be lucky in the usual sense of the world, but you have a knack for doing the right thing at the right time to achieve the best results. Regardless of the partner you choose, you will bring much stability to the relationship. Your partner must be sincere, creative, and self-disciplined, and have reasonably well-defined goals. If your partner has to work hard to get anywhere, you will be the sustaining force, because if your attentiveness and your faith in the good outcome of such a quest.

This planetary combination shows general good health, probably because you care enough about yourself to pay attention to good healthful habits.

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Sun trine Saturn: Aleister Crowley 0, Shiloh 0, Ezra Pound 1, Lori 1, Warren Buffett 2, Lady Gaga 2, Elton John 2, DJenkins 2, Doug 2, JonathanG 2, Alfred Hitchcock 3, Abbe 3, Beth 3, Kyle 3, PapayaJ 3, Robert 3, Madonna Ciccone 4, Sean Connery 4, Wilhelm Reich 4, Gina 4, JRosh 4, Sky 4, George Bush, Sr.5, Mother Teresa 5, Erika 5, Muhammad Ali 6, Johnny Depp 6, Alex Jones 6, Sugeet 7

Sun quincunx Saturn

The inconjunct from the Sun to Saturn shows that you are somewhat careless about your health and that you tend to take abuse from others. You seem determined to allow others to take advantage of your inability to say 'no' when they ask favors of you. Perhaps in your early years you did more of the household tasks than other members of your family, because you felt it was your duty. You have a subtle fear of others and the power they seem to have over you. Psychologically, this may be referred to as latent masochism, which means you are seeking ways to be punished for what you consider to be past mistakes.

In your work, you might accept an obscure position in which there is little possibility of promotion, and in time your job would become boring and dull. It isn't that you are incapable of rising to better positions, but you may not be aggressive enough to be noticed by your superiors. Your survival instinct is distorted; you believe it is better not to 'rock the boat' than to take the chance that you cannot compete with others. But you must realize that others can take advantage of you only if you let them.

Your striving for identity and personal significance will be greatly hampered unless you can detach yourself from others and become self-sufficient. Try to define a goal that you want to achieve, and then lay the groundwork and plans to do just that. Forget about what you will do beyond that. When the time comes, you will establish a new goal. If you take one step at a time, success will be yours. Don't compare your achievements with those of others - your greatest priority should be yourself.

In your eagerness to be accepted you become tense and apologetic. You must learn to relax, or these reactions can lead to poor circulation and digestion. Be good to yourself and let others take care of themselves - you're worth more to yourself that way.

Sun Inconjunct Saturn: You will have to learn the difference between having self-control and discipline, on the one hand, and totally denying yourself any self-expression, on the other. This aspect can mean that you feel extremely unworthy, which undermines your self-confidence and makes it hard to face obstacles in life with confidence and determination.

You may even feel that persons, forces or circumstances are conspiring to prevent you from doing what you want. You may be limited by fear or by the belief that you don't deserve to get what you want. With this aspect there is a danger that your frustrated energies will turn into physical ailments that further limit your freedom of action.

Sometimes you may be afraid to get the freedom to do what you want, for the rigid structure and rules that you are forced to live under seem to give you a feeling of security. At the same time, however, part of you does want to be free.

You will always require structure in your life, and you will always be happier with some kind of discipline. But you should also try out new kinds of experiences, do new and different things and expand the structure of your life. Instead of always staying home, go out and see new places, meet new people. This is the only way that you can learn to overcome your shyness and lack of confidence. And occasionally you must let yourself go and express your real wishes and desires, no matter how immature, wild or crazy they seem. You are still a young person, which is a fact that you and those around you must keep in mind. You can't be expected to grow up too quickly.

Sun quincunx Saturn: The inconjunct between the Sun and Saturn makes a person very difficult and touchy. He suffers from a vague sense of inferiority, and is haunted by anxiety for no apparent reason.

The latent inferiority complex can make the native want to prove himself in a life of unremitting toil, or can make him try to curry favor by being very subservient and self-effacing. In the first instance, he can become extremely isolated through lack of time to socialize and can begrudge himself all sorts of innocent pleasures; in the second instance, nobody bothers with him because he never lets them see his true worth. Either way he has problems, but Saturn inclines him to persist in his course of action for a rather long time. If he remains as he is, he knows what to expect; if he changes his attitude, who can tell what might happen? Better to have certainty with some discomfort, he reasons, than to brave the hazards of uncertainty. And so he obstinately continues to stand in his own light.

Nevertheless, the native can gain self-confidence from his discipline and solid hard work and, as soon as he has a better understanding of the challenge posed by the inconjunct, he can function in a more conscious and structured way, knowing that in spite of being just one small cog in the machinery of the universe, he does have his own special job to do.

Sun quincunx Saturn: Here the father influence is not downright negative, but it causes a strain to develop in the child. The strain concerns the 'I am' principle versus the tradition of the day, and the child wants to know 'Which do I follow?' Father disapproves in a vague way of the child's behavior, or even of the child's existence, but not in a violent way. When this child becomes an adult, the problem will manifest as a compromise between feelings of self-worth and restriction. The feeling of lack caused by Saturn will subtly undermine the expression of self. By using the keywords of the signs, planets and houses, the person with this aspect can train the energy to be manifested in a positive way.

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Sun quincunx Saturn: Joy 0, Yarrow 0, Clint Eastwood 1, Patti Smith 1, Tom Cruise 2, Cate 2, Fred Astaire 3, Nisargadatta 3, Will Rogers 3, Marie 3, John Lennon 4

Sun opposite Saturn

The opposition reflects an inner conflict externalized into the outer environment of relationships. The issue of self-esteem and worth is highlighted, and you may experience a degree of hidden insecurity and fears of full involvement in life.

You may feel that your success is being frustrated by the world, which appears to confront you by obstacles on your way. Much depends on your reactions to such experiences, and your inner attitudes will determine how you deal with them. At times, you can seem almost over-assertive or aggressive, and this can diminish opportunities for co-operative endeavors to develop, especially when you fail to notice your effect on others, or inadvertently ignore their feelings and sensitivities. Often this is just an overreaction to your fears in relating to people, and instead of relaxing more, you tend to project through your tightness an over dominant energy that others can find uncomfortable. Alternatively, you could retreat back into a surrendered posture of passivity to life's challenges, defeated before you start. Certainly learning how to live with any restrictions imposed by Saturn may be a necessary form of adjustment, although this should not imply a resignation to them, but merely a conscious modification to circumstances and a consequent step to transcend them later. The choice is yours to reshape your lifestyle patterns into a way that is more suitable and open to development.

Self-expression and creativity may feel restricted, although this is often dependent on your confidence in your abilities and self-image, rather than on any lack of talents and qualities. Being able to perceive yourself in a positive light may become a key to your success, because that would also alter your relationships with others. There may be an emotional reserve and lack of warmth in your social contacts, so that you feel uncomfortable in bridging social divides and entering deeper relationships. Co-operation may need further development, and that air of formality and strictness may have to be relaxed so that friendships or partnerships can be more easily formed.

The need for relaxation is present in both your outer and inner relationships. You may be unable to see your nature and direction clearly and this creates an insecurity which destabilizes your self-esteem. You try to protect this by establishing defensive barriers from the world, and probably by denying inner insecurities, with needs and potential being 'locked away'. You may choose to hide behind responsibilities, your work or career, family or parents, and these become an excuse for restricting options and failing to exert your power towards success. Personal tightness and control may need to be relinquished, and greater self-relaxation would be highly beneficial, especially in changing certain attitudes and increasing your physical vitality which periodically can become low as the energy is diverted towards restraints. Becoming looser, more tolerant, accepting and understanding would act as a great liberator, or you may begin to bow under the strain of those self-imposed restrictions, especially as your enjoyment of life progressively diminishes.

A new inner balance and self-image is necessary. As this is achieved, any outer frustrations will correspondingly start to dissolve in equal measures to the increase in your self-confidence and clarified inner perspective. While initially it may appear as if the outer world and people are opposing you, it is this same source which can offer great opportunities as your changes proceed. Through the interplay of your nature and the environment, many inner crises and tensions can be healed and resolved, releasing latent qualities, talents and potentials in their renewal of blocked energies. Look especially towards the houses and signs of the Sun-Saturn opposition for areas which could be especially revitalized, or where your talents could be effectively applied.

Similarly, intimate relationships with partners or parents could be equally transformed, as old patterns derived from childhood frictions with authority figures or strict parents are replaced by more adult ones suited to your developed personality. Discovering a sincere loving partner could be very important, as a lover will revivify your self-image reflecting your qualities back, and this can convince you that you are worthy of being loved. Your inner question mark over this urgently needs resolving. A partner can also be a source of advice and confidence, and working co-operatively will open many new areas of potential, providing you relax sufficiently to be open about your feelings and fears, and to acknowledge the emotional vulnerability of others too. Through greater sensitivity you can enter a different type of social relationship, as those barriers will have been dismantled, and your controlling nature reduced. Taking such a step may initially feel uncomfortable and unsettling, but doing so will transform the nature of your universe and liberate many repressed energies, recreating your future and enabling the following of your solar purpose.

Sun opposite Saturn: The opposition of your Sun to Saturn indicates that you are undergoing a crisis in consciousness, trying to discover who and what you are. You see challenges where they may not exist, and you need to be constantly reassured of your self-worth. You are trying to resolve your personal insecurity so that you can get on with the business of making a place for yourself. Most of your lessons will be learned through personal dealings, in which many crises will be resolved. Others feel as threatened by you as you feel threatened by them. Eventually you will achieve a proper perspective, and your self-confidence will be restored to normal.

Once you have confidence in yourself, you can go on to success in such endeavors as teaching, contracting, conservation, law, mathematics, architecture, political organization, or any function in which you must express your talents and resources efficiently and with authority.

Your partner in life will probably be your greatest source of advice and sound guidance. Discuss with your mate any pending decisions. Try not to become so hardened by experience that you are unmoved by emotional considerations. You should be concerned with the feelings of others as you assert yourself in the world. Temper your judgment with tenderness.

Your lack of self-love is your greatest deterrent to success. If others won't give you room to expand, take it anyway. Don't wait for accolades from your competitors - you may wait a long time. But be careful that you don't restrict others when they try to express themselves. You must observe the same rules of behavior you expect others to abide by.

As for your health, keep your salt intake at a minimum, and avoid remaining sedentary for long periods. This can have an important effect on your circulation.

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