Sun conjunct Pluto

Your ambitions and desires will be highly influenced by your natal Sun sign, and these can be achieved by applying the Pluto energy to amplify your solar will power. Potentially, this conjunction aspect can be very valuable in enabling you to reach your objectives, but to maximize chances of eventual success you may need to adjust certain attitudes.

Pluto offers the potential of regeneration and rebirth, which is also reflected in the pattern of solar myths, so you should be able to transform yourself and also to some degree your immediate environment to match your purpose. Once your direction is determined you will see what may require changing as a prerequisite to achievement, and then commence applying your will accordingly.

There can be attitudes of extremism, where your beliefs, ideas, and opinions are expressed with force and intensity. You will feel quite clear about your preferences in life, and often your attitudes could be polarized into 'black and white', with little space for 'grey' to be considered, or to be accepted as a viable alternative. Once your choices are made, it is as if you have written them on tablets of stone; even though you have the ability to change, you may not willingly do so, or you may alter fixed attitudes only when you feel there is no option. You find it difficult to be balanced, especially in tolerating and understanding the frailties of humanity. You can probably adopt a fairly hard-line philosophy, having the opinion that people can change their lives and be self-sufficient if they want to, instead of being weak and relying upon others, although you tend to resist change yourself.

You may tend to be assertive and attracted towards power; those who appear to possess influence over others will serve as a magnet, at least in the sense that you would like to be in such positions of authority. Such an inner desire is likely to influence your direction in life, work and career, or even in the struggles of family life. You may use manipulation and psychological pressure tactics as levers to guarantee winning in the midst of any power struggles with others; your one-pointed ruthlessness can bring apparent success, but may also bring an increasing number of 'enemies' in its wake. You will have to learn that you are not 'the centre of the universe', and that others have rights and purposes too, and that they should never be sacrificed or walked over just to achieve your desires. An adjustment to become more aware of others, by acknowledging that their feelings and unique outlooks on life are as valid as yours, would create a much more harmonious energy in your life and the fulfillment of successful personal relationships. Being willing sometimes to accept inevitable failures would be a positive step for you, diffusing tension and breaking any compulsive search for 'success'; otherwise, you may become obsessed with achieving your goal and possibly be willing to damage people more, apart from allowing 'failure' to gnaw away by unhealthy brooding.

Much of your energy will carry a sexual potency, and, irrespective of your physical sex, will have a penetrative quality to it and an aggressive masculine nature. Your physical needs are strong, and there can be a single-minded directness about your desires, as you pursue your 'prey' without deviation once your choice is made. Elements of victory, success and manipulation will be present in your relationships, and you will take any rejection hard as it negatively affects your self-image. However, your relationships will be very intense, and you will give a wholehearted commitment to them while they last, becoming very emotionally involved.

Emotional understanding is likely to be a weak spot until certain transformations have occurred within you to break down self-preoccupation. You may experience feelings of almost dissolving into passionate relationships, becoming lost in absorption with your lover, or possible obsessions with the affair. Such experiences could be the key to your transformation, or could fill you with so much fear for your sanity and chosen purpose that you begin to reject such intensity for more superficial physical relationships and energy release without the emotional direction being evoked.

Almost paradoxically, you can also strongly react to social injustices, and may be attracted towards the alleviation of social problems. Movement in this direction is dependent upon the degree to which you become aware of the needs of others, and a corresponding diminution of your own need for power and success. The key issue is whether you are self-oriented or other-oriented; this will determine your responses to others, forming attitudes of either 'they can change and help themselves' or 'I will change and use my power to help others to help themselves'. Such a step would involve a realignment with a higher ideal and purpose, and would represent your initiation into being a responsive member of humanity. This is a progression towards embodying your solar path's spiritual dimension, where the inner light begins to unify life and you feel the inter-relationship with humanity and the world. Taking this approach can regenerate your life direction, and will lead you towards the experiences of the heroic quest, challenging your perseverance and application of focused will, and demanding considerable inner growth which can enable you to attain your objectives.

Sun conjunct Pluto: The conjunction between your Sun and Pluto indicates that you are an extremist. Your likes and dislikes are intense, and acting in moderation is difficult. You have a powerful ego, which you assert whenever you can. At times you act courageously, but at other times you show a surprising lack of common sense.

Driven by a lust to gain important positions of authority, you may resort to pressure tactics against people who stand in your way. You meet competition directly, even at the risk of financial loss, just to prove to others that you are a power to reckon with.

Because you are basically sensitive to social conditions, you make a great effort to bring about improved conditions in your environment for everyone's benefit. When defending those in need or working to correct social injustices, you can truly achieve greatness. You are not tolerant of weaknesses, either in individuals or in political systems, that allow unfair or intolerable human conditions.

You have strong physical desires and are likely to throw a tantrum if your advances are rejected. Figuratively, you are a hunter or predator in constant search of prey. It is part of your nature that you aren't content unless you achieve victory in every pursuit. Your magnetic charm has a hypnotic effect on people. However, unless you are willing to serve others when they are unable to help themselves, even those who are charmed by you will respond with anger.

Avoid driving yourself beyond safe physical levels of tolerance. If you will use your energy constructively, success is guaranteed.

Sun conjunct Pluto: This is a creative aspect, for it puts the personality in touch with the collective unconsciousness as it is defined in the Jungian concept. This contact can be an easy, creative talent once it's channeled. The physical father plays an important part in the child's development, and how important this is depends on whether the Sun is in a positive or negative polarity. The positive signs indicate the father is an overwhelming personality who is able to completely control and manipulate the child. This child will become an adult who automatically imitates the father because he doesn't know any other set of 'normals'.

This is a person who thinks he must totally control his environment. So he enters adult relationships with this attitude and doesn't consciously know what he is doing. The people around him resent being controlled and manipulated, and pull away as soon as they can. As relationships fail one after another, this person becomes more apprehensive and therefore more controlling until he attracts only people who are weak enough to be manipulated. This aspect needs to relate to strong people in order to develop balance; there is a general feeling of discomfort when he becomes attached to weaklings.

When this aspect occurs to a child from a mother-dominated background, the mother and father are often involved in a great power-struggle. The child sees no other way of life, no other form of relating. The battle that goes on between his Mom and Dad is the one involving the power of the strong versus the power of the weak. The child doesn't really know who's winning, so he doesn't know which role to play. As he becomes an adult and attempts relationships, he too will try to control those relationships any way he can. He can be strong one day and completely neurotic the next, whichever tactic will win the war.

Care must be taken when trying to determine power in a personality, for power can be that of the strong dominating the weak, or the tyranny of the weak in an attempt to manipulate someone who is physically or mentally stronger. A person who feigns a heart attack or other forms of illness in order to control a family is just as Plutonic as someone who wields a mighty fist.

People with Pluto conjunct the Sun do not want to feel out of 'control' in any situation. They overwhelm others any way they can. One can't really blame them, for they were taught how to do this early in the childhood. They can overwhelm with love, caring, concern, guilt, problems, solutions, or anything else one can think of. If you find yourself becoming resentful of someone; if you feel you have no 'space' or you can't breathe, you may be feeling what it's like to be around a strong Pluto type. The energy causes others to become defensive, for they feel that their very essence is being invaded.

This conjunction brings great energy, but first the owner must become conscious of the power. Some people become righteous, some have all the answers, some are obsessive. Often they are not conscious of their obsession with an idea or a person. They can be so intense that they are considered 'psychic vampires' for they take energy from everyone around them. They don't always know what they are doing or saying; the unconscious need to control just seems to burst forth in the personality. If the energy is channeled, this person becomes a transformer, a powerful and helpful person in the universe.

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Sun conjunct Pluto: William Randolph Hearst 3, Michael Jackson 4, Mick Jagger 5, Ashira 5, TonyO 5, Madonna Ciccone 9

Sun sextile Pluto

You should be able to use your Sun-Pluto energies in a positive resourceful and constructive manner, believing that with clear motivation, direction, and focused will you can attain your ambitions. There will be considerable powers of endurance, and this will help perseverance through tapping your inner resources.

You have several natural talents, which can be used both for your own benefit and for others. Communication is one talent, where you should be able to transmit your thoughts to others clearly, fluently and with style. It is likely that you will work closely with groups, possibly through mutual ideologies aimed towards resolving social problems, as you feel a responsibility to add your support towards social betterment. You particularly dislike those social aspects which reveal a lack of natural justice for the 'underdog', and where disorder and chaos rule; you prefer to approach such challenges by direct encounter, using will and perseverance and believing that eventually your intensity will win through.

You can evolve into a spokesperson for such a group endeavor, as you give inspiration to people who respond well to the aura of powerful energy that you emit, creating confidence in your integrity and abilities to further the cause. For your immediate associates, the energy has a harmonizing and vitalizing effect. You tend to use it as a personal guide to determine the right approach to take in situations, almost as a form of psychic intuition, taking the place of logic and analysis; you rely on this sense of directive feeling to make necessary decisions, although it can be difficult to express your reasons to others in a convincing way. This joining of your solar path with the social concerns for transformation which emanate from Pluto can be potentially dynamic, forming a life direction which fulfils and continues to stimulate, even though it may be highly challenging and results may seem slow in coming.

A natural understanding of the life process eventually requires the releasing of any old restrictive patterns, which you are able to do without much trauma as part of your process of regeneration. You have a capacity for ongoing creative growth in your relationships, achieved without unnecessary drama or crisis, almost as a natural evolutionary expression of the sextile's energy operating through your personality. You may need to review your relationships and social activity periodically to ensure that directional clarity is still present, but this serves to satisfy the Plutonic impulse to transform when necessary, and is consciously absorbed into your solar path without undue force or pressure. By adopting this approach, you can ensure that your Sun and Pluto remain co-operative and mutually support your endeavors.

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Sun sextile Pluto: Peter Sellers 1, Ingrid Bergman 2, Bob Dylan 2, Thomas Edison 2, Albert Einstein 2, AlexP 2, BenT 2, Prabhukar 2, Ken Kesey 3, Paulo 3, Tom Cruise 4, Princess Diana 4, Sigmund Freud 4, Alfred Hitchcock 4, Carl Lewis 4, Flossie 4, Lance 4, Lorraine 4, Miriam 4

Sun square Pluto

The energy and challenges indicated by this square can be difficult to deal with, as the nonintegrated negative tendencies of Pluto can be fully present. Arriving at a clear understanding of such underlying aspects of your nature, by evoking the light and the cohesive nature of your Sun, will serve to minimize the more negative and destructive effects of this abrasive Plutonic energy, allowing you to redirect it towards more positive channels which are associated with your solar path. However, you will have to remain aware of how you are expressing Pluto, as its peculiar quality will still be vitalized and cannot be nullified, only used in a wiser manner.

The Pluto tendencies of ambition, force, power, domination, aggression, and extremism can also stimulate similar tendencies in an assertive Sun, and will exist as motivating and compulsive factors in your character. Much may depend upon your Sun sign, especially if it is placed in either Earth or Fire elements, when those tendencies may be more present as an impulse for 'power over' others. If the Sun is in a Water or Air sign, then the emphasis may be placed on emotional or intellectual manipulation and domination.

You will tend to believe that your focused will-power can act in a magical way, achieving desires and purposes by the wielding of a concentrated will; often, you will 'magically' succeed, but there is usually some form of hidden cost to pay. Often applying your potent will, especially when your motives are self-centered, can lead to more negative and destructive results which oppose your initial intention; like the Scorpio energy, you are liable to sting yourself and others.

You may experience considerable inner tension as a result of this challenging planetary relationship, often finding it difficult to 'break through barriers' which appear to prohibit the attainment of your ambitions. This is Pluto attempting to force you towards an inner transformation, the need for which you will recognize whenever the pressures of frustrated intentions increase, until you find it hard to live with and in some way 'blow up', releasing the pressure. Some changes can occur as a result of powerful cathartic experiences, which will enable you either to move towards success or to create a new, alternative route to follow.

Attitudes towards authority are ambivalent. While you have certain leadership qualities and management ability, you are often antagonistic towards authority, skeptical, subversive and iconoclastic in your speech and thoughts. Obviously, this will not lead to progress in many fields of society, but you are too independent and free-spirited to change and be subservient. It is likely that others will maintain a psychological distance from you, because your aura often suggests - in an unconscious manner - that you are 'dangerous'; that your way of looking at things is potentially challenging and transformative, and that a deeper involvement would bring about some unknown change in them. Others could find it a fascinating energy, and greatly enjoy your company; much depends upon their ability to handle it.

You are often looking to pit yourself against adversaries as a test and enjoyment, feeling like a fiery warrior at war. This can be expressed on all levels, physical, emotional and mental. You may not always express it in real, tangible terms, often only entering into the adversarial state of mind, mentally enacting imaginary battles with an opponent in terms of ideological disagreement and inner dialogue, as you hate the thought of losing.

You will be hard to understand, appearing quite enigmatic to many, and may often have a resistance towards becoming emotionally involved with others. This is because you are aware of your emotional depths and strength of feelings, and this intensity can make you feel extremely uncomfortable, especially if you lose control when you have fallen in love. You have a fear of not being in full control, and will usually try to create a relationship context where you feel in command of the situation. While giving an impression of great self-control and balance, you often hide the evidence of inner turmoil, which can erupt as over-reactions to trivial, unimportant events in your life, or be forcefully released when someone 'presses your buttons' evoking a response.

You prefer stability, and are often resistant to change, especially when you have established a lifestyle which suits you. There can be a form of apprehension concerning actually achieving your purposes; sometimes you make good progress, only to run out of interest at the point when the final effort should be made, almost as if the subversive tendency of Pluto finally erodes your solar purpose. Until the inner friction between your Sun and Pluto is more resolved and integrated under solar control, then you may unconsciously act as your own worst enemy, defeating your own intentions. You should learn to acknowledge the aid of others in your life, and be open to all their suggestions, as they can often indicate the direction for you to take. Compromise and co-operation are two lessons which need to be learned as soon as possible, as well as more inner moderation. Once you achieve a balance between your being receptive to others and your dominating tendencies wanting them to submit to you, then you should find that the quality of your relationships begins to improve in a creative and constructive manner.

Ideally, you should inwardly redirect Pluto's abrasive energy. This may not be easy, and can involve some personal suffering, but it can stimulate a radical transformation to occur, which offers considerable benefit and would make your life and relationships more fulfilling. This would also be the key to attaining your solar aims as you would be removing an inner barrier which is otherwise likely to prevent and frustrate many of your efforts.

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Sun square Pluto: Sally Field 0, BPoe 0, George 1, Molly 1, Sri Aurobindo 2, Mikael 2, Meher Baba 3, Tiger Woods 3, John D. Rockefeller 3, Carolyn 3, Cate 3, Marlon Brando 4, JerryP 4, Judi 4, Leigh 4, Virginia 4, L.Ron Hubbard 5, Mickey Mantle 5, Al Pacino 5, Gore Vidal 5, Jane 5, JonathanG 5, RoyO 5, Prince Charles 6, LaurieSw 6, VinCal 6, Zoë 6, Jack Parsons 7, David 7

Sun trine Pluto

The relationship of the Sun-Pluto trine is potentially quite harmonious, and you should have the ability to concentrate and apply your willpower, coupled with the option of a regenerative transformation which may be necessary to achieve self-integration and your chosen aims.

There will be less influence by the undermining quality of the Pluto energy, provided that you utilize your natural gifts in socially acceptable ways. You are able to make maximum use of innate resources, turning them to your advantage to achieve your goals. You will display a social awareness, and will feel attracted to applying your talents towards improving the social environment. Your ability to have a natural insight into resolving problems in the most effective manner can lead to a possible career or vocation in challenging problem-solving areas. You will have certain financial skills and a logical and deductive mind, preferring to tackle projects where you can reclaim order from chaos. This gives a sense of satisfaction, as you dislike chaos and a lack of structure; you want to be in control and create an ordered harmony in your life and environment.

You have the potential to be a spokesperson or leader, where your vitality gives the impression of purposeful direction, and your optimistic and inspiring creative expression can attract support. This occurs naturally, without the usual Pluto desires for power and manipulative influencing of others; indeed, you have little compulsive desire to be an authoritative leader.

There can be an intuitive ability which offers you clear insights into situations, possibly even a degree of clairvoyance, which any exploration into yoga, meditation and ways of self-discovery could release and amplify. There may be a healing energy from you, possibly aiding others who can absorb excessive energy releases from you on an unconscious level, and you can be a reliable support to anyone who requires aid in resolving problems.

You may benefit from what appears to be 'luck' in your life; this can come from inheritances, or by the ill fortune of others. You have considerable creative potential, but to release this fully you may have to experience some inner transformation which dissolves any blocks which are initially frustrating your success. This involves learning how to use this aspect to full advantage. Assuming that you are able to channel this energy towards socially beneficent results, and ensuring that you do not try to evade facing and resolving any important personal problems that arise - within yourself or within a relationship - then you should experience few of the traditional difficulties associated with an nonintegrated Pluto energy; which, for many people, could be considered a blessing. Certainly, Pluto, can be very co-operative with your solar aims, although much of this support may lie deeper in your unconscious mind and may not always be recognized. At least unresolved Plutonic patterns will not be subtly influencing and distorting your choices and experiences in an attempt to come to your attention.

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Sun trine Pluto: Bruce Lee 1, Bernie 1, Nicole 1, Olof 1, Groucho Marx 2, Dheeraj 2, Ivy 2, PapayaJ 2, Robert 2, Shakura 2, Silas 2, Jimi Hendrix 3, JerryGr 3, Roberto 3, Tyler 3, Ursula Andress 4, Edouard de Rothschild 4, Albert Schweitzer 4, Dewitt 4, GaryCl 4, Ted Turner 5, Nirvesh 5, Karl Renz 6, Mark Twain 6, Alicia 6, Keith 6, Samp 6, Angelina Jolie 7, Ellen 7

Sun quincunx Pluto

The Sun inconjunct Pluto indicates that you take on duties that others reject even though you may be bitterly resentful of these duties. You overreact to the expectations of others, and usually do more than you need to or should. A guilt factor in your personality makes you continually strive to prove that you are doing your share.

You make punishing demands on yourself, and unless you exercise moderation this will bring on negative physical reactions. Moreover, other people will be extremely displeased and resentful if you expect them to copy your efforts. Try not to compare yourself with others who are performing similar tasks.

In searching for the approval of others, you drive yourself very hard. You tend to be obsessed with gaining the admiration of people to whom you feel inferior. You are overly preoccupied with the power and position they may have. Concern yourself with personal goals and objectives, and develop your potentials to successfully meet competition. You may have to make sacrifices in order to realize your ambitions, but don't sacrifice your ambitions to satisfy someone else's goals.

As the foregoing suggests, you should become a bit selfish. Learn to understand your limitations and define your goals within them. Confide in someone whom you trust to advise you, and take that person's advice.

You need to like yourself will probably be satisfied when you can see the results of a well-organized plan for achieving success. You must learn to dispense with nonessentials and to focus your efforts on a particular objective. You should refrain from taking on any adversaries until you are fully trained and have confidence that you can succeed.

Don't wrestle with other people's wills. The less conflict you create in dealing with others, the better. Tension and its accompanying problems will soon disappear when you learn to relax.

Sun quincunx Pluto: With the inconjunct we come to the most difficult of the aspects between the Sun and Pluto. All the stresses common to the other aspects are also found in the inconjunct, with the difference that the natives suffer from constant unrest and tension without knowing the reason why.

The inconjunct between these two planets often gives enormous ambition and a desire to remain viable at all costs. Driven by uncertainty, the natives seem incapable of sparing themselves.

Because they are insecure, they are fiercely defensive of others, but, with typical Plutonian lust for power, enjoy manipulating them too. Not only do they shelter another person under their protection; they swathe that person in it in order to impose themselves on him or her. They are adept at guiding a conversation by the interjection of seemingly casual remarks, and at engineering situations that favor their own supremacy. Obviously they can sometimes be caught in their own net, because they are only dimly aware of what they are doing and, indeed, prefer not to think about it. Often they half-close their eyes to what is going on, and so lose overall control. They should eventually see that a change of tactics is required in order to end the recurrent power struggles.

Although they have a desire to grow through confrontation, the realization can dawn on them that they could be on a collision course. By improving the relationship between willing and doing, they can avoid this and release the enormous potential that is always contained in an inconjunct. For instance, it is not unusual for these people to undertake serious studies in such fields as those of government, the unconscious and the esoteric.

Sun quincunx Pluto: This aspect produces a strain, for the values of the generation, the values of the 'masses', conflict with the values of the native's father, or the inherited values. In the search for selfhood, how does one proceed when the father disagrees with the movement of the times? These are the children who are born to people who want to return to the 'good old days'. The irony here is that the child's health will suffer until he or she is old enough to decide which road to travel.

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Sun quincunx Pluto: James Dean 0, Robert Downey, Jr. 0, Jane Fonda 0, George Harrison 0, AndySc 0, Lady Gaga 1, Judin 1, Suji 1, Tenzin Gyatso 2, JJ 2, Alford 3, Aleister Crowley 4, Osho 4, Mark 4

Sun opposite Pluto

This suggests that most of your problems and challenges will arise in the area of interpersonal relationships, often created or stimulated by your own unconscious expression of this energy, which requires a deeper understanding and inner adjustment to be achieved before you can consistently benefit from its power.

Your temperament can be assertive, aggressive and extremist, tending to use your powerful will like a sledgehammer to achieve objectives. You prefer to force situations so that you are ready to take the advantage before anyone else can, or will act through impulse without fully considering the consequences of following your desires and aims. To others, your will and personality can seem a little overbearing, provocative and dominating, especially as you always prefer to be in control of all situations, and hate to feel unsure of your ground or realize there is nothing you can do to influence circumstances in your favor. This is why you desire to be in a position of authority, calling the tune and writing the rules, yet are so rebellious when roles are reversed; you then use your influence to be subversive and manipulate others to resist authority.

You will feel a desire to change the world into your image, reflecting the way that you think it should be. As virtually everyone else is attempting the same in small or large ways, inevitably you may experience conflict with others who do not agree with your panacea for the world's ills. If you attempt to dictate to people, by forceful expression, you may easily fail to get the right kind of support and co-operation, especially if it is made clear that you intend to be the kingpin and final arbiter. The problem with dominating and forceful personalities is that usually they insist on having their own way, and are rarely, if ever, wrong. This usually ends in relationship conflict which leads to their more creative supporters quitting, leaving behind 'mere followers' who remain with the 'leader' in sycophantic acquiescence.

Without proper awareness and understanding, these tendencies can become negatively expressed, eventually to your detriment. Yet equally they can become extremely positive qualities to be used in socially creative ways once excess self-interest is transcended, and you move towards the higher solar path of your individuality rather than just satisfying lower egoic needs and desires. You will need to undergo a period of self-regeneration, to acknowledge the needs of others to be themselves, not as mere adjuncts to your dictates, but people equally able and right to assert themselves. More harmonious and successful relationships are possible, especially when your need for self-assertion diminishes through self-understanding and confidence in your own worth. This can involve learning to be self-reliant in achieving your own aims, rather than having to manipulate others into unconsciously aiding your private intentions. Inner changes leading to a less aggressive attitude and less suspicion in working with others, more co-operation to achieve mutual goals, and a degree of compromise in your attitudes, will certainly bring more benefit to you and others. Gaining an understanding of the elements present in your psychology which desire for you to become an authority and leader can help to bring about an inner adjustment, and an ability to work with others can then emerge.

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Sun opposite Pluto: Friedrich Nietzche 1, Jack Nicklaus 2, Jeff 2, LucSr 3, Merrill 4, Marcy 5, Q 5, Walt Disney 6, Abbe 6, Robert Anton Wilson 7, Farmer 7, Muhammad Ali 8, Dick Cheney 8, Martin Luther King, Jr. 8, Elvis Presley 8, Phylissa 8, Bob Marley 9