Sun conjunct Neptune

Any Neptune aspect to the Sun is likely to have a distinct impact on the individual expression of personal power, identity and life direction, so it becomes important to create a positive approach to the Neptunian energy and especially so with the more influential aspects of the conjunction, square and opposition. The difficulty with an unintegrated or repressed Neptune is that its influence often appears to be negative, and with the conjunction aspect it is imperative to discover a way of joining this energy to the natural form of expression that the Sun sign indicates.

You will probably experience an ongoing challenge of self-confidence and of establishing a suitable and satisfying lifestyle and sense of purpose. The nebulous influence of Neptune's sea mists tends to confuse you, dissolving many of your intentions away, and making your sense of individual identity almost transparent at times as that personality centre seems to ebb and flow in tune with an inner tidal rhythm. Because of an inner experience associated with insubstantiality, you can lack the strength of a firm and fixed individuality, and this has the effect of diminishing confidence regarding your actual capabilities and will to achieve any objectives. You can find it hard to be consistent and to persevere through self-discipline and application for long periods of time. Your identity can appear to be periodically submerged by the powerful Neptune energy, dissolving plans and ambitions, and then leaving you washed ashore in another inner place wondering what to do next even before you have completed the last project.

That ethereal Neptunian music will invade your conscious mind, acting as a diverting distraction, and in some cases can influence the listener to becomes lost in the swirlings of his / her own hyperactive imagination, leading to self-delusions. Confronting the stark realities of life is not always easy with a prominent Neptune. There is a tendency to build a private reality, one which excludes the dark sides of self and the world, establishing a veiled and limiting perspective of life which only generates activity by additional repression into the unconscious mind. Personal responsibility is avoided if possible, and all experiences are filtered through this restrictive veil, a state that if prolonger leads to inner and outer alienation.

Often these forms of self-delusion emanate from personal desires, emotions and sensitive feelings, as Neptune is associated with the plastic and pliable astral level. You may develop unusual needs and desires which are subtle, intangible yet peculiarly persistent, and you may feel inwardly driven to experience or actualize them in some way. For many, such hard-to-define feelings and yearnings create more confusion and self-deception, especially when attached to idealistic images of perfection and unrealistic expectations which can only bring disillusionment and disappointment in their wake. For the few, Neptune may bring genuine inspiration, although, even in such cases, this may become mixed with desires of self-elevation and ambitions, especially in the sphere of the conjunction's house.

One of the hardest lessons for anyone with a close Neptune aspect is facing the realities of life. Neptune finds such confrontations almost inimical to its sensitivities, preferring to slide away instead of looking. You may have noticed such evasiveness in your life, manifesting in a variety of disguises through the years: the evasion of problems - the ostrich syndrome; the evasion of decision-making; the evasion of self-assertion; and the evasion of the effort to unfold your inner potential. It can then become difficult to ensure that your solar path is clear when the mists of Neptune descend, confusing directions and masking the signposts along the way.

The disguises of Neptune are legion, but their cumulative effect is considerable, gradually creating an unsatisfactory lifestyle and diminution of direction, meaning and purpose as the real self is lost under veils of escapism. We are all prone to this tendency, and it is this that keeps us spiritually asleep. 'Wake up' is the cry of the spirit, a waking up that gives us the experience of a direct, unfiltered confrontation with life; a connection to our solar centre, which is a light exposing all those shadowy corners. Facing the higher aspect of Neptune i.e. not a self-deluding experience either, but is a sobering one. An unintegrated Neptune may offer delusions and glamour, but integrating the Sun and Neptune is a path towards fusing the individual emotional level with the universal life, in a similar way as integrating Uranus-Sun fuses the mind through intuition with the universal mind.

Recognizing the negative expression of Neptune is the first step; the next is to choose to integrate this power into your life so that the positive dimension opens. There have undoubtedly been times when you have felt in full control, confident in yourself and your ability to achieve ambitions, only to pass into another phase when this confidence seeps away, dissolving as quickly as you try to hold on to it. This occurs when Neptune and the Sun are at odds with each other, where a fusion has not yet happened.

While this aspect can become a gateway to an inward turning, an entering of the inner worlds and mystical devotion, it is more useful to consider how an external expression of the energy can stimulate greater integration.

Neptune offers a variety of gifts that can be applied as creative expression, gifts which emanate from the inner seas and which are simultaneously a channel or path back into conscious contact with Neptune's realm and towards the higher social centre. These include art, music, poetry, drama, literature, pychism, mysticism. The potential is to reveal inspiration through such channels for the benefit of all who are capable of receiving the transmission. Unlocking inner doors so that creativity flows is extremely enriching, and shifts the level of consciousness; there can be dangers in unlocking the flood gates, as so many creative individuals have discovered, but in many ways it is a sacred task to reveal the luminosity of the light behind the material appearance.

Adding or developing a creative and artistic dimension to your life will be a means of integrating this Neptunian energy, as it will begin to flow into those particular channels that you have opened. Allied to this it will begin to display its positive face, as greater meaning, purpose and life direction have more cohesiveness and substance, and your solar path will be strengthened, offering a more permanent direction instead of periodically dissolving. Even if such creativity is purely for your own satisfaction, enjoyment and need for self-expression, over time you will become aware of the benefits that it can bring you. These talents may need deliberate training and development, but such time spent will be rewarding. Moving into this direction may require you to reconsider your whole lifestyle, as its influence will be profound, and understanding your individuality can be transformative.

Your type of employment may stand revealed as deeply unfulfilling and unsatisfactory, being restrictive rather than a positive factor; and this can pose the problem of an economic restructuring in your life. Finding a way of living that can satisfy those creative abilities may be difficult, but the alternative is even more damaging if you choose to turn your back on the seductive music of Neptune. Creativity or craftsmanship is the route that Neptune is indicating; or, alternatively, working with people in community service to be of social benefit. Perhaps through teaching, medicine, social work, you can contribute to others' welfare. This is a heart response to the music, equally significant, and satisfying that desire to be positive in the world.

Find a way which offers more freedom than traditional work structures, a way that encourages creativity or service to flow. In so doing, you unravel your Sun-path to travel along, and those times of confusion and indecision are relegated to memories. The potential of working with Neptune is considerable; Neptune can transform you if you are open to its promptings and messages. If you reject Neptune, then its waters will slowly erode away your dreams and desires, denuding you of power to achieve your aims, and leaving you with an unfulfilled life; it is wiser to acknowledge its inner promptings and try to change in accord with them. Neptune does not take kindly to being ignored, and makes its presence felt.

Sun conjunct Neptune: In all its conjunctions, Neptune offers the opportunity to travel beyond the confines of individuality and this to refine individuality. It can lend depth and perspective to the Sun (the ego) but, at the same time, it leaves the boundary of the ego rather hazy and can desert us in a visionary no-man's-land, a dream world from which it is difficult to escape because appearance and reality seem to mingle there. With this conjunction, we can, as it were, look through people and sense what they are feeling and thinking even when their terms of reference are very different from ours.

Thus Neptune conjunct the Sun gives the ego little to hold on to; we are quite impressionable, often without intending to be so. We are liable to feel very insecure, and a flight to our trusted dream world seems like a pleasant alternative to everyday life. But a dream world lying beyond the already indistinct borders of the ego poses the danger that we shall identify with the non-individual, collective contents of the unconscious. This can pose a threat to the inherently shaky ego.

Our insecurity can make us withdrawn, or can stop us from standing up for ourselves. What is more, the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune (and the same may be said of other Neptunian aspects) brings us into unconscious contact with the emotions of others. We sense hidden problems and undercurrents of opposition and aggression in our environment, but cannot locate them. This imperfect half-knowledge of what is going on in the minds of our fellow humans can make us feel suddenly isolated and alien and can increase our reserve and uncertainty.

Nevertheless, Neptune has a great deal to offer. Its refining action and subtle creativity come into their own when we engage in musical, artistic, and other forms of emotional expression, or in spiritual and religious exercises. Thus it can be very inspirational and can build a bridge between our dream world and the world of the everyday.

The Sun/ Neptune conjunction can make us over-sensitive, not only to things that might affect the development of our identity, but also to things affecting our body. Our health is probably good but the least trifle upsets us.

Sun conjunct Neptune: This is a powerful conjunction. These individuals are influenced by a strongly spiritual father image. They have chosen to develop a spiritual consciousness this lifetime, and this consciousness may be hard to discover.

They are born with insight that may not be appreciated by the family. Much of the insight is derived from something picked up from the father image. However, these individuals usually get some kind of distorted father image later on in childhood and don't later remember what the father stood for. Because they can't consciously relate to what they intuitively feel for the father, they get caught in self-doubt. With Neptune affecting the 'self' energy, the personality is influenced by fantasy. This aspect indicates and intuitive, creative potential that can make these children unwelcome in the household, for they see and know things that make parents uncomfortable. Much as applies to a Piscean, the intuitive facility is well developed. These children may live in two worlds: the world of parental authority and school systems, and the world of fantasy and illusion.

If properly guided when young, they can develop into tremendously creative and intuitive types, being drawn to the more creative aspects of life - the classical ballet, classical music, the arts. If the early environment doesn't provide this insight, they may begin to wonder if they are living a lie and wonder what is real. Depending on how the rest of the chart is aspected, they may become adults who muddle through life until they find some form of creative expression; they may develop into adults who have trouble dealing with what the rest of us call reality. These individuals may be so sensitive that they retreat into a world of drugs or fantasy or both, in order to avoid facing the more harsh aspects of the living experience.

One interesting aside in connection with the Sun-Neptune conjunction (and also with Neptune conjuncting the Ascendant) is that the individual may look 'dumb'. Many times doctors think a patient with this conjunction is a drug addict or 'on something'. In office situations, other employees think this individual is not quite 'with it'. For a woman, this aspect can be a lot of fun, if she knows she has it. Women who look 'dumb' can muddle through life doing very well; if Mercury is not tied into the conjunction, she can plan her moves and not 'threaten' anyone. People who are more obvious, who look 'smarter', usually are more harassed on the way up the corporate ladder than those who are working with the Neptune aspects.

These people need stability, and the conjunction does not give them that. Because the world of fantasy is just behind the blink of an eye, it's easy to wander off in the mental realms of delusion, illusion or creative imagination. As the mind wanders far from home, the personality may periodically become suicidal, especially when the Sun is under heavy affliction by transit. Most people are unaware that many philosophers have considered the prospect of suicide before becoming more impersonally involved in the structure of the universe. When we consider suicide, we are at first feeling very sorry for ourselves because we haven't gotten our way about something. 'If you don't marry me, I'll kill myself!' has been said more than once. After we get tired of feeling sorry for ourselves, we begin to question why we are alive. When we get more comfortable with the question, we then move on to the question of why anybody or anything is alive. Shortly beyond that comes the 'I am' principle and we begin to sound like Plato or Descartes. As we begin to observe life patterns, which happens after we wonder why a tree is alive season after season, we begin to tune into the pattern in the universe. We can then begin to see Mother Nature at work, especially in the spring. As we begin to accept Mother Nature, we begin to think about Father Nature, and life becomes an exciting prospect. Many people are afraid of the word 'suicide', but it is merely a conscious contemplation of life after death. As soon as we are born we are approaching death.

People born with this conjunction (as well as the square or opposition) will walk many different paths on the way to spiritual enlightenment. This can be an exciting trip. The blocks on the path are often caused by misunderstanding the father. He was looking for something and he may not have found it. He, too, was trying to find himself, in his own way. If he sold out, if he gave up his quest, if he left home or happened to die when these people are young, they may have great difficulty sorting through the family history so that they can get at the truth about the father. But when one is armed with the knowledge that Dad was searching for something, the mystery becomes clearer, and the questions can be asked better. If relatives other than the mother are available, they may be more helpful, for in some cases the husband or wife may know less about the spiritual crisis of a loved one than would the friends or brothers and sisters.

Sun conjunct Neptune: This powerful position inclines strongly to matters of which the essential characteristic seems to be delicacy or remoteness from what is ordinary, tangible, and concrete. Music is very commonly the main interest and pursuit, and other forms of art are often followed, in particular the drama. Mysticism, occultism, and spiritism, in their many forms, often attract the native, and it is certain that this aspect is commonly found in the horoscopes of astrologers, especially of those who are particularly interested in the predictive art. I should say that Sun conjunct Neptune is the commonest aspect in astrologers' birth charts.

Contrary to what is sometimes taught, the position is not unpractical or lacking in worldly ability, except in so far as devotion to such pursuits as are mentioned above is likely to be antagonistic to material success. There is usually a sensitive but gifted mentality.

It seems to indicate very great enthusiasm for whatever subject is studied, and a lifelong devotion to it. In these it may go with considerable success, fame and recognition, but it inclines to scandal and the native is likely to be the victim of rumors and tales of a subtle character, emanating from sources hard to detect and expose. These attacks are generally directed against the moral character and are sometimes of a particularly odious kind, especially if the 5th or 11th house be involved.

The father is sometimes involved in dubious affairs or may be engaged in Neptunian matters; or, again, there may be some mystery or strange circumstance connected with him.

Sun conjunct Neptune Woman: In women's charts, there is often either widowhood or spinsterhood.

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Sun conjunct Neptune: Evelyn Robert de Rothschild 0, Nicole 0, George Orwell 1, AlexP 1, Seligma 1, Sean Connery 2, Lance 2, Prabhukar 2, Miriam 3, Warren Buffett 4, John Dillinger 4, Thomas Edison 5, Leif 5, BenT 6, Bill Gates 7, BillH 8, JerGar 8

Sun sextile Neptune

Unlike the conjunction aspect, which poses the problem of dealing with both the positive and negative influences of Neptune on the individual life, the sextile is an easier aspect to live with.

The themes of creativity through art, music, crafts, writing, and drama are highlighted, as are the inner paths of mysticism and psychic sensitivity as ways of co-operating with the Neptunian impulse and moving towards the solar centre. You are likely to be aware of your own creative potential, and inclined to allow this natural expression. One ability that you may possess is creating vivid mental images, which through the process of creative visualization can be used either in the building of your own future path, or by being offered for the stimulation and enjoyment of others through music, art and literature.

Manifesting these evocative images into a tangible form is a very important gift, and can be applied in a variety of ways, for self-aggrandizement, for the accumulation of wealth and power, or to benefit others. This issue of selfish versus selfless actions is one which may confront you, influencing your decisions and motivations. The art of visualization is a powerful merging of mind-will-imagination, and is the source of creation.

Your sensitivity to others and world pain will be strong, connected to a reasonably well-developed awareness of social responsibility, where by empathic feelings you believe that you should and could aid in the alleviation of human suffering. Yet this psychic absorption of pain can also make you turn away from actually doing anything about this social awareness, so you may register and acknowledge its existence yet attempt to deny your role in healing. It is unlikely that you will be capable of dealing with the causes of suffering, but you may prefer to hold a soothing and healing balm to the symptoms of the pain. You hope that others who are stronger and perhaps less sensitive than yourself will deal with the negative causes in society.

You may be of value by communication inspiration, perhaps through writing for publication or through the media. Linking your grasp of social responsibility with a good dramatic expression could bring aspects of society that need transforming to the attention of others; crusading journalism and TV documentaries are prime examples of such work. This is an asset that you could apply; and, if you choose to develop this, then your imagination and inspiration will be rekindled. This need to maintain relationships with people, which also involves a broader social sphere than that of just friendship, is a route through which Neptune works, leading you towards your solar purpose.

With most people, you experience a laissez-faire relationship, where tolerance and empathy dominate, and interpersonal pressures are not imposed. While your sensitivity is ever-present, you are not overly demanding or tied to impossible expectations of others, although you do prefer self-confident companions whose associations force you to firm up any tendency towards Neptunian nebulousness and indecision. You have a humanitarian spirit, relating freely and easily to a wide range of human types, seeing value in all and not just in those who are 'successful' in terms of social evaluation.

There is an element of a chameleon nature about you, a malleability enabling you to fit into a variety of situations and social scenes, an inner flexibility whereby your attitudes and expression mould themselves to any specific environment and take over from deeper personal preferences. This is a Neptunian water quality in your personality, where you 'take the shape of any container'. It can be advantageous, yet equally can lead to losing your distinct identity due to repeated chameleon transformations. This may therefore need to be carefully monitored or guarded against if your personality begins to fragment and dissolve; although, if you are following a mystical path, your aim becomes dissolving into the 'ocean', where the droplet of the separate self loses all boundaries and disappears into the universal ocean of life.

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Sun sextile Neptune: Bernie 0, Edouard de Rothschild 2, Clark 2, PapayaJ 2, Silas 2, Mick Jagger 3, Arnold Schwarzenegger 3, Roberto 3, George Bush, Sr.4, Jimi Hendrix 4, Michael Jackson 4, Ted Turner 4, JerryGr 4

Sun square Neptune

This indicates tendencies of psychologically based inhibitions, restrictions and frustrations which pose considerable challenges that need overcoming before the more positive characteristics of Neptune and the Sun emerge.

You tend to lack confidence in your identity and ability to achieve your ambitions. Part of this may have been derived from your parental relationships, especially with the father, as your developing nature may have experienced conflict through lack of understanding or of perceived love; it may have been that by asserting your own individuality you clashed with the stronger parental will. The results are that your self-confidence has fragmented, and that your application of will is less focused and effective, and consequently you have developed psychological defenses against others and from facing personal failure.

This is displayed in escapism, and avoidance of responsibilities and of the need for self-discipline, unless a powerful Saturn in your chart can rebalance this tendency. Preferring to run away from confronting reality leads to distorted perceptions, which make careful evaluation of options difficult as well as generating fears of making decisions which may prove to be unwise. At its worst, this can create inertia through fear of taking deliberate action. These inner images of failure tend to create external failures, and so emphasize a repetitive vicious circle. Yet by linking this pattern of failure within aims and ambitions that are probably beyond your current capabilities to achieve, you also succeed in evading the realization that you are creating most failures in your life. This is exacerbated by the dreams of the nonintegrated and unfulfilled Neptune, who may be noticed as a thread of guilt related to your lack of achievement, and as an ongoing sensation of discontent. Your solar power is being diverted and dissolved by the activity of an nonintegrated Neptune, and, unless you can begin to reassert this solar centre and face your Neptunian challenges, this unsatisfactory condition may continue.

These challenges can be mitigated by a decision to make sufficient effort to connect to your hidden solar centre, to move beyond those superimposed images of guilt, failure and inferiority that have developed as a defensive response to emotional pain. Such a reorientation may not be easy to make, as you will be opposing established patterns of behavior, yet the gains that can be made are likely to transform your life.

The first step is self-acceptance, to cease any self-judgment and condemnation. Then, if you really want it to happen, feel confident that any change can occur. You have sufficient inner creativity, imagination and potential waiting to be released from imprisonment, although finding appropriate channels of expression may still take a little longer. However, you need to define any ambitions within a more realistic perspective than previously. Possibly some form of counseling may be effective in helping you gain more clarity regarding your self-potential, or workshops in self-assertion and decision-making / goal-setting. In effect, you are being asked to see yourself as a young child, ready to enter adulthood, and you are expected to recreate yourself into a new and more suitable identity. Take smaller and easily achievable steps in this process of recreation; acknowledge that occasional failures are inevitable, but try not to turn them into traumatic dramas, and realize that success will not happen without the parallel risk of failure side by side. Everybody is a failure at something, and that isn't an excuse to condemn yourself again.

As your self-confidence grows, your life will begin to take a more positive shape. It will not happen overnight, as transforming long-established behavior patterns cannot be achieved that quickly; but persevere, and changes can happen. Perhaps using techniques like creative visualization and affirmations, or subliminal programming encoded on self-development cassette tapes, could strengthen this process. The essential realization is that change is possible, and that you can achieve this in your own way; in hope lies the fountainhead of the waters of potential and transformation. Such improvements can benefit your intimate relationships too, as well as enhance your self-image, confidence and decision-making abilities.

Generally you are emotionally vulnerable, possibly exploited or abused by others, deceived or manipulated in various ways; but if these tendencies exist, they are reflections of those dominating patterns within you. There can be unusual emotional needs and desires linked with romantic idealism that are expressed in physical sexuality; these may require healing and cleansing in some way. But the proposed transformation and refinement that is implied by resolving the conflict of the Sun and Neptune would simultaneously deal with that level too.

There can be an attraction towards occultism and mysticism, which, if followed in the pre-transformation stage, can lead to self-exaltation (in contrast to an inferiority complex), and to becoming self-deluded as a voice of God or the Masters; although, if the transformation has been made, you could actually function in such a way as a purer channel. But some degree of caution and restraint may need making if you do explore such dimensions of life, as there can be an unconscious desire for self-aggrandizement operating through and motivating your actions. As the imagination aspect of Neptune is so strong, this can create inflated egotism and self-delusion where instead of finding the light you become lost in the dazzle of glamour and illusion.

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Sun square Neptune: Carl Jung 0, Lina 0, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.0, Paul McCartney 1, Erika 1, Lady Gaga 2, Brian Wilson 2, Arrow 2, Erin 2, Johanna 2, Patti Smith 3, Jack 3, JRosh 3, JT 3, Bette Davis 4, Barack Obama 4, Albert Schweitzer 4, Meher Baba 5, Cynthia 5, Dipesh 5, JerryH 5, Jesse Ventura 6, JJ 6, Ray 6

Sun trine Neptune

With the trine, there is the potential for a successful reconciliation and resolution of the Neptune-Sun energies, leading to a powerful positive blending of the individual Sun centre and the transpersonal outer planet.

Potential is present, but there may be question marks against your incentive, motivation and application in exploiting latent talents. This is the hurdle that can face you, especially when confronted with the nature of choice and decision over your life-direction. You may be multi-talented in a variety of artistic and creative ways - music, art, literature, dance, drama - yet find it hard to be focused and sufficiently disciplined to become a master and not a jack of all trades. Ideas spring forth easily and naturally, followed by an enthusiastic grasping of them, only for them to be quickly put aside, replaced by the next set of shooting-star ideas. Commitment and perseverance may be lacking, and the directed energy is fragmented by turning towards too many directions at the same time.

Associated with a perceptive mind, which is capable of good assimilation and understanding, should be an intuitive quality too, which you can use as a source of insight and knowledge. This intuitive or psychic faculty will mainly operate through the emotional nature as empathic identification, in distinction to the Uranian intuition which is more mental and impersonal in nature. This intuition often gives you insights into the nature and motivation of others around you, and environmental atmospheres can influences your state of mind and well-being.

There can be an ambivalence towards social involvement and responsibility. Much depends on the nature of your expression; if it is within creative and artistic spheres, then your focus of attention and energy is absorbed within the creative vision. You are not unresponsive to social concerns, but you feel that being a creative channel is your contribution to society. Or you may respond to the Neptunian vibration by opening your heart wider, feeling a channel for 'universal love' supporting and uplifting others. This path is one of service to the community of human beings, and medicine can be a favorite expression, or similar forms of physical, emotional and mental therapy and healing.

Becoming clear as to direction is the challenge; once determined, you should be able to pour your energies and talents into achieving those aims, and in so doing walk your solar path of purpose. You have the capabilities to achieve your objectives, once definition and focus is made. There may be a need to be more practical, perhaps modified by evoking a strong Saturn or Mercury influence to ensure that material results occur, or you could waste those talents and end as a negative dreamer, chasing your flights of imagination but never containing them within objective form.

In relationships, emotional freedom and trust are highly valued as components of an ideal romantic love. You tend to be emotionally faithful, and give priority to the virtues of a close and loving family environment. Your empathic and sympathetic nature adds to those feelings of closeness with family and friends.

Sun trine Neptune: The trine from the Sun to Neptune means that you have enormous talent to express, but you may never find the right way to exploit it. You take up ideas with enthusiasm, then drop them right away. Your mind has a precocious quality, in that you learn quickly and with deep comprehension. You respond to what you learn both emotionally and intellectually. In reality, you are extremely psychic, and much of your knowledge has been acquired through this faculty. This may have been the reason you were bored, as a child, by teachers who were giving you information that you already knew intuitively. Because you learned easily and didn't have to overcome the usual obstacles, now you don't readily take on duties unless you want to very strongly. You may avoid involvement in the affairs of the community, for it is almost impossible for anyone to provoke you to respond to your social responsibilities.

You can write your own ticket to your professional ambitions. Probably you will never encounter a challenge that you can't successfully meet. You are extremely creative and will be able to perform almost any task assigned to you. Your greatest problem is dawdling when time is urgent or schedules must be met. Consequently, it is better for you to be self-employed, so you can work at your own pace, and others don't have to depend on you. Art, drama, education, writing, and medical research would all provide you with a field for creative expression. Even though your ambitions may not be defined, others will benefit from your efforts.

Your personal relationships are characterized by permissiveness between you and your mate, a freedom based on mutual trust. You and your beloved enjoy a blissful, romantic love and can indulge in escapes to Shangri-la. You can be devoted to your mate and know that indiscretion will never come into your life. Your family will be warm and tender toward you, and your children will be a source of endless joy to you as they grow into maturity.

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Sun trine Neptune: Tom Cruise 1, Carl Lewis 1, Paulo 1, Q 1, Princess Diana 2, Georges Gurdjieff 2, Friedrich Nietzche 2, Ramana Maharshi 2, Joseph Ratzinger 2, BarryKl 2, Muhammad Ali 3, Hugh Hefner 3, L.Ron Hubbard 3, Groucho Marx 3, Willie Nelson 3, Elvis Presley 3, Nikola Tesla 3, Farmer 3, Sri Aurobindo 4, Marlon Brando 4, Jeff 4, Babe Ruth 5, Joze 5, George Carlin 6, Shirley McLaine 6, BenSt 6

Sun quincunx Neptune

The inconjunct from the Sun to Neptune shows that you consider your responsibilities the most pressing in the world. There is an element of self-sacrifice in the way you allow others to intrude in your life. You really believe people who suggest that only you can solve their problems. Because of this martyr quality, you seek the most demanding jobs or human situations in order to test your commitment to service. You are unsure of yourself and are continually trying to find ways to prove your competence. In serving other people's needs, you deplete your own energies.

Professional success will be difficult to achieve because of your preoccupation with endless trivia. Exaggerating the importance of superficial matters, you tend to get bogged down by them. You should become selfish enough to express your own creative potential. There will always be opportunities to render service to others after you've gained a sense of your own importance. Welfare programs, hospital work, group therapy, medical research, and rehabilitative functions would provide adequate avenues for expression. In your work, be sure to establish the exact extent of your duties and resolve not to do more than is explicitly required. In other words, don't be a 'patsy'.

You tend to form alliances with individuals who always seem to need you. They do need you, much more than you need them. Be wary of people who will exploit you, for they may successfully hide their negative ambitions from you. Always be suspicious of the motivation underlying someone's interest in you. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that it's your spiritual responsibility to be of service to others. Your emotional nature is such that you grant others the benefit of the doubt, and later find you have been rejected.

Try not to let everyone treat you as a dumping ground for their negative qualities. If someone needs a confessor, let him seek and pay for professional help. Such people will never pay you for the burdens they unload on you.

Sun quincunx Neptune: When the natal chart contains an inconjunct between the Sun and Neptune, we are extremely sensitive and vulnerable. We feel an uncertainty that has an unassignable cause. For a considerable time we are seeking the 'Great Wonder' without having any idea of what it is like or where to find it; we just know that there is a vacant place in our emotional life.

Our sensitivity is so acute that we suffer considerable discomfort from influences radiated by others. Our being (Sun) has nothing in common with Neptune's world, which stretches beyond the confines of the ego into the inaccessible collective. We are ever on the run, for want of a safe place that is not being undermined. The uncertainty can prey on our nerves, causing psychosomatic illnesses that may be hard to diagnose correctly. In this inconjunct, Neptune can drain us of our animal spirits and render us passive and dreamy.

Escapism is a danger, the more so as this aspect is one that leaves us vulnerable to abuse. All unconsciously, we land ourselves in chaotic situations - at work, at home, or in fact anywhere - until it eventually dawns on us that we have been throwing away life and opportunities by never settling down: we have been liquidating each situation and have been replacing it by a newer one that will be liquidated in turn. The risk of creating a negative spiral is obvious.

On becoming aware of this unconscious behavior, we may well discover that the 'wonder' we are seeking is not outside but inside us, along with the certainty and spiritual rest that the world cannot give. Then, if we open ourselves to what is going on around us, we shall find ourselves in possession of an extremely fine instrument, which can interpret and understand the meaning of undercurrents and atmospheres like none other.

Sun quincunx Neptune: This aspect is less noticeable in terms of personal insecurity. The child has an internal battle going on, for the self is interested in one thing, yet the creative or spiritual urges send it in another direction. The aspect causes unproductive daydreaming. The energy of the Sun must work constructively with the Neptune energy and is best expressed via career.

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Sun quincunx Neptune: AndySc 0, JerryP 0, Mark 0, Suji 0, Ty Cobb 1, DJenkins 1, Leen 1, Mikael 1, RoyO 1, Cate 2, ScottS 2, Ronald Reagan 3, Judin 3, George 4, Jason 4, Molly 4

Sun opposite Neptune

The opposition between Neptune and the Sun can stimulate a distorted and self-deluding perspective of reality, which tends to create additional problems and obstacles in your life and decision-making. You may find it difficult to analyze and evaluate options and choices correctly, often focusing on self-created and imaginary issues rather than actual problems. Sometimes these can take the forms of voluntary suffering arising from inner guilt patterns associated with deep-lying desires; an expiation or atonement of 'sins', actual or imaginary. This can result in the sacrificial martyr attitude, and is often quite unnecessary, yet in a strange way provides a foundation to your life. A sacrifice may well be required, that of your imagined illusions, prior to your attaining the deeper solar centre of balance, but such a sacrifice is often misunderstood and misapplied in daily life.

You tend to react strongly against any domination imposed by others, yet can easily submit if under the influence of a misplaced sacrificial trip. Your relationships can be characterized by degrees of confusion and misunderstandings, and through powerful emotions you are liable to overly intimate relationships with fantasies and wishful thinking, forming a deceiving miasma which affects all involved. There can be a pattern operating through you that subverts clear, honest and direct communication, even though you may not fully accept or realize this. As you tend to be insecure and defensive in relationship attitudes, tensions can be generated by your style of expression, which rarely accepts being wrong or any responsibility, yet operates in a manner which attempts to lay any blame on the shoulders of others. This creates confusion rather than clarity, and over time it may produce considerable friction. This nebulousness dominates your personality, turning you into a 'psychological chameleon', changing appearances and attitudes as distorted perceptions and personal biases intrude into reality.

You often avoid commitment and entering fully into emotional involvements through fears of being trapped or dominated, which, allied to a suspicious nature, does not augur well for stable relationships. As you are liable to fall under the negative Neptunian glamours regarding love and romance, this tendency may have developed from previous shattering disappointments. If this becomes a repetitive pattern in your life, then the cause is probably within yourself, and it is by exploration and inward journey to contact the solar light that you can discover and illumine your potential solution.

Coming to terms with such influential patterns concerning your identity and relationships requires considerable honesty and commitment. Beneficial change can be stimulated, but only if you really want it and are willing to put in the effort. The main problem with inner glamours and illusions is that they are so difficult to identify correctly, and obviously such distorting mirrors make it hard to perceive with clarity. The real effect of spiritual transformation shatters these mirrors. Being able to recognize and acknowledge that such problems exist is the first the first and most important step, followed by consistent action to discover the appropriate remedy.

Through insecurity, you are liable to doubt your capabilities and potential, fearing challenges as exposing failings and weaknesses. Retreat or defensive mechanisms may have been established as forms of protection. Essentially, you need to strip down your habitual perceptions of others and yourself, so that the reality can shine through more objectively. Facing the reality of avoidance patterns and observing the influence of your emotional biases and defensive mechanisms can be very revealing, as can noting how you distort relationship communication; consider all this without self-condemnation or judgment. In looking, lie the seeds of transformation. Re-finding your own solar self and centre beyond these ephemeral influences is the purpose of your journey; and establishing strength in your own identity and resources will demonstrate a developing maturity, rather than any unhealthy reliance on others.

Discerning your aims in life, perhaps developing a program towards achieving some of them, can give a directional focus, and allow you to express freely that blocked and frustrated potential which may have been previously inhibited. Taking such steps can renew yourself and relationships, protecting you from being negatively influenced by surrounding environmental influences entering your psyche. Once the changes are made, you can have much to offer people, where your sacrificial tendencies can be beneficial and reflect your higher solar path instead of an illusory Neptunian one. Working with types of meditation which deglamorise and strip away illusory veils of personality, or with relationship therapies, can be suitable approaches to cleanse yourself of the negative Neptunian tendencies, in order for the light of your co-coordinating Sun centre to shine through more powerfully.

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