Sun conjunct Moon

This shows that your temperament is unilateral, or almost unaffected by conflicts with the will of others. Your personality is basically integrated, but this does not mean you will have a trouble-free life. It merely indicates that you are reasonably satisfied with yourself and with the goals you hope to realize. You do not adapt to circumstances unless doing so will serve your best interests. Because you are highly motivated to achieve your objectives, success is more than likely. You waste very little effort in activities unless they will benefit you in some way. You know how to co-ordinate your available resources with your life pursuits, and always have the skills required to carry out any special task you choose.

No one is allowed to interfere in your affairs; nor do you concern yourself with the affairs of others. You establish a barrier between yourself and others and do not permit anyone to intrude. You allow yourself the privilege of going beyond that barrier, but you rarely do so. Generally, a person who wants to meet with you will have to make the first gesture. You would rather not have to extend yourself if it can be avoided. Because you prefer to be independent of close involvement with people, you have to rely on your own ingenuity when the going gets rough. In this way, you are self-sustaining and self-defeating at the same time.

You can become enormously successful in your own estimation, even if others can't judge your success. You don't measure your level of accomplishments by the same devices most people use when making comparisons. You can best succeed when you work alone or at least can determine for yourself how or when you do your work. You are qualified for positions of authority, although you may be resented by those under you because you are so sure of yourself. You have the power to help others become integrated, although you may decide it isn't worth the effort.

In spite of your seeming self-assurance, you are not too successful in relating to people except at the social level. You are so afraid to have your emotions trampled that you keep personal contacts at arm's length. Your sensitive nature is your Achilles tendon, which you try to protect.

You depend heavily on small quiet moments to give you the spiritual nourishment that your outer life feeds on. Irritated by the constant distractions and the hustle and bustle of competitive society, you must periodically rejuvenate your forces privately, perhaps in meditation.

Sun conjunct Moon: The conjunction indicates the potential integrated personality, moving towards self-containment and self-sufficiency focused on a firm identity and a purposeful life direction. As there can be a fundamental inner harmony between your feelings and will, energy will not be diverted into dealing with inner conflicts and stresses, and this will enable you to concentrate on unfolding a life-path or career.

You will feel comfortable with your temperament and pursuing your aims absorbs most of your time and energy. Success is likely due to the consistent level of motivation and perseverance that you can apply, and the ability of making maximum use of personal and material resources to further your ambitions is a great asset. Wasting time or effort is not your style, as you feel that you are following a golden thread of density which offers meaning and continually urges you to follow its direction. If the spiritual dimension is your chosen route, then you may feel a 'mission' waiting for you to perform, some type of world service. This can be the presence of your solar centre making an impact on your consciousness, trying to guide your path of purpose.

Taking responsibility for directing your life is important, and you can display a self-assured independence of spirit, refusing to accept any unnecessary interference and being determined to follow your own light. You may find that working alone, or taking full responsibility for a self-employed business, is preferable to being an employee, so that you gain the full benefits of your efforts. While you may be able to act in a responsible position of authority, there may be a question mark against your style of relating. Through tendencies of self-absorption you may lack awareness of others, and this can result in authoritarian attitudes, creating barriers of communication and retaining a detached role denuded of any concern for how others are reacting to you. Relationships can be a weak point, except on basically superficial social levels, and people may receive the impression that you are not unduly interested in human contact and friendship. They may also note a certain inflexibility about you, which rarely dissolves unless it is for a matter which will actually benefit you; compromise for mutual harmony may be a casualty with this attitude, which could be described as an almost innocent self-centeredness. Privacy and independence of thought and action remain high priorities for you.

Much of this stance is derived from a need for protectiveness, emanating from the moon's influence. It is not that you feel threatened by others, but that you feel you should protect your vulnerable emotions. This side of you is often kept hidden, although you recognize how intense your feeling nature really is, and in many circumstances you are highly dominated and influenced by the Moon's promptings in choices and decisions. There is a fear that your emotions may be battered by experiences, so at times there can be an avoidance of certain relationships or contentious issues, because your sense of well-being is intimately connected to the feeling tone of your emotional nature. You can be emotionally impulsive, especially if the balance between the sun and moon is swinging to favor the moon, as there can be an alternating pattern where one planet is more dominant than the other, before the balance rectifies itself again.

It is perhaps fortunate that you are able to trust the unity of feelings and will, applying it instinctively and spontaneously in chosen directions and expecting that it will lead you towards right results. This enables you to concentrate your energy into narrow channels of attention, and through the act of focusing make it more powerful and penetrating.

Being self-contained, you may lack the ability of self-reflection and have no objective perspective and appraisal of your actions and temperament; you may rarely try self-analysis. Your ambitions are often extremely personal in nature, and may not be easily understood by others. What you may need to guard against is an overemphasis of either Sun or Moon tendencies, perhaps through an excessive preoccupation with career developments which can amplify the Sun principle in your nature, or even through and absorption in the traditional lunar preoccupations of domestic life. An equal expression and balance is required, or there is the possibility that health problems may occur if one planet becomes consistently dominant. Your emotional and physical well-being can be affected by unbalanced activity, especially if the career/ mission consciousness rises to the forefront. To remedy this, you may need to withdraw into periodic inner communication, possibly through quiet retreats and meditation to recharge your batteries. You should also insure that your emotional nature is regularly vitalized by intimate human contact and not left to atrophy through a temporary ignoring of its needs. Maintaining a flowing balance helps to achieve your goals as well as keeping that temperament healthy.

Sun conjunct Moon: The sun and moon go together to form a unit, which certainly has its good side, for the behavior we adopt in order to feel comfortable (the Moon) coincides with the way we naturally develop and realize our potential (the Sun). This gives a certain poise and sang-froid. Much can be achieved, both socially and in the inner life, thanks to the sense of unity imparted by a sun/ moon conjunction.

Astronomically speaking, a conjunction of the Sun and Moon is a new moon; the symbol of a fresh start, a propitious moment to sew. If the sun is well placed, the conjunction can give plenty of drive and enthusiasm. But if the Moon is the stronger of the two, involvement in new undertakings is often much more impulsive, and their consequences are not properly thought out - which is not to say that these initiatives are any less important.

At its best, this conjunction unites the male and female principles - anyway, the native seeks to unite them. Sometimes this leads to strained relationships, because the native does not know which ought to have the upper hand. the active male side or the passive female side. Both side are inseparably bound together. Because the sun sign receives added emphasis from this conjunction, there may be an identity problem or a poor understanding of the nature of activity and passivity. More explicitly, the relationship with the partner can become confused.

On the one hand, the emotions (Moon) can be stimulated by the conjunction with the Sun; on the other, the emotions can sometimes have a detrimental effect on the resilience of the sun.

The conjunction of the planet of personal awareness (Sun) with that of unconscious reactions (Moon) often gives great immediacy and application. Whatever is done is done wholeheartedly.

Sun conjunct Moon: This conjunction indicates that one parent is both mother and father to the child, one parent is very strong and out-influences the other. This may mean that one parent is missing so that the other is forced to take both roles. Sometimes it means that one parent is ill and the other must pick up all the parental responsibilities for the child. Most of the time, the stronger parent can be discovered by observing the polarity of the Sun and Moon, for it indicates that either the mother or the father was super strong.

In the search of someone with sun conjunct moon trying to discover the early childhood environment, the parents may not be truthful about what was going on at that time.

Sun conjunct Moon: This is sometimes regarded with disfavor, it being stated that it tends to weakness of body and no very bright condition of mind.

It is of course a critical position, since the two most important bodies of the horoscope are placed together, usually in the same sign and with the same aspects. It can scarcely, of itself, tend to breadth of outlook or adaptability, for the interests will naturally incline to centre on the matters of the house that is occupied and the character will be heavily marked with the sign in which the Lights are. It often happens that Mercury and Venus are also one or both in the same sign and house, and the tendency to unbalance is then considerable. Some extremes must therefore be expected: in fire, the emotional nature will be active; in water, the feelings and susceptibilities will be strong; in air, there may be mental coolness or fickleness and caprice; in earth, heaviness and stagnation. Yet these dangers are by no means inevitable.

It may be surmised that this conjunction does tend to make the native in some way (to use a colloquialism) a whole-hogger, or one whose eggs are all in one basket, whether they are material, emotional, or mental eggs. It is likely that they will be in part emotional in any case, and some degree of self-will and stubbornness is probably, for the pliancy of the Moon is stiffened by the Sun. It inclines a little to vanity and self-opiniation.

Sometimes there is considerable repression, and a tendency to live to oneself, in mental or actual isolation.

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Sun conjunct Moon: George Orwell 0, MFor 1, Marlon Brando 2, AlexP 2, Karl Marx 3, Lina 3, TomW 3, TonyC 3, LucSr 4, Ricardo 4, Robert 4, Victoria 4, Kyle 5, David Rockefeller 7, Ellen 8, U.G. Krishnamurti 9, Sting 10, Bram 10, CharlesS

Sun sextile Moon

The Sun sextile the Moon indicates that, as a whole, your life will be reasonably happy and essentially tranquil. You relate easily to people in general and will enjoy a lifelong pleasant relationship with your parents and other members of your family. You maintain a well-balanced attitude toward both the past and the present. Deriving much benefit from your experiences, you use the lessons sufficiently effectively to become successful in future enterprises. You are sufficiently strong-willed to assert yourself when necessary, but you are careful not to offend people who may be sensitive. You try to treat people as you want to be treated, and your consideration makes you well liked. You understand people and make allowances for their negative qualities while enjoying them for their good points.

A very creative person, you have a wealth of ideas to draw on. Communication is relatively easy for you, and you strive for mutual understanding between you and the people you deal with. You are not afraid to make concessions to others if it will promote greater rapport between you. Because you are secure about your goals, you never really feel threatened when challenged. You feel that even though you may lose a few, you will win at least as many and probably more. Your ego is important, to be sure, but not so much that you would seek another person's submission in order to satisfy it. You prefer to relate to people as equals, regardless of their situation in life.

There is every indication that you will succeed as a person. You can achieve fulfillment in whatever profession you choose and simply need the right opportunity to express your creative talents. You are on good terms with your superiors and co-workers, and you respect their trust in you. Because you are a good listener as well as a good talker, you learn well and can use what you learn.

You remember the lessons of the past, but you have no desire to return to it. You are content with the present, knowing it will provide you with what you need to courageously face the future, and you are grateful for it all.

You are equally comfortable with men and women. Your early relationship with your own parents has given you a healthy attitude about people and resulted in no important inner conflicts. You can probably always count on your parents to give you a helping hand when you need it. Your children will learn your uncomplicated outlook on life, and they will benefit from it as much as you have. If you can operate from your home, you will enjoy your career interests. Wherever you go in pursuit of your destiny, you will tend to establish career residence, if only for a short time.

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Sun sextile Moon: Angelina Jolie 0, George Patton 0, Bette Davis 1, Judi 2, Supr 3, Tom 3, VinCal 3, Wilt Chamberlain 4, John Dee 4, Walt Disney 4, Tara 4, Alicia, Jack, Suzie

Sun square Moon

This suggests the existence of considerable inner stress and tension within the personality, where solar will is in conflict with deep-rooted feelings, emotions and instincts, and where the conscious and evolutionary self may be trying to move in a direction which is contrary to certain habit patterns, especially those connected with security and protection of self boundaries.

The ongoing struggle is in resolving contradictory inner messages, a psychological tendency which may have its roots deep within childhood perceptions of the parental relationship and your sense of emotional contact with your parents. As the Moon signifies the mother, and the Sun the father, in this context, there is the implication that there was a crucial problem inherent in that parental relationship, perhaps incompatibility on some vital level, or a lack of communication which may have led to a marriage breakdown in some respect. This may not have been evident on the surface of that relationship, but existed as an underlying current within the domestic psychic atmosphere which you registered. There may have been a partial identification with one parent to the exclusion of the other, perhaps because one parent had little time to spend with you. Somehow the inner dynamics have been distorted, resulting in personal frustration and difficulties in joining will and feelings in co-operation together.

Unless steps are taken to achieve individual integration, you are liable to suffer from emotional insecurity founded on a resistance to fully accepting the nature of your habitual feeling responses. A probable action that you take is inner denial and repression, and this will have eventual consequences of intensifying those inner tensions and possible personality splits. Yet because these powerful emotions seem to burn within you, you try to control their release through expressing them in daily life, and because of the pressures that can accumulate you may display argumentative, provocative and belligerent tendencies in your relationships at times.

The danger is falling victim to your own powerful desire nature, and being perpetually frustrated through aiming high and losing an appreciation of what exists in the present. There can be a restless, searching quality to this aspect which results from the need to resolve deep inner conflicts; the problem is finding the way to achieve those desires. This need stimulates inner questioning, especially related to 'What's it all about?' and 'What is the meaning of life?' These become promptings from your inner Sun, encouraging you to start on your heroic quest to discover the solar centre and the spiritual dimension of life.

Yet you can often act as your own worst enemy, reacting in ways that diminish any likelihood of success. You may fail to see how you can utilize existing resources to deepen life enjoyment or reach aims; you may refuse to make necessary compromises; you may consciously devalue your potential and abilities, eroding away self-confidence; you may clash with others who could have been supportive to your efforts. These unconscious patterns of unresolved frustrations interfere between your conscious will and deeper needs, tending to negate satisfaction for either. Sometimes, as a result of this inner stress, all you feel like doing is being very destructive, liberating the repressed energies by either verbal or physical expressions of bad temper.

The problem facing you is the movement from 'here' to 'there'. That abyss stares you in the face and will not go away, and apparently, try as you might, you still cannot cross over to the promised land. Being 'here' feels wrong, and you believe that you should be 'there', but how can it be achieved? The only way to gain your aims is through a radical transformation, so that the 'old you' remains on this side, and the 'new you' appears there to claim your ambition. This is the challenge confronting the hero at every stage of his quest, and each step forward on his path represents difficulties overcome on the journey towards the magnetic light that he senses and follows.

How may this be done? The honest answer has to be 'with difficulty' and with much hard work. Your promised land will not be gained without great perseverance and struggle, proving your capabilities, transcending any obstacles on the way and never accepting defeat. You may need to pursue additional training or study to qualify for a specialist skill, or to help unfold latent qualities and talents. You may need to apply self-discipline to maintain your efforts, and to display your intention to work until success happens.

Relationships may need improving through compromise, to avoid unnecessary conflicts resulting from your frustrations. Lessons need to be learned from previous experiences, and applied in daily living. Clarity may be required between what you desire and what you are prepared to do to achieve it, and trying to ensure that your aims will actually be emotionally satisfying when achieved. Integration between your conscious will and those underlying emotions is vitally necessary, and the best way for this is to allow the emotions to rise to the surface of your mind, so that you can look at their nature and develop an understanding of their needs, and then attempt to fuse will and emotions via the medium of the intellectual mind, through imposing a more powerful light upon that emotional sea. Investing great effort should result in steps towards realizing those desires. It is not an easy path, although viewing that inner stress as motivation is at least a positive perception of what personal frustration can provide as a transformative spur.

Otherwise, what options are left to you? Living with personal disharmony; experiencing lack of success and frustration of aims; a restriction of personal potential; problems spilling over into your domestic life, career and social relationships; dissatisfaction in intimate affairs with the opposite sex; domestic responsibilities and duties limiting your freedom to reach your ambitions, and possible ill health (digestive problems) stimulated by emotional and psychosomatic tensions.

If you take the challenge to resolve the conflicts and contradictions of this square, then finding constructive outlets for your powerful energies may help to form your new path. Learning how to listen to those agitating feelings, and managing to integrate them into your life instead of ignoring them, will help to restore a sense of balance and well-being.

Sun square Moon: The square from the Sun to the moon means that you will have some difficulty in using your resources to satisfy your desires. You bitterly resent that you must make enormous adjustments in order to get what you want from life. It seems as if you never have quite the right training for what you want to do, but you make only half¬hearted attempts to acquire the training you need to succeed. Although you want the 'good life', you aren't willing to discipline yourself to get it. You are at odds with important people who will not accept you unless you can prove yourself by demonstrating a willingness to work. Your negative response distorts the information you receive, which makes it more difficult to learn from your experiences. Generally you react to stimuli in a way that is not consistent with achieving the recognition you want. The frustration you feel has inhibited your character development and is a problem in other areas, including domestic matters, social relationships, emotional interests, and professional affairs. Your lack of success in these areas shows that you have a lot to learn before you can expect to reap any rewards.

You must learn to bring your emotions and your will into line and subdue them with intellect and organization. You seem to think that any response will satisfy the will to achieve significance, but you will have to realize that only hard work and self-control can get you what you want. What you gain from your habitual actions is inadequate to your needs, as can be easily demonstrated. For one thing, you haven't progressed from obscure positions to position of increased responsibility. Also, you either haven't been able to win favor with people in high places, or you've done so by making concessions to them. If you get your ego out of the way, you can accomplish many things.

You may have some problem in relating to the opposite sex. Comfortable domestic conditions may be impossible unless you can get that chip off your shoulder. You are argumentative and defensive, probably because of your emotional insecurity. This can be reversed if you will change your fighting attitude and become more compromising. You have a serious misalignment between what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. The possibility of realizing your dreams is in direct proportion to the investment you make.

Sun square Moon: The uncertainty generated by the square arises from the fact that the conscious behavior (Sun) conflicts with the behavior needed to give a sense of security (Moon). Therefore a square between Sun and Moon can make the native very unsettled, especially if the background of the elements is tense.

Sun square or opposite Moon: In either case, the native is inclined to adopt a certain form of behavior to the virtual exclusion of its alternative, and so the latter seeks to express itself indirectly. But if he does give both forms of behavior a chance, he generally ends up feeling like 'two individuals rolled into one' with first one, then the other in the forefront. Those around him never know what to expect, and the native feels plagued by inner instability. Usually he has an identity problem and often wonders which character is the real him, to which the answer is 'both of you'.

The uncertainty can result in many things being left half done, or in perpetual changes of opinion, or in general dissatisfaction with one's performance; in short, a great deal of energy has to be expended on tackling inner insecurity before the native can begin to solve external problems.

Nevertheless, hard Sun-Moon aspects do have considerable energy at their disposal. The uncertainties and the obstacles produced by their tension compel the native, sooner or later, to start sorting things out. The tension between the Sun and Moon send him in search of answers to such questions as 'Who am I?', 'What is really implied by the difference between male and female?' and 'What is significant in a relationship?'

It is not uncommon for conflicts between the Sun and Moon to present problems with the life partner. Since, among other things, the Moon represents what a man is looking for in a woman, and the Sun represents what a woman is looking for in a man, the native tends to fall in love with somebody who jars him or her in some way. At the same time, the hard aspects provide sufficient energy to deal with any problems that may arise. The latter are usually caught in time because, being so insecure, the native is quite sensitive to them and is prepared to work hard to stop them escalating. Therefore it is entirely possible for people with a square between the Sun and the Moon to make happy marriages.

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Sun square Moon: GaryCl 0, Al Capone 1, Abbe 1, Warren Buffett 2, Aldous Huxley 2, Albert Schweitzer 2, Cesar 2, G.W. Bush 3, Ty Cobb 3, Ezra Pound 3, Ronald Reagan 3, Paul Simon 3, Jon Voight 3, Arine 3, Patrice 3, Nikola Tesla 4, Orson Welles 4, Joy 4, Leen 4, Kay 5, Sarik 5, Bill Clinton 6, Medwick 6, Jason 7, JudyPl 7, BobG, MarieBr

Sun trine Moon

This indicates that there can be a positive harmony of conscious will and your instinctual, emotional, and habitual response patterns to life; fewer inner conflicts between your feeling reactions and the application of your purpose should occur. You are likely to feel self-confident and optimistic about fulfilling your potential, aims and ambitions, and you may discover that doors open for you at the right times, or people offer support and help which enable you to move forward; luck may be a factor in your life.

Your early life experiences, parental relationships and childhood social conditioning are likely to have been generally favorable, and little negativity has made any deleterious mark on your development. There may be benefits from hereditary influences, possibly in natural talents and gifts, and some of your habitual pattern tendencies may be family traits, although the likelihood is that they are essentially positive and constructive. In your adult life, you will try to maintain good family relationships, both with your parents and with any family that you are responsible for creating. You tend to relate well with young children, who enjoy your sincere concern, care, understanding and attention.

You ensure that you learn from all experiences so that lessons do not need to be painfully repeated. One area where extra prompting may be needed is in application. As your basic temperament is relaxed and laid-back, generating sufficient momentum towards achieving aims can sometimes seem to be too much hard work to bother. You may be unwilling to stretch and really challenge yourself to develop, and thus may fail to realize the depth of latent potential that you actually possess. In fact, you should have considerable natural talents waiting to be exploited, and you should become alert to any opportunities that offer the prospect of growth and enfoldment, so that your creative drives and ability to unite feelings and will are successfully released in your environment.

Self-assertion may need a concentrated focus for you to progress in a career; although the potential is there for good advancement to be made, there may be a question mark against your level of commitment and desire actually to enter senior positions. Your sensitive good nature may be less of an asset in such positions, however, where harsh impersonal decision may be required for business viability. Yet you could effectively serve in an authoritative role, especially in spheres of interpersonal contact and communication, where your assets of friendliness, sincerity, persuasiveness and understanding people's motivations can make you a very good mediator between levels of employees.

Feeling right with yourself is important, and you recognize that is a key to good personal health and enjoyment of life. The free-flowing nature of this Sun-Moon contact helps you to appreciate your strong physical vitality, stamina and ability to recover easily from any temporary illness.

In social situations, you tend to act as a 'bridge' between people, being able to understand and empathize with different types, and through that reconciling aspect of your nature can help people to join together more easily. You can be sexually attractive, and this can lead you into successful relationship experiences. The main issue is to use this aspect's positive and constructive nature as fully as possible, and not just allow that stable, tranquil and contented nature to cast a soporific spell over you. You need to awaken your solar nature and qualities, in addition to expressing your lunar qualities comfortable, because that will become your path of self-development.

Sun trine Moon: The trine of the Sun and Moon indicates that there is a certain harmonious balance between your will and your habits and emotions. You naturally react to stimuli in such a way that your ego can continue to develop properly. There is a good balance between the lessons you have learned from your past experiences and your ability to use these lessons to realize your destiny. Your relationship with your parents was generally favorable to your continued growth. They might even have inspired you to assert your own individuality so that you could become your own person rather than a reflection of their desires. You should enjoy a pleasant relationship with them and with other members of your family throughout your life. Only stress contacts between the Sun or the Moon and other planets in your chart could complicate the foregoing. In such instances, you would be responsible for the difficulties; the favorable influence here would still hold true, as you would eventually realize.

Your greatest problem, if it can be called that, is your tendency to be apathetic when you could deliberately assert yourself. You have an abundance of creative talent that can be usefully applied in situations that involve people and close relationships. Young people and children are comfortable with you and are on their best behavior because they want to please you. They respond to your attitude of protective caring for them, and they would never forget your contact with them.

You have the opportunity to rise to prominence if you want to. There is a luck factor in your favor, but you also have the temperament to feel completely at ease in positions of authority. You always exercise your will with an understanding of how people will react to it. Persuasive but not offensive, you have a knack for getting people to do what you want without appearing domineering. Your refined nature is a decided asset if you choose to pursue a professional career.

Your sincerity and honesty make you attractive to both sexes. You are warm and friendly towards casual acquaintances as well as close friends, and wherever you go you leave a lasting impression.

You underestimate your potential to climb to the top in any endeavor you find attractive. You should choose a field that has possibilities for growth. Land or land development, homes, and domestic enterprises in general are some of the areas in which you could build a very rewarding future. Working with the public is advised because you have the calm disposition to cope with any situation that could develop.

See also: Sun trine Moon;

Sun trine Moon: TonyO 0, AndyF 1, Johnny Cash 2, Timothy Leary 2, Meher Baba 2, Robert Anton Wilson 2, Farmer 2, Jude 2, PapayaJ 2, PaulS 2, Shirley McLaine 3, ChrisTr 3, Merrill 3, George Bush, Sr.4, Alex Jones 4, Gloria Steinem 4, Ammachi 5, Mickey Mantle 5, Leif 5, Alan Arkin 6, Sri Aurobindo 6, George Harrison 6, Adolf Hitler 6, Donovan Leitch 6, Bertrand Russell 6, Duane 6, Georges Gurdjieff 7, Will Rogers 7, Mitt Romney 7, Ashira 7, Flossie 7, Judin 7, Shakura 7, O.J. Simpson 9

Sun quincunx Moon

The sun inconjunct the moon indicates that your ties to the past and to emotional security are misaligned with the ways in which you consciously express your will and desire. The resulting stress is usually seen in your relationships. In your desire to hold on to old friends and associates, you may enormous concessions that interfere with your own development. You create situations that bind you with obligations to people and that are difficult to free yourself from. You so complicate your life this way that one would suspect you enjoy suffering at the hands of others. Your eagerness to be of service to people would be better utilized by getting a job with that aim in mind.

There is constant danger of abusing you health when you yield to the demands people make on your time and energy. You must overcome the feeling that you owe it to them. Furthermore, you don't have the right to interfere with other people's lives by taking their responsibilities on yourself. What are you trying to prove? Are you trying to win their approval because you really feel you don't deserve it? Be assured that you are probably far more competent than those you serve, only you don't know it. You should spend more time with your own affairs and capitalize on your own talents and creative abilities. Let your contribution be to develop your potentials and gain recognition for excellence in everything you do.

You are painfully sympathetic to anyone who comes to you with a tale of woe. Channel that sympathy into activities that can bring you some benefits. Many occupations require your depth of understanding, such as medicine, physical therapy, and work with young people and children. In these fields there is a genuine need for your kind of unselfish dedication to others. In a more objective application of your talents, you could be happy working with welfare programs or with fund-raising organizations that serve those who are unable to help themselves.

Relaxation is essential if you want to maintain your general good health. Get away as often as you can to unwind from the pressure of your daily concerns. Avoid visiting relatives if you are expected to 'chip in' and help while you're there.

Your romantic interests can be disappointing because you assign undeserved attributes to the person you love. Being rejected is especially painful to you, and you might say 'I've been so good to that person, and I don't deserve to be treated this way'. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and learn to accept people the way they are. If you can't accept them as they are, don't try to reshape them to your design, for that always fails.

You can offer your prospective mate many advantages, and you are willing to work side by side to get the things you both want. When you know that you are loved, you are inspired, and the best in you is brought to the surface.

Sun quincunx Moon: An inconjunct between the Sun and Moon gives a dormant, clandestine tension that does in fact produce a great sense of insecurity, although the native is only marginally aware of it. Something is quite likely to keep bothering him but he is unable to say what it is.

Because the two lights have to do with the life force, this aspect can undermine the vitality every now and then. However, nothing need be seriously wrong; the cause is usually an inability to relax properly. There is a complete cleavage between the conscious behavior and the unconscious reaction pattern. This leads to considerable confusion in everyday life: the attitude adopted to the outside world is entirely different from the attitude the native would like to adopt.

Because the active and passive sides operate quite independently, it is often hard to strike a balance because he dithers over them or even tries to ignore them.

Troubled relationships may be expected too with this Sun / Moon aspect. Usually husband and wife have completely different dispositions and expect to lead their own lives. The inconjunct is more likely than the other hard aspects to obstruct the view of problem areas, which can therefore become more painful and tiresome. The inconjunct between the Sun and Moon can raise false hopes about the partner which end in disappointment.

After a crisis, the dilemma connected with the inconjunct can be seen more clearly and the situation can be resolved. In other words, a sense of balance can be developed through weathering a crisis - although the native will always be aware that the balance is precarious.

See also: Sun quincunx Moon;

Sun quincunx Moon: Seligma 0, Dolly Parton 1, BenSt 2, George 2, Michael 2, Pankaj 2, Cathy O’Brien 3, Donny 3, Aleister Crowley 4, Lady Gaga 4, Bill Gates 4, ScottS 4

Sun opposite Moon

The sun opposition the Moon shows that there are difficulties between you and the people you deal with. You have a natural conflict between your emotions and your ego, and you unconsciously communicate this psychological hang-up to your associates, family, friends, and even your romantic partners. You often act in a hesitant spurt of enthusiasm, which is followed by anguish that your action may have been ill-advised. When you try to assert your own individuality, you are often torn by loyalty to those closest to you. You would prefer to have their full support so you could avoid the painful explanations and guilt that seem to accompany anything you want to do.

Relationships mean a great deal to you, and you long for someone with whom you can totally identify. Although you enjoy casual contacts, they never sufficiently satisfy your need to belong. You want a person who will fulfill your every need: love, friendship, sustaining you in your goals, sharing in your setbacks, fortifying you in your weakness, inspiring you in exploiting your creative talents, and sharing the full benefits of your combined efforts. A tall order, to be sure, and you will have to make concessions to obtain that kind of partner. You will have to be more giving than receiving, more compromising than obstinate, and more humble than arrogant. This too may be a tall order, but you can do it, or at least give it a good try. Any progress will prove beneficial.

Your greatest handicap is your unwillingness to let go of the past. Don't be afraid that people will consider you indifferent and unfeeling - you could never be unemotional. Make a realistic appraisal of what you want from your life, and file a plan with yourself to achieve it. Don't wait for people to open doors for you. Some things you must do for yourself, even if it means you have to indulge in yourself.

You will experience some problems with partnerships until you know where you stand and can state your position honestly. You might feel sorry for yourself or become bitter when matters don't progress exactly the way you want them to, but that's life. The hard knocks are what make the success that follows so precious. Try to maintain a moderate physical pace, for you can't get away with burning the candle at both ends.

Sun opposite Moon: This indicates that there are likely to be two main challenging areas in your life. One involves your relationship with social and intimate partnerships, and your ability to adjust to the demands of the external world; and the second is concerned with inner tensions associated with conflict and contradiction between your conscious egoic will and your unconscious mind, feelings and emotions. Studying the nature of the specific houses of this planetary opposition can offer valuable indications as to the spheres of life that are likely to be especially influenced.

You will probably feel internal division, with opposing messages and impulses rising from the differing Sun and Moon tendencies, and this creates stress and confusion regarding which inner voice you should follow. What may be experienced is one inner voice encouraging you to follow an adult path of career, vocation and progress (the Sun), and another more instinctual voice (the Moon) trying to make you pay more attention to your emotional needs for personal nourishment. Pulled in two directions, looking towards those individual future aims and desires, while also turning towards the secure and familiar past, you become unsure of what to do. The Moon's instinctive responses may reject the egoic ambitions of the Sun, and the Sun refuses to allow time and attention to satisfy the Moon's need for emotional nourishment as this does not conform to an adult self-image of independent maturity.

One consequence of this inner polarization is a diminution of vitality and energy, which are burnt away by the friction caused by tension and internal fighting over supremacy. Diminishing both the expression of Sun and Moon reduces your opportunities for satisfaction in either sphere of life; ambitions may fail to be realized, and relationships fail to fulfill your emotional needs. Over time, there develops a pattern of oscillation as your inner balance between Sun and Moon tilts to favor either one or the other; if the balance is regularly in favor of one planet, then the qualities of the other planet are repressed into the unconscious mind. The tendency may be to repress the deeper energies of the Moon back into the unconscious due to their natural affinity there, but in elevating and listening only to the Sun many personal emotional needs are denied, and this will eventually stimulate later problems of integration and will burst through under pressure in later love relationships.

In opposition aspects, often part of the planetary polarity which is less expressed and integrated is projected externally onto the world and people, and it is likely that the existence of your inner conflict will be unconsciously transmitted to others, who then serve to mirror back your nonintegrated aspect. Stress in the psyche is reflected by relationship difficulties, and this is likely to be an ongoing challenge for you to resolve, and may spill over into domestic, financial, romantic and marital situations. Continual tension may create ill health and deplete your vitality, and one sign of this may be experiences of restlessness, nervous agitation and psychosomatic illness. Changes of moods and emotional responses may occur, ranging from an exhilaration and sense of purpose, meaning and self-confidence to deep depressions, feelings of being unloved, and loss of individual stability. These may be triggered by movement within your inner polarity of Sun-Moon, when the balance of energy flows erratically.

This unstable energy flow can be noted in times when you commence a new project or change direction with great enthusiasm and will, and then suddenly everything appears to be a waste of time and a mistake as your energy level wanes. Scattered and uncompleted schemes, projects and ideas may litter your life. Relationships too could follow a similar pattern, starting as 'the love of your life' and then collapsing into an unsatisfactory withdrawal as feelings change and disillusionment sets in.

Underlying your relationships lie those deep Moon needs and desires; fulfilling these is the root of relationship difficulties. You tend to hold an image of a loving partner being able to satisfy all your needs, even needs that you often deny or choose not to even acknowledge to yourself, someone in whom you can almost become lost and rely on totally. These are probably reflections of previous childhood patterns where your parents proved unable to fully satisfy your childhood needs; now you search for another adult to do so. For you, a partner has to be a lover, friend and companion, sustaining you, healing your conflicts, tending to your needs, and offering clear directions in life. There are dependency needs entangled in this pattern, needs of belonging which temporary short-lived affairs will fail to satisfy. You hope to find someone who either takes charge of things, or help you to develop your own potential; somehow you feel inadequate to do this on your own.

Your difficultly lies in a tendency to project your inner stresses on to your close relationships, with phases of dissention, confrontation and argument occurring as a means of releasing energies.

Compromise may need more development, and learning how to give rather than just take is essential. Balance and moderation is one approach to consider, instead of reacting to contradictory feelings and responding only to the temporary dominating voice. Take time to determine what are your most consistent aims in life, make a realistic appraisal of your qualities, talents and potentials, and try to discover how the voices of Sun and Moon can be united and integrated into a common message to follow. Break out of that subjective prison, unfold a sense of objectivity, and refuse to blame the environment or people for the obstacles that stand in the way of progress.

While part of this personality pattern may have developed during childhood, with you perceiving your parents as offering you two sets of opposing messages, or perhaps losing one of them due to divorce or death, it is your adult responsibility to transcend this difficulty rather than perpetuate it again. Integrating the principles of Sun and Moon in your psyche may not be easy, and a careful balance of listening and honoring both voices needs to be achieved, but discovering a way to do this may be essential to your well-being, emerging after a period of losing life meaning and purpose. A change in consciousness and integration of those deeper and ignored Moon needs can be achieved, if you generate the will to do so. Pursuing humanistic self-therapy techniques designed to liberate repressed feelings and individual desires / needs may be appropriate at such a stage, and looking towards psychosynthesis, gestalt, encounter and co-counseling groups may be beneficial. These can all help to stimulate the integrative quality of both lunar and solar centers, leading to inner balance and freedom of expression.

Sun opposite Moon: In the opposition, the kind of uncertainty is different than with a square. The opposition makes us painfully aware of our duality. Conscious behavior and unconscious reaction patterns clash with one another, yet always have something in common because the signs in which they are posited lie on the same axis. Therefore, when they are in opposition, the Sun and Moon can complement one another well once they make common cause. Until such time as they do (and this may take quite a while), the native will suffer from a nagging sense of discomfort and insecurity.

Sun square or opposite Moon: In either case, the native is inclined to adopt a certain form of behavior to the virtual exclusion of its alternative, and so the latter seeks to express itself indirectly. But if he does give both forms of behavior a chance, he generally ends up feeling like 'two individuals rolled into one' with first one, then the other in the forefront. Those around him never know what to expect, and the native feels plagued by inner instability. Usually he has an identity problem and often wonders which character is the real him, to which the answer is 'both of you'.

The uncertainty can result in many things being left half done, or in perpetual changes of opinion, or in general dissatisfaction with one's performance; in short, a great deal of energy has to be expended on tackling inner insecurity before the native can begin to solve external problems.

Nevertheless, hard Sun-Moon aspects do have considerable energy at their disposal. The uncertainties and the obstacles produced by their tension compel the native, sooner or later, to start sorting things out. The tension between the Sun and Moon send him in search of answers to such questions as 'Who am I?', 'What is really implied by the difference between male and female?' and 'What is significant in a relationship?'

It is not uncommon for conflicts between the Sun and Moon to present problems with the life partner. Since, among other things, the Moon represents what a man is looking for in a woman, and the Sun represents what a woman is looking for in a man, the native tends to fall in love with somebody who jars him or her in some way. At the same time, the hard aspects provide sufficient energy to deal with any problems that may arise. The latter are usually caught in time because, being so insecure, the native is quite sensitive to them and is prepared to work hard to stop them escalating. Therefore it is entirely possible for people with a square between the Sun and the Moon to make happy marriages.

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