Sun conjunct Midheaven

Even while you are young, personal success and achievement will be very important. You will want to shine among your friends and be someone to whom they can look up. You will measure your success in life not so much by your inner sense of values, but by the impact you make on other people. This aspect often means that you will be socially successful, but you must work for it; such success is not automatic.

You have a great need to be in control of your life. As you get older, you will try to work in a business in which you can be your own boss. You are very independent and do not like working under someone, which can create problems while you are young. Thinking that you know better than your elders, you may rebel against their power over you. If you establish a pattern of rebellion, personal success will be hard to come by. You need help from others to get anywhere. So you must avoid being arrogant, for that will alienate people.

However, if you are willing to learn from others while you are young and put all your energies into developing skills that will be useful later, you will probably achieve something important in your own terms. In that case, you will know what you want to do and how to guide others. You can enable others to fulfill their destiny as you fulfill yours.

During childhood, the influence of your father or of a similar guide figure is especially important to you.

Sun conjunct Midheaven: The ego is imposing, and these people are able to hold their own in society. Because self-assurance is infectious, others take them at face value as capable, energetic individuals - obviously a great help when they are applying for a position.

All the same, this conjunction does have its bad side. There is a danger that these natives shall become so smug that they make themselves out to be better than they really are. Also they do not brook much contradiction; they regard themselves as important and think that everyone else ought to look up to them. This is an attitude that either stirs up opposition, or else attracts yes-men who are too tame to stimulate them. Another possibility is self-employment or some other form of free enterprise that leaves them responsible to no-one. This powerful position of the Sun can indicate success in life, provided they curb the tendency to pride and arrogance.

Sun conjunct Midheaven: Traditionally, Sun conjunct the MC is supposed to mark out an individual for great success and honors. There are many different types of success of course, and many a yardstick for measuring it. Success or not, the goal of many with this placement is to be important, noticed, recognized and respected in the world at large. Famous in fact. It's hardly surprising therefore that fame does often knock at the door of those with this contact, or, at least, success in their field.

Classically, it is found in the charts of those who find themselves in charge of something, a leader in some way, the one who heads the company, the school, the hospital and so forth. Whereas Sun conjunct Ascendant finds it difficult to be inconspicuous in their immediate environment, the noticeability of the person with the Sun conjunct MC is usually much more public, or at least that is often the goal.

All other things being equal, this is the person who winds up being a pillar of the community, renowned for their integrity, respected for the position they hold and the responsibility it carries: executive positions, or public positions: but, of course, aspects to the conjunction have to be carefully weighed.

This conjunction is associated with prizes and honor. A progression from or to the MC by the Sun often coincides with the individual receiving some sort of prize. If a child, this might be some sort of school or sports prize but as an adult it may take the form of some other type of publicly recognized honor. As a child, the person with Sun conjunct MC would have been encouraged to gain public recognition. The father is often well-known and acts as a model for some kind of 'stardom'. And sometimes it is the fact that he wasn't well known that makes the child so anxious to become so for him.

Sun conjunct Midheaven: Natives with this conjunction have tremendous influence through their careers, professions, and reputations. They are often found in politics and public life, and usually achieve fame or notoriety in some way as indicated by the nature of other aspects made to the Sun and MC, by the sign in which the Sun and MC are placed, and by the sign and house position of the ruler of the Sun sign and aspects to this ruler.

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Sun conjunct Midheaven: Alex Jones 0, David 0, MFor 0, Willie Nelson 2, Jon Voight 2, LucSr 2, Andrew 3, LouG 3, Samp 3, Tammy 3, Martin Luther King, Jr.4, Lance 4, Andrea 5, Merrill 5, Antonio 6, JulieD 6, Q 6, George Orwell 8, Supr 8

Sun sextile Midheaven

Throughout your life, you will probably have a clear idea of where you are headed and what your objectives are. And in finding your way, you will get help from authority figures, such as parents and teachers. You are able to avoid serious conflict with others as you pursue your life goals, because you are willing to make compromises and to work with others so that all of you can achieve your goals. Although you are interested in getting ahead in life, you are not so caught up in yourself that you cannot help others. If necessary, you will even make real sacrifices for someone in whom you believe. Also, you are able to use other people's help in such a way that everyone benefits.

You are able to be independent and get along with others at the same time. Although you are not a follower, you don't need to dominate over others either. Your objective is to make your life worthwhile, but you can feel successful without having great popular acclaim. You have your own standards and goals, and you have enough self-awareness to know when you are on the right track.

While you are young, you may not understand fully what you are doing with your life, but do not be impatient, for this understanding will come. You may have a number of different interests, but each of them will probably help you understand what you eventually should do.

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Sun sextile Midheaven: Charles Manson 0, Arrow 1, Helen Keller 2, Abbe 2, Arine 2, Hillary Rodham Clinton 3, Carl Lewis 3, O.J. Simpson 3, Paulo 3, LaurieSw 3

Sun square Midheaven

You have a great deal of self-assertive energy, and you will want to get ahead in life, to be well known and highly regarded by others. But in order to get where you want to go, you must learn to make some compromises. Your relationships may be difficult, especially early in life, because others may sense that you are interested only in yourself, which puts them off and keeps them from wanting to help you. Elders may resent your know-it-all attitude, for they feel you aren't old enough to know much of anything. While you are young you may have a lot of conflicts with authority figures, but eventually you will learn how important they can be to you.

Another possibility is that you will attract people who are very dominant, who will not let you do what you wish. A friend like that is more of a rival than a real friend. But you can gain something by testing yourself against such people. You can gain a greater understanding of your strengths and limitations, which will make you more effective. On the other hand, domineering people can be a real barrier to your getting ahead. In any case, the main thing is to understand yourself and the kind of effect you have on other people. Then you will always know what you are doing and how you influence the course of events through your own energies.

Sometimes this aspect signifies conflicts with your father. However, even though you may resent him now, he is the most important person in your development.

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Sun square Midheaven: Suzanne Somers 0, Cathy O’Brien 1, Brad Pitt 2, Paul Newman 3, Robert Anton Wilson 3, Erika 3, Ty Cobb 4, Sigmund Freud 4, Adolf Hitler 4, U.G. Krishnamurti 4, Lynn Forester de Rothschild 4, Patti Smith 4, Medwick 4, Travis 4, William Randolph Hearst 5, JRosh 6, Pankaj 6

Sun trine Midheaven

This can be a strong indication of personal success. You have a strongly developed notion of who you are, and even while you are young you will want to be an achiever. You want a great deal out of life in terms of goals and material possessions, but you are willing to work for them. You see the necessity of putting off today's pleasure to reach tomorrow's goals. At the same time, you can get others to work with and for you, so that all of you can achieve your goals.

You are probably a very practical person. You may have very strong ideals, but you are not likely to be carried away by them, unless the planetary energies in your chart are very idealistic. Even then, your ideals are likely to be about matters that affect everyone in the real world. You have a strong sense of your own values, and you will not get along well with people whose values are very different.

Authority figures, starting with your father, will be very important in your life. If your father is absent from the scene, your mother may play a fatherly role. The first people in your life who act as authorities will strongly influence your ideas of success and the kind of success you will pursue. Generally speaking, you should have a very good experience with these people, and they will give you a great deal of self-confidence so that you can stand up for yourself. Eventually you will be able to make independent decisions and govern your own life as well as the lives of others.

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Sun trine Midheaven: Ingrid Bergman 1, Dolly Parton 1, GaryCl 2, William Blake 3, Benjamin Netanyahu 3, OmNi 3, Bobbie 3, JT 3, Olof 3, Shiloh 3, Meher Baba 4, Karl Renz 4, Robert Redford 4, Elizabeth Taylor 4, Alan Arkin 5, Charlie Chaplin 5, Ronald Reagan 5, Wilhelm Reich 5, Johanna 5, Leigh 5, Milton William Cooper 6, BenT 6, TonyC 6

Sun quincunx Midheaven

You'll have to develop the ability to put yourself in the limelight in order to go after what you really want career-wise. Ego conflicts with those in authority can create setbacks until you learn the art of finding a middle course. A career that provides an outlet for creative self-expression, leadership abilities and personal recognition is important to consider.

Sun quincunx Midheaven Child: While you are young, you will find it difficult to decide what to do with your life. The demands of the world may sometimes be hard to handle, because they don't seem to take advantage of your natural abilities and instincts. Also, much of your time will be taken up with learning routine skills that do not seem at first to have much connection with reality. But don't try to rush your life. Even if you can't see why you should learn a skill, try it out anyway. Later on, its purpose may become clear. Also, you tend to rush through your tasks, because you are impatient to get to something else, but in that way you don't learn anything very thoroughly. Or you may try to live entirely for what you think is most pleasurable at the moment rather than for your long-range goals. Certainly you have a right to be young and happy, but don't overdo it; the lessons you do not learn well now will create problems when you try to pursue a future course of action.

This aspect can mean some tension with one of your parents, although it is not likely to be serious or destructive. In fact it may play a very positive role later on by forcing you to confront certain issues that you would otherwise have ignored. However, while you are young, you may resent this parent quite a bit. Do not take this too seriously, unless some other area of your chart indicates a more negative relationship.

Sun quincunx Midheaven: Bill Gates 0, Howard Hughes 0, Karl Marx 0, Paramahansa Yogananda 0, Kay 1, PapayaJ 1, Robert De Niro 2, Malcolm X 2, Jim Carrey 3, Raga 3, Dewitt 4

Sun opposite Midheaven

You are very concerned with your inner personal world and less influenced by others' ideals and expectations than most people. You are 'inner-directed' to an unusual extent, and you rate the importance of matters in your world according to very personal reactions. All of your life, you will be more subjective than most people.

You are not principally concerned with achieving anything that others would consider great or significant. For you, it is important to have your personal world - your home, parents and family - operating smoothly. You may always be attached to the place where you grew up, and even if you move away you will have strong emotional and psychological ties to this place. As you grow up, the ideal home situation is one in which there is very little turmoil; you need a more secure and stable home life than most. Without it, your self-confidence and ability to be independent will be severely hampered. You might even become dependent on someone else for the rest of your life. However, if you are allowed to develop in a secure environment, you will become a very strong person upon whom others can always lean. Your success will come through self-understanding rather than through playing the games of the outside world. Self-esteem is more important to you than the esteem of others.

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Sun opposite Midheaven: ChrisC 1, Farmer 1, Nikola Tesla 2, Prabhuta 2, Aleister Crowley3, John Malkovich 3, John D. Rockefeller 3, J. Krishnamurti 4, Paul McCartney 4, David Rockefeller 4, Albert Schweitzer 5, PaulS 5, Zoë 5, Mick Jagger 6, Dipesh 7, Thomas Edison 8, Pablo Picasso 8