Sun conjunct Mars

This indicates the presence of an energy that is 'masculine' in essence, being highly vitalized, vigorous, forceful and assertive. The application and exploitation of your powerful will becomes a major impulse that demands expression, often resulting in a more self-centered level of preoccupation, focused on satisfying your desires and ambitions.

You may have an aggressive, combative temperament, which can respond quickly to any hint of a threat or potentially competitive situations, seeing these as an opportunity to display your force and innate abilities and talents. You will feel a need to prove yourself to the world through achieving, or at least rise to a higher social profile than the majority. You may tend to assume attitudes of superiority, which is often derived from a sense of self-confidence, and inwardly you hold a self0image as a leader in some capacity. An urge to battle lies near the surface of your personality, and you can approach life as if it is a challenge, almost provoking encounters by 'throwing down the gauntlet' as a testing of your strength and power.

To some, you may seem overly assertive, and your presence may threaten them by its forceful vibration. You may acquire several adversaries in the course of your journey through life, especially as you are liable to be insensitive to others' feelings. This may occur particularly within your employment or business life, where you are likely to contact other powerful individuals. You intensely enjoy applying your will-power, and may need to pay extra attention to your relationship manner and style of expression, as this could become a source of contention and downfall if it is misapplied. A liability to anger quickly may need some control too, or words spoken in haste may ruin relationships or friendships.

You react against limitations and restrictions, and find adherence to the status quo or repetitive routines anathema to your volatile spirit. You love action, and the adrenaline rush of physical or dangerous sports and activities is highly appealing. Your enthusiasms can be spontaneous and impulsive, and you prefer to leave space in your lifestyle for sudden decisions and changes of direction which can renew vitality and add a touch of freshness when life becomes jaded and familiar. You may be attracted to share this love of life and excess energy with others, stimulating them to break free of their self-imposed ruts and shake off their apathy. Some may not appreciate your endeavors though, and you may need to recognize when your efforts will fall on stony ground.

There is an opinionated streak in your character that can take offence if anyone challenges your attitudes, values, thoughts or beliefs, and you take this as a personal attack, rather than a sharing of differing points of view. You can adopt an attitude of 'I'm right, and you're wrong' in such encounters, and refuse to consider alternative perceptions; this can be a restriction of your openness to life's many wonders and infinite variety of perceptions.

In relationships, you do not easily compromise, as you tend to be self-centered and concerned about reaching for your desires; this could become a problem unless it is carefully modified, or you have an extremely passive and supportive partner. A strong sexual drive and inflamed passions are likely factors in your relationships, and you may be especially attracted to sudden love affairs, particularly if that theme of 'conquest' is paramount in your nature.

While you are likely to possess considerable creative abilities, you may have difficulties in focusing these constructively and consistently, and despite your high level of activity you may waste energy that could be more positively applied. Part of this is due to an impulsiveness that prefers action to forethought and planning, and this tendency may need tempering by better managements of your resources and less haste in charging towards your objectives. Listen to the advice of others, or take professional suggestions; you may not always know best.

Your focus is power through action, and the main areas that this can be released through are the conjunction house, and the houses ruled by both Sun and Mars in your chart. Look at these, as they may offer additional opportunities for a successful use of your talents and energies, especially when you begin to handle them with greater self-understanding.

Sun conjunct Mars: The Sun conjunct Mars gives you a sense of power in asserting your will. You don't feel that you have to compromise in your dealings with anyone. Since you project your will forcefully and with undeniable intensity, your presence may unintentionally threaten less hardy individuals. You are ambitious to be recognized, not so much for your achievements, but simply for yourself. But this may antagonize others, who will resent your assumption of superiority without having any achievements to justify it. It is difficult to determine whether you are driven by egocentricity or merely by having energy to spare. In any case, you respond quickly to competition and use every skill at your command to win. Because you find status quo conditions intolerable and apathy unforgivable, you stimulate people to take action when they might have indolently failed to do anything. Your considerable physical strength sustains you in expressing your boundless enthusiasm.

You have enormous creative ability and can excel in any leadership capacity. The kind of work you do isn't as important as the manner in which you accomplish your objectives. Intolerant of insubordination, you react violently to criticism. you tend to be uncompromising with people whose opinions differ from yours, and you are blunt in reprimanding them for it. You feel that anyone who expresses a different opinion is making a direct, personal attack on your credibility.

Your temperament is suitable for competitive occupations in which hazard and danger are commonplace. Sports, racing, exploration, military service, working with machinery, or hunting would provide good means for creative expression, as would more intellectual pursuits, such as medicine, surgery, law, or police work.

Your insistence on asserting your own desires with no consideration for others is a distinct liability. In evaluating the facts before taking action, you often disregard common sense, which makes it necessary to repeat the work later. You are inefficient in managing your energies and waste a lot of effort in unrewarding enterprises. A trusted adviser could help you plan your tactical moves, serve as your spokesperson in disputes, and restrain you from destructive impulsive action.

Your powerful libido urges you to violence when your desires are not satisfied. not only that, but you are insensitive to the feelings of others; you must learn to make adjustments for those whose feelings are not as intense as your own. Because you react impulsively when you are angered, the chance of physically hurting yourself is increased. You waste large amounts of energy in fruitless effort that could be utilized constructively. Being hyperactive, you need sufficient rest to preserve your health.

Sun conjunct Mars: Two active planets join forces here, signifying a ready identification of the self (Sun) with ambition, executive ability and leadership (Mars). Often the individual is rather pugnacious, competitive and fond of sport. Such a fiery combination as the Sun and Mars can make for great liveliness and enthusiasm. There is a capacity for hard work and the native's sights are set on solid achievement - also on the honors that go with it.

Mars is inflammable and, when conjunct the Sun, can give a very volatile personality. The native is excitable and subject to bursts of enthusiasm; sometimes being short-tempered and aggressive into the bargain. Because Mars is uncompromising, the individual is one of those go-getting, turbulent people who display scant consideration for others and are intent on making the most of their own opportunities. The person with a Sun / Mars conjunction pulls no punches and is not easily thwarted. But, though quick to flare up, he or she is not usually one to bear a grudge.

The Sun conjunct Mars frequently opens up opportunities in sport, but the native also treats everyday life as something of a sporting event. Excellent outlets are sports such as boxing, fencing, wrestling, or sports that require explosions of energy. Frequently there is a fondness for high-risk sports and for sports demanding courage and speed. The Sun conjunct Mars can warn of violence, but only when there are insufficient outlets for the enormous amounts of energy generated by this aspect.

People with this conjunction know where they stand and are not afraid to make their position clear. Others may be apprehensive of them because they seldom mince words. The native is more forceful than he or she realizes, and unintentional and unwanted ruptures with others can occur. So restraint is advisable, especially as there is a tendency to act before thinking.

Sun conjunct Mars: This aspect should be read in the context of other aspects that involve the Sun-Mars conjunction. Mars heats up everything that it touches, so it tends to give energy and spontaneity. When Mars conjuncts the Sun, the personality is acted out; it can be volatile; it can be quick to act and react. When reading this aspect it's important to remember in what sign the conjunction takes place in order to evaluate how the energy will express. Mars adds intensity to the Sun so there is a stronger vitality than without the presence of Mars. Well aspected conjunctions of Sun and Mars give added energy, but, when other planets are involved, how those aspects affect the Sun must be considered.

Sun conjunct Mars: I do not think that this can be differentiated from the trine and sextile (q.v.), except that it usually denotes some danger of physical injury or disease - usually the former. It makes the native tremendously hard-working, and he / she may toil on the verge of break-down year after year. On the whole it is beneficial, unless the conjunction itself receives other important bad aspects, in which case it will bring some of the deleterious effects of the bad aspects into the life.

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Sun conjunct Mars: Bill Hicks 0, Bertrand Russell 0, Al 0, Antonio 0, Joy 1, VinG 1, Peter Sellers 2, Patti Smith 2, Doug 2, Shirley McLaine 3, Ellen 3, JerGar 3, Supr 3, Robert Anton Wilson 4, Eva 4, Alan Arkin 5, Salvadore Dali 5, Uri Geller 5, Gloria Steinem 5, Ellen 5, Jyothi 5, River 5, Johnny Cash 6, Susanna Arundhati Roy 6, Elizabeth Taylor 6, Mark Twain 6, Gore Vidal 7, Seligma 7, Flossie 8, Komala 8, Phylissa 8

Sun sextile Mars

The sextile can offer considerable energy that can be best applied through your mind and intellect, and this level may become the source of your life direction from which your main achievements may be derived.

You should have a gift for creative thinking which can be turned into building positive and constructive enterprises, and it is through developing these that your special talents will be displayed. Following your interests could open this dimension of your nature, creating channels to express your creative spirit. This creativity may flow through the houses and signs which are occupied and ruled by the Sun and Mars, and if your interests coincide with the associations of such planetary placements, then take a deeper look at their potential for exploitation. Additional opportunities may occur when transit or progression movements contact the natal sextile, re-stimulating the flow of inspired ideas.

The sextile energy is more balanced and capable of easier assimilation than the abrasive conjunction vibration, and while you will be a forceful personality with a powerful will, this is more controlled and less socially assertive. Your awareness of relationships is developed, and so you do not seem threatening or overly competitive to others. Your personality can be confident, secure and relatively stable, and others may acknowledge your integrity and interpersonal communication skills by turning to you for supportive aid. You will tend to express your views firmly enough, but are always willing to listen to what others are saying or suggesting, recognizing that their contributions can be as useful as your own; you do not believe that you have a monopoly on being right.

You have an ability to initiate new projects and schemes, and can be an effective leader or co-coordinator capable of managing tasks requiring group co-operation. You will usually plan actions and make decisions carefully, resisting any impulse to launch into action until you feel totally satisfied about the feasibility of an enterprise. You recognize that you can make mistakes, and so try to minimize them.

Social interests are active in you, and following current world affairs will be a natural study area to pursue. The whole field of research, study and accumulation of information and knowledge will attract your curious mind, providing a constant source of mental stimulation and intelligent speculation. You may prefer a variety of 'different inputs' into your mental database, and it is likely that you will remain a 'student' all of your life, whether this is through improving skills and knowledge within formal educational courses or following your own independent research interests. These can link with areas of opportunity, especially within the spheres of writing, journalism, teaching, media and consultancy. You may be drawn towards working with the minds of the young, inspiring the future generation, or developing future directions for the benefit of the world, as you attempt to express social responsibility.

You have a highly developed sense of justice and fairness, and often view the world through this lens, possibly becoming involved in issues of civil rights and social matters. Even though you may be intellectually biased, you have the perception that everyone has their own gifts and talents, even if they are different from yours, and that all can contribute something valuable to the well-being of society.

In relationships, you prefer intelligent and culture companions, those who acknowledge a sensitivity to life and appreciate its beauty. Partners could possess either a developed intellect or artistic awareness, and you will enjoy communicating on such topics. In love, you expect a high quality of partner, one who can match you on all levels, as well as being suitable for your energized physical nature. You will be careful making partnership choices, and finding a good relationship could be a key to discovering a deeper and more fulfilling life direction.

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Sun sextile Mars: OmNi 0, Jean 0, Mick 0, Milton William Cooper 1, Jane Fonda 1, Benjamin Netanyahu 1, BenT 1, Judi 1, Ingrid Bergman 2, Meher Baba 2, Arine 2, Collon 2, Joze 2, PaulS 2, Angelina Jolie 3, Judin 3, Lori 3, Marcy 3, RoyO 3, Albert Einstein 4, Donald Trump 4, Jon Voight 4, BPoe 4, Silas 4

Sun square Mars

You may be confronted with frustrations and a lack of satisfaction with this aspect, partly as a consequence of your own attitudes and style of expression which often spoil your chances for success and fulfillment. You can feel a restless energy seeking release, and this inner agitation linked to strong desires can lead to an uneven and eventful life, resulting from the effects of impulsive and sometimes ill-considered actions. You easily become impatient, especially when results are slow in coming, feeling anger and frustration; your natural reaction then is to apply more force and will-power to attain your aims, but this does not necessarily create the effects you want. By tending to act without prior thought, you often sow the seeds of your future failures, undermining what might have been perfectly reasonable plans if they had been more carefully thought out.

You are a self-seeking individual, looking to impose your presence on society and make a mark on the world. Striving to prove your worth, you may find that by modifying your approach you achieve greater success. You can have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, yet one problem can lie in your ability to direct and focus these along positive and constructive channels. It may be that certain lessons require learning before your path forward opens. More forethought and planning would be helpful, minimizing wastage of energy and restrictive directions, enabling you to plan ahead and form contingency routes to surmount any predictable obstacles. Patience is necessary, so that temporary setbacks do not frustrate too much, and you are able to rely on ingenuity and faith in your abilities to persevere. Being able to maintain your directional focus is also important, as there is a tendency to lose confidence and change direction when you hit obstacles and disappointing results.

Changing your relationships may also be a key which benefits you, especially in consciously modifying any tendencies towards arguing, demanding attention, egocentricity and being temperamental. While you can be good company, your lack of tact and diplomacy is sometimes striking; ill-considered impulsive comments may not be appreciated nor any attempts to hijack conversations so that they focus just on you and your interests. You can react against any opposing points of view, often seeing them as a personal attack, rather than carefully listening to see if they offer new perspectives which can enrich your perception and understanding of life or a specific topic.

Sexuality will be a major focus of expression, and your passions will run strongly with this aspect, although there may also be frustrations and constraints facing you. These could range from a lack of a partner, to desiring someone who is unattainable, to falling out of love with a partner. An ideal lover is one who suits your needs on every level, and careful choice needs to be taken in deciding to settle down with anyone, or else you may discover that freedom has been restricted through an impulsive action. Right choices depend on self-knowledge; deepening self-understanding will reveal the type of partner who can complement you. Be wary of allowing a contentious nature to interfere with your intimate relationships, or else they could degenerate into an emotional battlefield. If your sexual energies remain high, and there is little opportunity for a healthy release, then to avoid becoming increasingly irritable and unstable, a redirection into creative channels may be recommended. Allowing sexual preoccupations to become dominant in the personality is also unwise and rebalancing may be necessary for adjustment.

With several personality modifications, your future can look more promising, and you may direct energies into the spheres of writing, law, medicine, teaching, or military-style careers which could suit your temperament, although limitations on freedom may also occur. Freedom is important to you, so you may oppose any demands for commitment made of you, through work or partnership; and, until that issue is resolved, you may feel unable to take full advantage of presented opportunities. If you are confronted with situations which may compromise your freedom, then you react by being less decisive, as you hate feeling imprisoned in any way. Finding employment that allows you scope for movement and independence, and a partner that recognizes this need, may be a step in the right direction. Your abilities are present, but may require unlocking to become manifest, yet once they begin to flow can be highly transformative.

Sun square Mars: The square from the Sun to Mars gives you much enthusiasm and energy to carry out your tasks, but under prolonged pressure you periodically need to wind down and get away from your work. You must try not to drive yourself so hard in fulfilling your ambitions. When your efforts don't yield the expected results, you become annoyed and fly off the handle in disgust. Experience will probably teach you that you did not plan your actions carefully enough, so that you got exactly what you deserved under the circumstances. In time you should learn to meet obstacles by anticipating them and taking steps to overcome them in advance; in this way you can avoid the frustration of resistance. Think before you do anything, and you will save the precious time that is wasted in doing it over again. You need to learn patience in handling difficulties and to conserve your energy for constructive purposes. When challenged, you react with indignation, feeling that your competence is being threatened. You would be better advised to observe and learn how others conduct themselves under pressure. This is better than indulging in a senseless argument or a bitter display of temperament.

There are many fields in which you could successfully apply your talents, such as teaching, writing, sports, military service, medicine, law, and police work. However, you would have to understand the limitations to your freedom that these careers involve. Because you value your freedom, you should determine your priorities before indulging in any worthwhile endeavor. You must be willing to make that investment if you expect to gain prominence and recognition.

You are fairly good-natured and enjoy the company of many friends whom you admire for their own accomplishments. But you can be overbearing in demanding attention and trying to focus discussions on subjects that you are especially knowledgeable about. You have to learn to be a good listener too.

Although you have a highly developed sexual nature, you aren't too successful in overcoming the frustrations involved in satisfying it. Either you want what you can't have, or you've grown disinterested in what you do have. It is obvious that you will have to compensate as much as possible by diverting your energies into satisfying and enjoyable activities. The mate you are looking for is one who can match your physical needs and also be a companion in your other interests.

Somewhat careless about safety precautions, you invite accidents. Take care of any cuts as soon as they happen in order to reduce the possibility of infection.

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Sun square Mars: Babe Ruth 0, Tammy 0, Lucille Ball 2, J.Paul Getty 2, Alex Jones 2, Nikola Tesla 2, Lorraine 2, Robert De Niro 3, Bob Dylan 3, Wilhelm Reich 3, Arrow 3, Michelle 3, Marlon Brando 4, Aleister Crowley 4, Groucho Marx 4, Ayn Rand 4, Patrice 4, Elvis Presley 5, Fergus 5, Ju 5, LaurieSw 5, Virginia 5, Muhammad Ali 6, George Orwell 6. Kay 7, Swami Vivekananda 8

Sun trine Mars

The trine enables you to turn theory into practical application, and this reconciling quality could become a source of your life direction, as your ability to apply your energy positively can generate ways to resolve problem situations. This may be one approach that utilizes your energy in a creative and beneficial manner, and which poses challenges that you intend to overcome.

You will be self-confident and believe in your own abilities, setting goals and pursuing ambitions, emerging from your unique aims directed towards creating a suitable lifestyle, which may not always correspond to traditional paths and signs of success. You do not appreciate a volatile living or working environment, preferring a more tranquil atmosphere where you are free to follow your interests. While you enjoy new challenges, the cut and thrust of competition seems less appealing, and you see little value in exalting yourself if it requires another's detrimental fall.

Fairness, integrity and honesty are qualities that you respect and expect in your dealings with others, and ethical or moral considerations are taken into account in your life. These form your code of relationships, and you try to stay as true to these as possible, even if at times this may require you to forgo some success or progress, as you are not usually willing to compromise for the sake of any advancement. You can adopt an individual chivalry and style of conduct. While you have leadership ability, you try to ensure that you deal correctly with others from any position of responsibility, and are willing to help others on their way, provided they do not attempt less scrupulous tactics to progress.

Organizational and managerial qualities are likely to be present, and you can take the strain of highly demanding tasks, proving to be a reliable, efficient and conscientious worker who can purposefully carry out and design successful plans of action.

Spheres that may attract include law, business management, education, media, personal creativity and physical endeavors. Opportunities may steer you towards deeper interpersonal contacts, and working in areas of counseling and guidance may be highlighted. One asset that you may possess for this work is a genuine tolerance for others, allowing each to hold their unique view of life, and having respect for their free nature. Many inwardly condemn people for failing to be like themselves, taking an attitude that everyone should conform to a picture that they have developed. Fortunately, the life process disagrees with that attitude, and displays an incredible abundance of variety.

You tend to form a realistic perception of life, so that your expectations are not too excessive and unreal, and you appreciate the gains that you do make through expressing your creative talents and powerful energies. A need for disciplined focus may be required at times, as you may be faced with various options and lack a clarity of purpose which diffuses your will power. Be wary against occasional acts of impulse; they may not always work to your advantage, and a careful and steady progression can prove more beneficial. Working in harmony with this trine energy can serve to open doors throughout your life; be alert to recognize when opportunities are being presented, so that you can take full advantage of the gifts of life.

Sun trine Mars: The trine from the Sun to Mars shows that you have leadership ability and the self-confidence to use it creatively and fairly. Your courage and endurance enable you to accomplish very demanding tasks. You have faith that you will always be able to succeed without resorting to deception or dishonorable practices. Not only are you honest in your dealings, you pride yourself on competing successfully with those who aren't so honest. Although you may behave impulsively at times, on the whole you plan your actions efficiently and purposefully. You can always express your creative abilities in such a way that you benefit from it. If anyone dares to question your ethics, you rise in anger, generally with the support of those who know you well.

With an abundance of energy to sustain you as you seek your goals, you won't be greatly restricted in expressing your talents in the life work you choose. In performing your duties you don't challenge or threaten people, and you get along well with most of them. You like everyone, and other people think well of you too. When someone needs assistance you will provide it, since you are secure in your own destiny and no one can seriously deter you from it. You mind your own business and maintain privacy in your affairs.

It is possible for you to gain prominence in the fields of law, managements, or sports, in creative activities such as acting and the communications media, or in working with young people as a teacher or guidance counselor. Guidance counseling is especially suitable to your capabilities. You easily win the approval and admiration of youngsters because you accept them at their own level of development, not expecting them to behave as adults.

Your emotional interests are average, so you will be able to adjust your desires in order to encourage a partnership with someone who fulfills all your expectations for a mate. You accept people for what they are and expect the same treatment.

Your life is apparently untroubled, and you take care of any problems without fanfare or publicity. You are content to let those with driving ambitions have all the rope they need, but you don't need that kind of anxiety to spoil an otherwise tranquil existence. Not that your life is uneventful, for you work diligently and play enthusiastically. But because you don't have high expectations, your investment is less burdensome.

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Sun trine Mars: Stevie Wonder 0, Sarik 2, JBLight 3, DonW, Tara 4, George Bush, Sr.5, Kyle 5, Warren Beatty 6, Ramana Maharshi 7

Sun quincunx Mars

The inconjunct from the Sun to Mars indicates that there is an element of strain in everything you try to do. You are enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to demonstrate your skills, but you seem to offer your services to the wrong people. Disappointment is likely when you find out that your efforts are unappreciated. You seem to be on the prowl for problems to contaminate your life, and you don't lack for them. You want to win the approval of everybody you meet and be remembered for all the favors you have done for them. Although you are more than competent by anyone's standards, you are not personally sure of it. The only way you can be convinced is by enduring the abuses of those who are less competent. You specialize in using all your physical resources well, so that you can be regarded as someone of obvious worth. When people bargain for your skills and are willing to pay for your expert abilities, you are finally convinced of your worth. Then you can afford to be selective.

Your talents can be applied in many diverse fields. You could be a diagnostician, medical researcher, industrial researcher, or physical therapist, or have a trade, such as a carpenter, mason, or plumber. You would be well paid for your work, because you would do it as though it were for yourself. You don't put your name on any product that doesn't meet with your full approval. Although you may not gain the recognition you deserve, except in your immediate environment, it doesn't matter to you because you are more interested in doing a good job.

You have to be on the lookout for people who will exploit you and try to cash in on your ideas. You are vulnerable to such people because you are so generous in displaying your talents. On the other hand, be mindful of your tendency to use people's ignorance as a device for selling services to them that they may not need.

You underestimate your ability to win the affection of the person you are attracted to. Anyone who is realistic would know that you don't carelessly or insincerely toss your feelings toward someone. You are more than dependable and can fully justify yourself, even to the most demanding critic.

Sun quincunx Mars: The inconjunct between the Sun and Mars enters the unconscious realm more deeply than the other aspects do; therefore it is more awkward to handle. As with the square and the opposition, the conscious attitude is out of phase with actual performance, but in the case of the inconjunct the natives have little awareness of the fact. Initially, they don't know the cause for the inner unrest and aggression or for the tension they project. However, they can become extremely irritated and may fly into a rage without a good reason.

As with all Sun/ Mars aspects, these people have considerable will power and a desire to please themselves. However, the snag with this aspect is that it is often hard to tell what they really do want because nothing they undertake gives rest or satisfaction. Neither are they aware of how much they try to ram their opinions down other people's throats until others become resentful.

Because the nature of the aspect makes it so hard to comprehend or come to terms with the interaction of the planets, there is a chance that people with the aspect shall become overexcited internally. This can affect the health, and the fact that the aspect is between the Sun and Mars adds the risk of accidents. A good safety valve for this conflict (as for other Sun / Mars conflicts) are sports that use up plenty of physical energy, but anything that helps let off steam is good.

Sun quincunx Mars: The quincunx represents a strain, and wherever it appears there is a conflict between two approaches to life. The Sun is the essential spirit; Mars represents 'I act'. When the 'I am' principle is in a strain aspect with the action principle, the person experiences a constant feeling of unspoken apprehension or insecurity. The quincunx of Mars to the Sun serves as a stymie. The strains in behavior have to be worked through, with the understanding that action must take place in respect to the Sun, or a feeling of isolation, loneliness and lack of purpose will eventually take place.

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Sun quincunx Mars: Art Garfunkel 3, James Taylor 3, LucSr 3, Martin Luther King, Jr.4, Jack Nicholson 4

Sun opposite Mars

You probably have a view that perceives life as a challenge, a fight between yourself and the world for supremacy, and you adopt this combative and assertive stance in an attempt to prove your self-worth. Underlying this attitude is a clashing of inner energies, which are projected out as shadow-adversaries in the external world, so that arguments, dissention and conflict almost seem to follow in your footsteps. There is little tranquility in your world; it becomes more of a battlefield where you believe you can 'win your spurs' proving your capabilities. You are fired by the competitive spirit, intending to win and be number one, although the quality of your aggressive vibration tends to attract similar people into your life, and this can result in power struggles in working or domestic environments. Applying extra force may leave you in a position of superiority, yet can also increase the number of adversaries that you leave in your wake; your genuine friendships can be few if you act in this manner.

You have a powerful desire nature, and you easily become fixated on attaining these desires, whether they are lovers, positions of executive status, or whatever, even if your energies are focused only temporarily in such specific directions. These desires can reflect the themes of the houses and signs of Mars and the Sun, and often contain the issues that you feel most combative about. There can be an aura of 'danger' surrounding you, possibly with a sexual magnetism and aggressive power that some can find extremely attractive, although this energy can overflow through displays of irascible temper and potential violence if uncontrolled. You are very physically responsive, and will have a developed visual and sensual appreciation of life. You may have to ensure that your desires do not become compulsive or obsessive in nature.

In relationships, you may lack sensitivity to others' feelings and needs, and may need to transform expectations of a partner so that they conform more closely to a realistic appreciation, rather than providing fuel for later disillusionment. A wise choice of partner is required; otherwise your domestic life could become volatile and traumatic; a partner who evokes your higher nature and qualities is probably more ideal than one who just stimulates your passionate and vigorous nature. Finding a suitable companion, who is strong enough not to allow you to dominate, would probably help in modifying your attitude towards life. A danger can lie in a tendency to make impulsive decisions or actions, and then regret them later.

It may be that experience eventually influences you to make changes in your style of expression, and this may not occur until later in life, perhaps after the age of thirty and through developing maturity. It is to be hoped that there will come a point when you lessen that driving feeling of insecurity and lack of worth, so that you can recognize your real value and potential. Once that self-imposed pressure to challenge and compete has diminished, and acknowledgement of your performance has been achieved, then new life directions may open. When this occurs take the opportunity to dismantle your combative attitudes, by broadening your world view beyond those limiting tendencies of yours to perceive life in stark black-and-white distinctions. This could develop to include involvements with social causes and pressure groups, where your partisan approach and abundant energies could be put to positive use, providing that you can maintain a balanced perspective on your beliefs and attitudes, and do not attempt a forceful proselytizing or fanatical expression.

See: Sun opposite Mars;

Sun opposite Mars: Judy Garland 0, Al Capone 1, Ludwig van Beethoven 2, Leen 2, Paul Simon 4, Mark Zuckerberg 5, ChrisC 6