Sun conjunct Mercury

Because the Sun and Mercury are never more than 28 degrees apart, the only major aspect they can make in a natal chart is the conjunction.

Because the ego and the mind are aligned, people with Sun conjunct Mercury possess much mental energy. They are always in a position to think about what they want, and in many ways, this is an interruption of the will. Mercury brings definition to whatever it contacts, and when aligned with the Sun, the natives apply logic and definition to the will--and the will generally works better when it is allowed to "just be" rather than be analyzed. The result is much intelligence and communication ability, and a lot of pride invested in the intellectual capacities. These people may not listen as well as they speak, however! They might be too busy thinking about what to say next. As far as studying or learning goes, they are better off reading the material than listening to a teacher. These traits come from a strong need to take an active role in communications. It is very hard for these people to passively listen and absorb information.

Their opinions are usually strong and they are independent thinkers. They tend to be proud of their opinions and their thoughts, and might easily get a bruised ego if they are not "heard", if their opinions are pushed aside or ignored, or if their opinions are criticized. Sun conjunct Mercury people are expressive and, in some cases, very animated speakers.

Sun conjunct Mercury: Only the conjunction and semi-sextile aspects are astronomically possible between the Sun and Mercury, as the maximum distance between them is 28 degrees.

Your self-image and identity will be closely connected to your mental expression and activity, and it is likely that you will be an effective and articulate communicator, enjoying impressing others by your intelligence and verbal acuity. Yet there may be 'blind spots' in your relationships, or in your ability for self-reflection, and becoming aware of such tendencies may prove to be beneficial.

Being so closely identified with your thoughts, beliefs. attitude, values and opinions, you often fail to listen properly to differing views or treat them with due respect and consideration. This is because any challenge to your perceptions is equated with a challenge to yourself, and as you assume a more egocentric stance this is rarely welcomed. While you enjoy vigorously expressing your thoughts, you also feel it necessary to be dominant in company and through sheer force of communication may attempt to pressurize others into agreeing with you. Some may react against your style, especially if you are obviously disregarding alternative points of view. Your tendency to be overly preoccupied with your thoughts and personal concerns can restrict real communication, and others may gain the impression that their concerns are too easily dismissed or that your apparent interest in them is not genuine.

Due to mental agility and verbal skills, you should be able to project yourself well within company or employment situations, and may rise to senior positions. You enjoy such roles as they enhance your self-image, supporting your belief in the correctness of your thoughts, which then adds extra force to them in expression. But, like everyone else, you are not right all of the time, and your instructions may be challenged. You find it hard to admit mistakes, as this is felt as a 'loss of face', and you may attempt to impose ideas and decisions by applying the power of your position or will, overriding any objections. Time will tell whether this is a wise course of action.

You have a quickness of thought which may not always work to your advantage, as you prefer to be active as soon as possible, and in some case you may be failing to evaluate relevant information or options sufficiently to make sensible decisions. Allowing that charged nervous energy to dominate will also increase your tendency for making unwise choices, and you may need to modify that compulsive activity from sending you along futile paths.

The actual quality of your thought processes may be variable too, depending on the distance Mercury is away from the Sun. If the conjunction orb is a maximum of 7 degrees, the most favorable is an exact conjunction where Mercury and Sun are aligned and in vibrational harmony, as this will improve the flow of mental communication and intellectual perception. If the orb is between 4 and 8 degrees, then the vibrational harmony may become periodically disjointed, erratic and prone to overloaded mental activity and nervous activity, which can result in distorted self-perception and illusions. Another tendency of this conjunction is the close fusion of the world view of the Sun sign and mental attitudes of Mercury; so great is the similarity that a filter is formed over life experiences and understanding, conveying similar messages which might exclude alternative ways of perceiving life. This creates a lack of sympathetic understanding and comprehension, and it could be more beneficial for Sun and Mercury to be in different signs, so that a greater breadth of vision is possible.

Once you ensure that you note the reactions of others to your style of expression, modifying this accordingly, or realize that you lack objectivity concerning your nature and then attempt to gain a clearer self-perception, you should be able to make more positive use of the abilities implied by this conjunction. These include the talent of generating 'ideas', which can be used by others more adept at developing and anchoring them in their tight placing. You are excited by ideas, and can communicate this enthusiasm to others, stimulating their minds to wake to the possibilities that you are suggesting. Your ideas can be creative and inspired, and you may be able to use this talent in the field of education, perhaps as a lecturer or writer, although your verbal skills may be more developed.

In business, you may be valued for your contributions to 'brainstorming' sessions and new company directions, for sparking off new thoughts in others and sowing seeds that colleagues will take away for planting. Sometimes, though, you may meet resistance from those who believe that your ideas have not been thought through fully, or whose personal feelings have been dismissed by you in the past. The dimension of human relations is one that you should never ignore.

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Sun conjunct Mercury: Johnny Cash 0, Bill Hicks 0, Albert Schweitzer 0, Raga 0, Elizabeth Taylor 1, Jean 1, Judin 1, George Carlin 2, Jimi Hendrix 2, Mickey Mantle 2, Joni Mitchell 2, Stevie Wonder 2, Antonio 2, Paulo 2, RoyO 2, Sarik 2, Shakura 2, Travis 2, Robert Hand 3, Henry Kissinger 3, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 3, Frank Sinatra 3, Ludwig van Beethoven 3, Gore Vidal 3, AbbieJ 3, Beth 3, Jason 3, LouG 3, Maitreyi 3, Patrice 3, Ralph 3, Salvadore Dali 4, Thomas Edison 4, Marilyn Monroe 4, Edouard de Rothschild 4, ChrisTr 4, DavMcC 4, Jyothi 4, Mark 4, Pete 4, River 4, Robert 4, Woody Allen 5, Al 5, Cesar 5, Cynthia 5, JBLight 5, Johanna 5, Marcy 5, MFor 5, Roy 5, Warren Beatty 6, George Clooney 6, Adolf Hitler 6, Groucho Marx 6, Elvis Presley 6, Lynn Forester de Rothschild 6, Orson Welles 6, Komala 6, Q 6, Princess Diana 7, Robert Downey, Jr. 7, L.Ron Hubbard 7, Carl Lewis 7, Jack Nicklaus 7, Arrow 7, TonyC 7, J.Paul Getty 8, Paul McCartney 8, Mitt Romney 8, BenSt 8, Kyle 8, Marie 8, ScottS 8, Mick Jagger 9, J. Krishnamurti 9, Ezra Pound 9, O.J. Simpson 9, Nicole 9, SFor 9

Sun conjunct Venus

Only the conjunction, semi-sextile and semi-square aspects are astronomically possible between the Sun and Venus, as the maximum distance between these planets is 48 degrees.

This conjunction conveys an optimistic and cheerful spirit, where you will greatly enjoy social company and the pleasures of life, so that aesthetic and hedonistic activities are indulged to stimulate your sensual nature. Love and social relationships are highlighted, and you will be attracted to participate in the social whirl, circulating around your collection of friends, family and acquaintances.

You feel it important to be liked by others, and this need may make you act in certain ways which gain the approval of people, so care may be required to ensure that you do not overly compromise your own feelings and thoughts in order to remain socially acceptable. There can be a dramatic quality to your style of self-presentation, perhaps emerging out of an artistic and creative sensitivity, and this will be employed to gain the attention of people; you prefer to leave your mark and need to feel recognized.

While some may see you in a superficial light, this is not how you desire to be socially acknowledged. The recognition you are looking for is of your whole personality, your talents and qualities, and as you grow older you will prefer to enjoy the company of those who can appreciate you more fully. This may be through mutual interests in art, culture or the beauty of nature, because lying beneath any socialite veneer is your real appreciation of the harmony of life and nature which evokes that romantic and poetic spirit that inspires your perception of life and infuses a hidden desire for inner peace and integration. You enjoy quality in life, and will try to create a pleasing home environment which allows relaxation into domestic comforts and pleasures.

You will attract others to your potent magnetic personality, and you are likely to experience a variety of relationships as a consequence of your romantic attitudes. You open easily to demonstrations of love and affection, and your heart can quickly melt. As a lover of life, a certain intensity will be present, as will the tides of love's joys and pains, but never attempt to turn off your developed love nature, or you may find that life rapidly loses its luster and becomes grey, mundane and lifeless. Part of your role is to spread life-appreciation, enlivening others so that they too can become sincere lovers of life, and isn't that a task well worth pursuing?

Some may find you 'too alive' or narcissistic, so you may need to be aware of others' reactions, and if they are correct in their evaluation of your self-centeredness then some modification may be advised, so that you equally acknowledge their natures, qualities and personalities too. In conversations, the art of listening is as important as the art of communication, and your enthusiasms may require occasional toning down.

You can bring positive benefits to those who become intimately close, through sharing your vitality, love and affections, and even if your relationships do not persist, you hope that those involved with you do not regret the time that has been shared. Changes will come through the expression of your heart and life enjoyment, and these may reshape your conscious identity and self-image over time, so that more depth and insight begins to be unfolded. Others may turn to you for support and advice, wanting your flame to relight their own. Your path of solar development is though the unifying love energies of Venus, so let these radiate outwards into the world, touching and igniting the hearts of others.

Sun conjunct Venus: The Sun conjunct Venus represents a strongly developed love nature. Although it may not be apparent to a casual observer, you are extremely eager for people to like you. In fact, you make subtle adjustments in your urge for recognition so that they will be warmly disposed toward you. But you may not always compromise, simply because you don't want to give an impression of being weak in character. In more intimate contacts with persons you know well, you are not afraid they will misjudge you this way, so you behave more naturally.

You especially want people to recognize you as a substantial individual who offers many important values to those who are willing to share them. You are open to communication with others and will listen enthusiastically in conversation with them. You enjoy people and are generally cheerful and sociable in large or small gatherings. On the chance of meeting someone who can be useful at another time, you take care to circulate freely and 'touch base' with everyone. You know how to make lasting impressions by dramatizing yourself, for you don't want to be overlooked merely because you didn't take the time to make your presence known.

Your greatest problem is that you assume people will think well of you even if you do nothing to deserve it. You can become pompously presumptuous that your presence alone is enough to merit everyone's attention. You are a romanticist at heart and can be swayed by a display of affection. Appreciative of the finer things in life, you get a sense of fulfillment when you indulge in them, in addition to the comfort and pleasure they give you.

Sun conjunct Venus: When conscious behavior (Sun) is attended by the need for emotional and material safety and comfort and the desire for beauty and harmony (Venus), the behavior is generally friendly and accommodating. Friends are easily made and the native also finds it easy to move in society. The feeling for harmony in relationships gives diplomatic ability.

On the other hand, the native finds it difficult to air problems or to talk them through, since he or she loves to be surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. The danger is that this attitude will result in a false bonhomie and in superficiality. And so the conjunction will deny depth to the personality if the native is content to smooth things over on the surface.

Yet, as we have seen, this conjunction does have its good side. Generally, the native is very agreeable and has no difficulty in being friendly and sympathetic to others. There is also a need for shared experiences, preferably with the life partner. Showing affection is an essential mode of expression for the native and he or she is extremely romantic.

The feeling for art is often well developed, although the background of the signs will have a say in this. The individual with the Sun conjunct Venus is fond of pleasure and the good things of life, and may sometimes overindulge in them. By and large, the aspect is an enjoyable one to have, even though it may make the native a trifle lazy.

Sun conjunct Venus: Venus is similar to Mercury in that it is never very far from the Sun. Venus is usually in the same sign as the sun or one behind or ahead of it. Venus represents what we want in life: the finer pleasures, the things we want around us, the person we want to be, the way we appreciate art, the way we appreciate love. It helps to define how we receive loving as well as our intellectual concept of what we think love is. The Venus position in relation to the Sun sign give a clue to what people are (Sun) and how this relates to what they want to be (Venus). When people talk about what they want to be, it is usually Venus talking.

People with Venus in the same sign as the Sun usually are quite satisfied to be themselves, whatever that is. They have the potential to like themselves if the conjunction is not afflicted by another planet. It can make them very smug and self-satisfied, for they like being the person they are. When we try to work out our ties to our parents, or when we try to understand our life, Venus conjunct the Sun can be difficult; for, we tend to stay in our rut rather than try to get out of it. Venus in the same sign as the Sun may indicate that a conscious decision has to be made before we can look at the motivation for what we do in some serious manner.

When Venus conjuncts the Sun, the father either over affects the child or the child subconsciously plays the role of the mother in order to gain Daddy's approval (Venus indicates a tie to the mother; Sun indicates the physical father.) This closeness to the father may be difficult to understand or to become conscious of, and the only time it becomes important is when the person is in the process of self-examination regarding relationships. A woman with Venus conjunct the Sun is tied to her father from a subconscious psychological point. She may marry a man who has the same attributes as her father. If she has Venus conjunct the Sun and no other emotional blocks (by aspect) in her chart, this problem is relatively easy to work with if she wants to be free of the influence. But if her Moon, Venus and the Sun are afflicted her chart becomes more obscure to work through; the struggle for consciousness becomes more complex. If she is interested in developing relationships that do not include the father image, she must find a way to understand the conflict.

Sun conjunct Venus: This aspect depicts a relationship that is not uncommon among parents. The power parent is determined by the Sun sign; yet, when Venus conjuncts the Sun, the mother has a close rapport with the father, which may not be confirmed by the rest of the chart, by the power parent, or by what she says about her husband. In other words, not matter what she says about her husband to the contrary, she really likes the way he is. This confuses the child. In adult relationships it causes the following problems: a mother-dominated male may use his mother's tactics to get on with men as an adult; a father-dominated male feels that there should be some mystical-bond between his lady and himself, and is disappointed when he doesn't feel it; a mother¬ dominated female will feel a closeness to her dad that she can't understand, so it's a combination of love and resentment; the father-dominated female may marry a man in her father's image.

The only time it is necessary to do something about this conjunction is when something keeps interfering with the development of meaningful, lasting emotional relationships. When we think our problems happen to us because we only meet 'awful people', we need to look inside ourselves to understand what has been programmed into our subconscious selves - for this program is the one we draw to us. It cures itself when we become conscious of it.

Sun conjunct Venus Man: A man with Venus conjunct his Sun is emotionally close to his father, and the aspects to the Sun-Venus conjunction will indicate how this closeness will take place. When Venus conjuncts the Sun, the psychological influence of the mother (Venus) is very close to the father image on a physical level (Sun). The child sees the parents' roles jumbled together and this can confuse him. A boy child may use his mother's 'role' games to get close to his Dad.

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Sun conjunct Venus: Oprah Winfrey 0, Alford 0, Tom 0, Jane 1, Pankaj 1, Robert Downey, Jr. 2, Charles Manson 2, Terence McKenna 2, Ted Turner 2, DonW, Victoria 2, Jim Carrey 3, Jimi Hendrix 3, Willie Nelson 3, Dolly Parton 3, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild 3, Nikola Tesla 3, Cynthia 3, Leif 3, Lori 3, Ingrid Bergman 4, Ty Cobb 4, Collon 4, Erin 4, Kyle 4, Prabhukar 4, Shakura 4, Robert Hand 5, Joanne Woodward 5, BenT 5, Aleister Crowley 6, Vaslav Nijinsky 6, Elroy 6, Ju 6, MarieBr 6, OmNi 7, Bernie 7, JerryP 7, Joy 7, Judin 7, Merrill 7, Jack Nicholson 8, Swami Vivekananda 8, LouG 8, Mark Zuckerberg 9, AlexP 9

Sun semisquare Venus

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Sun semisquare Venus:

Sun sextile Venus

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