Sun conjunct Jupiter

You will be naturally optimistic, enthusiastic and eager to explore the potential of life, looking to exploit your solar power and Jupiterian expansive tendency to enable you to taste life as deeply as possible. An image that fits this aspect is that of the seeker, believing that you are following a secret path towards a future destiny, reacting against and resisting any restrictive limitations that may occur as obstacles to your progress.

This can, however, be an ambivalent tendency. You may be correct in your intuition, discerning the signposts of your path; yet equally, this could become a path of evasion if you believe that it offers a justification for self-centered choices, or if you assert personal freedom to the point where you wander through life with no sense of a clear direction.

One of your main assets is an innate self-confidence which generates a powerful faith in your ability to attain aims successfully. Through positive thinking you can attract 'good fortune' into your life, naturally expecting that all will work to your benefit. Usually, your positive attitudes will prove effective, yet there will be occasions when over-optimistic tendencies may stretch your actual capabilities too far, and you experience temporary setbacks to your plans. But even then, due to openness to new opportunities and directions, you'll succeed in discovering new roads to travel.

You may need to make more efficient use of your personal talents and resources, perhaps through greater self-discipline and focusing on your intentions. Forethought and planning may be skills which require additional development, and which can help to maximize future success. You will want to use your full potential, and searching for ways to do this may make you restless and unable to settle for very long. It is the expansionary quality of Jupiter that causes this agitation, and by recognizing this activity you should ensure that routine work or lifestyles do not restrict or trap you, or else its intended positive contribution to your life could initially result in more disruptive effects.

Areas that may attract your interest include education, medicine, law, travel, philosophy, religion, social and humanitarian influence. You look for progress and scope for expansion wherever you become involved, especially when your contribution can be beneficial for others' welfare. There is the potential of merging your talents and interests with areas of social concern, so that your energy flows into the resolution of social issues, or you may become a spokesperson or representative of group ideals and social aims. Work involving the initial impulse for transformative social projects may particularly suit you, and offer ample scope for ongoing development. Linking your path with social needs could be an appropriate action and wise choice.

You enjoy expressing personal creativity and imagination, feeling that energy flowing into new forms and channels, sparking off new thoughts, directions and perceptions. Discovering a path which evokes self-motivation is very important, enabling that enthusiastic energy to be released. You like to be well-informed, and will be aware of most current social trends and world news. Ongoing learning is especially enjoyed, as it provides a source for the renewal of interest in life and opens up new areas of fascination and experience. It is a fullness of life that you seek, a real enjoyment of yourself and the world, and this can lead you to be attracted towards more hedonistic explorations. Yet underlying this is a need to create your own unique perception, philosophy and worldview, which is a reflection of a spiritual need to discover your own meaning and purpose of life.

Your spiritual interests do not really fit within orthodox teachings and religious organizations, and mainly derive from the sense of inner guidance and trust in the beneficence of life. You will adopt a position of tolerance and freedom, especially valuing the unity of all life and the concept of universal human fellowship, so civil-rights issues may interest you, or ecological concerns.

In relationships, you prefer partners who are fundamentally in tune with your perception of life, fellow enthusiasts and positive thinkers who appreciate the subtler qualities of people and experiences, rather than being preoccupied with materialistic matters and the accumulation of money and social power. You will expect much from a partner, and can inadvertently place pressures on others to satisfy your needs, rather than being equally aware of their own feelings and desires. More awareness may be needed in intimate relationships. For example you may need to curb your tendency to over-indulge in pleasurable activities. Otherwise you may create imbalances in yourself that need adjustment through greater health care. Containing that restless spirit may also be necessary at times, and you may need to realize that if you always focus on the horizon then you can lose sight of what is around you, and so diminish your appreciation of what is currently present in your life.

Sun conjunct Jupiter: The conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter indicates that you almost never act in moderation. In everything you do you show boundless enthusiasm, and you never really believe you will fail. Because of this faith in your ability to do anything you set your mind on, you may overestimate your capabilities and suffer disappointment on occasion. But even then, you can pick up the pieces and start in on another venture. If you learn to plan your actions more carefully, your successes would be more consistent. Lacking the ability to efficiently manage your talents, you tend to wander aimlessly from endeavor to endeavor, trusting that everything will eventually work out satisfactorily. While you don't necessarily rely on it, luck seems to attend you when you need it most.

Although you want recognition for your efforts, you are not driven by ambition. For you it is more important to live a full life, rich in experiences and with abundant possibilities for using all your potentials. You are generous to a fault, and no one who brings you a tale of woe will go away empty-handed. This is one of the many reasons why you have some difficulty saving money. Even when thrift is essential, you are self-indulgent.

Your occupational interests are varied, but you are generally inclined toward a profession, such as medicine, law, education, philosophy, philanthropic endeavors, travel, or any other field that offers opportunities for growth. You quickly tire of routine jobs that have few chances for progress and development or jobs that don't use your imagination. You work best when you are permitted to use your creativity and work to the full measure of your enthusiasm. You are well informed on many subjects and always eager to learn more.

You tend to be liberal in your religious views and somewhat indifferent to religious organizations, a matter that you feel rather apologetic about. An avid reader, you feel you must develop your own philosophy to guide you in life. You have high hopes for the future and never allow yourself to get into a rut that limits your progress. Subtle spiritual urgings tell you that everything that occurs in the outer world has a purpose in the inner world of consciousness. You have enormous faith, although it does not follow any structured ideology, and it sustains you be enabling you to fulfill your destined role.

Your emotional contacts are primarily with individuals who share your enthusiasm about lie, who are eager to share their experiences with you and are not exclusively preoccupied with material concerns. You appreciate the sanctity of all life ¬vegetable, animal, and human - and you are warmly disposed toward anyone with a similar feeling. You are an emotional glutton, and may have some difficulty finding a partner who will satisfy your physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a totally satisfying relationship.

Your physical problems come about through lack of moderation. Doing too much for prolonged periods of time without sufficient rest can easily produce physical weariness; also, your blood pressure could become troublesome. Cultivate healthful living habits.

Sun conjunct Jupiter: The expansiveness and progressiveness of Jupiter go hand in hand with the way the psyche seeks to develop: a combination that frequently results in self-reliance, optimism and success. An air of confidence usually has a stimulating effect on others. However, people with this aspect need to be careful not to think too highly of themselves: big-headedness and megalomania are the bad side of Jupiter. In principle, Sun conjunct Jupiter can heal both literally (the physician) and immaterially. Properties such as joviality, fair play and optimism come well to the fore with this aspect, enabling these people to put fresh heart into others. Also they are quite likely to be open-handed, magnanimous and protective, but run the risk of acting in a spirit of self-importance and so of extinguishing the spark of true humanity.

Thinking too highly of themselves can also be expressed in the optimistic laying of grandiose plans with an inattention to detail that is bound to produce mistakes and disappointments. But then, doing things with a flourish is typical of this aspect.

Natives with Jupiter in combination with the Sun tend to see things in broad perspective. Quite often they have philosophical, pedagogic or religious interests, and are keen on anything that gives food for thought or widens the horizons. Tolerance results from a deep conviction that humanity is essentially freedom-loving; people with a Sun / Jupiter conjunction like to make up their own minds and to arrange their own lives.

Moderation is not Jupiter's strongest point and, when the planet is conjunct the Sun, psychological and physical problems can arise through an unwillingness to exercise restraint. These problems are seen in such varied activities as speaking, eating, and drinking. Nevertheless, much of the damage can be repaired thanks to the native's irrepressibility.

Sun conjunct Jupiter: These planets in aspect indicate an emphasis regarding how the individual is programmed to relate to the self (the inner values, the personal needs). Jupiter symbolizes how we relate to the concept of self, family and the universe around us.

The conjunction represents the well-born in some way. These children are born at a time when the father feels good about himself and the family is doing better than other families in the neighborhood. If they are born in a poor neighborhood, their family is the most successful around. If they are born to a professional or wealthy family, the environment is comfortable. But the comfort usually expresses itself in financial terms rather than in emotional terms; so, the child may be well fed, well educated and well cared for, but the sense of happiness, or emotional comfort, may not be there. It brings an energy to the child that attracts money, prestige and trust as the child matures. Because people trust them, any venture that these individuals undertake will probably go well, unless there are other aspects to the Sun-Jupiter that cause a problem.

When the father feels good about himself, the child absorbs an inner sense of well¬being and brings to maturity the ability to co-operate with authority figures. The child born in a masculine sign will always do better than the child born into a feminine sign for the Earth / Water sign child gives more emphasis to the aspects coming from the mother's side of the family. In order to develop the influence from the father (the Sun sign) the mother-blocks must be released. Then the energy is free to flow.

Sun conjunct Jupiter: This conjunction may be regarded as a potent benefic influence, probably in a general way second to none in this respect. It is more ambitious and active than the trine or sextile, but commonly it resembles them in the simplicity of its life. It has literary, religious, scientific, and philosophical tendencies, and may also be incline to military and naval matters. It has the benevolence of the good aspects, but perhaps it is more vigorous, decisive, and direct in expression, and there may be a taste for invective or satire if Mars is also strong.

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Sun conjunct Jupiter: Donny 1, Alex Jones 2, Lynn Forester de Rothschild 2, Maureen 2, Leif 3, Woody Allen 4, Bob Dylan 4, Mick Jagger 4, Brian Wilson 4, Sally Field 5, Prabhukar 5, Ricardo 5, William Blake 6, Paul McCartney 6, Erika 6, Tom 6, JulieD 7, TonyO 7, Deepak Chopra 8, Cate 8

Sun sextile Jupiter

You should find that you are able to keep focused on your aims and ambitions, and linking these with your innate optimism and self-confidence should ensure success. You may be especially attracted towards opportunities associated with the media and communication, or in the generation of ideas for schemes and projects which improve the quality of life in society.

You feel the need to develop a suitable personal lifestyle in which there are opportunities for freedom, growth, and creative development, enabling you to diminish those less enjoyable aspects of life, consciously replacing them by activities that evoke your strengths and talents. Seeking wealth may not engage your wholehearted participation, but the abundance and prosperity of a suitable lifestyle will attract your creative endeavors. This could be through creating a more simplified, natural lifestyle, provided it fulfils your need for enjoyment.

You may find many standard forms of employment restrictive, as they often prove to be inimical to creativity and the application of intelligence, through being repetitive and limiting the exploitation of natural talents and personal qualities. You may need to look for new employment avenues, or move into your self-directed path for real satisfaction and greater opportunities.

Your communicative skills could be usefully employed, and this opens areas of education, teaching, public relations, consultancy, law, media and theatre work for possible consideration. As your focus is probably on your mental level engaged in intellectual activity, you can easily manage to study and learn, and over time this increases your inner storehouse of knowledge and information, giving you a 'well-stocked' mind. Applying this can create opportunities for your persuasive skills, convincing arguments and displays of logic; associating these with a taste for dramatic expression could turn you into a 'character' capable of personality projection through media channels. Verbal articulacy is a valuable skill to possess, and if you feel comfortable with this skill, then look for suitable opportunities for expression.

You feel an inner resonance with the problems and pain of social issues, both nationally and globally, and your temperament is naturally sympathetic and caring. You prefer to act and live in ways which are beneficial to everyone, and underlying this is a philosophical or religious nature which forms your own worldview. While you may be directed towards attaining your personal aims, you do not choose to achieve by taking advantage of others, and your tendency is to look for the path by which constructive co-operation can be achieved to resolve difficulties, rather than attempt to manipulate for your own gains. This quality could offer paths of conflict resolution, where by applying your creative thinking abilities you can bring about the healing of differences through mutual contact and adjustments.

Integrity and ethical issues may become important, and you will carefully choose your intimate partners and friends according to certain guidelines and methods of evaluation. Acquaintances will be many, but the select circle will be more exclusively chosen, and will be composed of similarly confident and self-actualizing individuals. Doors open for you, and you may feel that your life is guided and protected by an invisible guardian angel, helping you to take the opportunities that enter your life. Travel may become important too, or contact with other nationalities, as you open to the richness of the world and its varying rainbow colors of different cultures. Periods of contemplation and temporary withdrawal from the whirl of life may be worthwhile, as they enable you to gain a renewed perspective and recharge those inner batteries by reconnecting to your deeper self, especially if your lifestyle requires considerable contact with other people or 'personality projection'.

Your basic attitude is to put a lot of energy into living because life will return that amplified, increasing your appreciation and enjoyment. Providing you can create a suitable lifestyle, then you will recognize that your life has been blessed, and that even your earlier childhood had helped to sow the sees for your future benefit.

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Sun sextile Jupiter: Collon 0, Ivy 0, Elvis Presley 1, Ramana Maharshi 1, ChrisC 1, Hugh Hefner 2, Susanna Arundhati Roy 2, ChrisTr 2, Olof 2, Bill Clinton 3, Bertrand Russell 3, Madonna Ciccone 4, Angelina Jolie 4, Jack Nicklaus 4, Alicia 4, Sky 4

Sun square Jupiter

This implies confronting frustrations which have their roots in your nature and attitudes, and which can only be resolved through changes and modifications within yourself. The Jupiterian quality of expansiveness is very potent, stimulating excess expansion in your actions and attitudes, tempting you consistently to overreach your actual capabilities. You may lack patience, planning abilities, self-discipline and persistence, and these will work against your ambitions succeeding, even though attaining your aims may be highly motivating.

It is not that you are incapable of success, but that your approach sows seeds of future failure as you pass. If this has happened in your life, then acknowledge it, and realize that future progress can be made if certain inner changes are taken. The first step is to ensure that you determine your intentions and aims, and how you can proceed to accomplishment. As your desires and dreams can be varied and multiple, focusing your path may prove difficult, and you may need to pursue a thorough re-evaluation of your priorities and major needs in order to gain clarity of purpose. Moving too quickly can often lead to failure due to ill-considered plans, so you may need to stop and think more deeply before jumping into action, or pay more attention to the advice of others. A careful assessment of your current capabilities is required, so that they match the level needed for your goals; working with talents tends to expand latent potential, but a requisite level of skills is initially necessary. A more realistic appreciation of time is essential, or else you will feel your frustrations rising if success does not happen quickly. Excessive optimism and enthusiasm may need to be warily reined back, as do restless tendencies for changes in life, which can become more disruptive than helpful unless properly understood.

The areas of life especially affected are the houses and signs which are ruled and occupied by the Sun and Jupiter, and it is through those spheres that you may over-expand or seek fulfillment within. If you sincerely wish to transform any pattern of frustration in your life, then becoming more realistic, mature and self-controlled will begin to show benefits, especially if you are systematically disciplined to overcome obstacles as they arise. Accepting that failure need never be permanent, or that success is never final or guaranteed, can offer you a more balanced perspective to view your progress. Modifying your attitudes towards life challenges so that they become opportunities for development and growth, instead of perpetuating attitudes of adversarial conflict imposed by a universe intent on thwarting your dreams, will ensure that every experience can bring something of potential value to use as a foundation for your eventual success.

Balance and moderation may need to be consciously developed in your nature and life-style, and extravagance or ostentatious tendencies may need to be controlled due to that pattern of excessive consumption that could be adopted as a compensation for other areas of personal failure. Learning to use your energies and time carefully is important, as you may waste them by futile pursuits. Unlocking latent creative potential may be difficult, yet if you can do so this may open several new doors of opportunity, liberating blocked inner energies and providing the key to future success.

In relationships, you may need to guard against tendencies to manipulate people, as this will rarely work to your ultimate advantage; there will always be some other puppet master capable of pulling your strings. Similarly, attempts to distort information for your own aims will equally be turned back against you by others also adroit at such tactics. Treating people honestly and directly is the best approach, and you should possess good communication skills which could be applied to transform blockages and obstacles. You may find that if you rely solely on your 'luck' your progress will be restricted; but if you begin to change those problematic attitude areas and approaches then 'luck' will begin to flow again in your favor.

You have high expectations in intimate relationships, especially centered around the fulfillment of your needs and desires; remember that it takes two to make partnership and marriage, and that there is no law that asserts that your needs are paramount. Real love involves mutual sharing and co-operation, each helping to make the other happy, fulfilled and capable of reaching his / her highest potential; it should not be a one-way traffic. Co-operation and interdependence may need developing, through a diminution of the insistent demands of your ego; otherwise, excessive self-indulgence can stimulate problems of health and corresponding illness. Make sure that your expectations and demands of a partner are equal to your own contribution, and to the degree of commitment and effort that you are applying to make the relationship work.

Changes can be made to improve the quality and fulfillment in your life; but only if you are willing to start the process and then persist towards 'completion'. This may not always be easy to do, but all positive steps that you take will bring benefits into your life, and the option to take that path is yours to choose.

Sun square Jupiter: The square from the Sun to Jupiter indicates that you are extremely immoderate in your actions and attitudes. Learn to examine your priorities carefully before you act, or you will waste a lot of effort and time. You tend to bite off more than you can chew and then desperately try to cope with the situation as best you can. You don't plan your affairs well, but you are annoyed when someone offers a suggestion, even when you've asked for advice. It is pompous and arrogant to presume that you can accomplish what you want without self-discipline. Only experience will subdue this arrogance, and you will realize that everyone depends to some extent on others in the struggle to gain significance and recognition.

After you learn to accept reality and gain some degree of self-control, you can assert yourself toward any goal that you choose. You could attain excellence in education, the media, theater, law, philosophy, or public relations. Your desire to exploit your creative potentials must be accompanied by a full realization of the responsibilities this entails. You have to accept both good and bad, successes and failures, advances and setbacks, because they are all part of the tapestry of accomplishment. Through the problems you encounter you can make your greatest development, if you are willing to learn from your mistakes. You want to succeed so much that you can fairly taste it, but unless you plan your moves carefully the taste of success may be bittersweet.

In many ways you are a wheeler-dealer and enjoy becoming involved in manipulating people in their human situations. You are not afraid of a good fight that tests your competence in the open market of human frailties. You enjoy challenges, but you may have to endure failure before you eventually succeed. Communication is one of your strongest traits, but you must be properly informed before you attempt to present your ideas. You may sometimes bend the truth to achieve your objectives, which can lead to unhealthy complications later. You tend to push your luck unwisely, but it is to be hoped that you will learn greater discretion as you grow in experience.

You demand a lot from the person you love. You expect devotion, approval and, if possible, admiration for your efforts. You want your mate to indulge all your considerable desires, and you expect that person to stand by you through all your highs and lows. You make promises you can't always fulfill, although you may fully intend to at the time you make them.

Self-indulgence is basically the cause of your physical problems. Too much food, drink and pleasure need to be balanced by moderation and sufficient rest. Avoid doing things on impulse, because this planetary combination inclines you to accidents, especially during periods of relaxation when you may be engaged in sports.

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Sun square Jupiter: Joanne Woodward 0, Victoria 0, Frank Sinatra 1, DJenkins 1, TonyC 1, Paramahansa Yogananda 2, DavMcC 2, Dunja 2, Fergus 2, LaurieSw 2, Suzanne 2, Ernest Hemingway 3, Dolly Parton 3, Ronald Reagan 3, Ted Turner 3, JRosh 3, Medwick 3, VinCar 3, Dick Cheney 4, Benjamin Netanyahu 4, Gore Vidal 4, Bobbie 4, Jane 4, Michael 4, Ursula Andress 5, G.W. Bush 5, James Taylor 5, Swami Vivekananda 5, John D. Rockefeller 6, Clark 6, Erin 6, Lucille Ball 7, David Rockefeller 7, Phylissa 7

Sun trine Jupiter

There is the indication that your life is 'protected and guided' and that 'luck' can lead you on the path to good fortune. However, the challenge is that you must fully use your qualities, talents and natural gifts as the means to activate this 'inner blessing'. While the trine offers a reconciliation of these planetary energies, the result may be an inclination to relax into a comfortable lifestyle, coasting along modestly and reasonably, failing really to apply and exert yourself. Growth and self-development does not necessarily occur naturally through life experience, and to some degree requires a conscious search and deliberate effort to stimulate the process.

Do you recognize your assets, your potential creativity and qualities or talents that could be positively used? Do you know what you really want to do, or what your aims and ambitions are? Are such goals meaningful to you? Or are you content to pass through life without making much effort or exertion, failing to manifest your latent potential? Only you can answer such questions, and only you can choose how to live your life. Yet considering some of the astrological indication of this aspects may help you view yourself from an alternative perspective.

You are likely to be optimistic, enthusiastic and self-confident, and to hold a positive, constructive and altruistic attitude to life and people. You can be very generous and supportive to others, finding social contacts easy to make and enjoying company. Your attitude is relaxed and easy-going, and you refuse to feel pressurized to conform to others' expectations. Freedom and personal indulgence appeal more, and apart from creating that comfortable lifestyle you may evade more demanding endeavors. You may fall into the category of 'under-achiever' often applied by schools. Yet you also develop your own philosophy, founded by ideals, honesty, morals or religious teachings which underpin your life actions and choices.

The issue which may require confronting is that of application and use of resources. You are intelligent and reasonably articulate, but how far do you intend to actually apply that intelligence, and in what directions? Are there ways to exert yourself more that offer greater life fulfillment, but do not either compromise your philosophical ideals or demand that you enter a competitive rat-race situation? Are there opportunities within areas that may interest you - like medicine, law, writing, education, study, the community, communication - through which you could grow, expanding your potential without constraining your freedom too much? How could your enjoyment of study, knowledge and inner contemplation be used to create a compatible career? Or could this be linked to an ability to see future trends, perhaps as a 'future analyst' and a predictive social commentator in some capacity? Discovering alternative ways to perceive the uses of talents, qualities and interests can be crucial in forming uniquely individual life paths, and yet often there is a lack of social encouragement to learn the means and techniques of achieving these. You have the responsibility to determine your own degree of ambition and effort, but look first to see if an alternative path could open for you by a shift of perception and self-evaluation.

Your social relationships can be quite varied, and your level of tolerance is high, preferring to open to people, accepting them as they are, and not imposing expectations on them to conform to any inwardly preconceived impressions. You can enjoy the vitality and fresh minds of children, and skills in this direction could be usefully applied, providing you are not seeking to evade challenges and growth in other areas. You prefer simplicity in life, and may not be too attracted to people who offer greater intellectual challenges and complexity. It isn't that you cannot cope with them, but it's the effort that you may resist.

You will look for a high-quality partner, one who also has their own moral standards in life and possesses a compatible philosophy to your own. Practical abilities will be prized, as will stability of personality and genuine tolerance and understanding; your partner will be someone with whom you can easily relax and enjoy life, and ideally one who will also stimulate you rather than stultify you.

Sun trine Jupiter: The trine between the Sun and Jupiter gives you abundant creative potential, but in order to benefit from this potential you must use it. You are inclined to be apathetic so that you don't take advantage of your assets. Although you are intelligent, optimistic, responsive, articulate, and well informed on many subjects, you don't seek challenges. It never seems important to assert yourself toward a specific goal. You prefer to live outside the painful pressures that characterize the 'rat race'. You like to play a comfortable role that doesn't cut too deeply into your freedom and makes only moderate demands. This is a lazy planetary combination, requiring the stimulus of a strong Saturn relationship to either your Sun or Jupiter. This would fortify you with the courage and faith to take on massive burdens, knowing you have the intellectual skill to handle them.

Many fields of endeavor are suited to your creative talents, although there is no way you can be forced to apply them. Suggested fields include medicine, law, philosophy, writing, education, theater, working with large animals (animal husbandry), or any field in which you could set your own level of application. This aspect inclines you to seek less demanding occupations, but you could still pursue your destiny in any of the above fields. You are not a trailblazer, because you lack the necessary incentive to take on arduous tasks.

You are indulgent to yourself and similarly generous toward others. Your air of self-assurance is comforting to those nearest you in their times of stress or difficulty. Young people and children are drawn to you because you don't expect a lot from them and don't challenge them. You are doting rather than stimulating.

Relating to people is relatively easy for you because you are not selective in your circle of associations. Since you tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, you are vulnerable to those who capitalize on your good will. You are especially fond of individuals who are psychologically uncomplicated and live simply.

You are direct and forthright in seeking your mate. Your partner must be reasonably polished, have good moral fiber, and uphold good taste in conduct. A person's level of educational accomplishments is less important to you than the degree of good common sense and understanding.

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Sun trine Jupiter: Karl Marx 1, George 1, Tom Cruise 2, Isadora Duncan 2, Paul Simon 2, O.J. Simpson 2, Peter Sellers 3, BillH 3, Cheri 3, Bobby Fischer 4, Willie Nelson 4, Nisargadatta 4, Jack Parsons 4, Prabhuta 4, Osho 5, Eva 5, Q 5, Marlon Brando 6, George Carlin 6, Donald Trump 6, H.G. Wells 6, Arrow 6, JerryGr 6, MFor 6, Miriam 6, River 6, Mitt Romney 7, AndyF 8

Sun quincunx Jupiter

The sun inconjunct Jupiter indicates that you lack the self-assurance to be completely independent. As a result, you strive to show people how competent you are by trying to do things for them. Through their praise you hope you will gain the self-confidence you need. You overreact to anything that hints of criticism and offer your services in hopes of reversing the negative opinion (which the person may never have had in the first place). Being unsure of your capabilities, you underestimate them and need physical proof of their existence. You are a tireless worker, eager to be recognized as an authority in whatever you do, but even more concerned about developing your talents.

Education is very important to you, and a work-study program would be an excellent idea. You will have to apply yourself with great determination to acquire the expertise you desire, but you do have the necessary ingredients with which to build and become a specialist. You can apply your efforts in such endeavors as education, craftwork, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, or any other occupation in which success means performing an important service. You must always be careful in your relationships with co-workers, however; you are inclined to take on others' duties and responsibilities at the slightest suggestion that you should. Be wary of opportunists who may try to use your ideas for their personal gain. Be cautious about sharing confidences unless you know you can do so safely.

You probably feel that your talents are not adequately rewarded, and you can suffer much discontent because you are not appreciated. In general, you are worth more than you are being paid, if only because of the effort you bring to your job. Seek advice in order to set a proper value of your skills, obtain a suitable contract, and demand that it be observed. This is the only way you can protect yourself.

Your emotional relationships are not easily fulfilled because you don't feel you deserve such a reward. You assume that you don't measure up to your lover's expectations, but of course you do. You always offer more than necessary in a mutual relationship, and you probably get less out of it than you deserve.

Moderation in everything you do is advised. You are inclined to worry that you are not doing your best or not doing enough, which can cause digestive problems and much discomfort. Driving yourself beyond sane levels invites physical exhaustion. Liquor is especially troublesome for you, but if you must drink never do so on an empty stomach. Liver complaints are rather common with this planetary combination. Get a full measure of daily rest - you'll live longer and better if you do.

Sun quincunx Jupiter: The more trying facets of the Sun / Jupiter association emerge in the inconjunct. Although with this aspect we can radiate optimism and self-confidence, we are not particularly aware and may actually feel very insecure. We are inclined to push ourselves forward or prove ourselves, without seeing what we are doing. This uncertainty can result in subliminal feelings of self-importance or in a need to mean something to others. Whether deep down we are seeking recognition or only reassurance, there is a danger that we may attempt too much. The consequence can be overwork, because we accept too many responsibilities, or because we do not delegate properly. Also, we may land ourselves in trouble through promising more than we are able to perform.

With this aspect, there is a possibility that we shall have unfair advantage taken of us because we are willing to be at the beck and call of others or because we fall for flattery. Each Sun/ Jupiter aspect has a tendency toward self-glorification; the inconjunct is the least able to handle it.

Under this quincunx of the Sun and Jupiter, matters often get out of hand due to a lack of estimating and planning ability; therefore care is needed. We can unintentionally overdo things, and are sometimes arrogant, but usually possess a cheerfulness that helps us to recover from any setbacks. Once we come to terms with this aspect, we can use it to fine advantage and should do well in fields represented by Jupiter - law, philosophy, religion, etc..

Sun quincunx Jupiter: This aspect creates a strain. Jupiter indicates how we relate to the world, and the Sun represents what we are. The strain usually exists because our relationship abilities conflict in some way with our inner needs. The qualities of the two signs conflict and the owner will feel discomfort.

Generally speaking, Jupiter-Sun afflictions represent a certain barrier to personal growth. If we can't relate to who we are, how are we really share ourselves in a relationship? In the spiritual sense, Jupiter and Saturn are the planets that get us from this plane to the others, for they are the qualities that permit consciousness to expand. Referring back to the ancient houses, Jupiter and Saturn rule the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth houses. These are the areas that represent consciousness expansion. If Jupiter or Saturn afflictions exist in the chart, they should be the first planets to be understood.

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Sun quincunx Jupiter: Donovan Leitch 0, Meryl Streep 0, Marcy 1, Wilhelm Reich 2, Beth 2, Flossie 2, Johanna 2, JudyPl 2, Bruce Lee 3, John Lennon 3, Bram 3, Sugeet 3, Dustin Hoffman 4, Ashira 4

Sun opposite Jupiter

The sun opposition Jupiter shows that you are energetic, enthusiastic, and well-informed in using your creative talents. You know how to put your best foot forward in achieving your ambitions, but you take great chances when you should plan carefully. You assume that people will make way for you as you climb to your goals; when they challenge you instead, you can't help but be disappointed. You make glowing promises, but you are irresponsible and negligent about keeping them. Your associates call you a fair-weather friend who can't be found when the going gets tough.

You know how to turn on the charm to gain the approval of those you deal with in your daily affairs. It may be, however, that you are not totally honest with yourself and others, for you bend the truth to gain your objectives. You are inclined to make a grand display, playing the successful role, but in fact you are constantly fearful of the competition that may one day topple you from your throne. You need to become totally aware of reality in your striving so that you only take on exactly what you can cope with. Stop playing the confidence game with those around you. They know you better than to fall for it. You cannot afford to lose precious allies for the momentary pleasure of victory.

You are enormously talented and creative. These qualities should be directed to such fields as education, the media, business managements, travel, or public relations. You must have self-control in order to obtain the best results in any of these endeavors, as well as a willingness to accept the full responsibility of your position. You must know your limits and delegate others to perform the tasks that go beyond those limits. You are ambitious for recognition, but as you climb to the heights of achievement you should seek counsel. Try not to lose contact with those who may have made your success possible - they will support you if you remember them for their efforts.

In your romantic contacts you are demanding and expect to be given just about everything you ask for. Lacking continuity of feelings, you may indulge yourself for a long time before taking a partner. Even then, you will grant yourself privileges that you won't allow your partner. You need to be constantly on the move, and you enjoy traveling. New places mean new people and new distractions. You must be discreet at all times, or through unexpected developments you risk losing everything you have gained. It is hard for you to believe that such things could happen to you.

Slow down, for you have a lifetime to live. Pay attention to your diet and don't overindulge in food or drink. Plan to take vacations from your daily routine as often as possible to restore yourself to the vigorous health necessary to sustain you in your ambitions.

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