Sun in Aries

(The Sun is in Aries from March 21 to April 19, depending on the year).

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Aries natives are the first to start—and the first to finish—whatever they set out to do. Aries is an active, energetic sign. People with Sun in Aries are direct, straightforward, and uncomplicated. They expect the same from others, and are baffled when they don't always get it.

The body comes first with Aries. Sun in Aries people are natural athletes. At the very least, their natural inclination is to use their bodies to get things done. They're not given to long, drawn-out emotional moments; nor are they big on planning ahead. Instead, they live their lives simply.

What is happening right now is most important to Aries. Impatience is a definite vice, and innovation is a huge strength. Aries loves to start anything new, and they have trouble sitting still. They are pioneers in whatever they do, and there is a very basic quality of bravery in these people that is unmistakable! Aries generally knows what they want, and they know the quickest route to getting it. They take shortcuts if they must, but generally everything is aboveboard. Underhanded just isn't their style. Some Aries people are bold, but even the quieter ones are brave and even plucky in their own way. Independence is their birthright. Nothing gets them going more than a fresh slate, the promise of a new day, and a brand new start.

Aries enjoys a challenge, and Aries Suns are happiest when their lives are moving forward and active. There's a childlike quality to all Aries Sun people, and it's often quite charming.

Sun in Aries: A strong tendency to act on impulse without considering the consequences will create some very interesting life scenarios for those with the Sun in Aries. Active, spontaneous and brave, you thrive on new challenges. The key word here is "new." You love anything that presents you with a sense of adventure. Experiences which allow you to express yourself as a leader and use your natural ability to take the initiative especially appeal to you.

Sun in Aries: The Aries type is the most personal of the Fire signs, and it is often seen as selfish. Aries people are not selfish on purpose, but they tend to be thoughtless. They pursue their own interests with enthusiasm and seldom realize that what they are doing might overwhelm or hurt another individual. If this is pointed out to Aries, they will be hurt and usually defensive. After giving some thought to the situation, they'll probably apologize. When Aries discover they have hurt or disregarded someone, they are often filled with remorse. It's a combination of idealism and enthusiasm. As Aries people mature, they begin out of necessity to cultivate patience in order to lessen the hurt feelings around them.

Aries usually say 'no' to anything suggested to them at the time the suggestion is made. But the saving grace of the Aries is that they do go away and think about what you've said, and eventually you'll see that they adopt your suggestions, if those suggestions are good. Aries are always in a hurry, rushing into the future looking to accomplish something - and they don't always know what that mysterious 'something' is. They are trained at an early age to react to accomplishment because Daddy thinks it's important. The father may not accomplish anything in the world's definition of the word, but it must be kept in mind that a child's perception of adult behavior may be very different from an adult's.

The Aries child may have a parent who either talks about accomplishment or feels guilty when enough isn't being done around the home; Aries may also have a parent who actually is an accomplishment-oriented individual. These children tend to be born to parents who 'worry' about accomplishment. The father of the Aries child is a man who seems to be respected or idealized for his work. He may only be a laborer, but he is good at his job. He may also be unhappy; if he is a laborer and he wants to be a businessman, for example, he may retreat into the power plays that frustrated people choose in order to express his discomfort. When the Aries child is small, Daddy comes home either as a 'big deal' or as a tyrant; and, depending on the particular father type, the child will develop his own behavior pattern accordingly.

The mother is seen as a service figure - it isn't that the Aries child hates the mother, but the mother-figure is someone who provides a service. In the case of the father-tyrant, the Aries sees the mother as a 'poor, frightened creature' who stays in a difficult marriage because she doesn't know how to change her circumstances. The Aries child may be defensive of the mother; may take Mom's side in quarrels between Mom and Dad, and will try to help the mother as soon as Aries is old enough to provide emotional or financial support. However, the mother gets more pity and compassion than love from this child ¬and Aries will in some way, as an adult, emulate the father's position.

Sun in Aries: The Aries personality tends to be an initiator and pioneer, expressing self-assertion and direct energy into the world. You should have ample creative energy and enthusiasms that can be exploited, allowing you to start a variety of activities. One problem can be a failure to complete them, due to losing interest and becoming bored; and you tend to leave several lose ends of uncompleted projects in your life. There are strong motivations to prove yourself through energetic activity; to be enterprising and ambitious, making your presence noted in the world. You can be animated by a desire to be 'number one', becoming competitively minded; and this will influence your career and social expression. You could become an effective leader, as fame, authority and superiority suits you, or so you believe.

You can be quite impatient, impulsive and spontaneous in your actions and decisions, yet often you can fail to devote enough time and attention to actually listening to the advice of others, or to considering the consequences of your choices; and this can create several problems later. You may need to consider your options more carefully before you rush into action; if you can do this, then you will find greater success. Associated with this is the need to discover more effective relationship with others, to be more considerate, and to think through the possible effects of any self-centered style of expression.

You will be attracted towards idealistic causes, seeing yourself as an opponent of social injustice. There can be a naive, innocent outlook on life at times, where you believe wholeheartedly in high ideals; while this can be battered by reality, you are unlikely to become truly cynical, 'street-wise' or 'world-weary'. You try to speak the truth as much as possible, and can find it hard to lie; and even if you do try, it is rarely convincing. You have a quick mind with distinct philosophical tendencies, and a sensitivity towards higher thought, morals and ethics. You need independence and freedom, so that you can indulge in your impulsive decisions to act.

You can be quite secretive regarding your personal life, feelings and emotional experiences, and are often reluctant to reveal your plans to others, especially as you can be deeply hurt. There is an attraction towards the past and traditional ways, which can be reflected in your home environment and attitudes; and you value domestic and relationship security more than you may be willing to acknowledge. This need evokes a sentimental response from you to family life, and you can be vulnerable in that area.

Sun in Aries: People who have their Suns in Aries are energetic, active, assertive and direct. You approach life eagerly and aggressively, and there is nothing subtle in your method, manner or motivation. Your only 'gear' is high; your only direction is forward. You know what you want and go after it fervently, rarely taking 'no' for an answer, and often succeeding through sheer energy and force of will. You are enthusiastic and curious; and each day offers you new challenges - if it doesn't, you'll create some! You can't stand to have life go along smoothly, and you like to keep things stirred up. Activity, conflict and crisis nourish you, and you are at your best under pressure, when you must think and act quickly. You are always testing yourself, trying to jump over the next hurdle or to beat the next opponent. You need to keep defining yourself against something or someone else, to prove to yourself that you exist and have impact on your environment.

Athletics offer a clear-cut set of challenges and opponents against which you can pit yourself, and you probably have some athletic ability or at least an interest in sports. Sports also provide an outlet for your abundant energy.

Challenges in the business world can be just as invigorating and satisfying for you. You have an entrepreneurial nature, and are willing to take chances and risks that scare away more cautious people.

Your pioneering spirit is strong and you long to go where no-one has gone before, to break new ground and do the impossible. Always rushing in where angels fear to tread, you approach every endeavor with the same head-long, reckless, indefatigable abandon, and you either succeed gloriously or fail dismally. Failure doesn't discourage you, though, for you have a naive and irrepressible self-confidence that lets you go on believing in your ultimate success, regardless of the odds. Since you never look back and don't learn from your mistakes, however, you are likely to make the same ones again and again.

Your attention span is that of a young child, and you become bored easily. You are much better at starting things than finishing them, for you lose interest once the initial excitement has faded and routine, day-to-day operations are in place. Therefore, you probably begin lots of projects, jobs, relationships, etc., but rarely see them through to maturity. Goals that can be achieved quickly are better choices for you than ones that require years of planning and development.

In your chest beats the heart of an adventurer, and you are both courageous and daring. You want to keep the adrenalin rushing through your veins at all times. Although you never back down from a fight, you don't know how to walk away from one with dignity either. In fact, you are often the instigator. Aggressive and feisty, long on nerve and short on tact, you enjoy a good argument or even a fist fight now and again to clear the air. In a dangerous situation, anyone would like to have you on his / her side.

Strongly individualistic, you have trouble compromising or working as part of a team or group. You need to be free and independent to do things your own way, regardless of how iconoclastic or outrageous your methods may seem to others. Although you are usually quite self-sufficient, when you run into a problem you can't solve yourself, you don't know where to run. Since you are basically unaware and unappreciative of others' strengths, you aren't able to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

A rebel at heart, you tend to see society as your adversary and thwart authority at every turn.

Your self-centeredness makes relationships difficult, for you can't seem to see another's point of view or to adjust your behavior to accommodate someone else's needs. Your sex drive is strong, but when it comes to tenderness and affection you fall short. You are inclined to think of your partners as conquests rather than lovers, and sex with you resembles hard rock music: fast, rough, adolescent and without much variation in mood, style or tempo.

Though you can be abrasive and annoying at times, you possess an endearing, childlike quality that makes people enjoy being around you. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and your unabashed, up-front, uncomplicated manner never leaves doubts about your motivations or intentions. You can be irresponsible and careless at times, but you are also honest, fun-loving and willing to stand up for what you believe. Your greatest failings are the result of your impatience, haste and self-centeredness. Your greatest strengths are your optimism, courage, drive and vitality.

Sun in Aries: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore represents the springtime of life. Arians are considered to be straightforward, honest and enthusiastic about life. However, I can't help thinking that there are so many successful Arian politicians and would-be politicians that, despite their straightforward manner and approach, they can also be pretty crafty. Of course, political leaders do come from all areas of the zodiac, but Arians or those who have very strong Aries features on their charts are well represented at or near the top of any organization. This is odd in one way, because Arians lack confidence and need a strong and supportive partner if they are going to get anywhere. The more successful Arians seem to have the knack of picking just the right sort of partner to support their aims.

The strongest Arian trait is competitiveness, and this exists even among those who don't appear competitive at first glance. The Arian may compete in the usual manner, by trying to be the most successful in his career or in hobbies, sports and games. Others push their children to succeed or push themselves to pass examination in order to prove that they have intellectual superiority. On the subject of Arian competitiveness, I vividly remember an occasion where a group of psychics rented space at a 'psychic and mystic' exhibition. Plonked right at the front of the available space was the inevitable Arian, his table piled high with knick-knacks for sale, fake flowers flopping about everywhere, busily catching the eye of every passer-by who could be persuaded to have a consultation. At the end of the festival, the Arian, complete with the lion's share of the takings, rushed off home only to lose the lot to a couple of overgrown, but not yet independent, children and a rapacious spouse.

Arians are quick on the uptake and impulsive in small ways, but they are not so quick to make major changes, preferring the security of a marriage, a settled home and a secure job. If marriage doesn't work out for them, they can happily live alone, thereby avoiding the possibility of dealing with matters of dependence. Most Arians have many friends and acquaintances because they have an open and non-hostile manner and genuinely enjoy helping others. However, some Arians have such an overwhelming personality that they frighten less outgoing members of the zodiac. Some Arians are quite aggressive, and even those who appear to be mild have an aggressive or demanding streak hidden away somewhere. One friend of mine who had divorced an apparently meek and gentle Arian on the grounds of unreasonable behavior told me that the whole weight of Arian aggression, determination and overriding need to have his own way at all costs showed itself in the bedroom.

One thing which I have invariably found is that Arians love words and language. They read extensively and usually have a large vocabulary. Their spelling is excellent and they have a precise way of writing and expressing themselves. They are conscious that they can express themselves well, and often use this as a weapon against less able people. Arians have a very quick sense of humor and can range from enjoying a good joke and being very funny themselves to being unpleasantly cutting and sarcastic. Other factors on each individual chart will determine how considerate the Arian may be towards other people's feelings, because the pure Arian type is self-centered, selfish and apparently uncaring. This is the sign of the military leader who needs to 'get the job done without regard to the finer details such as who gets hurt or what gets destroyed. However, no sign is absolutely black and white, and Arians are saved from inhumanity by their ability to empathize with the feelings of others and by their desire to help. There must be a few Aries wimps around somewhere although I, personally, haven't yet met any.

The typical Arian is short to middling in height, skinny when young but square or rounded in appearance later in life. Arians who belong to white races have very pale skin and blonde, light-brown or red hair, while even those who belong to oriental, medium¬ colored or mixed races tend to have a fairer skin than their counterparts. Arian hands and feet are small and blunt. Some Arians comment when buying new shoes that the boxes they are stored in fit better than the shoes themselves. They also have a prominent 'seat'. Aries subjects move and walk quickly, and often finish a job of work before others have even got around to starting.

There is another quite distinct Aries type. This one is tall and thin, with bony features and heavily rounded 'George Robey' eyebrows. This type of Aries subject seems to have a stronger and more awkward type of personality than the small, square ones.

Weak spots for health are the head, eyes, the upper jaw and upper teeth; all Arians seem to get headaches when they are stressed. Arians are a pretty healthy lot on the whole, but they can go down with sudden feverish ailments, and they are also prone to accidents, cuts and burns due to haste or carelessness. Arians have little patience with illness either in themselves or in those around them, and they prefer to ignore it whenever possible.

The typical Arian likes to work among people in a large organization which helps the public in some way. Many can, therefore, be found in the police, civil service, teaching and hospital administration. These subjects make good, if sometimes rather impatient, administrators, and can organize others without putting their backs up. Their cheerfulness and lack of jealousy towards others makes them good working colleagues, but their tendency to say or do things without thinking first can land them in trouble. Arians are drawn to the military and paramilitary fields either as a career or as a part-time involvement. Oddly enough, many Arians are attracted to religious or philosophical groups, and can work for the public in those areas too. Many find work in what were once considered to be the masculine worlds of engineering and technical drawing, as well as mining and ship-building. A quick round-up of some Arian acquaintances offers one who is a head in a large college of adult education, a policeman, an insurance administrator, an engineer-draftsman, the manger of a communications business, an executive of an electricity generating organization, and a gifted medium who is the secretary of the British Astrological and Psychic Society. One of these is also a part-time soldier, while another is involved with the Salvation Army. If the Arian has planets in nearby Taurus, he could work in the building trade or as an architect, and he will also be keen on music and the arts.

Aries hobbies include quasi-military interests such as serving in the territorial army and various other forms of 'dad's' army, navy or air force. They can also be found in the scout movement and similar organizations. Many Arians love music or the arts; and they may collect artistic goods of one kind or another. Most of them are energetic people who need to be out of doors at least once a week, and who, therefore, may take up a sporting activity, or boating or gardening as a hobby. Arians are impulsive and adventurous people who will take off at a moment's notice when offered an opportunity of having fun.

Arians seem to have a strange attitude to money because, while they love the stuff to death, they seem to find it hard to deal with. Some Arians feel so uncomfortable with budgetary matters that they leave these entirely to their spouses. Others prefer to take this out of their spouse's hands altogether and deal with the whole of the family's finances on their own. Most Arians work hard and actually manage to make good money, but they may then lose a good deal of this to mendacious relatives or ex-spouses. Others are incredibly mean and penny-pinching; there seem to be no half-measures here. Anyone who finds themselves married to an Aries should either not think too much about money, or keep their finances completely separate.

All Arians love to shop, and will buy any amount of goods for their homes, their hobbies and themselves. They love new clothes, and they often have wardrobes bulging with every kind of fashion. This is not helped by the fact that they hate to throw anything away or to waste time organizing their wardrobes. I have one Arian friend who is a devotee of garage sales, boot sales, jumble sales and second-hand shops, and he has thus cleverly managed to fit his house out in the 'contemporary' style of the 1950s which is now highly chic. Some Arians are more interested in cars than houses, and they may own more than one vehicle.

There are many Arians who buy every kind of sports equipment known to man - and then never use any of it. Others spend a fortune on gadgets, equipping themselves with food processors, personal stereos, mobile telephones, novelties for the car, yoghurt makers and every other kind of new gismo which comes on the market. Musical Arians buy the best sound systems that they can afford for their homes and cars, while many spend a good deal of time and money on creating gardens and growing indoor plants. Most Arians are practical and capable when it comes to do-it-yourself jobs, dressmaking and the like, and they won't hesitate to tackle quite large tasks, even if these really are beyond their capabilities.

Arians are relaters who would rather be part of a family than on their own. However, a good many of them do seem to live alone, either because they have difficulty in finding or keeping a partner or because they have been hurt in the past and are worried about getting hurt again in the future. The vast majority of Arians are surrounded by their families and will take care of their parents, children, in-laws and anyone else towards whom they feel a responsibility. However, these subjects are saved from being latter-day saints by their tiresome, impatient natures. Arians are energetic and restless, always looking for something to do when they are at home, which means that on any reasonable weekend they can be found tearing down walls, building boats in the front garden, scattering tools around, and stamping about in fits of rage. An Aries man will use his wife's best vegetable knife and newest tea towel when servicing the car, and, for an encore, take the dishwasher to pieces half an hour before dinner guests arrive. Many Arians are desperately untidy but, of course, there are many exceptions to this rule.

Arians have strong allegiances to their chosen political views, often being strongly left- or right-wing. Some have violent racial or religious prejudices, while others genuinely love people of all creeds, colors and classes. Their strong political feelings probably account for the large number of Arians who do actually go into politics and subsequently reach high office. When these subjects take up some specific kind of belief, philosophy or ideology, they embrace it wholeheartedly without being able to see the weaknesses or drawbacks in it. They may become so deeply involved in such interests that it becomes impossible to have any kind of discussion with them, without their chosen point of view being dragged into it. This is fine if their partner shares their views, or if he / she can go deaf whenever these subjects creep into the conversation, but if the partner cannot cope with this, the relationship hasn't much of a chance. It is not a good idea to live with an Arian if one cannot drive and does not own a car, because Aries subjects either drive like maniacs, shouting insults at other drivers, or sit resolutely in the middle lane, travelling at a steady 30 mph.

Sun in Aries: Arians are honest, straightforward and somewhat naive; their motto is 'Goodness, I hadn't thought of that!' However, their partners always know where they stand, because the Arian is incapable of deviousness or manipulative behavior. To some extent, what you see is what you get. It is not a good idea to compete with an Arian, and it is better for their partners to be in a different line of work from them. Aries partners need quite a bit of support themselves because, despite their pomposity, they don't have much confidence in their own abilities.

Anyone contemplating taking up with an Arian had better give a bit of thought to the subject of sex. If your personal pattern runs to a quick fumble on birthdays and anniversaries interspersed with late night bible readings and a cup of hot cocoa at bedtime, you had better think again. A friend of mine who had a lengthy affair with an Arian told me that she could only recall four occasions when they spent time together without actually making love. Aries women are either highly sexed or absolutely uninterested in the whole business. This is, of course, an all-or-nothing sign. Aries men, however, seem to be very ardent. Arians can and do experience love in a purely poetic way, mooning about some dream lover from a distance, but they are more likely to put themselves in touch with their own feelings and also to express those feelings in a horizontal position!

If an Arian fancies someone, he / she will make their feelings plain and will man oeuvre the object of their desire out of their clothes as soon as possible. Bed, in the case of Arians, is more of an image or an idea than a necessity, because they will happily make love in the car, up against a tree in the local park, in a lift which is stranded between floors, or any of a thousand other unlikely places. A particularly favorite spot is the office, because there is something particularly delicious about enjoying an illicit session on such 'hallowed ground'. Sexually experimental and very oral, these subjects like nothing better than a tumble under the dining-room table. Whatever does or doesn't happen, even when the love-making stops, Arians have the most wonderful sense of humor. However, Arians can be surprisingly jealous and possessive, especially if they have planets in nearby Taurus; and, while they may 'play' away from home if they can get away with it, they cannot really cope with this being done to them.

The Arian may be impatient with his parents or in-laws but he won't abandon them in times of trouble, and he can always be relied upon to help out financially. When the Arian becomes a parent, he puts his heart into the job. He will provide every kind of educational material for his children and will go to endless trouble and expense to see them enter the best possible schools and colleges. His competitiveness most certainly extends to his children and, if they don't or can't make the grade, he may lose all interest in them. Aries parents have no time for a timid, fussy or awkward child. As the parent or in-law to adult children, the Arian will either leave them alone to live their lives as they wish or, more-likely, will try to control and dictate to them.

As a child, the Arian can be a demanding handful because he is full of energy and is easily bored. Some Arian children, especially girls, are studious and clever, but many of them are disinclined to study. To some extent, parents should insist on school attendance and homework being completed, but if the Aries child is not really keen, then too much parental pressure will turn him off study altogether. An Aries boy may be better at coping with something practical such as construction takes or making objects out of clay.

These children need a physical outlet such as karate, dancing, sailing, or anything else which has a physical and a competitive slant to it. The Aries child needs to be encouraged to share, and to be shown that there are times and places where competitive behavior are not appropriate. He may also need to be kept under control and prevented from being ill-mannered and selfish. However, these children are not too difficult to raise because they are usually happy, healthy and self-sufficient. Honest and decent by nature whilst also being very loving, Aries children make friends easily and need the love and approval of parents, teachers and friends.

The Arian youngster may find it hard to get along with his siblings. In some cases, the Aries child may get on with one sibling but be contemptuous of another. There is no point in making him try to like the other child; if he can't, he can't, and that's that. He is far too straightforward to be nice to the sibling in front of others and spiteful behind his back.

Sun in Aries: Sun sign Arians want to stand out from the crowd, and have the will to succeed. They are basically uncomplicated, direct in their approach, and able to cope in a straightforward way with the day-to-day problems of life. They strip away everything that is not necessary to the achievement of their goals, whether these are immediate or long-term - for example, the menu for tonight's dinner or the details of a contract. Their ability to see clearly the essential elements of important decisions is both enviable and convincing.

Deep resources of determination help Arians when reacting to challenge, although a tendency to rush in regardless can cause problems. Observing these sometimes over quick reactions, one reflects that some Arians learn the hard way (some, of course, do not!)

Achievement is vital; if it is lacking, either in the career or in an all-important hobby, Arians can become physically or psychologically sick and extremely difficult to live with. This is often because of their worst Arian fault, selfishness, which is almost certain to appear to some extent during every Arian's life. Arian children must be made aware of this tendency; it is then much easier for them to recognize and counter it in later life.

Arians are extremely passionate. Just as they need fulfillment at work and at play, so they also need it sexually - probably more so than most other people. Their partners must be lively and capable of reacting well to the crackling flash of Arian sparks; joyous sexual romps with a permanent partner should not only be the prerogative of Arian youth, but also of middle and old age; otherwise, both they and their partners will suffer.

The Arian child will display the typical lively enthusiasm of all fire sign children. That enthusiasm (which will cover the widest variety of interests) can tend to fade quickly, however, and before spending much money on some new craze, parents should be aware that their Arian child may soon lose patience with the new and expensive piece of equipment and push it out of sight, ready for the next enthusiasm.

Patience is not an Arian strong point, so progress at school may be patchy. One hopes that surges of enthusiasm for study will come at the right time - just before important tests or examinations. Happily, the Arian has only to fail one examination and see friends moving ahead before becoming extremely concerned about catching up and re¬establishing a lead; such a disaster will not happen twice.

Restrictive discipline doesn't suit young Arians. Sensible rules will be accepted provided they are explained, but the Arian spirit will refuse to be dampened by silly regulations which have no apparent justification.

Arians make very lively parents. They have delightfully simple, almost child-like, natures which are never entirely suppressed - seen, for instance, in the way a subject assesses a situation or faces up to a problem. Arian parents should find no difficulty in tuning in to the real emotions of their children. They will also be happy to encourage them in any number of enterprises and out-of-school activities: every hour will be packed with incident. However, not all children necessarily share their parents' enthusiasms, and an Arian should not drag a child off to a ball game simply because he wants to go. The child might be happier at home with a good book, or - if the abundant Arian energy has been inherited - at ballet class. Such a situation can reflect Arian selfishness: doing what Aries wants, rather than what the child wants.

Just as an Arian schoolchild must be given his or her head, so a certain freedom of expression is necessary in the career. A boring and routine job may have to be tolerated but, in that case, stimulating outside hobbies must also be established.

A noisy, busy environment is meat and drink to an Arian - a stuffy, claustrophobic office is not. In choosing careers, the Arian could consider engineering or the electronics industries, the armed services or perhaps psychiatry or dentistry. But above all, the Arian should make for fields that enable him or her to move out in front of the crowd and become a successful pioneer of some kind. Arians are ambitious, but the achievement of that ambition is just as important as what is achieved. And the Arian will then be asking 'What next?'

A good head for business is usual, and Arians can be very enterprising; many enjoy organizing their lives so that they have two sources of income. If enterprise and caution can be combined, a lot of money can be made, but a steadying influence is sometimes needed if it is not to be frittered away.

Change is usually taken in the Arian stride, especially if progress can be seen to depend upon it. These people's lively spirits will accept challenge and, while many will look forward to relaxing once they have retired, after a week or two they will revive an old interest or establish a new one. By then, they may have cultivated more patience and can even end up with a new career rather than merely a new hobby. In any case, they will not want their standard of living to drop when they retire.

Arians need plenty of exercise to keep their systems in good condition. This is necessary for everyone, of course, but for Arians it is as vital as breathing. They will, in general, be so enthusiastic that you may have to remind them to modify exercise routines and sporting interests as time passes, if their systems are not to be overstrained.

The head is vulnerable; a tendency to knock and bump the head when young will probably result in early visits from the Tooth Fairy. Arians' natural tendency to rush about carelessly may result in cuts, bruises and even minor burns. The motto 'More haste, less speed' is a valuable one for these people; they enjoy working with all kinds of tools, and again carelessness may court disaster. Arians enjoy spicy food, but it is not usually good for them. They have hearty appetites, and thrive on traditional, rather than elaborate, dishes.

Sun in Aries: Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is the sign of new beginnings. The Arian's present life indicates a new cycle in his personal evolutionary development. Arians are aggressive and direct in expressing themselves. The key phrase for Aries is 'I am'.

Arians are full of creative energy and enthusiasm (because Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars and Pluto); and, because Aries is a cardinal sign, Arians initiate new activities, which keep them occupied until the novelty wears off.

These people have a tremendous psychological drive to prove themselves through action. Arians are not satisfied merely to intellectualize about their concerns; they are impatient to do something about them.

If Arians can learn to think before taking action, their energetic natures will enable them to accomplish much. However, their impulsiveness and inability to listen to the advice of others tend to involve them in difficulties. Arians are likely also to be impatient, and do not always finish what they start, leaving follow-up activities to those with fixed and mutable signs.

Since they are highly competitive, Arians seek to be first and best in whatever they do. They make good leaders, seeking fame and recognition more than wealth and comfort. However, because of their desire for authority and superiority, they are sometimes overly aggressive and prone to use force rather than reason and diplomacy in dealing with others. If they do not possess the necessary wisdom and experience to back up their craving for leadership, they can appear foolish. Arians must be first! But much of their strength arises out of their refusal to admit defeat. They are never daunted by failure, and will always seek new avenues of expression.

Arians need to learn the lesson of love, so that they can relate to others and reach out to them with consideration. By reflecting on the overall consequences of their actions, they can learn this lesson.

The more highly evolved Arian types possess great willpower, spiritual self-confidence, and regenerative ability, due to the Sun's exaltation in this sign.

Sun in Aries: You are very energetic and spirited. It is difficult for you to wait for other people, even your parents, and you tend to be impatient if events don't move as quickly as you would like. For this reason, you prefer to work by yourself, if you find that others aren't moving as quickly as you do. This may cause you to become totally wrapped up in yourself, simply because you aren't relating to others enough and are not paying enough attention when you do. You have a mind of your own, and you do not care if anyone else agrees with you. You resent it fiercely when people try to impose their thinking or their methods on you.

You like to be the first to do everything, and often you take risks that others consider unwise, because you want to be known for doing something that no-one else will do. Just be careful to avoid real trouble, and try to listen to what others have to say. They are not always trying to get in your way; in fact they may be trying to help you.

You are rather quick to anger, but you do not hold grudges. As soon as your angry mood passes, which is usually quite quickly, you are willing to forget and forgive. However, while you are angry you act rashly and may say things that you will regret.

In talking with other people, you prefer to be simple and direct; and whenever possible you are honest, simply because it makes life easier and simpler. Just be careful not to be so blunt that you hurt people's feelings, since some people are emotionally hurt more easily than others. You may also be rather competitive, which may alienate some people; but most will realize that your competitiveness is good-natured and not intended to harm.

Sun in Aries: You have a brave and impatient heart. You have the will to show a way forward - boldly and assertively, without being arrogant or pushy. Your life should be led in a spirit of championing the underdog, as opposed to always wanting to win. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is honest and direct, and / or blunt and hard.

You generate a bright spontaneity that encourages Other to be more aware of simply being, and to live in and for the moment. You have an independence and straightforwardness that is refreshing and makes Other want to know where you are going. You have an air of heroism as you protect the weak and fight for the oppressed.

You can alienate Other with a childish naiveté that is tiresome and short-sighted; with a simplistic attitude that overlooks the subtleties and sensitivities of Other, causing him / her to avoid what is boring, annoying or upsetting about you; and by being arrogant and boastful, or coming on tough.

You overemphasize your air of independence in order to be seen as you'd like to actually feel. You exaggerate how soon you'll be able to achieve an objective, and so you fall short and appear ridiculous. You present a desire to win at all costs, rather than simply doing your best.

You can feel weak when it is made only to clear what or who you depend upon, for whatever reason; when it seems that you are not getting anywhere; and because you feel you have lost, when you could simply be learning a lesson.

When alone, it is probably for one of two reasons, but they both come under the heading of 'enforced independence'. The first one is that you have never allowed Other to see the 'Little Lamb' inside you, and have only shown the forceful, independent Ram. People tire of such a seemingly two-dimensional nature, and ultimately let you be as alone as you like to be thought independent. If you think you have 'chosen' to be on your own because of Other's failings, then you will have only your ego for company for some time. The second reason is the converse of the first one - too much Lamb and not enough Ram. Failing to assert yourself and act independently, without approval from Other, becomes very unstimulating and burdensome for Other. He or she will be forced to look elsewhere for this, while still possibly maintaining a guilt-motivated link with you.

Sun in Aries: Aries great independence is a symptom of vitality and physical energy, and becomes intellectualized later in life, if at all. The highest type of Arian becomes capable of idealizing and universalizing his love of independence, which has its source in egocentricity. The first ambition of the Arian is to be first. He is an inveterate contestant, a professional competitor. His object is not so much the material stake as the glory of winning. He will never boast about coming in sensing; the also-rans he beats impress him less than the one fellow who beats him and thus steals his rightful place at the head of the profession. Literally as well as figuratively, this first-ness shows. Your Arian walks one step ahead of his companions, goes through doors first, and has the first word (and often the last) in any argument. He loves arguments, not as a means of arriving at truth so much as a means of demonstrating that he can come out in front. He often wins by sheer noise and vitality - that is, he makes the other fellow cry uncle. Aries is frequently original in his efforts to be first; and, when not original, is sure to be novel. Any Arian who doesn't understand the difference between originality and novelty should study the two words till he does. When and Arian is original he is a pioneer, an inventor, a great thinker. When he is only novel, he is putting first his ego ideal to be first and neglecting to make his ideas sound and his methods practical. He thus loses the benefit of his energy, his genius and his ambition. All the bugaboos of the ego beset the Arian, and he must beware of self-centeredness. This can make him arrogant, conceited, self-pitying, self-assertive; and, in the face of opposition or restraint, can lead to delusions of persecution in mild or acute form. To forget self, to become absorbed in mental matters, to put ideas first, and to make sure that originality (or novelties) rest on a sound basis of fact; to see the other fellow's point of view, and to regard the other fellow's needs, wishes and desires just as seriously as his own,... are the means by which Aries may emphasize his great good points and ensure that his desire to be first shall actually cause him to be first.

Sun in Aries: Your fiery inner drive makes you the motivating force in any relationship. You tend to have so much physical and sexual energy that you can awaken all sorts of feelings in your partner, even feelings that have long been dormant.

It would be a good idea, however, to bank your fires a bit. Even though you may be overflowing with energy, your partner may tire more quickly, both physically and emotionally, which you must take into consideration. A calmer approach would be good for you personally as well, because your appetite for experience is voracious; overindulgence prevents you from savoring each valuable moment of a love affair.

It is wise to read about sexual technique or learn the ins and outs of lovemaking with a highly skilled lover, because in your eager enthusiasm, you often brush past many of the finer points of sex. You will find a wealth of pleasure in lovemaking if you slow down and linger over each step, even though your high energies are pushing you to go faster. That inner high-intensity flame can heighten the details of love if you govern it. Few people have your ability to etch every experience into your mind and body.

Sun in Aries: Sun in Aries individuals feel they have the right to do as they please; to display independent action and thought; to act on a whim without regard for protocol, timing, or the wishes or opinions of others.

When your attention focuses on gaining recognition for your independence from others, you may unknowingly act in ways that result in disruption and alienation. Wanting to be recognized as your own person, you can resist co-operating in team efforts. When you behave with rashness and lack of consideration, you experience other people blocking your path of action. Thus, using your natural independence in a way that dominates by insisting that others put you first can result in a lack of confidence when they fail to respond.

When your attention is on sharing your talents and abilities with others, you notice how your independent action can be an inspiration to them. By being aware of this natural leadership, you can encourage those around you to express their independence and thus eliminate the need for constant battle. Recognizing your own talents in contributing a quick, courageous assertion of your positive spirit enables you to inspire others. This leaves you free to exit on the desired positive note. Awareness of this impact allows you to express your exuberance in ways that endear you to others. Then you will find others responding with love and appreciation for your dynamic energy.

Sun in Aries: Keynote: the power of individuality manifests through personal initiative. Symbol: rays of a rising Sun splash the sky with streaks of red and gold.

Aries is the springtime sign of the zodiac. People born at this rosy dawning of the year are set to spring into activity. They glory in launching new enterprises, even while leaving previous projects for others to finish. They are direct, headstrong, and aggressive. like the fabled prince who mounted his charger and dashed off in all directions, the Arian must be ever on the go. His main problem is to control his impulses and avoid scattering his forces.

Mars, as ruler of Aries, intensifies its hotheaded disposition. The exalted Sun adds executive power, energy, vitality, and optimism. Since the effects of an exalted planet are as favorable as those of the ruler of a sign, the placement of the Sun in Aries, at the head of the zodiacal procession, is conducive to individual accomplishment. Arians may not achieve the fame of Librans and Aquarians (signs in which the Sun is less strongly placed) because they refuse the curry favors from others and may be downright undiplomatic in the pursuit of their aims. However, they have the boldness to assert their own ideas and are known as the pioneers of the zodiac.

The Sun shines regally from the center of the solar system, while Mars, its marshal, issues commands and enforces its will. Careful attention should be paid to the aspects of Mars in the horoscopes of persons born with the Sun in Aries in order to ascertain the direction their drive for objective self-expression is likely to take.

'Solarians' have a fervent longing for independence and like to fancy themselves to be free souls. As leaders, they sway the destiny of others but soon grow impatient with the restraints imposed by mundane responsibilities. They aspire to know the truth, yet contrive to avoid becoming burdened by the consequences of their truth-seeking endeavors. When their affairs become too complex they wield the cutting edge of Mars as a sword to sever knots of bureaucratic red tape. Then, oblivious to the havoc in their wake, they march forward fearlessly in search of new fields to conquer.

The Arian moves people to action through the heat of his personal enthusiasm. He is an idea man, but frequently someone else must do the groundwork if his concepts are to take route in the material world. He may also be a rolling stone who, if permitted to go first, will clear a path on which others may walk. However, if relegated to the rear, he may roll on heedlessly mowing down all who are so foolish as to impede his progress. There is nothing rancorous about this flattening of obstructing objects. He is what he is, and that is all there is to it.

Aries people suffer from their own carelessness, recklessness, and immoderate behavior ¬qualities which may, in turn, inflict suffering on others. Theirs can be the unwitting selfishness that results from excessive impulsiveness. Utterly spontaneous and moved by the mood of the moment, immature types may be so blithely unaware of their adolescent self-centeredness that it is impossible to resent them, especially since their intentions are nearly always honorable. Although seldom deliberately unkind, they may fail to consider the effects of their words or the far-reaching implications of their casual conduct.

The more evolved Arians will never say 'die', but are ever ready to rise to new and more adventurous challenges. Their feeling is that the whole day lies ahead and they are eager to be up and doing.

Sun in Aries: Aries is the point of all beginning. The person with his Sun in Aries is in the process of building a new personality. All the energies are self-centered and self-directed. Before one can give oneself away, there must be something to give.

The Arian assumes authority quickly, but must resist the impulse to 'ram' ahead, pushing whoever is there out of the way. It is natural for the Arians to assume authority and responsibility. They can be inspired forces within a group. There is a joyousness and enthusiasm about the Arians. Thus, they are an inspiration to others. Ideas and creative projects seem to flow from them in a never-ending stream. They are full of energy and never lack courage.

However, they can, also, project the negative traits of their Sun sign. Because of this, you will find Arians who are self-centered. They are apt to forget that other people may have good ideas and can assume responsibility, too. This makes it difficult to form a partnership with an Arian. It is, also, difficult for an Arian to be an employee. Their natural instinct is to be the employer. They have a tendency to start a project then to suddenly lose interest in it if the progress is too slow or things have become too complicated.

These people have a gift for waking up in an environment they find themselves in. They do not sit quietly in a corner waiting for someone to speak to them.

They are not subtle or devious. If they want something, they go after it.

Both sexes enjoy having a career as well as being attracted to community or political activities where they can use their talent for leadership.

They like people, but they may drop out of orbit while pursuing new interests. In six months, they may be back again as if no time had elapsed.

In love, they are passionate, with strong sexual feelings.

They are usually healthy, because they move around enough to exercise their bodies. This produces good circulation. They rarely overeat. Their head is the most vulnerable spot. They are prone to headaches due to tension. They almost always end up with some type of injury to their head. You will find a number of small scars on their head from running into things or from accidents.

Fire, the element of Aries, is symbolic of Aries' burning desire to keep pushing onward against all obstacles. They react similarly to a horse with blinders on, looking neither to the right nor to the left, but straight ahead to their destination.

Arian parents tend to push their children too hard in school. Their lack of patience doesn't help, either. Even so, they make good parents.

As children, Arians are noisy and full of energy. They must be doing something every minute. Firm discipline is needed, but it shouldn't be too strict, either. They like games and sports, for they have a large amount of energy. There is a tendency to run high fevers.

The three things an Arian should learn are:
(1) patience;
(2) conservation of energy; and
(3) completion.

See also: Sun in Aries; Sun in Aries; Sun in Aries; Children of Aries

Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces in you a truly explosive personality; dynamic, hard hitting, powerful, and magnetic. Every idea put forth in the reading of your Sun sign is intensified by the Aries Moon. Independence and self-confidence may be so intensified that they become a stumbling block in personal relationships, if they are not somewhat tamed. You are an individualist first, last, and always. You are extremely impatient with people, sometimes to the extent of being intolerant. People may view you as hardboiled because of a tendency for you to be too matter-of-fact. You do express yourself readily and forcefully, with considerable dramatic effect. It’s painfully difficult for you to listen to and understand the woes of others. Yet you can be demanding of the attention of those around you on those rare occasions when you disclose your personal problems. You are not an intellectual person, and you may not have even taken the time to get a good education. In fact, well-educated and intellectually pretentious folks are among those you find the most boring and uninteresting. You are not impressed with abstract thoughts and ideas, only actions and accomplishments. This is not to say you don’t use your mind. Your mind is always active: reading, talking, discussing. When it comes to getting things done and done rapidly, your talents can fill the bill. This position provides exceptional leadership traits, but a need to develop qualities of tact and consideration for the feeling of others can impede progress.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries: Whatever anyone else can say about you, it will never be that you don't know your own mind. In fact, it's far more likely that they will say you know your own mind too well and are too ready to express whatever comes into it, for independence is the outstanding trait of your nature - independence in both intellectual and material matters. You are an individualist, first, last, and always; you believe in yourself, and in your own ability to overcome the forces of heaven and earth, man and God, in order to arrive at that goal of personal ambition which is so clearly defined in your mind as to be already an actuality.

You are likely to be somewhat intolerant of divergent opinions on the part of others. Not only are you intolerant of them, but you may just plain not understand them, for understanding is not your strong point. The troubles of other people are not especially interesting to you, although by a paradoxical twist you frequently expect other people to listen to your troubles, at some considerable length. Not because you want or need or expect or would be likely to use advice, but just because you are so absorbed by your own problems that you expect everyone else to be willing and even anxious to listen to them. You express readily and forcefully and with considerable dramatic effect.

All in all, you are a rather impressive person and more likely than not to go places and do things with that excellent quick intelligence and that absorption in your own life, your own problems, and your own ambitions. Even if you haven't had a college education - and you are so energetic and ambitious that it's likely you would leave formal schooling behind, out of sheer impatience - your mind is always active: reading, talking, discussing. You are not a student in the profound sense of the word, but you get things readily and will keep on getting them as long as you live.

There's nothing the matter with your head - nor with your heart either, as far as that goes. But despite an affectionate nature which craves understanding, you are not likely to get it until you have learned to be more interested in other people. You have to overcome a tendency to appear hard-boiled through being too matter of fact. You see the intellectual and sensible solution to personal problems so readily that you don't quite get the emotional turmoil of less intellectual people who feel more and analyze less. Try to see things from the other fellow's viewpoint. Learn to temper your independence with cooperation and tact and with consideration for the wishes and feelings of others, and there is nothing you cannot do. This is one of the best combinations of Sun and Moon and leads far upward, once you have mastered the more self-centered leanings of your nature and learned to objectify.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries

Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries: Marlon Brando, Ellen, Robert

Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows that you can combine forcefulness and enough tact to do pretty much as you please, and get away with it. For all the charm and dash of manner about you, there is a distinct layer of steely drive and determination. The aggressiveness and rough edges of Aries are softened and smoothed by the influence of Taurus. You can be an agreeable and polite person, with tactless behavior kept well in check. You have a curious way of appearing tactful even as you lay down the law and demand your way. There’s a “sugar and spice” way of driving your point home, and winning. You have a powerful magnetic quality, coupled with a very strong will and determination for leadership. All Aries are natural leaders, but in this configuration, there is more stability and more of a solid base to the operation. You think highly of yourself, though you aren’t one to make a show of this. Yet a pervading sense of your abilities is the foundation of your life. You’re never likely to suffer from an inferiority complex. You need to learn to rule without dominating and to adjust your desires to the happiness of those around you. Anyhow, regardless of your sex, you’re likely to be the dominate partner in your marital relationship, and you’ll try to control circumstances in nearly any situation you find yourself.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus: You are one of those tactful and forceful people who manage to do pretty much as they please and get away with it. Your energy, vitality, independence, and magnetism operate under the aegis of a certain charm, reserve, and poise that stabilizes your position, even in the face of enmity and opposition. You can hardly go through life without making enemies, and perhaps very important and powerful enemies at that, but unless other things are very bad in your horoscope, you will always manage to come out at the right end of a quarrel, or at least be able to go on and leave your enemies trailing in the dust.

You are not exactly magnanimous: you are a strong and implacable fighter and give no quarter; but you are too intent on your own problems and ambitions to worry about revenge. You have an acute business sense, and although your artistic and intellectual leanings may lead you into pursuits that are not ordinarily supposed to be remunerative, you are more likely than not to feather your nest pretty well even in the service of the muses. Your best place in life would be an executive one, in charge of some artistic or intellectual project, for you are a manager as well as a creator.

You have a curious way of appearing tactful even when you are laying down the law or insisting on your own way, and you are pretty likely to get what you want out of people and make them like it. If they don't like it, that's too bad. You are somewhat considerate of others, but, more than this, you have a way of making people think you are being considerate of them when you are doing exactly as you jolly well please. To more dependent sorts of people, this makes you seem not exactly hard-boiled but a little detached from ordinary human frailty; even your weaknesses have a sort of air about them, as if you could overcome them if you wanted to but don't think it's worth the trouble.

You have an "I can take it or I can leave it alone" attitude about pleasure, indulgence, and other off-the-routine matters, which is the despair of people who have consciences or acute sense of the value of time. The truth of the matter is that you don't waste time at all but do what you have to do in a clipped, efficient, and scheduled manner, so that you have time left over after you have accomplished more than most people do with all their time. You are likely to think pretty well of yourself, although you may be quiet about it and not cram it down people's throats; but a pervading sense of your own abilities is the foundation of your life. Few people with this position will be found with any vestige of an inferiority complex, and the reverse is likely to be more nearly their story. You have to learn to rule without dominating and to adjust your desires not only to your own needs but to the happiness of those around you.

In a man's horoscope, this position usually indicates a splendid, helpful, and possibly a wealthy wife who stabilizes him, adds to his prestige, and in every way contributes to his success. A woman with this combination is likely to wear the trousers of the family to pretty good purpose.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus

Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus: Robert Downey, Jr., Elton John, Lori, Zeno

Sun in Aries and Moon in Gemini: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces one of the most verbally active pairs in the Zodiac. You’re likely to dominate any conversation as your mind works fast and releases the information it has processed just as fast. You have to learn to keep things to yourself at least until you’ve made up your mind, which you don’t find easy to do. It is easier for you to make decisions by sitting down and talking things out rather than by closing yourself off, studying the issues and concentrating on the alternatives. Speaking before you think and jumping to conclusions can get you in deep trouble. Success will come easier for you after you have learned, and practice, the art of secrecy, clearly thinking things through before you charge off. This shortcoming notwithstanding, you are likely to get far in the world because of your quick wit and good intentions. Your debate skills allow you to back lesser opponents into the corner with relative ease. Surprisingly, as quick as you act, you have an especially good knack for details. In business, your command of facts and figures gives you the semblance of the perfect executive. Nonetheless, you’re often guilty of a little oscillation and indecision stemming from too many superficial facts and too little depth of study. Anyhow, fluency of mind is your primary attribute. Your style of getting bits and pieces of information and using them in a glib and effective way can take far. You may aspire to become an executive. However, the hard decision making necessary here may not be as natural for you as a spot in advertising, the literary world, or in other areas where your outstanding business acumen focused on anything dealing with the spoken or written word can be employed. You should try to overcome a certain superficiality with respect to both intellectual and emotional matters.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Gemini: This is one of the most talkative positions in the entire Zodiac. You have to learn to keep things to yourself at least until you've made up your own mind, which you don't find easy to do. Concentration is not your strong point, and you seem to feel that by sitting down and talking about it everything will be made manifest and clear and your course of action laid out for you. This somehow fails to work. Your best way to success is to learn, and practice, the art of secrecy; go off in a corner with your problems, and fight them out with yourself before you take the world and his wife into your confidence. And speaking of the world and his wife, you are extremely fond of the details of their lives and like to talk them over with all and sundry. You have a keen sense of news values - which may not be so pleasant to those of your friends who want to keep certain matters in the dark. This is all well and good so long as no one is hurt, but you are likely to have a pretty sharp tongue in spite of your good intentions, and to barb your quips and rumors so that they stick. Just be careful that they don't turn around on you and come back flying in your face.

Naturally, with your keen intellectual endowments, your facile manner of expression, and your delight in drama, news, and romance, you should make your career along one of these lines: writer, speaker, actor, advertising - anything that deals with the written or spoken word. You have a sort of hankering to be an executive, but this isn't precisely your forte. You have a pretty shrewd business head which, applied in the literary world, ought to get you well paid for whatever you produce; for in spite of your sometimes jittery inability to make up your mind (which would hurt you as an executive) you have no trouble making up your mind about what you are worth in dollars and cents, and in getting it by hook or crook.

You are not exactly tactful, but you're able to get what you want by a rapid flow of argument, logic, and reasons pro and con. You know all the answers and know also how to use them to your own advantage. You will talk (and write) your way through the world and make a lot of friends who will admire your glibness, your quickness, your wit, and your insight, which you are able so aptly to express.

Not a deep student, you are none the less likely to be, or to appear to be, the best informed person around, for you pick things up readily and glean odds and ends of knowledge as you go along, being able to haul them out at impressive moments. If you would apply this mental ability to concentrated study there is nothing in an intellectual way that you could not accomplish, but restlessness is likely to take you away from books and formal study and plunge you early into the active life of the world. You should try to overcome a certain superficiality with respect both to intellectual and emotional matters, for you're likely to appear in both these respects a little flighty.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Gemini

Sun in Aries and Moon in Gemini: Bette Davis, Alicia, RoyO

Sun in Aries and Moon in Cancer: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign blends the determined and aggressive traits of Aries, with the sensitivity, sympathy, and intuition of Cancer. This pairing produces a unique quality that generally permits you to succeed in a variety of endeavors. Unlike many dynamic Aries types, you can “feel” out the other fellow before jumping to an immediate conclusion. The Cancer influence slows down a tendency merely to react with an aggressive response to any stimuli. You are apt to put more thought and understanding into your actions. You have a knack for handling people because you know how to capture their imagination with your flair for dramatic appeals, and your seeming concern for their general welfare. This is not to say that you are a humanitarian by nature. In fact, like all Aries, you are somewhat self-centered in many ways. But talented enough, and sensitive enough, always to present yourself in a very convincing light. Though it is unintentional, at times you are damaging to others, or hurt them, without understanding that you are doing so. Your social perceptions are so keen that you can rise very rapidly with much popular support. The ease with which you can lead is sometimes a wonder even to yourself. While you have much pride in your abilities, you may often find yourself a little inwardly unsure. You may question how you can gather the dash and excitement that permits you to express yourself so convincingly. It’s important that you remember not to take yourself too seriously and avoid excesses in dramatization.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Cancer: Well, there's no doubt about it - you are sensitive, extremely sensitive - and extremely capable. You have a good deal of pride in your own ability, a sort of determination to live up to the best that is in you in a personal and artistic way. This is one of the positions that makes for both artists and executives, students and doers at the same time, for your intellectual powers are strong and are bolstered up still further by an intuitive understanding of both people and things. You know how to catch the imagination of your audience, however broad or narrow it may be, without giving up any least iota of your own individualism, which is peculiarly precious to you. You have a keen social sense and a sense of the dramatic, which makes you lively company when you're in the mood.

You are much subject to moods and can change from sprightly gayety to pretty heavy dejection, all in the twinkling of an eyelash. You know how to manage people to your own ends, which, if the truth can be known, do not always coincide with the ends of other people. There's a good deal of selfishness here - perhaps not selfishness so much as self-centeredness. You know well enough what will make other people happy, but you are more likely than not to give your own whims precedence over the needs of other people - at the same time that you are able to make them think that you are really the best and most considerate of souls. You wouldn't willfully hurt a fly, but, on the other hand, it seems as if you frequently do hurt people without understanding that you are doing so.

You have a keen sense of the dramatic and could therefore be successful either directly on the stage, as an actor, or in related arts and crafts that deal with drama through the spoken or written word. You are extremely fluent both in speech and writing, with a wit and charm to your manner of expression that make you popular. You give the impression of independence, originality, and dash, even when you're internally quavering at your own daring and wondering how you are mustering up the courage to appear so exciting.

You love your home and all things connected with it despite the fact that this position often brings obligations from family ties that are far from appealing. You are able, through will power, to work out your intimate personal problems, but in the working out there may be a good deal of self-dramatization which impedes the progress of your rational solution. You should learn, for your greatest success, not to take yourself too seriously in your personal life; and to transfer your dramatic sense and your energy into the outer world where your natural talents will find a public, and a just reward.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Aries and Moon in Cancer: Abbe

Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that blends the Aries drive for success with the warmth, nobility, and balance of Leo. People respond to you naturally because of you are an interesting, active, adventurous, and exciting person. You pursue your ideals with great energy, excitement, a sense of adventure, and boundless enthusiasm. You love people and they respond to you in a very positive way to your magnetic personality. Self-image is all important to you, and you have a natural faith in yourself and probably a total confidence in your abilities. You respect yourself to a high degree and see yourself as a natural born leader. You need to achieve to reinforce this wonderful sense of worth, and to maintain a rightful position of leadership and popularity. Success may come because you can come up with good ideas, but more often it is because those above you and those below you both like you a lot and are willing to listen and follow you. You don’t hesitate to tell people that you “need” them, because in your open and honest way, you’re confident that they will respond to you and back your cause. You have a warm heart and an affectionate nature, because of a harmonious blending of individuality and personality; thinking and feeling are very much in tune. You have a talent for clear vision or for visualizing your goal or objective, concentrating on these goals and objectives, and attaining them.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo: Romance and an adventuresome attitude combine to make your life interesting. You have a keen sense of both of these, and a certain loyalty and fixity of devotion and purpose that make you a good friend, a good sweetheart, and a good business person, despite the fact that you want your own way and pretty generally manage to get it. You love not only individuals but people as a whole, and people, feeling this, flock around you and fill your life with the pleasant contacts of friendship.

You need love and affection and generally manage to get it. This is furthermore a fine executive position, and you are able to manage affairs, both your own and those of others, to excellent advantage. You are expressive, even eloquent, and may have an exceptionally fine speaking voice. Ambition is keenly marked and assumes a personal form. You need success for the gratification of your inner regard for your own ability quite as much as for the plaudits of the world. This makes you a truly creative spirit, for you create out of a combination of the head and the heart which touches your work, whatever it may be, with fire, at the same time that its intellectual content loses nothing. You have a way of making your emotions and your instincts appear plausible and even inevitable, not only to yourself but to your world, with the satisfying result that people take you seriously, sensing the underlying soundness of your nature.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo

Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo: Alan Arkin, Gloria Steinem, Farmer, Ivy, Nirvesh

Sun in Aries and Moon in Virgo: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows that you are very cool emotionally. A fine critical nature seems to replace a good deal of the impetuosity often associated with Aries. You are likely to have a mind that is channeled into practical matters, and you have a “no nonsense” attitude about most issues. Efficiency is all important to you. You have a driving determination to get things done, and to get them done right. You are definitely an achiever, combining your cool-headed judgment and the energy to put your thoughts into action. You may be lacking in creativity and originality, but you readily absorb knowledge and put it to use in a very efficient way. You figure things out from every angle and never overlook the smallest detail. You’re hard to work for, because you’re so exacting. You can be very pointed in your manner of criticizing a half-finished job or work that in any way reveals unacceptable quality. You are potentially a very fine executive if you can keep from making too many enemies with your aggressive and critical nature. You’re not a romantic or a socially outgoing person, and you may even be something of a “lone wolf” type.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Virgo: You have a fine critical and analytical mind, scientific in its bent rather than creative or executive, but capable through the exercise of mental powers of rising to great heights which may give you the appearance of executive power and authority. Your best road to success, however, is along lines where studious application to details, scientific analysis, and a respect for the known and knowable facts will reap their reward. A lawyer, a doctor, a judge, a scientist - or a business man depending on his own powers of analysis to create his business and success - these are the fields in which you can hope to excel.

But underlying all must be a strong intellectual training-formal schooling if possible, and if this is not possible, continued study on your own, which because of your deep-seated curiosity will be congenial to you. This is the position under which you never stop learning and wanting to learn; you are continually on the search for facts, knowledge, information, and details, and the piecing together all of these facts gives you a grip not only on the details but also on the broader and more general viewpoints which are merely products of a multitude of facts.

You don't take very much for granted; you expect to do your best yourself, and you brook no slipshod methods in those who work around you, or with you, or for you. You are a stern but just judge. You are likely to sit in judgment on your friends and neighbors for you're a good deal of a Puritan at heart and have little use for human frailty and weakness. A certain dash to your manner is deceptive in this respect, and makes you appear to be quite a gay person while you are more likely than not to stay strictly within the bounds of convention.

You have to be careful of being too harsh with the frailties of other people, for the judicial note is strong, and there is danger that it will degenerate into a holier-than-thou attitude which is aggravating to more earthbound mortals. You have to remember that people must be judged by their own standards as well as by yours. You can get to the truth of the matter well enough, and it's up to you to select a matter where the truth is of some consequence.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aries and Moon in Virgo: LucJr, Olof, ScottS

Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces contradictions in your makeup because these signs are precisely opposite one another, a full 180 degrees apart. Aries is naturally independent; the Libra Moon is sometimes very dependent. This is a difficult position presenting a problem between the emotional and mental nature. You are ambitious and eager to please people, with the sort of personality that seems to reach out to others as if you are in need of reassurance and guidance. Your nature is highly individualized, yet you are just as highly dependent on support and sympathy. The contradiction in your nature is that you value your freedom intensely, and while it would appear that your need for support could even result in you being dominated by another, this is never likely to be the case. You can ignore the feelings, opinions, and wishes of others when you get an idea in your head. The ability to concentrate on one thing for a prolonged period is very difficult for you. You can be daydreaming even when by all appearances you are hard at work. The dramatic side of your nature will always make it hard to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and remain totally practical.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra: This is a curiously difficult position, presenting a problem between the emotional and mental natures. You are ambitious, eager to get ahead and anxious to please people, with a sort of personality that seems to reach out to others as if you are in need of support and guidance and affection from someone or from many people. Despite a nature which in many ways is highly individualized, you are strangely dependent on others - can be thrown off your balance by lack of sympathy, or by coldness, or hardness, or lack of consideration in those around you. This is odd of you because you are perfectly capable of ignoring the feelings, opinions, and wishes of others when you get a set idea in your head. You go ahead in spite of man, God, and the devil, let the chips fall where they may - and like as not they fall right back on you, to your great confusion.

You will undoubtedly be found in a professional or artistic, rather than in an executive career, but you have a hard time concentrating and a tendency to daydream is your besetting evil. You can give the appearance of concentration and of working to beat all get out, at the same time that your mind is millions of miles away.

You are likely to resort to all kinds of devices to accomplish concentration - and when you get it, be unable to do anything anyway. You have to bear in mind, in all things, that the solution to your problems is not to be found in other people or in your surroundings, but in yourself. Until such a time as you cease to look to the outer world for support, sympathy, and guidance and take yourself gently but firmly by the scruff of the neck and (to mix metaphors) look yourself squarely in the face, you are likely to waste your energies woefully.

Whether you're merely a daydreamer, or think yourself inspired, or a medium, your surest recipe for success is to plant your feet solidly on terra firma, look into your own nature with infinite detachment, and determine how you and the world in which you find yourself may be brought realistically and constructively into contact with each other. A sort of romantic belief in yourself, unaccompanied by action, makes it likely that you will not develop to the highest point, while romantic matters tending to go awry further confuse your mind by introducing a note of frustration. You'll do best to avoid romance as much as possible. Get your love life settled early and then forget it; learn to take these matters more for granted, less dramatically - for if you don't your life is likely to be one continuous drama in which you, as the leading character, will not be able to find time for anything of material consequence.

A certain facility for poetry accompanies this position but only in the presence of rigid intellectual training can this be made constructive and progressive. Though your tendency is to the arts, you will make greater progress along more material lines, such as business, in which you will have to force yourself to think things out straight and true, and where perforce you will have to swallow that inspirational lump that keeps rising in your throat. Stick to the facts, and the Great Principles will take care of themselves.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra

Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra: Nisargadatta, Joseph Ratzinger

Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces an individual who combines assertiveness with a strong drive to control, improve, and revolutionize. This is a somewhat difficult position because of the intensity of your feelings, and the only thing that you may be satisfied with, is you. You are a very competent person, and you recognize this as a fact. Even when things are not going well, you are never one to become discouraged or inclined to give up. You are always seeking a new mountain to climb or a new challenge to meet. Change and revolution fascinate you, and you eagerly yearn to engage in any sort of competition or turmoil in which you can be a part. You may seem genial enough and have a pleasant, smiling face, but somehow others know that you are not one to be imposed upon or taken for granted. You are neither a materialist nor a humanitarian, but strive instead for recognition and admiration. The only reward you really seek is the personal satisfaction of seeing the job done right or the challenge met. In fact, to you, the work you do can be an end unto itself. You can get things done on your own, and you are likewise inspiring to others. People find you magnetic and interesting. Though people are drawn to you, the converse is not always true, and you may have few close friends. Self-sufficiency and self-respect seem all that you need much of the time. You are so self-contained and capable that you may often fail to receive any reasonable degree of sympathy and concern from others when these might be called for. This is not a concern for you because, just as you are harsh and demanding on those with whom you deal, you are just as hard and uncompromising with yourself.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio: Well, whatever may happen to you, good or bad, life is never going to be dull. Between your own aggressiveness and vitality, your conviction of your own worth, and the way you are able to make the world believe in it, you will have your ups and downs, but you will never lose that zest for living which fills you with energy and inner drive. Although not by any means always happy (you have a way of brooding over secret matters, real or imagined, of which even those closest to you have little knowledge), you none the less give the impression of competence and ability, of holding the strands of your life firmly in your hands and of doing with them pretty much as you please. Even in adversity, you are undismayed; for a combination of faith in yourself, and in some higher power which you may or may not call God, or Luck, surrounds you with a kind of aura of invulnerability.

You seem so competent and capable that you are likely not to get nearly as much sympathy from the world as others do - and you don't want sympathy; you scorn it. Ready enough to give it to others (though in a rather detached and impersonal manner), you would consider yourself humiliated if sympathy were offered to you. You are able to take care of yourself, and do, and are proud of it, and resent any implication that you can't. This justifies your pride both to yourself and to the world.

You have a turbulent nature, and in many ways lead a turbulent life. If you are born low, you go high; if you're born high and secure, you're likely to go low and jump back again. There's a steel spring in you that stays wound up, waiting for the emergencies of life, for you are not really ambitious in a worldly sense. You want security, comfort, activity, excitement, perhaps, but you are content with these. You like recognition, but for its own sake rather than for wealth.

Your rewards in life are deeply intimate and personal, and the conviction of your own worth, is of more value to you than all the money or property in the world. Thus, as an artist, though you may, through your vitality and your ability to magnetize the public, achieve some degree of fame and recognition, you pursue your art from a truly inner sense of well-being in a task well done, in a Self properly realized and expressed. But at the same time that you are expressing yourself in this or in some other way, there are deep wells of secret things that you do not express at all - ideas, ideals, dreams, imaginings, that never come to the surface and would surprise your friends if they knew of them if they were not prepared never to be surprised by anything you may do. This great fund of secret ideology provides inspiration if you are an artist of any kind, and magnetic force to your personality, either in business or in social matters.

You are pretty set in your ways, very inflexible when your mind is made up - determined without the appearance of being stubborn (though of course you are stubborn!), and able to convince people peaceably even against their wills. You are exceptionally loyal and devoted in matters of love and stick to your friends through years and years.

You are capable of demanding little and giving much; but you won't be imposed on, and you have a sure instinct for the chiseler, the sycophant, or the fawner who may seek your friendship merely to be helped by your money or your influence. Him you detect and scorn. But you will give the shirt off your back for a worthy person, though you have in general little interest in causes. You will help individuals and let the causes take care of themselves.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio: Warren Beatty, Charlie Chaplin, Lady Gaga, Mark

Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius: The combination of your Sun and Moon sign produces independence of thought, action, and speech. This is a position of dynamic ideals and popular appeal. You believe in the truth with an almost absolute devotion. This belief is perhaps not in the truths of scientific investigation, but more likely in the proper philosophies of life and other large issue abstractions. The natural tendency for Aries to be the pioneer, the fighter, the doer, and the initiator new concepts and ideas is not greatly modified by this combination. Yet the Sagittarius Moon does impose a personal code of ethics and honor that may not always be present in the brash Aries native. In you, executive powers are strongly marked, taking the form of controlling others with ideas and principles. The proper path that should be followed is so clear to you that you are not one ever to mince words in plotting the course. Your intensely emotional approach to getting something accomplished can sometimes limit your awareness of the feeling of others and you can be tough on those around you. The human frailties of pettiness, emotionalism, and jealousy are not well understood by you, and do not relate well with your totally open and frank personality. You are definitely a leader of men, though you may not always understand them, conversely, people may completely respect you, but fault you for a lack of sensitivity. In all types of dealings there is tendency to employ a broad brush approach often finding it difficult to come down to the real and personal everyday issues. Your best fields of endeavor will be found in the professions.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius: Independence of thought, action, and speech - that's you! You believe in the truth with an almost pious devotion - not so much the technical truth of scientific investigation as the fundamental truths of large doctrines, philosophies, abstractions. You are more a speculator than a seeker - details irk you. You look for truth along larger lines. This is likely to lead into the errors of inspirationalism, and unless you temper these grandiose mental tendencies with the scientific method, you're likely to lapse into obscure generalities and large phrases insufficiently defined.

With your extreme insistence on honor in your own life, you can be a tremendous force for good in the world if you give yourself that rigid mental training which will bring your generalizations down to earth and make them realistically significant. You are in many ways a pioneer, a fighter, a doer, a pleader of new doctrines and lost causes; you are strongly individualistic with a powerful desire to bring your world, whether it be great or small, to your way of thinking.

Your executive powers are strongly marked, taking the form of controlling others with an idea, a thought, a principle, rather than with the power of position or authority. You derive your greatest satisfaction not from power over the bodies of men, but over their minds. You might be the one who said, "Let me write the songs (or the editorials) of the nations, and I care not who makes its laws (or leads its armies)."

You are not especially aware of the feelings of other people but are likely to be acutely aware of your own, which is tough on those around you. You have to cultivate understanding of people as well as of ideas; and in both fields regard for details is the quality of mental and emotional activity that needs attention. While keeping your wagon hitched to a star, you're likely to drive it into the ditch. You are capable of spouting idealistically about love at the very moment when you've forgotten to bring home the groceries your wife wanted.

Your best field of activity is definitely professional - though you are so active physically that you are likely to choose some profession that requires a lot of moving around. You have little capacity or desire for staying in one place. You will achieve your greatest satisfaction through your appeal to other people, and whether you're a lawyer, an actor, a doctor, or a divine, your self-gratification comes not so much through power or through wealth as it does through Influence.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius: Wilhelm Reich, Vincent van Gogh

Sun in Aries and Moon in Capricorn: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign blend the attributes of the Ram (Aries) and the Goat (Capricorn), equipping you well for the task of battering and climbing. This position gives natural talents for managing and directing as the driving force of Aries is tempered with the persistence and deliberate judgment of Capricorn. You have an inner drive for success that is rarely equaled. There are also very definite ideas about where you are going and how you are going to get there; and you’re not one to let anything stand in your way. In many ways you are an opportunist who knows how to judge people, spot problem people, and problem situations, before they get the upper hand. You may not get to your goals as quickly as many fellow Aries, since avoiding the pitfalls and waiting for the chance that is really what you want. This is a strength that other Aries may not possess. Nonetheless, your drive is always hard, and fast, compared to normal standards. Though you are full of energy and determination, and you seem to waste very little of these on nonproductive activities. You seem to know how to direct your efforts to get what you want. Being a very worldly person, fame and recognition are your top priorities or at least very near the top. You will give up a lot in a personal sense for success. You may make a good spouse, but marriage is not likely to be all important in your life, but rather an event. The career may be foolishly placed ahead of family. Your intellect is not unsound, but abstract knowledge or knowledge for its own sake, holds little appeal to you. Common sense seems much more valuable so far as you are concerned.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Capricorn: You have that inner drive of ambition that makes almost inevitably for success. You're a hard person to get the better of, for you know your own mind and have definite ideas of where you're going and how you're going to get there and you let nothing stand in your way. No matter how sweet and gracious you may be, and there's every chance that you are, at least when you want to be - there's a hard underlying foundation of rock in your nature that does not get shaken and does not yield to blandishment.

You seem to know the laws of the conservation of energy and to be able to take all the pep, energy, enthusiasm, and magnetism of your makeup and put it into constructive action through the power of a rigidly controlled personality. Your manner of expression is forceful without being offensive; you seem to know instinctively the right way to say the right thing at the right time and powerful people will help you at the beginning of your life as you will help others at the end. One or both parents is likely to mean a great deal to you both psychologically and materially.

You have good sound intellectual equipment which you put to practical use. Abstract knowledge or knowledge for its own sake is of no especial importance to you, though you are an apt, even exceptional student. But your bent is too practical for the abstractions of intellect, and your mind serves the purposes of the world rather than any detached purposes of its own. This leads to various types of careers according to other indications, but in any case the career's the thing, to which emotional and mental matters become subordinated. You are an opportunist and can take advantage of things as they arise as well as create your own opportunities. All in all, this is a very powerful and dynamic position.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Aries and Moon in Capricorn: GaryCl, Jason, Joy, Suzanne

Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign indicates a nature that, while being somewhat discriminating, is very sociable and magnetic. People respond to your likable personality with few reservations. You have a good sense about want is modern and progressive, and you’re always eager to play an important role in any kind of progress. But in fact, you are not an especially tolerant person. Holding to the establishment more as a reactionary than a liberal is more than likely your style. While you work well with the public, there is a tendency within you to feel that everyone should fend for themselves. You are not one to be particularly charitable to those less fortunate than yourself. This factor notwithstanding, you have innate social skills allowing you to make each person you meet feel that they are uniquely important to you. You have a noble air about you that is impressive and seems to signal that you have a good deal of self-esteem. A certain aristocracy of breeding is denoted by this position. This impresses those with whom you come in contact and they respect you for this. You are quick to judge people and situations, as your whole life seems to moves at a pretty rapid pace. You are romantic and highly idealistic. This is a good placement for material success and well-being, and for some degree of public recognition.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius: Your interest in people pays large dividends, whether it takes the form of dealing with people in business, in public life or in the remoter forms of public contact. You are highly social and magnetic, and likely in some way or other to be well paid for anything you undertake that depends on your popularity with, or purchasing power of, the masses. You'd make a good salesman, either of merchandise, of yourself, or of any ideas you may have. You give a great impression of being interested in what goes on around you at the same time that you don't lose sight of the main chance. This combination of assets makes it possible for you to analyze situations pretty accurately where either people or business matters are concerned.

Very little grass grows under your feet. Your life moves at a rapid pace. You're romantic, courageous, and adventurous; large ventures appeal to you. You have little use for the trifling or the picayune. You probably have had the advantages of a good family background and the education that goes with it, for a certain aristocracy of breeding is denoted by this position, of which you know how to take advantage.

Democratic notions are not marked, for you are an extreme individualist, believing in yourself, and those in your financial and social strata; and despite your success in dealing with people, you have no particular faith in them. Politically, you are more likely to be a reactionary than a liberal. Economically, you believe in capitalism and its perquisites - for the very sufficient reason that this system has in all probability been very good to you. Realizing, however, that success in any system derives from the masses, you are able to conceal your inner feeling that most people are sheep or worse, and to make the most of public and private opportunity.

You are not wanting in self-esteem and it's likely that your good opinion of yourself, your ideas, and your mode of life contributes to your lack of sympathy with those who think differently, or pursue different modes of life, or dwell on a lower economic scale. You go with the right people, live in the right part of town, belong to the right clubs, and send your children to the right schools. Intellectually you are sound and thorough; emotionally you are romantic and highly idealistic, ardent.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius:

Sun in Aries and Moon in Pisces: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a somewhat introverted, self-analyzing, soul-searcher; not at all the typical Aries. Though you may have great potential in many directions, you seem to always harbor doubts and underestimate yourself. Making everyday decisions can, at times, be a trying experience for you. Strangely, however, you have a very determined streak in your nature, a need to be independent. You take things very personally, and impressions that come to you via your senses leave a very indelible mark on your mind. It’s hard for you to avoid being very moody and worrying entirely too much. Your natural demeanor denies this, as you give a great impression of forcefulness, but internally you are timid, a little afraid of the world, and even afraid and unsure of your opinions. Again, you don’t let the world see the shy person that you are. You dislike being imposed upon and you aren’t shy about letting others know this. You express yourself readily with a facile manner of speaking. Bold as a lion on the outside, but meek as a lamb underneath. You have some difficulty concentrating, simply because you’re a little too much the dreamer. You’re not a very executive person and you aren’t well suited for business; decisions are just too hard to make. It may be best not to worry about such matters, and instead concentrate on more congenial endeavors such as art, music, or writing, any of which would appeal more to your creative nature.

Sun in Aries and Moon in Pisces: You brood and you worry; you're moody and temperamental. You give a great impression of force, but internally you're a little timid, a little afraid of the world and even of your own opinions. You're likely to be imposed upon through this lack of inner conviction, although you bitterly resent being imposed upon. You express readily, having a facile flow of language, and you have a conviction that you know the truth of many matters which for some reason or other you cannot get across to your associates. This is a Cassandra-like position - a prophet who is very likely to be right but can't make anyone believe him.

Despite your apparent vitality, you're likely to worry about your health far more than it warrants - and by worry you run the risk of actually producing, through nerves, the sort of physical difficulties you fear. Bold as a lion on the surface, you aren't nearly so bold underneath, for you're highly sensitive and afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. Solitude is periodically necessary to you, and you can regain strength and self-confidence in private. Large gatherings of people are more likely than not to irritate and annoy you; and you are capable of going into a brown (or black) study in the midst of a laughing throng. There's a liberal dose of introspection here, and also of self-pity and many of your troubles are self-created. You have some difficulty concentrating, and even when environmental conditions are of the best may find yourself not devoted to the task in hand but brooding or dreaming.

Emotionally you are impressionable and run to odd people. You're likely to bestow your affections quite foolishly, or on some unworthy person, and then to be sorry for yourself instead of making the best of it. In a man's horoscope this may give a wife who is chronically ill; in a woman's horoscope it is not good for her health and warns her against trying to live up to the maximum of what she thinks her vitality to be - also against creating physical trouble through nerves and worry.

Your best and most congenial career will be found in something of a highly personal nature such as music, art, poetry, writing - the creative arts - in which your inspirational and brooding tendencies may be harnessed to your energy. You have a broad and deep understanding of many complex matters, and once you have mastered a medium of expression, can catch the hearer's, or the reader's, imagination with the somewhat unusual quality of your viewpoint and style. You are not likely to be happy in business though you might be successful.

In any case, this is a highly charitable position, and if you have money under it, you are a philanthropist in the true sense of the word. Even if you haven't much, you tend to give a good deal of it away.

See also: Sun in Aries and Moon in Pisces

Sun in Aries and Moon in Pisces: Hugh Hefner

Sun in Aries Woman: You're strong and you know it. Your issues are about strength, power, and achievement — or their absence. You hate wimpishness. You think fast and act forcefully, protecting your vulnerability with speed. Yes, you are vulnerable, despite your obvious courage and appearances to the contrary. Because you hate to wait, you can be the fool that rushes in. But you're saved from disaster by your optimism and directness.

You look upon life as an adventure. Your enthusiasm generates energy, and you have a newborn quality you bring to any situation. You go straight to the heart of the matter and you fire up people to take action and get things done. Your individualism makes you a trailblazer. You always have a goal.

You're a self-starter, but you hate the follow-up details, so don’t look to you to carry things through to the finish line. You're an idea person. You're always looking for the next challenge. Don’t think you irresponsible. You do check back to see how things are progressing. Your pioneering spirit and addiction to speedy accomplishment can make you bossy at times, but you don’t mind people pushing back. FAST is your key word. “Do it now” is your motto. Sometimes you feel that there is only one way to do things - your way. That’s because you have faith in your visions and will fight for them. If you're wrong, you can laugh about it. You admit you're headstrong, but you've got a great sense of humor. Under the right circumstances, you can turn into a lamb - until you get restless and need to be off again.

You like men with get-up-and-go, who aren’t intimidated by your need for speed. Forget the plodders - you make mincemeat of them! A guy’s got to be a man and know it, or you're not interested. Shy, sensitive types will have to look elsewhere. You need action all the time. Your man and you like to be on the go together and you generate a lot of good energy between you. Sure you fight, but you make up and that’s a lot of fun, too.

Sun in Aries Woman: The Aries female has compassion for her mother - but she vows never to put herself into the same situation that her mother is on. She doesn't want her mother's career, or her mother's kind of marriage. She may be so father-dominated (through either love or hate) that she actually ends up being a 'better man' than most men. In other words, it's important to the Aries woman that she acts like a 'man' and not like a 'woman' - that she be 'rational' rather than 'emotional'. When she marries, she often marries a childish man so that she is, in essence, the head of the household... like Daddy.

She tries to prove herself by doing everything well; she therefore has difficulty letting her partner do anything. It's easy to fall into the trap, for the Aries female can't stand to watch a man do a chore the hard way - so she does it for him. Sooner or later she notices that he isn't doing anything - since she has done everything so well, why should he? Ultimately, some event occurs that is so stressful to her that she falls apart and has no-one to help her out of her dilemma because her man doesn't realize that she really needs help. She can be so overpowering in her identification with 'fatherdom' that she runs away from all the mature folks and winds up loving people who need to be saved.

This is exemplified in the positive sign female who has an overdose of the masculine principle within her system and within her environment. When this principle is not understood, both the personal life and the career can be affected by this misunderstanding. The misunderstood masculine principle causes one to imitate culturally defined 'masculine' behavior. It is possible for an Aries female to develop a career, to develop her mind, and to find enjoyable and creative outlets for expression when she understands what kind of energy she is blessed with. Jung's definition of the 'animus' may give a better understanding of the problem. The positive sign female unconsciously lends more credence to the animus, and thereby loses a part of her sense of feminine values. When a woman has no real sense of the feminine within herself - that is, she doesn't think women are worth much - she often tries to be what she considers 'manly'. This has nothing to do with homosexuality; it merely indicates the kind of hardness that can be involved in developing the personality.

Aries women can be extremely competitive with their fathers later in life; they can unconsciously illustrate the strength of the mythic Father image. For example, when an Aries female is involved with family situations, she often tries to outdo her father. She may even try to take away her father's position in his marriage. A case in point is an Aries female who rushed into the middle of her parents' marriage at a time when the mother was critically ill. The father wanted to do one thing; the daughter wanted to do another. The daughter didn't ask her mother what she wanted in terms of therapy. Instead, Aries took over the solution of the problem. The moral of the story is that she was trying to be 'a better man' to her mother than her father was. Of course, this attitude alienated everyone in the family and poor Aries couldn't understand why.

When Aries don't understand their energy; when they don't understand what motivates them to action, their wonderful Aries ideas can be wasted because they may not be presented in an acceptable manner. The Aries female, in her quest for being helpful to others, may push ideas on people when they aren't ready to accept those ideas, or when those ideas haven't been asked for.

The influence of the father on the Aries female turns her into the Scarlet O'Hara type ¬one who runs from strong men, who tends to approach males like another male because that's what Daddy would have done. When Aries examine their reactions to life, they'll find that they resemble the father in an uncomfortable fashion. Idealism has to be tempered, for too much idealism means that we are living in an unreal world. It means that we make unrealistic demands on our partners and then become wounded when these demands are unanswered. Aries people tend to ask for things that are selfish - in other words, they don't consider the needs of their partner. They often don't know how to voice their ideals; and when their feelings are hurt, they get buried deep inside and are not shared. When Aries people decide to abandon idealism, they tend to put themselves into strange types of relationships which can hurt them even more. For example, the Aries male (who is basically loyal and idealistic) may get into sexual relationships that have no meaning, therefore debasing his emotional and sexual needs. Or the Aries female may draw to her the type of men who have some unhealthy sexual habits. In order to participate with these men, she must turn off a part of her personality, for she is a romantic idealist.

Sun in Aries Woman: An Aries female is not the kind of woman you can lead around in circles: she usually wants to know where you are taking her and she has some ideas of her own on how to get there! She can be temperamental, headstrong and independent, and exude a kind of charm and sex appeal based on a blending of arrogance and pride. She is quite a woman: you can't force or push her, but neither should you fear her. At least, never let her know you're afraid!

This woman wants to think, to analyze, to arrive at her own conclusions. Let her do so, but tell her when you think she's wrong. Remember, the Aries woman can stand criticism. In fact, she can stand almost anything except being ignored. She requires a fair exchange of ideas, emotions, reactions.

You can win your way with this woman by being diplomatic. She is conscious of appearance, her own as well as yours. She is Martian, fiery in nature, spirited to the point of being domineering - if you let her be! With her, it is all the way or nothing. She can be as cold as ice or as warm and comforting as any man could desire. It is up to you to bring out the best in this woman. She admires qualities of leadership, and is willing to follow once you gain her confidence. But if you disappoint her - look out! You will have to start your winning campaign all over - from the beginning.

Never permit this lady to think you're an easy catch. Let her work for your approval ¬make her strive to please you. This takes great skill on your part - but the results will be worth the time and trouble.

Be wary when she becomes bossy. An Aries woman wants a man, not an individual who is looking for a mother. Nothing discourages her more than always being able to have things her own way.

The Aries woman often is striking in appearance; she appears aloof, but the fires of yearning and passion are there - if you are the right one for her.

Sun in Aries Woman: Aries women cannot help running the lives of everyone around them, giving orders like an army general and expecting everyone around to jump to their commands. Even ex-husbands and wives are 'looked after' in this way. Arians love to sit down a visiting friend in a comfortable chair with a nice cup of coffee and a biscuit in hand, start an interesting conversation, and then walk out of the room leaving their visitor talking to himself.

Sun in Aries Woman: Aries is a positive, masculine sign. Women who are Aries have some difficulties in relationships, because they are likely to be far too positive, opinionated, and masculine. They have to learn to build in their feminine side and be willing to be quiet and receptive.

Sun in Aries Man: Battles don’t scare you. You're direct and competitive. Impatience is your middle name. You hate to wait. You're a no-holds-barred guy. You don’t beat around the bush or pull punches. Subterfuge isn’t your style. You’d rather have it out, shake hands, and get on with things. You take your masculinity for granted, whatever your job.

You're enthusiastic because you love being alive. Life is great! You pursue adventure and your ideals, like a knight in shining armor. You're one of the good guys. Your heart is pure and your goals - even if beyond your reach - are the highest. You need the challenge of a quest, which is why you're always in search of new fields to conquer. Your boyhood hero was the strong loner, the type who’s sensitive on the inside and tough on the outside. You always win by your wits and daring. Just give you room to move!

A natural executive type, you're onto every new thing in a flash. Your ideas come a mile a minute, but you want others to carry them out. There’s no time for you to follow up on all your brainstorms. Don’t call you irresponsible. You try to be as effective as possible. You work and move fast, and if that means leaving the details to others, so be it. You get things done. You have newborn eyes that can see the fresh approach to any problem. You're good with people and you inspire them with your enthusiasm and vision. Okay, so you can get pushy, but you consider yourself a pioneer and a leader, and sometimes you’ve got to push to get others off their duff. Whatever happens, you have to get your ideas across. You’ll fight for what you believe in even if you have to ram your way through an obstacle course. If there is a job to be done you're the man!

Sure, you have a temper, but it dies down as quickly as it flares up. Later, you can laugh about what made you mad. You don’t hold grudges, but your impulsiveness often gets you in hot water. You know you can be rash, but you manage to get yourself out of most scrapes one way or the other. Life’s a great adventure. You’ve got to take risks to win.

You want a woman who’s not afraid to trust or to risk, someone who feels life is a challenge and welcomes it, a lady who’s not afraid of a fight. You don’t care if she is difficult - you can handle it.

Sun in Aries Man: The Aries male is often uncomfortable about his love for his mother - he may care for Mom more than the Aries female does. He may think that he's too close to Mom emotionally; perhaps too much like her as far as his emotional reactions are concerned. If this is the case, he may avoid her as he becomes an adult. He wants to be as much like his father as possible. Emotional closeness to his mother usually doesn't enhance his self-image. The Fire sign person has some natural confusion about sexuality ¬for them, sex includes ideals as well as action and feeling. The idealistic types feel a bit embarrassed about sexuality, so the Aries male tends to treat women like little girls or daughters - and he plays the father. It may be that when his personality was forming, he saw his father treat his mother like a little girl. It is not uncommon for the mother of an Aries child to call her husband 'Father' during the child's formative years.

The Aries male has an image of Woman that combines Lolita with the maids in King Arthur's court. he wants a genteel woman who doesn't swear, who presents herself like a little lady, who doesn't confront him; and he's generally a male chauvinist as a young man. The youthful innocent he is pursuing must also fit his anima image - a long-tressed damsel in distress. He gets easily disappointed in love situations because he tends to pick the Cancer type females for a partner. She often turns out to be much stronger than she looks; he then finds he has trouble running the relationship. He is not really sure of himself in romantic situations - or in relationship situations in general. His Fire sign idealism tries to maintain a courtship throughout a love relationship because that's what he thinks love is. As soon as he sees hair curlers or has to work through a problem that requires some kind of compromise, the 'romance' is not as wonderful as it once was.

Sun in Aries Man: The man born under Aries can be dominant, inventive and very impatient! He'll keep you hopping unless you teach him to wait. This man's bark is worse than his bite. But please do not get the idea that you can train him as you would a dog - he will rebel every time. He is constantly seeking new ways, new persons, new ideas. You'll have to keep up with the times if you want to keep the Aries man.

In dealing with this male, try to keep his chin up. Once he beings to sag, he is heading for defeat. See to it that he gets plenty of exercise and encouragement. Tell him he's good. The more he thinks you appreciate him, the more he will return the compliment.

Being interested in an Aries man is akin to taking on a new lease of life. His temperament is fiery, his drives are strong, his ambitions are great; his capacity for love is enormous. Knowing this, do not attempt halfway measures. Decide either that you want him and will fight to keep him - or forget him entirely.

An Aries man can be militant, determined and obstinate. Once he gets rolling - even down the wrong road - he tends to keep in motion and in the same direction. You will have to be tactful in order to make him change his ways and his motives. Otherwise, he will fight you every inch of the way.

You can get around him by showering him with compliments, affection and common sense. Remember, if you go about it the right way, this man will listen to reason. Never dare him; he will take you up on it. On the other hand, don't try to outsmart him by daring him to do one thing because you really want him to do the opposite. He's very likely to see through the ruse!

An Aries man is an adventure seeker; it is not easy to harness his powers. His thinking, often brilliant, is just as often erratic. He will take a chance and worry about the outcome later. He is ambitious but once he finds a niche it is difficult to urge him on. He is more successful at fighting his way to the top than he is when it comes to securing his position through creative moves aimed at still greater success.

This man plays hard and works hard; often he runs himself down. For the woman who wants him, close attention to these hints can prevent many a heartache and numerous headaches as well!

Sun in Aries: Alan Arkin, Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, Bette Davis, Robert Downey, Jr., Lady Gaga, Hugh Hefner, Elton John, Nisargadatta, Joseph Ratzinger, Wilhelm Reich, Gloria Steinem, Vincent van Gogh, Abbe, Alicia, Ellen, Farmer, GaryCl, Ivy, Jason, Joy, Lori, LucJr, Mark, Nirvesh, Olof, Robert, RoyO, ScottS, Suzanne, Zeno