Sun in Aquarius

(The Sun is in Aquarius from approximately January 20 to February 18, depending on the year).

One of the standout characteristics of those born under the Sun Sign of Aquarius is their unwillingness to follow the beaten track. With advancement and progress on their minds, there can be irreverence to old and outdated ways of thinking and doing things.

Many Aquarians aim to free themselves of personal and social conditioning. Although open to change in theory, Aquarians can be surprisingly stubborn. Their idealism runs strong, but they can be very fixed in their opinions.

Often a bit aloof and even standoffish, Aquarians nonetheless are usually well-liked. They are curious and observant, and tolerant in a broad sense. Prejudice and bias is offensive to the typical Aquarius.

Aquarians are generally very clever, witty, and intellectual. They value progress and frankness. It's difficult to throw Aquarians for a loop—they're generally on top of things.

There is a bit of reformer in Aquarius. They'll try to get you to see through superficiality, and encourage you to be open and forthright. "Be true to yourself" and "Don't follow the crowd" are mottos we easily associate with this sign.

Aquarians need space and value personal freedom. Any attempt to box them in will likely fail. They'll happily return the favor; and they will treat people from all walks of life as equals. Equality and fairness are hallmarks of the sign. If you're quirky and "different", all the better.

Sun in Aquarius: Aquarian children come into a very impersonal household. The father runs the show and instills in his child the philosophical basis for life. The father is interested in the unusual and the unorthodox, and may have what the neighbors think are strange or odd involvements politically or philosophically. He lives in his mind and is often quite distant from the child. Aquarian children want approval and acceptance from their father, so they grow up to pursue the world of 'the idea' even more thoroughly than the rest of the Air signs. For some reason, Aquarians don't fit into the expectations of the family or the environment, and they grow up feeling there is some mysterious plastic wall between them and the rest of the neighborhood. This instills a feeling of loneliness, causing them to spend a great deal of time as adults looking for groups they can join in order to achieve a sense of belonging somewhere. However, because so many years pass without the 'belonging' experience, Aquarians tend to question everything - every tradition, every group moral - and seldom stay involved very long with any one idea. This separation from other children (Aquarians can be alone in a crowd) serves to give them impetus to develop their minds more than other children, so the Aquarian types can be infinitely creative. Because the child doesn't fit in, the adult doesn’t' fit in either. Aquarians end up being the square beg in the round hole as far as society is concerned. The 'misfit' complex has benefits however: innovations and inventions are created by those who hear the beat of a different drummer.

Aquarians bring new concepts to everything they touch. They make innovations in social work, spirituality, humanitarian areas and the scientific world. They take the traditional ideas that Capricorn presents, and bring them into new perspectives. This creative ability doesn't always make them popular, and can even compound the Aquarians' difficulty in fitting in with the group. Natural talents or abilities are seldom recognized when attention is focused on what is lacking: the Aquarian focus is on belonging somewhere when it should be on the creative process.

Aquarians are raised in an impersonal atmosphere - one of ideas, intellect and words. Life situations are handled by their parents with rationality. Aquarian children don't see anyone reacting in an intense and personal way. It is difficult for them to develop the personal side of relationships because they have so little experience from the childhood environment to guide them. When personal problems arise, they tend to be solved with theories and ideas, which is more appropriate for dealing with concepts than with people. Although Aquarians can be social innovators in theory, it becomes hard to put theory into practice in personal relationships; they feel more comfortable in groups than in one-to-one situations.

Sun in Aquarius: The Aquarian personality displays a tendency towards humanitarian service designed to benefit others. You are likely to be friendly and sociable with a large circle of friends and acquaintances, although you also have an impersonal attitude towards them. You are sincere, or at least you think you are, and usually have quite distinct likes and dislikes in life.

Your mental outlook tends to be dispassionate, based on logic and reason, dealing well with facts; and you have a good retentive memory. You prefer your attention to be directed towards intellectually appealing topics. Your mind is very fertile, imaginative and quick-thinking; but you may need to stop sometimes and consider before speaking, as you can create problems by speaking out first without giving due thought to content or effect. You may be interested in artistic expression, and can display some ability, too.

You are often motivated by strong ideals, which you try to use as a guiding force in your life. You believe in the values of a co-operative approach to life, but this can clash with your need for personal freedom. You often forcefully project your ideas and thoughts; and idealistic or practical disagreements with others can break down attempts at co¬operation. Positively though, you are capable of applying great energy towards furthering any cause that you believe in, and are likely to tend towards unorthodoxy and unconventional behavior, attitudes and ideas; sometimes you can be unpredictable, eccentric, and attracted to anything unusual, at least through curiosity. There can be a conflict within you of introversion or extroversion, where a part of you wishes to be quiet and unobtrusive, and another aspect wants to be a centre of attention and a dramatic focal point.

You can be impractical with possessions, and may need to learn how to deal with money more efficiently, as well adjusting any attachment to material possessions and the values given to them.

You usually overflow with ideas and talk about them at length, but there can be problems in application and seeing projects through; it is the mental world of ideas that fascinates and stimulates you, and you often lose interest when time comes for practical application. If you allow it, you can become obsessed and immersed in work, taking it very seriously, and this often leads to worry and nervous problems.

You do not fall deeply in love easily or often, as your mind remains detached from your emotions; when you do, however, you might have difficulty coming to terms with your emotional power and intensity. Generally you succeed in keeping emotions away from many aspects of your life, believing that they distort the joys of the intellect. You may be late settling down with a partner, and need to choose wisely by seeking an intellectually compatible personality. You wish to retain independence and do not like being dictated to or dominated.

This extends to common Aquarian beliefs in universal justice, peace, equality, and radical change of anything that leads to suffering for humanity. Your views are strongly expressed, and radical enough if you persist in them to disrupt groups or upset people. You may need to avoid a tendency to make 'speeches' calling for progress, liberation etc., and yet, when the time comes for action, being engaged elsewhere. You could be a visionary, but will need to learn the values of persistence and action to make those dreams a reality. Prestige and achievement is important for you, but be careful not to get a mentally inflated self-image if it does occur.

Sun in Aquarius: Sun in Aquarius individuals feel they have the right to be different and unique; to be impersonal and objective in their search for individuality; to intellectualize the sensitivities of others.

Your attention might focus on wanting others to reflect a public acknowledgement of the Aquarius uniqueness. This focus may lead to behaving in ways that do not actually contribute to the group or to individuals but merely serve as ego enhancement. You might want to be recognized as co-operative and fair, yet feel defensive about losing your identity in relationships. This may lead to responding in ways that are erratic and disruptive to others, and can result in alienating them.

If, under the pretence of objectivity, you try to impress others with the Aquarius certainty of knowledge, you may develop detachment and insensitivity to individuals as well as the group. This might result in a lowering of vitality if you become uncertain of your own wisdom in interplay with others.

When you focus on inspiring others, you may realize that your knowledge is less important than the individuality of other people. By allowing others to express their point of view, you can expand the facets of your intelligence. Then you can share appropriate knowledge that contributes to the situation for mutual inspiration. When you use your objectivity within the framework of other people's sensitivity, your unique talents are enhanced.

Awareness of the power of your identity and natural independence allows you to share insights in a balanced way. This revitalizes you and the relationship. You can recognize the power and the willfulness of the free child within yourself. This gives you the clarity to handle relationships with a sense of humor and perspective, to relate peacefully.

You possess the ability to view any situation objectively. Thus, you can inspire, enhance, and lead group activities without giving an impression of dominance. You have a soothing ability to take the vote or get the data effortlessly. This automatically leads to the co¬operation of others, since they feel included in the government of the group.

Sun in Aquarius: People with Sun in Aquarius are usually independent, unconventional, outspoken and fair-minded. You see your 'role' in life as the rebel, the person who rejects bogus authority and outworn traditions and ushers in the new order. However, you sometimes lack perspective in your battle with the establishment. At times, you simply provoke confrontations to see what impact you have on others; and you enjoy antagonizing people who are in positions of authority. You like to take chances, to keep things stirred up; and relish a good argument now and again. However, you may become the rebel without a cause.

Always ahead of your time, you are seen by others as a bit different or unusual - an image you encourage. You like to shock people and shake up institutions that have become too rigid. You have the ability to bring a breath of fresh air into stale, stagnant environments.

Equality, freedom and fairness are important issues for you. You believe all people are created equal and should have the same rights and opportunities. You are willing to stand up and fight for the rights of others as well as your own, often without regard for your own safety or advantage. Most likely, you are socially and politically progressive, and are concerned with humanitarian issues. Though you are interested in the well-being of others, your interest is in an abstract, ideological concept and does not stem from empathy or true feeling. Unless you also have several water signs in your chart, you can be quite detached and impersonal.

Inventive and ingenious, you eagerly seek out new ways to do things, and may excel in scientific or electronic fields, aerospace technology, computer science, astronomy or astrology. Generally, you can be found on the cutting edge of technology and scientific or 'new age' thought. Always looking to the future, you run the risk of losing touch with the present and not learning from the past.

Friendly and sociable, you probably have an extensive and diverse collection of friends and associates; and your friends are very important to you. You are not status-conscious; you choose your companions for their ideas, and enjoy the company of others of like mind. Intellectually oriented (though not necessarily intelligent), you are happiest in the world of ideas. You love to share what you know with others, and become bored easily with people who don't provide grist for your mental mill. Although at times you can be a bit abrasive and tactless, you are usually good-natured, enthusiastic, off-beat, and willing to try almost anything - qualities which gain you popularity among your peers. You are most comfortable in group situations, and might belong to numerous organizations, clubs, and professional or social groups.

However, you may have some trouble in intimate, personal relationships since your feeling don't run very deep and you tend to be quite detached. Close emotional relationships also can threaten your independence. You insist on remaining 'free' to do your own thing, and to engage in relationships with whomever you please. Unless your Venus and / or Moon are in more emotional, possessive signs (such as Scorpio, Cancer or Taurus), you may decide to remain single or insist on an 'open marriage'.

At your best, you are the one who fights for liberty and justice for one and all. At your worst, you are the freedom-monger who seeks change for the sake of change, without offering a better alternative to replace the structures you've destroyed.

Sun in Aquarius: Aquarians, while being very friendly, are actually quite hard to get to know; and some of them are sp strange that it is difficult to work out what they are doing and why.

An Aquarian friend of mine who, unusually perhaps, is not interested in astrology pointed out that both he and his wife are Aquarians, as are seven members of their family. He told me that, as all these people were very different from each other, this proved to him that there couldn't be anything in astrology. I laughed and told him that all Aquarians are different from everybody else, including fellow members of their own sign and of their own family. Each one is an individual who marches to his own drumbeat and doesn't follow any kind of collective thinking. Each Aquarian must live by his own rules and needs to do his own thing most of the time.

Intelligent, logical, and blessed with the ability to think not only laterally but also around corners, these subjects are possibly the most exciting of the zodiac. They can also be infuriating because they choose to cling to their odd way of life and their ideas with great tenacity. Parents with Aquarian offspring frequently write them off because they cannot be made to conform to the family pattern. Aquarians make the most wonderful friends, but anyone who tries to cling to them or expects their friendship to be exclusive will be very disappointed. Anyone who needs encouragement can be sure of receiving it from an Aquarian friend, but they are quite competitive and won't appreciate being overtaken in their own chosen field.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, which ensures that these subjects stick to jobs and relationships through thick and thin. If they decide that they need to make a break, they do this in an almost clinical manner and, although they may feel guilty about leaving, they still go ahead with it. If possible, they try to remain on friendly terms with the person or group of people even after they detach themselves from them. Aquarians can be loners who feel stifled by too much closeness. They don't like to be closely questioned about their intentions, or even their whereabouts the previous night! But they appreciate a non-clinging relationship. Aquarians do need to relate to others on a deep and loving level, but it may take them some time before they can relax and trust others to love them or to be loved by them.

Aquarians can be stubborn and determined, and also inflexible in their attitudes; and they may have an attitude of superiority. They genuinely believe that they are special, and may patronize those whom they see as unfit or unable to come up to their exacting standards.

Most Aquarians have fields of specialist knowledge, often in offbeat and interesting areas; and they are happy to teach anyone who shows an interest in their particular subject. Some become involved in politics or causes of one kind or another, and are often way ahead of the crowd. Their very stubbornness makes them the most loyal and wonderful friends; the kind who can be called up in the middle of the night and asked for help.

Most Aquarians love to teach and have a real talent for the job, and many of them work in the field of education, while others are happy to coach others in a more casual manner. These subjects derive a real sense of achievement from improving the lives of others, either on an individual basis or by educating the world in general. I have noticed that most Aquarians are strangely blind to the pain and anguish of those who are around them. They can deal with problems on a distant level - for instance, by campaigning for political change - but, when it comes to their own families, they cannot. Some of these subjects genuinely cannot see that a child or a partner is suffering, while others can see the pain but are irritated by it. One Aquarius friend tells me that, if anyone in his family is ill, he gets out of the house because he knows that he will lose patience with them if he hangs around. To be honest, most Aquarians are extremely helpful and sympathetic, but none of them can stand moaners or the type of person who has a negative attitude to life. They will, therefore, help out immediately when faced with a practical problem; but they become distant or angry when faced with someone whose emotions are out of control. They respect strength of character, and have very little time for what they see as weakness or failure - even when this is their own failure. Aquarians need to see themselves as competent, clever, and successful in their chosen field. They need to stand out from the crowd and to be respected for their knowledge. There is a tendency for Aquarians to be tactless, and some can be bullies. This is because they are devastatingly honest about other people's faults and failing, and also because they sometimes fail to understand how their behavior affects others. In some ways, these people are easy to respect but hard to love.

The typical Aquarian is tall and slim, while some are positively skinny. Many have a strong, bony frame. In white races, the complexion is pale and the hair blond or mousy. Many Aquarians have wispy and lifeless hair, and many Aquarian men go bald. If the Aquarian is blessed with good hair, then it is very good indeed, being thick, straight and dark. Their hands and feet are long and elegant, but they sometimes look as if they belong on a much older person. Many Aquarians have a strong jaw and a large, toothy smile and light-colored or very bright eyes which look at others with a very direct and interested gaze. Their choice of clothes is totally individualistic and often downright peculiar! Aquarians adored the fancy dress which was fashionable in the late 1960s and early 1970s because they could indulge their personal fantasies to the hilt. Even in the staid and conventional 1990s, Aquarians were seen in jodhpurs, flowing kaftans, strangely patterned denims and top-of-the-range designer model clothes.

The ankles are the traditional Aquarian weak spot for health, which suggests that breaks and sprains are likely. Phlebitis, thrombosis and leg ulcers are also possible. Quite a number of Aquarians have sensitive lungs, so they may suffer from asthma, and they may be uncomfortable when among smokers.

Aquarians are so varied in their nature that they can do almost any kind of work. However, self-employment and owning a small business appeals to many of them. Some years ago, my friend Denise had to hire a fairly large gang of workmen at her place of work, and she commented to me that out of the twelve workmen with whom she was dealing, eleven were Aquarians! It's not surprising that Aquarians find their way into building and other practical crafts because they are the world's best problem-solvers and they are also very independent. This is the sign of the journeyman, craftsman and computer-whizz. Many Aquarians take up astrology, so much so that it would be a very strange group of astrologers that didn't include at least one Aquarian. Many are drawn to the world of teaching because they have a real gift for this. All Aquarians have extremely enquiring minds, and often have a great depth of knowledge in a variety of areas. Many are excellent advisors, counselors and listeners, which leads them into either paid or voluntary counseling work. Aquarians are attracted to committee activities and to politics; and many of them find work in those areas where their sense of commitment, logical minds and humanitarianism can be put to good use. To be honest, Aquarians can be found in almost any kind of job, but they usually gravitate to something which has a humanitarian edge to it. Among my Aquarian friends I can count a bank clerk, the head of the central sterilizing department of a large hospital, a designer of surgical instruments, the head of a large mail-order firm, the owner of a small publishing firm, shopkeepers, craftsmen and craftswomen of all kinds, computer experts, and astrologers by the dozen.

If an Aquarian cannot help people, use his intelligence or specialize in his work, he will use these skills in his hobbies. Aquarians take their spare-time activities very seriously. These subjects may look after animals, work for the preservation of our planet, or make ships in bottles, but they don't simply come home and sit in an armchair in front of the television. Perhaps the greatest Aquarian hobby is friendship, because they love to chat and learn about ways of life which are different from their own. Oddly enough, very few of them seem to be keen on travel, and some become very ill-at-ease when away from their usual surroundings.

Aquarians have a reputation for being non-materialistic, humanitarian and eccentric. These subjects are supposed to be elevated to an exalted level where all is love and light, and where money is unnecessary. Poppycock! Aquarians like money as much as the next sign, and more than many. Some Aquarians like money so much that they are prepared to work hard for it. Others are content to fiddle and dream their lives away while their spouses, relatives and friends pay their bills. Many Aquarians work at jobs which are far beneath their levels of ability, possibly so that they can expend their energies on more interesting pursuits. However, those who do pursue a career enjoy being well paid. Aquarians are so different from each other that few generalizations can be made. Some, for instance, live in pristine cleanliness in ultra-modern apartments, while others live in rambling old houses which are filled with children, animals, visitors, lodgers and filth. Many Aquarians work close to home by running farms or smallholdings; and others have offices or even schools within their homes. This suggests that their homes are viewed not as a possession, but as part of their general lifestyle. There are Aquarians who have a multitude of fascinating and wonderful possessions, ranging from the latest in computers to mobile games, ornaments and even, perhaps, a spaceship in the garden. Others collect antiques, junk or animals. All Aquarians seem to collect books and bits of paper. Some Aquarians spend their money on experiences rather than things. Aquarians can be found riding horses, learning to paint, hunting for ley lines or attending astrology groups. However much friendships and experiences are valued, the Aquarian also values a comfortable home, a good, fast car, and whatever eclectic status symbol appeals most to him.

Aquarians need friends, but they don't all necessarily need lovers, partners, spouses or families. Their needs can change from one phase of their lives to another, so the Aquarian who starts out as a loner may end up happily surrounded by family and friends, or vice-versa. These subjects are so unusual that they need partners who can understand their peculiarities and can put up with them. The best relationship for these people is usually with a partner who shares their interests and wants the same kind of lifestyle. It is not uncommon for Aquarians to live with other Aquarians or to choose partners who have a strong Aquarian cast to their charts. Hot favorites are Capricorns or Pisceans who have neighboring planets in Aquarius. Anyone living with an Aquarian will have the benefit of his / her excellent mind, while another benefit is that boredom is unlikely to set in. Aquarians are not really homemakers in the old-fashioned sense of the word, but they do like to live in a pleasant area with enough space both indoors and out for them to be able to breathe. Some Aquarians are exceptionally neat and tidy in their habits, keeping a really well-run home, but many others seem to prefer living in a mess, complete with children, animals and neighbors wandering in and out. These homes, albeit untidy, are wonderful to visit, because the caller is always sure of a cup of tea, something to eat and an hour or two of wonderful conversation. Mess or no mess, most Aquarians are very good cooks who try to ensure that they and their families eat a healthy diet.

Aquarians are not as easygoing as they first appear, because this is a fixed sign, which denotes a stubborn and determined attitude to life. Aquarians tend to do exactly what they want to do, usually just when they want to do it, and it is no good trying to get them to behave in any other way. These subjects seem to have an agenda all of their own, together with a hidden set of rules by which everyone around them is supposed to live. They frequently have strong political views, or they may be 'into' some belief or peculiar way of life. Even the most ordinary, unassuming and 'normal' Aquarian chooses the kind of career which will help humanity in some way. Sometimes their beliefs take over the whole of their lives. Being highly intelligent, these subjects are sure that they can see themselves clearly and that they understand others just as well. However, they actually have quite a few blind spots which can make them difficult to live with. Aquarians can be unrealistic and impractical in some ways, while being very sensible and capable in others. This all depends upon the frame of mind they happen to be in at the time.

Sun in Aquarius: Some Aquarians are amazingly mean, being unable to see that other have any kind of claim on their income. Other Aquarians are amazingly generous because their values are mental and spiritual rather than materialistic, and they rarely worry about money or security. All Aquarians are incredibly independent people who are very hard to influence; but if they respect their partner's views and find them logical, they can usually be brought round to a different way of thinking. Most of these subjects lead very busy lives, and they would rather do almost anything in preference to sitting slumped in an armchair, staring at the television. Aquarians are frequently late for appointments because they try to pack too much into each day and they leave too much to the last minute. Aquarians enjoy going out with their families, and take an interest in their partner's hobbies or pastimes, although they may not want to join in on a permanent basis. These subjects need mental and physical space; and they are also prepared to give this to a partner. About the only thing they cannot stand is being probed and investigated, because they seem to need to keep a little part of themselves private. Aquarians can be rude, bad-tempered and arrogant, but if their partner can laugh off these foibles and concentrate on the Aquarian's virtues, the relationship will succeed. One thing Aquarians cannot cope with is an over-emotional partner, because too much emotion upsets their equilibrium and may make them ill. Oddly enough, many Aquarians are worriers, and this tension can translate itself into ailments such as asthma and eczema. All Aquarians can be kind, caring and loving if given half a chance, although I usually find that female Aquarians are nicer, softer and more genuinely caring than the males of this sign.

The vast majority of Aquarians are loyal and faithful lovers who won't break up a relationship without good reason. These subjects are not comfortable with duplicity; so if they meet someone they like whilst they are still in a relationship, they are likely to break up the first relationship before becoming involved in the second. Aquarians need freedom in a relationship; and a jealous or suspicious partner is absolutely no use to them at all. They find it hard to give reassurance when none is needed. The vast majority of Aquarians are perfectly reasonable people who like nothing better than to find a soul mate and spend their lives with them. Unusually, in this age of short-lived relationships, Aquarians tend to get married when young and then stay with the same partner throughout. They love to talk to just about everyone, but they don't usually allow emotional or sexual curiosity to get them into triangle situations.

The saving grace of Aquarians in all situations is their wonderful sense of humor.

Aquarians vary so much from one another that it is not surprising that they vary in their sexuality. Many of these friendly, outgoing people are very attractive, but whether they will actually take up all the romantic offers they receive depends upon other factors on their charts. Some Aquarians prefer to be on their own, without any kind of involvement other than that of friendship; while others only really enjoy sex when in a safe, comfortable partnership. These subjects have many friends, but are cautious when it comes to deeper relationships, and they prefer not to flirt or play dangerous games with other people's partners. Once they are in a happy relationship, they enjoy making love, and can achieve a greater sense of closeness through sex than they can in practically any other way. Aquarians like a bit of variety in their sex lives, and will take pleasure in a partner who dresses well and wears attractive underwear. They themselves are usually slim, elegant and good-looking people who can be quite vain about their appearance. They either are well-dressed, appreciating the pleasure that this gives their partners, or dress in an eccentric manner which pleases nobody but themselves. Aquarians can be fussy about their partner's appearance, and they appreciate a lover who keeps in shape and looks good. These subjects especially enjoy the sight and the feel of food underwear, and they can have fun by dressing up specially for love-making. If the sexual side of a relationship diminishes, they will remain friends, but they may not continue to feel as deeply about the other person.

Aquarians usually have many friends and acquaintances; and they are quite happy to have company or to go on holiday in a group. As far as the family is concerned, they try to avoid too much closeness. Aquarians see themselves as equal to other people; therefore if a member of the family demands to be treated with deference, the Aquarian will not accede to this demand. If any member of their family or of their partner's family needs help, the Aquarian will do whatever he can, but will not be bullied or dictated to by anyone.

Aquarians are good parents, especially if their children are reasonable and intelligent, but they will switch off if a child becomes awkward and demanding. They will try to do everything in their power to help a child succeed, but they are not good at handling a child's emotional problems, and they may not even notice when a child is unhappy.

Aquarian children are not difficult to deal with, as long as their parents respect their dignity and realize that they have strong opinions of their own. These children are usually keen on school and fond of a variety of outside interests. They have many friends, and adjust fairly well to whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Despite their logical and somewhat unemotional natures, they need to feel secure and to be understood in addition to needing space and freedom.

Sun in Aquarius: The Aquarian need for independence can't be underestimated, and it is essential that Aquarians develop and sustain the right lifestyle. Although they have the reputation of being friendly, in many ways they are very private and dislike having their privacy invaded. Their natural friendliness is linked to a genuine desire to be helpful, so anyone in trouble will always find them ready to help, approaching others' problems as they approach their own - logically, detachedly, and without undue emotion.

Aquarians have an original, idealistic streak; and the more positively this is shown, the more fulfilled they will be. However, this originality must not become too idiosyncratic or perverse, as others can then be at best embarrassed and at worst seriously annoyed.

Aquarius is an air sign, and its inhabitants need air, both physically and metaphorically. They must realize how very stubborn they can be, and should try to counter this tendency. When young, they are usually leaders of their generation; but sometimes they continue to cling to youthful opinions, so that what was once a splendidly forward-looking nature becomes ultra-conservative. Again, awareness of the problem will go far to counter it.

Positive and optimistic even when life gets difficult, Aquarians rarely lose hope; and their natural humanity always reminds them that many others are less fortunate (in every sense) than themselves. Their chief fault is usually unpredictability; but their independence can also make them very remote, causing emotional problems. Partners and friends may be justified in suspecting that sometimes Aquarians act out of sheer perversity.

Of all the Sun signs, Aquarians can find it most difficult to settle into and sustain a close emotional relationship. Their powerful need for independence makes it particularly hard for them to let others into their lives, for they realize this will mean modifying their lifestyles and tolerating an invasion of their living space - psychological as well as physical. They often decline to enter into a relationship until they are so set in their ways that it all seems impossible, so remain permanently single. Even so, there is a strongly romantic streak in many Aquarians, who like the glamour of romance, and once committed are - like their Capricorn cousins - very loyal. The placing of Venus will color this aspect of an Aquarian's life, and may modify the attitude considerably.

Aquarian individuality and the need to be different will soon emerge in children of this sign, who on the whole will be happy and positive, with a great desire to do their own thing. Parents should watch for waywardness; the best antidote is to suggest that they do the opposite of what you really desire! Bear in mind that they will truly need to be unconventional, so a school devoted to rigid discipline, with very strong or obsessive academic aims, may not be suitable. They are rational, however, and always listen to reason. This will be a distinct asset in later life.

Aquarian children are naturally friendly, but alas this means they may be over trusting and too ready to wander off with passing strangers who take advantage of that friendliness. It must be very firmly impressed on them from an early age not to do this. It is particularly good for young Aquarians to become involved in charity work; it will help them to develop their strong humanitarianism, which is likely to be one of their strongest and most positive traits. Creative and scientific flair should be eagerly encouraged when and if it develops. These children often have an interesting sense of drama, but it can be exaggerated.

Aquarian parents can have a very individual attitude to the education of their children. They must remember that the child may be more conventional than the parents, and it is a mistake to force him or her into a particular mould just because they wish it. Security and discipline may be really important to a child; and the parents, however adventurous, should accept this. Aquarian parents should always ask themselves whether they have moved with the times. Their immediate reply will be 'yes'; but they should realize it is unlikely (especially for them), and should not assume automatic and complete understanding of their children. They must learn to really listen to them. Despite possible problems, they usually make lively parents, always ready to bring out their children's potential and make the most of it.

Aquarians must have a free rein to do whatever is expected of them in their own way, uninhibited by continual advice or the insistence on a particular régime. They have to express their inventiveness in their work. whether creative or scientific (or both). They may become inventors of some kind. Some do extremely well working in communications - the airlines, or the technical areas of television or radio, for instance. Despite their keen sense of ambition, they enjoy and are good at work which allows them to express their concern for humanity. They make excellent field or social workers, or administrators for large charitable organizations. Not obsessive about income, they must avoid wasting their money on trendy fripperies.

Aquarians are often quite seriously disturbed if they are kept waiting for final decisions, or feel some change hovering over them without knowing precisely when it will happen.

A sudden decision (whether their own or someone else's) is not nearly as difficult for them. Their quick reactions may even make them sweep out of a well-established job given enough provocation. They should try not to let the prospect of retirement make them miserable for ten years before the event, instead gradually building up new areas of interest which can fill more of their lives when the time comes. If their work has been dull, uninteresting or too conventional, they should surely look forward to being able to express fully their originality and creative or scientific flair. They should give special thought to any necessary adjustments they may have to make, perhaps thinking of ways in which spare-time work can bolster their retirement income.

The circulation can be vulnerable. Aquarians are often at their best in cold weather; and, like Capricorns, they usually enjoy it; but they should keep warm, wearing light but windproof clothes which won't restrict their movements. Regular exercise should be creative rather than dull or repetitive. Like all air signs, Aquarians thrive best on a light, nourishing diet. The ankles are ruled by this sign, and can be vulnerable; exercises to strengthen them, perhaps shoes with good ankle support, are desirable, especially if skiing or winter sports are enjoyed.

Sun in Aquarius: You like new things and new ideas, and are bored by old ways of thinking and acting. The friends you choose are people who feel the same way. You are an individualist and a free spirit, but at the same time you need to work and share your life with other people. Friends are very important to you, although if they try to hold you back or make you conform to their ideas, you will rebel and go your own way.

However, even though you are attracted to new ideas, you don't readily change your thinking once you have made up your mind. Actually you are quite stubborn, which may confuse other people, who interpret your interest in everything new and different as evidence of a very changeable mind.

Because of your fondness for new ideas, you enjoy studying science, technology and other subjects that enable people to control the world in some way. As you get older, you may be attracted to more offbeat studies, such as astrology and the occult.

When you are with a group of friends, who think about the group as a whole rather than just about yourself. You try to do what is best for everyone, without at the same time going against your personal needs. This can cause problems for you if your needs conflict with the needs of the rest of the group. But basically you are fair, and you try to make sure that everyone gets the same deal. You will stand up for anyone who is not being treated fairly.

Sun in Aquarius: The motivating force behind Aquarius is some form of gregarious, or herd, instinct. He likes folks. He is sociable. In a higher manifestation, he is social. In a lower manifestation, he thinks that the world - the folks - owe him a living. Any way you look at the Aquarian, and whatever Aquarian you look at, you will find folks at the centre of his attitude. Either he depends on them or they depend on him. Whether he is a social reformer, or a hobo, people will be around him; he will be holding them up, or they will be holding him up. He thinks himself a great individualist, and he may be, but you'll rarely find him alone. Rich or poor, great or small, deep or shallow, he is the life of the party. He may put his mind on the woes of humanity, solve their problems, give his time for theirs in a figurative or literal sense. Or he may fritter away his time in pool halls. But he will always be where there are people, in the flesh or in theory. His best expression comes when he has hitched his wagon to a star of social work or one of the social professions: invention, medicine, law, politics, architecture, literature, science, music or art with some social application. His worst expression is going places and doing things to no purpose. Some prime examples of wasted talents come in this sign - as well as some of the greatest martyrs and benefactors of the human race. Aquarius is generally misunderstood even when he has achieved greatness - and always think he is misunderstood when he is wasting himself. In love, Aquarius is noble but not necessarily conventional; loyal, if not faithful; affectionate, if not independent, and resentful of intrusion on his private studies, which may irk the spouse because they never seem to produce anything except big electric-light bills. Aquarius the social or sociable can be anything or nothing, but the one thing he will almost never be is lonesome. He may think his spirit yearns for understanding, but he will never be far from someone to listen while he attempts to explain himself.

Sun in Aquarius: Individuals born under the sign of brotherhood and fraternity have as their symbol the water-bearer, who spills out to mankind the life-force and spiritual energy. Since the planet Uranus rules Aquarius, friendship and companionship are extremely important to Aquarians. Those whom Aquarians befriend have their unswerving loyalty.

Born under a fixed sign, Aquarians have eccentric temperaments and are determined and stubborn. They sometimes feel that those who are listening to them are unreceptive and incapable of comprehending their ideas, and they tend to become annoyed when people fail to understand them. Then Aquarians argue; and when they do, they stir up opposition from others. They are capable of discarding these people from their intellectual circle. The key phrase for Aquarians is 'I know'.

There is no affectation or snobbery in the Aquarian personality, but a dislike of spurious imitation and hypocrisy in any form. Aquarians operate as equals among equals. However, they are not dependent on their environments for their security, because they derive this from being in the company of others.

Persons born under Aquarius can be anything or nothing, but they are never lonely. The influence of Uranus promotes an honest enjoyment in meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Aquarians' group instinct will always direct them to where there are people, or else people will come to them.

Since Aquarians have friends of both sexes, they see no reason for giving them up, even after marriage. Because Aquarius is an intellectual air sign, those born under it relate to others at a mental level.

Aquarians love the beauties of nature, but they like to admire them in comfort. They long for material possessions but are not greedy. They are disinclined to engage in sports as a rule, except as observers. Their pursuits are more intellectual than physical.

Sun in Aquarius: The Aquarians' appearance of calmness is deceptive; their anxiety can even make them feel ill. Since they take their work very seriously, nervousness and apprehension seldom leave them. They do their best work with others or with organizations that attempt to bring about some ideal. In such pursuits, their excellent memory, creativity, knowledge, love of freedom, an humanitarianism find their outlet.

Their interest in and sympathy for human problems win the respect and confidence of those about them. Their sympathy is impersonal and their response intellectual, but once aroused, Aquarians are tireless workers.

Sun in Aquarius: You have an open, though potentially indifferent, heart. You should aim to have the will to use generously your sense of impartiality - without your becoming impersonal. Your life should be led in a spirit of liberation and reform - as opposed to your being aloof or anti¬social. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is cool and friendly, and / or icy and remote.

You generate a regard for Other's uniqueness and quirks of personality, thereby making him / her feel special. You create an electric and unusual atmosphere that is a constant source of surprise. You assume an air of gentle detachment that does not judge other, giving him / her space to be free.

You can alienate Other with your oddness; or, by way of compensation, with your being a nonentity. You can also alienate with an unpredictability that is borne of your refusal to accept the limitations that make possible a measure of stability. Or you can alienate Other by a failure to tune into where he / she is at emotionally.

You overemphasize your idea that Other and the world in general should fit some kind of social or scientific theory. You overstress an insistence that you be treated in some special way, and that you be unconditionally accepted, for all your foibles. You over accentuate a set of values that often finds Other wanting, but always exonerates yourself.

You can feel weak when having to live in the real world of material / emotional things, or even within your own physical body; when you realize that this imperfect world will not offer you very much until you offer up your own imperfections; and when nobody accepts or is impressed by your version of how things ought to be.

When you are alone, it is because you have allowed detachment and eccentricity to run rife and develop like a virus until Other can no longer be bothered with trying to relate to the absurdly non-negotiable front you present. More than any other sign, you are capable of making being alone into an art form. The trouble is that this might not amount to quite what you originally had in mind. Beneath all your rationalizations of you-versus-the-world lies a deep fear of being seen to be just another human being, complete with emotionally tacky bits. But the paradox here is that they are partly what make anyone special! And the more we look at and allow others to see our emotional interiors, the more we grow and develop as people, rather than remaining frozen at some icy altitude of emotional immunity. A failure to evolve and mature in this way can mean that Other changes but you do not - leaving you apparently outcast. You must track back to when in your life you cut out emotionally in the first place - and why, for it holds the key to how you got to be this way.

Sun in Aquarius: You are a very understanding lover, with a special ability to be helpful when a partner is having emotional difficulties. Your sympathy of others' foibles may even appear excessive to some people. But you do draw the line in what you will put up with, and when a partner goes past that point, he or she will find it very difficult to get back into your good graces.

You can enjoy a wide variety of sexual experiences, and if you limit yourself to one partner, that person should enjoy lovemaking as a continuously changing adventure, not just as a series of repetitions, however affectionate.

You are not the type to be tied down intellectually or emotionally, so you must have a partner who respects your freedom; and that respect will bring you closer to your lover. True freedom and equality bring a closeness, a mingling of mind and body that can't be attained in any other way.

Achieving the kind of communication you want requires contact on many levels with your partner, so a close relationship will develop slowly. Once established, it will last a long time and be strong enough to withstand the heaviest assaults.

Although you find sex by itself naturally satisfying, you are quite capable of carrying on a love affair without any sexual contact at all. You can transmit the same deep and loving communication through other channels of expression; and that is the essence of an affair for you.

Sun in Aquarius: Keynote: The power of originality manifests through inventiveness. Symbol: A plane loaded with passengers rises gracefully into the sky.

People born with the Sun in Aquarius are charged with a subtle electricity which works quietly but effectively to make them more dynamic than they seem. Theirs is a power as paradoxical as that of a heavy metal plane which uses the air to overcome the pull of gravity. The Aquarian who lives up to his inner potential can transcend ordinary limitations by invoking nature's higher laws, and he sees nothing mysterious about so doing. Therefore, the sign is associated with both Saturn (law) and Uranus (breakthroughs).

Since Aquarius stimulates the mind, as its opposite sign Leo arouses the emotions, the native of this sign is governed by his head rather than by his heart. His love nature is more altruistic than egotistic, and he prefers to express it in an impersonal manner. This coolness may seem enigmatic to the sentimentalist for whom love is a warm, spontaneous feeling rather than a mighty cosmic energy which can be tapped and utilized as scientifically as the physical energies of heat and light.

At first, it seems a contradiction that Aquarius should be both a fixed and airy sign, for air must move and circulate. However, by one's broadening one's perspective, it becomes apparent that the only really fixed mass of air is that which envelops the Earth, remaining with the planet while it circles the Sun, and serving as an insulator and as a medium for the transmission of light. Analogously, the Aquarian temperament is programmed to regard things from many points of view and to think on a global scale rather than in terms of the needs and desires of its own chauvinistic group. Abstract principles rather than outward appearances are sensed to be the enduring realities of life.

If many Aquarians seem aloof and detached, it is not because they are indifferent to others. Often they are too deeply concerned with the plight of humanity as a whole to expend themselves catering to the foibles of individuals. To the Aquarian, time is energy; and he is choosy about the people with whom he spends this precious gift. Since he is relatively nonegotistical, he may not bother to exert himself to win approval. He would rather tend to his job and let others curry compliments.

Despite his underlying impersonality, the Aquarian is human in the most literal sense of the word. When one says, 'Oh, be human', he is appealing to an individual's higher nature. To be a humanitarian means to show compassionate concern, not only for family and friends, but for all mankind. Man is called Homo sapiens, the creature that thinks, and it is the rational faculty that the Aquarian glorifies, believing that intellect is the most purely human part of any person. Because man transforms himself and his world through the application of his mental abilities, the Uranian sign of transformations is associated with the higher mind.

Aquarians seldom fall very low or engage in criminal acts, but too often their energies are short-circuited and they fail to fulfill the promise of what they might become. If they have not evolved to the point of being able to express individual love in the impersonal manner of dedication to a cause, they may remain uncommitted to anything. Then they become drifters because, like the air, they must move and circulate. If their unusual ideas cannot find a responsive audience, Aquarians may simply slide into a superficial existence.

Sometimes so much of their energy goes into cogitation that little remains for tangible achievements. Aquarians can rationalize their lack of accomplishment by declaring that the game is not worth the effort, and think that the world is unprepared to be awakened. Their outlook may be too panoramic to make the everyday struggle to eat, reproduce, and survive seem worthwhile. Then, if an Aquarian is unable to rise to the challenge of Uranus, he falls back into Saturnian pessimism and inertia. Some modern-day 'dropouts' seem to be tuning in on the vibrations of the Aquarian Age in this negative fashion.

The Sun is in detriment in Aquarius. Symbolically, this shows that the desires of the individual personality must now be subordinated to the requirements of society as a whole. The scientifically enlightened Aquarian realizes that there are many suns in the heavens and that, of these, Earth's Sun is but a minor star. This broad view makes him a co-operative member of a group or association. Since he does not seek power for himself alone, people instinctively trust him and elevate him to a position of authority.

As the most liberty-loving members of the zodiac, Aquarians can relinquish their petty egotism because they realize that it is man's self-centeredness that makes him a slave of unworthy impulses and an enslaver of others. The lesson this sign teaches is that the more charitably people behave, the greater are their chances of enjoying the benefits of freedom. Consequently, Aquarians are simultaneously the most individualistic and the most group-oriented of all the zodiac types. If, however, this individuality is carried to excess, it becomes mere eccentricity.

Aquarians instinctively realize that true liberty grows out of freedom of thought. Yet Saturn's practicality, carried over from Capricorn, reminds them that the goals they seek must be won through the betterment of material conditions. Therefore, they often devote their talents to the task of making this earth a more comfortable place in which to live. They are concerned with abstract reasoning mainly because their experience has demonstrated that ideas are the most potent forces at work in the world today.

Sun in Aquarius: The Sun in Aquarius is represented by the 'clear crystal electric air of winter'. The keyword is 'I know'. It rules the ankles and the circulation in the physical body.

Aquarians are the mental pioneers, the forward-thinking individuals who live in the future and not in the past. They are outgoing and impersonally friendly, and appear to have a great deal of confidence. The fixity of the sign is not apparent on the surface, but Aquarians are inflexible in their ideas and cannot be pushed into anything they do not want to do. There is an impersonality and a detachment that is maddening to those who are completely immersed in their emotions. Aquarians approach life through their intellects, and it is difficult for them to understand those who respond to life emotionally. Aquarians function exceptionally well in the scientific fields or in research work of any kind.

Aquarians are much more emotionally involved in their work than they are with people. It is important that they like the type of work they do, for it occupies most of their time and they invest most of their vital force and energy in their occupation. The Aquarian's home is important as a status symbol. It has to be a home that increases his / her sense of pride and prestige.

Aquarians heartily dislike any restraint. They are rebels and individualists that have to go their own way. Independent, imaginative, creative and inventive, they possess a genius about them if they are evolved. If they live on the destructive side, they can be mentally cruel, sadistically so, and totally lacking in love or mercy. Because of their strong will that brooks no interference with their desires, they have difficulties in marriage or in unions.

They have strong physical bodies, though they would rather use their minds than do physical work. Aquarians are critical and demanding in positions of authority, and it is not easy to be their employees. There is a coldness and a detachment that repels rather than attracts, especially if the Sun is afflicted. When they are evolved and their emotions are tenderized, no sign is more magnanimous or as monumental. When they 'feel' love instead of 'think' it, they are great souls. No-one can 'think' love; one has to 'feel' it.

The Aquarians usually have two types of friends, and never the twain do meet. They have the conservative, traditional type and the unconventional bohemian friends. One type represents the Saturnian side of their nature, the other group the Uranian side.

Aquarians work well in organizational work or in big business. They are capable of being good leaders and organizers. They are the individualists who are ready and willing to break new trails where inventive ideas and new procedures are concerned. When Aquarians are of the higher type, they make lasting contributions to the world.

Aquarius has two rulers: Saturn and Uranus. They must work together or chaos will result. Uranus is the shattering force that breaks up old forms. Saturn is the agent which crystallizes forms or structures and establishes them in an ego complex. Saturn is the oldest of the gods, and represents the first law of manifestation: the law of limitation. Without the concentration of energy within a defined field of activity, there would be no power or focus. Uranus represents the power or life force; Saturn represents the confining form that makes it useable on the earth plane.

See also: Sun in Aquarius; Sun in Aquarius; Children of Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aries: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a quick aggressive mind, a keen sense of your own intelligence, and a sort of judicial attitude toward the rest of the world. You have to look out for smugness and self-satisfaction for you are somewhat prone to have a bit of a superiority complex. You are a very solid thinker, and what you know is usually accurate, well thought out, and well stated. But you can be cool, aloof, and detached, for your emotional side is anything but strong. Oddly, you do better when you don’t seem so sure of yourself. This polarity combines the intellectuality and originality of Aquarius with the high spirit and independence of Aries. There is a lot of leadership potential in this match up, and indeed there is a firm and decided character. You push issues aggressively, often with the limited prudence or forethought that characterizes Aries. You don’t like supervision generally because of fixed and independent nature; you’re best when you can work on your own without much interference. Although, as noted, you have a very fixed or stubborn disposition, you readily respond to bright new ideas, and in fact, you come up with your fair share of these, so it can never be said that you are the least bit reactionary. Personal impulsiveness or the tendency to precipitate matters suggests a need for patience, or perhaps just a willingness to wait for the right time to do things that you know instinctive need to be done. Enthusiasm keeps you on the move, and you find it difficult to be inactive either mentally or physically. Happiness can be increased by decreasing the demand for total personal independence and taking time to cultivate smooth relationships.

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aries: Alford, ChrisC, Erin, Tom

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Taurus: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a personality that people find easy to like and admire. This is not so much for what you do as it is for what you don’t do. Your never petty or small, and your appeal is to those in the higher as well as the lower rungs of society. You don’t pester people with your worries and anxieties, but when others come to you, you drop everything to listen to their problems. You’re interested in people, and like to be around them as an observer, but somehow maintaining a distance and not getting too involved individually. You rate people not on their position or rank, but simply on whether they interest you or not. You have a certain self-sufficiency about you, and you never feel that you have to put on airs to impress anyone. You have all it takes to be executive, except the desire that would be required. You seem to be devoid of any domineering or missionary spirit, willing to “live and let live.” This combination blends the originality and independence of Aquarius, with the determination and powerful will of Taurus. These two fixed signs together give a will that is so strong that it may become obstinate and intransigent. Happiness can depend on assuring peacefulness and harmony in environment or home life, and in respect to human relationships. You need to be deeply interested in people.

See also: Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Taurus

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Taurus: Ronald Reagan, Leen, Suzie?

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Gemini: Your Sun and Moon combined produces, quite surprisingly, a romantic personality. Idealism is strong, mixed with some critical tendencies. A romantic, but definitely living more by your mind that by your senses. You dramatize life and yourself, often expanding and enhancing the facts of a matter, idealizing love affairs and life in general. You rarely exclude much of the fat from your stories. The Aquarius/Gemini mix yields a very harmonious and versatile combination, blending the independence and originality of the Aquarius, with the wit, versatility, and intellectuality of Gemini. Intellectually you are quick, apt, and intuitive, but with a tendency to skim only the surface of most subjects you encounter. In the real world business, this can be a handicap. Your attention span is rather short. It’s hard to pin you down to reality, and you can easily find yourself drifting in life. If this is not so in business, then it probably is in your personal life. Having and holding a fixed purpose can be a problem. Actually, however, your nature is truly much more fixed than it appears. Success depends on emphasizing the decisive potential in your nature, and becoming involved in some form of creative activity that allows you to express yourself mentally. You put facts and ideas together so quickly that you are a natural for advertising, writing, public speaking, or in just about any kind of job that allows you to live by your wit. You tire easily of routine and detail. There is a duality in your nature that shows rapid changes in moods and attitudes. You change your mind often and abruptly. Companionship is extremely important to you. You need someone to talk to constantly, and that someone must be mentally compatible and stimulating to your intellectual growth and cultural achievement.

See also: Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Gemini

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Gemini: Jack Nicklaus

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Cancer: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a personality that reflects less of the Aquarius nature and emphases more of the influences of the Moon than in any other possible Aquarius pairing. This is simply because the Sun in never really strong in Aquarius, and the Moon is always especially strong in its natural sign, Cancer. You are far more subjective and not nearly so detached and aloof as the typical person with an Aquarius Sun. Nonetheless, this combination blends the originality and independence of Aquarius with the feelings, sensitivity and tenacity of Cancer. You possess a somewhat restless and changeable nature because of a deep sensitivity and receptivity to outside influences. You’re susceptibility to surroundings and associations enables you to respond quickly to other people, as you intuitively know when you are liked or disliked. Your uncanny faculty for responding to others allows you to always be very popular and to have a wide circle of friends. You possess considerable personal charm, normally proving gracious and considerate in contact with other people because you have a kind disposition. Social life and personal relationships mean a good deal to you. You can be very popular in business life because you take a personal interest in the affairs and activities of employees and business associates. A natural inclination for industry and persistence or tenacity of purpose in business or profession should assure success. You have the knack for feeling the truth about things rather than having to reason them out. Your ability to think things through is never as reliable as your feelings about a matter. Usually you can maintain a realistic, if optimistic, approach to every job to decide to tackle. You think in terms of success, the maximum, and the best that you can do. You enjoy casual social gathering and you’re always a good host. You can achieve success in many field, perhaps as much on your personality as your actual talents. Your greatest asset is no doubt your understanding of human nature, and your greatest weakness may be the lack of understanding of the complexities of your own nature.

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Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Cancer: Babe Ruth

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces the sort of personality that is always there to help people in need; a true humanitarian. Because this trait is so strong in your nature, you’re a bit of an easy mark for con men or other friends and family that would take advantage. You are the one people come to when they have problems and need help. You are proud, independent, and self-reliant, and you don’t like to have your original good opinion of people upset. Because of this, you keep a bad bargain and perhaps stay with a relationship that has gone sour. There are times, thanks to your deeply emotional but expansive and friendly nature, that you need to be hard-headed and practical in dealing with people, particularly in handling people making demands on your time or money. This combination blends the originality and independence of Aquarius with the emotional warmth and confidence of Leo. Born near a full Moon, you possess the inclination to project your personality into the world or affairs. Sensitive and affectionate, marriage strongly influences your life. Naturally friendly, you have a great capacity for kindness and sympathy, and you love very deeply. Sometimes romantic interests may cloud your judgment and ability for practical action. Just the same, these are both fixed signs, and you are very hard to convince against your will. You follow your inner feelings and can be positive and determined when you feel you are right. As a leader, you employ a style of warm and affection rather than by using more stern and harsher methods. You have a tendency to be impulsive and jump to conclusions, often making decisions without due forethought. Principle means a great deal to you and you are strongly influenced by this and by your feelings, affections, and emotions. Success comes most easily, however, when you can keep your emotions under the control of your intellect.

See also: Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo: Cynthia

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Virgo: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is very outstanding in anything that requires critical and analytical ability, for you indeed have a great intelligence and true mental prowess. You are believable and sincere; a person who gives excellent sound advice, usually in a very matter-of-fact way. You plan precisely, and proceed with confidence and assurance. You insist on taking your time in the thought processes, and you rarely ever go off half-cocked. This combination blends a friendliness, originality and independence that is Aquarius, with the discrimination, precision and practical abilities of Virgo. Both signs are noted for producing intelligence, reason and logic. The blended personality is neat, careful and prudent, and shows a persistence toward learning and concentration on detail; there is the ability to detach yourself from personal issues, and focus on the problem that you have at hand. Emotions never interfere with your thinking because of your ability to face facts and to reason things out with a keen critical analysis. Hence, you don’t make many mistakes. You are somewhat fastidious in your tastes, neat and orderly, and perhaps particular in dress. Your ability to analyze gives you an intuitive insight into peoples feelings, but your responses are largely restrained, and you come across as being somewhat aloof. Demonstration of affection may need cultivation at times to assure harmony and happiness. You have a great deal of potential in business because of your ability to marshal facts and important information relating to scientific matters, and apply your knowledge in a practical endeavor.

See also: Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Virgo: Pankaj

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Libra: The combination of your Sun and your Moon sign produces a personality that is somewhat akin to a gust of wind. It can be powerful and forceful, but lacks constancy and is often subject to direction changes. Your impact on an issue can be amazing while your interest in maintained, but you’re apt to leave the project half finished and be off to another. As long as you are dedicated and enthused things move swiftly, but as soon as you tire of concentrating, you move on to something more interesting and more exciting, uncommitted and unchained by emotional ties. This attitude may apply to people just as it does to projects or tasks, and you may abandon a relationship without so much as a “fair thee well.” Your circle of friends may be wide, but few are close or enduring. Marriage is very important to you, but settling down to a stable relationship will be difficult and will take some time. You have a somewhat frivolous attitude about living life, and a tendency to ignore conventions and rules of conduct can cause you to be periodically ostracized or criticized. Your outlook is broad and tolerant, and you are very forgiving of others for their errors as you hope they will be forgiving of yours. You have an ability to analyze and categorize people in a very effective way. You know how to sell yourself or sell your product with forcefulness and persuasiveness without being objectionable, and your ability to success depends on heavily on this asset.

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Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Libra: Alex Jones, Marcy, Phylissa

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces an individual that appeals to others, but one that lives strictly by its own laws. There is a highly fixed blending of the originality and independence of Aquarius with the emotional intensity and will power of Scorpio. You command a lot of respect, but more importantly, you have a healthy self-respect, as well. Your personality is very strong, and you possess tremendous powers for good or for constructiveness if you can only keep your emotional impulses under mental control. You have a stubborn desire to get your own way, and you’re a highly determined leader. As a leader, you are one to work right along with your subordinates since you never expect anything from anyone that you yourself are not willing to do. You have a good deal of ambition and enterprise, and these are well supported by a dogged determination, making you very forceful when it comes to getting things done. Some of your action may seem a bit impulsive and ill-advised, but no one ever has to coax you to take an initial step or make a decision. The intensity of your personality and the determination to achieve keeps you constantly on the go. It’s important for you to learn to relax, for the restlessness of your driving nature can have a damaging effect on your health if you don’t learn to unwind and perhaps communicate with nature a bit. It’s also good for you to learn not to take yourself so seriously, learn to laugh at yourself, and refrain for being to rigid. Certainly, there is nothing superficial in your nature, and there is little that you cannot accomplish when you put your mind to it. Your persistence and tenacity of purpose light your way to success.

See also: Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio: James Dean, Bob Marley, Lorraine, Medwick (very end)

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius: The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produce an individual who is very active, both physically and mentally. Independence of mind and action, thought and expression, are the keynotes of your nature. This pairing combines the friendliness, originality and independence of Aquarius, with the honesty, sincerity, directness and enthusiasm of Sagittarius. Your personality is friendly and active, expressing independence and freedom in your thinking and in your abilities to see ideas through to completion. A friendly and a very understanding nature tends to place you firmly on the humanitarian side on most issues, and you are likely to busy yourself doing something that in some way directly benefits your fellow man. There is an instinctive and deep-rooted love of truth and knowledge that endows you with a noble and sincere nature. You intensely dislike any sham or deception, and you play the game of life and business by the rules. You never are willing to in any situation to compromise your principles. You admire honesty and straightforward people, and you hold more to individuals possessing these traits, regardless of their station in life. You have a common sense approach to life; although you are put off by intellectualism, you love to philosophize and dream. Actually, you have the qualities of an uncompromising intellectual; honesty, strong opinions, and a broad viewpoint on world affairs. You are impulsively quick to act on your ideas, advanced and revolutionary as they may sometimes be. You believe in getting things done, and done in shortest possible time, employing the most innovative methods you can devise.

See also: Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius: Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Medwick (cusp)

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Capricorn: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a positive and authoritative personality; a very solid and practical individual with individualistic qualities. The Aquarius side of this nature brings originality and independence, but this is tempered by the conservatism, deep ambition and caution of Capricorn. Your calm persistence, deep determination and talent for cold calculation or prudent thinking assure sound judgment and realistic evaluation of conditions or situations. You know your course in life and you are not one to be diverted by emotional factors. Restless at times, you need to keep busy in your profession, business or public life. You have a powerful sense of responsibility and deep seriousness to your nature. Business responsibilities may be heavy. You have great inner sources that enhance your personality. This is a combination that shows the talent to cope with large enterprises and for handling large numbers of people. You have strong, deeply rooted convictions and ideals, and you conduct your business with a strict code of ethics. You are a natural executive with humanitarian leanings, as you combine friendliness and fair play with your strict business principles. You strive more for power and authority than for wealth and material success.

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Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Capricorn: Thomas Edison, Ayn Rand, Raga

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aquarius: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a nature that is strong–a little bit indefinite, but strong. This is a combination that is somewhat of another world-ethereal, philosophical, and extremely open-minded. Your individuality and personality is a blend of the Aquarius traits of refinement, intelligence, and a broadly humane nature. Refined and intelligent, this combination provides the possibility of high talent or a streak of genius to be constructively developed. Ideas are prolific, and likely range from the conventional to the eccentric and the unusual. This is a position that is hyperactive mentally, but perhaps a procrastinator. Mentally, you are a trail-blazer, but one who definitely has a very short attention span for you apt to get yourself involved with a wide variety of subjects and avocations. Aquarius has very humanistic instincts, a natural friendliness, and a talent for understanding and reading character. It is easy for you to blend with with strangers, and dealings with people rarely cause you any problem. Just the same, you are independent or somewhat individualistic, and require considerable personal freedom of thought and action. You are apt to success rather easily in business because of a combination of traits you possess. You are people oriented and thus, able to understand the needs of the public. You are original and progressive in your thinking; new ideas and advanced techniques are your forte. Aquarius is a so called fixed sign, so there is a strong fixed element associated with your personality, a high degree of focus and determination in your nature, giving the tenacity to see any of the many tasks that you undertake, through to completion. Whether you are in business or scientific pursuits, you are motivated by very deep interest in doing something positive for world; for improving people’s lives in some way. It’s important that you stay busy with the expression of your ideas and talents. You are best when unsupervised and independent in your work; at your worst when required to perform any sort of routine or overly systematized task. You’re a bit on the high-strung side, and need to be sure of getting adequate relaxation and outside activities that allows the release of tensions. With your ability for controlled rational thinking, clear perception, and humanitarian concern, you surely have a lot to offer the world at large.

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Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aquarius: Bram

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Pisces: The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a mind that is very original and able to grasp the most vague, ethereal and extreme concepts. The blend mixes friendliness, originality and independence of Aquarius with the emotional sensitivity and imagination of Pisces. You are a person who is naturally persevering and conscientious, being interested in detail, method and order. Your way of reacting to the world is very interesting. You can spend days just dreaming and speculating. You are fascinated by the unusual and the abstract, finding it interesting to take up studies in any number of bazaar topics. Loving to read and study, you may become very well informed on a wide variety of subjects. You lean heavily on your hunches and way out ideas, and you’re easily distracted from routine work. You dream a lot and you have an utter faith in the dreams you dream. Your mind can get so far afield on some vaguely related tangent that you may even forget what the task at hand originally was. Your perceptions are so vividly acute that it is often not practical to pay attention to all of them. You live a private life of your own, into which few others ever penetrate. A keen imagination or a sort of mental vision allows you to be good money-maker in a variety of fields; you seem to be able to intuitively realize possibilities and take advantage of them. You success relies on talent and intelligence since you don’t project a particularly strong leadership personality. There is a tendency for you to let things drift. At times you should display a more forceful will, but by and large you develop a very pronounced prudence and sense of caution. You can benefit in overcoming or controlling a tendency to accept things in a passive way, or in being too friendly and obliging if others incline to take advantage of your good nature.

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Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Pisces: Dick Cheney, Paul Newman, Ramakrishna

Sun in Aquarius Woman: You can lead a horse to water, but.... So the saying goes, and it most certainly applies to an Aquarius woman. This lady can be as fixed and determined as any person you've ever met, but you can win her if you follow these hints:

Since she is idealistic and airy in temperament, take her bluster and show of pugnaciousness with a grain of salt. Smile at her; make her realize that, no matter what she thinks, you are her friend. She appreciates and understands friendship, perhaps above all else.

Let her know she is not the only person with Uranian interests. Tell her about a few of your own, including astrology! Let her know that you are on her side when it comes to bucking tradition and caring for the underdog.

This might be the most important hint of all: be charming and imaginative in entertainment plans; remember, she lives in a world where dreams can - and often do ¬come true. If you are drab in manner, in entertaining, in presenting your ideas and ambitions, she is likely to think you a fool - or worse, a bore. She is a stimulus in the manner that cold, bubbly wine is - and before you know it she'll go to your head!

This woman does like to have her own way. When she is right, let her. But when you feel she is in error, fight her every inch of the way! She enjoys a good fight; it has a tonic effect on her, and she will look at you with new respect. She'll lead you in circles if she can get away with it. Tell her where you stand, what it is you want and expect of her, and you will be on the way toward a happy, fruitful relationship. She loves the unusual. She wants you to be daring, dashing. Admittedly, this can be tiring; but the lady is worth it!

An Aquarius woman can bring out the best in you. Her own poise, mental and physical, can be an inspiration. It can also be damned irritating! That's part of the inspiration: being inspired to think of ways to shake her up.

In all, the Aquarius woman is loyal, is a wonderful person to take your problems to, and is able to help you to help yourself. There are likely to be very few dull moments with her. Her intuition is developed to a fine hone; she can usually sense what the future holds.

Sun in Aquarius Woman: Women with this sign should watch their tendency to exaggerate their problems. However, one can forgive them, for their charm and brightness of expression make them very attractive.

Sun in Aquarius Woman: Aquarian women need a job or interest of their own. They may choose to do something unusual but, whatever they do, they will be wholehearted about it and will find it hard to be clock watchers. This means that their families will have to learn to cope by themselves from time to time.

Sun in Aquarius Woman: You don’t want an ordinary life. You want to live according to your beliefs, your ideals, your principles. You think your personal life shouldn’t be that important. It’s other people - causes, social issues, art, science - that motivate you. In these areas, the usual doesn’t interest you. The offbeat and the unusual turn you on. You like high-tech science, anything New Age, archaeology, anthropology, to name a few. You also subscribe to the maxim that the unexamined life isn’t worth living. Analyzing life is one of your favorite pastimes. Your aim is always to be objective with yourself and others. You consider yourself a reasonable and unprejudiced person.

Although you're friendly, social, and able to talk to people from all walks of life, you always feel that you're different. You’ve been accused of being not quite human. Sometimes you wonder yourself. You're one of the few people in the world to whom weird is a compliment. You pride yourself on your individuality.

To really know you, you need to appreciate how special you are, to understand that you're unique, no matter how you might appear to be. You always have a new and unusual approach to everything. The true New Woman, that’s you, and you don’t mind combining the male and female in yourself. Sometimes, you need to shock people a little just so they don’t assume you'll always do the socially approved thing. In fact, you recognize that revolution is sometimes necessary in all things when the reasonable approach doesn’t work. You always try to work with other people well and harmoniously, sometimes forgetting yourself in the larger picture.

Your ideal man is definitely unusual in some way, even if he’s a bit weird. Exotic or talented, or both, he’s not the ordinary soul. He’s got flair and knows that you appreciate his being different. Sometimes you get too caught up in the idea of differentness. You intellectualize and analyze instead of feeling or going with the flow and that can get in the way of real intimacy.

Sun in Aquarius Woman: The Aquarian woman is interested in following in her father's footsteps. Like her other positive sign sisters, she wants to be known as a career woman. She's unsure of herself sexually for her mother doesn't present a sexually feminine image. Since her father is known for his unconventional stands, she want to be known for hers - therefore, she will pursue anything that seems different or unusual. She remains unsure of herself as a woman, for when concentration is on mental abilities, the physical side remains unfamiliar. She may want to reassure herself that she is a woman, but she gets nervous when too much attention is paid to her body. The dilemma concerns which direction to follow, the intellect or the emotions, and she vacillates back and forth. When she's feeling emotionally insecure, she can become what is commonly called promiscuous. But she isn't promiscuous at heart - she's only searching for her identity. As she gains a sense of identity, or if she gets hurt enough, she'll stop. She has to learn that self-assurance comes from within and can't be gained through approval from others.

Sun in Aquarius Man: Sometimes this man's mind is so much on the future that he tends to overlook the present completely! Make sure he doesn't forget you. Let him be aware of your presence. Make yourself a part of his plans, for he is constantly planning, dreaming, inventing, devising, prophesying. He is airy in temperament, fixed, determined at times to the point of being stubborn. He isn't always easy to get along with, and he can be a bully, and absentminded: but those are the negative sides if his nature. On the positive side, he is worth working to catch!

This man has a tendency to make dreams come true. He can fight and work against the odds. But he needs someone to have faith in him: you can fill that role. Please do not expect the Aquarius man to be perfect: he has faults, loads of them - and he can be exasperating. However, he is generous, reasonable, and willing to help; to listen to your problems; and to offer intelligent, sometimes sage, advice. He practices what he preaches, too. You have to teach him to be practical. If left to his own devices, he might give everything away. He experiments; makes friends with persons others are apt to consider mere cranks.

He is willing to pioneer, to accept challenges, to lead a life of adventure and risk. Is that what you want? If it isn't, it would be better to forget these hints and to find yourself another, safer, more reliable individual. This man is not apt to fit into any pigeon-hole: he tends to sprout wings and to fly high.

This man possesses the ability to learn without formal study: his knowledge could be described as subjective or intuitive. His learning and abilities are not academic: he learns by doing, feeling, experimenting, making as many mistakes as any beginner, yet displaying a master's 'feel' for a subject. The Aquarian man is concerned with hopes, wishes, friends, loyalty, promises: a broken promise can mean a broken relationship as far as he is concerned. Here's an important hint: do not say one thing and do another. No matter how innocent or noble your intentions, this man can interpret your word to the letter; and if you break that word, it is a serious affair with him.

Sun in Aquarius: The Aquarian male has trouble settling into a relationship because he, as well as the Aquarian female, has a strong need for social interaction and intellectually stimulating relationships. Since he also questions his sexuality, he may experiment with sex for a while until he figures out which direction he wants to move in. Most of his problems in relationships stem from the fact that he is too impersonal. He doesn't know how to give personal reassurances or the emotional responses necessary to his partner. He needs to learn how to operate in a personal relationship. He doesn't know what is expected of him.

When he was a child, his mother often protected him against the violence (either mental or physical) of his father. Consequently, the Aquarian male is chary of accepting help from a woman. His mother asks that he never forget her and that she helped him, and he's afraid all women will require the same commitment. He can be an interesting and diverse partner if his need for freedom is understood.

Sun in Aquarius Man: You are not the typical macho male. It simply doesn't interest you. You don't have to prove yourself with acts of bravado. You live by your mind and your ideals. Nothing means more to you than truth-seeking. You'd much rather work to change society than punch someone out. The cry of the French Revolution - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - speaks to you. You live for this ideal and the time it will be a social reality. Everything new and old fascinates you, from archeology and the occult to the latest scientific advances. You are a high-tech buff, for you believe that most advances of the human race are a result of technological evolution. You work hard to be as evolved as you can be.

You relate strongly to ideas of universal brotherhood, and you are someone who will extend that to extraterrestrials, if and when they come. Maybe that's because you often feel like an alien yourself. You've always identified with Spock of "Star Trek." His logical and brilliant mind, unclouded by irrational human emotion, appeals to you. Emotions invariably mess things up. You are amazingly open minded and very little shocks you. You can be mentally rigid and seem cold because you maintain your objective distance so you can be a humanitarian.

You can be the best, most interesting friend one could ever have. In fact, you will often take friends over lovers. Friendship is safer and lasts longer, with none of those murky human passions to confound or scare you.

Your ideal woman has to be your friend. She is broadminded and intelligent, unusual in some way. She understands your need for occasional distance.

Love doesn't come easily to you but you're not immune. You just need to feel free within a committed situation. Then you both can fly high and far.

Sun in Aquarius: Dick Cheney, James Dean, Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, Alex Jones, Bob Marley, Paul Newman, Jack Nicklaus, Ramakrishna, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Babe Ruth, Oprah Winfrey, Alford, Bram, ChrisC, Cynthia, Erin, Leen, Lorraine, Marcy, Medwick, Pankaj, Phylissa, Raga, Suzie, Tom