Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries forms a natural square (Saturn rules Capricorn, which squares Aries). The square calls for the integration of conflicting desires. Aries represents our feeling that we should have the right and the power to do what we please. Saturn represents the 'rules of the game' which set limits on life if we want to survive in this world at this time. Failure to integrate, to make peace between these two sides of life with some sort of compromise, can result in a variety of problems.

Individuals with a dominant Letter One emphasis in their charts may feel that their will should be law. Fire-Earth combinations may be steamrollers or resemble a molten lava flow. Just don't get in the way. Such individuals may live in a constant state of overdrive, trying to make the world do what they think it should. They may be dictators to the extent that they can, or they may simply be very responsible people who feel guilty if anything goes wrong. One-ten combinations can play 'Atlas' and try to carry the world.

The other extreme is the feeling that the world has all the power, so we might as well not even try - we would just fail or fall short. These people may simply lack faith in their own power, or they may feel that they do not have the right to be themselves or do what they please. We gain faith in our own power by doing anything successful. Of course, if our standard of success is too high, we may never feel we have achieved it. We don't know what we can do until we have done it. When the self-blocking is carried too far, when fear blocks the Fire need to express actively in the world, illness is possible. Fire is the faith which fuels the immune system, the creative recuperative power of life itself. Ignoring realistic, practical physical limits can also have negative repercussions for health. To integrate our self-confidence and our limits, we need reasonable ambitions and some kind of active accomplishment in the world.

Careers for Saturn in Aries should be entrepreneurial, active, varies, and self-directed when possible. Individuals with this placement are identified with their careers, so on the one hand they tend to feel they have lost their power and identity when they are not working, yet on the other they want to work in their own way, strictly on their own terms. Self-criticism may be a problem if they 'become' the job and focus too much on their flaws.

A father or another authority figure will be a role model in the early life. If the father is a positive model, the individual tries to be like him, to win his approval. If the parent is a negative model, the individual tries to do the opposite. Competition with the parent is common; and frequently, individuals are not aware of how they are shaping their lives by their early experiences with authorities.

Saturn in Aries: You might strive to stand out as a leader by ignoring established protocol and being impatient. This form of assertion may lead the material world to exercise harsh discipline over your energies by severe limitations. When you endeavor to lead for self-serving motivations only, your Arian manner might become restless and narrow. This may alienate others and result in frustration of your productive efforts.

You possess the skills and social ability to be a leader. You can acknowledge yourself as creator of your sense of independence and of situations in which you lead or follow. This self-recognition allows you to feel secure enough to act independently. As you use your leadership capacity, more and more you become aware of others' wishes. Fostering new ideals and ideas into a form that answers a collective need, your innovative ambitions have the potential for reaching and affecting society at large.

Your destiny is to formulate a new identity. You feel very vulnerable because you have no instinctive ego to serve as a buffer against environmental stimuli. Thus, there is a tendency either to overreact or to under react when asserting yourself, because you don't have a solid sense of self to assert from. Your goal is to formulate a new, more powerful sense of identity.

Saturn in Aries: You probably have trouble asserting yourself and going after what you want in an aggressive manner. At times, it might seem as though some internal or external obstacle blocks you every time you try to push forward. This does not mean necessarily that you are timid or weak, but rather that you are reluctant to behave forcefully and don't like confrontation. However, you may feel that you are unable to stand up for yourself or to compete, and might experience anxiety whenever you have to be aggressive.

Your anger is kept carefully in check; and you rarely let your temper get the better of you. Usually, you seem cool and in control, able to act rationally and with moderation even in the heat of the moment. Therefore, you could be good at such things as leading troops in battle, managing an athletic team or directing new business ventures. Perhaps one of your tests in life is to learn to be a leader in times of stress.

Cautious and pragmatic, you carefully plan your actions and aren't likely to do anything impulsively. In most situations you play it safe and hesitate to take chances. You are inclined to overestimate the dangers involved and the strength of your adversaries. As a result, you sometimes miss out on opportunities because you are afraid to risk much and because you do not act quickly or decisively enough.

Men especially might see this as a weakness and overcompensate for their lack of daring by engaging in dangerous activities so that no-one can say they lack courage or are unmanly. Another possibility is that you might test yourself and put your life on the line in an attempt to confront and overcome your trepidation. One of your tests in this lifetime might be learning to take calculated risks and face challenges in practical ways that will produce tangible results, instead of engaging in foolish acts of bravado or rashness for no good reason.

Unless Mars is strong in your chart or you have several planets in Fire signs, this Saturn placement can indicate lack of vitality, strength and enthusiasm. You aren't very playful; and sports probably don't appeal to you much. However, you have determination and can focus your energy and discipline yourself so that, if you do have athletic ability, you could be quite successful. Your test is to break through old limits (Saturn) and introduce new possibilities (Aries).

Saturn in Aries: Saturn in the sign Aries indicates a person who is forced by circumstances to acquire initiative, patience, and self-reliance in providing the practical necessities of life. By the obligation to develop his own resources, he comes to develop his will and strength of character.

Saturn is in its fall in Aries because Aries is the opposite sign of Libra, in which Saturn is exalted. Aries represents the initial impulse of action, while Saturn represents the law of cause and effect that brings back the consequences of an action. Saturn in Aries is in its fall because there has not been sufficient time for these consequences to take effect. Thus it is difficult for people with this position to see themselves as others see them; they are initiating a new cycle of experience, and so they have not had time to learn the consequences of their actions. They may, therefore, lack awareness of the principles of social justice and the rights of others.

This position of Saturn gives resourcefulness; natives are capable of evolving new methods in their work. In the case of highly developed people, discipline combined with initiative leads to mental creativity, which enables them to produce new concepts in their chosen fields.

If Saturn is afflicted in Aries, natives can be very defensive, always expecting opposition from others; this quality makes it difficult for them to understand, communicate, and co¬operate with others.

An afflicted Saturn in Aries also indicates self-centeredness and an impulse to self-justification. Since these people are concerned with their own ambition and security, they may overlook the needs and aspirations of others. Their tendency to pursue exclusively personal aims can hinder them from co-operating with others, and can thus place limitations on their success.

With this position of Saturn, therefore, one can be short on diplomacy. Natives tend to do things alone, taking care of their own needs without giving or requesting help. They prefer to be in business for themselves, but it is not always possible with this position.

Saturn in Aries can cause headaches and a tendency to worry because of a restriction of the normal flow of blood to the head.

Saturn in Aries: Your defense mechanism is directed toward self-defense and self-justification. The problems of living constitute to you a direct frontal attack of the world on your own personality; and the vindication of this steal the show from concerns of material progress and security. In its worst form, this makes for narrowness, self-centeredness, touchiness, up to and including delusions of persecution. All the forces of your nature unite to defend the ego, which imagines itself badly used and needful of maximum protection. From this can arise an almost unbelievable capacity to misunderstand others and a sort of chip-on¬the-shoulder attitude which defies others to understand you. Carried upward and onward and broadened into spheres of usefulness, this makes you deeply desirous of self-betterment, capable of long, arduous mental work by which you succeed in making yourself the sort of person who will not require defending, but whose genuine traits will be the best defense against the world's attack. Not usually accompanied by introspection in any marker degree, this position, developed on its best side, makes you an aware, alert, profound personality. You eliminate the need for defending yourself by becoming an effective person when you have learned what every good general knows: that the best defense is an attack - and when you have marshaled your forces to attack life, instead of following your natural inclination to draw them around in a bristling ring of defiance.

Saturn in Aries: Saturn in Aries tends to make the native strive for responsibility; and, at the same time, fear it. He appears serious, but could lack depth. He wants authority, respect and dignity; but he often finds the climb a bit tedious and depressing - just a little too much of a test. The astrologer must help him go after what he really wants and needs, not the glitter, the glamour, the power he imagines is possessed by a 'big executive'.

If the native is to succeed personally or professionally, he must work - success does not come easily. He must persevere; his outlook must be realistic. He tends to believe someone else has the secret key - and that only he, himself, is made to struggle. He must learn that time is on his side; that the older he gets, the stronger he becomes; that the more he tries, the more he learns. In this way he is most fortunate; he gains through his efforts and eventually attracts the attention of the very persons he admires or is trying to impress.

Saturn in Aries: The positive, energetic force of Aries is at total variance with the caution and restriction of Saturn; and on the whole the two are not happy bedfellows. The individual will be very strong, brave and assertive at times, but at others will show inhibition and even weakness. A balance should be consciously developed, as possible extremes of action and inaction will then be governed and the energetic force of Aries used with common sense and practicality. When the subject has come to terms with the Saturn influence, he or she will be determined, persistent, and able to cope when life is difficult. Physical and emotional energy must be evenly used, however, if strain is not to occur during demanding periods.

When the pace slows, the reverse happens, and stagnation, or restlessness and discontent, can build up. Any inclination toward depression should be worked off with a change of occupation - sporting activities, or workouts at a health club, may be the best kind of antidote. The authoritative inner voice can cause confusion and restlessness - at times goading the subject into action when he or she knows that inaction would be better, and at others sapping the self-confidence.

Saturn in Aries: You are an independent rock, though potentially may suffer an independence block. Your tasks and obligations include the discipline to do things on your own account - but not to be anti-social; the time taken / allowed to develop powers of self-assertion - thus assuaging feelings of inadequacy; and the building of relationships that are respectful of individuality - yet do not become separative.

You can get stuck with relationships where neither you nor Other moves forward, individually or as a couple; with an Other who appears to keep you as and where he / she wants you; with strife-torn situations; and with projects and relationships that come to nothing.

You are learning to do what you want to do without Other or Other's approval; to become your own person, often through making your own mistakes; and to be patient and allow things to develop step by step rather than having one or two energetic but ineffectual stabs.

You commit to an Other who respects you as an individual and allows you to exercise your own will and discover your own strengths and weaknesses; to an Other with a strong character who can act independently of you, even though you may at first find this threatening; and to challenging situations and relationships.

You are or should be wary of Others who take you over, even though it may seem as though they are taking some weight off your shoulders; of overly forceful Others who selfishly do their own thing and expect you to sit tight or tag along; and of relationship prospects that are beyond your capabilities.

When you are alone, it is because you have chosen the ultimately most appropriate and straightforward way of living up to the task that Saturn in Aries has set you: independence. Without anyone - or anything - to lean on or blame, you finally are forced to confront your own weaknesses as just that - your own. Alternatively, you could be alone because you are with someone else. In fact, to be really honest, independence when there is no Other in your life is a bit like being a fire-fighter when there are no fires around. If you are alone but in a relationship, in the sense that you lead separate lives more or less, this is okay if it suits you - but I would venture to say that it doesn't really. This scenario is one of 'mock independence' where you are still dependent upon one another to ascribe your difficulties, inhibitions or hang-ups to. For example, wishing you could go off and do your own thing but you cannot because Other wouldn't like it. Saturn in Aries calls for brutal honesty.

Saturn in Aries: You are probably a fairly demanding partner who does not tolerate and inconsiderate lover. You expect to be treated with respect and affection, and you refuse to let anyone take advantage of you.

This is an asset that can save you much grief and help you avoid exploitative relationships. But be sure you use it well, for you may be quite impatient with a partner who simply needs more tolerance to help bring the relationship to fruition.

Because of your rather high standards, you may have to spend a long time finding a lover of sufficient substance to fulfill your needs. That will be time well spent, for it is better to do without a lover than to waste your time on one who is unsatisfactory.

Although you may not be overly aggressive, you have a formidable talent for cutting a presumptuous partner down to size. Save this ability for those who truly deserve it, and don't waste your words on minor offenders.

While you are young, you may be treated with the respect usually reserved for a more mature person. But oddly enough, as you grow older, you will seem increasingly youthful in style and will attract younger partners.

Saturn in Aries: This sign placement of your natal Saturn is important for you personally if Saturn is near conjunction or opposition with your Midheaven or Ascendant or is aspecting the Sun or Moon. It indicates that you have difficulty thinking of yourself in easy, constructive relationships with other people. You are afraid that people will inhibit you and keep you from getting what you want, or that they will try to control you in ways that you don't like. Thus, you try to remain alone and independent of others, and yet you are rather lonely, because you still need human contact. The best solution is to seek out people who will allow you to be yourself and avoid critical persons, unless you really believe that their criticism is constructive and well-meant. Your relationship with your father is extremely important; if it is not positive, you may have a greater feeling of frustration and even more difficulty getting along with people.

Obviously, then, this placement is constructive in that it can help you become an independent person. You can learn how to stand on your own and take positions on issues without relying on others for support. You do not feel that it is necessary to either reject or follow anyone else's advice. You will make up your mind according to your own criteria. Just be careful not to let your independence make it impossible to love and be friends with others.

This placement also makes you cautious and careful. You do not like to let your energies flow without following some kind of structure. You prefer orderly activities in which you have a definite feeling for what is wrong and what is right.

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Saturn in Aries: George Carlin, Bette Davis, Isadora Duncan, Albert Einstein, Dustin Hoffman, Helen Keller, Nicole Kidman, Jack Nicklaus, Ramana Maharshi, Will Rogers, Ted Turner, Jon Voight, Erika, Jack, Jeff, JRosh, LouG, Mick, Supr, Tom

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus forms a natural trine, so individuals with this combination may be very successful in handling the material world. When driven by a small to moderate fear of the world's power or insecurity about their own power, they may make money and also hold on to it. Or they may collect possessions. Often the career may involve beauty in some way, whether they create it or sell the creations of others. Material security, pleasure, and comfort are usually important. Major conflict aspects to Saturn would suggest that there are lessons around making or handling money, possessions, or appetites. The Saturn potential for a Puritan conscience can conflict with the pleasure drives of Taurus; so individuals may swing between excesses and asceticism, between spending and saving, hoarding and generosity, etc.. But the combination is normally practical and capable.

An artistic career is possible, whether as an artist or dealing with things that give pleasure to people, including home furnishings, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, or, of course, the money that buys them. The instinct of Taurus is to conserve and to savor.

The father and other authority figures may be pleasant and comfortable, or very focused on the material world of money, possessions and pleasures, or quite artistic, or simply practical. If Saturn has conflict aspects, the father may have problems with money or sensuality, or he could just be stubborn.

Saturn in Taurus: You might try to accumulate money or possessions for the purpose of standing out as a separate identity and justifying your worth to others. This motive results in poverty consciousness and a feeling of being victimized by the material world in relation to your personal security and self-esteem. The upshot is feeling continually thwarted from accumulating the money, comfort, and status you seek. If you struggle to avoid pursuing practical Taurean ambitions, frustration with material status might ensue.

You possess the social skills to manifest material abundance, comfort, and security in the world. You can recognize yourself as creating the limitations stemming from your values, which brings about circumstances that render you unable to regenerate your financial situation. Then your self-worth can be expanded to include new methods for making money.

Once you are willing to use your abilities to build tangible resources, you can experience the worldly abundance and sensual satisfaction that you seek.

You must build a foundation that will give strength, stability and support to your identity. Material resources can be scanty until you gain a clear sense of what is really important; what has meaning and value in your life; what principles, when manifested, will give you an internal sense of stability, comfort and self-worth. Then material resources know no limitation, and you can become wealthy through your own efforts.

Saturn in Taurus: Your tests in life are likely to revolve around issues of material possessions and physical resources. How you acquire and use your resources will be important, and you may learn many significant - though perhaps difficult - lessons in this area.

Probably you will have to work for whatever you get, rather than being born to wealth or winning a fortune in the lottery. If money does come to you as a result of something other than your own efforts, it may turn out to be a burden in some way, so that you don't really enjoy your wealth. Perhaps your freedoms are limited by material responsibilities and you feel trapped by your possessions. Or, you might find that your financial position isolates you from other people.

At some time in your life, you probably experienced poverty; and as a result, you might live in fear of being needy again. If you were born into a poor family, you may feel you are inferior to those who have more money than you do. You might connect personal wealth with material worth and be very sensitive and defensive about what you see as a deficiency in yourself. Therefore, as an adult, you might try to build the self-respect you so desire by accumulating wealth. You also may value others in direct relationship to their portfolios.

Money and possessions give you a sense of security that goes beyond the ability to provide for yourself and your family; and even if you have more money than you could ever spend, you never seem to get enough. You may be avaricious and greedy, stubbornly holding on to your possessions as if your life depended on them - for to you, at some deep inner level, it does. However, if you compromise your principles to obtain wealth or profit through the misfortune of others, you might end up losing everything. Thus, the test of Saturn in this life might be what are you willing to do for money? Your attachment to your possessions, too, may be tested and, if you don't come to realize this easily, you could be forced painfully to face up to the fact that security does not come from material things.

Your body, too, is one of your physical resources; and how you treat it and use it will be significant in your life. If you neglect or abuse your body, or use your sexuality to control or manipulate others, however, you are likely to suffer for it, for Saturn always insists that you assume responsibility for your actions.

Saturn in Taurus: Saturn in the sign Taurus indicates people who need discipline and hard work if they are to acquire material possessions; they come to feel a strong need for financial and emotional security. They cannot be at peace if their practical affairs are not in order. If Saturn is well aspected in Taurus, enduring patience, steadfast adherence to principle, and practical management ability in business affairs will be characteristics.

When they are about twenty-nine years old, these people seek stable career positions that will ensure financial and domestic security, which they require for their well-being. They are likely to be reliable and persistent in their careers. Often they enter professions in banking, investment, insurance, or business management. Since they tend to be frugal, they usually make purchases of lasting value, with primary consideration for their utilitarian qualities. They save money for future emergencies and for security in old age. They must develop a well-balanced sense of the value of material resources.

If Saturn is afflicted in Taurus, there can be obstinacy and excessive materialism. In extreme cases, the result is either miserliness or - conversely - a burdening of oneself with material possessions, instead of allowing things to flow from one so that new things can flow in as needed.

Saturn in Taurus: This position presents the simplest and most direct manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation, which you satisfy by material comfort and security. If you have these, life cannot attack you in any way that matters deeply. The need to defend yourself in emotional, intellectual matters is not deep, and you are therefore an easy person to live with because your deep ego centers don't bristle and writhe at imagined affronts or offences. You are secure if your body is secure; and are able to bring a great deal of idealism to bear on all of life's other problems in which you, unlike many others, can be detached and gracious. When you're materially secure, you have to look out for smugness and self-satisfaction and for a tendency to identify yourself and your work too closely with your possessions and your material status. You are deeply a conservative in finance and can be a penny pincher. You will rarely gamble or lose property because of your own actions, unless through taking security too much for granted you feel it can't possibly be lost. Self-satisfaction then becomes overconfidence, and is, of course, dangerous. The tendency to take things too much for granted can also lead you to trust some less careful person with your security and to lose it though the bad judgment of others on whom you have, because of over sureness, not exercised the proper control.

Losing security throws you entirely off balance, and you cannot be yourself till you get it back again. You can be secure on little, for stretching money is your long suit, but what little there is must be established as firmly as the Rock of Gibraltar. Needless to say, you are a pillar of society, a believer in life insurance, and a sure-fire customer for gilt-edged government bonds.

Saturn in Taurus: Saturn in Taurus, like the man whose left hand doesn't know what his right is doing, often succeeds in spite of himself. The native tends to wait too long, to lack confidence, to brood over money matters, to trust the wrong people and accuse the right ones. He gains by being frugal, but often has to spend what he saved because his saving created an unhappy domestic situation. He is not easy to understand, but is determined, able to collect facts and figures, stocks and bonds; he is capable of responding well under pressure. The astrologer must help relieve him of numerous anxieties concerning security, money and love. He must help him to open up and express emotions with a greater degree of freedom and enthusiasm.

Saturn in Taurus: The patience of Taurus, plus the ability to be careful and cautious which is so much a part of Saturn's influence, complement each other here. The individual is long-suffering and will patiently cope and plod on to accomplish whatever most concerns him or her. However, the combination of the luxury-loving side of Taurus and the prudence of Saturn (too often turning into meanness or frugality) can cause considerable conflict.

How is it possible, then, for subjects to take advantage of this placing? There is little doubt that they are ambitious and want to make money. Saturn also brings a tendency to social climbing within the context of its ambitious qualities. As a result, this placing can encourage a steady (and no doubt comfortable!) climb toward the objectives in life. However, Saturn's negative inner voice will sound accusations of being extravagant, of eating too much and too expensively, and will constantly ask 'Do you really need that?' Individuals must come up with their own answers, but must also learn to enjoy the Taurean side of this placement. If, on the whole, the chart is extrovert in influence, this should not be too hard; but if the subject is rather shy and generally inhibited this will be far more difficult, as feelings of guilt will recur and must be tempered by stronger qualities. Usually, a justification of pleasure should not be necessary; perhaps a lesson that those with this placing must learn.

Caution, patience, persistence and sometimes an over rigid routine and discipline are common. Parents with this placing, while wanting to give their children the best, may tend to be over strict with them. The way in which the emotions are expressed may also be inhibited, although the individual is usually very kind. Generally, objects that are functional will be preferred to those that are beautiful.

Saturn in Taurus: You are a steady rock, though may potentially suffer a money block. Your tasks and obligations include the discipline to consolidate self-worth and finances - and so not be materially dependent; the time take / allowed to establish material security - thus assuaging fears of being without; and the building of relationships that are physically loyal - yet not boringly predictable.

You can get stuck with relationships where you are very dependent upon Other for your material welfare and position; with an Other who has little or no material wherewithal and is dependent upon you; and with situations where money becomes a major issues and a block to emotional accord.

You are learning to either become more materially self-sufficient or be happy with what you have got; to be generous but prudent with regard to Other; and to look at what is emotionally lacking in your relationship, which the material state reflects.

You commit to an Other who is materially stable, or is at least practical and has the potential to be so; to an Other who is not at all well off materially, thereby calling upon you to organize or alleviate such matters; and to an Other who is aware of your true worth and loves you solely for that, and will pass any tests that set out to prove this point.

You are or should be wary of feckless types who always seem to be one step (or less) away from ruin; of Others who are merely interested in you for your money or position, or conversely, who think they can buy you; and of situations where money and what it can buy seem to be the only criteria of worth.

When you are alone, it is mainly for one of two reasons. Firstly, being alone is in aid of forcing you to take serious stock of your material position, earning power, and whatever talents you have. Behind this is a case of your never really realizing or making the most of what you've got. Perhaps there was always an Other there to support you or bail you out. Secondly, it would be a case of having everything that money can buy - and nothing else. And so aloneness would eventually confront you with the realization that it is only the non-material or spiritual qualities of life that have any true and lasting worth. And like the first case, it may now be time for you to develop your own potential. If you are alone but still in a relationship, then it would be a kind of mixture of the above two cases. That is to say that you are staying together for material reasons only and consequently not discovering or appreciating the true worth of yourself or Other.

Saturn in Taurus: You can be particularly patient in judging your partner, giving him or her plenty of room to make mistakes before you get angry or hurt or make and condemnations.

This is an admirable quality, but it must be tempered with insight, for you could be taken advantage of by the wrong partner. However, although you are slow to take offence, once you have been hurt it is difficult to erase it from your mind. If you want to make up with an estranged lover, you will have to make an extra effort.

Some misunderstandings may stem from forgetfulness or reluctance to let your partner know what seems wrong. You may expect your lover to sense the difficulties without a word from you, which is likely to lead to greater problems. Before being judgmental, make sure your partner understands your problem and how you want to deal with it.

Also you should try to be more amenable to your lover's suggestions, particularly about how to add more variety to your love experience in order to rejuvenate the relationship. In this area you may have considerable capacity for enjoyment, but your partner probably has more talent for initiating the changes.

Saturn in Taurus: This placement is most important to you personally if Saturn is near opposition or conjunction with the Ascendant or Midheaven or closely aspecting the Sun or Moon. You have a great need to establish a firm foundation in your life. When you have total freedom to do what you want, you feel uneasy. You need a secure centre in your life, a place or set of conditions that you can count on as long as you life. However, this drive for security may make you become rigid and fearful about approaching anything new in your life. Even at best, it is sometimes difficult for you to change and adapt. On the other hand, you are incredibly resistant to adversity and hard times.

You may find it difficult to share with others, not because you are selfish, especially, but because you are afraid that there may not be enough to go round. Consequently you hold onto your share for dear life. You should trust the world to take care of you a bit more. It is important that your parents make you feel that their support and your resources are not likely to be taken away. And they shouldn't make you feel that you have to work terrifically hard to get what you need. Of course, you will have to work; but if you do so from fear, it will be all the harder. Everything will work out for you if you believe that it will.

All through your youth, you need lots of support and love from your parents. You need to know that you are loved and that you have a right to be here. Don't be jealous of your friends or afraid that someone will take a friend away from you. There is plenty of love and enough material resources to go around.

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Saturn in Taurus: Muhammad Ali, Lucille Ball, Dick Cheney, John Dee, Bob Dylan, Art Garfunkel, L.Ron Hubbard, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Al Pacino, Pablo Picasso, Ronald Reagan, Paul Simon, Mother Teresa, Vincent van Gogh, Al, Dheeraj, Gina, JerryH, RoyO, Seligma, Sugeet, Zoë

Saturn in Gemini

Saturn in Gemini is a natural quincunx, the aspect which usually carries an implication of wanting to do better. This may support the critic side of Saturn; but the Air ability to see both sides of everything, to understand, and to accept, can offset the critic. With serious insecurity, this combination may try to control information and communication for a sense of security. It can be 'dry', lacking in warmth, insisting on 'facts' only.

This combination often illustrates the two sides of Saturn at different stages of life. Initially, children with Saturn in Gemini often doubt their mental ability, sometimes because they are comparing themselves with a parent or an older sibling. But once they have gained a sense of competence, they typically choose a mental career. This may include any form of communication, such as teaching, counseling, sales, media work, etc.. Work with the hands is also possible. Gemini, like all forms of Letter Three, carries the potential for skill with eye-mind-hand co-ordination.

The father may have been bright and verbal and engaged in an intellectual profession. In such cases, he usually pushes the child to do well in school. Alternately, the father might have lacked education and worked with his hands. I have seen cases where such a father also pushed the child to become educated or to be able to do more in life than the father could; but in other cases, the father disdained mental skills. Sometimes a sibling or other relative plays the role of parent or there is a power issue in what should be a peer relationship. Sometimes, the individual feels responsible for a sibling. Mutual criticism or power struggles can be a danger in relationships which should be accepting and co¬operative.

Saturn in Gemini: You might try to build barriers against intimate relationships in order to ensure the Gemini option to mingle with many people and to pursue goals and friendships in a superficial, social manner. This form of relating to life may lead to the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none syndrome. The upshot can be frustration due to a failure to complete long-range goals because of your need to detach from everything. You may experience defeat by always creating an option and by refusing to commit yourself.

You possess the skill and social responsibility in the world for bringing many ideas into manifestation. When you acknowledge your need for a variety of ambitious outlets, you can notice that a flitting-about, social frame of reference does not encourage a consistent, conscious centre from which you can handle your divergent ambitions.

You can dedicate yourself to building an inner focus point, which gives you security in the ability to complete your ideas one at a time or give them to someone who can bring them to completion. If you follow a consistent philosophical identity within yourself, you can use your many talents and abilities to communicate information that organizes and supports others in a solid way. Thus, you will attract a variety of people and experiences. The result will be the positive stimulus and the variety of challenges needed for fulfillment.

Learning to communicate clearly, honestly and openly is your challenge. You have a strong internal sense of self, and are recognizing your own strength through interrelating, connecting, and communicating with others. You are learning how to be open to a clear and mutually beneficial exchange of information through eliminating a tendency to self-censorship. Your job is to live in the moment and to verbalize clearly the ideas that come into consciousness as they arise. Through cultivating this innocent, spontaneous honesty with others, you find that the people around you take their rightful positions in your life without any need for conscious manipulation on your part.

Saturn in Gemini: In some way, you are likely to experience difficulties in the area of communication. Perhaps your early education was restricted or inadequate, interfered with by poverty, childhood illness, poor schools, family troubles, etc.. Or, maybe a learning disability, speech defect or other problem caused you to get a slow start and you had to work hard to catch up later. You might have had to teach yourself everything you know, mostly through trial and error.

As a result, you feel inferior in terms of your intellect, education or communication skills; and you probably are quite sensitive about this. Because you believed you were deficient in these areas, you may have put forth Herculean effort to improve yourself, so that now you are more than adequate. However, it is also possible that early impediments to your intellectual and verbal development caused you to fear and dislike learning, so that as an adult you still find yourself mentally blocked. This does not mean that you are stupid or unable to learn, but rather that your negative attitude toward education and your fear of being inferior could be standing in your way.

Speaking before groups might be especially hard for you, and your writing style may be stilted and self-conscious. Your test in life, however, could be to learn to use your intellect and / or communication skills effectively. This might even mean that you work to improve communication systems, perhaps through delivering mail, editing manuscripts or repairing telephones, office machines or computers. If you neglect your mental development or misuse your powers of communication, however, you will have to pay the price.

Your mind works in a logical, orderly fashion, and you are good at planning, organizing, analyzing, researching and retaining information. It is quite likely that your powers of concentration and your memory are also good. A practical thinker, you want to be able to apply what you know so that it produces tangible results. You have common sense, a head for business, and the ability to focus intently on facts, figures, and technical data. Whether writing or speaking, you get to the point and don't waste words; and you rarely speak unless you have something to say.

Because Gemini is associated with your immediate environment and travel near your home, you might experience frequent delays, frustrations and difficulties driving or taking public transportation in and around your community. Neighbors and / or siblings, too, could present problems for you; and you may find it hard to communicate with them. Finally, Gemini's connection with the hands could indicate restrictions or tests related to your hands and, perhaps, a need to develop good manual dexterity.

Saturn in Gemini: Saturn in the sign Gemini indicates a practical, well-disciplined, systematic, and logical mind. There is a capacity for discipline in thinking, reasoning, and writing, and in solving problems of all sorts. Ideas are judged on the basis of their practical usefulness and on whether they have been proved out through direct experience.

Discipline in all forms of mental work, especially mathematics, science, and the concrete implementation of ideas, usually enable these natives to carry through in formal courses of study. These people like things to be well-defined, organized in detail, and set down on paper. They are particularly concerned about clarity in contracts and agreements.

Honesty in communication and dependability are of paramount importance; hence these people generally end up with something substantial to show for their efforts.

Saturn functions well in the Air signs because it adds discipline, justice, and practicality to the intellectual functions. Saturn’s exaltation in Libra and co-rulership of Aquarius give strength to its position in Gemini, through the double trine in the Air triplicity of the natural Zodiac.

Many secretaries, stenographers, bookkeepers, accountants, writers, teachers and researchers have this position. It also favors those engaged in engineering, the physical sciences, and mathematics.

If Saturn is afflicted in Gemini, there can be a tendency to experience and display excessive doubt, suspicion, shyness, and a critical attitude. However, the natives are flexible in adapting to the practical needs of any situation, being resourceful in finding the solutions to problems; they view life with a practical objectivity.

Saturn in Gemini: You attack the world vigorously, finding your natural defense in a swift flanking movement in which, by speed and profundity, you justify your existence. This is one of the best positions for Saturn, sharpening and deepening your reaction to experience and giving you mastery of mind and therefore of life. You justify yourself actively and articulately, and work outward into the world in intellectual or physical endeavor. You are shrewd in business dealings and can be slick. You are likely to range far in your battle with life, which is a sort of intellectual guessing game that you are determined to win by force of superior intellect. You are rarely stalemated even by the most complicated situations that you get yourself into, for you always have an 'out' which is likely to be an 'up' as well. Adaptability is your great strength; your notion of how to justify yourself is not limited, and you have few vocational inhibitions. This is also a weakness: you're willing to try anything once. But you concentrate readily and can master many things in one lifetime. In its best manifestation, this is Goethe's 'universal man' to whom no doors were closed, or the idea of Francis Bacon, who took all knowledge for his province. In its worst form, it is a dilettante - but you generally will emerge from this adventurous extreme with something to show for life.

Saturn in Gemini: In Gemini, Saturn gives us a native who is easily depressed and wonders when he will receive the affection he is so willing to give. He can meet misfortune through journeys and dealings with relatives unless he takes special care. He tends toward self-deception ¬he wants persons and situations to be a certain way and often sees them that way. The astrologer's task is to help the native obtain a greater grasp of reality. This is accomplished by helping him overcome his fear of responsibility and concentration - he must learn to finish what he starts, to tackle one project at a time; he must not spread his efforts too thinly. He is capable of learning from experience but, if he is not wary, the experience can be depressing. His motives are fine but his methods, at times, are devoid of logic.

See also: Saturn in Gemini;

Saturn in Gemini: Milton William Cooper, Robert De Niro, Bobby Fischer, Sigmund Freud, Robert Hand, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Alex Jones, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Orson Welles, Brian Wilson, Andrea, Arine, Bram, David, Elijah, Farmer, Flickinger, Judi, JudyPl, Kay, MarieBr, Sarik, Shakura, Shiloh, Victoria

Saturn in Cancer

Saturn in Cancer is a natural opposition. The astrological drives which are opposite each other should be partners. As the opposite ends of a polarity, they have much in common; but each provides something the other needs. However, when they are not integrated, the person may express one end and have problems with the other end which can be repressed, projected, or displaced.

Projection is the most common mishandling of oppositions. Typically, the individual finds someone with the same dilemma but each person consciously seeks to satisfy one end while the other person overdoes his or her end. Each is getting some vicarious satisfaction from the other person's manifestation of the other end. Unfortunately, since the desire for this end is subconscious and in conflict with the conscious desire (or the person would simply do it and not project it), the usual feeling is frustration with the other person. 'If you were different, I would be happy.' When both people realize that the problem is internal, when they become conscious of their own ambivalence and accept it as normal, they can work out a compromise.

The four-ten polarity symbolizes the two parents. Four should be the nurturing parent, giving unconditional love because the baby needs it. Letter ten is the disciplinary parent who teaches the rules and provides the consequences of how we handle them as part of that instruction. Obviously, real parents may not conform to the model; and the four-ten combinations in astrology point to issues which usually involve security. Neither parent may provide unconditional love, or both may overprotect and 'spoil' a child. Most astrology texts assume that the Saturn principle will always overpower the Moon principle, producing some variation on harsh, or domineering, or distant parents; but I have seen examples of the overprotective alternative. In the end, the child has to grow up and learn that there are rules, learn to be responsible, and to cope with the world. Other variations in our divorce-prone western world include on parent playing both roles; or the parents may alternate in the roles.

Once we reach adulthood, Saturn in Cancer calls for integration between the emotional desire for a home and family and the urge for a career which provides some degree of power and accomplishment in the world. Homemaking as a career used to be an option for many women, but it is becoming less available except for women who have inherited or married wealth. Even in the latter case, the dependent spouse may feel insecure and vulnerable and may need to do some kind of volunteer work which reassures her of her power. For individuals trying to juggle both work and a family, the major Saturn issue is often time. Since no-one can do everything well, we need to realistically define what is important and be able to delegate or postpone or take less seriously what is less important. In healthy interdependence, each person is able to contribute, to take his or her share of the responsibility, and also to accept help from others.

Career potentials with Saturn in Cancer can include farming and ranching, caring for the land and animals. Work in construction, interior design, and real estate are possible. Service to the public is common, including protection for families: feeding people, clothing them, or offering emotional security in some form. A family business or work in one's home are other possibilities.

Saturn in Cancer: If you feel that other people should respect your feelings because you are a sensitive person, you may experience rejection. The resulting self-protection might lead to a neurotic Cancerian need to create in your life emotional limitations that appear to be security. When you are afraid of dealing directly and objectively with others about your sensitivities, you may experience a severe limitation and repression of your emotional nature. This eventually cuts off your ability to experience feeling anything at all.

You possess the skill and social responsibility to experience your subjective feelings deeply and then to bring those feelings into manifestation. You can do this in a way that benefits others as well as yourself. When you acknowledge yourself as the creator of the personal feelings experienced, you can begin to feel secure enough to delve into your private sensitivities. Once you are in touch with your true feelings, you have the ability to bring those feelings to the surface in an objective way that clears the air and benefits everyone. You possess the ability and the responsibility in the world for creating an environment in which everyone, including yourself, is nurtured and secure.

It is necessary for you to bring your talents into an organized format for public expression. This process emerges from the subconscious levels; and suddenly you may find yourself excited and involved in activities that have the potential to lead into a profession or career. As you begin to use and express these instinctive talents, you gain a sense of the career that can be truly fulfilling to your basic inner needs. You are learning to take responsibility for the expression of your identities, desires and talents in the context of your environment.

You feel insecure about really belonging in the home and family environment, and so you feel needy and overly dependent on others for emotional support. You are bringing in new ideas that are not yet familiar to society or understood by your family. It is as though you are from another planet and do not find affinity with the consciousness of your family structure. Your job is to find a sense of belonging and comfort within yourself, and to make new families based on inner connection with others.

Saturn in Cancer: Many of your tests in life involve your family and home. Although your family also may provide you with a sense of structure and appearance, you might be burdened or limited in some way by family responsibilities or be called on to make personal sacrifices for your family. Perhaps you will have to work hard to support your family. Or, family ties and obligations could make it necessary for you to remain in your hometown and pass up opportunities elsewhere. Family expectations might force you into a role that is not of your own choosing, such as running a family business or upholding your family's societal position. Your sense of duty toward your family is strong; and though you probably feel some resentment about the hardships you've had to endure because of them, you are not likely to run out on them.

Though you feel an inextricable bond with them, there is a lack of closeness and warmth between you and your family members, almost as though some unseen obstacle blocks the emotional connection you desire. Perhaps you feel your parents didn't love you; perhaps work demands, death, illness or divorce caused you to be separated from them. Whatever the reason for the absence of positive interaction between them and your parents, the deficiency causes you a great deal of pain, and you are quite sensitive about the deprivation you experienced. You might try to deny it to yourself, or overcompensate by attempting to create the family you never had.

Your mother (or nurturing parent) in particular might have been a stern disciplinarian who limited your fun and freedom as a child, controlled your self-expression or burdened you with responsibilities at an early age. Even in adulthood, you probably feel restrained by her; and your relationship with her might be problematic.

Although you may be critical of your family, you are also a staunch defender of family members, and won't allow anyone else to speak badly about them. Perhaps you view yourself as the guardian of your family honor and traditions.

Toward your own children, you are strict, rigid and rather aloof. Though you may love them very much, it is difficult for you to demonstrate it openly. You worry about them ¬often to excess - and tend to be overly protective of them, restricting them in much the same way as your parents restricted you. In reality, your protectiveness toward your children stems from your own fear of losing them. Another possibility is that you may have wanted children but never had them. Your test in life may be to learn to express your feelings toward your family members, and to become less dependent and attached to them.

Your physical home could represent security and stability for you; and you might be strongly attached to it. Even if it makes many demands of you, in terms of hefty mortgage payments or constant repairs, your home creates a bond between you and your family and/ or community. You may feel an obligation to provide a home for your family, or to keep up the old homestead.

Since Saturn is associated with work, another possibility is that you might work in an area that is related to the home, family and/ or children - real estate, architecture, pediatrics - and through your efforts, learn important life lessons.

Saturn in Cancer: Saturn in the sign Cancer is in its detriment, because Cancer is the opposite sign to Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.

Saturn in Cancer may cause inhibition of the expression of emotion, which is likely to result in estrangement from family members; such emotional isolation in the domestic scene can lead to neurotic reactions. The early family environment and parental relationships are sometimes cold, austere, or beset by problems; and the natives may be left with emotional scars and inhibitions. People who have Saturn in Cancer nevertheless take family responsibilities very seriously.

The need for respect for the individual and his family is deeply felt. These people hide their inner feelings from public view in order to preserve their dignity. Emotional sensitivity and the need for approval sometimes force them to build a shell around themselves, which can inhibit the expression of true warmth in personal relationships.

Saturn in Cancer often indicates difficulties in stability and security in the home life. While these people strive to have their own home and property, they may well incur financial struggle and domestic strain.

In some cases, poor or sluggish digestion and body metabolism lead to being overweight, and to excessive water retention in the tissues. In others, there may be undernourishment, resulting in a bony appearance.

If Saturn is afflicted in Cancer, there can be emotional hypersensitivity, defensiveness, and unusually strong attachments to material possessions.

Saturn in Cancer: This is a powerful if complicated position, and generally indicates a parent fixation. The need for self-justification is the deepest driving force in life, welded into the psychological background by circumstances of the early environment, and causes you to take one of two directions: (1) You become an introvert: you despair of being able to justify yourself and withdraw into yourself defeated. This of course is a destructive development, and should be fought off in favor of: (2) You require the maximum self-justification to overcome a deep sense of inferiority and go out to battle the world aggressively to compensate for your (real or imagined) shortcomings. Psychologically, this is a 'little man' position: your opinion of yourself is low, and you make up for it by assuming it to be high and living up to the assumption. This leads to success through considerable tension and stress. Material matters are important to you; security is one of your requisites, and you may acquire, and lose, much property before you die. Acquisition may be closely linked to your need for self-justification and thus make you grasping. You may come from a poor family and feel the need for overcoming the initial handicap. Or the power urge may be related to possessions. Though a home is important to you, you are not a warm¬hearted person. You may delude yourself into thinking you need love and sympathy which you don't get; but close examination will prove that what you really want is respect ¬which you will get. You can utilize this position of Saturn as the hub of your life, and from it make the spokes extend far in almost any direction.

Saturn in Cancer: Saturn in Cancer tells of a native who may be so 'married' to authority, age and experience that he is afraid to make a move of his own, fearful of striking out independently, hesitant about applying original methods. He must be given a greater degree of confidence, helped to break away, to realize that lessons of the past should be utilized for the future and not regarded as chains against progress.

This planetary position seems to create a lack, a denial in the home or with regard to the love of one of the parents. This lack is expressed by the native in his drive for security, love, pleasure; in his apparent deep respect for authority as he tries to 'please' age and experience and thus win the love and security that have been 'denied' him. The astrologer must help him to feel he is worthy of love and is capable of succeeding in the face of heavy odds.

Saturn in Cancer: The need for emotional security is very strong, with the subject usually very keen to build a stable family life. Questions about the family background will produce some revealing answers. If the father was very strict or there was some kind of breakdown or deprivation, the subject may have suffered greatly and been unable to take things as much in his or her stride as other children.

If a tendency to worry is indicated elsewhere, this placing will increase it, and the outlook is often rather pessimistic, perhaps with suspicion and a tendency to self-pity (most likely if the Moon is in negative aspect to Saturn). More positively, there is usually considerable shrewdness and the ability to make and save money very cleverly. A sense of purpose and tenacity are characteristic, but it is very easy indeed for individuals to creep into their shells and hide there, particularly when challenged. However, this trait may be countered by the influence of Mars or Jupiter, especially if either is placed in a Fire sign and/ or well aspected.

A freer expression of the emotions is needed, since inhibition and the tendency to be timid with loved ones can be at the root of problems in emotional relationships. The inner authoritative voice may subtly undermine the subject's self-confidence when she wishes to take bold, assertive action; 'If you do that, you know what'll happen, and you won't like it, will you?' This is because she may have suffered emotional blackmail as a child; and unless she has come to terms with it, will have to try not to pass her reactions on to her children.

Saturn in Cancer: You are a caring rock, but may potentially suffer a caring block. Your tasks and obligations include the discipline to fulfill family and emotional responsibilities - yet not be hardhearted; the time taken / allowed to establish roots of shared feelings - thus assuaging depressive moods; and the building of relationships that are mutually nurturing - yet do not foster co-dependency.

You can get stuck with situations where you feel little or no sense of belonging; with relationships where you or Other are/ is very needy, clinging or pathetic in some way; with uncomfortable set-ups owing to there being too much emotional 'cross-fire' or preoccupation; and with dysfunctional families.

You are learning to build a solid or inner core of emotional security and / or a material stability that is not overly dependent on Other; to develop 'feminine' qualities such as empathy or emotional understanding;; and to limit your concern for Other by considering your emotional rights too.

You commit to an Other who, seeing past your emotional defenses, recognizes and takes seriously your innermost feelings and sentiments, and can express genuine emotions him¬/ herself; to an Other who can control his / her feelings without suppressing yours or his / her own; and to being nurtured without being made to feel emotionally blackmailed / compromised.

You are or should be wary of gushing or mawkish displays of emotion; of over sentimentality or any expression of seemingly 'false' emotion that echoes childhood experiences; of being mothered or restricted by family ties; and of any situation or relationship that threatens to be a repeat performance of your own family's nature or difficulties.

When you are alone, it is most probably owing to your not being willing or able to express, involve or commit yourself emotionally - for one or more of the above reasons. Emotional isolation is a very necessary part of your life pattern, because it is through this that you get in touch with your often buried feelings. Try to avoid either getting into a downward spiral of self-pity or denying the feelings that you have, for this would prevent the possibility of new or renewed relationship. What we fear comes upon us - so sooner or later you had or have to get in touch with those needs and sensibilities that have been confused by certain fears of feeling or difficulty in feeling. Then you will attract who and what you need. You have an inclination to keep a stiff upper lip where your feelings are concerned, but without even realizing that you are doing so. Your emotions are rather like a cushion that has been sat upon for so long that it has become compressed and forgotten how springy it was. So go easy on yourself and try to plump yourself up a bit.

Saturn in Cancer: This position indicates that you vacillate somewhat about your sexual inhibitions, which can be both an asset and a drawback. Either you flaunt your hangups or you keep them totally hidden from your own and others' sight.

People with this position tend to either come out of the closet with a bang or remain there forever. You are unlikely to be in between. The gradually increasing sexual self awareness that comes with some other Saturn positions is not usually found here.

The growth of sexual awareness can be most easily attained through erotic fantasies. This should not be done by idle daydreaming about already established turn-ons, but by either imagining or reading about erotic fantasies that seem alien or even upsetting. If they are upsetting, they are probably striking a hidden chord in your personality that should be brought to light and examined with your new-found insight. Not only will you have a new supply of erotic stimuli; you will also be able to even out your sexual intensity and have easier access to its expression.

Indeed, the word that best describes this position is intensity - the intensity of reined-in sexual desire and the attendant extremity of its release.

Saturn in Cancer: This placement of Saturn is important only if Saturn is near conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Midheaven, or in close aspect with the Sun or Moon.

You need a great deal of emotional security. You must believe that you are loved and that you can rely on your home and family as a refuge in times of personal trouble. Basically you are afraid that your family may not be reliable, that they may abandon you when you most need help.

It is especially important for you to know that you will be loved and supported no matter what you do and who you are. Otherwise, with this Saturn position, your deep-rooted insecurity will be expressed as distrust of others and hiding your feelings from everyone. You may pretend that you are unfeeling and have no concern for others, when really you are very much in need of warmth and affection from them. As an adult, you might get to the point of being totally out of touch with your feelings, not understanding your reactions to persons and situations, and thus constantly doing violence to your inner self. Your emotional insecurity can also make you feel that you don't belong anywhere or to anyone, that you are isolated and alone in an unfriendly world. This won't happen if you get lots of unconditional love while you are young.

On the plus side, with this placement you are able to discipline your feelings and remain in control at times when others are completely at the mercy of their emotions. You know how to feel without losing track of yourself and your objectives, but only if you are basically confident of yourself and of your place in others' lives.

See also: Saturn in Cancer;

Saturn in Cancer: Ingrid Bergman, G.W. Bush, Cher, Ty Cobb, Georges Gurdjieff, Angelina Jolie, John F. Kennedy, Donovan Leitch, Bob Marley, Jack Parsons, Dolly Parton, George Patton, Ezra Pound, David Rockefeller, Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, Nikola Tesla, Donald Trump, BarryKl, Carolyn, Gabriela, Geoff, JJ, Nirvesh, PaulS, Raga, TonyC, Travis, VinCal

Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Leo provides a natural quincunx; and, unlike Saturn in Gemini, Leo has trouble taking things lightly. Both the sign and the planet are keys to ambition. Both show the desire to be on top. Saturn symbolizes the executive who carries out laws which are bigger than personal will. Leo is the instinct to be king, to make personal will into law. So five-ten combinations can lead to major overdrive in individuals who have faith in their own power. And overdrive can lead to falls. Fire-Earth mixtures need to express power in the world but to accept reasonable limits.

Career choices can include teaching or other work with young people, sales, promotion, the entertainment world, investment, etc.. If possible, people with this combination need to be in charge of their work, as an entrepreneur or owner or manager of a business.

For individuals who have not developed a sense of faith in their own power and self-worth, Saturn in Leo can be manifested as a fear of failure, often in areas connected to love. Since fear normally produces the feared consequences, repeated disappointments in love relationships may eventually lead to shutting down and giving up. All of the drive may be focused into the career. Fear of failure may lead to a conscious choice not to have children, or, when the fear is subconscious, to the inability to conceive or to carry a pregnancy to term. Fear of failure may lead to reduced ambition in the career, to leaving talents undeveloped and 'settling' for a job which provides survival but is unfulfilling. Saturn shows where we have to be realistic; so if a survival job is really all that is possible, individuals with Saturn or Leo need to find a hobby or avocation which lets them develop their talents and earn applause.

The father and other authority figures could be dominant and controlling, leading to power struggles as the individual tries to find his or her own strength. Or, the parent could be loving and supportive in a responsible way. The relationship with the parent is often a key to later experiences in trusting and accepting love or maintaining a guard for fear of being hurt in some way.

Saturn in Leo: You might try to impose your Leonine right for self-expression by creating situations that are larger than life. If you dramatize your ups and downs in order to gain respect and awe, your experiences might resemble those of the heroes in Shakespeare's tragedies. The dramas produced may be self-destructive and unfulfilling. You may find the outer world unsympathetic and limiting to your dramatic behavior.

You possess the skill and social responsibility to bring your capacity for moving dramatic expression into manifestation. When you are willing to acknowledge yourself as the originator of the melodramas in your life, you can feel secure in your ability to be responsible for the intense scenes you attract. You gain confidence in your skill to handle emotional display when you are in touch with the love centre within yourself. Then the potential to align your dramatic sense with the knowledge that you can serve a larger community comes forth.

You can contribute to others by giving expression to your true inner feelings, inspiring them through your own courageous example in dramatically revealing your innermost sentiments. You can commit yourself to your ability to use drama as a means of consciously inspiring constructive goals in the world. Then you experience the excitement and security of designing extravaganzas that you know will not undermine your most profound creative abilities.

You need to be responsible for creating what you really want. To do this you must first have a vision of the goal or ideal you want to manifest. From this dream, your energies can begin to flow in a constructive, consistent direction that is supportive to your childlike spirit.

You feel that you have to perform within a rigid structure that keeps you on top and in control of the audience. Your job is to allow to dissolve all the feelings of having to play an approved role so that your childlike spirit of excitement and fun can begin to emerge and lead you home, into the fulfillment of your dreams.

Saturn in Leo: Although you want to be creative and may even have artistic ability, you probably have trouble expressing your talent. In some way, you seem to be blocked. Perhaps demands from family and/ or work take up so much of your time that you have no energy left for creative pursuits. Possibly you were criticized by your parents, or were discouraged from pursuing an artistic career because it wasn't practical. Or, you may never have had a chance to develop your talent, so that now it lies unformed within you like a diamond in the rough. You might even have a physical limitation that makes it hard for you to do what you want to do.

You probably feel inadequate in this area and see only your shortcomings. Self-expression is important to you; and because you feel deficient in this area, you tend to be quite sensitive about your creative ventures. You might be reluctant to let anyone else see your drawings or poems; and you don't take criticism well. It is quite likely that your extreme seriousness and your unreasonably high expectations of yourself make you so tense and judgmental that you block the flow of your creative juices. In short, you are standing in your own way.

Because Saturn is the planet of work and pragmatism, you might put your creativity to work in some 'safe', practical area such as carpentry, drafting, editing or repairing musical instruments. If you do devote yourself to this art, you may never make any money at it, or you might not be recognized during your own lifetime. Regardless of the route you take, success probably won't come easily for you, and you will have to work hard for whatever recognition you get. Perhaps your test in this life is to learn to apply yourself diligently to your creative pursuits without expecting easy rewards and overnight fame.

Because the sign Leo is connected with self-confidence, ego, optimism and courage, you also might experience tests involving your self-esteem. Perhaps you have suffered setbacks or criticisms that caused you to lose confidence in yourself. You might also discover that your low opinion of yourself or your timidity is inhibiting your creativity; and you may have to work on improving your self-image and confidence before you can become a good artist. In order to make it in the art world, you need a healthy ego and a strong enough belief in yourself for you not to care what the critics say.

Children, too, are an expression of your creativity. Therefore, you might experience tests, difficulties and responsibilities raising your children that will teach you important life lessons. Maybe you feel your children restrict you or are a burden in terms of time, energy and money. The responsibilities of raising children might be more than you are comfortable with; however, you are very conscious of your duty, and try hard to do what you feel is best for them. Or, perhaps you always wanted children, but never had them.

How you develop and use your creativity will be important in your life; and though you probably will experience problems related to your self-expression, your greatest growth can come from this, too.

Saturn in Leo: Saturn in the sign Leo gives natives a need for importance and recognition and a compulsive drive for personal control of their environment; thus, they seek to attain positions of power and leadership. If Saturn is afflicted, there is the danger of developing dictatorial or dogmatic attitudes. The need of these people to defend their ego can result in stubbornness and rigidity. Seeking security by means of autocratic personal authority, they require a great deal of attention and respect from others. Parents with this Saturn position are generally severe and strictly disciplinarian with their children.

Saturn rules the sense of practicality and the appreciation of universal laws and principles of justice.

Since these laws are of an impersonal, cosmic nature, as indicated by the sign Aquarius, which Saturn co-rules, the interpretation of them must be free of personal considerations if an accurate view of reality and successful relationships with people are to result. However, Saturn is in its detriment in Leo, because Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius; consequently, the laws that Saturn governs are distorted here by egotism and the desire for power. Thus this position can indicate people who must develop a proper set of values in dealing with love, romance, children, and matters of creative self-expression.

Saturn in Leo gives professional interest in education, and in management in the fields of entertainment, business, and speculative investments. Physical ailments usually take the form of stiffness in the back and heart trouble.

An afflicted Saturn in Leo can bring disappointments in love or problems through children, as well as losses through financial speculation.

Saturn in Leo: This position directs your personality to defend itself against life as dramatically as possible. If the total personality is aggressive, you will find self-justification in the public eye. Nothing will justify you in your own eyes if you aren't attracting attention. Not for you the obscure job with the big pay: you'd rather lead the parade for nothing, and may even pay for the privilege. The need for approval and the public gaze is linked to the ego-protective centers; and the limelight becomes the Sun of Life. If the total personality is passive rather than active, the need for attention is no less present, but you may get it in a variety of ways. Invalidism is a favorite; some variety of physical ailment with a neurotic background is frequent in this sign; and if you think there's anything the matter with you, it's worth analyzing yourself, or being analyzed, to see if it isn't a means of stealing the show of your private life. If the dramatic urge leads into constructive channels, you will go far and high; but the danger is that, loving drama, acclaim and glory for their own sake, you will seek them regardless of aim and motive. Be careful of hurting others in your attack on life; be careful also that you don't hurt yourself. Too much limelight blisters the skin, and it is possible with this position to be too smart for your own good.

Saturn in Leo: In Leo, Saturn may present some sexual problems; the native wants love and romance, but is restricted. This restriction may be the result of religious teaching, or circumstances, of physical disability. Saturn represents discipline - and in the natural 5th (sex, pleasure, speculation, children) House could present complications, mental problems, a feeling of being 'tied in knots' when it comes to expressing the love nature.

Saturn in Leo: Strength of will, determination, excellent organizing ability and loyalty are present here. The individual will take life very seriously; and the warm, fiery qualities of Leo will not emerge unless other planets also occupy this sign. Even then, Saturn will cloud the Leonine Sun. The worst faults are autocracy and a total inability to accept limitations; pride very often does precede some pretty heavy falls for this subject. There will be self-inflicted restrictions - perhaps because of the need to succeed in a burning ambition. Once a line of action has been decided upon, there is little or no let-up of effort. Nevertheless, the ability to cope with situations and to organize (and strictly discipline) others, especially in an emergency, is second to none.

If these qualities can be positively expressed, much that is admirable can result. However, loyalty can be misplaced, and the individual's sense of values may lose its perspective. When the negative side of the placing is evident, it can be because the childhood was organized along military lines, with the strictest of routines and disciplines, so that it is difficult for the subject to forsake this early training. Formality and general tightness may also be characteristic.

The authoritative inner voice will probably be like that of a martinet nurse, schoolmaster or Sergeant Major, forcing the individual to take certain lines of action because they are what is expected, even if it would be better to respond more sympathetically both to his or her own needs and feelings and to the situation in question. If the negative traits are most apparent, try asking whether the subject was brought up very rigidly and conventionally, or perhaps spent time in care or was sent to a very strict boarding school.

Since Leo rules the back and spine and Saturn the bones, encourage your subject to take special care of his spine. Sitting well when at a desk, sensible exercise to strengthen the spine, and so on, are most desirable.

Saturn in Leo: You are a noble rock, though may potentially suffer a vanity block. Your tasks and obligations include the discipline to conduct yourself in a dignified fashion - but without putting on an act; the time taken to develop your creative potentials - thus assuaging feelings of insignificance; and the building of relationships based upon mutual respect ¬yet while avoiding rejection of criticism.

You can get stuck with relationships where you feel subjugated or somehow inferior, possibly with little say in how things are done; with Others who leave all the donkey-work to you, or expect you to put on a show all the time, no matter what; and with an autocratic or even tyrannical Other.

You are learning to recognize your own sense of authority and that you will be ultimately more admired for this than for merely being impressive; to be content within yourself rather than being so dependent upon Other's esteem; and to realize there is a 'boss' inside you that needs honestly to come out into the open.

You commit to an Other who respects your power and authority and helps you express them, but does not let you lord it over him / her; to a relationship in which you feel you have a definite role and a decent life-style; and to an Other who has a healthy sense of personal pride, is creative in some way, and is good with children.

You are or should be wary of an Other who worships you - because he/ she is expecting something of you that you've yet to make real in yourself; of Others who admire you solely for superficial things like looks or style; and of any Other who lacks integrity or is not prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a partner or parent.

When you are alone, it is because you are being forced to take stock of who you really are as distinct from the impression that you give. Pride is the great issue with Saturn in Leo, especially because you probably feel that you are not someone who is that subject to it (unless you have Sun or Moon in Leo too). No, the subtlety with Saturn in Leo pride is that it is defensive pride, which means to say that your pride is in a part of yourself that you have been unsure of for quite some time. This is not as cryptic as it sounds. There is a sensitive and creative part of your personality which probably got sat upon early in life; and you have been protecting it ever since with a fear or criticism and a confident front. The trouble then becomes that you give Other the impression that you are as strong as you feel you ought to have been, and Other then suppresses you or is in awe of you. In effect, then, one or both of you thinks that the other is dictatorially ruling the roost ¬followed by strife and / or separation. Know that you have a natural authority, then exercise it moderately.

Saturn in Leo: You look at sexual enjoyment more systematically than most. You like to plan a love affair carefully, for you feel more at ease when you are seeking pleasure within a well-defined environment. You may find that you have a special talent for planning festive occasions or special evenings of enjoyment for your lover, for which you take the full responsibility and credit.

You probably have a fairly clear idea of exactly what sexual pleasures you prefer and the techniques to achieve them. But don't let that outlook prevent you from using your lover's imaginative suggestions and new directions. You may not want these ideas sprung on you unawares; but if you have some warning, you may find enjoyment in a good many activities that had never occurred to you.

In general, you pace your pleasures and do not bite off more than you can chew. Although you don't rush to try all the latest techniques, your enjoyments seldom backfire through overindulgence. Also you can spread your pleasures out over a long period so that you never run out of potential good times. Occasionally you may be a slow starter, but you are almost certainly a strong finisher.

Saturn in Leo: This placement will have the strongest effect if your natal Saturn is near conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Midheaven or in close aspect to the Sun or Moon. It indicates that you have an unusually strong feeling of isolation from others. You tend to remain alone and separate, especially if you think that the people around you are not as good as you. But you shouldn't cultivate this attitude, if only because it will make you feel very lonely, and you will lose any chance to really understand how other people work.

Sometimes you find it very difficult to express yourself; but you should be encouraged to do so as much as possible when it is appropriate. If you are allowed to follow your tendency to be extremely reserved, you will be further cut off from others.

The standards you set for yourself are probably very high, but you will adhere to them even if those around you do not. Your ideals of what is and is not worthwhile come largely from within yourself; and you feel that this should be the case with everyone. You are more of an individualist than most people your age; and if encouraged and given plenty of emotional support, you can become very self-reliant. But don't be too hard upon yourself as you grow up.

More than most young people, you need a strongly knit family. Your father is especially important, because you will look to him in particular for your standards of behavior. If he is not present, does not pay much attention to you, or does not set sufficiently high standards, you will have difficulty setting a course for yourself.

See also: Saturn in Leo;

Saturn in Leo: Charlie Chaplin, Deepak Chopra, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sally Field, Uri Geller, Adolf Hitler, Elton John, U.G. Krishnamurti, Terence McKenna, Vaslav Nijinsky, Robert Plant, Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, O.J. Simpson, Patti Smith, Suzanne Somers, Ludwig van Beethoven, Tiger Woods, Abbe, Andrew, AndySc, Cesar, ChrisC, Collon, Donny, Fisher, JBLight, Joze, Medwick, PapayaJ, Phylissa, Ricardo, SFor, VinCar, Virginia, Yarrow

Saturn in Virgo

Saturn in Virgo is a natural trine which usually indicates competence in handling the physical world. One possible danger is an excessive focus on one's work which can leave other parts of life short-changed. But major conflict aspects to Saturn may show problems in either the career or personal health. Virgo points to our capacity to function effectively in both areas. Health problems can be caused by frustrations in a job which fails to satisfy the ambition of Saturn to reach the top and to be in control of the work, or simply to feel a sense of real accomplishment in it. If we are frustrated enough, the subconscious can produce an accident or illness which lets us leave the job without feeling guilty. Illness is a painful way to get out of a job. If we really can't find more satisfying work, we need to find something good about the job and look to a hobby or avocation to fulfill the need to do something worth doing and to do it well.

Sometimes the Saturn lesson can involve learning to be realistic about the needs of a physical body for proper nutrition, exercise, rest, etc.. Painful consequences resulting from lack of 'common sense' do get our attention. If the chart is 'weak' in Earth, the individual may be learning to work, to develop discipline and willingly deal with the dull details of an ordinary job. Saturn careers can be in any field where details and organization are important and which produce tangible results.

With Saturn in Virgo, the father may be a workaholic and rarely home for the family. He may be very critical or he may just be very competent, or he might be struggling to find satisfaction in his work. He might be very interested in health matters such as nutrition, or he might have personal health problems. As always, the horoscope shows the life issues, but the details can range from one extreme to the other.

Saturn in Virgo: You might try to fit spontaneous expression into structures that block it, fearing imperfection in expression yourself or in your ability to be of service. This form of perfectionism leads to the painful self-imposed restriction of failing to live up to your own standards.

Your power to perform may be undermined by feeling the painful, abrasive Virgo self-criticism, and might result in health or work imbalances. Feeling unable to use your strong sense of duty can lead to withdrawal from participation on almost every level of life.

You possess the skill and social responsibility to manifest your talents for creating order in the world. By acknowledging yourself as the creator of any debilitating, Virgoan thoughts used against yourself or others, you can cease to take yourself so seriously. This gives you more security in actualizing yourself in ways that serve other people. You can then offer your precise analytical talents to give aid to the community; by seeing its imperfections, you can use your power of discrimination to bring about order where there is chaos.

When you are able to see yourself as the servant of life, a form of nonjudgmental perfectionism can enter into your affairs. Then you can offer in a balanced, sharing, spontaneous way your vision of helping others. You experience the confidence to be of practical service to other people by creating appropriate outlets for your strong sense of duty.

You are learning to be responsible for an effective integration between your body and mind. When any aspect within becomes too extreme or out of balance, the result is a breakdown in the areas of health or work. You are learning to allow health to be a barometer of the degree of balance in your life. In this incarnation, you want to work on yourself, to perfect yourself, so that you can manifest your spirituality and visionary ideals in a practical, tangible way.

Your ego has been attached to a sense of perfection about how you do your job and carry through your duties. You want to relinquish a sense of superiority about being perfect, above the rest of society, and allow your vision to manifest in a flowing way through your work. You are learning to release the tension of preplanning and to focus on the abstract vision you want to manifest. By handling the details of your life spontaneously as they arise, you do your part and fulfill your role as a disciple of life.

Saturn in Virgo: You are likely to experience difficulties in connection with work and service to others; but it is here, too, that you will learn your most important life lessons. Your tests in life may be related to your attitudes about providing service to others, what and who you serve, and how you treat those who serve you. Perhaps it will be necessary for you to learn humility, or to work to improve conditions for those who are less fortunate than you by helping them to help themselves. In serving others, you may be required to make some sort of personal sacrifice. You might have to give up opportunities for wealth, status and power, or be obliged to work hard and perform unglamorous tasks thanklessly. However, great personal growth can result from your modesty and compassion.

The workplace itself might be a testing ground for you, and you may have to work long and hard without needing much help from others. Whatever you accomplish will be through your own efforts, rather than because you know the right people or got a lucky break. Neatness and organization are extremely important to you; the expression 'a place for everything and everything in its place' certainly applies to you. At your best, you make things run smoothly by taking care of all the details; at worst, you can become so rigidly attached to order and routines that the ritual means more than the result. Conscientious, hard-working and perfection-oriented, you are willing to work at low-paying, low-prestige jobs so long as you feel that what you are doing is worthwhile. However, you often have trouble standing up for yourself at work and might sell yourself short, allowing employees or more ambitious people to take advantage of you. Unless other factors in your birth chart offset this inclination, you may lack ambition and assertiveness, and prefer to stay in the background assisting others and letting them take the credit.

Highly critical of yourself, you might lack a sense of self-worth, and probably undervalue your abilities. You feel inadequate and are afraid of being incompetent at your job; therefore, you can be rather sensitive and defensive about work-related issues. You believe you must be perfect; and your perfectionism can result in ulcers, digestive problems, skin irritations and other stress-related illnesses.

One of the tests associated with this Saturn placement is understanding the connection between mind and body - how each affects the other - and learning to integrate their functions. You probably have an interest in nutrition, medicine and other issues that involve health. You might even work in one of the health-related fields. In this way, you can combine your concern for people in need, your desire to serve in some practical way, and your fascination with the body and how it function. Whether or not you pursue healing professionally, you probably are fond of 'doctoring' yourself and your family members. You might be an avid vitamin and / or pill popper, a fussy eater or constant dieter, and perhaps are a bit neurotic about germs.

Your overly-critical nature can cause you to focus more on what's wrong than what's right. You are inclined toward negativity, irritability and excessive complaining; and one of your tests in life might be to learn to see things in perspective, be less pessimistic, and 'lighten up'.

Saturn in Virgo: Saturn in the sign Virgo indicates people who are practical, exacting, and hardworking. They are concerned with detail, accuracy, precision, and efficiency, especially in work.

If Saturn is afflicted in Virgo, perfectionism may be manifested in relations with co¬workers, employers, and employees. Since these natives are punctilious about rules and regulations, it is difficult for others to overwork, while ignoring major issues through their excessive concern for detail.

They often work in such fields as medicine, health research, and science, or in record-keeping activities - bookkeeping or library work. They exercise patience and precision in scientific experimentation and analysis of experimental results.

This position often makes people austere, gloomy, and depressed because of the excessive weight of work and detailed responsibility. They need to take a break once in a while, and to develop a sense of humor. Worry and overwork can lead them to ill-health; and they can have problems with nervousness and digestion.

Saturn in Virgo: This position in its best form finds justification in work or service, is a bear for detail, and a tough drillmaster but no executive. You're a stickler for rules and methods, and can fail to see the forest for the trees. This is a narrowing position and should not be taken as the hub of the life, though your tendency is to feel pretty well pleased with yourself if you are doing efficiently and accurately what is expected of you. You will work overtime to do what you have to do thoroughly, or to do added work that is in the direct line of duty. But you probably won't work overtime on something that could broaden your scope unless some other indication in the chart is very impelling and very broad in effect. In its worst form, you complain about work, and may refuse to work at all; this occurs if your whole personality is shown to be passive or resentful, when Saturn in Virgo seems to make all the burdens of the world land on your shoulder for you to complain about. To do what's expected of you carefully and gracefully, without allowing duty and detail to limit your viewpoint, is the way to justify yourself without hampering progress.

Saturn in Virgo: In Virgo, Saturn indicates the native is discreet, perhaps overcautious, and tends to blame a lack of vitality for his difficulties. Even if he is in perfect health, he is apt to 'invent' illnesses and discomfort if all doesn't go according to plan. Thus, he may have some disorder (stutter, bodily twitch, etc.) which could be aided by self-understanding and psychiatric and psychological means including hypnosis. The native is intelligent and able to see his own quirks - with encouragement from an astrologer, he may be capable of doing something to overcome them.

Saturn in Virgo: Adherence to routine and practical activity are present with this placing. A sense of duty is common; and the individual will not shirk from this, since it is natural for most of those with this Saturn sign to work hard and methodically. As is the case with most Virgoan emphases, there is careful attention to detail; and, because Saturn encourages caution, an element of patience, with the individual not being fond of short cuts. There is also considerable prudence and modesty.

The self-confidence is usually undermined and, especially in young people, causes shyness. Even in an otherwise exuberant and positive chart, the individual with this placing can lapse into shyness from time to time. If he or she can realize that this placing provides an anchorage, its more inhibitive elements can be countered and the practical caution it endows will be used in positive ways.

If the individual holds a position of authority over others, you may have to warn him that being too strict and demanding could alienate employees. Adherence to discipline, a powerful critical sense and a liking for perfection will set in him high standards, and he will expect the same from others. Excellent! - but unless he is kind and sensitive, with a good sense of humor, he may seem distant, cool, rather sarcastic and sometimes prone to carping. All of which is, indeed, a way to describe the inner authoritative voice, which may criticize the self at every opportunity, thereby eroding self-confidence. If this is so, you could ask the subject whether his parents were very critical of him when he was little. He should also realize that obsessive tendencies may build up, especially in times of stress, but that such habits must be broken if possible.

Saturn in Virgo: You are a helpful rock, though may potentially suffer a critical block. Your tasks and obligations include the discipline to be discriminating - but without becoming neurotically perfectionistic; the time taken / allowed to implement necessary improvements - thus avoiding depression / ill-health; and the building of relationships that are mutually helpful - yet do not degenerate into constant carping.

You can get stuck with relationships where you find yourself in a subordinate position, or at least one where you have less control than you'd like; with relationships that become so oppressive that you have to hide yourself away somewhere, possibly into (over)work; and with Others who deny you what you want.

You are learning to be of service to Other, purely because there is something that needs to be done and which only you can do so well; to make a time and a place for yourself that does not simply become a retreat from looking at your emotional shortcomings; and to enjoy yourself (physically) without guilt.

You commit to an Other who has a definite sense of purity but is also quite sensual, touching the border between 'right' and 'wrong'; to an Other who respects your work and your physical space; and to a relationship where you know exactly what is and what is not expected of you, and Other knows the same of him or her.

You are or should be wary of Others who are morally offensive to you, be they too tight or too loose - but then again you may be there to teach them; of Others who attempt to take over your life; and of vague, messy or hoping-against-hope types of relationship - that is, unless you are prepared to make it work at any cost.

When you are alone, it is because you are more or less allergic to being in close proximity to anyone for that long. But what lies behind this seemingly impossible dilemma is the fact that there is something about you that just has to be left untouched. The trouble is that you are not usually aware of this until an Other starts to invade that space in some way. You then experience this as total invasion, and you are driven to totally retreat - or, by way or projection, Other becomes unavailable - that is, Other retreats because you don't. Then when such retreat becomes unbearable, you indiscriminately throw yourself back into the emotional fray, only to eventually retreat again, ad nauseam. So now that you are alone again, ascertain exactly that part of you that you wish to keep to yourself and why, rather than finding out the usual, hard way. You will find that this 'virgin territory' of yours is a part that is in need of healing, so see to it. Metaphorically, this is like a boil that gets periodically bashed and more and more sore while you're dancing with someone. So lance it.

Saturn in Virgo: The details of a relationship often seem unduly important to you. Therefore you will be happiest with a lover who bestows affection on you in the areas where you appreciate it most. Although you need this kind of attention, do not make too many demands of your partner or condemn him or her when all your expectations are not fulfilled.

You probably have the ability to make sure that every aspect of a relationship is carried out perfectly. You never miss an opportunity to please yourself and your partner. This is an admirable trait, but it could eventually drive you and your lover crazy. Too much attention to detail can obscure the overall direction of the relationship.

You enjoy sexual variety, particularly if suggested by your lover so that you don't have to provide all the inspiration in that area. However, you want to retain control over the sexual direction of your relationship so that you are not thrust suddenly into an unexpected scenario.

At times you will be jealous of your lover, particularly concerning physical loyalty. You are, however, better off with a partner who wanders occasionally than with one who is not loyal where it counts - in the heart.

Saturn in Virgo: This placement is strong only if Saturn is near conjunction or opposition to your Ascendant or Midheaven or in close aspect to the Sun or Moon. You will quickly develop a fondness for everything that is clear, precise, practical and definite. You demand orderliness, which you should be surrounded by if you are to develop properly. At the same time, you should not be encouraged to think that order is the only worthwhile aspect of life. Like everyone else, you must learn more human values, for otherwise you could be quite unfeeling toward other people's weaknesses.

You should be given opportunities to perform useful tasks and do good work. You have great respect for such activity, and later in life your self-esteem will come from knowing that you are a very useful person who can perform functions that others can't or won't. In this, you are a very practical person. You do not like spending your energies unless you know exactly how the effort will pay off in practical results. But you should try to avoid a totally practical outlook on life, because ideals are important, too.

Very early in life, you will develop a strong critical sense, but you must be careful not to turn it against yourself. Persons with a strong Virgo are likely to be very self-deprecating; and with Saturn in Virgo you are particularly likely to condemn yourself for mediocre work or performance. Probably your standards are very high, which is fine; but also let yourself and others fail now and then without condemnation.

See also: Saturn in Virgo;

Saturn in Virgo: Helena Blavatsky, Prince Charles, William Randolph Hearst, Timothy Leary, Groucho Marx, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bruce Springsteen, Meryl Streep, Jesse Ventura, Robin Williams, Stevie Wonder, AlexP, Arrow, Ashira, BenSt, Doug, Dunja, Ellen, GaryCl, Jane, Jean, Jen, JonathanG, Joy, Komala, Mikael, Paulo, Prabhuta, River, Suji, Suzanne, VinG

Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra is a natural square which calls for integration between activities as an equal and power roles. Life should be big enough for both marriage and a career; but to do justice to both, we have to make compromises. If one person in a partnership is dominant, even if acting as the responsible parent with impeccable intentions, there is no real partnership. If Saturn is still being experienced as fear of the world's power, we may marry a father-figure to protect us. If we have enough confidence in our own power to avoid doing that but not enough to deal with an equal, we may pick a partner who will let us play parent as owner of the power and the responsibility. Or, our insecurity may lead to delaying marriage for fear of being dominated, criticized, rejected, or hurt in some other way.

We only claim our share of the power of the world when we are realistically coping with the area of life symbolized by the sign and house of Saturn. When the cardinal and / or the fixed dilemmas are emphasized in a chart showing a major issue involving power and relationships, it is helpful to have a place in our lives for all three of the major alternatives. We need some co-operative relationships, some competitive ones which let us develop and test our powers, and some in which we help others. The latter interactions reassure us that we have our share of the power and we use it to assist others.

Libra careers may deal with people or involve beauty in some way. The first includes counseling and consulting in many areas, law, politics, social work, arbitration, and personnel work. The second includes architecture, photography, and any area of design.

The father may be equalitarian, fair-minded, artistic, pleasant, etc. if he is expressing the positive potentials of Libra. Or he may be learning to handle power in peer relationships. In general, other things being equal, the psychological drives of the house tend to outweigh the sign. Of course, the nature of the planet is primary.

Saturn in Libra: You might try to maintain the Libra emotional security by clinging to certain social ideals and always being pleasant. This form of harmony may result in difficulty with being yourself since it cuts off personal expression with others. When you place a limit on your actions with expectations of how others should respond, severe limitations may be felt. The result may be that all of your relationships become burdensome and disappointing.

You have the skill and social responsibility to create relationships that actually work by bringing into manifestation their natural inherent harmony. Acknowledging yourself as creator of the harmony and disharmony that you experience gives you security in your ability to experience what is created. Once you are willing to undergo the possibility of disharmony in relationships, you have the capacity to actualize yourself by sharing your honest, individual point of view. A natural, authentic balance can manifest in response.

You can commit yourself to your integrity, sharing your independent point of view honestly, and then objectively notice how others respond. This process allows you to use your diplomatic abilities on an impersonal level that serves a collective need. The result can bring about the necessary structure to produce an alliance that answers both your needs and the needs of the other person, with no limiting justifications of how you think the relationship should appear.

Your own sense of separate identity is completed and perfective as an effective, self-integrated entity. You are looking for another person with whom to share, recognizing your own independence and seeing a partnership with another who is also a fully self-integrated, independent being.

Saturn in Libra: Partnerships of all kinds may prove troublesome for you; and in your relationships with other people you probably will experience your share of disappointments, frustrations and delays. Through relationships, however, you are likely to learn your most significant life lessons and grow in many ways. This position of Saturn could signify 'fated' associations and lessons to be learned through your relationships.

Perhaps you will be denied a meaningful relationship, at least until you are mature enough to balance your needs and desires with another person's. Indeed, one of your tests in life might be finding this delicate balance and learning to compromise without sacrificing yourself. Although relationships are very important to you, it may seem as though you are unlucky in love. External or internal obstacles - cultural, ethnic or religious barriers, age differences, poverty, work or family obligations - might stand in the way of your happiness. Your relationships could develop very slowly, or you might have to wait a long time for a lover to become available. Physical problems, such as illness, handicaps or ugliness, could make it hard for you to attract partners.

You may feel you are unlovable; and your inferiority complex could repel prospective partners. Or, you might be so desperate for love that you cling to any likely candidate, and thus drive him / her away with your expectations. Because you believe you are inadequate and undesirable, you tend to be quite defensive and sensitive about love and relationships. Afraid of being rejected, you might shut yourself off from other people and refuse to get involved because you don't want to be hurt. You are cautious and conservative in love; and your cold, aloof, disinterested demeanor can cause potential partners to give up on you and go looking for someone more accessible.

The sign Libra also is connected with art. Saturn in Libra can suggest a need to channel love and attention into artistic pursuits; therefore, you might be blocked from relationships with other people so that your time and energy can be devoted to another cause. Perhaps your tests and growth experiences will come through the arts.

Your relationships may be a burden to you in some way. Some sort of sacrifice could be necessary; and your partner or the relationship itself might make great demands on you. Perhaps your independence will be limited by your partnership; or the relationship might require you to shoulder heavy responsibilities.

This is a good placement for business partnerships, however, since Saturn is associated with work, and Libra with all types of committed partnerships. Perhaps you and your mate share career goals and work together effectively in business. Work might be an important and solidifying part of your love relationship, or you might meet romantic partners through your job.

Once you establish a relationship, it is likely to endure. You are not frivolous with your affection, and tend to be a traditionalist, preferring marriage to less structured casual love affairs. A devoted and dependable partner, you take your commitment and the relationship very seriously, and won't give up when the going gets tough. You are willing to work hard to make a partnership a strong and lasting one; and though they may not be easy, your relationships ultimately can be very successful.

Saturn in Libra: Saturn in the sign Libra brings the realization that to accomplish anything of lasting value, or even to make life possible, human co-operation is necessary - and it must be enduring if it is to be effective. But enduring co-operation is feasible only when all parties in a project are dealt with justly; and justice requires mutually accepted rules of conduct and commitment. Each person must strive to complete his work and must be responsible to the whole. Most discipline and responsibility grow out of the understanding that human relationships entail mutual commitment, as in marriage, business partnerships, and close friendships. The reason is that Saturn is exalted in Libra, the sign ruling relationships.

Because Saturn in Libra deals with responsibilities in relationships, it also rules the laws that formally regulate such affairs. Thus, people with this Saturn position often become lawyers, judges, and mediators.

To a large extent, Saturn in Libra rules contracts, including marriage contracts. These Saturn agreements often are of a karmic nature, arising as they do out of interactions with people who have incurred past responsibilities and moral debts.

Because Libra is an intellectual Air sign and a cardinal sign of activity, people with Saturn in Libra deal extensively with business arrangements: organizational planning, formulation of legal contracts, co-operative division of work responsibilities among people. The ability to plan and organize group endeavors is seen with this position.

Saturn in Libra can indicate marriage in later life or marriage to a serious person with heavy business or professional obligations. The marriage itself often incurs burdens, hard work, and the need for patience.

This is a powerful position for Saturn; it gives much social awareness and social responsibility. If Saturn is well-aspected, these people often attain positions of great wealth and social honor through their ability to work with others - an ability that implies receptiveness, tact, reliability, and good organization.

If Saturn is afflicted in Libra, there can be exacting attitudes toward people and a tendency to drive them at work. Natives can lack love, forgiveness, and a sense of responsibility in their relationships. They are inclined to apply the letter of the law strictly instead of understanding the justice implied by the spirit of the law. The concept of justice that they enforce so strictly is colored by their personal outlook. An afflicted Saturn in Libra can indicate a false ambition leading the natives into too many commitments, which they can fulfill only at the price of overwork. In some cases, they cannot meet their commitments, and the consequent resentment they arouse in others results in their own loss of status.

Saturn in Libra: You appear to have little need to defend yourself, because your justification comes directly through others. You are capable of being one of the best adjusted of mortals, living easily with your associates, in getting along with whom your deepest ego is vindicated. This position of Saturn is bound to take you out of yourself and turn a major portion of your attention to the outer world and the people in it. If you're a naturally aggressive and extroverted person, this gives you great tact and charm, because of which you get what you want with a minimum of struggle. You don't have to fight your way along because your deepest intuitions tell you how to win friends and influence people graciously. If your nature is passive or tends to be introverted, you devote your life wholeheartedly to service of others and satisfy your tendency to inwardness by self-fulfillment through sacrifice. In any case, and along whatever lines the total personality leads, this position of Saturn is one of the best insurances of usefulness, and will tend to strengthen and lend significance to an otherwise undistinguished chart.

Saturn in Libra: Saturn in Libra tells us of a native who would like his life to be in order, who wants the world to hand out justice rather than punishment. In seeking the ideal, he often runs into emotional storms; there are indications of more than one marriage, of disappointments in partners (both marital and business).

He has strength, ability and courage, but his public image is apt to be ultra-serious. He must pay heed to public relations and should take special care with legal documents, including birth certificates, passports and contracts.

He is not an easy person to really know; the astrologer must help him to know himself better. He makes his influence felt - and the key is to make it felt in a constructive manner. Otherwise he is accused of being prejudiced and narrow.

Saturn in Libra: Saturn is traditionally well placed in this sign; and there certainly seems to be a subtle harmony between the sign and the planet. There is a natural sense of justice; and the individual has an above-average sympathy and understanding of other people. Kindness and practical common sense are also present; tact and diplomacy will color any advice that is given. He or she is usually impartial, flexible and fair; and the need to see fair play, so characteristic of any Libran emphasis, will certainly be present with this placing.

If Saturn receives mostly negative aspects, particularly from the personal planets, or makes a square or opposition to the Ascendant, some intolerance may be shown toward partners or colleagues, especially if Saturn is in the seventh or tenth house. If in the fourth house, there may be a tendency to be discontented with the home and domestic situation, and / or perhaps a desire to move very frequently. However, attention must always be given to Saturn's house position.

Despite the longing for a permanent emotional relationship, it may be avoided or sacrificed for some reason, perhaps due to sexual inhibition or an inability to express the emotions freely. Any external reason will probably be mere justification - the real one will definitely go much deeper.

Saturn's inner authoritative voice from this sign will sharpen the subject's conscience by arousing a guilty sense of shame; 'If you do that, you will be treating me very badly, after all I've done for you. You are totally selfish and if you do this dreadful thing I'll never forgive you.' Ask if the subject had a parent who always grumbled in this way and was never satisfied with what his or her child produced or did.

Saturn in Libra: You are a just rock, but may potentially suffer a decision block. Your tasks and obligations include having the discipline to fulfill your loving duty to Other - but not just be bound by convention; taking / allowing the time to establish right relations - thus avoiding untenable relationships; and building relationships that are true to themselves - and are not just relationships in name only.

You can get stuck with a relationship that starts out well but becomes increasingly dull, meaningless and confining; with doing a balancing act between the Other whom you have to be with and the Other whom you want to be with; and with any Other, for fear of being alone.

You are learning to enter into relationship for reasons of conscious choice rather than just because it is 'what one does'; to face the fact that you only find yourself reflected in Other - if you are split within yourself, there will be more than one Other; and to be true to yourself.

You commit to an Other who is as willing to commit him- / herself as you are (how much is that?; to an Other whom you know and feel will make an honest person out of you, and who wants you to make an honest person out of him / her (honest = honest with oneself); and to an Other of serious intent and gracious demeanor, and with some doubts.

You should be wary of thinking that simply having a certificate of marriage will make it work; of an Other who has all the right qualities and credentials - the less cracks there seem to be then the more cracks there will be; and of any Other who is utterly convinced that you are made for one another, or conversely, who is constantly undecided.

When you are alone, it is basically because you are having to review and consider what relationships are all about, for you as an individual in terms of your experience, and also more generally with regard and in contrast to your social milieu. It is more than likely that your initial attitude to relationship was very much molded by your class, racial and cultural background. This is the social 'program' which has you unconsciously believe that a certain Other, at any age, and from a certain social category, is certainly the one for you. If my records are anything to go by, one person in 20 with Saturn in Libra remains happily and faithfully married to his / her original marriage partner. So the chances are that at some point you will be looking at just yourself in the mirror - and, it is to be hoped, realizing that any partner is entirely to do with what you see there. What is honest and real will attract just that, in the same way that what is denied and bound up in fantasy will conjure up frustration, deceit and disillusionment.

Saturn in Libra: You tend to be balanced and stable in settling difficulties within a relationship; and you aren't flustered by temporary turmoil. Generally you can patiently wait out an emotional storm or take steps to calm it down, even to your own disadvantage if you are at fault. You have the foresight to see that the situation will balance out in the end and that you will reach that equilibrium only by keeping your present relationship on an even keel.

Indeed, you are probably better than your partner at coping with problems, at least in your approach to them. But that may be a sensitive issue between you, so avoid reminding your partner of personal failings, particularly when you have successfully handled a situation and your lover has not. In the interests of harmony, let it go at that. Otherwise your partner may be at cross-purposes with you in similar situations in the future.

You may have a special talent for arbitrating problems outside your own relationship, which can be a creative outlet for you. But you should do this only if requested to, lest others think you are interfering. Or your lover might think you are less interested in your own relationship.

Saturn in Libra: This placement is strong only when Saturn is near conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Midheaven or in close aspect to the Sun or Moon. It indicates that you need plenty of time to make decisions and that you always want to know everything about the subject before making up your mind. Others may think you are indecisive at times; but they will find that when you finally make a decision it is usually right.

You may be somewhat reserved in relations with others; but once you commit yourself, you will stay with that person - friend or lover - for a long time. Your strong sense of fairness is evident in your relationships as well as in every other area of your life. You are conscious of rules and duty toward your friends, and you are not likely to break an agreement that you have made with someone. You take relationships so seriously that you would never make an agreement lightly. While you are young, this trait might not be very obvious; but it will be clearer as you get older.

You are very concerned that everyone has what he / she deserves; and your sense of justice is outraged when someone takes advantage of someone else.

If you are not encouraged to encounter other people and to believe in yourself, you may prefer to be alone, unburdened by the necessity of relating to others. Or you may feel that others do not understand you. As you get older, this should diminish.

See also: Saturn in Libra;

Saturn in Libra: Ammachi, George Bush, Sr., Judy Garland, J.Paul Getty, Aldous Huxley, Henry Kissinger, Meher Baba, Sting, Swami Vivekananda, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Paramahansa Yogananda, Bernie, BillH, Bobbie, BPoe, Cate, DonW, Duane, Jyothi, Keith, Maitreyi, MFor, Michelle, Miriam, Olof, Pete, Ralph, Roberto, Zeno

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio is a natural sextile, but it can still be a challenge to integrate these two sides of life. There is often a major issue involving power, since we naturally seek it where Saturn is placed in our charts once we have developed the confidence that we can get it, or if the only way we feel safe is to be in control. But Letter Eight tends to have a power issue inherent within it, even without the complication of being mixed with other life desires. The instinct of Water, as previously indicated, is to absorb or be absorbed, to seek a kind of fusion. With Cancer, the mother naturally protects the baby. Pisces can be manifested as a savior helping a victim or as God and human. But Scorpio is trying to integrate an intense will which includes a desire for self-control, and especially the avoidance of being controlled, with a passionate hunger for fusion with a mate, with the challenge of working out an equalitarian relationship. Scorpio is a double-bind in its own nature - one of the most difficult of our twelve sides of life.

So Saturn in Scorpio is often a key to lessons despite the natural sextile between the two principles. As with Saturn in Libra, we may simply be learning to do justice to both career and relationships. Often, the lesson involves sharing power, especially when reinforced by conflict aspects in the cardinal and / or fixed signs or houses. Alternately, we may be learning mastery of the appetites, learning to enjoy them without being controlled by them. Any of the appetites may be involved - eating, drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, spending money, hoarding possessions, etc.. Wild swings are possible as in bulimia where suffers alternately gorge and force themselves to vomit. The Scorpio tendency is to go to the end, literally to the death; so moderation is often difficult, knowing when is enough and how to release and forgive, if not forget. Sometimes that lesson of learning to release is confronted through the death or other loss of a loved one early in life.

The father and other authority figures may be dominant, intense, but self-contained, rarely showing the deep feelings. When the emotions are over-controlled, there is always the danger of their breaking loose explosively from time to time. There may be issues around money, possessions, or sensuality. The father may be so absorbed in material security that he is rarely home. Or he may be fighting addictive tendencies. Sometimes there are sexual issues with a female child. He will be a role model for the child's attitudes and experiences with mates, whether the child seeks a mate like the father or the opposite.

When the eight-ten combination is handled well, there is tremendous potential skill with details, ability to organize, thoroughness, a retentive memory, and the capacity to probe the inner depths whether in exploration of the mind, in history and archaeology, in work as a detective, or in any area of research. Saturn in Scorpio can also point to a career handling joint resources in banking, accounting, investment, taxes, government work which uses public funds, nonprofit organizations, etc.. Often in life, the bigger the challenge, the greater the results when the challenge is met and handled.

Saturn in Scorpio: If you think you are all-powerful and must take responsibility for everybody else's physical or material situation, your power might be limited by the Scorpio compulsion for control and dominance. Through the need to create roles of control and dependency, you may inadvertently block your energies from others. This form of using power may lead to giving your partner and yourself the experience of frustrating isolation. Due to a paralyzing fear of losing command, you may deny yourself and others the deep, powerful connection with the very intimacy and energy you seek.

You possess the skill and social responsibility for powerfully manifesting the latent forces of mutual transformation and regeneration of values in your intimate relationships. You can acknowledge yourself as the creator of drives for power and control that you experience with others, which gives you security in your ability to undergo the challenges created. You can gain even more personal security from realizing that the power you release is strong enough to allow you to easily experience an intimate contact with another.

You can accept and work with the responsibility of dependence on others or having others depend on you, or both simultaneously. Then you can realize that past secretive, selfish values served only to undermine and rob yourself. Risking your role of power enables you to relate to another on a truly intimate, equal, trusting level where you both can experience the sensual enjoyment of deep emotional transformation and regeneration.

Through using and sharing the power to release yourself to higher levels of worth and value, you can experience increased power and vitality.

Saturn in Scorpio: You have to deal with your fear of bonding with another on a psychic level. You are learning that you will not be dissolved by the power released in the process of achieving oneness with another. By not getting stuck in your awareness of the desires of others, you can hold to the realization of your own value system and build what you consider important into the context of merging with another. You are learning to use power consciously, to validate your worth, and to bond with another on levels that are mutually constructive.

You are learning to discard your psychic defenses against oneness with another, allowing yourself to build the ideals you value into the power of the relationship. In this way, the relationship becomes a source of energy that works to the mutual, lasting benefit of both parties involved.

Saturn in Scorpio: You are intent upon understanding the forces that operate behind the scenes. Perhaps you are interested in the inner workings of Earth and the Universe. Your search might lead you to explore the depths of the human psyche, or to probe the hidden activities of businesses, organizations or governments to find out what goes on inside. Surface appearances mean little to you; you are searching for deeper meanings and core truths. One of your life lessons might be how you use this knowledge.

Knowledge is power; and power - over yourself, other people, your environment - is what you are really seeking. You may fear that you have little control over your own life; and this sense of helplessness might lead you to attempt to dominate people and situations. How you exercise your power, whether you use it to limit and manipulate others or to help them, probably will be a significant issue for you in this life. You may have opportunities to do great good or great harm; and the choice you make could be one of your 'tests'.

One of the secrets you might try to unmask is death. Death and life afterwards - the ultimate transformation - fascinate you. You may even believe that through understanding death you will have more control over it, or at least your response to it. All forms of destruction and rebirth are of interest to you; and you might even work in such areas as renovating buildings, reconstructive surgery, cancer research or weaponry.

Sex, another of life's great mysteries, is probably an important issue for you. However, you might find sex frightening or frustrating; your inclination is to tense up and try to control the experience, yet in order to enjoy sex you must relax and give in to your body's sensations. Perhaps you are quite sensitive about your sexuality and feel somewhat inadequate or undesirable. In the extreme, you might deny yourself sexual satisfaction; or, you could attempt to control or dominate your partners because the power sex has over you is threatening.

At your core lurk intense and turbulent emotions, but you may try to block them from your consciousness, afraid of being overburdened if you open up your 'Pandora's box'. If you refuse to make friends with your Minotaur, however, you might project your fears into the outer world and believe that people are 'out go get you' or that you can't trust anyone. At times, you have a dark view of life and expect the worst to happen.

Maybe you have experienced a traumatic loss of some kind that transformed your life. In fact, your life sometimes seems to be a series of difficult ups and downs, and you long for stability and permanence. As a result, you might attempt to create security in your life by holding on too tightly to everything and everyone - partners, your job, money or property - that you believe might provide some structure for you. Any 'loss', even changes, can seem almost life-threatening to you; and you run a risk of becoming rigid, stubborn and miserly, afraid even to give up things that are no longer useful to you.

Consequently, you might inhibit your own growth and creativity because you can't just relax and let things take their course. You need to learn to let go and not fear change, to let the old die so the new can be born. Most of all, you need to develop trust - in yourself and the powers that be.

Saturn in Scorpio: Saturn in the sign Scorpio indicates responsibility in financial affairs, such as corporate resources, partner's finances, taxes, insurance, and matters concerning the property of others. Business activity is likely to deal with corporate financing, insurance, and tax accounting. If Saturn is afflicted in Scorpio, there can be conflict over inheritances, taxes, and joint finances, which often incurs legal battles and losses through litigation.

The natives are usually perfectionists in their work. They are always trying to improve the structure of the status quo. If this proclivity is carried too far, they can earn a reputation as hard taskmasters. Having little patience with attitudes that reflect laziness or unwillingness to work, they are sensitive to lack of diligence in others as well as themselves. They exert much energy and willpower on practical accomplishments.

These people accept responsibilities with a serious emotional intensity that often burdens them; they must learn to deal calmly and efficiently with them as they arise. Thoroughness, persistence, and determination are the rule with Saturn in Scorpio, giving a drive for success that is equaled by only a few other positions. These people desire authority and will struggle hard to attain their ambitions; whether they use fair means or foul depends on Saturn's aspects.

These people are capable of harboring deep resentment when they feel they have been dealt with unjustly. They can also have an almost fanatic adherence to principle.

If Saturn is afflicted in this sign, there can be a tendency to scheme and plot. A desire for revenge and an inability to forget past emotional injuries may also be present.

In health matters, there can be problems with constipation or calcification.

Saturn in Scorpio: This position is an index of a complex personality. Your defense mechanism works deep below the level of consciousness on the primal instincts and urges; your battle with life goes on within yourself continuously, even when you are unaware of it. Your thoughts, words, acts are almost automatically determined for you. You have to train yourself to know your own motives and to bring into the light of reason the urges behind what you do. The reproductive urge is directly linked with the self-preservation instinct, and you will seek, for security in sex, marriage. But your defenses are up against yielding yourself to anyone else, and this stands in the way of sex and married harmony, and perhaps causes you to replace the love instinct with something more sensational that gratifies superficially without demanding as much of the whole personality. Because self-justification joins with these deep primal instincts, you are very suspicious and wary about almost everything and can be, among other things, a demon of jealousy. Your constant struggle is enervating, because you want the maximum of self-justification with the minimum of self-yielding. If true success demands too much, you are capable of giving up the struggle entirely, of denying the urge for self-preservation and self-justification utterly, rather than yield your inner self to get it. You must strive not to take yourself so seriously, to compete with life on its own terms, and to realize that before you can vindicate the self that is so important to you, you must both know yourself and permit yourself to be known by others. They can't applaud if you hide your light under a bushel, nor can they feel your strength when it is all working inside.

Saturn in Scorpio: In Scorpio, Saturn tells of difficulties in relations with members of the opposite sex. The native attracts people from the 'underworld'. He is trusted by those with dark secrets. He is connected with inheritance, death, preparations for undercover assignments, etc.. He is self-willed, and his peculiar tastes could lead to difficulties; he is constantly seeking better means of self-expression. He tends to become obsessed with the idea that sex fulfillment is denied him; he searches for the ideal partner and wastes energy, time and money. He must learn to be more practical, to get enough rest, to pay attention to his diet and sexual health needs. If he does, then some (if not all) of his sexual problems can be overcome. He tends to act impulsively and later to regret his actions - but the regrets do not necessarily lead to constructive changes.

He may be bothered by a lack of funds, even though he has more than the average member of his community. The astrologer should help him to understand his motives. Otherwise, the native begins to rationalize, to justify the most bizarre acts and opinions.

Saturn in Scorpio: This gives an element of dark, brooding intensity which will make its presence felt even in charts where other indications show extrovert and enthusiastic qualities. There is a tremendous sense of purpose and determination; and emotional energy will be generously spent on attaining objectives.

An excellent and shrewd business sense is perhaps one of the most powerful qualities of this Saturn placing. These people do extremely well in big business or the international money markets. A certain heaviness is usually countered by a marvelously offbeat sense of humor; and in spite of the usual Saturnine caution, often in relation to overspending, Scorpio knows how to live it up and enjoys excellent food and wine. As a result, some of this may be present in the subject, especially if a liking for these pleasures is shown elsewhere in the chart (look to Venus and Jupiter in particular).

On the negative side, obsessive tendencies are all too likely, with determination becoming extreme stubbornness. Sadly, we sometimes find a rather cruel streak; once really set on a demanding objective, the subject may be ruthless in attaining it. If you think this possible, encourage the cultivation of sympathy and greater consideration of others. Much hard work will be carried out; and an emotional involvement in the profession is often essential - even if the basic motivation is to make money, this is enough to put the subject on the road to success.

The sex life can be complex: sometimes a full and rewarding expression is inhibited, and as a result the subject feels dissatisfied in this sphere of life. It may be that the inner authoritative voice will instill jealousy and envy; and if this is not fought against with tooth, nail and claw it will have a very negative effect on the individual's personality and, sometimes, physical well-being.

Saturn in Scorpio: You are a potent rock, though may potentially suffer a sexual block. Your tasks and obligations include having the discipline to control powerful urges - without becoming repressed; taking / allowing the time to detect the inner truth - thus assuaging feelings of jealousy; and building relationships that are deeply trusting - in order to avoid treachery.

You can get stuck with a relationship which is tied together only by joint finances and possessions, and / or children; with power games; with relationships which are doomed from the start - there being a third party, internal problem, or some other obstacle to union; and with any Other, for fear of making the break.

You are learning to establish what truly matters to you - having ruthlessly to cut your losses would be the testament to your sincerity in this; to stop using excuses for not taking the plunge into an intimate relationship; and to be on your own, so at least you can break the taboo of getting to know who you are.

You commit to an Other whom you feel at a very deep level you are willing to spend your life with, for whom you would literally die or suffer death; to a relationship that has a genuinely fulfilling sexual dimension; and to an Other with whom you mutually share all of your secrets.

You are or should be wary of any signs that if push comes to shove Other will not be at your side; of sexual incompatibility, or sexual problems and inhibitions - but these may very well be the actual reason for a relationship: that is, to become aware of them and sort them out; and of a lack of confidence and / or an Other who is censorious / indiscreet about you.

When you are alone, it is because there is a hidden, and probably sexual, side to your nature that effectively repels Other, although paradoxically that same side can initially attract Other. But this is not as paradoxical as it sounds because sexual energy by its very nature both attracts and repels, without one's looks, mind or bank balance having any bearing upon it. Sexual energy is somewhat like an emanation that issues from one like a scent. That scent can be strong or weak, pleasant or unpleasant. Often Other can be drawn to it if it is strong, only to find later that it is not pleasant, in the sense that there is an undertone that says 'stay away; I am not really sexually available' (for whatever reason). But it is the word 'sexually' that needs defining, for it has a specific meaning here. It is saying that you are not ready or able to get close enough to Other on a psychological level - that is, there is something deep in your soul that needs healing, possibly purging. Sexual relationships may well actually do this, but if your scent precludes this, then seek psychological help.

Saturn in Scorpio: Sexual fulfillment ranks high among your physical needs, and you may be quite sexually demanding of your partner. For this reason, you should find a sexually active partner who is highly attuned to your urgent special needs.

If you have been significantly frustrated or misused in love at some time, you may become spiteful and resentful, which will adversely affect later relationships. You must work hard to put such experiences behind you and look at a new affair with fresh and unprejudiced eyes.

On the other hand, you have a very long memory for affection and will hold an old lover dear long after you have both moved on to other relationships. When a lover helps you at a critical time, you reward him or her a thousand fold. You consider its real value to you, not just the effort expended by your benefactor.

Because of your very intense attitude toward sexuality, you may tend to go to extremes in love, both physically and emotionally. You seem to seek self-dissolution in sexual experience and find special reinforcement in being swept away in a relationship. This is a reward in itself, but you will benefit from having a cheerful partner who can make you laugh when you become too intense. This will lighten the mood when your intensity fails to accomplish its purpose, which must occur at times.

Saturn in Scorpio: This placement is strong only is Saturn is near conjunction or opposition with the Midheaven or Ascendant or in close aspect to the Sun or Moon. Deep and intense psychological change may be very difficult for you to withstand. You may try to ignore it or to repress the energies that come from deep inside you. But this tendency should not be allowed to develop further, because if it does, your emotional impulses will force you to do things that you really do not want to do. Also you may have trouble with other forms of compulsive behavior. For example, you might work on a project until you are very tired, just because something inside tells you to go on, even though you consciously see no reason for it. While you are young and strong, this is not a problem, but when you are older you could ruin your health. You must try very hard to understand what is motivating you and to accept it, whatever it is. In fact, you must work very hard to accept all aspects of your character no matter how strange they seem. They probably would not seem particularly strange to others, but your reluctance to communicate about such things may lead you to think that you are very different from everyone else - which is not usually the case.

Also, you may be reluctant to express your true feelings, because you prefer to keep an outward appearance of calm and control. But this is not always good for you, because everyone needs to release his / her feelings from time to time, especially while young. On the plus side, when you are under intense pressure, you can show your emotions and still be more in control of them than most people. That can be very helpful when the going gets rough.

See also: Saturn in Scorpio;

Saturn in Scorpio: Kim Basinger, Marlon Brando, Carlos Castaneda, Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Gates, Hugh Hefner, Steve Jobs, J. Krishnamurti, John Malkovich, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Nisargadatta, Ramakrishna, Karl Renz, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Babe Ruth, Peter Sellers, Mark Twain, Gore Vidal ,H.G. Wells, Oprah Winfrey, Malcolm X, Mark Zuckerberg, Alicia, Cynthia, Elroy, Eva, Ivy, J, Jamie, JerryGr, Ju, Jude, Kyle, Lorraine, LucJr, Marcy, Marybeth, Nancee, Samp, Silas, Steve, TonyO

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius is a natural semisextile which keeps both life principles in the transpersonal area. Astrologers differ on whether the semisextile is an easy or a challenging aspect. There are major differences between adjoining signs which can make them hard to integrate; but each does tend to build on the preceding one as stages of our evolving life. Also, it is usually a little easier to integrate desires within the major areas of personal, interpersonal and transpersonal, since each shares a basic focus.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, our beliefs face the reality check of the physical world. The results can range from the skepticism of an atheist to a gullible 'true believer' who needs to question his or her basic premises about the world. But when the principles are effectively integrated, the individual can have realistic beliefs and values, and higher education can contribute to career success. The choice of a Sagittarian career may include teaching, writing, work in a library or with the law or for a church, long-distance travel and foreign cultures, and many of the variations on the search for the absolute.

Since Sagittarius symbolizes our quest for ultimate meaning and value in our lives, there may be lessons involving ethics and morals which are determined by one's beliefs. As has been said repeatedly, astrology shows issues, not details. One individual might have unrealistically high expectations about life while another might need higher standards. The same combination can occur in the chart of a religious leader and a criminal. We determine how we manifest the principles. One hazard of Saturn in Sagittarius is the worship of power.

Some individuals with Saturn in Sagittarius may overvalue authority figures, which can lead to disillusionment when they prove to be human. We might have idolized a parent or been disillusioned when he let us down. The father might be religious in a conventional way or just have high standards. He might have expected too much of the child, or he might have left the family to pursue his own personal goals.

It is also possible to place one's ultimate trust in one's job, making it an ultimate value. Then, if the job is lost or our business does not make it, it is like losing God. Others may try to do their jobs perfectly. The most reasonable alternative is to choose work which you hope will make a better world. Saturn is always about doing your share realistically.

Saturn in Sagittarius: You might seek to justify your superiority or inferiority by exhibiting the Sagittarius knowledge in a way that makes you right through the established reputation and credibility of others (for example: 'I'm smarter than you because I have a degree' or 'I'm not smart because I don't have a degree'). This may lead to the tension of thinking that you never have enough justification for the righteousness of your knowledge or lack of knowledge.

You possess the skill and social responsibility for manifesting the inspiring energies of philosophy and higher thought in the world. You can acknowledge yourself as the creator of the responsibility of being or wanting to be intellectually superior. Then you can feel more secure in your ability to learn as well as to teach.

In committing yourself to increase your knowledge in order to serve a larger community more effectively, you are able to use your abilities to organize inspiring, expansive thoughts. This process also frees you to employ knowledge in a way that fosters your social identity without threatening your intellectual ambitions.

You are learning to release outworn belief structures regarding the nature of right conduct and truth based on outer authority. There is a fear in you of disobeying a higher spiritual authority, and you are learning to release a sense of punitive subservience to the fear of breaking spiritual law. As you begin to get in touch with your own ideas and opinions, you can integrate your values into the constructs of society's righteous beliefs.

Once you accept the responsibility of connecting directly with spiritual truth yourself rather than being subservient to any outer spiritual or religious dogma, you can allow the universal energy of spiritual truth to flow through you into the constructs of society.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Knowledge is very important to you, but you may have been denied the education and opportunities for growth that you desire. Consequently, you might feel that you are not as well-educated, widely traveled or wise as you would like to be, and are defensive and sensitive about what you see as an inadequacy in yourself. Perhaps you will work hard to educate yourself and attempt to overcome the limitations placed on you. This planetary position suggests an education in the 'school of hard knocks', and your knowledge is likely to be gained through personal experience rather than books.

Your tests in life are likely to be connected with your religious or philosophical views; and you may be faced with difficult decisions and learning experiences in this area. Your beliefs are important to you, and they provide you with a sense of structure and order in life. As a result, you might hold on tightly to traditions and dogma, and see any opposition to your beliefs as threatening to your personal stability. Conservative in your views, you resist change and can be rather narrow-minded and severe at times. By refusing to entertain new ideas, however, you limit your understanding of the world and your place in it; therefore, one of your tests could be to broaden your philosophical horizons and break away from rigid, authoritarian dictates that are inhibiting your growth.

Another possibility is that you have become disillusioned with orthodox views and have rejected all religious and philosophical beliefs as impractical, useless or unfounded. This planetary position can be indicative of someone who has trouble accepting anything on faith. You might need to prove something to yourself before you can believe it. However, your skepticism may cut you off from intuitive knowledge and insights that cannot be quantified according to physical laws. Perhaps you need to learn to trust your intuition and to develop a worldview that is based on your own experience, rather than relying on some 'authority' to tell you what to believe.

Sagittarius is an idealistic sign; but with Saturn positioned here you may have suffered painful disappointments that caused you to exchange your youthful optimism for pessimism. You have the ability to bring your dreams to fruition, however, and to build castles here on Earth rather than in the sky. One of your life lessons might be learning to combine your idealism with common sense and hard work, so that your dreams can be manifested in the physical world.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn in the sign Sagittarius indicates people who are serious in their pursuit of philosophy, religion, and higher education. They generally develop strict moral codes or a strict adherence to religious and philosophic systems. They will defend moral precepts and conduct themselves according to principles of justice; they search for truth and constructive values in personal conduct.

Saturn gives the Sagittarian person intellectuality, additional discipline, thoroughness, and depth of concentration. What these people learn is absorbed thoroughly and can be put to practical use. When they achieve honor or distinction, they feel they have earned it through diligent effort.

A desire for power and leadership manifests itself in the wish to be regarded as an authority in some phase of higher education, religion, law, or philosophy. There is a deep need for some intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual achievement which will bring distinction.

This position gives intense intellectual pride; natives fear disapproval or censure, and feel resentful if they have been thought of or spoken about unjustly. Their personal reputations are of extreme importance to them.

If Saturn is afflicted, these people are likely to be self-righteous in trying to impose their philosophic and religious systems on others. If carried too far, this practice results in an intellectual and spiritual self-righteousness.

Saturn in Sagittarius: You seek self-justification in command of abstractions, and try to master life by mastering the philosophy of it. Power, wealth, social position will not convince you that you have justified your existence, and nor will fame, unless it be achieved in intellectual or spiritual accomplishment. Your fields of thought and activity are not limited; you go forth to life eagerly with an open mind, in the filling of which is your deepest satisfaction. You are unlikely to be hampered by complexes because of this position, for little sense of inferiority is indicated by it. In fact, a superiority complex in its pure, direct form is suggested by this placing of Saturn, which gives you a whole-souled respect for your ability and little doubt that you are as able, mentally and physically, as the next fellow. You don't feel that the world holds you back; nor are you driven from within by any psychological necessities. Life is your cry - especially the life of the mind - and you will range the seven seas of the world and of the intellect if you get half a chance. You will earn your success by intelligence and true worth, and without necessarily being conceited you will have a wholesome feeling within yourself that you have it coming to you. Whatever your job may be, you'll find your self-justification in mental and spiritual excellence and, holding up for yourself a very high personal standard, you are likely to find yourself saddled with the responsibilities of leadership in whatever sphere you may move in.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn in Sagittarius tells us that self-respect is essential for the native's sense of well-being. He doesn't mind failure as such, if it is accompanied by the gallant try, the knowledge he is on the side of the angels, the feeling that he is spreading valuable information and providing inspiration. He is philosophical, often interested in religion; he is capable of publishing works that 'last', is concerned with the peoples of the world, and regards himself as a humanitarian. At times, he is more abstract than solid, more interested in theory than direct action, concerned with people far away while neglecting those close to him; he can be so 'hung up' on a theoretical point that he suffers loss due to delay, indecision and insistence upon adhering to outdated methods and policies. He tends to argue with those close to him and to smile at those who really don't care what he thinks. He needs aid in finding a more practical course - that of getting his message across without being concerned with whether it is interpreted in exactly the manner he prescribes. Otherwise, he gets fouled in a maze of details and worries; he needs to realize that people demand the right to examine, test, scold, praise or accept in their own way.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Jupiter and Saturn are essentially polar planets, for Jupiter represents expansion and Saturn restriction. As a result, it may seem that Saturn is not well-placed in Sagittarius. However, much good can come from this placing.

Saturn heightens concentration and encourages the desire to study so that the intellectual potential is fully developed. The outlook is philosophical; and in some respects children with this placing have old heads on young shoulders, so don't be surprised at the words of wisdom which are spoken seriously but quite naturally.

Honesty and straightforward speech are increased by this placing. Here too is the ability to speak up, sometimes bravely, uttering opinions that may be at variance with the mainstream consensus. However, challenges often cause conflict, for on the one hand there will be a desire to accept them and push forward fearlessly with whatever is proposed, and on the other there can be caution and a certain fearfulness which may frustrate the desire, so that the enthusiasm of Sagittarius may not be given the full expression it needs. To determine whether Sagittarius or Saturn will gain the upper hand, look at the planet's aspects. If they are positive, and the chart contains quite a lot of Fire and Air, the chances are that the individual will not be held back. If, however, the chart shows someone rather shy and sensitive, then no doubt the more cautious Saturn influence will dominate. Here, the authoritative inner voice will be quite straightforward: it will simply state that the subject is incapable of coping with the smallest challenge!

Saturn in Sagittarius: You are a faithful rock, though may potentially suffer a 'God' block. Your tasks and obligations include having the discipline to adhere to an evolving moral code - but without becoming dogmatic; taking/ allowing the time to explore life's meaning - thus assuaging inner doubts; and building relationships that are adventurous - yet do not encourage amorality.

You can get stuck with relationships which are held together mostly by guilt posing as obligation; with relationships that are strife-torn, especially owing to conflicts of belief; and with holding the baby or feeling that you have got the raw end of a deal, or that you have been unjustly treated.

You are learning to develop a more balanced, broad and generous sense of what life expects of you; to turn the other cheek in the faith that whatever is right will eventually win through; to avoid self-righteousness; and to discover that you are able to manage impeccably all that is set you.

You commit to an Other who has beliefs and ethical values similar to your own, and who is forever seeking with an open mind; to an Other with whom you can travel, both inwardly and outwardly; and to an Other who has a strong faith in the ultimate good, and whose principles are well-defined but tolerant.

You are or should be wary of Others who are too set in their ways religiously and are closed to the exploration of any other systems of belief; of an Other who is stuck in some quasi-religious or sectarian backwater; and of an Other who preaches and is lacking in tolerance, or who has traits of character that you yourself find hard to tolerate.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Your style in a relationship is to be continually in motion, particularly when difficulties arise. Others may face up to a problem and either defeat it or go down fighting, but you manage to avoid the situation or take evasive action until it goes away.

But relying on motion and change only works with problems that are not deeply seated. When a situation refuses to go away, you should rely on your partner to do much of the work. For that you will need a steady, dependable lover.

However, you do have a talent for spotting the specific causes of a problem and pointing them out. Take care not to mistakenly pin the cause of a complex problem on one simplistic source.

When difficulties crop up in your relationship, you can look on the bright side and cheer up yourself and your partner. You are sure that between the two of you, you will solve the problem and come out the better for it. By refusing to dignify adversity with gloom, you can dispel sorrow and strengthen your union, not so much by determination as by hope and good cheer.

Saturn in Sagittarius: This placement is important only if Saturn is near conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Midheaven or in close aspect to the Sun or Moon. It indicates that you approach new experiences and new knowledge with care and interest. Throughout your life, you will hesitate to accept a new idea until you have become very thoroughly acquainted with it and really feel that you understand it. You will learn new material best by going over it slowly and carefully, so that you see every facet of it.

In many areas of life, you are quite conservative, believing in principles that have been proven over a long time. For this reason, you aren't likely to be very rebellious or unconventional in your early years. Probably in childhood you respect your teachers and grown-ups generally, unless they do not live up to your high standards.

You have strong ideals, to be sure, but you won't let yourself be carried away by them. You always look for ways to put your beliefs and ideals into practice. Later in life, you should have a good talent for organization, because you pay attention to all of the little details in a project and keep the overall objectives in mind at the same time. When you formulate a belief or an ideal, you find it very easy to put it into practice; your thoughts are so structured and orderly that it is easy to make them concrete.

See also: Saturn in Sagittarius;

Saturn in Sagittarius: Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple Black, Al Capone, Madonna Ciccone, Lady Gaga, Mahatma Gandhi, Melanie Griffith, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Jackson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Maharaj Ji, Cathy O’Brien, OmNi, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Arnold Palmer, Joseph Ratzinger, Wilhelm Reich, John D. Rockefeller, Edouard de Rothschild, BenT, BobG, Erin, Judin, LaurieSw, Leif, Lori, LucSr, Nicole, Prabhukar, Q, Robert, Sky, TomW

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn is, of course, a repetition of the same principle. Its house placement and aspects provide the keys to where and how the individual will face the rules of the game and learn to use power wisely. Normally, this combination indicates a strong ambition and need for control; but until a successful role has been attained, the power will be experienced in the world, usually in the hands of authority figures. Harmony aspects may bring protection by these others, but for full satisfaction the individual has to do something which provides a sense of personal accomplishment. Conflict aspects can indicate a very difficult early life, often with the need to work and assume adult responsibilities while still a child. However, in the end, the individual who develops practical skills and learns early to cope with the material world may be light years ahead of the protected child who remains dependent on the power of others. As always with Saturn, we need to avoid the extremes of playing Atlas when we cannot allow ourselves any dependency and the failure to develop our share of the world's power and to carry our share of the responsibility.

This placement tells us that the individual's father was concerned with power, whether he had it or had problems getting it.

Career choices with Saturn in Capricorn include work for the government, whether federal, state or local. Alternately, individuals may be manager in large businesses or other institutions, or they may found and run their own business, or become an independent professional.

Saturn in Capricorn: If you try to justify your current actions on the basis of the false authority of time, ambition, material accomplishment or some other highly structured or traditional reason that you think justifies your actions, you might experience accomplishment without fulfillment. You may also experience the resentment of others against your position of authority, which is the price of always having to be in control.

You possess the skill and the social responsibility for manifesting your authority in the world. You can acknowledge yourself as the creator of the authority or lack of authority and respect that you have in the world, which gives you security in your abilities to climb above self-imposed limitations. By committing yourself to use the Capricorn natural abilities to organize, manage, and systematize, without crushing the spirit of those involved, you gain respect for your natural authority and executive leadership.

You seek a life of fruition and accomplishment. There is a feeling of having a 'public destiny', something that one is supposed to accomplish for the good of all. Frustration arises when you hold back from assuming an active role in the affairs of the world.

You are destined for a leadership role in the sense of your being willing to act as a figurehead in guiding others along a particular path. It is time to stand up and be counted. When you accept the responsibility and authority for manifesting the goals that you determine to be for the public good, you are fulfilling your destiny.

Saturn in Capricorn: Ambitious, pragmatic and hard-working, you invest much of yourself in your career; and your greatest tests in life are likely to involve some aspect of your work. You have plenty of common sense; and when it comes to managing resources, organizing or planning, no-one does it better. Known for your diligence and dependability, you readily assume responsibility, and usually do more than your share. You can have trouble delegating authority, however, and usually believe that if you want it done right you have to do it yourself. Therefore, you probably have lessons to learn about trusting others. How you use your authority also could be important in your life.

Despite your obvious capabilities, however, professional success may not come easily or quickly for you; and you will have to work for whatever you get. You probably will have to climb the corporate ladder in slow, determined steps. As you pursue your goals, you might experience many frustrations, obstacles, delays or setbacks that will test your perseverance. Perhaps success will be denied you until rather later in life, or at least until you have gained the maturity to handle it; and what you are willing to do to get to the top could be significant.

Your work is very important to you, and you feel most comfortable in the business world. Structured, impersonal, unemotional environments suit you best; and unless Cancer is prominent in your chart, you may feel more 'at home' in your office than in your home. People with this placement can become workaholics who don't allow themselves time to get to know their families - or themselves. One of the lessons you might need to learn is to balance work with play, professional life with personal. You aren't looking for fame, however, and prefer to remain in the background, controlling things from behind the scenes. In fact, you may be rather self-conscious and shy, and don't like drawing attention to yourself. Although you desire prestige and want to be respected for your competence, you have little interest in publicity or glory (unless Leo is prominent in your chart).

Cautious and conservative, you are inclined to stick with tried-and-true methods and shy away from anything new or different. Fear of failure is a powerful motivating factor in your life. You rarely take chances, find change threatening and are the last to update your techniques, products, behavior or ideas. an arch-traditionalist, you can become rigid, dogmatic and stubbornly mired in the past. Your excessive prudence could be limiting your potential, however, and you might be forced to give up your old habits and securities - perhaps by circumstances that seen to be outside yourself - in order to grow. Or, you may find yourself hindered by entrenched powers, traditions or bureaucracies, and have to break away from the established order before you can achieve your goals.

Because you respect the past, you may be interested in history, geology, archaeology or anthropology. You want to be able to explain, order and quantify your life and everything in it; and before you can make sense of something you must make it tangible. Through studying the past, you are able to understand the present better and your place in the natural order of things.

Your public image and your position in your community are of great concern to you. Sensitive about what others think of you, you support the status quo, play by the rules and do what you think is expected of you. Keenly aware of your duty and your role as a member of society, you tend to put society's needs ahead of the individual's, and would sacrifice personal freedoms to maintain stability in the society. But you must learn to find security within yourself, instead of looking for it in the outer world, for if you allow others to define what is right and wrong for you, you relinquish your right to be a self-determining individual.

Saturn in Capricorn: Saturn in the sign Capricorn indicates strong ambitions for worldly power, status, and authority, usually manifested through business, science, or politics. Natives feel great need to make significant achievements in their careers, and they undertake no endeavors without having practical purposes in mind. They are good organizers; they alternate between favoring their ambitions and protecting their security, thus attaining prominence without risks to either. They have an aura of dignity and seriousness which can make them appear austere and cold. They are able to accept orders from those in authority; and when they achieve their own positions of authority, they expect similar obedience from others. Hence they are conservative in business and politics. They feel that the traditional power structure exists for necessary reasons, which should not be questioned by those who lack the practical experience of dealing with the responsibilities of power.

Their struggle in early life to attain security and self-sufficiency helps form such practical, conservative attitudes later on. They feel that until a person can manage his own affairs successfully he is in no position to give advice to others, or to handle larger political or economic responsibilities.

People with this position of Saturn know that everything has its price and that everyone must contribute to the work of the world. They feel that everyone should earn what he gets through his own efforts. Thus, when they reach the top, they seek to help others help themselves. In later years, however, they tend to forget the hard struggles of youth and the difficulties of getting started without money, tools, or resources - despite sincerity and a willingness to work. If Saturn is afflicted, these people may use their acquired wealth and material goods to control others.

How and when power and authority are attained will depend on the level of understanding and the degree of spirituality as revealed through the rest of the horoscope.

These people generally have a strong sense of family pride and honor; they often come from families respected in the community. However, those born into wealthy and socially prominent families are in danger of being extremely callous about human values, because they lack the experience of personal struggle without resources. Such people are likely to regard social and economic inferiors as manipulatable commodities rather than as sensitive human beings. This tendency can be offset if the horoscope shows spiritual understanding and compassion. As in Scorpio, those with Saturn in Capricorn can reach either the heights of spirituality or the depths of materialism and selfishness.

If there is a childhood of poverty and family disgrace, this position gives the necessary drive to overcome difficulties and achieve prominence and power. For these people, life is always a serious business and a struggle. Sometimes they are lacking in aesthetic sensitivity, judging things solely according to their price or reputation. They need to develop a sense of humor and an understanding of other values besides materialism and status. If desire for status is carried too far, it can become an end in itself, rather than a means of contributing to the social order.

If Saturn is well aspected in Capricorn, there will be honesty and integrity in all business, political and professional dealing. If Saturn is afflicted, unscrupulous means may be used to achieve wealth and power, the result being dictator types in extreme cases; there can be a tendency to use literal interpretations of the law for unfair advantage. When unscrupulous means are resorted to, however, they often bring about reversals of fortune, public disgrace, and a fall from power.

These people should avoid becoming rigid in their attitudes and beliefs.

Saturn in Capricorn: This position requires success in the materialistic, financial or fame sense of the word, and will not long be satisfied with unrecognized worth. Some subtlety attaches to your mentality; you may work long and hard for your little pay and little acclaim, but your aim is to get more, and you never forget it. In this way, you are hardheaded, if not hardhearted, and can very well be both. Your deep ego urge is to defend yourself against the world by conquering it and by forcing it to recognize you; and since this urge is deeply ingrained in the subconscious and demands recognition, you are never likely to lose sight of it. This leads to heights of success or to embittered failure if it operates in its simple form. Your aim should be to become less materialistic, to discover wells of power within yourself. You can have no control over the world till you have control over yourself; and in gaining this essential to your success, you should discover also that 'your mind to you a kingdom is' in which it is as gratifying to rule as in any temporal empire. It is possible for you to learn that there are all kinds of power over the world, and that wealth and fame are not the only ways of achieving it. There is the sense of power you get from giving, from serving, from helping. To transmute the power urge from its primitive, materialistic, strong-arm form to its more esoteric and refined uses is to ensure that your powerful subconscious drive to success shall succeed along the most civilized lines, which are in the end most gratifying.

See also: Saturn in Capricorn;

Saturn in Capricorn: Sri Aurobindo, Warren Buffett, George Clooney, Sean Connery, James Dean, Princess Diana, Walt Disney, Clint Eastwood, Bill Hicks, Carl Lewis, Mickey Mantle, Barack Obama, Osho, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Susanna Arundhati Roy, Bertrand Russell, Robert Anton Wilson, Joanne Woodward, Alford, Antonio, CharlesS, Cheri, ChrisTr, DavMcC, Fergus, George, Jason, JerGar, JerryP, JT, Lance, Leen, Marie, Mark, Maureen, Tara

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius provides another natural semisextile, with its questionable outcome. Saturn is still considered a co-ruled of Aquarius; and many astrologers think that this is its optimum sign. It is true that a successful integration of these two sides of life can produce a person able to blend the best of the past with openness to the future. The practicality of Earth combined with the broad perspective and logic of Air can be highly effective in the world. Both of these basic drives are transpersonal, so their focus on the world is compatible to the extent that neither is distracted by personal relationships. (Of course, the rest of the chart will almost always bring in these other desires.)

But in spite of the potential for great accomplishments where Letters Ten and Eleven are integrated, the potential for major conflicts is also present. Saturn says 'there are some limits if you want to survive in this world at this time. There are some things you can do, and some you have to do.' Aquarius says 'I don't accept limits. My primary urge is to go beyond the limits. No-one can tell me what to do.' Saturn represents the ultimate in bureaucratic hierarchy. Aquarius wants equality. Saturn clings to traditions and the past. Aquarius pants for the future. The solution is easy to see but not always easy to do. If we voluntarily accept the really necessary limits, we can be free to do what we please in the rest of life.

With successful integration, Saturn in Aquarius shows the capacity for peer relationships with authority figures. Father may have been a friend, so the individual had no need for a teen-age rebellion.

Unfortunately, when carried to excess, this combination may be manifested as a cool, distant and / or indifferent parent, sometimes one who is too busy socializing with friends or saving humanity to be there for his family. Later, as we take on the role of parent, the same options are present. Unless we change the habits which brought us into a family which fit us, we will repeat the same patterns.

Appropriate careers for Saturn in Aquarius include all fields which advance or disseminate knowledge. Modern technology is an obvious potential, but nonconventional studies such as astrology are also good choices. Jobs may be chosen in government, whether federal, state, or local, or in large organizations dealing with public issues such as nonprofit foundations and labor unions. An effective compromise of the principles permits liberty within the law and compromise and co-operation between the executive and the legislative branches of government.

Saturn in Aquarius: You might contradict yourself, accentuating your behavior by being commonplace. This may lead to social limitations because of the compulsive Aquarius need always to be the all-round ordinary person. You may secretly seek to separate from others by being what you picture an ordinary person is. This separation might result in repression and frustration from continually trying to justify that picture to others.

You have the skill and social responsibility for manifesting your individuality and the Aquarian principles of social progress, brotherhood, and humanitarian ideals. When you are willing to acknowledge yourself as the creator of your uniqueness, or lack of it, you can feel secure in bringing forth your personality in ways that serve others. By being committed to expressing nonconformity in humanitarian or political roles, you can experience a new security in your social identity.

You are inclined to break away from old conventions and to turn to innovative ways of serving others that extend beyond the boundaries of what is usually considered to be publicly acceptable. It is not necessary for you to receive public approval in order to thrive. It is time to look within to find values that extend beyond what is currently acceptable and that can lead humanity to new levels of freedom and universal love.

Frustration arises from trying to behave appropriately and do things in the old ways that led to social acclaim. Instead, you need to turn your attention to formulating new goals and ideals for humankind that extend beyond current social structures. You see the next step for humanity; and when you begin to manifest this in your own life, your destiny is fulfilled.

Saturn in Aquarius: This is a difficult combination, since Saturn's function is to limit and solidify while Aquarius's is to break up. Saturn represents the past; Aquarius the future. Consequently, if you have this planetary placement in your birth chart, you might feel torn between the two extremes. At best, you are a practical idealist who finds ways to incorporate both energies and make tomorrow's dreams a reality today. Perhaps you work in a scientific or technological field and are able to bring new ideas down to Earth so they can benefit humankind. However, your inventions and discoveries and how they are used could be an important test in your life; and you must bear the responsibility for your creations.

Your concern for humanity could lead you to work for the betterment of people everywhere. Perhaps you are striving to help others achieve their independence or to eliminate social barriers and restrictions that limit and burden people.

Quite probably, you are fascinated with the future, but your vision of it is rather bleak. Aquarius is the sign of freedom and individuality; and Saturn is the planet of authoritarianism and restriction. Therefore, you probably believe that in the future your independence will be limited in some way and your individuality will be hampered by the authorities.

One of the things you fear most is loss of liberty; and you may be particularly sensitive and defensive about your rights. Perhaps you interpret any rule or regulation as an attempt to limit your freedom; and you might over-react and rebel against even reasonable laws and responsibilities. The opposite response is also possible. You may have great difficulty handling independence, and try to clamp down on yourself and everyone else. The responsibility of making your own choices and expressing your individuality frightens you, and you look to 'authorities' to tell you how to live your life. You are afraid of change and intolerant of anyone who is 'different', and feel you must cling to the status quo or everything will dissolve into chaos. Your fear, however, is the result of your own rigidity and your reluctance to let go and allow even small changes into your life. Whichever way you respond to this energy, one of your life lessons is learning to balance liberty and responsibility, change and stability, new and old.

Whether or not you want to, it may be necessary for you to break with the past in order to express your own uniqueness. You might even appear to be something of a revolutionary, and could encounter hostile resistance from traditionalists. Your decision to break away from the old ways may cause you much pain and difficulty, but it is necessary if you are to grow.

Saturn in Aquarius: Saturn in the sign Aquarius indicates a capacity for well-organized mental concentration. The mind is impersonal and scientific; the concern for impartial truth is paramount. Highly evolved types are able to set aside the ego and see all issues - social or scientific ¬in the light of impartial, universal law.

The ability to quiet the mind and steady the attention is the necessary prerequisite for the development of the Uranian intuitive faculties of the sign Aquarius. Saturn here gives the steadiness of attention necessary for this development.

People with this sign position are mentally ambitious, often working hard to make original discoveries or new applications of scientific knowledge that will bring them status and distinction. Saturn in Aquarius gives an ability to visualize form and structure, often of a geometric nature, and it confers mathematical ability.

Like Saturn in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, if well-aspected, gives a sense of justice and responsibility in relationships. People with this position are loyal and responsible to friends and to groups with which they work; they often become involved in highly structured fraternal organizations, such as the Freemasons. They are generally level¬headed, offering good advice based on universal laws.

Social relations are very important; but if Saturn is afflicted, these people may be selfish and domineering. They expect others to play the game by their rules and to serve their personal interests.

If Saturn is afflicted in Aquarius, there may be a tendency to coldness and emotional insensitivity in personal relationships. The individual's manner can be formal, exclusive, and intellectual; and lacking in feeling. There is also a danger of intellectual pride.

Saturn in Aquarius: You seek self-justification and acclaim and material success as much as Saturn in Capricorn, but aren't likely to be so hard-boiled about it. Saturn in Aquarius wants fame, recognition or power, but is more concerned with keeping the good opinion of other people in getting it, and will rarely if ever hurt them. This position adds gentleness and strength to any chart: the ego requires the approval of society for its own justification ¬requires the good opinion of men more than their obedience, and is willing to trade respect for love. The social urge in this way is strong; and Saturn in Aquarius will spend a lot of time justifying its transgressions (which may be numerous) and making explanations and excuses for shortcomings. Since society is important to you, you tend to assume that you are important to society; and if your whole chart is very passive, you may come to think that it owes you a living and that your existence is best justified when you are collecting unearned increment. This is an inversion of the urge to serve society which is the best Saturn-in-Aquarius type of self-assertion. If this goes into reverse, you succeed when you enable society to demonstrate its goodness with you as the recipient. To cultivate the social urges on their positive side, to seek the approval of men for progressive and constructive works, to accept responsibility to society as your true means of self-justification, is to live up to the best of this idealistic position of Saturn.

Saturn in Aquarius: In Aquarius, Saturn shows one who often permits his friends to give him advice which, if followed, proves costly. He learns his lessons the hard way; he ways to be attractive to members of the opposite sex, and can be flattered into making a fool of himself.

He wants recognition and loyal friends, and tends to be extravagant in trying to convince people of his importance when, actually, a simple approach and sincerity would be a much better approach to permanent, fulfilling relationships.

Saturn in Aquarius: This is an interesting, positive placing for Saturn. The planet works powerfully from Aquarius because it ruled that sign before Uranus was accepted into the astrological pantheon. There is considerable determination, which is shown by the achievement of ambitious objectives. The mind has a strong element of originality; but very often, especially in the young, once opinions are formed they can be adhered to rather too rigidly.

The real conflict lies between taking a conventional line and a totally opposite, unconventional one - something the subject will have to resolve in his or her own way. Often it is not easy to do so since the conscience will want to be safe and secure, operating from a position that is familiar and acceptable to others, whereas the need for adventure, originality and independence will be equally strong. This is a dilemma that is usually helped by the influence of the Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs and the personal planets.

Some Aquarian humanitarianism is present; and if scientific potential is shown elsewhere it will be considerably boosted by this placing. The individual may have an obstinate and rather cunning streak if Saturn is negatively aspected. There may be a tendency to distance the self from other people, although the subject is also friendly. Some of the Aquarian inclination to be a very private person can emerge. Independence is often very important to the subject, although at times it can bring loneliness.

The inner authoritative voice will tend to say 'Do as you like - I don't care - please yourself'. The chances are that the individual won't be able to do so, and as a result there will be a crushing psychological conflict to be resolved. Ask whether his or her parents were perverse, or were cold and / or unpredictable.

See also: Saturn in Aquarius;

Saturn in Aquarius: Alan Arkin, William Blake, Jim Carrey, Johnny Cash, Aleister Crowley, Tom Cruise, Salvadore Dali, Johnny Depp, John Dillinger, Tenzin Gyatso, Howard Hughes, Michael Jordan, Carl Jung, Charles Manson, Shirley McLaine, Willie Nelson, Friedrich Nietzche, George Orwell, Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Ayn Rand, Albert Schweitzer, Gloria Steinem, Elizabeth Taylor, AbbieJ, AndyF, Beth, Clark, Dipesh, DJenkins, Johanna, Merrill, Michael, Pankaj, Patrice, ScottS, Suzie, Tammy

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces is a natural sextile; but, as with the other natural sextile in Scorpio, there can be challenges. Pisces shares the search for the absolute with Sagittarius, but the Pisces search is more at the subconscious level, driven by the mystic's hunger for infinite love and beauty, for oneness with the Whole. Piscean professions can include many service careers as healer or in spiritual work. They can range from guarding prisoners to using the capacity for beauty in artistic fields or in persuading people that some product or activity will make their life more ideal. Work with chemicals, drugs, or fluids is possible with all of the Water sides of life.

Security needs are strong in Earth-Water mixtures, so faith is very important. Individuals who lack faith in a Higher Power can be plagued by anxiety, fears or phobias. Though a successful career is always important and helpful wherever Saturn is placed in one's horoscope, individuals with Saturn in Pisces also need faith in something beyond this world. Though orthodox religions can sometimes be helpful, personal mystical experiences are likely to be more so. As with Saturn in Sagittarius, Saturn in Pisces may point to lessons in faith, which can range from extreme atheism to extreme gullibility. Saturn always calls for a 'reality' check. Ethics may be unrealistically high or low to the point of endangering the society.

If the faith is placed in a fragment of life, it is a kind of idolatry, and we usually lose the idol to force us to find a bigger God. In the early life, the father or other authority figures will be connected in some way with the principle of Pisces. The details can range from an adored, idealized parent to one who 'should' have been 'god' and given us a perfect life but let us down by being human. The parent could have been an artist, a savior, or a victim. A missing parent is common, whether really gone searching for his own beautiful dream or physically there but emotionally closed off. Even in Pisces, the call of Saturn remains the same. We can't do it all. God won't do it all. We have to do our share in making a more ideal world.

Saturn in Pisces: You might seek to justify your lack of alignment with any worldly purpose because nothing measures up to your ideals of service. This may result in frustration from failing to undertake action that contributes to bringing these Pisces ideals into manifestation. When you feel helpless in bringing about your visions and ideals, you may lose a sense of having a constructive purpose in society.

You possess the skill and social responsibility for bringing your private dream and ideals into the world. By acknowledging yourself as creator of your private visions and dreams, you can gain confidence in the ability to bring about a true manifestation of what has already been created in your imagination.

You have the power to demonstrate your private dreams. By committing yourself unconditionally to manifesting those dreams that serve humanity, you can accept the opportunities that are currently available. Through consistent, daily demonstration of your spiritual ideals, no matter how seemingly insignificant, you can gain a sense of achievement. This leaves you with the knowledge that you have contributed to the manifestation of society's ideals in a realistic way.

It is time for you to dissolve ego identification with accomplishments. You can become immersed in feelings of value frustration and helplessness that keep you from manifesting your dreams. This is because the vision is changing: the old cycle of identity is dissolving, and the new is not yet on the threshold. But visions of a new identity and what the new cycle of manifestation will be like do occur.

It can be frustrating when you try to implement the new vision. This is because your destiny is to allow the vision of the new to give you enough confidence to release old forms of ego expression that are not working. In this way, you can become identified with the source, rather than activity, and your destiny is fulfilled.

Saturn in Pisces: You are extraordinarily sensitive - to people, your environment, the psychic realms - but your sensitivity may frighten you and make you feel vulnerable or defenseless. At times, you can be a bit paranoid and depressive, and have a tendency to look on the dark side. Perhaps you believe others are out to get you and that you are helpless; or, you might focus on life's evils and think that the world is an awful place. Thin-skinned and easily hurt, you fear that nothing you do will make things better, so you simply give up without trying. Too often, you play the role of the victim or martyr; and unless you have Fire signs prominent in your chart or a strongly-placed Sun and / or Jupiter, you can become stuck in a morbid and self-destructive rut. One of your life lessons could be how you use your sensitivity.

A more constructive way would be to channel your sensitivity into artistic, spiritual or psychic work. You have the ability to tap into energies of which other people aren't aware, and could bring those energies down to Earth and use them to benefit humanity. This planetary placement can give you the grounding and focus to utilize your heightened awareness in some practical manner.

Your spiritual beliefs might be very important to you; perhaps your religion is the cornerstone of your life and provides you with a sense of security and structure. Conservative and traditional in your beliefs, you are inclined to follow one of the more orthodox and established faiths. Or, you could go to the opposite extreme and reject religion altogether because it isn't practical and can't be proved.

Perhaps you never had an opportunity to develop your artistic or musical talent fully. Or, you might have been discouraged or kept from expressing it, maybe by parents who believed that being an artist wasn't a practical or suitable occupation. Thus, you may feel you are inadequate in this area, and can be quite sensitive to criticism. Most probably, you are a perfectionist and overly critical of yourself; therefore, if your efforts fall short, you quickly give up in discouragement. You need to use the perseverance of Saturn and work diligently to develop your skills. Another possibility is that you are afraid of getting in touch with your subconscious self - the source of your creativity - and as a result, you block the flow of artistic energy and inspiration. You test in this life might be finding ways to open up the channel between your conscious and subconscious.

Your sensitivity enables you to feel a kinship with all living things; and because of your keen awareness of other realms and dimensions you understand your connection to everything else in the Universe. You can't bear to see any creature suffer, and might work in some way to alleviate pain in the world. Perhaps you embrace one of the nature religions, or are involved in efforts to save our planet from pollution and bring peace to the world. With this placement in your chart, you have the ability to combine compassion with pragmatism and find workable ways to manifest the Divine on Earth.

Saturn in Pisces: Saturn in the sign Pisces is a difficult position because here the karmic planet is in the karmic sign. The natives have a tendency to become trapped in their memories of the past. An overactive, fearful imagination generates all types of anxieties and neuroses. Consequently, it is difficult for these people to deal effectively with the demands of the present. In extreme cases, the imagination creates personal slights and problems that do not really exist.

On the positive side, Saturn in Pisces can give these people emotional understanding, humility, and the willingness to work on behalf of those less fortunate than themselves. If the rest of the horoscope indicates mental clarity, there also can be psychological insight into others.

If Saturn is well aspected, these people are capable of deep meditation. This steadies the psyche and makes possible profound spiritual understanding.

An afflicted Saturn in Pisces can result in paranoia, excessive worry, fretfulness, and regret over past mistakes and misfortunes. When carried too far, these reactions can result in neurotic or psychotic tendencies leading to incarceration in mental institutions or other places of confinement. In some cases, the neurotic problems are manifested in physical illness and hospital confinement, especially with oppositions to Saturn in Pisces from Virgo, the sign of health.

These people need a certain amount of quiet and solitude in order to tap their inner resources. They should also spend some time actively participating in the affairs of the world, to avoid moroseness and excessive introversion. If Saturn is afflicted in Pisces, they should make strong efforts to avoid self-pity.

Vain regretting of the past can become a cancerous growth on the soul, destroying happiness, creativity, and usefulness to self and others. This position demands objective, critical self-analysis so that the natives can discover their personal worth and abilities - as well as defects - and thus find a way out of their difficulties. They must learn to let go of the past and take constructive action in the present.

This position of Saturn often indicates that work will be done behind the scenes in large institutions - hospitals, asylums, universities, or government agencies.

Saturn in Pisces: This position causes you to seek confirmation within yourself. Your struggle with the world is the inner struggle between the good and the bad within you; and you are capable of being content with self-approval when you have mastered yourself. If from this point introspection goes deeper, you realize that self-approval is not enough, and require that self-approval shall be further served by the approval of others. Your defense against the hardships of life (and life does seem hard to you) lies not in open struggle with it, but in struggle within yourself to make life seem less difficult. This in its worst form results in introversion, withdrawal, brooding, giving up the struggle, and holding up alone to feel sorry for yourself. In its middle form, you fight off the lethargy and the withdrawal and find the key to your problems within yourself. In its advanced and best form, you improve your doleful outlook, redirect your energies outward, discover your virtues and your abilities, and make complete self-approval wait till you have won some objective testimony of your worth. This is a difficult position, but, being flexible, gives great inner strength. You are moody and tend to fluctuate from heights of being pleased with yourself and the world to depths in which you and everything else is at sixes and sevens. Your reaction to experience is almost wholly subjective: sunshine is shadow if you're feeling bad; and clouds are harbingers of joy if you're feeling good. You are one of the people who thinks a rainstorm was sent solely to destroy your outing, and who rebels personally against the weather. In acute form, this leads on to delusions of persecution or some minor neurosis. But your capacity for knowing yourself is great, and once you have learned the trick of self-analysis, you can lead your temperament into creative and constructive channels to become one of the most useful members of society.

Saturn in Pisces: Saturn in Pisces represents a native who appears bewildered by the outside world. He wants to break loose, to feel free, to express himself. But, often, he acts in an opposite manner; he gets 'tied up' with institutions, organizations, commitments beyond his financial capabilities: he thus restricts himself to an even greater extent. The astrologer's job is to help him perceive the folly of some of his actions. It is important that the native realize he defeats his own purpose by accepting a defeatist attitude as a way of life. He can be identified as a chronic complainer and fatalist.

On the positive side, he can be a responsible member of the community who strives to improve conditions for the mentally ill, for the economically depressed. The key to greater happiness here is self-knowledge - acceptance of responsibility instead of being resigned to fate.

Saturn in Pisces: The self-sacrificing qualities of Pisces will be present in those who have Saturn in this sign. There is humility, sympathy and increased intuition, which should be controlled and expressed with caution, but definitely not ignored. Often there is also very little self-confidence, and it may be that the subject will be his or her own worst enemy, since the inclination to hold back may become disproportionate. As a result, he or she will constantly do him or herself down.

At its best, this trait makes a person attractively self-effacing; but sadly its influence is usually too strong, so that shyness and inhibition dominate. Sometimes the outlook on life is rather depressing; and under stress there can be an inclination to give up hope. Despite this, the influence of the rest of the chart may act as a strong counter to these negative tendencies, so be very careful not to over interpret them. They will probably only be present if a negative outlook is indicated in other totally independent areas of the chart.

It is important for the subject to realize that she possesses a powerful imaginative force which should be put to creative use. It certainly needs to be given some sort of concrete shape; and the nature of a suitable means of expression may be indicated in other areas of the chart - a flair for handicrafts, perhaps, or writing skills. If not, and your subject is hesitant about developing this excellent source of potentially, it may be that long-term encouragement given by the partner will help her find a suitable outlet and eventually develop it to the full.

Quite severe changes of mood are usual, as is a tendency to worry (especially if this is shown in other areas of the chart, or if Saturn receives negative aspects from the Moon). One result can be hypochondria. The inner authoritative voice can sound like the Ugly Sisters talking to Cinderella! If that rings a bell with your subject, don't forget to say that Cinderella did, after all, marry her Prince!

Saturn in Pisces: You are a subtle rock, though may suffer a sensitivity block. Your tasks and obligations include having the discipline to admit to weakness and blind-spots - but not being self-effacing; taking / allowing the time to appreciate the subtle and elusive - thus preventing misunderstandings; and building relationships that are based upon mutual acceptance ¬yet do not foster evasiveness.

You can get stuck with Others who are slippery, vague, hopeless cases who are hard to pin down; with Others who are ruled by logic and deny the existence of anything mystical or scientifically unexplainable; and with Others who are safe but boring, and / or who seek oblivion in drink or drugs.

You are learning to be of selfless help to Other, which may include having to be very tough on him / her; to look into and develop the more mystical and illogical side of life and yourself, yet making sure that you are not being fanciful; and to take a good look at how you are possible avoiding your own issues.

You commit to an Other with whom you feel subtle but undeniable ties that probably involve the making of some kind of sacrifice; to an Other who accepts you unconditionally, has no ulterior motives and does not play on your feelings; and to an Other who is creative, sensitive and spiritual, and / or quiet and gentle.

You are or should be wary of Others who have a hard luck story that appeals to your sense of guilt or worthlessness which may be posing as your wanting to 'save' Other; of confidence tricksters, recognizable by their appeal to your sympathy or idealism; and of loud, brash, flashy types who make all manner of unrealistic claims and promises.

When you are alone, it is very likely to be because you have yet to come to the realization that there is a subtle, spiritual dimension to relationships - or that there ought to be. Because you are inclined to deny the invisible and scientifically unverifiable in life and yourself, you also try to keep your relationships simpler and more straightforward than it is possible for them to be. You may very well attempt to keep them simple to the point of them being purely physical or 'nothing serious', or with someone who agrees with or embodies your acceptable vision of existence, but who is unacceptably dull, coarse or insensitive. So aloneness for you is really a testament to your denial of your own sensitivity and what you see as the emotional chaos that such sensitivity implies. But it is only through admitting and accepting your soul and its sensitivity that you will attract a kindred spirit. And that kindred spirit will be able to soothe those chaotic emotions and help you to accept yourself, while you find yourself bringing a subtle but powerful meaning to his / her life too.

Saturn in Pisces: For you, the greatest security is achieved through consistent emotional attention from a sensitive and devoted partner, rather than through financial stability. In a way, you feed on emotional communication and will feel starved if you are not involved in an active love relationship.

As a result of this talent plus considerable emotional experience, you may become a good judge or emotions. When you understand what is real and what is not, the false will not suffice. You will demand great sincerity and sensitivity in a partner.

When you find the right partner with these qualities, you will go to extremes of self-sacrifice to keep the relationship going. This is an admirable trait, but it should not be a substitute for the two of you facing your problems together. In an emotionally difficult situation, you should not let love blind you to the need for painful growth; every relationship goes through such phases.

As for more concrete concerns, you will be most comfortable with a partner who is more practical than you are. Before making a physical or financial commitment, consult with your lover, who may be a stabilizing influence.

Saturn in Pisces: This effect will be strong only if Saturn is near conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Midheaven or in close aspect to the Sun or Moon. This can be one of the more difficult placements of Saturn, because the energy of Saturn wants to make everything orderly, neat, concrete and predictable, which doesn't combine easily with the fantasy-prone and idealistic nature of Pisces.

For one thing, you may feel that you cannot do much in life, that you are more limited than you really are. You may also feel obliged to satisfy other people's needs before your own so that you never achieve satisfaction. And you may deny yourself in many other ways as well, because you believe that having too many material possessions interferes with your life. Above all else, you need simplicity.

Finding a balance between the rigidity of Saturn and the vagueness, flexibility and idealism of Pisces may cause some difficulties in developing beliefs by which to govern your behavior. You may be too idealistic about the people who serve as your guides, those after whom you pattern yourself, so that you can't accept any kind of weakness or frailty in them. When you discover their weaknesses, you may be disappointed, and eventually you won't believe in anyone. Scale down your expectations and realize that you can learn something useful from everyone, even those who appear very flawed.

Don't let yourself fall into the habit of thinking that your life is not under your control. You shape your own life, and you must take responsibility for yourself.

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