Saturn conjunct Neptune

This aspect occurs approximately once every thirty-six years; during the last century, in 1917, 1952 and 1989.

The effects of Saturn have a beneficial influence on the tendencies of Neptune, helping definition, stability and ease of expression; the potential is for practical idealism and an ability for positive application of the ideas and imagination emanating from Neptune. This is useful for creativity, as the inspiration of Neptune can be given adequate form and manifestation by the concrete tendencies of Saturn, and so the imagination is not left swirling in an inner world of dreams and fancies but is released onto the physical plane to be shared with others.

There is less of the delusive nature of Neptune present with this aspect, and there should be a greater perceptive clarity than usual, one that is especially sensitive to issues of deceit and glamour. You are less prone to make mistakes through such reflective blindness, and tend to be self-protective mainly by a careful and wary distancing that you maintain with strangers or new acquaintances. This is part of the Saturn contribution of caution and unease with anything that is unknown. Trust needs to be progressively developed in you, whether in people, circumstances or situations; and you are usually reticent in making any firm commitments until you have thoroughly evaluated any set of choices. You tend to rely on a faith in facts, and impersonal judging of what seems to be the wisest choice to make; this can be beneficial in your life, privately and in a career.

It is probable that the Saturn energy will be the dominant one, with the Neptune energy occasionally repressed for practical reasons. If you allow Saturn to be too emphasized, then opportunities may be lost through excessive evaluation and lack of decisiveness; that fear of the unknown will also act as a restrictive and inhibiting factor. You are likely to erect a well-defined lifestyle and personality structure which allows relatively little space for the Neptunian influence to be expressed, as it is more anarchic and expansionary. What can occur is a sense of confusion regarding your own personal limitations, where they begin to feel imprisoning and Neptune agitates to dissolve those barriers and to experience those repressed dreams that you are attempting to ignore. A careful balancing of both these planetary energies is essential, both for inner harmony and for external success. Otherwise, degrees of distortion and lack of perspective will increase, as the Neptune influence demonstrates its repressed presence through more negative characteristics.

For those exploring the spiritual dimension of life, this aspect offers several valuable assets, in that there is a questioning of dogma and assumptions, a tendency to deglamorise through a more earthy perspective, and a developing ability to rely on the inner guidance of intuition rather than on external 'authority sources'. This stage may have been reached as lessons learnt through earlier phases of gullibility and submission to teachers, possibly through religious or parental conditioning which you begin to cast away as inimical to your own development. Discrimination is important in life, and especially so when contacting occult teachings, where the likelihood is that through a lack of real personal experience only genuine ignorance exists; and the tendency of most is to fill that void by passively accepting whatever teaching is making an impact on them.

As you continue to develop, especially through standing alone and living through your own light, a greater maturity and perception will unfold. Insight and compassion founded on living experience will be gained, and if you practice meditational techniques then your own power and light is likely to shine brighter as your inner clarity emerges. Effective concentration and meditation should be possible, and some signs of psychic abilities may also emerge from the Neptune energy being released. You may become a channel for the transpersonal energies to enter these levels, and there will be a sense of social responsibility and of the context through which they can operate.

Your intimate relationships are likely to be deep and enriching, partly as a result of your careful evaluation of suitable partners; and in those relationships where your heart becomes involved you will tend to be cautious before opening to a full commitment. Relationships are important to you, and you place great emphasis on continually working at them to ensure that they are mutually beneficial and a source of evolutionary growth. You believe that 'right choice leads to right action'; and this is a key to your success and to your procedure of careful evaluation of options and decisions.

Saturn conjunct Neptune: With your Saturn conjunct Neptune, it is very unlikely that you can be deceived for very long. You usually protect yourself by being distrustful of situations or people you are unfamiliar with. Even in spiritual or religious matters, you object to accepting dogma unless you can work it out logically. Perhaps in your early years you readily accepted those teachings, and later, as you began to question their validity, you felt guilty about them. In general, you have a mature attitude about religious matters, and deep insight into your social obligations.

You are psychic in the most realistic sense; and your experiences guide you in the use of developing your intuition. You are suited to work in an executive capacity, for you can make important decisions with a high probability of success. Your professional affairs benefit from your ability to detect dishonesty or deception. In your pursuit of the facts, you insist that others prove what they say. You fear the unknown and are cautious about making a decision until you can examine all the facts. Your inspiration has practical value, and you can express it concretely.

In your romantic relationships, you are similarly composed. You are an idealist, but a practical one. You do not generally make an emotional commitment unless there is solid evidence that the feeling is mutual. You don't offer yourself casually to anyone, friend or lover. Your temperament is not suited to superficial entanglements, but you are willing to make an enormous contribution to a relationship that obviously has sustenance.

Avoid taking medication that is not professionally prescribed. Artificial vitamins, stimulants, and depressive drugs are not for you, because they may cause unpleasant reactions.

Saturn conjunct Neptune: In the conjunction between Saturn and Neptune, form-building and form-disintegration go hand in hand, a state of affairs which can give a wonderful combination of qualities (provided personal planets are involved) - or it might more often be truer to say a weird and wonderful combination. Whenever we are engaged in giving concrete form to ego or are concerned with things with which ego can identify (Saturn), the form-dissolving processes of Neptune - which tend to blur the edges of the personality - are automatically activated. Therefore we keep making big or little formal changes and have little difficulty in giving the ego a regular shape. On the other hand, when formulating goals, we get feelings and insights that increase their depth. There is no knowing at any instant whether we are going to be changeable or insightful; in fact, we can switch imperceptibly between the two states of mind. Suppose, for example, we are writing a report: we may communicate in a well-thought-out style that expresses our feelings on the subject; but then we can introduce paragraphs with no proper structure at all, paragraphs with the meaning 'left hanging in the air' to such an extent that the reader is utterly perplexed. Or we may wander from the subject entirely. The danger of this conjunction is that the formless and spiritual (Neptune) may undermine awareness of the concrete and everyday (Saturn).

Yet this conjunction could enable us to investigate the invisible and transpersonal world in a matter-of-facts, methodical manner. Much depends on the relative strengths of the two planets.

The Neptunian sense of unity and communal service can be made concrete by a conjunction with Saturn; and then we might work hard for a better world, a more closely knit human race and a deeper religious or metaphysical understanding. But, by the same token, the cautiousness and ambition so characteristic of Saturn can be subverted by Neptune. We have no control over the latter planet, and can be so swayed by it that ambitions are imbued with its spirit of renunciation. Possibly we shall sacrifice ourselves for some idealistic goal we have painted in glowing colors. Needless to say, this aspect may feature in the charts of ascetics or of others who do not ask much from life.

Saturn conjunct Neptune: Saturn indicates the psychological influence of the father on the psyche of the individual. It indicates that part of the personality that one is most apprehensive about, the facet of self that one regards with caution. Neptune brings a sense of creativity or illusion-delusion regarding insight concerning the father.

People with this aspect may not really understand the kind of effect their father had on them. This influence may be determined from other aspects to Saturn or the Sun. There have been cases where mother-dominated children have been deluded about the father, especially if he was missing. There have been instances when a child is unpleasantly surprised about paternity itself, for not every legal father is a child's physical father. These situations are difficult to diagnose and more difficult to discuss; they must be handled with tact.

When a father-dominated person has a Saturn-Neptune conjunction, there may be some idealization of the father. When a mother-dominated person has the conjunction, the mother may misrepresent the father in some way -the kind of man he is -or some delusion about the family or inherited family responsibilities may be engendered. The delusion about the father influence may merely be that the person doesn't know about the family influence or interests. These people will be influenced by certain delusions or illusions regarding authority figures; they may be hurt by the reality of the traditional approach, for they want to support illusions.

Saturn conjunct Neptune: In a good chart, this gives unusual powers, the native being able to plan and to execute, working hard. It is excellent for business or for politics, and has some affinity with the church. It is apt to produce something of an egotist, though the disposition may be kind. The native is apt to think himself or his work much more important than it really is. It is often found in the horoscopes of those who, with affected or sincere humility on the personal side, insist that they are instruments - the chosen and special instruments - of Exalted Beings, and so forth. in such cases, it is the expansive and formless side of Neptune which overcomes and drowns, as it were, the matter-of-fact sense of Saturn.

It appears to favor both mathematical and musical ability, perhaps by reason of its sense of exactness, time, and order. In any case, the abilities are very often out of the ordinary. Provided Saturn is the stronger, it favors success by hard work, but usually also at the price of scandal and defamation, often in respect of sexual matters, or as the house occupied may indicate. It is not a position which is likely to cause the native to be fond of contact with the downtrodden or the poor, and is somewhat ambitious, fond of authority and management, and liking to exercise disciplinary powers. But if Neptune predominates, these ambitious tendencies will be much less in evidence.

Owing to the contrary natures of the two planets, there are often two sides to the character, or two periods of the life, the one materialistic and hard-headed, and the other idealistic. Or, if other aspects help, these two may be blended concordantly.

Saturn conjunct Neptune: Cate 0, Jyothi 0, Ralph 0, Maitreyi 3, Ammachi 5, Thomas Edison 5, Duane 5, John F. Kennedy 6, MFor 6, Miriam 6, Pete 6, Pablo Picasso 7, U.G. Krishnamurti 8, Bobbie 8, Keith 8, Roberto 8

Saturn sextile Neptune

Working successfully with the sextile aspect often involves action related to that strong sense of social responsibility and duties that you recognize. This sensitivity to a social role that requires performance is a major component of your motivation, and one that should not really be denied. There can be a tendency to acknowledge its presence and then fail to actually do anything about it, but ideally this should be overcome by more deliberate action. At least you can always help by funding those socially active groups whose ideals you can support. This characteristic is a combination of Saturn duty and the Neptunian social collective ideal.

The element of careful discursive planning should be evident where the right foundations for future action are established, and efficient organization is seen as necessary for a successful conclusion. There are likely to be strategic skills which can be exploited in order to achieve those intentions, whether purely personal or socially orientated. Consistency and determination are usually well applied, and your schemes are characterized by their realism and achievability; Neptunian over-expansiveness is tempered by Saturnian caution and a sense of stability and limitation.

What can inspire many of your efforts is a reaction against social injustice and foolishness. Fairness is one attitude that you support, and opposing social aspects where unfairness and injustice is being expressed can almost become a personal crusade. Social discrimination and taking social advantage of those unable to resist can cause your passions to rise, leading to social activism designed to resist such encroachments on individual rights and liberties. You dislike seeing the waste of resources, social and material ones as well as the waste of human potential. This can lead to supporting human-potential-raising groups, or ecological activists calling for new attitudes towards the excessive negative exploitation of nature's reserves. You tend to have a social vision of harmony, where equity is achieved and social respect for all is found, rather than any unbalanced divisive situation of haves and have-nots. Concepts of the values of community or global thinking will be preferred, and you like to believe that what you are attempting is beneficial to others.

If you become active in such ways at an early age - perhaps through a career choice - then you may find that it absorbs most of your energy; it is a never-ending task. This may affect your intimate relationships, especially when a partner needs to hold similar viewpoints to your own. Ideals are important to you, and you try to live in a way that maintains rather than opposes or compromises them. Your passions are firmly fixed on issues of social concern, and even within personal love relationships your energy is too diffuse to focus just on one partner; it flows out as a feeling of social relationship too, and you often fail to understand why society is as it is, and why people are so passive in allowing negativity and indifference to flourish, even in those in high and powerful social positions of influence.

Concentration and visualization abilities should be present, and can be applied through contemplation of issues or meditation. You may become effective if working in occult or socially active affinity groups committed to generating beneficial change. There is little ego gratification in such work for you, and you tend to expect a high degree of probity and idealism from others engaged in similar self-chosen roles.

Saturn sextile Neptune: The sextile between Saturn and Neptune shows that your perception is keen. You use your inspiration skillfully and constructively to the benefit of yourself and others. You are deeply aware of and sensitive to your social obligations. Although you may not be prepared to actively participate in these responsibilities, you can offer your services to help others fulfill them. You may lay the foundation for action in planning or securing a sympathetic response from people in important positions. Your ideas are realistic and constructive for stemming the tide of social injustices.

In evaluating your environmental circumstances, you are thoughtful and reasonably profound, and you perceive accurately what is right and what is wrong. You deplore the waste of human resources and constantly strive for more efficient distribution of social programs and services in your community. This kind of work is especially suitable for you. You are willing to accept an unobtrusive position if the goals of the program will be better served this way.

Undercover work is something you could do well. You have the persistence and determination necessary to gather all the facts without being recognized. You can be trusted to maintain secrecy about confidential information. Your self-discipline and poise even under strain are admirable, and you would be extremely useful as a guide and advisor to individuals in power.

Your efficiency and organization may postpone permanent emotional ties, because you are preoccupied with social causes, through which you try to make a spiritual contribution. Your romance is in the broad perspective of human involvement. Your partner must feel the same way in order to gain and keep your respect. You won't sacrifice your ideals to gain anyone's favor.

Above all, you find it difficult to understand how anyone can tolerate the guilt of remaining passive to interoperable social ills.

Saturn trine or sextile Neptune: Building up and breaking down work together harmoniously here, enabling us to forget fears and inhibitions by taking a lively and sympathetic interest in others. The goals we set often originate in deep religious, metaphysical or spiritual insights, which form an underlying motivation for our activities. Subconsciously we sense how we ought to plan and manage things, and this helps handling everyday affairs. A tendency to follow feelings and a quickness to detect odd undertones may even turn to our social advantage. Being both visionary (Neptune) and matter-of-fact (Saturn) can endow us with tactical abilities: instinctively knowing what to aim for is no small advantage in business. The aspect is also good for devising military (or other) strategy.

Constructiveness could show itself in the spiritual and intellectual fields. We appreciate the irrational, and find that making allowance for it helps to straighten our thoughts. This is a good aspect for people who study religious, metaphysical or esoteric matters. Saturn introduces orderliness to Neptunian concerns, but Neptune prevents Saturn from making this too cut-and-dried. In the easy aspects, idealism and materialism form a well-matched blend of suppleness and strength which enables us (in spite of the Neptunian influence) to keep both feet on the ground. With far-sighted patience we endeavor to promote ideals and spiritual insights (Neptune). The way in which we express them often reveals a serious outlook. We are prepared to make great sacrifices for them; probably with characteristic austerity.

Saturn sextile Neptune: Mark 0, Deepak Chopra 1, Sally Field 1, O.J. Simpson 1, Jason 1, Ricardo 1, Henry Kissinger 2, Terence McKenna 2, Suzanne Somers 2, Maureen 2, PapayaJ 2, Lucille Ball 3, Uri Geller 3, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 3, Patti Smith 4, Vincent van Gogh 4

Saturn square Neptune

The square indicates inner tensions and frustrations, and it is likely that Neptune will be inhibited from true realization and will be bound within the unconscious mind by the barrier-forming restrictions of Saturn. This will cause Neptune to be agitated, stimulating unconscious fears, anxieties, phobias, morbidity and guilt feelings arising from an overactive imagination which lacks suitable channels for a more healthy release.

The consequences of this inner pressure and disquiet tend to create feelings of inadequacy, incompetence and inferiority. These may be quite illusory and unrealistic, yet they have a powerful influence on your actions and choices. As time passes and you perpetuate these tendencies, you continue to create negative results, which convinces you that such inferiority beliefs are actually true. You become a self-defeatist, and lack confidence in your own abilities. This negativity can spread until you begin to run away from accepting responsibility or challenges; you can become afraid to even try. Obviously this begins to severely inhibit your life experiences, as you are increasingly trapped within the parameters of your own inner phobias and lack of self-love and self-confidence. If this is allowed to persist, then this form of imprisonment will only intensify as you cut yourself off from the richness of life, and forms of depression can occur.

Such a situation can be allowed to happen where inner blockages of energy generate stresses of compulsive behavior which are internally felt as real yet are the symptoms of denying aspects of self (as symbolized by the planets which are inhibited); with this square, the probability is that Saturn's activity will become distorted too, overemphasized by the erecting of excessive boundaries and limitations. Tendencies of anxiety and guilt are also self-perpetuating, and these expand to form a web of energy which absorbs the individual's freedom of choice, and creates circular loop patterns of repetitive thought processes. There is emotional agitation, overly stimulated by inherent negative attitudes, yet there is no apparent ability to deal with them. Dissatisfaction and confusion is to be expected, yet any impulse to change the situation can also be inhibited.

The degree to which this inner psychological environment develops will be dependent on the rest of the chart; there may be mitigating factors which diminish its potential severity. Yet certain issues will be present in those who have this aspect, and several corrective and releasing acts can still be valuably taken to prohibit any likelihood of such tendencies developing.

Accepting your own nature is vital. Denial of any aspect leads to its suppression into the unconscious mind, where it is likely to fester, slowly releasing poisons into the personality within the appropriate level of natural affinity, distorting body, emotions or mind. Such a forced cutting away of part of your nature is never wise, and is as foolish as cutting away an arm because there may be an unsightly mole on it. Often these tendencies to 'cut away' are indicated by square aspects, and symbolize probable inner tensions and blockages of energy which need release; yet in doing so, they can often become 'great friends', giving energy and power to enable you to achieve your aims. They are keys to real personal development, spurs to stimulate necessary integration.

In accepting your own nature, self-forgiveness is required, and a refusal to compare yourself to any illusory ideal of perfection. Why feel guilty because you are not like an ideal? You never can be, and your real task is just to become yourself, warts and all; and coming to terms with that is a great freedom and liberation in itself. Face those fears of failure; everyone fails in some way, so why should you be any exception? But some fail (repeatedly) and yet still carry on, gathering more successes as time passes and achieving their ambitions. There is success waiting for you. Just shake yourself down and carry on; and when you arrive, it will taste very sweet, and you'll know a valuable secret. Talents are there within you; they are just hiding out of sight. Find that pot of gold around the corner, and perhaps with a bit of support from others you'll learn how to really use it. All of those inner illusions, guilt trips, inferiority complexes and phobias can dissipate like chimeras in the sky. The self-imposed barriers of Saturn will collapse, and Neptune will flow through, healing you and inspiring you to find a new way. Why stay in a self-created prison when there is no locked door? Stop being self-indulgent. Walk through and emerge into a new world. And isn't that worth struggling for? Remember, your life is always basically what you make it. Don't throw it away; enjoy it.

Saturn square Neptune: The square from Saturn to Neptune indicates that you are sometimes given to unrealistic fears about poverty or personal incompetence. You are often overly anxious in matters over which you have no control and for which you should not bear any guilt. You become emotionally disturbed about them, and yet you do nothing to relieve your anxiety. You feel inadequate to deal with negative environmental conditions that you experience or observe, and this can cause you to become depressed. Actually you are afraid of responsibility and have doubts about your competence to deal with it effectively.

Your negative attitude may cause difficulties as you seek a professional career. The real problem is your lack of self-love, which often results in underachievement. Avoiding challenges may lead you to believe that you really cannot accomplish anything. It is imperative that you be willing to fail occasionally in order to find out where and how you can succeed. Being indifferent to duty and obligation doesn't solve anything. Withdrawal only further deepens your feeling of incompetence. You must be prepared to face competition so you can sharpen your talents for future use. Remember that those you meet in competition are also being tested by you, because they do not know your abilities.

You must come to see your fear of encounter and failure as an avenue of opportunity for development and progress. Small but increasingly significant successes can restore your self-confidence. You won't become so overconfident as to be arrogant, but you will know what you can and cannot accomplish.

You should seek the services of a trusted friend to show you how to manage your potentials efficiently and gain the most from them. Be discriminating in selecting your friends, and refrain from discussing your personal problems with others. They probably have a sufficient number of their own.

Saturn square Neptune: Saturn represents the effect of the father on the developing psyche of the individual. Neptune can indicate the 'grand delusion', so this person may be born into a family that has illusions or delusions regarding the father, heredity or family influence.

The father will affect the individual's concept of creativity, perhaps impeding the development of some form of creative expression. Because of the square aspect, the influence of the father will work against the individual's dreams and goals, or even the development of spiritual goals. The aspect may indicate the person who has to pull away from the family experience in order to find himself. He may not see authority figures for what they are; he may be supportive of people who disappoint him.

It's interesting to note the house placements of the square, for the misunderstandings will involve the departments of life ruled by the houses. Inner conflict may be present, for the influence of the father is subconscious, keeping the individual from using the creative energy of the Neptune placement until he learns to recognize the Saturn influence.

Saturn square or opposite Neptune: The hard aspects between Saturn and Neptune have very varied modes of expression. Much depends on which of the planets has more dignities. The building up and preservation of form are in conflict here with formlessness and the undermining of form. The result is that we tend to go wrong when setting goals and laying plans: our plans are incomplete or unrealistic; our goals so Utopian they are unattainable. Dreams are all too easily mistaken for realities. Even things that have begun to look settled seem to come unstuck through various elusive factors within ourselves; so concrete achievements do not come at all easily.

If we become interested in what lies beyond the range of normal vision and defies rational explanation, conflicts with Saturn in this area have an inhibiting effect so that we hesitate to commit ourselves and our approach is too rigid, or fear enters in to make us superstitious. Or imagination runs riot with ideas we seem unable to shake off; as seen in its extreme form in paranoia. Naturally, before there can be any question of a persecution complex, personal planets have to be involved and the rest of the horoscope must be in agreement. The core of the matter, however, is that with the conflicts between Saturn and Neptune the world of imagination and of hard reality will put a strain on one another and cause problems.

Powers of perseverance (Saturn) can be undermined by Neptune, but the tension in these aspects can mean that once we have been inspired by a certain ideal we can devote ourselves to it for a long time.

However, the inspiration is not always there: it is stifled by Neptune in such a way that frequently we have difficulty in knowing just what we want. Therefore we are rather susceptible to the (subversive) influence of others.

Our need for the transcendent (Neptune) does seek to express itself; and when these Saturn / Neptune conflicts become too much for us, we just want to get away from it all. Then we seek the peace and quiet in which we feel more comfortable than in the turmoil of daily life. Calm seclusion can inspire us tremendously and help us to regain our strength.

Saturn square or opposite Neptune: This influence varies from the other-worldly, who lack ambition and do not wish to be troubled with responsibility, to the crafty and designing who wish to win through at all costs and by any means. The two planets are of so different a nature that the character of the native is also divided, presenting very contradictory aspects at different times or in connection with different matters. There is nearly always the power to work hard, and even the opposition may not hinder great success (Henry Ford). On the other hand, the desire for retirement and seclusion may predominate.

There is usually a certain degree of self-will, and sometimes the native nourishes fantastic and impracticable schemes and ambitions.

There is scandal and sometimes even downfall, but nevertheless these aspects do not always appear to be serious, and, being of long duration by reason of the slowness of the two bodies involved, they need not be taken as very important unless they are either very close, or on angles, or involved with other bodies.

Since Saturn rules the 11th house essentially, the friends may be treacherous, unstable, parasitic, or implicated in scandals.

The ambitions are frequently thwarted, and one's good name is liable to be assailed by hidden channels and in ways difficult of detection.

I have known great suspiciousness under this contact. It may even lead to a definite persecution mania.

Saturn square Neptune: Michael Jordan 0, Tom Cruise 1, Marilyn Monroe 1, Ramakrishna 1, Mark Twain 1, JJ 1, Nirvesh 1, Bob Marley 2, George Patton 2, AndyF 2, Carlos Castaneda 3, Queen Elizabeth II 3, Hugh Hefner 3, Brad Pitt 3, DJenkins 3, Johanna 3, Vaslav Nijinsky 4, Bertrand Russell 4, Dipesh 4, Groucho Marx 5, BarryKl 6, ScottS 6

Saturn trine Neptune

The high idealism of Neptune and the awareness of social responsibility of Saturn will be prominent, and will stimulate an inner motivation intent on sharing in the ongoing work of social improvement. You should have a natural insight into social issues, and this coupled with a keen perception can help you to indicate those core problems that require resolution; in addition, you are able to offer constructive solutions to such problem areas, and are able to work with or within existing social organizations or governmental bodies to influence suitable changes to be made. In particular, you enjoy restoring 'order from chaos' and making use of forgotten and ignored resources.

There can be a tendency to sit back and observe social decline and contentious issues without choosing to become more actively involved, but this would be a waste of your own talents and a denial of that sense of social obligation. Your idealism has strong moral and ethical roots, and you could feel uncomfortable if you ignored those inner promptings. Direct activism may not be your preferred mode of involvement, but you may find your role perhaps through communicating to others the facts about certain problematic social issues, especially through the medium of writing and analysis.

You tend to have an absorbent intelligence, which accumulates considerable information and knowledge easily, and which is a resource that you should be able to utilize. The level of imagination is high and active, and this too can be personally used in a variety of ways, giving a spark of life to the ideas that you have for personal and social development. You may have difficulty in deciding exactly how to use your own resources, and the ideal may be to become involved in work which has a definite social dimension. Such work can include community welfare, law, social services, environmental concerns, finance, management, media, film, photography.

Friends find that you are a reliable support in times of crisis, and you are equally willing to lend a helping hand when necessary. Neptune inspires you towards compassionate feelings, both for people you know and for strangers.

If the spiritual quality of Neptune is active (and not so overshadowed by a dominating Saturn), then you are likely to be attracted towards spiritual or occult groups, where your talents can find ways of expression. Meditation and visualization work should be enhanced by Neptune, and anchoring the energies in suitable forms should be enhanced by Saturn. Learning to trust your intuition will lead you to rely on it even more over time, and this could be a vital step forward in your own development.

Saturn trine Neptune: With Saturn trine to Neptune, you have the ability to take on enormous responsibilities. You are motivated by a powerful spiritual compulsion to bring about positive changes in the negative social conditions you observe. Early parental training established your high ethical and moral standards. You are sympathetic and understanding toward anyone whose circumstances are more burdensome than yours, and you strive to find ways to demonstrate your concern for your fellow man. When a helping hand is required, you are ready and willing to give it.

To your professional interests you bring wisdom and sincerity. You can express your gifted imagination in many ways that seem inspired. You are intolerant of deception and collusion and will not compromise your ethics for personal gain. Occupations related to the film industry, photography, law, social services, the stock market, or the entertainment field in general would provide you with much personal satisfaction.

Your environment can benefit from your talents. You are keen in appraising conditions that must be changed and in determining the causes. You know how to enlist the services of the proper authorities, and you are familiar with the legal mechanisms that will help restore order out of chaos.

These are the resources available to you. What you do with them is up to you. You can remain a spectator, detached from active participation, if you choose, but it would certainly be a waste of your talents. At the very least, you may decide to alert others to the problems of their environment and offer some plans for achieving their objectives.

You have the necessary faculties to succeed as a writer. Your inspiration and talent for observation can give form to the ideas you have. You derive many benefits from every experience. With your vast resources of knowledge, you have the ability to solve any problem.

Saturn trine or sextile Neptune: Building up and breaking down work together harmoniously here, enabling us to forget fears and inhibitions by taking a lively and sympathetic interest in others. The goals we set often originate in deep religious, metaphysical or spiritual insights, which form an underlying motivation for our activities. Subconsciously we sense how we ought to plan and manage things, and this helps handling everyday affairs. A tendency to follow feelings and a quickness to detect odd undertones may even turn to our social advantage. Being both visionary (Neptune) and matter-of-fact (Saturn) can endow us with tactical abilities: instinctively knowing what to aim for is no small advantage in business. The aspect is also good for devising military (or other) strategy.

Constructiveness could show itself in the spiritual and intellectual fields. We appreciate the irrational, and find that making allowance for it helps to straighten our thoughts. This is a good aspect for people who study religious, metaphysical or esoteric matters. Saturn introduces orderliness to Neptunian concerns, but Neptune prevents Saturn from making this too cut-and-dried. In the easy aspects, idealism and materialism form a well-matched blend of suppleness and strength which enables us (in spite of the Neptunian influence) to keep both feet on the ground. With far-sighted patience we endeavor to promote ideals and spiritual insights (Neptune). The way in which we express them often reveals a serious outlook. We are prepared to make great sacrifices for them; probably with characteristic austerity.

Saturn trine Neptune: Leigh 0, RoyO 0, Paul Simon 1, Warren Buffett 2, Sean Connery 3, Art Garfunkel 3, J.Paul Getty 3, Paramahansa Yogananda 4, Bram 4, Cesar 4, Bob Dylan 5, George Harrison 5, Aldous Huxley 5, Alford 5, Elijah 5, Bobby Fischer 6, Abbe 6

Saturn quincunx Neptune

The inconjunct between Saturn and Neptune shows that you feel a need to somehow justify your resources and talent. You seek ways to use these resources to relieve the suffering and social injustices you observe. Others may not realize it, but you feel a particular responsibility because you are part of the social structure that permits these conditions to exist. There is something of the martyr within you when you assume responsibility for more than your share of social obligations.

You may be compelled by a strong spiritual motivation to bring social order to situations in which chaotic conditions exist. Be careful you do not become aligned with programs whose goals are unclear. You may be asked to fulfill a responsibility that isn't yours, or you could become the victim of people who would use and abuse you. Hoping to gain spiritual benefits by unselfishly giving service, you may fail to protect yourself. The truth is, you may be using others to relieve your own guilt feelings, saying 'You need me!'

As an important side-effect, you may develop physical problems that are difficult to detect or diagnose. The true causes may be psychosomatic in origin and are therefore deeply buried in your subconscious. The observed effects rarely reveal the real problem. It is important for you to seek professional help if your problems do not respond to self-treatment. Avoid contamination by anyone who is ill. You should have regular physical check-ups to guarantee your sense of well-being.

You generally know how far you can extend yourself before becoming over exhausted. Take care, however, that you are not so stimulated by spiritual motives as to neglect reasonable safeguards. Your fear of negative results of tests (though they could prove positive as well) may incline you to take unnecessary risks that could be your undoing.

Saturn quincunx Neptune: Tenzin Gyatso 0, Jack Nicklaus 0, JRosh 2, Raga 2, H.G. Wells 3, Mick 3, Supr 3

Saturn opposite Neptune

Saturn opposite Neptune: Ursula Andress 0, Fred Astaire 1, William Blake 2, Al Capone 3, Wilt Chamberlain 5, Swami Vivekananda 5, Sarik 5, William Randolph Hearst 6, Robert Redford 6, Victoria 6, Flossie 7, Jane Fonda 8, Ernest Hemingway 8, Ray 8