North Node conjunct Midheaven

This conjunction gives natives the ability to further their professional ambitions and public standing through their aptitude for harmonizing with present social trends. They are fortunate in meeting and gaining the assistance of people in prominent positions who will help to further their careers; they have the ability to be in the right place at the right time. If the rest of the chart is weak, the natives' lives can become unbalanced - they may attain more power and responsibility than they have the knowledge or integrity to handle. This can be dangerous for the natives as well as for those whom their power affects. The conjunction brings good fortune and, even in a heavily afflicted chart, will protect the natives from ruin and disaster. South Node conjunct Nadir brings heavy responsibilities into the natives' lives where their homes and families are concerned. Sometimes parents are a burden. The domestic sphere will limit the natives' expressions.

North Node conjunct Midheaven: Tom Cruise 0, Gina 1, JBLight 2, Roberto 2, Mahatma Gandhi 3, Robert Redford 3, Andrew 3, Ricardo 3, Silas 3, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 4, Leen 4, Meryl Streep 5, Joze 5, Orson Welles 6, Jyothi 6, Kay 6, Jim Carrey 7, Cheri 7

North Node sextile Midheaven

This configuration indicates special capacity for utilizing social trends in the domestic and professional sphere. The talent for making domestic and career matters mutually supportive is characteristic. There can also be business ability in using popular trends to make money that is then used to support of improve the domestic environment.

North Node sextile Midheaven: AndyF 1, Groucho Marx 2, Peter Sellers 2, Cesar 2, Kim Basinger 3, Vaslav Nijinsky 3, Arnold Palmer 3, Al 3, Lady Gaga 4

North Node square Midheaven

There's a tendency not to fit into the environment, to feel odd, be odd, or be misunderstood. As a result, difficulties arise frequently in the course of activities involving others, particularly those which involve sharing or teamwork. There's still ability to grow and progress, and often the tension triggered by the nodal conflict actually triggers growth, but there may be many hassles with parents or authority figures over the type of growth desired or the means of attaining it.

North Node square Midheaven: Johnny Cash 0, Terence McKenna 0, DonW 0, Nirvesh 0, Fred Astaire 2, Cher 2, Nicole Kidman 2, Lynn Forester de Rothschild 2, Vincent van Gogh 2, Albert Schweitzer 3, John Lennon 4, Barack Obama 4, Nikola Tesla 4, Bram 4, Marybeth 4, Cate 5, George 5, JudyPl 5, Shirley Temple Black 6, Dheeraj 6

North Node trine Midheaven

This configuration gives the natives an awareness of social trends, customs, and institutions in relation to their professions, public reputations, and domestic lives. They are thus able to advance themselves in all professional and domestic dealings which require harmony with the prevailing cultural attitudes. The configuration favors politicians and others who must depend on good public relations and social approval for success.

North Node trine Midheaven: North Node in aspect to the Midheaven brings the desire to associate with those who share the same ideas and social aspirations as yourself. Relationships are all-important and you are likely to be popular and successful - you tend to bring the personal touch into all your business and social affairs.

North Node trine Midheaven: You're aware of social trends, customs and institutions and how they relate to your profession, public reputation and domestic life, allowing you to harmonize with these attitudes where it's necessary without simply being swept away by passing fads.

North Node trine Midheaven: Jack Nicholson 0, Patti Smith 0, Martin Luther King, Jr.1, William Blake 2, Helen Keller 2, Mitt Romney 2, AndySc 2, BarryKl 2, John Dee 3, U.G. Krishnamurti 3, Komala 3, Maitreyi 3, Muhammad Ali 4, Sigmund Freud 4, Cathy O’Brien 4, OmNi 4, Q 4, Seligma 4, JerryGr 5, Johanna 5, Queen Elizabeth II 6

North Node quincunx Midheaven

You may have difficulty at work because you always seem to be out of step with your co-workers. Although you often enjoy your work, you may leave it because of differences in expectations.

North Node quincunx Midheaven: Milton William Cooper 0, Robert Anton Wilson 0, BPoe 0, Jason 0, Helena Blavatsky 2, L.Ron Hubbard 2, Brian Wilson 2, Henry Kissinger 3, Meher Baba 3, AlexP 3, Cynthia 3, Robert 3, Suzanne 3

North Node opposite Midheaven

This conjunction (to the Nadir) tends to bring success and increase through the natives' domestic lives. They are never without a roof over their heads, though it may be only a temporary roof. They will benefit from parents and other members of the family unless other factors in the horoscope dictate otherwise. The timing of events in the natives' lives with current social events will bring about good fortune, especially in the later years. This conjunction often brings misfortune into natives' lives by thwarting their careers - the timing of events denies them the recognition they sometimes deserve. This is especially likely to be the case when Saturn transits in conjunction or in adverse aspect to this configuration. In addition, the natives' long-held habits tend to put them out of harmony with the current trends of thinking that lead to public recognition; and often poor timing prevents their meeting people of influence who could further their careers. On the positive side, the conjunction gives the capacity for hard work which leads to success in the long run. But often others reap the benefit of the natives' hard work.

North Node opposite Midheaven: Miriam 0, ScottS 0, Jane 1, Michael Jordan 2, Al Pacino 2, Flickinger 2, Maureen 2, Carlos Castaneda 3, J.Paul Getty 3, JerryP 3, Ramakrishna 4, Swami Vivekananda 4, PaulS 4, Gloria Steinem 5, Joanne Woodward 5, Sugeet 5, Warren Buffett 6, Salvadore Dali 6, Ramana Maharshi 6, Frank Sinatra 6, Zeno 6, Sky 7, Mick Jagger 8