Neptune in Aries

Neptune in Aries: Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi, William Randolph Hearst, Bertrand Russell, Albert Schweitzer, H.G. Wells

Neptune in Taurus

Neptune in Taurus: Ty Cobb, Aleister Crowley, Isadora Duncan, Albert Einstein, Georges Gurdjieff, Carl Jung, Helen Keller, George Patton, Pablo Picasso, Ezra Pound, Ramana Maharshi, Will Rogers

Neptune in Gemini

Neptune in Gemini: Fred Astaire, Al Capone, Charlie Chaplin, J.Paul Getty, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Adolf Hitler, Aldous Huxley, J. Krishnamurti, Groucho Marx, Meher Baba, Vaslav Nijinsky, Nisargadatta, Wilhelm Reich, Babe Ruth, Paramahansa Yogananda, Elroy

Neptune in Cancer

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Neptune in Cancer: Lucille Ball, Salvadore Dali, Bette Davis, John Dillinger, Walt Disney, L.Ron Hubbard, Howard Hughes, George Orwell, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, David Rockefeller, Mother Teresa, Orson Welles, MarieBr, Roy

Neptune in Leo

Neptune stays in a sign for about 14 years, so it influences an entire generation. Leo is an aggressive, idealistic sign and Neptune is dreams and imagination. This placement of Neptune produces a generation that can fight for ideals, literally. Neptune was in Leo the last time from 7/19/15 through September 21, 1928. The previous time was a few years before the American Revolution. Many of those born with this Neptune placement fought in the War of Independence and World War II.

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Neptune in Leo: Ingrid Bergman, Shirley Temple Black, William Blake, Marlon Brando, George Bush, Sr., Carlos Castaneda, Queen Elizabeth II, Judy Garland, Hugh Hefner, John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, U.G. Krishnamurti, Timothy Leary, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, OmNi, Jack Parsons, Joseph Ratzinger, Peter Sellers, Frank Sinatra, Gore Vidal, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Malcolm X, BillH, Eva

Neptune in Virgo

Neptune was in Virgo last century from September 1928 to February 1929, between July 1929 and September 1942, and from April until July 1943. Virgo is associated with work, service, health and nutrition, ordinary life and the 'common man'. Whenever Neptune passes through this sign, the public becomes sensitized to these things and they take on special significance.

Neptune's most recent trip through Virgo coincided with the Great Depression in the United States, a period of economic instability and disintegration unparalleled in this country. 25% of the population was unemployed, and finding work became the most important thing in life for the average person. In the American prairie states, the Dust Bowl reached peak proportions, wiping out crops and bankrupting farmers. To provide some sort of relief for the millions affected by loss of income, the government instituted the Social Security Act of 1935, Unemployment Insurance and the Works Projects Administration. Europe's economy, too, was undermined at this time; and in Germany inflation was devastating. Those of you who were born during this period of economic disaster idealize work; and job security is extremely important to you.

An earlier Neptune transit of Virgo between approximately 1764 and 1779 corresponded with the American Revolution, a revolt of the common people against the British Crown, which was based in part on the colonists' dissatisfaction with the economic situation. This same period saw France's economy decaying due to a large public debt and government inefficiency; and the underprivileged were growing increasingly unhappy with the extravagances of the royalty. In both countries, food played a role: France's bread famine, America's boycott of British goods, and particularly the Boston Tea Party.

For people born with Neptune in Virgo in their birth charts, nutrition and health can be areas of much concern. Perhaps you dream of a time when all people have enough to eat. Your generation was in the forefront of health consciousness in the late sixties and early seventies. Or, you might hold misconceptions and illusions about diet and health, of worry incessantly about germs and disease. Perhaps poor eating habits have caused your health to deteriorate.

Neptune also rules chemicals; and while it was in Virgo chemical fertilizers and food additives were introduced into the food chain. Although the manufacturers of these products intended to improve food quality and quantity, in typical Neptunian fashion their good intentions were misguided and led to environmental pollution and illnesses in people and animals. Neptune's most recent trip through Virgo also brought new discoveries in the area of medicine, most notable the introduction of penicillin in 1939. However, some of the drugs developed during this period were found to cause bigger problems than they relieved. Those of you who have this planetary placement in your birth charts could have a fascination with the medical field, and the use of drug therapy in particular. Your idealization of the medical profession and your desire for quick cures might cause you to avoid responsibility for your own health and to rely too heavily on doctors and drugs to remedy your ills.

Finally, Virgo's relationship with everyday life was highlighted when Neptune passed through this sign; and suddenly ordinary household objects were idealized. The Art Deco movement of this period glorified common items; and artists and manufacturers paid special attention to the design of such things as toasters, vacuum cleaners, dishes and cigarette trays. For those of you who have Neptune in Virgo in your birth charts, function is probably more important than form. You idealize efficiency and practicality, and see beauty in usefulness. For example, nylon, one of the first synthetic textile introduced to make clothing care easier, was developed in 1938; and as your Neptune-group reached adulthood the use of synthetic fabrics proliferated.

Neptune in Virgo: Those born in the generation of Neptune in Virgo have the potential for realizing the higher aspects of health and service on a planetary level. They are infused with the vision of plans to make perfect health available to everyone. Growing world concern over the effects of pollution, environmental hazards, and devitalized foods has increased through the efforts of this generation. On a personal level, it indicates the dilemma of dealing with idealistic expectations of automatic emotional fulfillment coming from one's job in life. It offers the choice of accepting or denying the responsibility of serving one's fellow man in whatever capacity one may find oneself. A sense of true inner joy is possible through the conscious dedication of manifesting one's ideals of service in one's line of work.

Neptune in Virgo: Neptune in Virgo is in its detriment, indicating a generation whose creative, imaginative faculties are thwarted by adverse material circumstances. Neptune in Virgo encompasses much of the generation that grew up during the Great Depression of the 1930s. This was a time of chaos throughout the economic system resulting in scarcity of employment, which is ruled by Virgo.

The negative side of Neptune in Virgo can manifest itself as a tendency to psychosomatic illness and excessive emotional preoccupation with inconsequential detail. Also there is likely to be doubt or negativity toward intuitive impulses, which is manifested in materialism. Unwise dietary habits are typical of Neptune in Virgo if it is afflicted. Much of the chemical adulteration of our food began during this period.

Neptune in Virgo: This position of Neptune brought the depression and the beginnings of a new age. Those born under it will have come to maturity with a new slant on social and political matters, a new assurance of the dignity of work, a new consecration to humanity and to service. Your deepest wells of consciousness understand these things; and throughout your life unselfishness will be the keynote of your best expression. to learn early that the ego is of only secondary importance is to give yourself your surest foundation for happiness and success. You work best, you play best, you love best when your mind isn't on yourself. Learn the value of work for its own sake, and you give yourself the best key to contentment. If your Uranus is in Aries, make your individual genius work to promote some ideal of service. If your Uranus is in Taurus, individual and collective security can be made mutually to serve each other. In any case, awareness of big social, collective, political, economic forces, and identification of yourself with them, enables you to get the detached view of the world and yourself which will encourage you to draw on the deep and abiding strength within yourself and use it to gain the peace of mind and happiness you need.

Neptune in Virgo: Here is the first modern generation seriously to criticize accepted religious beliefs. Neptune, ruler of Pisces - a sign closely linked with Christianity - was at this time travelling through Virgo, which is Pisces's polar sign. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is analytical and critical. In addition, one of the most interesting generation influences of this planet is that at precisely the time Neptune first entered Virgo the cinema, which had until then been silent, discovered sound. (Remember that Mercury is the planet that rules communications.) In general, people enjoyed greater and easier communication, and the medium of radio also increased this.

If Neptune is personalized or Virgo is a prominent sign in the birth chart, the imagination is stimulated and can be expressed well (perhaps through literary work). Since Virgo is an Earth sign, the subject may also have a flair for horticulture.

At worst, Neptune in Virgo tends to lower the self-confidence, since the subject's critical faculty can undermine his or her belief in what is achieved, and this can result in a lack of inner fulfillment. Discontent and restlessness may also be present, especially if these tendencies are indicated in other areas of the chart.

Neptune in Virgo: People in your age group are quite particular about what they demand of partners and relationships. They tend to search endlessly for the 'perfect match' instead of growing and changing within a relationship.

This has resulted in a rather high divorce rate because couples find that they can't fit the mold of a perfect match without significant personal change. Thus, you might do well to avoid this generational attitude, although it is necessarily an ingrained part of your upbringing.

Thus, you may feel impatient if a relationship does not seem to be working out, or if it seems that you will have to reshapes your own personality to make it viable. Few marriages are made in heaven, however, and mutual change and growth are necessary in almost every relationship. Expecting your partner to fit you exactly, or vice-versa, is a folly that is encouraged by movies and romantic novels. Often it is hard to completely get away from that attitude. You tend to feel that somehow it's just not right if the relationship doesn't go smoothly all the time. 'Perhaps we really weren't meant for each other' is the feeling that surfaces, even though that may not be the case at all.

However, understanding this prejudice that is part of your upbringing is half the battle in overcoming it.

Neptune in Virgo: This was the silent generation of the 1950s, whose ideal was to settle down, get good jobs with security and become responsible members of society. They idealized work and duty somewhat, which weakened their desire to protest even when things went wrong in the world around them. The influence of Virgo made them feel that they were too insignificant to protest. Even so, some of them were in the vanguard of the protest movement of the 1960s. However, their approach to large-scale social organization was a great deal more disciplined and in some ways conventional than that of the generation immediately following.

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Neptune in Virgo: Muhammad Ali, Woody Allen, Ursula Andress, Alan Arkin, Warren Beatty, Warren Buffett, George Carlin, Johnny Cash, Wilt Chamberlain, Dick Cheney, Sean Connery, Milton William Cooper, James Dean, Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Jane Fonda, Art Garfunkel, Tenzin Gyatso, Dustin Hoffman, Mick Jagger, Ken Kesey, Martin Luther King, Jr,.Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Charles Manson, Mickey Mantle, Paul McCartney, Shirley McLaine, Willie Nelson, Jack Nicholson, Jack Nicklaus, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Osho, Al Pacino, Arnold Palmer, Elvis Presley, Robert Redford, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Paul Simon, Gloria Steinem, Elizabeth Taylor, Ted Turner, Ludwig van Beethoven, Jon Voight, Brian Wilson, Robert Anton Wilson, Joanne Woodward, AbbieJ, Al, Alford, CharlesS, Clark, Dheeraj, Flickinger, Flossie, Jack, JerryH, JRosh, Judi, Leen, LouG, LucSr, Mick, Ray, RoyO, Seligma, Supr, Sugeet, Suzie, Tom

Neptune in Libra

Neptune was last in Libra from roughly 1942-1956. The Neptune in Libra generation started having the dream (Neptune) for balance, peace and relationships (Libra). This is the first time we started new ideas of fairness sometimes by going to the extremes of unfairness. These natives love the concept of harmony though being forced at times to create chaos to get there. Libra, being an Air Sign brought many events of flight. World War II was the "Air War" as Japan launched the largest aerial campaign against the U.S. at Pearl Harbor. Winston Churchill proclaims an "iron curtain" has come down across Europe ringing the Libran bell of harmony. American troops returned home and started making babies resulting in the baby boom. McCarthyism is born with a campaign to root out communism in America (a twisted form of Libra pushing to keep everything pretty) and McCarthy hearings are on TV for five weeks. By the end, Senator McCarthy is publicly disgraced (the scales return to balance). The First successful kidney transplant was performed (Libra rules the Kidneys). Divorce rate soars as relationship values are reexamined. Television turns to intellectual (Air) entertainment as "The $64,000 Question is introduced and Hats seem to be the fashion hit (Libra is Air ruling the Head). NATO is formed (uniting Military Powers in Libran Peace). Women began wearing pants and men began wearing pink (a traditional feminine color).

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Neptune in Libra: Ammachi, Kim Basinger, G.W. Bush, Prince Charles, Cher, Deepak Chopra, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Robert De Niro, Sally Field, Bobby Fischer, Bill Gates, Uri Geller, Robert Hand, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Jobs, Elton John, Donovan Leitch, John Malkovich, Bob Marley, Terence McKenna, Joni Mitchell, Benjamin Netanyahu, Cathy O’Brien, Dolly Parton, Robert Plant, Karl Renz, Mitt Romney, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Arnold Schwarzenegger, O.J. Simpson, Patti Smith, Suzanne Somers, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Meryl Streep, James Taylor, Donald Trump, Jesse Ventura, Robin Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Stevie Wonder, AlexP, Alicia, AndySc, Arine, Arrow, Ashira, BarryKl, BenSt, Bernie, Bobbie, BPoe, Bram, Carolyn, Cate, ChrisC, Collon, Cynthia, David, Donny, DonW, Doug, Duane, Dunja ,Ellen, GaryCl, Ivy, J, Jamie, Jane, JBLight, Jean, JerryGr, JJ, JonathanG, Joy, Ju, Jude, JudyPl, Jyothi, Kay, Keith, Komala, LaurieSw, LucJr, Maitreyi, Marcy, Marybeth, Medwick, MFor, Miriam, Nancee, Nirvesh, Olof, PapayaJ, Paulo, PaulS, Pete, Phylissa, Prabhuta, Ralph, Ricardo, River, Roberto, Samp, SFor, Shakura, Silas, Suji, TonyC, TonyO, VinCal, VinCar, VinG, Virginia, Zeno

Neptune in Scorpio

Neptune was in Scorpio last century from December 1955 to March 1956, between October 1956 and December 1969, and from May until November 1970. Scorpio is associated with power, control, anything secret or hidden, the occult, the unconscious, transformation, death and rebirth, destruction, obsession and sex. Whenever Neptune passes through this sign, the public is sensitized to these areas and they become emphasized.

Neptune's most recent trip through this sign during the tumultuous 1960s brought about transformations on many Scorpionic fronts. This was a time when the balance of power was being questioned throughout the world. Many African nations gained their independence from foreign domination during this period. In Cuba, Fidel Castro overthrew Batista and established the first Communist state in Latin America. In the United States, desegregation of the public schools was ordered and Civil Rights was an important issue. The struggle between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. escalated, and both world powers built up awesome arsenals of nuclear weapons.

Those of you who were born while Neptune was in Scorpio have lived your entire lives in the shadow of the bomb, and fully expect the Earth to be destroyed by nuclear war. Your generation feels powerless in the face of such a devastating possibility and is, perhaps, the most pessimistic of all Neptune-groups. To you, the future looks dismal, and you believe that almost everything is beyond your control. This is the bleak message conveyed by some punk songs, a musical style that reached popularity with your generation.

Nuclear power plants designed to produce electrical energy proliferated during this period too. Though at first the new technology promised to provide unlimited cheap power, this idealized picture turned out to be an illusion (as is typical whenever Neptune is involved); hidden dangers included environmental pollution from nuclear wastes and the chance of nuclear contamination and massive destruction from a meltdown.

Whenever Neptune is in Scorpio, public awareness is focused on the subject of death. When this combination occurred from approximately 1792 to 1806, France was embroiled in the Reign of Terror and several thousand people were guillotined. Neptune's most recent transit of Scorpio coincided with the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. And, of course, this was the era of the Viet Nam War, when death was in the forefront of many Americans' minds.

This planetary placement also brought about a change in attitude toward death and dying. The hospice movement, a humanitarian program that helps the terminally ill and their families deal with death, was established in the U.S. while Neptune was in Scorpio. During this time, the concept of reincarnation also became popular in the West. Those of you who have Neptune in Scorpio in your birth charts probably believe in life after death; at least, you don't discount the possibility, and may be fascinated with such things as past-life regression, life in other worlds, ghosts, channeling, etc..

You also may be intrigued with the occult and with discovering the ancient mysteries. Salem, Massachusetts, a city connected with witchcraft, was founded in 1629, while Neptune was in Scorpio. As your generation becomes an influential part of society, the occult is growing fashionable. (This also was true toward the end of Neptune's last trip through Scorpio.) Perhaps you want to master the hidden forces of the Universe in order to gain power. Or, you may simply want to understand core truths and learn the secrets of the unconscious mind.

During Neptune's most recent passage through Scorpio, the use of mind-altering drugs became popular as a way of probing the depths of the unconscious. Those of you with this planetary placement in your birth charts may have a particular fascination with drugs of all kinds, for a variety of reasons. Your desire to reach the deepest recesses of your mind could make psychedelics attractive to you, and your deep-seated feelings of powerlessness might incline you toward cocaine. Neptune is associated with drugs and alcohol, Scorpio with obsession and extremes; therefore, your generation is more susceptible to drug excesses and addiction than other Neptune-groups.

Scorpio is the sign of subterfuge, secret knowledge and undercover intelligence organizations. While Neptune was in Scorpio, espionage became fashionable; and books, television programs and movies on the subject proliferated, with the adventures of James Bond leading the pack. People who have this Neptune placement in their birth charts see spying and detective work as glamorous and exciting. You idealize the person who knows what goes on behind the scenes, whether he / she is a government agent, a corporate spy or an independent investigator. A bit of a snoop yourself, you want to know everything about everyone else, but may not be willing to reveal yourself. Your generation might be responsible for the expansion of computer data banks that allow access to personal information about many thousands of people to anyone who knows the code.

Scorpio also is connected with sex, and while Neptune was in this sign sex became more relaxed and fashionable. The 1960s were a time of 'sexual revolution' when birth control became more accessible; abortion was legalized in many European countries, the U.S.S.R. and Japan; and many of the taboos about sex were destroyed.

Those of you whose birth charts contain Neptune in Scorpio probably entertain many fantasies and illusions about sex. Perhaps you see it as glamorous and fashionable, and you might even enjoy wearing overtly sexy clothing. You have a tendency to idealize sex, and believe that sexual compatibility is all that's needed in a relationship. Your unrealistically high expectations of sex are likely to result in disappointments, however. The Neptune-in-Libra generation is searching for perfect love; your generation, in contrast, wants perfect sex.

Neptune in Scorpio: Those born in the generation of Neptune in Scorpio have the potential for realizing the higher levels of shared material ownership on a planetary level. They are infused with the vision of the spiritual responsibility for the Earth's resources as a whole. They are aware of the current human material values and the potential for transformation of those values that will lead humanity to a higher level of relating to the physical world. On a personal level, it indicates the dilemma of dealing with establishing one's value with other people. It is the choice between idealistically expecting the automatic support of other people's resources or responsibly defining material values with them. It also deals with the choice between expecting automatic emotional fulfillment through sex or committing oneself to the self-purification that will actually bring about the realization of those ideals.

Neptune in Scorpio: Neptune in the sign Scorpio indicates a period of exploitation of man's natural desires. A few people have experienced spiritual regeneration and initiated a search into life's inner mysteries, but many are marked by the exploitation of sex for commercial purposes. Scorpio is the sex sign, and Neptune rules drugs. Loose sexual morality at this time has led to widespread venereal disease, and the use of drugs as a psychological escape has spread. There is much emotional intensity and confusion, causing the turmoil in the unconscious to break out in such chaotic artistic phenomena as rock music.

Many of the children born with Neptune in this sign will have clairvoyant abilities and will have been forced to acknowledge the need for spiritual regeneration when Uranus and Pluto came conjunct their natal Neptune position.

Neptune in Scorpio: The people and nations of the world are aware of the awesome, death-dealing possibilities of nuclear war. Atomic-powered submarines in the depths of the seas play their role in the struggle for power. Those born under this influence want to plumb the secrets of the Universe. The mystery of life and death is theirs to fathom. They are enthralled by occult studies, chemistry and invention. Neptune in this position intensifies the emotional nature. There is a tendency to be secretive and mystical. Gain is possible through inheritance, financial ties with others, partnership and marriage. There is a great possibility of possessing marked extra-sensory perception. Caution must be exercised regarding drugs and strong beverages, and dabbling in spiritualism. The sex instincts must be channeled in the right direction since the craving for sensation is very strong. Recuperative power is present, as is a desire for reforms.

Neptune in Scorpio: Think how different the people with Neptune in Scorpio are from those with Neptune in Libra! Here are the hard-rock types who are much tougher - or so they would have you think. They often have a very aggressive and formidable image, but have had to fight much harder for what they want out of life.

It is not surprising that in coping with unemployment many succumbed to the negative, escapist, drug-addictive tendencies of Neptune. This drug scene is not the peaceful, loving, easy one often associated with the flower power people; here it is much more intensive, even more poisonous, weird and spooky (adjectives which are very Scorpionic in essence).

On the other hand, there are many of this generation who live to make money and enjoy a glamorous life in the fast lane - the Yuppie generation, who are another manifestation of Neptune in Scorpio. Remember that Scorpio is also the sign of big business.

There is increased emotional intensity when Neptune is personalized. If the planet is well-aspected, the emotions will be positively expressed by inspiring the individual's talents and ambitions. Do not single out these trends in interpretation, however, unless similar complementary ones are also present or Scorpio is personalized in the chart.

Neptune in Scorpio: Your age group puts a premium on sexuality in love relationships, and that attitude is bound to affect you, whatever your personal feelings may be. The previous generation had a more easygoing and freewheeling attitude toward sex, but your generation's do-or-die attitude toward sex does not lend itself to relaxed relationships.

If total intensity in love is your style, you may feel quite at home with this trend. However, if it is not, you will encounter much peer pressure, often unspoken, to throw yourself head-over-heels into stormy and tumultuous affairs just to make love seem real and significant.

Indeed, if your relationships seem quietly amicable and not stressful, you may subconsciously feel that something is missing. This is not necessarily the case, depending upon your personal style; and too much intensity may actually wreck a relationship for you. You should follow your own inner guidelines, separating them carefully from the attitudes toward love and sex that surround you. In the end, it is you and you alone who can make love work.

Neptune in Scorpio: This generation is characterized by a love of the mysterious and strange. As these people grow older, the current increase in the occult and related subjects will probably continued, but they may use these energies to gain power over others, which could create very dangerous psychological forces. On the other hand, they will be more concerned with individual regeneration and techniques of healing, both psychological and physical. They will have extreme ideas, either very lax or very strict, about personal morality.

See also: Neptune in Scorpio;

Neptune in Scorpio: Jim Carrey, Madonna Ciccone, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Princess Diana, Robert Downey, Jr., Melanie Griffith, Bill Hicks, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Nicole Kidman, Carl Lewis, Maharaj Ji, Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, Edouard de Rothschild, Susanna Arundhati Roy, AndyF, Antonio, Beth, BobG, Cheri, ChrisTr, DavMcC, Dewitt, Dipesh, DJenkins, Erika, Erin, Fergus, George, Jason, Jeff, JerGar, JerryP, Johanna, JT, Judin, JulieD, Lance, Leif, Leigh, Lina, Lori, Marie, Mark, Maureen, Merrill, Molly, Pankaj, Patrice, Prabhukar, Q, Robert, ScottS, Sky, Steve, Tammy, Tara, TomW

Neptune in Sagittarius

During the last century, Neptune was in Sagittarius between January and April 1970, from November 1970 to January 1984, and from June until November 1984. Sagittarius is associated with expansion of all kinds, and with things that broaden your knowledge and experience: long-distance travel, foreign countries and people, higher education, publishing and journalism, religion and philosophy. Recreation, entertainment and freedom of movement also are related to this sign, so the great outdoors and sports - particularly those involving the legs, horses and / or gambling - are Sagittarian in nature.

Neptune's most recent trip through this sign attuned the collective unconscious to things related to Sagittarius, and expanded many Neptunian areas. In the United States, for example, enrolment in colleges expanded as 'baby boom' students sought higher education. Interest in Eastern religions and spiritual self-awareness increased. So did the passion for gambling; legal, state-run lotteries proliferated, and Atlantic City was revived as a gambling centre. The price of oil (a Neptune-ruled commodity, needed for Sagittarian travel) skyrocketed, and the use of credit cards expanded dramatically.

Physical fitness became fashionable (as did athletic clothing); and sports that involved the legs - running, bicycling, roller skating - were the most popular of all. The public discovered the great outdoors, and camping suddenly became chic (though with flashy, trendy 'recreational vehicles' camping no longer meant 'roughing it'). Texas, with its Neptunian oil and Sagittarian horseback-riding image, saw its economy and population expand at an unprecedented rate. Foreign-made products - Japanese cars, French jeans, Danish ice cream - were prestigious and fashionable. Long-distance travel took on a new meaning as astronauts visited the Moon; and Voyager and Pioneer space probes explored the Universe beyond our solar system. Books, movies and television shows about outer space journeys became international hits.

During Neptune's previous trip through Sagittarius, between approximately 1806 and 1820, similar trends occurred. Long-distance travel, particularly the expedition of Lewis and Clark, played a significant role in the expansion of America's horizons and its knowledge of the territory beyond the eastern seaboard. The first federal highway, built in 1806, and the first successful steamboat in 1807, helped facilitate travel. Poker was introduced to the United States from France.

As is always true with Neptune, however, insidious problems, losses, depection and confusion surrounded areas related to Sagittarius. Most obvious were the debilitating effect high oil prices had on the world's economy, and the financial instability created by inflation, by overextended credit and by excessive debt.

Those of you who have Neptune in Sagittarius in your birth charts idealize travel, freedom of movement and the world beyond your doorstep. You want to see and do everything, and one of your favorite fantasies might be to explore unknown lands or take a trip around the globe. You also want to share your knowledge and experience with others, and could utilize your imagination to write colorful, mythological or philosophical tales about your adventures that satisfy others' desire to learn about foreign places and people.

Knowledge and education are also important to you. However, Neptune always requires sacrifice of some kind, and your generation might find your dream of being learned denied you. As the oldest members of this Neptune-group reached college age, many were discovering that higher education was beyond their financial grasp. Perhaps your generation will have to give up on the traditional channels and acquire your knowledge through other means.

Your Neptune-group is especially fond of all forms of recreation and entertainment, including sports, music, movies and television, social interaction, gambling and/ or drugs. As a group, you idealize 'good times' and can be rather lazy and indulgent. Though you desire wealth, you don't want to work very hard for it; and this inclination causes you to be attracted to - and deceived through - get-rich schemes, illegal activities, gambling, etc.

Spiritual development and moral and ethical principles are of great concern to many in this Neptune-in-Sagittarius generation. You are seeking higher knowledge and ultimate truths. Your generation could be instrumental in raising the world's consciousness and bringing enlightenment to the masses. However, it is also possible that the deception and confusion inherent in Neptune might cause you to misinterpret religious teachings, follow false gods, persecute others for their religious beliefs or be deluded in some way about spiritual issues.

Neptune in Sagittarius: Those born in this generation have the potential for realizing the higher levels of communicating in the areas of intellect, philosophy and religion on a planetary basis. They are infused with the vision of the rise of enlightenment in the realms of religion and philosophy, and the struggled to fine worldwide media for positive communication. On a personal level, it indicates the dilemma of expecting automatic emotional fulfilment to come from following a philosophy. It offers the choice of accepting or denying the commitment to rise above blind philosophical belief and reliance on others. Their opportunity for fulfilment lies in allowing personal experience in the real world to transform and expand their philosophical ideals.

Neptune in Sagittarius: Neptune in the sign Sagittarius brought us into a period when the need for higher religious and spiritual values found positive expression: there was a return to God and a desire to spiritualize the larger social order. Even music and art forms were spiritually oriented. There was much foreign travel and exchange of ideas and religion with foreign cultures.

Mystical and occult subjects may be gradually introduced into the university curriculum by natives with this placement. Religions will put more stress on man's personal contact with God through his inner being, which will result in the increased practice of meditation and the use of the intuitive faculties of the higher mind. The mystery and the power of the mind will be explored and developed as mystical experiences become more common.

The negative expressions of Neptune in Sagittarius are likely to be aimless wandering, as among the hippie generation, and fanatical adherence to misguided, impractical religious cults, false prophets, and gurus. However, Neptune in Sagittarius has brought to many the realization of the presence of One God in Everything.

Neptune in Sagittarius: Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur - a mythical half-horse/ half-man, and so we find Neptune in this sign characterized by conflict between the Higher and Lower Selves. There is much interest in religion and mythology. There is the desire to explore, travel, move about, try new ideas, and experiment with new ways of seeing and feeling things. But just as there is an emphasis on 'spiritual' things, so there is an emphasis on sensuality. There may be considerable prophetic ability, and there are many inspirations and vivid dreams. The intuition is highly developed and generally dependable in the professions of journalism and teaching. Neptune in Sagittarius is expansive and exuberant, even extravagant. The spirit of adventure is high, and there is deep interest in new areas - such as parapsychology, esoteric healing methods, mind-drugs etc.

Neptune in Sagittarius: Those with this placing who are known to us do seem to have some very pleasant qualities. Due to the powerful relationship between Jupiter and Neptune (through Neptune's rulership of Pisces, over which Jupiter traditionally ruled), and because this is heightened by Neptune's journey through the Jupiter sign of Sagittarius, we can expect much that is idealistic, hopeful and positive from this generation. Neptune works well here, and there is a natural ability to distinguish right from wrong.

While these children will have to be tough to cope with the demands of life in the early part of the 21st century, they have a kind, sympathetic, idealistic, hopeful side which is both optimistic and enthusiastic. In those known to us with this placement, there is also a fine Sagittarian sense of humore. See if these qualities are present in your subjects.

If Sagittarius is prominent, you will probably have a generation leader on your hands. One emerging indication which could relate to this placing is a growing inclination to vegetarianism. We equate this with a general love of animals (a common Sagittarian characteristic) and more particularly an awareness of the cruelty of battery farming, which may spriing from the gentler qualities of Neptune present in this sign.

Neptune in Sagittarius: You have grown up in an age group that has fairly uncomplicated, simplistic ideas about love and sexuality. But these ideas may not apply to your personally if you are involved in a very complex or subtle relationship. Love cannot always be approached directly and straightforwardly, but you may subconsciously feel that something is amiss in an affair that gets too tricky or involved. The problem is that it does not fulfil the relationship ideal that you have grown up with.

Thus, you should think quite carefully about your peers' idea of a good relationship and then decide whether that suits your personal style. If it does not suit you, reject it; otherwise you will be striving to achieve what is impossible for yourself. However, you may be very much in tune with the feeling of those around you in this respect. The straightforward notion of enthusiastic and exciting romantic love may be rewarding and uplifting to your relationships. In that case, you should find a partner of like views rather than someone who will slow you down with too many extraneous details or causes for self-doubt. Either way, you should carefully compare your own style and expectations in love with those of your peer group before judging your own relationships.

Neptune in Sagittarius: This placement should have produced a generation of the most extreme idealists in many years. Even with older people, this energy brought about a religious revival unparalleled in the past century. As is characteristic of both Neptune and Sagittarius, most of these religions are sects from other countries such as India, and their teachings are quite foreign to Western tradition. However, there was also a strong Christian revival, especially among the fundamentalist and pentecostal sects.

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Neptune in Sagittarius: Angelina Jolie, Alex Jones, Karl Marx, Swami Vivekananda, Tiger Woods, Abbe, Andrea, Andrew, Cesar, Farmer, Fisher, Gabriela, Geoff, Gina, Jen, Joze, Kyle, Michelle, Mikael, Raga, Sarik, Suzanne, Travis, Victoria, Yarrow

Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune entered Capricorn in January 1984 and remained there until November 1998 (except for brief periods between June and November 1984, and February to August 1998). Capricorn is connected with conservatism, traditions, the past, business, materialism, work and career success, banking, government, stability, realism and practicality. Therefore, these are the issues that become important and fashionable during Neptune's passage through this sign. They are also the areas, however, where illusions, confusion, disintegration, disillusionment and deception are likely to occur.

As Neptune moved into Capricorn, the collective unconscious became attuned to conservatism and materialism. This mass response resulted in a return to traditional values and attitudes, and a renewed emphasis on financial growth and material success. Conservative politicians gained control, liberal social programs and issues were pushed aside, and laws and policies that benefitted big businesses were implemented. International banks expanded their power. In the United States, making money was more desirable than ever; and how much you were paid for your wok became more important than what you did. Investment plans and tax shelters proliferated, 'networking' parties to make business contacts became chic, and finances, real estate profits, stocks, etc. were popular topics of conversation. Greed was fashionable, being poor became a disgrace, and the Reagan administration epitomized this attitude.

This trend toward traditionalism also brought about a resurgence of fundamental religions; and a renewed interest in the past was reflected in historical movies and books. Antique furniture and even traditional, classic clothery became fashionable again.

Neptune was last in Capricorn from about 1820 to 1834. This coincided with the Classic Revival period in architecture and furniture, when ancient Greek, Italian and Egyptian motifs were incorporated into current designs. Historical novels became popular, too; and in the United States there was increased interest in preserving and edifying the nation's historic buildings and sites. This also coincided with the founding of F.C. Lowell's textile mills in Massachusetts and the beginning of America's Industrial Revolution. Materialism was rampant and fashionable, leading Washington Irving to coin the phrase 'the Almighty Dollar'.

However, unseen and insidious ills were obscured by the rosy haze of Neptunian fantasies and flurry. Unchecked capitalism destroyed small businesses and undermined the free enterprise system itself. Relaxed regulations allowed corporations to damage the health of their employees and the environment. Tax breaks for businesses and the rich forced greater burdens on the poor and middle classes. Unsound economic policies created financial instability in many wealthy and developing countries, and produced a dangerously inflated national debt in America.

Those of you who have this planetary placement in your birth charts idealize all things associated with Capricorn. Your generation dreams of great wealth, success, social status and stability, but although you desire these things very much, they seem to elude you and are, perhaps, the most difficult things for you to achieve. Or, if you do achieve success you may find it's not all that you'd expected. When those of you who have Neptune in Capricorn reach adulthood, you may be confronted with financial burdens and a worldwide shortage of natural resources that are the legacy of earlier, wasteful generations. Because of declining birthrates in the developed countries, there will be fewer working people in the future to support a larger number of elderly, and maintaining social services might require individual monetary sacrifices. Economic stability - personal and / or national - could become an unattainable dream.

Neptune always involves some sort of sacrifice and signifies a conflict between ideals and reality. Those of you with Neptune in Capricorn might have to sacrifice your ideals and illusions of wealth and accept more conservative, practical ad realistic lifestyles in a time of material scarcity. Or, you may come to an understanding that the physical world is just an illusion, that money doesn't bring happiness, and find contentment through relinquishing your desire for material things.

Neptune in Capricorn: Neptune in Capricorn indicates a period in which world government was in chaos and economic and political structures were brought to their knees. Out of this chaos and suffering came true spiritual responsibility and discipline, which is expressed in practical dealings.

People no longer have the luxury of abstract Sagittarian spirituality. In order to survive, they are forced to incorporate spirituality into their practical lives. Through these experiences of the karmic summing-up of the Piscean age, many of those who survived reached new heights of spiritual attainment.

New forms of government and political concepts were brought into being out of necessity. The end of this period produced the beginning of world government.

Neptune in Capricorn: This combination resembles footprints in the sand: visible until the tide washes the beach clean. Strong intuition in business matters, even real genius, is qualified by possible miserliness and a penchant for fuzzy-headed schemes (the motives of which are always mixed). A barrage of LBOs sent the corporate world into a dither, and there was generally an attraction to conspiring against institution, fraudulently if necessary. There was heightened perception of opportunity, and the wherewithal to take advantage of it.

Neptune always has a strong Pisces side, regardless of what sign it is in, and connotes integration of the life function, a translation of consciousness from what is possible to what is real. Pisces is also the sign of boundaries. All too easily, with Neptune in Capricorn, you lose yourself in pursuit of opportunity. There is a nagging warning not to sell out or bargain with alien needs. You evince a subtle martyrdom to mass prerogatives. Too easily you may be tempted by peers to veer from your course. Neptune in Capricorn warns against a lack of self-determination which challenges all people embarked on the quest of self-knowledge. Be careful you don't end up with agendas and priorities you don't understand, much less can't execute. Regularly assess the nature of your needs. To what extent have you taken on dependencies or distasteful customs, having let your convictions be manipulated by the forces of 'a foolish consistency'? Do not confuse usefulness with bondage or enslavement.

Neptune in Capricorn is characteristically revealed in drugs, both trafficking and addition, small- and large-scale. Being out of touch with the Self fuels a need to anesthetize pain. You compare yourself to others: athletes who think they cannot compete without steroids, teachers who loath learning because they cannot admit any capacity for error. There is a battle of learning versus suppression. Consider the People's insurrections against repressive government throughout the world in 1989, most successfully in Europe, harrowingly in China and Tiananmen Square, dramatically in Romania with the execution of Nicolai Ceausescu. And consider the flip-side of Neptune in Capricorn relative to these events: entrepreneurs buying up the tumbled Berlin Wall and selling it as souvenirs at $10 / pound in retail stores (complete with certificate of departure). There were face-offs between the ruthless pragmatism and ambition of narrow-visioned political entities and every individual's genuine need for right and freedom. The Chinese students became Neptune in Capricorn martyrs by throwing themselves at a cause with such conviction and passion. Ask yourself if there are any people whom you permit rulership, anyone who justifies atrocities with a pretence of inalienability - for world events occur in microcosmic form within individuals. Neptune in Capricorn supports the survival of the clever and ambitious; and where it might seem that compassion would mitigate such Darwinian mechanics, beware how quickly kindness is diffused by the paralyzing loneliness which results from seeking salvation in others.

Neptune in Capricorn: Here Neptune is in an Earth sign, and so the vital issue of the Earth's resources, of the harm that has been done by their exploitation, is powerfully focused. We hope we can save the planet, but it will be up to the children of the 1970s and early 1980s to do so - to right the wrong of many earlier, less caring generations.

We can only assume what the personal implications will be, but it would seem that for someone with Capricorn prominent in his / her chart, the sign's rather strident, severe qualities will be softened, and its rather low emotional level will be heightened.

There may be flair for the creative use of natural materials. Here are people who will be determined but cautious, able to control the negative elements of Neptune so that they will be less vulnerable to escapism, self-deception and taking the easy way out of difficult situations.

Neptune in Capricorn: In general, your contemporaries have a rather negative view of love and personal involvement, a certain expectation that disappointment and loss are necessarily involved in any commitment.

Naturally, that does not have to be the case, but it is certainly more likely if you go into an affair with a defeatist attitude. Love can certainly restrict your personal freedom in certain respects, particularly a permanent relationship. However, that restriction should be taken on joyfully and willingly, not as a sacrifice that will be regretted later.

You may find that your attitude toward love is quite different from this negative approach. In that case, you should follow your own direction and take on love without hesitation or worry that it will somehow turn out badly. However the affair proceeds, it does not happen because of the nature of love itself but because of the problems and joys you and your lover develop on your own.

You should thoroughly investigate your peers' preconceptions about love and sex, for they will certainly color and perhaps distort your own attitude. If you understand this, you can be true to yourself and can develop relationships in your own way, unhindered by others' prejudices.

Neptune in Capricorn: This generation should represent quite a reaction against the previous one. These children will probably idealize work, thrift, practicality and duty rather than the abstract spiritual ideals of the preceding generation. However, they may not be very effective in dealing with practical principles, which may decline considerably, simply because this generation does not deal with them in its daily lives.

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Neptune in Capricorn: Helena Blavatsky, Lady Gaga, Mark Zuckerberg, BenT, Lorraine, Michael, Nicole, Tyler

Neptune in Aquarius

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Neptune in Aquarius: Thomas Edison, Friedrich Nietzche, Ramakrishna, John D. Rockefeller, Mark Twain, Elijah, Shiloh, Zoë

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces: John Dee, Sigmund Freud, Nikola Tesla, Vincent van Gogh