Neptune conjunct Pluto

Neptune conjunct Pluto: J.Paul Getty 1, Paramahansa Yogananda 1, Groucho Marx 2, Meher Baba 2, Charlie Chaplin 4, Adolf Hitler 4, Aldous Huxley 4, J. Krishnamurti 4, Vaslav Nijinsky 4, Babe Ruth  4, Nisargadatta 6, Elroy 6, Wilhelm Reich 7, Ty Cobb 8, Georges Gurdjieff 8, Ezra Pound 8, George Patton 9

Neptune sextile Pluto

This is the only aspect between Neptune and Pluto affecting any of our time; it came into being, within a five-degree orb of accuracy, in January 1942, and will fall outside a five degree orb for the last time in March 2039.

During the past century, there has been only one aspect made between Neptune and Pluto, and it is interesting to note that the sextile commenced in the midst of World War II during 1942. The influence of this relationship would be expected to have global and generational effects; and, like all of the transpersonal planetary energies, would be a directive force stimulating the development of the evolutionary process within time and space.

Neptune will attract an almost mystical exploratory search from those responsive to it; and since the sextile commenced science has reacted in two distinct and complementary directions: effort has been poured into developing space travel and satellite technology, exploring the vast outer universe through radio-telescopes, for example; while the complementary exploration of inner space - investigating and probing the building blocks of matter - and quantum physics has emerged at the forefront of scientific enquiry.

The attempts to understand the nature of the universe, its composition and size, the possible creation of the universe and the 'big bang theory' reflect the traditional Western way of looking externally. What has paralleled this tendency has been the birth of an opposite movement amongst people, that of self-exploration, the inner mystical way. This has been through the New Age movement, humanistic / Jungian psychology, occult techniques, and the rebirth of magical attitudes towards life. It has also involved the grafting onto the Western tree of many of the attitudes and much of the knowledge of Eastern philosophies and religions; a merging of the two hemispheres; a potential unification of belief structures reflecting the scientific movement towards a more mystically orientated quantum physics.

As the outer universe becomes vaster, and the inner universe becomes a mysterious vastness of space, the only point in which the outer and the inner become reconciled is in the human being. At a time when the immense destructive power of splitting the atom can be used to commit racial suicide or genocide, the old Mystery School injunction of the ancients is the key to the future: 'Man, know thyself'.

The generations born after this aspect commenced, or those especially receptive to its influence, are aware of the basic tendencies emanating from it. They are life-enhancing: the need to protect the world's environment from senseless devastation; the need to extend individual rights and freedoms, to unfold international co¬operation and to move beyond an embracing consumer materialist dominance in the West. The recognition that potentially a higher quality of life can be had in the world for the majority of people through a redirection of resources (if the will is there) can lead to radical change.

The energies of transformation are present, and much depends upon our use of them, individually and collectively, for negative or positive results. The challenge of 'free will' is to make choices and decisions which determine, in the present, the nature of the future.

Neptune sextile Pluto: Neptune, as the planet that refines and disassociates, that liquidates what is personal and leads us to an experience of oneness, is intensified by its contact with Pluto. Therefore, in the period covered by the sextile of these two heavenly bodies, we are likely to see a collective need for unification and for a development of spiritual values. This very thing has manifested itself in the revival of mysticism and esoteric study, in which Eastern religions advocating detachment (not to mention watered down versions of these religions) have been popularized in the West. On the other hand, Neptune dissoluteness has also become widespread under this reputedly benign aspect, and a baffling drug problem bedevils a large part of the globe. Pluto has to do with power, and there are close links between drug distributors and powerful forces in lands where the raw materials are grown.

Conversely, Neptune's effect on Pluto is to make power structures and power blocs more sophisticated and harder to define. Rival groups of countries now co-operate quietly on a host of important issues; so that, although some of the old power blocs survive, it is hard to say where their ramifications begin and end. What is more, Neptune tends to undermine and erode established power structures. Subversive elements are burrowing away all over the world, and seem to survive the measures taken to eradicate them.

Pluto also signifies the masses and large-scale events. When it is joined by Neptune, irrational ideas. religious quirks, strange delusions and other follies sweep common sense out of the collective mind. And, since Pluto intensifies, the things mentioned build up into mass hysteria, holy wars and other crowd madness.

Neptune and Pluto both symbolize unconscious factors in the human being. Their combination gives the impetus to fruitful research into the hidden side of things, into the repressed contents of the psyche and into the secret properties of matter. Nuclear physics, depth psychology, parapsychology, the meaning of life and death, anxiety neurosis, and causes of freedom and inhibition in the unconscious, are all openly investigated; with the result that people are brought closer as a whole. With this combination, collectivization and harmful social pressures are strangely juxtaposed, giving an increased insight into human functioning that eventually helps people become more balanced and integrated.

This combination is probably often at work (regardless of aspect), guiding the unconscious flow of events whenever far-reaching cultural and social changes are taking place. But because Neptune and Pluto are so elusive, it is not easy to recognize the direction or destination of this flow in our own day and age. Only when future historians come to write of our times with cool detachment will it be possible to assess how, during periods when these two planets are in contact, great forces prepare a new era.

Neptune sextile Pluto: The influence began in 1942, when Neptune was in Libra and Pluto was in Leo. The signs they occupy have changed, causing some differences in their effects.

The influences of these planets are global in effect and represent the evolutionary process by which man continually strives to achieve ultimate perfection. They indicate man's reaching out toward other dimensions of experience while trying to maintain order in the real world to which he is materially bound. People are becoming more aware of the probability that other worlds exist, and all our scientific skills will be used in attempts to reach them. A similar assault is being made in the quest to explore the vast inner world of man. Neptune represents that world, while Pluto refers to the outer reaches of infinite space.

Both worlds are truly infinite, and although man is pursuing similar goals in each direction, this author believes that neither quest excludes the other. It is suggested that the same goals will ultimately be reached regardless of which direction is taken. One either reaches out in the natural world in search of answers or seeks those answers in the inner depths of his own spiritual being. Man's familiarity with the physical world makes it the most plausible and safe area in which to seek tangible answers to the question of why he exists at all. While he struggles in this search, there is an equally courageous struggle to find answers through the occult. The increased investigation of extrasensory perception, alpha states of consciousness, psychokinesis, telepathy, and other such phenomena indicate that man senses that the answers may not lie outside him, but within him. There is no conflict between the two searches; in fact, they may well sustain and help to control each other.

Although enormous benefits will be realized, there will still be many problems and difficulties for the world and its inhabitants before those benefits come about.

1942 to 1956, Neptune in Libra sextile Pluto in Leo: Those born during this time eventually recognize that understanding and compromise are not enough, and that scientific progress must be depended upon to maintain peace. Even as hostilities ended, new leaders emerged who would continue to threaten the peace.

You will always be suspicious of your leaders. You want them to establish the kind of government that will truly serve the public and in which you can have complete confidence. Your continuing suspicions will serve to produce greater honesty in government, but with Neptune in Libra it will be difficult to really know if honesty has been achieved.

1957-1970: Neptune in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Virgo: You have learned to resent the fact that organized religions could dictate people's beliefs or that marriage was ever necessary if two people loved each other. In maturity, you resented the power accumulated by the industrial giants and took issue with how the universities and colleges were being run. You are among those who feel that the world is becoming too materialistic, that society lacks any feeling for the individual and his or her personal dreams.

You feel the need to serve society. You deplore the quality of life that is available, for you consider life very precious. Horrified by what industry is doing to nature, you support legislation that will conserve the natural resources that remain so that your children can inherit it. You will also support funding for continued medical research to find cures for killer diseases such as cancer, heart disease, etc.. You will advocate continuing research to develop safe and effective methods of birth control.

1971-1983: Neptune in Sagittarius sextile Pluto in Libra: These people will have completely revised attitudes about religion, philosophy, education, and human relationships. Religion will be restored to a place of usefulness in your daily lives. It will hardly resemble the religion of your elders, but it will be a far more vital element in your life. You have faith not just because your forebears accepted it, but because it adds meaning to your life and makes you responsible to others for your actions. Your faith adds to your search for perfection while you make any contribution to society that will help to bring about that state. You are deeply concerned for your fellow man, and are willing to make compromises in your desires if it will prove beneficial to others in the long run.

You will insist on the integrity of those you select for your leaders, and will demand that they truly represent the electorate. You will want schools to re-emphasize the humanities in education, and give students the opportunity to choose professions that serve man rather than the tight, confining specialization of industry.

You will also show increased interest in the occult, and be responsible for major developments in the fields of extrasensory perception and alpha states of consciousness. You will open new dimensions of the mind, and explore them for unlimited resources, which are denied to the more materialistic investigator.

Neptune sextile Pluto: Kim Basinger 0, Bill Gates 0, Melanie Griffith 0, Michael Jackson 0, John Malkovich 0, Karl Renz 0, Lynn Forester de Rothschild 0, Andrew 0, Bobbie 0, Cesar 0, Doug 0, Ellen 0, Fisher 0, GaryCl 0, J 0, Jen 0, JonathanG 0, Joy 0, Ju 0, Keith 0, Kyle 0, Marybeth 0, Roberto 0, Samp 0, Suji 0, TonyO 0, VinG 0, Madonna Ciccone 1, Lady Gaga 1, James Taylor 1, Stevie Wonder 1, Tiger Woods 1, Mark Zuckerberg 1, AndySc 1, Bernie 1, Cate 1, ChrisC 1, ChrisTr 1, DonW 1, Fergus 1, JerGar 1, Jyothi 1, Leif 1, Nancee 1, Nicole 1, Prabhukar 1, Sarik 1, Silas 1, Sky 1, Travis 1, Yarrow 1, Ammachi 2, Steve Jobs 2, Elton John 2, Maharaj Ji 2, Friedrich Nietzche 2, Barack Obama 2, Cathy O’Brien 2, Mitt Romney 2, Susanna Arundhati Roy 2, Jesse Ventura 2, Oprah Winfrey 2, Robin Williams 2, Andrea 2, Beth 2, BPoe 2, Cheri 2, Cynthia 2, DavMcC 2, Dipesh 2, Duane 2, Dunja 2, Gabriela 2, Jane 2, JBLight 2, JerryGr 2, Johanna 2, Joze 2, JT 2, Komala 2, Lance 2, Lorraine 2, Maitreyi 2, Maureen 2, Medwick 2, MFor 2, Michelle 2, Mikael 2, Miriam 2, Paulo 2, Pete 2, Phylissa 2, Ralph 2, Steve 2, Tara 2, Victoria 2, Zeno 2, Prince Charles 3, Tom Cruise 3, Princess Diana 3, Uri Geller 3, Bill Hicks 3, Alex Jones 3, Carl Lewis 3, Bob Marley 3, Benjamin Netanyahu 3, Dolly Parton 3, Brad Pitt 3, Edouard de Rothschild 3, Patti Smith 3, Sting 3, Meryl Streep 3, AlexP 3, Alicia 3, AndyF 3, Antonio 3, Arrow 3, BenSt 3, BobG 3, Donny 3, Erika 3, Gina 3, Ivy 3, Jamie 3, Jean 3, Jude 3, LaurieSw 3, Leigh 3, Lina 3, Lori 3, LucJr 3, Marcy 3, Marie 3, Michael 3, Nirvesh 3, Olof 3, PapayaJ 3, Raga 3, River 3, SFor 3, Suzanne 3, Jim Carrey 4, Cher 4, Hillary Rodham Clinton 4, Johnny Depp 4, Thomas Edison 4, Sally Field 4, Angelina Jolie 4, Nicole Kidman 4, Donovan Leitch 4, Terence McKenna 4, Robert Plant 4, Bruce Springsteen 4, Abbe 4, Ashira 4, BenT 4, Dewitt 4, DJenkins 4, Erin 4, George 4, JerryP 4, JJ 4, Judin 4, JudyPl 4, JulieD 4, Kay 4, Pankaj 4, Prabhuta 4, Q 4, Robert 4, TomW 4, Tyler 4, VinCar 4, Virginia 4

Neptune square Pluto

Neptune square Pluto: Karl Marx 0

Neptune trine Pluto

Neptune trine Pluto: Ludwig van Beethoven 3, William Blake 5

Neptune quincunx Pluto

Neptune quincunx Pluto:

Neptune opposite Pluto

Neptune opposite Pluto: