Moon in Taurus

In Taurus, the Moon indicates that the native has a good idea of what he thinks he desires: he tend to become over interested in material things and luxuries, and can become bogged down with possessions. At times he has an obsession with collecting things. He is not necessarily a self-starter - he requires stimulation. This comes in the form of an aggressive partner or friend; or it can take the form of actual stimulants, including alcohol. He is attracted to the physical, passionate - he wants to be admired, needs attention and feels there is not so great a need for action if it makes one uncomfortable. The native has the ability to bounce back, to ride with the blows of fate, and to shift and adjust until he is secure.

The Moon in Taurus paints the picture of one who can be determined to the point of obstinacy. Idealism in itself will not move him - but it will show him where he can gain, help himself or make his position more secure. He is reserved, but loves the 'good life', including parties, excellent food and drink. His intuitive intellect, finely honed, has great 'staying power'.

The Moon here takes what comes, analyzes it to suit his own needs, and then 'lives with it'. This includes relations with members of the opposite sex. Some key words are voluptuous, indolent, and self-indulgent.

On the positive side, this lunar position gives the ability to appeal to popular tastes, to adjust to changing social conditions and capture the imagination of the public. The native is romantic, appreciates what he possesses, and can make a little go a long way.

The astrologer would do well (all other factors in chart being considered) to encourage the native to look beyond the immediate to make full use of a fine sense of what people want, need and are capable of obtaining. With the Moon in Taurus, the native should be encouraged to read, to broaden his horizons, and to realize that indeed 'a house is not necessarily a home'.

Moon in Taurus: You might habitually seek others to provide the Taurean need for attention, pampering, and love by supplying material and sensual comforts. This dependency may create an impression of personal inadequacy in order to induce others into giving you their tangible resources. By your projecting a helplessness in obtaining material goods, they may furnish you with comforts. When this happens you tend to feel loved, secure, and worthwhile. But in displaying an image of helplessness to others, you also begin to believe it.

Your self-worth can be undermined when others respond by contributing to your sustenance. Their aid reinforces the belief that you lack the energy or abilities to provide your support. When your security is dependent upon the material aid of others, you cannot be creative or capable for fear that these comforts may be taken away. This results in feeling helpless and unable to actively establish your material sense of worth in the world.

You may notice that relying on others for creating your self-worth has not worked. Others cannot provide this sense because you possess a supply of personal resources that are not being used. The lesson is to contribute your resources to the world, thus earning the Taurean comforts and establishing self-esteem. You can accomplish this by recognizing other people's emotions coming into expression. This recognition can inspire you to get in touch with your creativity.

You can gain a deeper sense of inner stability and self-worth by supporting and contributing to the material stability of the environment. In choosing to sacrifice the role of pampered child, you create goals and objectives that motivate you to establish a set of values. When you notice that the people who feel good about themselves are those who are contributing their talents and resources in a tangible way, you are inspired to manifest and establish your creativity. When you appreciate your ideals enough to manifest them, you find the confirmation of self-worth that you need.

Your psychology unconsciously draws you to seek material security above all else. You associate having a strong financial base with emotional stability and ease.

Because you are accustomed to accumulation, you can have a difficult time letting go of anything, even things that are holding you back. This can impede the flow of money coming into your life. The first things you need to let go of are your ideas: the idea that you have a difficult time with money; the idea that you have to earn every penny on your own and that it's going to be a tough process; and the idea that you have to do everything yourself, in exactly your way, for your needs to be met.

You can have such a strong fear of losing your material security that you actually create a 'poverty consciousness' in your life, feeling that resources are limited and that you must be careful as to how you spend every penny. Your lesson is to learn to trust the universe and be open to the flow of money coming in and out of your life. You can do this by not focusing so intensely on your financial restrictions (that is, exactly how much this month's bills are) and by simply being open to the universe blessing you with prosperity! You need to focus your creative mind less on financial worry and more on visualizing the universe's just pouring money on you and your joyful response. In this way, you can open yourself at last to the abundance you seek.

You are also learning to accept the gift of money by allowing the resources of others to enrich your life without feeling you have to 'pay back every penny'. You need to be open to the joy of freely accepting money from other people and releasing the ego identification, not feeling that you have to do something in return.

You have strong physical desires for sensuality, touching, and physical contact in life. Once again you are learning to accept the natural healthiness of your needs and to be open to having them fulfilled by others. In this area as well as in the area of finances, you are learning to focus less on your needs and to be more aware of the enrichment that the universe is offering you through other people.

You are also learning to accept the idea of 'bargaining' and 'discounts', and not assume that you have to pay the 'full dollar amount' for everything you want. Through being aware of others' motives to 'sell', your capacity to 'buy' what you want at discount is enhanced.

Moon in Taurus: We who have Moon in Taurus need to experience a solid base of self-esteem and internal security, to gain confidence in our internal resources and our capacity to earn what we need and utilize what we have, to experience physical and emotional warmth, to know the pleasures and pains of living within our bodies and sense, and to maintain contact with the earth. When our essential Taurean needs have not been met, we are likely to overcompensate by indulging ourselves, compulsively clinging to other bodies, food, money and external sources of satisfaction. We may become indolent, greedy, over materialistic, and bound by our insistence upon security to a routine, risk-free and ultimately sterile existence.

A Taurean parent figure may have influenced our security patterns. Positively, our parent may have been earthy and well-grounded; able to provide the warmth, stability and constancy we needed; to comfort us; and to help us gain confidence functioning in the physical world. Negatively, our parent may have been enslaved by his or her senses, attempting to chain us likewise to a predominantly physical love of existence. We may have been overindulged rather than deprived; provided with excess food, money or other comforts of living without our needing to ask, so that we came to expect to be provided for; or we may have been dominated by a possessive parent and learned to resist intrusion by dawdling or by turning to possessive and clinging behaviors ourselves.

We may repeatedly give ourselves messages about our lack of value or competence; about holding on rather than letting go; about the necessity of earning more money and maintaining our job security; or about the importance of purchasing and enjoying all the comforts and physical pleasures which soothe us. We may coddle ourselves into too easy a lifestyle or defend against our needs by maintaining too rigid a self-sufficiency. To successfully re-parent our Taurean inner child, we may have to reassess those internal messages which keep us bound in unsatisfying habits and behaviors, and to develop new messages which: a) build our self-confidence, helping us to trust and discover our internal resources and internal security base; b) encourage us to experience and satisfy the most essential needs of our bodies rather than become mired in patterns of laziness, sensual gratification and physical or material greed; c) allow us to relax and surrender to our deeper beings, so that we may let go of our possessiveness or compulsive self-sufficiency and experience our capacity truly to give and receive warmth and devotion.

Moon in Taurus: The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, and this will be displayed by an emphasis of Taurus and Moon patterns of personality and behavior. The concept of roots will be extremely important and meaningful for you. Through creating an organized life-style routine, you will feel more secure and inwardly stable.

Change is viewed with unease; you react against external threats to disrupt your established lifestyle and behavior patterns. As you rely on traditional cultural attitudes, beliefs, values, and behavioral standards, you reflect the dominating customs of society and peer-group associations. Those who would bring radical change to this static social pattern are seen as dangerous; and because your identity is so attuned to this social collective consciousness, your attitudes are usually conservative and uphold the status quo. Your peace of mind comes through repetitive routine, where consistency is an important quality. You hate having your habits disturbed, and resist having to make changes at all; in fact, you can find it challenging to alter inner patterns.

You have materialistic and pragmatic views, relying on tangible aspects of life and evaluating things through this perspective. You may tend to dismiss artistic or intellectual styles of expression as too abstract, and feel uncomfortable with more subtle, intuitive types of feelings, as they hint at rather than give clear messages. Financial security is essential to your emotional peace, and you should have good financial skills to satisfy your desires for a physically comfortable environment. Once attained, the enjoyment of sensuality and luxury may make you a little apathetic and lazy. You may need others to prod you into new activities and projects, although, once provoked into action, your commitment and persistence should ensure success.

Intimate relationships are important for emotional well-being; and these have to be well-founded, secure and reliable for you to feel content. Your energies are applied toward creating permanence in life: a comfortable home, economic security, stable employment, marriage, family, and barriers to fend away any threats to this stability.

Within your inner life, the same tendency exists; there may be denial and repression of any impulses or feelings that cannot be easily categorized and fitted into your life pattern. You may try to impose self-control over your emotions, as volatility is considered highly threatening; you will not want anyone close who displays emotional changes, moods, and unpredictability, as this is a reminder that you cannot control everything.

Underlying these tendencies is the probability that you feel personally insecure, having doubts about your self-worth and abilities, afraid of letting go, and an inability to cope without familiar life-style patterns. Such external supports include the family circle, relationship dependency, food addictions, money, and status. While you freely give support and physical affection to your family, you may also treat them possessively; their important role in building your security buffers should not be underemphasized.

You may need more flexibility in both inner and outer behavior patterns. Your security is actually fragile and vulnerable, and liable to be disrupted by the vicissitudes of life. More self-sufficiency and faith in yourself is required, as you become confident of your personal strength and in your ability to exploit talents and personal resources.

Habit patterns should not be perceived as emotionally inviolable; and greater flexibility should ideally be built into them, as a risk-free life is virtually impossible. Possessive tendencies may need to be reduced, as does personal rigidity, which only inhibits experience and self-expression. Slowly, such barriers need to be dismantled, feelings accepted and shared. A willingness to acknowledge the reality of life's more subtle dimensions is required, as this will be enriching. Focusing just on security needs will repress feelings and negatively condition your worldview with fears, anxiety, and insecurities. Learning how to satisfy deeper needs and how to relax into enjoyment will release higher personal qualities and assist in unfolding your potential.

Moon in Taurus: Easy-going, even-tempered and good-natured, you are a pleasant companion and a devoted friend. It takes a lot to make you mad; you're a lover, not a fighter. You don't waste a lot of emotional energy worrying over trifles or engaging in life's intrigues and melodramas.

Your needs and desires are simple, down-to-earth and of a practical, physical nature. Sensual and strongly sexual, you have a direct and unabashed enjoyment of sex, and an innate understanding of what makes people feel good. You are nurtured by all kinds of physical contact, and are especially fond of hugs and back rubs. With friends and lovers you can be quite demonstrative, and even like to touch casual acquaintances and total strangers when you talk to them.

No lover of yours will ever feel starved for affection, though he / she might feel smothered at times by your possessiveness. You understand the world in terms of material goods and ownership, and tend to forget that people are not possessions. Generous with those you care about, you need to guard against trying to buy love. Not above being 'bought' yourself, you might be of the opinion that it's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man / woman as a poor one; and the road to your heart may lead through Tiffany's. You tend to measure someone by what he / she owns, and are inclined to look only at a partner's physical appearance and portfolio; thus, you can be quite superficial in your choice of mates.

Your fondness for wealth and innate understanding of the material world might result in a natural business sense of a gift for making money.

You need stability, predictability and a sense of permanence in your life. You don't make changes easily, aren't interested in anything new or 'different', and are anything but spontaneous. Once you settle in - to a job, a home or a relationship - you want to stay put, forever. Consequently, you are a loyal and steadfast partner. However, you are also terribly stubborn. Like a large, slow-moving oil tanker, once you've set your course it's almost impossible to turn you around (mentally, physically or emotionally).

This characteristic may show up in your socio-political attitudes. You are inclined to be cautious, conservative, and concerned with material, practical, day-to-day issues.

You love your creature comforts and appreciate beautiful clothing, jewelry, furniture, art, good wine and food. Extremely indulgent, especially when it comes to sensory pleasures, you hate to deny yourself anything and are usually in debt. Your possessions also give you a sense of self-worth and stability.

You have innate good taste; your home seems to be waiting for House Beautiful's photographers, and your wardrobe is right out of Vogue magazine. Your 'good taste' usually includes fine food and drink, and if you aren't a gourmet chef, you at least enjoy cooking and eating well. Your motto might be 'eat, drink and be merry'. And since you're not fond of exercise, you have a tendency to put on weight.

Most probably, you possess some artistic ability and good color sense. Your natural talents probably lean toward sculpture, interior decorating, theatre set design, pottery, or other art forms that involve three-dimensional objects and the use of physical space.

The home in which you were raised was probably stable, materially secure and relatively placid (unless Mars, Uranus or Pluto is in hard aspect to your Moon). Intellectual stimulation may have been minimal, but your physical needs were always taken care of (unless the Moon and Saturn are in hard aspect). Your parents might have emphasized material things; either they were financially well-off, or they were eager to appear so. Your mother, in particular (or your nurturing parent) was probably affectionate, attentive to your needs and dependable. She also may have been a good cook and was dedicated to making the home as pleasurable as possible.

However, you might have felt a bit limited or smothered by your mother, and she probably tried to keep you tied tightly to her apron strings.

With your own children, you also are loving, affectionate and overly protective. You can't imagine your children as independent entities, and might even think of them as your possessions. You want them to have the best of everything, lavish then with gifts, and probably spoil them shamelessly.

Women usually respond to this energy easily and openly. Men sometimes project it onto the women in their lives, and may be attracted to women who are affectionate, domestic, earthy, strongly sexual and sensual.

Moon in Taurus: Centered in the material plane, your emotions are attracted to material comforts and possessions. With a Taurus Moon you want the best of everything, and you rarely settle for less. The Moon is exalted in Taurus; this brings out the reflective and steady side of the Moon and de-emphasizes the Moon's changeable side.

You will stick to your ideals through thick and thin. You are blindly faithful, sentimental, affectionate and basically timid. You may lack originality, so try not to be too fixed in your ways.

Your reactions to sense impressions are slow but strong. You have an accurate memory. You will ponder over an action for a long time, using premises, ethics and ideals; and you assimilate and act upon information in a slow and steady manner. It is difficult for you to change your mind, and you resent any interference once you have reached a decision. You are a determined person, with well-developed intuition and sound judgment. You want to excel in whatever you do. You are acquisitive, not only in land, art and other possessions, but also in friendship.

Your sense of touch and taste is highly developed, and you probably have a pleasant speaking and singing voice. Fond of music, art, dancing and all the things that make life more pleasurable, you need to gratify your physical appetites. You only welcome those ideas which are compatible with your stable temperament. You may be narrow-minded, and you are conservative and conventional. Pride, laziness, jealousy and too much stubbornness must be guarded against. Once set on a course, you forge ahead slowly but unswervingly.

You seldom succeed in leaving the family tradition or training and ideals that were imposed upon you by your mother, with whom you are closely, though not necessarily happily, linked. You have loyal and lasting relationships in friendship, love and marriage.

This position of the Moon may indicate gardening ability. In a man's chart it attracts a loyal partner who encourages his ambitions.

Moon in Taurus: The Moon is fairly comfortable in Taurus, adding a measure of stability to the personality and bestowing an uncomplicated response to sensual pleasures. You enjoy eating, drinking, making love and listening to music. The feminine aspect of this placement prevents you from being much of an initiator; indeed, you prefer to spend your life sailing along a steady course rather than for it to be full of storms and disruption. The fixity of Taurus stabilizes the natural restlessness of the Moon, making you very purposeful and determined, particularly when it comes to getting what you want or hanging on to what you have. You try at all times to maintain the status quo; you may find that the circumstances of your life force you into this position. You might even find yourself putting up with a long-term lifestyle which is not of your choosing. The Moon is said to be 'exalted' in the sign of Taurus, which gives an inner sense of strength and resilience. Lunar Taureans, therefore, are noted for their generally robust health and their ability to obtain practical results in all that they undertake.

People who have the Moon in an Earth sign love the natural world, which means that you make a hobby out of botany or animal biology. You could become involved in some scheme that seeks to preserve the countryside (this is more likely if there is any Aquarius on your birth chart). Even if you are not actively involved with these pursuits, you will love getting out into the fresh air and into your garden. Many lunar Taureans choose to work as representatives or even milkmen, so that they can be out and about and keep in tune with the seasons. You have a strong need to build for the future and create things which will be useful and long-lasting; this could be reflected in your choice of a career. You like the sea, but not with the same intensity as the solar or lunar Cancerian; you wouldn't have any great urge to run off and join the navy. Your affinity with nature could lead you to take an interest in the old religions of earth magic and the 'craft'.

You don't enter into relationships lightly; the fixity of Taurus plus your inner urge to build and preserve leads you to take any form of emotional commitment very seriously. Most astrology books tell us that this Moon position leads to possessiveness and jealousy; and, to some extent, this is true.

Possessiveness is more of a problem than envy or jealousy, but this is a rather subtle concept to grasp. You don't envy the things that other people have or the relationships that they enjoy, but if your partner were to leave you for another, you would be very jealous indeed. If the object of your love promised to leave his or her partner for you, you would believe him / her,; if you then found him / her dragging his / her feet, you would become very upset and would remain that way for years. It is not easy for you to give in gracefully and accept defeat, especially in the face of what you see as a form of betrayal. This tenacity and endurance are both the strengths and the weaknesses of this particular Moon sign placement.

Your senses are strong, especially touch and smell; you love the scent of flowers and the feel of velvet. Your musical taste is well-developed; one Moon in Taurus lady told me that she hates the sound of a 'murdered song' but loves the sound of laughter. Obviously this sensuality leads to a love of sex with all its scents, textures and passions; however, relating is more important to you than sex for its own sake. You love to be cuddled and stroked in both a sexual and an affectionate manner; and ideally for you all this snuggling should take place within marriage.

You are, under normal circumstances, reliable and steady in relationships. You prefer to be faithful to your partner, but if for some reason you find this impossible, then you would try hard to wait for your children to grow up before actually leaving the family home; you try to do your duty for however long it takes. Oddly enough you are quite a flirt but this is 'social' flirting which is not intended to be taken seriously. You don't flirt in order to make your partner jealous; you do it just for the fun of it. You can appear to be intrusive or possessive to those who are close to you ('Where are you going, and when do you intend to be back?'); this is not intended to irritate them or to show any lack of trust on your part; you just need to make sure that your family is safe. My Moon in Taurus husband, Tony, likes me to be around. He isn't afraid that I will run off with someone else; he just worries about me. When a friend commented to him about this he told them, 'If Sasha is not home at the time she says that she will be, I start to think that she has had an accident. I have to get up early for my work, and if I am kept awake worrying about her, then I get annoyed'. There is no way of changing this person's nature; one just has to be grateful that they care - there are plenty who don't.

You take naturally to parenthood; you love your own children and have patience with those of others. If you marry someone who already has a family, you cope with this very well. You take a responsible attitude towards those who depend upon you, both older and younger members of the family, even pets, without making heavy weather of this. You are very loving and caring, and really enjoy looking after, even waiting upon, those you love; but you become understandably resentful if this care is taken for granted and not appreciated. You are good with sick people as long as there is not too much mess to clear up; the one thing you really hate is the sight of blood (especially your own). Sometimes this practical type of caring is not enough and you may miss some essential element in your partner's make-up and fail to give him or her the understanding that he / she needs. Bethany, a really sensitive and intelligent friend of mine, summed this up by telling me that 'I just couldn't figure out what it was that my ex-husband really wanted from me half the time. I obviously missed something but, even now, I'm not sure that I can see what it was.'

You yourself strongly need the closeness of a family around you. Your sense of loyalty makes you jump to the defense of any member of your family who is criticized by an outsider. However, you yourself are convinced that you have every right to criticize them! Your own deep attachment to your family, your occasional misplaced pride in them, and your desire for them to have the best and be the best, can make you over¬critical and even tyrannical at times (especially when you are in a bad mood). A strange fault of yourself is that you seem unable to cope with people who lack confidence in themselves. You could even squash the little that they have. You need a certain amount of standing up to. You could actually belittle a partner, even belittle your own children if you suspected too much weakness. You respect strength, possibly because you need to 'tap into' the strength of the other person. You are not necessarily competitive though, and would help a partner or workmate to get ahead. Above all you need a stimulating partner who has similar interests to yourself. You are emotionally habit-forming, not keen on too much change or excitement. You must beware that monotony does not seep into your sexual behavior.

You are attracted to beauty and people who have cheerful, pleasant natures. Your pet hates are fatness, ugliness and people who wear dirty, tatty clothing. Both the people around you and your own surroundings must be clean and attractive.

You have the quality of basic common sense (rare sense perhaps?). You like your bills to be paid on time, are careful with money, and like to have some savings to fall back on; but despite this, you are not unduly lucky with money and can be taken in by a confidence trickster. There are times when your judgment deserts you. Occasionally your patience deserts you and this can be an interesting experience for those around you as your temper is really fearful when it is unleashed; it can overwhelm you and cause you to cut your nose off to spite your face.

You control your feelings very well and are adept at hiding them from others, probably due to childhood training; Taurus being a feminine and emotional sign, this repression can lead to moodiness. You may break out in a sudden angry response; if someone were to push in front of you in a queue, for instance, you may react differently from one day to another. Being naturally rather cautious, you prefer to allow new acquaintances to do the talking; it is only when you know people better that you can relax and open up. You are not above a bit of manipulation in social circumstances, but will generally use it in the form of humor to defuse a tense situation. You usually guard your tongue well, and rarely run off at the mouth. Once you have formed an opinion it is hard for you to alter it. You can have the rather unfortunate habit of laying the law down to others.

You are undoubtedly ambitious, both for yourself and for your family. Women with this placement seem to be given the message by their parents that they should stick to the old-fashioned idea of the feminine role; and, therefore, often start out as secretaries, nurses or children's nannies. All the lunar Taurean women to whom I have spoken tell me that they resented this bitterly, and also resented the associated implication that they were not as bright or as important as their brothers. They have all subsequently drifted towards less overtly feminine forms of work.

In common with the other Earth signs of Capricorn and Virgo, lunar Taureans of both sexes have to put aside their dreams and ambitions for the sake of practicalities. Later on in life they may not bother to revive those dreams, which I think is rather a shame. One lady told me that she always dreamed of carrying the Olympic torch. Many of you dream about being a musician, dancer or singer; but with a bit of luck from elsewhere on your birth chart, you may just be able to make it into show business. Your practical side leads you to supply people with the things that they need; therefore you may deal in food, furniture, household objects, or even the things which help people make themselves and their homes attractive. Other typical Taurean trades are building, architecture, farming, market gardening, make-up artist, musician, artist and dancer. Because it is the Moon that we are dealing with here, you will not necessarily follow a Taurean trade at all; however, the need to be useful, get out and about and help to create something which is both durable and pleasing to the eye is a strong motivating force. You are not drawn to speculative ventures, which is just as well as you are neither a lucky gambler nor particularly good at handling business crises. You are not keen on sending memos or making up office reports - for one thing, you hate anything to be too cut-and-dried; however, if you have to produce these, you will do so thoroughly. A couple of final comments on attitude to work. You prefer to find a steady job and stick to it. You finish practically everything you start; and although not terrifically analytical, you can deal with details without becoming bored. Your persistence makes you good in the field of sales; your flair for beauty could lead to a career in marketing (especially luxury products). A lot of this depends upon the rest of the chart, as a touch of Pisces, Aquarius or Sagittarius for instance would add the ingredient of imagination. You hate to be rushed; you can cope with anything when left to work at your own pace.

According to most astrology books you should have good parents and have enjoyed a happy and peaceful childhood. My experience as an astrologer tells me that this is just not so. Whenever the Moon is in a fixed sign there is at least one parent who has a bullying or intransigent attitude towards the subject. This may be due to the fact that the parent has had a hard life him- / herself, and has subsequently developed a hard and unsympathetic outlook. A high proportion of lunar Taureans have at least one parent born under the sign of Aquarius, which leads to total lack of understanding and communication. All this leads to an almost Scorpionic ability to keep your thoughts and feelings away from your parents. This is fair enough as a survival mechanism, but the danger is that this behavior will be carried over into other relationships or later dealings with 'authority' figures.

It seems that one of your parents grew up in some kind of deprived circumstances. This is more likely to have been poverty, a lack of opportunity and a lack of material security than lack of love (although that could apply too.) This parent, therefore, is left with the feeling that things are safer than people, and that one must obtain goods and money in order to survive. There seems to be little space in the parent's head for love, understanding and sensitivity to the child. You may have come from a comfortable home where your practical needs were taken care of but there will have been some lack of understanding. One of your parents may have been ill, a hypochondriac or just weak-willed. You probably harbor feelings of contempt for this parent, and these are very well-hidden - even from yourself. You may feel that the weaker parent could have done more for you, and more for him or herself as well.

Moon in Taurus: Insofar as the Moon influences health on a birth chart, an afflicted Moon in Taurus would bring problems in the area of the lower jaw, ears, throat, voice and tonsils. There may be thyroid problems and even, just possible, diabetes. You may have that famous Taurean tendency to gain weight, but this will be mitigated if there is a lot of air on your chart.

Moon in Taurus: According to tradition, the influence of the Moon is particularly powerful in this sign, because it is exalted. Bear this in mind when reaching conclusions about the interpretation of the Moon in Taurus.

A secure background to life is needed by Moon sign Taureans, both materially and emotionally, and those with this placing will respond very quickly and defensively when their background is threatened. Even if they are not particularly concerned with building up a good bank balance, or if they rely too heavily on their partner for support, their instinct will be to spring into action when in difficulties, and do everything in their power to ensure that their world is kept intact.

The conservatism and conventionality of Taurus may well clash with other areas of the subject's chart. Self-absorption will definitely be seen; and an independent, freedom-loving person can suddenly make a complete about-face.

If a strict adherence to convention is indicated elsewhere in the chart (a Capricorn Sun or Ascendant sign, for instance), the characteristics of this placing will blend into the personality, and the instinctive responses will not be a source of conflict.

The emergence of possessiveness, the worst Taurean fault, may need countering, but this will be hard to do. Practicality will be considerable, and a common sense approach to life will be a great asset, especially if a certain adventurousness is indicated by other planetary positions.

The stubbornness common to this sign will be present, but again this may only be an immediate reaction, with flexibility present on other levels. If there is a preponderance of fixed signs, bloody-mindedness and getting in a rut can become on¬going problems.

The Taurean love of good food and living, and a need to surround the self with beautiful, comfortable objects, may be apparent. Since the Moon is related to the health, it is necessary for the subject to realize that - especially when under stress ¬he or she is likely to indulge in chocolate bars and other comfort food. Weight gain can be the result. The throat, too, is rather vulnerable - link any such comments in your interpretation to the fact that this area of the subject's body may easily react to stress or general infection.

Moon in Taurus: The Moon in the sign Taurus indicates a need for financial and material security in order to attain emotional well-being. The Moon in Taurus is very strong because it is in the sign of its exaltation. The emotions tend to be steady and placid. There is a great deal of common sense in handling financial and domestic affairs. This is also the 'green thumb' position. The position demands stimulation from other people to launch new projects, but once projects are begun there is steadfastness, and the persistence to see matters through to their end. New endeavors are not usually started until old ones have been completed.

This position of the Moon attracts wealth and the good things of life. As a rule, natives are fond of good food and seek material comforts. A stable domestic situation is important to their emotional security.

If the Moon is afflicted in Taurus, there can be unwillingness to change established emotional attitudes. Often this affliction can indicate a tendency to laziness and an excess attachment to material comforts.

Moon in Taurus: You have a steady though stubborn soul. You need to be physically satisfied, but this may give rise to your being psychologically unaware. You have the instinct to find material security - which could necessitate enduring emotional limitations. Your mother is seen or expressed as one who is a provider, but could also be seen as a burden.

You naturally respond towards Other with a sense of emotional permanence and stability; in a physical, material or sensuous manner, providing Other with the necessary creature comforts; and in a very real, substantial way, giving value for value.

Your inner child reacts with a great resistance to any change that might threaten, even when such changes are in aid of (re-)establishing security; by withholding or overlooking emotional and intangible favors; and by wanting to possess Other as if he/ she were personal property.

You are unconsciously drawn towards relationships that are based upon material stability and physical gratification rather than spiritual growth. You gravitate towards the pleasures of the flesh, or Others who spice up your life, by way of compensation. And you are drawn to Others who are in great need of material support or physical affection or attention.

You can get caught up in relationships where Other is more dependent upon what you have than what you are; in relationships where stagnation and meaninglessness begin to reign, forcing you to review your motivations, or to stray; and in being heavily depended upon.

When you are alone, or simply being made to feel alone, it will be down to the factor of worth. Taurus Moon emphasizes the importance of material stability and of relationships having a permanence to them. This is all very well, but 'man does not live by bread alone', meaning that what is also needed to keep a relationship alive are more intangible qualities like mutual creative involvement (as opposed to child-rearing), personal growth and change, or romance (whatever that might mean to you). And so there can come a time when the absence of one or more such qualities in your relationship starts to make the relationship 'bottom-heavy' in that it has all the 'things and trappings' but no zing or meaning to it. It just rumbles along, very slowly, and eventually comes to a halt. If you have not found a suitable Other at all, it will be because such overly basic values have prevented this from happening.

Alternatively, you may lack a sense of self-worth and therefore not attract an Other. But it would still come down to assessing yourself merely by material values.

Moon in Taurus: Your image of yourself is flattering not because of any special quality you select so much as because you just think well of yourself. This can make for smugness, conceit and laziness; and it always warns you not to take too seriously what you tell yourself, but to keep your eye on what other people think of you. Follow your Sun-nature energetically or you will be lost in relaxation and uselessness. You have such a good time being pleased with life! You need to stimulate yourself consciously, for you are not a self-starter. You're likely to be popular because, demanding little of yourself, you also demand little of others and are the most agreeable of companions. You are not likely to be ardent in human relations; you take what comes, especially if it isn't too much trouble. Your assumption that you have the good things of life coming to you generally is carried out by the facts; you seem to make your picture of yourself as a luxurious creature come true in material affairs. When you have learned to follow your solar urges aggressively, when you are determined to be the best that your Sun sign has to offer, you go far. You then turn self-satisfaction into active self-confidence, and you can have the world at your feet. The danger is that, sensing this, you won't ever do anything about it, will remain content in knowing you could do if you would, and thus never be anything but a gracious, affable and charming person. And, of course, that's not to be sneezed at.

Moon in Taurus: You like warmth, comfort, and the security of familiar surroundings. You like to be near a fire or in a favorite chair, and you enjoy good food. A very loving and affectionate person, you also need love and affection from the people around you. It is important for you to know that everything around you is going on as usual. you are not very fond of changes, especially in your own little world.

But you are very patient and do not get upset easily. When other people are angry and emotional, you can keep calm and make everything all right again. Even while you are young, others may come to you for help and advice because you are supportive.

Sometimes you find it hard to get going. You may be reluctant to leave a comfortable situation and go out to get some work done, or you may have trouble getting up in the morning. And when you do get going, you move a bit more slowly than most people, which may be rather annoying to others, but that is just your way.

Emotionally you are very stubborn. It is hard for you to change an attitude that is fixed in your mind, even when you have learned that it is not a correct attitude. You prefer familiar attitudes, just as you prefer familiar objects.

When you have money, you spend it very conservatively, except on things that you really like. You hold on to money, and you try to find ways of earning more, not because you are selfish, but because you like security.

Moon in Taurus: You are a person of great emotional substance, and you provide an excellent shoulder for an upset lover to cry on. You are not easily or quickly angered, but once your ire is aroused, you are a formidable antagonist with a long memory for grievances. Therefore it is a good idea to air any differences with your lover right away, because otherwise they may mount up and damage the relationship later.

You do not rush into a love affair, preferring to build it in careful stages. Then, even after the affair is over, a warm and lasting friendship will continue.

Your preference is for straightforward simplicity in a relationship. Elaborate courting rituals are not your style, for they just seem to confuse the situation. You may not insist on total fidelity, but you want your partner to tell you the truth at all times so you know right where you stand. In return, you are scrupulously honest with your lover, even when it hurts, for you believe that a long-lasting relationship must be based on honesty and must live up to that ideal.

In a relationship, you are the salt of the earth; a friend and lover your partner can always depend on, even in difficult times. You don't commit yourself lightly, and when you give your word, you stand by it, particularly a commitment given in love.

Moon in Taurus: Since the Moon is exalted in the Venus-ruled, fixed earth sign of Taurus, this placement is generally a comfortable one. The usual insecurities of the Cancer influence fade into the misty distance; and in their place comes a stabilized, solid response to the variables of daily living. You, with the Moon in Taurus, react to everyday events with an earthy practicality based on the belief that common sense will bring any upheavals or unpleasantness into line with everything perking along at its accustomed pace. You are probably a delight to have around - a refreshing antidote to the hysterics and dramatics manifested in other Moon signs.

Because you are so practical, your securities rest in the possessions which you collect in order to function, and, in some instances, to function superbly. Owning many valuable things makes you feel secure. Anything involving real estate, which primarily means a home, is a joy - for what could be more secure than a home to return to at the end of the day - your own home and your own plot of ground? The Taurus bull needs the earth to give him sustenance. Here you share something in common with the Cancer Moon position as ruler of the fourth house where your roots come from, for surely your roots in your own home go deep into the ground and feed your soul.

Using your native practicality, you often say, 'What is more practical than money in the bank?' - or, as a second choice, valuable belongings like gold and jewelry which can be traded for money. When you are assured that the bills will get paid and that no bank will foreclose on your mortgage, you can relax and enjoy your emotional life.

Your ability to size up business opportunities is invaluable, for here your common sense takes over. With your strong feeling of self-worth, you know instinctively that none of life's favors is going to drop pell mell in your lap, that they are invariably acquired through hard work, not from some nebulous fairy godmother. You also know that you are capable of the labors needed to attain them, and the security so necessary for your peace of mind.

A negative reaction to the lack of possessions would result in clutching, hoarding, holding on to even the most meager of your belongings. You might also become miserly and so fixed in response as to become rigid in your feelings.

You, the Taurus Moon person, expect others, especially family members, to behave toward you in a predictable way in your daily association. When on occasion a loved one responds in an unexpected manner, unfamiliar or alien to your expectations, you are emotionally wounded. 'You're doing that to hurt me', you might say. Or, 'If you really appreciated me you wouldn't act that way'. Your embarrassment mingles with your sense of disappointment and loss of power.

If both partners in a marriage or close relationship have the same need for emotional security, achieved through love of home and possessions, their life together will be far smoother and more rewarding than one in which one partner is indifferent to possessions.

Keynote: An abundance of materials suggests constructive activities. Symbol: A housewife, surveying her food-laden shelves, plans a party.

A person with the Moon in Taurus generally has a faculty for being both resourceful and well-equipped. This is a fortunate position since the Moon, which rules the realm of responses, can make use of the substance supplied by this sign of material plenitude.

Just as the power of the Sun is reinforced by the outgoing energy of Mars, the absorbing capacity of the Moon is supplemented by the ingathering magnetism of Venus. Consequently, the Sun is exalted in Mars-ruled Aries, and the Moon is exalted in Venus-ruled Taurus.

In Taurus, the inconstancy of the ever-changing Moon is made reliable. The emotional sensitivity of the lunar temperament is steadied by the earthy sensibility of this pragmatic sign.

Lunar Taureans are attached to their families, and are often preoccupied with their ancestral homes and traditions. They have an instinct for business which enables them to amass money and invest it sensibly. Even when not personally wealthy, they are assisted by well-to-do supporters. Funds are plowed into worthy enterprises which grow, bear fruit, and propagate. These individuals can sense what the public wants and is willing to purchase. They prosper in work connected with food, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and farming. They also take an interest in real estate, and like to deal with tangible assets, such as land and hoses.

People with the Moon in Taurus are often attracted to occupations involving the use of the voice, such as singing, public speaking, and broadcasting. A pleasing appearance and an agreeable manner contribute to their success. Their memories are retentive; and once something has impressed them, it is seldom forgotten.

Wherever Taurus dominates the scene, difficulties can arise because of an undue fondness for the good things in life. Overindulgence in food and drink may lead to a weight problem.

Lunar Taureans hesitate to launch new ventures. The Moon needs to be stimulated by outside forces since it has no initiating power of its own. The prudent Taurean seldom welcomes new ideas, although he enjoys seeing the old ones dressed up as the latest thing. Often, he will persist in a course of action merely to avoid upsetting the status quo. Taurus is one of the four zodiacal 'power signs', but much of its potency depends on sheer physical bulk. The charging bull, once aroused to action, is not easily swerved from its course. Similarly, Taurus makes up in momentum what it lacks in maneuverability.

The prototype of the undeveloped lunar Taurean is the stolid peasant who cannot see why it should not be possible for him to have more of the things he wants without the mental discomfort of having to make radical changes to his ingrained habits. The Moon represents the pull of the past, which in Taurus can harden into stubborn prejudice. However, the higher types of Taureans are deeply sympathetic and ready to give practical help to all who are in need. They do not offer lip service to their ideals, but faithfully nourish, sustain and maintain the verities they hold dear.

Moon in Taurus Woman: Touch is your watchword. What you can touch, you can trust, whether it's your checkbook or your lover. Tradition is important to you, because you like what has been proven over time. You don't like to hurry; in fact you can be quite immobile, especially when you're hunkered down in your nest at home. Your personal environment is tailored for comfort, has comfy furniture, a well stocked pantry and fridge, cozy corners with soft pillows, lovely textures, nice smells. And please note that it is your environment. You'll welcome someone into it, and please them with your sensuality, but what's yours is yours. You're very sensitive about that, even though you love sharing. That's because you invest a lot of yourself in your possessions, so they are like family to you. Even the old sofa.

Emotionally, you're stable and your feelings are consistent. You show love by being there for people, doing things for them. You're a practical sort; you'll iron your friend's shirt or cook a meal, put a cool cloth on his or her fevered brow, or just hold their hand when they cry. You provide grounding. That's because you're a calm person who knows how to remain unruffled when things are falling apart. You're good at handling emergencies, because you get emotionally involved slowly, later. And by then the crisis is over. If you're hurt, you can hold on to the hurt for years. It's hard for you to let go of anything you cherish. Especially a loved one.

Your mother was your fairly standard issue conventional sort. She didn't go for the new and trendy, and even if she was a bit stodgy at times, it made you feel secure and comfortable. Housekeeping was an art form for her, and she watched the budget carefully. These qualities are still important for you, no matter how much money you have or make. That's why you like a nice, substantial, reliable man to come home to. Nothing fly-by-night, please. Great sex is comfortable sex, familiar, steady. Change for change's sake isn't your style. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Moon in Taurus Woman: The female of the species is reputed to be capricious, yet women everywhere are remarkably unwavering in their desire for domestic tranquility. In general, the negative or feminine signs serve as conserving forces in the economy of the zodiac. The restraint which the slow rhythm of Taurus imposes upon the Moon's fluctuations can be a steadying influence, just as a certain degree of reticence is becoming to a woman.

Moon in Taurus Woman: Most women with this Moon placement marry quite young and have children early. Lunar Taurean judgment being what it is, the first marriage might well turn out to be a mistake. It appears that you are attracted to exciting types who in your eyes complement your own stodginess. These types are too exciting to be good family men; therefore the disappointments are a kind of double blow. The result of this can push female Taureans into exciting careers as a result of the need for financial survival.

Moon in Taurus Woman: If you are a female with this placement, you look for a mate who will bring you financial security which, in turn, assures your emotional security. Or, if you are one of the new breed of career women, you are capable of climbing the ladder of success on your own and are thus able to obtain this necessary stability. If you are a mother at home with your children, you bestow on them a steady strong affection, a warmth, a sense of always being there when they need you.

Moon in Taurus Man: You need your comforts in order to feel relaxed. You don't like to hurry, so you take your time about what you do. You're a very sensual man and you like the pleasures of the table and the body. And because you like your creature comforts, you like to have enough money to accommodate them. Give you a big, solid easy chair, a good meal with fine wine, a responsive woman, and all's right with the world.

The world is a stressful place, and you like to keep calm in the face of it all. The hustle and the bustle don't get to you because you stay unruffled. You're accused of being unresponsive or insensitive, but that's not true. You know the value of a peaceful environment. Getting your hands and feet into the dirt helps keep you grounded. You like nature, walking, gardening. And you're fond of your possessions, whatever they are.

Your home's your secure base, and you like touching what's yours, whether it's the cat, the plants, or the people you love. You know you're possessive, but you don't think there is anything wrong with this, because you protect what you love. When your secure base is threatened, you may resort to excess food and drink and you have a tendency to gain weight.

Money is important to you and you want a good solid bank account. You like to take care of those you love. And you like what feels real- a house, land, good solid possessions.

You're not a guy who changes easily, and people know they can depend on you. Your feelings, once given, don't usually change. You get taken advantage of occasionally because you are so sturdy and you can take a lot. But you can also dig in your heels and become stubborn if you're pushed too far.

Your mom was dependable and solid, always there when you needed her. She taught you common sense and reliability. The women in your life have a maternal quality about them, good sound values, even if they are artistic in nature. They wear well because they have inner substance.

Moon in Taurus Man: If you are a male with this placement, your feeling of self-worth is very strong as you toil steadily for your family, your home, your piece of real estate. Deep within, you understand that the success you crave will come to you only because of your hard work.

Once this is achieved, you are also capable of relaxing and enjoying all your fruits - a beautiful home, bountiful food and wine, expensive clothes, the sleek luxurious automobile resplendent in the garage. As a father, you are indulgent, proud of your children and eager to give them every opportunity to enjoy life. But you also teach them how imperative it is for them to earn their own way.

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Moon in Taurus: Ammachi, Carlos Castaneda, Prince Charles, Bill Clinton, John Dillinger, Robert Downey, Jr., Bob Dylan, Bobby Fischer, Aldous Huxley, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Carl Jung, Karl Marx, Barack Obama, Cathy O’Brien, Ronald Reagan, Peter Sellers, Meryl Streep, Mother Teresa, Robert Anton Wilson, BPoe, DJenkins, JT, Keith, Leen, Lori, Nancee, Prabhukar, Q, River, Shiloh, Suzie? (ar?), TonyO, Zeno