Moon in Scorpio

Having Moon in Scorpio indicates that we value our privacy; that we are capable of considerable emotional intensity and passion; that we need to probe beneath the surface of experience in order to secure a deep and solid foundation for ourselves; and that we need to experience our power to use our own and other people's resources effectively. When our real feelings are denied or our real needs unmet, we may easily resort to detrimental Scorpio behavior patterns - obsessions with sexuality or money, expressions of revenge or destruction, or demanding or manipulative behaviors. One of the difficulties of a Scorpio Moon is related to the fear of losing control or surrendering. Because of this fear, we may deny or conceal the softer, vulnerable facets of ourselves, thereby preventing ourselves from experiencing the real communion or union which we seek.

We may have internalized messages from our parents which enabled us to develop resourcefulness, endurance and strength of character, as well as the capacity to plumb the depths of experience. Our sexuality may have been awakened early through the intensity of family interactions, so that we were forced to come to terms with our own life force and death force. A Scorpionic parent, however, may have negatively influenced our ability to receive nurturance and to nourish ourselves. Perhaps such a parent was hostile and punitive, so that we developed considerable mistrust and learned to hide our feelings. He or she may have been dominating, intrusive or sexually provocative, leading us to fear being possessed or overpowered. Coldness or undue stoicism, as manifested in a 'be tough' attitude, may have prevented our internal child from receiving the tenderness and care he or she needed. Sometimes a Scorpio Moon suggests the early death of a parent, or a premature confrontation with realities of death or violence.

We who have Moon in Scorpio can re-parent ourselves by recovering, accepting and expressing our feelings and emotional needs, not just our sexual desires. We need to contact our own core, to possess ourselves rather than others, and to learn how to constructively channel our passion. One of the tasks of our Scorpionic Moon is that of discovering our inner power and drawing upon our own capacities to meet our needs rather than manipulating others to give us what we are unable or unwilling to give ourselves.

Moon in Scorpio: When you habitually require others to give you their unconditional loyalty and allegiance, you may become crushed, insecure, and angered when they don't. You may unconsciously respond with defiance, exercising the instinctive power you have over others, and subtly attempt to enforce loyalty and control. Therefore, in your eyes, they lose power. In this process, you lose your capacity to feel the joys of equal interaction, and consequently create emotional stagnation for yourself.

If you feel insecure about losing control, you could attempt to have all the answers for everyone in a way that creates a dependency in them and assures you of one¬-up-man-ship. In diminishing another's power, you unknowingly lessen the potency of the relationship. Thus, it cannot provide you with the emotional intensity, change, and new levels of depth that you may need for personal fulfillment. When you sense another's vulnerabilities and provoke that person's response, you get to be powerful but may feel isolated. There is a basic Scorpio tendency to feel insecure in financial and sexual relationships. This can lead to a need to manipulate everyone to prove potency.

When you take responsibility for creating situations in which you can experience the deep feelings of joy, vitality and intensity that the Scorpio energy needs in relationships, you may notice that relying on others to recognize your worth does not work. The truth is that others cannot renew you. You are the one withholding the depths of perception that would bring this about.

Your lesson is first to release manipulative control of others; and then you can experience the combining of resources that results in the regeneration of your own energy and creativity. You accomplish this renewal by pledging your loyalties to those ideals and potentials for growth that cause you to feel good about yourself. By releasing your vision of being in command, you are able to find out what others are really made of. As you enter onto uncharted ground and are willing to take risks by letting go of power, you can combine with another in a manner that is exhilarating for you. When you choose the stimulation of change over a stagnant status quo, you are able to go forward. Then you can gain knowledge of what enhances self-worth through an exciting process of risk and the unpredictable mystery you need for fulfillment.

You may realize that you can gain more knowledge and strength only by first releasing what you already have. This encourages you to contribute your inspiring insights generously, exposing perceptions that awaken others to their hidden resources. As you communicate your recognition of others' hidden abilities, it empowers them to reach their own objectives. This creates deeper, more satisfying camaraderie. You can then allow yourself to participate spontaneously in the direction others want to go rather than resisting the current. This enables you to interact with them on deeper, previously unknown levels.

Committed to freedom through renewal, you can realize that the way to win the most is to share the power. Thus, you reach deeper levels by releasing the Scorpio tendency to control. Finally, in the process of expressing loyalty to your ideals, you contribute potency by exposing your hidden perceptions to others. You can then experience your inner worth and the fun of your transformative process coming into expression.

You have great emotional intensity and can find yourself in battles for power. You have an overdeveloped survival instinct. The threat of crisis and betrayal gives you an attitude of distrust, and you are attuned to the possibility of others having evil motives. This is so strong that the power of your belief (and resulting unconscious provocations) can actually bring out the worst in other people, which only heightens your feelings of emotional isolation.

To compensate for severe loneliness, you seek that one other person you can trust, your soul mate, sensing that this will somehow bring you peace. But because of unconscious fears, your approach to relationships is so obsessive and demanding that it often becomes mutually destructive. Instead of finding the peace you seek, you again experience being wounded.

You are learning to balance your attraction to intense experiences with a feeling of peacefulness and serenity. To do this, you need to discover what it is you want to build with another person. Then you can bond with a trustworthy person who is interested in building the same kind of solid, mutually nourishing relationship. With the focus on what you want to create, in terms of a spiritual goal, you can use your power and intensity to build the life that will bring you peace.

For successful fulfillment of the long-sought soul mate relationship, you must build step-by-step, and not skip any stages in laying the foundation. And by your taking the other person's desires into account, the foundation will receive the benefit of both people's creative energies. You need to remember that it may take only three weeks to demolish a skyscraper by three years to build one. By going slowly and keeping your mind on the goal, you can enjoy the process of mutually creating a solid relationship.

Moon in Scorpio: The Moon in Scorpio is intense, dynamic, perhaps best described as 'all the way or nothing at all'. The native is self-reliant, serious, and often described as a penetrating person. He is attracted to the hidden or the occult; he may be a detective, or extremely fond of mystery, and attracted to the solution of crimes. He is very energetic - at times abrupt, acting on impulse, especially in connection with members of the opposite sex. Once he starts, there is no stopping him. He gets up steam and goes on, moving forward, digging deep, leaving broken hearts and disillusionment. But this is the negative response to the Moon in Scorpio - and these people, in the long run, hurt no-one as much as they injure themselves.

On the positive side, the Moon in Scorpio native inspires confidence, creates solutions to touchy problems, and provides for the security of loved ones; he is virile and passionate, speaks out for his principles, and can be found battling for the underdog.

The astrologer must watch for one basic trait - a tendency to go to extremes in eating and drinking and in affairs of the heart. This is no halfway person - the Moon here is complete and committed.

The native has strong convictions; once he has been convinced, it is difficult if not impossible to change his mind. He can be irritable, on the negative side - or creatively angry, on the constructive side. He must find a creative outlet for his energies, or his emotions build up, spill over and burn himself and others.

The native seems to possess extrasensory perception or at least a highly developed intuitive sense. He can perceive when something of importance is about to occur. He can look at an individual and size him up - he can gaze deep, and sense when the entire story has not been told. He can annoy people, and get under their skins. He is expert at making others lose their control - and thus blurt out what was supposed to be a deep, dark secret.

The native is intense, and reaction to him is the same - either one of great fondness, or near-hate. The Moon here has great attraction for members of the opposite sex. Alan Leo says it favors marriage in a male horoscope, but threatens disharmony in the married state. The Moon in Scorpio is indicative of money by inheritance, marriage or partnership.

The native apparently must learn by experience. Like Rasputin, he perhaps feels one cannot be saved unless he has sinned. He is very serious, and needs to develop a sense of humor and throw aside the idea that he is some kind of secret martyr.

There are not light bruises for this native. When misfortune occurs, he takes it hard and personally. He may even feel fate has it in for him - quite a fascinating lunar position!

Moon in Scorpio: The Moon is in its fall in Scorpio, and your emotions will be intense, powerful, and volatile. You try to keep the lid firmly shut on those potentially seething passions for fear of allowing them unrestrained expression. Maintaining emotional control seems essential for you, as you are aware of vulnerability on that level. You may appear quite cool and collected to others who fail to see through the facade; they see the inscrutable Scorpio mask, which very rarely slips to display the emotional intensity behind the strict control.

In relationships, passion and intensity of feelings are sought within total involvement with a lover; you will invest relationships with great seriousness, becoming heavily, emotionally committed, even though you resist surrendering to full intimacy. Before you fully realize it, you're hooked. Falling in love is like a descent into your underworld - fascinating and obsessive, evoking great riches and pleasures when things are going fine, but exacting great suffering if the relationship fails, since your heart (and mind... and soul) has been projected onto your lover. It's possible that you may be able to resist such intense experience, but this will be at the cost of denying full emotional involvement. Through efforts to protect or conceal vulnerable emotions, you may inhibit deeper and more satisfying intimacy.

Jealousy, possessiveness, obsession, and sexual preoccupation, are likely to emanate from the Moon-Scorpio energies; and the impulse to discover union will be strong, especially sexually and emotionally. You may look for absorption in the other, or to absorb a partner under your own domination. You take rejection hard, entering emotional turmoil and confusion, and may plot revenge, brooding over emotional hurts and holding grudges until time heals the intensity of betrayed feelings. You may recognize this, but changing or redirecting theses powerful energies can be extremely difficult. Through personal insecurity, you may experience fears as to the long-term continuance of any relationship, and this may result in attempting to dominate partners or family life by trying to impose your will and control on others to keep them 'in line'.

If you repress your real feelings, this energy may re-emerge as a tendency to manipulate, dictate and dominate, especially through your sexual or financial power, perhaps erupting as revengeful behavior, spite, and malicious action. Denying unfulfilled needs will distort your natural expression; and willful desires energized by strong emotions can awaken compulsive behavior as unconscious needs begin to direct your life. Wherever your desires are, your emotions are also activating them incessantly; satisfying these desires is a way to gain emotional respite, although doing so at the expense of others is not the right way to proceed. Will-desire-emotion is the source of your motivation; if you can define your objectives, little can stand between you and success. If that triangle of energies is not fully activated, you may fail to act decisively and effectively.

You need to understand your inner psychological dynamics, learn how to accept and handle this volatile emotional powerhouse, so that instead of diverting energy toward repression, you discover how to channel it creatively, constructively, and positively for self-development. Feelings provide guiding messages and should be listened to and respected, with appropriate steps taken to satisfy deeper needs. Ignoring them only fans emotional flames even higher, until there is a real danger that they can ignite an inner conflagration which causes damage to yourself, your life-style, and others near to you.

The path descends into your depths, a search to discover the deepest root of your identity where trust and secure foundations can be established. Your potential is considerable, but to discover this requires a transformation through which innate resources and qualities can be demonstrated. Emotional pain may be the initiating source for this redirection, and a key factor for inner change will be related to recovering and accepting unresolved or repressed emotions, feelings, and instincts. Bringing them back to the surface of consciousness is the first step toward healing them and acknowledging your deepest needs for self-nurture. Focusing at your root centre, you should be able to direct your powerful energies instead of being a victim of their power. You could then learn how to harness these energies, holding the reins of knowledge in conscious control, as the Charioteer does over his horses in the tarot card. Through emotional self-understanding, you will be able to meet your own needs instead of manipulating or relying on others to do so for you.

This may not be an easy path to follow, but attempting to do so will offer potential inner riches and emotional stability. Harnessing emotional power can be the key to achieving your life's dreams, and at least will ensure feelings of ease and contentment with your nature. Self-acceptance brings a relaxation which assists the emergence of more satisfying relationships. You hold the key to your own fulfillment; inserting it into the lock of your nature and opening the inner door may become the most important action in your life.

Moon in Scorpio: You are extremely emotional and highly sensitive, though you hide it from others. Aware of how deeply you can be hurt, you refuse to share your feelings with someone until you are certain your affection will be reciprocated. You are almost pathologically secretive, and never reveal yourself entirely; and no-one knows very much about what really goes on inside you.

Intensely passionate (about all things, but especially relationships), you probably are considered highly sexual. You exude a powerful and almost mesmerizing sensuality. However, your passion is never merely physical. With your lovers, you want nothing less than total merger - emotional, spiritual and physical - and while you may settle for sexual merger when that's all you can get, casual sex doesn't satisfy you.

When you become involved with someone, you throw yourself completely into the relationship and actually feel that you are your partner are one entity. Therefore, if the relationship ends, you are devastated; it's as though you'd lost a piece of yourself.

This is also the reason behind your infamous jealousy and possessiveness, for you can't conceive of your partner as an independent individual. Power struggles and issues of control often arise in your relationships. Because your inner, emotional life can be chaotic and overwhelming, you feel a strong need to be in control of the people and situations in your external life. At times, you are domineering, authoritarian or manipulative toward your partners.

When you feel you've been betrayed, you can be vindictive and ruthless in seeking revenge. You are not an adversary to be taken likely, for once you've made your mind up nothing stops you from achieving your goal. A genius when it comes to understanding human motivations and weaknesses, you always know intuitively what your adversary's greatest fears and vulnerabilities are, and readily take advantage of them.

You are intrigued by what lies beneath the surface; and your desire to understand the innermost workings of people, governments and the Universe can result in an interest in psychology, espionage or the occult. Your keen perception, insight and intuition make you appear to be psychic - and perhaps you are.

You are an extremist in all you do, and you never pursue anything (or anyone) half¬heartedly. Once you begin something - a job, a sport, a diet, and especially a relationship - you can be obsessive about it. If the situation turns out to be detrimental to your well-being, you still refuse to give it up and can become self-destructive in your obsession.

Your childhood and early home life were probably difficult, fraught with intense emotional outbursts, intrigue, manipulation, domination, even cruelty. Your mother (or your nurturing parent) may have been authoritarian and repressive, never allowing you much freedom or individuality. The threat of violence may have been there, even if it was never acted upon. or, you might have been threatened instead with alienation, isolation and loss or parental love if you didn't obey. Though your mother may have loved you very much, she had trouble expressing it. Or, she might have manipulated you with subtle (or not so subtle) sexual suggestions. Regardless of whether you feel positively or negatively about your mother, you are strongly attached to her, and her influence continues long into your adulthood.

The hidden demons, the subterranean emotional turmoil, and the unspoken fears and hostilities that were never brought out into the open, were perhaps the hardest things for you to deal with when you were young. As a child, you knew that things weren't right in your family, but you couldn't talk about it. There was probably some deep, dark family secret - alcoholism, violence, insanity, sexual abuse, criminal activity, or something less dramatic - that was kept hidden.

Though you probably love your own children deeply, you may have trouble showing it, because you guard your emotions so closely. Often you find yourself behaving badly toward them even though you don't mean to, especially when they've made you worry about their safety. Intensely protective and possessive of them, you can't bear the thought of losing them. As a result, you can sometimes become overbearing, controlling and smothering.

Women with this Moon placement usually find it easier than men do to express their Scorpionic characteristics. Men sometimes project this part of themselves onto the women in their lives. As a result, you may attract women who are strongly emotional, sensual, passionate, willful and powerful. Or, you may be terrified of women because you see them as devouring, controlling, manipulative, sinister or deceitful.

Moon in Scorpio: Your emotions are intense and are often based on willful desire. You are impatient, moody, and even given to brooding. Easily hurt, you can become jealous, hold grudges and take revenge. You often judge others too quickly and feel a need to dominate through subtle means.

You will not tolerate opposition to or interference with your goals, but often you will sacrifice a great deal for kindness. You have executive ability and are resourceful and enterprising. Although abrupt and impulsive, you have self-confidence and the ability to attain success. You usually get what you go after; however, you might find that you have achieved a hollow victory.

Since you are so jealous, proud and possessive, this position of the Moon doesn't promise a harmonious marriage. The wish to dominate is often reflected in your relationship with your children; it can be the result of a parent's domination or of your over-idealization of a parent, usually the mother. With this lunar placement, a mother can be overly possessive, and she may have trouble freeing a child, especially if male.

Medical matters appeal to you, and you are not easily upset by the sight of blood. Your patience with things (as opposed to people) would make you a fine surgeon; psychiatry would also come naturally to you. Any work which brings you to the heart of matters will appeal to you; and, therefore, you could find yourself involved in the legal, forensic or political field. In business you can make spectacular gains and even more spectacular losses on occasion.

Many lunar Scorpios love the sea, and can make their living on it as sailors, fishermen or swimming and diving experts; and also, of course, in the navy. A life in the armed services appeals to many of you as it requires the kind of skills and dedication which come so easily to you.

There is evidence that your birth brought a problem to your parents. Many lunar Scorpios are born into some kind of 'inconvenient' situation and are adopted soon after birth. On the other hand, some of you are born to families who already have a number of children and don't really want any more. There is no doubt that you are on a different wavelength (possibly even a different planet) from that of your parents, and you will have been constantly misunderstood as a child. Your experience may have been poor because you were not really the type of child that they were hoping for, or you may have been compared unfavorably to another child in the family. 'My parents always seemed to have much more time for my brother than they did for me', says Lorna, an attractive and active lady whom I meet regularly at the swimming baths. 'Being male gave him a head start, of course, but then he was also considered to be the 'clever one'. You know, looking back over our lives now, I think that I have done just as well in the long run even without academic qualifications or the unqualified love of my parents. No, I don't feel bitter; not now.'

You could, at the worst end of the spectrum, have been bullied by your parents, subjected to violence or sexual abuse, or just made to feel thoroughly inadequate. You may have been told, or have been given the silent implication, that you could never live up to their exalted standards. Negative attitudes die hard in fixed signs; and you could, if not careful, go through life never shaking off the hatred and anger of your childhood. You may still feel yourself to be a nuisance to others and wonder why they put up with you. Nevertheless, many lunar Scorpios do love their somewhat inadequate parents very much and take a really caring if rather dutiful attitude to them later in their lives.

One peculiarity associated with either the Sun or the Moon in Scorpio is there could be a death in the family at the time of your birth or soon after.

You may have been either very good or very bad at school. Sports and artistic subjects come easily to you, but you could have had difficulty coping with the pace and imposed discipline of normal school lessons. Some of you will have worked hard when reaching your teens in order to overcome childhood shortages of one kind or another. Some of you will marry in order to improve your position in life.

Although very fit, you can be a worrier over your health. Your weak spots are your arteries and veins; and you could suffer from high blood-pressure later in life. You may suffer from headaches and migraine; also other forms of allergies such as hay fever. The main problem seems to be in the reproductive organs; many women with this placement have terrible periods, and may have to have a hysterectomy in the end just to stop the endless outpouring of blood.

Moon in Scorpio: The emotional energy resources, which are strong when the Sun or Ascendant sign is Scorpio, are in some ways even more potent with a Scorpio Moon. They will surface at once when the individual is challenged; and the response to all kinds of situations is influenced in an extremely powerful way. Because the feelings are so instantly on tap, the subject can overreact when provoked; all kinds of reaction, both positive and negative, will be faced with vivid emotion. There may be outbursts which will surprise those confronted with them, since other areas of the personality usually present a very different sort of person.

Not only emotional but also physical energy is boosted by this placing, which adds determination and the instinctive urge to achieve. The subject can also encourage others (particularly loved ones) to achieve more. Laziness in a child, for instance, will be denounced by the Moon-in-Scorpio parent; and in the end the child will be bullied into action. There may also be a tendency to show a certain harsh reaction - such as taking an extreme line in the discussion of the treatment of criminals. Here, the immediate response of the Moon will home in on the cruel streak of Scorpio.

It is very important indeed that the subject realizes how many situations in life will prompt his instinctive response of jealousy. Rather as the individual with a Taurean Moon will react possessively and regret it, so the subject with the Moon in Scorpio may well loathe expressing any form of jealousy, but will simply not be able to help it. Again, it is the powerful influence of the Moon encouraging an immediate response and reaction. It will not be easy for the individual to control this negative trait; and the feelings will most certainly be heartfelt.

An awareness that jealousy can be very easily aroused, however, is essential, and will help the subject to cope with it. This will also enable the partner to fully understand the reaction of the loved one; and if you, as the astrologer, can explain this both to your subject and to his or her partner, you will be fulfilling your role very well indeed. If these extremely powerful sources of emotional energy and intuition can be channeled in positive directions, there will be great inner strength and resourcefulness.

Moon in Scorpio: The Moon in Scorpio indicates strong, biased emotions based on willful desire. This is not considered a favorable position for the Moon, because here it is in the sign of its fall.

There is a tendency to take personal affairs very seriously, which sometimes leads to possessiveness and extreme jealousy in some cases. When it is carried to extremes, the natives can hold grudges and plan to take revenge at an opportune time; in any event, they do not easily forget personal affronts. The inclination toward brooding and revenge is a serious character defect that can go with this Moon position, and it should be avoided at all costs. These individuals sometimes desire to restructure the family and domestic situations. They may want to dominate others through subtle means. They can also be very stubborn, on account of emotional attachment to their own desires. However, if clear direction and right motivation are present, they find no sacrifice too great to achieve a worthwhile objective. They have definite motives for all their actions, though these drives may not always be apparent.

Moon in Scorpio: You have a deep, though potentially paranoid, soul. You have the need to be intimately involved with Other - inextricably linked to a fear of abandonment. You have the instinct to seek out the hidden in Other - but equally a dread of being exposed. Your mother is seen or expressed as one who is close and powerful, and / or denying and manipulative.

You naturally respond in a positive manner towards Other when you intuitively know him / her to be emotionally genuine. You respond with passion and single-mindedness towards an Other who is attractive to you. You respond quite irresistibly to an Other with a powerful personality.

Your inner child reacts by closing down completely at the first sign of emotional weakness in Other, which is a sign of emotional weakness in itself. It reacts with a fear of betrayal almost as soon as you are initially attracted to Other. And when it suspects that the power it sees in Other could control you, the control games begin.

You gravitate towards an Other who is in need of being emotionally transformed or taken in hand; towards situations where you have to prove your emotional tenacity and resilience; and towards triangles of jealousy and other negative emotions.

You can get caught up in relationships with Others who turn out to be every bit as emotionally intense as you thought you were emotionally in command; in complex or deeply distressing experiences that stand to purge and deepen your emotional make¬up; and in having to establish once and for all where you stand emotionally.

When you are alone, it is because it is simply the most effective state to be in for confronting you with your deepest and most central fear - that of abandonment and betrayal. Being alone is more often than not a testament to the self-fulfilling prophecy that you created. This is because you have a belief conditioned into you that sooner or later whoever you are with will leave you in the lurch or do the dirty on you in some way. The ghastly truth, however, is that either you did not commit deeply and completely enough, and so Other gives up out of sheer exhaustion, or you obsessively possessed Other under the guise of 'love', leaving Other having to escape in order to breathe. If you are alone and you disagree with the above reasons, or they simply do not make sense to you, then it has to mean that you are in denial of your own emotional nature, and make what is difficult to relate to even more so. Either that, or you have decided to sit this one out.

Keynote: Feelings are hidden but intense. Symbol: A psychoanalyst helps his patient to relive the past.

The genius of the Moon-Scorpio person lies in his ability to see into the depths of things. He is a natural psychologist who can bring out the best or the worst in people and who appreciates the power of the unconscious factors which underlie everyday behavior. He is apt to be preoccupied with sex, and his problems frequently have obscure sexual origins.

Although highly charged emotionally, he may be so deeply reserved that he betrays no sign of the tumult of feelings which fight for control of his nature. This inner pressure keeps him restlessly on the go despite a tightly maintained control over his instincts. Often the most vital part of his life is carried on below the surface in fantasy and dreams. Because his psychic energies are engaged in the task of self-exploration rather than in practical work, it may appear that he is unable to express the best that is in him.

The Moon is in its detriment in Scorpio because the lunar function of growth is incompatible with the sign's function of elimination. The Moon rules the public, while Scorpio holds sway over such strictly private matters as generally pertain to the bedroom or bathroom. Lunar Scorpions are reticent about their personal affairs ¬often with good reason. They prefer jobs where they can shut themselves in private offices and work quietly and efficiently away from the spotlight of attention and the intrusions of strangers. Their retiring nature may deny them the recognition they deserve, even though they are ambitious to succeed in whatever projects they undertake.

The lunar Scorpion’s capacity for dogged persistence makes him willing to tackle difficult but essential jobs. These individuals often succeed as psychotherapists, critics, proofreaders, analysts, chemists, laboratory technicians, exterminators, and sanitary engineers. They like to be by the sea or a large body of water, and prosper in businesses relating to liquor or liquids. The Moon-Scorpio housewife runs a scrupulously shipshape home, largely because she does not hesitate to dispense with articles which have served their purpose.

Because the watery or psychic element is so prominent in their nature, these people are liable to go to emotional extremes. Sex becomes an issue, not only because the appetites are insistent, but because the primary libidinal drive may be diverted into devious channels, resulting in strange impulses, compulsions, and fetishes. There is a danger of turning to drugs, alcohol, or promiscuity in order to release pent-up feelings. However, when the deep-seated forces of the personality are given legitimate outlets, lunar Scorpions become faithful workers for causes in which they invest themselves body, mind, and soul.

This position often shows a peculiarly difficult life. The problems which boil to the surface may seem inexplicable, but to the esotericist they represent karmic liabilities brought over from a previous existence. Hence, they are unavoidable and inexorable in their demand for remedial action. Unconsciously, the individual has chosen to expiate former transgressions and to purify his nature through suffering. Sooner or later, he finds himself forced to renounce something he craves or to which he has become compulsively attached, as he learns to relinquish sensual satisfaction in order to regenerate himself from within.

Moon in Scorpio: Even though it is in a water sign, the Moon in Scorpio, moving quietly on the surface but turbulent in its depths, knows exactly where it is going. Here your emotional security is bound up in the need to be in control of the self - always. The mere thought of being in a situation, however temporary, where you have lost control - an accident, an illness, a natural catastrophe - brings on a feeling of panic. Your energies leap into action to grapple with the details that confront you, wrestling them to the ground until you are once again in command.

You learn early in life how to respond to daily situations in order to safeguard yourself and function to your capacity. You carefully consider every event and each person of any importance who comes your way as you probe for any unexpected, subtle, unseen forces at work to threaten your safety. If any are detected with your psychic radar, you drag them out of their hiding place, coolly look them over, and eliminate those of no consequence. You, the Moon in Scorpio person, are an excellent eliminator of any persons or circumstances that do not enhance your long-range purpose.

If another person tries, successfully or not, to dominate and drive you into subjugation, you are decidedly uncomfortable. You must have your own way or follow your own road map; and no-one, loved or disliked, had better try to interfere. All these inner pressures are seldom apparent on your usually calm surface.

Generally you hold your emotions in check until you feel secure in expressing them, however discreetly, to a chosen few. You have carefully calculated how much you will show. You certainly don't want anyone to know how you react to various situations; for if you knew, they would then understand how to control you.

Many times you retreat into secretiveness to maintain your inner composure. Because of such self-discipline you cope well with emergencies or any sudden distressing events. On rare occasions when you are driven by happenings beyond your grasp, you may veer dramatically from one extreme to the other. Such behavior confuses and shocks others, for these outbursts are alien to your normal conduct and seldom are they referred to again. You also seek security in knowing how to subtly manipulate others to do as you wish, for then they are under your domination and you are assured of the desired reaction.

You are capable of loving deeply with your whole heart and soul. To you, love is touched with pain, for you seem to fall in love with those whom you try to change to conform to your pattern. If the loved one is incapable of changing, your loyalty endures even to and beyond the point of suffering. You need to learn how to release the beloved from your grasp without concern for the concept of a winner or a loser. for your consuming emotions and needs either drive the other one away from such frightening intensity, or cause you to reject another as soon as you experience intimacy, for fear of being rejected yourself.

'If it doesn't hurt, or if it doesn't have the power to cause hurt, it must not be true love.' This is how a Scorpio Moon person feels, and that is why so many of you have intense tragedies in love affairs. You stay in the relationships until you are wounded beyond endurance, or until your mate can no longer tolerate the pain.

If you are a female with this placement, you rarely display your affections openly with extravagant words and gestures, but hold it back for the privacy of intimate moments. You look for emotional feedback from your partner to reinforce your sense of self-worth. You expect loyalty and a certain amount of freedom, an understanding that you must be your own person with your own control valve. You do not want to be dominated, consciously or unconsciously, as many women do. Quite the opposite. You consider yourself equal to your man in the full sense of the word.

As a mother, you take your responsibilities seriously, and use much of your emotional energy in protecting and raising your children according to your Scorpio code. You respect their individuality and, as they mature, allow them freedom to find their own way and discover their own talents. Your love is deep and strong.

If you are a male with this placement, you look for assurance from your mate that you are indeed in control of everything - the home, the finances, the children's education, the kind of car you buy. You expect your spouse to understand your moods, your need for privacy, and to allow you to withdraw into yourself when you must. Even though you enjoy the close family relationship, there are times when you must find a peaceful retreat to inhabit so you can restore serenity to your turbulent emotional nature. 'Leave me alone', you say. And she does.

What do you, the Moon-in-Scorpio person, depend on? It's the ability to master any emotional situation by controlling yourself, submerging the more painful feelings and using the more positive ones to solve your dilemmas. You, of all the signs, have the inbred strength to survive under the most staggering physical, mental and emotional conditions. You know that you are strong, yet you keep this to yourself. Your hidden sources of strength and stamina are always there for you to dredge up and use when life hurls you a devastating blow.

Moon in Scorpio: Dominating and aggressive. Impatient and moody, given to brooding. Easily hurt and can be jealous. Impulsive. Desire is the motivating force. Strong pride and will. Intensely passionate in response to life. Set in ways and very stubborn. Apt to be disappointed in love. Apt to demand too much and not give enough of understanding. Sit in judgment on others too quickly. Greatest need: to learn to forgive and forget. Strong physically. Sensual. Extremist in temperament. Strong, deep feelings, but they need handling. Needs to achieve an optimistic attitude toward life. Go after what they want, and usually get it and then find out it's not what they really wanted. In a male chart, will attract a possessive and jealous mate if Moon is afflicted. A magnetic feminine.

Moon in Scorpio: You are especially sharp at focusing on what is important in a situation, particularly in a long-term affair, and in acting upon it accordingly. You have probably learned that what is obvious to you is not always obvious to others; therefore, you should be fairly discreet in expressing your opinions until you are quite sure of your partner's views.

This ability may be helpful in the long run, but it may cause you to miss some opportunities if you wait too long for a potential lover to open up to you. At the same time, however, it will save you the annoyance of inadvertently becoming involved with a prying or over demanding lover.

Very probably you will choose a partner who takes life less seriously than you do, someone who will provide daily enjoyment and happiness and let you handle the larger problems.

Sexuality is likely to be a very intense and deep means of expression and communication, through which you show your greatest affection for your partner. In an ideal relationship, you may totally transcend your personality in sexual consumation, making it an almost religious experience. If this doesn't work out, however, don't hold it against your lover, who probably cannot participate at your level of intensity. When the time and circumstances are right, the experience will be all the more satisfying.

Moon in Scorpio Woman: You're never detached. Not about sex, not about work, not about friends, not about anything. You're passionate and intense, even when you keep it to yourself, which you often do. You know how to wait and see what comes to you, and you use your aura of mystery to lure what you want to you, even though you are perfectly capable of going after it yourself. You're deeply emotional and extremely sensitive, both to nuances and to slights. You can be very demanding but you're vulnerable and get hurt easily. You usually hide your hurt feelings and brood about them in private, planning revenge.

The faint of heart gets left behind with you. Only the strong can deal with you, because of your emotional intensity. And it doesn't let up. You're quick to like or dislike, and you usually produce a love/hate reaction in others as well. It's hard for you to trust, because you're always undergoing some kind of inner transformation that's very private and intense, and you don't share easily. They have to prove to you that they're worthy, but if they do, you will stick with them through thick and thin. You have staying power. Extremes come naturally to you, from letting go completely to cutting off completely and never looking back. You had to survive the hard way. You learned about emotional manipulation - how to do it and how to avoid being trapped by it.

Your mother was a complex person who often intruded on you, with both her strengths and her weaknesses. Your sexuality was a big problem for her and you've had to work hard to clear up your emotional relationship with her. She had many good sides, and could be a charismatic and compelling person with good insights.

You want a man who is powerful and fearless. Someone who has seen the dark side of life and coped with it already. He'll have to be able to dig into his own psyche for treasures and transform what he finds there.

Moon in Scorpio Man: Nothing is quite what it seems. You're a person who always knows that there’s more to a situation than meets the eye. You investigate, probe, and dig beneath the surface. When you get fixed on someone, an idea, or your work, you don’t let go. You're obsessive in your involvements, totally there for whomever or whatever. That’s because you have intense and very strong feelings. You always try to understand the motivations of yourself and others, for you find this healing. You do best when you can pour your energy into meaningful work, for then you become very dedicated.

It’s important for you to have control over your life, and you see money and sex as a means to that end. You only feel secure when you're in the driver’s seat, and because you're extremely emotional, sex is always very intense. As you don’t trust easily, it takes time for you to open up. When you don’t want to feel your feelings you can be sexually controlling. You do this by dominating or by being uninterested in sex.

Abuse, abandonment, hatred, and death are all familiar to you, even when not overt. It was all around you when you were growing up. In fact, it was the things that were swept under the rug that hurt the most. Your mother had an emotional laundry list a mile long and it affected you deeply. She was attached to you, dedicated, but often she was intrusive and controlling, or she was too busy dealing with her own issues of loss and pain when you were little to pay much attention to your needs. Your feelings for her are complex and not easy to talk about.

Your ideal woman has a purpose and strong will with a quiet calm covering her complex nature. A femme fatale, she is magnetic and tends toward extremes in looks and personality. Emotional yet controlled, she tolerates your need to push things to the hilt. You self-destruct just so you can rebuild. She understands you can be a force for good, because your struggles let you understand other people’s grief, and respond to people without regard to their social masks.

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Moon in Scorpio: Warren Beatty, Johnny Cash, Charlie Chaplin, James Dean, Lady Gaga, Uri Geller, J.Paul Getty, Robert Hand, George Harrison, Alfred Hitchcock, Bruce Lee, Bob Marley, Meher Baba, Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Taylor, Mark Zuckerberg, AndyF, BenSt, George, JonathanG, Judin, Lorraine, Mark, Medwick (at end), Merrill, Ricardo, Suji