Moon in Sagittarius

If we have a Sagittarian Moon, we need to be free to expand our boundaries - to discover and actualize new possibilities, to travel, and / or to develop our understanding. We have a generous heart, and seek to give from our own bounty; we also seek to rise above our difficulties through humor and enjoyable companionship.

When our real needs are not met, or when we come into contact with feelings or needs which threaten us, we may express our Sagittarian nature in a defensive or distorted manner - procrastinating or avoiding immediate issues by focusing upon the future, abstract realms or escapist activities; becoming preoccupied with ideals or goals rather than current tasks; intellectualizing or philosophizing incessantly; joking inappropriately; or moving restlessly from activity to activity or person to person on an endless quest both to escape from responsibility and to fulfill our inner emptiness.

Most probably, our mother or significant parent figure provided us with a constructive philosophical framework by which to view life, and imbued us with a love of both internal and external exploration. But such a parent may have been fearful of emotional closeness and taken refuge in distant realms rather than responding to our real needs or feelings or to the difficulties or burdens we experienced. She may have indulged us rather than given us real nourishment. She may have preached rather than gently taught, issuing 'shoulds' or religious principles which may not have been in keeping with our own nature and development.

Those of us with Moon in Sagittarius may need to re-parent ourselves by creating our own philosophy and morality apart from our parents and by using our philosophy to help us come to terms with rather than suppress our feelings and needs. Our tasks may also include learning to give to ourselves as well as others, developing the internal freedom capable of existing within limitations and commitments, and discovering and maintaining contact with the God within or an internal guiding spirit which leads and inspires us.

Moon in Sagittarius: If you feel the need to strive perpetually to confirm your intellectual superiority, you may become obsessed with feeling you have to obtain a tangible result. You may seek the ultimate 'grand vision' that will empower you to put your physical universe in order. You might believe that by your demonstrating perfection in all aspects of your life, others will bow to your moral knowledge and bestow the faith that you need.

You may unconsciously search for the elusive ideal of the perfect solution that gives you proof of your righteousness. In the absence of an ultimate ideal, you may feel unable to act, and can become lost and confused, lacking confidence in your perspective.

When you take responsibility for creating closeness with others, you may find that spreading your theoretical conclusions does not result in effective communication. You can become so preoccupied with imperfection that you fail to see your perfect image in the eyes of others. The truth is that others already see the nobility of your striving. Work on ridding yourself of judgments and evaluations so that you can accept your own perfection. You accomplish this by concentrating on the deeper messages of others, thus experiencing their perfection, which puts you in touch with your own.

By sacrificing the Sagittarius need to prove superior knowledge, you can hear what others are asking. Responding with spontaneous intuitive answers enables others to find the truth and source of their own perfection. In this way, you also find security and the closeness with others that you want. By putting others in touch with their completeness, you experience your own.

You can communicate innocently by sharing your Sagittarius vision and allowing others to apply it in their own lives. This technique allows you to contribute to them in a way they can accept; and this acceptance is the acknowledgement you need. When you discover that you are able to communicate truth, you experience your own security along with the idealistic closeness with others that you desire.

You may have a blind spot regarding some social mores. Until this is understood, there may be blundering in your life, accompanied by (seemingly unfair) social punishment and retribution. If this is the case, you are learning not to put yourself above social laws and the ethics of appropriate conduct. Once you decide to co¬operate with prevailing social mores, the blind spot is removed and you will no longer experience society as unexpectedly inhibiting your desire for freedom.

You feel socially isolated from others, and have a sense of loneliness and wanting to be understood and accepted by others. You want to be able to share truth and inspiration, hoping that the vitality of this exchange will reconnect you with your own source.

When you come off your philosophical mountaintop and learn to relate, you will realize that to be understood you must first seek to understand others. You are learning to drop isolating self-righteous attitudes and to use your mind to discover the unspoken rules of personality interactions that others take for granted. When you accept these boundaries of socially accepted behavior, you will be able to share your philosophical awarenesses with others in a way they can accept and appreciate.

Moon in Sagittarius: In Sagittarius, the Moon tells of much activity, physical and mental - of high ideals, of travels both physical and mental. The native wants to learn, to spread knowledge; he wants to give of himself, and attracts people with trouble, inspiration, and a message to impart to the world. He can be buried in the ambitions and problems of others to his own detriment if he does not take care to avoid such a situation. He loves adventure and he creates idols which, at times, prove to have the feet of clay - he is a natural student, and is attracted to reading, writing, publishing, advertising, publicity, and understanding various peoples of the world. He is generous, charming, and fond of the outdoors and of animals; and he wants to discover things and people.

He has much imagination - which on the positive side leads to solid, creative expression. On the negative side, this leads to daydreaming, and unorthodoxy merely for the sake of being different. The native is frank, expresses himself clearly, and is able to combine irony with humor - he loves to tell stories and to recall past events; and he is attracted to history both as a hobby and as a profession.

The native tends to feel limited. He would like to soar to the heights - but there is danger that he will be aimless, soaring merely to get moving, to create changes, to feel free, and to throw off the weight of basic responsibilities. Much travel is indicated, including overseas - and the native often becomes an expert on another country, even if he never actually visits the nation in question.

He is inclined to be restless. Thus, numerous changes of residence are indicated. He also has changes of heart and emotions with members of the opposite sex. He is difficult to understand because he does not, in the long run, find himself easy to comprehend. His moods and interests are subject to change. He is in constant need of mental stimulation. The purely physical soon bores him. He is attracted, first and foremost, by the intellect - by another person's ability to express himself.

Much talent is indicated along lines of philosophy - much interest in the subject of religion, even if the native is not a religious individual in the orthodox sense. He is attracted to mysticism - he wants to find out about the lives of men who changed the world. Thus, he would make an excellent researcher, teacher or writer. He wants to publish, and to spread information and knowledge. He can be found in advertising, creating propaganda, and is also the constructive critic of the efforts of others.

He has either two occupations or a hobby which so absorbs him that he might as well have two fields of endeavor.

The astrologer can help him learn some of the hard facts of life - learn the value of money and strive to be more practical in his outlook.

Moon in Sagittarius: With the Moon in Sagittarius, the dominating impulse will be toward freedom -physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The need for 'freedom from...' may be easily recognized, but 'freedom to...' may be unfamiliar. You have a powerful expansionary urge which needs to transcend barriers and boundaries, although this may work against requirements for commitment and perseverance as an escapist tendency is ever-present when obligations become too oppressive. Part of the expansionary impulse is to exploit personal potential in whatever way is favored. You may display a behavior pattern that demands that options be left open, prefers to avoid making firm decisions, and insists on mobility and freedom of choice. Relationship ties in particular may be resisted.

Intellectualism and idealism are likely to be present, as well as futuristic and optimistic attitudes. The need for a distinct belief system with high aspirations will be noted. This belief system may not be conventional or traditional - although you may have absorbed one from earlier social conditioning - provided that it satisfy your idealistic nature. Most beliefs are ambivalent in their actual application to real life; and, with your outlook, this is likely to be the case, whether the beliefs are expansive and universally tolerant or narrow and sectarian. Looking through the rose-colored glasses of your perception, social beliefs will be heavily influenced by unconscious emotional factors, and may lack objectivity. Sometimes a trusting gullibility may let you down or involve you in directions that may not be in your best interests.

You will probably be socially gregarious, enjoying intellectual company, and will often be generous to friends and colleagues in various ways. Mutual companionship is important; and even in intimate relationships, this will be a vital component. Understanding the multiplicity of individual differences may, however, be less evident, and could constitute a blind spot. You may fail to recognize individual needs in the same way that you often fail to acknowledge your own. You may gain self-esteem by finding social influence through your intellect, perhaps garbed in the robes of a teacher. The expansionary impulse may lead you to explore other countries through curiosity and love of travel; you may react against being stuck in an overly familiar physical location, and when you feel trapped, you may escape by running far away in order to reassert freedom.

There is considerable self-belief, and you will often feel lucky, testing this by taking risks in your life, through relationships, career changes, home moves, or financial speculations.

Yet the weak area lies in your Moon nature, where deeper emotional, feeling, and instinctual needs may not be met and satisfied, since you tend to evade them by social activity and diversionary mental interests. You may not feel comfortable accepting your emotions; it is hard to fit them into a belief structure, and they are unpredictable. When activated, emotions tend to involve you in intimate and emotional situations which could threaten freedom and flexibility. You tend to see duties, responsibilities, and obligations as inimical to your freedom, hearing warning bells whenever anyone crosses over that invisible dividing line, fearing that 'prison bars' are going to clang shut on you forever. So you often inhibit and repress emotional involvement or, if in emotional relationships, you may start looking for reasons and ways to escape.

If inner barriers are continually erected against contacting those agitating feelings, the higher Sagittarian qualities may become distorted. You may impose a rigid belief system on your worldview; you may physically seek escape from the situation, running away from commitment to your decisions and to people. You may avoid confronting issues by adopting the ostrich position, putting your head in the sand and hoping that problems will go away. You may dream about long-term plans, instead of applying your efforts in the present to achieve them. You may evade making decisions, defer your actions, absorb yourself in idealistic fancies rather than accept a less glamorous reality, or amplify your intellectualism at the expense of your repressed feelings.

A reorienting balance between Moon and Sagittarius energies is needed, so that the higher qualities of both can be expressed and the needs of each equally honored.

Independence and self-responsibility need cultivating, so that an external belief system is not used as a shield against facing the real world and your own hidden, unexplored nature. A degree of self-reflection is required for access to your instinctual and emotional nature, and to allow their expression. You must listen to its whispered messages and subtle movements of feelings, which indicate what your real needs are and how you should be satisfying them.

These Moon messages can act as an inspirational guide; and acknowledging their validity and importance can become a vital step toward integration. If you need to retain a worldview, try to form one suited to your individual needs, one that incorporates the totality of your being and does not just reflect a dominant part. Maturity involves balancing personal freedom with the inevitable restrictions and limitations of daily life; exploration can occur wherever you are and in any circumstance, as freedom is a state of mind and not dependent on external environments. It is an inner realm of freedom that will offer you the deepest sense of a satisfying sanctuary.

Moon in Sagittarius: You are good-natured, fun-loving, optimistic and sociable. With your easy-going manner, wit and sense of humor, you attract many friends and acquaintances, and are rarely without companions. You don't like to be alone, and surround yourself with people and activity whenever possible.

Though your circle of friends and associates may be large and diverse, you have difficulty forming close, emotional bonds. Even with your partner and family members you are not really intimate. Family ties are rather loose; and you may either live some distance from your parents, siblings and / or children, or spend much time traveling, working or engaged in activities that keep you away from home.

Perhaps you have an avid interest in sports. Although your love of the game may be sincere, it's important to realize that you also might be using this to escape from reality and to avoid anything more than superficial interaction with others. Many people with this position do have natural athletic ability; but even if you aren't particularly good at playing any game, you are probably an 'armchair athlete' and enjoy watching sports. You're not averse to placing a bet now and again, especially on the horses.

Your love relationships probably are romantic friendships rather than deep emotional commitments. You can be affectionate and enthusiastic, but your emotions are somewhat shallow and you are probably happiest with a partner who will play, socialize and go places with you. One of your deepest, most fundamental needs is to be free and unfettered; and intimacy is a bit frightening to you. As soon as you start to care about someone you begin to feel trapped. When this happens, you usually end the relationship or simply keep your emotional distance. Obviously, this can cause serious problems if you are involved with someone who is more serious and intense emotionally, such as a Scorpio- or Cancer-Moon individual.

You are always eager to expand your horizons - through personal experience or vicariously through the experiences of others. You enjoy learning from others and sharing ideas and adventures with them. Afraid of missing something, you are reluctant to limit yourself in your relationships. All sorts of people intrigue you, and you may have trouble remaining monogamous.

Optimistic and idealistic, you can always see the silver lining inside every cloud, and believe things will turn out for the best. The future may seem dismal for others, but you never doubt that your own will be bright. Though you can be something of a 'Pollyanna', your positive attitude and belief in yourself often bring you good fortune. You have a way of attracting people who can help you in life; and because you focus on success rather than failure, you are ready to take advantage of opportunities that come your way. Consequently, you seem to be naturally lucky. Even when you fail, you don't give up, and you bounce back from defeats easily. However, because you never look back, you rarely learn from your mistakes.

You also have a tendency to scatter your energies, and to fail to finish what you start. Your intentions are good, but you need to be careful of promising more than you can deliver. Your inclination to think big and to overestimate yourself can lead you to go too far out on a limb and end up disappointing others. As a result, you can earn yourself a reputation for being unreliable.

You probably love to travel. If you aren't able to travel, you probably long to see the world and try to satisfy your desire through reading and watching TV / movies about faraway places. When you were a child, you may have moved frequently, lived abroad or traveled extensively. As an adult, you may be reluctant to buy a home of your own or to spend money furnishing it, since you don't believe that you're going to stay in one place long. Physical possessions would only tie you down.

This planetary position truly represents the rolling stone that gathers no moss. You are happiest and at your best when you are on the go, and are actually nurtured by movement. Driving appeals to you, but you tend to drive too fast and take too many chances on the road. If chained to a desk, or forced to stay indoors performing the same task day after day, you'll be miserable.

You need physical outlets for your restlessness and energy. Running, skiing, dancing and bike-riding in particular might appeal to you. Exercise can also help you keep your weight down, since you have a tendency to overindulge in food and drink.

Your mother (or nurturing parent) was probably quite lenient with you when you were a child and encouraged you to be independent and adventurous. Perhaps she also inspired you to seek knowledge and experience wherever you could find it. As a result, you are eager to expand your understanding of the world in which you live, and might pursue philosophy, psychology, religion or metaphysics to broaden your perspective. It is quite likely that you want your own children to be free to experience life to its fullest, and encourage them to learn and explore everything they can. You see yourself more as a friend to your children than as an authority figure, and enjoy playing with them. When it comes to discipline, however, you can be a little lax. You might be a bit irresponsible about some of your other responsibilities to them too, such as providing material support or being there when they need you. If Saturn stressfully aspects your Moon, you may see your children as inhibiting your freedom.

Women with this Moon placement are usually cheerful, sociable, perhaps a bit 'scattered', with many diverse interests and activities filling their lives. Men with Moon in Sagittarius might seek partners who fulfill this side of them, and be attracted to women who are fun-loving, friendly, optimistic, athletic and / or philosophical. However, you have a tendency to be too idealistic about your partners, and may spend most of your time searching for the perfect lover rather than settling down with any one of them.

Moon in Sagittarius: Neither the planet nor the sign has anything in common with the other; therefore, each will work against the other in some way. Problems which result from this will be felt in the area of your emotions and in your relationships with others. If this is your Moon sign, you probably didn't receive much physical affection from your parents. Maybe they weren't the kind who went in for touching and cuddling, or you yourself may have pushed them away. There are some children who hate being kissed and smothered by adults, although most children do enjoy receiving comfort and affection from their own family. It's possible that your parents had to work hard and didn't have much time to spare for you; all this could lead you, in later life, to separate the feelings of love from those of sex. I have found this to be a greater problem for male lunar Sagittarians than for females. You may shrink back from being touched by others in normal daily life, or you might find it difficult to caress and stroke your partner when making love! If all this seems to be all too true, then don't despair, because you, above all the signs of the Zodiac, have the brain and courage to face up to your problems, seek help, and eventually sort yourself out. Those of you who don't have this problem are so cuddlesome that they actually prefer to choose a chubby partner for themselves!

Any physical problems which you may experience are more than made up for by the excellence of your mind. Everything interests you, but you accept nothing at face value. You enjoy reading and, on the rare occasions when you watch the TV, you enjoy programs which have something to say. Some of you are deeply philosophic in your manner of thinking. You may have been brought up in a religious family, rejected their ideas, and later on found others which suited you better. There are many solar and lunar Sagittarians in the spiritualist movement and also in the psychic world, all trying to make life that bit more meaningful for others. You are intuitive, exceptionally clairvoyant, and probably a good healer as well, although you may not yet have discovered that you have these gifts.

You need personal freedom and independence, needing especially to be in charge of your own life rather than being under someone else's thumb. You must be able to come and go as you please. You cannot be cooped up anywhere; indeed, you may even suffer from claustrophobia when travelling in a lift or in the back seat of a two-door car. New faces fascinate you and you need plenty of friends because you become bored if you have to spend every day in the same company. Sagittarius being a mutable sign, you can adapt to most situations and enjoy all kinds of people. You are broad-minded and never racist or bigoted. Like most mutable subjects, you do need to get away on your own from time to time in order to think and to recharge your emotional batteries. You have exceptionally clear vision, and can see to the heart of a problem when others can only see muddle. You are resourceful enough to solve most problems both for yourself and for others, although you do appreciate a helping hand when it is offered. You will help anybody who is in trouble and in a crisis. Being sure of your own abilities at times of trouble, you may push others out of the way so that you can get on with sorting the problems out by yourself. This behavior is not always appreciated by those whom you are pushing!

Solar Sagittarians are sociable and outgoing, but lunar ones are shyer. This depends upon the kind of Sun and Ascendant you have on your birth chart; but nevertheless, you will have some of the typically Sagittarian characteristics. You may be a good actor. Certainly you have the ability to interest others, fill them with enthusiasm and motivate them. The traditional Sagittarian careers of the church, the law and teaching may not apply directly to you; but you often find yourself teaching others in some way or another, and your own codes of honor and ethics will be high. You may have the traditional Sagittarian tactlessness as well, but the Moon being sensitive to the feelings of others makes this less likely. You are sensitive to atmospheres - for instance, you are aware as soon as you go into a room if there has been an argument going on in there. You may over-react to people who show hostility towards you. Your temper is explosive and your tongue sharp and articulate; therefore, you could make an unpleasant, if not actually dangerous, adversary. However, like most Fire signs, you don't hold a grudge, and prefer to forget bad feelings and look towards the future with optimism.

The Moon is associated with the home, and Sagittarius is a dexterous sign; therefore, you should be good at do-it-yourself jobs and also cooking. This might at first seem a peculiar thing to say, as the vast majority of you will spend as much time away from the home as you can, and would hate to spend your lives decorating and cooking. However, I have noticed that all lunar Sagittarians are absolutely inspired when it comes to cooking for guests; and, even if you don't actually do the decorating yourself, your tastes and choices in materials and décor would be perfect. If there is some Cancer on your chart, you would definitely go in for home carpentry work. Whatever you do, you don't like mess and dirt, and cannot stand living in chaotic surroundings. You need peace and calm in the home, as you expend a lot of energy in your career, and need to refresh yourself in a peaceful, loving atmosphere at home in order to rest your delicate nervous system.

You enjoy sports and may be a good swimmer. You are too active to spend your spare time sitting about, so any form of sports or dancing would appeal to you - this also brings out your competitive spirit. Although you may be a little on the shy side, you enjoy singing, music or artistic hobbies, but probably would prefer to be among a group rather than out on your own as the solar Sagittarian would. Your active nature would make you choose a job where you have the chance to move around and meet people, and also where you are up on your feet rather than sitting about. Your pattern of working may alternate between manic activity and apparent laziness. This is because you are not good at keeping to a steady routine, but will go at something hammer and tongs while you are inspired, and then recoup your energies, probably whilst planning for the next burst of activity.

If you have to leave your home for any reason, you would set about making another attractive place for yourself as soon as possible. Being attractive and rather vain about your appearance, you enjoy buying nice clothes, and may tend to spoil yourself while conveniently forgetting that there are bills to be paid.

Your appearance and your body are very important to you, as activity is so much a part of your nature.

There is, as with most of the mutable signs, a strange duality about you. You want something passionately and then go off it once you have got it. You need security at the same time as you need freedom; this can make you appear irresponsible to others, but somehow you always find an answer and seem to be able to pull the irons out of the fire when things go wrong. You are no stranger to debts, but hate to be in debt. You can soon put other people's problems in perspective for them, but you may be hopeless at sorting out your own muddles. A friend of mine who is just about typical of this lunation is responding to the fact that her husband has left her by giving up her job and spending money on clothing and nice things when it is the last thing she ought to be doing. This is an almost Piscean reaction in refusing to face reality - because reality right now is too much to face! The last split is in your attitude to personal relationships. You need and want to love and be loved, but you may find it hard to be faithful because there are so many interesting people out there who will be equally fascinated by your looks and your charisma. You need a really understanding partner. Another oddity is that you really prefer friendship to affairs anyway, so you could appear to promise much and not really deliver anything at all! Very strange. You couldn't cope with someone who lays the law down to you: under those circumstances, you would assert your independence.

You can be a bit dual in the world of work too. You are highly ambitious, but not necessarily money-minded. You need money to pay the bills and to make life fun, but not for power or to impress others. Women of this lunation like to control their own finances. You need to work at something which you enjoy and which keeps you in touch with people. You can appear lazy to others because you have a habit of preparing your work at home either before or after your normal working hours, thus hiding the actual amount of effort which you put into your work. Metaphorically speaking, this gives you the appearance of a duck - which, as we know, glides effortlessly over the surface of the water, but is actually paddling away like mad under the surface! However much you love your job, you also need to relax and socialize, and are not as a rule a workaholic. You are, in all but shape, a well-rounded person. Women of this particular sign can become wrapped up in causes, and will be found saving the whale and banning the bomb. This could cause problems on the domestic front as there will sometimes be too little time left for the family. Being slightly bossy, a woman with the Moon in Sagittarius would need a very understanding husband, but she is wise enough to find the right one for herself, and if she didn't do so the first time, she will have another go. Both sexes love children; but spending your days looking after small children wouldn't stimulate you enough mentally. Many of you are brilliant with older children; and you may involve yourself with the scout or guide movement or something similar. Lunar Sagittarians make excellent teachers.

Your sense of adventure means that you could take up anything from hang-gliding to mountain climbing. You enjoy every experience that comes along. This is the sign of the traveler; and, the Moon being associated with travel, especially travel over water, means that you take every opportunity to travel anywhere at the drop of a hat. You are fascinated by desert and mountainous areas where you can stand tall and see for miles.

Anyone choosing to live with you would find you a happy and optimistic partner for as long as you have the freedom to do your own thing. You cannot stand people who try to dominate you or control your actions; neither could you live with a partner who whines and nags. The worst type for you to have to cope with, either at work or in your personal life, is someone who is critical of you whilst considering him- or herself to be perfect. Your intense need for freedom and independence means that you spend time away from the home, possibly travelling around in connection with your work. You would be happy to be married to someone rather like yourself, as you wouldn't seek to tie your partner down either. If you have an ambitious partner, you help him / her to get ahead in his / her career. If you are allowed freedom and trust, you will probably choose to remain faithful; but if restricted, you will show your resentment by straying from the straight and narrow. Your unpredictability can make you hard to live with.

You don't give up on a relationship at the first hurdle; you try to do all that you can to make it work. You will adapt your own nature and your own needs to that of the partner as far as you can in order to make the relationship work. There is a possibility that you could find yourself stuck with a partner who suffers from some kind of mental illness. I discovered while researching this book that lunar Sagittarians have many connections with mental illness, whether through senile parents, a schizophrenic child or a dotty spouse. There are times when you are so busy trying to adapt to their unrealistic behavior that you begin to wonder just who is the dotty one!

You may choose a partner who is out of the traditional mould, for instance someone older or younger than yourself or of a different racial or religious background. You may strongly attract people of a type which you cannot really stand; or you may find yourself attracted to someone who pleases you in one way and repels you in another.

It is hard to find someone who is right for you in every way - that is, mentally, physically and spiritually.

As a parent, you are proud of your offspring and will do all you can to help them get on in life. You respect their need for space and a separate identity, and also their dignity. There is a possibility that you could live apart from them for some part of their childhood, either due to work which takes you away from home or as a result of divorce.

Many of you will have parents who were born in a different country from the one in which you live. This is actually more often the case when the Ascendant is in Sagittarius, but also applies to the Moon quite often. There may be Irish connections or Jewish ones - emigration or just living away from home are equally possible. This may to some extent explain some of the splits in your personality - if, for example, you were educated in a different manner from those around you, brought up in a religion which is anachronistic in your present country, or even speaking a different language when with your parents. I asked my friend Susan about her childhood, which was spent in a variety of different countries; and she told me that it was hard always to be the child who spoke the wrong language or who had the wrong accent.

In career, your greatest need is for freedom of action and the ability to communicate with others, possibly on a rather large scale. You are a natural teacher; and if you don't work directly in education, you would still enjoy helping and guiding others and passing on the knowledge which you have accumulated over the years. Most of you are surprisingly modest about your work and your achievements, and tend not to promote yourselves very well; therefore, it is only when one gets to know you better that we learn just how knowledgeable you actually are.

You would enjoy a job in broadcasting or publishing, or even as an entertainer. Many of you are good actors and singers; but, unless you have a fair dose of Leo or Aries on your chart, you may be too shy to push yourself forward in this way. You are adaptable enough to get on with anyone and to work anywhere; but you have high standards and a strong sense of your surroundings, and therefore you couldn't do anything which was really down-market or under-handed, or which involved working in dirty, messy surroundings. You are stubborn enough to finish what you start, but you may start too many projects and then become worn out from trying to do them all at once.

The travel trade would attract you, as you love to expand your horizons in a practical sense as well as in a mental one. Some of you can work on dicey projects which involve intuition and the ability to guess right. This could be something like the futures market on the stock exchange, or any other business connected with gambling. Your being over-optimistic at times, this could occasionally run you into trouble. Whatever you do, and even if your own confidence deserts you at the wrong moment in your career, your pixilated sense of humor will always see you through. Lunar Sagittarians are excellent salespeople as long as they believe in the product they are handling.

Your relationship with your parents was good but distant in some way, possibly because they were busy or because they didn't encourage closeness. 'I just couldn't keep my parents' attention', says Joe, a salesman for an electronics company. 'My father led a busy life which took him travelling, rather like I do I suppose. My mother was always preoccupied with her church cronies.' Joe's story is typical even down to the fact that the lunar Sagittarian's experience of parenthood could turn out to be similar to his own parents' experiences.

Your parents may have come from a different country with a different culture from the one in which you are now living; possible just a different part of the country, and with a different outlook on life or a different religion.

You did well at school - if not in academic studies, then in something else such as art, dancing, music or sports. The greatest and most important part of your education will come later in life. Your pleasant appearance and friendly, open attitude will make you popular at school.

You could suffer from some of the Sagittarian ailments of leg and hip problems, varicose veins, phlebitis, rheumatism and blood disorders. Women of this lunation may have period problems followed by a hysterectomy.

Moon in Sagittarius: People with this placing will respond in a very positive, optimistic and enthusiastic way to circumstances (especially those that are challenging), for the sheer enjoyment and need of challenge is a quintessential Sagittarian characteristic. These people give the impression that they will not worry or bother too much with the pros and cons of a situation. In fact, that are not very good at recognizing small details or problems, and will tend to ignore them when they are pointed out by others.

The urge to move forward physically and intellectually is very strong - impatience when waiting in traffic jams, for instance, is common! These individuals will enjoy feeling that their intellect is being stretched, but can sometimes give the impression of knowing and understanding much more than is really the case.

Hope and optimism run high, until other, more sober elements of the personality take over (if they are present elsewhere in the chart). Balance is needed if the individual is not to incline towards bluster, with blind optimism clouding common sense. Nevertheless, he or she has general keenness and enthusiasm, and is the complete reverse of the 'wet blanket'!

A tendency to be off-hand is a fault that often emerges with this placing, however. 'See if I care' is the sort of statement that is characteristic of the Moon in Sagittarius, usually followed by a turn and toss of the head, with the individual already thinking of something, or someone, else.

Sagittarian restlessness will almost inevitably be present, and must be countered, or recognized at the very least. There is marvelous potential, especially intellectually; and it is up to the individual to develop a consistency of effort by fully using other areas of her personality. She must aim to calm her reactions, even though these are positive, so that the Sagittarian sage-like qualities and the subject's own sound, possibly even unique, philosophy of life can be used to their full and best advantage.

Digestive problems and biliousness can affect the health, as those with this placing like to enjoy food which is a little too rich for their systems.

Moon in Sagittarius: You have the soul of a gypsy, but potentially a naive soul. You have the need to be having fun with Other - but this could find you being emotionally indiscreet. You have the instinct to find a positive direction - but sometimes this could amount to restlessness. Your mother is seen or expressed as being free and philosophical, and / or indulgent or sanctimonious.

You naturally respond towards Other with great enthusiasm, giving Other a boost in the process. You respond to Other in a manner that expects freedom of movement as well as allowing it; and you respond in an innocent and trusting manner that brings out the best in Other.

Your inner child reacts with offhandedness and dismissiveness when Other does not want to play your game; irresponsibly and outrageously when in any way restricted or obligated; and gullibly or opportunistically to any offer that appears to be better than what you currently have.

You gravitate towards expansive, cosmopolitan Others where travel, abundance and sophistication are the style; towards Others who are outgoing and exciting, often with strong opinions and beliefs; and Others who are easy going and fun to be with.

You can get caught up in relationships which promise far more than they deliver, showing you that indulgence or a want of ease makes for being a poor judge; in situations that have no meaning and drive you to despair until you discover what you believe in for yourself; and in a relationship with an unstable Other.

When you are alone, it is most likely to be because you or Other have found your relationship too confining, or conversely too open-ended to feel secure in - and so something has had to give. But because of this inclination of yours to want both security and freedom within a relationship, it is just as likely that you find yourself stuck with Other for reason of needing the one (security) but not enjoying it at all for reason of not getting the other (freedom) - that is, you are alone but with someone. The reason behind all this - if you have not already spotted it - is that you have been seeking a set of requirements in a partner that are contradictory at best or hypocritical at worst. In other words, don't expect or promise security when there is still some roaming to do on either of your parts. If you really are, or have been left, alone, then it is because you have to look for and find a more philosophical approach to relationship and / or a more spiritual reason for being. Until you do, you will be naively expecting Other to be more understanding than is presently possible for him

Moon in Sagittarius Woman: You're generous with what you have, especially your knowledge. Learning is important to you, and you invest a lot of emotional energy in it. You like to teach and share your insights about life and philosophy. Your approach is always free spirited, unfettered. You can go off on peculiar tangents in your search for wisdom and meaning, but you must follow the intellectual path or you’ll go crazy from boredom and the “stir-crazy” feeling. You need to get away periodically, preferably far away to a foreign country, where you can kick up the traces and run free. You're no stay-at-home housewife. Your idea of cleaning house is to move to another country and start over. But even if you can’t do that, you have a house full of travel catalogs and you can dream. One day...

You're an optimist first and foremost. No matter how down you get or how bad the world seems, you always have hope. Things will get better. You know what kind of a person you want to be and what you want to do, and you’ll risk all to get to where you need to go. You have vision and this guides you. If you have to brave the swamps and climb the highest mountain in order to grow spiritually, you’ll do it. Very little scares you if the end result is to learn. Whether you actually risk yourself physically or not, you're always on an adventure of the mind and spirit, through reading, studying, growing. That’s what you feel you're here for - to expand your horizons as far as they can go.

Your mother was a knowledge freak with a moral side to her. She wasn't a cookie-baker, but she cared about your souls and educations, being a bit of a teacher-preacher.

You want a man who is on his own spiritual quest - someone who has nightly chicken soup. He’s a risk-taker with a good sense of humor, who can laugh at life’s travails. And if he’s from a different country and can teach you another philosophy, so much the better.

Moon in Sagittarius Man: Remember the song, “Give you land, lots of land, under starry skies above. Don’t fence you in!” That’s how you feel. You need the far horizons and the distant shores. You're forward thinking and positive, with a good sense of humor. You can philosophize like a guru and then laugh at myself. You love travel, even in your armchair. The idea of foreign countries, cultures, and peoples fascinates you. Morals and ethics are high on your list, too, and you like to share your insights about them with others. Somewhere inside you is a teacher, no matter how you make your living. Whatever is educational or uplifting spiritually appeals to you, and your belief system incorporates a love of growth and freedom as well. You need room to move about, and you give others their space without being asked.

At times you have to take off and go somewhere - to the mountains or camping in the woods. Get close to nature. Then you get a different, larger, perspective. Don’t expect your home to be neat as a pin. Too much tidiness cramps your style. And you don’t like to get involved in the petty, mundane details of everyday living if you can avoid it. They bring you down and you strive to be up all the time.

Your mother was a spirited woman, even if she wasn’t the most consistent person in the world. She was into books and educational materials and she cared about our moral and intellectual development. She was herself a natural teacher. She showed she loved you by teaching you things.

You're in search of your ideal woman. She is wise and free, with a soul, and she’s dedicated to her soul’s growth, whatever that means to her. You think big and feel big, and she has to appreciate that, because when you care you care in a big way. You confess you have a tendency to exaggerate and you're not always the most realistic of men, but looking at the larger context helps you stay positive about life. You need a woman who can understand this, and if she’s from another country and has a different background, hurrah!

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Moon in Sagittarius: Sri Aurobindo, Warren Buffett, Albert Einstein, Judy Garland, Howard Hughes, Michael Jordan, Nicole Kidman, J. Krishnamurti, Friedrich Nietzche, Vaslav Nijinsky, Al Pacino. Pablo Picasso, Wilhelm Reich, Donald Trump, Ludwig van Beethoven, Vincent van Gogh, Jesse Ventura, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, AndySc, CharlesS, Gabriela, J, Jean, Jyothi, Medwick (cusp), Michelle, Michael, Tammy