Moon in Pisces

Having Moon in Pisces means that we need space in our lives to drift and to dream, relationships based upon empathic bonds, and openness to sources of inspiration inside and outside ourselves. The watery energies of the Moon are easily expressed, and sometimes overly emphasized, by a Pisces Moon placement. When we experience our feelings and needs, we may even indulge them through long bouts of crying, self-pity, or elicitations of sympathy from other people. With or without awareness, we may seek to escape from ourselves through fantasy or idealization, or through such addictions as alcohol or drugs. Many of us with Pisces Moons may vicariously experience our feelings and satisfy our needs by continually focusing upon the feelings and needs of others and devoting ourselves to their welfare.

A parent who was a Piscean influence most probably responded sensitively and compassionately to us and encouraged our inspirational temperament. However, if our Moon is afflicted, such a parent may also have had a detrimental influence upon us. He or she may have overindulged us, catering to our aches and pains, or too frequently played the martyr, giving to us wholeheartedly but also invoking guilt or seeking complete dedication in return. He or she may have been hypochondriac, or of an ethereal nature which could not easily come to terms with physical reality. A Piscean parent may have been victim to his or her own addictions, or tangled in dreams or fantasies and not fully emotionally or physically present.

We who have Moon in Pisces may need to learn how to respond constructively to our own feelings and needs, to serve ourselves and give to ourselves rather than attempt to lose ourselves in others. Often, because we suffer from a divine discontent, we may have difficulty accepting and adapting to the realities of an earthly existence; we need to be able to translate our visions into action, to live those dreams which are viable, thereby forging a link between our practical and spiritual or creative natures. We may seek to experience oneness in close relationships, but we are not likely to know wholly that oneness unless we cultivate our attunement to our own creative and / or spiritual source, and open our hearts to the fullness of both the love and the pain within us.

Moon in Pisces: When you habitually seek the behavior of others to automatically validate your concept of universal perfection, you may refuse to see life as it exists. Living in your vision of universal perfection on Earth, you can unknowingly lose yourself in ivory tower beliefs. These beliefs prevent you from listening to people and seeing them in a realistic and unpredictable way.

When others fail to live up to your Pisces vision of their perfection, you might feel personally betrayed. By seeking a higher perspective to make them or yourself wrong, you may create self-isolation in the process. This constant disappointment brought on by others violating your expectations results in self-invalidation, confusion, and an inability to cope in relationships.

When you take responsibility for imparting your vision of other people's perfection, you may notice that past methods of theoretical communications have simply not worked. The truth is that others cannot provide the perfection you seek. They are preoccupied with thinking about their own imperfection. Your lesson is to heal the negative thoughts of others so that there is room for the positive solutions within them to come forth. Then they are able to alter their behavior and align themselves with their inward perfection.

You can heal negative beliefs by noticing the reality of other points of view. You can relate on an equal and sharing level when you encompass the point of view and thoughts behind the other person's action. By opening this door, you experience the unconditional love you seek.

As you create a positive atmosphere, you reassure individuals with your trust in the perfection of things as they are. You can supply a larger picture of the appropriateness of their specific process. When your perceptive powers are used to discern where another is feeling a lack of self-protection, you can contribute the communication that promotes the faith and self-acceptance. In this process, you validate your vision and are also healed.

You have an idealistic and naive approach to life. You seem to float through the harsh realities of daily routine, smelling only flowers along the way. Deep disappointments can result when the world does not live up to your idealistic standards of human behavior, but before too long you pick yourself up and put on your rose-colored glasses again.

You have certain material dependencies that you feel are necessary to maintain your healing spiritual consciousness. You are used to having others take care of you, cook for you, and set your daily routine. You have never developed self-discipline, which is a lifetime task; you are learning to accept your responsibilities and set your own schedules.

You are accustomed to living in a timeless reality, but you need to learn the practical value of infusing celestial reality into daily life by sticking to a routine and by paying attention to being on time. These factors can make your life strong and give you confidence in relating your spiritual consciousness effectively to daily living.

You are also learning to pay attention to diet and health. You are learning to be responsible for your own nutritional well-being. You are learning to discriminate and to ingest those foods that give the body a feeling of balanced strength, which allows your spiritual consciousness to flow without interruption.

You are inclined to trust the universe completely and to merge yourself with total reliance on the universal flow. This patterning has been overdone, however, and has led to a certain stagnation. It is only by learning to apply your sense of faith and unconditional love in daily life that your bliss feelings can be regenerated. Again, focusing on your clearly defined goals and applying the needed discipline are necessary.

Your destiny is suited to using the fruits of your spiritual practices - unconditional love, the ability to heal, your vision of loveliness - to freely and effectively work for the good of those in your circle of influence. You will serve or suffer in life. You can choose either to actively and constructively serve society or to suffer behind the private walls of feeling misunderstood and walked on by the world. When you have taken responsibility for setting up the necessary structures in your life, this will act as a support system through which universal emotional energies can flow in a balanced way. Then you will be on the path to emotional fulfillment in life.

Moon in Pisces: In Pisces, the moon indicates the native is restless, sensitive, impressionable, subject to brooding and changes of mood, and fond of travel, yet needing an anchor, a place to remain in happiness and contentment. He can be self-indulgent; also very capable of sensing moods in others, even of perceiving their thoughts. He can be found working behind the scenes, including behind a camera, or in institutions, hospitals, etc.. He looks constantly for some kind of Shangri-la, and dives into seclusion when hurt - he wonders when others will recognize the loftiness of his motives.

He is only truly appreciated when he appreciates himself, and this is not accomplished unless he lives up to his highest ideals. There appears to be no middle ground.

He tends to be too easy-going, too willing to change the course of his action if obstacles appear, and too willing to back down. The astrologer must help him see the folly of making so many 'zigs and zags'.

The native is fascinated by the occult - he is called 'psychic' by many of his friends. It is necessary for him to adhere to the highest principles. Otherwise, he begins to suspect his own motives, and then his entire framework of confidence crumbles like a house of cards. He is affected by the moods and feelings of others, and can be sent into a fit of gloom by observing family members as they quarrel.

He wants to be surrounded by happiness - but cannot seem to put his finger on his own salvation. His worst enemy: indecision. His best friend: confidence in his own ideals.

Moon in Pisces: To achieve wisdom, to dwell in the high, secluded valley of Shangri-la, to know yourself and your relation to the Universe, to be in tune with the infinite, and to be recognized as a person of understanding: these are the constant aims of your life, in fulfillment of which you satisfy most truly your esoteric picture of yourself. If you want material things, it is so that your study and contemplation may be comfortable, untroubled by worry over security; and if material things are hard to get, you are capable of achieving a philosophy that makes them unnecessary to your contentment and self-development, which is always the kernel of your nut of life. On the other hand, if material things come easily, if circumstances and your total personality conspire to start you on an upward spiral toward success, your inner nature will tell you that success and luxury are, for some deep spiritual reason, your due; and the comfort they bring your spirit may lend you power in getting more and more of them. In no case, however, are material concerns of first import to your deepest and truest self, whose search is always for self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-fulfillment in the intangible sense that depends on nothing outside you. You are unhappy only when you violate, in action, thought or word, some truth that is essential to you, or when you realize you have acted counter to the dictates of your own self-taught wisdom. Too continuous violation of your own code causes brooding and deep unhappiness, and thus your only sure path to contentment, which is your success, is to make sure that you adhere always to the wisdom already acquired, and build stone by stone toward that high pyramid of wisdom in the completion of which is your success.

Moon in Pisces: Your emotions are very intense and finely tuned, and you can usually see into the heart of an affair more quickly than your partner. But your flashes of insight are not steady. You are likely to have considerable mood swings and changes of heart within a relationship until it has settled for a period. Only time can give your affairs more concrete definition.

For that reason, you should find a lover who is more stable than you. Such a partner will see through to the real you underneath, and won't be thrown off by your seeming inconsistencies.

Because you are more concerned with a lover's internal values than with their external expression, others may think that your friends and lovers don't match your style. But you are hardly aware of any inconsistency, because you see directly to a person's heart, ignoring external trappings, which few others can do.

Concerning physical matters, you are likely to be rather impractical. It would be good to have a partner who can handle the bothersome petty details of existence so that you can then attend to the more meaningful issues in life without being distracted. Under such circumstances, you can transform love into a clear, pure vehicle for personal understanding and revelation, both for you and for your lover.

Moon in Pisces: You are a very sensitive person with strong feelings. If someone makes a harsh remark, you take it very hard. In fact, one of your tasks in life will be to develop a thicker skin. Not everyone is so sensitive as you or so considerate of people's feelings. But your sensitivity is good in some ways because it makes you kinder and more considerate of others, and less likely to hurt anyone. You like to take care of people and animals, especially if they are sick or hurt. But you should stay away from people who are always negative, because you pick up and react to their feelings very quickly.

You have a rich and lively imagination, which can make you very creative. But you may spend too much time in your own private fantasy world and avoid dealing with the important matters of the world around you. It is much easier for you to daydream than to face up to the real world.

As you get older, you may develop an interest in the occult and supernatural - not in the horrible aspects such as witches and vampires, but in subjects such as ESP and clairvoyance. You are very interested in the mysterious aspects of the world around you.

As you get older, you should learn how to stand up for yourself and resist people who are more aggressive. You are very likely to avoid conflicts, even when you should defend your own ideas. If you do not stand up for yourself, you may attract people who will exploit you and take advantage of you.

Moon in Pisces: Moon in Pisces suggests you may be an emotional dreamer, highly sensitive to the tidal vacillations of your feelings and those of others around you. This heightened sensitivity verges on a psychic ability, and you will be empathic, receiving impressions from the collective emotional psyche, almost like a psychic sponge, leaving yourself vulnerable and impressionable on an unconscious inner level. Without realizing it, you often reflect moods and feelings of those close to you, incorrectly believing that they are your feelings; you may carry the emotional burdens of many, and this can weigh your spirit down. Some may take advantage of your self-sacrificial attitude, turning you into a victim or martyr for them, so you may need to guard against this unconscious tendency.

Real life is not really to your taste; it can be too harsh and demanding, making too great an impact on your malleable feelings and wearing you down through constant emotional agitation. You may seek escape through imagination, fantasies, dreams, and addictions, such as alcohol, drugs, and sexual activity. Prolonged exposure to your private dream world may make you less able to deal with the demands of human existence; and time and effort may be spent in dreaming of a better future rather than actually working to make it a reality.

You will have close access to your unconscious mind, and this may pose certain problems. While it can inspire imaginative creativity through channels such as poetry, art, or music, this needs to be carefully disciplined and focused. If such outlets are not available, they could be developed; yet, if you have no way to direct these energies, they will circulate within your nature. This implies that they will further amplify your sensitivity, emotions, and feelings, and probably make you more psychologically vulnerable. The danger is one of imbalance and of over stimulating some of the more negative Moon-Pisces tendencies. Feelings may arise of persecution, guilt, sacrifice and martyrdom, hypochondria, or losing touch with mundane realities as dreamscapes take over. The unconscious may flood a personality and swamp it, creating neuroses and psychoses.

But equally, there is a positive dimension to this which can be released through your choices. Mediumistic abilities may exist, and these should be developed through modern techniques of channeling, whereby inner teachers can be contacted for guidance and support (although discrimination must be applied to ensure that the messages are genuine and reliable).

Your feelings and emotions are easily expressed; few blocks exist in you, and you are most familiar with following the messages of these impulses, even to the exclusion of rationality at times! Natural empathy can be developed into giving practical aid to and supporting others through counseling, healing, or teaching. Your ideals and dreams of a better world can be made real by actualizing your visions and by manifesting spiritual realities into the physical level.

Cease any tendencies to live through the vicarious feelings and experiences of others, and reabsorb your projections back into yourself, so that you achieve greater integration instead of allowing disintegration to occur through losing yourself in others. Take a more positive approach to honoring feelings as being important, rather than acquiescing to the greater importance of others' feelings. Value your empathic contribution to relationships and appreciate the sense of intimate closeness that this brings. Learn how to fulfill your need to serve others, not through self-sacrifice, but as a means of empowering them to accept their own emotions and feelings; by showing them how to live with these, you help them gain the benefits of a sensitive response to the mysteries of life.

By transcending a tendency to protect your emotions, perhaps through social shyness, you may learn how to take advantage of this sensitivity, both in a constructive attitude toward your emotional dynamics, and in compassionate service to others. Your path through life lies in the watery realm of feelings; learning how to navigate those sometimes stormy waters may help you to guide others across their own inner seas.

Moon in Pisces: You are very responsive to the depths of human experience, and you have understanding and affection for all people. You are emotionally naive and continually overlook other people's shortcomings and deficiencies. However, you can be easily hurt, and you tend to cry or feel sorry for yourself at the drop of a hat.

You don't like to face facts coldly and subjectively, and your relationships will suffer because your feelings are so sensitive. At times, you may lack humor and common sense, and you can be like the proverbial Russian who loves to be sad.

Your senses can deceive you because of your over-developed romanticism and optimism; you wear the original rose-colored glasses. Because you want to believe the best about everything, truth and reality upset you. You usually have musical, poetic and artistic talent.

Depending on the aspects, this can be the worst or best position for the Moon. If this placement is favorable, it gives true vision; if the placement is unfavorable, it can cause total illusion or disillusion. You are quiet, retiring, amiable and sympathetic to the underdog. You are gentle, at times easygoing, unworldly and dreamy. You change your mind often; thus, you can be undependable, easily discouraged and depressed.

This is the most psychic position of the Moon; yet there might be sorrow and many obstacles in reaching your goals. You need to feel sheltered and loved, and you like beauty, harmony and comfort around you because you suffer in adverse environments.

Moon in Pisces: To some extent, the mutability of Pisces weakens the active, cardinal nature of the Moon. The Moon is associated with one's innermost feelings and underlying emotions; and the sign of Pisces, being devoted to emotion, suggests that even if the subject's outer manner is confident and capable, there will be a terribly soft heart hiding deep inside.

If this is your Moon position, you will spend some part of your life searching for answers to deep and indefinable questions. You will contemplate the meaning of life and the possibility of an after-life, and could even be drawn to a religious or quasi-religious way of living. Your energies to some extent will always be directed towards trying to improve the quality of life for others and to introducing people around you to a gentle and healthy understanding of their minds, bodies and spirits. Life may disappoint you as it may never match up to your idealistic dreams and indefinable yearnings. Yet, somehow, life must go on; and you will probably wish to live it to the very full; therefore a particularly Piscean form of practicality often seems to combine with your desire for perfection, and the requirements of the hereafter.

You can be surprisingly ambitious. This ambition may take the normal route of upward mobility in the working and the suburban community, or it may take a totally private form. You could push yourself to improve your performance in a creative capacity. Either way, you have the long-term patience to achieve your goals. You also have the gift of creative visualization. The only real drawback to your reaching your goals is your lack of confidence and your fear of making other people angry with you for competing with them. A sarcastic remark can wound deeply and is never forgotten.

On a more mundane level, you are extremely sensitive to the needs of others. Nobody is kinder, more thoughtful and considerate; you seem to feel other people's wants even before your own, and you can soak up other people's moods and desires psychically. There is a definite need for you to assess your own feelings from time to time to make sure that they are yours and not those of the people around you. You should also note that it doesn't always do to rush in and smooth the path of others; it might do them more good if you were to allow them to solve their own problems from time to time. Not everybody will want your intervention - although, human nature being what it is, most people will take advantage of free help when given the chance. If you become a permanent listening ear for neurotic friends and relatives, you will become worn out, depressed, and even physically ill. There are people who don't want their problems solved because this would stop them from attracting the attention and sympathy of others. You must make a special effort to avoid the truly mad, bad and sad for your own mental health's sake, even if it means abandoning some of those who call themselves friends.

Like all those who have the Sun or Moon in mutable signs, you have an inner streak of resilience and can usually find a way round your own problems. If absolutely pressed, you can stand up for yourself very well and dish out a surprisingly devastating dose of criticism. People tend to forget, just because you are so ready to sympathize and to understand their needs, that you also see their faults and inner motivations. If you are wounded, you withdraw into your shell. But if the problem is too great, you can be very spiteful and destructive. Destructive behavior does not come naturally. You prefer to take the role of counselor, teacher and guide.

Like Moon in Cancer subjects, you can be a really monumental worrier, beginning with worries on behalf of your family and friends, your health, money, the state of the nation, and the imminence of nuclear war. You could be mean in small ways, smoothing out paper bags for reuse or moaning about small expenses. In a way, you can be penny-wise and pound-foolish because you are never mean about large issues. You are always broke but usually manage to do the things you want. You will spend money on musical and recording equipment, books, dining out and trips. Most astrologers will tell you that you like to be on or near the sea; but where travelling is concerned, you don't actually mind where you go as long as you don't get too worn out in the process.

You will not tolerate injustice in any form; and, if you see a child, an animal or a person of a different race being badly treated, you truly go bananas. You value loyalty above all things, and hate to let anyone down. Friendship is terribly important to you, especially as some of you have difficult or demanding family members, thus making friendship outside the family essential.

All solar and lunar Pisceans are creative; many are artistic; and you need to express this creativity somewhere in your daily life. You work at your own rather strange pace, often like a dervish for a month at a time, and then switching off for a week in order to recharge your batteries. Most of you enjoy some kind of sport; swimming is probably high on your list; also dancing, tennis or just walking the dog. Every lunar Piscean that I have come across is a naturally good dancer, especially ballroom dancing. Some of you can be serious athletes or dancers, but this will require strongly competitive elements elsewhere on the chart. Those of you who have a very ordinary job will probably have a creative interest on the side. Some of you will privately work in the psychic or even the magical field, often without the people at your place of work having any idea of this other interest. You see omens in everyday events, and may be superstitious and fearful of unexplainable dark forces which sometimes seem to gather around you. Even the most practical among you can feel patterns in events which seem to occur.

You are not as changeable in your moods as most astrology books would suppose. Oddly enough, people who have the Moon in fixed signs are by far the moodiest. However, when you do become emotional or upset, the feelings go deep. You are able to hold a grudge forever, but you are equally apt to remember those who stand by you in times of trouble. If someone hurts you gratuitously even in a minor way, you will never quite be able to trust or really like that person again. Women who have the Moon in water signs can often attribute some of their mood swings to pre-menstrual tension - I'm not quite sure what men can blame their moods upon. In some ways, your apparent moodiness stems from your inability to get the whole of your life together at any one time. It seems that if your work is going well, your love life will be in a state of collapse and vice versa. Even if everything is going well, you can be discontented due to boredom!

Your home is your haven, and it is also a haven for a good many other people. Many of you work wholly or partly from home, which often involves people coming in and out. The place is also permanently full of friends and neighborhood children. Lunar and solar Pisceans are supposed to be loners, but I have yet to see any evidence of that: your 'phone and your doorbell are always ringing. Many of you literally don't bother to shut your door as there are so many people pounding in and out. Your home is attractive and comfortable but not over-decorated or cleaned to the point of sterility. You love warm colors, interesting textures, pictures and music; you fill your home with these plus, of course, books, books, books! You read almost anything, but probably novels, books about the occult, history, psychology, health and magic will be lying about somewhere on your shelves.

You can be so adept at hiding your inner nature that your kind heart might be buried under a shield of efficiency, toughness or even sarcasm; this is mainly a self-protective shield. You are slow to reveal your own inner feelings, and it takes some time for you to get to know and trust someone. Some lunar Pisceans even go through many years of marriage without their partner ever really being let into their innermost hearts. You can be a little manipulative at times, either to prevent yourself from hurt or in order to benefit those around you. When you are entirely comfortable with someone, you can be surprisingly bossy in a rather mother-hen way, but you do it for their own good.

Both solar and lunar Pisceans have an all-or-nothing relationship with vehicles, either being fabulous drivers or hating the whole business of learning to drive and not bothering with it. Some actually do learn and then avoid driving whenever possible. Very strange.

In marriage you are so supportive that you can spend more energy on your partner's behalf than on your own, and you really have to beware of becoming a martyr or a doormat. You tend to moan a bit about your partner, especially when you are feeling tired or depressed; but this is almost an expression of affection, and often doesn't mean much. You certainly need love and approval; and although you can live alone, you far prefer to have someone to love and be loved by. Not receiving the love and understanding which you need in childhood, you actively chase after it in adulthood. Some of you are so shy and repressed that you never get the love you want, and then you may retreat into a life of daydreams and illusions which would make a Walter Mitty appear down-to-earth. Your powerful imagination is both your most valuable asset and the point of your greatest weakness. If you can channel this into creative pursuits, spiritual development or work in the counseling field, you could overcome most of this.

You make an excellent parent because you understand the needs of children and are happy to spend time playing with them. I'm not sure about this, but I think it's probably that you don't relate to babies as much as slightly older children who can talk and play. Certainly you find no difficulty in playing 'Let's pretend'. You are probably way ahead of them on that one anyway. Your children are encouraged to respect adults but not to be afraid of them. You respect the dignity of children. You could be so busy teaching them about the universe and the world around them, and giving them all the love that they need, that you overlook their need for clean shirts and breakfast cereal. Don't worry, they will survive and will love you all the more for it.

Your greatest fault is your over-sensitivity to criticism. Nobody likes to be criticized, but you really do seem to suffer. Your self-esteem is low enough to begin with; you don't need to have someone else giving it a further battering.

Although you are friendly and non-hostile in your approach to new people, if you really fancy someone, your first reaction may be to run in the opposite direction. You fear rejection, ridicule and loss. You are afraid to become close to someone, in case you learn to rely on him / her and then lose him / her again for some reason or other. Love relationships make you nervous because you are aware of your great need for emotional sustenance and of your vulnerability. Adolescent relating can be very painful; later on, you learn some protective techniques, but these may be ultimately manipulative in that you may not allow yourself to take a chance on expressing your genuine feelings - this again is due to your fear of rejection. Do try, if you can, to be yourself in a love relationship, and not the pseudo person whom you think your lover wants you to be. In most cases, it is better for you to connect with someone whom you know on a friendly basis rather than to jump deeply into a new relationship. Being incredibly romantic, you appreciate little presents, birthday cards, candle-lit dinners and shared memories. You have a stock of romantic melodies and catch¬phrases which you link to your lover.

An important ingredient in the lunar Piscean's nature is curiosity of all kinds. Sexual and emotional curiosity strike early. I can't really find any way of putting this delicately, but the fact is that you love making love. The act of sex is a great outlet for you because it combines all your favorite feelings and sensations. Your senses are terrifically strong, especially your psychic sense; love-making gives expression to every one of them, including your powerful imagination. It may be a cold-blooded thought, but your nerves are delicate and often over-stretched, and therefore sex gives you a tremendous release of tension. A pal of mine tells me that he is 'horribly romantic' and couldn't enjoy sex without love. I think that goes for all the other lunar Pisceans too; there must be affection and fondness, if not outright adoration, for you to be able to really relax and enjoy yourself. My friend Nina says that she likes to have poetry read to her while she is in bed; I like poetry anywhere!

You might try too hard to please your partner both sexually and in other ways. Remember, the relationship stands more of a chance of lasting if both of your needs are being satisfied. Another difficulty for you is that you don't like being possessed. You yourself can be possessive, especially when in the early stages of a romance; possessive, hungry for love, and desperate to be reassured. There may not be enough touch, comfort or words of love in the world for you, but you can in your turn fill your partner with love and reassurance until the cows come home. You need affection even more than you need sex; you need to be cuddled. You need to play a little and to have fun with your partner. (Welcome to the pleasure dome!) Oddly enough, you don't much like to be touched by strangers. You need to keep a little distance between you and 'touchers'; this may be an instinctive need to protect your rather sensitive aura!

Some men are better avoided by Moon in Pisces women. The first is the self-destructive type, such as the confirmed alcoholic. You may wish to reform this person, to teach him by loving him endlessly to mend his ways. This will get you nowhere and will only deplete your small reserves of psychic energy. Another is the paternal type who appears over-protective but who is in fact threatened by the possibility of your becoming independent or taking control of your own life. The two Piscean fish can make you stupidly romantic and earthily practical both at the same time.

Here are a few more oddities from the Piscean wash-bag. You like fresh air and the countryside but not when the weather is cold: then you prefer sitting by an open fire. You can be too serious at times, and you should let your friends encourage you to let your hair down and have some fun. You need to have good clothes and may be fussy about the type of shoes you wear.

You are creative, inventive and easily bored; therefore, a routine job will not satisfy. Not having endless reserves of strength, you tend to work in fits and starts; therefore, you need a job where you can work at your own pace. Many of you have an urge to do something useful, and find work in hospitals or even in prisons. Many solar and lunar Pisceans can be found in the world of music, acting, dancing and art. Creative work obviously appeals. Floristry and cookery are typical interests. Glamorous work such as fashion interests you, as does the more up-market kind of public relations work.

Many of you are skilled engineers, electricians, telephone engineers and precision sheet-metal workers. This is because the work is detailed and creative, requires problem-solving techniques, and involves drawings. Obviously, drawing office work appeals, and many of you can be found working in aircraft factories!

I belong to an organization called the British Astrological and Psychic Society, which has nine people on the committee. We all have different Sun and Ascendant signs, but all nine of us have the Moon in water signs. Two of the group have the Moon in Cancer and the other seven have the Moon in Pisces. This must be significant, mustn't it? Some of us work full-time in the psychic field; others work on a part-time basis. One can find among our collective skills astrologers, palmists, tarot readers, numerologists, clairvoyants, aura-readers, graphologists, sand-readers etc.. All lunar Pisceans are natural psychics, but it is surprising how many are drawn specifically to work in the field. If you have Sagittarius, Aquarius or Gemini on your birth chart, you will probably want to teach. It seems that the Pisces connection gives one the urge to give gratuitous information to the world. Healing is also a naturally Piscean gift which many of you have.

You may have been born with difficulty, and could have been the youngest child in the family or perhaps an only child. The general feelings is that you were not an especially wanted child and were viewed right from the start as being a nuisance. Your parents would have been up against difficulties when you were very young; these could range from severe financial problems, deaths and tragedies in the family to the kind of situation where one half of the family doesn't talk to the other. There is, actually, strong evidence that you had early experience of the shortness and fragility of life due to the death of a parent or of someone close to you. Some of you would have been born at around the time of a death in the family; wartime births probably occurred during bombing raids!

One way or another, your childhood was rather lonely. Some of you felt yourself to be 'different' in some way, possibly being the only artistic and sensitive child in a household full of very rugged and practical people. Even with nothing tragic or 'out of gear' in the childhood, there was a need to withdraw into your imagination, to get away and spend time on your own. Most of you are avid readers, often attracted to stories about magic or science fiction. Finding it hard to make friends, you could have been badly bullied at school or, worse still, badly bullied in the home. You may have felt embarrassed by your appearance, i.e. too tall, short, fat, thin, etc.. Somehow, you found it hard to relate to your parents, and may have been afraid of them or of other people around you. There may have been an overemphasis on a particular kind of moral or religious observance, or there is the possibility that you were or you may have been pushed at school further and faster than was comfortable. This would be a difficult situation as your natural inclination was to please your parents and teachers. A few of you were rebels at school and hated authority.

You developed a watchful approach to adults, and learned how to gauge their moods and how best to please them. This could be carried into adult life, making you adept at finding out just how to please people and to manipulate them to suit your own ends. More likely, you would manipulate yourself to suit the other person, and, therefore, never really learn to develop honesty and a sense of reality in personal relationships.

Adolescence is likely to have been a minefield as you learned to adapt to one person after another, not learning to appraise yourself of your own realistic needs and make them plain to others. All this can be sorted out later in life with an increase of awareness and self-awareness; and, to give you your due, you do go to considerable lengths to discover what's wrong and to put things right. Pisces is a sign which is associated with illusion - as you grow and learn, you should learn to channel your illusions into artistic or creative work and out of your dealings with others, especially in the personal sense.

If you have this Moon placement, you may not enjoy the best of health. You could have been weak as a child and have spent a good deal of time alone because of this. Later in life, the legacies of your childhood have a habit of lingering on. Your energies are quickly depleted, and your nerves are delicate. You can suffer from nervous ailments. The traditional problem area for Pisces is the feet; also the lungs. Heart trouble is a possibility; also skin allergies, migraine or asthmatic problems. You may retain water or have blood disorders. I have not yet come across a lunar Piscean with a drink problem, but smoking seems to have a bad effect. An old-fashioned astrology book of mine tells me that you are susceptible to social diseases! Anybody who works with people in a counseling capacity will be able to tell you that social diseases are pretty common and don't apply to any one sign of the zodiac or any one planet.

Moon in Pisces: This placing of the Moon shows the coming together of two forces that are extremely highly-charged. The emotional content of Pisces is powerful, and when the Moon falls in this sign, the responses to all situations will also be emotional. This is not the type of emotion found, for instance, in fiery Aries: it is a very different force, discharged through very different channels and for different reasons.

The individual is easily moved, whether to great happiness or sadness. He or she may be moved to tears by a piece of music that rings nostalgic bells, or affected in an above-average way when scenes of disasters flash onto the television screen. The response will be to do something kind and charitable, perhaps sending hard-earned cash to aid those in distress, even to the point of self-denial.

If creativity is shown in other areas of the chart, this placing will add sensitivity and imagination to the way in which it is expressed. However, the Moon in this sign may weaken the character, encouraging the subject to take the line of least resistance, especially when challenged. As a result, there will be a tendency to tell lies and to be very deceptive - not only towards others, but to the self as well.

When the subject does deceive others, her excuse will be that lies are less hurtful than the truth, and those lies will be told with an astonishing spontaneity. Parents with children who have this placing must be kind and understanding, but very firm indeed, in making their offspring realize that truthfulness is essential.

A warning should be given to the subject that, like those with a Piscean Sun sign or Ascendant, she may react adversely to medically administered drugs. When under stress, she must be strong enough to resist the extra cigarette or drink. Giving way to any form of negative escapism can become a habit that is hard to break.

The positive, caring, sacrificial qualities of this placing will contribute much if the individual has a sense of vocation. They are also valuable traits if she is involved in any of the caring professions, since the subject will have an understanding of those needing help, and an ability to give a favorable and sympathetic impression to anyone who is underprivileged.

Moon in Pisces: The Moon in the sign Pisces indicates a supersensitive emotional nature which acts like a psychic sponge, soaking up the thoughts and emotions of others. This extreme impressionability on the unconscious level makes the person feel psychologically vulnerable, with the result that he withdraws into seclusion to protect himself emotionally. There are strong psychic and mediumistic tendencies; but without consideration of other factors in the chart there can be no guarantee that impressions received are reliable. People with this position have a vivid imagination which can result in poetic, musical, or artistic output. They are generally kind and sympathetic because of their sensitivity to the feelings of others. However, they can be easily hurt and may develop a persecution complex. If the Moon is afflicted in Pisces, there can be neurotic or psychotic tendencies, and irrational dominance by the unconscious mind. In some cases, excessive shyness is indicated.

Moon in Pisces: You have a sensitive, though potentially evasive, soul. You have the need to be selflessly involved with Other - but this could necessitate acute suffering. You have the instinct to go with the flow - but if there is too much pain you may crave escape. Your mother is seen or expressed as one who is willing to make sacrifices, but could play the martyr.

You naturally respond towards Other with great sensitivity and empathy, thus finding a place in Other's heart and what goes on in Other's mind. You respond to difficult and painful experiences in the spirit of redemption, for you know that suffering ultimately heals. You respond to Other's longings, for they resonate with your own.

Your inner child reacts with intense sulks, despair or evasion when it is discovered that your feelings are not understood at all. Therefore, you must seek to understand / express them better yourself. It reacts with a refusal to face the hard facts of the situation; and it reacts when it finds that Other's fantasy turned out to be your nightmare.

You are unconsciously drawn towards Others who are weak or wounded, sensitive or poetic, and therefore seem in need of your selfless assistance; towards Others who initially promise to be your savior and the answer to your dreams; and towards Others who are sensitive and subtle, but possibly misfits or escapists - or mad (i.e. insane).

You can get caught up in relationships which suck you dry, teaching you to be more discerning and self-preserving in future; in trying desperately to maintain the illusion of how you initially thought Other and the relationship ought to be; and in sorting out reality from fantasy.

When you are alone, it is most probably because you simply cannot take the risk of being hurt any more. However, if you are still hooked on Other and cannot seem to get free of him / her, your time alone would be best used building up a stronger sense of who you are as a separate individual, knowing where you begin and Other ends. This is a prime necessity for you, because without this strong sense of self, that 'melting into one' type of relationship that you crave can merely turn into an identity crisis (again). This is what that hurt actually stems from - getting addicted to Other as a substitute for something that should be your very own. And so some form of creative pursuit or spiritual quest is necessary to achieve this important objective of making one thing of yourself - for you certainly won't make one of yourself and Other until you have done so.

Moon in Pisces: Your emotions are like the ocean: deep, mysterious, rich with life and constantly changing. You are reluctant, however, to reveal this vast and complex inner side of yourself to even your closest friends and family. Your feelings are easily engaged and easily hurt, so to protect yourself you hide your vulnerability behind a veil of secrecy.

Like a chameleon, you take on the color of your environment, at least in an emotional sense. For this reason, it is important to you for spend as much time as possible with congenial people in harmonious surroundings. You have a tendency toward depression and morbidity; therefore, cheerful, upbeat companions can stimulate more positive feelings in you. Meditation also can help you to centre yourself and develop inner tranquility.

Highly sensitive, you connect with others on an unconscious, emotional level. You actually feel what they feel. This produces a sympathetic and compassionate nature. You cannot bear to see anything hurt, and identify with all the world's weak and helpless creatures. In an effort to help alleviate the suffering of others, you may become involved in humanitarian causes or social programs.

You appear psychic since you seem to 'know' things without being able to explain how. This extrasensory ability can be developed to a high degree, but you must be careful because you are also very impressionable and lack discrimination.

You expect yourself to be perfect, and are unforgiving of your own shortcomings. In your heart-of-hearts, you feel unworthy, and it is easy for you to become a martyr. Pisces is sometimes called the sign of self-undoing, and you are all too willing to sacrifice your best interests for someone else, especially for lovers and family members.

You have a vivid imagination and are highly sensitive to color, sound and rhythm. Many people with Piscean Moons possess artistic talent. In particular, you might be drawn to painting, photography, poetry, music, and film-making or screen acting. Your ability probably revealed itself at an early age, and you seem to express it almost effortlessly. However, you can be lazy about developing your talents. You prefer to dream about the symphonies you'll write or the films you'll make one day rather than working to bring your dreams to fruition.

Somewhat shy and reclusive, you like being alone some of the time. For the artist, this is absolutely necessary. It is also important for spiritual development; and many people with Moon in Pisces are involved in religious pursuits of some sort. Be careful, though, that your retreat into solitude is not an excuse for escaping the demands and harsh realities of the 'real world'.

Your home is a refuge from the stress of the outer world, a place where you can recharge yourself with peace and quiet. You don't really enjoy entertaining at home, and when you do, prefer to see one or two close friends at a time rather than giving large parties. A lover of beauty, you might collect art and other things that appeal to your keen sense of aesthetics. You are less concerned with neatness, however, and your home may be in constant disarray. Some Pisces-Moon people feel that acquiring earthly possessions is materialistic, and spurn creature comforts to live in monkish austerity.

There was probably some instability in your childhood home: an absent or alcoholic parent, poverty, mental illness, or perhaps parents who were not emotionally supportive of you. You may have felt helpless or defenseless, alone, even fearful. As a result, you grew up with a sense of insecurity that still exists, deeply-rooted, in adulthood. Perhaps your mother (or the nurturing parent) was weak, ineffectual or ill. Perhaps she was absent from your life, physically or emotionally unavailable when you needed her.

The forgiving nature of Pisces, however, will let you apologize for your mother's ineptitude; and, regardless of the facts, you probably believe she was a kind and loving parent - even a saint. In some cases, this can be true, for Pisces is also the sign of the saint. Indeed, your mother may have been a kindly, compassionate individual who was always raising money to help the poor, or doing charity work, or caring for others in some way - while neglecting her own children.

With your own children, you are usually too lenient. Though generous and loving, you sometimes fail to provide them with the structure and discipline they need. You also tend to worry too much about them and can be overly protective.

Your 'mothering' is not limited to your own family. You want to nurture and protect everyone in need; stray animals, homeless street people, and starving refugees in third world countries. People with problems seek you out, and you always offer a shoulder to cry on. Easy prey for the unscrupulous, you need to discriminate between those who genuinely need your help and those who are taking advantage of you. You also must learn not to feel guilty if you refuse to help someone.

This is especially true in close personal relationships. Sympathetic to those who have problems, you believe your love can cure them. The expression 'love is blind' can be applied to you. Romantic and overly-idealistic, you have difficulty seeing your partners as they really are. You prefer to view them in the light of your fantasies, as your fairy princesses or knights in shining armor; and you constantly seek the perfect lover.

It is usually easier for women with this Moon placement to express Piscean characteristics. Men who don't connect with the energy in themselves might be drawn to women who are gentle, submissive, idealistic, artistic, and/ or spiritually-inclined.

Moon in Pisces: Visionary. Dreamer. Romantic, sensitive, emotionally posited with a divine discontent that nothing of this world will take away. Poetical and mystical, if unafflicted. Makes a great gentleness in the person, but doesn't help in a worldly sense. Good for musicians and artists for this gives a greatly heightened sensitivity to life. A great sympathy for the underdog. Suffering through the emotions, for this position of the Moon is difficult. Needs to strengthen the will in order to withstand the impact of negative vibrations from others. In a male chart, attracts a sensitive and sentimental feminine. Not over strong physically.

Moon in Pisces Woman: You find the everyday world harsh and unloving, so you escape to nature, art, spiritual studies, or your rich fantasy life. You love music because you flow right into it and lose yourself. You're in tune with the downtrodden and with being selfless, so you can find meaning in working with unfortunates of any kind. That’s because when you feel needed you am inspired, and then you're indefatigable. On a personal level, this means that you can sure what is mine and what isn’t. Because you're so sensitive, you get flooded with emotions and you can become dependent on people or substances. It’s a way out for you. The difficulty with being so responsive is that you can fall into sensationalism or cynicism if your loving nature is abused or misused.

You're a visionary woman with great creativity, and you know that if you could channel it properly you could be an artist. But you get distracted by others’ needs and then you become a martyr to their cause, ignoring your own needs. Because it’s hard for you to be direct about your feelings, you can punish in subtle ways, hardly noticeable but still there. You need kindness and understanding in order to blossom and flow with the universal energies.

Your mother was a woman with a vague and dissatisfied air, rather like a ghost. She was hardly there and didn’t seem quite real. In fact, you often felt that you were her mother, that she needed you to take care of her more than you needed her to take care of you.

Your ideal man is a quiet dreamer with a big vision of how to make the world better. You want him to inspire you and to need you. Together we will do something to help the oppressed people of the world, or save the whales, or send food to the hungry. You want to be true giver always.

Moon in Pisces Woman: In a woman's chart, emotional excess may bring health problems. A woman with this lunar placement may marry late. This position often adds a silent magnetism that attracts men.

Moon in Pisces Man: It’s a bit embarrassing to you, really, to let anyone know how sensitive you really are. Especially women. You're afraid they won’t understand - or they’ll think you're a wimp. So you hide how scared you are. If you let them know how much you need to know that you're loved, how sweet you can be, they could hurt you. It’s hard for you to let a woman get close. This has something to do with your mother. You're sure she was a really hurt person, kind of a martyr. She was into helping others before helping herself. There was something magical about her touch. She had the ability to put fantasy or imagination into the air. She saved you and you saved her.

You have a vision of the perfect romance. Your lady will be someone who can inspire you and help you - an angel, an artist, a healer like a nurse. Sometimes you're drawn to a woman with a problem. Life’s wounded birds attract you. That’s because you know you can heal them. Or they can heal you. Something magic happens. It’s transformative because you need each other so much.

You crave relationships that are so beautiful they’re painful. Then you can soar to the heights. There’s always a spiritual element in your feelings. You know you're unreliable at times but it’s because you're so moody. It’s hard for anyone to understand just how intense your dreams and fantasies about love are and how agonizing it is for you when reality crushes your vision of the way things should be. Then you need to withdraw from the uncaringness and crudeness of the world. Escape. To nature, art, music, drinking, or drugs. When you’ve had a few drinks, you can act macho. It’s easier to hide your sensitivity and not feel as intensely as you usually do. Your sensitivity can make you sick physically. Is there anyone who’ll truly understand you?

Moon in Pisces Man: A man with the Moon in Pisces wants a devoted, affectionate and sympathetic mate, who is likely to be a strong influence and indispensable in his private life, but not necessarily in his career.

In your eyes, your mother is sympathetic, but she may be very involved in her own life. You don't always see her clearly, at times over-idealizing and at times underestimating her.

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Moon in Pisces: Dick Cheney, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Aleister Crowley, Robert De Niro, Hugh Hefner, Michael Jackson, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King, Jr,.Joni Mitchell, Paul Newman, Jack Parsons, Robert Plant, Elvis Presley, Ramakrishna, Edouard de Rothschild, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, O.J. Simpson, Frank Sinatra, Patti Smith, Robin Williams, Antonio, Arrow, DavMcC, Geoff, Gina, Jane, Jen, Judi, Maureen, TomW, VinCar