Moon in Libra

We who have Moon in Libra crave the experience of beauty and peace; we seek to co-operate with others, to please, and to establish one-to-one relationships which are mutually gratifying. We also find satisfaction in using our minds, particularly our powers of objectivity and synthesis. A parent who valued us highly, and enjoyed pleasing us; who encouraged our aesthetic and intellectual development, and who was willing and able to appreciate our points of view... may have helped us to become attuned to the constructive dimensions of our Libran Moon.

If, however, our Moon is in difficult aspect, or if its trines or sextiles suggest a parent who was only superficially available to us, we may be attempting to gain from a partner what we were never able to experience from our parents. We may become overly dependent upon others, seeking to win their favor by being indispensable and satisfying their every desire. We may also be inclined to avoid confronting our anger and pain, suppressing emotions because we fear any threat to our relationships which might force us to acknowledge our separateness and aloneness. These patterns may have been influenced by a parent figure who placed too much emphasis upon appearance or surface harmony, who was unable to tolerate discord, or who led us to believe that relationship always means subordinating oneself to another. Such a mother or father may have brought many unfulfilled needs into parenting, expecting us to compensate for deficiencies he or she experienced in childhood or marriage.

Although our Libra Moons suggest that our emotional fulfillment requires co¬operative relationships with others, we can only build truly satisfying connections by first developing a secure relationship with ourselves, accepting as valid our own feelings and needs, and being willing to assert ourselves, even when it means experiencing temporary discord for the sake of deeper and more authentic contact. We need to apply our open mindedness and our capacity to identify with many points of view in relation to both ourselves and others - to listen to and affirm each of our internal personalities, willingly entering into disharmony and imbalance when necessary in order to create the more enduring harmony and balance which is so vital to us. At the same time, we need to honor our Libran need for beauty and peace, creating environments and relationships which, whenever possible, soothe and uplift us.

Moon in Libra: When you habitually expect others to notice your sensitivity to discord and aggression, you respond with emotional touchiness if confronted in any way. You may compromise your own direction and sense of fairness in order to appease others, expecting them to reciprocate by providing the rapport needed for your stability. When your manipulations don't work, you can revert to an abrasive attitude of independence and carelessness, or give vent to wounded feelings to gain their attention.

If you depend on others to be compatible with you, you are easily thrown off the centre of harmony when unpleasantness occurs. Thus, you swallow your own feelings and appease everyone for fear that otherwise you may offend them or they may consider you unfair. This action may invite them to take the advantage until finally all unacknowledged previous difficulties burst forth from you in a disastrous tirade. Such frantic emotional smoke screens may repel others who do not know how to penetrate your defenses. The result is that you are unable to understand when these actions keep others from trusting you.

If you are afraid of creating scenes, you may withhold sharing your internal reactions to others' emotional demands. Then later you wonder why they are not more considerate. As a result, you may lose confidence in their trustworthiness and your own ability to discriminate. Indulging in this Libra tendency to internalize and identify with the disharmony from others may also result in sudden emotional outbursts.

When you take responsibility for creating the internal balance you need to feel close in relationships, you may notice that your methods of compromising and expecting others to create peacefulness and fairness have simply not worked. The truth is that you may be unable to experience harmony because you are waiting for others to initiate it. Those who are not attuned to your sense of fair play may be unable to treat you fairly until you state the injustices you perceive (that is, 'I don't feel good about this...'). This gives you strength and completeness in your own direction.

Pledging yourself to a goal external to the relationship can supply confidence to state your needs for support of that goal in a direct, objective, and organized way. This gives others the opportunity to co-operate with you in attaining the goal. You can commit yourself to the integrity of your own direction in relationships by trusting that the outcome will be for your highest good. The result brings you the self-respect you need to put yourself forward and declare the truth of your feelings regardless of the consequences. When you thus assert yourself, the situations around you automatically come into balance according to their highest plan, regardless of outer appearance. When you realize that the supply of people is absolutely unlimited, it encourages you to express your own identity and display who you are. This acts as an automatic means of attracting people who are akin to you.

If you give voice to the reality of your independent point of view, you will attract appreciation and love for the person you truly are. This, in surrounding yourself with people of true affinity, you experience the joy of knowing that you are valued simply for being there in the present moment with them. When you trust your own perceptions and act on them to create an inner equilibrium, you add the peacefulness of your presence to the situation.

When you go to your deep self and then express the balance and stability that is there, you silently invite others to go to that place within themselves. The power of your harmony impels others to go to their depths also if they wish to relate to you; in this way, through claiming your centre, you create harmony.

You have an identity based on sharing; you feel the need for a sense of inner emotional accord with your partner. You may find yourself compromising your true identity in order to maintain the feeling of internal accord with your mate or partner.

Your lesson now is to learn to express yourself - to be yourself - in the context of a relationship. To do this, you must become aware of your own needs, realizing that if your needs aren't met, the relationship as a whole will suffer. You are learning to put yourself back into the picture so that a fairness of exchange can take place. This requires that you let your partner know verbally what you would like to have occur in the relationship in a way that invites a response about what your partner would like. Once both persons' needs are out in the open, you are naturally able to suggest a solution or plan that is mutually satisfactory.

However, you need to learn not to over assert for fear of not getting your way. You have a defensiveness based on resentment, and assume that others are going to object to your having your own way. Thus, when you do assert your needs (which is rare), you have a tendency to do it in a rather harsh and defensive way that cuts off the honest response of your partner.

Through fear of compromising your own needs, you sometimes overcompensate with unnecessary forcefulness. Unknown to you, this actually provokes the other person's resistance to co-operating with you. This leads to a reinforcement of the sense of separation in the relationship; the feeling that you can't relax and be yourself but have to be always on the alert to either resist or accommodate the nonverbal needs of your partner.

You can be so afraid of losing the relationship altogether by not keeping the other person's emotional state harmonized at all times that you subvert your own identity in order to keep the partner pleased and content. Your instinctive self-suppression, that you fear necessary to support and flatter the person in power, can harden into a resentment that can erupt in the future with rather violent consequences.

You can learn to share your needs with others as an equal, with the confident expectation that they will want to please and accommodate you in the relationship. You need to realize that others want your harmonious, pleasant, happy disposition around them; and to keep you, they will go out of their way to make you happy.

You are also learning to assume the role of manager in relationships by objectively equalizing the injustices that are the cause of social discontent. You do this best only after your own needs and goals are verbally expressed and the other person's corresponding needs have been solicited on the verbal level. In this way, a fair and balanced plan that fills the needs of both partners can be realized.

Moon in Libra: In Libra, the Moon finds expression in public relations, advertising and law. He is also found in real estate, in constructing buildings for sports contests, etc.. The native has vision - he sees beyond the immediate indications. He possesses the charm to win his way to select circles, and can convince investors that he has his finger on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

He wants to be in on events and happenings, including news and rumor. He is fond of people, is gracious, and can be a remarkably good host. He has fine taste when it comes to furnishings, food and wine - contingent on his background and other factors in his horoscope.

This Moon position inclines the native towards successful partnerships, including marriage. Often he is described as being elegant. There is (as in the case of Moon in Taurus) love of luxury, the 'good life', companionship, conversation, and exchange of ideas.

He is basically gentle and understanding, and attracts others to him with their problems. This is one reason he would succeed as a lawyer, public relations counselor or advertising expert. He tends to see the best in others, and this could lead to disillusionment - he might be attracting those who seek to take advantage of his good nature.

The native works well with others; much of his success (or lack of it) depends upon the people he attracts. The astrologer, knowing this, must prod the native toward a degree of selectivity. He must be taught to exercise care in granting his trust, confidence, and material goods. The native thirsts for society, people, places and challenges. He needs these things and must choose the best, or choose to the best of his ability.

Grant Lewi has called this a 'Cinderella position' because the native is capable of making hopes and wishes turn to realities. He can overcome odds to rise to the top. He rises above his environment. He seeks beauty, refinement - and does all in his power to be worthy of these things. The astrologer must also stress the necessity of recognizing desires when they appear. Otherwise, the native simply daydreams and achieves nothing but an introverted kind of vision.

He should be encouraged to read and to seek higher education, even if in night school or through church or social organizations. He is sensitive; inclined to brood. He requires those close to him to have faith. He must learn to attract those whose 'faith' is worth striving to acquire!

Moon in Libra: With Moon in Libra, feelings of self-worth will be connected to social acceptance and personal relationships; self-perception often depends on what you believe others' opinions of you are. If others are critical, or you are experiencing disharmonious relationships, your health and vitality are affected, as well as your self-esteem and confidence. You may have dependency traits; and to achieve emotional well-being, you need to feel loved, liked, appreciated, or admired by others, especially by those closest to you, such as intimate partners, family, or work colleagues. You can find it difficult to self-nurture and fulfill instinctual needs without having to rely on others.

Social conditioning, cultural and group attitudes, beliefs, and values have a profound influence ion you, especially those which have high ideals. It is often by these standards that you evaluate others; but this judgmental perspective also puts you under the pressure of being judged by others, thus placing your self-esteem at risk.

You are aware of class and social status, and may be motivated by desires to improve your social standing, perhaps through association with certain types of people, or by creating an elegant, sophisticated lifestyle and prosperous home environment. In several ways, you try to build a lifestyle which excludes aspects of life that fail to match your standards, trying to protect sensitivities against the harsher realities of existence. Reflecting the Libra need for a harmonious home environment with charm, elegance, and beauty is important for you; and you will enjoy sharing this in congenial social gatherings.

A weakness may lie in dependency on others; and as self-confidence can rely on their approval, this can make you too influenced by others' attitudes and values. By conforming to peer pressure, you may choose to mold yourself into an acceptable reflection of the group, rather than expressing your individuality, listening to inner promptings and needs, or taking full responsibility for decisions. In effect, situations may occur where you choose to follow the group path rather than your own due to a fear of becoming ostracized or alienated from group acceptance. You need to belong, and this need is projected onto social relationships; but perhaps the deeper need is to re-own and express your whole nature. In trying to please others and by being 'indispensible', you may repress areas of your nature - especially the Moon qualities -resulting in denying emotions, feelings, and instincts.

To minimize disharmony, Moon in Libra tends to evade all types of conflict, especially painful areas of self and life, and prefers to ignore or run away from them. This is often the situation where the alternative is to face up to relationship realities, where direct confrontation is needed to resolve growing differences, and for better communication to clear the air. As relationship is so vital to the Libra nature, the fear that must be avoided is the fear of being alone; if this exists, then dependency is also present. Sometimes, you are satisfied merely with maintaining surface harmony and appearances, rather than ensuring a deeper relationship harmony. While the Libran tendency is toward mind, intellect, and objectivity, Moon needs must not be ignored. It is essential to honor these too, to become self-confident and assured of your own value irrespective of what others think of you. Your feelings, emotions, and needs must be accepted and recognized as requiring satisfaction, because, by respecting these, you will be able to respect the needs of others. Mutual dependency is never as strong as self-responsibility and interdependency.

You need to listen to all inner messages and find your own unique path, rather than following the overcrowded path of the masses. Being self-assertive does not mean the loss of relationship; indeed, it can bring more satisfying contacts based on mutual respect for each individual. Follow the way indicated by your feelings, do not settle for superficial harmony as the best alternative to disharmony, and look for the depth that potentially offers real fulfillment. Trust the Moon messages to guide you to greater integration, and these will provide a sense of well-being and personal harmony that is not reliant on any external supports. Otherwise, the Libran balance is always tilted toward dependency on the outer world, instead of resting in equilibrium between the inner and outer realities.

Moon in Libra: Balance, harmony and domestic tranquility are important to you. Unless you have several other planets in water signs, your emotions are rather shallow and controlled. You don't experience intense feeling yourself, and might even be offended by any strong display of emotion in others. Somehow this seems undignified to you. Though you may be romantic, you are almost courtly in your relationships; you behave according to protocol, and your affection seems to be ruled more by your head than your heart.

Even-tempered, congenial, sociable and well-mannered, you are well-liked and probably have many friends and associates. In social situations you are at your best; and, while you aren't the 'life of the party', you are always a pleasant, thoughtful, tactful and good-natured companion.

You go out of your way to be nice to everyone, and can't stand to have anyone mad at you. Arguments, animosity or confrontations of any kind disturb you deeply. You'll do almost anything to avoid a fight. Peace-loving and diplomatic, you probably find your friends and family members look to you to solve disputes and negotiate compromises.

Too willing to compromise, you frequently allow others to take advantage of you, or you sacrifice your own wishes for someone else's. Often you're so busy trying to figure out what someone else desires that you can't decide what you want yourself. You can always see both sides of any issue, and weigh decisions endlessly before making up your mind. As a result, you usually have trouble being decisive or assertive or standing up for yourself, particularly with family members and partners.

Relationships are important to you, and you don't like being alone. You'll devote much time and energy to pursuing and maintaining relationships of all kinds, and are a devoted, faithful and attentive partner. Not inclined to play the field, you want one stable, reliable, congenial companion with whom you can go to concerts, the art museum, nice restaurants and civilized parties with other intelligent, refined people. For you, passionate, whirlwind love affairs are exhausting, frightening and just a little bit unseemly.

You are concerned with what others think, and with doing what is correct or proper. Therefore, you are quite conventional in your social and romantic relationships, and usually prefer marriage to living with a lover.

Because you don't like disagreements and because you want to maintain stability and constancy in your emotional live, you don't express dissatisfactions you may have with your relationships until the situation is terminal. You might walk away from a twenty-year marriage, leaving your partner in a quandary; he / she didn't know you were unhappy since you never even had an argument! For this reason, you may be accused of being unfeeling, even cruel.

Most probably, you have some natural artistic or musical talent. At the very least, you appreciate art, music and the finer things in life, and might be a patron of the arts. Your home is probably tastefully, if somewhat conservatively decorated; and you want to surround yourself with as much beauty as possible. You also can be fanatical about cleanliness and neatness. If you have children, you are always picking up after them or are upset by their messiness.

Unless your Moon is in hard aspect to Mars, Uranus or Pluto, your childhood home was probably stable, orderly, harmonious, civilized, perhaps aesthetically pleasing, and seldom the scene of a discouraging word to be heard. Your mother may have been the 'perfect lady' for whom nice manners, a pleasing personality and good standing in the community were all-important.

Because both the Moon and Libra are astrological representatives of archetypal female energies, this placements is usually easier for women than for men to express. Women with this Moon position are usually gentle, peace-loving, sociable, thoughtful, artistic, ultra-feminine and very concerned with their looks. They can be quite vain and devote much time, energy and money to beauty treatments, clothing and other physical adornments. Men also tend to be fashion-conscious, or at least excessively neat and clean. Some with this Moon position project these characteristics onto the women in their lives, and seek partners who are beautiful, kindly, refined, artistically-oriented and even-tempered. Even if the Moon is not really at home in such a strong sign as Libra, its cardinality will give you the inner dynamism to put things into action albeit slowly. Being an air sign, your thought processes are logical; and, provided you have a fairly active Sun sign, you could achieve a high position in life. You are both ambitious and lazy at the same time, but you should be able to motivate yourself enough to get things done. You never lose sight of your objectives, and never give up on a goal. Your mind is fair and balanced; and you hate any form of injustice. Some of you will take up a cause which champions the underdog. You object strongly to any form of racism. When others argue, you seek to be the peacemaker; but you can argue like a Jesuit when the mood takes you. You're always open to new ideas, but will not swallow what others tell you without proof. A surprisingly large number of people who have the Moon in Libra also have Aquarius strongly represented on their charts, thereby emphasizing the need to be independent.

You seem to need a touch of glamour in your life, and could be drawn to work in some kind of glamorous or luxurious trade. You make sure that both your home and your working environment are comfortable and attractive, with a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere. You have no patience with ugliness in any form, especially ugly or dirty people. Being fussy about your personal appearance, you are also rather inclined to be vain about your own good looks. Indeed, while you are young, your partners may be chosen for their looks rather than their personality.

Whenever the Moon is in a masculine sign, the native is naturally competitive and a high climber, but is only really impressed by his own measurements of success. With the Moon in Libra, you could have a similar 'what right do they think they have to tell me to do?' attitude to the one which would be expected from Moon in Aries. Although charming most of the time, you can be extremely sarcastic and hurtful when provoked, showing a grasp of vocabulary worthy of any solar Gemini!

Your nerves can sometimes let you down; therefore, you need peace in the home environment. Both sexes of this Moon placement are good homemakers, and are attached to their own plots of land and their property. You enjoy do-it-yourself jobs, cooking, mending and gardening; however, a life made up purely of housework would stifle you. Your good taste will ensure that your surroundings are always comfortable and elegant. Some subjects may have artistic talent, especially in the field of music. You could have a nice, resonant speaking and singing voice too. You certainly enjoy listening to music, and hate discordant noises. All your senses are strong, but sight could probably be the strongest; if something doesn't look right, you couldn't live with it.

Being an Air sign, you need the stimulation of meeting new people, and are usually welcoming towards newcomers. Travel is liked, as long as you can do it in comfort; you feel perfectly at home in the world's nicest hotels and watering places. Although you enjoy your own company from time to time, you really cannot live or work alone for long. There is a need to keep in touch with the world and to keep your mind stimulated with new people and up-to-date experiences. you enjoy being part of a group, and seem to need the approval of your peers, but you wouldn't necessarily wish to lead the group. Given the chance, you prefer to be fairly near the top so that you could delegate the more distasteful chores to others!

You are excellent in a crisis, but unable to give sustained help because you quickly become bored with problems. You have no patience with fools, although you can hide your irritation under a layer of urbanity. Your mental responses are surprisingly fast, and you can be quite calculating when necessary.

Your pet hates are loud, discordant noises, and, according to my lunar Libran friends, being travel sick! Perhaps this has something to do with your need to control your own environment, or maybe it is because you have delicate eyesight and hearing (through the reflected association with Aries). You like the sea and the countryside, but are really a city person at heart, liking to be in amongst it all, where it's all going on.

Relationships are really where you come into your own; not that you are easy to live with. You can be critical, fussy, demanding, and occasionally downright childish. However, you need to love and be loved; you also need friendship with people of both sexes. You can be capable of using, even manipulating others; but you need to be needed; therefore, you also allow yourself to be used by those whom you love. As a young person, you can be inconsistent in emotional relationships, wanting the challenge and excitement of new faces practically every week. You enjoy the opening phase of a romance more than the later stage of commitment, because you don't like to be emotionally fenced in. Later on, your need for the security of a family and the love of children will encourage you to settle down into domesticity. Even then, you will always be a flirt! Apart from the need for an attractive partner, you need one you can take anywhere: a classy type who can be relied upon to be the genial host or gracious hostess who will help out with the social side of your career. You need someone with a gentle and witty sense of humor, as you hate coarseness or hurtful remarks. I have actually seen Moon in Libra subjects become ill because they were unhappy at work or home. Men with the Moon in Libra have a curious split in their personality which, on the one hand, gives them a somewhat 'macho' image, while, on the other, endows them with an almost feminine gentleness.

Lunar Librans are very clever with intricate machinery; and, like the other Air signs, they all seem to have a love affair with vehicles and speed. Another facet of this complex placement is that you are careful and gentle when around small children and weak people. There is no evidence to my mind of your being an animal lover, but you couldn't hurt an animal or see one hurt by others. Your gentle manner with those who are weaker than you adds to the attractiveness of your personality. You respect the dignity of others, and treat them with tact and charm. Those of you who have a strong Sun sign may hide strong feelings and opinions under this charming exterior, but those who have an unassertive Sun sign may need to develop your own point of view and learn how to make a stand.

Sexually speaking, you could turn out to be one of the best lovers in the Zodiac! This, of course, depends upon other factors in your birth chart. However, given a fair crack of the whip, leather underwear, luminous suspenders and an exuberant and co¬operative partner, you could live out your fantasies to the full. Your sensual nature cannot be denied, and with a bit of luck you will find fulfillment within marriage. If this is not so, you will still seek fulfillment even if it is at the expense of your marriage. You could actually relate well to a difficult partner who keeps you on your toes- someone unpredictable enough to give you a few lively arguments and passionate enough to satisfy your strong sexual needs.

Knowing instinctively when your partner is ill or unhappy, you rise to the occasion and do all that you can to make him / her feel better; you don't really like to see anyone down-hearted. You are good at providing little treats, but cannot always be relied on to remember anniversaries etc. - this is because your giving is spontaneous rather than organized. Lunar Librans need to give and to receive affection, tenderness and sympathy; also to alternate at being the 'parent' of the 'child' in a relationship. If you have the Sun or Ascendant in Fire signs, you could be a little too dependent on the approval of others. Some lunar Librans can be easily influenced and swayed by others, but most of you have a mature outlook and can make up your own mind about life; most of you try to keep your emotions under the control of your mind.

You want a job which gives you scope to express your creativity. This may be in an artistic or semi-artistic world such as architecture or fashion. You are persuasive enough to make a good salesman, but unless there are strong factors elsewhere on the birth chart, you would not have the kind of sustained energy which selling requires. Public relations and marketing would be better.

The world of catering might appeal; certainly, glamorous hotels and restaurants are your natural habitat. Being good at calming others and even better in a crisis, you could make a good negotiator. You have a talent for arbitration, and your quick mind and sense of humor can be used to defuse potentially dangerous situations; therefore, you might succeed as a union negotiator or as a particularly urbane politician. Personnel and recruitment are also possible career ideas. You can appear to be lackadaisical while working furiously behind the scenes. I call this the 'duck' syndrome because a duck looks as if it is gliding along the surface of the water while it is actually paddling like fury underneath. You are a good listener, so long as the person who is doing the talking doesn't go on too long.

You enjoy money for what it brings, but can have something of a 'convenient' memory when owing money to others; this memory is far less 'convenient' when money is owed to you. You don't need to have power, but you do need a largish income to really enjoy life; therefore, you will aim for the top anyway. The only thing you really cannot do is rough and dirty work among coarse people.

You get on well with workmates and colleagues. With your logical mind, you would make a good engineer. Driving and even flying come easily to you. Finally, you could earn a few pennies as a spare-time musician.

There is some evidence from this Moon position that you were born easily. You may have had a father who pushed you educationally, and possibly a rather peculiar mother! This does not mean to say that you were unhappy as a child; you seem to have been loved and understood by your parents, and even overindulged a little. Your charm, even as a baby, will have got you everywhere. Your mother was probably ambitious, clever or even eccentric; she may have forgotten to feed you or wash you on occasion, but she never forgot to love you. The home was a stimulating place full of books, conversation and interesting visitors. This means you grew up without having to develop a suspicious attitude or a strong shell to hide behind. Nevertheless, you are happier to be an adult; this could be because your schooldays were not a very happy time for you. It is possible that you found exams. troublesome because they test what you know rather than the power of your personality!

You are generally strong, but may develop diabetes, cystitis or skin problems. You need to take exercise and keep your weight down (and not smoke) or you could develop both chest problems and arterial or arthritic problems. Hay fever and farmer's lung are other possibilities.

Moon in Libra Woman: Strife or discord upsets you. You need a peaceful environment, emotionally as well as physically. You want everything to be nice, and everybody to behave rationally and in a civilized manner. You're sensitive and refined, a natural diplomat, and you want others to be so as well. You will do all in your power to maintain harmony in any situation, do whatever you can to please others. You want to live graciously and with a minimum of stressful confrontations or emotional scenes. You'll discuss any problem in any relationship, as long as the discussion remains calm and courteous. You're capable of being very fair and open to the other person's point of view.

You confess that your desire to bend over backwards to avoid strife often puts you in a bind, for then you ignore your own needs and exhaust yourself meeting those of others. Sometimes you're so concerned about being fair that you end up being unfair to yourself. You compromise easily- anything to keep the peace and not fight. Relationships are so important to you that you'll go the long mile to mediate between people if things get hostile. You're very mental and you can step outside of your personal emotions. You can judge rationally to restore the balance and proportion in situations.

Your mom placed a lot of emphasis on proper social behavior and relations. Good manners were an absolute must. So was etiquette. And being ladylike at all times.

You want a man who sees you as an equal, but you vacillate between wanting to be treated like a pre-liberation woman, having chairs pulled out and coats held, or doing something that is entirely mental and totally independent. The martial arts appeal to you, because perfect balance is the goal. Though you want a man who is calm, quiet, and rational, your need for being in a relationship is so strong that you often compromise your needs. And then you'll do anything to keep it going, even if it hurts.

Moon in Libra Man: You're a gentleman, a genuinely nice person, even if you do say so yourself. Your primary weapon against life’s slings and arrows is your charm and your smile. You have a great smile and you can charm the pants off most anyone, so to speak. Call on you when anyone need a mediator, for you know how to smooth over a situation. Often you do this by giving in and complying with the other person’s wishes, just to keep the peace. Even if it’s not always in your own best interests. But, then, why not? You're a very polite person and politeness is the best social lubricant you know.

You function best in a beautiful, well-balanced environment where there is interesting, cultured conversation. You like to discuss feelings as long as there are no extreme or messy scenes, especially in public. Coarse behavior really turns you off.

You can get emotional about theories concerning ideas of justice, law, the arts, and correct behavior. These things matter to you and you appreciate a well-rounded discussion about them in a gracious setting. You're good at creating such an environment and keeping it peaceful and subdued. Even so, you love debate and paradoxes fascinate you. You can always see both sides of the question and this ability can lead you into the torment of indecision, because you can defend both sides with equal vigor.

Your mother was a proper lady and she raised you accordingly. You had a nice home and she encouraged cultivated tastes. She liked everything to be prettily arranged, and so do you. Pretty women appeal to your sense of balance, even if they are conventionally pretty. Unfortunately, as with other matters, you waffle about women, sometimes wanting the lace-and-ruffles, old-fashioned conventional woman and then thinking you’d be happier with a plain-jane, no-nonsense scholar or an independent-minded career woman. Whatever type she is, she must be a lady.

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Moon in Libra: Helena Blavatsky, George Bush, Sr., G.W. Bush, Wilt Chamberlain, Walt Disney, Alex Jones, Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Netanyahu, Nisargadatta, Joseph Ratzinger, Bertrand Russell, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Nikola Tesla, Ted Turner, Swami Vivekananda, AbbieJ, AlexP, BarryKl, BillH?, Carolyn, Collon, David, Dheeraj, Dipesh, Elijah, Elroy, Jamie, JulieD, JudyPl, Lance, Maitreyi, Marcy, Marie, Mick, Pete, Phylissa, Supr, Steve, VinG, Virginia