Moon in Leo

Those of us with Leo Moons particularly need to feel loved and appreciated, to be treated specially, to play, and to express ourselves spontaneously and creatively. We need warmth and devotion, and are able to give abundantly from our hearts as long as we are also being fed with love. Otherwise, our lunar nature may become distorted and compulsive in its insistence upon attention and / or power. Negatively, we may be unable to relinquish centre stage, may overdramatize in order to impact others, or may become dominating or bossy in our attempts to maintain command over ourselves and others.

A Leo Moon suggests that we had loving parental figures who prized us highly, became enthusiastically involved in our activities and triumphs, and were capable of encouraging and sharing our playful spirit. However, an afflicted Moon may indicate parents who either overindulged or deprived us. At one extreme are the mothers who spoiled us with too much attention and too many special treats, preparing us to live our adult lives only as princes or princesses. At the other extreme are the narcissistic parents, the tyrant queens or kings who sought only that we become obedient subjects, or who overly identified with us, urging us to live their dreams and adamantly discouraging our individuality.

As a result of our childhood upbringing, we may have internalized messages which support attention-seeking, childish, demanding and/ or dominating behavior patterns. We may act as if we deserve to be the centre of everyone's universe and not just our own. We may, because of past unmet needs, become compulsive in our desire to prove our value and gain acclaim.

A Leo Moon has much to give provided it is able to bask in the sunlight of warmth and affection. Those of us who have Leo Moons may need to feed ourselves emotionally rather than always expect others to provide for us. We need at times to give ourselves our full attention and appreciation, to be our own audience, and to encourage and delight in the spontaneity and zest of our inner child. If we are to experience emotional satisfaction, we need to keep our hearts open to pain as well as joy, and to become capable of loving others not only because they love us in turn, but also because we truly love ourselves.

Moon in Leo: If you subconsciously seek to confirm your worth by superiority, you may expect others to come to you, like the king waiting to receive his audience. You may use the pretence of objectivity to ensure that others will admire you on your pedestal. If you unconsciously select associates on the basis of their ability to increase the Leo material status, you can experience the discomfort of relating without inner affinity. Thus, in needing others as tools to further your own values and goals, you close the door to receiving rewards that are beyond your expectations or defined objectives.

Needing to be entertained, you can go on 'automatic' and unconsciously use your charm to increase your material position. This is borne of an inner attitude of 'what can you do for me?' and costs you your self-confidence in expressing truly spontaneous feelings. You may hoard resources, begrudgingly sharing them with those who are close. Concealing assets causes you to lose status in their eyes, and, consequently, in your own. Confidence in others is eroded when you seek to take advantage to enhance your material position and feel superior in comparison.

You can create the self-worth you need as you notice that old methods for achieving admiration from others do not result in success. The values projected may not be what others want or need. You must first relinquish the position of director, producer, and main character in your life drama. This enables you to get in touch with the audience and find out which of your many talents and resources are appropriate to the situation.

When you approach relationships thinking, 'It's not what you can do for me, it's what I can do for you', you experience an unshakable sense of your own worth. When you open yourself to the desires and needs of others, you gain insight into the role you can play. By inspiring others, you not only are entertained, but also gain a sense of self-worth in the process.

Choosing to focus on others' needs frees you to express the flamboyant, generous Leo nature in a way that supports the worth of others. In the process, your worth is validated. As a by-product of contributing your talents to uplift others, you find enjoyment and happiness. The loyalty and love of your family are earned when you support their values and needs in establishing their worth. Stepping out of your drama and realizing how much fun you're having in your dramatics lightens your whole outlook on life.

You have a need for recognition, approval, and praise. You take naturally to applause; and insecurity results when you feel ignored or not treated as someone special.

This insecurity can result in feeling that you must perform according to other people's standards and to further other people's goals in order to gain applause. You can be almost childlike in your need for approval, totally dependent on being with people who will flatter you and pamper your ego. Your need for constant reassurance can tax the energies of those who love you, and rob you of your freedom and self-confidence.

During your life, you are learning to dedicate yourself to more universal causes that allow you to do your part in furthering the evolution of the race. When you focus on the larger drama and allow yourself to be a vehicle for an energy that furthers the goals of humankind, your powerful ego assumes a lovely balanced role. Seeing yourself as a channel for helping your brothers and sisters allows you to accept your childlike qualities and be more tolerant of your mistakes because you know your motive was of the highest.

Regarding those you are close to as friends, rather than subjects or your private audience, allows you to support their special life force, which will naturally result in their freely acknowledging you.

Clarity about the ideals of humanity that you support allows you to offer approval and vital support to others without expectations of loyalty. This opens the gateway to a flood of unexpected appreciation of your generosity of spirit when you least expect it.

Moon in Leo: The Moon in Leo makes the native want to give the impression of nobility. In his desiring to present such a picture, his very actions and thoughts often do become noble. This native has drive and ambition; he wants to better himself. Security in itself does not satisfy him. Ambition is a key word here. Like the Moon in Taurus, he loves luxury. But there is more 'fire' to his make-up - he is dashing, and popular with the opposite sex, and tends toward extravagant gestures. He is prone to 'emotional hangovers'.

The Moon in Leo tends to sit in an 'ivory tower'. He tells himself that he is merely an interested spectator. But very often he becomes more involved in situations than the actual participants.

The astrologer must know that the native has an inner feeling of strength. He doesn't call on it because he feels it is there whenever he needs it. This could create the kind of situation which is hopeless - something like this: the writer who begins to hang out in 'dives'. He tells himself he is there to gather material. But soon he is one of the local characters - providing instead of gathering stories. The Moon in Leo requires discipline; otherwise, he slips into the easiest path, never really living up to his potential. The tendency here is toward 'snobbery'. The rules are fine, he is apt to feel, but they don't necessarily apply to him. He will associate with anyone but keep a part of himself to himself. On the positive side, he holds something in reserve. On the negative side, he thinks he is holding something in reserve. A fine point, but it could create disillusion, dissipation and unhappiness.

Generally, the native is honorable, and generous with time and money. He needs to feel he is special. In dealing with members of the opposite sex, he seeks one who finds him charming, irresistible. He shows appreciation of and ability in artistic, creative fields, including music, painting, poetry. He loves to explain, display and criticize the arts. He is never satisfied with burying his 'light' in a bushel.

Moon in Leo: There is a strong sense of individuality within this position, often indicating a more self-contained emotional nature, which nevertheless is attracted toward the emotional gratification of the spotlight of approval and applause. Attention is an emotional fuel, and you may display childish petulance if this need is denied, perhaps through emotional displays whenever your demands for attention are ignored by family, friends, or colleagues. Your ego and vanity are easily wounded, especially through sensitivity to criticism; and you become moody and brood in response to negative comments.

Compulsive needs exist for success and public attention, which may have roots within childhood and your relationship with parents. You need to be self-assertive, although to some you may appear too confident, too self-assured or forceful. This is an expression of inner strength, and you are often guided by this feeling of integrity, responsibility, and sense of purposeful direction. Leo as a fixed sign implies an ability to concentrate your will once a direction is determined. You can be single-minded, bending only when absolutely necessary, instead of being intrinsically flexible.

You want close, loving, and intimate relationships; you need to love and to be loved. In a loving relationship, there is the opportunity to express and receive admiration and appreciation. Your emotional self-determination, linked with personal magnetic charm, can make you attractive to others, especially to those looking for a stronger partner, or to others equally independent in nature. Your stubbornness may cause friction and conflict when wills clash, particularly if you try to dominate a partner or family member; and at times like this, your emotional immaturity is often revealed. Once the moment has passed and tempers have cooled down, you can objectively see the overreaction or emotional button that has been pressed, and resolve that 'next time, I won't rise to that bait again'. Time will tell.

If the Moon nature has been denied, signs of compulsive activity may occur, especially tendencies of self-adulation, hogging the center stage, ego-inflation, and attempts to dominate any who are unable to resist; the 'superiority complex' is one which is often seen in social / employment hierarchies. This is when insecurity hides beneath the surface, and self-esteem needs to be derived from positions of status or from the attention of others. There can be a susceptibility to flattery and a need for social approbation.

Your potential is to develop a constructive, optimistic approach to life's experiences and to fulfill personality needs. You may have to create or discover appropriate ways to satisfy your needs, rather than relying on others. Your nature requires acceptance, so that you can appreciate, value, and exploit innate talents and qualities. Pay attention to satisfying emotional needs and feelings; succeeding in this will reduce your compensatory need to play center stage and make you less vulnerable to audience reaction.

Moon in Leo: Self-confident, cheerful and optimistic, your outlook on life (at least your own life) is generally sunny; and not much dampens your spirits for long. You always assume that things will work out for the best, and usually they do. You have a knack for attracting into your life people and circumstances that will benefit you. You are a natural leader, and others follow you because you project an aura of knowing what you are doing.

For you, love certainly makes the world go 'round; and in relationships, you are romantic, affectionate, generous and enthusiastic. You love the idea of being in love.

Being the centre of a lover's attention feeds your sizeable ego, and you like nothing better. Flattery will win you over every time, and you are rather naive when it comes to affairs of the heart. A wily partner could separate you from everything you own, simply by doting on you and keeping you entertained.

Self-centered and rather vain, you believe everyone is as fond of you as you are of yourself. You probably flirt with everyone you meet, but it's because you thrive on constant attention, not because you are inherently fickle. Once committed to a relationship, you are generally a loyal and devoted partner. You desperately need to be loved and approved of; and nothing hurts you more than being unappreciated ¬unless it's being humiliated in public. The one offence you can't forgive is someone stepping on your pride.

You have an innate sense of the dramatic, and always do things with a flair. A natural showman, you can be quite entertaining and are often the life of the party. Perhaps you dress in an exotic, flamboyant manner, or in the height of style. Perhaps you are a talented actor or entertainer, always ready to perform for an audience. However, you need to be careful of being loud or showy simply to get attention.

Your natural abilities probably include some sort of artistic talent, and you are quite creative. In addition, your self-confidence allows you to keep on believing in yourself, regardless of what others think - a necessity in fields like art or the theatre. It is quite likely that you use your creativity to make your home a showplace. You may have a gift for interior design, and are good with color, though your taste is never subtle and can tend toward garishness. Your home is your castle, and you want to live like a king / queen. As a result, you are inclined to overextend yourself financially to impress others with your house and lifestyle. You enjoy entertaining at home, and are a generous and gracious host / hostess.

When you were young, your mother (or nurturing parent) probably showered you with attention and reinforced your efforts so that you grew up believing you could do anything. If you displayed talent early, she / he may have enrolled you in acting or dance classes, or arranged for you to take art lessons. Though you were a bit spoiled, you were nonetheless a loving and good-natured child and perhaps the family favorite. You learned quickly that you could get almost anything you wanted without much effort. As an adult, you expect things to continue being easy and can be quite lazy.

You adore children, and especially playing with them and entertaining them with your antics and theatrics. A loving, devoted and affectionate parent, you are inclined to spoil your children. However, they never doubt that you love them, and you aren't the type to put a business trip ahead of your son or daughter's Little League game. The one thing you demand, however, is respect; and you won't tolerate insubordination or disobedience. Consequently, you might earn yourself a reputation in the family as a benevolent dictator.

Moon in Leo: Self-sufficient and self-reliant, you will leave things alone unless you are personally concerned. Once you have decided to act, you are resentful of interference and criticism. You are emotionally attached to anything that belongs to you or reflects on your ego personally.

Your sense impressions are well-developed, and you are able to make quick, accurate evaluations of other people and their motives. You have a fiery temperament, and you can quickly cut other people down to size.

Self-centered and somewhat pompous, you may lack objectivity and have a blind spot in your emotional perspective. For you to truly enjoy any relationship, your heart must be involved.

You usually lack curiosity; but when you are motivated, you learn quickly and accurately, although all your learning is colored by your feelings. Leo lends a nobility to the emotions, but this placement also makes it difficult to back down or to compromise. You are hard to convince; but when you do open your mind and heart, you learn the quickest of all.

You have a need to be admired and applauded. Despite your basic loyalty, if you feel unappreciated you will seek appreciation and satisfaction elsewhere.

People with the Moon in Leo are sexually magnetic and charming, but may also be overbearing and arrogant. In a man's chart, it makes him romantic, fun and sexy, or he may tend to conceit, arrogance and an overbearing ego. Both men and women with this placement are attractive and attracted to the opposite sex. The man will seek a woman with flair, enthusiasm and good taste.

The Moon in Leo brings positions of authority and leadership, which you accept seriously and easily. You are ambitious and status-conscious; you want prominence and acclaim. Your straightforward honesty is apparent, and your organizing ability is prominent, but take care that it doesn't become bossiness.

You love music, the arts, luxury and children; and you usually have a sunny and self-confident disposition. Your emotions are powerful, your affection is given generously, and you usually favor sophisticated pleasures.

You see your mother as a strong personality who dominated you in your youth. She tried to give you good moral and religious values.

The sign of Leo is masculine, positive, fiery and fixed, while the Moon, through its associations with the sign of Cancer, is feminine, negative, watery and cardinal. At first sight it doesn't look as if the moon would be very comfortable in Leo, but in many ways it is.

The power of the Sun seems to dominate the Moon, permeating the deepest layers of the personality with Leonine characteristics which then bubble their way up to the surface. If you have this Moon placement you are basically kind, generous and honorable, with an instinctive need to encourage others. There is a real touch of Leo nobility deep down inside you. Being naturally dignified, honest and trustworthy, you would find it hard to behave in a callous or crafty manner, and you are far too proud to scrounge off others. Your need to appear honest and honorable may not reflect reality; but if you are caught out in a cowardly or underhanded act or if it becomes obvious that you harbor jealous feelings, you can react in an angry and aggressive manner. You can get on your high horse if your dignity is pricked.

The fixity of the sign gives you the determination to see things through and to finish everything you start. It is possible that you may dig your heels in too much and try to lay the law down to others. You could be stubborn and unbending at times.

You sometimes appear to behave in a distant and superior manner; this is your shield for those times when you are in unfamiliar situations. When hurt, you retreat into something which you see as dignified silence and others see as the sulks; however, under normal circumstances you are cheerful, friendly and open. You occasionally have doubts about your own self-worth; also occasional feelings of intense superiority. The emotions are always held under control when the Moon is in a fixed sign, and therefore they may break out strongly from time to time. You could become quite aggressive if pushed, or if you are on the receiving end of aggression from others. If hurt enough, you would become jealous, full of hate, and revengeful.

Lunar Leos can be surprisingly self-sacrificing towards loved ones, but heaven help them if the loved ones don't appreciate the sacrifices. You place the objects of your love on a pedestal and feel hurt when you discover that they are only human. Your intense feelings give you a longing for excitement, drama, romance and passion; with a bit of luck, you will find this within a steady relationship; if not, then you will look for romance, passion etc. outside marriage. You may even create tension within a relationship to keep it alive. For the same reason, you must have an exciting career; you can put up with an insecure one but not a boring one. Too much contentment bores you.

Your mind is broad, and you are unlikely to follow any of the more fanatical religious or political beliefs. You may have a religious and philosophical outlook which is different from that of your parents; but this should not be a big problem in your life. Although not in any way bigoted, you may find it hard to change your mind once it is made up, and you can have rather entrenched views.

The Moon is associated with the home; therefore, yours will be attractive with an interesting sort of décor. You are very fussy about your own appearance, and may even be vain. (Men with this Moon placement are actually worse than women.) The one thing which is the bane of your life is your hair. You may consider this to be too thick, thin, wiry, curly, or, even if male, too bald! You may be vain about your body and even your sexual performance. One lady who is married to a very nice Moon in Leo guy tells me that he doles out sex as if it were a treat! As a lover, you could, like Sun in Leo, be bossy and demanding, but also comfortable, relaxed and kind. It would be most unusual to find an out-and-out pervert with this Moon placement. Being romantic, you enjoy dining out, giving and receiving presents, and remembering birthdays. You are fussy about your choice of partner; nothing less than the best will do for you. You have a strong sex drive, but couldn't cope for long with a relationship based on sex alone. You need romance and passion, and you need above all to be loved. Even so, you would find it difficult to live without the comfort and release of sex; life without love, in all its applications, would be too cold to contemplate. You don't mind taking the lead sexually, and can encourage a partner who is less experienced than you. Your senses are strong; therefore, everything about sex appeals to you as long as you can perform with a certain amount of decorum. The back seat of a car in a rainy car park is just not for you (except maybe a Rolls Royce!).

You may feel a need to attach yourself to some source of power. You may work with powerful and successful people, or with large and powerful animals; alternatively, you might be fascinated by the power of magic and the spiritual world. This would enable you to enjoy risk-taking at second hand, which is a lunar trait. Your courage, fire and enthusiasm could lead you to learn from the powerful people around you and put their lessons into action for yourself, which is, of course, a solar trait.

You will do anything for those whom you love, but you need your generosity of spirit to be appreciated. Leo being a fixed sign, you resist change, and would find it hard to admit defeat in any situation; therefore, you would find it difficult to cut your losses and start again. You can put up with the wrong job for far too long, and also hang on to a rotten relationship long after the time has come to end it. You are possibly a little too good at maintaining the status quo, especially in emotional situations. You may be self-centered emotionally, and possibly inclined to hang on to those you love - this applies to your children as well. Laura, a gentle and skilled palmist now in her mid-forties, recently left her paranoid and violent husband after many years of abuse; but still feels that she is unable to make the final break and divorce him. 'It's too final', she says.

Unless there are very different characteristics in your Sun and Ascendant, you are sociable and enjoy being entertained; but, being much shyer than the solar Leo type of personality, you can only entertain others in a quiet way. Sports and the company of young people appeal to you. You might become involved in some organization like the Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, the Territorial Army or the Red Cross. There is no need for you to be the centre of attraction in the world outside, but you do like to be in the centre of things within your own home. If you did find yourself in the spotlight, you could cope with it, but you don't seek it consciously in the way that Sun in Leo would. You like to know where the various members of your family are, and to make sure that they are all right; you have an inner need to organize them and keep them on the right lines.

Your inner nature, unless you are feeling hurt, is playful, sunny and friendly, which makes you popular in a quiet kind of way. You appreciate beauty, creativity and art, and have an instinctive sense of style. You are proud of your loved ones, and even of your friends. You prefer not to be surrounded by dirty, down-at-heel types. You never forget a hurt, but your strong loyalty means that you remember those who have helped you too. You need to belong somewhere, and may be attached to one particular set of bricks and mortar, or to an area of the country with which you feel a particular affinity. Needing space, you hate cramped surroundings. You love to get away into the countryside and to take your holidays in a warm and pleasant place. You need holidays and breaks because you tend to put a lot of effort into your job and into life itself. Your vitality is never drained for long, as you have inner reserves of strength.

You make an excellent parent, often treating your children as young adults and always preserving their dignity. You don't seek to hang on to them when they grow up. You are able to teach and encourage them through play, but you may not be too patient with them at times. You can be relied on to give them a cuddle whenever they are down-hearted or ill.

Both solar and lunar Leo subjects learn more easily after leaving school than before. You may take a quite demanding course when already busy with a career, home and family; this may be in order to get yourself a better job or just to fulfill yourself. You lack confidence in your abilities; therefore, any achievement that you make will help you to go on to further successes. Even if you do not have much formal education, you understand people and learn well from life. You have an inner need to be in an executive position; and if your circumstances mitigate against this, you could be self-employed, the king of your own field, although you might need someone else around to help you cope with the details.

You make a good employer, with an understanding of the need to preserve the dignity of others.

You are career-minded; and with your good concentration and good organizational skills, you can climb the career ladder in a steady manner. You need to gain a reputation in some kind of creative field, and may strive hard to perfect something which will bring you a quiet kind of renown. Your ability to make the right impression could lead you to fields of marketing, personnel work, the display of works of art, or antiques. The biggest problem is that you could have big dreams but may be too lazy to make them come true. You want to come out on top of your field, but are strangely uncompetitive, being too self-centered to worry about others. Your own high standards would give you enough to compete against. You are very good at calming people down and dealing with touchy situations; therefore, some kind of social work with troubled people, especially troubled youngsters, might appeal. Your attraction to glamour might interest you in some form of show business. There is a creative side to you which means that you would take to dancing, singing or artistic work of some kind. Being drawn towards children and young people, you could be a teacher (especially if there is Gemini, Aquarius or Sagittarius on your chart). You might prefer to be a nursery nurse or probation officer. Your love of the good things in life could make you a good restaurateur or hotelier, but you might be best employed out in the front. you would be all right behind the scenes organizing others, but under no circumstances would you want to be the one to do the cleaning and cooking.

You are competent and capable as long as you are allowed to work at your own pace, but you detest being hustled and put under pressure.

The chances are that your father was autocratic, authoritarian, or just unable to relate to children. You probably got on much better with your mother. You yourself might be too ready to push your own children, but this may reflect back one generation, meaning that you were pushed by your parents and that they expected more from you than you were able to produce at that time. The background may have been traditional, even religious in some way, involving rituals and certain kinds of behavior. At the worst end of this spectrum, you may have been afraid of your father, or made to feel that you couldn't live up to some impossible image of perfection. He may have been a very successful man himself, or he may have achieved a great deal while he was still young. Lunar Leos are far more likely to succeed later in life. You need parental love, encouragement and appreciation; and if you get this from at least one parent plus brothers and sisters, fine - if not, you could become something of an emotional cripple. The last thing you need is a cool, intellectual air sign for a parent.

You need to keep your intake of food and drink down, and to take exercise and lead a moderate life, because your heart may be weak. There could be spinal trouble; this is particularly prone to occur when you are unhappy or worried.

Moon in Leo: The immediate instinct of those with the Moon in Leo is to take over. While there is an active and happy enthusiasm, and a need to express emotions in a positive way, it is all too easy for people with this placing to appear bossy, dogmatic and stubborn. But at best they can be an excellent source of inspiration to others, with the ability to get the most out of them - pack leaders who enjoy the role!

Their belief that they can do anything as well as or better than anyone else is a mixed blessing. While they will inevitably find plenty of outlets for all their potential (indicated by the characteristics of the Sun sign), and will achieve their aspirations (indicated by the Midheaven), they can tend to overstep the mark and become somewhat overwhelming.

If shyness or a lack of self-assurance is shown in other areas of the chart, there will be a conflict which will result in the subject covering up the inhibited areas by showing off, perhaps even feigning extroversion and confidence in a way that can be embarrassing for loved ones. If you are working on the chart of a child with this placing, it will be necessary to encourage the parents to steady the youngster's natural exuberance, which at its best is lovely but can become bombastic.

There is a special need to make the right impression, especially when these people are young, and as a result a great many of them will learn the hard way. In spite of this, there is determination and a sense of immediacy which is much in their favor. They will cope extremely well in any emergency that arises, for the powers of leadership and organizational ability attributed to the Sun sign Leo are always present and will be called upon and expressed at just a moment's notice.

The emotional forces are strong, and the intuition and imagination powerful. These can be expressed creatively through any art form sympathetic to the Sun sign. The tendency to show off, at any age, must be countered by other less extrovert indications in the chart. This is a placing that needs a steadying hand, not only elsewhere in the chart, but also from those with influence over the subject. Even so, this placing is often found in the charts of big achievers, especially when the Moon is near the Midheaven or situated in the tenth house.

Moon in Leo: The Moon sign Leo indicates an emotionally proud individual with a flair for dramatics who will often seek the spotlight. There is an unconscious need to be admired and appreciated. These people need romance and affection. They are fond of children, parties, art, sports, and entertainment in all forms. Because they may be self-centered, they can incline to stubbornness. Sometimes they act like prima donnas, out of the need to dramatize their feelings. There is a tendency to dominate others, especially those within the domestic scene. Their susceptibility to flattery sometimes appears as childish self-importance.

The tendency to self-dramatization would be unbearable if these people were not sincere in their efforts at self-improvement. Their need to love and be loved is a healthy emotional drive and makes for a sunny disposition and constructive expression in most cases. Persons with this Moon position want their children to be well-groomed and their homes to be showplaces of beauty and art.

Moon in Leo: You have a noble, though potentially vain, soul. You have the need to live in style with Other - but this could mean being greedy for ease and luxury. You have the instinct to win admiration - but without meriting this you'd always be seeking attention. Your mother is seen or expressed as one who is unconditionally generous, and / or spoils you as her child.

You naturally respond towards Other by making him / her feel very special; the 'only one'. You respond to children and party situations with playfulness and enthusiasm. You respond to Other or others generally in a warm, dignified and loyal fashion.

Your inner child reacts with sulks and tantrums when Other does not find you beyond criticism; with indignation and melodrama when things are not going your way; and by taking it very personally when Other is indifferent for reasons that possibly have nothing to do with you.

You are unconsciously drawn towards Others who appear to have a style or wherewithal that is above average; to exciting, dramatic Others - especially when you are the focus of their attention; and to Others who want to go up in the world and so are impressed by your classy style - and you cannot resist such admiration.

You can get caught up in relationships which demand more of you as a person on all levels - emotional, physical, mental and spiritual; in childish, jealousy-inducing scenarios that you must rise above if you are not to be sunk very low; and in relationships that bring you down to a more real, unglamorous, emotional level.

When you are alone, you are like a banished king or queen. What could be wrong? Is no-one good enough? How wronged you feel! At some point, given long enough, you may get round to asking yourself where you are going wrong. If so, this would be a highly important point in your emotional development. This would especially apply if you had been alone for quite some time, or have never been properly involved at all. If this is the case, it is most probably because you sense, possibly unconsciously, that you would have to get a lot more realistic on an emotional level that the romantic idea you have of love and relationship at present. If, however, you have recently separated, it is very likely that there were warning signs of trouble some time ago, but your ego refused to see or acknowledge them. In any event, you probably feel cheated and forsaken. But if you wish to avoid a similar scenario, then you must review your part in all this. This will have something to do with your being very generous to Other in some way, hence the 'forsaken' feeling. But ask yourself what you were after in return, and if it was realistic. If it was nothing, then why the bitterness?

Moon in Leo: The portrait you paint of yourself is heroic, and towers above the world you inhabit. To live up to the level of your inner picture is a lifetime job requiring energy, courage, and considerable sense of the drama of existence. Private satisfactions are not very important to you; you are less introspective than most. You want to see the tangible evidence of success, and like it best if the rest of the world can see it, too. You are a bit of a show-off, but since you are utterly honest with yourself, you can laugh at your own vanities, even when they remain important. You want valuable possessions, well-groomed children, good clothes, accomplishments, and evidence of accomplishment that others can applaud. Your desires are basically simple, and your methods of getting them are direct; you know what you want, and are willing to make sacrifices for them. You won't sacrifice personal integrity, however, or honor, which are the intangibles that do matter to you. Education, culture, art, and music, however, matter less. You can take 'em or leave 'em alone; and ten to one, if you do take 'em, it isn't because they really feed your soul, but because you think evidence of such a soul will in some way add to your prestige. Throughout your life, you will strive to fulfill an image of yourself which is less a portrait than a statue dominating the landscape of your life by its size, its beauty, the dramatic quality of its setting and the colorful beauty of its trappings. And in becoming this statue, you are likely to become many other more spiritual things which you don't even desire, and which are added to you because of the honest workmanship that goes into your self-sculpture.

Moon in Leo: You consider yourself important, and want to do things that will make other people proud of you. But most of all you must be proud of yourself, and you will avoid any situation that would make you look bad to yourself.

You like to be the centre of attention, and will often act in a way that attracts attention. In a group, you try to be the outstanding person one way or another. You take your feelings very seriously, and are inclined to emphasize or exaggerate them when talking to others. You also may exaggerate other things, which you should be careful of, because the result may be that people will not take you seriously when you want them to.

Above all, you feel the need to be yourself, and you do not easily act as other people want you to. You can be quite stubborn, which is perfectly well and good, but others also have the right to be themselves, and you may not allow them to.

You are emotionally very warm; and if you like someone, you let him or her know it. But you need love and affection too; and, above all, reassurance. The better you feel about yourself, the less you feel the need to show off.

You are very fond of playing games, either athletics or indoor games. Often you prefer to play rather than work.

Moon in Leo Woman: Life’s a stage, and you know your place on it - dead center! Your home is the set and your lovers are the other actors. Of course, you're the leading lady as well as the director, producer, and casting director. You don’t mind sharing the starring role as long as everyone acknowledges that you're the one with top billing. Pettiness annoys you intensely, and you'll even give up the spotlight to avoid appearing common or ordinary. You hate negative feelings around you. The sun must shine on your parade. It’s true that you dramatize your life, but that’s only because you can always find something to love intensely, even if it’s only a new nail-polish color. The grand gesture becomes you, and you make one quite frequently just for effect. The thunder of applause is the greatest high you can imagine.

In matters of the heart, you're generous and your love knows no bounds. If you have a warm and tasteful environment where you feel really special, you can shine like the noonday sun, warming everybody around with your own radiance. You bask in attention and feedback. Tell you you look lovely, act superbly, am wonderful. Several times an hour. It may seem like a lot of trouble, but the rewards are commensurate. There’s no glow like your glow, no warmth like yours. Other people can get an emotional suntan with you.

Your mother was into melodrama and succeeded in getting the lioness’s share of the family’s attention. If she didn’t there was always a new scene for her to play. Dad especially catered to her and her whims. But she kept her dignity no matter what the circumstances. And she loved you kids.

The man for you has to be larger than life, with a noble soul and a powerful personality. You have to be able to trust him completely, because you tend to be gullible and seducible by flattery. If he appreciates you for your creativity, spontaneity and executive ability and if he tells you of this frequently, you'll be his loyal friend and lover, and cast him as the leading man in your life.

Moon in Leo Woman: Women with this Moon position are usually affectionate, strong-willed, self-centered and excessively concerned with their appearances. Men sometimes project this side of themselves onto the women in their lives, and may be attracted to women who are dramatic, creative, vivacious, glamorous, even a bit gaudy.

Moon in Leo Man: Wherever you are or whatever you're doing, you need to be able to express yourself and have an impact on the environment. You need to be noticed, and usually you are. You feel cared for when you get attention and you always return the favor. The spotlight becomes you for you're a natural performer, no matter what your profession. You can make a good show out of recounting what your day was like. in fact, it's hard for you to relinquish the spotlight until you've gotten the recognition and acknowledgment you need.

You're an honorable man with a high code of honor and ethics. You need respect and you give yourself respect. If you don't get it from others, it really bothers you. You do what you can to maintain your dignity, and you despise cheap or tawdry behavior. Less than the best is unacceptable to you. You strive always for the highest, and you put your whole heart into it.

You're feelings are warm and you like to express them freely. you'll hug a fellow male and not feel embarrassed about it- bear hugs are your specialty. You'll give the shirt off your back if you like someone or they need it, and you like being the giver rather than the taker. You're not comfortable with dependence. You'll go to great lengths to avoid it.

Your mother was a great lady, at least in her own mind and yours, with taste and style, no matter her circumstances. She was a force to be reckoned with and she always kept up a sunny front, no matter if things weren't going well. She was affectionate, and supportive of you even though the price was becoming part of the audience for her dramatics. She was very much into emoting and histrionics at times, and she could upstage the lot of you easily.

You like women with that "special something" that is immediately noticed by others. A lady with you can be as flashy as she likes, for you like drama and flair in women- either in looks or accomplishments. You like to look good with a woman, so the more impressive she is, the better.

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Moon in Leo: Alan Arkin, Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, Queen Elizabeth II, Jane Fonda, Mahatma Gandhi, Paul McCartney, Ezra Pound, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Gloria Steinem, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Paramahansa Yogananda, Al, BenT, Cesar, Cynthia, Farmer, Ivy, JJ, Lina, Nicole, Nirvesh, Paulo, Prabhuta, Shakura, Sugeet