Moon in Gemini

Those of us with Moon in Gemini need to communicate verbally, to interact with a variety of people, to awaken and satisfy our curiosity, to train and utilize our minds, to develop basic skills, and to be open to and engaged by a stimulating environment. The deepest needs of our Gemini Moon pertain to experiencing and expressing our feelings in relationship, and to cultivating a network of people and activities which truly nourish us rather than simply pique our interest. We also benefit by feeding our hunger for knowledge and developing our capacities as thinkers and communicators.

When our real needs are not met, we may lose ourselves in compulsive Gemini behaviors - we may talk incessantly and superficially without making real contact; we may scatter our energies widely, shifting from person to person and activity to activity without experiencing fulfillment anywhere. We may seek refuge in knowledge for knowledge's sake and intellectual activity as an escape from feeling.

Negatively, our Gemini Moon suggests that we experienced one or both of our parental figures as changeable or inconstant, as overly identified with the mind and inclined to rationalize and intellectualize rather than directly express feeling. Such a parent may also have been high-strung, nervous, and preoccupied with trivia. Positively, our parent may have encouraged and supported our verbal and intellectual abilities and provided us with considerable stimulation and challenge.

If our parent did not provide the nurturance we needed, we may have internalized messages which incline us to deny or explain away our feelings, and to remain open to too many outside influences at the expense of learning to make commitments or develop an area of expertise. Feeling insecure in our bodies and emotions, we may have exercised our mental capacities to such a degree that we have become adept at rationalization and prone to use words and superficial interactions to defend against our needs for real contact, intimacy and communication. Our task may be to reconnect with our feelings and bodies in such a way that we may think, communicate and structure our lives to make our mental activities and relationships truly nourishing.

Moon in Gemini: When you seek others to provide an emotional escape from the isolation of your mental gymnastics, you embark on a search for the perfect person. This may lead to the frustration of never finding a single relationship that can satisfy and provide release from idealistic mental visions.

If you lack confidence in your instincts, you may fear losing one option by choosing another. Such behavior does not bring stability in relationships. Constant disillusionment can result in an endless series of relationships, a scattering of energies, and loss of identity.

It can be difficult to see inspiring influences that you can trust and aim toward. This results in a loss of confidence in your ability to be spontaneous. You may hold back in communicating, due to fearing that others will judge you; thus, you lose the benefit of others' abilities to put your ideas in a practical perspective. You may deprive yourself of the very solutions you seek by withholding the truth.

You can create an atmosphere in which you get your point across by noticing that logical methods have not worked. The truth is that others cannot accept ideas that are not relevant to the practical solutions they are seeking. The lesson is to allow the needs of others to direct your mental talents so that you can share ideas they can accept. This is accomplished by focusing beyond the threat of others' motives. Then you can see the disorder in their lives and their attempts to organize themselves.

Sacrificing the assumption that you know what is right in the long run enables you to accept the needs of others. This acceptance allows their goals to guide your intuitive talents for mutually beneficial and practical results. When you realize that in order to achieve happiness it must be given to others, you experience what you are giving in the process. This interaction brings about wholehearted participation in assisting others to find their answers.

When you pay attention to problems others are having in their daily lives, you can make a commitment to serve on a practical level. Thus, you discover the very solutions that are next on your own path. You gain the spontaneous faith you need by encouraging others to believe in themselves. The power to direct your life is finally realized as a by-product of inspiring others; and your own role as a mentor is appropriately exercised. The realization that your excitement comes from serving and inspiring others develops unshakable self-confidence and a sense of variety in all relationships.

You have a feeling of incessant restlessness. You feel the urge to move on, thinking that there is always something new and exciting over the next hill or that the grass is greener in the next location. What actually lures you on is the feeling that the next piece of information to be gained and shared with others is to be found in the next town. Thus, the urge for continual movement from person to person continues.

You are constantly seeking new mental stimulation and may have a difficult time settling down with one person in a family relationship. An internal restlessness drives you on with the lure that the best relationship is just over the next hill. This idea can lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction in whatever relationship you are in, no matter how idyllic or healthy it may be for you.

You are learning to relax, to deepen your mental connection with those in your immediate environment so that the stimulation you seek can be satisfied at deeper, more profound levels. You are learning to exchange a quantity of ideas for the quality of a deep rapport by integrating the dimension of feeling into your arena of mental exchange. In this way your desires for constant communication take on a new dimension of satisfaction and fulfillment.

In order to develop deep mental connections with others, you are learning that you must first develop a connection with your own spiritual, intuitive processes. Once in touch with your intuition, you will have access to the information you need, when you need it, without the restless feeling that you continually need more information in order to feel secure. Then you can share ideas with others with a feeling of ease based on the joy of exchanging those energies that release both people into truth.

Moon in Gemini: The Moon in Gemini is indicative of one who is mentally alert, keen on self-expression - perhaps a literary buff, a reporter, one who can tell a good story, is adaptable, versatile, and has a tendency to scatter his forces. Seems to move about constantly ¬if not physically, then certainly mentally. He can see various points of view, but doesn't often go too deeply into any one subject.

He can be perceptive, can hit at the truth in a lighthearted manner; he would make a good satirist, for he is flexible, tends to doubt the seriousness of his own acts, intentions, statements, writings. He would make an excellent humorist, but when things are not going just right, he is inclined to nervousness, brooding, self-suspicion, doubt, envy, and perhaps even a 'persecution complex'.

He is articulate, seldom at a loss for words; but he might spread himself too thin, at times becoming involved in absurd causes, attracting 'tricky' friends, flirting with the underground or passing a bit of money under the table.

He possesses a great amount of curiosity, but once he finds the answer, or thinks he has, he tends to lose interest. He does not have the staying power of the Moon in Taurus, but he is a better self-starter - more active and more likely to do something about changing an unpleasant situation.

Self-control is essential. Greater self-discipline is also necessary if the native is to be more than merely an attractive but superficial individual.

The native finds it fun to use his hands skillfully, such as in sleight-of-hand; he is fond of short journeys, getting around and contacting people. He would make an excellent salesman, is capable of living by his wits, and is willing to experiment with an occupation.

His strong points: versatility, curiosity. His weak one: a tendency to be superficial and flashy rather than thorough and knowledgeable.

Moon in Gemini: You will feel an important need for mental stimulation, verbal communication, and a variety of relationships with others. Satisfying an alert curiosity and a desire to know will be a high priority, and your intellectual life will be a continuing sequence of 'fascinations', as exploring areas of human knowledge attracts your interest. While, over time, you can acquire a broad knowledge base, you may tend to develop only superficial knowledge, lacking real expertise in any particular subject. But the Gemini influence is like the magpie's activities, and accumulation is the game played; this may partly satisfy the lunar need for acquisitiveness. Displaying a fund of information will be enjoyable, and you hope that others will be impressed and respect you more.

Mental stimulation enlivens your life, although, with the combined Gemini restlessness and Moon changeability, interest will wax and wane in most subjects, only to be reawakened by the next exciting set of ideas. Indeed, words, ideas, and symbolic conceptual structures may be especially attractive; and in these you can almost become lost; the danger may lie in the trap of misrepresentation, where you focus on the pointing finger instead of that toward which it is pointing.

You may favor the Gemini dimension of this astrological relationship, and there are benefits from following this. Mental development through training and constant use can help your responses to a highly stimulating environment; and any knowledge acquired can always have a potentially practical application. Rational analysis can be used for decision-making; and a higher quality of interpersonal communication may also be achieved when involving the intellect.

Yet there are also the more negative aspects of a Gemini-placed planet. Since Gemini characteristics are favored, the Moon influence receives less expression and acknowledgement. The negative attributes of an unbalanced Gemini Moon can include a lack of mental consistency, unduly influenced by every temporary attraction. Ideas and projects may suddenly be dropped due to more exciting ones appearing. The inability to sustain interest and complete things may be a weakness, both intellectually and in relationships. You insist on the freedom to change, and tend to express this by seeking variety, even to the point of being fickle with lovers and friends. You may find difficulty remaining committed to any idea or person for long; and being easily bored and restless does not help to create stability.

The Moon's influence and needs are probably denied to some degree, and yet will still filter into your life despite attempts to block them. Your emotions are changeable, and represent an unintegrated realm of your nature, one with which you prefer not to have to deal too often. Their subtle influence often distorts your reasoning faculty ¬even without your conscious realization - and helps to form judgments, decisions, and personal values, even if you do disguise these in apparent rationality. Begin to examine your defensive arguments, and you'll observe a deep emotional bias to them; what you are really protecting are unacknowledged lunar tendencies.

You may also attempt to rationalize away feelings, reducing their impact or covering their inner messages - avoidance tactics. Ignoring instinctive feelings can lead to expressing more compulsive and negative Gemini-type behavior, such as excessive talking, continual information acquisition, engaging in a whirl of nonstop superficial social activity, or a general scattering and dissipation of personal energies.

If this happens, there may be an unconscious attempt to convey a message of confusion derived from previously ignored feelings and instincts. Often these are related to unease with the demands of your physical and emotional natures. Your mind has become overly dominating and out of harmony with other parts of yourself. To redress this imbalance, you may need to reduce involvement in any wide diversity of activities and interests, and, at least temporarily, re-center yourself; stop displacing your identity into external interests and activities.

Relationships need transforming so that you become free to experience and express whatever you really feel, perhaps by concentrating on the quality of interpersonal communication with a more select and intimate group of friends and family. Essentially, you may need to re-evoke the Moon qualities in yourself, integrate denied feelings, and allow them release and acceptance. Intellectual activity should not be used as an escape from or substitute for personal feelings. You may need to reconnect to any repressed instinctual feelings, satisfy emotional needs, and integrate your personality, rather than believe that fulfillment can be still found by repeatedly ignoring inner promptings. These needs are also an integral part of you, and require acknowledgement.

Moon in Gemini: You are generally easy-going and good-natured, and rarely stay angry or unhappy for long. Friendly, gregarious and sociable, you probably have a large circle of friends, lovers and acquaintances. You enjoy parties and get-togethers of all sorts, and will find any excuse to socialize. When you can't visit with friends or family members in person, you call them on the 'phone or write them long, chatty letters.

All types of communication interest you, and you are never at a loss for words. You probably enjoy reading, writing, languages, word games, and of course, talking. Many people with this Moon placement have natural writing ability.

You are always eager to meet new people, and want to experience as many different kinds of relationships as possible. As a result, you find it almost impossible to remain faithful to one partner for long. You might miss out on something! Quantity is more important than quality to you, and you are inclined to be fickle. You'd prefer to have two (or more) partners simultaneously - if you can keep them from finding out about each other.

Emotionally shallow, you don't tend to form strong attachments or get deeply involved with anyone. Though you may marry or maintain long-term relationships, you never become really intimate with your partner(s). Unless you also have water signs prominent in your chart, it's almost as though you think your emotions rather than feel them. You aren't very introspective and don't examine life below the surface. Consequently, you tend to misinterpret other people's needs, motives and desires. Unless you have Scorpio or Capricorn energies prominent in your chart, you can be quite naive and are easily duped.

Freedom is important to you, and you don't want to be restricted by emotional demands. Jealousy and possessiveness have no place in your relationships, and if a partner becomes too clingy or serious you might start looking for someone new.

Infinitely curious, you want to know something about everything. A life-long student, you enjoy taking classes, reading, going to museums, attending lectures, socializing with people who can teach you new things, and sharing what you know with others. Ideas nourish you, and your minds never stops buzzing. Your interests are many and varied, and you'll try just about anything once. However, you have trouble sticking with anything for long, and don't usually become proficient in any area. Nervous and high-strung, you are rarely still, and tend to flit from one thing to another like a butterfly sampling flowers.

At an early age, you displayed your cleverness an your ability to learn quickly. You probably impressed your parents, who encouraged you to develop your mind. Perhaps your parents, or at least your mother (or nurturing parent), were intellectuals and valued mental ability. Your earliest recollections might be of your mother reading you stories or teaching you the alphabet. Your parents may have sent you to good schools and praised your mental acuity, but neglected to nurture your feeling side.

You strive to teach your own children all you can, and try to instill in them your love of knowledge. Though you enjoy talking with them, taking them places and playing games with them (non-physical ones), you aren't very comfortable showing them affection. Any sort of physical closeness can seem cloying, and your children may not get enough hugs and kisses from you.

Your physical home isn't terribly important to you, and you may never choose to own property; you don't want to be tied down or be responsible for maintaining it. Probably you change residences more often than most people. Other than books, you don't tend to acquire many possessions, and our home may seem rather stark and uncomfortable to those whose nesting instincts are stronger.

Because the Moon is an embodiment of female energy, women usually respond to it more easily than men do. Women with this Moon placement are likely to demonstrate their Gemini characteristics readily; men sometimes project this part of themselves onto the women in their lives and are attracted to women who are friendly, communicative, intelligent, high-strung and somewhat superficial.

Moon in Gemini: You are interested in the intimate contact of the moment. Your emotional personality requires variety and novelty rather than duration and depth of feeling. You are generally incapable of long-sustained feelings or of undivided loyalties. Though at times you can be insensitive, your perceptions are quick and accurate. You sustain impressions through thought rather than feeling.

Your senses serve the intellect rather than the emotions. This results in an ability for dispassionate observation and reasoning. Your mind is changeable and at times chaotic, but you can assimilate an indefinite amount of detain. Being versatile and adaptable, you may have two or more vocations, often at the same time.

You have a fondness for action and movement, either physical or mental. Your hands are able, facile and skillful, and you have a well-developed sense of smell. You are not intuitive, but rather you are observant, quick to form impressions, and usually able to verbalize these impressions.

You are drawn to artistic and literary professions or any area involving communications. A preference, even a need, to do several things at once is important for your psychological well-being. The intellectual ability of this placement often makes you an avid reader or a talented artisan.

You are reserved in personal matters, and at times others find you cold; you are more interested in the here and now than in the past. Torn apart by changing feelings, you can spread yourself too thinly and scatter your forces; this can manifest in nervous tension. You know how to play up to others, and at times you may be too shrewd for your own good. Your restless nature is always in search of something new.

This position of the Moon may indicate superficiality and a lack of domesticity in a woman's chart. A man with this placement is attracted to an intellectual partner who can fit herself into any social role.

You see your mother as emotionally detached, social and versatile, yet supportive of your education and early attempts at conversation.

Moon in Gemini: The Moon is not really comfortable in this sign, and this may lead to some conflict within the personality. The instability of Gemini plus the fluctuating nature of the Moon could make your emotions a little too changeable and your nerves jumpy. If you have something steady such as Leo or Taurus on your Sun or Ascendant, then the Gemini nervousness would just be confined to bouts of irritability. You are impatient with demanding people and cannot cope with those who are chronically ill. Your own health is not all that good but you try to ignore bouts of illness and hardly ever take time off work to recover or recuperate.

The mutability of this sign gives you a fascination for new and interesting people and places, and this leads you into the kind of job where you continually come across new people and get around from place to place. You like to be in the swing of things, and hate to miss anything that is going on. Your private life is probably less changeable, but you certainly have many friends and can usually be found on the end of a 'phone somewhere.

Moon in Gemini: Both sexes like the home to be clean and orderly but are not interested in doing much housework themselves. Both sexes like to look nice and tend to feel confident if they go out knowing that they are well dressed. Your mind is very active and you may be intellectual; even with very little formal education, you would be a deep reader and a self-educator. Your mind (unless Mercury is badly placed) is very quick and acute; and you have a fine, fast sense of humor and a gift for making amusing and witty comments. The reverse of this coin is that you may become sarcastic if irritated. Lunar Geminis think fairly deeply and are less likely to be content with surface knowledge than are Sun in Gemini subjects. However, in addition to this depth of thought, you also have a dustbin-like mind full of rag-tag bits of knowledge. Although chatty and friendly to every new face on your scene, you do have strong relationships with your family and you will keep your most personal friends for years. Your moods change quickly but you don't sulk, and you have no patience with those who do. Your attention span is strange; people who moan about their problems or go on at length about their pet subject bore you, but an interesting book or TV program will hold you riveted for ages.

Your thought processes are logical and you learn in an orderly fashion, but you can blend this logical approach with instinctive or even psychic awareness if there is help from other areas of your birth chart.

There is a kind of Peter Pan aspect to this Moon position which I think may also apply to the other air signs of Libra and Aquarius. Somehow you never see yourself as quite grown up, and can continue to display quite babyish behavior when away from the outside world. The reverse side of the coin is that you do seem to keep your youthful looks and a young outlook to life far longer than most. You have creative and artistic ability, and may paint, or make ornaments or interesting clothes. You may be interested in model-making or computer techniques. You have strong dress sense and a good eye for matching up an outfit.

If given the opportunity, you learn to drive a car while you are in your teens, explore your own neighborhood, and then travel the world as soon as you are able. Cities appeal to you more than the countryside, and you particularly enjoy visiting foreign cities. You are resourceful and can usually find a way to solve practical problems. You are probably quite good with your hands.

Although not a social reformer, you hate racism and ill-treatment towards those who can't stand up for themselves such as children or animals. As a parent you would make quite sure that your own children were being well-treated, but would not want to spend all your time looking after them. Your worst fault is a certain inner coldness. You really cannot take to people who wish to lean upon you, and may give the appearance of having very little depth of concern for others. You can give practical help when it is needed, but you may find people's emotional problems hard to cope with. Being logical by nature, you cannot see how or why they fell into their particular emotional mess in the first place. Care must be taken to watch that your witty tongue does not spill over into sarcasm.

Oddly enough, you can suffer from depression at times, and can become so down¬hearted that you feel life to be a total waste of time. One case of those feelings might be when you are suffering from exhaustion, because you have few reserves of energy to call on and you have the habit of going beyond your limit if there is work to be done.

Some of you may delay marriage or parenthood until you feel that you are sufficiently grown up to cope with it, but when you do take the plunge, you are quite serious in your attitude. You make a delightful parent because you never quite grow up yourself; therefore, you relate easily to children. You will break the bank to provide them with a good education, and your children will never be short of books, materials of any other kind of mental stimulation. You will try to remain close to your grandchildren, as you value family life.

You can have a real problem in the realm of relationships, leading a very busy life which leaves you too tired and over-stretched for much relating. To some extent this is a mechanism which helps you to avoid the reality of responsible relating. This 'busy-busy' business could hide a deep well of unspoken unhappiness. You may avoid emotional commitment, preferring to keep your contacts with the opposite sex on a somewhat shallow level. You could attract (or choose) a rather weak, dependent type of partner who would be drawn to your inner strength - remember Gemini is a positive sign, but you are better off with one who can stand on his or her own feet. Helen, a young Moon in Gemini travel agent, tells me 'I'm not so much afraid of commitment as bored by it. I still feel at my age (early twenties) that I want to play the field. I have to admit that to some extent I dread the thought of being tied down.'

Perhaps you need to get in touch with your own feelings before being able to handle those of others. You could be a theorizer and, as far as emotions are concerned, you may prefer to read about emotional matters and to rationalize them than to feel the reality of them. To some extent this derives from a mistrust of the opposite sex and possibly a lack of sexual self-confidence. You don't like to be emotionally fenced in. Malcolm, a high successful Sales Manager for a vehicle hire firm, told me recently that he had just fallen in love for the first time at the age of forty-eight. 'Why?' I asked him, 'why now?' 'Well', he replied, 'I suppose I was always nervous of being somewhat vulnerable or of committing myself totally. I did go through some really stupid escapades with a number of totally mindless women at one time - escaping reality, I suppose.'

You don't suffer from jealousy if you see other people making a success of themselves; and, like most of the lunar masculine signs, you measure your own successes against your own achievements. Not being jealous or possessive yourself, you strongly resent being on the receiving end of this behavior by others. You are proud of your achievements however, and also proud of your family. You could push your children educationally, and will make sacrifices in order to help your family.

Sex has to start in your mind and, if you are not careful, it can stay there too; like lunar Pisceans, you may be happier fantasizing about sex than actually indulging in it. If you find a compatible partner who encourages you to relax, you can bring all that sexuality down from your mind to reach the parts than the other beers cannot reach, and then you could become the lover you always wanted to be. You are easily put off by coarseness. Your nerves are sensitive; therefore, a quiet atmosphere, an amusing lover and a couple of drinks will work wonders. You may possibly experiment with bisexuality, and may privately enjoy rude books and even blue films! Oddly enough, both solar and lunar Geminis are tactile. They enjoy hugging, touching and being touched, as long as they are not smothered or held too close. Before leaving the fascinating subject of sex, it is worth noting that anyone with Gemini strongly marked on his chart can do two things at once!

The position of the Moon will not indicate any specific career, but will show your inner motivations. People, mental activity, words and travel are essential ingredients for your working life. You may work in sales, telephone or telex communications, or marketing. Writing, especially journalism, may appeal; also all forms of teaching. Your own education may have been of almost any quality, but many of you do teach yourself, then others, possibly in the realms of sports or dancing. You are generally respected by others both for what you know and for your pleasant way of handling people.

Your mind should be orderly (unless there are other indications on your birth chart) and you can organize both yourself and others. Travel appeals to you, especially air travel; and many lunar Geminis work in the air force or the travel industry. You all seem to love driving, and may be able to pilot a plane as well. You have a quick grasp of new ideas, and can communicate them well to others. You are very good at handling people and make a wonderful manager. You can be canny and crafty in business; you love wheeling and dealing, and you may not always be a hundred percent honest. You are at your best when teamed up with a practical partner. As this sign rules the hands and arms, you could be a super craftsman, printer, manicurist, or even a palmist.

Oddly enough, religion and mysticism may interest you, but only on a surface level. You may enjoy the social side of a religious group rather more than the deeper elements of its philosophy.

The chances are that you had one parent, probably your father, who tended to lay down the law to you. This gave you an awareness of the need to be obedient and to conform with the parent's ideas of behavior. Your childhood home was probably filled with books and educational aids; and your parents will have been quite happy for you to have tuition in practically anything. There would have been good conversation and interesting visitors in your home. You should have been born fairly easily and may have been the youngest child in a small family or the only one of one sex among a family of the opposite one. There is some evidence of deep unhappiness in childhood, and a sense of not fitting in anywhere. This may have been within the family or at school. You may have been on the receiving end of racial or religious prejudice! You may have been compared to other brothers and sisters, a dead child or even one of your parents, and found wanting. It is possible that you fancied working in the services or in a hospital but somehow this either doesn't happen or just doesn't work for you when you try it.

An unusual mother is indicated for you. She may be a career woman, highly intellectual or just plain eccentric! Your mother would have shown you, either by direct reference or by example, that women must be able to stand on their own two feet in life. This will influence you, if you are female, to become a career woman; if male, to choose a career woman for your partner.

The problems associated with this placement could jump back one generation and apply more closely to one of your parent’s experiences of childhood.

This is not a healthy placement for the Moon, especially if it is also badly aspected by other planets. Your lungs may be weak; also there could be problems with your hands and arms. Some lunar Geminis suffer really horrendous accidents which affect their arms, hands, teeth and faces. This lunar position can lead to bones and features having to be rebuilt! You can suffer allergies and may have one or two ailments from among the range of nervous or auto-immune diseases. This could be asthma, eczema, rheumatism, migraine, psoriasis, ulcers, colitis, etc.. Your nerves may be your worst enemy. You need to find an outlet for your nervous energy; sports, fresh air pursuits or even sex could help!

Moon in Gemini: A very quick verbal response to situations is characteristic of the subject who has Moon in Gemini. He or she will, especially when young, often express him- or herself in such a flurry of words that they can sometimes tumble out in an incoherent muddle.

The versatility of Gemini is present, and will be seen particularly when the subject is confronted with several tasks. Rather than consciously deciding on a particular order of preference or importance, the tendency will be to start all of them at the same time.

Our emotional responses are powerfully influenced by the Moon, so there can be conflict, when a contrary instinct to rationalize argues with emotion and intuition. The individual must come to terms with the fact that intuition and objective rationalism must merge and flow positively.

The Geminian tendency of not entirely trusting the emotions will be apparent; and, because we are dealing with the Moon, the traits will not be far from the surface when the subject is challenged.

The natural instinct to speak up will be very strong. For example, the individual will rush to telephone the local radio station in order to join in a discussion on a topic in which she has an interest or firm views. Indeed, this is one of the planetary placements that indicates a chatterbox!

A certain impatience and restlessness will also be obvious. While the individual may well be aware of this and do much to counter it, nevertheless it is to her advantage to realize that her resources of nervous energy are very high and must not be allowed to stagnate. This is where difficulties can be encountered, especially if other areas of the chart suggest a much slower, more stolid personality.

In theory, there should be the ability to get the best of both worlds, with the Gemini Moon adding a natural quickness of response and the heavier traits contributing stability and patience. Good aspects between the Moon and other personal planets will help, and there could well be a positive or negative link as a result of Mercury's influence.

Sometimes nervous strain and pressure can lead to periods of tension, and digestive problems may be one of the results. In certain cases, because of the Gemini connection with the lungs, asthma (again as a result of tension or worry) may be a problem.

Moon in Gemini: The Moon in the sign Gemini indicates an emotional nature that is likely to be vacillating, although quick-wittedness and resourcefulness are also present.

Persons with the Moon in Gemini tend to talk incessantly, sometimes to the point of annoying others; they are the type of person who never gets off the 'phone. They are inclined to rationalize their emotions, so that sometimes they do not know what they really feel. There is a great deal of restlessness, with frequent changes of residence and many short journeys. These people are often nervous and fidgety.

With this position, there is a tendency to spread oneself too thinly; to become excited momentarily but many ideas without being able to follow through on them. If the Moon is well-aspected and other factors in the chart indicate practical ability, there can be resourcefulness in thinking up solutions to practical and domestic problems. If the chart is favorable, this Moon position can subject the emotions to rational analysis. However, if the Moon is afflicted, the emotions can distort reason. Heavy afflictions to this Moon position indicate excessive vacillation, superficiality, and confusion.

Moon in Gemini: You have a friendly though potentially flippant soul. You need to be in communication with Other - but without resorting to rationalizing emotions. You have the instinct to acquire knowledge - but should avoid overlooking feelings. Your mother is seen or expressed as one who is quick and light-hearted, and / or shallow and cynical.

You naturally respond with a carefree lightness that gives Other the impression of your being fun, interesting, and easy to be with. You respond to Other's problems and questions with a ready wit and an informed mind. You respond with bright ideas and alternatives that refresh and stimulate Other.

Your inner child reacts by skipping over or trivializing deep or difficult feelings that you or Other might be experiencing or presenting; with clever quips or fast and easy remedies that are ultimately ineffectual; and in a contrary way that disputes or twists much of what Other thinks or says.

You are unconsciously drawn towards Others who are emotionally uncomplicated and who feel no need to plumb the depths of the soul; towards Others who (also) appear to be flighty, naughty and hard to pin down; and towards Others who are mentally stimulating and 'in the know'.

You can get caught up in relationships which lack the 'X factor' or the opportunity to reach the part that you find, through dissatisfaction, you want reached; in 'curiosity killed the cat' situations where you get in over your head and so have to become more emotionally earnest; and in 'all head and no heart' situations.

When you are alone, it is more than likely to be because you find it hard to commit to a relationship deeply enough for it to be sustained, and you have flitted on to another flower, or are in the process of doing so. Having said this though, it is quite unusual for Moon in Gemini to be on its own because you are so adept at making new contacts, friends and lovers - as well as keeping things interesting.

However, if you are alone, or caught between two Others, as it were; or if you are feeling alone within a relationship, it will be because of that reluctance to commit. Consequently, Other could give up on you for sitting on the fence too long; or no Other would be forthcoming at all because you are putting out this 'non-committal vibe'. Behind your fears of commitment is a predisposition to avoid confronting what is called the 'dark twin' - that is, the side to your personality that you don't want anyone to know about because you believe it to be unacceptable. But this is possibly down to your mother not recognizing this facet of your personality. So it is not really 'bad', but just made to feel that way through not being acknowledged when you were little.

Moon in Gemini: Your style of lovemaking is very supple and adaptable; you happily participate in any kind of loving that pleases your partner. Indeed, you could become a true expert in sexual technique.

Do not let the physical elements of sex interfere with or overcome the emotional side of loving. Sometimes deeper communication gets lost in the complexities of a pyrotechnical sexual performance, and for that reason it may be better to keep it simple and sincere.

Many people find it hard to talk about sex, but you should have little trouble in discussing it openly, finding out just what your lover's tastes are and how you can best please each other. Your partner should have a good sense of humor, because someone who takes sex very seriously is seldom willing to talk much about it, oddly enough.

You should choose a partner who is not too possessive, for you need to know that you have freedom, even if you don't choose to exercise it. Be careful about making a personal commitment, for a lover may take it more seriously than it is meant, which could cause harm inadvertently. A few words spelling out your expectations from time to time will make the relationship go more easily.

Moon in Gemini Woman: Your often brilliant analysis of your feelings are remarkable for their lack of feeling. You'd really rather talk (and talk some more) about your feelings than bother to actually feel them. It's so heavy in that emotional morass and you don't want to get stuck there. It's not that you don't have feelings. You do, and plenty of them. It's just that you keep changing, not only from day to day, but from hour to hour. So why get involved? Nothing's permanent anyway. Especially feelings. Yours at least. Do you sound confused? You're not, truly; it's just that you are aware of life's myriad possibilities, and you need to constantly express yourself through a variety of ways. Variety is as essential to you as air to breathe. It's the breath of your mind, so to speak. There are those who call you fickle, but you say you are versatile in your affections. You don't hold back or hoard. You exchange everything, from your clothes to your lovers.

What you don't like is intensity. Your mental gyrations are designed to avoid deep discussions about problems, and even if someone corners you and insists, you'll sidetrack him or her with a dazzling debate over definition of terms. It's easier for you to have a serious relationship with a book author or an ideology than with someone you know. Your mind is your home, and home is where your head is. Polarities interest you, and you switch regularly- so fast that it disorients others.

Your mom was not your basic chicken soup type, either. She was okay if a bit nervous and inconsistent, but she had a hard time sitting still long enough to discuss your feelings, or even to realize you had feelings. But she was a great talker. She didn't have any set ways of doing anything and neither do you.

Maybe that's why you want a man who is as flexible as you are, who needs rational discussion more than sloppy feelings all over the place, who can deal with your duality. Who wants to be the same all the time anyway? Quelle bore!

Moon in Gemini Woman: Women with the Moon in Gemini need to be out at work. This is even stronger with the lunar type than in women who have the Sun in Gemini because the underlying nature is highly ambitious and rather calculating.

Moon in Gemini Man: Change is your middle name. You need it like a fish needs water. You're wired and restless and you’ve got to spend your energy or you go crazy. Nothing is permanent, and you live with that uppermost in your mind. Life’s ups and downs don’t faze you, because you yourself can be of two minds at the same time: emotional-analytical or involved-detached. Here today and gone tomorrow, that’s you. You’ll try anything once, even commitment, but you don’t want to feel bound to anything or anyone. Life has too many experiences to offer.

Feelings don’t scare you, but you’d rather talk about them than have a heavy emotional scene. Keep it light! You are detached about emotions, your own especially. You don’t get involved., because tomorrow’s another or three. That way you're free, and freedom’s what it’s all about. When you’re free, you don’t have to get bored. Boredom is the PITS. Give you variety and lots of it. That’s how you get the mental stimulation you need. Change, and more change. Especially where you live. Home isn’t just where you hang your hat, it’s where your head’s at.

Your mom was not your basic homemaker type. Oh, she was fine in her own indubitable way, a great talker. A real people person. Social. She loved conversation and read a lot of books and magazines and talked about what she read. You learned from her, but she couldn’t sit still long enough to hear about your feelings. So you learned not to have them.

Women who are lighthearted and have their heads full of air are your match. They are usually nervous, high-strung types, and they love your wit and banter. Call you Peter Pan - you want to stay young forever. Don’t you?

See also: Moon in Gemini; Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini: Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple Black, George Carlin, Jim Carrey, Milton William Cooper, Bette Davis, John Dee, Sigmund Freud, Art Garfunkel, Ken Kesey, Groucho Marx, Jack Nicklaus, David Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller, Susanna Arundhati Roy, Alicia, Cate, ChrisTr, Dewitt, DonW, Duane, Flickinger, JBLight, Ju, LaurieSw, Kay, MarieBr, Roberto, RoyO, SFor, TonyC