Moon in Capricorn

Those of us with Moon in Capricorn need the security of organization and structure, and the satisfaction of maintaining commitments and achieving our aims. We take pride in our work, and want recognition for our accomplishments. Capricorn is the position of the Moon's detriment, and is therefore a particularly difficult position for experiencing emotional nourishment and developing self-nurturing behaviors. When feelings and needs emerge, we may not even allow them fully to enter our consciousness. We may be too afraid of our vulnerability or weakness, and too judgmental of our inner child. Repression of the deeper facets of ourselves may lead us to wallow in depression, negativity or self-criticism, to work incessantly, or to isolate ourselves from fulfilling connections with other people. We may continually give ourselves 'be tough' messages which support our self-sufficiency but prevent the real contact with ourselves which makes close relationships possible.

It is most likely that a parental figure helped us to learn to control our emotions, take responsibility for ourselves and make adult rather than childish decisions; and also provided the consistency and safety we needed in order to feel secure. However, having a Capricorn Moon suggests that we were never allowed to give free rein to our feelings, and that we probably did not receive much tender nurturance. Our parent may have been cold and rejecting; he or she may have neglected us or imparted to us that our feelings and needs had little value. Perhaps he or she was also a perfectionist we could not satisfy, and whose acceptance was conditional upon a high degree of achievement and success. As a result, we may feel a sense of worth only for what we accomplish, but not for who we are.

We who have Moon in Capricorn need to create our own standards for ourselves apart from our parents' standards, and to give up compensatory striving which actually does not meet our real needs. Our task involves developing our internal source of security and giving ourselves the validation and recognition we may have originally sought from others. We may only experience the fulfillment we seek when, by accepting our feelings and needs and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we discover strength and self-sufficiency which embraces rather than denies the sensitivity of our inner child.

Moon in Capricorn: When you unconsciously need others' reassurance that you are the most important part of their interpersonal situations, you may unknowingly manipulate them emotionally to gain respect. This can lead to needless dramas of personal suffering that force them to acknowledge and admire your ability to survive. You may instinctively guard your image and try to appease others by becoming, for that moment, what they respect.

In sacrificing your 'self' for the respect of another, you may lose your own identity. Indulging in the Capricorn tendency to control the relationship can rob others of their authority and ability to give you the admiration you want. Simultaneously, in order to feel loved you may need constant reassurance. This tendency gives your power to others and may leave you insecure and bewildered.

When you recognize the Capricorn need for establishing control in relationships, you notice that past methods of having others validate your identity have not led to self-respect. The truth is that others cannot give respect when you are so busy cloaking yourself with their personalities. This process leaves you with no identity available to receive recognition!

The lesson is to relinquish control over others in order to see to whom you are relating. This is achieved by acknowledging the uniqueness of the person with whom you are dealing. As a result, this action can give you insight into your own unique being and appreciation of yourself as different from others.

When you give others confidence in developing their ability to take charge of their lives, you become aware of your power. Your sensitivity can nurture others and reflect back to them your assurance of their ability to succeed and get on top of their emotions. Then you find that their self-esteem enables them to rise to the occasion. This technique of support allows you to experience your ability to organize others to reach a goal.

When you encourage authority and leadership abilities in others, you recognize those qualities in yourself. In respecting the needs of others to establish their identity, you can honor your wants. This gives you a sense of self. As you pursue the personal needs of your identity, you can choose independent action. When you make a commitment and follow through on it, you gain confidence in your authority, as well as the respect of others.

You feel that you must have absolute control in order to be emotionally secure. You expect to receive respect, deference and automatic co-operation from those around you. When this isn't forthcoming in the present incarnation, you feel that something is missing, and you experience insecurity in your relationships. You seek to 'plug the hole' in order to feel that the foundation is firm, and so you can enter into relationships with the confidence of knowing you can handle any situation.

Unconscious tendencies to close down emotionally and be invulnerable by virtue of noninvolvement will not bring the emotional satisfaction you want. You are seeking emotional control; but the first step in gaining control is to be open to experiencing and expressing your feelings in the moment. Even though you don't have all the pieces under control at the onset, you must be willing to walk through the process of experiencing and integrating the male and female parts of yourself (emotions and control). You must be willing to 'walk the path' to obtain the desired result of emotional involvement in relationships balanced with a calm sense of self-authority.

As you learn not to judge or invalidate your feelings, you can simply express them to others in the spirit of sharing self-identity. This allows the other person to share his or her feelings, leading to a positive, alchemical change in the relationship. Then you can identify your desires and the desires of the other person, which gives you a sense of clarity and allows you to view the relationship from an entirely new perspective.

Once you gain this new perspective, you can see a vision of yourself in the future - a new sense of self that is emerging through the relationship. This is the important thing for you to work on. Through expressing your feelings, you come into a new sense of balance and adjustment between yourself and your circumstances. You also gain the confidence of knowing that, no matter what comes to you, you will know there each particle belongs in the overall scheme of things. From this, you will derive a solid sense of your own authority in relating to the world.

Moon in Capricorn: In Capricorn, the Moon indicates one who is earthy, and who tends to be materialistic, ambitious, and very sensitive about his standing in the community. The native takes responsibilities seriously but is much too aware of what others think about his efforts. He needs to devote more attention to his loved ones; he must learn that impressing others is secondary - the important thing is to have self-respect.

He can handle authority, and expects others to do as he says, not as he does. He thinks of himself as tough, practical, stubborn, and determined. He is embarrassed by displays of emotion. The astrologer needs to instill confidence in him - the confidence to attain his goals. Otherwise, the Moon in Capricorn becomes depressed, frustrated, resentful. This is a fascinating lunar position because the native inwardly feels he is chosen for the role of leadership. if he doesn't attain it, he chooses one of two courses. The first is that of putting forth greater effort. The second is that of throwing his hands up in the air in a futile gesture. The astrologer, naturally, must encourage the first course.

The native serves the public and is served; demands and receives prestige. This takes time, but this individual has time on his side - if only he can be made to realize it. He is often accused of being cold or materialistic. Members of the opposite sex are forever trying to reform or change him. The more the effort is made, the more he resists, despite outward appearances or promises.

There are indications of a difference in age or social position of the marriage partner; some difficulties are experienced in this area. The native may marry for money and then miss love. His parents experience difficulty - there may be separation, or early death of one parent.

Obstacles must be regarded as challenges; the native thrives on controversy, being true to himself, and is attracted to those who have overcome odds to achieve their goals. He feels, inwardly, that he must fulfill his destiny.

He comes to the attention of the public. Some people swear by him - others at him. He is attracted to power for the sake of power, not necessarily money. He wants prestige as some people want money, and needs recognition as some require alcohol. He must be himself and not attempt to play someone else's role. This is a 'tough' lunar position because the native is demanding and must meet numerous demands.

Moon in Capricorn: The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn; and the emphasis of your inner need is toward gaining others' approval and establishing a position of social status and recognition. This may be through achieving financial or community influence and power. Much of your self-esteem and confidence will be derived from this social relationship. As you have an innate insecurity and doubts regarding your personal value, you need the respect, recognition, and approbation of colleagues and family to help you to begin loving yourself and accepting your nature as it is.

The source of these inner doubts may lie in a childhood perspective of feeling unloved; a perspective that may have been real or colored by an unconscious tendency to amplify times when you felt a lack of loving contact with your parents. There may have been insufficient affection and loving care displayed, the feeling exchange of the relationship may have been unsatisfying, or perhaps the display of emotions was controlled and inhibited. The result is a lack of emotional ease, as suggested by the Moon-Capricorn placing, which indicates tendencies to relegate or repress emotions.

You may lack trust and faith in life and exhibit a reserved, cautious attitude which sees life through a serious perspective, adopting a more materialistic philosophy emphasizing success in the external world. You may try to buttress feelings of personal insecurity or inadequacy by gaining social power, strengthening your ego through positions of authority, prestige, and influence over the lives of others. You will be ambitious to succeed, both for the status and financial security that can be achieved, and for the self-validation and justification that you seek.

You will be a hard worker, perhaps believing that you are moving toward a personal destiny. If this is so, it will concentrate your efforts even more, by dedicating you to fulfill that 'mission', even if it has a distinct personal bias. Work is important, and receiving appreciation and recognition is necessary for you to feel fulfilled. Following your path may lead to friction with others, especially if you become too egocentric about your purposes or begin to abuse positions of responsibility. You may lack awareness of others' feelings and behave with insufficient sensitivity, tact, and diplomacy. Excessive manipulation and tactical calculation may not always work to your advantage either. You are sensitive to the comments and opinions of others, but fail to apply this same sensitivity to those close to you.

Underlying these tendencies is a need to feel wanted, yet you may express this in a distorted manner. Feelings are often denied and ignore, reminding you of parts that are not under control, areas which are unknown realms and which you fear are threatening. You can feel weak and vulnerable, afraid of emotional rejection. You prefer to deal with the material world rather than with the shifting flux of emotions, and try to focus attention on building a solid and secure organizational structure around you as a foundation for achieving those compensatory aims.

You need to acknowledge those needs and develop ways to nurture yourself through allowing deeper emotional exchanges. You need to release feeling instead of repressive control which may create symptoms of depression, meaninglessness, negativity, and self-criticism. You need to risk opening to the world as you strive to contact a deeper sense of self-validation and esteem.

Security is to be rediscovered within rather than misidentified in external status or possessions. People will not love you just because you may have achieved something; you will be loved for what you are. Apply yourself to awakening your potential, integrating your totality, and developing a unique path which includes the vitality and warmth of genuine human relationship.

Moon in Capricorn: Expressing your emotions is difficult for you, and others may view you as cold, rigid or unfeeling. It's also hard for you to relax and let go. All work and no play, you can seem terribly serious and even depressing at times. You fear you will be rejected if you show someone how you really feel about him / her, and thus are cautious and defensive, keeping your emotions carefully under wraps. Underlying your practical, 'in-control- persona is an insecure, sensitive and very shy side.

In relationships with others, you are loyal, devoted and dependable. However, you aren't very demonstrative. If you tell your partner you love him / her on your wedding day, you don't feel you need to say it again until your Golden Wedding Anniversary. You show your caring for someone else by doing practical, physical things for him / her, by coming home dutifully every night, or by providing financial support.

Hard-working, practical and conscious of your responsibilities to others, you build carefully for the future and make certain that whatever you build - a house, a relationship, a business or a country - has a solid foundation.

However, you often do things for others out of a sense of duty rather than because it's what you truly want to do, and this can leave you feeling put upon or resentful. For example, if your marriage is not working out you may 'stick it out' anyway because you feel you've made a commitment or because you have responsibilities to the children. You don't expect life to be easy or happy, and accept hardship as a necessary evil. Unwilling to make many change in your life once you've settled into a routine, you are more likely than most people to endure an unsatisfactory job, home life or relationship long after you should have ended it. And, because you are both secretive and self-reliant, you aren't the type to seek outside help from a therapist or marriage counselor.

At an early age, you found it necessary to become independent and take care of yourself. Mature beyond your years, as a child you seemed to be a miniature adult. Probably you couldn't wait to grow up, and may have assumed adult responsibilities when you were still quite young. Perhaps your family was poor and you had to go to work to help put food on the table. or, if you were the oldest in a large family, you become a substitute parent to your younger siblings. Possibly your mother (or the nurturing parent) died when you were still a child or was absent for some reason, and you took on her role and duties.

In some way, your early home life was hard or barren. Even if your physical environment wasn't bleak, your emotional one certainly was. It is quite likely that your mother (or the nurturing parent) was unavailable to you when you needed her. Either she was physically absent because she was working, dead, or ill, or because your parents were separated; or she was simply an unexpressive, restrained, serious person. You may describe your mother as severe, unloving, distant or very strict. But she also was dependable, conscious of her responsibilities to you, hard-working and efficient at managing the household. Perhaps she was the family breadwinner and also the disciplinarian. if she was a professional person, you might be proud of her career successes even if you feel you suffered emotional deprivation as a result.

With your own children, you are likely to be strict and demanding. You want them to grow up to be self-sufficient, responsible adults, and don't believe that being lenient would be doing them any favors. Though you may love them deeply, it's hard for you to show your feelings for them, to be affectionate, tender, playful or even openly encouraging. You might long to be more expressive and emotional, but are rather cut off from your feeling side and don't know where to begin.

Security and stability are very important to you. You might try to achieve this by making lots of money, establishing yourself as a pillar of your community, or marrying someone who will take care of you. Your physical home also is a symbol of security; but even if it is expensive, prestigious or historically significant, it probably isn't very comfortable or inviting. Your tastes tend toward the traditional, and you might choose to live in an older house or furnish it with antique pieces. It's also possible that due to Capricorn's conservative, practical nature, you may live in relative austerity, eschewing all 'luxuries' and making do with only the bare essentials.

Both men and women with this Moon placement hold rather conventional, traditionally-oriented attitudes about male/ female roles and are inclined to glorify the past. Men often seek partners who will stay at home and manage their domestic / family lives. Women may marry men who have sound portfolios, stable jobs and good reputations, and who will take care of them physically and financially - even though these women are more than capable of taking care of themselves!

Moon in Capricorn: You want to be recognized as an important and powerful person. Emotionally, you are supersensitive, and at the same time you are critical of others; however, you are untiring and considerate when you are interested or involved.

The Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn, in opposition to warm, nurturing Cancer. This lunar position emphasizes reserve and coldness. You are shy and insecure about your own worth; you have many subconscious fears, and you can be oversensitive to real or fancied slights. You seek to justify yourself by acting with personal dignity and by your great ambition to succeed. Thus, you are neither truly sympathetic nor very emotional.

Your mind reacts quickly to sense impressions, but often with anger or antagonism. This position has produced people with fanatic or obsessive ideas or causes.

The combination of Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) and the Moon can show a morbid and melancholy tendency to brooding, but you can also achieve popularity or even notoriety.

This position of the Moon, more than any other, will react to the rest of the chart. The down-to-earth feeling of the Moon in Capricorn will pick up the best of a chart with easy aspects, or the worst if there are too many challenges. When well-aspected, it gives leadership and administrative ability. Difficult aspects often result in a lack of creative energy, although your ambition is strong. If you do not learn to handle this position, you may incline to alcoholism, a surrender to the appetites or a calculated need to achieve power at any cost without concern for anyone else. You make enemies easily, whether they are earned or not, and this can cause trouble with your reputation.

Moon in Capricorn: The Moon in Capricorn indicates a strong parental influence. Your mother was quite traditional and conservative in raising you. She was practical and efficient, though social, and encouraged you to succeed in all your endeavors.

You are cautious in money matters, and you have common sense and practical ability. These traits can become extreme, leaning toward over-caution, gloominess and austerity. You need to cultivate warmth and tenderness, and you must learn that giving freely, without expecting anything in return, can be more fulfilling than self-seeking demands made on others. At work, you show application; you can take responsibility and earn a high position through your persistent effort.

Women with the Moon in Capricorn tend to get the blues and feel 'No-one in the world likes me'. The man with this lunar position seeks a mate who can help further his social ambitions, run a comfortable home, and balance the family checkbook.

Moon in Capricorn: The Moon is said to be in its detriment in Capricorn because the sign is opposite the sign of Cancer, the Moon's natural home. This means that the emotional side of your life could be a little suppressed.

Whatever you appear to be on the outside, inwardly you are sensitive, vulnerable and shy, especially where your personal feelings are concerned. The earthiness of Capricorn makes you practical and sensible; therefore, if you find that an idea works for you, you will use it, otherwise you will reject it. Even if you have an extroverted sign on your Ascendant, you will be shy when you are young; but later in life you will cover this up with a layer of polish. Nevertheless, inwardly you are rather deep and unfathomable. You resist serious illness and have, in addition to bodily strength, considerable strength of character. These strengths enable you to survive almost anything, plus give you the kind of tenacity and determination which allows you to finish whatever you start. You rarely take time off from work, even when you are ill.

Many of you go into business for yourselves, thereby giving yourself the opportunity to create something of your own which will stand the test of time. You learn self-discipline early in life, and feel inwardly that life is a serious business. You have the feeling that you should work to build up your finances while you are young, so that you can relax and enjoy the result later on. As you will probably live to a ripe old age, you are right to think like this. Another reason for self-employment is the fact that you enjoy being in a position of responsibility, and you carry authority well without throwing your weight around.

You need security. Your idea of hell would be to be dependent upon others, because you hate to be a burden or to suffer the embarrassment of having to ask for help. You are resourceful and hard-working, but could be a little scheming and just a dash dishonest when chasing a goal. Your serious nature is relieved by a delightfully dry and witty sense of humor. You don't make hurtful jokes about others, but just see the world in an off-beat way which those who enjoy your sense of humor will find very funny. You enjoy the company of humorous people, too.

You learn well, and may be academic, but practical subjects really suit you best. You can think and plan on a large scale and in a structured manner. Rules and methods come easily to you, whether they be mathematical, engineering, or the pattern made by a series of dance steps. You prefer not to gamble on life, but to plan your course, moving forward and then consolidating your position for a while.

Although your values are material rather than spiritual, the most important aspect of your life is probably your relationship with your family. You are very caring, and you take your responsibilities towards them very seriously. You are dependable and faithful in marriage, and will try to make almost any kind of situation work. Your work may occasionally come between you and your family; but if they are ill, they get all of your attention immediately. Oddly enough, you really enjoy hearing all the local gossip, and not just family gossip either. You can really get your teeth into a nice, juicy piece of scandal, but you yourself would hate to be in the middle of any scandal.

Lunar Capricorns can find it difficult to form relationships due to shyness, but the intensity of this problem would depend on the type of Ascendant and Sun sign which you have; nevertheless, you are easily hurt and embarrassed. Being cautious, you take care to find yourself the right type of partner. As a parent, you are gentle and caring, and although you would be unlikely to join in rough games with your children, you will do your best to teach them about the world in which we live, and to open their eyes to the possibilities which life has to offer. You may be a little old-fashioned in your approach when they reach their teens, but you will try to see things from their point of view. At least you would always be aware of your children's need to be treated with dignity.

You exert considerable control over your own inner nature, sometimes too much so, in order to prevent your feelings from getting the better of you. Your somewhat formal manner protects your vulnerability. It would be impossible to imagine you getting drunk and making an ass of yourself. Like the other Earth signs, it takes a lot to make you lose your temper, but when you do it is over-poweringly destructive. Making friends is a slow process with you, and you keep for years the few friends whom you do have. You adapt better to new places than to new people, and can fit in almost anywhere. Your pet hate is to be embarrassed and humiliated. A spell in a hospital which is staffed by insensitive people would be dreadful for you. Another pet hate is coarseness or vulgarity of any kind. You are kindly and helpful towards other people, especially in a work situation; and you would make a good financial adviser or a good teacher on a small group basis. You need a strong and independent partner who can, to some extent, protect you. Your hidden sensitivity can give you nervous ailments such as skin problems, asthma, rheumatism or a tendency to have colds. You listen to any advice which is offered to you, but in the end you prefer to make up your own mind.

You have a love of beauty and grace in all things, and a hatred of any kind of ugliness, from an ugly appearance to ugly behavior. Being reserved, you don't readily reach out to touch people, but you love to be held and touched by your partner and your children. Earth signs are sensuous, and this could show up in your case as a love of flowers, music or the seasons of the year. If you are insulted or pushed aside in a queue, you would, as one lunar Capricorn friend told me, 'fume inwardly'; but you are too polite to say much.

Where sex is concerned, you improve with age, and also with the overcoming of your shyness and inhibitions. You are fastidious and very particular both in your choice of partner and in your behavior. One night stands are definitely not for you. The feeling of closeness while making love is as important to you as the act itself. You may choose to marry someone who is older than yourself; but whoever you choose, and whatever his / her age or appearance, you will feel protective and caring to him / her. You even like to work together so that you can share the same problems.

Most lunar Capricorns are great holiday-makers. You need to get away from work from time to time, and you really enjoy a break. You are not too experimental with foods, as you are a sparing eater, but you enjoy good surroundings with well-cooked and presented foods. Comfort is a necessity for you when travelling, and you are not likely to be found on a camping site.

You begin by being very close to your mother, and then losing your idealized picture of her. There may even be tragic circumstances involving death of a family member or a spell in a home due to illness or divorce in the family. As you grow up, you may realize that your mother is a loving woman who did her best under the circumstances. Peter explained the situation to me: 'My parents were very caring towards me, but there was just too much for them to cope with. My father never got over being shot up in the war, and mother had to word hard during those years. The love was there, but they were elderly and up against it. I felt it would be wrong to make too much noise or to bring other noisier youngsters into the house. I doubt whether they would have stopped me, but I would have felt bad about it, that's all.'

There could have been some conflict and aggression between you and your father which accounts for your slight air of watchfulness when around new people. This Moon position suggests difficulties during childhood through poverty, too many other children in the family or a loss of some kind. Oddly enough, this may jump back one generation and be not your experience of childhood but your mother's experience. Your parents loved you and were kind-hearted, but they could have been slightly insensitive and critical of your school work. A conflict could have arisen if they wanted you to work in the same line as themselves and were disappointed when you chose not to. They, possibly due to their upbringing, taught you to be careful with money and highly realistic in your dreams. You would have learned to value (possibly over-value) material security and possessions.

Being a quiet and obedient child, you did well at school and gave the teachers no problems, but you would have found sports difficult, possibly due to poor health and short-sightedness. Many of you go on to further education, especially of a practical nature.

Lunar Capricorns prefer to do something-useful career-wise; this could be anything from structural engineering to making medical supplies. You could be drawn to accountancy, the law, or politics (especially if there are any other political indications, such as the sign of Cancer of Libra somewhere on your birth chart). Being interested in business, you might find that the world of insurance appeals to you, or some kind of work in a government department. You prefer being in a position of management.

Travel and transport, or a chain of shops, are possibilities too. Being slow, thorough and efficient in all that you do, you become annoyed by petty inefficiencies in others ¬for instance, buses being late or paperwork which has not been properly done. I have noticed that most people with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in an Earth sign are early risers. You are highly ambitious and will climb slowly towards the top of your career.

Your weak spots for health are supposed to be the bones, especially the knees; therefore, you could have rheumatism later in life. Hearing problems are a possibility, especially tinnitus. You may have skin problems, even alopecia, and could be short-sighted. Generally speaking you should live a long and healthy, if rather hard-working, life.

For you, the most important aspect of sexual expression is sincerity, not great heights of physical prowess or technical achievement. Forced attempts at sexual variety may simply get in the way of meaningful personal communication.

You have a significant ability to sublimate sexuality into other realms of affection. You may find much emotional satisfaction in caring for your partner in ways that are not physically sexual: gifts, favors, meals and financial support, for example.

However you express it, your affection is basically unswerving. The best relationship for you is one that is long-lasting, so that you have ample opportunities to express your love over a long period of time.

Moon in Capricorn: Keynote: Feelings are disciplined and restrained Symbol: An elegantly attired older woman studies her family genealogy.

At best, the Moon in Capricorn translates responsiveness into a sense of responsibility. At worst, it is coldly indifferent to human sentiments. Since the Moon is in detriment in Saturn's sign, this placement may diminish the capacity for feeling and response. Unswervingly ambitious, these people are often wedded to their work. Since they have a tendency to rely on authority and to cling to precedent as a guide, the early years are especially important in structuring the pattern of their personalities. Frequently, they encounter troubles in childhood owing to the inadequacy of one or both parents, although their problems generally relate to the mother.

Whatever the source of their malaise, lunar Capricorns are often haunted by the feeling that their lives are predestined to be austere and difficult. This sense of being a pawn of fate can lend them an air of solitary remoteness. Outwardly, they may be poised and charming, but inwardly they are beset by fears, melancholy moods, and shyness.

The Moon is so sensitive and Capricorn so weighty that the unconscious mind can be indelibly imprinted with whatever complex - usually involving power or work - Saturn determines to stamp upon it. A rigorous adherence to duty may stem from a sense of being 'chosen' which is so compelling that there seems to be no choice except to take the hard way out and tackle an awesome job head-on. Thus, although this is considered a difficult placement, it can lead to remarkable accomplishment.

Less competent people with the Moon in Capricorn can easily become frustrated, depressed, or resentful of the burdens thrust upon their shoulders. Sometimes their troubles stem from a hidden pride which imparts a strong desire to gain status and to be noticed by others. When this drive is thwarted, it can be distorted into cringing and servility, a martyr complex, or even political fanaticism.

Lunar Capricorns should examine their deeper motives in order to make sure they know why they want what they want. They need to guard against acting out of blind compulsion or in compensation for emotional lacks. They have the ability to materialize their plans and ideas. Therefore, they must take the utmost care to use their powers for worthwhile purposes.

Moon in Capricorn: As many astrologers have pointed out, the Moon in Capricorn is as far away from its home base as it can get. Because of the distance and the opposition involved, one may presume that the ingrained, loving warmth of Cancer has all but disappeared, and in its place is a subliminal Saturnian coldness. Thus, the struggle churns within you as these two contradictory forces wrestle for the control of your emotional makeup.

The Moon in Capricorn generally manifests in the personality as ambitious, disciplined, calculating, cautious, and persistent in the pursuit of its goals. Instead of caring primarily about your home and family, you, with the Moon in Capricorn, are constantly concerned with your image in the world, and the impression you make in that all-important world. Most of your desires and demands, your sense of emotional stability, are contained in this urge to be number one in whatever field you have chosen. In order to achieve success, you require steady reassurance about your ability and performance, while your unspoken yearning for financial security runs swiftly and silently underneath your controlled exterior. You hunger to be told that you are indeed a worthy person and one to be admired for your achievements. Otherwise, how do you know who you are and what you have accomplished unless the world tells you so? It is not enough for your loved ones to encourage you and be proud of your success. You want to hear it echoing from the mountaintops.

The hard-working Capricorn Moon propels you forward to absorb knowledge and to sharpen your skills for additional security. For if your knowledge and training are extensive and your abilities saleable in the executive suite, you are assured of earning your way and becoming financially stable. But no matter what you have, you always want more, and no matter how much praise is lavished on you, it is never quite enough.

Your deep-rooted insecurity may stem from the Saturn influence in childhood which may have manifested in the attitude of a parent. An overly-strict mother may have disciplined you so much and set such high standards for you that you were left with a feeling of futility in trying to live up to her rules. Your father may have disappeared from the scene giving you the impression that you weren't worth the bother of bringing up. This vulnerability marked your early years; and by the time you matured and got a hard look at the universe and how the banks operate, you were determined to succeed just to show them all that you were a person of worth. Perhaps the emotional trap is set here in the constant need for feedback from others in order for you to relax and feel secure.

If you fail to receive these verbal rewards, you may become cold and unsympathetic toward others. You turn away from listening to their problems or from helping to heal their emotional scars. You are afraid of being hurt or possibly sidetracked from your goals, so your defense against an unpredictable world lies in controlling emotions. You can be calculating at times, showing your feelings only when you know it will get you something you want. For one of the worst disasters that can befall you is to expose your naked emotions to a ruthless and disinterested world.

In your daily life, you react with caution in almost every situation. By proceeding carefully, you are not apt to make mistakes. Everyone knows that costly errors can ruin a person's chances. So you approach each new circumstance slowly, with a degree of suspicion, doling out your emotional response meagerly, until you thoroughly understand the situation and have decided in which direction to move. If others try to rush you or plunge you into some activity before you are ready, you become acutely uncomfortable and, in defense, warp around yourself the forbidding Moon-in-Capricorn mantle. You must guard against reacting out of hidden pride and cold compulsion in order to compensate for any emotional starvation.

On the positive side of this placement, the Cancer flow of intuition can mingle productively with the Capricorn practicality and drive, providing you with a daily existence that runs smoothly along the track.

Moon in Capricorn: Poor place for Moon, and especially so for a female. Works against itself. Conservative. Strong ambitions. Power complex. Security of subconscious lies in authority. Contest is bread of life. Wants to win recognition as an important and powerful person. Needs to watch tendency to harden ego complex in a shell of self-centered ambition. Not a happy person as a rule. Rigid and crystalline feelings. Not a truly sympathetic and emotional person. Parental influence very strong. Subconscious fears need to be brought to the surface and dissolved through understanding. In a male chart, attracts a serious and quiet type of partner.

Moon in Capricorn Woman: Your feelings run deep but you're shy about expressing them. You can seem uptight and reserved because you disapprove of the public display of emotion. In private, you can be very earthy, but your basic nature is to be elegant and proper. Sloppy emotionalism turns you off, as do over-demonstrative people who fawn over you or paw at you. You're seen as a strong woman, and people depend on you, so your own vulnerability gets put under wraps, making it even more difficult for you to expose your deepest feelings. You're so used to shoring up your feelings and just functioning, doing what needs to be done, that you get to feeling guilty if you impose your feelings on anyone. You’d rather be the one who is helping out and supporting someone else through a crisis. Which often happens, because you're a stable and reliable person who can take the strain off others.

Your behavior is rarely impetuous, for you're serious about yourself and what you do. And you take others seriously. You need respect, and you get it by being productive and organized, a conscientious worker and friend. Discipline comes easily to you, and you can delay instant gratification for long-term goals and ambitions. You're a planner and a well-planned operation appeals to you, no matter its nature or purpose. Maturity has always been your goal and you achieved it early, not having had much chance to be a child when you were one.

Your mother did her best, but she wasn’t the warmest mom in town. Your home was reserved, somewhat austere, and emotionally cold. When she wasn’t working hard, she was unhappy about something and kept herself distant from your childish needs. You had to learn self-sufficiency early.

You need a man who is solid and reliable, serious about life, with firm goals and strong ambition. You’ll be his partner and work as hard as he does for our mutual benefit, and you’ll support his aims if they’re high. You're a lady, but you can let down and roust about. Like fine wine, You get better - and more free - with age.

Moon in Capricorn Woman: If you are a female, in your role as mother you are concerned mainly with giving your children the advantages of a solid family background, a fine education and an understanding of the social amenities. They must be prepared for the future. You patiently show them where the ladder of success is placed, guide their feet to the bottom rung, then point out the prizes that await them at the top. You would like a career for yourself, of course, as soon as you have fulfilled your maternal duties and can then concentrate your Capricorn persistence in the direction which brings recognition and financial rewards. You understand quite well where your assets and talents lie; and during periods of your life you may have been quietly waiting and honing your skills for the day when the timing is right.

Moon in Capricorn Woman: This placement is decidedly more difficult for women than for men. The Moon should be motherly, soft, and yielding, but Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn is hard and authoritarian. The effect may be to force the mother to abandon her biological role and become the family disciplinarian and breadwinner. A Moon-Saturn combination can promote the interests of a dedicated career woman, but she will have to make a special effort to retain her feminine charm.

Moon in Capricorn Man: Work, work, and more work. You're ambitious and you always hold up your end of things. You can be relied on to get the job done. You’ve been accused of being a workaholic more than once. If trying to get ahead is a crime, then arrest you. You graduated from the school of hard knocks and know how to get results. You prefer to keep things simple - you don’t like too much fuss and bother. You're a disciplined and organized executive type with a Spartan approach. You don’t feel right unless you're working hard so you drive myself and others, too.

Down to earth, you know the bottom line. You're responsible and real about your feelings. You come through for those you care about. You put your money where your mouth is - you’ll lend it or spend the day helping a friend move, for you find it easier to work than deal with feelings. They were frowned upon or ignored in your home, and you were taught that people’s problems come from idleness. Drying tears or dealing with emotional scenes embarrasses you no end. There was a definite right way and a wrong way to be in your home. Controlled and proper was the right way. And proper was defined according to your father, the ultimate authority.

You always feel deprived. Inside you there is a waif like Victorian child-of-the-streets. No matter how rich you were, your family feared poverty. You knew everyone’s social position.

Your mother wasn’t there for you - either because of her busy career, or because she had to keep up appearances. There were times she just seemed so sad. She relied on you to be a trouper, and you learned that being industrious and enterprising was the best medicine for feeling lonely. Or needy. Or feeling anything. That’s how you got good at diverting your emotions before you could start to feel them. When you're feeling low you go to the office or to your projects.

You like a woman who’s competent and responsible. She may or may not be well educated, but she is experienced and wise. She’s classy, unaffected, knows how to act in public, and is unconcerned with frivolous trends. She's controlled on the outside but earthy, even bawdy, on the inside, and she gets better with age. You like mature women to start with.

Moon in Capricorn Man: Men of this type are apt to marry older women. Frequently, they do not find much emotional fulfillment in marriage, although it may advance their careers. They are likely to succeed in public affairs, business, or any enterprise in which they can take command. These individuals may have considerable scientific ability, but this will usually be directed toward the physical rather than the theoretical sciences. Theirs is a cautious ambition which seldom neglects the security of the family and prefers not to take unnecessary changes.

Moon in Capricorn Man: If you are a male, you are possibly the number one achiever in the zodiacal circle. You have all the attributes necessary to become a smashing success - controlled emotions, caution, persistence, and an eye on the main chance. With Saturn on your shoulder, you are well aware of timing your moves for the best result. In marriage you will look for a woman who will reflect your finer qualities, understand your goals and feel comfortable in the public eye - as your helpmate, of course.

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Moon in Capricorn: Lucille Ball, Kim Basinger, Cher, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Thomas Edison, Tenzin Gyatso, Ernest Hemingway, Adolf Hitler, OmNi, Osho, George Patton, Brad Pitt, Ayn Rand, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bernie, Erika, Fisher, Flossie, GaryCl, Jason, Joy, Komala, LucSr, Marybeth, Mikael, Miriam, Raga, Suzanne, Tyler