Moon conjunct Jupiter

You require considerable interaction with people and the environment to stimulate your feelings. This encourages a social awareness and attracts most of your attention. You feel the need to 'expand yourself' into the outer world; and your major concern will be the well-being of society and those around you.

You have an innate faith in the goodness of the universe and your fellow humans, and will try to share a positive and creative perspective on life with others. As a consequence of your attitude, you hope to contribute to society.

Inwardly, you feel connected to the environment, and realize the powerful influence that environmental quality has on your well-being, positively or negatively. Equally, you realize that you can make a difference in the world, and will look for ways to express your caring nature. Your feelings reach out to people; and you are touched by those in genuine need of support, help, and care. Seeing those who are deprived or disadvantaged opens your heart and stimulates you to conceive ways to offer additional assistance. Looking through sympathetic and compassionate eyes, you feel that much can be done to increase the effectiveness of social welfare; and you may believe that you have certain answers or solutions to social challenges.

Sometimes you may respond to social suffering with excessive emotionalism; but this is preferable to no response at all. These emotional reactions may need to be tempered by a pragmatic and impersonal approach, or you may become too personally involved and affected by social experiences, a state which could reduce your effectiveness. The impulse that motivates you is world service, where feelings are more fulfilled by giving than by receiving, and are inspired by a sense of inner strength and unity with life.

You may become involved with socially concerned groups that have a progressive vision of human potential or are devoted to meeting the present needs of the disadvantaged. Supporting the work of international charities may appeal, or you may decide to work within existing social groups, such as the churches, or educational or political organizations. Medicine or law may also attract. The strength of your convictions may almost feel like a 'mission or destiny'; and you may display compulsive activity in a futile attempt to change the world yourself. This tendency may need careful rebalancing and a modified perspective, restraining over-enthusiasm and zeal, if only to protect your health and inner stability. To ensure a long-term social contribution, times of rest and personal relaxation to renew your batteries are also essential, and a necessary part of your self-healing. Steady perseverance will reap greater results than a sudden burning out in a flash of excessive activity. Changing the world is a long-term project! Spending time with your family and contributing to their development is equally important; and you will feel deep emotional attachments to your home life, hoping to increase social awareness in your children and friends too.

Moon conjunct Jupiter: The conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter denotes that you are deeply sensitive to your environment, which you truly want to understand as fully as possible. Your reactions to outer stimuli are largely emotional; nevertheless, you feel you can make an important contribution to society because you have an intellectual understanding of the solutions to many social problems. Your concern for others is sincere, and you always insist on being given the opportunity to show that you care. Always present when there is an important job to be done, you are ever willing to offer your services, demonstrating your broadly sympathetic nature. You are ingenious in finding ways to care for those who are unable to care for themselves. In your ambition to help people in need, you courageously seek the support of political and religious organizations. You are generous in giving asylum to anyone who really needs it. Although you don't seek the limelight, you gain recognition for your efforts just the same.

Your early training taught you that it is more blessed to give than to receive, and this true generosity makes you appreciated and admired by everyone who knows you. As a parent, you will encourage your children to devote themselves unselfishly to others. Yours is the kind of faith that can move mountains, and you realize this as soon as you turn the first spadeful of earth. You are always hopeful that, no matter how dismal a situation may be, there can be a change for the better. You are strongly convinced that you can always do something to elevate a person's spiritual consciousness. In fact, you regard it as a moral obligation if you are aware of the need.

Your restless nature can find comfort in welfare programs, public relations, acting as public defender, working with the underprivileged, or in managing homes for foster children, halfway houses for parolees, or rehabilitation centers for former drug users. You might travel on behalf of organizations such as UNICEF or the Peace Corps. Medicine, law, and the ministry may also prove rewarding avenues for expressing your abundant sympathy for others. In any of these endeavors, your spiritual insight strengthens you to be daring when the odds against your succeeding seem overwhelming

Your family and associates hold you in high esteem, while your friends and the faceless numbers you serve regard you with admiration and sincere appreciation. You will accumulate a rich heritage to leave to those who will carry on your tasks.

Your single most important physical problem is getting sufficient rest and relaxation. No-one needs rest more than you do. Physical exhaustion is almost a certainty unless you exercise moderation in your schedule and get some assistance with your burdensome responsibilities.

Moon conjunct Jupiter: Here the optimism and jovial expansiveness of Jupiter enters into the way one looks for a sense of security (Moon). Generally, it makes one very optimistic, keeping to the sunny side of life, enjoying pleasure and panache, and liking to see things from a humorous angle. This is a frame of mind that helps overcome disease, and enables one to put fresh heart into companions whenever they are dispirited.

Now Jupiter always prompts one to seek a synthesis and to turn the gaze to far horizons. Therefore with this conjunction one wants to know the significance of events. The combination with the Moon gives a keen interest in foreign nations, other cultures, religious and educational questions, medical matters and so forth. The individual may be really down in the dumps but, with this aspect in the chart, can easily regain balance and a sense of perspective. Often one has a presentiment of what is about to happen, and, by taking advantage of this, gains a reputation for being lucky. Anyhow, one is always ready for a small gamble. To gain satisfaction, one is inclined to express the Jovian aspect fairly positively in the environment; hence one is always prepared to wade in with advice and practical assistance, even when help has not been requested. This person can be very generous in support of others. However, if the conjunction is overemphasized in the chart, one may become snobbish and opinionated - yet even then one manages to do things in style.

The risk of going too far is inherent in each one of Jupiter's aspects, so it need occasion no surprise to find it in the conjunction, the most powerful of them all.

Moon conjunct Jupiter: This conjunction often indicates someone who relates effusively in the manner described by the sign involved in the conjunction. The mother of a child with this aspect is indulgent; she indulges in emotional reactions; she indulges her body in some way. The child will too. This indicates a person who may have a close relationship with the mother, who may stay close to her long after the other siblings have left home. This may be a person who indulges in the physical appetites and therefore overdoses in some way - too much food, alcohol, etc.. This individual is open emotionally, open to feeling each new experience, open to relating how he feels to those he knows, open to sharing what he has.

This conjunction often denotes a generous emotional nature, and how the generosity will operate will be determined by the sign as well as the other aspects to the conjunction. This person may want to do so much for the mother that he never leaves home to develop a personal life.

Moon conjunct Jupiter: This aspect, like the harmonious aspects, confers great sympathy and protectiveness, as well as success in similar ways. Except that it is more powerful, it does not seem to differ from the trine and sextile, but perhaps it is more restless and given to change and travel. The energies are considerable; and as a general rule the practical abilities are of a high order.

Sometimes there is a spice of vanity and a tendency to consider oneself more important than one actually is.

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Moon conjunct Jupiter: Mitt Romney 0, Geoff 0, Alfred Hitchcock 1, G.W. Bush 2, Uri Geller 2, Adolf Hitler 2, Ricardo 2, Jeff 3, Jimi Hendrix 4, Vincent van Gogh 4, AndySc 4, Carolyn 4, Joze 4, Medwick 4, Angelina Jolie 5, Dewitt 5, Robert Downey, Jr. 7, Marilyn Monroe 8, RoyO 8, Bob Dylan 9, Jane 9, Alicia

Moon sextile Jupiter

You will have both an emotional and an intellectual response to your environment, although the natural bias may be toward preferring mental activity and stimulation. This is a potentially beneficial combination both for yourself and for your contributions to society. Life fascinates you; and one of your main drives is curiosity, which may result in your absorbing considerable information and knowledge. This provides you with a broad perspective on the complexities of contemporary society, and encourages you to make a positive contribution to improve the quality of life.

Having such an aware and active intellect, you may be attracted toward careers which emphasize the value of mind and the application of intellect to existing knowledge and problem-solving. These careers may include medicine, law, education, finance, religion, welfare, and charity organizations. There may be a flair for business, identifying expanding social trends, and marketing appropriate products to satisfy consumer needs and desires.

Your social relationships are usually varied and satisfying; and you possess a natural understanding of people which you use in your contacts, and which also benefits career or business dealings. You are capable of recognizing people's potential and helping them to manifest talents, while also acknowledging their present reality and motivations. You should be reasonably clear about your path and aims, and base them on a confident, optimistic, and positive attitude that helps you to attain objectives. You look forward to ever-greater success, prosperity, and fulfillment, rarely looking backward unless it is to derive a valuable lesson from previous experiences.

If you choose to pursue self-understanding, through religion, science, meditation, and techniques of self-help, then you are likely to find great benefits. Meaning, purpose, and direction will be more apparent; and you may identify how your potential can be applied more effectively and successfully. Connected to your intellect will be 'spiritual feelings', a social and moral idealism inspired by compassion.

You could have an active imagination; and if combined with your innate understanding of people and intellect, this can awaken considerable potential. This may be literary or involve the spoken word; and the content may be valuable to others, due to the insights that you communicate. Centered on 'the ray of hope' of the Jupiter vibration, this transmits optimism, positivity, and support toward others in need. Sharing yourself in such a way may become part of your life path, helping others to resolve their problems and to awaken their own potential. You will have a generous, accepting nature, refusing to condemn when people are just being human. You may eventually become a 'guide' for others.

You will want an emotionally satisfying home life, and will devote considerable attention toward building a comfortable environment and relationship to enjoy. You need fulfilling emotional ties, and will look for a suitable partner to share your life, especially one capable of travelling with you on a mutual journey of self-development.

Moon sextile Jupiter: The sextile from the Moon to Jupiter gives you considerable intellectual ability, modified by sensitivity of feeling. Therefore your personality is quite varied and exciting, since your emotional responses are accompanied by intellectual curiosity. You are quite effective in dealing with people because you have a well-developed understanding of their motivations in material affairs and relationships. Very little escapes your notice, and you are capable of absorbing enormous amounts of information. You can hold your own in a social gathering because you can discuss many subjects with better-than-average comprehension. Your friends and associates are kindly disposed toward you because you never forget those who have assisted you in the past.

You derive enormous benefit from every experience and can translate these beneficial responses into tools for future use. You can succeed in many occupations that require intellectual development and the ability to apply knowledge in solving daily problems. Medicine, education, public relations, legal endeavors, financial affairs, stock brokerage, training and rehabilitation of handicapped persons, and welfare programs are some of the fields in which your talents could be used successfully. Your excellent memory serves you well in earning a living. You are sympathetic toward less fortunate persons, and you help them face their problems with greater hope and optimism.

A journal of your life, including your relationships, your problems and their solutions as well as the philosophy you have developed would make quite an impressive book. As a writer you could draw on your vast experience for material that would be both exciting and sincere.

You are warm in your personal contacts, sincere and honest in your efforts to stimulate the best responses in others. You have high hopes for acquiring a true companion in the person you choose to share your life. You want to share both the great and small issues with that person and to know that the relationship enhances each of you. The supreme optimist, you are proud and sometimes vain, but always humble in your genuine desire to be useful and helpful to anyone who seeks your protective guidance.

People are never in doubt about your intentions when you let them into your life. You guide them when you can, or refer them to others when you can't, and you don't generally judge people for their frailties. You can always see the potential good in people, even those who may have gotten off to a bad start.

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Moon sextile Jupiter: John Dillinger 0, Arnold Palmer 0, Warren Beatty 1, Bob Marley 1, Nancee 1, Charlie Chaplin 2, Vaslav Nijinsky 2, Roberto 2, Tyler 2, Willie Nelson 3, Michael 3, Ellen 3, Silas 3, Tom 3, George Bush, Sr. 4, Donald Trump 4, Judin 4, Kay 4, Raga 4

Moon square Jupiter

The square indicates possible difficulty in uniting your sensitive feelings and emotions with your impulse to expand and manifest potential; the two sets of inner messages either conflict or fail to combine, reducing purpose and motivation. For example, you may possess creative ability, yet fail to demonstrate this tangibly due to not making sufficient effort to develop latent talents. You tend to resist hard work, and can display a lazy, apathetic attitude at times, especially if you have little interest in the work to be done. You may believe that life should be easy, with few worries, allowing you to be self-indulgent. This attitude may have grown from your parents who served and overindulged you, or made you feel special and perhaps encouraged a belief that the world would take care of you.

You react to the world through powerful emotions which condition perceptions and evaluations of experiences. As you prefer to follow instincts and emotional messages, you may be reluctant to listen to your intellect. Adopting such an approach may not always work to your advantage; and, over time, you may realize that relying on emotional responses alone may prejudice actions, choices, and decisions, often leading you in unsuitable directions that might have been avoided if you had taken a more rational approach. As emotions can wax and wane, consistency may be lacking in your attitudes and relationships.

Limitations may be self-created if you listen only to your feelings. While they can provide a good guide at times, their reactions are not always suited to every choice; and more time spent in careful thought and consideration could be useful for your future. A tendency to make impulsive and emotional decisions needs to be superseded by deliberate planning; rushing to satisfy immediate desires may later be regretted.

You may require more realistic attitudes, both with people and in dealing with the world. Sometimes you can project overly optimistic emotions into relationships, feeling that this is 'the greatest love of all time'. Or genuine generosity may leave you financially bankrupt, perhaps through extravagance, lending to the wrong people, or just a lack of financial acumen. Be extremely careful not to overestimate business prospects. You may benefit from receiving expert financial advice, although even then discrimination is needed to avoid choosing the wrong type of advisor.

Intimate and social relationships may be erratic at times, as you can fluctuate between extroverted moods and introspection, depending on the relative strengths of either Jupiter or Moon. With an independent spirit, you may often feel you do not need much social contact, and so friendships may become characterized by infrequent contact, indifference, and fickleness at times. You will do your own thing, either with complete enthusiasm and temporary commitment, or by slipping into apathetic disinterest. These fluctuating tendencies can be changed if you choose to do so. The approach needed is one of self-determination and concentrated application, once you decide on a suitable direction that offers potential for greater meaning and purpose.

In your early life, you may not have been particularly ambitious, preferring freedom, acting with little responsibility, and moving in and out of situations and relationships as it pleased you, directed by your inner emotional pendulum. This could have been a phase of wandering and exploration, lacking any distinct aim. This phase may continue with varying emphasis until you face the need for responsibility in life, perhaps encountered through settling into marriage, financial commitments, and the raising of a family.

Having to 'shape up' may shock you into several realizations. You may make greater efforts to make life stimulating, preventing it from becoming staid and restrictive, and realize that planning and organization can make routines flow more smoothly, with less conflict and fewer painful experiences. Social awareness may deepen, as you become less self-preoccupied; any tendencies toward extravagant fantasies are modified as you recognize the limitations of real life. When reality intrudes, illusions should dissipate; if they persist, then reality is being ignored and evasiveness will exact its own price later.

As maturity deepens, you may move in new social directions, reflecting your growing awareness and sensitivity, and releasing previously latent talents. Social concern and activity may replace your earlier desire for emotional freedom; and you may work to benefit those who are socially deprived.

If you come to this direction through religious or political paths, you may need awareness of any imbalanced attitudes which may persist. Your emotional power could be transferred into zealous proselytizing; you may perhaps become obsessive about your newly chosen path and lose sight of realism and perspective due to over enthusiasm. Learn how to moderate any such tendency, and allow others the freedom of their own way through life, or else you may find increased clashes with parents, friends, and social traditions.

Moon square Jupiter: The Moon square Jupiter inclines you to react to your experiences with excessive emotion and to fail in making intellectual appraisals. Consequently, you jump to incorrect conclusions, which causes difficulties in solving your problems. You reasoning is based on such scanty evidence that you often have to withdraw any statements based on it. The fact is, you lack the emotional stability to pursue your investigations and really get at the facts. You are self-indulgent, not too ambitious, and sometimes irresponsible, preferring to live on the fringes of involvement with people and situations. Your fickleness does not endear you to those who support you because you don't seem to really care whether they support you or not. But if they turn from you because of your indifference, you could become bitter, feeling that you've been deserted. Because you lack emotional maturity, you will be passed by when opportunities come up, especially if they are of a serious nature.

You are generous to excess, so you may find that you are always short of funds when you need them most. Taking a course in financial management would teach you not to indulge in reckless credit buying without any means for repayment. This planetary combination means you prefer to take the easiest route to satisfy your desires, and your planning probably does not go beyond the immediate purchase. Credit buying should be avoided or, better still, completely eliminated. Money burns a hole in your pocket because you have very little sales resistance.

You vacillate between periods of intense enthusiasm and periods of complete apathy. You have creative inspiration but are not willing to make the necessary effort to develop and apply it. You feel sorry for yourself because you are getting so little from life, but on the other hand you won't make any investment of yourself.

You should develop a program that will give you strict rules for your financial affairs and help you accept responsibility and plan for the future. There is no other way to get your faculties in proper order. Once you do this, you won't have to settle for routine menial occupations that bore you and infest you with additional lethargy. You can look forward to such interesting fields as law, medicine, home economics, restaurant management, or education. An even better occupation would be in rehabilitation of the handicapped or physical therapy. In such areas you could compare your own situation with the lives of people who have genuine liabilities. That may give you the determination to accomplish some objectives and light the fuse of your creative abilities.

Your physical problems are almost completely the result of overindulgence in food and drink. Avoid rich foods altogether; they only bog down your already sluggish constitution. When you run, let it be as an exercise, not an escape from responsibilities.

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Moon square Jupiter: Cher 0, Johnny Depp 0, Mahatma Gandhi 0, Jamie 0, Bruce Springsteen 2, Mark Twain 2, Maharaj Ji 3, Ayn Rand 3, George 3, Charles Manson 4, Shiloh 4, TonyC 4, Victoria 4, Robert Redford 5, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 6, Robert Anton Wilson 6, Cesar 6, Komala 6

Moon trine Jupiter

You will probably have optimistic, positive attitudes that contribute to a feeling of well-being, and which are effectively communicated through relationships. As your energies flow easily, making contact with others is natural and exhilarating. Your life expands when you share your abundant enthusiasms, as these also eventually open a path for you to follow.

You may be oversensitive to environmental influences or to negative reactions from people; but you have resilience, and prefer to work through problems as soon as possible, rarely allowing them to spoil your enjoyment of life for too long. You prefer a simple, uncomplicated life-style, and will not tolerate negative intrusions of any kind.

Compassion, generosity, and an altruistic, humanistic spirit will be present, and may encourage more social involvement, perhaps through feelings of moral and civic duty. Associated with this may be religious idealism, especially inspired by stories such as the Good Samaritan parable. You feel a sense of social responsibility, and will support endeavors to improve the quality of life for all those disadvantaged; for you, the quality of a society is in the level of support, care, and attention that it gives to those in need, helping rather than covertly penalizing them for being less able than others.

Creative and imaginative potential is likely; and this should be carefully developed. Even if these only manifest as leisure-time interests - perhaps as artistic or literary skills - their valuable contribution to your life and others' may be significant. For some, developing potential step by step may lead to this becoming a life purpose and career in itself.

Friends can find your self-assurance supportive; and you may become an adviser and confidante for them. Provided that it does not turn into a parasitic dependency, your advice may benefit others, helping them to confront and resolve problems. However, you may need to distinguish between times when people actually use your advice and support to solve their difficulties, and when they just transfer part of the burden to you, without making an effort to actually deal with their problem. The parable of the seeds falling on stony ground may be appropriate to consider. To achieve the best use of your talents and abilities, you should define and focus them, rather than dissipating them in several directions at once.

In intimate relationships, you will look for partners of high caliber and quality, people with whom you can experience a deep, meaningful relationship. Mutual intellectual and emotional fulfillment is sought; partners are chosen who also follow their life path and intend to manifest potential. You prefer partners who possess self-understanding and maturity, and are less attracted to those who could bring chaos and confusion into your life, knowing this will divert you from your chosen direction. You prefer peace and relative harmony, because that is the best foundation from which to work. Once your emotions are committed, you will be faithful and devoted to your partner, always looking for ways to improve the relationship. Family and home life is important to you; and much joy will come from this source.

Moon trine Jupiter: The Moon trine Jupiter gives you a glowing personality, ease in relating to people, and generosity. You have a vivid imagination and much creative potential. Even when circumstances seem dismal, you always look on the bright side. Your hopeful outlook brings optimism into the lives of everyone you contact, especially in your own family. Your infectious enthusiasm generates a feeling of well-being among the people you are with. You are very sensitive to outside influences, but you always attempt to understand their real significance. You work out solutions to your problems as quickly as possible because you don't tolerate complications in your life for very long. Confident that you can cope with any situation as it arises, you don't try to cross a bridge before you come into it.

Because you are well informed on many subjects, you can hold your own in just about any conversation. Civic affairs hold an interest for you, and you may hold some elective position in your community. You would support programs for solving social problems, because such projects are especially interesting to you. However, you might not become personally involved in their administration, because your day is already filled with matters that need your attention. Knowing how to determine priorities, you become totally absorbed by whatever heads the list.

You enjoy the many vocational interests that fill your life with purpose and accomplishment. Your activities enrich those close to you by stimulating their continued development. The spiritual fortitude that you radiate is comforting to them. Because of this, you might find that you are the advisor whom everyone seeks when they have problems. You apparently have a capacity to take on these burdens without laboring under them. Your opinion is highly regarded because of your vast experience and good advice.

Such fields as public relations, civic functions, travel, or physical therapy could serve as a platform for your creative talents. Working in these or similar areas would benefit others and give you a sense of accomplishment. You are inclined to be self-indulgent, though, and you should limit your activities to a selected number of interests. It would seem imprudent to sap your physical reserves by taking on more tasks then you can handle easily.

You are romantically interested in persons of good moral character who are sincere, honest, and spiritually motivated. A peace-loving person, you enjoy being with people who are untroubled by tension and pressure in their personal affairs. You are greatly devoted to the one you love, and your relationship will deepen with each passing year.

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Moon trine Jupiter: Muhammad Ali 0, Prince Charles 1, Groucho Marx 1, Dustin Hoffman 2, Karl Marx 2, Jim Carrey 3, Lady Gaga 3, Alex Jones 3, Jack Nicholson 3, Gina 3, Leif 3, Al Pacino 4, Barack Obama 5, Ted Turner 5, Ralph 5, Samp 5, James Dean 6, John F. Kennedy 6, Patti Smith 6, JonathanG 6, Marie 6, Tiger Woods 7, AndyF 7, MFor 7, TonyO 7, O.J. Simpson 8, Karl Renz 9

Moon quincunx Jupiter

The moon inconjunct Jupiter indicates a discrepancy between your emotional responses to stimuli and your understanding of them. You find it difficult to determine the true significance of events in your life. You know you have a lot to learn, but the process seems to utterly painful because you must endure repeated lessons before you can grasp the full meaning.

You underestimate your abilities, assuming that everyone else is more competent than you. As a result, you take the role of the second-class citizen who is willing to serve others, no matter what they ask. You lack the backbone to tell people to get lost when they attempt to take advantage of your generous nature. However, this problem won't always bother you. In time you will establish personal priorities, learning to take care of your own needs before turning to the needs of others. You simply have to learn that you are worth more than you realize. As it stands, you look to others to reassure you of your competence. You feel guilty when you turn down people who ask for your help. Don't! Your guilt is largely an emotional reaction. Be generous to yourself before others.

There are many ways in which you can serve others and serve yourself at the same times. Occupations related to physical therapy, rehabilitation for the handicapped, travel, or public relations are some ways this twofold purpose can be achieved. You would enjoy some, perhaps most, of these fields. You need to feel free to thoroughly exploit your creative talents. You are not afraid of hard work, but you often bite off more than you can chew. Determine exactly what your duties are and fulfill them, but do no more than that. If you allow it, you will be given tasks that others should do and those that they refuse to perform.

You desperately need interests outside those of your occupation. Develop an interest, if possible, in a hobby that really stimulates your creative ability. Whatever you do will prove beneficial as long as you are not obligated to it except when you wish. This type of activity would afford priceless relaxation and give you a chance to unwind. You might choose to conduct Sunday school activities, or work in community affairs, but the important thing is that you will decide how much you are willing to do.

Above all, make sure that people demonstrate their credibility before you become involved with them. You'll save yourself a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

Moon quincunx Jupiter: As soon as these people try to feel emotionally secure (Moon), the inconjunct with Jupiter confronts them with great insecurity due to a need for expansion. There are all sorts of things they want to do, but they are plagued by a vague sense that there is something missing in life although they are unable to say what it is. Consequently they start looking for it in things outside themselves; or become withdrawn because of a gnawing feeling that there must be something more to life and they suspect that, whatever this something is, it is probably beyond their reach.

The search for other things can take place on any one of a number of planes. Perhaps they immerse themselves in Jovian matters such as religion, philosophy, foreign affairs, foreign travel, etc., always with the object of discovering deeper values; or they are constantly on the lookout for material possessions, yet never enjoy them since they don't know what they do want. Because they are looking for something outside themselves, they can also grow envious and long to have what others have simply because it appears that these things are making others happy. Then again, dissatisfaction can make them overeat or run to some other form of excess.

However, once they realize that all this searching is being caused by an unnecessary sense of insecurity, they can develop the Jupiter factor with greater assurance. Self-confidence, generosity and the desire to help and protect can then come to the fore; and they may find that they have the ability to become good therapists or, drawing on experience, may find they can counsel others in whom they recognize the familiar feelings of insecurity.

Moon quincunx Jupiter: The quincunx implies a strain, but one that is not intense enough to cause much action to take place. There is a vague discontent that occurs; the relating ability, the need to reach out, to open up, to expand the consciousness, is hampered by an emotional reaction to it. Both energies need to find expression in some way; perhaps the house placements will provide the key to the mystery.

It's important for this individual to learn to consider the real needs of the self. There are certain benefits from being selfish - 'honest' selfishness indicates a certain amount of sincerity. For example, when we really love ourselves, we are better able to share ourselves with another, for we are able to give more. A person who doesn't love himself cannot give nearly as much because he harbors resentment.

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Moon quincunx Jupiter: Joni Mitchell 0, Joseph Ratzinger 0, Dheeraj 0, Thomas Edison 2, J.Paul Getty 2, Bill Clinton 3, Sally Field 4, Donny 4

Moon opposite Jupiter

One difficulty for your self-esteem and ability to exploit potential is unease caused by diminished self-confidence. Energy can seep away through self-doubt and a tendency toward unproductive questioning which reduces achievement. Emotionally, you feel unable to evaluate your abilities or creative efforts; they are too close to you, determining your state of well-being; and you cannot gain sufficient distance from them. Yet creative potential is present if you take the risk to release it. You need the support of others to do so, and will feel more empowered and believe in your talent only when it is recognized by others whose opinions you respect.

You protect vulnerable emotions and sensitivity, and may eventually realize that most of your pain in life comes from relationships. This can include friction with parents (either during childhood or in later life), unsuccessful love affairs and romances, being taken advantage of by unscrupulous colleagues or friends, or disputes in your family home, such as with children. You prefer to evade emotional confrontations, although such avoidance often exacerbates the eventual and inevitable conflict in such situations, which might have been minimized by previously defusing disagreements.

You prefer to think well of everybody, giving them the benefit of any doubt and relying on mutual trust; unfortunately, deception is common. Your evaluation of character can often be misguided or lacking in perception; and discrimination is not your strongest asset.

Giving to others is natural enough through your sincere and genuine feelings, or from your desire to gain affection from others. But there are many 'takers' in the world waiting to exploit people like you, and you should guard against making quick emotional commitments and decisions until time has passed and experience shows that a person is honest. Your generosity may need to be limited only to those who can appreciate such gestures.

You may discover a suitable channel for your social concerns by working for people's welfare; a sense of civic responsibility is well-developed, and you may see community activity as the moral duty of a responsible citizen. Certainly, working for social betterment will fulfill you in many ways, and provide reassurance for your self-esteem. Care and sincere concern is vitally needed by many in every society; and there can never be enough impersonal love released through service to heal all who suffer. Because of your own doubts, you can empathize with those who are socially deprived; and involvement with helping them can encourage aspirations to develop their potential and improve their life situation. In fact, by assisting others, you also help your own development, within a context of creating mutual benefit through mutual interdependence.

You may need to reduce restless feelings that disturb your inner state and relationships with others. Whenever you feel this dissatisfaction, discovering new areas of interest and activity can productively redirect your energies. This may require changing existing attitudes and values which have become resistant behavior patterns, inhibiting emotional freedom; any dependency on 'security patterns' tends to be restrictive, eventually imprisoning you in repetitive behavior. This should be avoided.

Moon opposite Jupiter: The Moon opposition Jupiter shows that you are a highly developed individual with much creative ability and a generous appreciation for the talents of others. You may sometimes question the importance of your own abilities, and for this reason you seek out people who are talented. You hope they will reassure you of your own competence. Lacking the discrimination to make a personal evaluation of your worth, you feel the need for expert advice. But be careful that you aren't misled; casual acquaintances may take advantage of your emotional vulnerability.

There is a discrepancy between your emotional reactions to stimuli and your comprehension of what these experiences really mean. You tend to believe what is least painful to your sensitive feelings, but you can make serious mistakes this way. Generous to a fault, you can be deceived when you bestow your generosity on those who don't deserve it.

You are benevolent toward people who seem to lack the advantages you have. It would seem appropriate to select an occupation in which you could help such people, perhaps through welfare programs, rehabilitation of the handicapped, public relations, physical therapy, or foundations that serve those in need. You would derive an enormous sense of well-being in these endeavors, knowing you are making an important contribution to their objectives. Don't be afraid to develop new techniques for improving your talents.

Your free time could be devoted to church activities or to civic and community affairs. Avoid direct competition with strong character types. They will only depress you by their overwhelming strength in gaining your submission. Accept only those challenges that you feel fairly certain you can succeed in.

You give every potential companion the benefit of the doubt, overindulging their whims in order to win their affection. You are worth a lot more than that, and you should not make a commitment to anyone until his or her credibility is established. Don't make gestures of love until the individual you care for shows sincerity and honesty in caring for you.

Be moderate in eating and drinking, for you react to rich foods as though they were poison. You may be inclined to put on weight and disinclined to strenuous physical exercise, so caution is advised.

Moon opposite Jupiter;

Moon opposite Jupiter: Ronald Reagan 0, BenT 3, Jyothi 3, Robert 3, Bruce Lee 4, Mickey Mantle 4, ChrisTr 4, Albert Schweitzer 5, Kyle 5, Nikola Tesla 6, Johanna 9